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Lot Description and Estimate Sold For

AUTOGRAPHS, signed album pages (3.25 x 5.25), 1930s, inc. Liverpool (16 signatures), Blenkinsop, Riley, Cooper, Whittle; Everton (19), White, Britton, Watson, Dean, Stevenson, Hughes, Archer; Aston Villa (17), Houghton, Cunliffe, Astley, Simpson, Cummings, Gibson etc., with small attached photos, G to VG, 3
Estimate: 30-50


SELECTION, inc. pocket annuals, Glasgow Clothing Company Football Annual 1909-10, Sports Post Football Annual 1926/7; programmes (21), mainly 1960's, inc. Southampton (10), Millwall, Swindon, Blackpool, Huddersfield etc., punch holes (2), FR to VG, 23
Estimate: 30-50


TICKETS, selection, 1990s onwards, inc. Southampton (67), Blackburn (46); Play-Offs Finals & semi-finals, minor Cup Finals etc., G to EX, 155*
Estimate: 40-60


LEICESTER CITY, home programmes, 1958/9 (17) & 1961/2 (22), slight duplication, VG to EX, 39*
Estimate: 40-60


LEICESTER CITY, home programmes, 1962/3 (22), FAC semi-final (pirate by Greenup & Thomson) & Final; 1963/4 (26) & 1964/5 (26), slight duplication, VG to EX, 74*
Estimate: 40-60


PROGRAMMES, selection, mainly early 1960s, inc. Tottenham, Mansfield, Rotherham, Mansfield, Forest, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Sheffield United, Torquay, Everton, Colchester etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 60*
Estimate: 60-80


PROGRAMMES, selection, mainly early 1960s, inc. Blackburn, Swansea, Sheffield United, Darlington, Tottenham, Crewe, Rotherham, Manchester United, Notts County, Oldham, Burnley, Sunderland, Coventry, WBA etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 60*
Estimate: 60-80


PROGRAMMES, Big Match issues, mainly early 1960s, inc. Internationals, England, v Wales 1952, France 1962 (European Nations Cup at Hillsborough), Portugal 1961, Wales 1950 Schools; Scotland, v RAF 1944, Wales 1961, at Wales 1960; FAC Finals, 1960-1964 & 1966; 1966 WC brochure etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 25*
Estimate: 60-80


SELECTION, mainly late 1950s, inc. programmes, minor Internationals (9), Manchester United (3H/2A), Millwall (10), Walsall, Tottenham; brochures & handbooks, The Red Devils 1956/7, Cottage Pie 1958 (Fulham), Liverpool handbook 1958/9 etc., about G to EX, 40*
Estimate: 60-80


PROGRAMMES, selection, mainly late 1950s, inc. Newcastle, Middlesbrough, WBA, Wolves, York, Liverpool, Leicester, Fulham, Doncaster, Swansea, Rotherham Sheffield United etc., slight duplication, about G to VG, 48*
Estimate: 60-80


PROGRAMMES, selection, mainly late 1950s, inc. Sheffield Wednesday, Coventry, Crystal Palace, Chesterfield, Chelsea, Burnley, Blackpool, Blackburn, Notts County, Forest, QPR, Arsenal, Barnsley etc., slight duplication, about G to VG, 48*
Estimate: 60-80


NEWPORT COUNTY, home (24) & away programmes, 1989/90 Inaugural season, some rarer issues, slight duplication, some adhesion marks to home covers, about G to VG, 59*
Estimate: 40-60


EVERTON, home programmes, mainly 1960s, inc. v Fulham 1949/50, Cardiff 1955/6, Manchester United 1959/60; 1960/1 (3), 1961/2 (3), 1962/3 (14), 1963/4 (11), 1964/5(10) etc., G to EX, 69*
Estimate: 60-80


BOOKS, club histories, Bolton Wanderers - One Hundred Years at Burnden Park (Breedon), Positively Brentford 1896-1996 (both hardback), Manchester United - Official Review of the 1993/4 Season (softback), all large format, VG to EX, 3
Estimate: 25-35


TRADE, complete coin sets by Esso (3), F.A. Cup 1872-1972, Football Badges, Top Teams (with 45 duplicates), each loose-mounted in folders, VG to EX, 3+
Estimate: 25-35


MANCHESTER UNITED, signed white cards (5.5 x 3.5 and slightly smaller), inc. Johnny Anderson, Casper, Crompton, Bratt, Morris, Gowling, Cantwell, Carroll, Graham, Hawksworth, Lawton, McClair etc., a few with attached club crest, many annotated to edge in pencil, loose in photo album, VG to EX, 46*
Estimate: 30-50


INTERNATIONALS, signed white cards (5.5 x 3.5 and slightly smaller) etc., England, Wales & Northern Ireland, inc. Brooking, Clemence, Connolly, Dunn, Ehiogu, Foulkes, Greenhoff, Keown, Lofthouse, Reid, Rimmer, Sherwood, Sinton, Southgate, Southall, Thatcher etc., many annotated to edge in pencil, loose in photo album, VG to EX, 47*

Estimate: 30-40


INTERNATIONALS, signed white cards (5.5 x 3.5 and slightly smaller) etc., England, Scotland & Republic of Ireland, inc. Aldridge, Cunningham, Henderson, Keane, O'Leary, Staunton, Blackley, Dicks, Dickov, McMenemy, Matteo, Regis, Lofthouse, Merson, Earle etc., many annotated to edge in pencil, loose in photo album, VG to EX, 115*
Estimate: 30-50


AUTOGRAPHS, signed softback editions of Player by Player (mainly signed pieces laid down), Chelsea (32) & Tottenham Hotspur (30), VG to EX, 2
Estimate: 30-50


MANCHESTER UNITED, signed hardback edition of Illustrated Encyclopedia (mainly signed pieces laid down), 72 signatures in total, EX
Estimate: 30-40


SELECTION, inc. programmes (21), Brentford v Bahia 1957, Millwall v Brentford 1955, Newcastle v Arsenal 1958, Aberdeen v Liege 1967, Sheffield Wednesday v Vasas 1955, Middlesbrough v Lucerne 1959 floodlight ('match off fog' to cover in ink), Wrexham 1962 & 1963, BFC v Forest 1980 EC etc; club handbooks & fanzines; WEmbley tickets (4); 1912/13 RP team postcard; Italy team pennant etc., G to EX, 40*
Estimate: 30-50


PROGRAMMES, selection with team sheets and\or tickets, inc. Hull City in Europe 2014/5, at Trencin (p, ts & t), at Lokeren (ts & t, no programme issued); Swansea at St Gallen (ts & t, no programme issued); Newcastle, Mansfield, Forest etc., EX to MT, 18+
Estimate: 25-35


SELECTION, inc. magazine team photos (10), Nottingham Football Post team posters (3 + 1), Goal etc., signed cards, printed team sheets, two 1950s programmes (badly damaged) etc., good VR, small Qty.
Estimate: 25-35


GRANTHAM TOWN, selection, inc. reserve home programmes (9), v Bradford 1945/6, Shirebrook 1954/5, Belper Town 1957/8, Spennymoor United 1958/59 (2), St Neots 1959/60 etc.; signed album page, c1951, 12 signatures (two affected by tape); press photos (30), mainly 6.5 x 9, a few annotated to reverse etc., FR to VG, 40*
Estimate: 40-60


AUTOGRAPHS, signed magazine photos, clipped signatures, pieces etc., 1940s-70s, some laid down to cards, good VR, 200*
Estimate: 30-50


AUTOGRAPHS, signed magazine photos etc., players and team photos, 1940s-60s, many laid down to pages, good VR, 150*
Estimate: 25-35


AUTOGRAPHS, signed magazine photos, press photos, pieces etc., many laid down, good VR, 120*
Estimate: 25-35


TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, unused home ticket, 27th April 1957, v Blackpool, with counterfoil to left edge (small corner torn), VG
Estimate: 40-50


ARSENAL, home programme, 11th Nov 1922, v Everton FAC, minimal tears to edges, G
Estimate: 50-80


ARSENAL, home programme, 9th Dec 1922, v Birmingham, small stain to front, minimal tears to edges, G
Estimate: 50-80


ARSENAL, home programme, 19th March 1923, England v Belgium, uncut, small tears to bottom edge, G
Estimate: 50-80


ARSENAL, home programme, 27th Oct 1923, v Bolton, small tears to edges, G
Estimate: 50-80


ARSENAL, home programme, 9th Feb 1924, v Southend, creasing to back cover, minimal tears to edges, G
Estimate: 50-80


ARSENAL, home programme, 24th Feb 1926, v Aston Villa FAC, VG
Estimate: 30-50


ARSENAL, home programme, 5th March 1927, v Wolves FAC, some creasing, G
Estimate: 30-50


ARSENAL, home programme, 27th Aug 1927, v Fulham (London Combination), large piece missing from back cover, FR
Estimate: 20-30


ARSENAL, home programme, 12th Jan 1929, v Stoke City FAC, slight creasing, G
Estimate: 25-35


ARSENAL, home programme, 16th Dec 1933 v Chelsea, slight water damage to bottom edge, G
Estimate: 25-35


CHELSEA, home programme, 29th Nov 1930, v Arsenal, ink stain to back page, VG
Estimate: 25-35


CHELSEA, home programme, 24th Jan 1934, v Arsenal, small piece missing to spine (missing staples), some creasing, about G
Estimate: 25-35


TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, home programmes, v Bradford 1946/7, Doncaster 1947/8, folds, generally G, 2
Estimate: 30-50


TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, home programmes, v Charlton 1958/9, Bristol City 1959/60 (both reserves); Huddersfield 1955/6; 1955/6/7 (4), Manchester United, Aston Villa, Arsenal & Blackpool; Manchester United 1959/60, at Luton 1949/50 & 1955/6, ink stains (1), FR to VG, 10
Estimate: 40-60


TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, home programmes, 1957/8, inc. v Manchester United, Blackpool, Everton, Luton, PNE etc; reserves (3), Reading, Millwall & Birmingham City, G to EX, 10
Estimate: 40-60


TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, home programmes, 1958/9, inc. Manchester United, Newport County FAC, Manchester City, Wolves, PNE, Leeds, Chelsea, Bela Vista (Brazil) etc; reserves (3), Arsenal, Leyton Orient & Fulham, G to EX, 13
Estimate: 40-60


TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, home programmes, 1959/60, inc. Birmingham City, Wolves, Blackburn (creased), Manchester United, Crewe FAC replay, Blackburn FAC, Manchester City, Blackpool etc., FR (1) to VG, 9
Estimate: 25-35


TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, home programmes, 1949/50, inc. Blackburn, Leeds, Bury, Bradford, Coventry, Swansea, Cardiff, Sunderland, Southampton, West Ham, PNE, Grimsby Town (promotion issue), Hibernian etc., tears to many edges, folds & creases, P to about G, 20
Estimate: 100-150


LAPEL BADGES, complete sets, inc. Premier League 2004-2006, Spanish league 2005/6, Champions League 2005/6, Bundesliga 2004-2006 etc., 122 badges in total, each set mounted on presentation card, Chinese issue, EX to MT, 5
Estimate: 50-70


LAPEL BADGES, selection, 1980s onwards, inc. World Cup & Euro issues, sets of Flags of Competing Nations, tournament badges, England, Scotland, Wales etc., EX to MT, Qty.
Estimate: 80-120


COLLECTABLES, selection, 1980s onwards, inc. World Cup & Euro issues, circular pin badges, cloth patches, keyrings etc., a few player issues, VG to MT, Qty.
Estimate: 80-120


WORLD CUP, 1966, a 7.25 plastic ice bucket in the shape of a football, annotated to lid 'World Cup England 1966', with football figure finial, lacking glass liner, G
Estimate: 30-50

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