Postal Auction of Cigarette & Trade Cards and Ephemera
on Wednesday 8th January 2020

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1.      BARRATT, Famous Footballers A.9, complete, VG to EX, 50 £70-90
2.      BASSETT, Football Stars (1974), complete, EX, 50 £30-50
3.      CARRERAS, Famous Cricketers, complete, Turf slides, neat trim, G to VG, 50 £30-40
4.      CARRERAS, Olympics 1948, complete, Turf slides, neat trim, G to VG, 50 £30-40
5.      CARRERAS, Sports Series, complete, Turf slides, neat trim, G to VG, 50 £30-40
6.      C.W.S., large, Advert Cards, with packets (9) & sketches by Aris (13+3), some creased), FR to VG, 22 + 3 £40-60
7.      BROOKE BOND, Canadian, complete (6), inc. Songbirds & Birds of NA, Dinosaurs etc., VG to EX, 288 £30-50
8.      B.A.T., Beauties (Picture Hats), p/b, G to EX, 18 £30-50
9.      OGDENS, Miniature Playing Cards (beauties), no numeral to fronts, G to VG, 22 £40-60
10.     A.T.C., Battle Scenes, complete, VG, 25 £150-200
11.     GALLAHER, Beauties (p/c inset), missing Queen of Diamonds, some staining, FR to VG, 51 £100-150
12.     GALLAHER, British Champions of 1923, complete, G to VG, 75 £35-45
13.     GALLAHER, British Naval Series, complete, G to VG, 50 £60-80
14.     GALLAHER, Famous Footballers, complete, brown, G to VG, 50 + 1 £30-50
15.     GALLAHER, Robinson Crusoe, missing Nos. 51, 99 & 100, G to VG, 97 £30-50
16.     GALLAHER, Types of the British Army (51-100), missing No. 55, brown, FR to generally G, 49 £40-60
17.     GALLAHER, The Great War 1st, complete, G to VG, 100 £60-80
18.     PLAYERS, Allied Cavalry, complete, extra-large, G to VG, 10 £30-50
19.     PLAYERS, Arms & Armour, complete, overseas, G to VG, 50 £30-50
20.     PLAYERS, Beauties, 2nd (missing No. 4) & hand-coloured (missing No. 29), medium RP, overseas, G to EX, 98 £35-45
21.     PLAYERS, Birds of Brilliant Plumage (p/c inset), complete, overseas issue, G to EX, 52 £60-80
22.     PLAYERS, Boy Scouts, complete, overseas, G to VG, 50 £30-50
23.     PLAYERS, Characters from Dickens, complete (4), extra-large, re-issue, 1st & 2nd, VG to EX, 110 £30-50
24.     PLAYERS, Cricketers, complete (4), 1930, 1934, 1938 & RIP, G to VG, 200 £30-40
25.     PLAYERS, Dogs, large, complete (5), 1st & 2nd (heads), full-length, unissued & extra-large, G to EX, 100 £40-60
26.     PLAYERS, Famous Beauties, complete (2), large (domestic & overseas), EX, 50 £30-50
27.     PLAYERS, Film Stars, complete (5), 1st, 2nd (with 33 duplicates), 3rd (domestic & overseas) & large, G to EX, 208 £30-50
28.     PLAYERS, Lawn Tennis, complete, overseas, G to VG, 50 £70-90
29.     PLAYERS, extra-large, complete (4), Nature Series (Birds & Mammals), Natural History 1st & 2nd, G to VG, 34 £30-50
30.     PLAYERS, large, complete (3), Picturesque Bridges, Cottages & London, G to EX, 75 £30-50
31.     PLAYERS, Screen Celebrities, complete, Eire, VG to EX, 50 + 1 £40-60
32.     PLAYERS, Ships Flags & Cap Badges, complete, overseas, G to VG, 50 £30-50
33.     PLAYERS, Snap Cards, complete, VG, 8 £30-50
34.     PLAYERS, Wild Animals of the World, complete, wide, no branch, no Ltd., G to VG, 50 £60-80
35.     PLAYERS, Wild Animals of the World, narrow, no branch, no Ltd., G to VG, 35 £40-60
36.     PHILLIPS, Guinea Gold, inc. brown (20), a few creased, FR to VG, 130* £30-50
37.     OGDENS, football, complete (2), Famous Footballers, Football Clubs & Colours, about G to VG, 101 £40-60
38.     PATTREIOUEX, Sporting Events & Stars, complete, inc. Bobby Jones, Don Bradman & Joe Louis, large, VG to EX, 96 £50-80
39.     MILLHOFF, Famous Test Cricketers, complete, standard, VG to EX, 27 £40-60
40.     MILLHOFF, Famous Test Cricketers, complete, large, VG to EX, 27 £50-70
41.     HARTLEY, South African English Cricket Tour 1929, missing Catterall, large, VG, 18 £200-300
42.     U.T.C., South African Cricket Touring Team, complete, with printed autographs, G to EX, 17 £80-120
43.     LLOYD R., Famous Cricket Puzzle Series, complete, VG to EX, 25 £60-80
44.     AUSTRALIAN LICORICE, Australian Cricketers (1931), complete, corner crease (1), G to VG, 24 £150-200
45.     AUSTR'LAN LICORICE, South African Cricketers (1931), complete, creased (2), G to VG, 12 £60-80
46.     AMALGAMATED PRESS, Australian & English Cricket Stars, complete, large, G to VG, 32 £100-150
47.     MILITARY, odds, inc. Marshall (5), Roberts, Law, Gallaher, Hill, Breisch-Williams etc., creasing, a.m.r. etc., P to G, 40* £30-50
48.     MILITARY, self-standing, Soldiers of the World, La Reforma (10) & Chocolat Lombard (15), minimal damage to extremities, G to VG, 25 £30-50
49.     ICE HOCKEY, OPC 1975/6 NHL, Nos. between 301 & 396, inc. Team Leaders (16), G to VG, 81* £30-40
50.     BARRATT, Test Cricketers A, complete, G to EX, 35 £30-50
51.     FOOTBALL, inc. Cadet, complete (2), 1956 & 1959; Barratt A.15 (missing No. 20), G to EX, 149 £30-50
52.     RAILWAY, complete (4), Barber, Locomotives, Railway Equipment; Paramount, Brownes, VG to EX, 124 £30-50
53.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, London Characters, complete, VG to EX, 25 £30-50
54.     ANGLO CONF., Walt Disney Characters, large, a few slight creases, G to EX, 34 £30-50
55.     BARRATT, Walt Disney Characters (1956), medium, about G to VG, 21 £30-50
56.     B.A.T., Beauties (stipple), G to VG, 17 £50-70
57.     FARROW, Animals in the Zoo, some corner knocks, FR to G, 35 £50-70
58.     WILLS, Animals & Birds, descriptive, missing Kangaroo & Lyre Bird, G to VG, 48 £140-180
59.     SCHOOLGIRLS WEEKLY, cinema, Filmland Favourites (35/48), Famous Talkie Players (44/48), Cinema Celebrities (46/48), with empty album (signs of use), G to VG, 125+ £30-50
60.     SPORT, complete (2), Ogdens Cricket 1926, Churchmans Boxing Personalities, G to VG, 100 £35-45
61.     OGDENS, Captains of Association Football Clubs & Colours, complete, G to VG, 44 £30-40
62.     TETLEY, British Birds, complete, VG to EX, 48 £30-50
63.     HILL, Great War Leaders, complete, large canvas, some creasing, G to VG, 23 £30-40
64.     TADDY, odds, inc. Natives (Daughter of Japan), VC (No. 20), Medals, Actors etc., FR (1) to VG, 10 £30-50
65.     BROOKE BOND, complete (4), inc. Out into Space (with & in), Wild Flowers 1st, Bird Portraits, VG to EX, 200 £50-70
66.     CRICKET, complete (4), inc. Drapkin, Morris, Ogdens 1926 & Hill Caricatures (standard), VG, 165 £40-60
67.     PHILLIPS, Sports (package issues), cricketers, all card, uncut, VG to EX, 12 £30-50
68.     PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), large (60 x 84mm), VG, 16 £40-60
69.     SMITH, Boer War Series, Nos. 11-20, colour, G to VG, 10 £50-70
70.     ROCHE & CO., Famous Footballers, Nos. 31-40, VG to EX, 10 £30-50
71.     THOMSON, Football (Hunt the Cup), complete, with four op (some slight creasing), otherwise VG to EX, 52+ £30-50
72.     FOOTBALL, complete (3), inc. Chix Famous Footballers 1st (Nos. 1-24) & 2nd (1-48); Soccer Bubble Gum Soccer Teams, G to VG, 120 £30-50
73.     OGDENS, horse racing, complete (3), Steeplechase Trainers & Owners Colours, Turf Personalities, Jockeys and Owners Colours, G to EX, 150 £30-50
74.     TRANSPORT, complete (10), inc. Rossi History of Flight 1st & 2nd, Lyons Train Spotters, Ardath Modern Aircraft (extra-large), Kelloggs, Beano, Knockout, Tom Thumb etc., G to EX, 308* £30-50
75.     WILLS, large, complete (4), inc. Old Sundials, Public Schools, Beautiful Homes, Old Inns 2nd, G to EX, 115 £30-40
76.     BARRATT, Walt Disney Characters 2nd, complete, EX, 50 £30-50
77.     PRIMROSE, Popeye 2nd, complete, EX, 50 £50-70
78.     MORRIS, complete (4), Racing Greyhounds, How Films Are Made, How to Sketch, Measurement of Time, VG to EX, 125 £30-40
79.     PLAYERS, large, complete (3), Fables of Aesop, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Wildfowl, VG to EX, 75 £30-40
80.     WILLS, large, complete (6), Punch Cartoons 1st, Old Furniture 1st & 2nd, Old Sundials, Heraldic Signs, Racehorses & Jockeys 1938, VG to EX, 165 £30-50
81.     OGDEN Tabs (cricketers), General Interest B (10) & D (3), creased (2), FR to VG, 13 £30-50
82.     BARRATT, Leaders of Sport, inc. boxing (4), jockeys (3), motor racing (3) etc., creased (4), scuff to front (1) etc., FR to G, 11 £30-50
83.     BAINES, shield-shaped rugby cards, 1880s, inc. Manningham, Hull, Huddersfield, Play Up Birdie, Consett, Werneth, Wortley, Hunslet & Heartful Dodger, creased (1), FR to G, 9 £80-120
84.     PHILLIPS, Old Masters - Set 1, complete, premium size, G to VG, 30 £250-350
85.     ALLEN & GINTER, odds, inc. smokers, birds, fish, buildings etc., FR to G, 21 £30-40
86.     B.A.T., beauties, inc. fruit, lantern, water, p/c inset etc., slight duplication, FR to G, 54* £30-50
87.     A.T.C., beauties, inc. RP (21), coloured, curtains, floral, p/c inset etc., FR to VG, 88* £30-50
88.     HORSE RACING, INC. Cohen Weenen, Owners Jockeys Footballers Cricketers, (5), Societe Job Racehorses (4), some corner knocks, G, 9 £30-40
89.     COHEN WEENEN, Football Captains 1907/8, Crawshaw (Sheffield Wednesday), VG £50-70
90.     A.T.C., Champion Athletes and Prizefighters (63 x 83mm), scuffs to backs (5), FR to G, 8 £30-50
91.     COHEN WEENEN, Football Captains, G to VG, 19 £50-70
92.     PATTREIOUEX, Footballers F.A-F.C, G to VG, 33* £40-60
93.     SUNDAY EMPIRE NEWS, Famous Footballers of To-Day by Durling, complete, EX, 48 £140-180
94.     WILLS, Famous Footballers, complete, Scissors, G to VG, 50 £60-80
95.     JONES BROS., Spurs Footballers, a few trimmed, FR to G, 15 £30-50
96.     SINCLAIR J., complete (2), English & Scottish Football Stars, Well-Known Footballers - NE Counties, VG to EX, 100 £30-50
97.     CARRERAS, Footballers, complete, small titles, G to VG, 75 £30-40
98.     DONALDSON, Sports Favourites (footballers), mainly black backs, G to VG, 30* £30-40
99.     SMITH, Footballers (1909), untitled, G to VG, 25 £40-60
100.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 1-150, variations/duplicates (3), a few a.m.r., G to VG, 150 + 3 £50-80
101.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 151-300, variations/duplicates (5), a few a.m.r., G to VG, 143 + 5 £50-80
102.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 301-450, variations/duplicates (1), a few a.m.r., G to VG, 133 + 1 £50-80
103.    LARSON, Bonzo Series, numbered, medium, Sossidi, mainly pictorial backs, about G to VG, 40* £30-50
104.    SPRATT, The Bonzo Series, complete, corner knocks, FR to generally G, 25 £30-50
105.    AMALGAMATED PRESS, Cricketers (self-standing), complete, issued with The Magnet (1926), damage to some extremities, G to VG, 8 £30-50
106.    THOMSON, Cricketers, complete, extra-large, G to VG, 24 £30-50
107.    THOMSON, The Worlds Best Cricketers (1958), complete, VG to EX, 72 £35-45
108.    THOMSON, Secrets of Cricket, miniature, trimmed to image (4), FR to VG, 64* £30-50
109.    WILLS, Cricketers Series (1901), Nos. 13, & 16-18 (all Australian), light blue frames, Australian issue, creased (1) & tear to edge (1), FR to G, 4 £50-80
110.    WILLS, Cricket Season 1928-29, all Australian players, G to VG, 12 £30-50
111.    WILLS, Australian & English Cricketers (1911), Capstan backs, Series of , G to VG, 16 £30-50
112.    WILLS, Australian & South African Cricketers (1910), red borders, Capstan backs, G to VG, 9 £30-50
113.    WILLS, Australian & South African Cricketers (1910), blue borders, Capstan backs, G to VG, 9 £30-50
114.    WILLS, Australian Club Cricketers (1905), blue Capstan backs, with club names, about G to VG, 20 £30-50
115.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, Nos. C.72, 74, 75, 77, 82, 90 & 94, p/b, G to EX, 7 £60-80
116.    SOUTH WALES CONSTABULARY, Cricket Caricatures, complete, EX to MT, 20 £30-50
117.    PHILLIPS, Test Cricketers 1932-1933, complete, inc. Bradman, overseas issue, BDV backs, G to VG, 38 £50-70
118.    PHILLIPS, Who's Who In Australian Sport (1926), all cricket (some duplicated cricket images), double sided cards, G to VG, 25 £60-80
119.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, small 's', with variations for Nos. 2, 5 & 25, G to VG, 53 £40-60
120.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Essex, missing, Buckenham & Freeman, G to VG, 13 £100-150
121.    PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, some staining, G to EX, 25 £30-50
122.    ALLEN & GINTER, Worlds Smokers, generally VG, 9 £40-60
123.    MILLHOFF, Famous Test Cricketers, complete, G to EX, 27 £30-40
124.    RITCHIE & CO., Fairway Favourites (golf), complete, EX to MT, 25 £30-40
125.    BARRATT, Famous Footballers A.4, complete, G to VG, 60 £100-150
126.    BARRATT, odds, cricketers, medium (4), G to VG, 15 £30-50
127.    FOOTBALL, anon. shield-shaped football cards, all Huddersfield Town, p/b, G to EX, 4 £30-50
128.    THOMSON, Star Footballers (metal), slight paint loss, G to VG, 8 £30-50
129.    SCERRI, Beauties & Children, b/w, G to EX, 137* £30-50
130.    WILLS, Hurlers, complete, Eire, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
131.    WILLS, Coronation Series, complete, narrow arrows, G to VG, 60 £60-80
132.    WILLS, Stage & Film Stars, complete, Four Aces, un-numbered, EX to MT, 50 £30-50
133.    WILLS, Vanity Fair 1st, complete, G to VG, 50 £60-80
134.    WILLS, Footballers 1933, Nos. 1-50, World Renowned backs, G to VG, 82* £35-45
135.    GALLAHER, Votaries of the Weed (by Kyd), complete, creased (5), FR to VG, 50 £70-90
136.    GALLAHER, Robinson Crusoe, complete, G to VG, 100 £50-70
137.    GALLAHER, Boy Scout Series, brown back, FR to G, 88* £40-60
138.    OGDENS, Tabs - General Interest A, inc. Tottenham footballers, cricketers, boxers etc., G to VG, 149* £40-60
139.    OGDENS, Tabs - General Interest B, complete, inc. jockeys, horses, boxers, cricketers etc., G to VG, 200* £50-70
140.    OGDENS, Tabs, inc. Leading Artistes, Leading Generals, General Interest B etc., G to VG, 155* £30-50
141.    THOMSON, Football Stars of 1959, complete, neat trim, G to VG, 44 £30-40
142.    DAILY SKETCH, World Cup Souvenir Cards, complete, VG to EX, 40 £30-40
143.    THOMSON, World Cup Stars, complete, medium, most with poor trim, FR to G, 72 £30-40
144.    THOMSON, The Worlds Best Cricketers (1926), complete, G to EX, 32 £30-40
145.    BLAKEY, War Series, slight duplication, FR to VG, 26* £30-50
146.    BARRATT, Naval Ships, medium, anon (p/b), G, 8 £50-70
147.    WILLS, Nelson Series, complete, VG to EX, 50 £80-120
148.    PHILILIPS, Birds, complete, with all the rare cards, medium silks, VG to EX, 100 £150-200
149.    BENSON, Old Bristol Series (1925), complete, inc. rare No. 8, large, EX, 24 £30-50
150.    C. & G., Box of Tricks 1st, complete, EX, 25 £50-60
151.    SOCIETE JOB, Cinema Stars, complete, inc. Chaplin, unnumbered, medium, EX, 48 £30-40
152.    MURATTI, Japanese Series, p/c inset, trimmed (2), FR to G, 14 £30-50
153.    WOODS, Types of Volunteer & Yeomanry, artwork by Harry Payne, creased (1) & corner knocks, FR, 6 £30-50
154.    WILLS, Animals & Birds in Fancy Costume, creased (1) & corner knocks, FR, 6 £30-50
155.    PRITCHARD & BURTON, Flags and Soldiers, draped (7) & flags only, FR to G, 14 £30-50
156.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Heroes of the Transvaal War, about G to VG, 10 £30-50
157.    WILLS, Actresses (p/c), grey backs, scuff to front (1), corner knocks, FR to G, 7 £30-40
158.    WILLS, Actresses (no p/c), grey backs, stain to front (1), scuff to back (1), FR to generally G, 10 £40-60
159.    WILLS, Vanity Fair 2nd, missing No. 16, scuff to edge (1) etc., FR (1) to VG, 49 £30-50
160.    MONTY GUM, 007 (James Bond) film scenes, complete, large, VG to EX, 200 £70-90
161.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (footballers), Birmingham, complete, dated 18th February, large, VG to EX, 12 £30-50
162.    CARR, Cricketers, complete, premium issue, VG to EX, 20 £35-45
163.    ANGLO CONF., Wild West, complete, large, EX, 66 £80-120
164.    ANGLO CONF., Walt Disney Characters, complete, large, EX, 78 £240-280
165.    CARRERAS, Radio & Television Favourites, complete, EX, 50 £160-220
166.    SWEETULE, Birds & Their Haunts, complete, EX, 25 £150-200
167.    CALVERT, Dan Dare, complete, EX, 25 £80-100
168.    BROOKFIELD, The Conquest of Space, complete, Irish issue, EX, 50 £100-150
169.    BROOKE BOND, Incredible Creatures, complete, green back (Irish issue), EX, 40 £80-120
170.    BROOKE BOND, Animals of North America, complete, Rolland (Canadian issue), EX, 48 £40-60
171.    BROOKE BOND, African Birds, complete, (Rhodesian issue), EX, 50 £120-160
172.    BASSETT, Space: 1999, complete, with packet (hull & slider), with rare No 42, EX, 50+ £60-80
173.    THOMSON, complete (2), World Cup Footballers, Football Stars, neat trim, G to EX, 112 £35-45
174.    CHURCHMANS, 3 Jovial Golfers, complete, EX, 36 £30-50
175.    OGDENS, complete (2), The Blue Riband of the Atlantic, Yachts & Motor Boats, G (1) to EX, 100 £40-60
176.    PLAYERS, Famous Irish Greyhounds, complete, EX, 50 £80-120
177.    OGDENS, Orders of Chivalry, complete, EX, 50 £40-60
178.    OGDENS, Poultry Alphabet, complete, EX, 25 £30-50
179.    OGDENS, Football Caricatures, complete, EX, 50 £30-50
180.    HORSE RACING, complete (2), Hignett Prominent Racehorses of 1933, Ogdens Jockeys 1930, VG to EX, 100 £40-60
181.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, Military Portraits, complete, inc. No. 25 Baden-Powell, G to VG, 25 £30-40
182.    SMITH, Naval Dress & Badges, complete, non-descriptive, mixed backs, G to VG, 50 £250-300
183.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Naval Portraits, complete, G to VG, 50 £60-80
184.    WILLS, U.S. Warships, complete, Vice-Regal backs, corner knocks, FR to G, 25 £30-40
185.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Wireless Telegraphy, complete, G to VG, 25 £30-50
186.    WILLS, Cinema Stars 3rd, complete, inc. Laurel & Hardy, Disney (Mickey Mouse") etc., EX, 50 £30-40
187.    CHURCHMANS, Cricketers, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
188.    CHURCHMANS, Rugby Internationals, complete, EX, 50 £30-50
189.    PLAYERS, Speedway Riders, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-40
190.    OGDENS, Billiards by Tom Newman, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
191.    OGDENS, Trick Billiards, complete, EX, 50 £30-50
192.    OGDENS, Boxing, complete, EX, 25 £30-50
193.    OGDENS, Trainers & Owners Colours 1st & 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
194.    OGDENS, Jockeys and Owners Colours, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-40
195.    OGDENS, Captains of Association Football Clubs & Colours, complete, crease (1), G to VG, 44 £30-50
196.    OGDENS, Famous Footballers, complete, G to VG, 50 £40-60
197.    OGDENS, Football Club Captains, complete, EX, 50 £40-60
198.    OGDENS, Football Club Colours, complete, G to EX, 50 £30-50
199.    OGDENS, A.F.C. Nicknames, complete, generally EX, 50 £60-80
200.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, Stumped, slightly offset, VG £30-50
201.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, Run Out, EX £40-60
202.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, Over, EX £40-60
203.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, No. 21, EX £30-40
204.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, No. 23, EX £30-40
205.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, No. 24, EX £30-40
206.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, No. 25, EX £30-40
207.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, No. 26, EX £30-40
208.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, No. 29, EX £30-40
209.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, No. 30, EX £30-40
210.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, No. 31, EX £30-40
211.    WILLS, Musical Celebrities 2nd, rare variation for No. 19 Lady Halle, VG £100-150
212.    CLARKE, Golf Terms, A Bulger, VG £40-60
213.    FAULKNER, Golf Terms, Caught in a Bunker!, VG £60-80
214.    AUBORN & HEAVISIDE, The European War Series, No. 3, slight corner knocks, VG £30-40
215.    NAVAL, anon. Parrot Series (double meaning), Heave T(w)o, p/b, 45 x 69mm, VG £25-35
216.    PLAYERS, advertisement card, girl in profile facing right, CSGB ref. H338-2, creased & heavy a.m.r., FR £30-40
217.    PLAYERS, advertisement card, girl facing forward, CSGB ref. H338-1, testimonial back, corner crease, FR £30-40
218.    PANINI, Belgian proofs, Football 1972, players inc. George Best, Johan Cruyff & Bobby Moore, EX, 3 £30-50
219.    REEVE, Cricketers (1912), Nos. 6 Barnes (Staffs), 13 Hirst (Yorks) & 21 Spooner (Lancs), G, 3 £25-35
220.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Bridgeman (Chelsea), Wilkes (Fulham), Heppinstall (Swindon), Macdonald (QPR) & McLean (PNE), mixed backs, mixed footnotes, G, 5 £30-50
221.    A.T.C., Cricketers, Blythe, celluloid button (21mm dia.), Cameo paper insert, slight staining, G £30-50
222.    A.T.C., Cricketers, Braund, celluloid button (21mm dia.), Cameo paper insert, slight staining, G £30-50
223.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Mordaunt (Oxford), VG £30-50
224.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Newham (Sussex), VG £30-50
225.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Nichols (Somerset), VG £30-50
226.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Painter (Gloucestershire), VG £30-50
227.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Pougher (Leicestershire), G £30-50
228.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Read (Surrey), VG £30-50
229.    BAINES, shield-shaped rugby card, Swansea, Bancroft inset, creasing to corners, FR £25-35
230.    BAINES, shield-shaped cricket card, Castleford, knocks to corners, G £25-35
231.    BAINES, shield-shaped cricket card, Well Played Ballin-a-Dee, Well Caught inset, VG £25-35
232.    BAINES, shield-shaped cricket card, Well Played Bingley Town, Well Caught inset, G £25-35
233.    BAINES, shield-shaped cricket card, Well Played Ton Pentre, Well Caught inset, creasing and staining, FR £25-35
234.    BAINES, ball-shaped cricket card, Well Bowled Hipperholme, brown, G £25-35
235.    BAINES, ball-shaped cricket card, Well Bowled Cleckheaton, red, VG £25-35
236.    RUTTER, Cricketers, No. 11 Lord Hawke (Yorkshire), corner knocks, G £30-5
237.    TADDY, South African Cricket Team 1907, Shalders & White, G to VG, 2 £30-50
238.    U.T.C., Cricketers & Their Autographs, Cooper (Transvaal) & mead (Hampshire), p/b, slight corner knocks, G, 2 £30-40
239.    CLARKE, Cricketers, No. 6 Richardson (Surrey), G £30-50
240.    CLARKE, Cricket Terms, Out with the First, corner knocks, G £30-50
241.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Knight (Northamptonshire), VG £80-120
242.    OGDENS, The Story of the Lifeboat, Patrick Sliney (Ballycotton), p/b proof, slight ink tick to front, EX £30-50
243.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Wireless Telephony, two proof cards for Marconi, one being unused image, with production noted to edges, VG, 2 £30-50
244.    A.T.C., celluloid button, Baseball players, Kroh, Steinfeldt & Schulte (all Chicago Cubs), 21mm dia., Cameo paper insert, slight staining, G, 3 £30-40
245.    A.T.C., celluloid button, Baseball players, Bergen, Erwin, Hummel & Wheat (all Brooklyn Superbas), 21mm dia., Cameo paper insert, staining (3), FR to G, 4 £30-40
246.    A.T.C., Boer War Leader, Buller, celluloid buttons (21mm dia.), gold background, paper insert, VG £25-35
247.    A.T.C., Boer War Leader, Roberts, celluloid buttons (21mm dia.), name to top, gold background, paper insert, VG £25-35
248.    A.T.C., Boer War Leader, Kitchener, celluloid buttons (21mm dia.), gold background, paper insert, VG £25-35
249.    OGDENS, Cricketers & Sportsmen, Clem Hill, Hugh Trumble (Australia) & Haigh (Yorkshire), trimmed to bottom edge & corner knocks, P to GR, 3 £30-50
250.    ROWNTREE, Celebrities (cricketers), Hirst (Yorkshire), VG £30-50
251.    GOODE, not ERINDALE, Australian Cricketers, Howell, VG £30-40
252.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Cadman (corner knocks), Morton & Wright (all Derbyshire), mixed backs, FR to G, 3 £30-50
253.    KINNEAR, Jockeys, Chandley, VG £35-45
254.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Smith (Yorkshire), Grapnel back, VG £25-35
255.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, No. 11, EX £30-50
256.    CHURCHMANS, Famous Golfers 2nd, No. 8 Tom Morris, large, EX £80-120
257.    SUNLIGHT, medallion, Coronation of King Edward VIII, to be given to staff for the coronation but withdrawn on abdication, circular (25mm dia), EX £40-60
258.    BRIGGS, shield-shaped rugby card, Play Up Westmorland, small scuff to back, VG £25-35
259.    BRIGGS, shield-shaped rugby card, Line Up Durham, small scuff to back, VG £25-35
260.    RICHARDSON, shield-shaped rugby card, Play Up Kendal - On the Ball, small scuff to back, VG £25-35
261.    RICHARDSON, shield-shaped rugby card, Well Played Kent Rovers, small scuff to back, VG £25-35
262.    SMITH, advertisement card, Morning Gallop, showing packet, corner knocks, FR £30-50
263.    C.W.S., advertisement card, Fine Cut Millgate Honey Dew, showing packet, creased, FR £30-50
264.    R.K. CONFECTIONERY, Felix Pictures, No. 18, VG £30-40
265.    ROWNTREE, Celebrities, Mark Twain, minimal scuffing to black edges, VG £30-40
266.    LIVELY POLLY, International Scenes, No. 9 Turkey, Liverpool soap issue, EX £30-40
267.    SINCLAIR J., North Country Celebrities, Captain Lambton, VG £30-40
268.    SMITH, advertisement card, Trilby Cigarettes, H403-13, girl in striped trousers, G £30-40
269.    WILLS, Beauties Actresses & Children, girl holding lilies, G £30-40
270.    PHILLIPS, General Interest, Grace (Gloucestershire), cricket, G £30-50
271.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, Leg Before, knocks to corners, VG £40-60
272.    KINNEAR, Australian Cricket Team, Johns, small scuff to front, G £40-60
273.    CLARKE, Cricket Terms, A Maiden Over (45), slight knocks to edge, G £30-40
274.    COHEN WEENEN, Cricketers Footballers & Jockeys, Rhodes, Yorkshire (cricket), VG £20-30
275.    CLARKE, Cricketers, No. 3 Quaife, VG £60-80
276.    FAULKNER, Cricketers, No. 9 Stoddart (Middlesex), VG £40-60
277.    MACDONALD, Cricketers (1902), Fry, VG £250-350
278.    SMITH, Champions of Sport, Ranjitsinhji (cricket), blue back, unnumbered, VG £50-70
279.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Cricket Terms, Fielders, VG £30-50
280.    WILLS, Cricket Terms, Slip, Vice-Regal back, VG £30-40
281.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Cricketers in Action, Iremonger, VG £30-40
282.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Cricketers in Action, Lilley, VG £30-40
283.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Cricketers in Action, MacGregor, VG £30-40
284.    POPPLETON, Cricketers, No. 25 Kilner (Yorkshire), G £30-50
285.    POPPLETON, Cricketers, No. 39 Mailey (Australia), EX £40-60
286.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Attewell (Notts), slight scratching to image, G £40-60
287.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Bainbridge (Warwickshire), VG £40-60
288.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Baldwin (Hampshire), VG £40-60
289.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Bean (Sussex), VG £40-60
290.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Board (Gloucestershire), VG £40-60
291.    TADDY, Wrestlers, Buttan Singh, VG £60-80
292.    WILLS, Actresses & Celebrities (collotype), Miss Ruby Tyrell, Export Manufacturers back, G £30-40
293.    PLAYERS, advertisement card, H338-5, girl smoking, Navy Cut, VG £60-80
294.    SINCLAIR R., Policemen of the World, No. 9 Monyenegrin, G £30-50
295.    FAULKNER, Cricketers, No. 7 Richardson, creased to top edge, about G £30-50
296.    JOHNSON & CO., National Flags & Flowers - Girls, Germany (cornflower), creased, FR £30-50
297.    LARKIN & CO., US presidents, Jefferson, US soap issue, VG £30-50
298.    CHURCHMANS, Beauties CHOAB, CSGB ref. H.21-48, Silver Wreath back, scuff to corner, G £30-50
299.    BARRATT, Bird Sketches, Kiwi & Wood Pigeon, p/b (anon.), trimmed, G, 2 £30-50
300.    NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION, odds, Wildflowers (Nos. 33 & 45), Animals (Nos. 4 & 47), similar to Brooke Bond, EX, 4 £30-50
301.    TRADE, Felix the Cat, inc. Ref. ZH3/18 (5); Adventuras del Gato Periquito, Spanish paper issue (15), G to EX, 20 £25-35
302.    LAWSON WOOD, German part sets, medium (59) & small (56), inc. Bonzo, slight duplication, G to VG, 115* £30-40
303.    FOOTBALL, Spanish card game, La Baraja del Mundial, for 1998 World Cup, complete, boxed, players inc, Beckham, Maradona, Figo, Zidane etc, EX £30-40
304.    FOOTBALL, foreign issues, inc. Danone, 1982 World Cup, inc. England, Scotland, Ireland, Pele, Maradona; Picon (13), Cibeles 1966 World Cup (8) etc., P to EX, 55* £30-50
305.    FOOTBALL, Spanish & Portuguese issues, inc. home nations teams, stars & stadia, VG to EX, 25* £30-50
306.    FOOTBALL, Italian issues, Euro 96 & France 98 , mostly premier League & star players, Beckham, Maradona etc., VG to EX, 26* £30-50
307.    FOOTBALL, Italian issues, The Knight U.S.A. 94, inc. Ireland, British & USA players; Bergkamp etc., EX, 22 £30-50
308.    VALLARDI, Italian stickers, Euro 88, including England & Scotland players, international stars, EX, 100* £30-50
309.    VALLARDI, Italian stickers, Italia 90, EX, 55* £30-50
310.    ANGLO CONF., World Cup 1970 complete, FR (No. 48) to generally VG, 48 £35-45
311.    OGDENS, The Blue Riband of the Atlantic, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
312.    PLAYERS, Speedway Riders, complete, EX, 50 £30-40
313.    PLAYERS, Badges & Flags of British Regiments, complete, green, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
314.    PLAYERS, Badges & Flags of British Regiments, complete, brown, numbered, VG to VG, 50 £25-35
315.    OGDENS, British Birds & Their Eggs, complete, EX, 50 £35-45
316.    CHURCHMANS, Rugby Internationals, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
317.    PATTREIOUEX, British Empire Exhibition Series, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-40
318.    OGDENS, Famous Rugby Players, complete, EX, 50 £25-35
319.    CHURCHMANS, Empire Railways, complete, EX, 50 £40-60
320.    HIGNETT, Ocean Greyhounds, complete, EX, 50 £30-50
321.    HIGNETT, Ships Flags and Cap Badges 2nd, complete, EX, 25 £40-60
322.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Animals & Birds, complete, Advertising Gifts backs, VG to EX, 60 £60-80
323.    BARRATT, TV's Sea Hunt, complete, EX, 35 £30-50
324.    PHILLIPS, Football League Colours, premium silks, football and rugby teams, a few foxed, FR to VG, 33* £30-40
325.    MAPLE LEAF, Film Stars (playing cards), complete, Dutch issue, VG to EX, 53 £40-60
326.    SNAP, Dotto Celebrities, complete, large, photos & dots, VG to EX, 50 £45-55
327.    RITCHIE & CO., Fairway Favourites (golf), complete, MT, 25 £35-45
328.    RITCHIE & CO., Marvels of the Middle (cricket), complete, MT, 25 £25-35
329.    F.K.S., stickers, Soccer Stars 1973-74, duplication, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* £40-60
330.    F.K.S., stickers, Soccer Stars 1972-73, duplication, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 200* £60-80
331.    F.K.S., stickers, Soccer Stars 1976-77, duplication, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 275* £60-80
332.    ANGLO CONF., Railway Trains & Crests, complete, large, EX, 84 £30-40
333.    LEAF, Famous Discoveries and Adventures, complete, extra-large, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
334.    OGDENS, Greyhound Racing 1st, complete, VG to EX, 25 £30-40
335.    OGDENS, Greyhound Racing 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 25 £30-40
336.    OGDENS, Poultry 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 25 £30-40
337.    PLAYERS, Butterflies & Moths, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
338.    PLAYERS, Celebrated Bridges, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-40
339.    WILLS, Fish & Bait, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
340.    MOTORING, European part sets, inc. Panini Automobile (46), Mobil (Holland) Veteran Cars (31/32 + 28 duplicates), VG to EX, 77 + 28* £30-40
341.    ALLEN, Cricketers - Bradmans Records, No. 15, Australian trade issue, VG £30-50
342.    CHURCHMAN, Footballers, artwork proof card (no text), laid down to stiff card, with Mardon Son & Hall cachet stamp to back, signed off by Geo. A. Wills & dated 27th May 1914, EX £30-50
343.    CHURCHMANS, The King's Coronation, proof card for No. 48, laid down to card with text panel (altered to remove King Edward VIII), EX £30-50
344.    A. & B.C. GUM, Star Trek, FR to VG15 £30-50
345.    ANGLO CONF, inc. Joe 90 (41), Disney (32), UFO (15) & Space (2), slight duplication, FR to VG, 90 + 3 £30-50
346.    A. & B.C. GUM, Batman, inc. black (17), 1-55 (13), front (17), A (15) & B (2), a few creased, FR to VG, 64* £30-50
347.    ANGLO CONF., Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons, some corner knocks, about G to VG, 60* £30-50
348.    SOMPORTEX, Thunderbirds, b/w, duplication, a few creased, FR to VG, 83* £30-50
349.    THOMSON, Battles for the Flag, complete, premium issue, VG to EX, 26 £30-50
350.    PALMIN, comic scenes with children, complete (2), Series 85 (white & red) & 86 (red & white), latter with Ungultig' stamp to reverse, G to VG, 12 £25-35
351.    KELLOGGS, Motor Cars, complete, colour, VG to EX, 40 £40-60
352.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, Motor Cars, complete, VG to EX, 56 £30-50
353.    MODERN BOY, Famous Railway Engines, complete, magazine inserts with op, EX, 10+ £30-50
354.    OGDENS, Racehorses, complete, G to VG, 50 £30-40
355.    OGDENS, Prominent Racehorses of 1933, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-40
356.    OGDENS, Construction of Railway Trains, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
357.    CHURCHMANS, Landmarks in Railway Progress, complete, generally EX, 50 £30-40
358.    CHURCHMANS, Railway Working 1st & 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
359.    CHURCHMANS, A Sectional Cycling Map, complete, EX, 50 £40-60
360.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, aviation, complete (2), Aeroplane Markings, Empire Air Routes, VG to EX, 100 £30-50
361.    SMITH, Battlefields of Great Britain, complete, mixed backs, G to VG, 50 £200-300
362.    MITCHELL, River & Coastal Steamers, complete, EX, 70 £60-80
363.    NAVAL, complete (4), Carreras, Gallaher, Pattreiouex & Churchmans, VG to EX, 194 £30-40
364.    MACHADO, British Naval Series, complete, G to VG, 25 £200-300
365.    PHILLIPS, British Warships (1915), complete, G to generally VG, 25 £80-120
366.    MITCHELL, British Warships 2md, complete, VG, 25 £60-80
367.    WILLS, Ships, Wills to front, green backs, creased (3), corner knocks etc., FR to G, 10 £30-50
368.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, missing No. 18, with variation (No. 29), no clause, corner knocks, FR to VG, 49 + 1 £30-50
369.    WILLS, Wild Animals of the World, complete, also with inverted cards (21), unnumbered, green scroll backs, creased (6), corner knocks etc., FR to G, 50 + 21 £30-50
370.    TADDY, Territorial Regiments, G to VG, 9 £40-60
371.    ALLEN & GINTER, Game Birds, scuff to back (1) & front (1), FR to G, 12 £35-45
372.    BARRATT, Football Team Folders, Div I (7) & II (7), G to VG, 9 £30-50
373.    WILLS, Musical Celebrities, four proof sheets (two of six & two of two), some replacement images (not recognised withdrawn images), with hand-written production notes, VG, 4 £60-80
374.    OGDENS, Poultry Rearing & Management 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 25 £30-40
375.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 1st, complete, medium silks, op (printed backs), FR to VG, 60 £40-60
376.    PLAYERS, Cities of the World, complete, mixed backs, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
377.    PLAYERS, Famous Irish Greyhounds, missing Nos. 10 & 14, G to VG, 48 + 1 £40-60
378.    PLAYERS, Racehorses, complete, Eire, G to VG, 25 £35-45
379.    GALLAHER, Interesting Views, complete, b/w, G to EX, 85 + 2 £35-45
380.    GALLAHER, Famous Footballers, complete, green, VG to EX, 100 £60-80
381.    GALLAHER, Fables & Their Morals, complete (2), thin & thick numerals, G to VG, 100 £30-50
382.    R.S.P.A., Modern British Motor-Cycles, complete, EX to MT, 22 £30-50
383.    A.T.C., part sets, inc. National Crests (13), Seals of the USA (6), Historic Homes (7), Fairy Tale Stamps (44), slight duplication, FR to VG, 70* £30-50
384.    WILLS, Old Inns 1st & 2nd, complete, large, G to EX, 80 £30-40
385.    A. & B.C. GUM, Car Stamps, attached to tabs (9), unused albums (Nos. 10 & 11), G to VG, 75+ £40-60
386.    MOTORING, complete (2), Barratt Cars of the World, Bassett Motor Cars - Vintage & veteran, G to EX, 75 £30-50
387.    FAIRWEATHER, Historic Buildings of Scotland, Nos. 1, 3 (2), 4, 13, 33 & 47, creased (3), FR to G, 6 + 1 £30-50
388.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, complete, with clause, G to generally VG, 50 £100-150
389.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, variations (complete), No. 24-26, 28-30 & 32, VG to EX, 7 £40-60
390.    BARRATT, Thunderbirds, wax wrappers, G to VG, 4 + 2 £30-50
391.    PRIMROSE, Mounties, packet issue (uncut hulls), VG to EX, 19 + 4 £40-60
392.    TOPPS, Vintage Cars, US issue, c.1957, some corner knocks, FR to G, 27 + 1 £30-40
393.    BROWN & WILLIAMSON, Modern Airplanes, Series A, with (20+6) & without letter (27+20); B (30+16) & C (12+6), medium, G to generally VG, 137* £70-90
394.    WORLD WIDE GUM, Wild Animal Life, for Jungle Chewing Gum, c.1940, FR to G, 20 £30-50
395.    MIXED, odds, inc. Singleton & Cole (4), Atlantic Liners (No. 31), Maxims of Success (Be economical), Famous Officers (No. 22), Wallace Jones (No. 13); Wills (3), Wild Animals of the World (crocodile, p/c), Double Meaning, Nos. 6 (no p/c) & 44 (p/c); Clarke (2), Army Life (No. 11), Royal Mail (No. 36); Lambert & Butler Coronation Robes (Herb Woman), Pattreiouex Maritime Flags (No. 22), Carreras Flags of Allies (shaped), VG to EX, 12 £50-80
396.    SPORT, odds, inc. Willkinson Popular Footballers (No. 14 Milburn, Newcastle), Pattreiouex Footballers Series (No. 18 Healless, Blackburn); Smith (2), Cricketers (No. 11 Tancred), Footballers 1912 (No. 79 Pennington); Phillips Sport (RP), Nos. 11 Power Boat & 43 High Jump, anon. Sports & Pastimes (No. 11 lacrosse), G to EX, 7 £40-60
397.    TADDY, odds, inc. Autographs (No. 5 Disraeli), Famous Actors (No. 10), Jockeys (C. Trigg, with frame), Territorial Regiments (No. 23), Royalty, No. 20), VG to EX, 5 £40-60
398.    MIXED, odds, inc. Hill Actresses - Continental (3), Singleton & Cole Celebrities, Players Actors & Actresses, L&B Beauties HOL, Biggs Actresses, VG to EX, 7 £40-60
399.    MIXED, odds, inc. Players Authors (Besant, bookmark), Moffat Photos of Cinema Artistes (No. 49); Cope (2), Photo Albums (Hunter etc.) & Modern Dancing booklet (No. 47 Modern Waltz); Tuckett Autographs (No. 5 Disraeli), Smith Battlefields (No. 25), Richmond Cavendish Medals (Ghuznee 1839), VG to EX, 7 £40-60
400.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (7), Players British Live Stock, Lambert & Butler Pirates & Highwaymen, Carreras, The Nose Game, Peterson Balloons, Snoots Nosy Bodies; part sets, Copes Toy Models (24), Ogdens Cricket 1926 (32) etc., in modern album, G to EX, 375* £30-50
401.    CARRERAS, Turf slides, inc. complete (5+1), Famous British Fliers, Famous Film Stars, Celebrities of British History, British Fish (2), British Railway Locomotives; part sets & odds, Footballers (48) etc., uncut (7), in modern album, mainly neat trim, a few creased, FR to EX, 365* £50-70
402.    SPORT, mainly football, mainly part sets (a few complete), inc. Gallaher AFC Colours (7), Topical Times, Cadet, Adolph, Ardath Photocards, Bassett, BP etc., in modern album, G to EX, 330* £30-50
403.    MIXED, complete (15), inc. Players (8), Cricketers 1938, Characters from Dickens, Straight-Line Caricatures, Napoleon, Sea Fishes, Riders of the World; Carreras School Emblems, Wills Flowering Trees & Shrubs, Gallaher Aeroplanes, Teofani, Moseley, Pattreiouex etc., in modern album, G to EX, 665* £30-50
404.    TYPHOO, part sets of packet issues, inc. Countryside Animals Do You Know, Costumes, Great Voyages, Travel, Types of Ships, World Wonders, Breeds of Dogs, Pets, Famous Buildings etc., in modern album, duplication, mixed trim, FR to VG, 480* £40-60
405.    DOGS, part sets & odds, inc. Weeties Tailwaggers (37), Wills, Suchard, Tuckfield, Ardath, many Players, Tobler, Sinclair, Thomson, Sanders etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 400* £40-60
406.    BARRATT, part sets & odds, inc. Wisecracks, Soldiers, Wonders of the World, Zoo Pets, Robin Hood, Walt Disneys True Life, Warriors, what Do You Know, wild Animals by George Cansdale etc., in modern album, slight duplication, G to EX, 320* £30-50
407.    TRADE, mainly part sets, inc. Bibby Don't You Believe It (complete), Bishop Stortford, Burton, Browne, Brooke Motors, Book Tallies, BT, Blue Cap, Blue Band etc., in modern album, G to EX, £30-50
408.    MIXED, birds, part sets & odds, inc. Players, Ogdens, Gallaher, Wills, Typhoo, Sunlight etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
409.    MIXED, military, part sets & odds, inc. Players, Wills, Gallaher, Hustler, Tommy Gunn, etc., duplication (some heavy), in two modern albums, FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
410.    MIXED, entertainment, part sets & odds, inc. Wills, Players, many Gallaher, Barratt, Phillips etc., duplication (some heavy), in two modern albums, FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
411.    MIXED, Australia & New Zealand, part sets, inc. Sanitarium, Car Transfers (20), Australian Encyclopedia, Famous new Zealanders, Exploring Our Solar System, Weetbix Stereoscopic, Greggs Birds of NZ, Sweetacre Aircraft, Sunblest etc., slight duplication, in modern album, G to EX, 300* £30-50
412.    SHELL, Australian part sets, slight duplication, in modern album, VG to EX, 350* £30-40
413.    WILLS, Embassy, Punch Lines (285/288) & Ring the Changes (complete), large, in modern album, EX to MT, 333 £30-40
414.    MIXED, complete (7), inc. Ardath Modern Aircraft (extra-large), Gerard Screen Favourites & Dancers, Ching Flowers, Phillips Stars of the Screen, CWS Fish etc., VG to EX, 230 £30-40
415.    PLAYERS, Dogs, complete (7), inc. overseas, heads, full-length, scenic etc., in modern album, G to EX, 325 £30-50
416.    OGDENS, selection, inc. complete (2), Actors N&C Studies, Sea Adventure; part sets, British Birds, British Birds & their Eggs (), Modern Railway, Ocean Greyhounds, Racehorses etc., slight duplication, in modern album, about G to EX, 475* £30-50
417.    PGDENS, complete (6), inc. Poultry, Motor Races 1931, By the Roadside, Whaling; part sets, Flags & Funnels (49), cut-outs etc., a few creased, FR to VG, 340 £30-50
418.    MIXED, complete (8), inc. Lambert & Butler (5), Motor Cars 1st & 2nd, Pirates & Highwaymen, Worlds Locomotives, Interesting Customs; Gallaher Army Badges, Phillips Soldiers of the King, Churchmans; part set, in modern album, G to EX, 308 £30-50
419.    OGDENS, complete (9), inc. Ocean Greyhounds, British Birds & Their Eggs (some a.c.m.), Picturesque People, Air-Raid Precautions, Sea Adventure, Zoo Studies, Colour in Nature, Children of al Nations, Foreign Birds, in modern album, VG to EX, 425 £30-50
420.    MIXED, complete (14), inc. Players (6), Celebrated Gateways, Famous Beauties (large), Footballers RIP, Racing Caricatures, Racing Yachts; Wills (6), Cinema Stars 1st & 2nd, Old Furniture 1st; Churchmans Association Footballers 1st etc., in modern album, G to VG, 510* £30-50
421.    MIXED, complete (16), inc. Players (6), AC&DS 1st, Army Life, Butterflies, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Film Stars 2nd & 3rd; Wills (7), Fish & Bait, British Butterflies; Franklyn Davey Boxing, L&B Pirates & Highwaymen, Carreras Wild flower Art, in modern album, G to VG, 700 £30-50
422.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (23), Players, Kings & Queens, Wild Animals Heads, Gilbert & Sullivan, Cycling, AC&DS, Wild Birds, Military Head-Dress, Drum Banners & Cap Badges; Churchmans Boxing Personalities, Ogdens Prominent Racehorses, Wills Mining, Brooke Bond; part sets, Wills British Sporting Personalities (47) etc., in two modern albums, G to EX, 1200* £30-50
423.    MIXED, selection, mainly Ogdens, inc. complete (2), Cricket 1926, Children; part sets, Prominent Cricketers, Motor Races, birds, eggs, horse racing; Ritmeester cigar bands (two sets), mixed cricket odds etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 620* £30-50
424.    OGDENS, selection, inc. complete (5), Modern British Pottery, Picturesque People, Birds Eggs, Children, Trainers & Owners Colours; part sets, British Birds 1st & 2nd (49), Steeplechase Celebrities (34), Famous Footballers (19), Football Club Colours (43) etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 580* £40-60
425.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Cohen Weenen Wonders of The World, green (3) & grey (5); Dobie Four Square Books (19); Drapkin Palmistry (26); ERB, British Trees (19), Cinema Stars (31), Dogs Klondyke (17), Mining (29), Sports & Games (27), Franklyn Davey Historic Events (25) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 260* £30-50
426.    PLAYERS, large, part sets & odds, inc. Gilbert & Sullivan (12), Racing Yachts (10), Ship Models (13), Wild Birds (9), Wild Fowl (8), Picturesque London (17) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 230* £30-50
427.    PHILLIPS, part sets & odds, inc. Kings & Queens (10), Lawn Tennis (21), Motor Cars At A Glance (32), Olympics (25), Our Dogs (27), Prizes For Needlework (24), Railway Engines (48), Red Indians (20), Ships & Their Flags (18), Speed (17), Sporting Champions (38) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 280* £30-50
428.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. Arms & Armour (30), Army Life (14), Badges & Flags (33), Celebrated Bridges/Gateways (63), Butterflies & Moths (18), Cycling (46) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 300* £30-50
429.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. Birds Of Brilliant Plumage, p/c in set (33), Royal Mail (7), Shots From The Films (10), Soldiers Of The King, grey (3) & brown (4), Swiss Views (29), Blue Riband Of The Atlantic (34), Trick Billiards (46), Yachts (59) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 220* £30-50
430.    WHITBREAD, Inn Signs, part sets & odds, inc. metal, 1st (36), 2nd (11), 3rd (4); card, 3rd (4), 4th (21), 5th (16), Devon & Somerset (11), Stratford (7) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 130* £30-50
431.    TRADE, large, part sets & odds, inc. Anglo-American Horse (31), Chix, mixed (16), Goddard (22), Kane, Disc Stars (14), Film Stars (12), MacFisheries (24), Master Vending Jet Aircraft (36) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 220* £30-50
432.    BROOKE BOND, Canada, complete (14), inc. Birds of North America, Butterflies of NA, Tropical Birds, Trees, Space Age, Wild Flowers, Indians, The Arctic etc., in modern album, EX, 672 £30-50
433.    TRADE, complete & part sets, inc. Thomson Punishment Cards (46), Taddy & Co., Universal Fireworks, The Cunning Artificer, Universal Cards etc., VG to MT, 345* £30-50
434.    SUCHARD, part sets & odds, inc. national types, comedy, floral, insect, views, maps etc., in modern album, G to VG, 112* £30-50
435.    TRADE, selection, inc. complete (2), Barker Circus Scenes, Teachers Scottish Clans & Castles (rectangular advert); part set, Dandy Navy Tattoos (82), EX, 118* £40-70
436.    SPORT, complete (3), part sets & odds, inc. Churchmans, Association Footballers 1st & 2nd, Boxing Personalities; Ogdens, Football Club Colours (38), Owners Racing Colours & Jockeys (29), A & BC All Sports (32), Players Golf (large, 9), some corner knocks, generally G to VG, 258 £30-50
437.    MIXED, complete (8), inc. Players, Highland Clans, Riders of the World, Military Uniforms of the British Army, Napoleon, War Decorations & Medals; Wills Air Raid Precautions; Phillips Ships That Have Made History etc., some corner knocks, slight foxing etc., FR to VG, 376 £30-50
438.    MIXED, part sets and odds, inc. Wills, Motor Cycles (40), railway (14); Fry Birds & Their Eggs (11), ERB Dogs (60), Cohen Weenen Wonders of the World (20), Ogdens Records of the World (14), Wix Henry, p/c size (9), some corner knocks, slight foxing etc., FR to G, 114* £30-50
439.    MIXED, odds, inc. Players, Ardath, Drapkin Sporting Celebrities (6), Wills Recruiting Posters (11), ERB Musical Instruments (15), Carreras, Ogdens, Sanders Dogs (7), Kelloggs, Lambert & Butler, Mitchell, Morris Shadowgraphs (7) etc., some corner knocks, generally G to VG, 150* £30-50
440.    A. & B.C., part sets, inc. Battle Cards (71), The Monkees (42), G to VG, 113 £30-50
441.    TRADE, odds, inc. A & BC, The Rolling Stones (4), Star Trek (4), Man on the Moon (4), Batman (10); Somportex Danger Man (11), The Exciting World of James Bond 007 (4), The Saint (7), some corner knocks, slight foxing etc., G to VG, 44 £30-50
442.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold, inc. General Interest (194/200), Actresses (69) etc., some scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 271 £30-50
443.    BISCUITS VICTORIA, Flags Stamps & Views of the World, missing No. 233, corner-mounted in company hardback album, corner knocks, FR to VG, 239 £30-50
444.    MIXED, selection, inc. ERB, Flags (35/37), Tour Round the World (3); complete (2+1), Wix Henry 3rd, Brooke Bond Magical World of Disney (2), G to EX, 138* £30-50
445.    FOOTBALL, complete (5), Thomson (2), Famous Footballers (1955), Great Stars (plastic wallet); Barratt Famous Footballers A15, Typhoo Famous Football Clubs (1964), Soccer Bubble Gum 1st, FR to EX, 187+ £50-70
446.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection, inc. complete (2), Ardath Film Stage & Radio Stars (extra-large), Wills Famous British Authors; part set, Ardath From Screen and Stage (Nos. 1-25, extra-large), Kane Film Stars (44), G to EX, 134 £30-50
447.    FOOTBALL, complete (6), Players (3), MAC, RIP & Hints; Carreras Popular Footballers, Kane & Churchmans 1st, G to EX, 298 £30-50
448.    SPORT, selection, inc. part sets, Carreras Turf (2), Famous Cricketers (46) & Olympics (41); complete (4), Players (3), Tennis, Cricketers 1938, Footballers MAC; Churchmans Boxing Personalities, mainly neat trim to Turf issues, P (1), ow FR to EX, 287* £30-50
449.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1973 Footballers, in ring-binder, G to EX, 131 £70-90
450.    ARDATH, Real Photographs, mainly actresses & beauties & views (22), in ring-binder, VG to EX, 218* £30-40
451.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Players (12), inc. Football Caricatures by MAC, Characters From Dickens, Aviary & Cage Birds, Ships Figureheads, Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu, Regimental Uniforms, Highland Clans, Cricketers 1934; Wills (5), Coronation Series, Radio Celebrities, Air Raid Precautions; Phillips Aircraft; Carreras (2); Gallaher (3) etc., FR to G, Qty. £30-50
452.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. Orders of Chivalry, Racing Pigeons, Sea Adventure, Applied Electricity, Blue Riband, horse racing, British Birds & their Eggs, Children, Broadcasting etc., VG to EX, 375* £30-50
453.    U.S.A., odds, mainly ATC, inc. beauties, ships, military leaders etc., some creasing, a.m.r. etc., P to G, 50* £30-50
454.    A.T.C., Military Series, mixed, a.m.r., creasing etc., P to G, 75* £30-50
455.    TRADE, European part sets & odds, Gartmann (115) & Tobler (95), FR to VG, 210* £30-50
456.    STOLLWERCK, part set & odds, G to VG, 400* £50-60
457.    HILL, part sets & odds, inc. Music Hall, Modern Beauties, Wireless Telephony, Railway Centenary, Puzzles, River Thames, Scenes from the Films, Inventors, Famous Footballers, Aviation, Famous Film Stars etc., G to EX, 450* £40-60
458.    PATTREIOUEX, early RP, standard size, G to EX, 700* £80-120
459.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Sun Soccer cards, Esso medals, ProSet, Topps etc., VG to EX, 1000s £30-50
460.    BARRATT, football, postcard sets, complete (92), inc. World Beaters, Europe's Best, Winners In 1992, Great Managers, Great Defenders, Great Grounds etc., duplication, VG to EX, 550* £30-50
461.    TRADE, complete (144), inc. Regent Do You Know, Seymour Mead The Island Of Ceylon, Domino Les Produits du Monde etc., duplication, EX to MT 3500* £30-50
462.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Merlin England 98 unused sheets of sticker sets; Pepsi uncut sheets (37) of four postcards; Match Stand-Ups, unused (12 sets of 8), duplication, EX to MT, 193* £30-50
463.    SPORT, part sets & odds, inc. Kane 1956 Cricketers, Texaco cricket cards, Churchman Association Footballers, Gallaher Famous Footballers; Ogdens, Australian Test Cricketers, Prominent Racehorses of 1933; Wills, Golfing, Cricketers 1928, Racehorses & Jockeys; Players Championship Golf Courses, Futera, Evening Post Football Legends etc., duplication, VG to EX, Qty. £30-50
464.    FOOTBALL, Liverpool, inc. unused albums 1999 (14) together with unused sheets of sticker sets (30*), duplication, VG to EX, 44* £30-50
465.    TRADE, complete & part sets (22), inc. Dinky Cars (2), Glengettie British Locomotives, Morning Foods World Locomotives, GP Dogs, Ewbank; Mars, Cadbury, Weetabix etc., duplication, G to EX, 800* £30-50
466.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Thomson, Secrets of Cricket, County Cricketers, Worlds Best, miniature; Daily herald, Chums, Master Vending, Phillips Pinnace etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-50
467.    CINEMA, part sets & odds, inc. Carreras, Paramount Stars, Film Stars; Ardath Photocards, Hill Film Stars etc., G to EX, 500* £30-50
468.    TRADE, mainly part sets, inc. Typhoo (200), mainly long, fish, space, trains; Hustler Animals 1st-3rd (150) etc., duplication, G to EX, 450 £30-50
469.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Churchman, Wills, Phillips, Players, Teofani, Wix, Ogdens; horse racing, Kings & Queens, dogs, arms, DYK, military etc., duplication, G to EX, 1000* £30-50
470.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Wills, Billiards, Life in the Royal Navy, British Sporting Personalities; Players Railway Working, Abdulla Cinema Stars, British Butterflies, Boguslavsky Sports Records, Phillips Personalities, Carreras Notable MPs, ERB Our Pets etc., duplication, G to EX, 1000* £30-50
471.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Lyons Maid, Weetabix, Priory, Kelloggs, Bells, Kane, Thomson etc., VG to EX, 1000* £30-50
472.    TRADE, mainly complete sets, inc. Typhoo, birds, horses, Robinson Crusoe, Trees, Voyages; c/c reprints, Lipton etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-50
473.    TRADE, large, complete & part sets, inc. Topps, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Simpson; FKS, motorcycles, speedway; Barratt Wild Life, Pepys Peter Pan, Mickey & the Beanstalk; Pro-Set Superstars etc., duplication, G to EX, 1000s £30-50
474.    TYPHOO, packet issues, mainly part sets (a few complete), inc. Great Voyages, Types of Ships, Do You Know, Common British Birds, Famous Buildings, football etc., mixed trim, FR to VG, 250* £30-40
475.    TRADE, selection, inc. football, cricket, Playboy & other glamour, tourist issues, The Times, Land Rover, Brooke Bond, etc., G to EX, 1200* £30-40
476.    TRADE, selection, inc. Playboy & other glamour, Land Rover, Brooke Bond, tokens, USA sport, tourist issues, Pokemon etc., G to EX, 1192* £30-40
477.    MIXED, selection, inc. Walls, Brooke Bond, Tonibell, Thomson, Tetley, Sweetule, Sonny Boy, St Ivel (Disney) Sellotape, Rington, Rowntree, Reddings, Quorn, Primrose, Packer, Oxo; beermats, Playboy etc., G to EX, 735* £30-40
478.    MIXED, selection, inc. Tobacco products (Stroller) Beauties (12), Kinney (4), Kimball, ATC, Lorillard, Wills, Players; coupons, Rizla, beermats, labels, packets (flattened) etc., G to EX, 644* £30-40
479.    TOPPS, Baseball, unchecked complete sets (3), 1986, 1988 (full sets), 1989 (traded), in shipping boxes, VG to EX, Qty. £30-40
480.    FOOTBALL, trade selection, inc. Topps Match Attax., Top Trumps, Panini, Mastercard Postcards, Pro Set etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-50
481.    TRADE, Natural History selection inc. birds, Dolly's Own Picture Book of British Birds, Nelson's Bird Pictures (8/12 with op), Seita-France complete matchboxes (9); uncut sheets (foreign); Heida Coffee, German p/cs, Reese & Wichmann, Shell etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-50
482.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (5), Players, Kings & Queens, Cycling, Gilbert & Sullivan; Ogdens Whaling, Wills Merchant Ships; part sets, Wills, ARP, British Birds, Dogs, British Butterflies, Punch Cartoons; Ogdens, Sinclair etc., duplication (mainly Wills part sets), FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
483.    MIXED, animals, part sets & odds, inc. dogs, mainly Players & Gallaher; Millhoff, Players, Horniman, Gallaher, Wills, Carreras Turf, Brooke Bond etc., duplication (some heavy), in three modern albums, FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
484.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. floral, gardening, fish; Wills, Gallaher, Brooke Bond, Players, Carreras etc., duplication (some heavy), in three modern albums, FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
485.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Players, complete (3), Poultry, Butterflies, Aviary & Cage Birds; part sets, Players, Cats (19), Characters from Fiction (22), British Butterflies (22), Dandies, Boy Scout & Girl Guide Badges; Wills railway etc., corner-mounted in two period albums, also laid down albums (11), FR to EX, 540+ £40-60
486.    REFERENCE BOOKS, CSGB selection, inc. World Index (pts 123 & 124), World Index Part I, Ogdens hard & soft), Tobacco War etc., hardback (5), VG to EX, 8 £30-40
487.    REFERENCE BOOKS, USA selection, inc. Burdick 1946 & 1960, Forbes & Mitchell, photocopy of 1950 Checklist (ex-CSGB Library), hardback (1), VG to EX, 4 £30-40
488.    REFERENCE BOOKS, trade selection, inc. British Trade Index & Handbook, Companion, Errors & Variations & 2008 Yearbook, hardback (2), VG to EX, 5 £30-40
489.    MIXED, complete (14), inc. Players (3+1), Wills (2), Churchmans (6+1); part sets, inc. Gallaher (2), Wills (3), Players (2) etc., FR to G, Qty. £30-50
490.    FOOTBALL, empty albums, inc. Topps, Merlin, Sainsburys, Panini etc., 1990s-2000s, slight duplication, G to EX, 50* £30-50
491.    PLAYERS, complete & part sets, inc. Aircraft of the RAF, Army Life, AC&DS, Aviary & Cage Birds, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, British Live Stock, Cats, Cricketers, Footballers, Derby & Grand National Winners, Regimental, Tennis, Sea Fishes, Victoria Cross, War Decorations & Medals, Wild Birds, Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu, History of Naval Dress, Poultry, Old Naval Prints, Napoleon, Motor Cars, Polar, Racing Caricatures etc., in four ring-binders, FR to EX, Qty. £40-60
492.    WILLS, complete & part sets, inc. Allied Army Leaders, sectional, Arms, Association Footballers, Butterflies, Cinema Stars, British Birds, Dogs, DYK, First Aid, Famous British Authors, Lucky Charms, Military Motors, Radio Celebrities, railway, Roses, Speed, Ships Badges, Rugby Internationals, Time & Money, etc., in four ring-binders, FR to EX, Qty. £40-60
493.    TRADE, complete & part sets, inc. Typhoo long (300), Brooke Bond, ABC Minors, Barratt, Walters, Thomson, Oxo, Bassett etc., in modern album & two ring-binders, FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
494.    MIXED, selection, inc. postcards (80), topographical, greetings; trade cards, Pro-Set NFL, MLB baseball, Doncella, Grandee, Wix Henry; laid down pages from This Age of Power & Wonder etc., FR to EX, Qty. £25-35
495.    MIXED, selection, inc. silks, mainly Phillips, mixed sizes, flags, ceramic art, floral; Carreras, Ogdens, Drapkin, Phillips, Osborne, Mitchell, Lambert & Butler; Wills & Players (4000) etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
496.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Wills, Players, Brooke Bond, Pattreiouex, Gallaher etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. £30-40
497.    MIXED, albums, UK & foreign, laid down (complete & partial) & a few empty, inc. 1d, Wills, Brooke Bond, Players, Facchino, Nestle, CeMoi etc., FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
498.    SELECTION, inc. complete & part sets, odds, inserts, panels, charts; Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Brooke Bond, Wills, Robertsons, Bells Whisky, Simpsons etc., FR to MT, Qty. £30-50
499.    TRADE, selection, inc. complete, Clevedon Campaign Medals (in folder), Junior Playbooks Flags of the Nations Stamp Book (uncut sheets in album), Ogdens advertising mirror, Jacques, mixed baseball; cinema p/cs, Jurassic Park, Power Rangers, pop music, Finding Nemo, The Woody Zone etc., VG to EX, Qty. £30-50
500.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, mainly with hulls, inc. Black Cat, Country Life, Drumhead, Five Bar, Capstan, Plus wo, GIB, Blue Book etc., some crush damage, FR to G, 30* £40-60
501.    COMICS, The Schoolgirls Weekly, 1920s (41) & 1930s (14), about G to VG, 55* £30-50
502.    COMICS, selection, 1920s-1940s, inc. The School Friend (21), Girls Crystal (13), The Schoolgirl (9) & The Schoolgirls Own (11), about G to VG, 54* £30-50
503.    COMICS, The Topper, 1970s, G to EX, 100* £30-50
504.    MOTORING, magazines, The Autocar, Jan-Dec 1951, knocks and tears to spines, foxing, some creasing and tears to covers, cover detached (1), FR, 50 £30-50
505.    MOTOR CYCLING, magazines, inc. Motor Cycling, 1935-1959 (29); The Motor Cycle, 1937-1961, etc., some with knocks and tears to edges and spines, foxing and staining, a few with ripped covers, FR to VG, 95 £30-50
506.    MOTORING, magazines, The Motor, inc. mainly 1950s, 1947 (1) & 1962 (4) etc., slight duplication, some with knocks to edges and spine, creasing, foxing, a few with ripped covers, P (5) to G, 53 £30-50
507.    NEWSPAPERS, The Times Literary Supplement, inc. mainly 1950s editions, 1940s (21) & 1960s (19), two special Autumn numbers 1955 & 1957 etc., centrefold, a few with creasing, foxing and knocks to edges, G to VG, 121* £30-50
508.    PICTURE POST, weekly magazine and supplements, 1940-1957, inc. 1940s (39), showing Patricia Morison, election special, A Tribute to Britain by JB Priestley, War in Palestine (a few with annotations in pen to cover); 1950s, inc. Dunkirk in pictures, 1953 Coronation special, Grace Kelly, Zsa Zsa Gabor, cancer research, death of the King, 1950 Grand National, 1952 Cup Final etc., duplication, knocks to spines and edges, foxing, a few with creasing and loose covers, G to VG, 103* £30-50
509.    VIZ, magazines, inc. issue Nos. 36-234, Student Grant (1), Enrazzlement (Viz Comic) calendar MMVIIII etc., slight duplication, some with creasing to covers and corners, a few with slight tears to spine and edges, with covers detached (3), G to VG, 87 £30-50
510.    PUNCH, magazine, inc. mainly 1950s, a few 1960s, a Silver Jubilee 1977 special edition; Pictures From Punch (9), issue Nos. 8-21 (tears and knocks to spines, a few with tape) etc., duplication, knocks and tears to edges, creasing, a few FR, mainly G to VG, 75 £30-50
511.    MATCH BOOKLETS, selection, inc. tourist attractions, alcohol, restaurants, hotels, pubs, holiday resorts, shops, advertising etc., many unused; some matchboxes, labels etc., mixed sizes, G, large Qty. £30-50
512.    MATCH BOOKLETS, selection, inc. tourist attractions, alcohol, restaurants, hotels, pubs, holiday resorts, shops, advertising etc., many unused; some matchboxes, labels etc., mixed sizes, G, large Qty. £30-50
513.    MATCHBOXES, selection, inc. tourist attractions, alcohol, restaurants, hotels, pubs, holiday resorts, shops, advertising etc., possible sets, some flattened boxes, booklets, labels etc., mixed sizes, G, large Qty. £30-50
514.    EPHEMERA, inc. matchbox holders, commemorative, Royalty, brass etc; large matchboxes, Royal Swan Vestas, Bryant & May, Cornish Match etc; circular matchboxes, tins, Faulkner Nosegay, Ogdens St. Bruno, Capstan Navy Cut, Ucal Zinc Ointment, Ridgways Teas, Cadbury Bournville, H.L. Savory & Co. Cigarettes, Oxo, Burroughes & Watts, Band Aid etc., mixed sizes and periods, some duplication, some rusting to some tins, G to VG, Qty. £40-60
515.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. entertainment, photos, inc. Marilyn Monroe (5+12), Kodachrome negatives (52) for films starring Jane Fonda (La Ronde), Efrem Zimbalist Jnr. Etc., softback edition of My Life at Crossroads signed by Noele Gordon; snapshot photos of a trip to Cleveland; synopsis booklets, inc. Eldorado, Man on a Tightrope, Pony Soldier, The Desert Rats, Titanic, White Witch Doctor etc., Disney's Mickey Sport Domino game; Trefin WWI t/c, FR to G, small Qty. £25-30
516.    JANE FONDA, selection of photos and cinema stills, inc. film scenes, in public, with family, at award ceremonies etc., b/w & colour, some with annotation to reverse, 8 x 12 and smaller, duplication, VG, Qty. £25-35
517.    CINEMA, lobby cards, inc. Cynthia's Sister, Tootsie, Kramer vs Kramer, Agatha, Alfredo Alfredo, Macadam Cowboy, Marathon Man, 55 Days at Peking, Pretty Woman, Awakenings, Running Man, Crazy Love, Henry V, Terms of Endearment, Shoot The Moon, Spartacus, Verdict, Quartet etc., duplication, G to VG, Qty. £50-80
518.    MIXED SPORT, signed selection, inc. photos, promotional cards, letters etc., inc. Boycott, John Maclean, Trueman, Tessa Cocx, Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Egon Hirt, Werner Heel, Francis Wilson, Walter Eschweiler, Ralf Rangnick, Silke Kraushaar, Steffi Nerius, Markus Kullig, Jorg Butt, Jarno Trulli, Becker, Joe Harat, Neil Webb, Ronald Weigel, Vicki Baum, David Unsworth etc., a few printed, unsigned (75), some duplication, VG to EX, 160* £25-35
519.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London, 1904 (1), 1907 (1), 1920s (7), 1930s, mainly plays, inc. Empire, Shaftesbury, Dalys, Apollo, St. James, Coliseum, Palace, Scala, Windmill, Strand, Duchess, Garrick, Comedy, Gaiety etc., some knocks to edges and damage to some spines, generally G, 65* £25-30
520.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London, 1940s-60s, plays, comedy, ballet, inc. St, Martins, Royal Court, Phoenix, New, Vaudeville, Royal Opera House, Old Vic, Saville, Cambridge, Palace, Duchess, Garrick, Wyndham, Piccadilly, Whitehall, Aldwych, Savoy, Stoll etc., a few with punch holes, some knocks to edges, generally G, 360* £30-50
521.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Airheads (1994), Steve Buscemi (US); American Gigolo (1980), Richard Gere (Quad, pinholes); Barnabo des Montagnes (1994), Mario Brenta (French); Black Holiday (1973), Adolfo Celi (UK); Chaplin Revue (1959), Charlie Chaplin (Quad, tattering to bottom edge); Chocolat (2000), Juliette Binoche (Quad); Chorus Line (1985), Richard Attenborough (Quad); Doris Day Re-Appraised (1988) UK promotional; Fedora (1978), Billy Wilder (Quad); Happiness (1970s re-release), Aleksandr Medvedkin (UK); Ironweed (1987), Jack Nicholson (Quad); Johnny Suede (1991), Brad Pitt (UK); Last American Virgin (1982), Lawrence Monoson (Quad, U2 sticker); Mad Monkey (1990), Jeff Goldblum (Quad); One of those Things (1971), Judy Geeson Explosion (Quad); Recollections of the Yellow House (1989), João César Monteiro (Quad); Sea Fury (1958), Stanley Baker (UK 1-Sheet, minor stains); Short Cuts (1993), Robert Altman (UK 2-Sheet); Taxing Woman (1987), Juzo Itami (Quad); Verdict (1982), Paul Newman (Quad), folded, G to VG, 20 £25-35
522.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Aria (1987), Jean-Luc Godard (Quad); Batman (1989), Michael Keaton (UK 20x60); Carla's Song (1996), Ken Loach (Quad); Dead Ringers (1988), Jeremy Irons (Quad); England Made Me (1973), Peter Finch (Quad); Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969), George Kennedy (Quad); In the Name of the Father (1972), Marco Bellocchio (UK); La Dolce Vita (1970s release), Federico Fellini (Argentine, tear to one corner); Lost Horizon (1973), Peter Finch (Quad); Mon Homme (1997), Bertrand Blier (Quad); Official Version (1985), Luis Puenzo (Quad); Short Time (1987), Dabney Coleman (UK 1-Sheet); Target (1985), Gene Hackman (Quad); Unfaithfully Yours (1984), Dudley Moore (Quad); Yol - The Way (1982), Yilmaz Güney (Quad), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
523.    CINEMA, posters, inc. After Hours (1985), Martin Scorsese (US 1-Sheet); Best of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures (1975 Quad); Captive du Desert (1990), Sandrine Bonnaire (Quad); Decline of the American Empire (1986), Denys Arcand (Quad); Everyone says I Love You (1997), Woody Allen (Quad); Gun Runners (1958), Audie Murphy (Quad); I'll Never Forget What's 'Is Name (1967), Oliver Reed (Quad); Kramer vs Kramer (1979), Meryl Streep (Quad); Looking for Richard (1996), Al Pacino (Danish); Minamata - The Victims and their World (1971), Noriaki Tsuchimoto (UK); Oberwald Mystery (1979), Michelangelo Antonioni (Quad); Promise (1997), Margarethe Von Trotta (Quad); Shipping News (2001), Kevin Spacey (Quad); Tango (1993), Philippe Noiret (Quad); Une Semaine de Vacances (1980), Nathalie Baye (UK), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
524.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Autobus (1996), Eric Rochant (Quad); Breathless (1983), Richard Gere (Quad); Confessional (1996), Kristin Scott Thomas (Quad); Duke wore Jeans (1958), Tommy Steele (UK 20x30, small hole to fold); Frances (1982), Jessica Lange (Quad); Sürü - Herd (1978), Zeki Ökten (Quad); Johnny Handsome (1989), Mickey Rourke (US 1-Sheet); Leo the Last (1970), Marcello Mastrioanni (Quad); Man in the Moon (1960), Kenneth More (UK half sheet, slight creasing); Nashville (1975), Karen Black (Italian 2 fogli); Phantom of Liberty (1974), Luis Buñuel (Quad); Sahara (1984), Brooke Shields (Quad); Star Wars Trilogy (1997), Harrison Ford (1-Sheet); To our Loves (1983), Sandrine Bonnaire (Quad); Waterworld (1995), Kevin Costner (UK 2-Sheet), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
525.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Made In Heaven (1952), David Tomlinson (UK 1-Sheet, slight fold separation & censor stamp); Bawdy Tales (1973), Pier Paolo Pasolini (Quad); Celeste (1981), Percy Adlon (Quad); Dearest Love (1971), Louis Malle (Quad, slight tattering to top edge); Enigma (2001), Dougray Scott (Quad); Gorky Park (1983), William Hurt (Quad); I Confess (1990s re-release), Alfred Hitchcock (Quad); King of the Wind (1990), Richard Harris (Quad); Looking for Richard (1996), Al Pacino (Danish); Mon Homme (1997), Bertrand Blier (Quad); Old Boyfriends (1979), Talia Shire (Quad); Puberty Blues (1981), Nell Schofield (Quad); Signora Di Tutti (1934 ), Max Ophüls (UK); Tell Them Willie Boy is Here (1969), Robert Redford (Quad, pinholes); Uranus (1991), Gerard Depardieu (French), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
526.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, USA selection, complete soft-packs (many with original wrapping), 1940s onwards, inc. Carlton, Eve, True, Free, Misty, Twist, Triumph, Vatage, Merit, Melody etc., G to EX, 40* £45-50
527.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. topographical, art, historical, statues, buildings, monuments, interiors, animals, comedy, children etc., some pu, P to VG, 350* £30-50
528.    POSTCARDS, topographical, inc. views, buildings, Scotland, woodland, rivers, stately homes, coastal, Scarborough, boats, London, churches, cathedrals, bridges, Bournemouth, Derbyshire, Devon etc., some pu, P to VG, 280* £30-50
529.    POSTCARDS, foreign selection, inc. views, towns, natives, costumes, churches, village life; Malta, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, USA etc., a few snapshot booklets, some pu, FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
530.    GREETINGS CARDS, better selection, inc. Christmas, Birthday, shaped, embossed, tassels, scenes, birds, children, religious etc., mixed sizes, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* £25-35
531.    MIXED SPORT, autographs, inc. football, rugby, athletics, inc. 2003 World Indoor Athletics (72 sigs); Chalmers, Ross, Fairbrother, Notman, Moreno, Roke, Murdoch, Saltzman, Yapp, Jenner, Hinshelwood, Moncrieff, Windo, Nias, Johnny Haynes, McMahon, Bob Wilson, Southgate, Heskey, Sven Goran Erikson, McLaren, Regis, Ron Atkinson, Armfield, Bobby Robson, Jenny Pitman, Roger Black, Steve Cram, Jonathan Edwards, Lloyd Honeyghan etc., 136* signatures in total, individually signed pages, contained in two hardback notebooks, neat listing to front and back inside covers, VG to EX, 2 £30-40
532.    TOBACCO, advert postcards, inc. Le Caporal, La Carotte, Le Diplomate, Le Havane & Le Ninas, pub. by Barre & Dayez, No. 1494-A, artwork by R. Genestre, VG, 5 £30-50
533.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Royal Performance, 1950-1969, some knocks to edges and corners, foxing, staining to covers (3), G to VG, 12 £30-50
534.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Royal Performance, 1970-1989, a few with knocks to edges and marks to covers, annotation in pen to cover (1), G to VG, 13 £30-50
535.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Royal Performance, 1916, 1930-1938, some knocks, small tears to edges and corners, foxing, light pencil annotations inside (1), G to VG, 6 £30-50
536.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Royal Performance, 1946-1949, inc. 1947 with Laurel & Hardy etc., some creasing and knocks to edges, foxing, G to VG, 4 £30-50
537.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Royal Performance, rare 1945 wartime souvenir programme, slight creasing and foxing, G £30-50
538.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, cards, album pages etc., inc. Jean Alexander, Richard Briers, Tony Britton, John Carlisle, Ian Carmichael, Phyllis Dare, Eric Delaney, Ivor Emmanuel, Leslie Fuller, Rupert Graves, Dickie Henderson, Joe Henderson, Frank Ifield, Geraldine James, Hugh Lloyd, Hope & Keen, Marsha Mason, G.S. Melvin, Brian Pettifer, Donald Sinden, Peter Sissons, Oliver Tobias, John Woodvine, Arthur Worsley, Elsie & Doris Waters, Renee Houston, Donald Stewart etc., mixed sizes, G to VG, 26 £30-50
539.    AVIATION, postcards, Mailfert, Lefebre, Rolane, Fournier, Delagrange, Rougier flying at Blackpool, Lambert, Latham, with aircraft and/or in flight, pu (3), FR to G, 8 £20-30
540.    POSTCARDS, topographical, inc, social history, children, portraits, poses, groups, families, exhibitions, weddings etc., a few pu, G to VG, 54* £25-35
541.    CINEMA, postcards, Actors, inc. Walter Pidgeon, Gregory Peck, Tyrone Power, David Niven, Ivor Novello, John Mills, Robert Montgomery, Victor Mature, George Murphy, Tom Mix, Dennis Morgan, Ray Milland, Peter Lawford, Charles Laughton, Danny Kaye, Allan Jones, Nelson Eddy, Gary Cooper, Charles Boyer etc., a few p/b, slight duplication, G to VG, 50* £30-50
542.    CINEMA, postcards, Actresses, inc. Sylvia Sydney, Loretta Young, Janet Gaynor, Norma Shearer, Norma Talmadge, Claudette Colbert, Irene Dunn, Anna Neagle, Ann Todd, Greet Garson, Marlene Dietrich, Olivia De Havilland, Phyllis Calvert etc., some p/b, duplication, G to VG, 50* £25-35
543.    CINEMA, postcards, Actors & Actresses, trade issues, inc. Phillips (16), Abdulla (6), Lux soap (6); Valentines (7), embossed (3) etc., many colour, mixed sizes, slight duplication, G to VG, 42* £25-35
544.    POSTCARDS, topographical, Buckinghamshire, inc. views, coastal, buildings, street scenes, churches, interiors, monuments, rivers, pubs, bridges, parks, gardens etc., some pu, G to VG, 75* £30-50
545.    POSTCARDS, topographical, Somerset, inc. views, coastal, buildings, street scenes, churches, interiors, monuments, rivers, pubs, bridges, parks, gardens etc., some pu, G to VG, 73* £30-50
546.    POSTCARDS, topographical, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Wight, inc. views, coastal, buildings, street scenes, churches, monuments, parks, gardens etc., some pu, G to VG, 46* £20-30
547.    SHIPPING, postcards, UK & foreign, inc. yachts, liners, on deck, warships, docks, paddlesteamers, steamers, cruisers etc., many pu, G to VG, 48* £30-50
548.    TRANSPORT, postcards & photos, Buses (48), double deckers, trolleybuses, in service; trams (27), cars (7), some p/b, G to VG, 82* £30-50
549.    ENTERTAINMENT, postcards & promotional cards, inc. Barbara Rutting, Petula Clark, Mantovani, Frank Alamo, Ted Heath, Jim Reeves, The Animals, Harry Belafonte, The Bachelors, Henri Decker, Sam Cooke, Duane Eddy, Bobby Vee, Neil Sedaka, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, James Brown etc., colour & b/w, mixed sizes, G to VG, 175* £25-35
550.    GLAMOUR, photos, mainly models, Betty Page, Follies, French nudes etc., some curling, G to VG, 106* £30-50
551.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, inc. football (39) and entertainment, inc. David Beckham, Bryan Robson, Stuart Pearce, Steve Chettle, Des Lyttle, Scot Gemmill, Dave Bassett, Ian Storey-Moore, Jack Charlton; Wendy Craig, Donald Sutherland, Nigel Hawthorne, David Jacobs, George Melly, Frances De La Tour, Alan Bates, Helen Shapiro, Robert Lindsay, Kenny Ball, Leslie Phillips, Rory Bremner, Roy Hattersley, Nigel Kennedy, Alan Price, Ralph McTell etc., 79* signatures in total, a few inscribed, on individually signed pages, contained in hardback notebook, neat listing to front and back inside covers, VG to EX £30-50
552.    ENTERTAINMENT, autographs, inc. Jack Ryer, Dean Gaffney, Terry Pratchett, Barbara Murray, Van Morrison, Jilly Cooper, Freddie Starr, John Challis, Simon Callow, Jean Boht, Les Dennis, Paul Nicholas, Ian Ogilvy, Robert Powell, Barry Norman, Janet Suzman, Derek Jacobi, Donald Sinden, David Rintoul, George Sewell, Lionel Blair, Edward Fox, Timothy West, Michael Palin, Germaine Greer, Tony Booth, Kate Adie, Michael Parkinson, Magnus Magnusson, David Bellamy, Ian Rankin etc., 88* signatures in total, a few inscribed, on individually signed pages, contained in hardback notebook, neat listing to front and back inside covers, VG to EX £30-50
553.    AUTOGRAPHS, selection, entertainment, writers, politicians, a few football etc., inc. Chris Tarrant, Leslie Thomas, Michael Buerk, Ian Holm, David Baddiel, Doris Lessing, Lynda La Plante, Monty Don, Sheila Hancock, Rob Brydon, Ruth Rendell, Neil Kinnock, Jo Brand, Tom Conti, Julian Clary, Christopher Timothy, Julie Walters, Tony Curtis, Vince Cable etc., 72* signatures in total, a few inscribed on individually signed pages, contained in hardback notebook, neat listing to front and back inside covers, VG to EX £30-50
554.    BOOK, hardback edition of Death's Doings by Dagley, Vol II, 2nd edition (1827), scuffing to covers and small piece missing from top of spine, FR £30-40
555.    CHOCOLATE, wrappers, inc. Rocky Mountain I Love Lucy; Penguin Jokes, Nestle, Jungle Book, Leaf The Flinstones, Tweety; Topps, Stimorol etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 53* £30-50
556.    TRADE, selection, inc. Typhoo Yoo-Hoo! stockings; Little Tots Records, No. 2 The Happy Day Book, complete with three records and six song cards (by Maud Trube); Brooke Bond paper bags (3); Cadbury Mini-Rolls, uncut packet issue (Nos. 1, 3, 12, 13 & 1 £30-50
557.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, inc. letters, photos, promotional cards etc., inc. Chris Bonington, Norman O'Neill, G. Aitchison, Annabelle Apsion, Simon Williams, Dennis Healey, Shirley Williams, The Earl of Mansfield, David Willcocks, Edward du Cann, Erich Topp, Tony Abbott, Nicky Morgan, Tony Blair, David Owen etc., together with a selection of correspondence from/to H. Spencer-Jones at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, FR to G, Qty. £30-50
558.    THEATRE, programmes & handbills, Music Hall and Variety, 1930s-40s, inc. Theatre Royal Chatham, East Ham Palace, Grand Theatre Luton, Croydon Empire, Royal Hippodrome Dover, Lewisham Hippodrome; Palacde Theatre Reading, Regent Cinema Hayes, Regal Theatre Minehead, New Hippodrome Darlington etc., duplication, tear to spine (1), G to VG, 42* £30-40
559.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. p/cs, promotional cards, photos etc., inc. Carol Raye, Joan Bennett, Moses Lamarr, Margaret Lockwood, Roger Lanzac, Rocco Granata, Tommy Trinder, Kathleen Quinlan, Robert Ryan, Sophia Loren, Kenny Lynch, Bernie Winters, Doris Day, Danny La Rue etc., a few printed, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 45* £30-50
560.    CINEMA, press photos, a few television, inc. From Dusk Till Dawn, Peter Sellers, Chevy Chase, Girls Girls Girls, Paul Newman, Michael Douglas, Walter Matthau, The Cowboy Way, Kim Basinger, Ingrid Bergman, Clint Eastwood, Liza Minelli, Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music, Brigitte Bardot etc., some with annotation to reverse, 7 x 10 and smaller, duplication, G to VG, 130* £25-35
561.    CINEMA, photographs, inc. Cary Grant, Esther Williams, Charles Boyer, Dorothy Lamour, Steve McQueen, Rose Avril, Clint Eastwood, Peter Falk, Vincent Price, Christopher Lombart, William Conrad, Catherine Deneuve etc., 9.5 x 11.5 and smaller, some with annotation to reverse, some edge knocks and slight creasing, G to VG, 40* £25-30
562.    DUSTIN HOFFMAN, selection of photos and cinema stills, a few negative slides, inc. film scenes, in public, with family etc., Death of a Salesman, Tootsie, Macadam Cowboy etc., b/w & colour, some with annotation to reverse, 8 x 12 and smaller, duplication, G to VG, 100* £30-50
563.    CINEMA, selection of film stills, lobby cards etc., inc. Fandango, Shoot the Moon, Bullit, The Good Son, The Girl from Starship Venus, Alamo Bay, Crush etc., b/w & colour, some with annotation to reverse, 8 x 12 and smaller, duplication, G to VG, 190* £30-50
564.    DISNEY, selection of lobby cards, inc. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Dumbo etc., foreign language issues, duplication, pinholes to corners, some knocks, to edges, FR to VG, 100* £25-35
565.    MUSIC, photos & film stills, inc. Elvis Presley, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, George Michael, Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Miley Cyrus, The Four Tops, Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, Isaac Hayes etc., signed (5), mainly 8 x 10, in plastic folder and loose, G to VG, 43 £30-50
566.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed programmes, photos (8 x 10) etc., inc. Danny La Rue, Larry Grayson (first name only), Petula Clark (two different); Dottie Lamour, George Montgomery, Patricia Morrison, Eleanor Parker, Glynis Johns, Frances McDormand, Derek Nimmo, Larry Hagman, some a.m.r., G to VG, 21 £30-50
567.    GLAMOUR, magazines, by Utopia Publications, 1950s, inc. Fads and Fancies, Bitzy Stories, Snap, Haywire, rusting to staples, G to VG, 4 £25-35
568.    ELTON JOHN, concert programme and ticket, A Single Man, 9th April 1979; together with 16 photos taken at the concert, G to VG, 18 £25-35
569.    CONCERT PROGRAMMES, 1970s-80s, inc. The Moody Blues, Santana, Bette Midler, Mike Odlfield (2 different), Wings, Renaissance, The Beach Boys, Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, Rod Stewart poster, G to VG, 12 £25-35
570.    FOOTBALL, signed photos, inc. Jack Wilshere, Mitchy Batshuayi, Aaron Lennon, Neal Maupay, Seri, Mounig, Ineanacho, Perez, Andy Carroll, Nathaniel Clyne, Willian, Pedro, Essien, Luiz, Pereyra, Garcia, Doucoure, Deeley etc., 8 x 10 and larger (5), VG to EX, 19 £25-35
571.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed photos, inc. music, Craig David, Aston Merrygold, Neil Hannon; football, Ante Rebic, Davide Zappacosta, Kevin Trapp, Kennedy, Makoto Hasebe, Matt Richie, Mepham; rugby union, Alex Cuthbert, Richard Wigglesworth etc., 8 x 10, VG to EX, 13 £25-35
572.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, photos, 8 x 10 and smaller, inc. Russ Abbot, Greta Sacchi, Tony Selby, Timothy West, Barbara Windsor, Elizabeth Berkley, Kenneth Brannagh, James Caan, Norman Collier, Edmund Hockridge, Cleo Laine, Walter Matthau etc., inscribed (9), G to VG, 15 £30-50
573.    POSTCARDS, selection,1920s onwards, inc. topographical, greetings, views, inc. Ferry Road Walberswick, Skegness, Mablethorpe, Clovelly, Grandstand at R.D.S. Horse Show Bellsbridge, Weston-Super-Mare, Cedars Hospital Woodthorpe Nottingham, Cromer, Western Park Leicester, Whitby, Matlock, Chapel St. Leonards, Italian Gardens Scarborough, family groups etc., in period album, a few loose, G, 123* £30-50
574.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. topographical, greetings, views, family groups, portraits etc., inc. Nottingham, Ruddington, Vicarage Lane, church and interior, Manor Park Gates, University College, Midland Station, River Trent, Cemetary, Arboretum, Colston Bassett, Cropwell Bishop; York Minster, military groups, Mother Shipton Inn Knaresborough; High Street & Bridge Street Hungerford; churches, Bisley, Skegness, North Cambs Hospital Wisbech, coastal, Bamforth Song Cards (9), romance, comedy, a few overseas etc., in period album, G to VG, 209* £60-80
575.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. Singer War Celebrities, French, Kitchener, Smith-Dorrien & Sturdee, 8.25 x 11, with biographical booklet; Wills reprinted advert cards, Old Advertisement of Xiexing Long, with op; Du Maurier record, Carols by Candlelight (cardboard issue); p/c, WWI Union Jack for Champion Tobacco (slight corner crease), VG to EX, 13+ £30-50
576.    THEATRE, postcards, inc. Anthony Hope, Courtice Pounds, Gertrude Elliott, Winifred Hare, Madge Lessing, Edna May, Phyllis Dare, Zena Dare, Louis Bradfield, Irene Vanbrugh, Gabrielle Ray, Adrienne Augarde, Bransby Williams, Ethel Haydon, Alice Crawford, Lily Elsie, Julia Marlowe, Eugene Stratton, Matheson Lang, Dorothy Monkman, Julia Neilson, Ellie Norwood, Little Joe Pacy, Rosa & Josepha Blazek, Woolwich Hippodrome, Alexander Theatre, Alhambra Music Hall Bradford, King's Theatre Hammersmith, Lillian Maccarthy, Ella Shields, Peter Cavanagh, Louis Bradfield, Seymour Hicks, Kate Cutler, Janet Alexander, Mabel Love, Jane Harding, Mrs Patrick Campbell, Mary Moore etc., mixed sizes, some slight foxing and corner knocks, G to VG, 47* £25-30
577.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, inc. TLS, ALS, photos, promotional cards etc., inc. Gordon Honeycombe, Andrew Gardner, Michael Dukakis, Richie Benaud, Terry Pratchatt, Chris Bonington, Sven-Goran Eriksson, David Attenborough, Barbara Cartland, Clare Francis, Kevin Keegan, Anita Dobson, Bradley Wiggins (2), David Rintoul, Mary Peters, James Herbert, Nerys Hughes, George Mikell, Robert Llewellyn, Chris Moon, Shane Ritchie, Joy Adamson, etc., G to VG, 45* £40-60
578.    POLITICAL, signed selection, inc. ALS, clipped pieces etc., inc. Ramsey Macdonald, Charles Wentworth Dilke, Joe Gormley, Jeffrey Archer, Lord Hailsham, Edward Heath, Manny Shinwell, Clement Freud, Lord Scanlon, George Younger, Richard Dimbleby, Elizabeth Longford etc., some pieces laid down, a.m.r. (1), G to VG, 16 £25-35
579.    MUSIC, signed selection, inc. album pages, photos, pieces (some laid down), inc. Dinah Shaw, Martha Raye, Pat Boone, Englebert Humperdinck, Susan Maughan, Edmundo Ros, Max Jaffa, Dickie Valentine, Harry Secombe, Russ Conway, Will Young, Charlie Chester, Jack Jones, Clodagh Rodgers, Anne Shelton, Max Bygraves, Ivor Novello, Evelyn Laye, Henry Hall, Charlie Kunz, Julian Lloyd Webber etc., G to VG, 38* £30-50
580.    HISTORICAL, signed selection, inc. pieces, album pages, TLS etc., inc. Clara Montalba, Lloyd Osbourne, Gilbert Abbot a'Beckett, Arthur Quiller Couch, Frederick Robinson, Robert Bridges, Laurence Housman, Edith Nesbit Bland-Tucker, Tim Healy, Ernest Bullock, Harley Granville-Barker, Edward Thomas, Constance Bulwer-Lytton, Gilbert Murray, James Francis Hogan, Vice Admiral Sir John Tremayne, General Sir John Lambert, Lord Duncannon etc., G to VG, Qty. £30-50
581.    COMICS, The Hotspur, 1940s, some damage to spines, FR to VG, 75* £30-50
582.    COMICS, The Hotspur, 1940s, some damage to spines, FR to VG, 75* £30-50
583.    COMICS, The Hotspur, 1950s, some damage to spines, FR to VG, 75* £30-50
584.    THE WHO, concert programme and ticket, Summer of '79, 18th August 1979, G to VG, 2 £25-30
585.    THEATRE, signed selection, inc. ALS, four pages by Fanny Stirling; p/c by Florence Saunders (both actresses); album page (7.5 x 5) by Stephen Haggard (believed to have shot himself on a train between Cairo and Palestine on 25th Feb 1943 at the age of 31), Nicholas Hannson to reverse, G, 3 £25-30
586.    AUTOGRAPHS, selection, inc. cabinet photo by Salomon Jadassohn (German pianist & composer); signed piece (3.75 x 2.25) by Friedrich Spielhagen (novelist); album page (7.5 x 5) by Dante 1939 (Monte Rey to reverse), laid down (1), about G to VG, 3 £25-30
587.    LYONS, colour foil wrappers, each with clowns, G to VG, 6 £25-35
588.    AVIATION, two sheets of eight embossed cards, civilian & military airships, by MLP (No 1222), p/b, VG, 2 £30-40
589.    CINEMA, poster, Nothing but the Best (1964), Alan Bates, Denholm Elliott, UK 3-sheet issue, folded, VG £25-35
590.    CINEMA, poster, Intruder (1953), Jack Hawkins, Michael Medwin, Hugh Williams, UK 3-sheet issue, folded, VG £25-35
591.    POP MUSIC, Paul McCartney posters, Get Back & Rockshow, quad issues, folded, G to VG, 2 £30-50
592.    CINEMA, poster, Spanish Gardener (1956), Dirk Bogarde, Michael Hordern, Jon Whiteley, UK 3-sheet issue, folded, slight staining to outside fold, VG £30-50
593.    CINEMA, poster, Penny Princess (1952), Dirk Bogarde, Yolande Donlan, UK 3-sheet issue, folded, VG £30-50
594.    CINEMA, poster, Wind Cannot Read (1958), Dirk Bogarde, UK Half Sheet, folded, VG £25-35
595.    CINEMA, poster, Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom (1984), Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, British 15 x 30, folded, VG £25-35
596.    CINEMA, James Bond poster, Thunderball (1971 re-release), Sean Connery, Italian 40 x 56 (2-foglio), folded, VG £100-150
597.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection of ephemera, inc. original caricatures, photographs of caricatures & poster mock-ups, from the collection of commercial artist John Stockle, G to VG, Qty. £50-70
598.    THEATRE, posters, Music Hall & Variety selection, 1930s-40s, inc. Tottenham - North London's Wonder Night 1936 (two sizes), Chatham, Crewe, Barnsley, Bognor Regis, Birmingham - Blackpool Week, Herne Bay Tower Gardens, Rotunda, Dover; artists inc. Troise & His Mandoliers, Herschel Henlere, Billy Bernhart, Jenny Howard, Hal Moss & His Mayfair Broadcasting Band, Eve Matthews etc., slight duplication, rolled, minimal tears to edges, G to VG, 17 £40-60
599.    REFERENCE BOOKS, sport, softback editions, inc. Half Time, Seconds Out - Round One, The Pinnace Collection, cricket (3), G to VG, 6 £30-40
600.    REFERENCE BOOKS, Cartophilic Society issues, hardback (14), inc. The World Index Parts I-IV, British Trade Index Parts I-III, Ogdens, Wills (both softback); London Cigarette Card Co., inc. Ardath, Chruchmans, Taddy, Phillips, Players, Smith, British Cigarette Card Issues Parts I & II, G to VG, 20 £30-50
601.    FANS, selection, inc. advertising, Bruton's Snuff, 1985 Ty-Breaker and Cobb Buster (2), Garrett's Snuff; information, Delaware State Forestry Dpt. prevention of wood fires, recipes, American Assn. for Respiratory Care anti-smoking etc., duplication (1), mixed sizes and shapes, G to VG, 9 £25-35
602.    FANS, USA, advertising funeral services, inc. LA, Illinois, Delaware, Georgia, Ohio; showing religious scenes, families, Scout Laws, flowers etc., duplication (1), mixed sizes and shapes, a few with slight creases, knocks to edges, P (1), mainly G to VG, 8 £30-50
603.    TOPOGRAPHICAL, photos, inc. birds, sea, floral, scenes, shipping, houses, windmill, portraits etc., on card, 16 x 20 and smaller, some edge knocks and foxing, FR to G, 30 £30-40
604.    TOPOGRAPHICAL, photos, inc. Teignmouth, Hadleigh Castle, Clovelly, Essex Marshes, Pant-y-Pair, Babbacombe Bay, North Shoebury Hall, Castle Hedingham Essex, Totnes Bridge, Thaxted etc., 1950s, mostly taken for photographic competition, some annotation and entry stickers to reverse, 11.5 x 14, laid down to larger card, 16 x 20 overall, edge knocks and foxing, FR to VG, 16 £30-40
605.    TOPOGRAPHICAL, photos, inc. Lily of the Vally Farm, floods, shooting trip to Kishtwar 1908, Golden Egg designed by Mappin & Webb, North Yorkshire Moors Railway re-opening, Rab Butler walking through park 1957, house demolition, HMS Unity, rescue of passengers from Taylors school coach submerged in flood water, 20 x 16 (1) and smaller, knocks to edges, slight foxing, FR to G, 19 £30-40
606.    BIRDS, prints, all warblers, inc. Garden, Dartford, Barred, Savi's, Reed, Marsh, Wood, Sedge, Willow & Yellow-Browed, artist, H. Gronvold, 8 x 9.5, overmounted, 15 x 16.5 overall, VG, 10 £30-40
607.    THEATRE, and dance, photos, inc. Maina Gielgud, Clover Roope, Natalia Makerova, Jennifer Penney/Wayne Eagling, Renee Valent, Patricia Ruanne, show rehearsals, play scenes etc., 12 x 15 and smaller, G, 53* £30-40
608.    ROYALTY, press photos, inc. Sarah Ferguson, in cockpit of Tornado at RAF Honington, at Blue Cross Oxfordshire; Queen Elizabeth II, wedding photo, with Peter Phillips (age 13); Princess Margaret at Earls Court; Prince of Wales with broken arm at Aldershot; Princess Anne at controls of large fork lift truck; processions along The Mall; Earl & Countess Mountbatten, Sultan of Brunei etc., 14 x 11 and smaller, G to VG, 17 £30-40
609.    MOTORING, b/w photographic adverts for Ford Anglia, General Motors 88 Oldsmobile and Super B Holiday Coupe (2), VG, 3+1 £30-40
610.    FIRE SERVICE, recruiting poster, Join the Auxiliary Fire Service, showing two firemen with hose, 10 x 16, VG £30-50
611.    CINEMA, poster, The Model Picture House (Birmingham), inc. Charlie Chaplin, text only, 20 X 30, small tears to corners & edges, G £30-40
612.    CIRCUS, colour poster, Cottle & Austens London Festival Circus, 23rd-28th July 1973, at Plymouth, 20 x 30, EX £30-40
613.    FOOTBALL, England 1966 World Cup signed magazine photo by Ramsey & Moore and signed red replica t-shirt by 14 players, inc. Hunt, Peters, Ball, Byrne, Hirst etc., laid down to black mount, framed in perspex, 35 x 43 overall, EX £30-50
614.    FOOTBALL, Manchester United, 1999 Champions League presentation piece, inc. signed replica shirt (17 signatures), plastic pennant (12 sigs) and programme cover (12 sigs), overmounted, framed in perspex, 43 x 35, EX £30-50
615.    FOOTBALL, Manchester United away signed blue replica shirt, signed by Beckham, Neville, Brown and two others, Sharp sponsorship, overmounted, framed in perspex, 24 x 35 overall, EX £30-50
616.    FOOTBALL, Liverpool 1977 European Cup, Liverpool Conquor Europe LP, front & back covers signed by 12 players etc., inc. Paisley, Keegan, Highway, McDermott, Clements etc., both covers overmounted with record and two photos of the trophy, overmounted, framed in perspex, 33.5 x 33.5, EX £30-50
617.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Liverpool 2005 Champions League Final, signed photo by Gerard & Carragher, both kissing trophy; overmounted with five other photos, framed in perspex, 27 x 33; reproduction poster for Leeds v Barcelona 1975 European Cup, 20.5 x 41, mounted, corner knocks, FR & EX, 2 £30-50
618.    POP MUSIC, selection, inc. tour programmes (2), 1987, Bob Dylan Temples in Flames (with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers); Neal Young In a Rusted Out Garage, large format; sheet music booklets (10), Elvis Presley (Its Now or Never), Village People (YMCA), Band Aid (Do They Know Its Christmas?), Cliff Richard (Congratulations), Gary Cooper (High Noon), Billy Cotton (What a Referee! Football), Paul McCartney etc., G to VG, 12 £30-50
619.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. booklets, RMS Queen Elizabeth, 1956 Cunard menus (7); York Equitable Industrial Jubilee History 1858-1908, Light Railways of Eire 1938, Locomotive Stock Book 1966, Railway Joe by Debrett (1930s); Farnborough Air Show 1966, Arnold (Nottingham) Brief History; police, lapel badges, badge, wooden plaques etc., FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
620.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Bachelor Of Hearts (1958), Hardy Kruger (UK 1-Sheet); Bye Bye Blues (1989), Rebecca Jenkins (Quad); Cross Creek (1983), Mary Steenburgen (UK 1-Sheet); Endless Love (1981), Brooke Shields (Quad); Good Morning Babylon (1987), Charles Dance (Quad); Hustle (1975), Burt Reynolds (Quad); Last Days of Chez Nous (1991), Lisa Harrow (Quad); Madame De (1979 re-release), Danielle Darrieux (Quad); Murder in the Cathedral (1951), Peter Strausfeld (UK 20x30); Orlando (1992), Tilda Swinton (Quad, pinholes); Red Tent (1970), Sean Connery (Quad); Smoke (1995), Harvey Keitel (Quad); Themroc (1972), Michel Piccoli (Quad); Vijeta (1982), Shashi Kapoor (Indian); Yvonne's Perfume (1994), Hippolyte Girardot (French), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
621.    CCINEMA, posters, inc. Anna Oz (1996), Charlotte Gainsbourg (French); Black Joy (1977), Norman Beaton (Quad); Chronicle of a Death Foretold (1987), Rupert Everett (Quad); Divide and Rule - Never (1978), newsreel collective (UK); Flirt (1995), Hal Hartley (Quad); Heavens Above! (1963), Peter Sellers (UK 1-Sheet); James and the Giant Peach (1996), Roald Dahl (Quad); Law of Desire (1987), Pedro Almodóvar, (UK 20x30); Madness of King George (1994), Nigel Hawthorne (Quad); My Father's Glory (1990), Philippe Caubère (Quad); People vs. Larry Flynt (1998), Woody Harrelson (Danish); Resurrection (1980), Ellen Burstyn (Quad); Spider's Stratagem (1976), Bernardo Bertolucci (Quad); Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990), Pedro Almodovar (Quad); War Game (1965), Peter Watkins (UK 20x30), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
622.    CICINEMA, posters, inc. Agantuk - The Stranger (1992), Satyajit Ray (Quad); Captain Scarface (1953), Barton Maclane (US 1-Sheet); Dangerous Exile (1957), Belinda Lee (UK 1-Sheet); Family Business (1986), Johnny Hallyday (French); Happiness (1970s re-release), Aleksandr Medvedkin (UK); Inserts (1975), Richard Dreyfuss (Quad); Labyrinth (1986), David Bowie (UK 20x30); Lover (1994), Jean-Jacques Annaud (Quad); Marie (1985), Sissy Spacek (Quad); Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1983), John Cleese (UK 1-Sheet); On Golden Pond (1981), Jane Fonda (Quad); Providence (1977), Dirk Bogarde (Quad); Shag (1989), Bridget Fonda (Quad); Tango Lesson (1997), Sally Potter (UK 2-Sheet), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
623.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Across The Great Divide (1976), Robert Logan (Quad); Benvenuta (1983), Fanny Ardant (Quad); Cement Garden (1993), Charlotte Gainsbourg (Quad); Death In Brunswick (1990), Sam Neill (Quad); Escape from Zahrain (1962), Yul Brynner (Quad, small tape stains to edges & pinholes); Great Waltz (1972), Horst Buchholz (Quad, pinholes); I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! (1968), Peter Sellers (Quad); Korczak (1990), Andrzej Wajda (Quad); Looks and Smiles (1981), Ken Loach (Quad); Mommie Dearest (1981), Faye Dunaway (Quad); Oh, Men! Oh, Women! (1957), Ginger Rogers (US 1-Sheet); Race for the Yankee Zephyr (1981), Ken Wahl (Quad); Silver Bears (1977), Michael Caine (UK 1-Sheet); Tell Them Willie Boy is Here (1969), Robert Redford (Quad, slight creasing); Uranus (1991), Gerard Depardieu (Quad), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
624.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Murder In The Cathedral (1951), T.S. Eliot, Peter Strausfeld (UK 20x30); Barnabo Des Montagnes (1994), Mario Brenta (French); Carla's Song (1996), Ken Loach (Quad); Danton (1982), Gerard Depardieu (Quad); Enemy Mine (1985), Dennis Quaid (UK 1-sheet); Horseman On The Roof (1996), Juliette Binoche (UK 2-Sheet); Kansas City (1996) Jennifer Jason Leigh (Quad); Little Drummer Girl (1984) Diane Keaton (US 1-Sheet); Men (1986), Doris Dörrie (large German); Northerners (1994), Alex Van Warmerdam (Quad); Promise (1997), Margarethe Von Trotta (Quad); Shanghai Story (1954), Ruth Roman (Quad); Swann In Love (1983), Jeremy Irons (Quad); Tootsie (1982), Dustin Hoffman (Quad); U2 - Rattle And Hum (US 1-Sheet), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
625.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Never Let Go (1960), Peter Sellers (UK 3-sheet issue); Absence Of Malice, Paul Newman (Quad); Blood River (1974), Terence Hill (Quad); Cookie's Fortune (1999), Robert Altman (Danish); Escape From L.A. (1996), Kurt Russell (Quad); Happiness (1932 re-release), Aleksandr Medvedkin (UK); Johnny Suede (1991), Brad Pitt (UK); Love God? (1969), Don Knotts (Quad); Name Of The Rose (1986), Sean Connery (US 1-Sheet); Short Cuts (1993), Robert Altman (UK 2-Sheet), folded, G to VG, 10 £25-35
626.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Passionate Summer (1958), Virginia Mckenna (UK 1-sheet); Boesman And Lena (1973), Athol Fugard (UK 20x30); Cross Creek (1983), Mary Steenburgen (UK 1-sheet); Finally Sunday (1983), François Truffaut (Quad); Home On The Range (1982), Gil Scrine Anti Nuclear (UK); Land And Freedom (1995), Ken Loach (Quad); Midnight Express (1978), Brad Davis (Quad); Outsiders (1983), Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise (US 1-sheet; corner pinholes & 2 short crossfold tears)); Self Made Hero (1997), Matthieu Kassovitz (Quad); Therese And Isabelle (1968), Radley Metzger (Quad,; small tear to centre fold); Yvonne's Perfume (1994), Jean-Pierre Marielle, Hippolyte Girardot (French), folded, G to VG, 10 £25-35
627.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Angel (1982), Stephen Rea (UK); Avengers (1998), Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman (Mini, not folded)); Blown Away (1994), Jeff Bridges (US 1-Sheet); City Of Lost Souls (1983), Jayne County (UK); Courage Of The People (1971). Jorge Sanjines, (UK); Doris Day Re-Appraised (1988), UK promotional; El Salvador: The People Will Win (1980), Diego De La Texera(UK); Flamingo Kid (1984), Matt Dillon (US 1-Sheet); Friends and Husbands (1982), Hanna Schygulla (Quad); Harlem Nights (1989), Eddie Murphy (Quad); His Girl Friday (1997 re-release), Cary Grant (Quad); Johnny Suede (1991), Brad Pitt (UK); Life is a Bed of Roses (1983), Alain Resnais (French); March or Die (1977), Catherine Hackman (UK 1-Sheet); Night Must Fall (1964), Albert Finney (Quad); Pola X (1999), Guillaume Depardieu (French); Sea Wolves (1980), Gregory Peck, (UK 1-Sheet); Strange Place to Meet (1988), Catherine Deneuve (Quad); Trojan Women (1971), Katharine Hepburn (Quad); Winstanley (1975), Kevin Brownlow (mini), folded, G to VG, 20 £25-35
628.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Amorous Adventures Of Moll Flanders (1965), Kim Novak (Quad); Black Rain (1988), Shohei Imamura (Japanese); Chronicle of a Death Foretold (1987), Rupert Everett (Quad); Divided Heart (1954), Cornell Borchers (UK 1-Sheet, minor fold separation); Fedora (1978), Billy Wilder (Quad); Happiness (1970s re-release), Aleksandr Medvedkin (UK); Investigation of Murder (1973), Walter Matthau (Quad); Land and Freedom (1995), Ken Loach (UK 2-Sheet); Macon County Line (1974), Alan Vint (Quad); Murder in the Cathedral (1951), Peter Strausfeld (UK); Pacific Heights (1990), Melanie Griffith (Quad); Reflections (1984), Gabriel Byrne (Quad); Some Kind of a Nut (1969), Dick Van Dyke (Quad); That's Entertainment III (1994), Gene Kelly (US 1-Sheet); Vincent (1987), Paul Cox (Australian), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
629.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Baby It's You (1983), Rosanna Arquette (Quad); Best Seller (1987), James Woods (Quad); Cactus (1986), Isabelle Huppert (Quad); Crossing Guard (1995), Jack Nicholson (Danish); Firepower (1979), Sophia Loren (Quad); Harlem Nights (1989), Eddie Murphy Quad); John and Mary (1969), Dustin Hoffman (Quad); Let's Hope It's a Girl (1985), Catherine Deneuve (Quad); Madwoman of Chaillot (1969), Katharine Hepburn (Quad); Mix Me a Person (1962), Anne Baxter (UK 3-Sheet); Police (1985), Gerard Depardieu (Quad); Secret Honor (1984) Robert Altman (UK); Sweet Liberty (1986), Michael Caine (US 1-Sheet); U2 - Rattle and Hum (1988), US 1-Sheet; Yol (1982), Yilmaz Guney (French), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
630.    CINEMA, posters, inc. Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz (1974), Richard Dreyfuss (Quad); Bobby Deerfield (1977), Al Pacino (Quad); Close my Eyes (1991), Clive Owen (UK 16x23); Dance with a Stranger (1985), Rupert Everett (UK 1-Sheet); Good Morning Babylon (1987), Charles Dance (French); Hush-A-Bye Baby (1990), Sinéad O'Connor (Danish, slight creasing); La Dolce Vita (1970s re-release), Federico Fellini (Argentine, 6" tear to lower left)); Long Duel (1967), Yul Brynner (Quad, slight creasing); Men (1986), Doris Dorrie (Quad); Night Shift (1982), Henry Winkler (Quad); Phantom of Liberty (1974), Luis Buñuel (Quad); Running Scared (1986), Billy Crystal (Quad, small hole to upper left); Straight on till Morning (1972), Rita Tushingham (UK 1-Sheet); To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995), Patrick Swayze (Danish); Winstanley (1975), Kevin Brownlow (UK), folded, G to VG, 15 £25-35
631.    CRICKET, signed and unsigned cards, magazine photos and pages etc., inc. Zimbabwe (56), South Africa (28, most unsigned), Sri Lanka (6), in three modern albums, G to EX, 90* £25-35
632.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. promotional postcards, photos, inc. Aston Villa, Man Utd, England, celebrations for Carling Cup & UEFA Champions League, team photos, individual head/shoulders, in action, in training; postcards France 98; signed (23), inc. Salako, C Blackmore, A Shearer, D Dublin, C Nash, N Worthington, S Nedegaard, B Gunn, J Goss etc., in modern ringbinder, EX to MT, 172* £25-35
633.    FOOTBALL, trade cards, complete (1) Golden Era Famous Footballers by Stubbs; part sets, inc. Futera Fans Selection Man Utd (1999-2000); Upper Deck England 1997; signed (7), inc. D May, D Irwin (3), B Charlton, M Duxbury, B Robson etc., in modern ringbinder, EX to MT, 338* £25-35
634.    FOOTBALL, Man Utd, trade cards, inc. part sets 1997-98, Futera, Fans Selection; signed (1), A Notman, in modern ringbinder, EX to MT, 193* £25-35
635.    ENTERTAINMENT, trade cards, inc. complete sets (2) 007 playing cards; part sets (mainly Topps), Lord of The Rings, Star Wars episode 1 (signed, Senator Palpatine), X-Files etc., in modern ringbinder, EX to MT, 339* £25-35
636.    BALLET, a pair of white ballet shoe, each signed by Yuri Vasyuchenko, dated 13th Dec 1990, with cover letter from LWT to competition winner, EX £30-50
637.    JAZZ, selection, inc. programme, A Concert of the Music of Duke Ellington, Trocadero Theatre 1933; promotional cards, Jazz Club Portrait Gallery Series (13), Hot Club Series (3), G to VG, 18 £30-40
638.    SCRIPTS, TV, Radio, Theatre etc., inc. A Sideways Look At ?, for Radio Four 1982, Love From The Prodigal, BBC 1975, Practice Makes Perfect by Mary Biscombe, Ghandi, Columbia Pictures 1982; shooting script for Great Expectations etc., G to VG, 6 £30-40
639.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed (11) and unsigned p/cs, inc. Randolph Sutton, Carl Brisson (5), Barbara Bartle, Sandy Daw, Jack Poulter etc; Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, Luis Mariano, Edmund Purdom, Dennis Price etc., loose and laid down in autograph album, FR to G, 33 £35-40
640.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection of pencil sketches, 6.25 x 8, drawn by A.S. Swinscoe, 1947/48, inc. Veronica Lake, Lucille Ball, Marlene Dietrich, Olivia de Havilland, Humphrey Bogart, Greta Garbo, Noel Coward, Charles Boyer, Alan Ladd etc., in hardback sketchbook, VG, 18 £40-50
641.    MAGIC, theatre programmes all featuring Sorcar, 1950s-60s, inc. J.C. Williamson Theatre (Australasia) and other international programmes, souvenir brochures etc., creased (1), G to VG, 8 £30-40
642.    MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1940s-50s, Shek Ben Ali, James Crossini, Roy Price, Robert Harbin, The Amazing Fogel, Tommy Cooper, The Morlidors, De Sevia, David Nixon, Claudine, Roy Earl; Empire Sheffield, Spa Scarborough, London Palladium, Empress Brixton, Hippodrome Accrington, Palace Mancheter, Nottingham Empire, Palace Reading, Pier Theatre Eastbourne, Kingston Empire etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 30 £30-40
643.    MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1940s-50s, inc. Dick Calkin, Rey Overbury, Raydini, Richiardi Jnr., Sirdani, Royston, John Wade, Arthur Worsley, Tony Wilde, Peter Waring; London Palladium, Garrick, Bristol Hippodrome, Tivoli Aberdeen, Westgate Pavilion, Brighton Hippodrome, Manchester Hippodrome, Empress Brixton, Nottingham Empire, Winter Gardens Morecambe, Glasgow Empire, Theatre Royal Barnsley, Palace Theatre Halifax etc., G to VG, 30 £30-40
644.    MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1900s-1930s, inc. Arthur Astill, The Great Cazman, Professor Cheshire, Cardini, Chris Charlton, Oswald Williams, Reg Salmon, Dante, Walton & Lester, The Great Radiana, Raydini, Will Russell; London Coliseum, Hippodrome Accrington, Garrick, Liverpool Empire, Leeds Empire, Prince of Wales Grimsby, Manchester Hippodrome, Theatre Royal Sheffield etc., some rusting to staples, G, 20 £30-40
645.    MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1900-1930s, inc. Ben Siad, Fred Brezin, Artemus, Arthur Astill, Professor Alberto, Henry Becker; Theatre Royal Bury, Alhamra, London Coliseum, Aberdeen Magical Society, Royal Hippodrome Rochdale, Chiswick Empire, Palace Southampton, Blackpool Tower, Empire Preston, some rusting ot staples, staining etc., G, 20 £30-40
646.    MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1960s onwards, inc. Oliver Tabor, Paula Lee, Silvari & June, Shek Ben Ali, Murray Smith, Billy Winsor, Zee, David Berglas, The Magical Milliner, Chatrand The Great, The Amazing James Crossini, Tommy Cooper, Johnny Hart; Playhouse Weston-Super-Mare, Central Pier Blackpool, Princess Theatre Torquay, Richmond Theatre, Babbacombe Theatrem Spa Theatre Bridlington, Arcadia Theatr Llandudno, Lyceum, Palace Theatre Blackpool, Theare Royal Brighton, Gaiety Theatre Douglas, Bristol Hippodrome etc., G to VG, 40* £30-40
647.    MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1960s onwards, inc. Aliki, Tommy Cooper, David Nixon, The Wychwoods, Kovari, Leslie Welch, Van Buren Jnr & Kim, Martin Daniels, Richard Cadell, Roger Carane, Debi & Co.; Pavilion Theatre Bournemouth, London Palladium, Sandown Pavilion, Theatre Royal Nottingham, Grand Theatre Wolverhampton, Festival Theatre Paignton, Theatre Royal Lincoln, Floral Hall Theatre Scarborough, Palace Theatre Manchester, Royal Hippodrome Eastbourne, North Pier Blackpool, Britannia Pier Great Yarmouth etc., G to VG, 40* £30-40
648.    POP MUSIC, programme, Winter Gardens Margate, advert for forthcoming attractions of The Beatles and Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, 8th July n.y. (1963), creased, G £30-40
649.    CINEMA, signed postcard by Ellie Norwood, half-length in character as Sherlock Holmes, VG £30-40
650.    CINEMA, signed postcard by George Formby, h/s, dated 1938, VG £30-50
651.    CINEMA, signed commemorative covers, David Bellamy, Barbara Woodhouse, Patrick Moore & Peter Scott, EX, 4 £30-40
652.    CINEMA, signed 8 x 10 by Michael Caine, in scene from Zulu, EX £30-40
653.    CINEMA, FoH sets of photos, The Terminator & Terminator 2 - Judgement Day, each with Arnold Schwarzenegger, EX, 16 £30-40
654.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection of signed p/cs, pieces laid down to larger pages etc., inc. Madeleine Carroll, Robert Loraine, Bransby Williams, Cedric Hardwicke, Vic Oliver, Grahame White, Ted Ray, Lupino Lane, Gracie Fields, Max Wall, Beatrice Lillie etc., 45* signatures in total, some a.m.r., FR to G, 31 £30-50
655.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection of signed photos, autograph album etc., inc. Alice Morley, Ann Suter, Edna Davies, Ann Penn, Edythe Baker, Judy Townsend, Johnny Hines, Pauline Chase, Walter George, Violet Vanbrugh etc., some with biographical details, mixed sizes, some knocks to edges, about G, 15 £30-40
656.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection of signed (9) and unsigned photos, p/cs etc., inc. Mark Wynter, Julie Goodyear, Tommy Cooper, Rolf Harris, Harry H Corbett, Hughie Green, Helen Shapiro, Lucy Lawless, Roy Castle; unsigned, Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford, Barbara Lawrence, Hedy Le Marr, Marlene Dietrich etc., some a.m.r., G to VG, 27 £30-40
1000.   AGRICULTURE, advert booklet by William Deering & Co., for the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, circular (87mm dia.), G £10-15
1001.   W.W. I, premium silk issue, Edith Cavell, anon., VG £10-15
1002.   U.S.A., advert card for Palm Leaf Plug Tobacco, showing baby on leaf, creased, only FR £10-15
1003.   BREWING, circular beermat for Ansties Brown Beauty, 84mm dia., VG £10-15
1004.   LIEBIG, advert card, Hors Concours at 1885 Exposition, small tear to edge, G £10-15
1005.   WALLS, advert card, W, with price list to back, some staining, G £10-15
1006.   RAINBOW, Come to Rainbow Circus, complete set of 24, laid down in album, dated (in pencil) to cover 19th Nov 1955 (1st issue), VG £10-15
1007.   HOME & COLONIAL, Zoo Painting Book, 4.75 x 7.25, unused, VG £10-15
1008.   FRANK MILLER, shoe-shaped advert card, 7.5 x 5, scuff to front, G £10-15
1009.   OWBRIDGE, Painting Book, used (neatly), slight scuffing to edges, G £10-15
1010.   TOBACCO, postcard, Danse Antique, pub. by Barre & Dayez, No. 1494-A, artwork by Leila Kadjar, VG £10-15
1011.   TRANSFERS, uncut sheets (3+1), pieces from same sheets (2), VG, 6 £10-15
1012.   WW I., trade cards, views (George Reid reviews Australian troops) & soldiers (Grand Duke Nicholas & Sgt. O'Leary) 115 x 82mm, anon. (similar to Red Letter), G, 3 £10-15
1013.   JOHN WEST, plastic record, Stainless Stephen, in original printed sleeve, VG £15-20
1014.   SINGER, bookmarks, Queen Victoria, 53 x 164mm, creased, FR £10-15
1015.   CINEMA, signed postcard by Maurice Chevalier, half-length, Colourgraph Series, EX £10-15
1016.   GALLAHER, two paper advert flyers, Rich Dark Honey Dew & Irish Roll and Pigtail, 5.75 x 7.5, VG, 2 £10-15
1017.   TRELOAR & SONS, advert card, With What shall we cover the Floor, corner crease, G £10-15
1018.   THE OLD JUDGE TEA CO., advert paper bag for Old Judge Tea, showing judge & packet, 7 x 10, EX £10-15
1019.   MERRYSWEET, uncut sheet of 27 transfers, transport, p/b (anon.), 125 x 290mm overall, VG £10-15
1020.   POSTCARDS, beauties & romance, inc. UK & foreign, some pu, G to VG, 47* £25-35
1021.   MILITARY, postcards, inc. groups, portraits, on parade, Royal Welsh Fusiliers Wrexham, Salamanca Infantry Barracks Aldershot etc., a few pu, FR to G, 30* £20-30
1022.   POSTCARDS, Greetings, mainly Birthday, inc. floral, scenes, children etc., many pu, G to VG, 50* £25-35
1023.   POSTCARDS, Greetings, Birthday, Christmas, Easter etc., inc. scenes, floral, verses, children, beauties etc., many pu, G to VG, 56* £25-35
1024.   POSTCARDS, Greetings, inc. Christmas, Birthday, Easter; children, romance, floral, scenes etc., many pu, G to VG, 50* £25-35
1025.   POSTCARDS, Greetings, inc. Birthday, Easter; children, verses, floral, scenes, Friend, Son, Grandson, Sister etc., many pu, G to VG, 50* £25-35
1026.   MOTOR BOATS, selection of t/c and p/cs, inc. Miss England, Malcolm Campbell and Bluebird, races etc., some foreign, G, 28 £10-15
1027.   THE SPHERE, colour glass slides, Nos. 3 & 18, 3.25 x 3.25, VG, 2 £10-15
1028.   RELIGIOUS, Church of England Sunday School Institute, Bible & Prayer Book Lessons, corner knocks, FR to VG, 74* £10-15
1029.   MILITARY, postcards, mainly regimental, inc. Tucks (10), Savoy (5), Salmon, Regent, Milton etc., G to VG, 21 £10-15
1030.   POSTCARDS, selection, inc. mainly views; beauties, airship, comedy etc., about G to VG, 35* £15-25
1031.   GREETINGS CARDS, inc. Christmas, New Year, Birthday etc., verse, floral, birds, children, religious, scenes etc., a few prints and amateur sketches, cards laid down to pages in period albums (2), some foxing, FR to VG, 230* £20-30
1032.   CARTOONS, 8mm films, inc. Top Cat The Tycoon, Road Runner, Case of the Red Eyed Ruby; Dixon's Pyramid (3), each in original boxes (some crush damage), G, 6 £10-15
1033.   POP MUSIC, tour programmes, inc. Justin Timberlake 2007, Mis-Teeq (signed to cover by all three), Sugarbabes, Nelly Furtado & Liberty X, VG to EX, 5 £10-15
1034.   DINKUM, Star Wars, complete, 27 x 56mm translucent issue, EX, 12 £8-10
1035.   FAIRY TALES, 3-D cards, Cinderella, complete, anon. (p/b), VG, 10 £10-15
1036.   NATIONAL PERIODICAL, Batman, uncut sheet of 66 miniature tilt cards, duplication, EX £15-20
1037.   MAGIC, Conjuring Trick, with Triumph magazine of issue, 9th Dec 1933, rust stains to staples, VG £10-15
1038.   CINEMA, original sheet of cinderella stamps, Hollywood - Official Stamps of the Stars & Studios, sheets PB, Y, X & XX, inc. Oliver Hardy, Groucho Marx (both caricatures), Roy Rogers, Frank Sinatra, Tarzan etc., 4.25 x 7.75, in original wax envelope, £10-15
1039.   THE MAGNET, Our Fighting Fleet, premium-size magazine inserts, Nos. 1-7, 11 & 12 (Nov 1924 to Jan 1925), duplicate for No. 1, original folds, G to VG, 9 + 1 £10-15
1040.   BRIGGS, Badges of H.M. Services, two Royal Navy transfers (204 x 195mm & 256 x 243mm), with embroidery instruction booklet, original folds to transfers, VG, 3 £10-15
1041.   KELLOGGS, Land Speed Legends, shaped cards (Nos. 1, 3, 23, 35, 36 & 41), separated but unused, with title card (also unused), EX, 7 £10-15
1042.   CINEMA, Actresses, Giant Postcards by Rotary, 137 x 272mm, G to EX, 5 £10-15
1043.   CHRISTMAS, cracker label, Xmas Express, showing Father Christmas & children with cracker tube train, 10 x 8.25, EX £10-15
1044.   ROYALTY, oversize postcard, Bury Proclamation of King Edward VII, BT Local Series, corner crease, FR £10-15
1045.   THOMSON, The Tom Thumb Picture Album of Wild Animals, complete set of 24, laid down in album, EX £10-15
1046.   FLASH, Kiddie Cut-Outs, inc. circus (3) & trunk, panels removed from laundry powder boxes, approx. 8 x 10.5, unused, VG, 4 £10-15
1047.   NABISCO, empty album, Highlights of Australian History (1606-1919), corner-mounts, G £10-15
1048.   TELEVISION, script for This Is Your Life, 1996 for Sue Nicholls, presented by Michael Aspel, G £10-15
1049.   GLAMOUR, magazine, The Nude by Fritz Willis, No. 96, 1950s, pub. by Walter T. Foster, scuffing to spine, VG £20-30
1050.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Marlon Brando, half-length taken at an art gallery on La Cineagra Blvd, Hollywood (1971), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven (LE1/20) & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, £8-10
1051.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Jayne Mansfield, half-length taken in her dressing room at "Latin Quarter" night club, New York (c.1964), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven (LE1/20) & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold wit £8-10
1052.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Doris Day, half-length taken at the St. Moritz Hotel, New York (c.1961), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven (LE1/20) & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1053.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Joan Collins, half-length taken at the Royalty Theatre Broadway, New York (1957), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1054.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Lucille Ball, half-length taken at the St. Moritz Hotel Central Park, New York (May 1968), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1055.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Lucille Ball, half-length taken outside the Century-Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles at the C.B.S. Convention (1968), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, blurred image £8-10
1056.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Joan Crawford, half-length taken outside her apartment on 71st Street, New York, 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1057.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Joan Crawford, half-length taken in her car outside the Royal Theatre, New York after she went backstage to see Bette Davis (early 1960s), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1058.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Zsa Zsa Gabor, half-length taken at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles (1968), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1059.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Ginger Rogers, half-length taken in New York when appearing in "Hello Dolly" (1966), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1060.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Elizabeth Taylor, half-length taken on Oscar night at the Dorothy Chandler Theatre, Hollywood (early 1970s), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without c £8-10
1061.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Elizabeth Taylor, half-length taken on Oscar night at the Dorothy Chandler Theatre, Hollywood (early 1970s), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without c £8-10
1062.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Elizabeth Taylor, half-length taken at rehearsals for "The Little Foxes" at the Martin Beck Theatre, New York, 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without £8-10
1063.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Jane Russell, half-length taken at the R.C.A. building after an appearance on the Johnny Carson Show, New York (early 1960s),8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image £8-10
1064.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Jane Russell, half-length taken outside the Hampshire House Hotel Central Park, New York (1963), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1065.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Richard Burton, half-length taken at the Stage Door of Broadhurst Theatre New York whilst appearing in "Camelot" (1958), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, so £8-10
1066.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Warren Beatty, half-length taken on corner of 44th Street & Broadway, New York (early 1960s), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1067.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Cary Grant, half-length taken at the Beverly Wiltshire Hotel, 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1068.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Cary Grant, half-length taken at the Beverly-Hilton Hotel, 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1069.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Frank Sinatra, half-length taken at rehearsals for "The Don Rickles Roast" at the Beverly-Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles (1976), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, £8-10
1070.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Clark Gable, half-length taken at the Hollywood Palladium (1951/52), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1071.   CINEMA, private colour photo of James Hedison, half-length taken at the London Hilton Hotel (c.1981), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £8-10
1072.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Muhammed Ali, half-length taken on 8th Avenue, New York (1977), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £10-15
1073.   CINEMA, private colour photo of Muhammed Ali, half-length taken at the Americana Hotel, New York (1978), 8 x 10, signed by the photographer John Marven & annotated in his hand with location of image, sold without copyright, EX £10-15
1074.   CINEMA, Laurel & Hardy, German poster, Bomba - Herr der Elefanten, ft Johnny Sheffield, with inset for Ein Dick und Doof Lustspiel, 16 x 24, folded, G £15-25
1075.   CINEMA, FoH stills, Chinatown (1974), Roman Polanski, Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway., complete US set, small corner crease (1), VG, 8 £10-15
1076.   CINEMA, pressbook, Billy Liar! (1963), John Schlesinger, Tom Courtenay, 8-page UK issue, VG £10-15
1077.   FOOTBALL, signed 12 x 15 photo Billy McNeill, holding EC trophy above head, partial colour, inscribed, EX £15-25
1078.   FOOTBALL, signed 12 x 15 photo of Bert Trautmann, full-length walking off the pitch holding his neck after 1956 FA Cup Final, inscribed, EX £15-25
1079.   JAZZ, original pastel drawing, Louis Armstrong by Hawthorn, showing him half-length playing trumpet, 13 x 13, EX £10-15
1080.   JAZZ, original pastel drawing, Duke Ellington by Hawthorn, showing him half-length playing piano, 12 x 16, EX £10-15
1081.   JAZZ, original pastel drawing, The Old Timer by Hawthorn, showing him half-length, 14.75 x 15.75, EX £10-15
1082.   JAZZ, original pastel drawing, Howard Alden by Hawthorn, showing him half-length playing guitar, 14.5 x 15.75, EX £10-15
1083.   JAZZ, original pastel drawing, Buddy Rich by Hawthorn, showing him half-length playing drums, 14 x 19.75, EX £10-15
1084.   JAZZ, original pastel drawing, Charlie Byrd Trio by Hawthorn, showing Charlie Byrd, John Goldsby & Chuck Redd playing, 18 x 14, VG £10-15
1085.   POLITICAL, public notice, Arraignment, Confession & Condemnation of James Boucher for Treason, Feb 1704, 8 x 12.75, slight foxing, G £30-40
1086.   POLITICAL, paper serviette, demonstration of Disestablishment of the Welsh Church, Hyde Park, June 1913, 15 x 15, small tears to edges, G £10-15
1087.   THE GRAPHIC, poster, 1885, A Raid on the Dessert, 24.5 x 16.5, VG £10-15
1088.   CALENDAR, poster, 1911, Who Speaks First, for Jeynes (Newent), 20 x 27, G £10-15
1089.   TELEVISION, Dad's Army painting, showing ten characters in cameo, presentation piece, The Dead Comics Society Commemoration for Arthur Lowe and John Le Measurier, 1994, overmounted, framed in perspex, 30 x 40 overall, VG £30-50
1090.   PHONECARDS, mainly BT, inc. Christmas, Corgi Classics, Kelloggs, travel, McDonalds, Radio Times, Post Office, food, Toy Story etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 94 £10-15
1091.   MAGAZINES, Meccano World, 1936, Nos. 1 (no cover and pages loose) - 12, rusting to staples, scuffing and creasing to edges, P (1) to G, 12 £20-30
1092.   TOPOGRAPHICAL, travel album, Round the World from London Bridge to Charing Cross via Chicago & Yokohama, all 12 parts, in hardback file, covers loose for parts 1-3, G £10-15
1093.   SHIPPING, brochure for Blue Star Line to South America, showing photos of interior etc., VG £10-15
1094.   MOTORING, book, Pitmans Motorist Library - Jowett and Bradford, 1952 (2nd edition), slight scuff to front cover, G £10-15
1095.   AUTOGRAPHS, signed books, inc. Roy Hattersley, Alan Titchmarsh, Ernest Borgnine (piece laid down), Ian Rankin & Andy Stewart (inscribed), hardback with dj, EX, 5 £10-15
1096.   PHOTOGRAPHS, press & private, selection, inc. groups, show-jumping, stock car racing (2. Bruce Ellis), dinners, Moorish Castle Gibraltar, school class, Jimmy Hill etc., some a.m.r., FR to G, 38* £5-10
1097.   BASEBALL, Boston Red Sox selection, inc. programme for World Series 2007 v Colorado Rockies; framed & glazed (2), 2003 team, Jason Varitek, half-length with glove & ball, EX, 3 £5-10
1098.   EPHEMERA, selection, inc. football postcards (16), comedy (12) & unidentified teams; postage stamps, some Muhammad Ali boxing; modern copy of Antonio Trattato del Giuoco della Palla (from the 1555 original); 2011 MLB All-Star media guide; dog licence etc., G to VG, Qty. £10-15
1099.   MILITARY, hardback editions, inc. Pen & Sword publications (7); Supreme Courage by de la Billiere, dj, VG to EX, 8 £8-10
1100.   CINEMA, James Bond softback editions, inc. Dr No, Octopussy, The Man with the Golden Gun, Casino Royale & On Her Majestys Secret Service; The James Bond Omnibus, all pub. by Titan Books, EX, 6 £8-10
1101.   ROYALTY, newspapers, inc. 1980s, death of Grace Kelly; 1990s death of Princess Diana (2); Daily Mail, Express, The Sun, The Star, Le Journal du Dimanche etc., folded, staining, knocks and tears to edges, generally G, 24 £5-10
1102.   GREETINGS CARDS, 1930s onwards, inc. Christmas, Birthday, Good Luck; floral, scenes, children, religious, animals, with ribbon, Santa etc., with original op (5), mixed sizes, generally G to VG, 190* £20-30
1103.   SWEET CIGARETTE PACKETS, inc. Chix, Bobbys, Thorneycroft; Sports, Spiderman, many Tom & Jerry and Flintstones, many with contents, some tattoo inserts, flattened retails boxes (23) etc., G to EX, Qty. £10-15
1104.   STAMPS, selection, UK & foreign, loose and removed from envelopes, mixed denominations, G, Qty. £25-30
1105.   BOTANICAL, pages and supplements removed from books and magazines, 1800s-1900s, inc. Sowerby's English Botany, Anne Pratt's Flowering Plants of Great Britain, Amateur Gardening etc., duplication, overmounted (22) 8.5 x 12 and smaller, tears to edges, foxing and some creasing, G to VG, 466* £30-50
1106.   SHEET MUSIC, selection, artists inc. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, James Cagney, Doris Day, Shirley Temple, Pat Boone, Henry Hall, Joe Loss, Flanagan & Allen, Arthur Askey etc., some tears and scuffs to edges, FR to G, Qty. £10-15
1107.   TRAVEL, selection of tourist brochures, guides etc., mainly USA etc., mixed formats, VG to EX, 19 £5-10
1108.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Grand Theatre Leeds, 1903-1912 (7), 1940s-60s, inc. ballet, plays, pantomime, a few amateur etc., FR to G, 110* £25-30
1109.   THEATRE, souvenir programmes, inc. Nevada Ballet Theatre, Monty Python, Bette David, The Mousetrap 25th Anniversary, Academy Awards, French & Saunders, charity shows, British Military Tournament 2010, Children's Royal Variety Performance (2) etc., G to EX, 17 £15-20
1110.   MAGIC, programmes, brochures, calendars; all relating to Siegfried & Roy, VG to EX, 20 £10-15
1111.   CINEMA, hardback editions, inc. Both Sides of the Camera, The Dead That Walk, The History of the British Film 1896-1906, A Life in the Movies, The Silent Cinema, Rex Harrison - An Autobiography, Elmer Batters - Legs That Dance to Elmer's Tune, Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon etc., most with dj, VG, 17* £5-10
1112.   RAILWAY, hardback editions, inc. 100 Years of Classic Steam, The Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Steam & Rail, Early British Steam, The Illustrated History of Railways in Britain, 150 Years of British Railways, Railways Then & Now, A History of the LNER 1939-48 etc., dj (7), VG, 10 £10-15
1113.   THEATRE, programmes, London & provincial selection, inc. Queens, Novello, Gielgud, Prince Edward, Churchill, Garrick, Apollo, National; Devon, Dundee, Southport, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare; musicals, plays, comedy, opera, ballet, pantomime etc., G to EX, Qty. £10-15
1114.   THEATRE, programmes, selection, inc. Shaftesbury, NT; Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Hanley; Germany, USA etc., slight duplication, VG to EX, Qty. (two boxes) £10-15
1115.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, generously donated by benefactors of the National Theatre Museum, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) £10-15
1116.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, generously donated by benefactors of the National Theatre Museum, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) £10-15
1117.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, generously donated by benefactors of the National Theatre Museum, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) £10-15
1118.   THEATRE, b/w photos on board, possibly for lobby display, inc. Donald Wolfit, Fay Compton, Maggie Smith (both in scenes from What Every Woman Knows), Old Vic 1960; Nadia Neimer (Royal Ballet 1960), Antoinette Sibley, Boris Godunov, Belinda Watson, Elizabeth Henry, Kirsten Mayer & Jon Vickers in The Trojans, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf 1959, J Walter Thompson in Sylphides, Nadia Neimer etc., 15.5 x 19.5 (18) & 19.5 x 23.5, all in costume, photos by Houston Rogers (F.I.B.P.), some edge knocks, G to VG, 32* £30-50
1119.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, modern, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) £10-15
1120.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, modern, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) £10-15
1121.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, modern, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) £10-15
1122.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1950s onwards, inc. plays, musicals, ballet, comedy etc., a few flyers, G to VG, Qty. £15-25
1123.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1930s-50s, inc. plays, musicals, ballet, comedy etc., G to VG, 100* £15-25
1124.   THEATRE, souvenir brochures for Royal Variety Performances, 1974, 1981-1984, 2000, 2002 & 2012 Centenary, G to EX, 8 £30-50
1125.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection (a few foreign), post-WWII, mainly opera & classical, G to EX, 200* £5-10
1126.   THEATRE, programmes, Bristol selection, 1940s-1970s, inc. Theatre Royal (171) & Little Theatre (61); Alan Dobie, Patrick McGoohan, Peter Wyngarde, Maxine Audley, Pat Routledge, Peter O'Toole etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 235* £10-15
1127.   THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1930s-1960s, inc. Golders Green (104) & Streatham Hill (131); plays, musical, revue; Robert Helpmann, Robert Morley, Roy Hudd, Jean Kent, Evelyn Laye, Vanessa Redgrave etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 235* £10-15
1128.   THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1950s-1980s, inc. Richmond Theatre Royal (67) & Brighton Theatre Royal (27); plays, musicals; Keith Michel, Alec Guinness, Ralph Richardson, Peggy Mount, Susan Hampshire, Anne Stallybrass etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 94* £10-15
1129.   THEATRE, programmes, inc. Wyndham, NT, Gielgud, ETT, Aldburgh East, Apollo, St James, Pinter etc., G to EX, Qty. (four boxes) £10-15
1130.   THEATRE, silk poster, Covent Garden Royal Opera House, visit of De Gaulle, Apr 1960, Royal Ballet inc. Margot Fonteyn, 11 x 22 (to fringe), EX £10-15
1131.   THEATRE, poster, Barnsley Theatre Royal, Dec 1937, Swingtime, inc. Hal Moss10 x 30, VG £10-15
1132.   THEATRE, poster, Theatre Royal, Oct 1940, Peg O' My Heart, 10 x 30, VG £10-15
1133.   THEATRE, poster, Regent Theatre (Leeds), Dick Whittington and His Cat, with Dora Compton, Dec 1940, 10 x 30, VG £10-15
1134.   THEATRE, poster, Shakespeare Theatre (Liverpool), Sep 1950, inc. Cavan O'Connor etc., 13 x 24.75, G £10-15
1135.   THEATRE, poster, My Lady Molly (Gilbert & Sullivan), by Stafford of Nottingham, 20 x 30, VG £10-15
1136.   THEATRE, poster, Birmingham Blackpool Week, at Edgbaston Reservoir Grounds, 20 x 28, VG £10-15
1137.   THEATRE, poster, Bognor Regis Pavilion, Sunday 25th Jul n.y., inc. Herscel Henlere, 20 x 30, VG £10-15
1138.   THEATRE, poster, Pontypridd Town Hall Theatre, Star Parade of 1951, 20 x 30, VG £10-15
1139.   ADVERTISING, framed reproduction showcards, inc. Lemmy Lemonade (metal), Chocolat Carpentier (overmounted), Bovril, Quaker Oats, Fry's, Brasso, Guinness (all mounted in one frame), O'Baby Chocolate Dairy Drink, Merita bread, 14.5 x 18.5 and smaller, framed in perspex (3), VG to EX, 5 £10-15
1140.   FOOTBALL, selection, inc. signed photos, 17 x 11.5 and smaller, inc. Tommy Smith (Liverpool), Lee Martin (Manchester Utd), Jaap Stam (h/s); print of Ian St John, h/s with Liverpool team crest), overmounted (4), P (1) to EX, 6 £10-15
1141.   ADVERTISING, poster, Wills Bulwark, showing man smoking pipe, 9.75 x 13, lightly laid down to white paper, VG £10-15
1142.   ADVERTISING, poster, Bell Three Nuns Empire Brand, showing farmers with oxen and packet of tobacco, 9.25 x 12.5, lightly laid down to card, VG £10-15
1143.   ADVERTISING, poster, American Flaked Honey Dew, text only, 15.5 x 9.25, lightly laid down to card, G £10-15
1144.   WILLS, display poster, showing factories and prize medals, 12.5 x 9, unused, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, lightly laid down, G £10-15
1145.   I.T.C., oval display poster for Franklyn's Mild tobacco, text only, 13 x 10, unused, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, laid down to larger card, VG £10-15
1146.   E.R.B., window display poster for Bell Tobacco, 19.5 x 4.5, unused, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, previously folded, some slight creasing, G £10-15
1147.   ADVERTISING, display poster for Canada Dry Ginger Ale, 16x 7.5, showing girl with bottle, unused, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, laid down to card, VG £10-15
1148.   ADVERTISING, display poster for Norvic Shoes, 10 x 13.5, showing floral arrangement, unused, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, laid down to slightly larger card, VG £10-15
1149.   ADVERTISING, poster, New Eve Shampoo, showing head of lady and packet, 11.5 x 9.5, laid down to card, VG £10-15
1150.   ADVERTISING, display poster for Personality Turtle Oil Soap, showing girl (h/s), flowers and bar of soap, 9 x 11, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, laid down to brown card (10.25 x 14.25 overall), VG £10-15
1151.   ADVERTISING, poster, Wills Capstan Navy Cut, text only, centre fold, 16.5 x 11.5, G £10-15
1152.   ADVERTISING, poster, Wills Black Jack, mainly text with illustration of tube of tobacco, 14.5 x 8.25, VG £10-15
1153.   ADVERTISING, poster, Wills Prize Medals, mainly text with illustrations of medals, 13.5 x 10.5, lightly laid down to card, VG £10-15
1154.   ADVERTISING, poster, Bright Flaked Honey Dew, text only , 15.5 x 9.25, lightly laid down to card, small piece missing from one corner, G £10-15
1155.   ADVERTISING, poster, Players, text only, yellow background with red writing, 14.5 x 8, VG £10-15
1156.   ADVERTISING, poster, Players Medium Navy Cut Tobacco, showing 'French Prisoners of War' by A.D. McCormick, 12 x 16.25, G £10-15
1157.   ADVERTISING, display poster for Tom Long tobacco, 10 x 13.25, showing two men sat at table smoking, unused, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, laid down to card, VG £10-15
1158.   PLAYERS, cardboard showcard for No.6 Cigarettes, showing two packets (plain/filter) with a gold trophy cup in the background, 6.25 x 8.5, from the Players archive, "duplicate" written to reverse, VG £10-15
1159.   PLAYERS, cardboard showcard for Bachelors Cork Tipped Cigarettes, showing lady in black flowing evening gown with fan, 14 x 19, by Mardon Sons & Hall (1948), from the Players archive (details to company stamp to back), corner knocks, VG £10-15
1160.   PLAYERS, cardboard showcard for Navy Cut cigarettes, People Love Players, showing silhouette of a man and woman, against a skyline, lighting their cigarettes; pop-up packet in the bottom left corner (2 x 2.75), 9 x 13, dated (1960), from the Players £10-15
1161.   PLAYERS, cardboard showcard for Navy Cut, Get Together With, showing man offering lady a cigarette, 7.25 x 9.75, from the Players archive ("duplicate" written to reverse), slight corner and edge knocks, VG £10-15
1162.   PLAYERS, cardboard showcard for Navy Cut cigarettes, showing a man riding a grey horse through water, 7.75 x 10, by Whitehead (28th May 1968), "returned after back reinforcement" written to reverse, from the Players archive (details to company stamp £10-15
1163.   PLAYERS, cardboard showcard for Navy Cut Cigarettes, showing Father Christmas holding a box of cigarettes with "Greetings" on it, 6.5 x 8.5, (25th Oct 1957), "also in adhesive backed" written to reverse, from the Players archive (details to company s £10-15
1164.   CINEMA, signed theatre programme by Anthony Quayle, Chin Chin at Wyndham Theatre, Nov 1960, signed to profile page, EX £10-15
1165.   CINEMA, signed colour 8 x 10 by Drew Barrymore, full-length, EX, £10-15
1166.   CINEMA, signed colour 10 x 8 by Robert Redford, half-length with arms folded, EX £10-15
1167.   CINEMA, signed colour 10 x 8 by Tommy Lee Jones & Will Smith, in character with creatures from Men in Black, EX £10-15
1168.   CINEMA, signed colour 8 x 10 by Tatum O'Neal, h/s, dated 2003, EX £10-15
1169.   CINEMA, signed 8 x 10 by Daniel Day Lewis, half-length holding Oscar statue, EX £10-15
1170.   CINEMA, signed 8 x 10 by Joan Fontaine, h/s, EX £10-15
1171.   CINEMA, signed 8 x 10 by Karl Malden, h/s, inscribed, EX £10-15
1172.   CINEMA, signed 8 x 10 by Anthony Hopkins, h/s, inscribed, EX £10-15
1173.   CINEMA, signed 8 x 10 by Jill Ireland, h/s, EX £10-15
1174.   CINEMA, signed colour 8 x 10 by Sophia Loren & Charlton Heston, half-length in character from El Cid, EX £20-30
1175.   CINEMA, signed 8 x 10 by Ester Williams, full-length seated on post, EX £15-25
1176.   CINEMA, signed 10 x 8 by Greta Scacchi, h/s in character in Santa hat from xxx, EX £10-15
1177.   CINEMA, signed colour 8 x 10 by Mia Wasikowski, half-length holding rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, first name only, EX £15-25
1178.   CINEMA, signed colour 8 x 10 by Megan Fox, full-length, EX £10-15
1179.   CINEMA, signed 8 x 10 by Lana Turner, h/s, EX £15-25
1180.   CINEMA, signed 8 x 10 by Gene Hackman, h/s in flying goggles, inscribed, EX £10-15
1181.   CINEMA, signed colour 8 x 10 by Arnold Schwarzenegger, full-length in character as Conan, EX £10-15
1182.   CINEMA, signed colour 8 x 10 by Arnold Schwarzenegger, full-length in scene from Last Action Hero, EX, £10-15
1183.   CINEMA, signed colour 8 x 10 by Claire Bloom, three-quarter length from A Doll's House, EX £10-15
1184.   CINEMA, poster for Disneys The Great Locomotive Chase, 28 x 22, some slight tears to top edge, slight staining, G £15-25
1185.   WESTERNS, colour print, Crow Ceremonial Dress by Chuck DeHann, signed by the artist, LE729/750, 21 x 28, EX £15-25
1186.   MOTORING, colour poster for Christies Auction in Monaco (1988), ft Alfa Romeo, Ferrari & Maserati, 20 x 30, EX £10-15
1187.   LAW, colour print, Femme Fatale by Hugh Dodd, signed to lower border by the artist, from a series of legal caricature prints, 17.75 x 21, EX £10-15
1188.   POLITICAL, poster, Join the Young Communist League, text only, 14.5 x 21, previously folded, tape stains to corners and some staining to poster, about G £10-15
1189.   POLITICAL, poster, Get Britain Out of the Common Market, text only, 17.5 x 22.5, VG £10-15
1190.   POLITICS, poster, Joint Biafra Famine Appeal (1971), 20 x 30, VG £10-15
1191.   POLITICS, poster, Chile: For the Life and Freedom of the 2500 Disappeared Prisoners, by Chile Solidarity Campaign, 16.5 x 23, slight corner creases, VG £10-15
1192.   POLITICS, poster, Robert Maxwell - The Man Who Gets Things Done, 19.5 x 27, VG £10-15
1193.   GLAMOUR, colour print, Sunrise by Karo Quiberg, artist proof signed in pencil to lower border, 2006, 9 x 10, overmounted, 17.5 x 22 overall, EX £10-15
1194.   POSTCARDS, London, inc. mainly RP, Charing Cross Station & Hotel, Victoria Station, interior Great Northern Railway Station; Underground Tramway, Holding up the Traffic, Harrods (with acknowledgement of order to reverse) etc., pu (11), G to VG, 19 £15-25
1195.   POSTCARDS, London RP, inc. Kennington Church & Hospital, High Holborn, Cheapside, Fleet Street, Thames Embankment, London Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge (5), Piccadilly Circus, etc., pu (5), G to VG, 18 £15-25
1196.   POSTCARDS, Royalty selection, inc. Queen Mary, George V, Silver Jubilee 1910-1935, funeral of George V, King Edward, Queen Alexandra & family, Trooping the Colour etc., pu (1), G to VG, 16 £15-25
1197.   POSTCARDS, beauties/actresses, inc. Lettice Fairfax, Little Miss Betty, Evelyn Millard, Violet Vanbrugh, Mab Paul etc., pu (11), w.t.f. (5), G to VG, 14 £15-25
1198.   POSTCARDS, London, inc. theatres (8), The Coliseum, His Majesty's, Kennington, Criterion, Empire, Hippodrome, The Strand & Gaiety Theatre, Aldwych; Leicester Square, Kensington Gardens, Trafalgar Square, Guildhall, Home Office, Tower Bridge, St. Paul £15-25
1199.   POSTCARDS, London, topographical selection, inc. Whitehall, Park Lane, London Bridge, Russell Square, St. Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Bridge, New Scotland Yard, Broadcasting House, Parliament Street, Unilever House, Lambeth Palace £15-25
1200.   POSTCARDS, London and suburbs, inc. Trafalgar Square, Regent Street, The Strand, Knightsbridge, Oxford Street, Tower Bridge, St James Palace, Parliament Square, Tower, Westminster Abbey, Royal Exchange, Rotten Row, Albert Hall, Lambeth Palace, Britis £15-25
1201.   POSTCARDS, London, inc. Rotten Row, Brompton Oratory, Waterloo Place, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Natural History Museum, Houses of Parliament, St James Palace, Guildhall, Ludgate Hill, Cheapside, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, London Bri £15-25
1202.   POSTCARDS, coastal selection, inc. Princes Parade Bridlington, Ramsgate Harbour, Promenade & Bay Douglas IoM, The Kursaal Bexhill, The Harbour, Prince's Parade Bridlington, Princess Pier, Anstey's Cove Torquay, Promenade & Cliff Hotel Felixstowe, Ch £15-25