Postal Sale (with Live Internet Bidding) of Cigarette
& Trade Cardsa, Pop Memorabilia, Film Posters & Autographs
on Wednesday 9th January 2013

1.      MORRIS, National & Colonial Arms, missing Nos. 22, 48 & 50, VG to EX, 4780-120
2.      CINEMA, Film Stars, complete (?), anon, pink paper issue, 34 x 53mm, with names to front, p/b, VG to EX, 4030-50
3.      POLAR CARDS, 19th & 20th Century Cigarette Cards, complete, large, MT, 2512-18
4.      OLIVER, German Orders & Decorations, complete, EX to MT, 5025-35
5.      LEA, Miniatures (gold border), complete, creased (3), some scuffing to gold edges, FR to VG, 5015-20
6.      CHURCHMANS, Empire Railways, complete, G to EX, 5030-50
7.      CHURCHMANS, complete (3), Warriors of all Nations, Railway Working, Association Footballers 1st, about G to VG, 10020-30
8.      LAMBERT & BUTLER, part sets, World's Locomotives (19 of 25), Naval Portraits (15), G to VG, 3415-25
9.      LAMBERT & BUTLER, Horsemanship, complete, G to EX, 5020-30
10.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Dance Band Leaders, complete, G to EX, 2520-30
11.     OGDENS, Club Badges, complete, G to EX, 5080-120
12.     OGDENS, Construction of Railway Trains, complete, G to VG, 5020-30
13.     OGDENS, complete (5), Smugglers & Smuggling, Modes of Conveyance, Modern British Pottery; Birds' Eggs, British Birds (both cut-out), about G to VG, 22530-40
14.     OGDENS, part sets, Poultry Alphabet (18), Boy Scouts (30), Jockeys & Owners' Colours (35), Trainers and Owner's Colours (18), G to EX, 101*25-35
15.     LEA, Old Pottery & Porcelain, 1st (40), 3rd (41), 4th (37) & 5th (49), G to VG, 167*30-50
16.     PLAYERS, complete (2), Celebrated Gateways, British Empire Series, VG to EX, 10020-30
17.     PLAYERS, Celebrated Bridges, complete, VG to EX, 5015-25
18.     PLAYERS, Life on Board a Man of War, complete, VG to EX, 5020-30
19.     FRY, Days of Nelson, complete, G to EX, 2580-120
20.     BIBBY, complete (4), They Gave It A Name, Don't You Believe It, This Wonderful World, Isn't It Strange, How What and Why, a.c.m., G to VG, 12515-25
21.     I.T.C. OF CANADA, Canadian History, complete, anon, VG to EX, 5030-40
22.     I.T.C. OF CANADA, Game Bird Series, complete, minimal scuffing to gold edges, G to EX, 3020-30
23.     I.T.C. OF CANADA, Dogs Series, complete, G to VG, 2320-30
24.     I.T.C. OF CANADA, Poultry Alphabet, G (1) to EX, 2520-30
25.     THOMSON & PORTEOUS, Arms of British Towns Nos. 2, 7, 13, 19, 21, 29 & 38, G to VG, 730-50
26.     MITCHELL, River & Coastal Steamers, G to VG, 1312-18
27.     BELL, Scottish Clan Series, Nos. 2, 5, 7, 9, 15, 21 & 23, G to VG, 720-30
28.     CARRERAS, Cricketers, complete, inc. Bradman, VG to EX, 5030-50
29.     SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, odds, inc. Cricketers in Action (3), inc. Grace (creased); Racing Scenes (2), Jockeys, Naval Terms, Shakespeare (2) etc., some creasing and trimmed, FR to G, 2325-35
30.     PLAYERS, Cats, complete, large, VG to EX, 2430-50
31.     FAULKNER, Old Sporting Prints, complete, G to EX, 2515-20
32.     PHILLIPS, Evolution of the British Navy, missing rare No. 40, anon, VG to EX, 4912-18
33.     PHILLIPS, International Caps, complete, VG to EX, 5020-30
34.     PHILLIPS, Soccer Stars, complete, EX to MT, 5020-30
35.     PHILLIPS, Sportsmen - Spot The Winner, complete, backs inverted (unused), G to VG, 5015-25
36.     FAULKNER, Optical Illusions, complete, VG to EX, 2515-25
37.     BUCKTROUT, Cinema Stars 1st, complete, anon, VG to EX, 5020-30
38.     PLAYERS, Whaling, complete, overseas, VG to EX, 2515-25
39.     PLAYERS, Decorations & Medals, complete, unissued, VG to EX, 5020-30
40.     PLAYERS, Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu, complete, grey (Eire), some a.c.m., G to VG, 2515-20
41.     PLAYERS, Treasures of Ireland, complete, G to VG, 2515-25
42.     PLAYERS, complete (6), inc. Wonders of the World, Colonial and Indian Army Badges, Cries 1st & 2nd etc., G to VG, 15020-30
43.     PLAYERS, complete (7), inc. Counties and Their Industries (numbered & unnumbered), Hidden Beauties, From Plantation to Smoker etc., G to EX, 17520-30
44.     PLAYERS, complete (6), inc. Army Life, Highland Clans, Ships' Figure-Heads etc., G to VG, 15020-30
45.     PLAYERS, birds, complete (4), Wild Birds, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Aviary and Cage Birds, Birds and Their Young, FR to VG, 20025-35
46.     PLAYERS, complete (5), Sea Fishes, Fresh-Water Fishes (pink & white), Natural History, Animals of the Countryside, G to VG, 25020-30
47.     PLAYERS, Regimental Uniforms, complete (3), 1st (blue & brown) & 2nd, G to VG, 15020-30
48.     CHURCH & DWIGHT, complete (3), Useful Birds of America 9th & 10th, Birds of Prey 1st, large, VG to EX, 4015-25
49.     VERKADE, De Bloemen en Haar Vrienden (Flowers & Her Friends), complete, large, EX, 14015-20
50.     TRADE, Australian, complete (4), The Mysterious East (stereoscopic), Australian Underwater World 1964, Wildflowers, Big Cats, VG to MT, 78*15-20
51.     CINEMA, trade selection, Girls Cinema Film Stars (missing Nos. 1, 2 & 14); Schoolgirl Stars of the Silver Screen (complete set laid down in album), some creasing, FR to VG, 1815-25
52.     WILLS, Radio Celebrities 2nd, complete, MT, 5010-15
53.     PLAYERS, Military Head-Dress, complete, EX to MT, 5012-18
54.     PLAYERS, Clocks - Old & New, complete, large, slight scuff to edge (1), VG (1) otherwise EX to MT, 2015-25
55.     CHURCHMANS, Men of the Moment in Sport 1st, complete, large, inc. Bobby Jones & Gene Tunney, corner scuff to No. 11, VG to EX, 12350-450
56.     CHURCHMANS, Howlers, complete, large, EX to MT, 1610-15
57.     DUDGEON & ARNELL, Famous Ships, duplication, G to VG, 2015-25
58.     SCHUH, Official War Photos, Australian issue, creased (5), FR to G, 1712-18
59.     FUENTES, Escudos Y Soldados de las Diferentes Naciones (Badges & Soldiers of Different Nations), medium silks, Canary Island issue, VG to EX, 3030-50
60.     PHILLIPS, silks, complete (2) & part sets, inc. Signal Flags, anon (18) & BDV (complete); Heraldic (complete), Clan Tartans (62), G to VG, 138*20-30
61.     TADDY, Orders of Chivalry 1st, corner knocks and a.m.r., FR to G, 1830-40
62.     WILLS, Famous Film Stars, complete, Australian issue, VG, 10030-50
63.     WILLS, Scissors, part sets, inc. Football Club Colours (12), Heroic Deeds (12), Flag Girls (7), Ju-Jitsu (9), What It Means (21), slight duplication, FR to VG, 61*25-35
64.     WILLS, Music Hall Celebrities, Scissors, minimal scuffing to black edges, a few creased, FR to VG, 3930-50
65.     WILLS, Stage and Music Hall Celebrities, Australian, Havelock backs, creased (8), FR to VG, 4620-30
66.     WILLS, Stage and Music Hall Celebrities, Australian, Capstan backs, creased (3), FR to VG, 3615-25
67.     WILLS, Stage and Music Hall Celebrities, Australian, Vice Regal backs, creased (6), FR to VG, 3615-25
68.     WILLS, Cricket, overseas selection, inc. Cricket Season 1928-29 (40), red (7) & blue (5) border etc., creased (8), FR to G, 60*20-30
69.     I.T.C. OF CANADA, part sets, inc. Game Bird Series, Motor Cars, Railway Engines etc., FR to VG, 80*20-30
70.     OGDENS, Dogs, complete, VG to EX, 5025-35
71.     LYONS, All Systems Go, complete, EX, 4015-25
72.     TUCKFIELDS, Australiana Bird Series, Nos. 193-288, medium, EX to MT, 9615-25
73.     CARRERAS, Glamour Girls, complete, large, VG to EX, 5412-18
74.     PRIMROSE, Andy Pandy, complete, EX to MT, 5015-25
75.     BARRATT, Thunderbirds 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 5015-25
76.     BASSETT, Football (1982/3), complete, EX to MT, 5030-50
77.     BASSETT, Football (1984/5), complete, EX to MT, 5020-30
78.     BASSETT, Football, complete (2), 1985/6 & 1986/7, EX to MT, 9615-25
79.     BASSETT, Football, complete (3), 1987/8, 1988/9 & 1989/90, EX to MT, 14415-25
80.     BASSETT, Football, mainly complete (6), 1990/1, 1991/2 (missing No. 22), 1992/3, Premier Players, 1995/6 & World Heroes (Trebor, 36), EX to MT, 275*20-30
81.     LYONS, All Systems Go, complete, EX to MT, 4015-25
82.     OGDENS, Broadcasting, complete, VG to EX, 5015-25
83.     PHILLIPS, Soccer Stars, complete, EX to MT, 5020-30
84.     SINCLAIR J., Well-Known Footballers, complete (2), N.E. Counties & Scottish, EX to MT, 10030-50
85.     GALLAHER, Footballers in Action, complete, EX, 5050-80
86.     BARRATT, Robin Hood, complete, EX to MT, 3025-30
87.     SCOTTISH C.W.S., Dwellings of All Nations, complete, G to EX, 2515-25
88.     THOMSON, This Year's Top-Form Footballers, complete, VG to EX, 2420-30
89.     OGDENS, Steeplechase Celebrities, complete, VG to EX, 5030-40
90.     REDDING, Warriors of the World 1st & 2nd, complete, MT, 4820-30
91.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Interesting Musical Instruments, complete, G (1) to EX, 2515-20
92.     I.T.C., International Code of Signals, complete, EX to MT, 5012-18
93.     HIGNETT, Greetings of the World, complete, some a.c.m., G to VG, 2512-18
94.     BASSETT, Football 1981-82, complete, EX to MT, 5040-50
95.     GALLAHER, Footballers (1-100), complete, about G to VG, 10070-90
96.     NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (Motoring and Motor Cycling), complete, VG to EX, 1220-30
97.     NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (footballers), complete (2), Stockport County, Newcastle United, VG to EX, 2915-25
98.     NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (Rugby), complete (3), Bradford City, Rochdale, Barrow, VG to EX, 3720-30
99.     CHIX, Ships and the Seven Seas, complete, large, anon, G to EX, 5015-25
100.    NABISCO, Footballers, complete, medium, with Ltd., VG to EX, 2420-30
101.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1958 Footballers (1-46), complete, with Planet, EX, 4640-50
A. & B.C. GUM, Funny Valentines, complete, extra large, VG to EX, 6660-80
103.    DINKIE, MGM Films 3rd, complete, uncut, EX to MT, 2015-25
104.    PLAYERS, Cats, complete, large, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG to EX, 2440-60
105.    PLAYERS, large, Old Sporting Prints (12), Game Birds and Wild Fowl (12), loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG to EX, 2415-25
106.    HILL, Caricatures of Famous Cricketers, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, slight foxing, G to EX, 5030-40
107.    CARRERAS, Sports Series, complete, Turf slides, neat trim, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to VG, 5020-30
108.    CARRERAS, Famous Cricketers, complete, Turf slides (neat trim), loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG, 5030-40
109.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, small 's', with variations for Nos. 2 & 5, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG, 52100-150
110.    HILL, Famous Cricketers, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to VG, 4040-50
111.    PHILLIPS, Famous Cricketers, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, generally VG, 3240-50
112.    OGDENS, Cricket 1926, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, scuff to image (1), otherwise G to VG, 5020-30
113.    OGDENS, Australian Test Cricketers, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to VG, 3620-30
114.    OGDENS, Prominent Cricketers of 1938, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG to EX, 5025-35
115.    WILLS, Cricketers, complete (3), 1928, 2nd & English Cricketers (N.Z.), loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to EX, 12530-40
116.    WILLS, Cricket Season 1928/9, inc. Bradman, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to EX, 4050-70
117.    FRY, With Captain Scot at the South Pole, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to VG, 2570-90
118.    MIXED, selection, complete (2), Wills Nelson Series; Players British Empire; part sets, Polar Exploration 1st & 2nd etc., loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to EX, 177*30-50
119.    MITCHELL, complete (2), Famous Scots, Our Empire, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to VG, 10015-25
120.    MITCHELL, Scotland's Story, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to VG, 5030-50
121.    CHURCHMANS, History & Development of the British Empire, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG, 5020-30
122.    E.R.B., Cinema Stars, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG to EX, 5015-25
123.    ARDATH, cinema, complete (2), Famous Film Stars, Who Is This, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG, 10030-40
124.    CINEMA, complete (2), B.A.T. Cinema Artistes, Phillips Film Favourites, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG, 10020-30
125.    CINEMA, complete (4), Phillips, Screen Stars, Stars of the Screen; Carreras Film Favourites, Careless Moments, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG to EX, 17320-30
126.    MIXED, complete (4), Mitchell Clan Tartans 1st & 2nd, Carreras Well-Known Ties 1st & 2nd, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, VG to EX, 17525-35
127.    OGDENS, Racing Pigeons, complete, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to VG, 5030-50
128.    BIRDS, complete (3), Ogdens British Birds & Their Eggs; Abdulla & Cavanders Foreign Birds, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to VG, 10020-30
129.    WILLS, Birds of Brilliant Plumage, complete, overseas (Pirate), duplication, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to VG, 52 + 860-80
130.    MIXED, complete (2), Fry Birds and Their Eggs, Morris Marvels of the Universe, loose-mounted in pages from slide-in album, G to EX, 4930-50
131.    WILLS, Naval Dress & Badges, complete, about G to VG, 5020-30
132.    MITCHELL, complete (3), Old Sporting Prints, Clan Tartans 2nd, Famous Crosses, VG to EX, 7515-25
133.    WILLS, Musical Celebrities 1st & 2nd, complete, hinge marks to backs (6), G to VG, 10030-40
134.    WILLS, Rugby Internationals, complete, VG to EX, 5020-30
135.    PHILLIPS, cinema, complete (2), Film Stars, Film Favourites, VG to EX, 10015-25
136.    COPES, complete (3), Castles, Dickens Characters, The Game of Poker, VG to EX, 7515-25
137.    ARDATH, Film Stage and Radio Stars, complete (2), extra large & standard, VG to EX, 7525-35
138.    ARDATH, complete (2), Who Is This?, Britain's Defenders, VG to EX, 10015-25
139.    HIGNETT, Greetings of the World, complete, EX, 2515-25
140.    BOGUSLAVSKY, Sports Records (26-50), complete, inc. cricket, golf, baseball etc., G to VG, 2515-25
141.    C.W.S., Wayside Flowers, complete, green, EX, 4815-25
142.    CHURCHMANS, The Story of London, complete, VG to EX, 5015-25
143.    CHURCHMANS, The Queen Mary, complete, VG to EX, 5015-25
144.    CHURCHMANS, complete (2), The Houses of Parliament, The Inns of Court, G to VG, 5015-25
145.    CHURCHMANS, Sports & Games in Many Lands, complete, VG to EX, 2520-30
146.    CHURCHMANS, Rugby Internationals, complete, VG to EX, 5020-30
147.    CHURCHMANS, Railway Working 1st & 2nd, complete, G to VG, 5030-40
148.    CHURCHMANS, Pipes of the World, complete, VG to EX, 2520-30
149.    GALLAHER, complete (5), Racing Scenes, Motor Cars, Dogs 2nd, Garden Flowers, Plants, G to EX, 26820-30
150.    MIXED, transport, complete (7), inc. Sarony Ships of All Ages, A Day on the Airway; Murray, The Story of Ships, Types of Aeroplanes, Mills & Kelloggs, G to EX, 21620-30
151.    PLAYERS, large, complete (3), Picturesque London, Picturesque Cottages, Portals of the Past, FR to VG, 7520-30
152.    PLAYERS, Film Stars, complete (3), 1st, 2nd & large, G to EX, 12520-30
153.    HILL, complete (2), Historic Places from Dickens Classics (large), Nautical Songs, VG to EX, 8015-25
154.    ARDATH, extra large, complete (2), Champion Dogs, Real Photographs 10th, G to EX, 7920-30
155.    LEA, complete (2), Butterflies & Moths (144 x 70mm silks), Famous Views (large), VG to EX, 5415-25
156.    CHURCHMANS, complete (3), The Story of London, The Story of Navigation, World Wonders, EX to MT, 15020-30
157.    SMITH, War Incidents, 1st (7) & 2nd (17), FR to G, 2420-30
158.    COHEN WEENEN, V.C. Heroes (51-100), Nos. 51-60, FR to VG, 1015-25
159.    COHEN WEENEN, V.C. Heroes (51-100), Nos. 61-70, FR to VG, 1015-25
160.    COHEN WEENEN, V.C. Heroes (51-100), Nos. 71-80, FR to VG, 1015-25
161.    COHEN WEENEN, V.C. Heroes (51-100), Nos. 81-90, FR to VG, 1015-25
162.    COHEN WEENEN, V.C. Heroes (51-100), Nos. 91-100, FR to VG, 1015-25
163.    PLAYERS, sport, part sets, Lawn Tennis (overseas, 10); golf (19 + 1), G to EX, 29 + 120-30
164.    WILLS, Scissors, complete (2), Heroic Deeds, V.C. Heroes, FR to G, 5015-20
165.    GALLAHER, Types of the British Army, Three Pipe Tobaccos backs, about G to VG, 1020-30
166.    PHILLIPS, sport, part sets and odds, inc. Famous Cricketers, Test Cricketers, Sporting Champions, BDV packets, G to EX, 3215-25
167.    OGDENS, Football Caricatures, complete, G to EX, 5030-40
168.    LEA, part sets, inc. War Portraits (8), War Pictures (19) etc., FR to VG, 2815-20
169.    FAULKNER, odds, inc. Kipling Series (4), Football Terms, Our Colonial Troops etc., about G to VG, 825-35
170.    CARRERAS, Kings & Queens of England, complete, EX to MT, 5015-25
171.    CARRERAS, cinema, complete (2), Film Favourites, Film Stars (Desmond), EX to MT, 10020-30.
172.    PATTREIOUEX, Shots from the Films, complete, EX to MT, 2825-35
173.    PATTREIOUEX, Celebrities In Sport, missing No. 38, G to VG, 4940-60
174.    HILL, War Series, missing Nos. 14, 19, 22 & 24, some corner knocks, FR to VG, 2130-50
175.    GALLAHER, British Naval Series, about G to VG, 3030-50
176.    GALLAHER, Kute Kiddies, about G to VG, 62 + 540-60
177.    SMITH, odds, inc. Nations, Footballers (untitled), Races etc., FR to VG, 1225-35
178.    PLAYERS, History of Naval Dress, complete, VG to EX, 5015-25
179.    PLAYERS, Kings & Queens of England, complete, G to VG, 5015-25
180.    PLAYERS, Football Caricatures (2), MAC & RIP, G to EX, 10015-25
181.    A.T.C., Bridge Favours & Place Cards, unused, MT, 1030-40
182.    WILLS, Flags of the Allies (shaped), complete, creased, generally G, 618-25
183.    BAKER, Actresses BLARM, inc. Chavita, La Belle Otero, Bernard, Selwick etc., mixed designs to backs, creased (3), trimmed (2), FR to G, 730-40
184.    BAKER, Actresses (three sizes), inc. Sutherland, Navet etc., creased (3), FR to VG, 520-30
185.    FAULKNER, Grenadier Guards, creased (3) and trimmed, FR to G, 820-30
186.    FAULKNER, Terms, Army (2) & Navy (11), some creasing and trimmed, FR to G, 1330-40
187.    COPES, Our Colonial Troops, Union Jack (1) , some slight trim, FR to generally G, 620-30
188.    COHEN WEENEN, Naval & Military Phrases, 37 x 62mm, red, slight a.c.m. (one corner creased), G, 620-30
189.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, Nos. 21 & 22 (both tears to reverse), 23 (corner clipped), 36 (p/b) & 38 (tear to reverse), FR to G, 525-35
190.    TADDY, odds, Admirals and Generals, Nos. 1, 4-6 & 15, Klondyke, Nos. 6, 7 & 10 (heavy stain to back), FR to G, 815-25
191.    WILLS, Football Series, pink (5), creased (1), FR to G, 615-25
192.    WILLS, Double Meaning, p/c inset (5), G to VG, 1915-25
193.    FAULKNER, Fragments From France (colour), some corner knocks, FR to G, 615-25
194.    CARRERAS, Footballers, complete, small titles, VG to EX, 7540-50
195.    MIXED, complete (3), Franklyn Davey Modern Dance Steps 2nd, Wills Merchant Ships (overseas), Players Army Corps & Divisional Signs 2nd, G to VG, 10020-30
196.    KELLOGGS, selection, inc. complete (7), The Story of the Bicycle, Locomotives, British Military Aircraft etc., a few odds, VG to EX, 113*12-18
197.    OGDENS, Orders of Chivalry, complete, a few a.c.m., corner knocks, generally G, 5030-40
198.    HILL, War Series, complete, slight scuffing to edges, about G to VG, 2550-70
199.    SMITH, part sets, Prominent Rugby Players (9), Derby Winners (9), Shadowgraphs (5), FR (1) to VG, 2325-35
200.    OGDENS, complete (2), Famous Rugby Players, Cricket 1926, some corner knocks, about G to VG, 10025-35
201.    KRAMERS, Badges of South African Rugby Clubs, complete, VG to EX, 50100-150
202.    TADDY, British Medals & Decorations, steel blue backs, FR to G, 2750-70
203.    WILLS, Kings & Queens, complete, long, grey backs, Wills at base, with variations (2), FR to VG, 52150-250
204.    CARTLEDGE, Famous Prize Fighters, complete, inc. Joe Louis, VG to EX, 5050-70
205.    KINNEY, Die-Cut Novelties, some creasing, FR to generally G, 1530-50
206.    MURRAY, part sets, Bathing Beauties (2), Dancing Girls (10 + 1), War Series etc., about G to EX, 1812-18
207.    CHURCHMANS, Can You Beat Bogey, part set with duplication, red overprint (9), G to VG, 60*15-25
208.    DONALDSON, Sports Favourites (Cricketers), Nos. 304, 318, 319, 328, 332, 498 & 502, neat trim, VG, 830-50
209.    CHURCHMANS, golf, part sets, Prominent Golfers (17); Famous Golfers (17), both standard, inc. Tom Morris, though no Bobby Jones, some corner knocks, FR to VG, 34 40-60
210.    CHURCHMANS, Famous Golfers, large, Nos. 4, 6, 7 (corner crease) & 8 - 11, about G to VG, 780-120
211.    COTTON, Golf Strokes A/B, unused, VG to EX, 1520-30
212.    COPE, Dickens Gallery, inc. No. 1, slight scuffing to edges, about G to VG, 2650-70
213.    PLAYERS, odds, inc. Military Series (6), Tom Browne (7), England's Naval & Military Heroes (one each) etc., some corner knocks and scuffs to backs, FR to G, 1815-25
214.    MORRIS, odds, inc. Actresses (4), Scottish Clan Series (3), Boer War (4) etc., some corner knocks and creasing, FR to G, 2115-25
215.    PRITCHARD & BURTON, odds, Flags (6), Soldiers with Flags (4), South African Series (2), some corner knocks, FR to G, 1215-25
216.    SMITH, odds, inc. Famous Explorers (5), Battlefields (3), Cricketers (No. 49), Races (No. 20) etc., some corner knocks, FR to G, 1115-25
217.    WILLS, Soldiers of the World, p/c inset, some corner knocks, FR to G, 2840-60
218.    WILLS, part sets and odds, Animals and Birds (15), Wild Animals (7) etc., some corner knocks, FR to generally G, 2320-30
219.    WILLS, Beauties, overseas selection, inc. Scissors, p/b; mauve surround, Beauties and Children, Picture Hats etc., some corner knocks and a few creased, FR to G, 89*30-50
220.    WILLS, Vanity Fair 2nd, complete, G to VG, 5050-70
221.    A.T.C., Military Series, pop-ups, Recruit backs, slight scuffing to edges, about G to VG, 2030-50
222.    COHEN WEENEN, Interesting Buildings and Views, complete, plain, creased (1), FR to VG, 2030-40
223.    B.A.T., Jockeys & Owners Colours (p/c inset), p/b (anon), duplication, FR to VG, 51*30-40
224.    CHURCHMANS, Frisky, with instruction card, G to VG, 48+40-60
225.    WILLS, Scissors, part sets and odds, inc. Regimental Standards (14), What It Means (23), Ju-Jitsu (5), Dancing Girls etc., FR to VG, 60*25-35
226.    WILLS, Types of the British Army, Flag cigarettes, G to VG, 1215-25
227.    WILLS, Britain's Defenders, Scissors, slight duplication, FR to G, 34 + 715-25
228.    WILLS, Beauties (p/c inset), double circle backs, about G to VG, 2440-60
229.    MIXED, part sets, Carroll Ship Series (7), Henley & Watkins Ancient Egyptian Gods (7 + 3), Salmon & Gluckstein Wireless Explained (12), about G to VG, 26+320-30
230.    LEA, part sets, Locomotives (transfers, 7 + 1), War Pictures (11), G to VG, 18 + 115-25
231.    OGDENS, part sets and odds, inc. Swiss Views (4), Royal Mail (4), Soldiers of the King (5) etc., G to VG, 1615-20
232.    CARRERAS, Famous Film Stars, variations for Nos. 5 (3), 11 (3), 18 (2) & 86 (2), EX, 1015-20
233.    U.T.C., Fairy Tales, also booklet for Ali Baba, slight duplication, FR to VG, 80*20-30
234.    MIXED, large, complete (3), Sarony Ships of All Ages, Players Characters From Dickens (extra large), Wills Old Inns 2nd, G to EX, 10020-30
235.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1961 Footballers, complete, some staining, about G to VG, 6460-80
236.    A. & B.C. GUM,1969 Footballers (facsimile signatures), serrated edges, some stains to backs, FR to VG, 3620-30
237.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1974 Footballers, VG to EX, 102*25-35
238.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1972 Footballers (1-219), complete, in ringbinder, a few FR, otherwise G to VG, 219150-200
239.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1973 Footballers (1-263), complete, in ringbinder, a few FR, otherwise G to VG, 262250-350
240.    KINNEAR, Jockeys, M. Cannon, large caption, VG30-50
241.    BYRT WOOD & CO., Pretty Girls BAGG, Adelaide, VG40-60
242.    COPE, Golfers, No. 14 Fiery of Musselburgh, G20-30
243.    DUKE, The Terrors of America, On My Shin (football), VG12-18
244.    DUKE, The Terrors of America, Sock 'em in (baseball), slight scuff to image, G12-18
245.    COHEN WEENEN, Actresses Footballers & Jockeys, Maher, slight silvering, G40-60
246.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers and Their Strokes, No. 38 Travis, VG15-20
247.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers and Their Strokes, No. 46 Braid, VG15-20
248.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers and Their Strokes, No. 50 Hilton, G18-25
249.    CARROLL, Louth All-Ireland Champions, Nos. 9, 10 & 20, minimal scuffing to brown edges, G to VG, 315-25
250.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, Around The World, Nos. 6, 11, 28 & 46, VG, 410-15
251.    MURAI BROS., Beauties, girl in red dress, factory back, same as Ritchie (X2/428), G15-25
252.    MURAI BROS., Beauties, girl in pearl head-dress, factory back, same as Ritchie (X2/488), stain to top edge, about G15-25
253.    MURAI BROS., Head-Dresses of the World, Greece, same as Mayo, scuffing to edges, G15-25
254.    MURAI BROS., Japanese Scenes (p/c inset), ten of hearts, minimal scuffing to grey edges, VG15-25
255.    MURAI BROS., Japanese Scenes (p/c inset), five of clubs, minimal scuffing to grey edges, back separated, G15-25
256.    MURAI BROS., World's Smokers, Austrian Soldier, same as Allen & Ginter, scuff to corner, G15-25
257.    JAMES & CO, Arms of Countries, No. 13 Norway, slight corner knocks, G30-50
258.    FRAENKEL BROS., Beauties GRACC, girl with brown fur jacket, trimmed (36 x 68mm), G25-35
259.    WAR SERIES, Prince's Hall of Shipley, No. 1 King George V, with Prince's Hall admittance cachet stamped to reverse, EX25-30
260.    WAR SERIES, Prince's Hall of Shipley, No. 3 Winston Churchill, with Prince's Hall admittance cachet stamped to reverse, EX20-30
261.    WAR SERIES, Prince's Hall of Shipley, No. 30 Maharajah of Patiala, with Prince's Hall admittance cachet stamped to reverse, EX20-30
262.    WAR SERIES, Prince's Hall of Shipley, No. 42 Edward Prince of Wales, with Prince's Hall admittance cachet stamped to reverse, EX20-30
263.    WAR SERIES, Prince's Hall of Shipley, No. 44 Flight-Commander Grahame-White, with Prince's Hall admittance cachet stamped to reverse, EX20-30
264.    WOOD MILNE, London United tram ticket, with advert conundrum to reverse, punch hole cancellation, FR 15-25
265.    HUNTLEY AND PALMER, calendar booklet, 1906, slight corner knocks, G25-35
266.    HUNTLEY AND PALMER, calendar booklet, 1909, EX30-40
267.    HUNTLEY AND PALMER, pocket diary, 1921, EX25-35
268.    PLAYERS, Authors (bookmarks), No. 3 Tennyson, surface creasing, G20-30
269.    NATIONAL TOBACCO CO., A Morning Walk, premium issue, VG15-25
270.    SUNLIGHT SOAP, advert insert, 109 x 165mm, girl in red coat, small tears to edges, G15-20
271.    MOUAT & CO., Colonial Troops, General Lord Kitchener, creasing and corner rounding, only P12-18
272.    BAYLEY & HOLDSWORTH, Flag Signalling Code Series, W, corner knocks, G20-30
273.    JORDEN, Celebrities of the Great War, Kitchener, corner crease, G20-30
274.    LEON DE CUBA, Colonial Troops, Cape Mounted Rifles, corner rounding, only FR18-25
275.    PEZARO & SON, Armies of the World, Spain Carbinier, Nestor, p/b, VG40-60
276.    PRITCHARD & BURTON, Royalty Series, German Emperor, G10-15
277.    ROBINSON & BARNSDALE, Advertisement Card for Colin Campbell, narrow, G15-20
278.    WILSON & CO., War Portraits, No. 41 Allenby, slight crease to top edge, G15-25
279.    WILLS, Advertisement Card, Father Says..., Sahara back, corner scuffed, FR20-25
280.    WILLS, Advertisement Card, There's No Sweeter..., Three Castles back, tape repair to tear (on back), P15-20
281.    KINNEAR, A Gentleman in Khaki, medium, slight corner crease, G15-20
282.    PEZARO & SON, Song Titles Illustrated, That Touches the Spot, corner knocks, G50-80
283.    TADDY, South African Football Team 1906/7, Marsburg, slight a.c.m., G12-18
284.    ANON, Actresses FROGA, p/b, minimal scuffing to dark edges, G to VG, 615-20
285.    PHILLIPS, General Interest, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament & girl in red dress, G to VG, 320-30
286.    WILLS, Soldiers & Sailors, Great Britain, 1st Royal Dragoons, Grenadier Guards, blue back, possibly trimmed, about G, 220-30
287.    WILLS, Soldiers & Sailors, blue backs, creased (1), corner knocks and possibly trimmed, FR, 415-25
288.    ADVERTS, selection, inc. p/c's, Ovaltine Factory, Bird's Custard, Gossage's Soap, Duckworth Blotter, some trimmed (2), about G to VG, 415-25
289.    YOUNG, Naval Skits, Man-O-Warsman 1820, slight scuffing to red edges, VG50-60
290.    TADDY, British Medals & Decorations, Nos. 7, 12 & 18, VG, 312-18
291.    PLAYERS, England's Naval Heroes, Gaunt, Keppel & Lucas, narrow, G to VG, 312-18
292.    CADLE, Footballers (1904), A. Bryce (Aberavon), very slight scuff to black edge, VG15-25
293.    THOMSON, Football - Mystery Cards, Imrie (St Johnstone) at top, G15-25
294.    A.T.C., Baseball Series, Sheckard & Kroh, both Chicago Nationals (Cubs), some scuffing to gold edges, FR to G, 215-20
295.    A.T.C., Baseball Series, Beck, Boston Nationals, 350 subjects, slight corner knock, G20-30
296.    CLIFFORD, Footballers, Nos. 36 & 38, staple holes as issued, corner clipped (1), G to VG, 212-18
297.    YEATES, RP card showing Mr. Peter Yeates Founder of Yeates' Wine Lodges and T-Total Taverns, photo by Sandman Bros of Blackpool, p/b, VG15-25
298.    WAR SERIES, Yeomans & Sons of Derby, No. 37 Maharajah of Bikaner, slight scuff to edges, G15-25
299.    PHILADELPHIA CHEWING GUM, Sports Thrills, No. 18, Home Run To Fame (baseball), showing Pee Wee Reese, slight corner knocks, G15-25
300.    V.C.C., Sportsmen and Other Notabilites, No. 12 Woolley, Northants, Cricketer, no overprint, creased and stained, only FR20-30
301.    OGDENS, Tabs, Golfers, Nos. F352 Laidley, 353 Tait, 355 Hilton, 420 backs, scuffing to black edges, FR to G, 315-25
302.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, No. 7 Liddell, Liverpool, slight corner knocks, G15-25
303.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, No. 19 Scott, Crystal Palace, VG15-25
304.    HILL, Famous Cricketers, No. 1 Douglas (red back). No. 4 Woolley (blue back, hinge marks), some scuffing to coloured edges, FR to G, 215-25
305.    PHILLIPS, Guinea Gold (Cricketers), Gregory, Jackson (both creased) & Trumble (scuff to edge), p/b, FR to G, 320-30
306.    EGYPTIAN CIG. MFG. CO., Beauties (Nymphs), some scuffing to edges, FR to G, 220-30
307.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 3 Vardon, EX to MT50-55
308.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 7 Braid, EX to MT40-45
309.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 10 Braid, EX to MT40-45
310.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 13 Ray, EX to MT40-45
311.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 14 Ray, EX to MT40-45
312.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 15 Duncan, EX to MT40-45
313.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 20 Ball, EX to MT40-45
314.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 21 Mayo, EX to MT40-45
315.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 22 Massey, EX to MT40-45
316.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 30 Taylor, EX to MT40-45
317.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 31 Braid, EX to MT40-45
318.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 36 Vardon, EX to MT50-55
319.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 38 Travis, EX to MT40-45
320.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 44 Taylor, EX to MT40-45
321.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 48 Blackwell, EX to MT40-45
322.    SHARPE, shield-shaped football card, Windhill Wins, with Binns inset, VG15-25
323.    SHARPE, shield-shaped football card, Well-Played Wakefield with O.G. Mackie inset, slight crease to top edge, G15-25
324.    CADLE, Footballers (1904), Trew (Swansea), slight crease, G15-25
325.    CADLE, Footballers (1904), Hellings (Llwynypia), very slight scuff to black edge, G20-30
326.    CLARKE, Football Series, Nos. 22 & 61, each with some scratching to image, FR, 220-30
327.    BELL, Footballers (1902), No. 11 Magee, corner creases, FR15-25
328.    MURRAY, Footballers J, Wall, Manchester United, slight tipping in to black edges, G15-25
329.    MURRAY, Footballers J, Turnbull, Chelsea, slight tipping in to black edges, G15-25
330.    MURRAY, Footballers J, White, Fulham, slight tipping in to black edges, G15-25
331.    MURRAY, Footballers J, Chapman, Blackburn Rovers, slight tipping in to black edges, G15-25
332.    MURRAY, Footballers J, Crompton, Blackburn Rovers, slight tipping in to black edges, G15-25
333.    MURRAY, Footballers J, Cowell, Distillery, slight tipping in to black edges, G15-25
334.    MURRAY, Footballers J, Wright, Cliftonville, slight tipping in to black edges, G15-25
335.    MURRAY, Footballers J, Coleman, Aberdeen, slight tipping in to black edges, G15-25
336.    MURRAY, Footballers J, Williamson, Middlesbrough, slight tipping in to black edges, G15-25
337.    MAYNARD, Football Clubs, Liverpool, VG15-25
338.    MAYNARD, Football Clubs, Huddersfield Town, VG15-20
339.    MAYNARD, Football Clubs, Fulham, VG15-20
340.    MAYNARD, Football Clubs, Bolton Wanderers, G15-20
341.    HIGNETT, Prominent Cricketers of 1938, complete, EX, 5040-60
342.    KIDDY'S FAVOURITES, Popular Cricketers, inc. Bradman, mainly neat trim, a few creased, FR to G, 4330-50
343.    COHEN WEENEN, Cricketers, complete, EX, 25100-150
344.    AMALGAMATED PRESS, Famous Test Match Cricketers, complete, medium, G to VG, 3230-50
345.    TYPHOO, football packet issues, complete (4), Famous Football Clubs, International Football Stars (both with descriptive panels); Football Stars 1st & 2nd (both trimmed), G to VG, 9630-50
346.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. 1502-1598, between, some creasing, FR to G, 54*30-50
347.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 1606-1690, some creasing, FR to G, 54*30-40
348.    HILL, Famous Footballers, colour, Archer, VG, 1915-25
349.    PANINI, Mexico 70, part set, some corner knocks, G to VG, 1540-60
350.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), mixed, FR to VG, 36*20-30
351.    RAILWAY, complete (5), Churchmans Railway Working 2nd, Hill Railway Centenary 1st & 2nd, Ogdens Construction of Railway Trains, Phillips Railway Engines, FR to VG, 17525-35
352.    TOPPS, 1962 Baseball, inc. 1962 Rookies (6); Billy Martin etc., slight corner damage, generally G,1615-25
353.    BASSETT, Football 1978-79, complete, EX to MT, 5050-60
354.    BASSETT, Football, complete (2), 1979-80 & 1983/4, EX to MT, 10015-20
355.    BASSETT, Football, complete (2), 1985/6 & 1986/7, EX to MT, 9615-20
356.    BASSETT, Football 1989/90, complete (2), red & purple backs, EX to MT, 9612-18
357.    TREBOR BASSETT, Football, complete (2), 1991/2 & World Beaters, MT, 9615-20
358.    CHURCHMANS, Racing Greyhounds, complete, EX to MT, 5040-60
359.    MOUSTAFA, Leo Chambers Dogs Heads, complete, EX to MT, 4040-60
360.    WILLS, Historic Events, complete, EX, 5020-30
361.    UNITED SERVICES, Popular Footballers, some a.c.m., VG to EX, 4280-120
362.    BROOKE BOND, Songbirds of North America, complete, Canadian, Red Rose & Blue Ribbon, EX to MT, 4815-20
363.    COWAN, Noted Cats, complete, slight scuffing to gold edges, VG to EX, 2480-120
364.    SINCLAIR J., British Sea Dogs, complete, EX to MT, 50150-200
365.    COPE, Boxing Lessons, complete, EX to MT, 25 40-60
366.    BROOKE BOND, African Birds, complete, Rhodesian, EX to MT, 50100-140
367.    SPRATT, Bonzo Dogs, part set with duplication, inc. No. 12 (37), some uneven trim, FR to VG, 5 + 4220-30
368.    LEA, Famous Film Stars, complete, EX to MT, 5425-35
369.    GALLAHER, Famous Jockeys, mauve backs, VG to EX, 2215-20
370.    NESTLE, Wonders of the World, mixed series, paper issue, some creasing, G to VG, 87*15-25
371.    POP MUSIC, anon, Pop Stars Game, complete (?), c.1960, with portrait and song cards, paper issue, neat trim as removed from magazine, some creasing, G to VG, 5230-40
372.    U.T.C., Ships of All Times, anon, EX, 3520-30
373.    DRAPKIN, Soldiers & Their Uniforms, complete, die-cut, minimal damage to extremities, VG to EX, 2515-20
374.    PATERSON, Balloons, complete, medium, EX to MT, 4820-30
375.    B.A.T., Cinema Stars BAMT, complete, anon, VG to EX, 10050-60
376.    WEETABIX, Dr. Who, complete, white background, adhesion marks to edges (6), G to EX, 2420-30
377.    PHILIP MORRIS, The Classic Collection, complete, large, paper issue, EX to MT, 10830-50
378.    PETER JACKSON, Stars in Famous Films, complete, VG to EX, 2830-50
379.    LLOYD R., Cinema Stars 28-54, complete, VG to EX, 2720-30
380.    LLOYD R., Cinema Stars, complete, matt, some foxing, G to VG, 2514-18
381.    CHURCHMANS, British Film Stars, complete, VG to EX, 2515-25
382.    LEA, Old English Pottery and Porcelain, complete, slight scuffing to edges, G to VG, 5015-25
383.    UNIVERSAL CIG. CARD CO., Ideal Home Exhibition advert cards, VG to EX, 5620-30
384.    PLAYERS, complete (7), inc. Wild Animals' Heads, RAF Badges, Products of the World, Hidden Beauties, Zoo Babies (large) etc., G to EX, 17515-25
385.    PLAYERS, complete (7), inc. Dogs (heads), Cycling, Dandies, Miniatures, Zoo Babies (large) etc., G to EX, 17515-25
386.    WILLS, complete (7), inc. Musical Celebrities 1st, Gems (2), Garden Flowers (2) etc., G to EX, 35020-30
387.    WILLS, complete (7), inc. Cinema Stars 1st & 2nd, Famous Inventions, Gardens Flowers (2) etc., G to EX, 30015-25
388.    BROOKE BOND, complete (9), blue backs, inc. Wild Flowers 3rd, Butterflies, Wild Birds etc., VG to MT, 45012-18
389.    LEAF, Footballers (1961), complete, portraits & portraits with caricatures, p/b, anon, EX, 5030-50
390.    OGDENS, Tabs, Our Leading Footballers, complete, some scuffing to black edges, generally G, 1750-80
391.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest, A (11) & B (2), all football, some scuffing to black edges and a few creased, good VR, 1320-30
392.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest D (11), all football, some scuffing to black edges and a few creased, good VR, 1120-30
393.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest F (12), all cricket, some scuffing to black edges and a few creased, good VR, 1220-30
394.    BARRATT, Famous Footballers A.1, complete, medium, some scuffing to edges, about G to VG, 50100-150
395.    BARRATT, Famous Footballers A.2, complete, medium, slight corner knocks, G to EX, 50100-150
396.    THOMSON, Coloured Photos of Star Footballers, complete, large, G to VG,1220-30
397.    FOOTBALL, RP, complete (3), Boys Magazine Famous Footballers, Gem Autograph Action Series; Thomson Signed Real Photos, some slight a.c.m., G to EX, 38*15-25
398.    MY WEEKLY, Bamforths Song Cards, large (74 x 102mm), mixed series, postcard backs, G to VG, 2915-25
399.    FOOTBALL, Wolverhampton Wanderers, complete, large, club issue (anon), G to EX, 2030-40
400.    BOYS CINEMA, Famous Heroes, complete, inc. Chaplin, Houdini, medium, some slight creasing, FR to VG, 2430-50
401.    BOYS COMIC LIBRARY, Characters from Boys Fiction, mixed backs, creased (1), FR (1) to VG, 430-50
402.    CADBURY, Old Ballad Series, Nos. 1, 2, 4 (heavy crease) & 6 (corner crease), FR to G, 420-30
403.    HUNTLEY AND PALMER, Soldiers of Various Countries, large, G to VG, 620-30
404.    SPORT, Top Trumps, complete (26), mainly football and cricket, some team sets, EX to MT, Qty.15-25
405.    WILLS, complete (15), inc. Cricketers 1928, The Coronation Series, Roses, Radio Celebrities 1st & 2nd, Lucky Charms, Merchant Ships, Do You Know 1st & 3rd etc., VG to EX, 74840-50
406.    WILLS, complete (15), inc. Mining, British Butterflies, English Period Costumes, Railway Engines, floral etc., VG to EX, 72540-50
407.    PLAYERS, complete (15), inc. Army Life, History of Naval Dress, Butterflies, Army Corps & Divisional Signs 2nd, Cricketers 1934, Football Caricatures by MAC, adhesive (6) etc., VG to EX, 70040-50
408.    PLAYERS, complete (15), inc. Flags of the League of Nations, Dogs (heads & scenic), Wild Animals Heads, Gilbert & Sullivan 2nd, Curious Beaks, Drum Banners and Cap Badges, Cricketers 1934 & 1938 etc., VG to EX, 70040-50
409.    MIXED, complete (12), inc. Ogdens Actors, Lea Roses; Players (4), Fire-Fighting Appliances, Motor Cars 2nd; Wills (2), Roses 2nd; Churchmans (3), Kings of Speed etc., VG to EX, 55440-50
410.    MIXED, complete (12), inc. Carreras (4), History of Army/Naval Uniforms, Wild Flower Art; Players (6), Cricketers by RIP, Gilbert & Sullivan 1st, Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu, Counties; Cavanders (3), Ancient Egypt, Camera Studies; Churchmans etc., VG to EX, 60840-50
411.    TOPPS, 1977 Footballers (Scottish), in modern album, G to EX, 132*40-60
412.    PANINI, Football '75, Top Sellers, complete, inc. puzzle cards (56), team badges (13) etc., in modern album, 420*60-80
413.    PANINI, Football '77, complete, Top Sellers, inc. puzzle cards (56) and team badges (13), in modern album, G to EX, 41940-60
414.    F.K.S., Football Special '79, missing No. 376, in modern album, G to EX, 38330-50
415.    F.K.S., Football Special, complete, in modern album, G to EX, 33030-50
416.    WALLACE & SCOTT, William Books by Richard Crompton, complete, bookmarks, MT, 2825-45
417.    TRADE, complete (2), Lefevre Utile National Costumes Crests & Scenes; Van Houten & Zoon large newspapers, VG, 1215-20
418.    BERLINER MORGENPOST, Kleinen Anzeigen (Natural History), complete, op (damages), otherwise VG to EX, 50+15-25
419.    HORNER & CO., Wireless Cards, complete, extra-large, with original envelope, EX, 24+120-160
420.    SARONY, Cinema Stars 2nd, complete, p/c, EX, 4270-90
421.    SARONY, Cinema Stars 5th, complete, p/c, EX, 2540-60
422.    AU BON MARCHE, Toto, booklets, in London, Spain, Turkey & Germany, slight foxing, G to VG, 415-25
423.    P & O, Australian Birds, complete, large menu booklets (unused), EX, 1225-30
424.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. printed booklets, Gruber's Town and Country Almanacs, 1891-1896 (6); Dr. Mile's 1920 Almanac and Handbook (each with crude file holes to top left corner); Peek Frean, a 5.5 x 8.5 advert flyer showing lady cyclist with price list to reverse, as featured on Peek Frean booklet (some pinholes), FR to G, 830-40
425.    BONNAUD FILS, opening advert booklet for Special Pipes For Foreign Markets, US edition, EX16-22
426.    THE SUN, empty albums for Soccercards, Nos. 1-4, VG, 414-18
427.    SCHOOLGIRLS' WEEKLY, complete set of Film Stars in Leading Roles, laid down in booklet, VG15-25
428.    EVENING MAIL, The Headliners, Nos. 1-13, 128 x 202mm, Birmingham newspaper issue, EX to MT, 1350-70
429.    TOPPS, Footballers (Spotlights), complete (2), premium issues, EX, 2015-20
430.    TYPHOO, International Football Stars 2nd (1969), complete, premium size, slight creases (7), G to VG, 2440-60
431.    TYPHOO, Football Stars (1973), missing Bobby Moore, premium issue, slight corner knocks, creased (4), G to VG, 2450-80
432.    REFERENCE, unusual programme from the 1962 International Cigarette Card Exhibition at the Ceylon Tea Centre, crease to back cover, G12-18
433.    PHILLIPS, a 7.5 x 11 self-standing cardboard showcard, The Three Best Cuts, showing three packets, slight scuffing to edges, G20-30
434.    NIEMEIJER, De Schatten Aard (The Treasures of the Earth), complete set laid down in softback album, Dutch issue, G16-22
435.    OGDENS, an 8 x 6.75 shaped cardboard self-standing showcard for St. Bruno - A Man's Tobacco, G20-30
436.    WILLS, laminated showcard for Will's Woodbines, 10 x 7.5, showing three finches, G15-25
437.    LEA, Old Pottery and Porcelain 4th, complete, in green hardback album (with titles to cover in red), VG, 5015-25
438.    BROOKE BOND, poster for Transport Through the Ages, original folds, slight foxing to back, VG15-20
439.    CADBURY, cardboard casket for King Edward Chocolates (Edward VIII), together with small biographical booklet with chocolate index, slight scuff to cover of box, G, 215-20
440.    SELECTION, inc. Quantas menus (6), Isle of Man commemorative covers (5) etc., VG to EX, 1215-20
441.    TOBACCO LABELS, selection of unused ARTB labels, post-war, inc. Players, Ogdens, Hignett, Faulkner etc., EX to MT, 35*25-35
442.    COMMEMORATIVE COVERS, selection, inc. Cycling, Dogs, Horse Racing, Christmas, Railway, Sports, Darwin Centenary etc., most with relevant postal cachet, in two modern albums, G to EX, Qty.15-25
443.    COMMEMORATIVE COVERS, selection, inc. Explorers, Birds, Christmas, Writers and Poets, Comedians, Sports Cars, Football Legends, Rugby League etc., most with relevant postal cachet, in two modern albums, G to EX, Qty.15-25
444.    COMMEMORATIVE COVERS, selection, inc. Birds, Religious, Australia, Christmas, Centenaries, Sport, Lighthouses, Sports Cars etc., most with relevant postal cachet, in two modern albums, G to EX, Qty.15-25
445.    COMMEMORATIVE COVERS, selection, inc. Natural History, Tales, Sherlock Holmes, Christmas, Authors etc., most with relevant postal cachet, in two modern albums, G to EX, Qty.15-25
446.    DAILY HERALD, unused empty albums, Soccer Stars, Racing Personalities & Cricket Stars, EX to MT, 325-40
447.    BROOKE BOND, empty albums, Canadian, inc. Butterflies, Wild Flowers, Birds of N.A. etc., VG to EX, 1020-30
448.    CHIVERS, Studies of English Fruits, complete, p/c backs with red Chivers overprint, EX to MT, 612-18
449.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 1st, complete, medium silks, op (printed backs), G to EX, 6040-60
450.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 2nd (1-30), complete, medium silks, op (printed backs), EX, 3050-80
451.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 2nd (1-30), complete, small silks, op (printed backs), G to EX, 3040-60
452.    PLAYERS, Poultry, complete, EX to MT, 5025-30
453.    MITCHELL, Famous Scots, complete, EX to MT, 5020-30
454.    WOODS, Modern Motor Cars, missing No. 30, duplicate for No. 17, EX to MT, 49 + 1120-160
455.    WILLS, Fish & Bait, complete, EX, 5040-60
456.    WILLS, Irish Industries, complete, Ask Your Retailer, VG to EX, 5015-20
457.    WILLS, Rigs of Ships, complete, large, VG, 2520-30
458.    MONTY GUM, Football Teams, medium, Dutch issue, some English teams, G to EX, 4720-30
459.    THOMSON, Football, complete (2), International Cup Teams, Cup-Tie Stars (with plastic wallet), VG to EX, 28+20-30
460.    THOMSON, Star Teams of 1961, complete, with plastic wallet, VG to EX, 22+20-30
461.    THOMSON, Famous Teams in Football History 1st & 2nd, complete, each with plastic wallet, VG to EX, 28+20-30
462.    LIEBIG, complete (10), S.798-1224, inc. Nests, Chemists, Chocolate, Canada, Days of the Week etc., G to VG, 6025-35
463.    LIEBIG, complete (10), S.799-1445, inc. Birds, Stamps, Opera, Crusades etc., G to VG, 6025-35
464.    LIEBIG, complete (10), S.830-1482, inc. Mammals, Christmas, Opera, Emotions, Cats etc., G to VG, 6025-35
465.    N.S.S., Famous County Cricketers, complete set of 24 in strips of three, with additional strip of Nos. 1-3, VG, 215-20
466.    LAMPE, Kinder Reisen um die Welt (Views of the World), complete, large, G to VG, 5415-20
467.    COMO CONF., reproduction of XL5 1st & 2nd, extra large, MT, 5215-25
468.    MONTY GUM, UFO, large, EX to MT, 5420-30
469.    MONTY GUM, UFO selection, inc. standard size (14), wax packets (29), VG to EX, 43*15-20
470.    BROWN & WILLIAMSON, Modern Planes, mixed series, medium, G to VG, 76*20-30
471.    DINKY, Warner Bros Artists (4th Series), missing Nos. 3 & 10, uncut, slight crease (2), VG to EX, 2215-25
472.    FLEER, Official Drag Champs, US gum issue, VG to EX, 31*12-18
473.    U.T.C., Race Horses - South Africa, complete, large, G to VG, 5015-25
474.    CAVANDERS, large, part sets and odds, inc. Peeps, Prehistoric, Glorious Britain, Wordsworth etc., G to EX, 300*15-25
475.    SARONY, parts sets and odds, mainly large, inc. Links, Museum Series, Autographs etc., G to EX, 300*15-25
476.    MIXED, inc. Topps Close Encounters (65/66) with stickers (complete); Topp Star Trek stickers (17); Wonder Bread Battlestar Galactica (complete), Wimpy Super Heroes Super Villains (complete), EX to MT, 14925-35
477.    TYPHOO, large, complete (2), Wonder Cities, Homes of Famous Men, each corner mounted in TT booklets, VG to MT, 5012-18
478.    BARKER, Famous People, complete, large, slight a.m.r. to No. 24, VG to EX, 2415-20
479.    THOMSON, large, Football Towns and Crests (13), Famous Ships (13), some corner knocks, about G to VG, 2625-35
480.    DISNEY, Disneyland in 65, missing No. 53, VG, 6525-35
481.    SOMPORTEX, Thunderbirds, colour, missing Nos. 13, 15, 19 & 23, with duplicate for No. 73, G to generally VG, 70*200-300
482.    ARDATH, Photocards C (Yorkshire Football Teams), complete, EX to MT, 11070-90
483.    JINGLE JINKS, Flags of the Nations 1st, complete, thick, G to VG, 3650-80
484.    LIBBY, Happy Families, complete set of 32, in four uncut sheets of eight, with paper envelope (rules to reverse), some small tears to envelope, otherwise EX, 4+25-35
485.    BROOKE BOND, Bird Portraits, 158 x 122mm booklet from the Cut-Out Series, The Gold Finch, unused, slight rust stains to staples, EX30-50
486.    CADBURY, Shipping Series, Nos. 3 & 5, premium, VG to EX, 220-30
487.    PATTREIOUEX, Football Teams, F.200, Manchester City, large RP, G20-30
488.    CARROLL, British Naval Series, No. 5 HMS Bristol, VG15-20
489.    HEATON, Birkby Views, St. Johns Road, slight crease, G70-90
490.    THEMANS, Motor Cycle Series, No. 6 Rudge, blue back, VG20-30
491.    HILL, Naval Series (unnumbered), On Guard Ladysmith, small clip to corner and score to image, about G15-20
492.    BARRATT, South African Series, Nos. 6, 17 & 20, co-issued with Anglo-French Sweet Works of Johannesburg, slightly irregular trim, G to VG, 315-25
493.    SINGLETON & COLE, Maxims, Be Prompt and Decisive & Prefer Short Credit, slight scuffing to orange borders, generally G, 212-18
494.    SINGLETON & COLE, Maxims, Always Be Within Your Income & Avoid Law Suits, slight scuffing to orange borders, generally G, 212-18
495.    SINGLETON & COLE, Maxims, Balance Regular, Be Economical, slight scuffing to orange borders, generally G, 212-18
496.    SINGLETON & COLE, Maxims, Leave Nothing Undone & Prefer Short Credit, slight scuffing to orange borders, generally G, 212-18
497.    SINGLETON & COLE, Maxims, Do It Now & Keep Your Designs, slight scuffing to orange borders, generally G, 212-18
498.    BARRATT, Football Team Folders, Blackpool, Huddersfield & Southampton, G to VG, 320-30
499.    BARRATT, Cricket Team Folders, No. 4 Nottinghamshire (creased) & No. 17 Worcestershire, FR to G, 215-25
500.    BARRATT, Famous Cricketers (folder), Wellard & Verity, G15-25
501.    BARRATT, Famous Cricketers (folder), O'Connor & Turnbull, G15-25
502.    BARRATT, Famous Cricketers (folder), Bowes & Robins, G15-25
503.    BARRATT, Famous Cricketers (folder), Astill & Barnett, G15-25
504.    I.T.C., Coronation Folder (1902), EX35-45
505.    HODGE, Scottish Views, Holyrood Palace, 78 x 47mm, scuffing to edges, only FR25-35
506.    ANGLO-AMERICAN, Bazooka Joe, collection of wax panels, corner-mounted in softback album, some creasing, good VR, 70*15-20
507.    GATESHEAD, an unusual set (?) of ten hand-drawn cards, 70 x 36mm, showing regulars at The Borough Arms, Bensham Road, Gateshead, each with the name of the landlord William Gattis, c.1880 (?), three designed with corners clipped, G to VG, 1015-25
508.    MIXED, complete (4), Wills, Rugby Internationals, British Birds; Players, British Livestock, Fresh-Water Fishes (pink), VG to EX, 17535-45
509.    MIXED, complete (4), Wills, Aviation, Roses, Romance of the Heavens; Players Napoleon, G to EX, 17535-45
510.    TOPPS, Footballers (1980), complete set of 198, as triples, EX to MT, 6650-70
511.    B.A.T., Best Dogs of Their Breed, complete, some corner knocks or creases, FR to G, 5040-60
512.    GALLAHER, Regimental Colours & Standards, FR to G, 4730-40
513.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest B, inc. Horse Racing, Dogs, Leaders, Boxers, Cycling, Beauties etc., scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 72*20-30
514.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest C, inc. Warships, Cycling, Views, Dogs, Beauties etc., scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 73*20-30
515.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest A (30) & D (38), inc. Leaders, Warships, Dogs, Cats, Football (2) etc., scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 68*20-30
516.    FOOTBALL, part sets and odds, inc. WiIls, Players, Carreras, one Taddy (creased), slight duplication, G to EX, 255*25-35
517.    SPORTS, part sets and odds, inc. Horse Racing, Rugby, Tennis, Boxing; Lea, Phillips, Wills, Franklyn Davey, Sarony, Players, Boguslavsky, Faulkner etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 210*20-30
518.    WILLS, golf, part sets, Famous Golfers (6), Golfing (20), FR to VG, 2630-50
519.    WILBUR-SUCHARD, Flags of the World, US issue, EX to MT, 3515-20
520.    PLANTERS, Hunted Animals, complete, medium, VG to EX, 2515-20
521.    CHURCH & DWIGHT, Useful Birds of America 3rd, medium, VG to EX, 2420-30
522.    OGDENS, Derby Entrants 1926, complete, G to VG, 2520-30
523.    FAULKNER, Prominent Racehorses 1st, complete, some staining, VG to EX, 2520-30
524.    KELLOGGS, Motor Cars (colour), missing No. 12, G to EX, 3940-60
525.    SHREDDED WHEAT, Action Shots of Olympic Sports, complete, with plastic wallet, VG to EX, 20+25-35
526.    SOCCER BUBBLE GUM, Soccer Teams 1st, complete, VG to EX, 4830-40
527.    COMO CONF., Noddy's Adventures 2nd, complete, large, EX to MT, 2525-35
528.    GOLDEN FLEECE, Pedigree Dogs, complete, large, EX, 3612-18
529.    GOODIES, Prehistoric Animals, complete, EX to MT, 2525-35
530.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Aviation, complete, VG to EX, 2525-35
531.    RINGTON, Aircraft of World War II, complete, EX to MT, 2515-25
532.    PLAYERS, Shipping, complete, unissued, EX to MT, 5020-30
533.    PHILLIPS, Fish, complete, G to VG, 2515-25
534.    PHILLIPS, Railway Engines, complete, VG to EX, 2515-25
535.    SANDORIDES, Famous Racehorses, complete, Lucana, scuff to image (1), about G to VG, 5030-50
536.    FAULKNER, Prominent Racehorses, complete, VG to EX, 5020-30
537.    BOGUSLAVSKY, Winners on the Turf, complete, G to VG, 2518-25
538.    MIXED, complete (5), Wills, Military Motors, British Birds, British Butterflies; Players, Fresh-Water Fishes (pink), Aircraft of the RAF, G to EX, 25040-50
539.    WILLS, Golfing, complete, large, VG to EX, 2560-80
540.    DINKIE, Paramount Pictures (8th Series), complete, uncut, EX to MT, 2420-30
541.    OGDENS, Derby Entrants 1926, complete, slight crease to No. 4, VG (1) to MT, 2515-20
542.    WILLS, Golfing, complete, large, stain to No. 13, G (1) otherwise VG to EX, 2570-90
543.    CARRERAS, British Railway Locomotives, complete, Turf slides, neat trim, VG to EX, 5015-20
544.    TRADE, complete (2), Castrol Racing Cars, Worthington Sportsmen, G to EX, 6015-20
545.    OGDENS, Racehorses, complete, some corner knocks, G to VG, 5025-35
546.    PLAYERS, Shipping, complete, unissued, EX, 5015-25
547.    MACFISHERIES, large, complete (2), Sporting Prints, Japanese Colour Prints, EX, 2615-25
548.    PRICE, Famous Battles, premium issue, slight scuffing to gold edges, G to VG, 615-25
549.    MORRIS, War Pictures, inc. No. 25, slight crease (2), G to VG, 1120-30
550.    A. & B.C. GUM, Civil War News, missing Nos. 29, 40 & 42, two used checklists (both ink), some scuffing to edges, FR to G, 8550-80
551.    PAUL MCCARTNEY, an original songbook for Let 'Em In, from Wings at the Speed of Sound, slight stain to edge, G12-18
552.    THE BEATLES, programme and ticket stub from 1963 concert, Odean Theatre Nottingham, lacking photo insert, VG to EX, 240-60
553.    BILLY FURY, magazine, Billy Fury Monthly, No. 7 (Sept 1963), VG12-18
554.    THE BEATLES, booklet, The Beatles at Carnegie Hall, G15-25
555.    QUEEN, programme from the A Night at the Opera UK tour, VG20-30
556.    MADONNA, five F.o.H. stills from Who's That Girl, VG, 525-35
557.    MADONNA, selection, inc. photocopy of Divorce Settlement from Sean Penn; two 8 x 10 photos, VG to EX, 315-25
558.    POP MUSIC, two film posters for Live 8 concert, 47 x 68.5, English language, one with indistinct signature, rolled, minimal damage to edges, VG to EX, 212-18
559.    PINK FLOYD, 7" single, Hey You / Comfortably Numb, Japan, 07SP 491, picture slip, black, M/M40-60
560.    PINK FLOYD, 7" single, Us and Them / Time, USA, S45-X48029A, black, M/M25-35
561.    PINK FLOYD, 7" single, When the Tigers Broke Free / Bring the Boys Back, USA, UDCD 518, black, sleeve X18 03142, sealed, M/M 10-15
562.    ROGER WATERS, 7" single, Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, Netherlands, 1A 006-2001297, black, picture sleeve, M-/M10-15
563.    ROGER WATERS, 7" single, What God Wants, USA, 38-74363, black, VG+/M10-15
564.    ROGER WATERS, promo single, Who Needs Information, USA, 38-07617, black, EX/M50-80
565.    PINK FLOYD, 7" single, See Emily Play / The Scarecrow, Greece, HARG 1522, black, VG/M-20-30
566.    PINK FLOYD, 7" EP (33rpm), Momentary Lapse of Reason, Bolivia, SEP10525, black, picture sleeve, G/M-50-80
567.    PINK FLOYD, cardboard self-standing counter-top display, Division Bell, 11 x 8 (shaped), EX10-15
568.    PINK FLOYD, four CDs, Division Bell: Take It Back, four different (CSK6069, 724388127820, 72488142724 & 6603862), all M/M10-15
569.    PINK FLOYD, four CDs, The Wall Live in Berlin (MERCD332); Roger Waters, The Tide is Turning (CPD367), What God Wants (COL6581392) & Three Wishes (COL6588992), all M/M10-15
570.    PINK FLOYD, 7" single, See Emily Play / Scarecrow, Sweden, DB 8214, black, picture sleeve, G/M-80-100
571.    PINK FLOYD, 7" demo, Point Me at the Sky / Be Careful with that Axe, UK, DB8511, black, EX/M30-50
572.    PINK FLOYD, double CD, The Wall - Live in Berlin, USA, 846 611-2, long box, sealed, M25-35
573.    PINK FLOYD, 12" single, High Hopes / Keep Talking, UK, 12 EM 342, with art postcards, blue (etched vinyl), envelope sleeve, M-/M20-30
574.    PINK FLOYD, LP, Meddle, Korea, PM 83, duty stamp on label, black, G/EX15-25
575.    PINK FLOYD, 12" promo single, Learning to Fly, USA, CAS 02775, black, M/M20-30
576.    ROGER WATERS, double LP, Amused to Death, Holland, 4687610 0, limited edition, black, wrap intact, M/M25-35
577.    ROGER WATERS, promo LP, Radio Waves, USA, CAS 2723, black, EX/M10-15
578.    PINK FLOYD, platinum award, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, USA, JC 40599, framed, G/M60-80
579.    PINK FLOYD, 12" single, Another Brick in the Wall, UK, MERX 332, stock issue, black, M/M10-15
580.    ROGER WATERS, promo LP, Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, UK, 44-05002, black, VG+/M30-50
581.    PINK FLOYD, double album, World Tour, PF 9987, pink marble, G/F sleeve, EX/M15-25
582.    PINK FLOYD, double CD, The Wall, Australia, SPMT 30129, gold plated, EX/M200-250
583.    PINK FLOYD, CD, Meddle, Japan, CP32-5032, sealed, M/M30-50
584.    PINK FLOYD, CDs, Live in Quebec (USA, SIRA-CD 7, picture disc); What God Wants (Austria, 658139 9, silver), VG/EX & M/M
585.    PINK FLOYD, CD box set, Dark Side of the Moon - 25th Anniversary, Holland, 0777 7 81479 2 3, with five art cards and booklet, M/M15-25
586.    PINK FLOYD, LP & CD, Relics, UK, MFP 50397/Xx, stereo, black, M/M10-15
587.    SYD BARRETT, LP, Opel, Germany, 1C 064-7912061, black, G/F sleeve, M/M10-15
588.    PINK FLOYD, LP, A Saucerful of Secrets, Germany, SCX 6258, black, M/M15-25
589.    PINK FLOYD, LP, A Delicate Sound of Thunder, Russia, 00543 007, stock issue, black, G/F sleeve, M-/M10-15
590.    PINK FLOYD, LP, The Division Bell, UK, C 64200, complete with inserts, black, G/F sleeve, sealed, M/M15-25
591.    PINK FLOYD, gig poster, Division Bell - Live in Gelsenkirchen, 23rd August 1994, 23 x 33, Mama / Graphic head on grid, three copies, M10-15
592.    PINK FLOYD, promo poster, Pink Floyd - More Than a Movie, USA, 18 x 28, 1980's, EX10-15
593.    PINK FLOYD, promo poster, Dark Side of the Moon (CD release), USA, 24 x 36, Columbia 1986, creasing and tape to corners, Fair10-15
594.    PINK FLOYD, promo poster, Dark Side of the Moon - 20th Anniversary, UK, 20 x 30, EMI, light creasing, Fair10-15
595.    PINK FLOYD, promo poster, The Wall, USA, 20 x 30, art style with flaming hair, #5007, 10-15
596.    PINK FLOYD, gig poster, Live at Soldiers Field, USA, 17 x 21, DKE, two light creases, EX10-15
597.    PINK FLOYD, art poster, group portrait by Richard House, UK, 23 x 33, Masterpiece/1175, EX20-30
598.    ROGER WATERS, art poster, Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, by Regald Scarfe (Reg or is it Rog?), UK, 23 x 33, Concessions, M10-15
599.    PINK FLOYD, promo poster, Division Bell - New Album, UK, 20 x 30, with steel heads & lights, EX10-15
600.    PINK FLOYD, art poster, Wish You Were here, Netherlands, 24 x 36, with burning man, Hipgnosis 1975, from a set of 12, even creasing, Fair10-15
601.    PINK FLOYD, promo poster, Works, USA, 20 x 33, Capitol, G10-15
602.    PINK FLOYD, promo poster, Shine On, Canada, 20 x 30, corner crease, VG10-15
603.    PINK FLOYD, promo poster, Us & Them - Symphonic Pink Floyd Album release, by Roger Dean, USA, 16 x 22, five copies, M10-15
604.    PINK FLOYD, art poster, 1988 World Tour, by Harron, Canada, 23 x 28, Bigfoot, tape to one corner, G10-15
605.    POP MUSIC, promo posters, 46 x 62 and slightly smaller, inc. David Bowie Glass Spider Tour, Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon Tour (three copies, Experience Hendrix (three copies), UC at Modena 1987 (three copies)Neil Diamond, Eurythmics etc., VG to EX, 8 + 1110-15
606.    MAN ON FIRE, film poster, with Bing Crosby, English language, 14 x 35.5, folds, pin-holes to corners and centre, G20-30
607.    THE STOOGE, film poster, with Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, English language, 14 x 35.5, dry-mounted to card, folds, tape marks to two edges, FR20-30
608.    THE YOUNG LIONS, film poster, with Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift & Dean Martin, English language, 14 x 35.5, folds, some slight staining, G30-50
609.    DIRTY HARRY, film poster, with Clint Eastwood, English language, 14 x 35.5, pin-holes to corners (piece missing from one corner), about G20-30
610.    A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, film poster, with Clint Eastwood, English language, 13.5 x 30, folds, VG
611.    RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, film poster, with Harrison Ford, English language, 14 x 36, EX15-25
612.    BOXING, film poster, The Greatest (Io Sono il Piu Grande), with Muhammad Ali, Italian language, 26.5 x 18, perforations, EX20-30
613.    BULLITT, film poster, with Steve McQueen, Japanese language, 20 x 28.5, slight creasing, G15-25
614.    MY FAIR LADY, film poster, with Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison, Italian language, 26.5 x 18, fold, piece missing from one corner and pin-holes throughout, only FR15-25
615.    MONA LISA, set of six film posters, with Michael Caine, Michael Caine & Cathy Tyson, English language (Italian issue), 26.5 x 18, some slight corner creases, VG to EX, 615-25
616.    MATRIX, part set of film posters, with Keanu Reeves & Laurence Fishburn, English language, 24.5 x 17.5, EX, 315-25
617.    MOTOR RACING, set of six film posters, Le Mans, with Steve McQueen, Italian language (Le 24 Ore di Le Mans), 25.5 x 18, perforations, EX, 630-50
618.    JAMES BOND, film poster, Diamonds are Forever, with Sean Connery & Jill St John, English language, 14 x 22, top panel unused, laid down, VG30-40
619.    THE CROW, part set of five prints, art-style scenes from The Crow - City of Angels, artwork by Barr 1993, one signed to lower white border, 19.5 x 16, original envelope, EX12-18
620.    PALE RIDER, Dutch poster (33 x 46) starring Clint Eastwood, rolled, EX20-30
621.    THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, UK quad poster starring David Bowie, rolled, VG40-60
622.    WALLACE & GROMMIT, film posters, 47 x 68.5, English language, two with both characters(same design with different testimonial), the other with Wallace only, rolled, some damage to edges, VG to EX, 315-25
623.    HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, film posters, 47 x 68.5, English language, two copies with Potter (with Mad-Eye Moody inset) the other with Hagrid & Olympe Maxime, rolled, some damage to edges, VG to EX, 2 + 115-25
624.    FILM POSTERS, selection, 47 x 68.5, English language, inc. Scary Movie 4, War of the Worlds, King Kong, Ice Age, Willy Wonka, Pacifier, Sin City, slight duplication, rolled, some damage to edges, VG to EX, 1515-25
625.    GILBERT AND SULLIVAN, three 19.5 x 28 colour posters for D'Oyly Carte performances at the Opera House Blackpool, May 1967, from the originals by Goffin, rolled, some adhesion marks to edges showing through, G, 315-20
626.    PALOMA FAITH, signed colour 8.25 x 6 promotional photo, EX15-25
627.    KAISER CHIEFS, signed colour 6 x 4 promotional p/c, signed (first names only) by four members, EX15-25
628.    MADNESS, signed colour 10 x 8 promotional photo, signed (mainly first names only) by seven members, EX15-25
629.    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, four signed promotional 8 x 10 photos, by Mik Kaminski, Bev Bevan, Melvyn Gale & Hugh McDowell, each signed to lower white border, VG, 460-80
630.    YAZZ, signed 8 x 10 promotional photo, EX15-25
631.    STAR TREK, signed colour promotional 8 x 10 by William Shatner, half-length as Captain Kirk with model of U.S.S. Enterprise, EX25-35
632.    SEASICK STEVE, signed colour 8 x 10 photo, three-quarter length playing guitar, EX25-35
633.    SPACE, signed reproduction of plaque left on the moon by Apollo XI crew, signed to corner by John Glenn, EX20-30
634.    BLETCHLEY PARK, two commemorative covers (both 2001), one signed by Dorothy Ellwood and one other, both believed to have worked at Bletchley Park during WWII, MT, 212-18
635.    MARILYN MANSON, signed colour 8 x 10, full length in character, EX20-30
636.    SPACE, signed envelope front by Buzz Aldrin, with quote in his hand "We Came in Peace for all Mankind", 1989, EX25-35
637.    THE RAMONES, signed 8 x 10 photo, showing all four, signed (in character) by Johnny Ramone and one other, EX30-50
638.    VILLAGE PEOPLE, signed colour promotional 10 x 8, by all six members, some first name only, EX50-80
639.    LEMMY, signed colour 10 x 8, half-length performing, EX15-25
640.    BLACK EYED PEAS, signed colour 6 x 8 photo, by all four members (some first name only), EX30-50
641.    THE WHO, two signed colour 8 x 10 photos, one on stage (signed by Roger Daltry); the other showing Quadrophenia advert (signed by Daltry (short signature), Entwhistle and one other), EX, 230-50
642.    JOHNNY CASH, signed colour 8 x 10, full-length with gutar and US flag, EX30-50
643.    ERIC CLAPTON, signed colour 8 x 10, full-length seated with guitar, EX30-40
644.    CINEMA, signed colour 8 x 10 by both Charlton Heston & Sophia Loren, h/s in scene from El Cid, EX35-45
645.    KEITH RICHARD, signed colour 10 x 8, half-length playing guitar smoking cigarette, hurried signature, EX30-40
646.    MICK JAGGER, signed white card, 5 x 3, EX20-30
647.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed original photos (8 x 10 and slightly smaller), inc. Georgie Wood, Bebe Daniels, Adelaide Hall, Sam Browne, Reg Dixon, Florence Desmond, Gracie Fields etc., a few inscribed, G to VG, 1125-35
648.    MARGOT FONTEYN, signed RP p/c, full-length in character from Sleeping Beauty, VG20-30
649.    FANKIE HOWERD, signed early 2.75 x 5.75 (to borders) promotional photo, signed to lower white border, EX30-40
650.    EXPLORATION, signed commemorative cover by John Blashford-Snell, for British Explorers, with relevant postal cachet for first day of issue, EX25-35
651.    MARGARET THATCHER, signed commemorative cover for 50th Anniversary of Votes for Women, with relevant stamps and postal cachet, VG40-60
652.    BING CROSBY, signed Christmas commemorative cover, with relevant stamps for 1970, EX20-30
653.    MILITARY, signed commemorative cover by James Mather (HMS Exeter), commemorating Battle of the River Plate, LE.16/16, EX20-30
654.    VICTORIA CROSS, signed commemorative cover by Ian Fraser, 150th Anniversary of the V.C., with relevant postal cachet, EX25-35
655.    SELECTION, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, inc. Tim Rice, Pat Murphy, David Elleray, Tim Brabants, Nick Hancock, Jasper Carrott, John Motson, Elizabeth Hurley (full signature), Barry Norman etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor at various cricket grounds, EX, 2015-25
656.    CRICKET, signed album page (4 x 5.5) by 1949 Nottinghamshire, inc. Simpson, Sime, Keeton, Harris, Poole, Jepson, Meads, Woodhead, Hardstaff, Stocks, Butler & Harvey, VG20-30
657.    VIVIEN LEIGH, an unrelated airmail letter, 17/7/43, signed to top left corner by Leigh, in pencil (not touching other writing), G50-80
658.    SELECTION, inc. signed photos etc., Emlyn Hughes, The Upper Hand (3) etc., VG to EX, 815-25
659.    SELECTION, signed pieces, p/c's etc., inc. Amanda Barrie, Edward Fox, Billie Whitelaw, Nyree Dawn Porter, Dulcie Gray, Cleo Laine (first name only with kiss), Nigel Benn, Lee Remick etc., many annotated, good VR, Qty.20-30
660.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed letters, photos, p/c's etc., inc. Sylvia Peters, Jean Metcalfe, Lesley Nicol, Colin Skipp, Joanna Lumley, Eastenders, Holby City etc., VG to EX, 27*15-25
661.    MILITARY, signed commemorative covers etc., inc. Eric Wilson (Wooden Horse), T.M. Bulloch, George Burges, Rab Learoyd etc., VG to EX, 815-25
662.    MUSIC, signed commemorative covers, photo etc., inc. Will Young, Ray Stevens, Jamelia, Bonnie Raitt etc., VG to EX, 1115-25
663.    HISTORICAL, French selection, signed letters, pieces, documents etc., many vintage, inc. Baron (actor), Paul Bourget, Jean Raimond etc., generally G, 8
664.    AVIATION & ASTRONAUTS, signed commemorative covers etc., inc. Concorde, NASA, first flights; Rowland, Britton, Ellis, etc., duplication, VG to EX, 26*25-35
665.    PAUL MCCARTNEY, a brochure for the Art of Paul McCartney, at the Walker 2002, also signed and inscribed by Peter Blake, together with an unsigned 10 x 8 of McCartney at the exhibition, EX, 280-120
666.    KATE MOSS, signed 8 x 10, full-length seated on bench, partially signed in dark portion, EX30-40
667.    KYLIE MINOGUE, signed colour 8 x 10, full-length in black dress with red stockings, EX25-35
668.    DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, signed colour 8 x 10, by Eva Longoria & Richard Chavira, EX20-30
669.    SIGNORI WEAVER, signed colour 10 x 8, full-length on bed in scene from Working Girls, EX20-30
670.    BRIGETTE NEILSON, signed colour 8 x 11, half-length at press conference, EX20-30
671.    KIERA KNIGHTLEY, signed and inscribed colour 10 x 8, h/s, EX18-25
672.    SHARON STONE, signed colour 8 x 10, half-length at kitchen sink in scene from film, EX20-30
673.    MEG RYAN, signed colour 8 x 10, half-length, EX20-30
674.    DEMI MOORE, signed colour 8 x 10, h/s, EX20-30
675.    REESE WITHERSPOON, signed colour 8 x 10, full-length in pink dress from Legally Blonde 2, EX20-30
676.    FREDDIE MERCURY, signed back of parking ticket (plain white), 1987; together with other signed programmes, photos etc; Phantom of the Opera, draft programme Manchester, signed by Dave Willetts, Lisa Hull, Julian Bigg & Patrician Merrin; Canon & Ball, Anita Dobson, Louis Mellis, John Nettles etc., 15 signatures in total, good VR, 9100-150
677.    PETER ANDRE, signed colour 10 x 8, h/s, at MTV Awards, EX15-25
678.    BOBBY VEE, signed and inscribed original 8 x 10, h/s with dark background, signed to lower white border, some corner knocks, EX15-25
679.    ACTORS, signed 8 x 10's, James Caan, Charles Gray, Leslie Nielson, Mel Smith etc., colour (1), inscribed (1), EX, 520-30
680.    ACTRESSES, signed 8 x 10's, Catherine Deneuve, Kathleen Turner, Louise Fletcher, Charlotte Rampling, Emma Thompson, inscribed (1), EX, 525-35
681.    ACTRESSES, signed 8 x 10's, Elizabeth Hurley, Minnie Driver, Susan Sarandon, Joely Richardson (signed and inscribed to reverse), colour (3), EX, 430-40
682.    SELECTION, mainly signed photos, inc. Elizabeth Hurley, Helen Reddy, Claudette Colbert, Cameron Diaz (signed piece) etc., some inscribed, VG to EX, 620-30
683.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed hardback editions, biographies, Not Quite World's End, The Wars Against Sadam (both by John Simpson), signed to title pages, Thirty Miles From Paradise by Bobby Lennox (Celtic football); Triumph in Australia by Mike Gatting, also signed by Brice French, also softback edition of Heart Of Football by David McVay, each signed to title page, dj (4), EX, 530-40
684.    GOLF, signed hardback editions of biographies, Sandy Lyle (also signed by Seve Ballesteros), Darren Clarke & Colin Montgomery, dj, EX, 330-50
685.    FOOTBALL, signed hardback editions of biographies of Jimmy Greaves, Ian Holloway, Stuart Pearce and Robbie Savage, dj, EX, 415-25
686.    CRICKET, hardback editions, each with signed piece laid down to title page, inc. Harold Larwood, Viv Richards, Joel Garner, Ray Illingworth, Doug Walters, Bill Edrich, Peter May, David Steele, Andrew Flintoff etc., all with dj, VG to EX, 1115-25
687.    CRICKET, signed hardback editions, Duncan Fletcher, Matthew Hoggard, Ian Botham, Mike Atherton, dj, VG to EX, 415-25
688.    CRICKET, hardback edition of The Australians in England 1968 by Bobby Simpson, signed to title page, dj, VG15-25
689.    CRICKET, hardback edition of Just My Story by Len Hutton, signed to half-title page, dj (small tears to edges), G15-25
690.    FOOTBALL, signed hardback editions, biographies by Bobby Charlton, Bobby Robson & Jimmy Greaves, each signed to title page, dj, EX, 320-30
691.    FOOTBALL, hardback edition of Jack Charlton's autobiography, signed to flyleaf and title page by 13 players (mainly 196 World Cup Squad), inc. Jack & Bobby Charton, Stiles, Ball, Wilson, Banks, Peters, Byrne, Callaghan etc., dj, VG25-35
692.    FOOTBALL, signed hardback edition of The Rules of the Game by Pierluigi Collina, signed to title page, dj, EX15-25
693.    FOOTBALL, hardback edition of Scoring At Half-Time by George Best, signed by Best to title page, further signed to inside photo pages by Faulkes, Sadler, Ball, Summerbee, Harris, Law, Marsh and one other, dj, EX25-35
694.    HORSE RACING, signed hardback edition of Frankie, signed to title page by Frankie Dettori, dj, EX10-15
695.    POLITICS, signed hardback edition of A Charge To Keep by George W Bush, hurried signature to title page, with private inscription to flyleaf, dj, EX30-50
696.    MUSIC, signed hardback edition of I'm Still Here, signed to title page and signed and inscribed to flyleaf by Eartha Kitt, dj, EX15-20
697.    MUSIC, signed hardback edition of Secrets of A Sparrow by Diana Ross, signed to flyleaf, dj, VG20-30
698.    MUSIC, hardback edition of From These Roots by Aretha Franklin, signed to half title page, 2006, dj, EX15-25
699.    MUSIC, hardback edition of Take Me To The River by Al Green, signed to title page, hurried signature, dj, EX15-25
700.    CHILDREN'S BOOK, hardback edition of Dream Days by Kenneth Grahame, signed (in pencil) by the illustrator Ernest H. Shepherd, with personal inscription to flyleaf, G30-50
701.    JAMES BOND, hardback edition of Bond On Bond by Roger Moore, signed to title page, dj, large format, EX20-30
702.    CORONATION STREET, an extensive collection of 159* signed postcards etc., some early photos of long-running characters, inc. Anne Reid, Johnny Briggs, Sam Rodriguez, Dawn Acton, Jack Howarth, Peter Dudley, Sally Watts, Arthur Leslie, Peter Adamson, Peter Baldwin, Kathy Staff, Teddy Turner, Pat Pheonix, Reginald Marsh, Sandra Gough, Jenny Moss, Sally Whittaker, Sarah Lancashire, Roy Barraclough, William Roach, Anne Kirkbride, Violet Carson, Lynne Perrie, Julie Goodyear etc., official postcard issues (34), some duplication of signatures (to different images), in modern album, G to EX, 159*200-300
703.    LITERATURE, signed free-front envelope by Charles Kingsley, 15th May 1868, laid down to card, G30-50
704.    SAILING, signed commemorative covers, by Alec Rose, Francis Chichester, Chay Blyth & Robin Knox Johnston, with relevant postal cachets, VG to EX, 420-30
705.    LITERATURE, signed commemorative cover by Iris Murdoch, Catherine Cookson, Antonia Fraser, Barbara Cartland, Daphne du Maurier, with relevant postal cachets, VG to EX, 425-35
706.    NATURE, signed commemorative covers, by Patrick Moore, David Bellamy, Barbara Woodhouse & Peter Scott, with relevant postal cachets, VG to EX, 425-35
707.    SPORT, signed commemorative covers, inc. Athletics, Steve Ovett, Mary Peters, Steve Cram; Willie Carson, Eddie Edwards etc., with relevant postal cachets, VG to EX, 725-35
708.    SELECTION, signed commemorative covers, inc. Leonard Cheshire, Harold Wilson, Roy Jenkins, Geoffrey Howe, Paul Edington, Richard Attenborough, Harry Worth, Catherine Cookson, Monica Dickens, Pam Ferris etc., with relevant postal cachets, VG to EX, 1830-50
709.    SELECTION, signed postcards and other small photos etc., inc. Thomas Beecham (album page), soaps, Betty Driver, Hugh Parry-Thomas, Bryan Coleman, Barbara Ann Rodgers, Matt Littler etc., good VR, 2015-25
710.    SELECTION, signed postcards, pieces, album pages etc., 1930's onwards, inc. Jacqueline Mackenzie, Charlie Neal, Ray Meagher, Herbert Standing, Doris Arnold, Joan Young, Dorothy Saxby, Denis Matthews etc., a few unsigned or with printed signatures, good VR, Qty.20-30
711.    SELECTION, signed postcards, pieces, album pages etc., 1930's onwards, inc. Kathleen O'Regan, William Lucas, Alf Pearson, Johnny Pearson, Rhona Anderson, Harold Ramsey, Richard Tauber, Diana Wynyard, Iris March, Margot Graham, Jessica Martin etc., a few unsigned or with printed signatures, good VR, Qty.20-30
712.    SELECTION, inc. signed large album pages (mainly 8 x 6.5), inc. Jane Asher, Una Stubbs, Rosemary Leach, Janet Dibley, Liza Goddard, Nichola Pagett etc., with small attached photos (7), G to VG, 920-30
713.    SELECTION, signed album pages (mainly 6 x 5), inc. Len Clifford, Leslie Sarony & Leslie Holmes, Richard Tauber, Harry Parkin, Bebe Daniels, Sam Browne, Richard Mendock, Allan Melville, Tommy Trinder, Frank Randle, Max Wall, Evelyn Laye, Carl Brisson etc., G to VG, 2825-35
714.    SELECTION, signed pieces (laid down to cards), album page etc., inc. Tom Courtenay, Paul Scofield, Chris Tarrant, Arthur Askey, John Bird, Lawrence Harvey, Roy Hudd, Jack Warner, Peter Cushing, Lenny Henry, Paul Henry, Alan Freeman etc., many with attached photos, VG to EX, 2825-35
715.    SELECTION, signed pieces (most laid down to cards) etc., inc. Larry Grayson, Ronnie Corbett, Charlie Drake, Bernard Miles, Martin Jarvis, Stanley Holloway, Richard Todd, David Suchet, Russell Grant, Donald Sinden, Michael Hordern, George Cole, Robert Donat etc., many with attached photos, VG to EX, 2825-35
716.    CARRY ON, signed pieces (laid down to cards), inc. George Layton, Jim Dale, Roy Castle, Patrick Mower, Warren Mitchell, Leslie Phillips, Bernard Cribbins, Bill Maynard, Amanda Barrie, Jacki Piper, Patsy Rowlands, June Whitfield, Fenella Fielding, Carol Hawkins etc., all with attached photos, mainly film scenes, VG to EX, 1930-50
717.    SELECTION, signed pieces (most laid down to cards) etc., inc. Honor Blackman, Rula Lenska, Peggy Ashwell, Betty Driver, Joan Littlewood, Rosemary Leach, Joan Sanderson, Yvonne Arnaud etc., many with attached photos, VG to EX, 2320-30
718.    SELECTION, signed pieces (most laid down to cards), Sheila Hancock, Joanna Lumley, Elisabeth Welch, Margaret Lockwood, Flora Robson, Vera Lynn, Gladys Cooper, Bella Emberg, Penelope Keith etc., many with attached photos, VG to EX, 2320-30
719.    SELECTION, signed pieces (most laid down to cards), album page etc., inc. Glenda Jackson, Amanda Bairstow, Yoma Sasburgh, Carole Drinkwater, Fay Compton, Diana Quick, Cybil Thorndike, Joan Plowright, Nyree Dawn Porter, Moira Anderson, Betty Driver etc., many with attached photos, VG to EX, 2320-30
720.    THEATRE, signed programme, flyers etc., many multiple signed, inc. Tony Benn, Alan Bates, Ronald Shiner, Erica Hoffmann, George Thorpe, Julian Lloyd Webber, Paul Farrell, John Gregson, Robert Desmond, Petula Clark, Sandra Dickinson, Trevor Kent, Dermot Walsh etc., G to EX, 1820-30
721.    THEATRE, signed programme, flyers etc., many multiple signed, inc. Delores Gray, Bill Johnson, Avice Landone, Bruno Barnabe, Michael Gough, Ann Leon, Alan Pollock, John Neville, Bill Maynard, Norman Walker, Derek Jacobi, Joan Savage, Penelope Keith, Josephine Tuson, Valentine Dyall, Julian Lloyd Webber, Les Miserables etc., G to EX, 1620-30
722.    THEATRE, signed programme, flyers etc., many multiple signed, inc. Julian Glover, Alex McGowan, John Stride, Penelope Keith, Michael Hordern, Brian Murphy, Virginia Stride, A Small Family Business (14 signatures), Wilfred Hyde White, Terry Skelton, Wendy Craig, Jon Pertwee, Robertson Hare, Peggy Mount, Una Stubbs, Ernie Wise, Patrick Mower etc., G to EX, 1720-30
723.    THEATRE, signed programme etc., many multiple signed, inc. Kiss Me Kate poster (heavily signed), Katherine Dunham, Griff Rhys Jones, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (9 signatures), The Shaughrun (16 signatures), Married Love (12 signatures), Guys And Dolls (7 signatures) etc., G to EX, 1620-30
724.    SELECTION, signed photos (8 x 10) and larger, inc. Glen Campbell, Deborah Kerr, Rick Mears, Emil Ford, Sue Pollard, Charlie Daniels etc., a few printed signatures, about G to VG, 2415-25
725.    WRESTLING, signed 8 x 10 photos, inc. ladies (2), Gemma Best, Mitzi Mueller; Big Daddy etc., many full-length in promotional pose, some inscribed, G to EX, 26 20-30
726.    ENERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. pieces, cards, programmes, photos etc., inc. Christopher Biggins, Three Irish Sopranos, Florence Desmond, Little & Large, Martha Reeves, John Hanson, various groups, bands etc., good VR, Qty.25-35
727.    SELECTION, inc. Savage Club, seven lined pages covered with numerous signatures, sketches and quotes, 1947, together with two later letters; signed photos, Shibhon Phillips, Ronnie Ronalde, Andy Eastwood, Adam Faith; theatre programmes, magazine illustrations, promotional photos, pop music, sheet music, Picturegoer magazines etc., FR to EX, Qty.15-25
728.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed p/c's, inc. Max Miller, George Formby, Charlie Kunz, Claude Dampier, Robert Taylor etc., some stamped or printed signatures in softback album G, 20100-120
729.    NORMAN FELLWELL, hardback edition of A Plank Bridge By A Pool, signed to LE page (24/200), deluxe edition in slipcase (some damage), EX40-60
730.    BIG BANDS, good collection of autographs, 1940's onwards, contained in four autograph albums, some pieces laid down, some pages multiple signed, G to VG, 460-80
731.    MUSIC HALL, selection, inc. signed pieces (laid down to album pages), postcards (most with a.m.r.), album pages etc., inc. Harold Williams, Stiles Allen, Tessie O'Shea, Eugene Pini Charles Shadwell, George Crowe, Christopher Stone, Jack Payne, Paul Robeson etc., some printed signatures, good VR, Qty.20-30
732.    AUTHORS, signed commemorative covers, letters etc., inc. Richard Gordon, Brian Aldiss, Philip Pullman, Gerald Durrell, Jean Plaidy etc., VG to EX, 1025-35
733.    ACTRESSES, signed letters etc., inc. Ginger Rogers, Irene Handl, Yolande Donlon, Coral Brown, Cicely Courtnege etc., slight duplication, VG to EX, 725-35
734.    CINEMA, signed selection, Bob Hope, 8 x 10 photo & typed letter (1961); David Niven, cheque (1952), G, 320-30
735.    ACTORS, signed letters, inc. Charles Starrett, Michael Williams, Dermot Walsh, Richard Todd etc., VG to EX, 6
736.    FOOTBALL, signed A.L.S., Walter Winterbottom, 1993; Stanley Rous (F.A. headed paper), 1961, each with biographical pages, G to VG, 2+15-25
737.    FOOTBALL, Welsh selection, signed letters, Des Palmer, 1995; Leslie Jones (with additional signed piece), each with biographical pages, VG to EX, 3+15-25
738.    FOOTBALL, signed T.L.S. by Joe Hulme of Arsenal, 30th Aug 1960, referring to the "Reds. I saw them play last week. They need at least three good players - Still, knowing what you want and getting them are two different things", together with a signed piece, each on the People headed paper, with biographical pages, Hulme also played cricket for Middlesex, VG to EX, 2+15-25
739.    FOOTBALL, signed A.L.S. by Eric Brook of Manchester City, 24th April 1962, referring to his 15 years at Maine Road, together with a signed card, with biographical pages, he is City's leading goal-scorer, VG to EX, 2+15-25
740.    FOOTBALL, Manchester United, signed letters, George Mutch (further signed to blank half of last page), Alex Ferguson, 1998 (on club headed paper); Steve Bruce, 2005 (Birmingham City), each with biographical pages, VG to EX, 3+15-25
741.    FOOTBALL, signed selection, inc. letters, club compliments slips, pieces; Ramires, Ling, Moyes, Martin O'Neill etc., together with some unsigned photos etc., VG to MT, Qty.15-25
742.    JOANNE WOODWARD, signed 8 x 10, h/s in white top, EX15-25
743.    LARRY HAGMAN, signed reproduction colour 11 x 8.5, three-quarter length alongside (and signed by) John Travolta and Tim Shanahan, EX40-60
744.    L.A. LAW, signed colour 8 x 10 by five cast members, Corbin Bernsen, Gill Eikenberry, Richard Dysart, Harry Hamlin and Michele Greene, EX40-60
745.    B.B. KING, signed promotional 8 x 10, full-length standing with guitar, slight a.m.r., EX40-60
746.    POP MUSIC, two signed colour 8 x 10's, Samantha Mbumba; the other by three members of the Mis-Teeq, EX, 220-30
747.    CRICKET, signed photos (4.25 x 6.5 and one larger) by Derbyshire Cricketers, Hill, David Smith & John Harvey, each in action, EX, 315-20
748.    CRICKET, signed photos (6 x 8 and slightly larger) by West Indies players, Basil Butcher & Andy Roberts, VG, 215-25
749.    CRICKET, signed 8 x 6 press photo, by Keith Miller of Australia, VG15-20
750.    CRICKET, signed 6 x 8.5 press photo, by Graham McKenzie of Australia, typed annotation to reverse, VG12-18
751.    CRICKET, signed 10 x 8 press photo, by Derek Underwood, full length in action for England v New Zealand 1969, typed annotation to reverse, VG15-25
752.    CRICKET, signed 10 x 8 press photo, by Bill Lawry, Captain of Australia, meeting the Queen before Lord's Ashes Test 1968, typed annotation to reverse, VG15-25
753.    CRICKET, signed 9.5 x 7 press photo, by Ravi Shastri, full-length for India during Lord's Test 1990, typed annotation to reverse, EX12-18
754.    CRICKET, signed 8 x 10 press photo, by Garry Sobers, full-length batting for West Indies during 1963 Oval Test, typed annotation to reverse, VG25-35
755.    CRICKET, signed 8 x 10 press photo, by Des Haynes, full-length batting for West Indies against England, EX12-18
756.    CRICKET, signed 8 x 10 press photo, by Colin Cowdrey, full-length making catch for England in 1968 Lord's Ashes Test, typed annotation to reverse, VG15-25
757.    CRICKET, signed 8 x 10 press photo, by Asif Iqbal, full-length batting for Kent 1975, typed annotation to reverse, VG12-18
758.    CRICKET, signed 10 x 8 press photos, by Pullar & Stewart, each making catch during County match, typed annotation to reverse, VG, 212-18
759.    TITANIC, signed colour 8 x 10 by Gloria Stuart, in butterfly clasp scene from the film, EX20-30
760.    JULIA ROBERTS, signed colour 8 x 10 film still alongside Brad Pitt, Hurried signature, EX30-40
761.    GWYNETH PALTROW, signed colour 8 x 10 reproduction poster from Shallow Hal, EX20-30
762.    ROBIN HOOD, signed colour 8 x 10 by Mary Mastrantonio, h/s as Maid Marian, EX20-30
763.    DISNEY, colour 8 x 10 of cartoon characters, signed by Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Billy Joel and Joseph Lawrence, EX, 340-60
764.    MODELS, signed colour 8 x 10's, Daniela Pestova, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, EX, 330-40
765.    ACTORS, signed 8 x 10's and smaller (1), inc. Jerry Maren (scene from Wizard of Oz), Richard, Owen Wilde, Arthur English, Ian Holm etc., EX, 950-80
766.    ACTRESSES, inc. Helena Bonham Carter (Alice in Wonderland), Mena Suvari, Lisa Cudrow, Megan Goode, Kim Kardashian, Gina Lynn, Haylie Duff, Tawney Roberts etc., EX, 880-120
767.    HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, signed colour 8 x 10 by Lisa Cudrow and Mira Sorvano, full-length in character, EX20-30
768.    ADAM FAITH, signed TLS, on Fan Club headed notepaper, n.d., original folds, G20-30
769.    PRINCE PHILIP, signed large page as removed from Wembley Stadium visitors book, with typed annotation to top edge for 1952 Ice Hockey match, slight crease (not affecting signature), G60-90
770.    AVIATION, signed cover, by Umberto Nobile, first to fly over North Pole (1926), also three reproduction photos, one showing his balloon, VG, 440-50
771.    MILITARY, signed over by Douglas Roberts, survivor of the Sohm during WW1, 1996 issue, very shaky signature, EX12-18
772.    NORMAN WISDOM, signed commemorative cover by Autographed Editions, loose-mounted on page with biographical details, EX15-25
773.    MILITARY, collection of signed commemorative covers commemorating the US Air Force, inc. Paul Tibbets (Capt of Enola Gay), Joe Jackson, Leo Thorsness, Bernard Fisher, Frederick Ashworth (Nagasaki) etc., EX, 11100-150
774.    PETE DOCHERTY, signed CD sleeve for Broken Love Song, hurried signature, EX30-50
775.    ROY ULLEYTT, signed 5.5 x 4.25 album page with sketch, annotated, tape marks to top and bottom edges (affecting sketch but not affecting signature), G30-40
776.    MUSIC HALL, signed p/c's etc., Clifford Mollison, Gerald Du Maurier, Arthur Askey; George Robey signed piece, G to EX, 415-25
777.    MUSIC, signed selection, inc. Frankie Vaughan (3), RP p/c's (2), album page (6 x 4.5); Paulette Goddard album page; multiple signed album pages (2), G to VG, 520-30
778.    GEORGE ROBEY, signed album page (5 x 6.25), with self-portrait sketch, G40-60
779.    POP MUSIC, signed promotional 8 x 10, by Carter - The Unstoppable Sex Machine, signed by Jim 'Bob' Morrison, Les 'Fruitbat' Carter and one other, EX15-25
780.    FOOTBALL, two signed album pages, by 1960's West Ham, inc. Redknapp, Howe, Charles, Boyce, Sealey, Brown etc., 3 x 4.75, one laid down to album cover, G to VG, 230-50
781.    FOOTBALL, signed page (5 x 6.5) by Birmingham City, 1938-9, inc. Hadden, Richardson, Hibbs, Clack, Steel, Jones, Hughes etc., 16 signatures in total, folded, laid down to album page, VG30-40
782.    FOOTBALL, signed page (5 x 6.5) by Aston Villa, 1938-9, inc. Massie, Broom, Houghton, Allan, Cummings, Callaghan, Iveson etc., 12 signatures in total, folded, laid down to album page, VG30-40
783.    THEATRE, signed programme for Henry IV, New Theatre, multiple signed to front cover, inc. Olivier (short signature), Sybil Thorndike, Ralph Richardson, Miles Malleson and by five others with first name only, also by Harcourt Williams to back cover, G30-40
784.    FOOTBALL, signed clipped pieces (laid down to album page), Sunderland, 1946/7, inc. Madson, Burbanks, Jones, Watson etc., 11 signatures (in pencil), G10-15
785.    FOOTBALL, signed lined piece (3.75 x 4.5), Bristol City, 1951/2, inc. beasley, Compton, Williams, Roberts etc., 14 signatures (in ink), laid down to slightly larger page, G12-15
786.    FOOTBALL, signed piece (6 x 3.5), Cardiff City, 1951/2, inc. Howells, Chisholm, Williams, Montgomery etc., 21 signatures (two in ink), laid down to slightly larger page, G20-30
787.    FOOTBALL, signed lined piece (7.5 x 6), Northampton Town, 1950/1, inc. English, Hughes, Collins etc., 18 signatures (in ink), laid down to slightly larger page, G10-15
788.    FOOTBALL, signed lined piece (6 x 3.5), Notts County, 1951/2, inc. Lawton, Broome, Deans etc., 14 signatures (in ink), laid down to slightly larger page, G15-25
789.    CRICKET, signed album pages (6.25 x 5.5), inc. Fry & Weighall, Len Hutton; Masters XI (12 signatures), Somerset, Worcester etc., mainly in pencil, G to VG, 1225-40
790.    FOOTBALL, signed album page (5 x 3.75), Corinthians, 1937/8 FAC Finalists, inc. Leek, Washington, lee, Allen etc., 11 signatures (in pencil), VG20-30
791.    FOOTBALL, signed piece (6.5 x 3.75), Millwall, 1947/8, inc. Johnson, Jones, Sutcliffe, McMillen etc., 11 signatures (in ink), slightly uneven trim, G20-30
792.    FOOTBALL, signed album page (4.25 x 5.25), Bournemouth & Boscombe, 1938/9, inc. Langley, Redfern, Tunnicliffe, Sellars etc., 11 signatures (in ink), VG20-30
793.    FOOTBALL, signed album page (4.25 x 4.75), Derby County, 1936/7, inc. Croomes, Ramage, Barker, Hagan, Dix etc., 16 signatures (in pencil), laid down to larger page, VG30-50
794.    FOOTBALL, signed album page (4.25 x 5.24), Arsenal, 1938/9, inc. Scott, L. Compton, Fields, Pryde etc., 11 signatures (in ink), being a selection of 1st team and reserves, some only making limited appearances, VG40-60
795.    FOOTBALL, signed album pages (mainly 4.25 x 5.25), late 1930's, Reading (9 signatures), Northampton (8), Port Vale (9), Ipswich (2), Q.P.R. (7), mainly in ink, G to VG, 530-50
796.    BOXING, signed commemorative cover, Muhammad Ali, with quote "Three Time Champion of the World", 19th Nov 1979, with relevant postal cachet, EX60-80
797.    SPACE, signed and inscribed commemorative cover, Buzz Aldrin (We Came in Peace for all Mankind) & Gene Rodenberry (1980), with relevant postal cachet, EX25-35
798.    GOLF, signed commemorative cover, by Nicklaus, Ballesteros, Palmer, Langar & Player, with relevant postal cachet, EX40-60
799.    AVIATION, signed commemorative cover, by Concorde Pilots Jock Lowe, Mike Bannister & Tim Orchard, with relevant postal cachet, EX15-25
800.    BERLY COOK, signed commemorative cover for Pictorial Postcards, with relevant postal cachet, EX20-30
801.    AVIATION, signed commemorative cover for the Spitfire, by Johnny Johnson, with relevant postal cachet, EX25-35
802.    WWII, signed commemorative cover for Submarine Museum, signed by Ian Fraser & Thomas Gould, signed to back by Jeff Tan, with relevant postal cachet, EX15-25
803.    RUPERT THE BEAR, signed commemorative cover, by artist John Harrold, with relevant postal cachet, EX15-25
804.    DARTS, signed colour 10 x 8, by Phil 'The Power' Taylor, h/s in action, overmounted, EX15-20
805.    FOOTBALL, signed colour 8 x 10's, by Nottingham Forest players Archie Gemmell & Peter Ward, both in action, each overmounted, EX, 218-25
806.    FOOTBALL, signed white card by Teddy Sheringham, overmounted beneath colour 6 x 9 photo of him full-length in action for England, 9 x 17 overall, EX18-25
807.    FOOTBALL, signed white card by Kenny Samson, overmounted beneath 9 x 12 photo showing him celebrating with trophy for Arsenal, 12 x 21 overall, EX18-25
808.    FOOTBALL, signed white card by Bobby Tambling, overmounted beneath 8 x 12 photo showing him in action for Chelsea, 14 x 15 overall, EX18-25
809.    FOOTBALL, signed white card by Graeme Souness, overmounted beneath 8 x 10 photo showing him exchanging pennant prior to match for Liverpool, 10 x 17 overall, EX18-25
810.    FOOTBALL, four signed white cards by West ham players, Brooking, Bonds, Pearson & Stewart, overmounted beneath 10 x 12 photo showing Brooking scoring against Arsenal, 14 x 19 overall, EX18-25
811.    FOOTBALL, signed 12 x 15 colour print by Frank Stapleton, showing him celebrating with Community Shield for Manchester United, pub. by Autograph Editions, EX15-25
812.    POP MUSIC, 1996 Eagles World Tour programme, signed to cover by Henley, Felder & Schmit, and to inside portrait photos by Frey & Walsh, VG80-120
813.    POP MUSIC, 1982 Rolling Stones European Tour programme, signed to inside page by all five, further signed to cover by Keith Richards, VG80-120
814.    POP MUSIC, 1972 Johnny Cash European Tour programme, signed to separate inside pages by Cash and Carl Perkins (inscribed), VG60-80
815.    POP MUSIC, sheet music booklet for Pinball Wizard, signed to cover by Elton John and Pete Townsend, also signed to back cover by Bernie Taupin, G40-60
816.    POLITICS, signed commemorative cover by seven British prime MInisters, heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown & Cameron, showing Millenium Dome, with relevenat postal cachets, loose mounted to descriptive page, EX80-120