Postal Sale (with Live Internet Bidding)
of Cigarette & Trade Cards and Sports Memorabilia
on Wednesday 6th February 2013

1.      OGDENS, Famous Rugby Players, complete, G to VG, 5030-40
2.      OGDENS, Captains of Association Football Clubs & Colours, complete, some a.c.m., G to VG, 4430-40
3.      THOMSON, Football Stars, complete, neat trim, VG to EX, 4820-30
4.      THOMSON, World Cup Footballers, complete, neat trim, VG to EX, 6430-40
5.      GALLAHER, Footballers in Action, complete, EX, 5050-80
6.      DRAPKIN, Puzzle Pictures, complete, VG to EX, 2530-40
7.      WILLS, Musical Celebrities 1st, missing No. 49, G to EX, 4930-40
8.      ANSTIE, Scout Series, complete, G to VG, 5060-80
9.      ANGLO CONF., Walt Disney Characters, missing Nos. 17, 29, 71 & 72, large, VG to EX, 74*80-120
10.     PHILLIPS, Famous Footballers, complete, anon, G to VG, 5015-25
11.     HIGNETT, complete (3), Greetings, Prince of Wales Tour, Common Objects, FR to VG, 7515-25
12.     CARRERAS, selection, inc. complete (3), Notable Ships, Horses and Hounds (large), Do You Know?; part set, Orchids (19), G to EX, 11415-25
13.     MIXED, complete (8), inc. Churchmans Kings of Speed, Franklyn Davey Children, Drapkin Soldiers, Cavanders Colonial (large), Animal Studies etc., G to EX, 260*20-30
14.     BOXING, part sets, inc. Cartledge (13), Churchmans (6), Franklyn Davey (8), The Champion etc., about G to EX, 80*15-25
15.     COPES,Boxers, Nos. 2, 3 (2), 5, 7, 21, 30, 89, 98 & Dai Roberts (number obscured), FR to G, 9 + 115-25
16.     SINCLAIR J., Well-Known Footballers - Scottish, complete, VG to EX, 5015-20
17.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Popular Film Stars, complete, two lines, overseas issue, G to EX, 5020-30
18.     CARRERAS, Popular Personalities, complete, oval, inc. Don Bradman, some scuffing to edges, G to EX, 7220-30
19.     OGDENS, Owners Racing Colours & Jockeys, complete, blue, G to VG, 5030-40
20.     OGDENS, Jockeys 1930, complete, G to VG, 5020-30
21.     OGDENS, Derby Entrants 1928 & 1929, complete, G to VG, 10020-30
22.     OGDENS, horse racing, complete (2), Trainers and Owners Colours 1st, Prominent Racehorses of 1933, G to VG, 7520-30
23.     OGDENS, cricket, complete (2), Australian Test Cricketers, Cricket 1926, FR to VG, 8630-40
24.     OGDENS, Pugilists in Action, complete, inc. Dempsey, FR to VG, 5025-35
25.     OGDENS, Champions of 1936, complete, inc. Jessie Owens, VG to EX, 5020-30
26.     OGDENS, complete (2), Captains of Association Football Clubs & Colours, Derby Entrants 1926, about G to VG, 6920-30
27.     WILLS, large, part sets, inc. Golfing (10), Famous British Liners (17 + 3), Rigs of Ships (12), Beautiful Homes, Public Schools etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 110*25-35
28.     OGDENS, complete (4), Smugglers and Smuggling, Records of the World; British Birds, Birds Eggs (both cut-outs), FR to VG, 17525-35
29.     ARDATH, complete (3), National Fitness, Life in the Services, Your Birthday Tells Your Fortune, G to VG, 15020-30
30.     GALLAHER, cinema, complete (5), G to VG, 24015-25
31.     THOMSON, complete (2), Footballers - Signed Real Photos, Famous British Footballers, medium RP, G to VG, 4020-30
32.     AMALGAMATED PRESS, medium RP sports selection, Sporting Champions, Famous Football Captains, British Records Holders etc., G to EX, 62*30-50
33.     AMALGAMATED PRESS, WWI selection, complete (2), Exploits of the Great War, Heroic Deeds, G to VG, 3220-30
34.     AMALGAMATED PRESS, Thrilling Scenes from the Great War, complete, G to VG, 3220-30
35.     AMALGAMATED PRESS, Great War Deeds, complete (2), 1927 & 1928, medium, G to VG, 4820-30
36.     TYPHOO, A Tale of Two Cities, complete, duplicates (10), some date variations, G to VG, 25 + 1020-30
37.     TYPHOO, Lorna Doone, complete, VG, 2520-30
38.     LINGFORD, British War Leaders, complete, EX to MT, 3620-30
39.     MILLHOFF, Famous Test Cricketers, complete, VG to EX, 2740-60
40.     HILL, complete (3), Famous Ships, Nautical Songs, Music Hall Celebrities, EX to MT, 11015-25
41.     HILL, complete (4), Dickens Classics, Our Empire, Zoological Series, River Thames, EX to MT, 18020-30
42.     WILLS, Recruiting Posters, complete, G to EX, 1230-40
43.     WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, mixed 's', variation for No. 25, about G to EX, 50 + 1100-150
44.     WILLS, Time & Money, complete, G to EX, 5015-25
45.     WILLS, Medals, complete, minimal scuffing to pink borders, G to EX, 5030-40
46.     PLAYERS, complete (2), Live Stock (Eire), Counties (numbered), VG to EX, 5030-40
47.     CARRERAS, Kings & Queens of England, complete, large, EX, 5030-40
48.     CARRERAS, Famous Soldiers, complete, large, EX, 1225-35
49.     CARRERAS, Famous Naval Men, complete, large, EX, 2415-25
50.     HOME & COLONIAL, War Heroes (3) & Pictures, medium, G to VG, 612-18
51.     MIXED, part sets and odds, inc. Thomson Football RP (28, trimmed), Barratt, Typhoo, B.A.T. and other anon, good VR, 13520-30
52.     MIXED, part sets and odds, inc. Sinclair Film Stars, Murray Bathing Belles, Hignett Sea Adventure (complete), U.T.C. Do You Know etc., G to VG, 175*20-30
53.     MORRIS, cinema, inc. Film Star Series (24), b/w Actresses (complete), G to EX, 5420-30
54.     HIGNETT, Cathedrals & Churches, complete, G to VG, 2520-30
55.     CHURCHMANS, East Suffolk Churches, complete, sepia, G to VG, 5020-30
56.     CARRERAS, Popular Personalities, complete, oval, inc. Don Bradman, some scuffing to edges, VG to EX, 7220-30
57.     CARRERAS, Famous Film Stars, variations for Nos. 11 & 68, crease to No. 96 Laurel & Hardy, FR to VG, 96 + 230-50
58.     GUZMAN & CO., LA Elegancia (Actresses), Ecuadorian issue, irregular trim, FR, 5020-30
59.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Wireless Telegraphy, complete, G to VG, 2525-35
60.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Pirates & Highwaymen, complete, VG to EX, 2515-20
61.     B.A.T., Cinema Favourites, complete, anon., VG to EX, 5030-50
62.     CHURCHMANS, British Film Stars, complete, VG to EX, 2515-25
63.     HILL, Scenes from the Films, complete, EX to MT, 4015-25
64.     HILL, cinema, complete (2), Famous Film Stars (English), Modern Beauties, creased (1), FR (1) to EX, 9015-25
65.     I.T.C. OF CANADA, Famous English Actresses, complete, G to VG, 5020-30
66.     MITCHELL, Stars of Screen & History, complete, VG to EX, 2525-35
67.     WESTMINSTER, Stage & Cinema Stars, medium, black captions, about G to VG, 93*50-70
68.     PHILLIPS, cinema, complete (3), Screen Stars (with & without embossed), Film Favourites, VG to EX, 14620-30
69.     CINEMA, complete (4), Carreras Film Favourites, Players Film Stars (large), Lloyd Cinema Stars (28-54), Sandorides Cinema Celebrities, G to EX, 12520-30
70.     CINEMA, complete (5), Sarony Cinema Studies, Players Film Stars 2nd, Rothmans Cinema Stars, Wills Cinema Stars 1st & 2nd, G to EX, 14920-30
71.     CINEMA, complete (5), inc. Phillips, Film Stars, In The Public Eye; Carreras Film Stars (Desmond), Cavanders Cinema Stars; Cinema Celebrities (anon), G to EX, 20320-30
72.     MORRIS, complete (6), Victory Signs, Whipsnade Zoo, London Zoo Aquarium, Captain Blood, Treasure Island, Horoscopes, G to EX, 16020-30
73.     MORRIS, complete (6), How Films Are Made, Measurement of Time Marvels of the Universe, Shadowgraphs, Animals at the Zoo, Wax Art Series, G to EX, 17420-30
74.     WILLS, Arms, selection, complete (4), British Empire, Companies, Foreign Cities, Schools; Bishopric (47), G to VG, 24715-25
75.     WILLS, Borough Arms, complete (7), 1st-4th with variations, G to VG, 35020-30
76.     HILL, Views of Interest 1st-5th, complete, large, VG to EX, 24012-18
77.     TRADE, complete and part sets, inc. Granose, Castrol, Morning Foods, Sweetule etc., about G to EX, 250*25-35
78.     GALLAHER, mainly part sets, Footballers 1-50 (43), 51-100 (44), Champions 1st (complete), FR to VG, 13540-60
79.     PATTREIOUEX, Scenes G (1-50), large RP, VG to EX, 4615-25
80.     MIXED, complete (3), Prizes for needlework, B.A.T. Prehistoric Animals (printed backs), Ardath It All Depends on ME (missing cotton), G to EX, 12425-35
81.     I.T.C. OF INDIA, Nautch Girls, Pedro, creased (1), about G to VG, 5125-35
82.     I.T.C. OF CANADA, Game Bird Series, complete, some scuffing to gold edges, G to VG, 3015-25
83.     A.T.C., Fish Series, mixed, inc. blue backs (63), red (26) etc., slight duplication, FR to generally G, 87*30-50
84.     WILLS, Cricketers (1908), mixed 's', inc. No. 1, some a.c.m., FR to generally G, 1115-25
85.     BAKER WARDELL, Do You Know 1st & 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 5050-80
86.     PLAYERS, Speedway Riders, complete, G to VG, 5020-30
87.     SINCLAIR J., Radio Favourites, complete, VG to EX, 5420-30
88.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Dance Band Leaders, complete, EX, 2520-30
89.     CARTLEDGE, Famous Prize Fighters, complete, VG to EX, 5060-80
90.     CUMMINGS, Famous Fighters, complete, inc. Dempsey, Tunney, Graziano, VG to EX, 6470-90
91.     BOXING, complete (4), Churchmans, Sporting Profiles, reproduction c/c (2), G to MT, 13015-25
92.     CRICKET, selection, inc. complete (3), Ogdens Australian Test Cricketers, CPS Kent & Yorks Test Cricketers; part set, Boys Realm Famous Cricketers (a.m.r., 13), FR to MT, 11320-30
93.     MIXED, complete (5), Ardath Film Stage and Radio Stars (slight scuffing to fronts), Anstie Places of Interest; Wills, British Sporting Personalities, Radio Celebrities 1st & 2nd, about G to EX, 22320-30
94.     PLAYERS, large, complete (3), History of Naval Dress, Portals of the Post, Zoo Babies,
G to VG, 7520-30
95.     PLAYERS, large, complete (3), Wildfowl, Wild Animals, Aquarium Studies, G to VG, 7520-30
96.     PLAYERS, large, inc. Country Sports (22), Dogs (22), Film Stars (23) etc., G to VG,
G to VG, 71*20-30
97.     WILLS, large, complete (3), Trees, Arms of Universities, British School of Painting, G to VG, 9015-25
98.     WILLS, large, inc. Old Inns 2nd, complete (a.m.r.); part sets, Dogs 1st (15) & 2nd (19), Racehorses & Jockeys (36), about G to VG, 110*20-30
99.     MIXED, selection, inc. complete (4), Will, Time & Money, Physical Culture, Phillips The Old Country; part sets, Gallaher Tricks & Puzzles (25), Ardath etc., etc., G to VG, 270*20-30
100.    PLAYERS, selection, inc. complete (5), British Live Stock, Gilbert & Sullivan 1st & 2nd, Wonders of the Deep; part set, Ceremonial & Court Dress (24), about G to VG, 19920-30
101.    FOOTBALL, complete (5), Players, 1928 & 1928/9; Wills (with fame), Churchmans 1st & 2nd, G to VG, 22520-30
102.    MARS, Famous Film Stars, complete, G to VG, 5020-30
103.    OGDENS, mainly part sets, inc. British Birds (10), Boy Scouts, mixed (44), Leaders of Men (39), Children (complete), horse racing etc., some creasing, P to VG, 225*15-25
104.    OGDENS, mainly part sets, inc. Zoo Studies, Cathedrals and Abbeys, How To Swim (all complete), ABC of Sport (9), Champions (44), The Story of Sand) etc., some creasing, P to VG, 29020-30
105.    OGDENS, part sets, inc. Prominent Cricketers (48), Actors (40), Ocean Greyhounds (47) etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 190*15-25
106.    OGDENS, complete (5), Whaling, Sea Adventure, Zoo Studies; British Birds, Birds' Eggs (both cut-outs), about G to VG, 22520-30
107.    U.T.C., Medals and Decorations, complete, large, VG to EX, 10025-35
108.    PHILLIPS, complete (4), Famous Minors, This Mechanised Age 1st & 2nd, Beauties of To-Day, about G to VG, 20015-25
109.    PHILLIPS, complete (5), Film Favourites, In The Public Eye, Aircraft, Soldiers of the King, Coronation of Their Majesties, about G to VG, 24415-25
110.    CHURCHMANS, complete (9), inc. Eastern Proverbs 1st, Howlers, Wonderful Railway Travel, Well-Known Ties 1st & 2nd etc., G to EX, 42315-25
111.    CHURCHMANS, complete (4), The Story of London, Association Footballers 1st, Kings of Speed, The Story of Navigation, G to VG, 20025-35
112.    CHURCHMANS, Boxing Personalities, complete, VG to EX, 5020-30
113.    CHURCHMANS, Sports & Games in Many Lands, complete, about G to VG, 2530-40
114.    COUDEN, Holiday Resorts in East Anglia, complete, VG to EX, 6030-50
115.    HILL, Nautical Songs, complete, EX to MT, 3015-25
116.    ADKIN, Soldiers of the Queen, numbered (23), mainly 60 Portraits, FR to VG, 28 + 115-25
117.    LEA, Regimental Crests and Badges, silks, slight fraying, G to VG, 5015-25
118.    PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, VG to EX, 2540-60
119.    PLAYERS, Fishes of the World, complete, G to VG, 5015-20
120.    PLAYERS, Celebrated Bridges, complete, G to VG, 5015-25
121.    PLAYERS, Useful Plants & Fruits, complete, about G to VG, 5015-25
122.    PLAYERS, British Empire Series, complete, G to EX, 5015-20
123.    PLAYERS, complete (3), Riders of the World, Products of the World, Celebrated Gateways, G to VG, 12520-30
124.    PLAYERS, complete (5), Aircraft of the RAF, Modern Naval Craft, Cycling, Uniforms of the T.A. (all adhesives); War Decorations & Medals, G to EX, 29020-30
125.    PLAYERS, complete (5), Fire-Fighting Appliances, Military Head-Dress, Dandies, Kings and Queens, Aeroplanes (Civil), G to EX, 25020-30
126.    PLAYERS, complete (6), Characters From Dickens 1st, 2nd & 50, Gilbert & Sullivan 1st & 2nd, Characters From Thackeray, G to VG, 22520-30
127.    PLAYERS, complete (5), History of Naval Dress, Regimental Standards and Cap Badges, Products of the World, Falgs of the League of Nations, Straight-Line Caricatures, G to VG, 25020-30
128.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest B, inc. Horse Racing, Dogs, Leaders, Boxers, Cycling, Beauties etc., scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 68*20-30
129.    WARNOCK & CO., The Island of Ceylon, complete, creased (3), FR to VG, 2520-30
130.    A. & B.C. GUM, Football Club Crests (English), complete, EX to MT, 2320-30
131.    CAVANDERS, complete (5), Peeps into Many Lands 1st-3rd, Peeps into Prehistoric Time (all medium), Peeps 2nd (standard, stereoscopic), G to EX, 31215-25
132.    TRADE, complete (7), inc. Bassett Star Colony 9, Kane & Gaycon Kings & Queens, Devlin, Horniman etc., VG to EX, 29815-25
133.    TRADE, complete (6), inc. Kane Space Adventure, Cadet Buccaneers, Doctor Ceylon, Horniman etc., VG to EX, 28315-25
134.    TRADE, complete (12), inc. Coopers, Elkes Biscuits, Amaran, A1, Glengettie, Lamberts etc., VG to EX, 30015-25
135.    TRADE, complete (14), inc. Kelloggs, Comet, Typhoo, Morning Foods, Glengettie, Como, Ewbank etc., VG to EX, 32515-25
136.    FOOTBALL, Emlyn Hughes' Team Tactix, EX to MT, 27515-20
137.    FOOTBALL, anon. gum issue, late 1970's, p/b, ref. RB31-ZJ9-H6-3, VG to EX, 193*15-25
138.    FOOTBALL, trade, complete (7), inc. Thomson Famous Footballers (25), Boys Magazine Famous Footballers; Daily Mirror, Cadet, Primrose etc., G to MT, 285*30-50
139.    PETER JACKSON, Stars in Famous Films, complete, VG to EX, 2820-30
140.    OGDENS, V.C. Heroes, generally VG, 1050-60
141.    OGDENS, Tabs, inc. Leading Generals of the War, descriptive (35) & non-descriptive (27); Prominent British Officers (29), inc. Baden-Powell, some corner creases, FR to G, 90*20-30
142.    MIXED, complete (5), Thomson Top-Form Footballers; Copes, Castles, Cathedrals; Players Gems of British Scenery, Pattreiouex Sights of Britain 2nd, VG to EX, 14720-30
143.    TEOFANI, Famous Boxers, scuffing to right edges, G to VG, 1030-40
144.    KINNEY, Actresses (Set 1), G to VG, 815-25
145.    A.T.C., Film Stars, two backs, 1920's, G to VG, 715-25
146.    WILLS, Scissors, odds, inc. Beauties & Children, p/c inset, dancing girls etc., G to VG, 1912-18
147.    WILLS, Scissors, odds, inc. Drum Horses, Heroic Deeds, Victoria Cross, Governors General etc., G to VG, 1812-18
148.    WILLS, Police of the World, stains to backs, some a.c.m., FR to G, 1625-35
149.    B.A.T., Flag Girls of All Nations, complete, p/b (anon), G to VG, 5020-30
150.    PLAYERS, Cricketers 1930, complete, about G to VG, 5015-25
151.    WHITBREAD, Inn Signs, selection, card and metal, FR to VG, 44*15-25
152.    PATTREIOUEX, Child Studies, large RP, missing No. 6, G to VG, 2930-50
153.    CHIX, Famous Footballers 2nd, complete, G to VG, 4850-60
154.    CHURCHMANS, Cricketers, complete, EX, 5035-45
155.    CARRERAS, Footballers, complete, EX, 7535-45
156.    PHILLIPS, Famous Footballers, complete, anon, EX to MT, 5030-50
157.    PHILLIPS, Soccer Stars, complete, VG to EX, 5020-30
158.    HILL, Famous Footballers, complete, additional, EX to MT, 2518-25
159.    WILLS, Signalling, complete, Vice Regal, G to EX, 5020-30
160.    WILLS, Signalling, complete, Capstan, G to EX, 5020-30
161.    WILLS, The World's Dreadnoughts, complete (2), Capstan & Vice Regal, some creasing, FR to G, 5015-25
162.    WILLS, Merrie England Studies, Australian issue, some foxing, G to VG, 2030-40
163.    ARDATH, British Born Film Stars, complete, G to VG, 5020-30
164.    SCHUH, Official War Photos, Australian issue, some creasing, FR to VG, 62*30-40
165.    WILLS, Girls of All Nations, Vice-Regal backs, FR to generally G, 4920-30
166.    WILLS, Flag Girls of All Nations, complete, small captions, Capstan backs, G to VG, 5020-30
167.    WILLS, Flag Girls of All Nations, complete, small captions, Vice-Regal backs, G to VG, 5020-30
168.    WILLS, Britain's Defenders, complete, Havelock backs, G to VG, 5020-30
169.    WILLS, Britain's Defenders, complete, Specialities backs, G to VG, 5015-25
170.    WILLS, Birds of Australasia, complete, green, Vice Regal backs, some scuffing, FR to VG, 10020-30
171.    WILLS, Birds of Australasia, complete, green, Capstan backs, some scuffing, FR to VG, 10020-30
172.    WILLS, Birds of Australasia, complete, yellow, Specialities backs, some scuffing, FR to VG, 10020-30
173.    WILLS, Australian Wild Flowers, complete, Specialities, about G to VG, 5015-25
174.    WILLS, Historic Events, complete, Specialities backs, about G to VG, 5015-20
175.    WILLS, Arms & Armour, complete, Vice Regal backs, FR to VG, 5020-30
176.    WILLS, Aviation, complete, black, Vice Regal backs, FR to G, 7525-35
177.    WILLS, Aviation, complete, black, Capstan backs, FR to G, 7525-35
178.    WILLS, Aviation, complete, green, Capstan backs, FR to G, 7525-35
179.    ORIENTAL, anon., Beauties (b/w sketches), red text only backs, VG, 1215-20
180.    ORIENTAL, anon., Road Safety, red text only backs, G to VG, 3015-25
181.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), Nos. 1-10, scuffing and/or tipping-in to black edges, FR to G, 1025-35
182.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), Nos. 11-20, scuffing and/or tipping-in to black edges, FR to G, 1025-35
183.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), Nos. 21-30, scuffing and/or tipping-in to black edges, FR to G, 1025-35
184.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), Nos. 31-40, scuffing and/or tipping-in to black edges, FR to G, 1025-35
185.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), Nos. 41-50, scuffing and/or tipping-in to black edges, FR to G, 1025-35
186.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), Nos. 51-53, 56, 57, 61, 62, 65-68 & 70, scuffing and/or tipping-in to black edges, FR to G, 1260-80
187.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1968 Footballers (1-54), complete, yellow, VG, 5470-80
188.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1968 Footballers (55-101), complete, G to EX, 4760-70
189.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1964 Footballers (1-58), complete, VG to EX, 5870-80
190.    TOPPS, 1978 Footballers (1-132), complete, orange backs, EX, 13215-25
191.    COMO CONF., Sooty's New Adventures 2nd, complete, large, EX, 5030-50
192.    THOMSON, British Footballers, complete, medium RP, VG to EX, 1815-25
193.    THOMSON, British Team of Footballers, complete, coloured RP, VG to EX, 1115-25
194.    AMALGAMATED PRESS, Sportsmen, complete, medium RP, G to EX, 6620-30
195.    P.C.G.C., War Bulletin, , with used checklist (ink), some scuffing to edges, FR to G, 8320-30
196.    DISNEY, Walt Disney World Signature Series, complete, MT, 2512-18
197.    WALKER HARRISON & GARTHWAITE, Dogs, medium, G to VG, 1160-80
198.    BARRATT, sweet cigarette packets (hulls only), inc. Cars of the World (2), The Secret Service, Football (2), Sea Hunt etc., G to VG, 1220-30
199.    FOOTBALL, card game, Goal!, complete, by Pepys, with rules booklet, VG to EX, 44+20-30
200.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, Wallace (St. Louis), red backs (150 subjects), VG20-30
201.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, Wiltse (N.Y.), red backs (150 subjects), very slight crease, G15-25
202.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, Mathewson (N.Y.), red backs (150 subjects), slight a.c.m., VG30-50
203.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, Parent (Chicago), red backs (150 subjects), offset image, VG20-30
204.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, Smith (Buffalo), red backs (350 subjects), slight a.c.m., G20-30
205.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, M. Brown (Chicago), red backs (150 subjects), a.c.m., G20-30
206.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, Bowerman (Boston), red backs (150 subjects), VG20-30
207.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, Jackson (Baltimore), red backs (350 subjects), offset image, G20-30
208.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, Arndt (Pittsburgh), red backs (350 subjects), very slight crease, G15-25
209.    A.T.C., Base Ball Series, Hunter (Brooklyn), blue back (350 subjects), corner knocks, G20-30
210.    MACNIVEN & CAMERON, 1909 calendar booklet, for The Waverley Fountain Pen, G12-18
211.    C.W.S., Parrot Series, No. 5, slight crease & scuff to corners, G 20-30
212.    C.W.S., Parrot Series, No. 7, slight corner crease & other scuffs to corners, G 20-30
213.    C.W.S., Parrot Series, No. 16, slight scuff to corners, G 20-30
214.    C.W.S., Parrot Series, No. 21, slight scuff to corners, G 20-30
215.    GALLAHER, Views in North of Ireland, No. 9 Carrick-a-Rede, VG12-18
216.    COHEN WEENEN, Heroes of Sport, Thomas, corner crease and knock to bottom edge, G25-35
217.    COHEN WEENEN, Heroes of Sport, Petite (cycling), corner crease and nick to one edge, G25-35
218.    ANSTIE, Royal Portraits, complete, silks, slight fraying, G, 225-35
219.    TADDY, odds, British Medals & Decorations (No. 47), British Medals & Ribbons (No. 48), Jockeys (3), no frame (2), corner rounding, FR (3) to G, 515-25
220.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, British Queens, No. 11 Victoria, VG20-30
221.    ALBERGE & BROMET, Boer War & General Interest, Lord Roberts, brown Bridle, a.c.m., G30-40
222.    SHUREY PUBLICATIONS, transfers, Flowers with Birds & Insects, 51 x 79mm, paper issue, G to VG, 515-25
223.    BATTOCK, Cricket and Football Cards, Southampton, white background, usual trim, G15-25
224.    SHARPE, shield-shaped football card, Play Up Burnley, scuff and hinge to back, G15-20
225.    SHARPE, flower-shaped football card, Well Played Dle, with Good Old Scholes inset, writing to back, G15-20
226.    PLAYERS, Authors (bookmarks), No. 2 Kipling, VG15-20
227.    COMO CONF., Adventures of Fireball XL5, No. 20, VG15-25
228.    WOODS, Types of Volunteer & Yeomanry, Lothian and Berwickshire Yeomanry, VG15-25
229.    WOODS, Types of Volunteer & Yeomanry, Pembroke (Castlemartin) Yeomanry, VG15-25
230.    WOODS, Types of Volunteer & Yeomanry, Berkshire Yeomanry, VG15-25
231.    WOODS, Types of Volunteer & Yeomanry, 2nd Volunteer Battalion (Royal Fusiliers), VG15-25
232.    WOODS, Types of Volunteer & Yeomanry, Mounted Infantry, VG15-25
233.    TEOFANI, Famous Boxers, No. 18 Jack Johnson, scuff to right edge, G20-30
234.    WILLS, Boxers, Scissors, inc. Jim Johnson, Sam Langford etc., some corner knocks, G to VG, 515-25
235.    FAULKNER, Cricketers, No. 2 Hayward (Surrey), slight corner knocks, G30-40
236.    FAULKNER, Cricketers, No. 3 Fry (Sussex), corner crease and knocks, FR30-40
237.    FAULKNER, Cricketers, No. 15 Briggs (Lancashire), slight corner knocks, G30-40
238.    FAULKNER, Cricketers, No. 18 Woods (Somerset), slight corner knocks, G30-40
239.    FAULKNER, Football Terms 2nd, A Good Throw In, G12-18
240.    FAULKNER, odds, inc. Football Terms 1st (2), Our Galant Grenadiers (2), Police Term, Fr to G, 515-20
241.    FAULKNER, The Language of Flowers, creased (2), FR to G (1), 515-20
242.    FAULKNER, Kings & Queens, John & Henry IV, G to VG, 212-18
243.    WILLS, Football Series, Nos. 8, 17, 21 & 63 (pink), G to VG, 412-18
244.    WILLS, Locomotives and Rolling Stock, inc. No. 25 Eight Wheel Tender, G to VG, 412-18
245.    OLD FASHION, Photographic Cards, large, VG, 215-20
246.    JUST SO, Photographic Cards, large, VG, 315-25
247.    BP, World Famous BP Drivers, Stirling Moss & Donald Campbell, large Australian issue, unused holiday logs to backs, EX, 215-25
248.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), premium size, No. 1823 H. Webster, Wigan Rugby League, anon (p/b), VG15-20
249.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), premium size, No. 1824 J. Blan, Wigan Rugby League, anon (p/b), offset image, G
250.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), premium size, No. 1912 G. Johnson, Wigan Rugby League, anon (p/b), VG
251.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Richardson, Surrey, slight scuff to edges, G30-50
252.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Ferris, Gloucestershire, creased, G20-30
253.    TADDY, Famous Jockeys, L. Lyne (Grapnel back, numbered to back in ink), G. McCall (Orbit back, trimmed), each with frame, FR to G, 215-20
254.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Dwyer (Sussex), Imperial back, G20-30
255.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Baker (Surrey), Standing (Lancashire), Imperial backs, slight creases, G, 220-30
256.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Nos. 167, 168 & 171-173 (corner crease), all Worcestershire subjects, VG, 512-18
257.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Nos. 187, 208, 214 & two others (Mills & Bessant), all Gloucestershire subjects, VG, 512-18
258.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Nos. 126, 185, 186 & one other (Newman), all Hampshire subjects, VG, 412-18
259.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Nos. 181 & 204-207, all Kent subjects, VG, 512-18
260.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Nos. 157, 158, 160 & 217, all Leicestershire subjects, VG, 412-18
261.    TITANIC, odds, Phillips Ships That Have Made History No. 31, Duncan Evolution of the Steamship; Churchmans Life in a Liner No. 11 (Olympic), VG, 320-30
262.    TADDY, Actresses with Flowers, No. 3 Miss Madge Crichton, EX35-45
263.    TADDY, Actresses with Flowers, No. 5 Miss Zena Dare, EX35-45
264.    TADDY, Actresses with Flowers, No. 6 Miss Ida Rene, EX35-45
265.    TADDY, Actresses with Flowers, No. 13 Miss Irene Rooke, EX35-45
266.    TADDY, Actresses with Flowers, No. 21 Miss Madge Vincent, EX35-45
267.    TADDY, Actresses with Flowers, No. 25 Miss Lettice Fairfax, EX35-45
268.    WILLS, Soldiers & Sailors, Austria, Officer of Artillery Review Order, blue back, slight scuff to edges, VG15-25
269.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Owners & Jockeys, Lord Beresford & Sloan, slight corner knocks, G20-30
270.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Owners & Jockeys, Prince Soltykoff & Toon, slight corner knocks, VG30-40
271.    WHITFORD & SONS, Inventors, No. 16 Maxim, EX25-35
272.    WHITFORD & SONS, Inventors, No. 19 Siemens, EX25-35
273.    TADDY, British Medals & Decorations, Nos. 2, 13, 16, 22 & 34, steel blue backs, EX, 530-40
274.    LIEBIG, table cards, Leisure Pursuits (T3), donkey ride (tear to edge) & boating (a.m.r.), G to VG, 220-30
275.    MARCUS, Footballers & Club Colours, Clapton, corner rounding, P to FR25-35
276.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Young, Essex, Grapnel back, G20-30
277.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Hardstaffe, Nottinghamshire, Imperial back, G20-30
278.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Smith, Yorkshire, Grapnel back, G20-30
279.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Cox, Sussex, Grapnel back, G20-30
280.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Parker, Gloucestershire, Imperial back, G20-30
281.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Coquet (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
282.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Houghton (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
283.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Marshall (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
284.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Pearce (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
285.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Reynolds (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
286.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Russell (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
287.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Smith (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
288.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Templeton (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
289.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Walker (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
290.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, White (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
291.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Wood (Fulham), London Mixture back, EX25-35
292.    HILL, Famous Footballers Series (1912), Nos. 8, 11, 14, 16 & 18, minimal scuffing to back edges, G to VG, 525-35
293.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 2 Vardon, EX to MT50-60
294.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 5 Braid, EX to MT40-50
295.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 9 Braid, EX to MT40-50
296.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 17 Taylor, EX to MT40-50
297.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 23 Hilton, EX to MT40-50
298.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 26 Taylor, EX to MT40-50
299.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 32 Braid, EX to MT40-50
300.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 35 Vardon, EX to MT50-60
301.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 37 Mayo, EX to MT40-50
302.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 40 Taylor, EX to MT40-50
303.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 43 Taylor, EX to MT40-50
304.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 47 Braid, EX to MT40-50
305.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 49 Travis, EX to MT40-50
306.    SNELL & CO., Boer War Celebrities STEW, Rhodes, creased, about G30-40
307.    BAINES, shield-shaped rugby card, Play Up Yorkshire, with comedy inset, slight damage to one corner, creased, FR15-20
308.    HILL, Fragments from France (colour), The Things That Matter, VG18-25
309.    MARTINS, odds, Arf A Mo Kaiser! (scuff to reverse), V.C. Heroes (4), scuffing to edges, FR, 515-25
310.    HILL, Colonial Troops, NZ Mounted Rifles, 1st Bengal Lancers, Imperial Light Horse, Cape Town Highlander, Leading Lines backs, FR to G, 415-25
311.    PLAYERS, Military Series, Nos. 34, 36, 37 & 39, G to VG, 415-20
312.    PLAYERS, Old England's Defenders, Nos. 35-38, G to VG, 415-20
313.    WILLS, Cricketers 1901, Nos. 14 (scuff to reverse) & 21 (both Sussex), 19 & 37 (both Gloucester) and 33 (Somerset), G to VG, 525-35
314.    MAYNARD, Football Clubs, Fulham, VG20-25
315.    BROOKE BOND, Out Into Space, issued with, FR to VG, 5220-30
316.    CHURCHMANS, part sets, Lawn tennis (39), Sporting Trophies (24), Racing Greyhounds (32), FR to EX, 75*20-30
317.    CHURCHMANS, Can You Beat Bogey, red overprint, duplication, VG, 56*60-80
318.    CHURCHMANS, Boxing Personalities, three near complete sets, G to EX, 134*20-30
319.    COUSIS, Actresses, mixed series, good VR, 200*30-50
320.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold, Actresses, large, slight scuffing to black edges, good VR, 33*20-30
321.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), large RP, mixed backs, FR to VG, 1830-40
322.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), large RP, mixed backs, FR to VG, 1830-40
323.    F.K.S., Football Special '79, duplication, G to EX, 170*15-25
324.    LEVER BROS, Celebrities, large, inc. Baden-Powell, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 920-30
325.    LEVER BROS, Celebrities (Series No. 1), large, some trimmed, FR to VG, 1015-25
326.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, a few trimmed, good VR, 50*25-35
327.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, a few trimmed, good VR, 50*25-35
328.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, a few trimmed, good VR, 50*25-35
329.    WILLS, Actresses ALWICS, red border, also B.A.T. p/b (12), slight duplication, good VR, 35*15-25
330.    SHIPTON, Trojan Gen Cards, inc. Elvis, Louis Armstrong, cowboys etc., FR to VG, 60*15-25
331.    LUCOZADE, Adventure into Europe, complete set of nine national flags, in three uncut booklets, 1973 issue, VG to EX, 315-20
332.    PLAYERS, Wild Animals of the World, narrow, G to VG, 2220-30
333.    MIXED, Wild Animals of the World, wide, Players (7), Churchmans (2), Wills o/s (4), about G to VG, 1312-18
334.    WILLS, part sets, Royalty Nobility & Events (69), Modern War Weapons (27), FR to VG, 96*20-30
335.    PLAYERS, Beauties 2nd, complete, overseas, slight curl, G, 5015-25
336.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, part sets, inc. Merchant Ships (45), Famous Airmen & Airwomen (12), Naval Portraits etc., FR to VG, 80*20-30
337.    PLAYERS, extra large, inc. Egyptian Sketches (complete, uneven trim); British Live Stock, blue (22), red (10); Nature Series etc., FR to VG, 56*20-30
338.    DUKE, Gems of Beauty, extra large, slight scuff to edges, generally G, 520-30
339.    NESTLE, Doctor Who Fights Masterplan Q, complete, uncut chocolate wrappers, EX, 1530-50
340.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 1-100, good VR, 63*20-30
341.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 101-200, good VR, 51*20-30
342.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 201-300, good VR, 55*20-30
343.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 301-400, good VR, 45*20-30
344.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 901-940 (30) & 1701-1800 (57), good VR, 87*30-50
345.    SANITARIUM, 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, missing No. 26, medium, VG to EX, 2915-25
346.    U.T.C., Exercises for Men & Women, complete, large, corner knocks, G, 5015-25
347.    WALKER, Film Stars, complete, Tatley, EX, 3215-20
348.    SWEETACRE, Sports Champions, Australian trade issue, G to VG, 37 + 120-30
349.    CARRERAS, Alice in Wonderland, square (29) & round corners (46), some a.c.m., G to EX, 75*20-30
350.    CARRERAS, Raemaekers War Cartoons, complete, Black Cat, G to EX, 14020-30
351.    COLES STORES, Cricketers and Footballers (1953/4), 59 x 88mm, all 28 cricket subjects (13 Australia & 15 English), EX, 2820-30
352.    ARDMONA, Cricketers Series, complete (2), 1980/1 & 1982/3, also Top Trumps World Cricketers, card games, original packets, VG to EX, 315-20
353.    TYPHOO, The Story of David Copperfield, complete, each in booklet form with Pen Scheme coupon attached, G to VG, 3030-50
354.    TYPHOO, International Football Stars 2nd, A (pink border, 5) & B (9), generally neat trim, G to VG, 1415-25
355.    TYPHOO, complete (4), Animal Offence & Defence, Wild Flowers 2nd, Homes of Famous men, Interesting Events, G to VG, 10015-20
356.    DRAPKIN, Puzzle Pictures, missing Nos. 22 & 24, large, about G to VG, 2320-30
357.    ARDATH, Photocard, complete (2), Groups E & J (both film etc.), large, EX, 4415-25
358.    CINEMA, anon. package issue, Film Stars (biographical details to front and horoscopes to back), 76 x 140mm, 1930's, mainly neat trim, FR to G, 2920-30
359.    THE SUN, Football Swap Cards, complete, medium, EX to MT, 13420-30
360.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1971 Footballers (1-73), complete, Scottish, EX to MT, 7330-50
361.    FOSTERS, Sporting Greats, complete, beer mats, EX, 3020-30
362.    FOOTBALL, Football Greats, complete, by The Beautiful Game, MT, 5425-35
363.    MONTY GUM, Star Trek, complete, anon., 47 x 67mm, p/b, numbered, MT, 10040-60
364.    TOPPS, Tell Us Fabian, complete, US issue, VG to EX, 5520-30
365.    TOPPS, Star Trek - The Motion Picture, complete, with wax wrapper, VG to EX, 88+15-25
366.    TOPPS, Creature Feature (You'll Die Laughing), complete, EX to MT, 8815-25
367.    CHIX, Soldiers of the World, complete, large, anon., VG to EX, 5020-30
368.    TIELEMAN & SONS, Windmills, large, Dutch paper issue, some p/b, VG to EX, 43*15-25
369.    WILLS, premium size, Industries of Britain (11), British Empire (1), G to VG, 1215-25
370.    FEATHERED WORLD, Canary & Cage Bird Life, p/c backs, one pu (1910), VG to EX, 2015-25
371.    FEATHERED WORLD, Poultry (Aids to Amateurs), reward cards, mixed backs, VG to EX, 2015-25
372.    MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS, Manchester United & City, complete, Pink Final football issue, usual trim, G to EX, 3020-30
373.    BOVRIL, selection, inc. early advert card (2), playings cards (8) etc., FR to VG, 1112-18
374.    KELLOGGS, Traffic Signs, complete, in individual sealed original packets, MT, 1015-20
375.    WEET-BIX, Traditional Uniforms of the World, missing No. 4, inc. Boy Scout, VG, 1115-20
376.    FLEETWAY, Lovely Young Dancers of 1960, complete, large, with orange and mauve backgrounds, op, some creasing and uneven trim, FR to G, 12+15-25
377.    HILL, Music Hall Celebrities, complete, large, VG to EX, 3015-25
378.    TREBOR BASSETT, Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures, complete, VG to MT, 4830-50
379.    ORIENTAL, Chinese Scenes, complete (?), 42 x 57mm, red text only backs, numbered to fronts and backs, G, 3020-30
380.    SCHOOL FRIEND, large, complete (2), Famous Film Stars (slight curl), Popular Pictures, G to VG, 1220-30
381.    BOYS CINEMA, cinema selection, inc. complete (2), Famous Film Heroes, Film Stars (brown); Film Stars (black, 5), G to VG, 1920-30
382.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1967 Footballers, complete, Star Players, G to VG, 5540-60
383.    DANDY, Pin-Ups (p/c inset), complete, with Jokers (2), EX to MT, 5425-35
384.    GOLF, game, Kargo Golf, complete, with rules, original box (some scuffing to cover), otherwise EX30-50
385.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, foreign selection, inc. Caribbean Tob. Co. (6), Nicholas Daher (5), St. Vincent, Jordan Tob. & Cig. Co., hulls only, mixed sizes, G to VG, 1315-25
386.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, inc. Mitchell (4), McKinnell, Sobraine BOAC VC10, Morris, Cotton, Pattreiouex (13), mixed sizes, G to VG, 2515-25
387.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, inc. Gallaher (6), Carreras (6), Copes, Wills, Rothmans etc., hulls only, mixed sizes, creased (1), about G to VG, 1515-25
388.    C.W.S., Comic Scenes, complete, 1920's card game, with 13 designs (4 cards each), signs of wear, G, 5270-100
389.    WILLS, Musical Celebrities 1st, complete, scuff to edge (1), G (1) to EX, 5020-30
390.    PLAYERS, Allied Army Leaders, complete, G to EX, 5015-20
391.    WILLS, complete (3), Aviation, Cricketers 1928, Engineering Wonders, some corner knocks, FR to VG, 15015-25
392.    PLAYERS, Footballers, complete (3), 1928, 1928-9 & RIP, some corner knocks, FR to VG, 12515-25
393.    PLAYERS, complete (4), War Decorations & Medals, Military Head-Dress, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges, Aircraft of the RAF, FR to VG, 24015-25
394.    MIXED, complete (3), Lambert & Butler Interesting Musical Instruments, Phillips Red Indians, Mitchell Famous Crosses, G to EX, 7520-30
395.    MIXED, complete (9), inc. Ogdens, Motor Races 1931, Children of All Nations; Gallaher (3), Churchmans (3) etc., FR to VG, 390*20-30
396.    WILLS, complete (8), inc. Dogs, Famous Inventions, Cinema Stars 2nd, railway (2) etc., FR to VG, 37515-25
397.    PLAYERS, complete (7), inc. Cricketers 1930 & 1938, Gilbert & Sullivan 2nd, Ships' Figure-Heads, Products of the World etc., FR to VG, 32515-25
398.    PLAYERS, part sets with duplication, inc. Derby & Grand National Winners, Cycling, County Seats, Curious Beaks, VG to EX, 440*20-30
399.    PLAYERS, complete (15), inc. Dogs (full length), Characters from Dickens, Gems of British Scenery, Miniatures, Motor Cars 1st, Derby & Grand National Winners, Regimental Standards, Wonders of the World, War Decorations & Medals etc., VG to EX, 66540-50
400.    WILLS, complete (15), inc. British Butterflies, Engineering Wonders, Safety First, Ships Badges, floral etc., G to EX, 75040-50
401.    MIXED, complete (10), Players (5), & Wills, inc. Dogs' heads, Military Head-Dress, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Film Stars 2nd & 3rd; Cinema Stars 1st & 2nd, Military Motors etc., G to EX, 45040-50
402.    MIXED, complete (12), inc. Lambert & Butler Motor Cars 1st & 2nd; Players, Cricketers 1930, Tennis, ceremonial & Court Dress; Carreras School Emblems, Phillips Film Favourites, Wills etc., G to EX, 525*40-50
403.    *TESTONI, Photo Series (Beauties), Argentinian issue, slight curl, VG, 2015-25
404.    *FALCON CALVO, Estrellas de Cine (Cinema Stars), Argentinian issue, some creasing, good VR, 25*15-20
405.    A. & B.C. GUM, Railway Quiz, complete, 64 x 88mm, G to EX, 4810-15
406.    KANE, Film Stars, extra large (p/b), No. 1-69, VG to EX, 6925-35
407.    JIBCO, Miniature Playing Cards, lacking King of Spades, tight trim (as issued), EX, 5130-40
408.    RED LETTER, Fortune Cards (playing cards), complete deck, miniature, with four paper envelopes, G to VG, 52+20-30
409.    FAMILY STAR, Fortune Cards (playing cards), complete deck, miniature, EX, 5215-20
410.    THOMSON-LENG, Fortune Cards (playing cards), complete deck, miniature, EX, 5215-20
411.    BROOKE BOND, Out Into Space, missing No. 37, with duplicate for No. 28, S.A. issue, EX to MT, 49 + 170-90
412.    GALLAHER, Footballers, complete, red, VG to MT, 100120-180
413.    KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Cricketers, complete, with staple holes as issued, a few trimmed, EX, 5270-90
414.    MITCHELL, Humorous Drawings, complete, EX to MT, 5050-60
415.    CARRERAS, Radio & Television Favourites, complete, EX to MT, 50180-220
416.    COMET, Footballers and Club Colours, complete, C.S. Ltd., EX to MT, 5020-30
417.    BASSETT, Football, complete (3), 1983/4, 1988/9 & 1991/2 (Trebor), EX to MT, 14615-20
418.    CARRERAS, instructions, inc. Fortune Telling (6), The Nose Game (2), Greyhound Racing Game (4), also Drapkin Sporting Snap (creased), some small tears and damage to spines, Fr to G, 4 + 920-30
419.    CHINA NATIONAL METALS & MINERALS, embossed calendar cards, 1980, each showing beauties to front, EX, 410-20
420.    LIEBIG, complete (2), Female Fashions (S.825), On the Beach (S.913), VG, 1215-25
421.    WALLACE & SCOTT, The Civel War 1861-1865, complete, bookmarks, inc. Lincoln, MT, 2520-30
422.    WILLS, Playing Cards (Bi-Centennial issue), two complete packs (sealed), presentation box, MT30-40
423.    GALLAHER, complete (3), Aesop's Fables, Champion Animals & Birds, Dogs (block), VG to EX, 7515-25
424.    GALLAHER, large, complete (3), Dogs (block & script), Art Treasures, VG to EX, 7215-25
425.    GALLAHER, cinema, complete (5), G to VG, 24015-20
426.    GALLAHER, complete (5+1), inc. Butterflies and Moths, Army Badges, Wild Flowers (2), Wild Animals etc., G to EX, 28815-25
427.    GALLAHER, sport, complete (4+1), Champions 1st (with & without caption), Racing Scenes, Sporting Personalities (2), G to EX, 24020-30
428.    GALLAHER, complete (2), Fables & Their Morals (thick), The Reason Why, about G to VG, 20020-30
429.    GALLAHER, complete (2), Animals & Birds of Commercial Value, Plants of C.V., FR to VG, 20020-30
430.    HIGNETT, International Caps and Badges, complete, VG to EX, 2525-35
431.    CHURCHMANS, Sporting Trophies, complete, G to EX, 2520-30
432.    CHURCHMANS, Famous Cricket Colours, complete, G to VG, 2520-30
433.    LYONS, Soccer Stars, complete, with tokens, VG to EX, 4050-70
434.    GOODIES, World Cup, complete, EX, 2525-35
435.    MITCHELL, Scottish Football Snaps, complete, some slight a.c.m., VG to EX, 5030-50
436.    MITCHELL, Scottish Footballers, complete, VG to EX, 5030-50
437.    OGDENS, complete (3), Poultry Rearing & Management 1st & 2nd, Steeplechase Trainers and Owners Colours, G to VG, 10020-30
438.    PATTREIOUEX, large RP, part sets, Famous Statues (23), Animals and Scenes (16), slight duplication, G to VG, 3915-25
439.    PLAYERS, large, complete (3), Old Sporting Prints (extra large), Dogs (unissued), Zoo Babies, G to EX, 7520-30
440.    PLAYERS, complete (8), inc. Poultry, Wild Animals Heads, Dogs Heads, Products of the World, RAF Badges etc., G to EX, 37520-30
441.    PHILLIPS, Beauties of To-Day, extra large, inc. 1st (BDV, complete), (no BDV, missing No. 9)2nd (5), 3rd (21) & 4th (25), slight duplication, G to EX, 122*20-30
442.    CINEMA, p/c's, inc. Picturegoer (7), Film Weekly Filmshots luxury liner (4) etc., G to EX, 1412-18
443.    DOGS, postcards, mainly art style, comedy etc., some pu, good VR, 56*20-30
444.    ADVERTS, two original magazine adverts, Cadbury's Absolutely Pure, Beecham's The Rosebud of Health, each framed and glazed, G, 212-18
445.    SELECTION, inc. Whitbread book, Players Whiskey showcard, Pimms laminated showcard, Edgeworth tin etc., good VR, 740-50
446.    SELECTION, inc. comics. Bugs Bunny, The Magnet, The Gem, Chips; magazines, Pictorial Weekly; shipping menus etc., G to EX, 1730-40
447.    WALKERS CRISPS, Trivia Booklets, complete (2), 1986 & 1989, VG to EX, 1015-25
448.    ROYALTY, Our Queen Transfer Story Book, with 26 transfers in uncut sheets, pub. by Tower press for 1953 Coronation, VG15-25
449.    ALLEN & GINTER, World's Beauties, printed album, missing front cover, corner knocks, FR15-20
450.    THE MAGNET, Stereoscopic Pictures, two per page, inc. Football (1935 FA Cup Final), All Black Rugby, New York etc., with 3D glasses (front only), G to VG, 6+12-18
451.    BOY SCOUTS, booklet, The Road Ahead, pub. by The Boy Scout Association, 1945, G12-18
452.    THOMSON, ABC Charts of Football Colours 1-4, each with uncut sheet to reverse, slight knocks to edge, VG, 415-25
453.    ANGLO CONF., The Horse, complete, corner-mounted in presentation album (rare), VG, 66+25-35
454.    ROBINSON & SONS, a 9 x 12 shaped cardboard showcard for Blue Bell Rice, showing two girls h/s, heavy a.m.r., slight knocks to extremities, G15-25
455.    SHARP, Captain Scarlett, complete set of 20, in uncut sheets of five, VG to EX, 430-50
456.    PRINTS, selection, inc. Lady's Companion, Duke & Duchess of York; Players Showjumping (2+1); USA pages from printed albums (2), Fr to EX, 6 + 110-20
457.    THE SIMPSONS, selection, inc. uncut sheet of nine transparencies by Artbox; two uncut sheets of twelve characters with lenses, VG, 315-25
458.    TITANIC, collectors cards, inc. Collectors Set by Inkworks, in original chest and box; two unopened retail boxes by Dart, MT, 320-30
459.    ACCESSORIES, modern albums, in matching slipcases, standard size (12 x 7.5), tan, G to VG, 912-18
460.    *WILLS, Famous Golfers, complete set of 25, loose mounted to show both sides, framed and glazed, (cards) G to VG120-180
461.    *CARRERAS, Cricketers, complete set of 50, loose mounted, framed and glazed, (cards) VG to EX20-30
462.    *GALLAHER, Famous Cricketers, part set of 51, loose mounted to show both sides, framed and glazed, (cards) VG to EX20-30
463.    *PLAYERS, Cricketers 1930 & 1934, complete sets of 50, each loose mounted to show both sides, framed and glazed, (cards) G to EX, 215-25
464.    *SMITH, Derby Winners, complete set of 50, loose mounted to show both sides, framed and glazed, (cards) about G to VG120-180
465.    PLAYERS, Types of Horses, complete set of 25, large, loose mounted, framed and glazed to show both sides, EX20-30
466.    THOMSON, Star Teams of 1961, part set of four uncut sheets of four, three similar duplicates sheets, VG to EX, 4 + 315-25
467.    TYPHOO, premium, Famous Football Clubs (11), Geoff Hurst, slight corner knocks, VG to EX, 1250-80
468.    I.P.C., My Favourite Soccer Stars (blue), nine uncut sheets of eight, with IPC compliments slip, EX to MT, 9+15-25
469.    THOMSON, railway, uncut sheet of six for My Own Log-Book of Locomotives; lapel badge I am a Loco Spotter (The Wizard), VG to EX, 215-25
470.    NATIONAL POULTRY PAPER, Poultry, paper panels (200 x 125mm), VG, 615-20
471.    A. & B.C. GUM, Batman, complete set of 55, pink (no panel), laid down in official album (rare), pencil writing to cover, G15-25
472.    ROLLS ROYCE, Rolls Royce Cars 1st & 2nd, complete, large, EX to MT, 5030-40
473.    LEAF GUM, Famous Discoveries and Adventures, complete, extra large, VG to MT, 5020-30
474.    *WILLS, Golfing, complete, some a.c.m., G to VG, 2530-50
475.    TOP SELLERS,Famous Cars, complete, VG to EX, 28525-35
476.    CASTROL, part sets, Racing Cars (21), Famous Riders (12), large, VG to EX, 3320-30
477.    SUNLIGHT SOAP, Dominoes, complete, miniature, original box (stained), EX, 28+15-25
478.    NELSON LEE, Modern British Locomotives, medium RP, G to VG, 612-18
479.    FORD MOTOR CO., Major Farming, complete, medium 3D, VG to EX, 5080-120
480.    TRADE, large, part sets, Thomson Famous Ships (15, inc. Titanic), Gem Marvels of the Future (12), FR to VG, 2715-25
481.    TRADE, medium RP selection, mainly cinema, inc. Every Girls' Weekly (7), Penny Magazine (9), Schoolgirls Weekly (3), royalty etc., VG to EX, 2815-25
482.    COMO CONF., Top Secret 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 2515-25
483.    FARM TO DOOR SUPPLIES, Cathedrals of Great Britain, complete, EX to MT, 2525-35
484.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, medium silks, op (mainly printed backs), FR to VG, 4530-40
485.    TYPHOO, packet issues, inc. complete (4), inc. Wild Animals, Famous Buildings, Some Popular Breeds of Dogs, Types of Ships; part sets, Famous Football Clubs, Pets etc., mainly neat trim, G to VG, 115*20-30
486.    TYPHOO, Famous Football Clubs 2nd, A (10) & B (10), neat trim, G to VG, 2015-25
487.    ARDATH, Real Photographs, complete (3), Groups M, N & O, cinema, large, EX, 13530-40
488.    SANITARIUM, Famous Ships, missing No. 32, extra large, a few slight corner creases, G to VG, 3115-25
489.    CADBURY, Shipping Series, part sets, 84 x 39 (1 & 5), 134 x 59 (1-3 & 6), 165 x 82 (1-3), VG, 920-30
490.    PIXIE CONF., Circus-Bar Cards, 1950's Australian issue, VG to EX, 2515-25
491.    TYPHOO, British Empire at Work, complete, inc. rare No. 1VG to EX, 3015-20
492.    NABISCO, Favourite Dogs, missing Nos. 3, 12 & 31, Australian trade issue, G to VG, 2915-25
493.    GREGG, Aquatic Birds, complete, N.Z. trade issue, VG to EX, 4815-20
494.    OSBORNE, Modern Aircraft, complete (2), brown and blue backs, EX to MT, 10015-25
495.    NEW ZEALAND MEAT PRODUCERS BOARD, Scenes of New Zealand Lamb, large, scuff to image (1), FR to G, 1215-25
496.    CHIX, Footballers (portrait & action), complete (Nos. 25-48), large, VG to EX, 2415-25
497.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 2nd, small silks, op (printed backs), some staining, FR to G, 1715-20
498.    P. & A. CAMPBELL, White Funnel Fleet, complete, RP, cards of paddle steamers, mainly exteriors, unrecorded, in printed pocket album, some damage to album, cards VG, 12+50-70
499.    POSTCARDS, early 1960's teams, inc. Spurs Double team, also Thomson Top Teams (complete though irregular trim) etc., some tape marks and small tears to corners of p/c's, FR to G, 2225-35
500.    ARDATH, Photocards F (Southern football teams), complete, large RP, EX to MT, 110*40-60
501.    SINGLETON & COLE, Atlantic Liners, Nos. 33, 35 (FR), 39, 40, 42 & 43, FR to VG, 615-25
502.    SMITH, A Tour Round the World, Nos. 41, 45 & 48, script backs, VG, 315-25
503.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motors, Nos. 3, 8, 11, 13 & 17-19, G to VG, 725-35
504.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, medium silks, Blue Sage, Chicory & Mallow, op (printed backs), VG, 315-25
505.    LEWIS LTD., Real Photos of Wild Animals, large, Nos. 3, 6 & 16, VG, 315-20
506.    NUGGET, Allied Series, Nos. 24, 29 & 30, slight corner knocks, FR to G, 2
507.    ASHFORD & DAVIS, Evolution of the Union Jack, folder (130 x 96mm), slight foxing, G15-20
508.    BARRATT, Football Team Folders (Scottish), Motherwell, Glasgow Rangers, generally G, 220-30
509.    BARRATT, Football Team Folders (Division II), Fulham, Swansea Town, generally G, 215-20
510.    ALBERGE & BROMET, Boer War & General Interest, Pom-Pom in Action, green Bridle, slight a.c.m., G30-40
511.    B.C.C., South African War Scenes, 4th Glamorganshire, VG15-25
512.    B.C.C., South African War Scenes, Col. T Rabber & Staff, VG15-25
513.    GALLAHER, Views in North of Ireland, No. 8 Antrim Coast Road, VG12-18
514.    GALLAHER, Views in North of Ireland, No. 23 Glenariff, VG12-18
515.    WILLS, Cathedrals, complete, large, EX, 2525-35
516.    BOYS MAGAZINE, Football Series, complete, medium RP, VG to EX, 1015-25
517.    PALS, Football Series, complete, G to VG, 1215-25
518.    CHUMS, Football Teams, complete, medium RP, G to EX, 2020-30
519.    PLUCK, Famous Football Teams, complete, medium RP, G to EX, 2715-25
520.    FOOTBALL, medium RP, complete (4), Boys Realm Famous Footballers, Topical Times Teams (anon.), Boys Friend Footballers (pairs), Magnet Teams (1922), VG to EX, 2420-30
521.    TOPPS, Bazooka Joe wax inserts, mixed series, some creasing, G to EX, 124*15-25
522.    COMO CONF., Speed 1st, complete, EX to MT, 2512-18
523.    TADDY, Territorial Regiments, Nos. 5, 9, 18, 19 & 23-25, G to EX, 730-40
524.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, complete (2), Dance Band Leaders, Interesting Customs & Traditions, G to EX, 7520-30
525.    AMALGAMATED PRESS, selection, inc. complete (2), Thrilling Scenes from the Great War, The Great War (1928); 1929 (11), creased (1), about G to VG, 6720-30
526.    GALLAHER, British Champions of 1923, complete, some marks to backs, G to EX, 7530-50
527.    PLAYERS, sport, complete (3), Derby and Grand National Winners, Cycling, Tennis, VG to EX, 15015-25
528.    PLAYERS, military, complete (4), Regimental Colours (blue & brown), Regimental Standards and Cap Badges, Military Head-Dress, G to VG, 20015-25
529.    MIXED, part sets and odds, inc. Smiths Tour Round the World, Hignett Beauties (gravure), Kinney Novelties (circular), Copes Footballers; Donaldson Sports Favourites (15, mainly football), some creasing, FR to G, 2120-30
530.    OGDENS, Tabs selection, inc. Leading Generals, General Interest, Leading Artistes; Dogs, Horses, Beauties etc., slight duplication, some creasing and scuffing to black edges, good VR, 160*30-40
531.    MIXED, complete (4), Wills, Aviation, Roses, Romance of the Heavens; Players Napoleon, G to EX, 17535-45
532.    MIXED, complete (5), Wills, Military Motors, British Birds, British Butterflies; Players, Fresh-Water Fishes (pink), Aircraft of the RAF, G to EX, 25040-50
533.    SMITH, Famous Explorers, complete, mixed backs, creased (1), corner knocks, FR to G, 5080-120
534.    E.R.B., A Tour Round the World, some slight corner knocks, G to VG, 720-30
535.    WEETABIX, Ready Brek Snow White, complete, tilt cards, EX, 818-25
536.    A. & B.C. GUM, Civil War Bank Notes, complete, VG to EX, 1515-20
537.    SOCCER BUBBLE GUM, Soccer Teams 2nd, complete, G to VG, 4830-40
538.    PLAYERS, Old Sporting Prints, complete, extra large, some scuffing to edges, FR to G, 25
539.    ATLAS EDITIONS, Railway locomotives, metal plaques, 80 x 60mm, op (titled), with screw holes and original screws, EX to MT, 2120-30
540.    A. & B.C. GUM, Civil War News, inc. two used checklists (ink), duplication, some scuffing to edges, FR to G, 132*50-80
541.    ELDER DEMPSTER, Service by Sea, complete, medium, G to VG, 1215-20
542.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Find Your Way, complete, lacking Joker, red overprint, VG to EX, 5020-30
543.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Horsemanship, complete, EX, 5020-30
544.    CLEVEDON, Famous Football Clubs, complete, EX to MT, 50100-150
545.    OGDENS, Derby Entrants 1928, complete, VG to EX, 5030-50
546.    A. & B.C. GUM, The High Chaparral, complete, generally EX, 3620-30
547.    DE BEUKELAER, Gulliver's Travels, complete, medium paper issue, VG to EX, 12530-50
548.    BARRATT, Modern British Aircraft, complete, large, G to VG, 4025-35
549.    WILLS, large, complete (3), Dogs 1st, Old Furniture 2nd, Famous British Authors, G to EX, 9020-30
550.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1950's onwards, Internationals, inc. India (9+1), Azaruhddin, Ganguly, Engineer, Doshi, Sehwag, Youvraj Singh, V.S. Laxman, Shastri; Sri Lanka (3), Muralitharan, Jayasuriya, Atappattu; Pakistan (3), Aktar, Butt, Mustaq; Zimbabwe (2), Olonga etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 1815-25
551.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1960's onwards, South Africa, inc. Donald (2), Rice, Kirsten, Rhodes, Amla, G. & S. Pollock, Elsworthy etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 11 + 115-25
552.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1940's onwards, New Zealand, inc. Fleming, O'Brien, Adams, John Reid, Bracewell, Cairns, Vincent, Ian Smith & Richard Hadlee, one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 915-25
553.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, current England, inc. Pieterson (early full signature), Patel, Broad, Anderson, Wright, Onions, Cook, Keiswetter, Finn, Taylor, Lumb, Bell, Swann & Hales, one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 1415-25
554.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1950's onwards, Australia, inc. Bobby Simpson, R. & G. Marsh, I. Chappell, Inverarity, Katich (2), Warne, David Hussey, Benaud, Hogg, Jeff Thomson, Dean Jones, Lawson etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 17 + 130-50
555.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1950's onwards, West Indies, inc. Adams, Collymore, Shepherd, Bravo, Chanderpaul, Holding, Murray, Sobers, Simmons, Lloyd & Holder, one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 1115-25
556.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1940's onwards, Cambridge University (played at least one first class match), inc. Blofeld, Dexter, Bailey, Silk, Owen-Thomas, Wheatley, Haywood, Melluish, Pooniah, Palfreyman, Sinker, Jarrett, Hays etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 57*30-50
557.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1950's onwards, Players & Umpires, inc. Knight, Saxelby, Tim Lamb, Hayhoe-Flint, Abrahams, Bird, Shepherd, David Graveney, Colin Wells, Fosh etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 41*25-35
558.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1950's onwards, Nottinghamshire, inc. Cotton, Hill, Goonesena, Wells, John Cook (2 matches), Afzhal, Simpson, Ian Moore, Stephenson, Armitage, Paul Taylor, Grant (4 matches), Underwood, David Coote (1 match), Lindo (one match), Oakden, Chris Lewis etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 114*40-60
559.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1940's onwards, England (Test & ODI), inc. Rhodes, Marks, Boycott, Gooch, Such, Bailey, Atherton, Lamb, Gower, Giles, Reeve, Hick, Amiss, Willis, Mahmood, Close, Vaughan, Randall, Illingworth, , Ramprakash, Small, Agnew, Botham (2), Bolus, Hughes, Dilley, Chapple, Tony Grieg, Mike Brearley, Andrew Strauss etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 104*40-60
560.    MOTORCYCLE RACING, selection, inc. programme, 30th Sept 1933, at Brooklands, Mountain Championship Day; Speedway, promotional card for racing at Sheffield Speedway 30th March 1929, signed album page by E.H. Beckett and newspaper photo, VG, 430-50
561.    BOXING, signed RP p/c by Jim Driscoll, signed to reverse, first name only, G35-45
562.    TENNIS, RP p/c showing King George in tennis whites at Wimbledon, EX18-25
563.    CRICKET, signed album pages (2) & piece, by Hobbs (piece laid down), Tyldesley, Partridge, Howarth, Sheffield etc., nine signatures in total, G, 340-60
564.    TENNIS, signed white cards, inc. Maskell, McQuillan, Wood, Weisner, Olmedo, Wild etc., some annotated, VG to EX, 925-35
565.    TENNIS, a Victorian Christmas greetings card, showing two anthropomorphic chickens playing tennis, by Raphael Tuck, a.m.r., VG40-60
566.    BOXING, ticket from Bruno v Witherspoon, 1986, with counterfoil to left edge, EX20-30
567.    OLYMPICS, 1932 Los Angeles, programmes 2nd Aug (inc. 800m final), Yachting in Los Angeles harbour; two tickets from the opening & closing ceremony (one with tear to edge and damage to back), signs of previous binding to programmes, FR to VG, 470-100
568.    BOXING, selection, inc. programme, Barton v Martinez 1955 (with London & Charnley on undercard); posters, Stracey v Lewis, 20th Mar 1976, Andries v Collins; Anglo-Sporting Club invite for Cullen v Buchanan dinner, ticket for Lewis v McCall 1994, G to VG, 520-30
569.    OLYMPICS, brochures, 1960 Rome, Football Rules booklet, softback edition of The Equestrian Olympic Games by Talbot-Ponsonby; 1948 Olympiad by Oaten, G to VG, 320-30
570.    OLYMPICS, daily programmes from the 1968 Mexico Olympiad, inc. Hockey, Cycling (two different), Athletics, Gymnastics, Canoeing, Equestrian, VG to EX, 720-30
571.    HORSE RACING, signed covers, cards, photos etc., inc. Cauthen, Eddery, Fallon, Jonjo O'Neill (each with biographical details); Starkey, Swan etc., VG to EX, 1020-30
572.    CRICKET, signed letters by England cricketers, inc. Amiss, Insole, Illingworth, Mansell, Tyson, Langridge etc., some with biographical details, G to EX, 920-30
573.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed letters, covers etc., inc. Jimmy White, Frank Bough, Steffi Graf, Biliie Jean King, Bobby Morrow, Lyn Davies etc., some with biographical details, VG to EX, 715-25
574.    MOTOR RACING, signed letters, covers etc., inc. Al Pease, Tony Brooks, Derek Bell, Eric Thompson, Ron Dennis etc., some with biographical details, VG to EX, 615-25
575.    BOXING, selection, inc. photographs, a pair of Lennox SPX training trousers; videos (26), Fantastic Fights, a few Ali etc., G to MT, Qty.12-18
576.    OLYMPICS, selection, mainly 1980's, inc. 1984 Los Angeles, Wedgewood plate, British Amateur Gymnastics Assn plate; Papel (Sam The Eagle), oval McDonalds tray, mini-frisbee, flags, key-chains, coins, figures, picture frame; Lake Placid pottery plate, together with an 8mm b/w film showing Sonja Henie in action, G to EX, Qty.30-40
577.    OLYMPICS, 1980 selection, inc. daily newspapers, mainly English or bilingual (8); Sailing (at Tallin), brochure, printed cotton tea towel, brass vodka measuring cup, G to EX, 1130-40
578.    SELECTION, mixed sports, inc. athletics, Mary Peters signed (4), 1972 headscarf etc.; football & rugby photos (160), Olympic press photos (65), 1987 World Athletics Championships (75); Rugby, brochures, 1954 World Cup, Fartown 1921-1946; Wimbledon tennis programmes 1949, 1951 & 1962 etc., G to EX, Qty.40-60
579.    OLYMPICS, selection, inc. 1948, hardback edition of Equestrian Olympic Games by Schmidt & Jensen, football programme Korea v Sweden; postcard of British water polo team 1910, 1932 stadium; 1932 athletics ticket, 1924 stamp vignette etc., good VR, Qty.60-80
580.    OLYMPICS, photos, 8 x 12 and smaller, 1908 onwards, mixed sports, some reproduction images, VG to EX, 200*40-60
581.    CRICKET, a 5.75 x 8 photo signed by Ray Robinson, half-length alongside Hassett, annotated in pencil to reverse, 1961, G25-35
582.    CRICKET, signed and inscribed large page of graph paper by Brian Lara, EX20-30
583.    CRICKET, fully printed scorecards, mainly England, inc. v West Indies 1984 (4), Australia 2009 (1) etc., also M.C.C. v R.o.W. 1987, MT, 830-50
584.    CRICKET, selection of fully printed scorecards, Hick 1988 (405 n/o), Lara 1994 (501 n/o), Surrey 1983 (14 all out), MT, 330-40
585.    CRICKET, fully printed scorecards for all three Tests from England v India 1986, MT, 320-30
586.    CRICKET, fully printed scorecards for all six Tests from the 1985 Ashes Series, MT, 640-60
587.    BOXING, signed 8 x 10's, Leon Spink (Ali fight montage), Ken Norton, Laila Ali, EX, 330-50
588.    TENNIS, signed and inscribed 8 x 10 original press photo by Christine Truman, full-length in action in the 1958 Wightman Cup at Wimbledon, typed annotation to reverse, VG30-40
589.    TENNIS, signed and inscribed 8 x 10 original press photo by Kurt Neilsen, half-length with Tony Trabert after the 1955 Wimbledon Singles Final, typed annotation to reverse, VG30-40
590.    CRICKET, hardback editions, inc. by Arlott (18) & Cardus (26), some early, many with dj, slight duplication, FR to EX, 44*15-25
591.    CRICKET, selection, Middlesex & Surrey, inc. brochures, magazines, leaflets, fixture cards etc., G to VG, Qty.15-25
592.    HORSE RACING, softback editions of Copes Form Books, 1939/40, 1953 & 1955-1960, G to VG, 815-20
593.    GOLF, a 27 x 19" colour art style montage print celebrating European victory in the 1995 Ryder Cup, signed by the Captain Bernard Gallacher and artist, LE.372/795, overmounted, framed and glazed, 34 x 26, MT15-25
594.    ATHLETICS, signed photos by Ovett & Cram, together with an unsigned photo of Coe, framed and glazed together, G15-25
595.    BURNLEY, an attractive 23 x 17" watercolour painting showing Gary Parkinson scoring winning goal in the 1994 play-off final at Wembley, by Glynis Kidson, overmounted in cream, 31 x 25 overall, EX25-35
596.    BOXING, a 13.25 x 18.5 Victorian colour print of an original etching of Thos. Spring - Champion of England, full-length in boxing pose, by S.W. Fores, originally published January 1829, framed and glazed, 14.75 x 20 overall, VG15-25
597.    CRICKET, original artwork for one card from County Print Services Cavalcade of Cricket, S.M. Gavaskar, by J.K. Hawkins (1992), 12 x 15.5, overmounted in cream, framed and glazed, EX30-40
598.    CRICKET, original artwork for one card from County Print Services Test Cricketers 1st, A.A. Mailey, by J.K. Hawkins (1991), 12 x 15.5, overmounted in cream, framed and glazed, EX30-40
599.    AMERICAN FOOTBALL, a pair of 4.75" glass beakers, The Columbus Dispatch 1950 All-High Football Banquet showing quarterback, unusual, VG to EX, 215-25
600.    HORSE RACING, enamelled metal racecourse badges, mainly 1990's, inc. Cheltenham, Bath, Catterick, Warwick, Nottingham, Hamilton etc., EX to MT, 1050-70
601.    ATHLETICS, an original running jersey, as worn by McDonald Bailey at the 1950 Canterbury Centennial Games, together with a signed card by him, dated 1957, VG, 260-70
602.    BASEBALL, a signed baseball by Gary Nolan, in plastic case and mounted with 1971 Topps card (Cincinnati Reds) on wooden plinth, VG60-80
603.    TIN, a 3.5" hexagonal metal tin, panels showing various sports, inc. rugby, cricket, tennis, shooting etc., by Taylor Bros. of London, G50-80
604.    TIN, a 3" octagonal metal tin, panels showing cricket, archery & fishing, by Macfarlane Lang & Co., slight scuffing to edges, G25-35
605.    GOLF, an 8.5" cylindrical metal tin, panels showing two embossed golfers, by Robertson Bros. of Toronto, lacking golf clubs to lid, some paint loss, G80-120
606.    CRICKET, an 8.75" glass bottle with embossed bat and stumps, for Rhyl Aerated Mineral Water, with original ball in neck, G30-50
607.    CRICKET, a 6.5" brown glass bottle with embossed cricketer, for Alex Mather Ginger Beer, EX30-40
608.    CRICKET, a cut-throat razor, the blade etched with a cricketer batting, Clean Shave, by Alfred Williams of Sheffield, in leather case, G40-60
609.    ATHLETICS, a 52mm bronze medallion, for London Athletics Club, unused, in fitted case, by Hancocks & Sons, VG25-35
610.    OLYMPICS, selection, inc. enamelled metal shield-shaped lapel badge for the 1976 Montreal Olympiad, ceramic plate from the 1984 Los Angles Olympiad, Amateur Boxing Association of England, EX, 240-60
611.    CRICKET, a 13.5 x 10 (to mount), official team photo of the M.C.C. team in Pakistan 1961/2, with names printed to lower border, photo by M. Bhatt, crease to one corner, framed and glazed, VG60-80
612.    CRICKET, a 12.5 x 11.5 official team photo for the M.C.C. Australasian tour 1962/3, with names printed to lower mount, photo by Webb & Webb of Perth, framed and glazed, slight stain to edge, G80-120
613.    CRICKET, selection, inc. signed miniature bat by twelve England 1978 (Boycott, Gooch, Gower, Botham etc.); fourteen 1978 New Zealand; facsimile signed bats by England 1953-1954/5; balls & bails etc., good VR, 1030-50
614.    CRICKET, selection, Lancashire membership booklets, 1986-2007 (21); album of 32 snapshot photos of County Grounds, VG to EX, 53*25-35
615.    CRICKET, selection, 1940's onwards, inc. two bound volumes of The Cricketer, 1949-1951; Cricket Annual 1949; Tour brochures, India 1967 & 1971; press photos, signed dinner menus etc., FR to VG, 1630-50
616.    CRICKET, selection, inc. hardback editions (3), Over to Me by Laker (dj), Cricket Ties by Lewis, Old English Cricket by H. P.-T. (Willows reprint); booklet, Stumped for a Tale, G to EX, 420-30
617.    CRICKET, hardback editions, Lancashire by Pogson (1952 first edition), Old Trafford by Marshall, Lancashire Cricket at the Top by Addison & Bearshaw (1971 first edition), dj, VG tio EX, 310-15
618.    CRICKET, selection, inc. postcards (17), black & white, c1910, players and teams; 1953 Coronation autograph album with various signatures, inc. Fairfax (Australia), Hulme (Middlesex) etc., G to VG, 1830-50
619.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1947, limp cloth, stain to cover, small tear to spine, age staining, FR15-25
620.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1948, hardback, cover slightly loose, age staining and fading to spine, P15-25
621.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1949, limp cloth, ownership name to front cover, about G15-25
622.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1950, limp cloth, age staining, creasing and fraying to cover, FR15-25
623.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1951, limp cloth, age staining, fraying and stain to cover, damage to bottom of spine affecting a few pages, FR15-25
624.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1952, limp cloth, age staining, spine loose, fraying and creasing to cover, FR15-25
625.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1953, limp cloth, age staining, creasing, fading and fraying to covers, P15-25
626.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1954, limp cloth, age staining, creasing to spine, fraying to cover, about G15-25
627.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1955, limp cloth, age staining, spine slightly loose, tear to page 105, slight fraying to cover, about G15-25
628.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanack, 1956, limp cloth, spine loose, age staining, fraying to cover, P15-25
629.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, 1957, 1958, limp cloth, age staining, some creasing, about G, 220-30
630.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, 1959, 1960 (stain to cover), limp cloth, some age staining, G, 220-30
631.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, 1961 (hardback, beige boards), 1962 (limp cloth), age staining, G, 220-30
632.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, limp cloth, 1963 (spine creased), 1964 & 1965 (both with stain to covers), age staining, about G 325-35
633.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, 1966 & 1967, hardback, slight age staining and fading to cover, G, 220-30
634.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, hardback, 1968 (fading to spine) & 1969, slight age staining, G, 220-30
635.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, hardback, 1970, 1971 (slight fading to spine and staining to cover), some age staining, G, 215-25
636.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, limp cloth, 1972, 1973 (pen mark to front cover), 1974, some stains to covers and age staining, P to G, 315-25
637.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, 1975, 1976 (both limp cloth), stains to covers; 1977, hardback (dj with many tears), some age staining, P to about G, 315-25
638.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, 1978, hardback (dj with tears); limp cloth, 1979 (ownership name to inside front cover), 1980 (name sticker to inside front page), 1981, latter two with fading to spine, P to about VG, 415-25
639.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, hardback, 1982, 1984 & 1986 (all with dj, earlier two with tears); limp cloth, 1983 (stain to cover) & 1985, spines faded and slight age staining, P to VG, 515-25
640.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, 1987 - 1991, all hardback with dj, G to EX, 520-30
641.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, 1992 (limp cloth) - 1997, 1996 & 1997 with name sticker to inside front cover, hardback with dj (5), VG to EX, 615-25
642.    WISDEN JOHN, Cricketers' Almanacks, 1998 - 2004 (all hardback with dj), fading to spine for 2001; 2005 (limp cloth, fading to spine), G to EX, 820-30
643.    CRICKET, signed selection by Alec & Eric Bedser, hardback edition of Our Cricket Story, dj (small tears to edges), 6 x 4 magazine photo, G to VG, 230-50
644.    CRICKET, hardback edition of Ossies And Ashes by Bill Bowes, with signed card (3 x 1.75) laid down to title page, with inscription to flyleaf that the book was won at a dinner and presented by Constantine, dj, G25-35
645.    CRICKET, hardback edition of Don Bradman's Book, with signed card (3 x 1) laid down to title page, dj (some tears), G50-70
646.    CRICKET, hardback edition of Farewell To Cricket by Don Bradman, with signed card (3 x 1) laid down to title page, dj, VG50-70
647.    CRICKET, hardback editions of Cricket And The Clock by Swanton (piece missing from dj), The Echoing Green by Arlott, each with signed piece laid down to title page, dj, G to VG, 230-40
648.    CRICKET, hardback editions of Cricket On Trial by Arlott, West Indian Adventure by Swanton, each with signed piece laid down to title page, dj, G to VG, 230-50
649.    CRICKET, hardback editions of West Indies Revisited by Swanton, From Hambledon to Lord's by Arlott, each with signed piece laid down to title page, dj, G to VG, 230-50
650.    CRICKET, hardback editions, inc. biographies, Barrington, Nawab of Pataudi, Bailey, Insole; The Ashes by Illingworth & Gregory etc., dj (5), G to EX, 625-35
651.    CRICKET, selection, inc. Yorkshire season tickets (12), 1978 & 1980-1998; ties (12), mainly benefits (good Notts); handbooks, 1947 Notts booklet, hardback editions (2) etc., G to MT, Qty.20-30
652.    SELECTION, mixed sports, inc. horse racing, programmes, entry badges; cricket, scorecards, testimonials; football, programmes, books, videos, G to EX, Qty.15-25
653.    CRICKET, selection, inc. magazines, booklets; scorecards, Australia v South Africa 2009 (with ticket), England, Lancashire etc., G to EX, Qty.20-30
654.    OLYMPICS, selection, 1965-1980, inc. stamps, badges, books etc., G to EX, 1130-40
655.    FISHING, mainly hardback editions, authors inc. Bucknall, Goddard, Collyer, Clarke, Veniard, Mr. Crabtree (4) etc., G to VG, 1315-25
656.    JOURNALISM, selection of media packs as given to journalists at various tournaments, inc. rucksacks or laptop cases, media packs, notebooks etc., inc. World Cups, 1998 & 2006; Euro 2004, 2007 FA Cup, 2003 Rugby World Cup (2) etc., from the collection of journalist Brian Woolnough, VG to MT, 7+30-40
657.    BOXING, signed and inscribed p/c by Jack Dempsey, restaurant issue signed to reverse, annotated by collector (just touching signature), G25-35
658.    BOXING, signed white card by Max Schmeling, with boxing glove motif, annotated to edges b collector, signed in black felt tip, G20-30
659.    BOXING, signed and inscribed card by Jack Sharkey, annotated to edge by collector, VG25-35
660.    BOXING, signed diamond-shaped piece by Max Baer, 17th July 1934, annotated by collector to edges, laid down to black card, G25-35
661.    BOXING, signed clipped piece by Ezzard Charles, laid down to white card (annotated by collector), VG20-30
662.    BOXING, signed annotated piece by Sonny Liston (first name only), annotated to bottom edge by collector, VG30-50
663.    BOXING, signed white card by Buddy Baer, annotated to corner by collector, EX25-35
664.    BOXING, signed white card by Sugar Ray Robinson with a small attached photo to corner, hurried signature, with reproduction ticket stub, VG30-40
665.    CRICKET, hardback editions of M.C.C. members Booklets, 1913 & 1936, G to VG, 220-30
666.    MOTOR RACING, programme for the 1950 International Sports Car Grand Prix of Watkins Glen, with insert list of entrants, G, 220-30
667.    SELECTION, mixed sports, inc. Motor Racing tickets, 1930's German photos (Hockey, Tennis & American Football, signed Boxing Olympians (inc. Terry Spinks), Athletics, Swimming etc., G to VG, Qty.30-40
668.    CRICKET, selection, inc. press photos, signed menu (Graveney, Miller etc.), brochures etc., G to EX, 1330-40
669.    CRICKET, selection, inc. books, Cricket by Lyttleton, Long Run by Gover; brochures, England v Australia, 1948 (by Dau & Mason), 1877 Onwards by Rivers (1949); Corfu and Cricket etc., G to EX, 1030-40
670.    SELECTION, mixed sports, inc. Football, Rugby, Horse Racing, Tennis, Golf; programmes, magazine, fruit label etc., G to EX, 12*40-50
671.    OLYMPICS, selection, pre-1965, inc. softback editions of Reports, magazines, tourist and other brochures etc., G to EX, 1040-50
672.    BOXING, signed photos, inc. Basilio 8 x 10, Graham, Collins, Magri etc., G to VG, 215-25
673.    TENNIS, signed photos (8 x 12 and smaller), inc. Henman, Martin, Hingis, Kournikova, Graf etc., VG to EX, 720-30
674.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed sports, inc. mainly photos (many 8 x 10), covers; Bernie Ecclestone (motor racing), Kournikova, Wade (tennis), McPherson (volleyball), Meissner (ice skating) etc., slight duplication, VG to EX, 1425-40
675.    HORSE RACING, selection of 8 x 10 press photos of flat racing jockeys, colour (15) & b/w, annotated to reverse, EX, 3730-50
676.    OLYMPICS, selection of private snapshot photos (3.25 x 2.5) from Wembley Stadium during the 1948 London Olympiad, showing Athletics and Opening Ceremony, EX, 1640-50
677.    CRICKET, fully printed scorecard for England v Australia 1981, Botham match at Headingley, MT40-60
678.    CRICKET, signed 12 x 8 photo by Gooch, Botham, Wood & Emburey, from the Centenary Test, photo by Patrick Eagar, EX30-50
679.    CRICKET, tickets, inc. England v West Indies 1980 (5), South African India, Pakistan; representative matches etc., G to EX, 1130-50
680.    BOXING, signed cards etc., inc. Ayala, Shagrin, Ward, Clancy, Camacho, McQuirt, Bowe, Moorer, Thomas, Witherspoon, McCall etc., each neatly annotated to edge, VG to EX, 2420-30
681.    BOXING, signed commemorative covers, official Hall of Fame Induction covers, inc. Don Dunphy, Eddie Futch, Mike Spinks, Wilfred Benitez, Miguel Canto & Lou Duva, each with relevant postal cachet, VG to EX, 625-35
682.    BOXING, signed white cards etc., inc. Harry Kidd Matthews, Johnny Saxton, Cleveland Williams, Hector Camecho, Coby Wallace, Stewart Hilton, Lou Nova, Al Singer etc., VG to EX, 1020-30
683.    BOXING, signed lined cards, inc. Terry Norris, Carlos Ortiz, Lou Duva, Ernie Shavers, Ken Buchanan, Don Fullmer, Livingstone Bramble, Juan Laporte, Billy Backup, Carlos Palamino, Gene Fullmer, George Chavulo, VG to EX, 1420-30
684.    MUHAMMAD ALI, signed 8 x 10 laser copy of a photo of a friend of Ali (Tim Shanahan) in front of Warhol print of Ali, signed by Ali in 2007, with photocopies of photos of the signing, very small signature, EX70-90
685.    OLYMPICS, two Royal Copenhagen pottery plates from the 1972 Munich Olympiad, one showing flame, both with Munich views, EX, 215-25
686.    PRESS PHOTOS, selection, 1970's onwards, 6.5 x 9 and larger, some colour, inc. Golf (20) & Horse Racing, inc. Woods, Faldo, Torrence, Woosnam, Daly etc., most with typed annotation to reverse, G to EX, 45*20-30
687.    CRICKET, Subutteo Table Cricket, near complete set, lacking box, inc. field of play, sight screens (2), scoreboard, players, umpires, rules booklet, score sheets etc., G to EX, Qty.50-80
688.    *CRICKET, a silk copy of a scorecard from the 1934 Lords' Ashes Test, overmounted with a set of 50 Players Cricketers 1934 cigarette cards (taped in place to reverse), framed and glazed, VG15-25
689.    CRICKET, membership booklet, Smethwick C.C. (Nottingham), 1893, most results in ink, VG12-18
690.    CRICKET, postcards, inc. RP (3), Surrey (inc. Hobbs), a'Beckett, Laver; Fender, Middlesex (creased), FR to VG, 525-35
691.    CRICKET, signed covers, Gooch, Trueman & John Wright, VG to EX, 320-30
692.    CRICKET, signed covers for 1986 Scarborough Festival, one by Boycott, Hutton & one other; the other by Richie Richards, Ezra Moseley and two others, VG to EX, 225-35
693.    CRICKET, signed album page (6 x 7.25), South of England, inc. Compton, Allen, Cornford, Goddard etc., 10 signatures in total, with list of names laid down to edge of page, G30-50
694.    CRICKET, signed album page (6 x 7.25), Nottinghamshire 1947, inc. Voce, Hardstaff, Simpson, Winrow, Stocks, Harris etc., 12 signatures in total, with list of names laid down to edge of page, G30-50
695.    CRICKET, signed album page (6 x 7.25), Yorkshire, inc. Hutton, Smithson, Mann, Coxon, Wardle, Sellars etc., 15 signatures in total, with partial list of names laid down to edge of page, G30-50
696.    CRICKET, press photos, Bradman batting in 1948 Trent Bridge Ashes Test; W.G. Grace with Prince of Wales (later pull of 1919 image), each with typed annotation to reverse, slight trim to one edge of Grace issue, G to VG, 230-50
697.    CRICKET, Derbyshire C.C.C. Annual Dinner menu booklets, inc. 1953-1964, 1966 onwards, slight duplication, G to EX, 2015-20
698.    CRICKET, Leicestershire C.C.C. Annual Reports, 1949, 1950, 1955-1959, G to VG, 712-18
699.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed photos, 1960's, inc. newspapers, pages from annuals etc., inc. partial teams, Crystal Palace, Oxford, Brighton; Springett, Fantham, Gabriel, Holuns, Morgan etc., some multiple signed, good VR, Qty.15-25
700.    ASTON VILLA, softback edition of The Story of Aston Villa by Norman Edwards, history of the club in cartoons, pub. by Evening Despatch 1952, with later inscription to inside front cover, G25-35
701.    ASTON VILLA, home programmes, inc. v Charlton 1955/6; 1959/60 (7), Leeds, P.N.E., Lincoln, Derby; 1960/1 (9), Tottenham, Newcastle, Birmingham, Fulham Peterborough FAC (replay) etc., about G to VG, 1720-30
702.    ASTON VILLA, home programmes, 1962/3, inc. v Tottenham, Blackpool, Arsenal, Ipswich, Stoke LC, P.N.E., Norwich LC, Bristol City FAC (original and 3rd replay), Liverpool etc., G to VG, 2025-35
703.    ASTON VILLA, home programmes, 1963/4, inc. v Stoke, Tottenham, Chelsea, Barnsley (2nd replay) & West Ham (both LC single sheet), Arsenal, Bolton, Birmingham XI v London XI (Crowe Testimonial), Manchester United (creases to cover), Aldershot FAC, Fulham etc., FR to VG, 1825-35
704.    ASTON VILLA, home programmes, inc. 1964/5 (6), 1968/9 (7), 1969/70 (24), 1970/1 (26), G to VG, 64*30-50
705.    ASTON VILLA, home programmes, complete set for 1983/4 season, inc. League, Cup, European etc., EX to MT, 2710-15
706.    MANCHESTER UNITED, an original five-panel newspaper cartoon, showing Meredith in action for Manchester United, probably v Newcastle, c.1910, in period frame, VG25-35
707.    NEWCASTLE UNITED, signed 16 x 12 photos, Macfaul, Robson, Moncur, McDonald & Moncur, EX, 420-30
708.    MANCHESTER UNITED, signed 16 x 12 photos, Greenhoff & Stepney, Docherty, Dawson (2), Fitzpatrick & Crerand, colour (2), EX, 635-45
709.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed 12 x 16 colour photos, inc. Sheedy (Eire), Macarthy (Backburn), PNE (9 signatures), Elano (Brazil) etc., b/w (1), EX, 725-35
710.    SOUTH AFRICA, programmes, inc. 1956 Dynamo Prague tour of South Africa (2+1), two copies v S.A. Invitational XI (one signed to field of play by 13 players and officials), v Southern Transvaal (stain to cover); also Stanley Matthews Tribute Dinner menu, Johannesburg, signed by Bill Perry, Jackie Mudie and Eddie Low, G to EX, 420-30
711.    SELECTION, VIP issues, inc. programmes, tickets, dinner menus, car park passes, itinerary booklets; 1999 & 2008 LC Final, 1993 Playoff Final (Leicester v Swindon) etc., some signed, VG to EX, Qty25-30
712.    PROGRAMMES, tournament issues, inc. 2010 World Cup, Group Stages, Knock-out Round & Final; 2012 Olympics football programme, with teamsheet for GB v Senegal, VG to EX, 4+25-30
713.    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, signed home programme, 11th April 2009, signed to back cover by Keane, Dawson, Cudicini, Bale, King, Huddlestone, Modric, Corluka, Lennon etc., 12 signatures in total (some hurried), EX20-30
714.    AUTOGRAPHS, programme, ticket and itinerary sheet for Liverpool legends v Manchester United Legends, 3rd August 2008, programme signed by Brazil, Davenport, Martin, Blackmore, Stapleton, Neal, Gayle, Molby etc., 13 signatures in total, EX, 320-30
715.    EUROPEAN CUP, programme and ticket for 1963 EC Final, Benfica v A.C. Milan, VG to EX, 230-40
716.    TICKETS, selection, inc. FAC Finals, 1981-1991 (7), replays for 1981 & 1982; Semi-Finals etc., some car park passes, G to EX, 23*30-40
717.    ARSENAL, 1907/8 team photo, 5.5 x 3.25, names printed to lower border, corner knocks, G40-50
718.    PAUL GASCOIGNE, signed colour 11.5 x 8 reproduction photo, showing his goal in the 1991 FAC Semi-Final, full signature, EX30-40
719.    ASTON VILLA, selection, inc. 1954/5 season ticket booklet (only a few removed); brochure for 1957 Cup Final, pub. by Evening Despatch; printed team sheets, 1946/7 & 1950/1-1952/3, G to EX, 620-30
720.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1979 European Cup Final team, inc. Shilton, Anderson, Clark, Burns, Lloyd, McGovern, Bowyer, Woodcock, Francis, Birtles & Robertson etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 1115-25
721.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1950's onwards, inc. McKinlay, Gray, Grummitt, Barnwell, Dawson, Jenas, Colleymore, O'Neill, Bart-Williams, Laws, Pearce, N. Clough, Gemmell, Chapman, Walker, Sutton, Todd, Hodge, Newton etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 3325-35
722.    ENGLAND, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1966 W.C. winners, inc. Banks (2), B & J Charlton, Peters & Hurst one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 5 + 130-40
723.    MANCHESTER UNITED, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1950's onwards, inc. Alex Ferguson, Young, Robson, Webb, Sidebottom, Storey-Moore, Jordan, Hughes, Schmeichel, Crerand, Cantwell, Whitefoot, Ince, Macari etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 2430-40
724.    MANAGERS, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, inc. Rioch, Wenger, G. Taylor, Bobby Robson, Keith Alexander, Yorath, Peter Taylor, Speed, Wilkinson, Sirrell, Bruce, Erikson, Kinnear, Fry, Graham, Boights, Moyes, Martinez etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 6530-40
725.    INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALLERS, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1940's onwards, Internationals, inc. Lawrenson, Friedel, Terry, Owen, Savage, Masson, Southgate, Summerbee, Lineker, Lloyd, Platt, Coppell, Royle, McDonald, Clive Allen, Corrigan, Jackie Sewell, Armfield, Regis, Dorigo, Mabbutt, Clemence etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 8330-50
726.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, 1950's onwards, inc. Wylie, Lund, Randall, Kamara, Cherry, Baines, Beck, Yates, Roeder, Upton, McVay, Gabbiadini, Claridge, Duncan, Dooley, Bonds, Crooks, Whelan etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 4215-25
727.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed album pages (3 x 4.5), 1948/9, Sunderland (5 signatures), Chesterfield (9), VG, 225-35
728.    ENGLAND, tickets for the Royal Box at Wembley, v Turkey 1987, Japan, Colombia & Portugal (all 1995), EX, 430-50
729.    BRISTOL CITY, p/c, Cup Team (c.1905), with names printed to lower white border, by Scott & Co. Manchester, VG30-50
730.    SELECTION, inc. Tom Finney signed Mitchum trade card (scuff to back); set of four 1966 World Cup stamps (in original presentation folder), G to VG, 225-30
731.    SELECTION, inc. postcards, photos etc., inc. players, teams, cricket team etc., from the Charlie Jones collection, good VR, 730-40
732.    PROGRAMMES, home issues, Aldershot, 1991/2 last season (very small print run, 10), Wimbledon, 1977/8 first season (17), VG to MT, 2715-25
733.    FULHAM, share certificate for two shares, 1906, signed by Harry Bradshaw, W.G. Allen and one other, VG20-30
734.    NOTTS COUNTY, home (28) and away programmes, 1961/2 centenary season, G to VG, 48*20-30
735.    LINCOLN CITY, home (26) and away programmes, 1987/8, only previous non-league season, G to EX, 48*20-30
736.    CAMBRIDGE UNITED, home (22) and away programmes, 1970/1 first season in league, inc. v Lincoln (first match); at Southport, Grimsby etc., G to VG, 44*30-40
737.    STOKE CITY, home programme, 13th March 1943, v Chester, single sheet issue for League Cup (North) 1st Round, rare, EX50-80
738.    BRENTFORD, home programme, 16th Oct 1937, v Charlton, EX40-60
739.    PROGRAMMES, mainly 1940's, Manchester City, v Barnsley, Birmingham City (both 1946/7)Wolves, v Blackburn 1947/8, v Arsenal 1950/1, G, 440-60
740.    SHEFFIELD UNITED, home programme, 7th Dec 1918, v Bradford City, rare programme for the season before the League resumed after WWI, Northern Alliance (Midlands Division), signs of previous binding, VG100-120
741.    FULHAM, home programme, 11th Dec 1937, v Coventry, slight stain to staples, G60-80
742.    DERBY COUNTY, home programmes, 1947/8, v Huddersfield, P.N.E., Sheffield United, Chelsea, Q.P.R. (FAC 6th Round Replay), G to VG, 570-100
743.    DERBY COUNTY, home programmes, 1948/9, v Arsenal, Charlton, Portsmouth, Blackpool, P.N.E. & Bolton (small piece missing from spine), G to VG, 670-100
744.    DERBY COUNTY, home programmes, 1948/9, v Huddersfield, Birmingham, Sheffield United, Manchester City (tape repair to spine), Arsenal, Southport (both FAC), Chelsea, G to VG, 770-100
745.    STOCKPORT COUNTY, home programmes, v Chester, Carlisle (both 1950/1), Tranmere 1952/3, Bradford City 1954/5, G to VG, 425-40
746.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed large white pages, 1991-1995, inc. Barnsley (24 signatures), Birmingham (14), Bolton (12), Coventry (15), Derby (18), Everton (20), Wolves (25), Sunderland (18), Barnsley (16), Ipswich (22), Charlton (24), Dundee United (18), Aberdeen (29) etc., 430* signatures in total, VG to EX, 2440-60
747.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed large white pages, 1991-1995, inc. St. Johnstone (22 signatures), Hibs (21), Aberdeen (24), Dundee United (13), Hearts (20), Kilmarnock (23), Charlton (32), Ipswich (19),Oxford (19), Plymouth (21), Watford (14) etc., 300* signatures in total, VG to EX, 1530-50
748.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed selection, 1980's onwards, inc. letters on club headed notepaper, George Graham (Arsenal), David Webb (Brentford), Glenn Hoddle (Swindon), Lou Macari (Celtic); signed large white pages, Norwich (13), Huddersfield (14), Bristol City (17), Birmingham (28); Aston Villa team pages, 1993/4 (16 signatures), 1994/5 (18), 1998/9 (31); 1993/4 Yearbook signed by 14 players, etc., G to EX, 2950-80
749.    STANLEY ROUS, signed selection, 1966 WC commemorative cover (with relevant stamps and postal cachet); 4 x 6 portrait photo, G to VG, 230-50
750.    ENGLAND, three signed sheets of hotel headed paper, inc. Bailey, Smith, Hodge, Wallace, Cottee, Carr, Hateley etc., 46 signatures in total (many duplicated), from the John Crane collection, VG40-60
751.    ENGLAND, two signed sheets of hotel headed paper, mid-1980's, inc. Hodge, Butterfield, Cottee, Wilkinson, Sexton etc., 36 signatures in total (many duplicated), from the John Crane collection, VG, 235-45
752.    ENGLAND, two signed sheets of hotel headed paper, mid-1980's, inc. Bailey, Carr, Cottee, Wilkinson, Sexton etc., 32 signatures in total (slight duplication), from the John Crane collection, VG, 235-45
753.    ENGLAND, two signed sheets of hotel headed paper, mid-1980's, inc. Wallace, Glover, Stevens, Clough, Wilkinson, Allen, Cottee etc., 38 signatures in total (many duplicated), from the John Crane collection, stained (1), G to VG, 235-45
754.    ENGLAND, two signed sheets of hotel headed paper, mid-1980's, inc. Venison, Cottee, Walters, Sexton, Hicks etc., 34 signatures in total (many duplicated), from the John Crane collection, VG, 235-45
755.    ENGLAND, two signed pieces hotel headed stationery, inc. Gray, Butterworth, Handyman, Simpson, Clough etc., 30 signatures in total (some duplicated), from the John Crane collection, stained (1), G to VG, 230-50
756.    ENGLAND, two signed pieces hotel headed stationery, inc. Cottee, Butterworth, Bailey, Robson, Coppell, Howe, Samson etc., 30 signatures in total (many duplicated), from the John Crane collection, VG, 230-50
757.    ARSENAL, an unusual statement of accounts from Botafogo of Rio de Janeiro to Arsenal F.C., 13th June 1949, possibly relating to proposed tour (mentions use of equipment), three pages, each signed by Julio Fernandes, two also signed by Irinou Chaves, from the Tom Whitaker collection, G, 320-30
758.    ENGLAND, an original 10 x 8 team photo, pre-match photo of a Wartime team in front of a large crowd, inc. Matthews, Drake, Hardwick, Swift etc., some surface creasing, G40-60
759.    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, home and away programmes, 1959/60 FAC matches v Crewe Alexander, Spurs won the home replay by a record score of 13-2, VG, 235-45
760.    PRINT, an illustrated page from an Edwardian photo album, printed with a sketch of an 18th century football match, Football Played in The Strand, with an additional smaller tennis sketch, with period photo of two boys as footballers, G30-50
761.    BOOKS, hardback editions, inc. Manchester United In Europe by McDonald, The Day A Team Died by Taylor, World Cup 66, The Wolves by Young etc., dj (4), some ex-library, FR to VG, 725-35
762.    IPSWICH, selection, inc. home & away programmes, good FAC & UEFA Cup campaigns; Annuals 1976, 1977 & 1978; Images of Sport by Tempus (2000), Football Book No. 1 (1974), press photos from match v Forest, 1980/81, showing action, Clough & Taylor; 1978 team photo for FAC winners; enamelled metal FAC lapel badges G to EX, 65*30-50
763.    IPSWICH TOWN, home and away programmes, 1975/6 (compete), v Royal Antwerp (friendly), FAC, UEFA, Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Final; 1979/80 (10H/11A), complete from 1st Jan to 3rd May; 1980/1 (62 of 66), inc. UEFA Cup Final, missing four European away (Salonika, Lodz, St Etienne, Cologne), loose mounted in club binders and loose, VG to EX, 11025-30
764.    IPSWICH TOWN, home and away programmes, complete (3), 1981/2; 1982/3 (48 of 49, missing Roma away); 1983/4 (48), 1984/5 (56), loose mounted in club binders, VG to EX, 20725-30
765.    IPSWICH TOWN, home and away programmes, complete (4), 1985/6 (54), 1986/7 (52), 1987/8 (53), 1988/9 (53), loose mounted in club binders, VG to EX, 21225-30
766.    IPSWICH TOWN, home and away programmes, complete (3), 1989/90 (52), 1990/1 (52), 1991/2 (55 of 56, missing at Bristol Rovers), 1992/3, loose mounted in club binders, VG to EX, 21225-30
767.    IPSWICH TOWN, home programmes,1993/4 (51, cancelled Manchester City), 1994/5 (45), 1995/6 (50), 1996/7 (30), 1997/8 (32), 1998/9 (25), 1999/2000 (28), mainly full sets of homes, loose mounted in club binders and loose, VG to EX, 261*25-30
768.    IPSWICH TOWN, home and away programmes, 1997/8 to 2001/2, loose mounted in club albums and loose, EX to MT, Qty20-30
769.    IPSWICH TOWN, home and away programmes, 2002/3 to Jan 2005, loose mounted in club albums and loose, EX to MT, Qty.20-30
770.    IPSWICH TOWN, home and away programmes, Dec 2005 to 2009/10, loose mounted in club albums and loose, EX to MT, Qty20-30
771.    IPSWICH TOWN, selection, 1990 onwards, inc. programmes, newspapers, season tickets, fixture cards, magazines etc., VG to MT, Qty20-30
772.    SELECTION, inc. programmes, played in Cardiff, 2001 Charity Shield (2), 2001 LC Final; 2001 & 2002 (2) FAC Finals; Scottish (16), 1970's-90's, Keith v Aberdeen 1995, Celtic v Nacional 1971, Montrose v Aberdeen 1976, Fleetwood v Cowdenbeath 1984; hardback editions, Everton & Liverpool by Breedon; 1994/5 Aldershot phone card, in presentation folder etc., G to MT, 2620-30
773.    SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY, home & away programmes, 1979/80 (26H/19A), 1980/1-1988/9 (125H/65A), 1990/1-1995/6 (83H/27A), some postponed inc. v West Ham 1980/1, at Cambridge 1980/1; some away matches from which Wednesday fans were banned, G to VG, 365*20-30
774.    PROGRAMMES, selection, 1990's onwards, all with team sheets and/or ticket stubs (mainly directors box), inc. British clubs in Europe (many Villa), FAC; foreign, French Cup Final, Urawa Reds etc., some extra team sheets, VG to MT, Qty.20-30
775.    PROGRAMMES AND BROCHURES, inc. first and last seasons, play-offs, finals and semi-finals for FAC & LC, Charity Shields, World Cup guides 1970 & 2006, first match at New Wembley, minor finals etc., VG to EX, Qty.20-30
776.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home and away programmes, 1960's onwards, League and Cup matches, friendlies etc., G to EX, Qty.15-25
777.    BOOKS, mainly hardback editions, inc. Rothmans (9), 1975/6, 1977/8-1980/1, 1983/4, 1985/6, 1995/6 & 1996/7; Caxton (set of four) etc., G to EX, Qty.15-25
778.    MANCHESTER UNITED, programmes, inc. FAC 2005 & 2007 finals, LC 1992 final (with ticket) & 2006 final, Champions League 2009 final; Charity Shield (4); at Northampton 2004 FAC (scarce), Burton Albion 2005 friendly, Aston Villa 1970 LC semi, Alfreton 1999, Stamford 1982, Home Farm 1976 etc., G to MT, Qty.20-30
779.    PROGRAMMES, selection, 1970's onwards, inc. Internationals, British clubs in Europe, FAC, LC, Testimonials, friendlies, first matches in league (Boston) etc., slight duplication, G to EX, Qty. (2 boxes)15-25
780.    NOTTS COUNTY, home and away programmes, 1963 onwards, inc. League, FAC, LC, Anglo-Scottish, Leyland Daf; v Billingham Synthonia 1988 and other pre-season, v Bradford PA 1963 friendly etc., G to EX, Qty15-25
781.    ARSENAL, home programmes, 1970's onwards, League & Cup matches, VG to MT, 300*20-30
782.    F.A. CUP, programmes for FAC Finals, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2002-2006, EX, 1230-40
783.    PROGRAMMES, big match editions, inc. FAC Finals (2) & Semi (5), LC Finals (6) & Semi (1); Masters 2002-2009 (6), UEFA Cup Finals (3) England Home & away etc., VG to MT, 40*50-60
784.    ASTON VILLA, home programmes, inc. 1971/2 (27), 1972/3 (18), 1973/4 (7), 1974/5 (11), 1975/6 (15), 1976/7 (18) onwards; League & Cup matches, pre-season friendlies, testimonials, fanzines etc., G to EX, Qty.20-30
785.    F.A. CUP, programmes from FAC Finals, 2000-2010, all large format, EX, 1160-80
786.    SELECTION, 1960's onwards, inc. programmes, Burnley v Bolton, Cardiff v Manchester United (both 1960/1), 1983 Charity Shield; 1990's multiple signed Stockport County (6) etc., G to EX, 65*30-50
787.    PROGRAMMES, selection of Finals & semi-finals, inc. FAC, LC, Texaco Cup, Play-Offs etc., G to EX, 65*30-50
788.    INTERNATIONALS, programmes, 1970's onwards, mainly home issues, inc. Scotland, Wales, Ireland etc., G to EX, 72*15-25
789.    INTERNATIONALS, programmes, 1960's onwards, mainly home issues, inc. Wales, Ireland Northern Ireland, G to EX, 68*20-30
790.    ARSENAL, home programmes, complete seasons, inc. 1983/4 (21 Lg, 2 LC), 1984/5 (21 Lg, 1 FAC, 1 LC), 1985/6 (21 Lg, 2 FAC, 3 LC), 1986/7 (21 Lg, 3 FAC, 5 LC), VG to EX, 101*
791.    ARSENAL, home programmes, complete seasons, inc. 1987/8 (20 Lg, 3 FAC, 4 LC), 1988/9 (19 Lg, 1 FAC, 2 LC etc.), 1989/90 (19 Lg, 1 FAC, 2 LC), 1990/1 (19 Lg, 4 FAC, 2 LC), VG to EX, 98*20-30
792.    ARSENAL, home programmes, complete seasons, inc. 1992/3 (21 Lg, 2 FAC, 4 LC), 1993/4 (21 Lg, 1 FAC, 3 LC, 4 ECWC), 1994/5 (21 Lg, 1 FAC, 3 LC, 4 ECWC), VG to EX, 85*20-30
793.    ARSENAL, home programmes, complete seasons, inc. 2000/1 (19 Lg, 2 FAC, 1 LC, 6 CL), 2002/3 (19 Lg, 3 FAC, 1 LC, 6 CL), VG to MT, 58*20-30
794.    MANCHESTER UNITED, home programmes, complete seasons, inc. 1982/3 (21 Lg, 2 FAC, 5 LC, 1 UEFA), 1984/5 (21 Lg, 3 FAC, 2 LC, 4 UEFA etc), 1985/6 (21 Lg, 3 FAC, 2 LC etc), 1987/8 (20 Lg, 1 FAC, 2 LC etc), VG to EX, 113*20-30
795.    MANCHESTER UNITED, home programmes, complete seasons, inc. 1991/2 (21 Lg, 1 FAC, 4 LC, 2 ECWC etc), 1992/3 (21 Lg, 2 FAC, 1 LC, 1 ECWC), 1993/4 (21 Lg, 1 FAC, 4 LC, 2 EC), 1994/5 (21 Lg, 3 FAC, 1 LC, 3 CL), VG to EX, 110*20-30
796.    MANCHESTER UNITED, home programmes, complete season, 2006/7, 19 Lg, 4 FAC, 6 CL etc., EX to MT, 3020-30
797.    MANCHESTER UNITED, home programmes, complete season, 2007/8, 19 Lg, 3 FAC, 1 LC, 6 CL, EX to MT, 2920-30
798.    MANCHESTER UNITED, home programmes, complete season, 2008/9, 20 Lg, 1 FAC, 3 LC, 6 CL etc., EX to MT, 3115-25
799.    BOOKS, mainly hardback editions, inc. club histories, by Yore (1) & Breedon (1); biographies, annuals, Football Yearbook by Goldblatt (4) etc., many with dj, VG to EX, Qty.15-25
800.    PELE, an original gold and green Brazil track suit top, probably 1970's, signed to front by Pele and further signed to reverse by five players for Santos, signs of wear, VG200-300
801.    COLLECTABLES, selection, inc. signed pale blue Colorado Rapids match spare shirt, 25 signatures by the North American champions, c.2010/11; Thai issues, bottle openers by Pepsi (5) and Coke (2), keyrings (18), set of six phone cards (Liverpool), EX, 30*25-40
802.    F.A. CUP, a 4" porcelain model of the F.A. Cup, with crest for Windsor, VG20-30
803.    F.A. CUP, a 4" porcelain model of the F.A. Cup, with crest for Brighton, by Carlton, VG20-30
804.    MAGAZINES, Charles Buchan's Football Monthly, complete run from Oct 1954 (No. 38) to Dec 1954 (No. 64), generally G, 2740-60
805.    MAGAZINES, Charles Buchan's Football Monthly, near complete run (missing three) from Jan 1957 (No. 65) to Dec 1959 (No. 100), with March 1958 Duncan Edwards tribute supplement, generally G, 3350-80
806.    ARSENAL, selection, 1951-56, inc. home programmes (10), Gunflash magazines (30), FR to VG, 40*15-25
807.    PLAY-OFFS, programmes for Finals & semi-finals, some large format, VG to EX, 28*15-25
808.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, selection, inc. brochures, The Club & War-Time Football by Billy Walker, Let's Talk About (overstamped for Redmayne & Todd), club handbooks, 1952/3-1969/70 (10) etc., also Notts County promotion issues 1972/3 & 1980/1, FR (1) to EX, 1540-50
809.    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, two copies the video of the 1991 FA Cup Final, each signed by two players, inc. Gascoigne (full signature), Tuttle, EX, 215-25
810.    EVERTON, hardback edition of Forever Everton by Kelly, multiple signed by former players, inc. Young, Kendall, Wright, Wilson, Pickering, Ball, Sharp, Callaghan etc., dj (small tears to edges), G20-30
811.    EVERTON, softback edition of Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame, multiple signed to covers and to inside pages, inc. West, Pickering, Young, Whittle, Kay, Wilson, Royle, Reid, Latchford, Kendall, Harris, Gabriel, Ball etc., EX20-30
812.    NOTTINGHAM, selection for Notts County & Forest, inc. County, 1948/9 handbook; home and away programmes for County Cup matches (11) etc., G to EX, 30*20-30
813.    IRELAND, programmes for Irish clubs in Europe, inc. Glentorran v PSG 1983, Djurgardens v Shamrock Rovers 2002, Glentorran v Benfica 1967 etc., G to EX, 1620-30
814.    LEEDS UNITED, selection, inc. bound volume of home programmes for 1982/3 season (signed to flyleaf by Eddie Gray); multiple signed official team photos 2001/2 & 2004/5, VG to EX, 320-30
815.    SELECTION, inc. commemorative covers, Football League Commemorative Series (20, missing No. 10); hardback edition of 1966 World Cup Official Report, dj (large pieces missing), FR to VG, 2120-30
816.    ARSENAL, hardback edition of Arsenal! Arsenal!, official souvenir of the 1971 Double season, with a cover letter to George Elliott, EX80-120
817.    WALLEY BARNES, hardback edition of Captain Of Wales, with signed piece (2.5 x .5 irregular) laid down to title page, dj (small tears), G25-35
818.    TREVOR FORD, hardback edition of I Lead The Attack!, with signed piece (3.5 x 1.25) laid down to title page, with publishers note, dj, G25-35
819.    MATT BUSBY, hardback edition of Soccer At The Top, with signed piece (4.5 x 2.75) laid down to title page, dj, EX40-60
820.    F.A. CUP, programmes for FAC Finals, 1962, 1968, 1971-1992, with replay for 1990, VG to EX, 1230-50
821.    AUTOGRAPHS, Stockport County home programmes, 1993-1997, most extensively signed by the away team, inc. QPR 1993/4 (15 signatures), Middlesbrough 1996/7 (15), Sunderland 1997/8 (14) etc., over 200 signatures in total, VG to MT, 1825-40
822.    THAILAND, brochures, programmes etc., inc. World Cup, 1998 (1), 2002 (4), 2006 (3), 2010 (1); English F.A. Cup, Liverpool v Arsenal, Manchester United v Liverpool (both 2001); preview for 1998 FAC Final, Arsenal v Newcastle; Manchester United in Thailand 1997, G to EX, 1525-40
823.    SELECTION, inc. magazines, La Vie au Grand Air 1909, Football Mail 1931, Sports Reporter 1949/50; The Book of Football 1905/6 (Part 4); tickets, England v Wales 1955 (Schools); programmes, Ireland, v Belgium, France 1964; tin lapel badges (18), Moscow Spartak v Liverpool, Wrexham players, Everton; commemorative covers (4); Chelsea pennant for 1970 FAC, t/c etc., FR to EX, Qty.40-60
824.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1959/60, usual rust stains to staples, G to VG, 2330-40
825.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1960/1, usual rust stains to staples, FR (1) to VG, 912-18
826.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1961/2 Centenary Season, VG to EX, 3020-30
827.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1962/3, VG to EX, 2420-30
828.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1963/4, VG to EX, 3020-30
829.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1964/5, VG to EX, 2620-30
830.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1965/6, G to EX, 2515-25
831.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1967/8, VG to EX, 2415-25
832.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1968/9, VG to EX, 2415-25
833.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1969/70, VG to EX, 2512-18
834.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1970/1, VG to EX, 2512-18
835.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1971/2, inc. v Bohemians CKD Prague (single sheet) etc., covers loose (2), tears to spine (1), FR to VG, 1712-18
836.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1972/3, VG to EX, 1812-18
837.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1974/5, inc. v Manchester United, VG to EX, 2112-18
838.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1966/7, large format, folds, G to VG, 1412-18
839.    NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 1975/6, inc. v Chelsea, Everton etc., newspaper format, folds, G to EX, 2212-18
840.    BRENTFORD, home programmes, 1960's, inc. v Watford, Reading, Burnley 1964/5 FASC replay (Pirate by Tuckett) etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 3620-30
841.    BURNLEY, home programmes, 1960's, inc. 1960/1 (6), 1961/2 (2), 1962/3 (7), Show Biz v Ex-Clarets; 1963/4 (2) etc., G to VG, 3520-30
842.    WATFORD, home programmes, 1960's, inc. 1960/2 (2), 1962/3 (2), 1963/4 etc., G to EX, 1815-25
843.    BLACKBURN ROVERS, home programmes, 1960's inc. 1960/1 (5), 1961/2 (4), 1963/4 (4) etc., G to VG, 34*15-25
844.    SELECTION, inc. signed photos, Yarmouth 1950/1 (by nine players); Bryn Jones, Brian Makepeace; postcards, A Neat Dribble (1908 Charity Shield), A Good Header (1909); t/c, Meet the Stars booklet, German issue for 1962 WC, Pele (by Verlog Wanne-Eickel) & England; 1998 WC, set of 32 Thai postcards etc., about G to EX, 43*25-40
845.    ARSENAL, programme pack from the last match at Highbury, inc. programme, A-Z booklet, original bag etc., MT25-35
846.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1955/6, inc. v Tottenham, P.N.E., Newcastle, Arsenal, Manchester United, Bolton, Manchester City etc., G to VG, 2140-60
847.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1956/7, inc. v Manchester City, Aston Villa, Leeds, British Olympic XI, CCA Roumania, Cardiff, Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle, Manchester United, Chelsea, Portsmouth (12 signatures to cover), Birmingham (4 signatures to cover) etc., G to VG, 2240-60
848.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1957/8, inc. v Bolton, Blackpool, Leeds, Everton, All Star F.C. XI, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham etc., G to VG, 2030-40
849.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1958/9, inc. v Leeds, West Ham, Manchester City, Bela Vista (Brazil), Chelsea, Tottenham, Blackburn, Arsenal, Forest, Manchester United etc., G to VG, 2125-35
850.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1959/60, inc. v Bolton. Austria Vienna, Chelsea, Newcastle, Arsenal, Wolves, Blackburn, W.B.A. etc., G to VG, 1615-25
851.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1960/1, inc. v Portsmouth, Norwich, Liverpool (LC replay), Ipswich, Huddersfield, Lincoln, Manchester City FAC (both), Derby, Leeds, Partick Thistle, Charlton, Scunthorpe etc., G to VG, 2515-25
852.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1961/2 v Leyton Orient; 1963/3 v Cardiff & Swansea; 1963/4 (3), v Kaiserslautern; 1964/5 (7), v Barnsley, Bournemouth; 1965/6 (2), v Doncaster, Grange v Dunstable (Luton League Final); 1966/7 (4), G to VG, 1912-18
853.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1967/8, inc. v Brentford (Championship brochure), Oxford, Workington, Bradford, Newport County, Lincoln, Port Vale, Exeter, Notts County, Bradford City etc., G to EX, 2512-18
854.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1968/9, inc. v Oldham, Watford, Brighton LC (replay), Tranmere, Mansfield, Ware FAC, Gillingham FAC, Stockport County etc., G to EX, 2312-18
855.    DONCASTER ROVERS, home and away programmes, 1955/5 (1H), v Aston Villa (FAC); 1955/6 (1H/2A), v Spandauer, at Rotherham & Barnsley; 1956/7 (1H/2A), v Fulham, at Sheffield United & W.B.A., 1957/8 (6H/2A), v Chelsea, Sheffield United (both), at Derby & Rotherham etc., G to VG, 1525-35
856.    DONCASTER ROVERS, home and away programmes, 1958/9 (5H), v Q.P.R., Mansfield; 1959/60 (4H/2A), Gainsborough, Millwall, at Barrow & Chester; 1960/1 (4H/1A), v Chelsea, Peterborough, at Chester; 1961/2 (2A), at Chesterfield & Carlisle; G to VG, 1815-25
857.    DONCASTER ROVERS, home and away programmes, 1962/3 (6A), at South Shields, Bradford City, Birmingham, Lincoln; 1963/4 (2H/8A), v Brighton & Workington, at Bradford P.A., Stockport, Darlington, Exeter, Halifax Town, York; 1964/5 (8H/15A), v Sunderland, Newport, at Tranmere (2), Bradford P.A., Newport, Halifax etc., FR to VG, 3915-25
858.    DONCASTER ROVERS, home and away programmes, 1965/6 (2H/17A), 1966/7 (4H/23A), 1967/8 (7H/16A), about G to EX, 67*20-30
859.    DONCASTER ROVERS, home and away programmes, 1968/9 (7H/16A), with Championship brochure; 1969/70 (19H/21A), 1970/1 (13H/14A), G to EX, 90*20-30
860.    READING, home programmes, 1960's, mainly small format, G to VG, 2812-18
861.    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, home programmes, 1960's, inc. 1960/1 (2), Bolton & Fulham; 1961/2 (3), Arsenal, Manchester City, Feyenoord EC (pirate by Walker, tears to edges) etc., FR to VG, 1215-20
862.    BURNLEY, home programmes, 11th October 1946, v Blackpool, G15-25
863.    SOUTHAMPTON, home programme, 16 March 1946, v Luton, single sheet, small tear to fold, G20-30
864.    BRADFORD CITY, home programme, 5th January 1946, reserves v Wombwell, small tear to edge, G20-30
865.    STOCKPORT COUNTY, home programme, 30th March 1946, v Doncaster Rovers, G20-30
866.    BLACKPOOL, home programmes, 1962/3, inc. v Arsenal, Fulham etc., G to VG, 612-18
867.    PROGRAMMES, International Club matches, Western Province v Hartleyvale, July & September 1959 (South Africa); Auckland v Waikato 1961 (New Zealand), FR to G, 315-25
868.    LUTON TOWN, home programmes, 1954/5 (1), v Workington; 1955/6 (7), v Newcastle, Arsenal, Wolves, P.N.E.; 1959/60, v Spurs, results to front most front covers, G to VG, 920-30
869.    ARSENAL, home programmes, 1968/9 season, inc. league (21 of 21), at Q.P.R. & Chelsea; FAC (2 of 2), G to VG, 2510-15
870.    ARSENAL, away programmes, mainly 1980's, inc. 1978/9 FAC v Sheffield Wednesday (all three replays at Leicester); league, LC etc., G to EX, 35*10-15
871.    DERBY COUNTY, home programmes, 1949/50, inc. v Stoke, Sunderland, Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton FAC, Burnley etc., writing to front covers (3), FR to G, 930-50
872.    DERBY COUNTY, home programmes, 1950/1 (4), v Charlton, Newcastle, W.B.A., Liverpool; 1951/2 (2), Arsenal, Bolton, generally G, 625-35
873.    DERBY COUNTY, home programmes, 1952/3 (4), Chelsea, Portsmouth, Burnley, Charlton; 1954/5 (1), Liverpool; 1957/8 (1), Barnsley; 1958/9 (8), Huddersfield reserves, Cardiff, P.N.E. FAC, Fulham, Sunderland; 1959/60 (2), Rotherham, Cardiff etc., about G to VG, 1625-35
874.    TESTIMONIALS, programmes, 1964 onwards, inc. Trautmann (FR), Prosser, Boock, O'Brien, Longhurst, Gallagher, Lindley, Seaman, Little etc., FR to EX, 4015-20
875.    SCOTLAND, programmes, 1960's onwards, inc. club matches, Cup Finals, internationals etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 45*15-25
876.    AUTOGRAPHS, hardback edition of My Life in Football by Bobby Charlton, signed to title page by Charlton, and further signed to fly leaf by eleven players etc., inc. Stiles, Clemence, Callaghan, Hodgson etc., dj, EX25-35
877.    ENGLAND, signed home programme, 17th May 1994, v Greece, inc. Shearer, Ince, Merson, Venables etc., 20 signatures in total, EX30-50
878.    ENGLAND, signed home programme, 11tth June 1995, v Brazil, inc. Gascoigne, Robson, Shearer, Beardsley etc., 13 signatures in total, EX25-40
879.    F.A. CUP, selection from the 1968 Final, Everton v W.B.A., inc. programme, rosette for each team, signed 12 x 8 by 9 West Brom players, VG to EX, 418-25
880.    MANCHESTER UNITED, signed photos, club cards etc., inc. Van Nistelroy, Butt, Giggs, Ferdinand, Ince etc., VG to EX, 2025-40
881.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed photos (8 x 10 and smaller), cards (with unsigned photos), inc. Royle, Lee, Bonetti, Crespo, Keegan etc., VG to EX, 1225-40
882.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed photos (8 x 10 and smaller), inc. Shearer, Harris, Hurst, Robson, Sharpe etc., VG to EX, 1120-30
883.    F.A. CUP, selection from 1965 Final, Leeds v Liverpool, inc. programme, songsheet & ticket stub, G to EX, 315-25
884.    CUP FINALS, selection, 1976 League Cup & 1981 FAC Finals, each with programme and rosette for each team, G to EX, 620-30
885.    F.A. CUP, selection from FAC Finals, 1963 & 1973, each with programmes and rosettes for each team, VG to EX, 620-30
886.    ASTON VILLA, a 6.5 x 4 original team photo showing players and officials with trophy, by Percy Taylor of Birmingham, original folder, EX15-25
887.    WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS, 6.25 x 4.25 original team photo, by Express & Star, laid down to mount, annotated to reverse in pencil with players names, inc. Cullis, Pye, Hancocks, Forbes etc., EX15-25
888.    WEST BROMWICH ALBION, an 8.5 x 6.5 original team photo, by Wilkes & Sons, annotated to reverse 1947/8, EX20-30
889.    AUTOGRAHS, signed covers etc., inc. Graham Taylor, Les Olive, Keith Burkinshaw, , Walsall etc., some with biographical details, VG to EX, 1220-30
890.    ENGLAND, signed covers by 1966 World Cup winning squad, Banks, Hurst, Connelly, Cohen, Peters, with biographical details, VG to EX, 520-30
891.    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, signed away programme, 7th May 2005, at Middlesbrough, signed (mainly to inside pages), inc. Jol, Keane, Mido, Dawson, Viduka etc., 13 signatures, EX15-20
892.    5-A-SIDE, programmes for Evening Standard London 5-A-Side, 1956 & 1960, inc. Spurs, Arsenal, West Ham etc., VG to EX, 215-20
893.    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, collection of ticket stubs, mainly home issues, inc. Dukla Prague, Benfica (both 1961/2), Rangers, Slovan Bratislava, OFK Belgrade (all 1962/3), Ajax, Dundalk, Eintracht Frankfurt (2), Bayern Munich, Coleraine (all 1981/2), League Cup Final & Semi-Final, Anderlecht (all 1983/4), at Villa 1960/1, at Torquay 1964/5 etc., G to EX, 25*140-180
894.    WORLD CUP, unused London tickets from the 1966 World Cup, Uruguay v France, (White City), Mexico v Uruguay & Russia v Portugal (consolation final), each with counterfoil to left edge, VG to EX, 370-90
895.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed pages and pieces, Northwest clubs, inc. Carlisle 1950/1 (11 signatures), Durham County (5), Newcastle Rugby team (12) and one other, good VR, 415-20
896.    OLYMPICS, tickets from the 1948 London Olympiad football tournament, Final, Consolation Final and both Semi-Finals (one with corner removed), FR to G, 440-60
897.    WORLD CUP 1954, VIP ticket for Austria v Czechslovakia, Quarter-Final, EX30-50
898.    IPSWICH TOWN, selection of tickets, 1993-2000, home (110) and away issues, inc. European, League, Cup, Semi-Finals, Playoffs etc., VG to EX, 125*50-80
899.    NOTTS COUNTY, club handbook, 1948, slight scuffing to covers, G25-35
900.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed photos, cards, pages from annuals etc., inc. Tottenham (13), Clemence, England, Venables, Ardiles, Mackay, Jones; Chelsea (5), Harris, Wise; West Ham, West Ham (15), di Canio, Standen, Brooking etc., good VR, 33*40-60
901.    SCRAPBOOK, early 8 X 12 scrapbook, mainly 1880's, laid down with magazine illustrations, inc. good Cricket, player and team portraits, 1882 & 1884 Australians, Philadelpians, Surrey, Gloucester etc., also Our Leading Footballers 1888, Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race crews, Cyclists (mainly from Bicycling News), Politicians, Actors etc., a few loose, good VR60-80
902.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home (15) and away programmes, 1957/8, inc. at Manchester United (post-Munich), G to VG, 1620-30
903.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home programmes, 1958/9, inc. FAC v Tooting & Mitcham (replay), Grimsby Town & Bolton, G to VG, 2020-30
904.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home (21) and away programmes, 1959/60, inc. at Sheffield Wednesday, P.N.E., Burnley, Sheffield United FAC, Manchester United, G to VG, 2615-25
905.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home (19) and away programmes, 1960/1, inc. at Villa, v Notts County (County Cup Final) etc., G to VG, 2015-25
906.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home and away programmes, 1961/2 (25h/2a), v Sheffield Wednesday FAC (original and Pirate by Tucketts); 1962/3 (20h/1a), v Notts County (County Cup Final), G to VG, 4820-30
907.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home and away programmes, 1963/4 (16h/3a); 1964/5 (23h/2a), v Mansfield Town (County Cup Final), G to VG, 4720-30
908.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home and away programmes, 1965/6 (18h), 1966/7 (20h/2a), 1967/8 (18h/3a), G to VG, 6115-25
909.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, mainly home programmes, 1968/9 (16h), 1969/70 (20h/1a), 1970/1 (19h), 1971/2 (17h) etc., some with Football League Review, G to VG, 75+15-25
910.    CHARITY SHIELDS, programmes, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1992, 1993, 2002 & 2007, VG to EX, 712-18
911.    TESTIMONIALS, programmes, inc. Shilton, Parkin, George Taylor, Law, Banks, Bull, Beal, Haynes etc., G to EX, 26*15-25
912.    MANCHESTER UNITED, home and away European matches, 1970's onwards, inc. at Elfsborg 1992, Juventus 1976, Dukla Pague 1983, Bordeaux 1999 etc., VG to EX, 1212-18
913.    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, mainly home European matches, 1960's onwards, inc. 1974 UEFA Final, VG to EX, 1612-18
914.    ARSENAL, home (13) and away European matches, 1960's onwards, inc. at Winterslag 1981, Brondby 1994, Monchengladbach 1996, Blavitt 1980 etc., VG to EX, 1712-18
915.    LEEDS UNITED, home European matches, 1970's onwards, G to EX, 2212-18
916.    EUROPE, programmes for British clubs v European team, mainly home matches, 1960's onwards, inc. Ipswich, West Bromwich Albion, Watford, Manchester City etc., some Finals, G to EX, 38*15-25
917.    CHARITY SHIELD, 1976, inc. programme and rosettes for each team (match issues), VG to EX, 315-25
918.    WALES, selection, inc. programmes, v England 1977, v Finland 2000 (with ticket and enamelled lapel badge for the match), EX to MT, 435-50
919.    ENGLAND, home programme, 9th April 1949, v Scotland, VG20-30
920.    F.A. CUP, programme for the 1955 FAC Final, Newcastle United v Manchester City, EX30-50
921.    F.A. CUP, programme for the 1957 FAC Final, Aston Villa v Manchester United, VG20-30
922.    F.A. CUP, programme for the 1958 FAC Final, Bolton v Manchester United, EX20-30
923.    F.A. CUP, programme for the FAC Finals, 1959-1962, VG to EX, 430-50
924.    F.A. CUP, programme for the FAC Finals, 1963-1969, VG to EX, 730-50
925.    F.A. CUP, programme for the 1996 FAC Final, Liverpool v Manchester United, VG30-50
926.    F.A. CUP, programme for the FAC Finals, 1990, 1991 (with poster), 1992 & 1994, VG to EX, 4+30-50
927.    F.A. CUP, programme for the FAC Finals, 1995 & 1997-1999, VG to EX, 425-40
928.    ENGLAND, home programmes, mainly early 1960's, inc. v Yugoslavia 1960, Portugal 1961; v Yugoslavia U-23 1965 etc., G to EX, 1820-30
929.    PROGRAMMES, selection, 1970's onwards, inc. World Cup brochures 1970 & 1986; England, Northern Ireland, FAC & other Cup Finals, Playoffs; Ipswich, Liverpool etc., G to EX, 85*20-30
930.    BOOKS, hardback editions of club histories, inc. Arsenal, West Ham (3), Luton, Orient, by Breedon (3), dj, VG to EX, 620-30
931.    NOTTS COUNTY, away programmes, a fine collection of mainly complete seasons from 1970/1 to 2010/11 (missing 1984/5), inc. most league matches, FAC & League Cup, in ringbinders and loose, from the collection of Ian Mills (Programme Administrator of Notts County), VG to MT, Qty.150-250
932.    SELECTION, inc. softback editions of Non-League annuals (14), mainly pocket editions, inc. Playfair, Rothmans, directories; European magazines, Kicker, Don Balon, Channel 4 Football Italia, Calcio Italia etc., a few Italian programmes, a few English language magazines, G to EX, 56*15-25
933.    ARSENAL, home programmes, 1970's onwards, inc. league & cup matches, G to EX, 300*15-25
934.    WEST BROMWICH ALBION, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.10-20
935.    WIGAN, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.10-20
936.    EVERTON, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.15-25
937.    LIVERPOOL, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.20-30
938.    WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.10-20
939.    WATFORD, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.10-20
940.    CHELSEA, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.20-30
941.    LEICESTER CITY, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.10-20
942.    ASTON VILLA, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.20-30
943.    ARSENAL, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.10-20
944.    WIMBLEDON, mainly home programmes, 1970's onwards, league & cup matches, G to EX, Qty.15-25
945.    NOTTINGHAM, selection, inc. Forest Cup Story, 1959 players souvenir; Nottingham Post Football Guide 1956/7 & 1958/9-1974/5, some creasing to early covers, G to EX, 1930-50
946.    SELECTION, inc. numerous pages removed from annuals, magazines, newspaper etc., some team photos, other complete magazines and annuals, good VR, Qty.15-25
947.    PHOTOGRAPHS, selection, 1950's to mainly 1967/8, inc. portraits, action shots, W.B.A. team photo; Pele, Law, Grummitt, Gibson, Storey-Moore, Dougan, Hunter, Peters, Greaves, Belgium v Italy 1955 etc., most with annotation to backs, good VR, 1830-50
948.    PROGRAMMES, selection, inc. Wimbledon v Whitley Bay 1961, Newport County 1987/8 (last match), Sheffield v Inter Milan 2007, Birmingham, Bury, Ipswich, Crystal Palace etc., G to EX, Qty.20-30
949.    ASTON VILLA, hardback edition of A Complete Record, pub. by Breedon, dj, EX8-12
950.    SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY, home programmes, 1985/6, complete set bound in blue boards, with original covers, EX15-20
951.    F.A. CUP, songsheets for FAC Finals, 1957, 1964, 1966, 1969 & 1971, some folds and slight creasing, G, 515-25
952.    MANCHESTER UNITED, signed photos, inc. Quixall, (full page removed from annual, laid down), reproduction photos by Daly, McGuinness, Greenhough, Duxbury, G to EX, 520-30
953.    WORLD CUP, Italian newspaper style programme for the 1990 World Cup Final, Germany v Argentina, Fuori Campo, stadium edition, VG15-25
954.    PROGRAMMES, specials, inc. Matt Busby Memorial at Old Trafford, Kevin Keegan's first match at Newcastle (each with ticket); Southport (3), v Huddersfield (last home match in league) at Watford (last away), both 1977/8; at South Liverpool 1978/9 (first match in non-league), VG to EX, 725-35
955.    ISLE OF MAN, unusual programmes and team sheets for the Isle of Man Football Festival, August 1985, Group A & Group B (each complete with six team sheets) and final (no team sheet), teams inc. Newcastle, Leicester, Blackburn, Manchester City, Isle of Man, Stoke etc., EX, 1520-30
956.    TICKETS, selection of ticket stubs, club issues, some big matches, 1970's onwards, G to EX, 80*25-35
957.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed photos, mainly glossy colour issues, some reproduction, G to EX, Qty.25-35
958.    STANLEY MATTHEWS, hardback edition of The Authorised Biography by David Miller, signed and inscribed to title page by Matthews, also signed by the author with inscription 'They'll never be another', dj, EX25-35
959.    BRIAN CLOUGH, signed hardback edition of The Autobiography, signed to title page in red ink, dj, EX15-25
960.    PROGRAMMES, big match editions, 1958 onwards, inc. England, v USSR 1958, Italy 1959, Mexico 1961, v Turkey U-23 1962; LC Finals, Arsenal v Swindon 1969, Aston Villa v Norwich 1957 etc., VG to EX, 1130-40
961.    BASINGSTOKE TOWN, home programmes, 1970's-1980's, pre-season and other friendlies, inc. v Portsmouth 1980, Southampton 1989, Swindon 1987, Tottenham 1988 etc., VG to EX, 1830-50
962.    PROGRAMMES, British clubs in Europe, inc. Liverpool, v Anderlecht, Koln (both 1964/5 EC), Juventus 1965 ECWC; Borough United v Slovan Bratislava 1963/4 ECWC, Sliema v Glasgow Celtic 1971 EC, VG to EX, 525-40
963.    PROGRAMMES, British clubs away in Europe, inc. Hamburg v Burnley 1961 ECWC, Anderlecht v Newcastle 1970 Fairs Cup; Swansea, at Sliema, Leipzig (both 1981/2 ECWC); W.B.A., at Carl Zeiss Jena 1979, Red Star (both 1978/9), Grasshoppers 1981/2, G to EX, 725-40
964.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home programme, 5th Sept 1946, v Newcastle United, first post-war home issue, EX40-60
965.    BRISTOL, double album page for the Bristol Derby match, 28th Dec 1937, signed by all eleven players (and trainer) for each team, signatures in pencil (annotated in ink), VG30-50
966.    ASTON VILLA, home programme, 11th Sept 1937, v Blackburn Rovers, this being Villa's Championship season, signs of previous binding, G60-80
967.    WEST BROMWICH ALBION, home programme, 31st Jan 1925, v Preston North End, piece missing from corner and other tears to edges, only FR40-60
968.    WORLD CUP 2002, team sheet posters from both Semi-Finals and Final, pub. by The Asahi Shimbun, folds, EX, 320-30
969.    CHELSEA, home programme, 10th April 1943, v Reading, single sheet war-time issue for Southern Cup, VG40-60
970.    NON LEAGUE, programmes, inc. Bath v Gloucester 1953/4, v Worcester 1954/5; Yeovil v Kettering, Chelsmford v Gloucester, Walthamstow v Clapton, Hayes v Hendon (all 1954/5), Walthamstow v St Albans 1956/7 etc., FR to VG, 830-50
971.    EVERTON, home programme, 6th Nov 1937, reserve match v Stoke City, signs of previous binding, G30-50
972.    WEST BROMWICH ALBION, away programmes, at Fulham 1946/7, Cardiff 1947/8, Q.P.R. 1948/9, Charlton 1949/50, FR to G, 435-50
973.    WEST BROMWICH ALBION, away programmes, at Tottenham 1946/7; Liverpool, Chelsea (both 1949/50), Birmingham 1955/6, FR to G, 425-40
974.    ANDOVER TOWN, home programmes from Hampshire league, 1952/3, v Ryde Sports, Cones, Newport (IoW), Ramsey reserves, RAMC, EX, 525-35
975.    ANDOVER TOWN, home programmes from Hampshire league, 19551/2, v Oxford City, Basingstoke, Waterlooville, Winchester, RAOC, Newport (IoW), EX, 530-50
976.    HULL CITY, home programmes, v Doncaster, Notts County, Bury, Sheffield United (all 1951/2), Blackburn 1952/3, VG to EX, 525-40
977.    NOTTINGHAM FOREST, home programme, 20th March 1943, v Sheffield Wednesday, War Cup (North) 2nd Round, small tears to edges, G40-50
978.    ACCRINGTON STANLEY, programmes, at York 1952/3, v Rochdale 1953/4, FR to G, 215-25
979.    NEWCASTLE UNITED, selection, inc. programmes, at Sheffield Wednesday 1947/8, with two pages of signed pieces laid down (11 signatures, 10 played in this match); at Fulham 1949/50, v Olympic XI 1956, FR to VG, 530-50
980.    ARSENAL, home programme, 18th Nov 1935, v Stoke City, Arsenal's Championship season, G40-60
981.    ARSENAL, home programme, 24th March 1934, v Wolves, Arsenal's Championship season, VG40-60
982.    MANCHESTER CITY, programmes, v Liverpool 1944/5 (punch-holes), v Birmingham City 1956 FAC Final, about G to VG, 225-40
983.    WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS, Dawn Covers for 1971/2 UEFA Cup match v Juventus, various cachets (four Italian), one signed by Mcalliog, EX, 620-30
984.    SUBBUTEO, teams, colours inc. Wolves, Arsenal, West Ham, Manchester United etc., mainly complete, some re-painted, in original boxes (some team name to lids), FR to VG, 9`25-35
985.    SUBBUTEO, selection, inc. nets, ball boys, terracing (incomplete), scoreboard, etc., most in original boxes (some crush damage), FR to VG, Qty.25-35
986.    SUBBUTEO, two part sets, inc. players, pitch, lighting, nets etc., each in original boxes (some crush damage), some re-painted, FR to VG, Qty.30-50
987.    WEST HAM UNITED, signed claret & blue club football, 1991/2 squad, 14 signatures, each panel annotated with names; together with an England '66 Winners ball, VG, 220-30
988.    SHIRTS, two original football shirts, c.1978, inc. Scotland; another yellow with No. 19 to reverse, both by Umbro, G, 230-40
989.    MANCHESTER UNITED, an 18 x 30 cotton tea towel to commemorate the 1977 FAC victory over Liverpool, original folds, EX12-18
990.    NOTTS COUNTY, a blue short-sleeved replica shirt, signed by 25 players etc., c.1992, EX15-25
991.    STOKE CITY, a gold short-sleeved replica shirt, signed by 14 players, inc. Lou Macari etc., c.1992, EX15-25
992.    SWEDEN, a yellow short-sleeved replica shirt, signed by 16 players etc., obtained during Euro 96, EX20-30
993.    SELECTION, inc. Huddersfield signed album page, 20 signatures, inc. Craig, Hinchcliffe, Mountford, Boot etc; pocket annuals, 1934/5 Littlewood, 1948/9 Sunday Empire News etc., FR to G, 425-35
994.    ANNUALS, softback pocket editions of Nottingham Post Football Guide, 1935/6-1937/8, scuff to covers (1937/8), G to VG, 315-20
995.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed pieces, cards, photos etc., mixed periods, inc. Duff, Hitchcock, de Goey, Gould, Wilkins, Le Saux, Beavon, Booth etc., some multiple signed, good VR, Qty.15-25
996.    ARSENAL, signed album page, 4 x 6, inc. L. Compton, Logie, Roper, Scott, Mcpherson, Barnes & Lewis, 7 signatures in total, collected in person by the vendor as a young boy in the early 1950's, VG20-30
997.    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, signed album page, 4 x 6, inc. Harmer, Bennett, Britton, Wetton, Rawlings, Reynolds & Scarth, 7 signatures in total, collected in person by the vendor as a young boy in the early 1950's, VG20-30
998.    CHARLTON ATHLETIC, signed album page, 4 x 6, inc. Bartram, Booker, Hurst, Fell etc., 14 signatures in total, collected in person by the vendor as a young boy in the early 1950's, G15-25
999.    HUDDERSFIELD TOWN, signed album page, 4 x 6, inc. Wheeler, Glazzard, Battye, McEvoy, Hassall etc., 10 signatures in total, collected in person by the vendor as a young boy in the early 1950's, VG15-25
1000.   MIDDLESBROUGH, signed piece, 5 x 4.5, inc. Walker, Corbett, Dicks, Mulholland etc., 7 signatures in total, collected in person by the vendor as a young boy in the early 1950's, VG15-25
1001.   WEST HAM UNITED, signed album page, 4 x 6, inc. Gazard, Parsons, Woodgate, Forde, Bainbridge, Kearns, Bond etc., 13 signatures in total, collected in person by the vendor as a young boy in the early 1950's, tear affecting one signature, G15-25
1002.   TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, signed album page, 4 x 6, inc. Withers, McClelland, Ditchburn, Baker, Rawlings, Brooks, Robb etc., 12 signatures in total, collected in person by the vendor as a young boy in the early 1950's, VG20-30
1003.   FULHAM, signed album page, 4 x 6, inc. Robson, Hill, Gezzard, Haynes, Healey etc., 8 signatures in total, collected in person by the vendor as a young boy in the early 1950's, VG20-30
1004.   PROGRAMMES, selection, Glasgow Rangers v Celtic, 1st Jan 1949 (trimmed); West Ham v Southampton, 23rd Aug 1952 (folded), FR to VG, 215-25
1005.   ENGLAND, signed 7.5 x 4.75 by seven members of 1963 team, inc. Ramsey, Milne, Banks, Norman, Byrne, Douglas & Greaves, laid down to later card, VG25-35
1006.   GERMANY, signed photos by members of the 1966 WC Final team, inc. Beckenbauer, Haller, Schnellinger, Schulz, Seeler & Weber (newspaper photo), FR to EX, 620-30
1007.   IRELAND, programmes for League of Ireland v Hessen League, 1954 & 1956, each played at Dalymount Park Dublin, VG to EX, 215-25
1008.   DERBY COUNTY, away programmes, at Arsenal 1937/8, Doncaster Rovers 1944/5 (significant paper loss), P to FR, 215-25
1009.   NOTTS COUNTY, home programmes, 30th April 1951, v Manchester City (re-arranged match from which City achieved promotion); 25th March 1975, v Forest (3000th match), VG to EX, 220-30
1010.   AUTOGRAPHS, signed newspaper and magazine photos etc., mainly 1966 England, inc. Banks, Eastham, Hurst, Greaves, Connelly etc., ten signatures in total, G to VG, 620-30
1011.   WEST HAM, two signed album pages, 1960's team, inc. Redknapp, Howe, Charles, Boyce, Sealey, Brown etc., 3 x 4.75, one page laid down to album cover, G to VG, 225-35
1012.   RUGBY UNION, enamelled silver fob medallion, Yorkshire County Northern R.F.U. Challenge Cup, inscribed to reverse 'Interim Cup Winners 1951-52', hallmarked, VG15-25
1013.   RUGBY, a 7.25" glass bottle, with embossed rugby player, for Watkins Brewery, with original ball in neck, G30-50
1014.   RUGBY, a 7.25" pottery jug, with comedy rugby scene to one side, some slight scratching and repair to lip, G30-40
1015.   RUGBY, selection, inc. mainly t/c, Playtime Famous Rugby Players (2), Wills, Ogdens, Drapkin, Players, Mitchell, stickers, Lund, Daily Telegraph; postcards, photo etc., VG to MT, 260*50-70
1016.   RUGBY UNION, hardback editions, inc. The Log of a Sportsman by Sewell; biographies, Laidlaw, McLaughlin, Meads, Batty, Gibbs etc., dj (9), G to EX, 1025-35
1017.   RUGBY, programmes for Nottingham RC 2006/7- 2010/2011 bound as annual volumes in green boards with gilt titles, a further 12 issues loose for 2011/2012, from the collection of Ian Mills (Programme Administrator of Notts County), EX to MT, Qty.15-25
1018.   RUGBY UNION, signed hardback edition of Thanks to Rugby, signed to title page by Bill Beaumont, dj, VG15-20
1019.   RUGBY UNION, ticket stub for Barbarians v New Zealand, 27th Jan 1973, at Cardiff Arms Park, this match featured arguably the greatest try of all time, two cancellation, punch holes, creased, G30-50
1020.   RUGBY LEAGUE, RP p/c's, inc. 1933/4 Australian team; players, R. Taylor (1914 Hull), Herbert Ganley (1925/6 Huddersfield), Wakefield Captain Stanley Smith accepting Charity Cup, Fisher brothers in Cumberland jerseys and caps (1920's), damage to corners, FR to VG, 550-80
1021.   RUGBY UNION, signed album pages, 5.75 x 4.25 and slightly smaller, mainly England, inc. Woodward, Healey, Martin Johnson, Guscott, Richards, Hare, Ian Robertson, Hignell etc., one signature per page (names neatly annotated in pencil to edge), collected in person by the vendor, EX, 1115-25
1022.   RUGBY UNION, ticket stubs, Oxford v Cambridge, at Twickenham, 1962 onwards, G to MT, 47*60-80
1023.   RUGBY LEAGUE, selection, inc, postcards and similar size photos, 1940's-1950's (30), album of 12 contact photos from Wembley Cup Final (Wigan v Hunslet), G to EX, 42*40-60
1024.   RUGBY LEAGUE, postcards and similar size photos, mainly 1940's-1950's, most with Wigan interest, some annotated to backs, G to EX, 50*60-80
1025.   RUGBY UNION, programme, Llanelly v Swansea, 24th Sept 1938, VG30-50
1026.   RUGBY UNION, programme, Swansea v Neath, 9th April 1938, VG30-50
1027.   RUGBY LEAGUE, press photos, 10 x 8 and smaller, mainly 1940's-1950's Wigan, many action shots, some annotated to reverse, G to EX, 1530-50
1028.   RUGBY LEAGUE, signed magazine photos etc., 1980's-1990's, mainly GB team, inc. Schofield, Edwards etc., approx. 100 signatures in total, G15-25
1029.   RUGBY UNION, an original 11.5 x 9.5 team photo, Blackheath, showing squad with ball, March 1927, laid down to board, corner missing from original photo, G50-70
1030.   RUGBY UNION, signed covers etc., inc. Martin Johnson, Nathaniel Brewis, George Gregan etc., slight duplication, some with biographical details, VG to EX, 1020-30
1031.   RUGBY LEAGUE, selection, inc. Austin Kilroy brochure (1966), heavily signed to inside pages; programmes, Cup Finals 1986-1988, league matches (8), Doncaster, Sheffield; tickets (2), 1973 Cup Final; Rugby League Review magazine 1951, signed greetings card by England v Australia 1982 (11 signatures), also Rugby Union programme for 1927 Cambridge University Final, St Catherine's v Clare, G to VG, 1725-35
1032.   RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes for Cup Finals, 1960 & 1963, both featuring Wakefield Trinity, G to EX, 212-18
1033.   RUGBY UNION, selection, inc. programmes, England v New Zealand (1991 WC Opener), England v President's Overseas 1971; brochure, 1959 British Lions tour to Australia and New Zealand (NZ issue); full pages from Punch magazine and Almanack, 1912-13, commemorative covers for Welsh Centenary (3); player portraits, Caricature Cards by Geoff Giggs (8), Welsh Rugby Greats by The Western Mail (6), G to EX, 35*25-35
1034.   RUGBY UNION, railway flyers, both 1896, for excursions from York for matches at Idle (Yorks Football Cup) & Shipley, pieces missing from edges, FR to G, 230-50
1035.   RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes, inc. Cup Finals (13), 1960, 1962-1968, 1971, 1973-1974, 1976, 1977 & 1982 replay; 1980 New Zealand tourists, at Bradford Northern, Hull, Hull K.R., Leigh, Widnes etc., VG to EX, 2115-25
1036.   RUGBY UNION, signed photos, Shaun Fitzpatrick (8 x 11), Willie John McBride (Autographed Editions); Leicester Tigers 2001/2, poster signed by all 32, poster folded, G to EX, 320-30
1037.   RUBGY UNION, selection, inc. signed colour 8 x 12 photos by England players (5), Hodgson, Jones, Robinson, Sheridan & Titterrell; unsigned 8 x 10 press photos, 1990's, mainly action shots, England, New Zealand, Barbarians etc., VG to MT, 2520-30
1038.   RUGBY UNION, a 19.5 x 14.5 team photo of the 1924 All Blacks, with players names printed to lower border, issued by Wills, with 1924/5 Tour itinerary and players details laid down to sides, in period frame, G80-120