Public Auction of Entertainment, Ephemera and Cigarette & Trade Cards
on Wednesday 11th March

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1.      ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos, promotional cards etc., inc. Barbara Windsor, Virginia McKenna, Valerie Blake, Betty Hutton, Dolly Wells, Ellie Laine, Emily Lloyd etc., some inscribed, 12 x 8 and smaller, VG, 22 £30-50
2.      MUSIC, signed photos, promotional cards etc., inc. Petula Clark, Humphrey Lyttelton, Tommy Steele (a.m.r.), Roger Whittaker, The Bachelors, Joe Loss, Helen Reddy, Linda Carr, Ruby Murray, Ian Wallace, Lita Raza etc., laid down to card (2), some inscribed, 10 x 8 and smaller, G to VG, 13 £25-30
3.      CINEMA, signed b/w photos, some film scenes, inc. Chester Morris, Craig Reynolds, David Barry, Alexander Knox, Cesar Romero, Ben Gazzara, Michael Jayston, Kent Taylor etc., a.m.r. (1), some inscribed, 10 x 8 and smaller, G to VG, 13 £30-40
4.      ENTERTAINMENT, signed colour photos, some film scenes, inc. George Camiller, Justin Lee Collins, Ralf Little, Stephen Mangan, Mickey & Jan Rooney, Charlie Brooker, Andy Nyman, Daniel Radcliffe, Danny Webb etc., some inscribed, 12 x 8 and smaller, VG, 14 £30-40
5.      CINEMA, programmes, UK (18) & USA (38), 1929-1960s, stars inc. Lawrence Olivier, Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Errol Flynn, Gene Kelly, Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Eddie Cantor etc., generally G, 57* £40-50
6.      TELEVISION, Emmerdale selection, 1990s, inc. signed by Chris Chittell (4), three stills (each with episode numbers), match-worn Emmerdale cricket shirt; unsigned cast photos (c1995 & c2002), Woolpack beermat, cast postcards (printed), EX, 10 £60-80
7.      NAVAL, Woolson Spice The White Squadron Album, with Lion Coffee envelope (small tears to edges), Chilean War Flyer (5th Mar 1892) & List of Premiums flyer (ends same date), extremely rare, G to VG, 4 £70-90
8.      WWI, embroidered silk postcards, greetings, rarer foreign selection, inc. Dutch, French & German, G to EX, 26* £40-60
9.      POP MUSIC, magazines, Meet…, inc. Cliff, Billy Fury, Adam Faith, Billy J Kramer, Beat Groups etc., VG, 7 £25-35
10.     POP MUSIC, sheet music booklets, inc. James Bond (2), Adelle (Skyfall), Carly Simon (Nobody Does It better); 1990 Football World Cup, Hair, Everly Brothers, The Hollies, Anne Murray, Cat Stevens, The New Seekers, Cliff Richard, Tony Orlando & Dawn, McGuinness Flint, Rod Stewart, Five Star etc., G to VG, 36* £30-40
11.     THEATRE, The Mousetrap selection, brochures (2), A Third of a Century 1952-1986, 15000 Performances and 38 Years; the latter with programmes for 22 performances, inc. 1st year (Nottingham Theatre Royal & two for Ambassadors), 25th, 30th, 40th anniversaries etc., VG to EX, 24* £30-50
12.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos, promotional cards etc., inc. Pauline Williams, Keith Allen, David Warner, James Carson, Michael Crawford, Englebert Humperdinck, David Bellamy, Phyllis Diller, Jill Goolden etc., some inscribed, some creasing, G to VG, 30 £25-35
13.     CINEMA, film stills, etc., John Goldfarb Please Come Home (15), La Verite (4), La Dolce Vita (8), Look Back In Anger (11), Judgement at Nuremberg (2), VG, 40* £30-50
14.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed programmes, flyers, photos, letters etc., inc. Jon Pertwee, Gary Wilmot, Arthur Askey, Sean Hughes, Leslie Crowther, Barry Took, Cardew Robinson, Fred MacMurray, Tony Selby, Will Fyffe, Bill Maynard, Syd Lawrence, Hugh Lloyd, Brian Rix, Elspeth Gray, Linda Lusardi, Jamie Oliver, Harry Worth, Bernard Cribbins, Alison Steadman, Petula Clark, Jimmy Cricket, David Griffin, Ruth Madoc, Lenny Henry, Dora Bryan, Bonnie Langford etc., some inscribed, in plastic folder, G to VG, 40* £30-50
15.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed letters, photos etc., inc. Elizabeth Taylor, Melvyn Hayes, Meg Ryan, Leslie Phillips, Colin Baker, Ben Miller, Fiona Allen, Johnny Briggs, John Savident, William Roache, Betty Driver, Thelma Barlow, Victoria Wood, Maureen Lipman, Jessica Stephenson, Liza Tarbuck, Jack Warden, Zoe Ball, Jilly Cooper, Cyril Fletcher etc., some laid down to black card, some inscribed, in plastic folder, G to VG, 36* £30-50
16.     THEATRE, USA Playbills, 1930-40, theatres A-C, musicals, revues, plays, comedy; artists inc. Al Jolson, Ethel Merman, Burl Ives, Gene Kelly, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong etc., G, 57* £50-60
17.     THEATRE, USA Playbills, 1930-40, theatres C-F, plays, revues, vaudeville, musicals, Gilbert & Sullivan, comedy; artists inc. Basil Rathbone, Gladys Cooper, Fanny Brice, Olsen & Johnson, Henry Fonda etc., G, 62* £50-60
18.     THEATRE, USA Playbills, 1927-1939, theatres G-L, musicals, plays, comedy; artists inc. Edward G Robinson, Sophie Tucker, Mary Martin, Montgomery Cliff, Walter Slezak, Eddie Bracken, Van Johnson, Desi Arnez etc., G, 42* £30-40
19.     THEATRE, USA Playbills, 1929-1940, theatres L-M, musicals, revues, comedy, plays; artists inc. Jimmy Durante, Phil Silvers, Basil Rathbone, Ethel Merman, Katharine Hepburn, Tallulah Bankhead, Gertrude Lawrence etc., G, 51* £40-60
20.     THEATRE, USA Playbills, pre-war, 1930s, theatres M-R, musicals, revues, plays, comedy; artists inc. Beatrice Lillie, Tallulah Bankhead, Bob Hope, Raymond Massey, Bela Lugosi, A.E. Matthews, Frances Starr, Ethel Waters etc., G, 44* £30-40
21.     THEATRE, USA Playbills, pre-war, theatres R-Z, musicals, revues, plays, comedy; artists inc. Al Jolson, Fred Astaire, Beatrice Lillie, Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda, Olsen & Johnson, Fanny Brice, Ethel Waters, Ed Wyan, Maurice Evans, Walter Stezak etc., G, 41* £40-60
22.     THEATRE, USA Playbills, 1897-1931, theatres R-W, mainly decorative covers, inc. revues, musicals, comedy, plays, vaudeville; artists inc. Mae West, Eddie Cantor, Frances Starr, Billie Burke, Ernest Triex, Will Mahoney etc., generally G to VG, 50* £70-80
23.     THEATRE, programmes, UK (31) & USA (11), mainly pre-war, variety & musicals, some Pantomime Book of Words, stars inc. Judy Garland, Laurel & Hardy, Mae West, Eddie Cantor, Yul Brynner, Henry Fonda, Audrey Hepburn etc., G, 42* £40-50
24.     CINEMA, programmes, UK (61) & USA (19), 1918 onwards, stars inc. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Rudolf Valentino, Marx Brothers, Shirley Temple, Ramon Novarro, Gary Cooper, Basil Rathbone, Al Johnson, Jeanette MacDonald etc., generally VG, 80* £200-250
25.     MIXED SPORT, selection, inc. 1970 World Cup jig-saw, showing England team (with poster of image, in unrelated box with photocopy of image); booklet, Badminton by F W Last; PIKTEE football game; photo (8.5 x 6.5) of YMCA Harriers 1924-25 with trophy, £30-50
26.     EPHEMERA, selection, inc. military postcards (38), Tucks (25), Empire (7), Hearts of Oak (5), The Wild West (3), British Battles; Official War Photographs; prints, Heroes of the Victoria Cross (modern prints in folder), 1976 Wimbledon tennis programme etc., G to EX, 40* £40-60
27.     MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1940s-50s, Hippodrome Wolverhampton, inc. Erikson, Chefalo, Albert Burdon & Co., Fred Brezin, Jack & Mary Kinson, Harry Jerome, Jack Ledair, Raydini, Mifelov etc., G to VG, 29 £30-50
28.     MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1940s-50s, inc. Grand Theatre Derby, Chiswick Empire, Finsbury Park Empire, Golders Green Hippodrome, Whitehall, Westminster, Palace Theatre Manchester, Nottingham Empire, Gateshead Empire, Salford Palace, Palace Theatre Reading, Birmingham Hippodrome, Liverpool Empire, Glasgow Alhambra, New Theatre Cardiff, Hippodrome Accrington etc; Jack Demain, Sirdani, Arthur Dowler, Dante, Raoul, Benson Du Lay, David Berglas, The Amazing Fogel, Chris Charlton, John Wade etc., some ventriloquists, G to VG, 30* £30-50
29.     MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1940s-50s, inc. Pleasure Gardens Folkestone, Grand Theatre Derby, Newcastle Empire, Birmingham Hippodrome, Royalty Theatre Chester, Empire Theatre Middlesbrough, Beach Pavilion Aberdeen, Leeds Empire, London Palladium, Theatre Royal Hanley, Queens Theatre Blackpool; La Celeste, Len Martell, Saveen, Pharos & Marina, Jack Le Dair, Gali Gali, The Lyndons, Chris Charlton, The Great Lyle, David Berglas, Danny O'Dea, Tornedo, Tommy Cooper etc., G to VG, 30* £30-50
30.     MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1940s-50s, inc. Stoll Theatre, Hippodrome Derby, Ilford Hippodrome, Palace Theatre Manchester, Hippodrome Birmingham, Palace Theatre Chelsea, Nottingham Empire, East Ham Palace, Palace Theatre Leicester, Empire Theatre Edinburgh, Opera House Wakefield etc; Kalanag, Chan Canasta, Benson Du Lay, Pharos & Marina, Cingalee, Erik, De Bear, Murray Smith, Doc Marcus, Mary Kinson, Fred Culpitt, Tornedo, Roger Carne, Eric Williams etc., G to VG, 30* £30-50
31.     MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1900s-1930s, inc. Edinburgh Empire, Birmingham Grand, Kingston Empire, London Coliseum, Theatre Royal Hanley, Nottingham Empire, Chiswick Empire, Grand Theatre Derby, Theatre Royal Brighton etc; Deveen, Richard Barrs, Horace Goldin, Harry Jerome, Erikson, Carl Hertz, Benson Du Lay, Deveen, Artemus, Harry Pringle, Howard De Courcy etc., G to VG, 20 £30-50
32.     MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1900s-1930s, inc. Golders Green Hippodrome, London Coliseum, Alma Theatre Luton, Manchester Hippodrome, Bristol Hippodrome, Shepherd's Bush Empire, Edmonton Empire, Royal Jubilee Hall Weymouth etc; Arran, Datas, The Great Levante, Artemus, Fred Brezin, St. Clair, Carter, Jasper Maskelyne etc., some ventriloquists, some tears to edges, about G to VG, 20 £30-50
33.     MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1900s-1930s, inc. Winter Gardens New Brighton, Walthamstow Palace, Portsmouth Hippodrome, Alhambra, New Hippodrome Darlington, Birmingham Hippodrome, London Palladium etc; Fred Culpitt, Chefalo, Fred Brezin, Billington, Cecil Lyle etc., some ventriloquists, some tears to edges, about G to VG, 20 £30-50
34.     MAGIC, theatre programme, A Souvenir of the London Hippodrome 'Nurse Cavell' Matinee, 15th November 1915, with illustrations of artistes and reproduction sketches, some knocks to edges, G to VG £25-35
35.     MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1960s onwards, inc. Harold Taylor, Johnny Hart, James Crossim, Tommy Cooper, Francois Colin, Ben Said, Saveen, Pat Hatton & Peggy, Ken Dodd, John Shearer; Bristol Hippodrome, Fenners, Winter Gardens Morecambe, Dominion Theatre London, City Varieties Music Hall Leeds, Prince of Wales Theatre, Princess Theatre Torquay, Alexandra Theatre Birmingham, Gaiety Theatre etc., some ventriloquists, Keith Harris, Bob Carolgees, Terry Hall etc., G to VG, 40* £30-40
36.     MAGIC, theatre programmes, 1960s onwards, inc. Siegfried & Roy, Tommy Cooper, Fluke, Johnny Hart, Emerson & Jayne, Kreskin, Ken Dodd, Robert Harbin, Jon Klox, Al Koran, Will Russell, David Copperfield etc; Winter Gardens Pavilion Blackpool, Greenwich Theatre, Palace Theatre Manchester, New London Theatre, Festival Theatre Paignton, City Varieties Music Hall Leeds, The London Coliseum etc; some ventriloquists, Terry Hall, Neville King, Chris Kirby, Fred Roby, Ray Alan etc., G to VG, 40* £30-40
37.     MAGIC, magazines, by The Rupert Howard School London, Lesson One - Lesson Twenty-Five, rusting to staples, G to VG, 25 £30-50
38.     MAGIC, magazines, Edward Bagshawe's Magical Journal, 1929 (3), 1930 (6), 1931 (3), some rusting to staples, G to VG, 12 £25-35
39.     CINEMA, selection, inc. Picturegoer Film Stars (insert photos), postcards, photos, p/cs etc; Pritchard & Constance (Amami) Film Stars & Beauty Queens, Screen Pictorial Portrait Album (cover loose, previously repaired with tape) etc., some creasing & foxing, FR to VG, 90* £30-50
40.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed white cards, inc. Arthur Askey, Michael Crawford, Norman Rossington, Rowan Atkinson, Warren Mitchell, Reg Varney, Norman Evans, Leslie Crowther, Roy Hudd, Mike Yarwood, Sandy Powell, Max Wall, Billy Dainty, Cyril Fletcher, Bobby Davro, Charlie Chester, Al Reed, Norman Vaughan etc., some laid down to larger card, 6 x 4.5 and slightly smaller, slight duplication, G to VG, 70* £30-40
41.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed cards, pieces etc., inc. Nanette Newman, Linda Lusardi, Gwen Taylor, Sue Nicholls, Una Stubbs, Hetty King, Nerys Hughes, Eve Pollard, Valerie Singleton, Robertson Hare, Stanley Baxter, Dora Bryan, Liza Goddard, Anna Ford, Googie Withers, Iain Carmichael, Chris Tarrant, Peter Noone, Nigel Havers etc., mixed sizes, G to VG, 80* £30-40
42.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed cards, pieces etc., inc. Hughie Greene, Leslie Crowther, Patrick Cargill, Dale Winton, Bill Nighy, Arthur Pentelow, Bernard Braden, Norman Bowler, Paul Scofield, Marius Goring, Sam Wanamaker, Peter Goodwright, Jeffrey Holland, Julie Goodyear, Frazer Hines, Ian Lavender etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, G to VG, 80* £30-40
43.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed cards, pieces etc., inc. Jack Hylton, Lesley Garrett, Edmund Hockridge, Eddie Calvert, Oscar Peters, Bonnie Langford, Sandy Wilson, Wayne Sleep, Henry Hall, Michael Ball, Emile Ford, The Bachelors etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, G to VG, 65* £30-40
44.     NOTTINGHAM, original photos (postcard size), mainly Wollaton Hall, late 1800s, inc. Wollaton Hall exteriors & interiors, orchard, staff, horse-drawn carriage, stables, church interiors, Admiral Rodney pub etc., from the collection of the Head Gardener, many with postcard backs, in period album (a few stuck down), G to VG, 27* £70-90
45.     BARBRA STREISAND, souvenir brochures (4), theatre (3) & cinema (1) programmes, London & USA, G to VG, 8 £30-50
46.     THEATRE, posters, London and suburbs, musicals & plays, artists inc. Judi Dench, Rosemay Harris, Petula Clark, Alun Armstrong, Irene Handl, Frances de la Tour, Gilbert & Sullivan etc., mixed sizes, G to VG, 51* £25-35
47.     THEATRE, posters, mainly Andrew Lloyd Webber shows (17), Les Miserables, Miss Saigon etc., a few from New York, mixed sizes, VG, 26 £25-35
48.     THEATRE, posters, provincial & USA, inc. Alan Rickman in Brother Karamazou, OZ (Obscenity Trial at Oxford Playhouse); pantomime (7), USA (3), inc. Chita Riviera in Anything Goes (signed), Wolf Hall & Sondheim Celebrations in Washington etc., mixed sizes, G to VG, 14 £20-30
49.     ROYALTY, colour cotton panel, King Edward VIII - Coronation, May 12th 1937, with central portrait and four sepia commonwealth scenes, 13.5 x 12.5, G £40-60
50.     CINEMA, signed colour photo by Sean Bean, h/s in character as Boromir from Lord of the Rings, with CoA from vendor, EX £30-40
51.     CINEMA, The Wizard of Oz, signed cheque by Jack Haley, 15th Aug 1972, overmounted beneath colour photos of Haley (as Tin Man) with three others on the Yellow Brick Road, 14.5 x 18.5 overall, EX £60-70
52.     OPERA, photo, 7 x 9, showing Leontyne Price in Aida with the Metropolitan Opera, f/g, G £15-20
53.     THEATRE, poster for Argyle Theatre of Varieties Birkenhead, 25th Sept 1905, starring Hetty King, 11 x 35, f/g, G £40-50
54.     THEATRE, poster for Argyle Theatre of Varieties Birkenhead, 19th May 1902, starring Vesta Tilley, 11 x 35, f/g, G £40-50
55.     ENTERTAINMENT, selection of ephemera, inc. original caricatures, photographs of caricatures & poster mock-ups, from the collection of commercial artist John Stockle, G to VG, Qty. £40-60
56.     CINEMA, James Bond poster, Thunderball (1971 re-release), Sean Connery, Italian 40 x 56 (2-foglio), folded, VG £80-120
57.     CINEMA, poster, Wind Cannot Read (1958), Dirk Bogarde (UK Half Sheet); Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom (1984), Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford (British 15 x 30), folded, VG, 2 £40-60
58.     CINEMA, poster, Spanish Gardener (1956), Dirk Bogarde, Michael Hordern, Jon Whiteley; Penny Princess (1952), Dirk Bogarde, Yolande Donlan, UK 3-sheet issues, folded, G to VG, 2 £40-60
59.     CINEMA, posters, Nothing but the Best (1964), Alan Bates, Denholm Elliott; Intruder (1953), Jack Hawkins, Michael Medwin, Hugh Williams, UK 3-sheet issues, folded, G to VG, 2 £40-60
60.     MAPS, Ordinance Survey, 1940s issues, mainly issued through The War Office, sheet numbers between 44-190, inc. Ireland (2), Ireland North & Ireland South (both 1943); Scotland (4), Balater & Strathdon, Aberdeen, Glen Clova & Lochnagar, Stonehaven & Brechin (all 1948); England (74), tears to edges (14), stained (1), corner missing (1), unfolded, G to EX, 80* £140-180
61.     THEATRE, selection, many photos, inc. play scenes, costumes, actors /actresses, theatres, p/cs (a few modern); David James, William Devereaux, Lily Hanbury, Bert Coote, Renee Kelly, Marie Tempest, David Hutchinson; p/cs, inc. Maude Fay, Carmen Hill, Henry Ainley, Allan Aynesworth, George Edwardes, Sydney Valentine, Billie Burke, Gertie Millar, Edna May, Ellen Terry, Lily Elsie, Lily Brayton, George Alexander, Forbes Robertson, Basil Gill etc., mixed sizes, generously donated by benefactors of the National Theatre Museum, G to VG, Qty. £30-50
62.     THEATRE, magazine prints, mainly engravings, a few inserts etc., generously donated by benefactors of the National Theatre Museum, G to VG, Qty. £25-35
63.     THEATRE, play scenes, b/w photos, 1900s, inc. My Lady Nicotine, All The Year Round, 8d A Mile, Keep Smiling, Kill That Fly, Not Likely, Carmen etc., some laid down to board, generously donated by benefactors of the National Theatre Museum, G, Qty. £30-50
64.     GREETINGS CARDS, Victorian selection, inc. Christmas, Easter, Birthday, New Year; floral, scenes, religious, children, verses, tassels etc., mixed sizes, generally G, 150* £25-35
65.     CALENDARS, and bookmarks (19), 1874 onwards, inc. fans, small booklets, hanging style; children, religious, cats, verse, floral, scenes etc., G to VG, 36* £25-35
66.     GREETINGS CARDS, Victorian selection, inc. Christmas, Easter, Birthday, New Year; floral, scenes, religious, children, verses, embossed, tassels etc., mixed sizes, some with a.m.r., generally G, 175* £30-50
67.     SCRAPS, Victorian selection, inc. children, ships, Santa, cherubs, Easter, chicks, animals, horseshoe, greetings, military, oriental, heads, wild animals, cats, dogs, rabbits, floral, birds etc., mixed sizes, neat trim, G to VG, Qty. £30-50
68.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1930s onwards, inc. plays, musicals, ballet, comedy etc., a few flyers, G to VG, Qty. £30-40
69.     THEATRE, a red hat, apparently as used for D'Oyly Carte production, being a Three Little Maids hat from The Mikado, name-tag for L. Jones (Peggy Anne Jones of the D'Oyly Carte) to inside, in Ralph McPhail Jr posting box (1989), G £30-50
70.     CADBURY, Chocolate Yowie Characters, with figures, insert cards in plastic eggs, in cardboard counter-top display box & loose, VG to EX, 57+ £60-80
71.     POP MUSIC, trade issue, Typhoo Pop Stars, inc. Adam Faith, Bachelors, Manfred Mann, Kathy Kirby, Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames etc., in heart-shaped plastic frames, generally VG, 6 + 2 £25-35
72.     CIGARETTE PACKETS, complete packets (mainly hulls & sliders), mainly 10s, inc. Lagoon, BDV, SDV, MP, Four Aces, Cobnut, Passing Show, some crush damage, FR to VG, 20* £40-60
73.     CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, inc. hulls only (13), Trumpeter, Pall Mall, Drumhead, ABC, Double Ace, Three A, Navana, Torchlight; tins (3), Turmac, Sams Mixture, Nosegay; clipped panels etc., FR to G, 24* £40-60
74.     GREETINGS CARDS, inc. Christmas, New Year, Good Luck, Birthday etc; floral, dogs, horseshoe, opening, verse, birds, religious, children, scenes etc., some with slight, G to VG, 88* £30-50
75.     THEATRE, selection, inc. souvenir programmes, inc. Nevada Ballet Theatre, Monty Python, Bette David, The Mousetrap 25th Anniversary, Academy Awards, French & Saunders, charity shows, British Military Tournament 2010, Childrens Royal Variety Performance (2), Madeleine May flyer (1899); television script for This Is Your Life (1996, Sue Nicholls); tourist brochures, guides etc., mainly USA etc., , G to EX, 40* £30-50
76.     THEATRE, programmes, mainly 1940s onwards, inc. Theatre Royal Drury Lane (80), 1918-1935 (17); plays, musicals, ballet etc., slight duplication, about G to VG, Qty. £30-40
77.     THEATRE, Leeds programmes, Grand Theatre & Opera House, inc. 1903-1912 (7), 1940s-60s, inc. ballet, plays, pantomime, a few amateur etc., FR to VG, 250* £30-50
78.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Royal Performance, inc. Royal Gala (4), 1972, 1977 Silver Jubilee, 1990 Birthday Gala (2); Royal Performance (1961-1988), 1961 signed front cover by Bruce Forsyth & one other etc., duplication (1), some with marks to covers, creasing and knocks to edges, G to VG, 11 £30-50
79.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Royal Performance, inc. mainly Royal Variety Performance (1982-2013), 1983 front cover signed by Bonnie Langford, 80th Anniversary (2); Royal Performance 1965 & 1967 (signed inside by Vera Lynn) etc., duplication, some with marks to covers, G to EX, 26 £30-50
80.     SELECTION, inc. c/c, postcards, hardback edition of Deaths Doings by Dagley, Vol II, 2nd edition (1827), scuffing to covers and small piece missing from top of spine; travel album, Round the World from London Bridge to Charing Cross via Chicago & Yokohama, all 12 parts, in hardback file, covers loose for parts 1-3 etc., FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
81.     CARD GAMES, mainly playing cards, many complete sets, inc. Kargo Golf, Wills Bezique, royalty, cruise ships, Peter Pan, Fairy Tales etc., FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
82.     CIGARETTE PACKETS, hulls & sliders, mainly 10s, inc. Kensitas, Bachelor, State Express, Gold Flake, Airman, Taddy & Co. Myrtle Grove, Drumhead, Senior Service, Embassy, Richmond Gem etc., slight duplication, some crush damage, FR to VG, 40* £30-50
83.     CIGARETTE PACKETS, USA selection, complete soft-packs (many with original wrapping), 1940s onwards, inc. Triumph, Avalon, Alpine, Dukakis, Cambridge, American Spirit, Centrofinos, Crowns, Commander, F&L etc., G to EX, 40* £45-50
84.     SELECTION, inc. beer labels (33), Beard & Co., Banks, Abbot, Greene King, Tollemache, Adnams, Paine; matchbox labels, collection in acetate album & loose panels (clipped from boxes); cigarette packets & tins, postage stamps (loose in small stock book) etc., FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
85.     TELEVISION, toy, Classic Star Trek, showing bridge of Starship USS Enterprise with seven action figures, by Playmates, unopened, EX £40-60
86.     EPHEMERA, selection, inc. some tobacco and matchbox related, inc. advertising leaflets, information catalogues, posters, newspaper cuttings, scrapbook relating to 17th Barking Scouts, few modern p/cs, Royalty, Coronation & Silver Jubilee programmes; matchbox holders, plastic matchboxes, tins, Oxo, Faulkner Nosegay, Homepride, Brymay, Swan Vestas, Charles Farris, Peps, Woods Flake etc., good VR, Qty. £30-50
87.     MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, inc. German, French, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, UK etc; animals, alcohol, fish, ships, churches, trains, buildings, cars, views, transport etc., some sets, a few gross labels, laid down in scrap books and on pages, many loose, G, Qty. £30-50
88.     MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, inc. Austria, Belgium, USA, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Persia, Ireland, Australia etc; views, wild animals, birds, wildlife, butterflies, flags, flora, sport, pastimes, advertising, costumes etc., laid down to pages in two stamp stock albums, G to VG, Qty. £40-60
89.     THEATRE, souvenir brochures, 1897-1916, inc. Sarah Bernhardt, Marie Melba, Forbes Robertsons Farewell, Sir Charles Wyndham etc., generally G, 16 £40-50
90.     POP MUSIC, brochures, inc. Elton John, Queen, Freddie Mercury, Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Tina Turner, Spice Girls, Neil Sedaka, Gene Pitney, Everly Brothers, Chris de Burgh, Leo Sayer, David Essex, Stylistics etc., generally VG, 30 £50-60
91.     JAZZ, programmes & souvenir brochures, 1952 onwards, artists inc. Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Johnny Dankworth, Cleo Laine, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Marion Montgomery, Sara Vaughan, Peggy Lee etc., generally G to VG, 94* £60-80
92.     THEATRE, souvenir brochures for the Laurence Olivier/Society of West End Theatre Awards, 1976-1978, 1980, 1982-88, 1991-96, 2000, 2001, 1007 etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 25 £20-30
93.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, souvenir brochures, programmes,1930s onwards, UK & foreign (inc. USA), some duplication, G to VG, 105* £50-70
94.     THEATRE, programmes, D'Oyly Carte, 1940s-70s, all London, inc. Savoy, Sadler's Wells, Princes, Saville, Adelphi etc., some duplication, generally G to VG, 160* £50-70
95.     CONCERTS, opera & classical music programmes, 1940 onwards, inc. Covent Garden, Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center (USA), a few other foreign etc., artists inc. Gigli, Menuhin, Sir Malcolm Sargent, Carl Davis, Bryn Terfel, Thomas Allen, Sir John Barbirolli, Domingo, Georg Solti, Teresa Berganza, Teresa Stratos, Sherill Milnes, Mirelli Freni etc., G to VG, 240* £70-80
96.     GREETINGS, p/c, Christmas, inc. scenes, children, floral, religious, villages etc., Belgian issue, many pu, G to VG, 114* £30-50
97.     THEATRE, p/cs, inc. Simone Nostroff, Gunnar Graarud, Joan of Arc, Faust, Carmen & Figaro, Vesta Tilley etc., Theatre Du Marais booklet, Belgian issue, many pu, some knocks to edges, G, 40* £25-35
98.     CINEMA, t/c, actors & actresses, mixed series, inc. Virginia Mayo, Nancy Olson, Gene Barry, Ricardo Montalban, Gregory Peck, James Cagney, Kirk Douglas, Randolph Scott, Errol Flynn, Burt Lancaster, Phyllis Thaxter, Audie Murphy, Leigh Snowden, Rhonda Fleming, Jane Wyman, Ann Blyth etc., advert reverse, Belgian paper issue, slight duplication, some slight creasing, G to VG, 60* £30-50
99.     CINEMA, modern promotional p/cs & photos, inc. Leonardo Di Caprio, Clark Gable/Vivien Leigh, Charlie Chaplin (The Adventurer), Humphrey Bogart (Tokyo Joe), Delta Force, The Last of the Mohicans, Emmanuelle 4, Elisa, Marilyn Monroe, Dick Van Dyke, Curt Jurgens, Alan Ladd, Disney Violetta etc., some foreign issue, slight duplication, G to VG, 63* £25-35
100.    ENTERTAINMENT, actors & actresses, photos & p/cs, inc. Claire Bottin, Jackie Wards, Etienne Benoud, Lionel Patrick, Jean Belin, Guy Fontagniene, Luc Armon, Jean Sauvenier, Les Petites Denoel, Suzanne Ruiz, Joseph Olaerts, Lucien Boucher, Stan Bert, Rudi Schuricke, Robert Nage, Andree Grandjean etc., many with written annotation to reverse (foreign language), mixed sizes, G, 82* £30-40
101.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos, inc. Vic Oliver, Tommy Trinder, Harry Korris, Cyril Fletcher, George Clarke, 8 x 10 and smaller, inscribed (3), slight a.m.r., G to VG, 5 £30-40
102.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed (11) and unsigned p/cs, inc. Randolph Sutton, Carl Brisson (5), Barbara Bartle, Sandy Daw, Jack Poulter etc; Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, Luis Mariano, Edmund Purdom, Dennis Price etc., loose and laid down in autograph album, £30-40
103.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos, promotional cards etc., inc. Paul Gambaccini, George Sewell, Donald Sinden, Richard Todd, Ian Ogilvy, Russ Abbot, Jess Conrad, Val Doonican, Gareth Hunt, John Inman, Gordon Kaye, Stephen Fry, Michele Dotrice, Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne, Harry Enfield, Vic Reeves, Leslie Ash etc., some inscribed, mixed sizes, G to VG, 35* £30-50
104.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos, promotional cards etc., inc. Tom Courtenay, Joss Ackland, Derek Bond, Timothy West, Ian Ogilvy, George Sewell, Richard Todd, Donald Sinden, Peter Copley, Barry Cryer, Roy Hudd, Leslie Crowther, Sean Hughes, Charles Dance, Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Lionel Jeffries etc., some inscribed, mixed sizes, G to VG, 48* £30-50
105.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed cards, 6 x 4 and smaller, inc. Jerry Desmond, Robert Glenister, Brian Aherne, George Gaynes, Brendan Fraser, David Kossof, Raymond Massey, Cardew Robinson, Joan Rivers, Saffron Burrows, Joan Collins, Anne Jackson, June Brown etc., VG, 25 £25-30
106.    THEATRE, Pantomime programmes, 1920s, London & Provincial, inc. Book of words (7), generally G to VG, 49 £40-60
107.    ENTERTAINMENT, inc. programmes, ice shows, 1949 onwards, Empress Hall, Wembley Empire Pool (27); seaside shows, 1955 onwards, inc. Eastbourne Pier, inc. Starlight, Hastings White Rock Pavilion, inc. Twinkle; Weston-Super-Mare, Bournemouth, Scarborough, Morecambe, Torquay etc. (36), G to VG, 63* £40-50
108.    THEATRE, programmes, Menier Chocolate Factory, 2005 onwards, many musicals, inc. Sondheim etc., EX, 35* £15-25
109.    THEATRE, USA souvenir brochures, mainly 1940s-60s, a few 1970s, artists inc. Judy Holliday, Beatrice Lillee, Carmen Miranda, Marg Martin, Elizabeth Taylor, Angela Lansbury, Carol Channing, Olsen & Johnson, Yul Brynner, Maurice Evans, Ray Bolger, Robert Preston, Charles Coburn, Joe E Brown etc., generally G, 41* £30-50
110.    CIRCUS, programmes & brochures, inc. Bertram Mills, 1934/5, 1938/9, 1947/8, 1948, 1949, 1949/50, 1952/3, 1957/8, 1960; Royal Performance souvenirs, 1961/2, 1962/3, 1965, 1966/7; other UK circus (15), foreign (8) etc., G to VG, 36* £50-70
111.    THEATRE, handbills, mainly 1930s-1940s, inc. Grand Theatre Llandudno, Streatham Hill Theatre, Coventry Theatre, Plaza, Alexandra Theatre Birmingham, Golders Green Hippodrome, Saville, Stoll, Phoenix, Palace, Royal Adelphi, London Palladium etc., G to EX, 54* £30-40
112.    ENTERTAINMENT, b/w caricature sketches by John Ford, inc. cartoons, John F Kennedy, Tommy Cooper, Leslie Crowther, Spike Milligan, Harold Wilson (driving horse & cart), The Hundred Days Into Battle (TUC), The Solution (cricket) etc., G to VG, 16 £25-35
113.    THEATRE, programmes & handbills, Music Hall and Variety, 1930s-40s, inc. Theatre Royal Chatham, East Ham Palace, Grand Theatre Luton, Croydon Empire, Royal Hippodrome Dover, Lewisham Hippodrome; Palace Theatre Reading, Regent Cinema Hayes, Regal Theatre Minehead, New Hippodrome Darlington, Blackpool Week souvenir 1933 etc., duplication, tear to spine (1), G to VG, 42* £30-40
114.    GLAMOUR, magazines, by Utopia Publications, 1950s, inc. Flip Flap, Carnival Capers, Delicious Stories, Animal Crackers, rusting to staples, G to VG, 4 £25-35
115.    FASHION, press photos, 1960s, inc. models, fashion shows, store opening, outfits by Christian Dior, Norman Hartnell etc., mainly 8 x 10, most with typed annotation lightly laid down to reverse, some curling, G, 29 £25-35
116.    TOPOGRAPHICAL, press photos, 1960s, inc. Hayley Mills (2), Francois Hardy (3), Stacy Davies marries Judith Martin, Christabel Carlisle, Sarah Boyd-Carpenter, Meriel Douglas-Home & fiancee Adrian Darby (6) etc., 8 x 10, most with typed annotation lightly laid down to reverse, some curling, G, 18 £20-30
117.    THEATRE, programmes, inc. Adelphi Theatre (22), 1800s (5) & 1900s-1920s; Queen's Theatre Leeds, 1903, 1917 etc; The City Palace of Varieties Leeds, G, 30* £30-50
118.    GLAMOUR, magazines, inc. The Nude by Fritz Willis, No. 96, 1950s, pub. by Walter T. Foster; Utopia Publications (4), 1950s, inc. Fads and Fancies, Bitzy Stories, Snap, Haywire, rusting to staples, G to VG, 5 £30-40
119.    MUSIC, programmes, inc. Paul Robeson, Dave Brubeck, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, Chris Barber etc., punch-holes (3), FR to EX, 12 £40-60
120.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed 10 x 8 b/w photo signed by Norman Wisdom, EX £25-35
121.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed 8 x 10 b/w photo signed by Barbara Windsor, EX £25-35
122.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. Joe Pass, Glenn Close, Joan Collins, Jean Simmons, G, 4 £25-35
123.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed 8 x 10 colour photo signed by the cast of Dinner Ladies, inc. Victoria Wood, Anne Reid, Thelma Barlow, Julie Walters, 7 signatures in total, slight a.m.r., G £40-60
124.    MUSIC, signed photos, inc. Buddy Rich, Johnnie Ray, Perry Como, Fats Domino etc., corner-mounted to card (2), mixed sizes, G to VG, 5 £25-35
125.    LITERATURE, signed letters, inc. Jeffrey Archer, Winston Graham, Edward Lucas, Sue Townsend, Dennis Wheatly etc., G to VG, 8 £25-35
126.    CINEMA, Bette Davis photos, 8 x 10 (2) & smaller, signed (2), VG, 3 £30-40
127.    THEATRE, selection, inc. programmes (2), Utopia at Gateshead Kings Theatre, Feb 1914 (silk), The Lyons Mail at Lyceum (Henry Irving); Jack Hulbert letter & three postcards, G to EX, 5 £30-50
128.    POP MUSIC, Beatles selection, inc. reprinted programme, 1963 Chris Montez & Tommy Roe; trade cards (14), A&BC, Dandy etc., G to EX, 15 £30-40
129.    POP MUSIC, programme, Another Beatles Christmas Show programme, 1964/5, slight tear to back cover & light foxing, G £30-40
130.    THEATRE, signed photo by Stephen Sondheim, h/s promotional issue, photo by Henry Grossman, inscribed, EX £35-45
131.    MUSIC, programme, An Evening with Judy Garland, 1960, EX £25-35
132.    MILITARY, signed b/w photo of Philippe Petain (French General), dated 28th December 1941, showing him seated at desk, 9.5 x 11.5, creased, about G £30-50
133.    CINEMA, signed photos, inc. Michael Caine (in scene from Zulu), Daniel Day Lewis (holding Oscar statue), Gene Hackman (h/s in flying goggles), Sophia Loren & Charlton Heston (in character from El Cid), 8 x 10, EX, 4 £50-70
134.    CINEMA, signed selection, inc. photos (2), Joan Fontaine, Karl Malden (both 8 x 10); Maurice Chevalier (postcard), Anthony Quayle, theatre programme for Chin Chin at Wyndham Theatre (Nov 1960), EX, 4 £30-50
135.    CINEMA, signed photos, inc. Greta Scacchi (h/s in Santa hat), Mia Wasikowski (half-length from Alice in Wonderland), Claire Bloom (three-quarter length from A Dolls House), Megan Fox, 10 x 8, EX, 4 £30-50
136.    POP MUSIC, trade issues, inc. two Barratt Pop Stars (paper envelope, showing Kiss), Chupa Chups Pop Charts (4), VG, 2 + 4 £25-35
137.    POLITICAL, signed blank cards by British Prime Ministers, Edward Heath (1970-1974), Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990), each laid down to card with attached picture, VG, 2 £30-50
138.    POLITICAL, signed blank cards by British Prime Ministers, John Major (1990-1997), Tony Blair (1997-2007), each laid down to card with attached picture, VG, 2 £30-50
139.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, D'Oyly Carte and other Gilbert & Sullivan productions, 1950's-80s, inc. Pavilion Theatre Bournemouth, Opera House Manchester, King's Theatre Southsea, Fairfield Hall Croydon, Grand Theatre Wolverhampton, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Royal Albert Hall, many Sadler's Wells, Cambridge Theatre, The Savoy, Adelphi, Saville Theatre etc., G to VG, Qty. £30-50
140.    MAGIC, selection, inc. magazines, 1930s Sphinx (10), 1940s Goodlittes Abracadabra (19), The Magic Wand, 1940s (18) & 1950s (1); softback edition of Magicians Handbook by Herrmann the Great (1942 US issue), G to VG, 49* £40-60
141.    CINEMA, magazines, The Picturegoer, 1940s & 1950s, inc. Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr, June Allyson, Lucille Ball, Anne Crawford, Bob Hope, Lauren Bacall, Alan Ladd, Stewart Granger, Janet Leigh, Richard Todd etc., some with annotation to front cover in pencil, a few with staining, slight tears to covers, duplication, G to VG, 171* £30-50
142.    COMICS, selection, 1920s onwards, inc. Boys Magazine (19), Lion, Tiger & Scorcher, Eagle, Buster, Battle, Valiant, Whoopee, Smash, Tarzan, The Dreadnought (1913-14, 7) etc., duplication, G, 70* £30-50
143.    COMICS, selection, 1960s-80s, inc. mainly The Dandy (167*), Cor!!, Donald and Mickey (38), School Fun, Bobo Bunny, Chips, Knockout etc., some with annotations to front cover in pen, slight staining & creasing to corners, slight duplication, G, 252* £30-50
144.    COMICS, The Beano, inc. 1960s & 1970s (4), 1980s, mainly 1990s, with give-aways (2); celebration sticker albums (1), 1991 & 50 Years of The Beano etc., duplication, some with annotation to front cover in pencil, some tears to edges and spines, a few with tears to cover, corner creasing etc., G to VG, 200* £30-50
145.    COMICS, Whizzer & Chips, 1970s, duplication, a few with slight staining, some with annotation to front cover in pen, tears to edges, slight foxing, generally G to VG, 149* £30-50
146.    MAGAZINE, Chums, 1898-902, bound in two hardback volumes and loose, G, Qty. £30-50
147.    MAGAZINE, The London Mercury, 1920-1938, tears to edges and spines, FR to G, 36* £30-50
148.    MAGAZINES, Illustrated, 1940s (71) & 1950s (70), inc. Charlie Chaplin, Royalty, Ingrid Bergman, Petula Clark, Lauren Bacall, The Siege of Malta etc., duplication, G, 141* £30-50
149.    MAGAZINES, John Bull, 1950s, articles on Douglas Bader, Sir Edmund Hillary, Jimmy Edwards etc., duplication, some with annotation to front cover in pen, a few covers loose, some tears to edges and spines, corner creasing, staining, G, 98* £30-50
150.    MAGAZINES, Punch, 1927-40s (7), mainly 1950s, a few 1960s; Pictures From Punch, Nos. 2-24 (6) etc., duplication, some tears to edges and spines, some with annotation to front cover, staining, P (1) otherwise FR to G, 90* £30-50
151.    MAGAZINES, selection, inc. St. George's Magazine For Boys & Girls, 1911-1916 (11), Football and Sports Library, Nos. between 144-554 (6) etc., FR to G, 21 £30-50
152.    MAGAZINES, sport, selection, inc. mainly Cycling (99), 1930s-50s; World Sports 1950s & 60s; The TT Special 1980 (2) etc., some with annotations to front cover in pencil, staining & foxing, rusting to staples, a few with slight tears to edges, slight duplication, FR to G, 128* £30-50
153.    MAGAZINES, selection, inc. Scholar's Own, 1906-1912 (33); The Boys Realm of Sport and Adventure, 1919-22 (38), knocks to edges, some staining, G, 71* £30-50
154.    MIXED, selection, inc. signed (16), blank cards, CDs, stickers etc., Terry Wogan, Lionel Blair, Richard O'Brien, Vince Hill, Nicholas Parsons, Richard Briers; album of 27 photos of 1950s boats on canals, at Kegworth (Notts), Kingston on Soar, Barrow on Soar, Cossington etc.; reference books & booklets, CSGB, retail catalogues; magazines etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-50
155.    PLAYERS, cardboard showcards, Navy Cut cigarettes, 1960s, inc. showing a man riding a grey horse through water (7.75 x 10); Father Christmas holding a box of cigarettes with "Greetings" on it (6.5 x 8.5); People Love Players, showing silhouette of a man and woman, against a skyline, lighting their cigarettes; pop-up packet in the bottom left corner (9 x 13); Get Together With, showing man offering lady a cigarette (7.25 x 9.75), from the Players archive, VG, 4 £30-40
156.    PLAYERS, cardboard showcards, No.6 Cigarettes, showing two packets with a gold trophy cup in the background (6.25 x 8.5); Bachelors Cork Tipped Cigarettes, showing lady in black flowing evening gown with fan (14 x 19), from the Players archive, details to company stamp to back, VG, 2 £30-40
157.    TOBACCO, advertising posters, inc. Bell Three Nuns Empire Brand, showing farmers with oxen and packet of tobacco (9.25 x 12.5); ERB Bell Tobacco (19.5 x 4.5), American Flaked Honey Dew (15.5 x 9.25), Bright Flaked Honey Dew (15.5 x 9.25), text only (3), lightly laid down to card (2), G to VG, 4 £30-50
158.    TOBACCO, advertising posters, inc. Players (2), Medium Navy Cut Tobacco, showing French Prisoners of War by A.D. McCormick (12 x 16.25), text only (14.5 x 8); Tom Long Tobacco, showing two men sat at table smoking (10 x 13.25), Franklyns Mild tobacco (13 x 10), text only (2), laid down to card (2), VG, 4 £30-50
159.    TOBACCO, advertising posters, Wills, inc. showing factories and prize medals (12.5 x 9); Bulwark, showing man smoking pipe (9.75 x 13), Prize Medals, mainly text with illustrations of medals (13.5 x 10.5); Black Jack, mainly text with illustration of tube of tobacco (14.5 x 8.25); Capstan Navy Cut, text only, centre fold (16.5 x 11.5), laid down to card (3), VG, 5 £40-60
160.    TRADE, advertising posters, inc. Canada Dry Ginger Ale, showing girl with bottle (16 x 7.5); Norvic Shoes, showing floral arrangement (10 x 13.5); New Eve Shampoo, showing head of lady and packet (11.5 x 9.5); Personality Turtle Oil Soap, showing girls head, flowers and bar of soap (9 x 11), laid down to card (2), VG, 4 £30-50
161.    AUTOGRAPHS, selection (mainly actors), inc. Leopold Stokowski (blue card overmounted beneath b/w photo); Edward Fox (signed to lobby card from Day of the Jackal); b/w of Ronald Howard & Andrew Crawford (in costume from Guilty Party), signed to overmount by both; John Slater (signed to overmount with brief note); Tony Wright (signed and inscribed to overmount), the latter two also signed by the photographer R.G. Nicholds, 15 x 20 overall and slightly smaller, small piece missing from corner (1), slight knocks to edges, G to VG, 5 £40-60
162.    THEATRE, Gilbert & Sullivan, coloured illustrations by Lucille Corcos, removed from A Treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan, pub. New York 1941, inc. Patience, HMS Pinafore, Iolanthe, Princess Ida, The Sorcerer, The Yeoman of the Guard, Ruddigore, 9 x 12, G to VG, 7 £30-50
163.    GREETINGS CARDS, better selection, inc. Christmas, Birthday, shaped, embossed, tassels, scenes, floral, birds, children, religious etc., mixed sizes, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* £25-35
164.    AVIATION, postcards, Gilmour, Paulhan (2), Gooden looping-the-loop; Latham (3), in flight, pu (1), FR to G, 7 £30-50
165.    MUSIC, selection of signed promotional p/cs, photos etc., inc. Carol Elvin, Peter Staub, Frank Holder, Gerhard Wendland, Renate Holm, Wandy Tworek, Peter Kraus, Bill McGuffie, Frank Weir, Pauline Shepherd, Max Bygraves, Dickie Valentine, Zack Laurence, Rene Bell, Marino Marini, Kenny Ball, Toni Carroll, Vic Damone etc., slight duplication, some a.m.r., G, 60* £40-60
166.    THEATRE, Gilbert & Sullivan, signed cards, pieces etc., lightly laid down to black card, with photo and/or biographical details laid down to larger card, inc. Winne Melville, Louie Pounds, Sydney Granville, Henry Lytton, Leo Sheffield, Thomas Round & Donald Adams, G to VG, 6 £40-60
167.    THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, b/w photos with facsimile signatures, inc. Eileen Sharpe, Henry Millidge, Bertha Lewis, Winifred Lawson, Joseph Griffin, Elsie Griffin, Sydney Granville, Charles Gouldy, Darrell Fancout & Leo Darton, 6 x 4; together with two souvenir brochures, D'Oyly Carte Centenary 1875-1975 and A Pictorial Record of the 1932-1933 Season, G to VG, 12 £30-50
168.    THEATRE, and cinema, b/w photos, actors & actresses (2), inc. Norman Wooland, Sam Wanamaker, Henry Oscar, Ivor Novello, Patrick Barr, Bobby Howes, Matheson Lang, Wallace Ford (2), Peter Copley, Leonora Corbett, Rudy Valee, Robert Vaughan and Eric Von Stroheim, Jack Warner (all with two different), Rudolph Valentino, Robert Walker Jnr., John Williams, Keenan Wynn, Roland Young, Robert Walker, Tom Walls, Hy Hazel etc., 8 x 10, some with biographical details, G to VG, 42* £30-50
169.    CINEMA, actresses, original portrait stills, inc. Lea Padovani, Nicola Paget, Eleanor Parker (two different), Gail Patrick, Susan Peters, Mary Philbin, Susan Pleshette, Patricia Plunkett, Eleanor Powell, Jane Powell (two different), Micheline Presley, Dorothy Provine. Rene Ray, Donna Reed, Lee Remick, Ginger Rogers, Ruth Roman, Veronica Rose, Francois Rosay, Jane Russell, Rosalind Russell, Ann Rutherford, mainly 8 x 10, G to VG, 24* £40-60
170.    CINEMA, actors, original portrait stills, inc. Basil Rathbone (two different), Jason Robarts, James Robertson-Justice, Edward G. Robinson, Paul Robeson (two different), Roy Rogers, Gilbert Roland, Cesar Romero, Mickey Rooney, Norman Rossington, Charlie Ruggles, George Sanders, George C. Scott, Randolph Scott, Zachery Scott, Omar Sharif, Robert Shaw, Ronald Shiner, Red Skelton, James Stewart, William Sylvester, mainly 8 x 10, G to VG, 23* £40-60
171.    POLITICAL, signed selection, inc. Hugh Gaitskill (album page), H.M. Hyndman (correspondence card), Willingdon, Governor-General of India (blank card), VG to EX, 3 £30-50
172.    MUSIC, signed 8 x 10 photos, inc. Toyah Wilcox, Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Lynch, Jack Jones, Barbara Dickson, Sheena Easton, Gary Glitter, Phil Collins, Shani Wallis, Dione Warwick etc., most with biographical details, inscribed (2), G to VG, 11 £50-70
173.    ALCOHOL, Guinness, silk adverts, with illustration and caption, VG, 10 £40-60
174.    POLITICAL, signed selection by British politicians, inc. Gladstone (free-front envelope), Anthony Eden (piece), each laid down to card with attached photo; signed pieces (removed from the bottom of a letter), Aberdeen (2) & one other; John Smith (HoC notecard), Gordon Brown (photo & piece), Tony Blair (blank card), David Cameron (photo), Ken Clarke (photo) etc., unsigned magazine photos etc. (45), VG £30-50
175.    CINEMA, Arnold Schwarzenegger selection, inc. signed 8 x 10 photos (2), scenes from Conan & Last Action Hero; FoH sets of photos, The Terminator & Terminator 2 - Judgement Day, EX, 18 £40-60
176.    MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, inc. many India, UK, Sweden, Czechoslovakia etc; Hero, Gopal, Arrow, Sun Brand, The Tiger, Wimco, Monkey, Papa, Hamidia, Anakapalle, Hind, New India, Central, National Indian, Janaki, Bilimora, Datar, Panpatty, Mahbubia, Sattur Original, Swedish Lloyd, Cornish Match, Solo Match Works etc., in modern album, some a.m.r., G to VG, 440* £40-60
177.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, USA selection, 1920s, inc. Apollo (4), Biltmore (2), Bijou (2), knocks to spines, G to VG, 8 £30-50
178.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, USA selection, 1913-30s, inc. Broadhurst (7), Albee, Adelphi, Belmont, Broad Street/Schubert, Astor, knocks to spines, G to VG, 12 £30-50
179.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, USA selection, 1900s-30s, inc. Booth (3), Brooklyn (3), Belasco (7), knocks to spines, G to VG, 13 £30-50
180.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, USA selection, 1900s-30s, inc. Alvin (3), Ambassador (4), Academy of Music (4), knocks to spines, G to VG, 11 £30-50
181.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, USA selection, 1875-1900, inc. Brooklyn Daily Stage, Dalys, Broadway, Bijou (2), Powers, some tears and repairs, P to G, 6 £30-50
182.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, USA selection,1886-1905, Hyperion Theatre (9), American Opera, Grand Opera House, some tears and repairs, P to G, 11 £30-50
183.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection, inc. a pair of white ballet shoes, each signed by Yuri Vasyuchenko, dated 13th Dec 1990, with cover letter from LWT to competition winner; scripts (6), A Sideways Look At? (Radio Four 1982), Love From The Prodigal (BBC 1975), Practice Makes Perfect by Mary Biscombe, Ghandi (Columbia Pictures 1982); shooting script for Great Expectations etc., G to EX, 7 £30-50
184.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection, programmes, letters, manuscript; Vernon Adcock, Dennis Noble, Neville Griffiths, Peter Butt, Joyce Wright, Beryl Dixon, Muriel Harding, Donald Adams, Max Miller, Walter Niblo, Albert Modley, Wilfred Pickles, Robert Butcher etc., FR to VG, 33* £30-50
185.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection, programmes, letters, contracts, scripts etc., from the Sandy Powell archive, G to VG, 17 £25-35
186.    THEATRE, posters, Music Hall & Variety selection, 1930s-40s, inc. Tottenham - North London's Wonder Night 1936 (two sizes), Chatham, Crewe, Barnsley, Bognor Regis, Birmingham - Blackpool Week, Herne Bay Tower Gardens, Rotunda, Dover; artists inc. Troise & His Mandoliers, Herschel Henlere, Billy Bernhart, Jenny Howard, Hal Moss & His Mayfair Broadcasting Band, Eve Matthews etc., slight duplication, rolled, minimal tears to edges, G to VG, 17* £60-70
187.    CINEMA, postcards, Actors, inc. Trevor Howard, Jon Hall, Bob Hope, Robertson Hare, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Stewart Granger, David Farrar, Douglas Fairbanks Jnr., Henry Fonda, Ricardo Cortez, Howard Duff, Robert Donat, Richard Dix, Schnozzle Durante, Clive Brook, Dirk Bogarde, Montgomery Clift, Steve Cochran, Bruce Cabot, Lew Ayres, George Arliss, Richard Arlen etc., a few p/b, slight duplication, G to VG, 50* £30-50
188.    CINEMA, postcards, Actresses, inc. Barbara Stanwyck, Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell, Jean Parker, Anna Neagle, Jeanette MacDonald, Mae Murray, Una Merkel, Evelyn Laye, Piper Laurie, Carole Lombard, Janet Gaynor, Miriam Hopkins, Greta Garbo, Greer Garson, Marion Davies, Frances Dee, Marie Dressler, Cicely Courtneidge, Phyllis Calvert, Ingrid Bergman, Binnie Barnes, Jean Arthur, Betty Balfour etc., a few p/b, slight duplication, G to VG, 50* £30-50
189.    CINEMA, postcards, Couples, Frank Lawton & Evelyn Laye, Ginger Rogers & James Stewart, Warner Baxter & Joan Bennett, Nils Aster & Ann Harding, Ivor Novello & Elizabeth Allen, Clive Brook & Irene Dunne, Ronald Colman & Frances Dee, Fredric March & Janet Gaynor, Robert Young & Betty Furness, Robert Montgomery & Norma Shearer, Frank Lawton & Evelyn Laye, Clark Gable & Myrna Loy, Cary Grant & Joan Bennett, Clark Gable & Marion Davies, Vilma Banky & Rudolph Valentino etc., a few p/b, slight duplication, G to VG, 54* £30-50
190.    POSTCARDS, topographical, Devon & Cornwall, inc. views, coastal, buildings, street scenes, churches, interiors, monuments, rivers, pubs, bridges, parks, gardens etc., some pu, G to VG, 100* £40-60
191.    POSTCARDS, topographical, London, inc. views, buildings, street scenes, churches, interiors, monuments, rivers, bridges, parks, gardens, military etc., some pu, G to VG, 100* £40-60
192.    POSTCARDS, London, inc. mainly RP, Charing Cross Station & Hotel, Victoria Station, interior Great Northern Railway Station; Underground Tramway, Holding up the Traffic, Kennington Church & Hospital, High Holborn, Cheapside, Fleet Street, Thames Embankment, London Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge (5), Piccadilly Circus,, Harrods (with acknowledgement of order to reverse) etc., pu (16), G to VG, 37* £30-50
193.    POSTCARDS, topographical, Edwardian to modern, inc. London and suburbs (65), Trafalgar Square, Regent Street, The Strand, Knightsbridge, Oxford Street, Tower Bridge, St James Palace, Parliament Square, Tower, Westminster Abbey, Royal Exchange, Rotten Row, Albert Hall, Lambeth Palace, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Lambeth Town Hall, Horniman's Museum Forest Hill, Town Hall Southall etc., pu (15)modern Leicestershire, inc. Coalville, Whitwick, Thringstone, Charnwood; street scenes, churches, industry, mining, shops, railway, pubs etc., modern Leicestershire, inc. Coalville, Whitwick, Thringstone, Charnwood; street scenes, churches, industry, mining, shops, railway, pubs etc., G to EX, 135* £30-50
194.    POSTCARDS, London, inc. theatres (8), The Coliseum, His Majesty's, Kennington, Criterion, Empire, Hippodrome, The Strand & Gaiety Theatre, Aldwych; Leicester Square, Kensington Gardens, Trafalgar Square, Guildhall, Home Office, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Russell Square, St. Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Bridge, New Scotland Yard, Broadcasting House, Parliament Street, Unilever House, Lambeth Palace, Mansion House, St. Paul's Cathedral, Marble Arch etc., pu (28), G to VG, 120* £30-50
195.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. actresses (14), Lettice Fairfax, Little Miss Betty, Evelyn Millard, Violet Vanbrugh, Mab Paul; topographical, foreign (130) & coastal (95), Prince's Parade Bridlington, Ramsgate Harbour, Promenade & Bay Douglas IoM, The Kursaal Bexhill, The Harbour, Prince's Parade Bridlington, Princess Pier, Anstey's Cove Torquay, Promenade & Cliff Hotel Felixstowe, Children's Cycle Track Rhyl, The Aquarium Brighton, Ramsgate Harbour, Promenade & Bay Douglas IoM, The Cenotaph Llandudno etc., G to VG, 240* £30-50
196.    POSTCARDS, topographical, inc. Kent (44), Hants (60), inc. views, coastal, buildings, street scenes, churches, interiors, monuments, rivers, pubs, bridges, parks, gardens etc., some pu, G to VG, 104* £40-60
197.    POSTCARDS, foreign selection, inc. views, towns, natives, costumes, churches, village life, monuments, coastal, farming etc; Canada, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France, some pu, FR to VG, 500* £40-60
198.    TRANSPORT, unused bus ticket blocks, mixed denominations, G to VG, 20 £30-50
199.    TRANSPORT, bus tickets, inc. London Transport, Ribble Motor Services, Western National Omnibus, Aberdare, Oxford etc., a few foreign, G to VG, Qty. £30-50
200.    WILLS, Famous Footballers, complete, Scissors, creased (1), about G to VG, 50 £80-120
201.    WILLS, Aviation, complete, black, Vice Regal backs, heavy a.m.r. (2), FR to G, 75 £30-40
202.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, London Characters, complete, VG to EX, 25 £30-50
203.    MILITARY, odds, inc. Home & Colonial, Lambert & Butler, Colombos, ATC, Murray, Machado, Muratti, BCC, Cohen Weenen, Typhoo, Boys Friend, Churchman etc., creased (1), FR to VG, 19 £30-50
204.    MILITARY odds, warships, inc. Booker, Hill, Muratti, Cohen Weenen, Machado, McNiven, Phillips Guinea Gold etc., FR to G, 15 £30-50
205.    PLAYERS, Wild Animals of the World, narrow, no branch, with Ltd., G to VG, 44 £100-150
206.    PLAYERS, Transvaal Series, purple (44) & cream (61 + duplicates), G to VG, 105 £40-60
207.    PLAYERS, Pugilists in Action, complete, overseas, VG, 50 £70-90
208.    PLAYERS, Every Day Phrases by Tom Browne, complete, G to VG, 25 £120-160
209.    PLAYERS, British Live Stock, complete, large, overseas, VG to EX, 25 £60-80
210.    PLAYERS, Bonzo Dogs, complete, overseas, about G to VG, 25 £40-60
211.    PLAYERS, Irish Place Names 1st & 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 50 £50-70
212.    PLAYERS, Country Sports, complete, large, VG to EX, 25 £40-60
213.    PLAYERS, Actors & Actresses, complete, corner crease (1), G to generally VG, 25 £150-250
214.    GALLAHER, The South African Series, complete, FR to VG, 111 £140-180
215.    GALLAHER, Regimental Colours & Standards, complete, G to VG, 50 £60-80
216.    GALLAHER, Famous Footballers, complete, green, G to EX, 100 £40-60
217.    GALLAHER, English & Scotch Views, complete, minimal scuffing to black edges, VG to EX, 100 + 2 £80-120
218.    GALLAHER, Signed Portraits of Famous Stars, complete, VG to EX, 48 £30-50
219.    GALLAHER, Cinema Stars, complete, G to VG, 100 £30-50
220.    GALLAHER, Birds Nests & Eggs, complete, G to generally VG, 100 £40-60
221.    MY WEEKLY, Soldiers of the King, complete, medium silks, VG, 14 £30-50
222.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Pottery Types, large silks, numbered to reverse, G to VG, 32* £30-50
223.    PHILLIPS, premium silks, inc. Clan Tartans (8), Heraldic (10), War Leaders (2) & Flags (3), G to EX, 23* £30-40
224.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, small, 1st (84) & 2nd (13), op (mainly printed), duplication (possible variations), generally G, 97* £40-60
225.    A. & B.C. GUM, Football Stamps, G to VG, 16 £40-60
226.    FRY, Scout Series, slight duplication, FR to generally G, 47* £40-60
227.    ADKIN, Soldiers of the Queen, mainly 60 backs, FR to G, 52 £30-50
228.    LIEBIG, table cards, Sports, inc. horse racing, cycling, rowing & hunting, T-8, corner knocks, G, 4 £30-50
229.    BARRATT & BASSETT, part sets & odds, inc. Test Cricketers, Disney Characters, Ali Cat, Robin Hood, Dinosaurs, Soccer Stars, Tom & Jerry, Wild West etc., slight duplication, a few creased, FR to EX, 115* £30-50
230.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Cousis Actresses (28); Fry With Captain Scott at the South Pole (8), Sniders & Abrahams (7), Billiards (2); ITC of Canada etc., FR to G, 58* £30-50
231.    U.S.A., odds, inc. Cameron & Cameron, Kimball, Kinney, BAT, ATC etc., some a.m.r., creasing etc., FR to G, 76* £30-50
232.    COHEN WEENEN, Football Captains, G to VG, 22 £50-70
233.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 901 onwards, variations/duplicates (1), a few a.m.r., G to VG, 170 + 1 £50-80
234.    FOOTBALL, complete (4), Phillips, International Caps, Famous Footballers (anon.); Carreras, Popular Footballers, Footballers (Turf), G to VG, 198 £30-50
235.    FOOTBALL, complete (5), Ardath, Carreras & Gallaher Famous Footballers; Phillips Soccer Stars; Carreras Popular Footballers, G to VG, 246 £30-50
236.    WILLS, Cricket Season 1928/9, Australian issue, G to EX, 35* £80-120
237.    BARRATT, Famous Cricketers (folders), complete (3) & split (8), two unpaired, Australians (2), creased (1), FR to VG, 13 £40-60
238.    CRICKET, odds, inc. Goode (1), MacRobertson (5), Australian Pals (2), UTC (2), Barratt etc., creased (2), FR to VG, 16 £30-50
239.    ALLEN & GINTER, odds, inc. Flags of the States & Territories (8), Naval Flags (7), P (1) to G, 15 £30-50
240.    MIXED, odds, inc. Smith Cinema Stars (5); ERB (55), Celebrated Bridges (18), War Map (5), Dogs, Tour Round the World etc., G to VG, 60* £30-50
241.    MIXED, beauties, inc. complete (2), Wills Flag Girls (mixed overseas backs), Careless Moments; part sets, Lambert & Butler, red (38) & black (2) borders; Morris, Phillips etc., G to VG, 140* £30-50
242.    A.T.C., Beauties, inc. palette (11), flower (5), p/c (3), star (2), International Code (3) etc., FR to VG, 28 £30-50
243.    FOOTBALL, medium RP selection, inc. Thomson, complete (2), Signed Photos, British Team; part sets, Thomson, Footballers (16/18), British Footballers (15/16); Magnet, Action (12/15), Teams (7/10); Pluck Teams (21/27), Gem, Special Action (complete), Autographed (9/10), G to VG, 129* £60-80
244.    BONZO, part sets & odds, inc. Spratt (21+3), Singleton & Cole (3), Players (24+12) etc., FR to VG, 64* £40-60
245.    PLAYERS, Ships, complete p/b proofs for unissued set, EX, 50 £80-120
246.    WILLS, Waterloo, complete, low colour proofs (probably only missing one colour), EX, 50 £400-600
247.    WILLS, Gems of Italian Architecture, complete, p/b proofs, EX, 50 £700-900
248.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Pattreiouex Cricketers Series (8), Chums Cricketers (complete), Boys Realm, Boys Magazine, Thomson etc., G to VG, 70* £30-50
249.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. Everyday Phrases by Tom Browne, Famous Irish Greyhounds (16), Famous Irish-Bred Horses (10), Lawn Tennis, Cities of the World (6) etc., G to VG, 67* £30-50
250.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. Barratt Famous Footballers, medium (16) & standard (27); United Services (12), Pattreiouex, Boys Magazine, Thomson miniature RP (32) etc., G to EX, 103* £30-50
251.    FOREIGN, part sets & odds, inc. Peninsular Hindu Gods (24/25), San Shing beauties (8 medium & 10 small); BAT Flowers (19/20), Bussinck, Liebig etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 140* £30-50
252.    WILLS, overseas, part sets & odds, inc. Houses of Parliament, Movie Stars, Police of the World, The Worlds Dreadnoughts, Rulers of the World, Royalty Nobility & Events etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 260* £40-60
253.    OGDENS, complete (5), inc. Boy Scouts 2nd & 1929, Actors N&C Studies, Air-Raid Precautions, Applied Electricity, G to VG, 250 £30-50
254.    OGDENS, complete (6), inc. Broadcasting, By the Roadside, Cathedrals & Abbeys, Children, Colour in Nature, How to Swim, FR to VG, 300 £30-50
255.    OGDENS, sport, inc. complete (5), AFC Nicknames, Australian Test Cricketers, Greyhound Racing 1st, Champions of 1936, Prominent Cricketers of 1938; part sets, Boxing (17) etc., about G to VG, 234* £30-50
256.    OGDENS, horse racing, complete (4), inc. Prominent Racehorses of 1933, Racehorses, Trainers & Owners Colours 1st & 2nd, about G to VG, 150 £30-40
257.    HILL, complete (5), inc. Celebrities of Sport, Decorations and Medals (both Hill backs), Views of London (large), Music Hall Celebrities (large & standard), G to EX, 208 £35-45
258.    WILLS, Time & Money, Australian issues, Capstan (33), Vice-Regal (77) & Havelock (40), duplication, FR to VG, 150* £40-60
259.    THOMSON, complete (2), Football Stars of 1959, Stars of Sport & Entertainment, neat trim, VG to EX, 92 £40-60
260.    FOOTBALL, complete (8), inc. Thomson British Team of Footballers (coloured RP), NSS, Cadet, Players, Wills, Churchmans, G to EX, 231 £30-50
261.    SOMPORTEX, Thunderball (James Bond), slight duplication, corner knocks, G to VG, 68* £30-50
262.    SOMPORTEX, Thunderbirds, 63 x 89mm, duplication, some corner knocks, FR to VG, 72* £40-60
263.    A. & B.C. GUM, Batman, pink (no panel), duplication, G to VG, 68* £30-50
264.    A. & B.C. GUM, Batman, inc. black backs (19), A (16) & B (26), duplication, FR to VG, 61* £30-40
265.    A. & B.C., part sets, inc. Civil War News (88), Outer Limits (6), Legend of Custer (8) & War Bulletin (11), slight duplication, corner knocks & some foxing, FR to G, 103* £30-50
266.    A. & B.C., part sets, inc. Man From U.N.C.L.E. (73), Battle Cards (72), duplication, FR to VG, 145* £30-50
267.    A. & B.C., Football, 1973 (78), 1974 (115) etc., slight duplication, corner knocks, G to VG, 193* £30-50
268.    CINEMA, selection, inc. complete (2), Anglo-French Film Stars (trimmed), Sherman Famous Film Stars; part sets, Radio Review Broadcasting Stars (25/36), large anon. French issue (87/90), Schoolgirls etc., mixed sizes, G to EX, 170* £40-60
269.    CINEMA, odds, inc. Kane Disc Stars (Elvis Presley); Junior Pastime (Nos. 9, 28, 60, 66 & 70) & Muir-Watson (No. 62) Star Pix; Tobacco Products Corps of Canada (4), Woman's Own (2), Carreras Personality Series (5), Machado, Wand Chubby Checker, Every Girls, Family Star (complete) etc., VG to EX, 45* £40-60
270.    FOOTBALL, European & UK issues, part sets & odds, inc. teams, players, club crests; Thompson, Lodix, Stollwerck, Gartmann, Merlin, 1966 World Cup (German stickers), Ruiromer, Sport magazine etc., some a.m.r., about G to EX, 65 £30-50
271.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1974 Footballers, complete, VG to EX, 132 £60-80
272.    GALLAHER, Irish View Scenery, mainly printed backs, duplication, G to EX, 300* £60-80
273.    PHILLIPS, Flags, medium silks, slight duplication, G to EX, 350* £40-60
274.    PHILLIPS, silks, premium selection, inc. complete (2), Heraldic, Clan Tartans; Old Masters (18), slight duplication, G to EX, 42* £30-50
275.    PHILLIPS, silks, medium selection, inc. Regimental Colours (complete), Orders of Chivalry (48/50), Old Masters 945), Pilot & Signal Flags (20/25), Beauties - Modern Paintings (5+1), County Cricket Badges, VC Heroes etc., G to EX, 179* £40-60
276.    COUSIS, Celebrities, miniature RP, unnumbered, duplication, G to VG, 225* £40-60
277.    WEIGH MACHINE, part sets & odds, inc. Bern Ships (complete), Chin & other oriental, Engrav-o-tints actors, British Automatic etc., slight duplication, VG to EX, 50* £40-60
278.    COUSIS, part sets & odds, inc. Warships (20, mixed sizes), Actresses Partners & National Costumes (20), National Costumes (15), Popes of Rome, Celebrities, Views of the World etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 80* £40-60
279.    CINEMA, mainly part sets, inc. Gallaher Cinema Stars, Turf Personalities (Film Stars), early Hill (large RP), Hill, de Beukelaer miniature RP etc., slight duplication, 400* £30-50
280.    SCERRI, inc. Prominent People (112), Interesting Places (complete + 51/52), Maltese issues, G to VG, 164 + 51 £30-50
281.    ATLAM, Celebrities, Nos. 1-100 (97), 101-200 (98), 201-300 (complete), 301-400 (97) & 401-500 (92), Maltese issue, G to VG, 484* £50-70
282.    SCOUTING, part sets & odds, Gallaher & Ogdens, corner knocks, creases etc., P to G, Qty. £40-60
283.    TOPPS, Baseball, inc. 1955 (15) & 1958 (128), slight duplication, some corner knocks, FR to VG, 143* £50-70
284.    U.S.A., odds, medium & large, inc. many ATC, Lorillard, Duke; actresses, beauties, playing cards, military, flags, crests, Birthday Horoscopes etc., creasing, a.m.r. etc., P to G, 55* £40-60
285.    U.S.A., odds, inc. Duke, Kinney; coins, Terrors, Actors etc., most with damage to backs, FR to G, 50* £40-60
286.    AVA AMERICANA, Football Special 1979, duplication, VG to EX, 800* £30-50
287.    MIXED, selection, inc. cinema, complete (3), Gallaher & Phillips medium; part sets, Strato Spot the Planes (18), Thomson Football Tips & Tricks (15 doubles), Wills, Typhoo long, Hustler, Twinings etc., laid down 1d albums, FR to EX, Qty. £40-60
288.    FOOTBALL, odds, inc. Nelson Lee 1921/2 (3/10), Thomson Coloured Photos (4 pairs), Pals New Series (11/27), anon. brown gravure (5), Amalgamated Footer Captains (5/22), Boys Magazine Footballers & Sportsmen (28/64), G to VG, 57* £40-60
289.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. complete (3), Pals, Boys Magazine (both 1922), Thomson (Editors Compliments); odds, Thomson Tips & Tricks (57/64), Boys Magazine 1929 teams (5/9) etc., FR to VG, 97* £30-50
290.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Thomson, Motor Cars (68/100, miniature), Guns in Action (complete), Famous Ships (3/32), All Time Greats (6 packets); Cassell British Engines (complete); Amalgamated Famous Shipping Lines 95/22), Famous Film Stars (8/16) etc., FR to VG, 120* £40-60
291.    FOREIGN, odds, inc. Danish (33), Levinson (30) & Moller; Dutch National Costumes (49/50), Nanyang & other oriental etc., FR to VG, 112* £30-50
292.    FOOTBALL, selection, part sets & odds, inc. Wagon Wheels Skill cards, Team Tactix cards, mixed; Daily Mirror teams, BP England 98, 23/25 players (duplication); Scot cards; card games, International Football Whist, Kentalong Football; empty wallets etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. £30-50
293.    FOOTBALL, trade, inc. Bassett, 1988/9 (8), 1989/90 (12); ProSet 1991 (100), Futera, Liverpool, Celtic etc., duplication, G to EX, 1250* £30-50
294.    MIXED, mainly part sets & odds, inc. Carreras Turf, Players, Lambert & Butler, Sarony, Abdulla, Brooke Bond, Sinclair, UTC, Wix, Peter Jackson, Ardath, Gallaher etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, 1000* £30-50
295.    MIXED, mainly part sets & odds, inc. Carreras Turf, Players (complete sets), Wills, Sarony, Mars, Ogdens, Hill etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, 1000* £30-50
296.    MIXED, large, mainly part sets, inc. Hill Holiday Resorts (200), Carreras, UTC, Wills etc., duplication, FR to EX, 1100* £40-60
297.    MILITARY, part sets & odds, inc. ATC, silks & rugs; Kinney, Stollwerck, Demart, Brinkmann, Yosma etc., FR to EX, Qty. £40-60
298.    MERLIN, Football Flick Balls, with 40 duplicates (some background colour variations), VG to EX, 180 + 40 £40-60
299.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Wills, Players, Ogdens, Phillips, Mills, Pattreiouex, Brooke Bond, Ardath; posters, uncut sheet etc., FR to EX, Qty. £40-60
300.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. many Wills & Players; Gallaher, Millhoff, Thomson, Carreras, Typhoo, Willows etc., in four modern albums, FR to EX, Qty. £30-40
301.    MIXED, selection, inc. Turmac silk Flags, World Record Breakers 1980 stickers; NFL, MLB & other American sports, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, wrestling, Wix Flowers empty albums (2, damaged), US license plates, empty cigarette packets etc. G to EX, Qty. £30-50
302.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. complete & part sets, albums; Panini,1992 & 2008/9 Champions League; Topps Match Attax, Dunkin, Snickers Caps, playing cards, The Sun & other albums, Wagon Wheels, Coca-Cola VG to MT, Qty. £30-50
303.    FOOTBALL, empty albums, inc. Panini, Merlin, Sainsburys, Futera etc., 1990s-2000s, slight duplication, G to EX, 50* £30-50
304.    TRADE, mainly Brooke Bond, complete and part sets, mainly laid down albums (43), empty (13), inc. Out Into Space, African Wild Life, Our Pets (all South African), a few Canadian, loose cards etc., G to VG, Qty. £40-60
305.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (10), Phillips, Priory, Wills, Players, reprints (3); part sets & odds, Wills, Players, Gallaher, Lyons, Westminster, Churchmans etc., duplication, G to EX, 3000* £30-50
306.    MIXED, selection, medium & large, inc. complete (10), Embassy, Doncella, Brooke Bond, card games (3), Counties, War Planes & Militaire; part sets & odds, Players, Wills, Sarony, UTC Castella, A&BC, Typhoo long, Pattreiouex, Wix silk flags; Letter Cards (6) etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. £30-50
307.    BROOKE BOND, selection, inc. part sets (23), a few black backs; laid down albums (13), G to EX, Qty. £25-30
308.    TRADE, odds, inc. A&BC (350), football, Batman, Civil War news, Flags; Anglo Conf., Barratt, Lyons, Wall, Brooke Bond etc., some creased, corner knocks etc., P to G, Qty. £50-70
309.    MIXED, large, selection, inc. complete (8), Wills, Old Silver, Rigs of Ships, Beautiful Homes, Celebrated Pictures, Arms of Oxford & Cambridge; Players, Ships Models, Types of Horses; odds, Wills, Pattreiouex, Players, Churchmans, Hill etc., cv £490 (sets only), FR to EX, Qty. £50-70
310.    MIXED, complete & part sets, inc. Players, Cycling, Riders, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, War Decorations & medals, British Empire; Wills, Strange Craft, Roses; Phillips, Film Stars, Sportsmen; Ardath proverbs, Maxilin Motor Cars etc., cv £1500, G to VG, Qty. £30-50
311.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players, Motor Cars, Hints on Association Football, Gems, Country Seats 1st-3rd, Shakespeare, Miniatures; Carreras Kings & Queens; Wills, Cinema Stars, Coronation Series etc., loose-mounted in period albums, also laid down softback albums (30), FR to VG, Qty. £60-70
312.    JACQUES, complete sub-sets (laid down in albums), inc. military, ships, cars, bikes etc., 576 cards in total (some corner-mounted), G to VG, 4 £30-50
313.    TYPHOO, Footballers (premium), mixed series, VG, 25 £30-50
314.    F.K.S., Footballers 1968/9, complete set of 330, laid down (to top edge only) in softback presentation album, some ink writing to Transfer page, VG £30-50
315.    F.K.S., Footballers 1969/70, complete set of 330, laid down (to top edge only) in softback presentation album, with one Order Forms intact, some results in ink to Transfer page, VG £30-50
316.    CHURCHMAN, Pioneers, set of 48 medium cards, on six proof sheets of eight (fronts only), VG, 6 £60-80
317.    I.T.C., Motor Cars, set of colour prints of artwork by Eric Bottomley, for unissued card series, 11.5 x 8.25, EX, 32 £30-50
318.    WILLS, Military Aircraft, near complete set of 48 (of 50) proof cards, each laid down to large pages (8 x 10.5) with typed proposed text for backs (some hand-written alterations), VG, 48, £80-120
319.    PLAYERS, Dogs' Heads, complete set of 50 proofs (fronts & backs) for unissued set, laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album, being an original company proof edition, EX £30-50
320.    PLAYERS, Cottage Architecture, complete set of 50 proof cards (fronts only), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album, being an original company proof edition, set title printed to cover (some annotation & attached note), VG £40-60
321.    MITCHELL, Scottish Arms & Tartans, complete set of 25 proofs (fronts & backs) for unissued set, laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album, being an original company proof edition, EX £80-120
322.    UNISSUED, Period Rooms, set of sixteen sketches (six being early drafts) for an unissued series, 5.5 x 7, in white mounts, EX, 16 £80-120
323.    FOOTBALL, Panini World Cup 78, complete set laid down in album, some results completed in ink, scuffing to spine and edges, G £30-50
324.    FOOTBALL, Top Sellers Football 72, complete set laid down in album, tears to a few pages, scuffing and staining to cover, FR to G £30-50
325.    PHILLIPS, premium silks, part sets & odds, inc. War Leaders, Flags, Heraldic, Old Masters etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. £40-60
326.    SILKS, selection, inc. Muratti, Regimental Badges, War Leaders, Canvas Masterpieces, Flags; Kings of York Flags (complete); Anstie, Carreras Lace Motif, My Weekly, Fuentes, Turmac, Happy Home etc., mixed sizes, G to EX, 95* £50-80
327.    CINEMA, selection, inc. premium (16), Picturegoer, Film Pictorial, many anon; miniature, de Beukelaer etc., some laid down in album, FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
328.    JAPAN, manga-style adventure series, with Japanese text & illustration to backs, numbered, loose in album, EX, 152 + 2 £30-50
329.    TYPHOO, premium issues, inc. International Footballers 1st (16+14) & 2nd (11+1); teams (3), G to VG, 30 + 15 £40-60
330.    TOPICAL TIMES, Footballers, Panel Portraits, inc. triples (complete + 2); colour (16) & b/w (43); miniature (19), in softback album and loose, G to EX, 88+ £40-60
331.    TOPICAL TIMES, Cricketers, complete, premium issues, VG, 8 £30-50
332.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, corner-mounted on pages in presentation album (a few pages loose), G to VG, 130* £50-70
333.    TRADE, selection, inc. Danish silk flags (8), sheets of six Ewells Fargo cinderella stamps (2 identical), comedy calendar cards (1990s), Typhoo long etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-40
334.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (2), Players Regimental Colours & Cap Badges (blue), Carreras Tools and How to Use Them; Barratt Wild Animals 2nd (Nos. 37-72), Franklyn Davey Historic Events (10), Wills Soldiers of the World (overseas, 10), G to EX, 156* £30-40
335.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. Gallaher AFC Colours (10), Churchmans, Smith, Ogdens, The Gem, Sinclair, Ardath, Pals, Pluck, Pattreiouex, Thomson etc., in modern album, G to EX, 170* £40-60
336.    PHILLIPS, Flags, medium silks, mixed series, in modern album, slight duplication, FR to VG, 500* £30-50
337.    CARRERAS, part sets & odds, inc. Alice in Wonderland, round (21), square (22), Christie Girls (28), Famous Film Stars (39), Highwaymen (17), History of Naval & Army Uniforms (84), Kings & Queens (61) & large (25), Picture Puzzle Series (14), Personality Series Film Stars (22) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 500* £40-60
338.    CHURCHMAN, part sets & odds (some better), inc. Phil May Sketches (8), Pipes (13), Railway 1st & 2nd (17), Regimental Colours & Cap Badges (16), Rugby Internationals (12), Rivers & Broads, both (36), Sectional Cycling Map (22), Sporting Celebrities (3), Sporting Trophies (15), Sports & Games (22), Inns of Court (16), Wembley Exhibition (30) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 300* £40-60
339.    GALLAHER, part sets & odds, inc. Actresses (17), Aesop's Fables (9), Birds Nests & Eggs (54), Boy Scout (mixed backs, 23), Champion Animals & Birds (22), Cinema Stars (30), English & Scottish Views (22), How To Do It (62) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 320* £40-60
340.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, part sets & odds, inc. Motor Cars, mixed (84), Motor Cycles (21), Motor Index Marks (11), Naval Portraits, both (34), Pirates & Highwaymen (23) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 200* £40-60
341.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. CWS, Boy Scouts (11), Cooking Recipes (29), Musical Instruments (51), Railway Engines (13), Wayside Flowers, both (32), How To Do It, mixed (14); Cope, Flags & Arms (5), Happy Families (8), Lawn Tennis (11), The World's Police (14) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 225* £40-60
342.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Hignett, Dogs (53), Greetings of the World (35), Common Objects (10), Interesting Buildings (14), Life Pond & Stream (16); Hill, Celebrities of Sport (59), Famous Ships (45), Magical Puzzles (25), Musical Celebrities (11) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 360* £40-60
343.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. ABC Sport (23), Actors N & C (36), British Costumes (13), By The Roadside (37), Cathedrals & Abbeys (19), Construction of Railway Trains (23), Famous Dirt-Track Riders (22), Famous Rugby Players (29), British Birds (55) & 2nd (23) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 330* £40-60
344.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Jibco, Dominoes (4), Playing Cards (48); Kiddys Pop Olympics (16), Lingford British War Leaders (10), Lyons, Tricks & Puzzles (19), Views of London (18); Geoffrey Michael Motor Cars (14), Molassine, mixed (23), Oxo, mixed (29), Pascall, mixed (41), Perfetti Trains (20), Primrose etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 380* £40-60
345.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Reddings Warriors of the World (13), Robinson & Woodcock, ROSPA, Sanders Dogs (3), Tetley (11), Thomson, Catch My Pal (15), Easy Scientific Experiments (21), Famous Liners (10), Flags of Nations (3), Motorcycles (12), Spadges (20); Typhoo, mixed (50) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 280* £40-60
346.    WILLS, large, part sets & odds, inc. Heraldic (17), Old Furniture 1st & 2nd (16), Old Inns 1st & 2nd (20), Old London (21), Old Silver (22), Pottery & Porcelain (18), Old Sundials (10), Punch (13) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 200* £40-60
347.    WILLS, large, part sets & odds, inc. Arms, Oxford "& Cambridge (21), Public Schools (21), Empire (24); Animals & their Furs (10), Auction Bridge (9), Butterflies (26), Dogs (23), Authors, Liners etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 260* £40-60
348.    TRADE, complete (13), inc. Ritchie & Co. Arms Park heroes (rugby), Welsh RU, County Print; reprint c/c (7) etc., in modern album, EX to MT, 466 £30-40
349.    MIXED, complete (21), inc. Cavanders (2), Ancient Chinese & Egypt; Players (10+1), Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Products, Animals of the Countryside; Wills (4), Association Footballers, Cricketers 2nd, British Butterflies; Gallaher (4), cinema (3) etc., slight duplication, in modern album, G to EX, 900* £30-50
350.    REPRINTS, complete (20), inc. Allen & Ginter, Wills, Players, Ogdens, Lambert & Butler etc., in modern album, EX to MT, Qty. £30-40
351.    REPRINTS, complete (17) & part sets, inc. many Faulkner, Gabriel Cricketers, Smith Sportsmen etc., in modern album, EX to MT, Qty. £30-50
352.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Scerri World Famous Buildings (90), Rothmans Punch Jokes (complete), many Players & Wills etc., in modern album, G to VG, 585* £30-50
353.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Wills, Ogdens, Maxilin, Churchmans, Cavanders, John Sinclair, reprint of Wills 1896 Cricketers etc., in modern album, G to VG, 520* £30-50
354.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (6), Ogdens Motor Races 1931, Players Footballers by RIP, AC&DS (51-150), L&B, Pirates & Highwaymen; part sets & odds, Sandorides, Lloyd, Carreras, Hill etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 600* £30-50
355.    PHILLIPS, Old Masters - Set 1, complete, premium, in modern album, VG to EX, 40 £400-500
356.    PHILLIPS, Great War Leaders & Celebrities, premium silks, BDV, variations, in modern album, EX, 44 £100-150
357.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Daily Mirror, Gallaher, Wills, Players, Wix, A&BC, Millhoff, Horniman, Carreras, Churchman etc., slight duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
358.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. Barratt, Bassett, Brooke Bond, Prescott-Pickup, Thomson, Match etc., VG to EX, Qty. £30-50
359.    BARRATT & BASSETT, part sets, inc. Wise Cracks, What Do You Know?, Zoo Pets, Huckleberry Hound, Motor Cars, Trains of the World, Age of Dinosaurs etc., duplication, VG to EX, 700* £30-50
360.    LARSON, Bonzo Series, numbered, medium, Sossidi, mainly pictorial backs, about G to VG, 60* £40-60
361.    DAILY MIRROR, Goal Action Replay, complete, football flicker books, EX, 6 £30-50
362.    MORRIS, English Flowers, medium silks, Series of 50, some fraying, G to VG, 31* £30-40
363.    WESTMINSTER, Garden Flowers of the World, large silks, FR to G, 25* £30-40
364.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1958 Footballers (1-46), complete, Planet, VG to EX, 46 £30-50
365.    FOOTBALL, trade selection, inc. Thomson, Famous Teams (with wallet); booklets (7), Big Football Dates, Football Facts & Photos, World Cup Scorebook; Golden Wonder Soccer All Stars, Roy Races Football Club Badges, Bernard Briggs Football 68 etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-50
366.    MALTA, part sets & odds, inc. Scerri Beauties & Children (33+35), Pizzuto Miltons Paradise Lost (4), Condachi, Omega, Mifsud & Azzopardi etc., duplication, G to EX, 83* £30-50
367.    FOOTBALL, early RP selection, inc. complete (7), Magnet, Boys Magazine, Chums, Nelson Lee, Thomson; part sets, Boys Friend, Magnet etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 95* £30-50
368.    FOOTBALL, odds, inc. Lacey (4), Bunsen (3), Phillips (2, packet), Clifford, Lovell (stained), A&BC 1969 (11), FR to VG, 22* £30-50
369.    FOOTBALL, odds, inc. Lovell (5), Compton (8), Thomson Hunt the Cup (3), Tuckett, Boys Magazine, A&BC 1969 (11), FR to VG, 29* £30-50
370.    FOOTBALL, odds, inc. Packer (2), Boys Friend (4), Thomson Photo Gallery, Amalgamated Football Fame (16+2), A&BC 1969 (12) etc., FR to VG, 38* £30-50
371.    CRICKET, odds, inc. Cohen Weenen (2), Poppleton (2), Morris (3), Young Britain (13 pairs), Boys Magazine (6/10) etc., G to VG, 31* £30-50
372.    A.T.C., Emblem Series, complete, medium, some scuffing to gold edges, FR to G, 50 £30-50
373.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1964 Footballers, Scottish, G to EX, 50* £40-60
374.    AURELIA, Film und Sport im Buntbild, complete, VG, 250 £40-60
375.    MERRYSWEETS, World Racing Cars, complete, large, EX, 48 £50-70
376.    KANE, Disc Stars, complete, 61 x 62mm, EX, 50 £50-60
377.    KANE, Disc Stars, complete, 67 x 95mm, EX, 50 £35-45
378.    CADBURY, Famous Steam Ships, complete, EX, 27 £35-45
379.    CHURCHMANS, Cricketers, complete, EX, 50 £60-80
380.    CHURCHMANS, Landmarks in Railway Progress, complete, generally EX, 50 £50-70
381.    OGDENS, Racehorses, complete, EX, 50 £60-70
382.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motor Index Marks, complete, EX, 50 £45-55
383.    BARRATT, Famous Footballers A.8, complete, EX, 50 £100-150
384.    BARRATT, Famous Film Stars, complete, EX, 35 £40-50
385.    B.A.T., Motor Cycles, complete, anon (printed backs), EX, 50 £60-80
386.    MORRITA, Thunderbirds, complete, cigar bands, EX, 20 £30-50
387.    KAUVIT, Lieblinge des Films (Film Stars), medium, German trade issue of Hollywood stars, slight duplication, VG to EX, 155* £80-120
388.    MAPLE LEAF, Film Stars (playing cards), complete, Dutch issue, VG to EX, 53 £30-50
389.    WILLS, overseas, military, inc. complete (2), Britains Defenders, Soldiers VC Heroes (24 Specialities & 1 Havelock); part sets, Types of Commonwealth Forces (21), Types of the British Army (39), some creasing, tears to backs etc., P to VG, 135* £30-50
390.    OGDENS, military, Tabs & Guinea Gold, inc. Boer War & Misc. (25), Boer War & Actresses (20), Imperial or International Interest (100), a few creased, G to VG, 145* £30-50
391.    TRADE, European complete & part subsets, inc. Aiguebelle, Palmin, Maizena, Cibils, Rivoli, Guerin-Boutron, Carpentier, Kabiline, Echte Wagner etc., VG to EX, 198* £50-70
392.    WAND, Chubby Checker 'How To Do The Twist', complete, large, EX, 10 £80-120
393.    SOMPORTEX, Famous TV Wrestlers, complete, large, EX, 60 £120-160
394.    FLEETWAY, Adventures of Sexton Blake, complete, large, EX, 72 £100-150
395.    RED MEN, American Indian Chiefs, complete, premium, MT, 40 £260-320
396.    ANGLO CONF., Space, complete, large, EX, 66 £70-90
397.    ANGLO CONF, The Beatles - Yellow Submarine, complete, MT, 66 £600-800
398.    A. & B.C. GUM, inc. Battle Cards (43), Beatles (37 b/w), Space (16), Land of the Giants (5), Monkees (6), Football Crests (6) etc., a few other issuers, FR to VG, 128* £40-60
399.    A. & B.C. GUM, Civil War News, complete, checklist (complete in ink), G to EX, 88 £120-160
400.    BROOKE BOND, Birds of North America, complete, USA, EX, 48 £120-150
401.    FRY, Nursery Rhymes, complete, EX, 50 £90-110
402.    PRIMROSE, Yellow Submarine, complete, EX, 50 £400-600
403.    SWEETULE, Archie Andrews Jokes, complete, EX, 25 £200-300
404.    B.A.T., Indian Chiefs, complete, EX, 50 £200-250
405.    THOMSON & PORTEOUS, The European War Scenes, complete, EX, 20 £150-200
406.    U.T.C., Humour In Sport, complete, EX, 50 £120-160
407.    B.A.T., Butterflies, complete, medium, EX, 50 £180-220
408.    GOODIES, The Monkees 2nd series, complete, EX, 25 £60-80
409.    ANGLO CONF, National Team Colours (football), complete, large, MT, 56 £140-180
410.    OGDENS, selection, inc. complete (4), Boy Scouts 1st, British Birds, Modern British Pottery, Foreign Birds; part sets & odds, Actors - N&C (46), Boy Scouts 3rd (30), Flags & Funnels (17) etc., FR to VG, 540* £40-60
411.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Leas (96), Pottery & Porcelain (60); Lambert & Butler (140), Motor Cycles, Worlds Locomotives, Pirates & Highwaymen; BAT (mainly anon.) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 320* £30-50
412.    SPORT, complete (4), Ogdens ABC of Sport, Players Speedway Riders, Wills New Zealand Footballers, Ogdens Famous Rugby Players, VG to EX, 175 £40-60
413.    SPORT, complete (5), Churchmans (2), Sporting Trophies, Boxing Personalities; Ardath Cricket Tennis & Golf Celebrities (grey), Players Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu (blue), Boguslavsky Sports Records 2nd, G to EX, 175 £40-60
414.    CRICKET, complete (7), Ogdens (2), Prominent Cricketers, Cricket 1926; Players (3), 1934, 1938 & RIP; Wills (2), 1928 & 2nd, G to EX, 350 £40-60
415.    HORSE RACING, complete (5), Hignett Prominent Racehorses of 1933, Ogdens (2), Steeplechase Celebrities, Jockeys 1930; Players (2), Derby and Grand National Winners, Racing Caricatures, G to EX, 240 £40-60
416.    OGDENS, Derby Entrants, complete (3), 1926, 1928 & 1929, VG to EX, 125 £40-60
417.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, motoring, complete (4), Hints & Tips for Motorists, How Motor Cars Work, Motor Cars 1st & 2nd (slight a.c.m.), G to EX, 100 £40-60
418.    OGDENS, complete (5), Leaders of Men, Picturesque Villages, The Story of Sand, Marvels of Motion, Swimming Diving and Life-Saving, G to EX, 225 £30-50
419.    MIXED, complete (6), Ardath (2), Stamps - Rare & Interesting, Figures of Speech; Carreras (3), Tools and How to Use Them, Celebrities of British History, Figures of Fiction; Phillips Red Indians (corner knocks), about G to EX, 250 £40-60
420.    MIXED, cinema, complete (4), Ardath (2), Famous Film Stars, Who is This?; Ogdens Actors - Natural & Character Studies, Wills Cinema Stars 3rd, G to EX, 200 £40-60
421.    MIXED, complete (3), ERB & Lambert & Butler Musical Instruments; Franklyn Davey Modern Dance Steps 2nd, G to EX, 100 £30-50
422.    PLAYERS, Famous Irish Greyhounds, complete, EX, 50 £50-70
423.    HILL, Famous Film Stars, complete, full-length (rare 1940 issue), anon., Arabic text, EX, 50 £30-50
424.    NAVAL, complete (10), inc. Players Modern Naval Craft (large & standard), Wills, Beano, Kelloggs, Rington, Amalgamated Tob. Co. (3) etc., G to EX, 306 £30-50
425.    RITCHIE & CO., Marvels of the Middle (cricket), complete, EX to MT, 25 £30-50
426.    C.W.S., Co-Op Buildings, complete, VG, 28 £100-150
427.    CRICKET, MCC v Australians, newspaper cut-out issue, inc. England (16), Australians (11) & title piece, G to VG, 27+ £50-80
428.    CRICKET, complete (2), Boys Magazine Zat Cards, with four sets of 11, Rules card & box (tears); Sunday Sun, Test Cricket Heroes, complete set of 32 laid down in small booklet, neat trim (as removed from magazine), G to EX, 45+ £50-80
429.    TOPICAL TIMES, Scottish footballers, complete (3), Stars of To-Day, Great Players, Miniature Panel Portraits, each corner-mounted in booklets, G to VG, 72 £40-60
430.    TYPHOO, International Football Stars 1st & 2nd, complete, premium issue, VG to EX, 48 £50-70
431.    TYPHOO, Football Stars (1973), complete, premium issue, corner-mounted, VG to EX, 24 £60-80
432.    TYPHOO, Famous Football Clubs 1st, complete, premium issue, G to VG, 24 £100-150
433.    BOYS MAGAZINE, football comics with insert shield-shaped cards, Celtic & PNE, Sunderland & Cardiff, Fulham & Partick Thistle, Arsenal (missing Manchester City), Swansea (missing Burnley), Everton (card only) & comic (missing Bolton & Clapton), G to EX, 13 £60-80
434.    FOOTBALL, trade selection, inc. Birmingham Evening Mail team inserts (6), Fleetway 1958/9 (27) & 1959/60 (26), Sport team photos (16), Topical Times, Sherman, beermats, Thomson, Lipton, Anglo Conf. etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-50
435.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. complete (2), Thomson Famous Footballers (1955), Carreras Popular Footballers; fold-out sheets, Cup Soccer 71, Nos. 7-8; booklet, Giants of Football, No. 2 Charlie George; anon. with red (34) & grey (5) borders (uneven trim), G to EX, 120* £30-50
436.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. Carreras, Famous Footballers, complete, Turf slides; Czechoslovakian issue (13), Watford FC, Masters matchbox panels, Americana, Tonibell, Argentina 78 etc., G to EX, 89* £30-50
437.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. anon., 38 x 50mm (as removed from magazine), blue (4) & brown fronts (20 laid down), Murillo cigar bands English teams (20); caricatures - triples (5); printed signatures (uncut tabs), Shoot Top Stars etc., etc., G to EX, 110* £30-50
438.    CRICKET, selection, inc. complete (3), Carreras Turf slides (3 creased), Drapkin Australian and English Test Cricketers, Morris Australian Cricketers; premium, Topical Times (7/8), Boys Magazine Famous Cricketers in Action A'Beckett/Tate etc., FR to EX, 124* £30-50
439.    TRADE, selection, inc. Bluebird (18), Exciting Film Stars, complete (many corners clipped); Joker, Star Card (No. 1); Portrait Voucher (sample), Star Cards flyer; Jibco, miniature, Puzzle Cards (58), Master Sheet (heavy glue marks to chart and to backs of most cards); Playing Cards (74), most trimmed); Screen Stars 1st (4), duplication, FR to VG, 150* £30-50
440.    BIRDS, selection, inc. Phillips silks (29, fraying); Hyde, Thomson, Church & Dwight, Klene (Val Gum) etc., FR to EX, 75* £30-50
441.    POP MUSIC, trade selection, inc. School Friend, Marilyn, Family Star, Valentine, Kane Disc Stars (47/50), Lord Neilson Star Cards (complete); Leaf Famous Artists (82, extra-large), with paper envelope (small tears) etc., mixed sizes, G to EX, Qty. £40-60
442.    CINEMA, trade selection, inc. complete, Picture Show, Radio Review; part sets, Mobilgas (Australia), Smart Novels; albums (6), Schoolgirls, Radio Review, Girls Crystal etc., many premium size, G to EX, 36* £40-60
443.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), original Mardon Sons & Hall proof boards, laid down with 37 (small S) fronts & backs (to same side of three boards), no annotation, 11.5 x 16.25 overall, EX, 3 £30-50
444.    PLAYERS, Arms & Armour, original Mardon Sons & Hall proof boards, laid down with 24 fronts & backs (to same side of two boards), no annotation, 11.5 x 16.25 overall, EX, 2 £30-50
445.    BARRATT, odds, inc. Felix Pictures, Nos. 1 (hole), 2 (foxing), 17 (corner knocks) & 31 (creased); Natural History Series (die-cut), Dromedary, Heron, Ostrich & Red Deer, FR to VG, 8 £30-40
446.    B.A.T., Butterfly Girls, Nos. 7 & 18, Spanish language issues, VG, 2 £30-50
447.    DUPRE, Worlds Smokers, Nos. 4 & 5, Argentine issue, VG, 2 £30-50
448.    SPRUNGLI, Worlds Head-Dresses, India & Judea, Swiss chocolate issue, VG, 2 £30-50
449.    HIGNETT, Oracle Butterfly, yellow, EX £30-40
450.    MILITARY, anon., Military Series, printed backs, FR to generally G, 4 £30-40
451.    MILITARY, anon., Naval & Military Phrases, p/b, small corner crease (1), G to VG, 4 £30-50
452.    EDMONDSON, War Series, slight crease (1), G to VG, 3 £30-40
453.    ASSEMBLY ROOMS LEEDS, War Portraits, No. 18 Joffre, VG £30-50
454.    HUGHES & CO., War Portraits, No. 28 Putnick, VG £30-50
455.    YEOMANS, War Portraits, No. 30 Maharajah of Patiala, VG £30-50
456.    THOMAS T.G., War Portraits, No. 5 Albert I, G £30-50
457.    E.R.B., Easter Manoeuvres of Our Volunteers, The Attacking Force, scuffing to edges (affecting text), FR £30-40
458.    AMERICAN PEPSIN GUM, lapel badge, Ocean Liners, White Star Line, Teutonis, 22mm dia., paper insert, in PSA slab (EX 5), VG £30-50
459.    SHARPE, shield-shaped football card, Another Goal Forfar, p/b, G £30-40
460.    JOHN WILSON, shield-shaped football card, Well Players Mansfield Rovers, Sutton inset, G £30-40
461.    BARRATT, Chunky of the Challenger, Nos. 5 & 26, paper issue, EX, 2 £30-50
462.    A.T.C., celluloid button, Baseball players, Warhop (New York Yankees), 21mm dia., Cameo paper insert, VG £30-40
463.    A.T.C., celluloid buttons, Baseball players, Mekle & Devore (both New York Giants), Groom (Washington Senators), Murphy (Philadelphia Athletics), 21mm dia., Cameo paper insert, G to VG, 4 £40-60
464.    A.T.C., celluloid buttons, Baseball players, Oakes (St Louis Cardinals), Austin (St Louis Browns), White (Chicago White Sox), Schmidt (Detroit Tigers), Bescher (Cincinnati Reds), 21mm dia., Cameo paper insert, G to VG, 5 £40-60
465.    A.T.C., lapel buttons, inc. Boer War Leader, Kitchener (gold background); King George V & Queen Mary etc., VG to EX, 4 £40-60
466.    TADDY, odds, inc. Famous Actors/Actresses, No. 4 Marie Tempest (no titles to front); Admirals & Generals, Nos. 7 Allenby, 19 Fisher & 37 Hamilton (corner crease), UK issues, G to VG, 4 £30-40
467.    MIXED, odds, inc. CWS Boy Scout Series (Nos. 6, 24 & 25), Gabriel Types of British and Colonial Troops (New South Wales Lancers), Thomson The Mysto Mind-Reader, UTC Cricketers & Their Autographs (Snooke, Transvaal), slight corner knocks, G to VG, 6 £30-50
468.    WILLS, Musical Celebrities 2nd, rare variation for No. 47 Backhaus, VG £100-150
469.    CLARKE, Golf Terms, A Good Grip, VG £40-60
470.    FAULKNER, Golf Terms, Fore!, VG £60-80
471.    ENTERPRISE MFG. CO., USA historical comic scenes & buildings etc., George and Martha Washington & Government Building, 85 x 125mm, trade issue for 1890s Columbian Exposition, VG £40-60
472.    ROCHE & CO., Famous Footballers, No. Kelly (Sunderland), EX £60-80
473.    A.T.C., Cricketers, McGahey, celluloid button (21mm dia.), Cameo paper insert, slight staining, G £30-50
474.    A.T.C., Cricketers, Quaife, celluloid button (21mm dia.), Cameo paper insert, slight staining, G £30-50
475.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Dixon (Notts), VG £30-50
476.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Druce (Cambridge University), VG £30-50
477.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Hearne (Middlesex), VG £30-50
478.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Jackson (Yorkshire), VG £30-50
479.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Lucas (Middlesex), VG £30-50
480.    BAINES, shield shaped cricket card, Middlesex, G. McGregor inset, VG £30-40
481.    CLARKE, Cricketers, No. 4 Wynyard (Hampshire), G £30-50
482.    CLARKE, Cricket Terms, Run Out, slight scuffs to edge, G £30-50
483.    KINNEAR, Australian Cricket Team, Kelly (New South Wales), EX £40-60
484.    GOODWIN, Photographic Celebrities, JEK Stud (cricketer), corner knocks, G £30-50
485.    FAULKNER, Cricketers, No. 4 Abel (Surrey), VG £30-50
486.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, Wide, stain to back, G £30-50
487.    OGDENS, Cricketers and Sportsmen, Storer (Derbyshire), stain to back, G £40-60
488.    MURRAY, Cricketers H, Iremonger (Notts), G £30-50
489.    NATIONAL CIG. CO., English Cricket Team 1897/8, Richardson, black & white, VG £80-120
490.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Norman (Northamptonshire), Imperial back, slight crease & corner knocks, about G £60-80
491.    SPORT MAGAZINE, Football Team Picture Books, Nos. 1-6, each containing six hand-coloured RP p/cs, 1949/50, VG to EX, 6 £40-60
492.    CRICKET, complete (7), inc. Thomson extra-large, Chums, Boys Realm, Morning Foods, Marks, Sifta Sam reprint etc., VG to EX, 122 £30-50
493.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Wills, Transvaal (66), War Incidents (47); Murray Prominent Politicians (46), VG, 158* £40-60
494.    CRICKET, mainly part sets & odds, inc. Drapkin (complete), Thomson Worlds Best Cricketers (24/320), Gallaher (21), Churchman (23), Ardath, Ogdens, Boys Realm, Wills etc., FR to EX, 180* £30-50
495.    FOOTBALL, odds, inc. Carreras, Barratt, many A & BC, Anglo Conf. etc., some corner knocks and slight foxing, FR to G, 89* £30-50
496.    CRICKET, complete, part sets & odds, inc. Wills, Cricketers, small 's' (23), large 's' (15); Players, Cricketers 1934, 1938, Caricatures by RIP (50+43), some corner knocks, foxing etc., about G to VG, 188 + 43* £30-50
497.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, complete (3), Motor Cycles, Motor Cars, How Motor Cars Work, G, 100 £30-50
498.    MIXED, complete (7), inc. Mitchell British Warships 1st; Wills, Lighthouses, Fish & Bait; Gallaher Aeroplanes; Players Racing Yachts (large) etc., about G to VG, 233* £30-50
499.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 1st, small silks, op (printed backs), type C (more outside circle), G to VG, 39* £30-50
500.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 1st, small silks, op (printed backs), type D (more outside circle), washable, G to VG, 58* £30-50
501.    MIXED, selection, inc. part set, Ogdens Football Club Colours (38), Players Country Seats (37); complete (4), Gallaher Dogs 1st & 2nd, Players Ceremonial & Court Dress, Flags of the League of Nations, G to VG, 247* £30-50
502.    BEAUTIES, extra-large odds, inc. Duke (10, some trimmed); Chocolat Poulain (6), creased (1), a.m.r., slight knocks to edges etc., P (1) to G, 16 + 1 £30-50
503.    TETLEY, British Birds, complete, G to VG, 48 £30-40
504.    COPE, British Warriors, complete, grey backs (10), FR to VG, 50 £40-60
505.    OGDENS, Club Badges, complete, G to VG, 50 £40-60
506.    HILL, Statuary Series 2, complete, Perfection Vide Press backs, G to VG, 30 £60-80
507.    HENRY CLAY & BOCK, Photo Series 2, minimal scuffing to imitation wooden frame, VG to EX, 30 £100-150
508.    HILL, Real Photographs (beauties), London & Birmingham backs (mixed), VG to EX, 25 £30-50
509.    A.T.C., Actors Series, medium, G to VG, 53 £80-120
510.    DANDY, metal lapel pins, National Flags, slight duplication, VG to EX, 61* £30-50
511.    PLAYERS, Gallery of Beauty, trimmed to sides (narrow size), FR, 41* £30-50
512.    COPE, Characters from Scott, trimmed to sides (narrow size), FR, 50 £40-60
513.    WILLS, Golfing, complete, large, VG, 25 £40-60
514.    ARDATH, extra-large, complete (3), From Screen and Stage, Dog Studies, Champion Dogs, G to EX, 100 £30-50
515.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, aviation, complete (3), Empire Air Routes, Aviation, Famous British Airmen & Airwomen, G to EX, 100 £30-50
516.    SCERRI, Cinema Artists, white border, Maltese issues, G to EX, 175* £40-60
517.    MORRIS, complete (6), inc. Animals at the Zoo, How to Sketch, Captain Blood, Victory Signs etc., G to EX, 212 £30-50
518.    OGDENS, horse racing, complete (2), Turf Personalities, Prominent Racehorses, G to VG, 100 £30-50
519.    OGDENS, horse racing, complete (2), Steeplechase Celebrities, Steeplechase Trainers & Owners Colours, G to VG, 100 £30-50
520.    ARDATH, complete (6), inc. Britains Defenders, Fighting & Civilian Aircraft (extra-large), Famous Footballers, Famous Scots, Empire Personalities, Figures of Speech, G to EX, 250 £40-60
521.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), missing No. 27, small s, G to VG, 49 £50-80
522.    OGDENS, Pugilists in Action, complete, VG to EX, 50 £40-60
523.    B.A.T., Butterflies (girls), complete, medium, anon (printed backs), VG to EX, 50 £80-120
524.    SMITH, Shadowgraphs, complete, VG to EX, 25 £80-120
525.    CINEMA, mainly part sets, inc. The Ruby, Famous Film Stars (complete), Famous beauties of the Day (7/10); Poppleton (8), Boys Cinema Film Stars (6, anon.), Nestle Stars of the Silver Screen 1st (9) & 2nd (14), about G to VG, 50* £40-60
526.    BARRATT, Football Team Folders, Div I (11), II (13), Scottish (4) & Rugby (1), duplication (2), some creased (2), scuffing to spines, FR to G, 26 + 2 £50-70
527.    BARRATT, Football Teams (1st Division), inc. Bolton (2), Chelsea (2), Blackpool, Blackburn, Middlesbrough, Liverpool & Birmingham, creased (4), FR to VG, 9 £30-50
528.    THOMSON, Footballers, miniature RP, singles (68+82) & doubles (14+6), G to EX, 82 + 88* £30-50
529.    BARRATT, Famous Cricketers (1938), Nos. 1 Bradman), 3, 8, 10-12, 14, 15, 19, 22, 25, 37 & 38, medium, about G to VG, 13 £40-60
530.    BOYS MAGAZINE, inserts, County Cricket Teams, 1920s, 7.5 x 6, G to VG, 7 £30-50
531.    COHEN WEENEN, Celebrities (Gainsborough), 400 backs, VG, 6 £30-50
532.    ALLEN & GINTER, Worlds Smokers, generally VG, 9 £40-60
533.    SPORT, complete (2), Millhoff Famous Test Cricketers, Ritchie & Co. Fairway Favourites (golf), G to EX, 52 £40-60
534.    CHURCHMANS, Prominent Golfers, complete, inc. No. 25 Bobby Jones, VG to EX, 50 £220-260
535.    DUKE, The Terrors of America, G to VG, 15 £100-150
536.    PHILLIPS, Rugs, medium silks, VG to EX, 49 £100-150
537.    ADKIN, Sporting Cups & Trophies, VG to EX, 20 £140-180
538.    SMITH, Famous Explorers, complete, mixed backs, VG to EX, 50 £280-320
539.    GALLAHER, Royalty Series, complete, slight foxing, EX, 50 £120-160
540.    COPE, Playing Cards (1902), square corners, EX, 36 £120-160
541.    E.R.B., War Map - Western Front (1916), missing Nos. 8 & 56, G (2) ow EX, 54 £200-250
542.    PLAYERS, Military Series, VG to EX, 34 £280-320
543.    CHURCHMANS, Footballers (colour), VG to EX, 47 £280-320
544.    PLAYERS, Old Englands Defenders, complete, a few G to VG ow EX, 50 £400-600
545.    TADDY, Famous Jockeys, complete, with frame, EX, 25 £260-320
546.    HUNTLEY & PALMER, Sports of the World, semi-circular, inc. cricket, a.m.r., FR (1) to VG, 11 £30-50
547.    HUNTLEY & PALMER, Scenes with Biscuits, complete, a.m.r. (mainly to top edges of backs), G to VG, 12 £30-50
548.    CARRERAS, Turf, inc. Olympics 1948 (13), Sports (31), Famous Footballers (40), Footballers (81) & Famous Cricketers (29), duplication, trimmed (mainly neat), FR to VG, 184* £50-70
549.    TRADE, complete (5), inc. British Automatic (2), Famous Trains, History of Transport; Typhoo Ancient & Annual Customs, Pukka Aquarium Fish, Amaran The Circus, VG to EX, 148 £30-50
550.    OVERSEAS, part sets & odds, inc. mainly Wills, Pennant, Scissors, Specialities, Vice Regal; a few BAT, slight duplication, FR to VG, 140* £30-40
551.    CEREBOS, Sea Shells, complete, a few slightly uneven trim, G to EX, 100 £40-60
552.    GALLAHER, Boy Scouts, complete, brown, VG to EX, 100 £80-120
553.    PLAYERS, Celebrated Bridges, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-40
554.    KINNEY, Types of Nationalities (folders), creased (2), FR to VG, 25 £40-60
555.    BROOKE BOND, selection, inc. part set, Out into Space, issued with (40); complete (3), Out into Space (issued in), Wild Flowers 1st, Bird Portraits, VG to EX, 190 £40-60
556.    THOMSON, World Cup Footballers, complete set of 64, as uncut pairs, EX, 32 £30-50
557.    CHIX, Footballers - Portrait & Action (1-48), complete, extra-large, generally EX, 48 £30-50
558.    SPORT, complete (2), De Beukelaer All Sports (miniature), Ardath Photocards Z (large), EX, 199 £30-50
559.    MIXED, complete (9+1), inc. Wills Actresses (Scissors, mauve edges), Ching Flowers, Carreras Palmistry (Black Cat), Red Heart Dogs 2nd & 3rd (premium issues with cover notes); Church & Dwight (3+1), Birds of Prey (2), Useful Birds of America 9th & 10th, G to EX, 180+ £40-60
560.    TRADE, selection, inc. complete (2), Barker Circus Scenes, Teachers Scottish Clans & Castles (rectangular advert); part set, Dandy Navy Tattoos (82), EX, 118* £30-50
561.    SPORT, odds, inc. Wilkinson Popular Footballers (No. 14 Milburn, Newcastle), Pattreiouex Footballers Series (No. 18 Healless, Blackburn); Smith (2), Cricketers (No. 11 Tancred), Footballers 1912 (No. 79 Pennington); Phillips Sport (RP), Nos. 11 Power Boat & 43 High Jump, anon. Sports & Pastimes (No. 11 lacrosse), G to EX, 7 £30-50
562.    WILLS, Animals & Birds, descriptive, missing Kangaroo & Lyre Bird, G to VG, 48 £100-150
563.    SPORT, complete (2), Ogdens Cricket 1926, Churchmans Boxing Personalities; part set, Faulkner Old Sporting Prints (19), G to VG, 119 £30-50
564.    SMITH, Footballers (1912), Scottish players, titled, dark blue backs, creased (), scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 10 £30-50
565.    SMITH, Footballers (1912), English players, titled, light (9) & dark blue backs, scuffing to black edges, creased (5), FR to VG, 26 £30-50
566.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Clips), mixed backs, FR to VG, 10 £50-80
567.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Clips), mixed backs, FR to VG, 10 £50-80
568.    PHILLIPS, Old Masters - Set 1, complete, premium size, G to VG, 30 £200-300
569.    WILLS, Cricket Season 1928/9, Australian players, Australian issue, G to EX, 10 £30-50
570.    WILLS, Cricket Season 1928/9, English players, Australian issue, G to EX, 13 £30-50
571.    MILITARY, part sets & odds, inc. Copes V.C. & D.S.O. Naval & Flying Heroes (17), Kinney Naval Vessels (5), Ray War Series (5), Law (2), Hudden (2), Faulkner etc., some creasing, a.m.r. etc., FR to G, 36 £40-60
572.    SUNDAY EMPIRE NEWS, Famous Footballers of To-Day by Durling, complete, EX, 48 £80-120
573.    SMITH, A Tour Round The World, complete, text, G to EX, 50 £150-200
574.    TADDY, Autographs, complete, some tipping-in to corners, G to VG, 25 £160-220
575.    OGDENS, Beauties HOL, complete, EX, 26 £250-350
576.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Coronation Robes, complete, VG to EX, 12 £80-120
577.    GOODWIN, Dogs of the World, complete, VG to EX, 50 £600-800
578.    SOMPORTEX, John Drake Danger Man, complete, creased (1), G to generally EX, 72 £150-200
579.    SPRATT, Champion Dogs, complete, EX, 36 £200-300
580.    HILL, Battleships & Crests, complete, VG to EX, 25 £250-350
581.    CARRERAS, part sets & odds, inc. Raemaekers War Cartoons, Figures of Fiction, History of Army/Naval Uniforms, Film Stars, Britains Defences, Famous Airmen & Airwomen etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 400* £30-50
582.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. Leaders of Men, British Birds, Foreign Birds, Birds Eggs, Children, Whaling, horse racing etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 400* £40-60
583.    SUCHARD, Collection Coloniale, complete, in modern album, G to EX, 300 £30-40
584.    BIRDS, part sets & odds, Wills & Players, inc. Game Birds & Wild Fowl, British Birds, Wild Birds, Life I the Treetops, Birds & their Young etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, Qty. £30-40
585.    LYONS, part sets & odds, inc. Space Age Britain, Famous People, On Safari, Train Spotters, Space Exploration, All Systems Go, Into the Unknown, Australia etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, Qty. £30-40
586.    GALLAHER, selection, inc. complete (2), The Reason Why, Wild Flowers; part sets, Tricks & Puzzles (57), Animals & Birds (89), Birds Nests & Eggs (82), Fables (81), in modern album, corner knocks & some creasing, FR to VG, 457* £50-80
587.    OGDENS, complete (14), inc. Royal Mail, Shots from the Films, British Birds, Derby Entrants 1926 & 1928, Whaling, Picturesque People, Records of the World, Prominent Racehorses of 1933 etc., cv £1025, in modern album, FR to VG, 600* £80-120
588.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, selection, inc. complete (6), Motor Cars 1st & 2nd, Famous British Airmen & Airwomen, Aviation, Interesting Musical Instruments, Pirates & Highwaymen; part sets, Worlds Locomotives (48), Arms of Kings & Queens (22), Birds & their Eggs (36), cv £900, in modern album, FR to VG, 250* £60-80
589.    FOOTBALL, part sets, inc. Carreras Footballers, small titles (23); Chix 2nd (17), Gallaher Footballers in Action (14), Ogdens Club Colours (15); Sinclair, English & Scottish (40), Well Known - NE Counties (14) & Scottish (47), cv £419, in modern album, VG to EX, 170* £60-80
590.    WILLS, complete (18), Dogs, DYK 1st-4th, Engineering Wonders, English Period Costumes, Famous Inventions, First Aid (with & without), Fish & Bait, floral etc., in modern album, G to VG, 850 £30-50
591.    TRADE, complete (12), inc. Primrose Popeye 3rd & 4th, Rossi The History of Flight 1st & 2nd, Barratt The Wild West; Mister Softee (2),Top 20, Your World; Lyons Famous Cars, Sweetule Football Club Nicknames, Cadet Fifty Years of Flying, Bassett Dandy/Beano (blue backs), Brooke Bond Magical World of Disney, in modern album, EX, 395 £30-50
592.    MIXED, complete (10), inc. Phillips In the Public Eye, Murray The Story of Ships, Ardath Your Birthday, Copes Castles, Mitchell Famous Crosses; Gallaher (5), inc. British Birds, Butterflies & Moths, Garden Flowers, Wild Flowers, Wild Animals, in modern album, G to EX, 444 £30-50
593.    MIXED, large, inc. complete (11), Wills Animals, Carreras Orchids, Wix Flags (2), Pattreiouex (5); part sets, Hill Canvas Masterpieces, Wills, Churchmans etc., in modern album, G to EX, 590* £30-50
594.    DOGS, part sets & odds, inc. Gallaher, Kane, Fry, Carreras, ERB, Bibby, Drapkin, Barber, TCOY Challenge of the Yukon, Pattreiouex etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 348* £30-50
595.    DOGS, part sets & odds, inc. Phillips, Pattreiouex, Ogdens Tabs, Murray Moustafa, Millhoff, Grandee, Molassine, Lea etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 400* £40-60
596.    BARRATT, part sets & odds, inc. Huckleberry Hound, Interpol, Fastest on Earth, Cars of the World, Disney Characters, Modern British Aircraft, Modern Aircraft, Robin Hood, Sea Hunt, Tarzan, Trains of the World, Space Mysteries etc., in modern album, slight duplication, G to EX, 320* £30-50
597.    BARRATT, part sets & odds, inc. Walt Disney Characters (1956), Wisecracks, Soldiers, Wonders of the World, Zoo Pets, Robin Hood, Walt Disneys True Life, Warriors, what Do You Know, wild Animals by George Cansdale etc., in modern album, slight duplication, G to EX, 320* £30-50
598.    SANITARIUM, part sets & odds, duplication, VG to EX, 350* £30-50
599.    MIXED, large, complete (12), inc. Churchman, Howlers, Air-Raid Precautions, Wings Over the Empire; Players Characters From Fiction, Ardath Photocards, Cope Toy Models, Pattreiouex, Beautiful Scotland, British Railways etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 490* £30-50
600.    ERRORS & VARIATIONS, Pa-Ph, inc. many colour variations (a few text variations), proofs (plain backs), uncut sheets; Pattreiouex, Sights of Britain, The Navy, Footballers; Phillips, Aircraft, Annuals, British Butterflies, Film Stars, miniature Pinnace, Screen Stars, Soldiers of the King, Spot The Winner etc., in modern album, G to EX, 775* £60-80
601.    ERRORS & VARIATIONS, Ca-Ga, inc. many colour variations (a few text variations), proofs (plain backs), uncut sheets; Cavanders Homeland Series, Ching, Churchman, Boxing Personalities, The Story of Navigation; Cohen Weenen, C.W.S., Boy Scouts, Tobacco Factory; Cop Castles, Drapkin Celebrities of the War, ERB, Gallaher Aesop's Fables etc., in modern album, G to EX, 615* £60-80
602.    J.F. COLLECTIBLES, complete (7), Cricketing Personalities & Cricketers in Action, large, in modern album, EX, Qty. £30-50
603.    COUNTY PRINT SERVICES, complete (14), mixed sizes, in modern album, EX, 376* £30-40
604.    MIXED, complete & part sets, mainly Wills & Players; Gallaher, Churchman etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
605.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Rich South African War Effort; Brooke Bond, Castella, Grandee, Snap, Typhoo long, Rochdale Educational, Kelloggs, Topps, football caps, Sun Soccercards, Daily Star, Tazos etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
606.    MIXED, selection of albums, mainly laid down, complete & part sets, inc. Aiglon Marine; UTC (2), Butterflies, Works of Art; German (6); Carreras, Castella, Wills & Players 1d; empty, Lea Pottery & Porcelain ()2), Harden & Bibby (each with corner-mounts) etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-50
607.    MIXED, selection, inc. Wills, Players, Carreras, Wix, Ogdens, Lambert & Butler, Pattreiouex, UTC, A&BC etc., laid down 1d albums, duplication, FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
608.    COLLECTORS CARDS, mainly complete, inc. James Bond, boxing etc., in two ring-binders, VG to EX, Qty. £30-40
609.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1970 Footballers, duplication, G to VG, 650* £60-80
610.    TOPICAL TIMES, footballers, inc. Panel Portraits, colour (50) & b/w (150); miniature (60); complete (2), Stars of To-Day, Miniature Portraits Panels (each in album), FR to EX, 310* £40-60
611.    TRADE, part sets and odds, inc. Brooke Bond, Merlin, Dr Who, England 2006, Autograph cards (unsigned); Topps Batman, Fleer Baseball, many BP England 98, Question of Sport etc., duplication, VG to EX, Qty. £30-40
612.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Biscuit Victoria Flags Stamps & Views of the World, missing No. 233, corner-mounted in company hardback album; animals, dogs, floral, gardening, fish; many Players & Gallaher Millhoff, Players, Horniman, Gallaher, Wills, Carreras Turf, Brooke Bond etc., duplication (some heavy), in six modern albums etc., FR to VG, Qty. £30-50
613.    TRADE, selection, inc. printed & laid down (mainly part sets) booklets, inc. Thomson, Secrets of Cricket (2), Famous Feats, Flags of the Sea, Punishment thru the Ages, miniature (8); Lipton Flags of the World, Bibby This Wonderful World, de Reszke Coronation (empty), TV Comic 1966 TV Stars, Weet-Bix New Zealands Booming Industries etc., 1954/5 football annual, cricket booklet etc., some tears & adhesion marks, FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
614.    MIXED, part sets, inc. The Sun Soccercards, near complete set corner-mounted in scrapbook); Juncosa paintings (48), Mac Robertson Flags (23), miniature RP & other cinema, Wills etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-50
615.    MIXED, part sets and odds, inc. Players, Wills, Kensitas silk flags, Brooke Bond, Pattreiouex, Gallaher, Lambert & Butler, Murray, Phillips, Churchman, Lyons Maid, Sweetule etc; flags, dogs, military, shipping, wild life, floral etc., some reprints, in three modern albums and loose (in sheets); two cigarette card catalogues, G to VG, Qty. £30-50
616.    TRADE, modern, inc. Comic Images, Marvel Missions (in original binder), Match Attax, Pro Match, Panini, Sonic The Hedgehog, Champions League 2008/9; Pro Set American Football, Merlin Return of the Jedi, Topps Star Wars etc., G to VG, large Qty. £30-50
617.    FOOTBALL, part sets, inc. The Sun, Soccercards (800), Scrapbook 1971 (part laid down album); Magic Box Shootout 2005/6, Kelloggs Euro96 Virtual Video etc., duplication, VG to MT, Qty. £30-50
618.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. football, A&BC, Topical Times, Topps, Futera, ProMatch, FKS; Barratt, Carreras, Cavanders, Wills, British Museum booklets (8) etc., FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
619.    BROOKE BOND, albums, mainly laid down complete, duplication (some heavy), FR to VG, 200* £30-40
620.    CRICKET, mainly complete sets, inc. Morning Foods, Universal, CPS, Stamp Publicity, Lancashire CCC, Sport in View, Rockwell, beermats etc., VG to EX, Qty. £30-50
621.    REPRINTS, complete (30), mainly Card Collectors Society, inc. many Players, Taddy, Wills, Churchmans, Lambert & Butler, Clarke, Hignett etc., EX to MT, Qty. £30-50
622.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Copes Noted Footballers - Clips (48, most with corner rounding), Players Cities of the World (70), Wills Musical Celebrities (30), Colgate Famous Sporting Trophies (24), Venorlandus World of Sport (complete), modern golf, Churchmans, Brooke Bond etc., P to EX, Qty. £30-50
623.    CRICKET, selection, inc. Panini World of Cricket, Sanitarium, Scanlen etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-40
624.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. A&BC Football, Ardath Photocards, Players large, Whitbread, BAT, Priory & other albums, Sanitarium, Brooke Bond, Bassett, Lambert & Butler, Wills, Gallaher, Phillips, Oliver, CWS, Pattreiouex, Mobil, Ching etc., duplication, FR to EX, Qty. £30-50
625.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. Thomson miniature, RP (60) & team cards (50); Topps triples, S&B Products, Amalgamated Press, West Midlands Collectors, Match etc., G to EX, 650* £40-60
626.    A. & B.C., football part sets & odds, inc. 1958, 1963, 1966 (split pairs), 1968 (serrated) etc., G to EX, 380* £40-60
627.    MAYO, Beauties, inc. square (3), Burdick 488 (7) etc., some a.m.r., G to VG, 14 £30-50
628.    DANDY, selection, inc. complete (2), Vintage Cars, Comic Heroes; part sets, Our Model Army, Flags (83), Soldiers (98), VG to EX, 300* £30-50
629.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, empty op for medium silks, 1st printed (40) & plain (45) backs, 2nd printed ( 22), VG to EX, 107* £30-50
630.    TRADE, selection, inc. Felix the Cat, ref. ZH3/18 (5); Adventuras del Gato Periquito, Spanish paper issue (15); Lawson Wood artwork, German part sets, medium (59) & small (56); Warne & Co. booklets (3), Mr Grunt, Mt Quack & Mr Prickles, G to EX, 138* £30-50
631.    FOOTBALL, Iberian card games (2), La Baraja del Mundial, for 1998 World Cup (Spanish), 1990 World Cup (Portuguese), VG to EX, 50* £30-40
632.    FOOTBALL, Spanish trade issues, inc. Cracks 2013/4 (12), 1982 Graficas football club emblems (52); Premier League managers, Pellegrini (8) Pochettino (5) & Mourinho (2); home nations teams, stars & stadia etc., EX, 104* £40-60
633.    FOOTBALL, Italian issues, inc. Italia 90 (55), The Knight U.S.A. 94 (22); Euro 96 & France 98 (26), VG to EX, 103* £30-50
634.    FOOTBALL, foreign issues, inc. Danone 1982 World Cup (34), Picon (13), Cibeles 1966 World Cup (8); 1998 World Cup subset (complete subsets of English & Scottish players) etc., P to EX, 96* £30-50
635.    CRACKS, South American selection, inc. 1966 caricatures (30); Brasilian stickers by Titulares (22) & Flashes (78), 1956-1958 (many with amr & other soaking damage), creased (8) & corner knocks, P to G, 130 £40-60
636.    ASS, trumps card games, WM74 - 1974 Football World Cup (German); Bobby Charltons World Cup Aces, by Wiggins Teape (owned by BAT), G to EX, 64+ £30-40
637.    CINEMA, European trade, inc. Kwatta, 96 cards laid down in small company album; Maple Leaf etc., mainly large, a few creased, FR to EX, 60* £30-50
638.    MY WEEKLY, medium silks, inc. Floral Beauties (12), Our Soldier Boys (12), Battle Series (8), Sweet Kiss (5) etc., with backing cards, slight duplication, FR to VG, 42* £40-60
639.    SILKS, medium selection, inc. Wills Crests & Colours of Australian Universities (25); Phillips, & Wix Flags, ATC, My Weekly, Happy Home, Sunday Stories etc., many lacking backing card, FR to VG, 140* £40-60
640.    SILKS, medium selection, inc. Phillips, ATC, Wills; floral, flags, animals, butterflies, maps, yacht club colours etc., mainly lacking backing card, FR to VG, 230* £40-60
641.    U.S.A., odds, inc. Fanny Farmer Candy Shops, National Starch Co., Purity Pretzel Co., Planters, New England Confectionery, Strato Bubble Gum, Hot Rod magazine etc; dogs, aviation, railway, animals, comedy etc., FR to VG, 30* £30-50
642.    U.S.A., odds, inc. Arbuckle (11), The American Coffee Co., The Cracker Jack Co., Coca-Cola, Dwight's Soda (3) etc; cars, military, cattle, aviation, fruit, birds, occupations etc., FR to VG, 30* £30-50
643.    U.S.A., odds, beauties, inc. many Duke, Buchner, Honest, Gail & Ax, Hess, Golden Grain etc., FR to VG, 30* £30-50
644.    U.S.A., odds, inc. Mayo, Maclin-Simmer, Drummond Tobacco, Little Rhody, US Tob. Co., Thompson, Moore & Co., Rose etc; mainly beauties, shipping etc., FR to VG, 30* £30-50
645.    U.S.A., odds, inc. Admiral, Mayo, F.H. Clayton, Whalen, TPC, Milo, Millee & Sons, Marburg etc; beauties, warriors, oriental, actresses etc., FR to VG, 30* £30-50
646.    U.S.A., odds, inc. large (10), Allen & Ginter, Quadrupeds, Fish, Birds of the Tropics; Duke Popular Dances, Kinney, Allen & Ginter etc., some a.m.r., creasing etc., FR to G, 23* £30-50
647.    PANINI, Football 1979, 1981 & 1982, G to EX, 380* £40-60
648.    TOPPS, Beatles, 1st (7), 2nd (11), 3rd (1) & colour (1), Printed in Canada, G to EX, 20 £25-35
649.    A. & B.C. GUM, Beatles 2nd, G to VG, 28 £50-70
650.    LEAF, Footballers (1961), complete, portraits & portraits with caricatures, p/b, anon, EX, 50 £30-50
651.    CINEMA, trade, Kwatta, Series C, 99-196 (complete), G to VG, 97 £40-50
652.    LEA, Regimental Crests and Badges, silks, duplication, G to VG, 77* £30-50
653.    LEA, Old Pottery and Porcelain, silks, G to VG, 134* £30-50
654.    SILKS, medium, inc. Sea Shells (1), Dogs (22), China (4) & Birds (2), with backing (2, Wills), G to VG, 29* £30-50
655.    MORRIS, English & Foreign Birds, large silks, duplication, minimal fraying, G to VG, 48* £30-50
656.    TURMAC, silks, Flags, brown background, duplication, VG to EX, 84* £30-50
657.    PHILLIPS, Ceramic Art, medium silks, duplication, FR to VG, 213* £30-50
658.    PHILLIPS, premium silks, inc. Regimental, Clan Tartans, Leaders etc., duplication, FR to VG, 40* £30-40
659.    PHILLIPS, National Flags, premium silks, duplication, G to EX, 86* £30-50
660.    PHILLIPS, Old Masters, premium silks, duplication, G to VG, 64* £30-50
661.    TURMAC, shaped woven silks, inc. floral, butterflies etc., mixed sizes, VG to EX, 44* £30-50
662.    A.T.C., blanket issues (rugs), 8.5 x 5.5 & smaller, duplication, G to VG, 53* £30-40
663.    A. & B.C. GUM, Civil War News, slight duplication, G to VG, 62* £30-40
664.    F.K.S., stickers, Soccer Stars 1973-74, duplication, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* £30-50
665.    F.K.S., stickers, Soccer Stars 1972-73, duplication, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 200* £30-50
666.    F.K.S., stickers, Soccer Stars 1976-77, duplication, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 275* £30-50
667.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 1st, small silks, op (printed backs), washable, slight duplication, G to VG, 50 £30-40
668.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 1st, small silks, op (printed backs), oval backs, slight duplication, G to VG, 50 £30-40
669.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 1st, small silks, op (printed backs), circular backs, slight duplication, G to VG, 50 £30-40
670.    DANDY, Film Series, complete, Indian issue, VG to EX, 36 £30-50
671.    OGDENS, complete (2), British Birds & Eggs, Marvels of Motion, G to EX, 75 £30-50
672.    OGDENS, cricket, complete(3), Australian Test Cricketers, Cricket 1926, Prominent Cricketers of 1938, VG to EX, 144 £40-60
673.    OGDENS, horse racing, complete (3), Racehorses, Derby Entrants 1929, Steeplechase Trainers & Owners Colours, G to EX, 150 £40-60
674.    WIX J., Henry 1st, complete, premium issue, G to VG, 25 £30-50
675.    WIX J., Henry 2nd, complete, premium issue, G to VG, 25 £30-50
676.    TOPPS, football, complete (2), World Cup Supersquad face-masks; Spotlights, VG to EX, 48 £30-50
677.    FOOTBALL, FKS Mexico 70, album laid down with stickers, missing No. 245, creasing to cover, scuffs and foxing to edges, G £30-50
678.    FOOTBALL, FKS Soccer Stars 1970/71, album laid down with stickers, missing Nos. 9, 39, 54, 162 & 385, creasing to cover, scuffs and foxing to edges, G £30-50
679.    FOOTBALL, FKS Soccer Stars 1971/72, album lightly laid down with stickers (missing 20 stickers), creasing to cover and foxing to edges, G £30-50
680.    FOOTBALL, FKS Soccer Stars 1973/74, album lightly laid down with stickers, missing Nos. 13, 41, 119, 130 & 169), slight scuffing to edges of cover, VG £30-50
681.    FOOTBALL, FKS World Cup 1974, album lightly laid down with stickers, missing Nos. 73, 94, 163, 206, 207, 209, 236, 252 & 261, slight scuffing to edges of cover, VG £30-50
682.    COUNTY PRINT SERVICES, complete (21), 1990-1992, mixed sizes, in modern album, EX, 650* £30-50
683.    SHIPPING, trade, complete & part sets, inc. Palmin, Vogelsang, Danmark, Sanitarium, phone cards; European, large Dutch stickers, Aiguebelle, DW Corsets, Correa (Argentine c/c), Brinde, Raveroy & Co. etc., in two modern albums, G to EX, 300* £30-50
684.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers selection, inc. silks lacking packets (12), empty op (19 medium), empty albums (3), slight duplication, G to EX, 34* £30-50
685.    FOOTBALL, Sheffield United odds, mainly large cards, inc. A&BC, Topps, Quaker Oats, Daily Mirror, Pro-Set (some signed), uncut sheets, postcards etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-40
686.    BARRATT & BASSETT, part sets & odds, inc. medium & large, Postman Pat, strip of ten stickers & plastic bag; Disneyland True Life, Disney Characters, Modern aircraft; later standard, The Magic Sword, Bassett's & Beyond, Looney Tunes etc., duplication, a few creased, FR to EX, 160* £30-50
687.    THE GENTLEWOMAN, silk panels, A Winter Idyll, Moonlight Melody & one other, laid down to cards, most trimmed to edges, P to FR, 3 £30-50
688.    THE GENTLEWOMAN, silk panels, Three Christmas Roses, The Four Seasons (1910 calendar), laid down to cards, trimmed to edges, P to FR, 2 £30-50
689.    W.W. I, silks, Great War Leaders, 12 portraits in ovals with black backgrounds, European issue, in ornate cardboard mount, titled Honneur Patrie Gloire 1914-1915, tears to silks (5),19 x 12.5 overall (shaped), FR £40-60
690.    WILLS, part sets & odds, inc. Interesting Buildings (22), railway, Britain's Defenders, cricket, Army Life (22), War Incidents, Builders of the Empire etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 150* £40-60
691.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. C.W.S. Poultry (41), Ogdens, Infantry Training, Boy Scouts, Royal Mail; Carreras Women on War Work, Lambert & Butler Winter Sports, Players Drum Banners & Cap Badges etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 115* £30-50
692.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Churchman Birds & Eggs, Gallaher The Great War 2nd, Ogdens, Boy Scouts (17), Marvels of Motion; Gallaher Votaries of the Weed, Churchman Boxing Personalities etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 100* £30-50
693.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, complete (8), inc. Aviation (one creased), Famous British Airmen & Airwomen, Interesting Customs & Traditions, Pirates & Highwaymen, Interesting Sidelights, Garden Life, Common Fallacies, Wonders of Nature, G to EX, 250 £30-50
694.    DISNEY, selection, inc. Barratt 2nd (36), Spar Grocers (26), Bassett (25), Brooke Bond doubles (23) etc., slight duplication, about G to EX, 111* £40-60
695.    B.A.T., anon., complete (4), Britains Defenders, Notabilities, Ships Flags & Cap Badges, Warriors of All Nations, G to VG, 125 £40-46
696.    B.A.T., anon., complete (4), Naval Portraits, Regimental Uniforms, Prehistoric Animals, Safety First, G to VG, 165 £40-46
697.    WILLS, large, complete (6), Heraldic Signs, British Castles, Old Silver, Animals & their Furs, Auction Bridge, Old Sundials, G to EX, 150 £40-60
698.    PRIMROSE, inc. Space Patrol (48+115); Popeye 4th (75), three styles of backs, card & paper issues, duplication, VG to EX, 238* £30-50
699.    PRIMROSE, part sets, inc. Coins (22); Bugs Bunny 3rd (40) & 4th (76); Dads Army (17+3), Z Cars (43) etc., duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, 207* £30-50
700.    CHIX, Famous Footballers 3rd, complete, VG to EX, 48 £60-80
701.    HULL CITY, 1950 Footballers, complete, large, VG to EX, 20 £40-60
702.    THOMSON, World Cup Footballers, complete, neat trim, VG to EX, 64 £35-45
703.    THOMSON, World Cup Stars, complete, medium, with plastic wallet, VG to EX, 72+ £40-60
704.    CARRERAS, Footballers, complete, large titles, VG to EX, 75 £50-70
705.    CHURCHMANS, Footballers (colour), duplicates (7), G to VG, 26 + 7 £100-150
706.    GALLAHER, Footballers (1-100), complete, red, G to VG, 100 £60-80
707.    MITCHELL, Scottish Footballers, complete, VG to EX, 50 £40-60
708.    OGDENS, Football Club Captains, complete, G to EX, 50 £40-60
709.    WILLS, Association Footballers, complete, Irish, G to EX, 50 £60-80
710.    C.W.S., Poultry, complete, some uneven trim, G to VG, 48 £60-80
711.    GALLAHER, Royalty Series, complete, FR to generally G, 50 £30-50
712.    MACKINTOSH, 1935 South African Cricket Team, complete, with black border to No. 15 Cameron, VG to EX, 15 £60-80
713.    BARRATT, Walt Disney Characters 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
714.    THOMSON, football, complete (2), The Worlds Best Cricketers (1958), World Cup Footballers, complete sets of 72 & 64 (as pairs), EX, 68 £40-60
715.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Clips), Nos. 428 & 430-435 (all Huddersfield Town), 500 backs, a.m.r. (1), G to VG, 7 £50-80
716.    CRICKET, small circular h/s portraits, 26mm dia., names to backs, VG, 30 £60-80
717.    LIVERPOOL WEEKLY COURIER, Cricket Puzzles, paper issue, trimmed to image (2), P to G, 3 £40-60
718.    BOYS MAGAZINE, Famous Cricketers in Action, complete, magazine inserts, two players per sheet, VG to EX, 10 £30-50
719.    TADDY, odds, inc. Heraldry (10), Autographs (4) & Admirals & Generals (1), creased (1), FR to VG, 15 £40-60
720.    DUKE, Playing Cards, with numerals, corner knocks, FR to G, 15 £30-40
721.    U.S.A., part sets & odds, inc. BAT Views of the World (28, stereoscopic), ATC Old Ships (26), Allen & Ginter Birds of the Tropics (10, amr), Donaldson Bros. Pretty Pictures (3), Duke, Kimball etc., a.m.r. & corner knocks, FR to G, 79* £30-50
722.    U.S.A., part sets & odds, medium & large, inc. mainly ATC, National Types, Fortune Series, Cowboys, Theatres - Old & New; Marburg Bros. etc., a.m.r. & corner knocks, FR to G, 33* £30-50
723.    U.S.A., part sets & odds, large & extra-large, inc. ATC, Murad Postcard Series, silk Flags; National Cig. Co. Beautiful Pictures (2), Gail & Ax RP, Allen & Ginter etc., a.m.r. & corner knocks, FR to G, 22* £30-50
724.    U.S.A., trade, part sets, inc. Topps US Presidents (25), Jungle Chewing Gum Wild Animal Life (20), Big Boy Presidents (8), slight duplication, G to EX, 53* £30-50
725.    NATIONAL TOBACCO CO., Beautiful Pictures, Nos. 1-9, premium issue, G to VG, 9 £40-60
726.    EXPRESS TOB. CO., How It Is Made (Motor Cars), complete, large, generally EX, 50 £30-40
727.    AFRICAN T.C., Postage Stamps - Rarest Varieties, complete, medium, VG to EX, 100 £30-40
728.    J.L. TOB. CO., Motor Cars, complete, medium, 1950s Maltese tobacco issue, VG, 75 £30-50
729.    A.T.C., Henry, medium, VG to EX, 72 £40-60
730.    WIX J., Henry, large (109), complete (2) 1st & 3rd, 2nd (9); postcard 1st (8) & 2nd (10), G to VG, 137* £30-50
731.    CHURCHMANS, Eastern Proverbs 1st-3rd, complete, large, VG to EX, 36 £30-50
732.    I.T.C., Screen Lovers, complete, Summit, VG to EX, 48 £30-50
733.    DUNCAN, Evolution of the Steamship, complete, with rare cards, EX, 50 £30-50
734.    BOGUSLAVSKY, Conan Doyle Characters, complete, black backs, G to EX, 25 £30-50
735.    BAKER, Beauties of All Nations, complete, A. Baker, G to VG, 25 £50-70
736.    CARRERAS, complete (8), inc. Believe It or Not, Celebrities of British History, DYK, Famous Men, Races - Historic & Modern, Flags of All Nations etc., G to EX, 360 £30-50
737.    CHURCHMANS, complete (11), inc. Eastern Proverbs 1st & 2nd, Howlers, Interesting Door-Knockers, Legends of Britain, The Queen Mary, Wonderful Railway Travel etc., G to EX, 440 £40-60
738.    MIXED, complete (10), inc. Abdulla Feathered Friends, Bocnal Proverbs, Bucktrout Inventors, Challis Comic Animals, Gallaher My Favourite Part, Hignett Greetings of the World etc., G to EX, 318* £30-50
739.    MIXED, odds, inc. Drapkin, Millhoff, Duncan, Franklyn Davey, Goodbody, Gerard, Fraenkel; military, beauties, cinema, dogs, sport, views etc., G to EX, 160* £40-60
740.    MIXED, odds, inc. Adcock, Adkin, Allman, Anstie, Abdulla; cinema, beauties, sport, military, railway, shipping, butterflies, royalty etc., G to EX, 200* £40-60
741.    THOMSON, odds, inc. cut-outs (football & cricket, 3), booklets (7), supplements, inc. ABC Chart of Football Colours, 60 Motor Cars of 1960, Modern Marvels, uncut football trade cards etc., G to EX, 30* £30-50
742.    WILLS, large, complete (6), inc. Butterflies & Moths, Famous British Authors, Heraldic Signs, Modern Architecture, Old Pottery & Porcelain, Old Silver, VG to EX, 185* £30-40
743.    E.R.B., Sports & Games in Many Lands, complete, inc. baseball (Babe Ruth), EX, 25 £80-120
744.    BASSETT, Cricket 2nd, complete, generally EX, 50 £60-80
745.    TADDY, Famous Jockeys, complete, with frame, VG to EX, 25 £400-500
746.    MIXED, odds, inc. Reeve Cricketers (3), Nos. 6 Barnes (Staffs), 13 Hirst (Yorks) & 21 Spooner (Lancs); Smith Shadowgraphs (5), Taddy territorial Regiments (No. 7); Penny Magazine Film Stars (8), G to EX, 17 £30-50
747.    DOGS, The Bonzo Series, complete (2), Singleton & Cole, Spratt, corner knocks, FR to generally G, 50 £30-50
748.    WILLS, Australian & English Cricketers (1911), no Wills backs, Series of, creased (1), FR to G, 14 £30-50
749.    WILLS, Australian & South African Cricketers (1910), red borders, Capstan backs, G to VG, 8 £30-50
750.    WILLS, Prominent Australian & English Cricketers (1907), Nos. 21-30, slight crease, G to VG, 10 £30-50
751.    WILLS, Australian Club Cricketers (1905), blue Capstan backs, with club names, about G to VG, 10 £30-50
752.    WILLS, Australian & English Cricketers (1909), Capstan backs, G to VG, 9 £30-50
753.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, Nos. C.56 61-69, p/b, VG to EX, 10 £60-80
754.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers, Sports package issues, card, some a.c.m., G to VG, 25 £30-50
755.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold (cricketers), Base M, close captions, G to VG, 27 £40-60
756.    OGDENS, Tabs, Our Leading Cricketers, scuffing to image (1), FR (1) to VG, 7 £40-60
757.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (1924), Nos. 218-222 & 224 (all English), large, brown backs, EX, 6 £30-50
758.    BISCUIT PERNOT, Les Grands Ports du Monde (Ports of the World), premium, G to VG, 37 £30-50
759.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), Nos. 2395-2402 & 2404-2405 (all Civil Service), premium size, VG to EX, 10 £40-60
760.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), Nos. 352 onwards (all rugby), miniature, G to EX, 102 £40-60
761.    AFRICAN T.C., All Blacks - South African Tour 1928, complete, large some corner knocks, FR to VG, 29 £80-120
762.    PANINI, rugby, inc. Campioni del Sport, 1967/8 (4), 1968/9 (2), 1969/70 (8), 1970/1 (8); Supersport (12) etc., G to EX, 50* £40-60
763.    SHIPPING, complete (5), inc. Churchmans The Queen Mary, Goddard Ports of the World, Ogdens Sea Adventure; Players (2), Ship-Models & Shipping, VG to EX, 182 £30-50
764.    SHIPPING, complete (5), inc. Ogdens Ocean Greyhounds, ITC International Code of Signals, Sarony Ships of all Ages; Wills (2), Lighthouses Ships & Shipping, EX, 250 £30-50
765.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Nos between 148-169, standard, VG to EX, 18 £40-60
766.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 166-194, VG to EX, 27 £60-80
767.    AMALGAMATED PRESS, Famous Test Match Cricketers, complete, medium, G to VG, 32 £50-70
768.    BARRATT, Australian Cricketers - Action Series, complete, G to VG, 16 £60-80
769.    COHEN WEENEN, Cricketers, complete, VG to EX, 25 £100-150
770.    PATTREIOUEX, Cricketer Series, complete, about G to vg, 75 £200-300
771.    AUSTRALIAN LICORICE, English Cricketers (1928/9), creased (4) & slight scuffing to brown edges, G to VG, 22 £80-120
772.    GRIFFITHS, Cricketers 1937, Cruising Toffee, VG to EX, 7 £100-150
773.    WILLS, Australian & English Cricketers (1903), complete, blue, Vice-Regal (8) & Capstan backs, G to VG, 25 £80-120
774.    WILLS, Prominent Australian & English Cricketers (1907), missing No. 34, G to VG, 49 £150-250
PLAYERS, Cabinet Size Pictures, Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, black front, plain back, VG £60-80
776.    BATTOCK, Cricket and Football Cards, Aston Villa, Merthyr Town & Nottingham Forest, VG, 3 £50-70
777.    WILLS, Cricketers Series (1901), Nos. 2, -5, 10 & 11 (all English), light blue frames, Australian issue, creased (3), FR to G, 6 £40-60
778.    TADDY, Actresses with Flowers, No. 9 Miss Lily Hanbury, VG £30-50
779.    POPPLETON, Cricketers, No. 35 Arnott (Glamorgan), VG £30-50
780.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Briggs (Lancashire), VG £40-60
781.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Daft (Notts), VG £40-60
782.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), de Trafford (Leicestershire), VG £40-60
783.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Dixon (Notts), knock to corners, G £40-60
784.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Flowers (Notts), crease to centre of card, FR £40-60
785.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, Caught, some foxing, knock to top, G £40-60
786.    KINNEAR, Australian Cricket Team, Noble, slight knocks to corners, writing on the back, G £60-80
787.    CLARKE, Cricket Terms, Long Off, slight knocks to edge, G £30-40
788.    CLARKE, Cricketers, No. 8 Gunn (Nottinghamshire), G £60-80
789.    FAULKNER, Cricketers, No. 19 Palairet (Somerset), G £40-60
790.    MACDONALD, Cricketers (1902), Saunders, EX £250-350
791.    SMITH, Champions of Sport, Duff (cricket), blue back, unnumbered, a.m.r., VG £50-70
792.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Cricket Terms, Winning The Toss, offset image, G £30-50
793.    WILLS, Cricket Terms, Run Out, Vice-Regal back, VG £25-35
794.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Cricketers in Action, Tyldesley, VG £30-40
795.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Morton (Derbyshire), Imperial back, VG £30-50
796.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Fane (Essex), Imperial back, VG £30-50
797.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Board (Gloucestershire), Imperial back, VG £30-50
798.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Newman (Hampshire), Grapnel back, VG £30-50
799.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Hutchings (Kent), Grapnel back, VG £30-50
800.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Makepeace (Lancashire), Imperial back, VG £30-50
801.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Shields (Leicestershire), Grapnel back, VG £30-50
802.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Payne (Middlesex), Imperial back, VG £30-50
803.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Norman (Northamptonshire), Imperial back, VG £100-150
804.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Robson (Somersetshire), Grapnel back, VG £30-50
805.    WILLS, Ships, Devastation, Glatton & Hotspur, no Wills to front, VG to EX, 3 £30-50
806.    WILLS, Ships, Victoria & Albert, Vigilant & Lord Wolseley, Wills to front, VG £30-50
807.    SINGLETON & COLE, Orient Line, Ophir (both), Otway, 11 Ports, VG to EX, 3 £30-50
808.    SINGLETON & COLE, Orient Royal Mail Line, Corsican, Victorian & Virginian, VG to EX, 3 £30-50
809.    SINGLETON & COLE, Atlantic Liners, Nos. St Paul, Tainui & Virginian, VG, 3 £30-50
810.    SHARPE, shield-shaped rugby card, A Gallant Youth about to Score a Major Point, Puzzle No. 172 to back, VG £25-35
811.    SHARPE, shield-shaped rugby card, Play Up Farsley, showing action scene, creases and staining, FR £25-35
812.    SHARPE, heart-shaped rugby card, Well Taken Cardiff, action scene, VG £25-35
813.    SHARPE, shield-shaped rugby card, Play Up Penycraig, action scene, VG £25-35
814.    BAINES, shield-shaped rugby card, Stick To Him Newport, A.J. Gould inset, VG £25-35
815.    BAINES, shield-shaped rugby card, Well-Run Holyhead United, action scene, G £25-35
816.    BAINES, shield-shaped rugby card, South Africa, On The Ball inset, VG £25-35
817.    SHARPE, shield-shaped rugby card, Well Played Leeds, VG £25-35
818.    BAINES, ball-shaped rugby card, Play Up Aberavon, action scene inset, VG £25-35
819.    BAINES, ball-shaped rugby card, Well Kicked Wales, action scene inset, VG £25-35
820.    CHARLESWORTH & AUSTIN, Cricketers Series, No. 3 Fry (Sussex), VG £40-60
821.    CLARKE, Cricketers, No. 16 Woods, slightly off-set, VG £40-60
822.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, Run Out, VG £30-50
823.    CAMERON & SIZER, Sports Girls, rugby, girl with ball over head, "Line up girls, mark your men", p/b, corner knocks, G £100-150
824.    MANDELBAUM, Types of People, Sporting Girl, CSGB ref. N511-11, slight corner knocks, G £100-150
825.    SMITH, advertisement card, CSGB ref: 403-6, Shooting Lodge, VG £60-80
826.    WILLS, advertisement cards, CSGB ref: E3, Capstan cigarettes, VG £60-80
827.    PLAYERS, advert card, sailor (with hands), CSGB ref H338-4, VG £60-80