Public Sale of Entertainment, Ephemera
Cigarette & Trade Cards
on Wednesday 7th September 2016

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1.      THEATRE, cabinet photo of The Late Mr D'Oyly Carte, by Alfred Ellis & Walery of London, mounted to card, VG (Illustration page 5) 100-150
2.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photos, Courtice Pounds as Marco in The Gondoliers (by Barraud of Oxford St London), Rutland Barrington as Doctor Daly in the Sorcerer (by The London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company), some foxing and slight corner knocks, G, 2 (Illustration page 5) 150-200
3.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, Miss Geraldine Ulmar in costume as Gianetta from The Gondoliers, by Barraud of Oxford St London, pencil annotation to reverse, slight foxing, corner knocks, G (Illustration page 5) 100-150
4.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, Decima Moore as Casilda in The Gondoliers, by Barraud of Oxford St London, pencil annotation to reverse, slight staining to reverse, corner knocks, G (Illustration page 5) 100-150
5.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photos, couples in costume, Florence Perry & Mr H A Lytton in The Yeoman of the Guard (by Alfred Ellis of Baker St London), Rutland Barrington (Giuseppe) and Courtice Pounds (Marco) in the Gondoliers, one unidentified (both by Barraud of Oxford St London), adhesion marks to front (1), slight staining (1), foxing and corner knocks, G, 3 (Illustration page 5) 300-500
6.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, The Mikado, scene from Act II, by Edward Smith of Cheapside London, slight corner knocks, VG (Illustration page 5) 100-150
7.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photos, Miss Brandram as Lady Blanche in Princess Ida (by Elliott & Fry of Baker St London), Jessie Bond as Tessa in The Gondoliers (by Barraud of Oxford St London, corner missing), one unidentified (by Marc & Schlum West 14th St New York, crease to reverse), slight staining, corner knocks, G, 3 (Illustration page 5) 150-200
8.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photos, W.H. Denny as Don Alhambra, Courtice Pounds as Marco, Rutland Barrington as Giuseppe, all from The Gondoliers, by Barraud of Oxford St, London, slight staining and corner knocks, G, 3 (Illustration page 5) 300-500
9.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, p/c's, inc. Elsie McDermid (as Mabel in Pirates of Penzance), Henry A Lytton (3) as The Duke in The Gondoliers, Bunthorne in Patience, Sir Joseph Porter in HMS Pinafore; Charles Goulding as Richard Dauntless in Ruddigore; Catherine Ferguson (4), as Pitti-Sing in The Mikado, as Iolanthe, Lady Angela in Patience; Bertha Lewis (2), as Dame Carruthers in The Yeoman of the Guard etc., heavy crease (2), corner crease (1), P to VG, 11 (Illustration page 5) 30-50
10.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, ten Press Notices (1894) for The Chieftain by F.C. Burnand & Arthur Sullivan, showing characters in costume with quote beneath, inc. Rita, Juanita, Inez, Dolly, Grigg, Count Vasquez, Sancho, the reverse showing extracts from newspapers, artwork by Dudley & Hardy, printed by Waterlow & Sons of London, slight pencil annotation to some fronts and staining to backs, corner clipped (1), a.m.r. (2), edge knocks; together with Souvenir of Rupert D'Oyly Carte's 1924 Season of Gilbert and Sullivan Operas at the Princes Theatre London, cardboard folder inscribed with gold lettering and tied with green ribbon, containing 13 b/w photos (4.75 x 6.5) of the cast in costume, with printed signatures, inc. Henry Lytton, Elsie Griffin, Winifred Lawson, Sidney Pointer, Bertha Lewis etc., photos by Sasha of 9 Hart Street Bloomsbury, W.C., G to EX, 11 60-80
11.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, photos (on board), 6.5 x 8.25 (possibly from a display), four characters from Gilbert & Sullivan productions, inc. The Mikado, HMS Pinafore and two others, slight corner damage, all with pinholes, tape marks and a.m.r. to reverse, otherwise about G, 4 40-60
12.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, b/w photos (8.25 x 10), scenes, HMS Pinafore, showing, Jeffrey Skitch & Ann Drummond-Grant, Muriel Harding & Eric Thornton, Marjorie Eyre & Leslie Rands, Muriel Harding, Peter Pratt & Jeffrey Skitch; Princess Ida showing Richard Walker, Darrell Fancourt & Radley Flynn, annotation to reverse, a.m.r. (1), G to EX, 5 40-60
13.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, b/w photos (8.25 x 10), actresses, Susan Jackson, Marjorie Eyre, Evelyn Gardiner (3 different) and one unidentified, annotation to reverse, creasing (1), slight corner knocks, about G to EX, 6 50-80
14.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, large printed photos, 9.5 x 11.5 (2), 7.5 x 12.5 (1), in costume, inc. Clara Dow from Iolanthe (3" tear repaired with tape), two others unidentified, one from Mikado, corner rounding (1), corner damage and pinholes (1), a.m.r. (1), P to about G, 3 100-150
15.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, large printed photo (10.5 x 13) showing Peter Pratt as the Lord Chancellor in Iolanthe (pencil annotation to reverse), together with two sheets of proof photos (uncut), six photos on each, from Iolanthe, G to VG, 3 60-80
16.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, large printed photos (10.5 x 13), The Yeoman of the Guard, showing Sydney Granville as Wilfred Shadbolt (a.m.r. to reverse), scene showing Darrell Fancourt, Marjorie Eyre and Charles Goulding (creasing and tears to edges), annotation to reverse, P, 2 60-80
17.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, large printed photos (10.5 x 13), The Gondoliers, Muriel Dickson as Gianetta & Marjorie Eyre as Tessa from The Gondoliers, one other showing them with three gentlemen, annotation to reverse, slight tear (1), VG, 2 80-120
18.     CINEMA, sheet music, mainly film and musicals, inc. Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Flanagan & Allen, Vera Lynn, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, some with tape repairs, slight duplication, G to VG, 100* 25-35
19.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, selection, 1940's onwards, inc. variety, revue, summer shows; London and provincial, Birmingham, Blackpool, Nottingham, Newcastle; Julie Andrews, Scottish variety, magic etc., a few flyers, G to VG, 120* 25-35
20.     CINEMA, posters, mainly 30 x 40, inc. El Cid (three sheet), The Alamo (Italian), Duel at Diablo, Ulzana's Raid, El Alamo (Spanish), Winchester 73, Davy Crocket and the River Pirates, Shalako, The Stalking Moon, Shandoah, The Glory Guys, Hour of the Gun, a few foreign, original folds, a few with tears to edges and folds, FR to VG, 13 30-50
21.     CINEMA, posters, mixed sizes, inc. Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Grey Lady Down, Marooned (2), The Omega Man, Sergent Rutledge, Half Way House, Buccaneer, Jaws 2, First Men on the Moon, Horror Express, Kidnapped, Journey to the Center of the Earth, a few foreign, original folds, some tears and creasing to folds, tape repair (1), FR to VG, 13 30-50
22.     CINEMA, posters, mixed sizes, inc. Khartoum (4), The Sand Pebbles (3), The Outsider, The Longest Day, Battle of Midway, Sea Wolves, Guns of Navarone, Yangtse Incident, Meryl's Marauders, Ultimate Attack, Above Us The Waves, a few foreign, original folds, some tears and creasing to folds, FR to VG, 16 30-50
23.     CINEMA, Lobby Cards, complete & part sets, inc. El Cid, Romancing the Stone, Polar Express, Basic Instinct, The Buccaneer, Jewel of the Nile, Prizzis Honor, War of the Roses etc., a few foreign, slight duplication, VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
24.     CINEMA, selection, mainly John Wayne inc. posters, lobby cards, FoH; Big Jake, The Alamo, Jet Pilot, Shepherd of the Hills etc., some foreign, a few with tears, FR to VG, 30* 30-40
25.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, selection, 1940's onwards, inc. variety, revue, summer shows; London and provincial, Palladium, Southport, Wolverhampton, Eastbourne, Blackpool, Maurice Chevalier, Norman Wisdom; a few flyers, a few foreign etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 150* 25-35
26.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed programmes, letters etc., inc. Judi Dench, Emlyn Williams, Betty Driver, Eric Porter, Edward Fox, Stubby Kaye, Alice Faye, Omar Sharif, Cicely Courtneidge, Marti Caine, Kate O'Mara, Stanley Baxter, Alison Steadman etc., G to EX, 60* 30-50
27.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, flyers and handbills, 1950's onwards, mainly provincial, some pre-London runs, inc. variety, pantomime, musicals etc., G to EX, 400* 25-35
28.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Pantomime selection, mainly 1950s-1960s (some earlier), London and provincial, inc. brochures, programmes etc., Bournemouth, Bristol, Brighton, Nottingham, Norwich, Palladium etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 60* 25-35
29.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, selection, 1940's onwards, inc. variety, revue, summer shows; London and provincial; London Palladium, Nottingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Eastbourne; a few flyers etc., G to VG, 120* 25-35
30.     POP MUSIC, selection, inc. mainly The Beatles, brochures (7), photo with printed signatures, song book, Fan Club Newsletters (7), The Beatles Monthly Book, Nos. 2-34 & 36; EPs, Human League - Being Boiled, The Flowers - Confessions, Rod Stewart 1980 calendar, flyers, concert tickets, 16 Magazine with Beatles to cover, programmes, Spryo Gyra, The Crusaders, The Chieftains, Little Feat, Adam Ant, Charles Aznavour; metal badges etc., G, Qty. 30-50
31.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1920s-1960s, Golders Green Hippodrome (100) & Streatham Hill Theatre, inc. Diane Cilento, Edward Woodward, John Mills, Kenneth Williams etc., G to EX, 174* 25-35
32.     CINEMA, selection, inc. posters, mixed sizes, FoH, publicity photos, campaign books, annuals; James Bond (foreign paper FoH), John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Michael Douglas, Rin Tin Tin and other western annuals etc., good VR, Qty. 30-50
33.     CINEMA, posters, mainly 30 x 40, a few foreign, slight duplication, some tears to original folds and edges, FR to EX, 55* 60-80
34.     CINEMA, FoH stills, mainly complete sets, inc. Five Weeks in a Balloon, Custer of the West, Cheyenne of the Autumn, Old Yeller, Fire Creek, Body Heat, War of the Roses, Indiana Jones, Stand by Me, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Jewel of the Nile etc., a few foreign, slight duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
35.     BALLET, hardback editions, inc. The English Ballet by Turner, The National Ballet, The Ballet Annual (both by Haskell), Giselle & I by Alicia Markova, Anna Pavlova, Ballet Design Past & Present (both by Cyril W Beaumont), Soviet Ballet by Iris Morley, Nijinsky by Paul Magriel etc., most with name plates or ownership names written inside, a few with water damage, P to G, 15 30-50
36.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, USA selection, mainly New York, inc. Night of 100 Stars, G to VG, 340* 30-40
37.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 30-40
38.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, inc. Manchester, Brighton etc., G to EX, 350* 25-35
39.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1910s-1930s, G to VG, 355* 30-40
40.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1910s-1930s, theatres L-W, G to VG, 340* 30-40
41.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, regional selection, G to VG, 350* 25-35
42.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, mainly 1930s-1950s, G to EX, 500* 30-40
43.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 30-40
44.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide pantomime selection, 1930s-1980s, inc. London Palladium, Wimbledon, Coliseum, Stoll, Casino, Players; Birmingham, Salisbury, Swansea; Bonnie Langford, Jimmy Tarbuck, Pat Kirkwood, Kenneth Williams, Florence Desmond, Hatti Jacques etc., G to EX, 75* 25-35
45.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Blackpool selection, 1940s onwards, programmes (29) & flyers (30), inc. Grand Theatre, Winter Gardens, Hippodrome, North Pier, Opera House, Queens; Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon, David Whitfield, The Grumbleweeds, Bobby Davro, Joe Pasquale etc., G to EX, 59* 25-35
46.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London Palladium, 1940s-1960s, inc. Danny Kaye, Norman Wisdom, Max Miller, Bob Hope, Gracie Fields, Lena Horne etc., G to EX, 55* 25-35
47.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, 1950s, inc. Nigel Hawthorne, Peggy Mount, Leonard Rossiter, Cicely Courtneidge etc., G to EX, 79* 25-35
48.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London Palladium, 1970s-1980s, inc. panto, revue, musicals, ballet; Edward Woodward, Tommy Steele, Peter Sellers, Sacha Distel, Debbie Reynolds, Ginger Rogers etc., G to EX, 38* 25-35
49.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Nottingham Playhouse, 1950s-1960s, inc. plays, musicals, ballet; Brian Blessed, Brian Murphy, Anne Stallybrass, Ian McKellen etc., G to EX, 130* 25-35
50.     BALLET, hardback edition of Ballerina by Gordon Anthony, signed to inside flyleaf by Margot Fonteyn, in blue boards with gold titles, fading and water damage (affecting edges of inside pages), FR 30-50
51.     BALLET, programmes, International Ballet 1951-52, signed to inside photos and/or sketches, inc. Algeranoff, Ernest Hewitt, Claudie Algeranova, Errol Addison, Joyce Gearing, Myra Kidd, Dorothy Walker, Malcolm Hughes, Geraldine Lancaster, Mona Inglesby, 50* signatures together with The Ballet Rambert (unsigned), some fading to cover and rusting to staples, otherwise G 40-60
52.     AUTOGRAPHS, signed selection, inc. many white labels laid down to theatre flyers, photos, cards; Whitey Herzog, Keith Hernandez, Nick Leyva (all on trade cards), Tim Brabants, Susan Hampshire, Lynne Reid Banks, Jess Conrad, Geoff Capes, Sinead Cusack, Emilia Fox, Toby Young, Bonnie Langford, Gary Wilmot, Syd Little, Imelda Staunton, Vicki Michelle, David Copperfield, Jonathan Guy Lewis, Judy Buxton etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
53.     THEATRE, autograph/comments book from a Bradford B&B which provided accommodation for artists from the Alhambra, Princes & Palace Theatres, January 19245 to October 1932, inc. A.E. Dodgson, Tom Barry, Florence Rose, Ernest Rumball, Marcus Boyle, Fred Moore, Jackson Browne, Syd Pratt, Julia Grayson, Billie Ross, Enid Partington, Eric Meade, Jack Smart, Ivy Collins, Malcolm Scott etc., some signed in character names, a few traced over, FR 80-120
54.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, c.1900, FR to G, 30* 25-35
55.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, c.1900, FR to G, 30* 25-35
56.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos, inc. Charlton Heston, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith, Daniel J. Travanti, Peter Falk, Jack Klugman, Emma Thompson, John Travolta etc., mainly 8 x 10, G to EX, 24 25-35
57.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed postcard, inc. Brian Rix, Elsie Randolph, Leo McKern, Moira Stewart, Warren Mitchell, Mary Martin, Robert Lindsay, Jan Leeming, Frances Day, Fiona Fullerton etc., G to EX, 85* 40-60
58.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed postcard, inc. Susannah York, Mollie Sugden, Terry Wogan, Anton Rodgers, Ruth Madoc, Anna Massey, Jan Leeming, Evelyn Laye, Penelope Keith, Edward Fox, Jane Asher etc., G to EX, 85* 40-60
59.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, ballet selection, 1940's onwards, inc. Fonteyn, Nureyev, Markova, Dolin; Royal Ballet, Bolshoi, Sadler's Wells etc., G to EX, 130* 25-35
60.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, opera selection, 1950's onwards, mainly Covent Garden, touring, some foreign and US, major names, slight duplication, G to VG, 200* 25-35
61.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, regional selection, mainly 1980's, inc. plays and musicals; Edinburgh, Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Peterborough etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 300* 25-35
62.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, regional selection, pre-1980's (mainly 50's and 60's), inc. plays and musicals; Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 400* 25-35
63.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, opera selection, 1950's onwards, inc. mainly Covent Garden, touring, some USA & other foreign, G to EX, 160* 25-35
64.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Gilbert and Sullivan, 1950s-1970s (some earlier), mainly D'Oyly Carte, inc. programmes, Savoyard (2 bound volumes), some duplication, G to EX, 160* 25-35
65.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, regional selection, pre-1980's (mainly 1950s-1960s), inc. Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester etc., G to VG, 290* 25-35
66.     CINEMA, selection, 1940's onwards, inc. programmes, stills, magazines etc., good VR, 75* 25-35
67.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, classical selection, 1940's onwards, London and provinces, G to VG, 170* 25-35
68.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, large format selection, inc. souvenirs, brochures; Spike Milligan, Hello Dolly, Barnum, Sugar Babes, Frank Sinatra, Sound of Music, Oliver, Gone With The Wind, Annie, Follies etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 90* 25-35
69.     THEATRE, early theatre posters, 1800's, mainly 8 x 13, Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, Haymarket, English Opera House, plays, opera etc., some double page, slight duplication, some removed from binders, tears to edges, creasing, P to G, 50* 30-50
70.     THEATRE, early theatre posters, 1800's, 8 x 13 and smaller (7 x 10), Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, Haymarket, mainly plays etc., slight duplication, some removed from binders, staining, tears to edges, creasing, P to G, 50* 30-50
71.     ENTERTAINMENT, selection, inc. pop music, Elvis Presley (6) & Cliff Richard (8) FoH stills; 8 x 10 and smaller press photos (some reprints); 45rpm records (10), Cliff Richard, Elvis, Cilla; annuals, trade cards & inserts, modern postcards etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
72.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, pre-1960, a few pre-WWII, inc. Theatre Royal Bristol, Brighton, Palace Court Bournemouth, Opera House Manchester, Leatherhead, Oxford, Cambridge, many London, inc. Duchess, Aldwych, Globe, Lyric, Fortune, Embassy, Guildford etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, G to VG, Qty. 40-60
73.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, mainly modern, plays, musicals, ballet; Mermaid, National, Sadler's Wells, Piccadilly, Vaudeville, Old Vic, Wyndhams, Phoenix, Duke of York, Savoy, Duchess, Lyric, Shaftesbury, Strand, St. Martins, Wimbledon, Adelphi, Theatre Royal, Prince of Wales, New London, Queen's, Her Majesty's, Winter Garden, RSC, King's, Streatham Hill, Royal Court, Golder's Green, Globe, St. James's, Prince's, Embassy, Royalty, Greenwich, Aldwych, Royal Albert Hall etc., a few flyers, mixed sizes, slight duplication, G to VG, Qty. (two boxes) 30-50
74.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Nationwide selection, mainly modern, plays, musicals, pantomime, inc. Wilmslow, Cambridge, Leeds, Windsor, Brighton, Oxford, Cork, Chester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Bristol, Norwich, Worthing, Derby, Manchester, Richmond etc., souvenir brochures, English National Ballet, Grand Order of Water Rats 2002, Bolshoi and other ballet companies, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1955 & 1957, Ice Shows, dance companies etc., a few flyers, mixed sizes, slight duplication, G to VG, Qty. (two boxes) 30-50
75.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1910s-1930s, theatres A-L, G to VG, 340* 30-40
76.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Sondheim selection, UK & USA productions, stars inc. Phil Silvers, Elaine Strich, Julia McKenzie, Frankie Howerd, Mickey Rooney, Angela Lansbury, Ethel Merman etc., G to VG, 120* 30-40
77.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, regional selection, 1910s-1930s, inc. Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Streatham Hill, Malvern etc., G to VG, 110* 25-35
78.     POP MUSIC, concert & tour programmes, inc. Motorhead, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, The Who, Diana Ross, Cher, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Eurythmics, Roberta Flack etc., G to EX, 32* 30-40
79.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, signed selection, inc. John Hannah, Sam Kelly, Danny La Rue, Maria Friedman, Ronnie Corbett, Lillianne Montevecchi, Julia Foster, Peter Egan, Tim Piggott-Smith, Nichola McAuliffe, Alan Howard, Geraldine McEwan, Sylvester McCoy G to VG, 38* 30-40
80.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Rocky Horror selection, inc. Jonathan Wilkes, Robin Cousins, David Bedella, Richard O'Brien, Darren Day etc., VG to EX, 64* 25-35
81.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, inc. Seaside, Variety etc., G to EX, 125* 30-40
82.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, regional selection, 1910s-1930s, inc. Nottingham, Westcliff, Hammersmith Kings, Birmingham, Southampton, Oxford, Streatham Hill etc., G to VG, 115* 25-35
83.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, regional selection, 1910s-1930s, inc. Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Golders Green, Hull etc., G to VG, 115* 25-35
84.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, inc. Seaside, Variety etc., G to VG, 115* 30-40
85.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Nationwide selection, post-WWII, inc. Greenwich, Pavilion, Prince of Wales, Queen's, Adelphi, Haymarket, Savoy, Duchess, New London, Apollo, Garrick, Palace, Ambassadors, Aldwych, Old Vic; Birmingham, Carlisle, Southport, Leeds, Eastbourne, Manchester, Welsh National, Sunderland, Bristol etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
86.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, post-WWII, inc. Aldwych, Queen's, Old Vic, Lyric, Playhouse, Shaftesbury, Duke of York, Ambassadors, Savoy, Mermaid, Open Air etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
87.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London selection, post-WWII, inc. Albert Hall, Mayfair, Royal Opera House, Oxford, Sheldonian, Pavilion, Hyde Park; Lincoln Centre, Welsh National, Buxton etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
88.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London selection, post-WWII, inc. Royal Opera House, Albert Hall, Playhouse, Pavilion, Prince Edward, Wyndhams etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
89.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Nationwide selection, post-WWII, inc. Theatre Royal, Palace, Empire, Wembley, Aldwych, Coliseum, Old Vic; Stratford, Welsh National, Nottingham Playhouse, Worcester, Glyndebourne etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
90.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London selection, post-WWII, inc. Sadler's Wells, Aldwych, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Duchess, Apollo, Prince Edward etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes 25-35
91.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, post-WWII, inc. Shaftesbury, Savoy, Globe, Oliver Theatre, Cambridge, Apollo, National, Princes, Whitehall etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
92.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Nationwide selection, post-WWII, inc. Palace, Pavilion, Lyric, Sadler's Wells, Queens, Prince of Wales; Welsh National, Everyman Theatre Cheltenham, Playhouse Manchester etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
93.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London selection, post-WWII, inc. Queens, Shaftesbury, Old Vic, Sadler's Wells, Lyric, Aldwych, Savoy, Churchill, Albery etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
94.     THEATRE, selection, 1950s onwards, mainly programmes, inc. Aldwych, Garrick, Duchess, National, RSC, Phoenix, Fortune, Theatre Royal Brighton; Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, West Side Story, Matilda, Shakespeare; Festivals (Chichester, London, Newbury, Haydn); Jazz Magazines, Radio Times 1927 etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
95.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, modern selection, mainly London, plays, musicals, opera, pantomimes; Royal Court, Lyric, RSC, National, Queens, Palace, Sadler's Wells, Wyndhams, Richmond; Nottingham, Leicester etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
96.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London selection, 1930s-50s, inc. concerts, plays, musicals; Phoenix, St James, Whitehall, His Majesty's, Garrick, Piccadilly, Aldwych, Globe, Palace, Lyric, Old Vic, Theatre Royal, Strand, Lyceum, Apollo, Savoy, Ambassadors, New Theatre, Royal Albert Hall, Open Air Theatre; Grand Blackpool, Malvern Festival etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
97.     THEATRE, selection, mainly 1940s, inc. photos, portraits, play scenes (on board, 7), some later copies; magazines, Theatre World, New Theatre, The Play, The Orbit Xmas 1930, The Playgoer & Society Illustrated; sheet music (12); pages removed from magazines (mainly ILN); playbills, programmes (some laid down), Queen's Hall Promenade Concerts 1910-1915 (8); The Ballet Theatre Annual 1950, scrapbook laid down with newspaper cuttings, programmes etc., a few foreign, duplication, G to VG, Qty. 30-50
98.     THEATRE, ballet & opera programmes, mainly London, 1930s onwards, inc. Empire, Sadler's Wells, Cambridge, many Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Kings, New London Opera Company, Royal Festival Hall; Markova, Dolin; Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Carmen; Kabuki, Ram Gopal & His Indian Ballet, Ballet Russe De Monte Carlo, Royal NZ Ballet, National Ballet of China, Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Metropolitan Ballet, Russian Ballet etc., mixed sizes, duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
99.     THEATRE, souvenir programmes and brochures, mainly modern (a few earlier), inc. Palladium, Malvern Festival, Festival of Britain 1951, Edinburgh 1947; Royal Gala Performances 1911, 1915, 1950 & 1958; The Hollies, Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, Torvill & Dean and other ice shows, Ken Dodd, Pavarotti, David Essex, Louis Armstrong, Woody Herman etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
100.    THEATRE, London selection, playbills and programmes, mainly 1800s, laid down or removed from binders, inc. Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Haymarket Covent Garden, Lyceum, St James etc., mixed sizes, some reproduction, duplication, tears to edges, creasing etc., P to G, Qty. 30-50
101.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London selection, 1900-1929, inc. Broadway, Apollo, Criterion, Garrick, Shaftesbury, Lyric, New Theatre, Old Vic, New Scala, Kingsway, Fortune, Comedy etc; Marie Tempest, Doris Keane etc., duplication, good VR, Qty. 50-80
102.    THEATRE, souvenir programmes and brochures, 1800s onwards, inc. Ellen Terry, Doris Keane (2), The Chocolate Soldier, Henry V, Wilson Barrett (2), King John (3), The Musketeers, Lyric Theatre (2) etc., P to G, 19 30-50
103.    THEATRE, large selection of posters, 33 x 45 and smaller, nationwide selection, inc. Royal Court, Sadler's Weels, Royal Opera House, St. Martins, Barbican, Redgrave Theatre Farnham, Cambridge Theatre, many Crucible Sheffield & Lyric Hammersmith, Theatre Royal Oldham, Kingston Empire, West Bromwich Theatre Royal; Rat Pack, Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, The Gruffalo, Punk Rock, The Puzzle Women, Sweeney Todd, Dublin Pike Follies, Harvest, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Uncle Silas, The Black Dhalia, The Hypochondriac etc., a few foreign, slight duplication, many rolled, G to EX, Qty. (three boxes) 30-50
103A.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, 1940s-1990s, inc. Adelphi, Comedy, Duchess, Fortune, Garrick etc., G to VG, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
103B.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1930s-1980s, inc. Hammersmith Kings Theatre (27) & Wimbledon Theatre (230), G to VG, 255* 25-35
103C.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1920s-1980s, inc. Old Vic & National Theatre; Joan Plowright, Laurence Olivier, Jeremy Brett, Albert Finney, Diana Rigg etc., G to VG, 155* 25-35
103D.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1940s-1980s, inc. Adelphi, Drury Lane, Hippodrome, Victoria Palace etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 290* 25-35
103E.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, USA selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
104.    THEATRE POSTERS, USA selection, stars inc. Daniel Radcliffe, Patti Lupone, Mandy Patinkin, Catherine Zeta Jones, Angela Lansbury, Joan Collins, Topol, Liam Neeson, Betty Buckley, Hugh Jackman etc., mainly 22 x 14, VG to EX, 33* 30-40
105.    THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, stars inc. Brian Conley, Russ Abbott, Tony Adams, Elaine Paige, Tom Conti, Sharon Gless, Tom Courtenay, Patricia Hodge, Donald Sinden, Peter O'Toole etc., mainly 12.5 x 20, G to EX, 105* 30-40
106.    THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, stars inc. Ian McKellen, Alfred Marks, Peer Ustinov, Paul Jones, Brian Blessed, Judy Kuhn, Dorothy Tutin, Susan Hampshire, Robert Morley, Joan Plowright etc., mainly 12.5 x 20, VG to EX, 70* 30-40
107.    THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, stars inc. Rufus Sewell, Sally Dexter, Maggie Smith, David Tennant, Tom Courtenay, Charlton Heston, Flora Robson, Paul Eddington, Dorothy Tutin, Jack Watling, Linda Baron etc., mainly 12.5 x 20, VG to EX, 70* 30-40
108.    THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, stars inc. Victoria Wood, Patrick Cargill, Elspet Gray, Richard Briers, Wayne Sleep, Dulcie Gray, Donald Sinden, Joan Greenwood, Denholm Elliott, Mickey Rooney etc., mainly 12.5 x 20, slight duplication, VG to EX, 70* 30-40
109.    THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, stars inc. Dennis Waterman, Anton Rodgers, Amanda Redman, Diane Langton, Bonnie Langford, Anita Dobson, Brian Conley, Tim Healy etc., mainly 12.5 x 20, VG to EX, 70* 30-40
110.    THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, stars inc. Faye Dunaway, Stephen Jenn, Margaret Tyzack, Sienna Miller , Jack Dee, Patrick Duffy, Patricia Routledge etc., mainly 12.5 x 20, VG to EX, 70* 30-40
111.    THEATRE POSTERS, nationwide pantomime selection, inc. Little & Large, Ruth Madoc, Anita Dobson, Vicki Michelle, Bobby Davro, Linda Lusardi, Freddie Garrity, Cannon & Ball etc.,, mainly 11 x 16, VG to EX, 49*G to VG, 25-35
112.    CINEMA, posters for Disney films, mainly 30 x 40 and slightly smaller, Kidnapped, Escape From The Dark, Treasure of Matecumb, Blackbeard's Ghost, Return From Witch Mountain, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Old Yeller, Sword in the Stone, Flight of the White Stallions, Savage Sam, a few foreign, original folds, a few with tears to edges and folds, FR to VG, 10 30-50
113.    CINEMA, John Wayne posters, The Commancheros, The Barbarian and The Geisha, The Shootist, Big Jake, The Undefeated, The War Wagon, El Dorado, McQ, Donovan's Reef, a few foreign, original folds, a few with tears to edges and folds, FR to VG, 9 30-50
114.    CINEMA, James Bond, poster for Diamonds Are Forever, German issue, 23.5 x 33, original folds, G 30-50
115.    CINEMA, James Bond, poster, for For Your Eyes Only, English language, 27 x 41, original folds, G 30-50
116.    CINEMA, James Bond, poster for Man Lebt Nur Zweimal (You Only Live Twice), German issue, 20.5 x 33, original folds, corner clipped, G 30-50
117.    CINEMA, James Bond, poster for The Man With The Golden Gun, English language, 13.25 x 29.5, original folds, G 30-50
118.    THEATRE POSTERS, 1930's-40's, Musical Hall & Variety selection, inc. Tottenham - North London's Wonder Night 1936 (two sizes), Chatham, Crewe, Barnsley, Bognor Regis, Birmingham - Blackpool Week, Herne Bay Tower Gardens, minimal tears to edges, G to VG, 8 30-40
119.    LONDON UNDERGROUND, a rare and unusual London Underground poster, for a 1933 pantomime Jack & Jill An Underground Fairy Tale, showing three acts with nine cut-out scenes (intact), 49.75 x 40, original folds (with original mailing envelope), rolled, slight tear to one edge and two folds, otherwise VG 350-450
120.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London selection, mainly 1920s-1940s (a few later), inc. Apollo, Aldwych, Adelphi, Royal Albert Hall, Chelsea Music Club, Walthamstow Palace, New Theatre, Victoria Palace, Strand, Royal Opera; Ginger Rogers, Mary Martin etc., some booklets, 1924 British Exhibition, tourist issues etc., some punch-holes, FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
121.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, regional selection, mainly 1920s-1940s (a few later), inc. Sheffield (50), Empire, Lyceum, Repertory Co., Philharmonic; Loughborough Theatre Royal (7), Southend, Clay Cross, Burton on Trent, Cambridge, Leeds, Leicester, Scarborough, Skegness, Derby, Blackpool Winter Gardens etc., many with punch-holes (mainly Sheffield issues), FR to VG, 140* 30-50
122.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1950s onwards, mainly UK, some Irish and Australia; plays, musicals, ballet, pantomime, concerts, holiday shows, opera; Oliver, Hello Dolly, Fossett's Circus 1970, Billy Smart's Circus Star Gala Performance, James Galway, Kiri Te Kanawa, David Copperfield, Danny Kaye, Frankie Lane, Water Folies of 1958, Harrogate, Manchester, Theatre Royal, Dublin Gate, Abbey Theatre (all Irish), some souvenir brochures, together with a poster for Cats at the Winter Garden Theatre New York, America's No. 1 Musical, 15 signatures (in clip frame) etc., G to VG, Qty. 30-50
123.    THEATRE, scrapbooks, laid down with programmes, London, Bath, Little Theatre, Hippodrome, Princes (all Bristol), All Saints Hall & Victoria Rooms (both Clifton), St Martins, Lyric, Savoy, Dalys, Theatre Royal Haymarket, Globe, Strand, Alhambra, Wyndhams, Royalty, Aldwych etc; cast lists (removed from programmes), newspaper cuttings & photos etc., a few French, 1920s-1930s, G, 3 80-120
124.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1950s onwards, inc. Piccadilly, Lyric, Cambridge, Savoy, Apollo, Queen's. Globe, New, Strand, Palladium; plays, comedy, musicals, ballet, orchestral, variety etc., most earlier issues in acetate photo albums (some damage to backs if removed); also Pavilion Bournemouth, Gaumont Theatre Southampton, Northampton Rep etc., some souvenir editions, FR to EX, 200* 30-50
125.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, 1940s onwards, plays, ballet, pantomime, concerts, inc. London, Phoenix, Cambridge, Queens, Lyric, Garrick, Strand, Criterion, RSC, Wyndhams, Comedy etc., some WWII issues; souvenir brochures, Royal Opera House, English National Ballet, Gilbert & Sullivan Operas 1939 issued by The Sphere, RAF Anniversary Concert 1992, Wedding of Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones 1960 etc., G to EX, 200* 40-60
126.    THEATRE, selection, inc. programmes, Birmingham, Alexandra, Studio, Rep; Nottingham Playhouse, Oxford Playhouse & New Theatre; Stoke on Trent, RSC, London etc; books, hard & softback editions, Who's Who, Anthologies, biographies etc., G to EX, Qty. (four boxes) 30-40
127.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, G to VG, 360* 30-40
128.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, G to VG, 350* 30-40
129.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, G to VG, 340* 30-40
130.    MATCHBOX LABELS, British selection, box (75) & packet (3) and wrappers (10), mainly Bryant & May, Canoe (2) etc., mounted to pages in ringbinder, G to EX, 90* 25-35
131.    MATCHBOX LABELS, USSR selection, mainly box labels, mainly sets for home market (some rare), mounted to pages in ringbinder, G to EX, 1900* 25-35
132.    MATCHBOX LABELS, Swedish skillets, box (132) & larger size, mounted to pages in ringbinder, G to EX, 137* 25-35
133.    MATCHBOX LABELS, Scandinavian skillets, mainly Sweden & Norway, mounted to pages in ringbinder, G to EX, 180* 25-35
134.    MATCHBOX LABELS, softback edition of England's Glory Catalogue Part I, 1891-1950 by Derek Saunders, VG 25-35
135.    MATCHBOX LABELS, skillets, German or Swiss issues, BX1 export, small box size, mounted to pages in ringbinder, G to EX, 600* 25-35
136.    MATCHBOX LABELS, Norwegian skillets, inc. Box-size (160), household (48), labels (5) etc., complete & part sets, some reproduction, mounted to pages in ringbinder, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
137.    MATCHBOX LABELS, Chinese selection, mainly box labels, mostly sets (some rare), mounted to pages in ringbinder, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
138.    MATCHBOX LABELS, Chinese selection, mainly box labels, mostly sets (some rare), mounted to pages in ringbinder, G to EX, 1800* 25-35
139.    MATCHBOX LABELS, USA skillets, mainly Universal Match Co., mounted to pages in ringbinder, G to EX, 330* 25-35
140.    MATCHBOX LABELS, Swedish selection, 84 Swedish Masters large size skillets featuring castles and famous houses of Britain etc., in ringbinder, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
141.    MATCHBOX LABELS, Spanish selection, skillets, comprising of 134 box size and 56 larger size, sets & part sets and singles etc., in ringbinder, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
142.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Keighley Hippodrome & Queens Theatre selection, 1951-1956, inc. Roy Dotrice, Billie Whitelaw etc., G to VG, 62* 25-35
143.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Southsea Kings Theatre, inc. Fay Compton, Jean Kent, Richard Attenborough, Dulcie Grey, Cicely Courtneidge, Margaret Leighton etc., G to VG, 58* 25-35
144.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, D'Oyly Carte selection, 1880s-1960s, inc. Theatre Royal Haymarket, Royal English Opera, Savoy, Princes; Torquay, Golders Green, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Liverpool etc., G to VG, 40* 25-35
145.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Newcastle Theatre Royal, 1940s-1950s, inc. Wendy Hillier, Edith Evans, Sybil Thorndike, Evelyn Laye, Dora Bryan etc., G to VG, 47* 25-35
145A.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1870s-1930s, inc. St James (16), Theatre Royal Haymarket (39), Her/His Majesty's (15) & St Martins (46), duplication, tears to edges & creases, P to G, 116* 25-35
145B.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1890s-1930s, inc. Gaiety (7), Lyceum (5), Comedy (6), Duke of York (62), Open Air Regents Park (20), duplication, tears to edges & creases, P to G, 100* 25-35
145C.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Stratford Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, 1940s-1980s, inc. Laurence Olivier, Albert Finney, Edith Evans, Paul Robeson, Michael Redgrave, Edward Woodward, Charles Laughton etc., G to VG, 128* 25-35
145D.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, inc. London Palladium, Drury Lane Coliseum, Golders Green, Streatham etc., G to VG, 56* 25-35
145E.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 1890s-1950s, inc. Sybil Thorndike, Martin Harvey, Owen Nares, Phyllis Dare, Robert Morley, Edith Evans, Markova & Dolin etc., G to VG, 100* 25-35
145F.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, The Arts Theatre Club, 1930s-1980s, G to EX, 115* 25-35
145G.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, Ice Shows (19), Magic (6) & Circus (12), inc. Harringay, Wembley, Stoll, Garrick; Brighton, Bournemouth etc., G to VG, 37* 25-35
145H.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Derby Grand Theatre selection, inc. Randolph Sutton, Wilson Kepple & Betty, Ted Ray, Donald Peers, Maurice Colleano, Norman Evans etc., G to VG, 75* 25-35
145J.   THEATRE, postcards, mainly London, interiors and exteriors, Albery, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, The Old Vic, Finsbury Park Empire, The Hackney Empire, The Granville Music Hall, Metropolitan, Everyman, Palace Theatre Halifax, Ipswich Hippodrome etc., in small modern photo album, G to VG, 33* 25-35
145K.   THEATRE, The Gallery First Nighters Club, menu cards, 1930s onwards, signed (2), signatures, inc. Margaret Rawlings, Emlyn Williams, Sybil Thorndike, Tommy Trinder, Evelyn Laye, Lewis Casson, Hetty King, Irene Vanbrugh, Lorraine la Fosse, Jonathan King etc., about G to VG, 28 25-35
145L.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Theatre Royal Nottingham, 1948-58, Opera selection, inc. Carol Rosa & Sadler's Wells, G to VG, 29 25-35
145M.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Liverpool & Birkenhead, 1875 to early 1920s, inc. The Alexandra Theatre, Birkenhead Hippodrome, Kelly's, Liverpool Empire, Prince of Wales, Royal Court (4, some tears and repairs), Shakespeare (5, repairs) etc., ; press cuttings, reproduction photos, also five theatre related p/cs etc., P to G, 37* 25-35
145N.   THEATRE, ephemera, inc. advert cards, flyers, programmes, p/c's, photos; Snazelle, Musical Albano, Kenneth & George Western, Douglas Byng, Binnie & Sonny Hale, Edna Wood & George Carden, The Rocky Twins etc., some a.m.r., about G to VG, 20 20-30
145P.   CINEMA, publicity leaflets, booklets etc., inc. None But The Lonely Heart, The Big Sleep, Stairway To Heaven, Look Before You Love, Monte Carlo, Odd Man Out, Great Expectations, That Night in Rio, The Glenn Miller Story, Cool Hand Luke, The Yearling, The Magnet etc., G to VG, 29* 25-35
145Q.   CINEMA, publicity leaflets, booklets etc., inc. Gone With The Wind, Hamlet, Uncle Silas, Lady in the Dark, Love on the Dole, The Sun Never Sets, La Ronde, The Love Lottery, Wanted For Murder, Pool of London, Samson and Delilah, A Royal Divorce, Midnight Cowboy etc., G to VG, 30* 25-35
146.    MATCHBOX LABELS, modern complete & part sets, box & packet labels, inc. Chinese sets (3), Sports & Games, Weapons of War, Nature Series; Euco Lighthouses, Centra Ships, Klimop Musicians, Spar, Camp, Vivo, Afu, de Gruyter, Fort, Vege etc., in modern album and loose, G to EX, large Qty. 30-50
147.    EPHEMERA, selection of brewery & hotel related ephemera, 1920s, mainly Scarborough & Hull, inc. invoices, certificates, licenses etc; James Tall & Co., Greasley & Son, Nesfield's Brewery, A.C. Cooper, Brogden & Wilson, Drake & Co. Middlesbrough, Scarborough Electric Supply Company, Thomas Beecroft Whitby, Tasker Hart & Munby Solicitors, O. Toffolo & Son, W.H. Smith & Son, The National Telephone Co. Ltd., The Crown Brewery, W. Rowntree & Sons, Hooper & Mason, Anderson & Flintoff etc., good VR. Qty. 30-50
148.    W.W. II, selection of ephemera, some USA & German, inc. magazines, Gen, Bugle; programme for Victory Celebrations, 8th June 1946; cartoons removed from newspapers, forces newspapers, inc. The Yankee Boomer, Pinpoint, Union Jack, London Gazette; booklets, Jon's Two Types, By Air to Battle, The First to be Freed, The Royal Marine, Hitler Passed This Way, The Tiger Triumphs, The Battle of Flanders, Combined Operations etc., good VR, Qty. 30-50
149.    SELECTION, 1930s onwards, inc. programmes, theatre, Nottingham Empire (2), Theatre Royal (8), Liverpool (5), London, Leeds; signed (8), inc. Johnny Morris (3), Richard Baker (2), Penelope Keith; Festival Aquarium Exhibition 1951 & 1952; 1953 Engineering Exhibition at Victoria Baths Nottingham; Pageant of Birmingham Centenary Celebrations 1938; rugby league (8), inc. Dewsbury, Leeds v St Helens, both 1977, Midlands v Australia 1981 etc., Daily Express Film Book 1935 (P); scrapbooks (2), laid down with newspaper and magazine cuttings of motorcyles and riders etc., good VR, 66* 25-35
150.    THEATRE, selection, inc. Fox's Operatic Chart, circular mechanical list sowing production details for 75 shows (to both sides); 12 Nottingham photos of Nottingham productions, four signed to backs, Judi Dench (2), Ursula Smith, Harold Innocent, Edward Woodward, Alan Howard; programmes (2), some a.m.r. to photos, FR to VG, 16* 30-50
151.    SCIENCE, signed hardback edition of Memories of a Scientific Life by Ambrose Fleming, signed to flyleaf, ownership plate & stamp, staining to covers, G 80-120
152.    HOSPITALS, prints from the original 1950s engravings by Graham Clilverd, 10.5 x 13, fifty-four known, four with compliments slips from Parke Davis & Co., VG, 14+ 100-120
153.    SCRAPS, selection, many later issues, loose-mounted in large ring-binder, FR to VG, 125* 25-35
154.    CINEMA, booklets, Picturegoer Famous Film Supplements, inc. Camille, Sing as We Go, Maytime, David Copperfield, Saratoga, No More Ladies, Wife versus Secretary etc., very slight tears to edges, G to VG, 20 50-60
155.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos (mixed sizes) etc., inc. wrestling (10), FR to EX, 24 30-50
156.    POSTERS, inc. RoSPA Road Safety (3), reproductions of Old Masters (3), pinholes (2), some creasing and tears to edges of Old Masters, FR to VG, 6 25-35
157.    AVIATION, design sketches for the AVRO 504-K 'Green' bi-plane, with seven images of the plane and thirteen of various components (mainly un-named), 22 x 15, some highlighted with colour, some production annotations and other production marks, G to VG, 20 (Illustration page ) 60-80
158.    MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, mixed periods, inc. USA, album with full sheets of 100 Christmas stamps (labels); stock book, Christmas, Charity, Political, Educational; two stockbooks, Polish (200), complete and part sets, 1962-1972; & Swedish (200), G to EX, Qty. 40-60
159.    THEATRE, programmes & handbills, Music Hall and Variety, 1930's-40's, inc. Darlington Hippodrome, Lewisham Hippodrome, Croydon Empire, Theatre Royal Chatham, Swindon Playhouse, Birmingham Blackpool Week; Tommy Trinder, Cyril Fletcher, Hettie King, Eva May Wong, Herschel Henliere, Albert Sandler etc., VG to EX, 53* 30-50
160.    STAR TREK, comic by Gold Key, The Day of the Inquisitor Parts 1 & 2 (Ref. No. 90210-211), tears to spine, some creasing, about G 30-50
161.    JAMES BOND, comic by DC, Showcase Presents Dr No by Ian Fleming, creasing and tears to covers and spine, FR to G 100-150
162.    CINEMA, The Alamo selection, FoH stills (5+1), lobby cards (4), campaign books (2) & posters (4), a few foreign, FR to VG, 15 + 1 30-50
163.    POSTCARDS, Chigwell, inc. Church, The Green, Theydon Bois Village, Keepers Lodge Bushwood; Buckhurst Hill, Roebuck Hotel, Pond & Church, The Green; Leytonstone, Pond, Whipps Cross Road; Ilford, inc. The Lake, Old Lodge, The Cascade, The Wash; Chingford, Royal Forest Hotel, Connaught Waters, Robin Hood's Cabin, Children's Pond, Church etc., pu (32), corner knocks, foxing etc., VR, 55* 25-35
164.    POSTCARDS, Tucks Picturesque Essex, Series I & II, duplication, pu (5), a.c.m. (1), G, 4 + 5 25-35
165.    POSTCARDS, Waltham, inc. Windmill, Abbey, Cross, Cattle Market, Highams Park, Keepers Lodge, High Beech, King's Oak Hotel, High Beech Church; Woodford Green, Kendon's Pond, Woodford Road, Cottage Hospital, Wanstead Park, Keeper's Cottages, Swiss Cottage, Bandstand, Church, Lake; Loughton, High Road, Church, Lych Gate, Baldwin's Hill, Woodbury Hill, Pond, King's Oak etc., pu (23), some with a.m.r., some creasing, corner knocks, foxing etc., VR, 50* 25-35
166.    POSTCARDS, Epping Forest, inc. High Beech Church, Rustic Bridge, The Merry Fiddlers, Macedonian Gipsies, The Green Drive, Connaught Waters & Boat House, Hale End, Mott Street, High Street, The Fountain, Forest Road, The Fairmead Oak, Old Roman Encampment, The Green Ride, Lake, Bury Farm, deer, High Beech Church, Connaught Waters, Theydon Green etc., pu (39), slight duplication, corner knocks, foxing etc., good VR, 76* 25-35
167.    CHILDRENS BOOK, hardback edition of Toby The Tram Engine by The Rev W Awdry, with grey boards and red titles (stained), slight damage to spine, some pages loose, some pages repaired with tape, edge knocks, ownership name written to inside cover etc., FR 30-50
168.    CHILDRENS BOOK, hardback edition of Gordon The Big Engine by The Rev W Awdry, with brown boards and gold titles (stained), slight damage to spine, cover detached, pages loose, some pages repaired with tape, two pages heavily scuffed, edge knocks to pages and one with slight tear etc., P 25-35
169.    CHILDRENS BOOK, hardback edition of The Three Railway Engines by The Rev W Awdry, with cream boards and green titles (heavily stained), damage to spine, cover detached, pages loose, edge knocks to pages, P 30-50
170.    CIGAR BANDS, selection, complete & part sets, inc. Thunderbirds, aviation, airlines, pilots, space etc., mixed sizes, VG to EX, Qty. 25-35
171.    LABELS, orange crate labels, mainly 1950s, inc. Carnation, Wayne, Burnham, Hustler, Golden State, Shamrock. Jim Dandy, Rain Cross, Golden Rod, Kings Cadets, Goleta etc., some other fruit, many illustrated, G to EX, 145* 25-35
172.    CIGAR BOX LABELS, selection of larger labels, most well illustrated & embossed, inc. Ruskin, Mephisto, Socrates, Rembrandt, Atlantic Clipper, Queen Wilhelmina, Wodan, Alczar, Cocosa, Honeysuckle, Presto, Omor etc., G to VG, 93* 40-60
173.    BOOK, large format hardback edition of Images of the Norman Conquest (1866), with 42 large engravings (20 x 9.5), damage to spine, G 25-35
174.    MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, mainly box labels, a few ARTB (32), inc. Australia, Brymay Redheads, Federal; Chinese, Swedish, India etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, Qty. 25-35
175.    AGRICULTURE, magazines, bound volumes of Farm Field & Fireside, March 1903 (Vol. 33) to September 1905 (Vol. 37), some water damage (one back cover heavily stained) & loose internal spines, FR to G, 5 30-50
176.    MAGAZINES, The Graphic, 1899-1902, some loose covers & tears to edges, P to VG, 50* 40-60
177.    ROYALTY, selection, inc. newspapers, magazines, supplements, souvenir brochures; OK, TV/Radio Times, Coronation Pee-Show Book, Titbits Coronation Souvenir 1937, Punch Coronation Number 1953, Diana, The Queen, William & Kate, Queen Mother, Charles & Camilla, weddings, children, Jubilees; commemorative covers (13); hardback editions, Coronation Souvenir Book 1937, Charles A Prince of Our Time, A Dress For Diana, Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1992, The Reign of Elizabeth II, The Queen Mother's Century, William & Catherine, Princess Michael of Kent etc., FR to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 30-50
178.    PIN BADGES, selection, 1960s-1980s, inc. transport, flags, foreign, costumes, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, cigars, petrol etc., G to EX, 1000s 30-40
179.    PHONE CARDS, worldwide selection, inc. Mercury, International, Paytelco, BT, animals, underground, views, aircraft, hotels, advertising, Post Office etc., VG to EX, 650* 25-35
180.    KEYRINGS, collection, 1950s-1970s, mainly advertising, some rusting, FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
181.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. telegrams, booklets (few photography), empty albums, inc. Daily Herald, letters, p/cs, cigar box labels, few photos, Scout magazine 1909 etc., good VR, Qty. 25-35
182.    PLAYING CARDS, complete packs (63, not checked), inc. Waddingtons, Goodalls, Anchor, Harry Potter, Royalty, foreign etc., some early, FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
183.    CHEESE, selection, inc. labels, mainly circular, Zingg, Mona, Meadow, Green Valley; a few boxes, collector magazines etc., G to EX, 1000+ 25-35
184.    COMICS, Eagle, mainly 1950s-1960s, some tears to edges, G to VG, 138* 30-40
185.    TOBACCO, selection of BAT registration certificates, each with information of brands, inc. images, logos, dates of issue; Players, Ogdens, Lambert & Butler, Benson & Hedges, Bell, Havana, some overseas etc., good VR, 100s 30-50
186.    BEER LABELS, large worldwide collection, inc. Everards, NZ Breweries Ltd., Carlsberg, Old Blue, Rocky Light, Mild 68, Daredevil etc., mixed shapes and sizes, G to EX, 1000s 30-50
187.    PERFUME, scented perfume sample cards, mainly 1980s, inc. Gucci, YSL, Nini Ricci, Channel, Hugo Boss, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Lancome; Vietnam, Japan, China, Laos, Thailand, India, Morocco, USA etc., duplication, VG to EX, 1000s 30-40
188.    MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, inc. Swiss Skillets (570), German Alliance sets, Dutch etc., mounted to pages in two ring binders & loose, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
189.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. Greetings (in Album & Loose), Advert Cards, Manufactures, Sub-Sets of Chocolate Bar Wrappers, Kelloggs Beatrix Potter Inserts (4), Magazine Inserts & Illustrations, empty cigarette packets, unused placename cards, 1930s Invoices for Players, Franklyn Davey, Phillips, Carreras, Wills, Ogdens (13), Menu, 30-50
190.    COMICS, Gold Key issues etc., inc. Moby Dick, Lord Jim, The Lucy Show, 55 Days at Peking, Mutiny on the Bounty, Bonanza, Buffalo Bill, The Animal World, The Mod Squad, Lawman, Roy Rogers (3), Western Roundup (5), Ben Hur etc., some creasing and foxing, good VR, 43* 25-35
191.    COMICS, John Wayne selection, inc Gold Key issue etc., John Wayne Adventure Comics (12+1), Westerns (8+1), Circus World, The Wings of Eagles, Hatari etc., some creasing and foxing, good VR, 26 + 2 25-35
192.    COMICS, Classics Illustrated, range from No. 1 The Three Musketeers to No. 169 Negro Americans, missing 40 issues (list available), duplicates (5), variations (9); together with Classics Illustrated Junior (3), Special Issues (5), some creasing and foxing, good VR, 137* + 17* 50-80
193.    COMICS, selection, mainly 1950s-60s, inc. Walt Disney Weekly (4), Eagle (40), Girl (17), Swift, Beezer, TV Comic etc., together with three story boards for Eagle, TV Action etc., each with annotation and damage to edges, FR to VG, 90* 40-60
194.    SELECTION, inc. card games (23), Crime Club Card Game, Wild West (2), Davy Crockett, Famous Five, Sooty, Robin Hood, Dan Dare etc., most in boxes (some damage or missing tabs); c/c, complete (5), Players (4), Dogs (scenic), British Naval Craft (large), Dickens 1st & 2nd, Wills (1); part sets etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
195.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, UK, modern, inc. flowers, animals, art, rainbows, forests, piers, coastal, statues, buildings, St. Sc., canals, castles, railway, hotels, gardens, many Worcester, Middlesex, Rutland, Devon, Stamford, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire etc., mixed sizes, duplication, G to EX, 1500* 30-50
196.    SELECTION, inc. RSC programmes (modern, 27); Our King & Queen magazine (5, covers detached and tears to edges); books on fashion and costumes (10) etc., P to G, Qty. 25-35
197.    BOOKS, inc. Durham Contemporary Biographies (leather bound), Land Of Burns (spine and pages loose, creasing and tears to edges); together with a photo album containing empty floral decorated pages with cut-outs for photos, covers detached, P, 3 25-35
198.    CHILDRENS BOOKS, inc. Timothy's Garden (A Children's Play by Kitty Barnes), Poems of Pleasure, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Green Toby Jug, The Wind Fairies, Children's Stories From Shakespeare etc., some with ownership name to inside cover, spines damages, pages and/or covers loose, P to about G, 16 30-50
199.    BOOKS, mainly hardback editions, inc. Lorna Doone, The Essays of Elia, Christmas Books - Dickens, The Pioneers by J F Cooper, The Channings by Mrs Henry Wood etc., spines damages, pages and/or covers loose, fading to covers, P to about G, 9 25-35
200.    FAULKNER, Police Terms, complete, repaired (1), FR to generally G, 12 (Illustration page 1) 60-80
201.    TADDY, Heraldry Series, complete, G to VG, 25 80-120
202.    FAULKNER, Our Gallant Grenadiers (1-20), complete, no clause, G to VG, 20 (Illustration page 1) 80-120
203.    MIXED, odds, inc. Cohen Weenen Owners (1) Jockeys (9) Footballers Cricketers; Cash & Co War Series (3), Hignett Company Drill (10), Hill Dickens Classics (40), Phillips Beauties (4), Copes (5), Muratti (4) etc., G to EX, 65* (Illustration page 1) 50-70
204.    BROOKE BOND, USA, inc. Canadian/American Songbirds (31), Tropical Birds (9) & Butterflies of North America (36), slight duplication, G to VG, 76* 50-70
205.    THOMSON, Star Footballers (metal), inc. Chelsea, Everton, Aston Villa, WBA & Huddersfield, slight paint loss, FR to generally G, 5 (Illustration page 2) 40-60
206.    A. & B.C. GUM, Land of the Giants, missing Nos. 49-51 & 55, VG to EX, 51 40-60
207.    A. & B.C. GUM, Civil War News, complete, with banknotes (11), checklist used, slight scuffing to edges, about G to VG, 88 + 11 (Illustration page 3) 60-80
208.    OGDENS, complete (5), inc. Poultry Alphabet, Optical Illusions, Picturesque People, Whaling (two duplicates), Zoo Studies, FR to VG, 300 30-50
209.    MIXED, complete (5), inc. Wills Britain's Defenders (Scissors), Churchmans History & Development, Lambert & Butler Interesting Sidelights, Ogdens Sea Adventure, Carreras Birds of the Countryside, G to EX, 250 30-50
210.    BROOKE BOND, Butterflies of the World, complete, Rhodesian, EX, 50 (Illustration page 1)
211.    AFRICAN T.C., Popular Dogs, complete, medium RP, VG to EX, 48 60-80
212.    ROLDAN, Tour du Monde (Views of the World), complete, El Peru backs, crease to No. 83, FR to VG, 84 (Illustration page 3) 300-350
213.    LOMBARD, Marine (Ships), featuring Rin Tin Tin by Herge, 127 x 196mm paper issue, mixed backs & series, G to EX, 34* 35-45
214.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold - General Interest (Base D), inc. 1-200 (127), 201-500 (20), 501-900 (24) & 901 onwards (2), some variations & duplicates, slight scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 173* (Illustration page 2) 150-160
215.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold - General Interest (Base E), inc. 1-200 (40), 201-500 (27) & 501-900 (35), some variations, slight scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 102* 80-120
216.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold - General Interest (Base F), inc. 1-200 (157), 201-500 (10), 501-900 (85) & 901 onwards (20), some variations & duplicates, slight scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 272* 230-260
217.    EGYPTIAN CIG. MFG. CO., inc. Actresses (17) etc., blue backs, most with tears to backs, some creasing, FR to G, 19 (Illustration page 1) 120-150
218.    MONOPOLIO ITALIANI TABACCHI, Seria di Vedute di Englitera (English Views), from a set of 25, No. 10 Spagnolette Macedonia (red) backs, VG to EX, 22 (Illustration page 2) 350-450
219.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, mixed backs, slight duplication, about G to VG, 80* 30-50
220.    NICHOLLS, Orders of Chivalry, complete, corner knocks, FR to G, 50 40-60
221.    GALLAHER, The South African Series, FR to G, 24 30-50
222.    BENSON & HEDGES, Ancient & Modern Fire-Fighting Equipment, complete, Canadian paper issue, VG to EX, 48 (Illustration page 2) 80-120
223.    MACNAUGHTON JENKINS, Various Uses of Rubber, missing Nos. 9 & 35, FR to VG, 48 60-80
224.    MIXED, complete (5), inc. Illingworth Old Hostels, Gallaher The Reason Why, Churchmans Story of Navigation (large), Wills Old Inns 2nd; Players Wild Animals 2nd (large), The Royal Family, G to EX, 203 30-50
225.    TRADE, shaped advert cards, inc. Cadbury cocoa bean, Mellins corner bookmark, Maypole dancer, Bourneville tin & Pearce calendar (1940), G to EX, 5 25-35
226.    FOOTBALL, complete (2), Footballers 1994-1995, by Ritchie & Co. (2) & South Wales Police, EX to MT, 40 30-50
227.    RITCHIE & CO., golf, complete (2), The Ryder Cup 1993, Fairway Favourites, EX to MT, 50 (Illustration page 2) 30-50
228.    RAILWAY, card game, Express, complete (44 cards), with four stations, rules booklet and two clipped panels from box, G to EX, 48+ 40-60
229.    TRADE, complete (5), inc. large (3), Chix Funny Old Folk, Panini Crazy Stickers, Weetabix The Western Story; Primrose Popeye 3rd & 4th, VG to EX, 228 40-50
230.    COPE, Dogs of the World, complete, English text, a few slight corner knocks, G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 2) 200-300
231.    WILLS, Movie Stars, complete, overseas, VG to EX, 48 50-70
232.    ABDULLA, Cinema Stars (Set 1), complete, VG to EX, 52 60-80
233.    BRITISH AUTOMATIC, complete (2), Famous Trains 2nd, British Locomotives, VG, 48 25-35
234.    PHILLIPS, Sports (package issues), Footballers, all card, mixed trim, G to VG, 55* 30-50
235.    PHILLIPS, Sports (package issues), Footballers, all paper, orange (76) & blue frames, some trimmed within borders, about G to VG, 95* 50-70
236.    MIXED, complete (2), Greyhound Racing 2nd, Mitchell Old Sporting Prints, Sinclair Champion Dogs 1st, Hill Scenes from the Films, G to EX, 144 30-50
237.    GEORGE BELL AND SONS, Bell's Elementary French Picture Cards, Nos. 1-7, 10, 12-14 & 16 (2)., art-style images to fronts (by M. Montbard) and French questions about the scenes to backs, 140 x 90mm, unlisted, tears to edges (2) & corner knocks., FR to G, 12 + 1 40-60
238.    PLAYERS, complete (4), Cats, Types of Horses, Cricketers by RIP, Dogs' Heads (unissued), VG to MT, 150 40-60
239.    PHILLIPS, part sets & odds, inc. Busts (12), Monuments (4), Animal Series (15), British Warships (8, 4 large), Indian (7), Beauties (mixed), Guinea Gold, Cricketers (3, large brown back) etc., FR to VG, 104* 40-60
240.    C.W.S., 3-D Factory Views, showing production of various products, 96 x 109mm paper issue, VG, 6 (Illustration page ) 60-80
241.    TRADE, better part sets, inc. Fry Nursery Rhymes (38), Tetley British Birds (47), Wall Dr. Who (35), Wand Commemoration Stamps (24), a few creased, FR to EX, 135* 30-50
242.    TYPHOO, football package issues, International Football Stars 1st & 2nd (complete), Football Stars - New Series (10), mainly neat trim, FR to VG, 58 30-50
243.    TYPHOO, football package issues, Famous Football Clubs, 1st & 2nd (complete), 'Second Series' (21), mainly neat trim, FR to VG, 69 30-50
244.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Adkin Sporting Cups (17), Clarke Butterflies (7) & Marine (4), Collins (6), Thomson & Porteous, Baker, Bewlay, Miranda, Richmond Cavendish, Goodbody, Ray, Stevens, Mentors, Reliance, Ruddell, Adcock etc., some creasing, scuffing & corner damage, P to G, 100* 30-50
245.    SMITH, Medals, mixed backs, duplication, creased (20) & corner knocks, P to G, 89* 40-60
246.    SMITH, Battlefields of Great Britain, mixed backs, creased (5) & corner knocks, P to G, 29 + 5 40-60
247.    SMITH, Champions of Sport. Nos. 1, 6, 8, 11-14, 17, 23, 30 & 44, creased (5) & scuffing to black edges (some heavy), P to about G, 11 40-60
248.    SMITH, A Tour Round the World, p/c backs, creased (9) & corner knocks, P to G, 36 40-60
249.    PLAYERS, Cities of the World, complete, duplication, some staining & corner knocks, P (3) to G, 50 + 25 30-50
250.    HILL, part sets, inc. Celebrities of Sport (12), Famous Footballers, Hill (7) & address (11) backs; Famous Cricketers (15), inc South Africa (9), Caricatures (14), FR to VG, 68* 30-40
251.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, complete, duplication, creased (4), a.m.r. & corner knocks, P to G, 50 + 17 40-60
252.    WILLS, Kings & Queens (1898), complete, short, grey, scuff to front (1) & back (1), corner knocks, FR to G, 50 30-50
253.    FILA, part sets, inc. Pirates, Costumes, Road Safety, Arms & Armour etc. Italian trade issue, G to EX, 60* (Illustration page 2) 60-70
254.    LIEBIG, Children in Old German Costumes, complete, S.93, French, trimmed to top edge (1), about G to VG, 6 80-120
255.    LIEBIG, Girls in Branches, complete, S.94, French, G to VG, 6 60-80
256.    LIEBIG, Girls in Costumes with Jars of Liebig, complete, S.95, French, staining to backs, G, 6 60-80
257.    LIEBIG, A Boating Accident, complete, S.100, Italian, G to VG, 6 80-120
258.    LIEBIG, Birds (inset left), complete, S.102, French, about G to VG, 6 (Illustration page 4) 80-120
259.    LIEBIG, Silhouettes of German Artists (opera scenes), complete, p/b proofs, S.684, German, VG, 6 30-50
260.    PALMIN, Kraftfahrzeuge (Motor Vehicles), complete, Series 88, inc. motorcycle, fire tender, bus etc., three with 'Ungultig' (invalid) stamp to reverse, G to VG, 6 (Illustration page 4) 120-140
261.    PALMIN, Leoncavallos Oper Die Bajazzi - I Pagliacci, complete, Series 2161, showing characters, scenes & scores, G to VG, 6 100-150
262.    PALMIN, Kinder mit Roten Kleidern (comic scenes with children), complete (2), Series 85 (white & red) & 86 (red & white), latter set with all six cards with 'Ungultig' stamp to reverse, G to VG, 12 70-90
263.    TRADE, European selection, inc. Poulain, Suchard, Wesenberg, Beriot, Wilcox & White, Au Bon Marche etc., some a.m.r. & staining, about G, 100* 30-40
264.    TOPPS, 1975 Footballers, complete, EX, 220 120-160
265.    TOPPS, 1976 Footballers, complete, EX, 330 180-220
266.    TOPPS, 1977 Footballers, complete, EX, 330 160-180
267.    TOPPS, 1978 Footballers, complete, EX, 396 50-70
268.    TOPPS, 1979 Footballers, complete, EX, 396 160-180
269.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, Rulers with their Flags, large silks, some slight fraying, G to VG, 24 70-90
270.    WIX A. & M., Cinema Cavalcade 2nd, small (54), large (46) & extra-large (46), VG to EX, 146* 30-50
271.    PLAYERS, large, complete (8), inc. Wildfowl, Portals, Ship's Figure-Heads, Horses, Hunting Prints, British Naval Craft, Regalia, Naval Prints, VG to EX, 200 40-60
272.    EPHEMERA, mixed selection, inc. The Battle of Trafalgar plate by Danbury Mint, prints from magazines, f/g (15), overmounted (8); magazines (8), inc. Leader 1942 (2), 1948 (1), reproduction newspapers (8), tour guides (9), Rothman's Collection of Rare Banknotes, FDCs (11), mainly railway; signed photo by Fred Dibnah, walking stick mounts (28), Cadbury Airlines of the World, reproduction t/c etc; together with Giles annuals, mainly softback editions, inc. Nos. 8, 10, 1115-22, 24-38-45, 47-48, 50-52, 55, 59, 60, 63-66 & 68 (2015); anthologies, re-issues etc., hardback (11), duplication, a few ownership names to inside covers, some coupons clipped, FR to EX, Qty. (three boxes) 30-50
273.    FOOTBALL, trade selection, inc. Topical Times, Great Players, Miniature Panel Portraits (both complete with album); A&BC 1980 triples (66), Sun Swap Cards (99), Pro-Set etc., G to EX, 1200* 40-60
274.    MIXED, selection, complete & part sets, inc. Bassett UFO (complete), KFC Star Wars, Topps Dr. Who, Deckmaster Vampire, Barratt, Venorlandus, Amalgamated Press etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
275.    SILKS, complete and part sets, inc. Lea, Butterflies & Moths (large & premium), Regimental Crests; Wix British Empire Flags (both); Phillips, Heraldic Series, Orders of Chivalry, Flags etc., FR to EX, 400* 30-50
276.    MIXED, odds, inc. Wills, Churchman, Players, Hill, Pattreiouex, Gallaher, Sarony etc., G to VG, 100s 30-40
277.    MIXED, complete (15), inc. Players Cricketers 1934 & 1938; Phillips medium (4), Millhoff Antique Pottery (large & small); Gallaher (7), Beautiful Scotland (large), Plants of Commercial Value, cinema (5), G to EX, 733* 40-60
278.    SILKS, selection, inc. Lea, Old Pottery & Porcelain, Regimental; Phillips, Flowers, Ceramic Art, Clan Tartans, Old Masters, Heraldic, Arms etc., corner-mounted in three albums, loose-mounted in two photo flip-albums & laid down in four acetate photo albums, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
279.    STICKERS, mainly European selection, inc. Nestle, Tobler etc., some sets, many removed from albums, FR to VG, 1000s 30-50
280.    GERMAN, tobacco issues, part sets and odds, inc. military, costumes, types, fairy tales, colonies, etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
281.    TRADE, mainly part sets & odds, inc. Warne Observer booklets (3), A&BC Flags, Robertson (20), Shredded Wheat World Cup Willie jigsaw, Brooke Bond Dinosaurs, Huntley & Palmer, Nestle, tazos, pogs etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
282.    MIXED, part sets and odds, inc. Wills, Players, Weetabix, Morning Foods, Carreras, Kane, Pattreiouex, Sweetule, Arbuckle, Kenney, Stamper, Woolson Spice Co etc., many with a.m.r., P to G, Qty. 25-35
283.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Phillips, Lambert & Butler, Players, Wills, Gallaher, Typhoo long etc., in three modern albums, a few with a.c.m., FR to VG, Qty. 25-35
284.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Barratt, Space 1999, Interpol, Tarzan; Phillips Real Stamp Cards (200), Ardath Photocards, Ogdens Guinea Gold (heavy scuffing to edges), Liebig Story of Gas (complete) etc., FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
285.    REPRODUCTION, complete (68), inc. Players, Ogdens, Wills, Taddy, Gallaher, Cohen Weenen, Sinclair, Carreras etc., EX to MT, Qty. 30-40
286.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. football, The Sun, A & B C, Barratt, Lamberts, Golden Wonder, Fleetway, Master Vending, Kelloggs, Gaycon, Panini Football Special 79 stickers etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
287.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Phillips Sportsmen - inverted (complete), Wix, Wills, Players, Cavanders, Smith, Ogdens, Millhoff, Lambert & Butler etc., corner knocks, FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
288.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers selection, medium and small, mainly in op, some empty op, G to VG, Qty. 30-50
289.    MIXED, selection, mainly Wills & Players, a few laid down 1d albums, good VR, 4500* 30-50
290.    MIXED, selection, inc. part sets & odds (corner-mounted in three albums), Wills Kings & Queens & Locomotives, Players, Ogdens, Churchmans etc; laid down 1d albums (17), Ogdens, Players etc., good VR, Qty. 30-50
291.    MIXED, selection, inc. trade sets, mainly Brooke Bond; part sets & odds (230), Wills, Mining, Time & Money; Players, Celebrated Gateways, Cycling; Hignett Greetings, Lambert & Butler Worlds Locomotives; empty albums, 11 x 7.25 (11) & longer (2), good VR, Qty. 30-50
292.    ODGES, Guinea Gold (numbered series), part set (190) with duplication (335), in three hardback albums and two other empty albums (all damages to spine & pages), P to G, 525+ 30-50
293.    MIXED, sets laid down in 1d albums (mainly complete), inc. Mitchell, Scottish Footballers, Empire Exhibition; Ogdens, Football Club Captains, Trick Billiards; Lea Film Stars 1st & 2nd, Churchmans British Empire (two styles), many Players (a few transfers), Ardath, Carreras etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, 45* 30-50
294.    SELECTION, inc. part sets & odds, Gallaher, Players, Wills, Brooke Bond, Hill, Churchman, Phillips, Grandee, Doncella etc; reference books & pamphlets (22), some CSGB issues, G to EX, Qty. 30-40
295.    MIXED, mainly part sets & odd, inc. Lambert & Butler, Gallaher, Wills, Players, Brooke Bond, Master Vending, A. & B.C. Gum, Coleccao Aguia, Kelloggs, Stollwerck, Warne; silks, Lea, Phillips, Wix etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
296.    SELECTION, inc. part sets cornered in albums, Kelloggs, Bibby, Lyons, Shell, Stollwerck, Sunlight, Pattreiouex etc; laid down 1d (30) & 3d; military packet issues (mainly premium size), Weetabix plastic viewer & 3-D part sets etc., G to EXC, Qty. 30-50
297.    SELECTION, inc. part sets & odds, Wills, Players, Gallaher, Pattreiouex; uncut silk sheets, Muratti Flags (2), SATC Rugs; Wix p/c Flowers (10 sewn together); chocolate wrappers, albums & charts, CSGB Convention cards etc., FR to MT, Qty. 30-50
298.    BARRATT, sweet cigarette packets, inc. Football, Cricket, Cars of the World, Knight Rider, Asterix, Space 1999 etc., with sliders (30), duplication, some crush damage, G to VG, 68* 30-50
299.    WILLS, complete (23), inc. Butterflies & Moths, Heraldic Signs (both large); Flags of the Empire 1st & 2nd, British Butterflies, Britain's Part in the War, Cinema Stars 12st & 2nd, English period Costumes, Overseas Dominions, floral, Gems etc., some duplicated cards, in two modern albums, FR to EX, 1024+ 30-50
300.    PLAYERS, complete (15), inc. British Empire, Dogs (full length), Army Life, Poultry, Thackeray, Dickens 1st, Gilbert & Sullivan 1st & 2nd etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 650 30-50
301.    MIXED, complete (12), inc. Lambert & Butler Pirate & Highwaymen, Ogdens Sea Adventure; Phillips (3), Soldiers, British Butterflies; BAT International Air Liners, Allman Coronation, Ogdens etc., in modern album, G to EX, 455* 30-50
302.    MIXED, complete (15+1), inc. Cavanders (4+1), Ancient Egypt (2) & Chinese, School Badges, Nations Shrines; Churchmans (2), Houses of Parliament, Curious Signs; Lea Famous Views, Ardath Famous Landmarks, Gallaher etc., in modern album, G to VG, 510* 30-50
303.    MIXED, complete (10), inc. J. Wix (4), British Empire silk Flags (both), Coronation, Builders of the Empire; BAT Picturesque People, Woods Aesops Fables, A. & M. Wix Speed etc., in modern album, G to VG, 625* 30-50
304.    MIXED, complete (14+1), inc. Players (6+1), RAF Badges, Ships Figureheads (2), Shakespeare; United Services Ancient Warriors, UK Tob. Co. British Orders, Taddy & Co., Taddy Clowns (reprint) etc., in modern album, G to VG, 520* 30-50
305.    MIXED, complete (13), inc. CWS (3), Wayside Flowers, Famous Buildings, Sailing Craft; Drapkin (3), Celebrities of the Great War, Girls of Many Lands; Peter Jackson Life in the Navy, Lambert & Butler British Trees, Dominion Old Ships, reprints (3) etc., in modern album, G to VG, 496* 30-50
306.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. BAT, Celebrities of Film & Stage (large, 14), Etchings Dogs (16), mixed Siamese (47); Cavanders (5) & anon (17) Regimental Crests (large), Franklyn Davey Historic Events (37), Gerard Screen Favourites & Dancers (38), CWS, Cohen Weenen etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 190* 70-90
307.    TYPHOO, complete (15), Inc. long (12), British Birds, Swiss Family Robinson, Interesting Events, Trees, Wild Flowers 1st & 2nd, Wonder Cities, Homes, Horses, Shakespeare, Animals Offence & Defence; Ancient & Annual Customs, Wild Flowers etc., in modern album, G to EX, 373* 40-60
308.    ARDATH, RP, large & extra-large, Photocards & Real Photographs, inc. beauties, views etc., in modern album, G to EX, 278* 30-40
309.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Pattreiouex Counties (19, a.m.r.); Wills, Recruiting Posters (complete), Cricketers 1908 (3), Fish & Bait (49), Military Motors (100) etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 360* 30-50
310.    MIXED, part sets & odds, Ogdens & Gallaher inc. Boy Scouts mixed (100), Poultry (11), Trainers & Owners Colours (13), Derby Entrants 1926 & 1928 (11), Pottery (46), ABC of Sport (complete); Famous Jockeys, Animals & Birds etc., slight duplication, in modern album, some a.m.r. & tears to backs, P to VG, 550* 50-70
311.    TYPHOO, package issues, mainly part sets, inc. complete (4), Do You Know, Great Voyages; Travel, with (complete) & without (18) frame; Wild Animals, one (complete) & two (24) framelines, in modern album, mainly neat trim, G to VG, 140* 30-40
312.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Adkin, Notabilities (6), War Trophies (3), Character Sketches (5); Paterson Balloons (42), Abdulla Cinema Stars (14/32), Mills (55), Anstie (40) etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 280* 30-50
313.    CHOCOLATE WRAPPERS, modern selection, inc. Cadbury Furry Friends (complete), Nestle Animal Bar (30); Pixar, Edward Monkton; Cailler, Suchard & other overseas etc., in modern album, G to MT, Qty. 30-40
314.    B.A.T., part sets & odds, inc. printed backs, Lighthouses (29), Modern Warfare (31), Prehistoric Animals (13), War Incidents (40), Who's Who in Sport (18), World of Sport (28); plain backs, Drum Horses (8), Heroic Deeds (25) etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 430* 40-60
315.    CARRERAS, part sets & odds, inc. Turf slides, Footballers (27), Olympics (20), Sports (33), Famous Cricketers (16), Famous Film Stars, Flyers etc. (some rough trim); Notable Ships (15), Popular Personalities (70) etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 325* 30-50
316.    CARRERAS, part sets & odds, inc. Cricketers (26), Famous Film Stars (67), Christie Comedy Girls (16), Footballers (58+40), Film & Stage Beauties, Battle of Waterloo, Film Favourites etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 500* 40-60
317.    TRADE, complete (14), inc. Kane, Red Indians 1st & 2nd, Roy Rogers; Kelloggs International Soccer Stars, Barratt Football 1986/7, Beano Buses & Trams, British Automatic British Locomotives etc., in modern album, G to EX, 460* 30-50
318.    TYPHOO, selection, inc. complete (16), Animal Offence & Defense, British Birds & Eggs, Tale of Two Cities, Whilst We Sleep; part sets & odds, Animal Friends of Man, Calendars, Nursery Rhymes, Lorna Doone, Work on the Farm etc., in modern album, duplication, FR to EX, 450* 30-50
319.    TRADE, mainly part sets & odds, inc. Universal Trains (complete), E&S CWS Victorian Days (14), Barratt Birds (16) & Warriors (13), Cadet Footballers (24), Sweetule Stamps (5) & Modern Aircraft (25), Cartledge Famous Prize Fighters (9); Brooke Bond, Out into Space (with, 7), Bird Portraits etc., in two modern albums, slight duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
320.    MIXED, parts sets & odds, inc. Players (sport), Footballers 1928 (12) & RIP (39), Tennis (55), Cricketers 1934 (34) & 1938 (44); Churchmans, Inns of Court, Empire Railways, British Film Stars, Ties, Cricket; Cavanders, Ancient Chinese etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to EX, 750* 30-50
321.    MIXED, complete (32), inc. Wills, Old Inns 2nd, Players RAF Badges, Kings & Queens, Polar 1st & 2nd, Ogdens Modern British Pottery, Art Photogravures, Westminster, Grandee, Gallaher, Cavanders Ancient Egypt, Embassy. Castella, Phillips Shots from the Films, Film Favourites, Churchmans Boxing Personalities, Brooke Bond, reprints (2) etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to EX, 1500* 30-50
322.    MIXED, complete (23), inc. Gallaher, complete (11+2), British Birds, Butterflies & Moths, Trains, Army Badges (2), cinema (4+1); Churchmans Boxing Personalities; Players Wild Animals Heads, Riders of the World; Embassy, Rockwell (3), reprints (1) etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to EX, 1035* 30-50
323.    WILLS, complete (20), inc. Speed, Life in the Treetops, Romance of the Heavens, Fish & Bait, Roses (mixed), Racehorses & Jockeys, Old Inns 2nd, Old Silver, Old Furniture, Railway Engines, reprints etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to EX, 920* 30-50
324.    WILLS, complete (25), inc. Cricketers 2nd, Racehorses & Jockeys 1938, Overseas Dominions, Arms Of Companies, floral, DYK, Speed, Railway Engines, reprints (2) etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to EX, 1250* 30-50
325.    PLAYERS, complete (20), inc. Racing Yachts, Regimental Uniforms, Nature Series, History of Naval Dress, Products, Military Head-Dress, Miniatures, Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu, Kings & Queens (5) etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 900* 30-50
326.    PLAYERS, complete (20), inc. Film Stars 3rd, Riders of their World, Modern Naval Craft, ACW, Shakespearean, Gilbert & Sullivan, Cycling, Cries, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, RAF Badges, Dickens, Tennis, Wild Birds, Polar, reprints (2) etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 850* 30-50
327.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Gallaher, Kute Kiddies (60, most with tears to backs), Fables & Their Morals (18); Player, Famous Irish-Bred Racehorses (20), Racehorses (9), Army Life (13), Faulkner Prominent Racehorses (28), Copes Flags Arms & Types (10), Lea English Birds (10); Smith, Wills Lambert & Butler, Sarony, Boguslavsky etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 500* 60-80
328.    SHELDON DRUG CO., Rexona Beaty Girls, Nos. 9, 10 & 22, 45 x x70mm, Australia, foxing, G, 3 (Illustration page 3) 30-50
329.    CHARLESWORTH & AUSTIN, Cricketers Series, No. 6 Ranjitsinhji, small scuff & stain to image, FR 30-50
330.    HENRY CLAY & BOCK, Sports Series, No. 211 Cricket (bowling), medium, creased & scuff to back, about G 30-40
331.    SMALL. West Indies Cricketers (1930), No. 9 Griffith, Australian trade issue, small corner crease, G 30-50
332.    ALLEN, Cricketers - Bradman's Records, No. 9, Australian trade issue, EX 30-50
333.    GRIFFITHS, Australian Cricketers (1937), Woodfull, black back, VG 30-50
334.    GRIFFITHS, English Cricketers (1938), Hammond, brown back, VG 30-50
335.    PLAYERS, ITC Weekly Cricket Competition 1933, advert card, rules & unused entry card, VG to EX, 3 30-40
336.    ADVERT, postcard, Have You Any Cigarette Cards?, tobacconist shop, pub. By Valentines, serrated edges, VG (Illustration page 6) 30-40
337.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, Age 8, scuff to edge, G 30-40
338.    HESS, Terms of Poker, Two Of A Kind, scuff to backs of two corners, about G (Illustration page 3) 30-50
339.    HESS, Terms of Poker, Jack Pot, corner knocks, G (Illustration page 3) 40-50
340.    DUKE, History of Poor Boys & Other Famous People, Mary Anderson, booklet, VG (Illustration page 3) 25-35
341.    SCERRI, International Footballers, No. 15, J. Hulme (Arsenal), VG 30-50
342.    SCERRI, International Footballers, No. 7, J. Barker (Derby County), EX 30-50
343.    CHURCHMANS, Beauties CERF, see CSGB ref. H57 No. 4, VG (Illustration page 3) 30-50
344.    CHURCHMANS, Beauties CERF, see CSGB ref. H57 No. 6, VG (Illustration page 3) 30-50
345.    CHURCHMANS, Beauties CERF, see CSGB ref. H57 No. 10, VG 30-50
346.    WYNEN, Tanzerinnen aller Welt (Dancing Girls of the World), Deutschland, rare German tobacco issue, EX 25-35
347.    WYNEN, Tanzerinnen aller Welt (Dancing Girls of the World), England, rare German tobacco issue, EX 25-35
348.    WYNEN, Tanzerinnen aller Welt (Dancing Girls of the World), Frankriech, rare German tobacco issue, EX (Illustration page 3) 25-35
349.    PRUDHOE, Army Pictures & Cartoons, Guarding the Old Flag, King George V, corner knocks, about G, 2 (Illustration page 3) 50-70
350.    HODGE, Scottish Views, Lord of the Isles, poor trim (68 x 39mm), FR (Illustration page 3) 80-90
351.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Lohmann (Surrey), VG 40-60
352.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Quaife (Warwickshire), corner crease, G 30-50
353.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Newham, Sussex, VG 40-60
354.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Tyler (Somerset), VG 40-60
355.    JOHN WEST, plastic record, Stainless Stephen, in original printed sleeve, VG 60-70
356.    BOYS OWN, insert prints, 24 x 10.75, inc. Tartans of Some of the Scottish Clans, Some Decorations and Medals of the Allies & Uniforms of Regiments of the British Army - Past & Present, original folds, slight damage to edges, G to VG, 3 40-60
357.    BOYS OWN, insert prints, 16 x 11.5 and smaller, inc. military, Our British Soldiers; old masters, Barnaby Rudge and Grip, Conjecture, Runaway Gun Team; natural history, sea shells, moths etc., small tears to edges, FR to VG, 12 40-60
358.    WHITBREAD, three posters, Historic Whitbread Inn Signs, each showing 62 different signs, commemorating Whitbread's 1981 Presidency of the Licensed Victuallers National Homes, 16.5" x 48", laid down to cards, G to VG, 3 40-60
359.    OGDENS, counter-top showcard for Robin Cigarettes, showing man pulling donkey, man's legs almost detached, damage to edges, FR 40-60
360.    CARRERAS, counter-top showcard for Turf Cigarettes, showing man lighting ladies cigarette, damage to edges, FR 25-35
361.    A.T.C., metal showcard for Old Gold Cigarettes, 17.5 x 9.5, some paint loss & rusting to edges, FR 30-40
362.    TADDY, Autographs, complete set of 25, attractively loose-mounted (to show both sides), some slight scuffing to green edges, VG 160-220
363.    LEA, Miniatures (no border), complete set of 50, attractively loose-mounted (to show both sides), VG to EX 50-70
364.    CHURCH & DWIGHT, cardboard showcard for Arm & Hammer Soda, showing Brook Trout from the Fish Series, in original illustrated company mount (13.5 x 10) with packet & fishing scene, in modern mount with attached copy of the same card, framed & glazed, 23 x 19 overall, VG 40-60
365.    BUCHNER & CO., printed hardback edition, Defenders and Offenders, crude tape repair to spine, scuffing to boards, only FR 400-500
366.    SILKS, selection, inc. Lea, Phillips, Wix; Football Colours, Old Masters, Tartans, War Leaders, Ceramic Art, Birds, Regimental Crests, Flags etc., duplication, in ring-binder, some fraying, FR to VG, 440* 30-50
367.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (5), Wills (2), Beauties (Scissors, 40), Houses of Parliament (Pirate); BAT Warriors (complete); UTC, S.A. Defense (100), SA Flora (complete + 58) etc., FR to VG, 380* 30-50
368.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Gallaher, Tricks & Puzzles (green, 85); Wills, Old Furniture (24), Roses (43); Phillips British Butterflies (24), Churchmans Ties 2nd (49) etc., FR to VG, 450* 30-50
369.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. Useful Plants (complete), Dogs (XL, 11), Kings & Queens (48), Motor Cars 2nd (49), Game Birds & Wild Fowl (49), Fire-Fighting Appliances (49), etc., FR to VG, 625* 30-50
370.    TRADE, complete & part sets, inc. West London Synagogue, Jewish Life, Symbols & Ceremonies; Typhoo Work on the Farm, MacFisheries Japanese, Cadbury, Shell etc., six albums (laid down & empty), FR to VG, 160* 30-50
371.    PLAYERS, complete (15), inc. History of Naval Dress, Gilbert & Sullivan 2nd, Dandies, Association Cup Winners, Napoleon, Players P & P etc., FR to VG, 675 30-50
372.    PLAYERS, complete (11+3), inc. Wild Birds (2), Butterflies (2), Wild Animals Heads, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Dogs Heads (unissued), British Live Stock etc., FR to VG, 600 30-50
373.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Anglo-American wax wrappers (34), Wills Musical Celebrities, Players, Lambert & Butler, Smith, Murray, Gallaher etc., in two period albums & loose, a few trimmed, FR to G, Qty. 30-40
374.    F.K.S., Footballers 1968/9, complete set of 330, laid down (to top edge only) in softback presentation album, some ink writing to Transfer page, creasing to covers, G 30-50
375.    F.K.S., Footballers 1969/70, complete set of 330, laid down (to top edge only) in softback presentation album, with Order Forms intact, some results in ink to League Table & Transfer pages, creasing to covers, G 30-50
376.    F.K.S., Football World Cup - Mexico 1970, complete set of 272, laid down (to top edge only) in softback presentation album, with one Order Form missing, results (mainly) in ink, G 30-50
377.    KELLOGGS, Football - 1994 World Cup, Irish subset, complete, mechanical cards, each in op, MT, 20 30-40
378.    PLAYERS, Cricket Score-Book, 5.25 x 7.75, for Player's Please, first four pages completed in pencil (one match), VG 30-50
379.    BROOKE BOND, African Wild Life, complete, South African, bi-lingual, corner-mounted in softback album, VG, 50 60-80
380.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. adverts (many gold background), table cards; children, dogs, birds, comedy, floral, views, animals, greetings etc., some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* 40-60
381.    MIXED, large, complete (6), Fleetway Football Teams 1959/60; Wills Old Inns 1st, British Castles; Churchmans Holidays in Britain (with & without maps), Phillips Ships That Made History, G to EX, 225 30-50
382.    Wills, Australian odds, inc. Girls of all Nations, War Pictures, Modern War Weapons, Types of the British Army, Britain's Defenders, Stage & Music Hall Celebrities, Birds, Aviation, Royal Mail, Horses of Today, War Incidents, Signalling etc., G to VG, 100* 30-50
383.    MIXED, odds, inc. Smith Mentor, Ruddell, Mitchell, Lea, Roberts, Sanders, ITC of Canada (Newfoundland), Bell, Cadbury, Anstie, Muratti, Pascall, Junior Pastimes etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 50* 40-60
384.    MIXED, odds, inc. Cigarette Co. (Jersey), Bernstein Isaacs, Lambkin, Biggs, Copes, Harvey & Davey, Young, Smith, Goodbody, Reliance, Hill, Rowntree, Ruddell, Northern Confectioners, Australian Licorice etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 50* 40-60
385.    MIXED, odds, inc. Lambert & Butler, Filshill, Slade & Bullock, Spratt, Goodwin, Weekly Welcome, Roberts, Hignett, Redford, Rutter, BAT, Adkin, Faulkner etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 50* 40-60
386.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Lea (205), Coronation (complete), Pottery and Porcelain, Dogs; Cavanders (100), Mitchell (40) & Adkin (24), slight duplication, G to EX, 374* 30-50
387.    MIXED, odds, inc. Sword & Co., Cadbury, Collinson, Carr, American Caramel, Mazawattee, Peterkin, Clevedon, Typhoo, Tango Dance Steps etc., G to VG, 19* 30-50
388.    WILLS, overseas, part sets and odds, inc. Regimental Colours, Drum Horses, Beauties (red tint), Semaphore, Derby Day, Products of the World, Famous Film Stars; N.Z., Birds, Motor Cars, Warships etc., a few domestic, slight duplication, G to EX, 270* 40-60
389.    MIXED, mainly foreign part sets, inc. ITC Indian Historical Views (33); Bucktrout Marvels, titled (9) & untitled (22); UTC Cinema Stars (27/50), ATC Ships (23/25), Peninsular Birds of the East (19/25), Rothmans, UK Tob. British Orders of Chivalry etc., G to EX, 250* 40-60
390.    PLAYERS, natural history, complete (7), inc. Poultry, Aviary and Cage Birds, Butterflies & Moths, Wild Animals' Heads, Birds & their Young (Channel Islands), Fresh-Water Fishes (pink & white), G to EX, 350 40-60
391.    PLAYERS, complete (8), inc. Cricketers 1930 & 1938, Celebrated Gateways, British Empire Series, Riders of the World, Fire-Fighting Appliance etc., G to EX, 400 40-60
392.    BARRATT, selection, inc. complete (11), Disneyland True Life (large), Warriors, World Locomotives, Soldiers, Fish and Bait, Birds, Cage & Aviary Birds; part sets, Sailing into Space (34) etc., VG to EX, 393* 40-60
393.    PLAYERS, Eire, complete (6), inc. RAF Badges, Wonders of the World, Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu, National Flags and Arms, Sea Fishes, Animals of the Countryside, G to EX, 250 40-60
394.    PLAYERS, extra large, complete (4), Gilbert & Sullivan, Dickens, Bygone Beauties, Cries 2nd; part sets, Artillery in Action (7), Characters from Dickens (8), Old Sporting Prints (12), British Live Stock (10) etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 110* 30-50
395.    OGDENS, Tabs, inc. General Interest, E (22) , F 62); Actresses (Item 97, 65) etc., slight duplication, scuffing to some black edges, FR to G, 280* 100-150
396.    HIGNETT, part sets & odds, inc. Panama Canal (24), Modern Statesmen (18), Ships & Flags (27), Company Drill (25), Greetings of the World (42), International Caps & Badges (8) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 230* 30-50
397.    COHEN WEENEN, part sets & odds, inc. Celebrities (59, b/w), Wonders of the World (24, mixed), Nations descriptive (20) & non-descriptive (11), Fiscal Phrases (5), Interesting Buildings (10) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 130* 40-60
398.    GALLAHER, Irish View Scenery, inc. plain backs (57), duplication, FR to VG, 400* 30-50
399.    C.W.S., part sets & odds, inc. Boy Scout Badges (70), Famous Bridges (105), British & Foreign Birds (48), Famous Buildings (47), Railway Engines (38) etc., duplication, FR to VG, 500* 30-50
400.    LLOYD R., part sets & odds, inc. Types of Horses (16), Atlantic Series (27), Tricks & Puzzles (33), Old Inns (96), Old English Inns (22) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 320* 30-50
401.    COPE, part sets & odds, inc. British Warriors (50), Worlds Police (21), VC & DSO (15), Eminent British Officers (5), Castles (38), Song Birds (3), Dogs of the World (2) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 200* 30-50
402.    HILL, part sets & odds, inc. Famous Footballers (43, mixed), Inventors 21-40 (complete), Railway Centenary (38), Celebrities of Sport (11), National Flags (3) etc., a few large, slight duplication, FR to VG, 420* 40-60
403.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, part sets & odds, inc. How to Play Golf (7), Military Portraits (7), Fish & Bait (6), VC Heroes (5, blue), Motor Cars (13), Types of Nations (6) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 220* 30-50
404.    U.T.C., part sets & odds, inc. Merchant Ships (42), World Famous Boxers (3), Motor Cars (4), Race Horses of SA (12), World of Tomorrow (10), National Parks (78) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 320* 30-50
405.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. ITC, Code of Signals (35), Gentlemen The King (400), Famous Buildings (37); Peter Jackson Speed (79), mixed sizes, duplication, FR to VG, 500* 30-50
406.    KLENE, Shirley Temple, 60 x 70mm (21 colour), 47 x 79mm (8) & 27 x 49mm (31), FR to VG, 40* 30-40
407.    SIMONETS, Beautiful Women, medium, usual curl, VG, 33 + 3 50-70
408.    GOUDEY, Indian Gum, series of 216, green backs, 1930's issue, FR to VG, 24* 80-120
409.    FLEETWAY, Adventures of Sexton Blake, duplication, FR to VG, 76* 60-80
410.    SPORT, part sets, inc. UTC British Tour of SA (28), Sarony Origin of Games (3),Phillips Sports (16), Morris Golf Strokes (1), Churchmans Boxing Personalities (100), Dickson Orde etc., duplication, FR to EX, 170* 30-50
411.    MACDONALD, Playing cards (miniature), duplication, G to EX, 300* 30-50
412.    F.K.S., Football, 1972 & 1973, duplication, G to EX, 600* 40-60
413.    A. & B.C. GUM, part sets & odds, inc. Star Trek, Who's Zat Star, Land of the Giants, Monkees, Kung Fu etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 100s 40-60
414.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Lambert & Butler, Empire Air Routes (28), Aeroplane Markings (30), Keep Fit (34), Horsemanship (30); Phillips, Kings & Queens (34), Popular Superstitions (21); Players, Wild Animals (14), Arms & Armour (47); Woods Royal Mail (19) etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, 350* 40-60
415.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. A&BC football (45), Barratt Famous Footballers (24, medium), Car Stamps; Thomson World Cup Stars (64), Wall Dr Who, Cooper, Ceylon tea etc., FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
416.    MIXED, selection, inc. Popular Railway Locomotives (5), Typhoo Animal Offence & Defense (24), BAT Film Stars anon. (45); silks (56), Hill, Stately Homes & Canvas masterpieces, Chinese Pottery & Porcelain; Players Please 1956/7 football fixtures etc., G to EX, 130* 40-60
417.    FOOTBALL, part sets, Bowater Scott (Scotties) teams (2), British Automatic Sportsmen (5), with three proofs, VG to EX, 10 25-35
418.    FOOTBALL, anon., Bobby Moore, Stanley Matthews; 1950s h/s cut-outs (13), VG to EX, 15 25-35
419.    THOMSON, part sets, inc. Famous Teams (3), self-standing (7), World Cup Stars (two uncut strips), VG to EX, 12 30-50
420.    FOOTBALL, collugated odds, inc. Clevedon, Cadet, Blue Cap, Devlin, Radio Fun, Lyons, Lamberts, Sweetule, Thomson, Top Flight, Quaker Oats etc., VG to EX, 67* 40-60
421.    FOOTBALL, odds, inc. Thomson (large), Cadet, Goodies, Daily Herald, Chix, Clevedon, Donaldson, Junior Pastimes, Lyons, NSS etc., FR to EX, 140* 40-60
422.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (footballers), inc. Aldershot (3), Cardiff (4), Derby (4), Leicester (3), Sunderland (8), WBA (4) etc., G to EX, 34 40-60
423.    BIRMINGHAM EVENING MAIL, inserts, The Headliners, Nos. 1-9 & 11-13, VG to EX, 12 40-60
424.    TOBACCO LABELS, selection of unused ARTB labels, post-war, inc. mainly Ogdens, Hignett, Faulkner etc., EX to MT, 40* 30-50
425.    MURATTI, silks, inc. National Flags (53), British Empire (10), Allies (9), Europe (9); Regimental Crests (16), some with backs, loose-mounted to cards, G to VG, 69* 40-60
426.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Nugget Allied Series (6), ATC beauties (18), Lever Personalities (2), Singleton & Cole Kings & Queens (2), Gallaher VC Heroes (4), Smith, Spratt; Wills, Vanity Fair (10), Musical Celebrities, Military Motors, Britain's Part in the War; Players etc., loose-mounted in period album, FR to VG, 265* 60-80
427.    MIXED, selection, inc. Ogdens (Tabs) Actresses, Item 97 (52); Phillips premium silks, National Flags (50); Players Army Life (24), slight duplication, some fraying, FR to VG, 125* 30-50
428.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Melia, Vastos, Bardou; Churchmans (130), Sporting Celebrities (22), Rugby Internationals (5), Boxing Personalities (70); Silk Cut & other coupons, Castella, Doncella, Brooke Bond etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, 350* 30-50
429.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (8), Players, Footballers (4), 1928, 1928/9, RIP & ACW; Wills, Rugby Internationals, Flags of the Empire 1st & 2nd, Speed (1930), railway etc., a few part sets, corner-mounted in two period albums, a.c.m., FR to EX, 423* 30-50
430.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (9), Wills Rugby Internationals (2), Cricketers 1928 (2); Franklyn Davey Hunting; Players, Fire-Fighting Appliances, Cricketers 1930 & RIP, Dogs (heads) etc., a few part sets, corner-mounted in five period albums & one 1d album (laid down), together with some Oxford University magazines (The Dragonian), a.c.m., FR to VG, 650* 30-50
431.    MIXED, large, mainly part sets, inc. Wills, Old Sundials (complete), Old London, British Castles, Old Silver, Rigs of Ships; Typhoo, Important Industries (complete), Shakespeare, Swiss Family Robinson, British Birds; Players, Carreras etc., a few creased, about G to EX, 400* 30-50
432.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Lambert & Butler Motor Index Marks, Sarony A Day on the Airway; Wills, Engineering Wonders, First Aid, Merchant Ships, Romance of the Heavens, Cricketers, Footballers; Players, Naval Dress, Tennis, Motor Cars, Cricketers 1930 & 1934, Dog etc., a few creased, about G to EX, 1750* 30-50
433.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Rotary Book-Post actresses (23), Typhoo long & package issues, many Brooke Bond, Players, Wills, Gallaher, Churchmans, Carreras, Phillips, Horniman, Doncella etc., a few earlier, slight duplication, VR, Qty. 30-50
434.    PLAYERS, mainly part sets & odds, inc. complete (3), Film Stars 3rd, Aircraft of the RAF, Nature Series; Game Birds & Wild Fowl (43), Kings & Queens (17, large), Naval Dress (66), Motor Cars 2nd (49) etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
435.    CARRERAS, mainly part sets & odds, inc. Famous Film Stars (120), footballers (35, mixed), Film Favourites (complete + 23), Film Stars, Greyhound Racing Game (large) etc., FR to EX, 700* 30-50
436.    TRADE, selection, inc. Taddy & Co. metal tins (4); part sets & odds, Walters, Halpin, Typhoo, Sweetenham, Moseley, Barratt, Cadet, Direct Tea, Coopers, BT, Alpin, A & BC gum; laid down 1d albums etc., duplication, FR to MT, Qty. 30-50
437.    SINCLAIR, part sets & odds, inc. mainly John, Well-Known Footballers - Scottish (45) & NE Counties (36), English & Scottish Football Stars (35), British Sea Dogs (7), Champion Dogs - large (50) & small (150); Robert, Billiards (6) etc., duplication, FR to EX, 380* 40-60
438.    OGDENS, horse racing part sets & odds, inc. Racehorses (20); Derby Entrants 1926 (24), 1928 (30) & 1929 (39); Trainers & Owners Colours (35), Steeplechase Trainers & Owners Colours (52) etc., duplication, FR to VG, 300* 30-50
439.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. By the Roadside, Modern Pottery, Whaling, Actors, Coronation Procession, Smugglers & Smuggling, Picturesque Villages, Construction of Railway Trains etc., duplication, FR to VG, 1000* 40-60
440.    TRADE, parts sets & odds, inc. A&BC Gum, Topps, Panini, Anglo, Mobil, Barratt, Chix etc., FR to VG, Qty. 40-60
441.    TRADE, part sets & odds, mainly large, inc. A&BC Gum, Batman (105), Man from UNCLE (27), Civil War News (5); Somportex, John Drake (8), Thunderbirds (35), Anglo Conf. Captain Scarlett (25), Weston Vintage & Veteran Cars (48) etc., duplication, FR to VG, 450* 40-60
442.    COPE, advert poster (11.25 x 16) for Copes Tobaccos, showing man with club outside tent 'Copes Tobacco Sold Here', from the original by Geo. Pipeshank, c.1900, small piece cut from bottom right hand corner, G 50-80
443.    COPE, advert poster (11.25 x 17) for Copes Tobaccos, showing two men chatting with dog outside pub with couple in background, Cope's to top left corner, from the original by Geo. Pipeshank, 1893, small tear to bottom edge, G 50-80
444.    COPE, advert poster (11.25 x 16.5) for Copes Tobaccos, showing two men chatting with dog outside pub with couple in background, no Cope's to top left corner, from the original by Geo. Pipeshank, 1893, small piece missing from bottom left corner, G 50-80
445.    TRADE, mixed selection, inc. recipe cards, advertising, Mellins, Edward's Harlene, Goddard, Pears, SPD advertising cards, cards laid down in album (complete), Out South African National Parks, Famous Works of Art, Die Bunte Welt The Colourful World, PG Tips (6), The Sun Football Encyclopedia & Soccerstamp Album etc., good VR, Qty. 25-35
446.    ACCCESSORIES, 1d albums, inc. empty, Wills (6+1), Players (2+1); laid down (mainly complete), Ogdens (2), Trick Billiards, Football Club Captains; Ardath Famous Footballers, Players Speedway Riders, Wills etc., FR to EX, 20 30-50
447.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, hulls only (flattened), mainly 10s, inc. Prize Crop, Rough Rider, Star, Three Castles, Red & White, 3 Roses, Park Drive, Astor, Salisbury, Torchlight, Flag, Honey Dew, Bicycle, Miss Blanche, Top Score, Golden West, Elephant, SM etc., mixed periods, a few creased, G to EX, 40* 30-50
448.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, inc. complete packets, tins, paper pouches, a few trimmed panels; Sobraine, St Michel, Lasso, Three Castles, Eckstein, Harlequin, HB, Belvedere, Perfectos Finos, Life, Black & White, Red & White, Royal Navy, K etc., mainly later, a few creased, G to EX, 75* 30-50
449.    SELECTION, inc. tobacco tin lids (80), Baby's Bottom, Sherpa, Tawny, Stanwell, Boar's Head, Rubicon, Log Cabin, Early Morning Pipe etc. (lacking tins); cigar bands (29) & pipes (6), in small leather suitcase (damaged), G to EX, 115* 30-50
450.    ACCESSORIES, a wooden revolving cigarette card display stand, containing five 5-card panels (to hold a 50 cards), approx. 12 x 7 x 12, with a copy of Hobbies Weekly, 28th March 1936, featuring an illustration of the stand on the cover and including the template to build it, cover of magazine loose & tears to folds of template, stand EX 80-120
451.    BROOKE BOND, Out Into Space, complete, S.A. issue, EX to MT, 50 (Illustration page 1) 80-120
452.    B.A.T., Butterflies (girls), complete, medium, anon (printed backs), VG, 50 (Illustration page 1) 140-180
453.    DRAPKIN, Cinematograph Actors, complete, medium, generally VG, 96 (Illustration page 2) 500-600
454.    TADDY, Territorial Regiments, complete, G to VG, 25 200-250
455.    SMITH, Battlefields of Great Britain, complete, mixed backs, slight crease (1), about G to VG, 50 200-300
456.    PLAYERS, Old England's Defenders, complete, creased (2), FR (2) to VG, 50 400-450
457.    EQUATOR, Traume aus Hollywood (Dreams of Hollywood), early 1950s German tobacco issue, 38 x 57mm, VG, 99 (Illustration page 1) 50-70
458.    PLAYERS, Decorations & Medals, complete, unissued, EX, 50 30-40
459.    OGDENS, V.C. Heroes, complete, scuffs to some corners, FR to VG, 48 220-280
460.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Traditions of the Army & Navy, complete, small numerals, small corner crease (1), about G to VG, 25 80-120
461.    NATIONAL TOB. CO., Art Miniatures (Nos. 1-6), 80 x 152mm, Newsboy Plug backs, creased (2), FR (1) to VG, 6 30-50
462.    MIXED, odds, inc. Almond, Buchanan, Brown & Williamson, Cope, United Conf., Baker, Davies, McVitie & Price, James Marshall, Evershed & Son, Edwards etc., G to VG, 18 30-50
463.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1971 Football Superstars, complete, transfers, with duplicate for Blockley, EX, 23 + 1 80-120
464.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. foreign (17), Birds of Brilliant Plumage, Animals; Pugilists & Wrestlers, Club Badges, Orders of Chivalry, horse racing, British Birds, Boy Scouts, Poultry, Greyhound Racing etc., FR to VG, 137* 30-50
465.    FAULKNER, Wild West, complete, proof issue (plain backs), EX to MT, 50 (Illustration page 1) 300-500
466.    WILLS, Puppies, complete, large, extremely rare especially as a set, some light staining to a few backs, VG to EX, 40 (Illustration page 2) 1000-1500
467.    DOGS, p/b anon (similar to Taddy or W.H.& G.), see Bagnall Handbook H487, minimal scuffing to green edges, some marks to backs, VG to EX, 29 (Illustration page 1) 200-300
468.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motors, complete, generally EX, 25 400-500
469.    OGDENS, Boxing, complete, EX, 25 60-80
470.    ADKIN, Sporting Cups & Trophies, complete, some slight scuffing to green edges, VG to EX, 30 (Illustration page 2) 200-300
471.    PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, VG (1) to generally EX, 25 40-60
472.    HIGNETT, Music Hall Artistes, most trimmed, G, 6 30-40
473.    MOORE & CALVI, Beauties (p/c inset), Hard-a-Port, extra large, with red Maclin overprint to backs, G to VG, 15 40-60
474.    LORILLARD, Actresses (black border), extra large, slight scuffing to edges, G to VG, 7 40-60
475.    DUKE, Gems of Beauty, extra large, some corner knocks, FR to G, 17 70-90
476.    KINNEY, National Dances, creased (2), some slight scuffing to edges, 15 30-40
477.    PLAYERS, Old England's Defenders, G to EX, 33 (Illustration page 1) 150-200
478.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, with clause, G to VG, 44 80-120
479.    WILLS, Nelson Series, missing No. 50, G to EX, 49 40-60
480.    B.A.T., Indian Chiefs, anon, G to VG, 21 40-60
481.    B.A.T., Beauties, Water (16), Lantern (12), Flower (5) & Fruit (4) Girls, slight scuffing to edges, G to VG, 37 30-40
482.    B.A.T., Butterflies (girls), anon, G to VG, 30 30-50
483.    B.A.T., Butterflies (girls), medium, anon (printed backs), G to VG, 26 40-60
484.    B.A.T., Birds of Brilliant Plumage (p/c inset), Copain backs, VG to EX, 40 40-60
485.    B.A.T., p/b selection, inc. Picture Hats I (with frames, 30) & II (without, 14); Soldiers of the World (33), G to EX, 77* 60-80
486.    WILLS, The British Empire, complete, premium issue, EX, 12 40-60
487.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, part sets, Methods of Conveying the Mails (8), The Great White City (13), G to VG, 21 60-80
488.    PHILLIPS, Beauties (WI Series), slight scuffing to a few silver edges, G to VG, 27 60-80
489.    COHEN WEENEN, Celebrities (Gainsborough), 400 backs, a.m.r. (3), G to VG, 10 30-50
490.    COHEN WEENEN, Naval & Military Phrases, red, about G to VG, 11 40-60
491.    RUTTER, Comic Phrases, some corner knocks, some corner knocks, FR (1) to G, 9 40-60
492.    COPE, Music Hall Artistes, complete, no quantity, G to EX, 50 (Illustration page 2) 150-250
493.    COPE, British Warriors, complete, mainly black backs, FR to VG, 50 80-120
494.    GARBATY, Moderne Schonheitsgalerie 2nd (Gallery of Modern Beauty), complete, medium, G to VG, 300 (Illustration page 1) 30-50
495.    WILLS, Irish Rugby Internationals, complete, Eire, a.c.m., G to VG, 25 80-120
496.    WILLS, Races of Mankind, overseas, some scuffing to blue edges, creased (5), FR to generally G, 32 (Illustration page 2) 50-70
497.    WILLS, overseas, Types of the British Army (21, Flag), Houses of Parliament (22, six creased), FR to VG, 43 30-50
498.    OGDENS, Tabs, Actresses, inc. Guinea Gold type (22), Tabs types (2), Actresses & Foreign Views (18), slight duplication, a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 42* 30-50
499.    OGDENS, Tabs, inc. Imperial Interest (complete), Boer War & Miscellaneous (31), Imperial or International Interest (42), slight duplication, a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 89* 30-50
500.    OGDENS, Tabs, inc. Leading Generals at the War (31), International Interest or a Prominent British Officer (21), Imperial or International Interest (46), slight duplication, a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 98* 30-50
501.    OGDENS, Tabs, inc. Prominent British Officers (57), Leading Generals at the War (50), Leading Artistes (61), slight duplication, a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 168* 40-60
502.    OGDENS, Tabs - General Interest A (65), B (50) & C (54), a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 169* 40-60
503.    OGDENS, Tabs - General Interest, D (68) & E (51), a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 119* 30-50
504.    OGDENS, Tabs, inc. Political Group (43), White Panel Group (93), Castles (26), Leading Generals (24) etc., slight duplication, a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 190* 30-50
505.    OGDENS, Tabs, inc. Stage Artistes (74), Stage Artistes & Celebrities (49), Celebrities (21), duplication, a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 154* 30-50
506.    OGDENS, Tabs (Composite Series), sports subjects, inc. Leading Favourites of the Turf (complete), Our Leading Footballers (8), Heroes of the Ring (8), Leading Athletes (12), Cricketers (3), slight duplication, a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 46* 30-50
507.    OGDENS, Tabs - General Interest (Sportsmen), inc. Golf (4+3), Cricketers (8+2) & Footballers (19), a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 31 + 5 60-80
508.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold, Actors & Actresses, large, a few creased, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 103* 40-60
509.    PLAYERS, birds, complete (11), inc. Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Curious Beaks; Birds & Their Young (3); Aviary & Cage Birds, Poultry, Wild Birds (each standard & transfers), G to VG, 500 30-50
510.    BIRDS, complete (7), inc. Cavanders, Challis, Gallaher British Birds, Carreras, Ogdens Poultry Rearing & Management 1st, Wills & Priory, G to VG, 284* 30-40
511.    BIRDS, part sets & odds, inc. Lambert & Butler Birds & Eggs (33), Hyde Canary Culture (45), Challis, Copes, ERB, Gallaher, BAT, CWS, Phillips etc., FR to VG, 230* 30-50
512.    OGDENS, birds, part sets, inc. Fowls Pigeons & Dogs (18), British Birds 1st (20) & 2nd (49); Foreign Birds, Birds Eggs cut-outs etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 211* 30-40
513.    OGDENS, poultry, part sets, inc. Alphabet (11), Rearing & Management 1st (23) & 2nd (24); Poultry 1st (17 with & 16 without) & 2nd (23), slight duplication, FR to VG, 114* 30-40
514.    MIXED, Spanish language part sets & odds, inc. Peru, Philippines, Spain, Tenerife, Portugal, South America; beauties, flags, animals, cinema, football, floral, stamps etc., some large, FR to EX, 110* 60-80
515.    PLAYERS, Eire, complete (2), National Flags & Arms, Modern Naval Craft, G to EX, 100 40-45
516.    PLAYERS, Film Stars 2nd, complete, Eire, VG to EX, 50 35-40
517.    ARDATH, Photocards D (Scottish Football Teams), complete, large RP, VG to EX, 165 100-150
518.    MIXED, complete (5), inc. Phillips Beauties of the World (Stars of Stage and Screen), United Kingdom Chinese, ERB Cinema Stars (large), Ogdens Children etc., G to VG, 153* 30-50
519.    MIXED, complete (4), Lambert & Butler, Motor Cycles, Interesting Customs; Ogdens, Poultry 1st (mixed), Poultry Rearing & Management 1st, about G to VG, 150 40-60
520.    MELIA, Actresses, medium RP, white borders, plain backs, G to VG, 68* 40-60
521.    MELIA, Actresses, medium RP, dark borders, printed backs (33), some a.m.r., about G to VG, 66* 40-60
522.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold, inc. royalty, leaders, views etc., G to VG, 119* 30-40
523.    OGDENS, Tabs, sports selection, inc. Boxing (14), Cricketers (20), Football (14) etc., scuffing to black edges, some creasing, P to G, 58* 40-60
524.    GALLAHER, Woodland Tree Series, VG, 92* 60-80
525.    GRIMSBY EVENING TELEGRAPH, Grimsby Town Stars, Nos. 1-3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12-14, 19, 22, 23 & 25, VG, 14 (Illustration page 1) 200-220
526.    PAULTON, Wolverhampton Wanderers Footballers (1923/4), complete, 39 x 89mm, with facsimile signatures printed beneath portraits, with Board of Directors card, G to EX, 36 (Illustration page 1) 700-800
527.    CLIFFORD, Footballers, staple holes (as issued), a few corner knocks, G to VG, 33 (Illustration page 2) 250-350
528.    CLEVEDON, Sporting Memories, Nos. 9 Dean & 16 Puskas (both football); 17 Drobny (tennis) & 24 Campbell (racing), large, blue backs, thick (2), G to VG, 4 30-50
529.    BARRATT, Test Cricketers B, complete, VG to EX, 48 100-150
530.    OGDENS, Football Club Colours, complete, G to VG, 51 40-60
531.    WILLS, Association Footballers, complete, Irish, EX to MT, 50 50-70
532.    BOYS MAGAZINE, Football Teams (1920s), inc. Aston Villa (16 & 20 figures), Cardiff, Chelsea (with & without names), Glasgow Rangers, Huddersfield (25 & 15 figures), Manchester City (with & without names), Preston & Tottenham (12 & 17 figures), large sepia inserts, trimmed (3), G to VG, 13 100-150
533.    FOOTBALL, complete (4), NSS Famous Footballers, Dickson Orde Footballers; Francis (anon.) & Lamberts Clubs and Badges, EX to MT, 124 30-50
534.    ARDATH, complete (2), Sports Champions (one line), Famous Footballers, VG to EX, 100 30-40
535.    CARRERAS, Popular Footballers, complete (2), cream (with variation for No. 46) & white, VG to EX, 97 30-50
536.    PLAYERS, Footballers, complete (6), 1928 (with variations for Nos. 19 & 24), 1928/9, ACW (with variation for No. 45), Hints, Caricatures by RIP & MAC, VG to EX, 278 50-70
537.    FOOTBALL, complete (5), Phillips International Caps, Wills Association Footballers (both), Fleetway Football Stars of 1963, World Cup Stars 1974 (with empty packet, slider & hull), VG to EX, 250+ 40-60
538.    WILLS, complete (2), British Sporting Personalities, Racehorses & Jockeys 1938, VG to EX, 88 30-50
539.    FOOTBALL, complete (4), Ogdens Football Club Captains (most with scuffing to right edges), Churchmans 1st & 2nd, Players ACW, P to VG, 200 30-50
540.    PLAYERS, complete (5), Cycling, Tennis, Derby & Grand National Winners, Motor Cars 1st & 2nd, VG to EX, 250 30-50
541.    PASCALL, Tricks & Puzzles, with red 'Valid' overstamp (5), duplicates (4), G to VG, 18 + 4 (Illustration page 2) 150-200
542.    MIXED, mainly beauties, inc. BAT, ATC, Melia, large RP; Wills, mixed Scissors, British Beauties etc., a few creased, P to VG, 60* 30-50
543.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, missing Nos. 64, 65, 70 & 79, some foxing and edge knocks, P to G, 16 50-80
544.    COHEN WEENEN, Wonders of the World, slight scuffing to gold edges, G to VG, 28 40-60
545.    MIXED, complete (6) and part set, inc. Hill Scientific Inventions and Discoveries; Lloyd Old Inns, Ogdens The Story of Sand; Lambert & Butler, Motor Cars, A History of Aviation (21/25); Bucktrout, B.A.T., about G to VG, 241* 40-60
546.    MIXED, complete (4), Carreras School Emblems, Sarony Ships of All Ages (a.c.m.), Dexter City Arms, Phillips Optical Illusions, P to G, 155 30-50
547.    MIXED, complete (5), Ardath Famous Footballers, Players, Cricketers & Footballers Caricatures by RIP, Phillips Soccer Stars, Ogdens Derby Entrants, some foxing and corner knocks, P to VG, 250 40-60
548.    PLAYERS, complete (8), Motor Cars, Cycling, Poultry, Dogs, Military Head-Dress, Cycling etc., slight foxing, some edge knocks, about G to VG, 375 30-50
549.    MIXED, complete (7), inc. Sweetule, Birds & Their Eggs, Tropical Birds, Famous Sports Records; Cadet Motor Cars; Miranda, White Fish Authority, Reddings, G to VG, 225 25-35
550.    MIXED, large, complete (13) and part set, inc. Wills (5), Dogs 1st & 2nd, Old Silver, Old Sundials, Old Inns 2nd; Churchmans (4), Italian Art 1st & 2nd, Holidays in Britain (with & without maps); Carreras Orchids; Ardath Fighting & Civil Aircraft (extra large) etc., G to VG, 408* 30-50
551.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Ogdens, Flags & Funnels (14), Club Badges (3), Leaders of Men (22); BAT Lighthouses (6), Hignett Company Drill (2), Gallaher VC Heroes (27); Wills (overseas), Indian Regiments (9), Drum Horses (3); Pattreiouex Sporting Events & Stars (28), Players Kinney etc., FR to EX, 164* 40-60
552.    DRAPKIN, Soldiers & Their Uniforms, die-cut, Drapkin (20); Crayol Virginia (22), G to VG, 42* 30-50
553.    AMALGAMATED PRESS, Famous Australian Cricketers, complete, large, Australian issue, G to VG, 16 50-70
554.    BOYS MAGAZINE, Zat Cards (Cricketers), complete, with Rules card, VG, 12 30-40
555.    SPORT, complete (2), Ogdens Champions of 1936, Sinclair Well-Known Footballers - NE Counties, VG to EX, 100 40-60
556.    MITCHELL, football, inc. Scottish Footballers (28+25), Scottish Football Snaps (13), duplication, about G to EX, 65* 30-50
557.    LLOYD R., complete (6), inc. Old English Inns, Old Inns, Types of Horses, Tricks & Puzzles, Cinema Stars (27 & 25), G to EX, 177 30-50
558.    U.T.C., complete (5), African Fish, Do You Know (3rd & 1933); large (2), Arms & Crests of Universities and Schools & SA Flora, G to EX, 206 30-50
559.    AMALGAMATED PRESS, Cricketers (self-standing), missing Dipper, issued with The Magnet, 1920s, G to VG, 11 (Illustration page 1) 70-90
560.    ARGUS & AUSTRALASIAN POST, cricket buttons, Australia v England 1950-1951 Test tour, complete, Australian & English players & mascots, 32mm dia., VG to EX, 36 (Illustration page 2) 200-300
561.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Thomson mini RP (complete), Amalgamated Press Sporting Champions (7), Bunsen (2, creased), A&BC Gum All Sports (18), Texaco (complete), Daily Herald (24+1) etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 79* 30-50
562.    CRICKET, selection, inc. part sets, Ogdens Tabs (20), Hill Famous Cricketers (35) etc; complete (2), Wills 1938 & Players 1934, G to VG, 160* 30-50
563.    MIXED, inc. complete (4), Adkin Wild Animals, Abdulla (2), Feathered Friends, Old Favourites; part set, Churchmans Fishes of the World (32), G to EX, 132* 30-50
564.    CINEMA, mainly part sets, inc. Lambert & Butler Popular Film Stars - two line, no brand (complete) & Varsity (22); Lloyd 3rd (23); Phillips Screen Stars (complete) etc., a few creased, about G to VG, 162* 30-50
565.    HILL, complete (8), inc. Aviation 1st (Hill & Gold Flake backs), Crystal Palace (matt & varnish), Puzzle Series, Inventors (b/w), Our Empire & Music Hall Celebrities, G to EX, 310 30-50
566.    MIXED, inc. complete (3), Hoadley British Empire Kings & Queens, Carreras Famous Naval men (large), Gutermann Famous Men; part sets, Muratti Crowned Heads (7), Mitchell Gallery of 1935 (49), G to EX, 230* 30-50
567.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Carreras Turf, Wills (Australian), Hignett, UTC, Phillips (packet issues), Ardath large RP, Gallaher, Churchmans, Pattreiouex, Lambert & Butler, United Services etc., G to EX, 160* 30-50
568.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Barratt, Gallaher, Sniders & Abrahams, Hoadley, Millhoff, A&BC Gum, Sweetacre, Boys Realm, Nestle, Sanella, Clevedon, Venorlandus, British Automatic, Pedigree beermats (3), Gillette Bradman flicker book, Allen reprints (14) etc., G to VG, 95* 30-50
569.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (7), Carreras Famous Cricketers - Turf (complete), Lambert & Butler Worlds Locomotives (25 & additional), Walters Cap Badges, Players (3), Drum Banners & Cap Badges etc; part sets, Wills (Scissors), Picture Heads (24), a few odds & variations, slight duplication, G to EX, 354* 30-50
570.    MIXED, selection, inc. General TC Flags Coins & Stamps (16); Wills, Actresses ALWICS (8), The British Empire (6); European trade (14), Pierrot, children; Christmas chocolate wrappers, Viz Yearbook etc., P (3) to MT, 80* 40-60
571.    SILKS, part sets & odds, inc. Phillips, Football Colours (6), War Leaders (18), House Flags (2), British Naval Crests (8), Regimental Colours, British Admirals; Happy Home, Gallaher, Wills, Muratti, Drapkin, Wix etc., some premium, minimal fraying, FR to EX, 160* 40-60
572.    MIXED, large, complete (8), inc. Sarony Ships of all Ages, Copes Game of Poker, Wills (2), Roses, Garden Flowers 1st; Churchmans, CWS Beauty Spots etc., about G to EX, 337* 30-50
573.    PLAYERS, complete (10), inc. Egyptian Sketches, Nature Series, Polar 1st & 2nd, Counties & Industries, Products, Bygone Beauties, Gems etc., FR to VG, 285 30-50
574.    PLAYERS, complete (11), inc. Types of Horses, Racing Yachts, Riders, Tennis, Gilbert & Sullivan 1st & 2nd, Derby & Grand National Winners, Aeroplanes (Civil) etc., G to EX, 475 30-50
575.    MIXED, complete (17), inc. Morris Captain Blood, Churchmans Kings of Speed, Hill Railway Centenary (50), Mitchell World of Tomorrow, Ogdens Sea Adventure, BAT Flag Girls (Motor backs), CWS, Dominion, Wills, Lambert & Butler etc., a few creased, FR to EX, 622* 30-50
576.    GLAMOUR, b/w erotic postcards, 1980s onwards, photographers inc. Trevor Watson, Nick Brokensha, EB Hesser, Richard Fitzgerald, Peter Sherrard, Michel levy, Alain Dussain, Eric Guiomar etc., slight duplication, VG to EX, 80* 60-70
577.    GLAMOUR, collectors cards, complete (5), inc. Playboy Playmates (February), Ujena Swimwear Illustrated (1994), Penthouse Returns 2nd (October), Hotshots Girls Girls Girls 3, Olivia Clearchrome, in ring-binder, EX 30-40
578.    FANTASY, collectors cards, complete (8), inc. Michael Kaluta, The Sanjulian Collection, Maxfield Parrish, Christos Achilleos, Chris Achilleos 2nd, Boris Vallejo 2 etc., in ring-binder, EX, Qty. 40-60
579.    CINEMA, modern cinema poster postcards, in ring-binder, EX, 153* 70-80
580.    PLAYERS, large, complete (7), inc. Old Naval Prints, Dogs (unissued & extra large), Dickens (extra large), Types of Horses, Old Hunting Prints & British Naval Craft, G to EX, 147 40-60
581.    MIXED, large, complete (8), inc. Ardath It All Depends on ME (inc. Cotton), Gallaher Art Treasures, Duncan Scottish Gems, Players Dogs (unissued); Carreras (3), Greyhound Racing Game, Notable MPs, British Costumes etc., G to EX, 281* 40-60
582.    WILLS, complete (15), inc. British Castles, British Butterflies (both large); Merchant Ships, Ships Badges, Between Two Fires, floral etc., G to EX, 713* 30-50
583.    MIXED, complete (6), inc. Gallaher Zoo Tropical Birds 2nd; Players Fresh-Water Fishes & Dogs (heads); Wills Mining, European Royalty & Our King & Queen, in modern album, G to EX, 350 30-40
584.    CRICKET, complete (6), Churchmans Famous Cricket Colours (scuff to NO. 1), Thomson World's Best Cricketers (1926), Wills 1928 & 2nd, Boys Magazine Famous Cricketers, Kane 2nd, in modern album, FR to EX, 212 30-50
585.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Snider & Abrahams advertising gifts (32), Wills Australian & UK, Ogdens Leaders of Men, Gallaher Footballers in Action, Players etc., slight duplication, in modern album FR to EX, 330* 30-40
586.    RICH, complete & part subsets, inc. Crusaders, Zoological, School, Tivoli, buildings, military, inventors, occupations etc., duplication, in modern album, corner knocks & a.m.r., FR to G, 430* 40-60
587.    MIXED, foreign selection, inc. Cigarillos Londres Actresses (1), Peter Schlump, Cruwell Tobacco, Reunion (55), Rizla Birds (complete), Jacques etc., many paper issues, in modern album, some a.m.r., G to EX, 600* 30-50
588.    CHURCHMANS, complete (140), inc. Boxing Personalities, Eastern Proverbs 2nd (large & small), Kings of Speed, World Wonders etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 270* 30-50
589.    MIXED, complete (10+2), inc. Boguslavsky Sports Records 1st & 2nd, Players Cricketers 1934 (2), BAT Romance of the Heavens, Lambert & Butler Motor Cars 1st & 2nd & reprints (2) etc., in modern album, G to EX, 447* 30-50
590.    POSTAGE STAMPS, trade cards, mainly part sets, inc. Ardath, WCL, Sweetule (all complete); part sets, ITC of Canada (18), Kwatta, Roldan, Brabantia, Unicol, Bal & Co. etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 400* 40-60
591.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (8), Players Snap Cards, Sarony Ships of all Ages (large & small), United Kingdom Officers Full Dress, Sarony Links with the Past; part sets, UTC British Rugby Tour (44) etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 385* 30-50
592.    WILLS, complete (13), inc. large, Cathedrals, Celebrated Pictures; Dancing Girls (Scissors), Coronation Series (scuffing to corners), Garden Flowers etc., in two modern albums, FR to EX, 543* 30-50
593.    MIXED, miniature selection, mainly part sets, inc. Bridgwater & de Beukelaer cinema; OXO, Feats of Endurance, Lifeboats, British Cattle; Thomson, Secrets of Cricket, Flags of the Sea, Motor Cars, Boys of all Nations etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 430* 40-60
594.    LIEBIG, complete (25), inc. S.701-725, 2005 c.v. 363, in modern ring-binder, VG to EX, 150 80-120
595.    LIEBIG, complete (22), inc. S.726-727, 729, 731-738 & 740-750, 2005 c.v. 357, in modern ring-binder, VG to EX, 132 80-120
596.    LIEBIG, complete (23), inc. S.751, 753-754 & 756-775, 2005 c.v. 424, in modern ring-binder, VG to EX, 138 100-150
597.    LIEBIG, complete (25), inc. S.776-800, 2005 c.v. 579, in modern ring-binder, VG to EX, 150 140-180
598.    LIEBIG, complete (23), inc. S.801-802, 804-821 & 823-825, 2005 c.v. 448, in modern ring-binder, VG to EX, 138 100-150
599.    LIEBIG, complete (24), inc. S.826-840 & 842-850, 2005 c.v. 403, in modern ring-binder, VG to EX, 144 100-150
600.    U.S.A., printed albums, Duke Costumes of All Nations (crude tape repair to detached front cover), Arbuckle Nations of the World (heavy scuff to front cover), FR, 2 30-50
601.    SILKS, part sets, inc. Phillips, Wix, Lea; Clan Tartans, Town Arms, Flags, Heraldic, Football Colours, War Leaders etc., a few premium size, FR to G, Qty. 40-60
602.    TRADE, anon p/b (similar to Liebig), approx 20 sub-sets of six, some part sets, corner-mounted in period Liebig album, most with stains to backs FR to G, 163* 30-50
603.    LIEBIG, complete (50), later issues, corner-mounted in hardback Liebig album (tape repair to spine), VG to EX, 300 30-50
604.    LIEBIG complete (49), later issues, corner-mounted in hardback Liebig album (tape to spine and cover), VG to EX, 294 30-50
605.    GERMAN, complete or near complete sets, inc. orders and medals, period costumes, Nazi propaganda, aviation, castles etc., in two ringbinders, VG to EX, 100s 30-50
606.    POSTAGE STAMPS, European trade selection, inc. Rouillard, Aiguebelle, Colard, Bruno, Godchau, Pernot, Liebig, Lombart, Nugget etc., duplication, in ringbinder, FR to VG, 500* 100-150
607.    STOLLWERCK, complete and part sub-sets cornered in large hardback albums (Nos. 1-3), scuffing to covers, FR to VG, Qty. 40-60
608.    MILITARY, David Hunter Infantry Regimental Colours, complete (60), in medium ring-binder, EX to MT, 420* 30-50
609.    REPRODUCTION, complete (36), inc. Taddy VC (1-125), Churchmans Pioneers; military, cricketers, Indians, US Generals, pirates, natives, dogs, boxing etc., in large modern album, EX to MT, Qty. 30-50
610.    BROOKE BOND, complete (43), inc. British Birds, Wild Flowers, Bird Portraits, Out into Space (Issued In), British Wild Life, Wild Flowers 2nd, Freshwater Fish, Tropical Birds, Asian Wild Life, African Wild Life etc., black backs (5), in large modern album, EX, Qty. 40-60
611.    PANINI, Football 80, complete, VG to MT, 582 60-80
612.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1970 Footballers (1-255), missing No.255 checklist, in modern album, VG to EX, 254 80-120
613.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold (golf), No. 479 J. Braid (slight mark to top edge); Vardon v Braid - Vardon Putting (scuffing to two black edges), both p/b, G, 2 40-60
614.    FINDUS, football lapel pins, Chosen for England, inc. Bobby Moore, Alan Ball, Bobby Charlton & Emlyn Hughes, c.1970, 38mm dia., EX, 4 40-60
615.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Heroes of the Transvaal War, Smith, Tucker, Wauchope & White, VG, 4 20-30
616.    TADDY, Clowns, clown balancing ball on his nose, corner rounding and creases, FR (Illustration page 3) 150-250
617.    CLARKE, Cricketers, No. 20 Ward, slight scuffing to black edges & corner crease, G 30-40
618.    CLARKE, Cricketers, No. 28 Hawke, slight scuffing to black edges, G 30-40
619.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, Nos. 48, 86, 87 & 89, FR to G, 4 25-35
620.    WILLS, Cricket Terms, Caught at the Wicket, Vice-Regal back, VG (Illustration page 3) 25-35
621.    WILLS, Cricket Terms, Extras, Capstan back, VG 25-35
622.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), premium RP, No. 176 Hendren (Brentford FC), p/b, slight corner crease, VG (Illustration page 6) 30-50
623.    THOMSON, Cricketers (self-standing), complete, Magnet, 1925, damage/repairs to extremities, about G to VG, 12 70-90
624.    THOMSON, Cricketers (self-standing), Magnet, 1926, damage/repairs to extremities, about G to VG, 8 40-60
625.    THOMSON, Cricketers (self-standing), complete, Popular, 1926, damage & repairs to extremities, about G to VG, 6 40-60
626.    CRICKET, complete (4), Churchmans Famous Cricket Colours, Drapkin Australian & English Test Cricketers; Wills 1928 (with proof card) & 1928/9, G to EX, 166 30-50
627.    PLAYERS, Cricketers, complete (5), 1930, 1934 (with 43 variations & duplicates), 1938 (UK & Channel Islands) & RIP, G to EX, 250+ 30-50
628.    CARRERAS, Famous Cricketers, complete set of 50 (doubles), Turf slides (tabs to two sides), VG to EX, 25 (Illustration page 6) 50-70
629.    CARRERAS, Famous Cricketers, complete, Turf slides (tabs to two sides), VG to EX, 50 (Illustration page 7) 40-60
630.    CARRERAS, Famous Cricketers, complete, Turf slides, neat trim, VG to EX, 50 (Illustration page 4) 30-50
631.    PHILLIPS, Test Cricketers 1932-1933, complete, overseas issue, BDV backs, G to VG, 38 40-60
632.    PHILLIPS, Test Cricketers 1932-1933, complete, overseas issue, Greys backs, G to VG, 38 (Illustration page 4) 40-60
633.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large RP, missing No. 223 Gibson. brown backs, VG, 24 (Illustration page 7) 200-250
634.    GALLAHER, Famous Cricketers, complete, VG to EX, 100 (Illustration page 4) 70-90
635.    COHEN WEENEN, Cricketers, complete, VG to EX, 25 (Illustration page 4) 80-120
636.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), complete, Nos. 1-50, some scuffing to black edges (a few tipped-in), G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 4) 120-180
637.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), complete, Nos. 51-70, some scuffing to black edges (a few tipped-in), FR to G, 20 (Illustration page 4) 80-120
638.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, large 's', G to VG, 25 40-60
639.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, small 's', with variations for Nos. 2, 5 & 25, G to VG, 50+ 70-90
640.    WILLS, Prominent Australian and English Cricketers (1907), complete (Nos. 1-50), G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 4) 150-250
641.    WILLS, Prominent Australian and English Cricketers (1907), complete (Nos. 51-73), grey captions, G to VG, 23 (Illustration page 4) 80-120
642.    WILLS, Prominent Australian and English Cricketers (1907), complete (Nos. 66-73), red captions, G to VG, 8 (Illustration page 4) 40-60
643.    WILLS, Australian Club Cricketers (1905), blue & green (12) Capstan backs, with club names, with frame & lettering variations, some creased, FR to G, 58* (Illustration page 4) 60-80
644.    WILLS, Australian and English Cricketers (1911), Vice-Regal backs, mixed backs, about G to VG, 32* (Illustration page 4) 70-90
645.    WILLS, Australian and South African Cricketers (1910), blue borders, Capstan (17) & Vice-Regal backs, some scuffing to edges, FR to VG, 30 (Illustration page 4) 80-120
646.    WILLS, Australian and English Cricketers (1911), Vice-Regal (35), Havelock (1), anon. (4) & Capstan backs, mixed backs, about G to VG, 67* 150-250
647.    WILLS, Cricketers (1926), RP p/b, Australian issue, a few duplicates/variations, scuffing to brown edges, G to VG, 50* (Illustration page 4) 100-150
648.    WILLS, Cricket Season 1928/9, Australian issue, VG to MT, 41 100-150
649.    ALLEN & GINTER, Worlds Dudes, heavy scuffs to backs (4), FR to VG, 60 (Illustration page 3) 200-300
650.    WILLS, Soldiers of the World, FR (1) to G, 16 30-50
651.    B.A.T., Types of the British Army, complete, Blue Flag backs, Siamese issue, G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 3) 50-70
652.    PATTREIOUEX, Cricketer Series, complete, G to VG, 75 (Illustration page 6) 300-500
653.    E.R.B., complete (2), Optical Illusions, Musical Instruments, VG to EX, 50 30-50
654.    E.R.B., complete (2), British Trees & Their Uses, Garden Life, VG to EX, 50 30-40
655.    MIXED, part sets, inc. A&BC Film Stars (39), ERB Alpine Views (14), Wills Lighthouses (29), Ardath Proverbs (29), about G to VG, 111* 30-50
656.    SPORT, selection, inc. Cartledge Famous Prize-Fighters (21), Boys Friend Famous Boxers (2), Comic Life (4) & Lots o Fun (4) Sports Champions, Amalgamated Press Sportsmen (66), G to EX, 97* 30-50
657.    CRICKET, part sets, inc. Wills Cricket Season 1928/9 (22), Ardath Photocards (31) & Bassett Cricket 1st (4), VG to EX, 57* 30-50
658.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (footballers), complete (4), inc. Manchester City, Everton (no stars); Birmingham (25th April); Workington AFC, G to EX, 50 30-50
659.    THOMSON, football, complete (4), British Team of Footballers, Famous British Footballers, Famous Footballers (1955 & 1956), G to EX, 78 30-50
660.    THOMSON, premium football, complete (3), Famous Teams in Football History 1st & 2nd, Star Teams of 1961, G to VG, 50 30-50
661.    CNEMA, complete (6), inc. Walkers (Tatley) Film Stars (missing rare Lombard), Teofani Modern Movie Stars (anon); Carreras (2), Radio Celebrities (Turf) & Film Favourites, Wills Radio Celebrities 1st & 2nd, G to EX, 279* 30-50
662.    MILITARY, complete (7), inc. Lingford British War Leaders; Ardath (2) Life in the Services, Britain's Defenders; Players (4), Military Head-Dress, Uniforms of the TA, Military Uniforms, AC&DS (51-150), G to EX, 386 30-50
663.    CEREAL FOODS, Leading Cricketers, complete, Australian trade issue, G to VG, 32 (Illustration page 6) 30-50
664.    HORSE RACING, complete (3), Boguslavsky Winners on the Turf (large); Ogdens, Steeplechase Celebrities, Steeplechase Trainers and Owners Colours, G to VG, 125 30-50
665.    CRICKET, complete (3), Ogdens Australian Test Cricketers, Drapkin, Australian & English Test Cricketers, Boys Magazine Famous Cricketers (with Baden Powell), 86* 30-50
666.    CRICKET, complete (9), inc. Thomson County Cricketers, Chums, Master Vending, Kane (3), Texaco, NSS (booklet) etc., G to EX, 206* 30-50
667.    SCANLEN, Cricket, complete (2), 1981 WSC Super Series & 1989, large, with checklists, EX to MT, 174 30-50
668.    CRICKET, complete (3), Boys Realm medium RP; Thomson (2), Cricketers (1924) & World's Best Cricketers (1926), G to EX, 55 30-50
669.    SPORT, complete (3), Churchmans Rugby International; Ogdens (2), Champions of 1936, ABC of Sport, G to VG, 125 30-50
670.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, inc. Chelsea, Clapton Orient, Everton, Fulham etc., G to VG, 10 50-60
671.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, inc. Liverpool, Millwall. West Ham, West Bromwich Albion etc., G to VG, 10 50-60
672.    THOMSON, Football - Mystery Cards, creased (1), FR to VG, 9 40-60
673.    BARRATT, odds, inc. Prominent London Buildings (3), Chunky of the Challenger, No. 37 (2), Picture Hats (2), Characters from Disney (6), Flags etc., FR to VG, 15 + 1 40-60
674.    BAINES, rugby cards, mainly shield-shaped, inc. Manchester, Oldham, Durham, Rochdale, Dublin, Birkenhead Park etc., many trimmed or with damage to extremities, FR to G, 9 50-70
675.    BAINES, rugby cards, mainly shield-shaped, inc. Blackheath, Blackpool (both ball-shaped); Simpson memorial, Derby, Denton & Haughton, Ulverston etc., many trimmed or with damage to extremities, FR to G, 9 50-70
676.    BAINES, football cards, mainly shield-shaped, inc. Stretford, Buxton. Bonnie Scotland, Preston North End, Dumbarton etc., many trimmed or with damage to extremities, FR to G, 8 50-70
677.    AVIATION, complete (8), inc. Wills Aviation, Lambert & Butler Famous Airmen & Airwomen, Ardath Fighting & Civilian Aircraft (extra large), Churchmans, Pattreiouex, Castella beermats etc., G to EX, 277* 30-50
678.    TYPHOO, Football Stars (1973), complete, premium issue, EX, 24 70-90
679.    LIEBIG, complete (7), Puzzles - Hidden Objects (S.381 & 382) etc., a.m.r., FR to VG, 42 30-40
680.    LIEBIG, La Fontaines Fables I, complete S.128, French, VG, 6 (Illustration page 6) 60-80
681.    LIEBIG, Children as Red Indians, complete S.131, French, G to VG, 6 (Illustration page 6) 200-300
682.    LIEBIG, A Coach Trip, complete S.139, French, G to VG, 6 (Illustration page 6) 80-120
683.    LIEBIG, Customs of Ancient Provinces (French), complete S.728, French, G to VG, 6 80-120
684.    LIEBIG, History of France VII, complete S.841, French, G to VG, 6 40-60
685.    HILL, Fragments From France, complete, colour, some corner knocks, FR to G, 20 80-120
686.    MIXED, selection, inc. Mitchell A Gallery of 1935 (complete); Reunion Deutsche Manner (Famous Germans), missing Nos. 126-144, VG to EX, 194 30-50
687.    MITCHELL, British Warships 1st, complete, with variation for No. 3, VG, 25 + 1 40-60
688.    MITCHELL, British Warships 2md, complete, VG, 25 40-60
689.    GALLAHER, Footballers in Action, complete, G to VG, 50 50-70
690.    CINEMA, complete (7), inc. Phillips Screen Stars (embossed), Wills Cinema 1st & 2nd, Morris Actresses (b/w), Players Films Stars 1st-3rd, VG to EX, 230 30-50
691.    CHURCHMANS, Footballers (colour), complete, VG to EX, 50 250-350
692.    ENTERTAINMENT, complete (6), inc. Lambert & Butler Dance Band Leaders, Hill Music Hall Celebrities, Wills Radio Celebrities 1st & 2nd (with variation), Phillips In the Public Eye, Players P & P (with two variations), VG to EX, 234 + 2 30-50
693.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, World's Locomotives, complete (2), 25 & additional, G to VG, 50 30-40
694.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, complete, no clause, VG, 50 100-150
695.    SHIPPING, complete (7), inc. Sarony Ships of all Ages, Lloyd Atlantic Records, Phillips Ships & Flags; Players (2), Modern Naval Craft, Ships Figureheads; Churchmans The Story of Navigation, Ogdens Modes of Conveyance, G to EX, 250 40-60
696.    FISH, complete (6), inc. Wills (2), Fish & Bait, The Sea Shore; Lea, Phillips, Morris At the London Zoo Aquarium, Carreras Sport Fish, G to EX, 435 30-40
697.    SMITH, Famous Explorers, complete, mixed backs, G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 7) 120-180
698.    TADDY, Russo Japanese 1st, complete, VG to EX, 25 150-250
699.    PLAYERS, Famous Irish-Bred Horses, complete, EX, 50 40-60
700.    INVENTORS, complete (3), Hill (2), Scientific Inventions & Discoveries (b/w & colour); Bucktrout Inventors (colour), G to EX, 75 30-50
701.    PHILLIPS, Types of British Soldiers (M651-675), complete, VG to EX, 25 150-250
702.    MIXED, complete (5), inc. Lea Miniatures (no border), Typhoo Ancient & Annual Customs, Gallaher Aesop's Fables (Series of 50), Players Miniatures, Wills English Period Costumes, VG to EX, 175 30-50
703.    SMITH, Derby Winners, complete, G to VG, 50 150-200
704.    FAULKNER, Prominent Racehorse 1st & 2nd, complete, G to EX, 50 40-60
705.    OGDENS, Derby Entrants, complete (3), 1926, 1928 & 1929, G to VG, 125 30-50
706.    WILLS, Seaside Resorts, complete, mixed backs, a.m.r. (3), some slight corner knocks, about G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 7) 200-300
707.    WILLS, Beauties (p/c inset), complete, miniature (1896), EX, 52 (Illustration page 7) 1000-1500
708.    OGDENS, Miniature Playing Cards (beauties), no numeral to fronts, some scuffing to edges, G to VG, 76 (Illustration page 7) 200-250
709.    OGDENS, Shakespeare Series, complete, numbered, G to generally G, 50 (Illustration page 7) 250-300
710.    PLAYERS, Old England's Defenders, complete, G to EX, 50 (Illustration page 7) 250-300
711.    RUTTER, Comic Phrases, complete, a.m.r. (1), about G to VG, 54 (Illustration page 6) 500-600
712.    COHEN WEENEN, Star Artistes, complete, slight corner knocks, G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 7) 200-300
713.    CLARKE, Well-Known Sayings, complete, scuff to back (1) & slight knocks to red edges, about G to VG, 25 (Illustration page 7) 250-350
714.    DUKE, Scenes of Perilous Occupations, small scuffs to backs (8), G to VG, 49 + 1 (Illustration page 7) 600-800
715.    B.A.T., Beauties (Smoke Girls), complete, minimal scuffing to black edges, corner crease (1), G to EX, 24 (Illustration page 7) 80-120
716.    B.A.T., Beauties (Palette Girls), complete, scuffing to red borders, creased (6), FR to VG, 25 (Illustration page 7) 80-120
717.    A.T.C., Savage Chiefs & Semi-Barbarous Rulers, typeset backs (all with heavy scuffing), only FR, 45 (Illustration page 7) 200-300
718.    DUKE, The Language of Flowers, complete, scuff (1) & stains (2) to backs, G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 6) 400-600
719.    DUKE, Fancy Dress Ball Costumes, complete, scuffs (3) & checklist ticks to backs, G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 6) 300-400
720.    A.T.C., Comic Scenes, complete, creased (5), FR to VG, 25 (Illustration page 6) 80-120
721.    KINNEY, Famous Running Horses, completer, English, four with scuffs to backs (three heavy tears) & some corner knocks, FR (4) to VG, 25 (Illustration page 7) 250-350
722.    KINNEY, Animals, complete, scuffs to backs (1) & creased (1), FR to VG, 50 (Illustration page 6) 200-300
723.    ALLEN & GINTER, World's Smokers, complete, scuffs to backs (7), FR to G, 50 (Illustration page 6) 700-900
724.    DUKE, Actors & Actresses, complete, no frame (19), scuffs to backs (2), FR to VG, 50 (Illustration page 6) 600-800
725.    PHILLIPS, Old Masters (set 3), complete, silks, BDV, some fraying, about G to VG, 40 40-60
726.    BENSDORP, Famous People (with facsimile autographs), postcard issue, slight duplication, G to VG, 120* 30-50
727.    TRADE, selection, inc. Au Bon Marche extra large (19); Windsor Baking Powder, His First Love Letters (from America) & The Welcome Answer (from Old Ireland); booklets, The Monkey's Ride, Colman's Mustard Pot Merry-Go-Round; US Post Office mechanical (a.m.r.), greetings etc., FR to VG, 29 40-60
728.    MIXED, selection, inc. Topps Star Wars - blue (64, many creased); Sammelwerck Marchen der Volker (Fairy Tales), Groups 12-14 (150); Kelloggs package issues (38), Out of the World, puzzles etc., in two modern albums, VG to EX, 252* 30-50
729.    OGDENS, Tabs selection, inc. General Interest A (58), B (78), C (52+56), D (78) & E (58); sports (53), boxing, racehorses & jockeys, cyclists etc., some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 433* 80-120
730.    TRADE, European selection, sport inc. wrestling, boxing, tennis, Olympics, football, equestrian, cycling; Richs, Lapiz Termosan, Greiling, Uw Planta, Linda, Lavazza, Bell and Sons, Morganpost, Stollwerck etc., mixed sizes, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
731.    TRADE, European selection, natural history inc, horses, birds, dogs, animals, flora; Richs, Stollwerck, Douwe Egbert, Danmark, Zahne, Jordan & Timaeus, Jacques, Adolf Tize, Aiguebelle, Nestle, Verkade etc., mixed sizes, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
732.    TRADE, European selection, inc. Sanella, Bussink, Jordan & Timaeus, Bell, Juncosa, Palmin, Petzold & Aulhorn, Hilodebrandt, Geurin Boutron, Gala Peter, Lavazza, Gartmann, Poulain, Shell, Ibled, Suchard etc., mainly larger sizes, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
733.    TRADE, European selection, part sets inc. Stemma fungi, Anco Belgian Congo, Victoria USA, fire engine cigar bands, Wagner Adventures & Exploration (amr), Belin biology, Reemtsma propaganda, Morganpost sets in folders (6) etc., mixed sizes, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
734.    TRADE, foreign selection, inc. advertising, comedy, children, shipping, sports, Lande & other woven silks, stamps, playing cards, OXO painting books, The Cunning Artificer & Discworld, Guinness, poster stamps etc., mixed sizes, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
735.    TRADE, European selection, inc. booklets, cards, wrappers, labels, magazine illustrated advert pages, scraps etc., mixed sizes, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
736.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. adverts, gold background, children, comedy, floral, views, animals, greetings etc., some a.m.r., FR to VG, 80* 30-50
737.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. adverts, gold background, children, comedy, floral, views, animals, greetings etc., some a.m.r., FR to VG, 80* 30-50
738.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (7), Castella Motoring (with album), collectors cards (6), Norman Rockwell, Varga (2), Olivia, George Petty, Marilyn Monroe; part sets, Churchmans, Gallaher, Players etc., CSGB & other reference books, Deadman cricket (both) etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
741.    PLAYERS, complete (17 + 2), inc. Army Corps & Divisional Signs (2+2), Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Dandies, Uniforms of the T.A., Natural History, War Decorations & Medals, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, International Air Liners, National Flags & Arms etc., good VR, 890* 30-50
742.    MIXED, complete (18), inc. Wills (6), The Sea-Shore, Railway Equipment, Wild Flowers 1st & 2nd; Gallaher (2), The Navy, Butterflies & Moths; Phillips This Mechanised Age, Morris Whipsnade Zoo, Churchmans (2), Lambert & Butler Motor Cars, Cavanders School Badges, Mitchell Famous Crosses, C.W.S. African Types etc., about G to VG, 734* 30-50
743.    MIXED, selection, inc. compete (2), Wood Aesop's Fables, Rothmans Punch Cartoons; part sets, BAT Beauties p/c inset (35), Gallaher Fables & Their Morals (55), Bocnal Silhouettes (9), silks etc., FR to EX, 250* 30-50
744.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. anon. railway game, tourist stops with locos to orange backs (29); Wills (a few early), Ogdens, BAT, Brooke Bond, Lyons, Hill, Players etc., good VR, Qty. 30-50
745.    SILK, bookmarks, inc. Van Englen & Evers calendars (33); JJ Cash (10), birds, 1982 Papal visit, royal weddings; Burns, pubs, Beatrix Potter etc., G to EX, 50* 30-50
746.    TRADE, mainly part sets, inc. Kane, Lyons, Properts, Kelloggs, Paramount, Horniman, Dandy, Benson & Hedges and other coupons, Brooke Bond, Barratt football packets, Regent, Klene etc., some corner knocks, FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
747.    TRADE, mainly part sets, mainly larger sizes, inc. Shell, Kelloggs, Pro-Set, Domino, Card Times, Topps, collector card sets etc., some corner knocks, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
748.    MIXED, selection, inc. 13 complete sets cornered in 1d albums, Wills, Players & Brooke Bond; empty 1d albums (6); laid down, 1d (33), 3d (6) & Brooke Bond (28), G to EX, Qty. 30-50
749.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Cavanders stereoscopic, Gallaher Great War Series, Cadbury Famous Steamships; Wills, Players, Sarony, Merrysweets, Chix etc a few packets, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
750.    FOOTBALL, trade selection, inc. the Sun, complete (2), Soccercards, Football Swap Cards; Phillips & Thomson miniature RP; Portraits & Action etc., a few creased & stained, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
751.    TRADE, part sets, inc. many Brooke Bond, Out into Space (11, issued with) & other early, black backs; Topps, John West, Teachers, Typhoo, Grandee, Doncella etc., slight duplication, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
752.    TRADE, complete (48), inc. Hunter, Burton, Kelloggs, Ching, CWS, Sweetule, Sanitarium, Hobbypress, Payne, Glengettie, Lyons, Eckstein Halpaus, Mills, Doncella etc., slight duplication, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
753.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (9), Kane Red Indians 1st & 2nd (corner-mounted in booklet), Players Gilbert & Sullivan 1st & 2nd, Lynchgate Images of the Great War 1st-4th, Grandee Famous MG Marques; part sets, Lambert & Butler, Birds & Eggs (10), Find Your Way (30); Wills Lighthouses (44), Wix British Empire (39) & National (210) Flags; commemorative covers (110) etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
754.    BROOKE BOND, complete (50), inc. a few early, black backs etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
755.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Ardath Photocards, Modern Aircraft; Players, Kings & Queens (large), Dickens, Butterflies; Lambert & Butler, Motor Index Marks, Find Your Way; Wills, Medals, Aviation; Churchmans, Pattreiouex, etc., slight duplication, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
756.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Wills, Aviation, Merchant Ships, Arms; Players, Arms & Armour, Regimental Standards, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Cricketers 1938, Celebrated Gateways; Carreras History of Army Uniforms etc., duplication, G to VG, Qty. 30-50
757.    BROOKE BOND, part sets & odds, mainly later issues, duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
758.    BROOKE BOND, albums, mainly laid down, a few empty, some Canadian, duplication (some heavy), FR to VG, 100s 30-50
759.    ACCESSORIES, selection of reference books, c/c & p/c, inc. xxx etc., hard & softback editions, FR to EX, Qty. 25-35
760.    ACCESSORIES, large selection of albums, inc. mainly laid down, Nestle, Stollwerck,Tobler, Cibon, Gehr, UTC, German c/c, Thijsse, de Beukelaer etc; some empty, 3d, peroid slide-in albums, Verkade etc., some damage to covers, FR to VG, Qty. (three boxes) 30-50