Sporting Memorabilia sale on Tuesday 18th November 2014
Cigarette Cards and other Ephemera on Wednesday 19th November 2014
Monday 17th November: 12 noon til 5pm
Tuesday 18th November: 9am til 5pm
Wednesday 19th November: From 9am
Lots: 1469-1487 of 1487
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Lot Description and Estimate Sold For

PLAYERS, part sets, inc. Gilbert & Sullivan, Poultry, Dogs, Tennis, Football, RAF, Motor Cars etc., duplication, FR to EX, 2500*
Estimate: 25-35


SELECTION, inc. trade, Ching, Toblerone, Bazooka Joe wax issues, Barratt; cigarette packets and tins, matchbox labels, sugar packets etc., G to VG, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


TRADE, selection in album, inc. Anglo Bell Boy Famous Soccer Clubs (uncut sheets), Bibby They Gave It Name, Coca-Cola, Thomson, Greg, Priory, Sunblest, Prescott-Pickup etc., FR to EX, 35*
Estimate: 30-50


SELECTION, mainly complete sets, inc. U.T.C. South African Birds, Millhoff (4), Players, Decorations & Medals, Boy Scout & Girl Guide; Wills Celebrated Pictures, Lea, Drapkin, Sarony, Hill Puzzles, B.A.T., Mustafa etc., mainly in five period slide-in albums, FR to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 40-60


GERMANY, laid down albums, mainly complete, inc. Film Album, Het Water Op (Sailing), Die Welt In Bilden, Glider Flag Album etc., FR to VG, 6
Estimate: 25-35


WIX A. & M., Cinema Cavalcade, complete set in hardback album (mainly corner-mounted), inc. Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, Marx Brothers etc., G
Estimate: 25-35


COWBOYS, selection, inc. complete and part sets, The Times, Kane, Kwatta; advert flyers, cigar box label etc., FR to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 40-60


PUZZLES, mainly complete sets (10), inc. Hill Magical Puzzles, Carreras Palmistry (49/50), Drapkin Puzzle Pictures, Palmistry etc., in hardback slide-in album, G to VG, 375*
Estimate: 30-50


TRADE, mainly complete sets (18), inc. Wood & Co. Island of Ceylon, Geoffrey Michael Modern motor Cars, Primrose Popeye (38/50), Gaycon, Wilco, corner-mounted in softback booklets, G to VG, 500*
Estimate: 25-35


TRADE, mainly complete sets (14), Barratt The Secret Service, Priory Wild Flowers, Northern Co-Op Birds, Goodies Monkees 1st (21/25), A.T.C. etc., corner-mounted in softback booklets, G to VG, 500*
Estimate: 25-35


TRADE, near complete sets, (15), inc. Barber Cinema & TV Stars, Birkum Motor Cars, RSPA Motor-Cycles (14/22), Fizzy Fruit, Goodies etc., corner-mounted in softback booklets, G t VG, 390*
Estimate: 25-35


BIRDS, complete (3), Ogdens Racing Pigeons; Players, large (2), Aviary and Cage Birds, Wild Birds, in period albums, G to VG, 100
Estimate: 30-50


FOOTBALL, booklets and albums (some loose cards), inc. Thomson, World Cup Stars, Cup Stars of All Nations; Daily Mirror, IPC Favourite Soccer Stars etc., G to VG, 16
Estimate: 30-40


FOOTBALL, trade selection, inc. many 1970s Topps (some Scottish); Panini (1974 World Cup), Leaf, Nabisco, News Chronicle,Topical Times, The Sun etc., G to EX, 700*
Estimate: 50-80


TRADE, part sets and odds, inc. Nestle, Lyons, Weetabix, Mars, Kelloggs, British Automatic etc., G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 30-40


MIXED, complete (4), inc. Reddish International Footballers of Today, Facchino How & Why, Anstie Places of Interest, Pascall Devon Ferns, in softback booklets, G to VG, 225*
Estimate: 30-50


FOOTBALL, part sets, inc. Barratt, A4-A15, Football Stars, Famous Footballers; Thomson Football Stars (complete") etc., corner-mounted in 1d albums and loose, FR to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 40-60


TRADE, mainly complete sets in albums (most cornered in), inc. Bibby, Coopers, Victor, Amalgamated Press, Thomson, IPC etc., a few laid down, others loose, good VR, Qty.
Estimate: 40-60


SELECTION, inc. German compete sets (3), Colonies, Game Hunting and one other (loose or corner-mounted in albums); empty LCC slip-in albums, CSGB reference books (7), trade catalogues, magazines (some early) etc., good VR, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35

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