Sporting Memorabilia sale on Tuesday 18th November 2014
Cigarette Cards and other Ephemera on Wednesday 19th November 2014
Monday 17th November: 12 noon til 5pm
Tuesday 18th November: 9am til 5pm
Wednesday 19th November: From 9am
Lots: 919-968 of 1487
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Lot Description and Estimate Sold For

TRADE, selection of complete and part sets, inc. Liebig (5), Cryselco Buildings of Beauty, Daily Star No Turning Back, Old Masters (extra large, anon), Sanitarium, Topical Times Miniature Panel Portraits 1936/7 etc. (all complete); Ardath It All Depends on ME (lacking Cotton), Frys Dominoes (23), Wix Recipe Cards, Cailler Swiss Views (26), Levers Celebrities (7), Danmark, anon recipe cards (packet issues) etc., FR to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 50-100


MAGAZINES, complete copies, 1950, inc. Pix, The Saturday Evening Post, 1945-1949, generally G, 14
Estimate: 20-30


POP MUSIC, selection, inc. magazines, booklets, paperbacks, cinema stills from pop-related films etc., FR to VG, Qty.
Estimate: 20-30


SHEET MUSIC, selection, mixed periods, good VR, Qty.
Estimate: 20-30


SHEET MUSIC, selection, mixed periods, good VR, Qty.
Estimate: 20-30


GUINNESS, selection of ephemera, inc. calendars for 1996, 1997, 2000 & 2001, greetings cards, Birthday, Xmas etc., VG to EX, 13
Estimate: 25-35


GUINNESS, selection of ephemera, inc. FDC (first hovercraft from Wallasey to Rhyl 1962); Rugby, 3 x 4 menu for the visit of the Bristolians, Ireland v England, 8th Feb 1930; headed notepaper, G & C Miller (Boston USA), whist, bowls and bridge score cards (4) etc., VG, 13*
Estimate: 25-35


GUINNESS, selection of beer labels, bottle and collar issues, VG, 45*
Estimate: 25-35


GUINNESS, selection of menu cards, 10.5 x 16 (1) and smaller, VG, 6
Estimate: 25-35


GUINNESS, selection of ephemera, adverts removed from magazines, inc. ILN, Punch, John Bull, VG, 14
Estimate: 25-35


GUINNESS, selection of ephemera, adverts removed from magazines, inc The Sketch, Picture Post, Country Life etc., VG, 19
Estimate: 25-35


GUINNESS, selection of ephemera, adverts removed from magazines, inc. Country Life, Wide World etc., overmounted (3), VG, 13
Estimate: 25-35


GUINNESS, adverts, pages removed from magazines etc., colour and b/w, inc. fishing, horse racing, tennis, golf, cricket, military themes etc., various sizes, some overmounted, G, 40*
Estimate: 25-35


GUINNESS, adverts, pages removed from magazines etc., inc. Alice in Wonderland, Guide to Food; For Strength, inc. Picture Post 1954, ILN 1930 etc., some overmounted, G, 35*
Estimate: 25-35


MAGAZINES, Punch 1940-70s (23), Picture Post 1939-48 (16), ILN VE Day, The Sphere etc., with Guinness adverts noted, VR, 48*
Estimate: 25-35


MAGAZINES, mixed selection, 1940s onwards, inc. Lilliput, Men Only (8), FHM, Country Life 1948, Zoo (2); Ireland official guides (13) etc., with Guinness adverts noted, good VR, 60*
Estimate: 25-35


GLAMOUR, magazines, mainly 1950s, inc. QT, Charm Pin-Up, Foto, Bang-On!, Fiesta, Mirage etc., G to EX, 27
Estimate: 25-35


SELECTION, inc. motor racing card sets, Universal Card Collectors issues, Tobler and other poster stamps, boxing holograms etc., G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


RECIPE CARDS, selection, inc. Batchelors, Scot, Good Housekeeping etc., VG to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 20-30


SELECTION, inc. Nestle maps, Lucozade Christmas Characters, Solo cut-outs, Wright painting card, Lindt chocolate wrappers etc., G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


ACCESSORIES, modern albums, mixed colours, each full of plastic c/c pages (mixed formats), G to EX, 24+
Estimate: 25-35


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. trade & cigarette cards, complete (9), inc Horniman, Wills, Dryfood etc., each corner-mounted in softback booklet; football, hardback edition of Rothmans Football League Players Records 1947-1975, programmes, England (3) & Euro 96 (2); tourist booklets, theatre programme etc., G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


WINSTON CHURCHILL, selection, inc. 78rpm records, The Progress of the War - Broadcast Speeches, Vols 1-3 & 5 (covering May 1940 to May 1942), in four original HMV hardback albums (25 records in total); hardback editions, The Second World War Vols I-VI, A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Vols I-IV, dj (minimal tears), G to VG, 14
Estimate: 30-50


AUTOGRAPHS, signed hardback edition of A Perfect Spy by John Le Carre, Everest - The Hard Way by Chris Bonnington, The Living Planet by David Attenborough, My Lively Lady by Alec Rose, Border Reflections by Lord Home, dj (4), G to EX, 5
Estimate: 35-45


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. oil painting of cruiseship Canberra with dolphins; blue & white oval plate, car manual, librettos, magazines, shipping menus, LP record, maps etc., good VR, Qty,
Estimate: 25-35


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. military engravings with printed signatures (3), More-Molyneux, O'Brien & Wilson; Xmas cards with autopen signatures by Callaghan (2) & Heath(2); Thatcher letter with printed signature; Downing Street cards hardback editon of Arbeitsschlacht, signed by the author Ernst Vollbehr, 1938); German magazines, Hamburger Illusttrierte, 1941-1943, (8) etc., good VR, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. The Cricketer, 1937 magazines (19) & annual (1); 45rpm recordings of songs from children's stories, Disney (4), Noddy, Stingray (25); hardback editions of Britain in Pictures (12 + 7), 1950s Daily Mail yearbooks (10), packs of playing cards (15), signed headband by Syed Kirmani etc., good VR, Qty.
Estimate: 30-50


SELECTION, inc. cricket, Garfield Sober signed piece (overmounted with photo), Vanity Fair print of Robert Abel (specimen edition), two signed biographies by Colin Cowdrey & Keith Fletcher; Mulready envelope by John Thompson (c.1840), dolls house books (3), Deaths Doings by Dagley 1827 (2 copies), Boer War bookplate illustrations, Pears bookmark, Lockheed Aircraft prints, photos etc., good VR, Qty.
Estimate: 30-50


SELECTION, inc. Dr. Who, modern trade card sets (in ring binder); part sets, Como, Topps, Players, Liebig; Thunderbirds, Noddy, Star Wars etc; matchboxes and match booklets, commemorative covers etc., FR to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 30-50


THEATRE BOOKS, mainly hardback editions, inc. Good Old Gaiety - An Historiette and Remembrance by Hollingshead, 1903 (in red leather boards with gilt titles and illustrated cover); Ballet (14), The Royal Ballet First 50 Years by Bland, Baron At The Ballet by Haskell; biographies, Robertson Hare, The Bancrofts, Sidney Fairbrother, Lewis and Sybil by Casson, Maurice Chevalier, Borzoi by Schwezoff, Charles Cochrane, Secrets of the Halls by Change Newton, Just A Little Bit Of String by Terris, The Footlights Flickered by MacQueen Pope etc., (dj (some tears), softback (2), pocket ballets (7), FR to EX, 30*
Estimate: 15-25


CIGARETTE PACKETS, collection, inc. mainly complete (240), Waverley, Clubs, Stradford, Mi-Ne, Grosvenor, Chesterfield, Bel-Air, Cambridge, Ariel, Kent, Peer, TAF Clovis, Robin etc., some Rhodesian issues, together with a selection of clipped fronts, mixed sizes, FR to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 40-60


OGDENS, Football Club Colours, complete, G to VG, 51
Estimate: 60-80


OGDENS, Football Club Badges (shaped), slight scuffing, tape repair (1) and slight creases to necks, FR (1) to VG, 38 (Illustration page 2)
Estimate: 120-160


WILLS, Football Club Colours, complete, overseas (Scissors backs), scuffing to edges, slight crease (2) & stained (1), about G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 2)
Estimate: 200-300


WILLS, Famous Footballers, complete, Scissors, creased (1), about G to VG, 50
Estimate: 80-120


WILLS, International Footballers 1909-10, complete, Scissors, some scuffing to black edges, corner creased (2), FR to VG, 67 (Illustration page 2)
Estimate: 150-250


PATTREIOUEX, Famous Footballers F.A., complete, stained (1) & creased (1) , FR (2) to VG, 96 (Illustration page 2)
Estimate: 200-300


PATTREIOUEX, Footballers Series, complete, mixed captions, G to EX, 100 (Illustration page 2)
Estimate: 250-350


OGDENS, Tabs, Footballers, p/b, some scuffing to black edges (a few tipped-in), FR to VG, 28
Estimate: 50-70


OGDENS, Tabs, Our Leading Footballers, complete, scuffing to black edges (a few tipped-in), FR to VG, 17
Estimate: 60-80


COHEN WEENEN, Football Captains 1907/8, complete, slight crease (2), about G to VG, 60 (Illustration page 2)
Estimate: 300-400


CHURCHMANS, Footballers, complete, colour, creased (3), P (1) to generally G, 50
Estimate: 350-450


SMITH, Football Club Records (1921/2), missing Nos. 16, 28 & 30, some a.c.m., FR to generally G, 47
Estimate: 150-200


SMITH, Footballers (1912), complete, dark blue backs, corner crease (1), some scuffing to black edges (very few tipped-in), about G to VG, 150 (Illustration page 2)
Estimate: 500-800


CHURCHMANS, Sports & Games in Many Lands, complete, VG to EX, 25
Estimate: 35-45


LAMBERT & BUTLER, Naval Portraits, complete, about G to VG, 25
Estimate: 25-35


MIXED, complete (2), B.A.T. Prehistoric Animals (anon, printed backs), Wills Famous British Liners 2nd, G to VG, 55
Estimate: 35-45


OGDENS, Pugilists in Action, complete, inc. Dempsey, creased (1), FR to VG, 50
Estimate: 40-60


SMITH, Medals, numbered, some scuffing to edges, pin-holed (1), FR to VG, 30
Estimate: 60-80


OGDENS, Boxers, complete, FR to VG, 50
Estimate: 80-120

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