Sporting Memorabilia sale on Tuesday 18th November 2014
Cigarette Cards and other Ephemera on Wednesday 19th November 2014
Monday 17th November: 12 noon til 5pm
Tuesday 18th November: 9am til 5pm
Wednesday 19th November: From 9am
Lots: 869-918 of 1487
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Lot Description and Estimate Sold For

SELECTION, inc. brochures, magazines, newspapers, maps; military, Daily Telegraph war maps (5), RAF theatre programmes and Camouflage magazines, Bovril Handy-Book, Gale & Polden official Crests, Scottish National War Memorial; royalty (14), Selfridges Decorations, QEII Coronation etc., Pirelli calendars, 1990 & 1991, some tears to edges (especially newspapers), FR to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 30-50


THEATRE, poster (14 x 22) for Noel, starring Jeremy Brett & Millicent Martin, April-June 1981, at Goodspeed Opera House (Connecticut USA), drymounted to card, slight creases, G
Estimate: 25-35


COPE, advert poster (22.5 x 17.5) for Copes Tobaccos, showing man with club outside tent Copes Tobacco Sold Here", from the original by Geo. Pipeshank, c.1900, overmounted, framed & glazed, creases to two corners of original, G
Estimate: 100-150


CINEMA, unsigned photos (mainly 8 x 10), F.o.H. (2), publicity & press issues, inc. Mollie Sugden, Linda Evans, Mae Clark, Patricia Roe, Moira Shearer, Lilli Palmer, Evelyn Layer (Evensong), Samantha Eggar, Diana Dors (Room 43), Tom Conti etc., some modern pulls from original images, G to EX, 150*
Estimate: 30-50


AUTOGRAPHS, signed theatre programmes, inc. Geraldine McEwan, Richard Murdoch, Tim Churchill, Adrian Ross-Jones, Emma Butcher etc., some full cast signatures, mainly signed to inside page, a few with tickets and flyers, VG to EX, 12*
Estimate: 25-35


AUTOGRAPHS, signed theatre programmes, inc. John Hansen, Amanda Reed, Peter McGovern, John Gould, Alison Steadman, David Troughton, Rachael Edwards, Julian Forsythe etc., some full cast signatures, mainly signed to inside page, a few with tickets and flyers, VG to EX, 12*
Estimate: 25-35


CINEMA, selection, inc. Picture Show film brochures (2), Son of the Sheik, The Eagle (both 1926); Valentino inserts (4); photographs (8 x 10 and smaller), mainly publicity shots, some reproduction, G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


POSTER STAMPS, excellent selection of complete and part sets, some blocks, inc. adverts, buildings, tobacco, cigarettes etc., in modern album, G to EX, 570*
Estimate: 100-150


SCOUTING, magazines, Le Boy-Scout Belge, 1929 bound volume, French language, a few pages missing, G
Estimate: 20-30


TRAVEL, selection of photos (mainly 3.5 x 2.5) from a private tour, inc. private snapshots and tourist issues; Paris, Rome, Swiss Alps etc., corner-mounted in photo album (a few pages loose), VG, 222*
Estimate: 20-30


MOTOR RACING, booklets, Motor-Racing Drivers Past & Present & Motor-Cycling Personalities, each with sketches by Sallon, pub. by Shell-Mex & BP, 1956 & 1957 issues, G to VG, 2
Estimate: 20-30


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. unused fabric labels (7), Nehisco (5), Caravan, Peacock, horse racing (anon); 1890s tobacco adverts (17), Taddy, Ogdens, Mitcham, Bell, Richmond Cavendish, Copes; Shredded Wheat colouring cards, Boys and Girls of all Nations, with cover for Picture Story Album, G to EX, 53*
Estimate: 30-50


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. calendar cards (10), Rotary, Bible & Book Saloon, Hoffmann, Coats, Forman & Sons etc; Kentalong Tennis Card Game (complete, with rules booklet) etc., G to EX, 60*
Estimate: 15-25


WWI, stereoscopic cards, pub by Underwood & Underwood, inc. Guns at Gaza, US Troops (London), Marching to Baghdad, Casualties etc., G to VG, 10
Estimate: 25-35


BOER WAR, stereoscopic cards, pub by Underwood & Underwood, inc. Roberts & Kitchener, General Hospital No. 9, Kit Inspection etc., G to VG, 10
Estimate: 25-35


COMICS, selection, Nelson Lee, 1930-1932 (21), The Gem, 1931-1934 (7), generally G, 28
Estimate: 40-60


ENTERTAINMENT, signed promotional cards, theatre flyers etc., inc. Radio DJs, TV personalities, actors/actresses etc., some with compliments slips, G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 20-30


ARTWORK, selection of original watercolour drawings, from or of card designs, on original artists boards with wax paper overlay, some pencil annotation, inc. Carreras History of Army Uniforms (No. 45), Nailing Horseshoe, Cenotaph, Spinx, Gems etc., G to VG, 9
Estimate: 50-100


CIGARETTE CARDS, selection of original watercolour drawings, uncut proof sheets etc., inc. Flags of All Nations, Phillips, Jibco; Royalty, Cinema, Do You Know etc., most laid down to boards, FR to VG, 9
Estimate: 40-60


 POSTCARDS, adverts, inc. Lipton (3), Lever Bros. (2), Frys, Pan Yan, Goss etc., some creasing, FR to G, 17
Estimate: 25-35


 TRADE CARDS, selection, inc. Peek Frean, Holloway, Nectar tea birds, Prices etc., FR to VG, 34*
Estimate: 25-35


 TRADE CARDS, inc. Freeman Hardy & Willis adverts (2), golf; Nabisco Indian Sign Talk; Sunlight and other soap adverts (4), FR to VG, 7
Estimate: 25-35


TOBACCO, company postcards with order form backs, inc. Mitchell (2), Ogdens, Henry Scholey, W.. Davies & Whiteside, unused, G to VG, 6
Estimate: 25-35


POSTCARDS, selection, inc. 1924 Exhibition (20); Alpha adverts (3), 1911 Coronation (with op); Singer advert cards, Cathedral Series (19) etc., FR to EX, 50*
Estimate: 25-35


SCOUTING, booklet, Universal Indian Sign Language by William Tomkins, issued for 1929 Boy Scout World Jamboree, scuffing to cover, G
Estimate: 25-35


CRICKET, selection, inc. Belgian cabinet photo of match, beer mats, phone cards; European trade cards; Host of Cricketers Past (set of 100) etc., G to EX, 178*
Estimate: 30-50


BOXING, selection, inc. modern postcards, poster stamps, beer mats, flyer, creamer tops, silks; European trade cards etc., G to EX, 188*
Estimate: 30-50


BOXING, selection, inc. press photo, beer mats, Spanish booklet, premium size European trade cards and magazine inserts etc., G to EX, 33*
Estimate: 30-50


WRESTLING & WEIGHT-LIFTING, selection, inc. magazine inserts, European trade cards, postcards, labels, creamer tops etc., G to EX, 78*
Estimate: 30-50


BASKETBALL, selection, inc. European trade cards, Spanish booklet, cigar bands, magazine cut-outs etc., a few baseball, G to EX, 100*
Estimate: 30-50


ICE HOCKEY, selection, inc. European trade cards, Swedish gum card set, magazine issues etc., Olympic interest, G to EX, 130*
Estimate: 30-50


GAMES, selection, inc. chess, European trade cards, magazine issues, creamer tops, matchbox labels; playing card cigar band sets etc., G to EX, 400*
Estimate: 30-50


FOOTBALL, selection, inc. European trade cards, team photo cards (7), cigar band set (European Cup), playing cards, transparency, beer mat etc., G to EX, 350*
Estimate: 60-80


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. menus, Whisky labels, beer mats, Louis Wain cats, wrappers & envelopes, match booklets, poster stamps, uncut sheets etc., G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 30-50


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. sheets of poster stamps, Whisky labels, Louis Wain cats, stereoscopic cards, autograph sheets etc., G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 30-50


TOBACCO, selection, inc. menu, matchbox labels, Huntley & Palmer labels, cards & counters, coupons, Old Joe booklets etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 150*
Estimate: 30-50


RAILWAY, selection from Davies & Metcalfe, railway engineers of Romiley (England), selection of blueprints (7) and various specification booklets with duplication for railway parts (8+9), 1930's, some foreign language, G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


CINEMA, film posters, Quad Crown selection, inc. Boy Scout, The Company of Wolves, Absolute Beginners, Runaway Bride, Othello, Hamlet, Mario Bros etc., some tears to edges, G to EX, 14
Estimate: 20-30


CINEMA, film posters, Quad Crown selection, inc. Dr. M, Joan of Arc, El Dorado, Young Einstein, FX2 etc., some tears to edges, G to EX, 14
Estimate: 20-30


DEEDS, selection of 1840s-1930s documents, inc. deeds, mortgages, affidavits, good VR, 30*
Estimate: 25-35


BOOKS, hardback editions, History of Birmingham by Hutton 1835, with fold-out map, Shirley by Charlotte Bronte (1884), generally G, 2
Estimate: 30-40


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. Panini sets, WWF - Wildlife in Danger & Disney's Snow White (both complete); flattened match booklets; Latin Quarter burlesque programmes (2); tourist booklets, postcards etc., good VR, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


EPHEMERA, selection, inc. football programme for 1950 FA Cup (creased); film postcard albums (2); modern cinema calendars etc., FR to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


AUTOGRAPHS, signed books, inc. Travels with Queen Victoria (Sarah Ferguson), Little Britain (Matt Lucas & David Walliams), Sailing (Edward Heath), Home to Roost (Deborah Devonshire), Atonement (Ian McEwan); Moy McCrory, Gillian Slovo, Wendy Cope, Fiona Cooper, Claire Bloom, Martina Cole, Julie Wheelwright etc., unsigned (7), hardback with dj(17), VG to EX, 22
Estimate: 30-50


TRADE CARDS, inc. Top Sellers, Daily Mail, Benson & Hedges vouchers, Trebor wax wrappers, Tazos (unpunched), cookery cards etc., G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


TRADE CARDS, inc. Readers Digest Botanical prints, political caricatures, Police issues, Woolworths, Mars Attax premium card, Friendship multi-views etc., G to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


TRADE CARDS, selection, inc. Barker, Badshah, Barbers, British Gas, Brown, Brooks Traction Engine, Bewlay etc., VG to MT, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


BELLS WHISKY, selection, inc. beet mats (unusual) and bell-shaped cards, duplication, VG to MT, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


S.P.C.K., gift cards, complete and part sub-sets, duplication, FR to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


SANITARIUM, complete and part sets, mainly large issues, Australian trade, duplication, VG to EX, Qty.
Estimate: 25-35

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