Postal Sale of Cigarette & Trade Cards and Ephemera
on Wednesday 11th April 2018

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1.      RAY & CO., War Series, Nos. 27, 36 (stain to back), 37, 43, 56 & 57, corner knocks, FR to G, 6 30-40
2.      DUKE, Yacht Colours of the World, some trim, FR to G, 10 30-50
3.      FAULKNER, 'Ation Series, creased (1) & some trim, FR to G, 6 30-50
4.      TADDY, County Cricketers, Lancashire subjects, mixed back, FR to VG, 4 40-60
5.      ROBINSON & SONS, Nature Studies, Nos. 3, 10, 14, 15, 20, 29 & 32, G to VG, 7 25-35
6.      GERMANY, Von Hindenburg, complete, medium, G to EX, 150 25-35
7.      CADBURY, Cathedral Series, complete, generally VG, 12 30-50
8.      EDMONDSON, British Ships, complete, VG to EX, 20 30-50
9.      KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Olympics, complete, inc. No. 51 Jesse Owens, with staple holes as issued, G to EX, 52 60-80
10.     KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Footballers, complete, inc. rare No. 52 (corner rounding), with staple holes as issued, P (1) ow VG to EX, 52 60-80
11.     DOMINION, Old Ships 1st-4th, complete, EX, 100 25-35
12.     HIGNETT, Military Portraits, complete, G to VG, 25 30-40
13.     SOCIETE JOB, Orders of Chivalry 1st & 2nd, complete, G to EX, 50 30-50
14.     BRINKMANN, Flottenbilder - Deutsche Marine (The German Navy), complete, VG to EX, 120 30-40
15.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Arms of Kings & Queens, complete, VG to EX, 40 30-50
16.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Birds & Eggs, complete, G to VG, 50 40-60
17.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motor Car Radiators, complete, EX, 25 40-60
18.     MITCHELL, River & Coastal Steamers, complete, G to VG, 70 50-70
19.     OGDENS, A.F.C. Nicknames, complete, FR (1) to VG, 50 30-50
20.     OGDENS, Flags & Funnels, complete, FR to VG, 50 40-60
21.     PLAYERS, large, complete (3), Kings & Queens, Ships Figure-Heads, Old Naval Prints, G to VG, 100 30-40
22.     WILLS, Famous British Liners 1st & 2nd, complete, large, VG to EX, 60 35-45
23.     WILLS, complete (3), Recruiting Posters, Worlds Dreadnoughts, Allied Army leaders, G to VG, 87 30-40
24.     PLAYERS, Cats, complete, large, EX, 24 60-70
25.     PLAYERS, Irish Place Names 1st, complete, G to VG, 25 30-50
26.     PLAYERS, Irish Place Names 2nd, complete, EX, 25 30-50
27.     BENSON, Old Bristol Series, complete, 1925 issue, with rare #8, large, VG to EX, 24 35-45
28.     BARRATT, Thunderbirds 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 50 25-35
29.     BARRATT, Famous Footballers A.15, complete, EX to MT, 50 30-40
30.     COMET, Footballers and Club Colours, complete, C.S. Ltd., EX to MT, 50 25-35
31.     B.A.T., Lighthouses, complete, EX to MT, 50 40-60
32.     BARRATT, Robin Hood, complete, EX to MT, 30 30-50
33.     BASSETT, Football 1982/3, complete, EX to MT, 50 30-50
34.     PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, address backs, VG to EX, 30 40-60
35.     PRIMROSE, Bugs Bunny, complete, EX to MT, 50 35-45
36.     WALL, Dr. Who Adventure, complete, EX to MT, 36 60-80
37.     CADET, U.N.C.L.E., complete, photos, EX to MT, 50 35-45
38.     CASTROL, Famous Riders (speedway), complete, medium, G to VG, 18 35-45
39.     GALLAHER, British Birds by George Rankin, complete, G to VG, 100 60-70
40.     WEST RIDING C.C., Health Cards, complete, G to generally VG, 20 50-60
41.     CHURCHMANS, Lawn Tennis, complete, scuff to back (No. 6), about G to VG, 50 60-70
42.     SARONY, Tennis Strokes, complete, G to EX, 25 30-40
43.     DE BEUKELAER, All Sports, complete, miniature RP, EX to MT, 100 50-60
44.     KLENE, Footballers (Val Gum), missing Nos. 16, 33, duplicate for No. 17, slight crease (No. 32), G to EX, 48 800-900
45.     BROOKE BOND, Songbirds of North America, complete, Canadian, Red Rose only, VG (1) to EX, 48 80-90
46.     ARDATH, Frans Hals Series, complete, large, Splendo backs, paper issue, generally VG, 40 100-120
47.     ARDATH, Rembrandt Series, complete, large, Splendo backs, paper issue, generally VG, 40 140-160
48.     RUGBY, complete (2), Wills Rugby & Churchmans Rugby Internationals, VG to EX, 100 30-40
49.     FOOTBALL, complete (2), Ogdens, Famous Footballers; Thomson This Years Top Form Footballers (corner knocks), FR to G, 74 30-50
50.     HILL, Fragments from France (colour), inc. Proposal in Flanders, They've Evidently Seen Me, Eternal Question, Professional Instinct Again etc., some corner knocks, FR to G, 5 30-50
51.     OGDENS, Modern Railways, complete, VG to EX, 50 30-40
52.     OGDENS, Royal Mail, complete, G to VG, 50 50-70
53.     HIGNETT, Modern Statesmen, complete, Butterfly (17), small stain (2), G to EX, 25 40-60
54.     GALLAHER, The Great War 1st (67) & 2nd, FR to G, 132* 40-60
55.     RAILWAY, complete (3), Phillips Railway Engines; Hill Railway Centenary 50 & 2nd, G to EX, 100 25-35
56.     CHURCHMANS, complete (2), Famous Railway Trains, Railway Working 2nd, G to VG, 50 25-35
57.     LONDON, complete (5), Teofani (anon.), Carreras, Ogdens, Churchmans & Pattreiouex, VG to EX, 162 30-40
58.     LONDON, complete (2), Players Picturesque London, Wills Old London, both large, VG to EX, 50 30-40
59.     OGDENS, V.C. Heroes, FR (2) to VG, 9 30-50
60.     PASCALL, Boy Scouts, Semaphore, Carrying Wounded, Evening Meal, Fire Brigade, On the Look Out & Treking, Fruit Bon-Bons backs, FR to G, 6 25-35
61.     TADDY, odds, inc. British Medals & Decorations (Nos. 5, 27, 28, 37 & 38), Autographs (No. 24), Orders of Chivalry ((No. 1), scuffing to edges, FR to G, 7 25-35
62.     WILD WEST, odds, inc. ATC Cowboy Series (4, large); Allen & Ginter, ATC Types of Nations etc., FR to VG, 8 25-35
63.     WILLS, Association Footballers, complete, Irish, EX, 50 25-35
64.     MIXED, complete (4), Churchmans Curious Signs, Phillip Shots from the Films (medium), Wills Pirates & Highwaymen (NZ), Morris Animals at the Zoo, G to EX, 148 25-35
65.     TADDY, Natives of the World, corner knocks, P (1) otherwise about G to VG, 12 150-200
66.     S. & B. PRODUCTS, Torry Gillicks Internationals (football), mixed colour backs, booklet covers (1), staple holes (as issued), a few trimmed, G to VG, 17+ 30-50
67.     PLAYERS, Wild Animals of the World, complete, wide, with Ltd (35), G to VG, 50 40-60
68.     ALMA CONF., James Bond - 007 Moonraker, complete, VG to EX, 48 (Illustration page 9) 70-90
69.     AURELIA, Die Frauen die der Schonheit Krone Tragen (Beauty Queen Contestants) 1st & 2nd, complete, bout G to VG, 150 30-50
70.     CARRERAS, History of Naval/Army Uniforms, complete, G to VG, 100 30-40
71.     BIBBY, Good Dogs, complete, with album (intro by Elizabeth Cruft), some a.c.m., VG, 25+ 20-30
72.     U.K. TOB. CO., Soldiers of the King, complete, VG to EX, 36 30-40
73.     PLAYERS, complete (4), AC&DS (1-150), Regimental Colours & Cap Badges (Territorial, blue), Victoria Cross, G to VG, 225 35-40
74.     AMALGAMATED PRESS, WWI, inc. The Great War (16/24) & New (16/16); Great War Deeds (31/32), G to EX, 63 30-40
75.     HOME & COLONIAL, Advertising Alphabet, letters not boxed, creased (1), P (1) to generally G, 12 25-35
76.     GOSSAGE, British Birds & Their Eggs, generally G, 44 25-35
77.     COHEN WEENEN, Home & Colonial Regiments, blue (17) captions, mixed backs, G to VG, 27 40-60
78.     KINNEY, Novelties (circular), thin, creased (2), about G to VG, 18 40-60
79.     KINNEY, Novelties (die cut), creased (1), about G to VG, 17 + 1 40-60
80.     TYPHOO, Puzzle Pictures, Picture 1 (4), 2 (5) & 3(1), G to VG, 10 60-80
81.     MAYPOLE GROCERS, War Series, complete, generally G, 25 40-60
82.     WILLS, Famous British Liners 1st & 2nd, complete, large, VG to EX, 60 40-60
83.     WILLS, Lawn Tennis 1931, complete, large, corner crease 91), about G to VG, 25 40-60
84.     HOLLOWAY, Natural History - Birds, FR to generally G, 39 35-45
85.     CARRERAS, Footballers, complete, Turf slides, neat trim, G to VG, 50 30-40
86.     CARRERAS, Famous Cricketers, complete, Turf slides, neat trim, VG, 50 35-45
87.     HIGNETT, International Caps and Badges, complete, EX to MT, 25 40-60
88.     OGDENS, Jockeys 1930, complete, EX to MT, 50 40-60
89.     WILLS, Time & Money, complete, EX to MT, 50 40-60
90.     WILLS, Celebrated Ships, complete, EX to MT, 50 30-40
91.     PLAYERS, Leaders of Men, complete, overseas, EX, 50 30-40
92.     WILLS, Drum Horses, complete, Scissors, horizontal backs, corner crease (6), G to VG, 32 50-70
93.     WILLS, Old Inns 1st & 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 80 30-40
94.     CHURCHMAN, Cricketers, complete, VG to EX, 50 30-40
95.     MIXED, inc. Phillips, complete (2), Two Valve Set, Wireless Set; Hill Wireless Telephony (72/84), G to VG, 122 30-50
96.     MITCHELL, complete (5), Army Ribbons & Buttons, A Model Army, Empire Exhibition, Air Raid Precautions, Famous Crosses, G to EX, 155 30-40
97.     OGDENS, complete (4), Birds Eggs (standard & cut-out), British Birds (cut-out), Foreign Birds, G to VG, 200 30-40
98.     ARDATH, Information Slips, complete, VG to EX, 91* 60-80
99.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, complete (4), Pirates & Highwaymen, Interesting Customs & Traditions, Interesting Sidelights, Airmen, G to EX, 150 30-40
100.    WILLS, large, complete (4), Old Inns 1st & 2nd, Old Furniture 1st & 2nd, G to EX, 130 30-40
101.    ARDATH, complete (3), Who is This?, Stamps, Britains Defenders, VG to EX, 150 30-40
102.    PLAYERS, complete (4), inc. Leaders of Men, Army Life & AL&DS, FR to EX, 225 30-40
103.    PLAYERS, complete (6), inc. Clocks (large), Celebrated Gateways, Counties (both) & aviation (2), G to EX, 270 30-40
104.    PLAYERS, complete (7), inc. Aviary & Cage Birds, Butterflies (each both small), Country Sets 1st-3rd, G to EX, 350 30-40
105.    GALLAHER, cinema (7), VG to EX, 336 25-35
106.    CARRERAS, Old Staffordshire Figures, complete (3), three sizes, VG to EX, 60 25-35
107.    OGDENS, complete (2), Cricket 1926, Famous Rugby Players (one creased), G to EX, 100 30-40
108.    WILLS, NZ, complete (5), Royal Navy, Ships & Shipping, Merchant Ships, Motor Cars, Birds Beasts & Fishes, FR to VG, 250 30-40
109.    SPORT, inc. Boguslavsky Sports Records 1st & 2nd, Phillips Sportsmen - Spot the Winner, normal (48) & inverted (complete), G to EX, 148 30-40
110.    ANSTIE, complete (2), Places of Interest (varnish), Wessex (corner crease), G to EX, 70 25-35
111.    BLAKEY, War Series, creased (1) & corner knocks, FR to G, 50 30-50
112.    KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Boxers, inc. Louis, Graziano, Robinson etc., crude pin-holes (30), corner knocks, P to G, 40 25-35
113.    KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Olympics, complete, creased (4), FR to G, 52 30-50
114.    KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Footballers, complete, creased (3), FR to G, 51 30-50
115.    KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Players, hearts (11) & shamrocks, creased (1), FR to G, 52 30-50
116.    ALLEN & GINTER, Fruits, G to VG, 6 30-50
117.    LEA, Old English Pottery & Porcelain (p/c), complete, each with different backs, not postally used, slight corner knocks, generally G, 24 100-120
118.    OGDENS, Beauties (green net back, colour), CSGB ref. 27, scuffing to images, FR, 6 30-40
119.    PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, G to VG 25 30-40
120.    TRADE, better odds, inc. Como XL5 2nd (3), Sharp Captain Scarlet (strip of three), Anglo James Bond (2) etc., VG to EX, 10 25-35
121.    A. & B.C. GUM, Cricketers (1959), complete, extra large, some staining, FR to VG, 48 30-50
122.    SPORT, complete (2), Drapkin Australian and English Test Cricketers, Phillips Sportsmen - Spot The Winner (inverted, unused), VG to EX, 65 30-40
123.    CRICKET, trade, Barratt Test Cricketers A (34/35), Thomson County Cricketers (complete), a few creased, FR to G, 98 30-50
124.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, small s, with variations for Nos. 2, 5 & 25, a.c.m. & a few creased, about G to VG, 50 + 3 30-50
125.    MENKO, Japanese game cards, mainly anime characters & scenes, mixed backs, a few creased, P (4) to VG, 34 25-35
126.    DISNEY, anon, Mickey Mouse characters, inc, Mickey (5), Minnie (2), Donald Duck (5) & Horace Horsecollar, packet issue, trimmed to black borders (approx. 29 x 68mm), yellow backgrounds, creased (3), FR to G, 4 + 9 30-50
127.    LA REFORMA, Soldiers of the World (shaped), inc. A.6 (8), A.7 (6) & B.2 (6), Canary Island issue, minimal damage to extremities, G to VG, 20 25-35
128.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1972 Footballers Superstars (stamps), missing Kember, VG, 22 60-80
129.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1970 Footballers, colour transparencies, VG, 5 25-35
130.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1971 Football Club Crests (transfers), VG, 19 + 8 30-50
131.    WEBCOSA & CO., Footballers, wax wrappers, Nos. 11, 12, 21, 23, 29 & 34, yellow background, some uneven trim & creasing, G, 6 50-70
132.    GRIMSBY EVENING TELEGRAPH, Grimsby Town - Promotion Year 1990-91, complete, extra large, EX, 18 25-35
133.    KINNEY, Die-Cut Novelties, inc. pocket watch, top hat, banjo, dustpan, jester etc., scuff to back (1), G to VG, 9 30-40
134.    ST. ANTONIO, Os Sns. Gostam? (bedtime striptease), complete, Brazilian tobacco issue, VG, 7 25-35
135.    KIMBALL, Household Pets, extra-large, pin-holed (1), creased (2) & a.m.r. (4), FR to VG, 17 180-220
136.    SCHOOL GIRL, Film Stars, 1930s paper issue, some irregular trim from magazine (approx. 30 x 50mm), G, 38 25-35
137.    SALEM, Goldfilm (Film Stars), complete, VG, 180 30-50
138.    PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, Channel Islands issue, VG, 25 40-50
139.    WILLS, Kings & Queens, complete, long, with four excluded cards from earlier set, G to EX, 51 70-90
140.    TADDY, Natives of the World, corner knocks & creased (4), FR to G, 15 60-80
141.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes (81-100), complete, creased (4) & scuff to fronts (4), FR to G, 20 40-60
142.    PALMER MANN, Sifta Sam, Lighthouses (9) & Jets, packet issue (mainly neat trim), G, 18 25-35
143.    SWEETULE, packets, Railway (15), Aeroplanes (25) & Cars, medium (14), slight duplication, P to G, 45* 30-40
144.    PHILLIPS, Sports (package issues), Cricketers, all paper, orange, neat trim, G to VG, 9 30-40
145.    PHILLIPS, Sports (package issues), Boxers, all card, orange, mainly neat trim, FR to G, 7 25-335
146.    PHILLIPS, Sports (package issues), Footballers, all paper, orange, mainly neat trim, a few creased, FR to VG, 48 40-60
147.    CLEVEDON, International Sporting Stars, G to VG, 39 30-50
148.    CLEVEDON, The Story of the Olympics, missing Nos. 17 & 21, VG, 48 30-50
149.    E.R.B., Dogs, complete, Klondyke, creased (4), FR to G, 23 25-35
150.    HIGNETT, Beauties (gravure), Cavalier, glue marks to backs, G7 30-50
151.    BARRATT, Australian Cricketers - Action Series, complete, G to VG, 16 50-70
152.    BARRATT, Test Cricketers A, complete, VG to EX, 35 50-70
153.    BARRATT, Robin Hood, complete, EX to MT, 30 25-35
154.    BARRATT, Willum, complete, VG, 25 60-80
155.    COPE, Sports & Pastimes, complete, G to EX, 25 40-60
156.    COPE, Lawn Tennis Strokes, complete (1-25), VG to EX, 25 40-60
157.    COPE, Lawn Tennis Strokes, Nos. 26-29, G, 4, VG, 4 30-50
158.    COPE, The Worlds Police, complete, VG to EX, 25 30-50
159.    COPE, British Admirals, Nos. 8, 10-13, 15, 17-20 & 23, VG, 11 30-50
160.    COPE, Boxers (26-50), Nos. 27-30, 32-36, 38, 39, 41 & 45, G to VG, 13 40-60
161.    NEWEY BROS., British Film Stars 3rd, complete, large, neat trim (grips removed), G, 9 30-40
162.    PHILLIPS, complete (2), Soccer Stars, International Caps, VG to EX, 100 30-50
163.    PHILLIPS, complete (2), Lawn Tennis, The 1924 Cabinet; Kings & Queens (35), G to EX, 85 30-50
164.    UNITED SERVICES, Ancient Warriors, series of 25, G to EX, 19 25-35
165.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, Canadian Miscellany, inc. months (12), seasons (4) etc., silk, EX, 22 30-40
166.    CHURCHMAN, complete (5), Civic Insignia, Door Knockers, Experiments, Dwellings & Signs, EX, 125 40-60
167.    A.T.C., Jig-Saw Puzzle Pictures, inc. maps (4), views & floral, G to VG, 18 40-60
168.    LEA, Regimental Crests and Badges 1st (39) & 2nd (45), silks, slight fraying, G to VG, 84* 30-50
169.    TOPPS, 1979 Footballers, complete, pale blue backs, VG to EX, 396 80-100
170.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1972 Footballers (1-219), complete, red, VG, 219 80-120
171.    P.C.G.C., Planet of the Apes, complete, US issue, VG to EX, 66 60-70
172.    STAMINA, An Ideal Cricket Eleven, complete, medium, lacking title card, VG to EX, 11 25-35
173.    BROOKE BOND, Chimp Stickers (thin card), complete, EX, 12 25-35
174.    BROOKE BOND, Out Into Space, complete, issued with, EX, 50 100-150
175.    BROOKE BOND, Incredible Creatures (green back, Irish), complete, EX, 40 40-60
176.    BROOKE BOND, Animals And Their Young (tea/coffee), missing Nos. 2, 8 & 22, EX, 45 70-90
177.    BROOKE BOND, Animals Of North America, complete, Roland, 47mm, VG to EX, 48 100-150
178.    BROOKE BOND, Dinosaurs, complete, EX, 48 25-35
179.    BROOKE BOND, Songbirds Of North America (Red Rose only, Mount your collection text), complete, EX, 48 80-120
180.    BROOKE BOND, Snap Games, complete (3), British Costume, Flags & Emblems & History Of The Motor Car, EX, 108 25-35
181.    TUDOROSE, Tudor Britain, 1st (5), 2nd (15) & 3rd (complete), premium issue, G to VG, 40 30-50
182.    OGDENS, AFC Nicknames, complete, G to generally VG, 50 50-70
183.    OGDENS, Jockeys 1930, complete, generally VG, 50 25-35
184.    ALLEN & GINTER, World's Dudes, scuffs to backs (3), FR to G, 46 500-600
185.    DUKE, Scenes of Perilous Occupations, small scuffs to backs (8), G to VG, 49 + 1 400-500
186.    DUKE, Actors & Actresses, complete, no frame (19), scuffs to backs (2), FR to VG, 50 400-500
187.    NATIONAL CIG. & TOB. CO., National Types (Sailor Girls), complete, tear to back (1), G to VG, 25 350-450
188.    RAILWAY, complete (4), L. & B. World's Locomotives (25 & additional), Daily Ice Cream & Pattreiouex, G to EX, 122 30-50
189.    RAILWAY, complete (3), Ogdens Construction of Railway Trains; Wills (2), Locomotives (1930) & Engines (1936), G to EX, 150 30-50
190.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, complete, no clause, G to generally VG, 50 80-120
191.    MITCHELL, A Gallery of 1935, complete, EX, 50 40-60
192.    COPE, Dickens' Gallery, complete, listed backs, G to VG, 50 120-150
193.    OGDENS, Steeplechase Trainers and Owners Colours, complete, G to VG, 50 25-35
194.    OGDENS, Steeplechase Celebrities, complete, G to EX, 50 25-35
195.    OGDENS, Derby Entrants 1929, complete, G to VG, 50 25-35
196.    OGDENS, Turf Personalities, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-35
197.    PHILLIPS, Derby Winners & Jockeys, complete, G to VG, 25 25-35
198.    OGDENS, Pugilists in Action, complete, G to generally VG, 50 30-50
199.    C. & G., Box of Tricks 1st & 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 50 30-50
200.    HUNTLEY & PALMER, Sports, Cricket, Canoeing, Walking, Skipping & Running, scenic background, VG, 5 30-50
201.    PATTREIOUEX, Cricketers Series, Nos. 14 Fender (Surrey); 42 Hallows & 54 Green (both Lancashire), VG, 3 30-50
202.    PATTREIOUEX, Cricketers Series, Nos. 66 Oldfield & 72 Collins (both New South Wales); 70 Richardson (South Australia), VG, 3 30-50
203.    PASCALL, Boy Scouts, Ambulance, Tracking, The Lookout & Sculling, Companion Sets backs, creased (1), FR to G, 4 20-30
204.    PASCALL, Boy Scouts, Aviation & Cycling (both p/b), Boating (Sweet Shops) & Tracking (Empire), creased (1), FR to G, 4 20-30
205.    OGDENS, V.C. Heroes, Marshall, Phipps-Hornby, Kerr & Wilson, G to VG, 4 25-35
206.    OGDENS, V.C. Heroes, White, Mackay, Lord Roberts & Rickard, G to VG, 4 25-35
207.    OGDENS, V.C. Heroes, Nurse, MacManus, Towse & Wood, G to VG, 4 25-35
208.    OGDENS, V.C. Heroes, Kavanagh, Harding, Hinckley & Fordham Roberts, G to VG, 4 25-35
209.    WOODS, Types of Volunteer & Yeomanry, 1rst Lanarkshire Rifles, 1rst Middlesex Rifles, slight a.c.m., G to VG, 2 25-35
210.    WOODS, Types of Volunteer & Yeomanry, 1st Sutherland Rifle Volunteers, 2nd Volunteer Battalion (Royal Fusiliers), VG, 2 25-35
211.    WOODS, Types of Volunteer & Yeomanry, Berkshire Yeomanry, City of London Artillery, Pembroke (Castlemartin) Yeomanry (slight a.c.m.), G to VG, 3 30-40
212.    HILL, Fragments from France (colour), creased (1), about G to VG, 4 25-35
213.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (footballers), Wheeler (Bolton Wanderers), EX 60-80
214.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (footballers), Barrass (Bolton Wanderers), EX 60-80
215.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (footballers), Parry (Bolton Wanderers), EX 60-80
216.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 10 Roberts, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG 55-60
217.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 22 Robertson, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG 55-60
218.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 23 Bishop of London, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG 55-60
219.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 4 Grey, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG 55-60
220.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Huggins (Gloucestershire), Grapnel back, EX 30-50
221.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Persse (Hampshire), Imperial back, EX 30-50
222.    TADDY, County Cricketers, de Trafford (Leicestershire), Imperial back, EX 30-50
223.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Blythe (Kent), Imperial back, VG 30-50
224.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Huish (Kent), Imperial back, VG 30-50
225.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Woolley (Kent), Grapnel back, EX 30-50
226.    SINCLAIR J., Football Favourites, No. 58 Aitken (Middlesboro), slight scuff to image, G 20-30
227.    TADDY, Famous Jockeys, Hardy, Lyne & Lynham, with frames, G to VG, 3 30-40
228.    TADDY, Famous Jockeys, Griggs, Madden, Martin & Watts, no frames, G to VG, 4 30-50
229.    TADDY, Natives of the World, Afghan, Hairy Ainu, Solomon Islander & Uled Nail Lady, G, 4 25-35
230.    TADDY, Actresses with Flowers, No. 5 Miss Zena Dare, G 25-35
231.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, Nos. 35 & 38 (small scuff to front), G, 2 30-50
232.    HOADLEY, Military Japs, Nos.2 (2) & 19, wax wrapper, Australian trade issue, damage to edges, FR to G, 2 + 1 20-30
233.    C.W.S., Parrot Series, No. 11, VG 30-50
234.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, International Yachts, No. 21 Endymion, G 25-35
235.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, International Yachts, No. 22 Ariadne, G 25-35
236.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Sporting Personalities, Nos. 3 John Charles & 4 Tom Finnney (both football), poster stamp issue for Southampton Schools Athletic Association, trimmed to edges, G, 2 30-40
237.    FOOTBALL, transfers (1932/3), Cresswell (Everton), Waterfield (Burnley), Hampson (Blackpool) & Dix (Blackburn Rovers), 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX, 4 30-50
238.    FOOTBALL, transfers (1932/3), Blenkinsop (Sheffield Wednesday), Kelly (Huddersfield), Keeping (Fulham) & Weddle (Portsmouth), 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX, 4 30-50
239.    FOOTBALL, transfers (1932/3), Hulme, Jack & Jones (all Arsenal), 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX, 3 30-50
240.    FOOTBALL, transfers (1932/3), Twine (Middlesbrough), Allen (Newcastle) & Gurney (Sunderland), 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, latter stained, G to EX, 3 30-50
241.    KIMBALL, advert card, girl in red hat (with pink bow), Three Kings Cigarettes, 82 x 139mm, p/b, VG 30-40
242.    ROBINSON & SONS, Regimental Mascots, No. 1 The Airedale, VG 25-30
243.    GABRIEL, Types of British and Colonial Troops, Scots Guards Piper, G 30-40
244.    PLAYERS, Englands Military Heroes, Stewart, wide, p/b, VG 25-30
245.    PLAYERS, Englands Military Heroes, Duke of Connaught, narrow, descriptive, VG 25-30
246.    KIMURA & CO., Japanese Uniforms, 1st Class Artillery Sergeant of the Imperial Body Guard, scuffing to edges, FR 25-30
247.    HILL, Boer War Generals - Campaigners, Kitchener, VG 25-35
248.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, International Yachts, No. 12 Thistle, VG 25-35
249.    SINCLAIR J., North Country Celebrities, Captain Lambton, VG 40-60
250.    OSBORNE, Naval & Military Phrases, Double, VG 25-35
251.    DAVID CORRE & CO., Naval & Military Phrases, Present Arms, slightly offset, G 40-60
252.    ROBERTS & SONS, Nautical Expressions, Haul in the Main Street, no brand, slight corner crease, G 40-60
253.    CHAPPEL & CO., British Celebrities, Lord Nelson, VG 25-30
254.    MALCOLM CAMPBELL, The European War Series, No. 1 A Chip Off the Old Block, VG 40-60
255.    FAIRLEY, The European War Series, No. 5 It's a Long Way to Tipperary, EX 40-60
256.    CITY BAKERIES, The European War Series, No. 4 Mother O'Mine, VG 30-50
257.    MCKINNELL, The European War Series, No. 14 The Call of the Mother Country, VG 25-35
258.    NEEDLER, Military Series, General Pulteney, G 25-30
259.    NESTLE, Russian War Leaders, Admiral Folkersam, 64mm dia., VG 25-35
260.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), McGregor (Middlesex), slight corner knocks, G 25-30
261.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Mordaunt (Oxford), slight corner knocks, G 25-30
262.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Ranjitsinhji (Sussex), slight corner knocks, G 25-30
263.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Townsend (Gloucestershire), slight corner knocks, G 25-30
264.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Wainwright (Yorkshire), slight corner knocks, G 25-30
265.    ALLEN & GINTER, advert cards, CSGB ref. A36-111 (2) & Group 10, premium, a.m.r. (1), FR, 3 25-35
266.    CARRICK, Military Terms, Nos. 1, 2, 7 & 8 (crease), corner knocks, FR to G, 4 25-35
267.    CHURCHMANS, Beauties CERF, CSGB ref. H57 Nos. 4 & 6, p/b, G to VG, 2 30-50
268.    CHURCHMANS, Beauties GRACC, CSGB ref. H59 No. 8, creased, only FR 20-30
269.    DUNCAN, Types of British Soldiers, Nos. 1, 6 & 14, G, 3 25-35
270.    NEWBEGIN, Actors & Actresses, Fairfax & Mannering, G, 2 25-30
271.    NEWBEGIN, Russo-Japanese, Marquis Ito, VG 40-60
272.    PEZARO, Armies of the World, Spain Carbinier, Cake Walk, slight crease, about G 30-40
273.    UNITED TOBACCONIST ASSOCIATION, Actresses MUTA, Miss Watson, small tear to right edge, G 50-70
274.    BARRATT, Felix Pictures, No. 14, VG 25-35
275.    MAYNARD, Football Clubs, Blackburn Rovers, VG 25-30
276.    TUCKETT, Photos of Cricketers, Nos. 16 (creased) & 21, FR to G, 2 25-30
277.    TAYLOR, War Series, Grand Duke Nicholas & de Robeck, Tipperary backs, a.m.r. (1), G to VG, 2 20-30
278.    OGDENS, Tabs, Heroes of the Ring (boxing), Burge, Fitzsimmons, Mace & O'Brien, slight scuffing to black edges, VG, 4 30-50
279.    SINCLAIR J., Football Favourites, No. 67 McCraken (Newcastle), corner crease, G 40-60
280.    SINCLAIR J., Football Favourites, No. 69 Veitch (Newcastle), VG 40-60
281.    SINGLETON & COLE, Footballers, No. 21 McCombie (Newcastle United), small corner crease, G 60-80
282.    BELL, Footballers (1902), No. 22 McCall (Newcastle), creased, G 25-35
283.    CHURCHMANS, Footballers (1914), No. 8 Lawrence (Newcastle United), brown, VG 20-25
284.    CLARKE, Football Series, No. 31 Kingsley (Newcastle), VG 20-25
285.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Carr (Newcastle United), Grapnel back, no footnote, VG 20-25
286.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Gardner (Newcastle United), Grapnel back, no footnote, VG 20-25
287.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, McCracken (Newcastle United), Grapnel back, no footnote, VG 20-25
288.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Rutherford (Newcastle United), Grapnel back, no footnote, VG 20-25
289.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Speedie (Newcastle United), Grapnel back, no footnote, VG 20-25
290.    MURRAY, Footballers H, Hibbert, Lawrence & McCracken (all Newcastle United), a.m.r. (1), G to VG, 3 30-50
291.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Clips), Nos. 185-187 (all Newcastle United), 282 backs, G to VG, 3 30-40
292.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Clips), Nos. 184-186 (all Newcastle United), 500 backs, G to VG, 3 30-40
293.    SMITH, Footballers (untitled), Nos. 78, 88, 91, 93 & 94 (all Newcastle United), G to VG, 5 30-40
294.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, No. 20 Cowell (Newcastle United), G 25-30
295.    LEES, Northampton Town Football Club, No. 305 Lloyd-Davies, G 25-35
296.    BRITISH CHEWING SWEETS, Footballers of the Principal Teams 1933/4, Crooks (Derby County), corner crease, G 25-35
297.    BAINES, shield-shaped football card, Nottingham Forest, with EJ West inset (also played for Manchester United), slight scuff to edges, G 25-35
298.    BOYS MAGAZINE, Famous Footer Clubs (1926/7), Well Played Swansea Town (Sykes inset), shield-shaped, VG 25-35
299.    DUKE, Popular Songs and Dancers, amr (2), creased (2) & slight corner knocks, FR to G, 6 25-35
300.    DUKE, History of Poor Boys & Other Famous People, Jolef Hoffman, booklet, VG 20-25
301.    HESS, Terms of Poker, Going Fetter, corner knocks, G 40-50
302.    MAYO, Costumes & Flowers, ref. N304/10 & 20, 'For Chewing and Smoking', G, 2 25-35
303.    LORILLARD, Ancient Mythology Burlesqued, Nos. 7 & 12, ante inset, large, VG, 2 25-35
304.    KIMBALL, Butterflies, Nos. 18, 21 & 29, G, 3 20-30
305.    BAINES, cricket cards, Well Hit Chesterfield (green ball), Coventry (shield), creases to latter, about G to VG, 2 25-35
306.    COPE, Boxers (26-50), No. 37 Jack Johnson, VG 25-35
307.    CARRERAS, Cricketers, No. 33 Brown (Surrey), black, EX 20-30
308.    CARRERAS, Cricketers, No. 34 Geary (Leicestershire), black, EX 20-30
309.    CARRERAS, Cricketers, No. 35 Tate (Sussex), black, EX 20-30
310.    BROOKES SOAP, Monkey Brand advert cards, juggling monkey & cherub, two of each, one of each trimmed, G to VG, 2 + 2 20-30
311.    COTTON, Golf Strokes A26-A30, unused, EX, 5 20-30
312.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Dixon (Notts), VG 35-55
313.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Lord Hawke (Yorkshire), VG 35-55
314.    U.S.A., Gettysburg Picture - The Worlds Greatest Battle, circular (91mm dia), EX 30-50
315.    MURATTI, Regimental Crests, silks, 50 x 72mm, with backs, many pin-holed, generally G, 22 30-50
316.    LEVER BROS, Celebrities, large, G to VG, 30 + 1 30-50
317.    A. & B.C. GUM, Golden Boys, complete, matt, with wax wrapper, VG to EX, 36+ 60-80
318.    A. & B.C. GUM, Batman (numbered to front), complete, VG to EX, 55 40-60
319.    SOMPORTEX, Thunderbirds, complete, b/w, 63 x 89mm, with wax wrapper, VG to EX, 72 70-90
320.    CHURCH & DWIGHT, Useful Birds of America 8th, complete, medium, VG to EX, 15 25-35
321.    CHURCHMANS, Empire Railways, complete, VG to EX, 50 30-50
322.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motor Car Radiators, complete, VG to EX, 25 40-60
323.    LEA, Flowers To Grow - The Best Perennials, complete, VG to EX, 50 30-50
324.    MITCHELL, River & Coastal Steamers, complete, VG to EX, 70 70-90
325.    OGDENS, Captains of Association Football Clubs & Colours, complete, VG to EX, 44 30-50
326.    OGDENS, Leaders of Men, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-35
327.    PHILLIPS, Arms of the English Sees, complete, large, EX, 25 25-35
328.    THOMSON, The Worlds Best Cricketers (1958), complete, G to EX, 72 30-50
329.    WILLS, Aviation, complete, VG to EX, 50 30-40
330.    WILLS, Cinema Stars 1st-3rd, complete, VG to EX, 100 30-40
331.    WILLS, Naval Dress & Badges, complete, VG to EX, 50 30-50
332.    CINEMA, photogravure postcards, Film Star, complete, in Bijou Postcard Screen booklet, G to VG, 8+ 15-20
333.    CARR, Cricketers, complete, premium issue, VG to EX, 20 60-80
334.    TOPICAL TIMES, Cricketers, complete, premium issues, small scuffs to corner (2), G, 8 30-40
335.    WIX J., Henry, premium), 1st (15) & 2nd (16, five Your throat...), a few creased, FR to VG, 31 25-35
336.    KELLOGGS, Motor Cars, complete, mainly b/w (No. 24 colour), VG to EX, 40 30-50
337.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motor Cars 3rd, complete, VG to EX, 50 40-60
338.    OGDENS, Poultry Rearing & Management 1st, complete, VG to EX, 25 25-35
339.    PLAYERS, Championship Golf Courses, complete, large, VG to EX, 25 40-60
340.    GERMANY, inc. Bergmann Die Deutsche Wehrmacht (complete), Waldorf Astoria Das Reichsheer und feine Tradition (306/328), G to VG, 576* 20-30
341.    DANDY, part sets, many cinema etc., G to EX, 250* 35-45
342.    PASCALL, Boy Scouts, Patrol Leader, Camp Fire Yarns, Crossing (Parlour), Morse & Semaphore "9Fruit), creased (2), P (1) to G, 5 20-30
343.    BROOKE BOND, Bird Portrait, Cut Out Series Booklets, The Sheld Duck, EX 30-50
344.    PHILLIPS, Old Masters - Set 1, premium size (155 x 114mm), fraying (7), FR to VG, 12 40-60
345.    BROOKE BOND, The Dinosaur Trail , complete (4), doubles (3), half-blank & both postcodes; singles, EX, 80 30-40
346.    SANDORIDES, Famous Racehorses, complete, Lucana, G to VG, 50 25-35
347.    BOGUSLAVSKY, Winners on the Turf, complete, VG to EX, 25 20-30
348.    FAULKNER, Prominent Racehorses 1st, complete, VG to EX, 25 20-30
349.    OGDENS, Derby Entrants 1928, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-35
350.    OGDENS, Owners Racing Colours & Jockeys, complete, green, G to VG, 25 25-35
351.    OGDENS, Prominent Racehorses of 1933, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-35
352.    PLAYERS, Famous Irish-Bred Horses, complete, many with a.c.m., VG, 50 40-60
353.    HIGNETT, Prominent Racehorses of 1933, complete, creased (7), G to EX, 50 50-60
354.    SINGLETON & COLE, Atlantic Liners, creased (1) & corner knocks, FR to G, 23 30-50
355.    SINGLETON & COLE, inc. Orient Line, 5 (Otranto) & 11 (Ophir) ports; Orient Royal Mail Line (5), scuffing to black edges, FR, 7 30-50
356.    OGDENS, Birds' Eggs, complete, cut-out, scuffing to a few edges, G to MT, 50 20-30
357.    E.R.B., Our Pets 1st, complete, EX to MT, 25 25-35
358.    LIEBIG, odds, Pictures of People, S.75 (4) & S.76 (2); A Judgement of Liebig, S.66 (2), G to VG, 8 25-35
359.    B.A.T., Flags and Pennons, complete, Eagle Bird, G to EX, 60 25-35
360.    MOSS L.C., Australian Official War Photographs, medium, WWI issue, VG to EX, 40 30-50
361.    GARBATY, Die Eroberung der Luft (Conquest of the Air), mixed series, German issue, about G to VG, 317* 25-35
362.    SMITH, Battlefields of Great Britain, mixed backs, creased (3), FR to G, 19 40-60
363.    MIXED, odds, inc. Taddy VC (Nos. 3, 6, 12, 18 & 23); Smith Battlefields (2) & Explorer; Copes Boxer, Wills Ship, P (1) to G, 10 30-40
364.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Bewlay War Series (4), Ogdens (Ruler) Birds - p/c inset (5), Scottish CWS Triumphs of Engineering (7), Lambert & Butler Whos Who (7), Sclivagnotis Actresses (6), Vaccaro, Wills (Scissors) etc., G to VG, 38* 30-50
365.    WILLS, part sets, inc. Vanity Fair (21), Animals (8), Royalty (5), Sports & Games (4) etc., a few creased, FR to G, 44* 25-35
366.    FRY, odds, inc. Red Indian, Flags, Film Stars, Time & Money, Phil May, Nelson. Wellington, Coronation p/c etc., FR to G, 22 25-35
367.    CADBURY, odds, inc. Cathedrals (5), British Trees (8), Flags (6), Inventors (2) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG,24 25-35
368.    EDMONDSON, odds, inc. Famous Castles (8), Shadows (3), Flags of all Nations (3), Sports & Pastimes, Fairy Stories etc., slight duplication, FR to G, 20 25-35
369.    CRICKET, complete (3), Hills Caricatures (small), Players 1930 & 1934, G to VG, 150 30-40
370.    OGDENS, complete (5), Leaders of Men, Modern British Pottery, Air-Raid Precautions, Marvels of Motion, Children (cut-outs), about G to EX, 225* 30-40
371.    DOGS, complete (7), inc. Lea, Players 1st & 2nd (both large) & extra-large; Lea, Pattreiouex, Grandee etc., G to EX, 215* 30-50
372.    CINEMA, complete (9), inc. Phillips (2), Film Favourites, Stars of the Screen; Wills 1st & 2nd, Players 3rd & Gallaher (4), G to EX, 390 30-40
373.    GALLAHER, complete (6), inc. Racing Scenes, Dogs 1st & 2nd, The Navy, Trains of the World, Wild Animals, complete, EX, 288 30-40
374.    SKIING, European trade selection, inc. Sanella, Erdal-Kwak, Stollwerck, Gorlitzer, Greiling, Doramin Mandella, Tiedemann, Furth, Bulgaria, Pet Cremer etc., G to EX, 110* 30-40
375.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. ESSO Squelchers, complete (+47 duplicates), Cleveland Golden Goals (laid down in album), Mobil Football Club Badges, VG to EX, Qty. 25-35
376.    WILD WEST, selection, inc. Liebig, complete (3), ATC felt rug; Meurisse (24), three uncut strips of four cards (reprints), G to EX, 46* 30-50
377.    U.S.A., odds, inc. Climax girl in blue dress (premium size), BAT Beauties - smoking (2); ATC, Beauties - Language of Flowers (2) & International Code Signals 93) etc., some amr & scuffing to edges, P to G, 12 30-50
378.    SPORT, part sets & odds, inc. Churchmans (golf), Famous Golfers 1st (No. 16), Men of the Moment (No. 25), Sporting Celebrities (Nos. 31 & 32); Carreras Cricketers (missing No. 23); baseball (8), embossed gold cards (7) & UTC; Donaldson caricatures (23, badly trimmed), P (23) to VG, 76* 30-50
379.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold - General Interest (numbered), in hardback New Century album, G to VG, 183* 25-35
380.    GUTERMANN, d'Hommes Celebres (Famous Men), complete, large, anon., gold background, Belgian issue, corner-mounted in softback company album, VG, 100+ 25-35
381.    WILLS, Life in the Hedgerow, complete set of 50 proofs (fronts & backs) from unissued set, laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album, being an original company proof edition, set title to cover in ink, EX 30-50
382.    PLAYERS, Dogs (large), complete set of 25 proofs (fronts & backs) from unissued set, laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album, being an original company proof edition, set title to cover in ink, EX 30-50
383.    PLAYERS, Decorations & Medals, complete set of 50 proofs (fronts & backs) from unissued set, laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
384.    PLAYERS, Shipping, complete set of 50 proofs (fronts & backs) from unissued set, laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album, being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
385.    CRICKET, seven complete in softback albums, inc. loose-mounted (3), Venorlandus World of Sport, CPS Middlesex, Texaco Trophy 1984; laid down (4), Panini 83 & 95, The Sun Test & County Cricket Book, Bassett Play Cricket, G to VG, 7 30-50
386.    PANINI, Football, empty albums, 1989 & 1990, both English League, EX, 2 25-35
387.    GERMANY, complete sets laid down in albums, natural history, inc. Aus Deutschlands Vogelwelt (birds) & Wunder der Tierwelt, G, 2 25-35
388.    FOOTBALL, inc. complete (2), Topical Times Miniature Panel Portraits (2); A&BC Footballers (64), 1958 (complete) & 1963 (13+5); part sets, miniature RP, Pinnace (34) & Thomson (25); medium RP, Chums, Boys Magazine, Thomson etc., , a few creased, FR to VG, Qty. 40-60
389.    SPORT, inc. complete (2), Players, Cricketers 1934 & D&GNW; part sets, Wills Cricketers 1908 (21), Ogdens Boxers (3) & Boxing (4); horse racing etc., FR to VG, 90* 25-35
390.    MIXED, selection, inc. aviation, complete (4), Carreras, Phillips, Players & Gallaher; part sets & odds, Wills (Scissors) Britains Defenders (32), L&B Birds & Eggs (8), Ogdens Soldiers of the King (8), Zuban National Costumes (90), Sniders & Abrahams odds (9) etc., FR to VG, 330* 30-50
391.    SPORT, part sets & odds, inc. cricket, golf, football, rugby; Ogdens, Thomson, A&BC, Ardath, British Gas, Pro-Set etc., in ring-binder, FR to EX, 200* 25-35
392.    EPHEMERA, inc. coupons, inserts, adverts; Coronation Caddy Spoon, Barber, Batgers, Beattie, Beaulah, CWS, Horniman, Kardov, Lyons, National Coupons, Pascall, Payne, Priory, Twinings, Typhoo, Rowntree, Cadbury etc., mixed sizes, VG to EX, 284* 30-40
393.    TRADE, European selection, inc. Grande Maison, Au Bon Marche, Masson, Audelan, Rigolier, Revault, Digny etc., some a.m.r., FR to VG, 54* 25-35
394.    PLAYBOY, Miss May & Miss June, inc. complete sets, chase cards etc., flattened box (May), preview cards; Daily Star Playdates (4/6) etc., EX to MT, Qty. 25-35
395.    U.S.A., tobacco, inc. inserts, coupons, booklets; Lorillard, ATC, Liggett Myers, United Cigar Stores, Allen & Ginter, Duke, Brown & Williamson, Raleigh, Chesterfield, Camel etc., G to EX, 185* 30-40
396.    COUPONS, and other inserts, inc. ITC Classics, Manikin, Marlboro, du Maurier, Black Cat, Players, Ardath, Rothmans, Embassy, Kensitas, Westminster, White Abbey, Chesterfield etc., G to EX, 494* 25-30
397.    MIXED, complete (16), inc. Scerri Members of Parliament; Players (4), Speedway Riders, Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu, Cycling; Lambert & Butler (4), Aeroplane Markings, Aviation, British Trees; Pattreiouex large PR (4+1), Wills European Roaylty etc., FR to EX, 570 30-50
398.    BROOKE BOND, Canada, complete (8), Songbirds Of North America, Indians Of Canada, The Artic, The Space Age, Transportation (black top line back), Trees Of North America, Tropical Birds (black top line text) & Wild Flowers Of North America, EX, 384 30-40
399.    BROOKE BOND, black backs, complete (11), inc. African Wildlife, British Butterflies, British Costumes, Discovering our Coast, Famous People, Flags And Emblems, History Of The Motor Car, Olympic Greats, Queen Elizabeth & Small Wonders, Race Into Space, EX, 540 25-35
400.    WILLS, Arms, complete (6), inc. Oxford & Cambridge Colleges (large), Bishopric, Schools, Companies, British Empire & Foreign Cities, in modern album, G to VG, 292* 25-35
401.    WILLS, complete (13), inc. Celebrated Ships, Coaches & Coaching Days, Dogs (scenic), DYK 1st-4th, Famous Inventions, Gems (3) etc., in modern album, G to EX, 650* 25-35
402.    WILLS, complete (8), inc. Life in the Royal Navy, Lucky Charms, Merchant Ships, Mining, Overseas Dominions (2), Portraits of European Royalty etc., in modern album, G to EX, 425 25-35
403.    WILLS, complete (11), inc. railway (3), Safety First, Flags of the Empire 1st & 2nd, Speed (1930, 1938 & Eire) etc., in modern album, G to EX, 500 25-35
404.    PLAYERS, complete (9), inc. ACW, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Ceremonial & Court Dress, Cries 1st & 2nd, Cycling etc., in modern album, G to EX, 350 25-35
405.    PLAYERS, complete (10), inc. Fire Fighting Appliances, Kings & Queens, Military head-Dress, Military Uniforms, Poultry, RAF Badges (with & without motto) etc., in modern album, G to EX, 450 25-35
406.    TRADE, complete (23), inc. Lyons Tea, Kane Products Ltd, Kelloggs, Titbits, Cadet, Browne's Tea, C.S. Ltd, Weston's Biscuits, Brooke Bond, Wiko etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 622 40-50
407.    TRADE, complete (23), inc. Northern Co-Operative Society Ltd, Junior Service, Dickson Orde & Co Ltd, Lipton Ltd, Sweetule Products Ltd, Shreddies, Garden Railways Magazine etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 535 40-50
408.    TRADE, complete (23), inc. Soccer Stars Of Yesteryear (Series 1-4), Kelloggs, Glengettie Tea, Hudden & Co, Orbis Swap It, Trans World Airlines, Oxo etc., in modern album, VG to EX, Qty 40-50
409.    WILLS, large, inc. complete (4), Old London, Racehorses & Jockeys, Round Europe, Kings Art Treasure; part sets, Flowering Shrubs (29), Butterflies & Moths (39) etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 229 30-40
410.    MIXED, complete (15), Players & Wills, inc. International Airliners, RAF, Kings & Queens, Motor Cars 1st & 2nd, Freshwater Fish (pink); Life in the Royal Navy, Flags of the Empire 1st & 2nd etc., in modern album, G to EX, 450* 25-35
411.    TRADE, complete (14), inc. Black Cat (7), Horniman (3), Priory, Amaran, Shell, Glengetty etc., in modern album, EX, 674* 25-35
412.    CAVANDERS, complete (8) and part-sets, inc. Peeps, Homeland Series, Colonial Series, School Badges, River Valleys, Oil Paintings, duplication, in modern album, G to EX, 660* 30-40
413.    PLAYERS, Doncella, complete (13), inc. History of the VC, Golden Age Of Motoring/Steam/Flying/Sail, Country Houses etc., in modern album, EX, 360 25-35
414.    TRADE, complete (11) and part-sets, inc. UTC, Philips, SPCK, Sarony, Raleigh, Sporting Profiles, Lyons, Sandorides, Carroll etc., in modern album, G to EX, 516* 25-35
415.    MIXED, part-sets and odds, inc. football, Barratt, Thomson, Philips Pinnace, Amalgamated; Mars, Carreras, Millhoff, Rothman, Churchman, BAT etc., in modern album, slight duplication, about G to EX, 300* 30-40
416.    PATTREIOUEX, RP, complete (10), inc. Coastwise, Beautiful Scotland (both large and small); flying, dogs etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 635* 20-30
417.    MIXED, complete (10), inc. BAT playing cards, Churchmans Legends of Britain (large & small), Copes Game of Poker, Murray Steam Ships, Wix Flags (both) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 450* 25-35
418.    TRADE, complete (18), inc. Sunday Times 100 Great cars, Queens of York, Jewish Symbols & ceremonies, Horniman, Capern, Brooke Bond, Whitbread, Universal etc., in modern album, VG to EX, Qty. 25-35
419.    TYPHOO, complete (5), Interesting Events, Trees of the Countryside, each with all known variations (36 & 33 respectively); John Halifax, Animal Offence & Defense, Wild Flowers 2nd, in modern album, G to EX, 194* 30-50
420.    WIX J., Henry, large, mixed series, duplication, G to EX, 258* 30-40
421.    MIXED, complete (21), Wills (17), Players (2) & Cavanders (2), in two modern albums, FR to G, 858* 30-40
422.    MIXED, complete (18), Players (9) & Wills (9) etc., in two modern albums, FR to G, 850 30-40
423.    TRADE, complete (25), inc. Sweetule, Hitchman, Priory, Trucards, modern cigar sets (9) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, Qty. 25-35
424.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. Poultry Rearing & Management, Flags & Funnels, Derby Entrants, Jockeys 1920, Smugglers & Smuggling, Greyhound Racing etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 252* 25-35
425.    I.T.C., Buildings & Monuments, large (65), with wax wrappers (23L & 10S), duplication, in modern album, G to EX, 173* 30-40
426.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 1st & 2nd, medium, op (mixed), G to EX, 100 60-80
427.    THE SUN, Soccercards, complete, in modern album, VG to EX, 1000 25-35
428.    A. & B.C. GUM, Footballers, inc. A&BC, 1958, no Planet (37), 1966 split pairs (95), 1970 posters (10 + 10, most with splits to folds), 1969 serrated edges (34+24), 1972 card game (22+65), in modern album, about G to EX, 300* 40-60
429.    FOOTBALL, selection inc. Panini 83 & 90, Rothmans, Football Special 79 & anon (p/b), duplication, VG to MT, QTY 30-40
430.    SPORT, football and golf, mainly football, large, complete (5), inc. Pro Set, 1991 PGA Tour Cards, Sporting Stars 1991/1992 etc., VG to EX, Qty 30-40
431.    SPORT, mainly football, inc. Match, Sported, Jigsaws, Manchester Utd Fun Books, Sam Splatz, 4 x 6 photos (some duplication), Slammin' Stars Footy Caps etc., VG to EX, Qty. 25-30
432.    AU BON MARCHE, selection, inc. early premium issues (21); 1960s, Wild West (Nos. 1-10), booklets etc., duplication, a.m.r. & soaking damage to earlier cards (P to G), P to MT, 40* 25-35
433.    DENMARK, part sets, inc. Richs, Monsted, Kanaris; historical, birds, sports, aviation, skating, boxing etc., some paper issues with soaking damage, FR to G, 100s 30-50
434.    TRADE, European selection, inc. Suchard, Aiguebelle, Cibils, Amidon-Remy; historical, views, Japan, birds, floral etc., some a.m.r., scuffing etc., FR to G, 60* 25-35
435.    MIXED, part sets, mainly Churchmans, inc. Life In A Liner, Contract Bridge, Kings Of Speed, Howlers; Cavanders, Challis etc., duplication, G to EX, 800* 30-50
436.    OGDENS, part sets, inc. Trainers & Owners Colours, Jockeys & Colours, Sea Adventure, Ocean Greyhounds, Motor Races 1931. Modern Railways, The Story Of Sand etc., duplication, G to EX, 500* 30-40
437.    SPORT, part sets, inc. Churchmans, Famous Cricket Colours, Men Of The Moment, Cricketers, Rugby Internationals, Boxing Personalities; Carreras, Popular/Famous Footballers, Cricketers, Popular Personalities etc., duplication, G to EX, 500* 30-50
438.    PHILLIPS, part sets, inc. Soccer Stars, Famous Footballers, Spot The Winner, British Butterflies, Soldiers Of The King, Aircraft etc., duplication, G to EX, 450* 30-50
439.    CARRERAS, part sets, inc. Cricketers, Our Navy, Alice In Wonderland, Kings and Queens, Birds Of The Countryside, Tricks and Puzzles, Tapestry Reproductions, Horses and Hounds, Figures Of Fiction etc., G to VG, 1000* 30-50
440.    TRADE, complete & part sets, inc. Typhoo, Weetabix plastic viewer, Barber, Lyons, Brain Lund, playing cards, tourist issues etc., FR to MT, Qty. 30-40
441.    I.P.C., 1969 Footballers, self-standing figures, a few lacking cross-tabs, VG, 25 30-50
442.    THE SUN, Soccer Stickers, 1989/90 & 1990/1, duplication, Vg to EX, Qty. 25-35
443.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Topps & A&BC posters, Sport magazine Football Team Picture Books (Nos. 1-3 & 5), IPC My Favourite Soccer Stars, Amalgamated Press Football Teams (1938/9), Typhoo Famous Football Clubs etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
444.    FOOTBALL, trade , inc. Sherman Teams (30), IPC Top 20 (Strikers & All-Stars), Typhoo Famous Football Clubs, Bob Wilson Soccer Action, 1986 Daily Mirror, Kevin Keegan card game, Presott-Pickup, Shoot etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
445.    ACCESSORIES, reference books, mainly CSGB, inc. hardback (7), World Index 1-4; Wills booklets 1-5 etc., G to VG, 16 15-25
446.    MODERN, mainly part sets (with duplication), inc. Wills, Castella (99), Embassy (137); Players, Doncella (494), Grandee (693), Tom Thumb (188); Carreras Black Cat (110), two sets laid down in albums, with vendors full listing, EX, 1721* 20-30
447.    SILKS, selection, inc. Phillips, Flags, Regimental, Heraldic; Kensitas, British Empire Flags, National Flags etc., FR to VG, Qty 40-50
448.    GOLF, trade issues, inc. Seven Ages of Golf (reprint), Sanella, beermats, Nestor, GB Cards, quiz cards, Kargo Golf, playing card sets (no boxes) etc., duplication (some heavy), G to EX, Qty. 25-35
449.    MIXED SPORTS, trade issues, inc. many US sports, NBA, NFL, MLB; quiz cards, beermats, Sanella, Panini American Football etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
450.    LIEBIG, empty modern albums, red, 8, each with many black dividing pages, EX, 8 30-40
450A.   LIEBIG, modern ring-binders, red, VG, 10 30-50
451.    BROOKE BOND, mainly part sets, mixed periods, inc. Bird Portraits, Butterflies, Famous People, Prehistoric Animals, Out into Space, Transport, Wonders of Wildlife etc., a few Middlesex, some copies/fakes, duplication, in nine modern albums, FR to MT, Qty. 30-50
452.    WILLS, eight sets of four metal advert showcards for Castella Classic cigars, 1994 issue, EX, 4 + 28 40-45
453.    WILLS, six promotional displays of Castella sets, inc. Golden Era (two cards per set); complete sets (5), In Search of Steam, Soldiers of Waterloo, Britains Steam Railways, The Tank Story, Britains Motoring Story, cards mounted to displays with issue dates, artist names etc., framed & glazed (in unopened seal), EX to MT, 6 25-35
454.    MIXED, complete & part sets in albums, inc. corner-mounted (7), UTC (2), Doncella, Tom Thumb; laid down, Wix Henry & Flags, Grandee, UTC, Horniman, Lyons, Mobil etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 30* 25-35
455.    MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. wix, Players, Wills, Carreras (Turf), Kelloggs, Pattreiouex, Gerard, Cavanders, etc., in five modern albums, FR to G, Qty. 30-40
456.    U.S.A., sports collectors cards, mainly NFL, also NBA, EX, 1500* 25-35
457.    SELECTION, inc. complete (30), Pattreiouex large RP (6), reprint c/c (11), collectors cards, playing cards etc; liner pages (mixed formats) etc., G to EX, Qty 30-50
458.    TRADE, mainly cereal issues, inc. packets (large & small), panels, inserts, Kelloggs, Weetabix, Nabisco etc., VG to EX, 260* 25-35
459.    COLLECTORS CARDS, complete & part sets, inc. Doctor Who, The X-Files, Superman, Lion King, Sega Super Play, Space Jam etc., in three ring-binders, VG to MT, Qty. 25-35
460.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. jig-saws (3), 1935/6 football teams (2), Arsenal & Brentford (missing two & five pieces respectively), St Pauls Cathedral (complete); complete (7+1), Carreras Black Cat (4+1, in albums); Doncella (3, in folders); playing cards, English Counties etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
461.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Topical Times Triples (premium), Wagon Wheels, Thomson Cup-Tie Stars, The Sun 1971/2 album, ESSO 1970 WC coin set, Daily Mirror 1986/7 & 1988, Match Mini-Files etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
462.    FOOTBALL, Merlin 1995 premier League, duplication (some heavy), VG to MT, 3000* 25-35
463.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Wills Transvaal (30), Abdulla Beauties of To-Day (49), Lambert & Butler Motor Cars (40); Gallaher, Animals & Birds (59), Irish View Scenery (10); Miniature Stills & Co. cinema (16), Lambert & Butlert Keep Fit (30), Players, Horniman, Carreras, Phillips, Ogdens etc., FR to VG, 1000* 30-50
464.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. large, Players, Thomson, Schoolgirls Own, Wills, Phillips, Wix Henry, UTC; small, Wills, Players, Churchmans, Ogdens, UTC etc; laid down 1d albums etc., some large & extra large, FR to EX, 1500* 30-50
465.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. Dandy, Panini, Sticker Stars, Merlin, Barratt, Top Trumps, Football Special etc., VG to EX, Qty 35-40
466.    DISNEY, collectors cards, 100 Years of Magic, mainly player cards with some rarer transparency cards, duplication (some heavy), EX, Qty 50-60
467.    TRADE CARDS, inc. Batman, Hook, Thunderbirds, WCW, Trolls etc., unopened boxes, original seals, duplication, VG to EX, 12 35-40
468.    SELECTION, inc. trade cards, Tuckfields, Harry Potter, Tazo, Rothmans, The Post Office, Jasmatzi; magnets, postcards, signed photo etc., VG to EX, Qty 50-60
469.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Top Trumps, magazine photos, magazines, The Sun Soccer Stickers, Topical Times Panel Portraits, 8 x 10 photos, Football League Review, empty sticker albums, Typhoo Tea panels, World Cup Stars sheets etc., VG to EX, Qty 25-35
470.    SELECTION, inc. trade cards, Panini Lady and the Tramp, postcards, metal stereoscopic viewer, unused cigarette packet labels, coins, matchbox labels, Top Trumps and other games, Spanish boxing poster etc., FR to EX, Qty 40-50
471.    TRADE, complete (126), inc. Kelloggs, Vauxhall, Topps, Pepsi, C.W.S., The National Gallery, Walt Disney, Match, Adidas, Barratt, Regent, KFC etc., VG to EX, Qty. 90-110
472.    MIXED, complete (50), inc. large (13); Wills (12), Wild Flowers, Lucky Charms, Allied Army Leaders; Players (11), Motor Cars, Kings & Queens Of England, Famous Beauties; Murray, The Story Of Ships; Ogdens, Gallaher, Philips etc., VG to EX, Qty 65-75
473.    BROOKE BOND, selection, inc. Wild Flowers, Incredible Creatures (double cards), International Football Stars, PG Tips Draughts & Chess Set, Mugs (6) mainly PG Tips etc., VG to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
474.    REPRINTS, complete (30), inc. Players (9) Highland Clans, Regimental Uniforms; Wills (6) Railway Locomotives, Musical Celebrities; Churchman (4) Sporting Celebrities, Warriors Of All Nations; Lambert & Butler Motor Cars etc., EX, Qty. 50-60
475.    COLLECTORS CARDS, mainly fantasy, complete & part sets, six-card strips etc., inc. Sanjulian, Elmore, Ploog, Elgren, Miller, Kirby, Di Fate, Varga, Petty, Royo, Boris, Parrish, Eggleton, Warhol, Caldwell, Cherry, Tom Kidd; Star Wars, etc., in six ring-binders, EX to MT, Qty. 20-30
476.    COLLECTORS CARDS, complete & part sets, inc. Olivia, Warren, Parrish, Ujena, Sachs & Violens, Corben, Elvgren, Miller; Norman Rockwell, heavy metal, Beauty & the Beast, Hollywood, Ken Barr, Marilyn Monroe, Don Maitz, David Cherry, Tim White etc., duplication, in ring-binders & loose, EX to MT, Qty. 20-30
477.    ACCESSORIES, selection, inc. Wills Capstan calendar showcard (parts missing); tobacco and other tins, Players Navy Cut (1953 Coronation), De Reszke, Ardath, Gold Flake, St. Bruno etc., most with paint loss, good VR, Qty. 25-35
478.    TRADE, selection, inc. cereal inserts, police issues, Futera & other football (some retail boxes), Esso & Texaco coins (folder), chocolate wrappers, sweet cigarette, Brooke Bond & other albums, menu cards, advert pages etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
479.    TRADE, selection, inc. Topps (500), Indiana Jones, Close Encounters, King Kong, Star Wars, Superman, Lost in Space; Chupa Caps & pogs, Fleer, Donruss, pro-Set, Star Wars roller gum (unopened), etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
480.    AUTOGRAPHS, selection, 1920s onwards, inc. Donald Stuart, Billy Walker, Rae Hicks, Doug Wainwright, Roy Stevens, Albert R Booth, Angela Marsden, Bruce Forsyth, John Drew & Tom Alders, Noel Johnson, The Sensational Skylons, Leslie Henson, Tommy Trinder etc., mixed formats and sizes, FR to VG, Qty. 25-40
481.    MIXED SPORT, selection, inc. signed album pages, cards, promotional items etc., 38* signatures in total, inc. Trevor Hoyte, Melanie Neef, Gary Cadogen, James Cracknell, Michelle Griffiths, Jackie Agyepong, David Wilkie, Steve Ovett, Alan Pascoe, Denise Lewis, Eddie Edwards, Tony McCoy, Norman Williamson, Daly Thompson etc., some with signatures to reverse, G to VG, 20 25-40
482.    CRICKET, selection, inc. benefit brochure for Joel Garner, signed by him to front cover; signed album pages, inc. Desmond Haynes (reverse by Kenny Jackett), Clive Radley (Ken Higgs), Fred Titmus (Jimmy Hill), Mark Ramprakash (Ray Graydon), Trevor Bailey (J. Lever), Graham Gooch (Peter Such), N. Hussain (John Stephenson), Angus Fraser (2) etc., G to VG, 11 25-35
483.    ENTERTAINMENT, Musicians selection, inc. Ivy Benson, Ivy Benson's Band 1949 (19* signatures) & 1952 (15 sigs), The Imperials (10 sigs), Billy Cotton, Ted Heath Band (5 sigs), Billy Smith (first name only), Liberace (letter) etc., 25-35
484.    MUSIC, Dance Band selection inc. signed photos, programmes, signed cards; Graeme Bell, Kenny Ball & The Jazzmen, Teddy Brown, Eric Delaney, Larry Elgart, Johnny Howard, John Miller etc., along with some unsigned magazine sheets, newspaper clippings (17) etc., G to VG, 50* 30-50
485.    CRICKET, selection, inc. signed small clipped pieces etc. (64), David Byas, W. Younis, W. Benjamin, Hatsell, Thompson, Mattison, Mewdin, R Jennings, W. Watson, Ray Julian etc. (loose in stamp stock book); press photos (24), 8 x 10 and slightly smaller, G to EX, 64* 30-50
486.    STEPHANE GRAPPELLI, photos of Stephane Grapelli, mainly performing, 8 x 10 and smaller, most laid down to cards, G to VG, 37* 30-50
487.    BOOKLETS, inc. Cycling Tour Guides, Nos. 4 South-West England & 6 Southern England (1948 & 1950 respectively); Irish Locomotives (No. 5), pub. by Ian Allan (1949); Rambles & Walking Tours in South Devon by Page (1939); The Corinthian (No. 260), pub. by The Boys Friend, G to VG, 5 30-40
488.    POLITICS, signed hardback edition of The Path to Power by Margaret Thatcher, signed to title page, dj, EX 60-80
489.    POLITICS, signed letters by Edward Heath, dated April 1974 & February 1975. on House of Commons headed notepaper, tape to top edges, VG, 2 30-50
490.    ROYALTY, selection, inc. 1911 Tucks book, Coronation of King George V - Long May He Reign!, 13 x 9.25 (full-page illustrations by Harry Payne); postcard, HRH The Prince of Wales taking a fence (Tucks 3799); signed colour press photo by Sarah Duchess of York (with children on 1997 skiing trip), G to EX, 3 40-60
491.    CINEMA, signed photos by actresses, inc. Brigit Bardot (Babette Goes to War FoH still), Shirley Maclaine, Gina Lollabrigida (both original press photos with annotation to backs); Emma Thompson, Elle McPherson & Catherine Deneuve (3 x 5), 8 x 10 and smaller, VG to EX, 6 40-60
492.    CINEMA, signed photos, Clint Eastwood (Paint Your Wagon), John Gielgud (Around the World in 80 Days), Jean Simmons (in line meeting Queen Mother), 8 x 10 and smaller (1), G to EX, 3 50-80
493.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos, Lauren Bacall (with Maurice Chevallier & Alex Guiness at 1959 Royal Film Show rehersal), Fay Dunaway (in large white hat), Jean Shrimpton (wearing black gown), 8 x 10 and larger (1), VG to EX, 3 40-60
494.    CINEMA, signed photos, Michael Caine (with birthday cake on set of Jack the Ripper), Arnold Schwarzenegger (in white suit, 1994), Michael Hordern (with Susan Penhaligon, Jill Gascoigne & Laura Dallas, attached label), 8 x 10, VG to EX, 3 40-60
495.    CINEMA, signed photos, Brigit Bardot (in blue gingham dress), Jane Russell (pose from Outlaw), Lisa Minelli (performing at 1994 Summit of the Americas), 8 x 10 and larger (1), EX, 4 60-80
496.    GLAMOUR, signed photos, Claudia Schiffer, full-length in wedding gown during 1995 Valentino show; Linda Lusardi (3, all topless), 8 x 10, EX, 4 25-35
497.    GLAMOUR, signed photos, Elle McPherson, full-length running in surf in white bikini (first name only); Linda Lusardi (3, all topless), 8 x 10, EX, 4 25-35
498.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos, Harry Secombe (with Sellers, Sykes, Corri & Baker at 1957 Third Stars Ball), Bob Wooler (Cavern Club DJ) & Allan Williamson (early Beatles manager); also Terry Waite (with family at Gatwick after release), 8 x 10, typed annotation to backs (2), VG to EX, 3 50-80
499.    FOOTBALL, Arsenal signed selection, inc. b/w photo by Charlie George (8 x 10), poster, Operation Arsenal Art, by Bob Wilson, album pages (5), by Charlie Nicholas (tape stain to edge), Nigel Winterburn, Kenny Sansom, Paul Merson, Perry Groves, G to VG, 7 25-40
500.    BOXING, signed selection, inc. press photo (4.25 x 6.5) by Edwards, pieces (2), by Henry Cooper and John Conteh, programme for Ali v Norton at Yankee Stadium (names written to front cover), G to VG, 4 25-40
501.    MOTOR RACING, signed colour photo by Michael Schumacher, full-length on podium celebrating in Ferrari overalls, 8 x 12, EX 60-80
502.    FOOTBALL, signed reprint photos by Best, Law, Stiles & Dunne, each with postcard back; programme for 1967 EC match v Hibs, G to EX, 5 70-90
503.    FOOTBALL, signed covers, inc. 1996 medallic cover by Geoff Hurst; Nottingham Forest v Liverpool, 1978 EC (both legs), by McGovern, Birtles. Barrett & Johnson, EX, 5 25-35
504.    FOOTBALL, signed commemorative covers, Bobby Robson (Ipswich Town in Europe); 1996 medallic cover by Geoff Hurst, EX, 2 25-35
505.    FOOTBALL, two signed photos (to blank backs) by Ken Bailey ('Englands Cheerleader' at 1966 World Cup); also unsigned silver gelatine photos showing him with "Welcome, Please Cheer Both Teams" sign, EX, 2 + 1 25-35
506.    FOOTBALL, signed team photo by England, before match in Israel, 1988, nine signatures inc. Waddle, Stevens, Woods, Watson, Pearce, Webb, Beardsley, Allen & Barnes, 10 x 8, typed annotation to back, EX 30-40
507.    FOOTBALL, signed team photo by England, before match v West Germany, 1982, eight signatures inc. Shilton, Butcher, Thompson, Regis, Devonshire, Mariner, Wilkins & Sansom, 10 x 8, typed annotation to back, EX 30-40
508.    FOOTBALL, signed team photo by England, 1989, before match at Albania, nine signatures inc. Butcher, Pearce, Waddle, Walker, Lineker, Shilton, Webb, Robson & Barnes, typed annotation to back, EX 25-35
509.    FOOTBALL, signed photos, Nottingham Forest players celebrating with EC trophy, Peter Shilton & Kenny Burns, Martin O'Neil, typed annotation to back, EX, 2 25-35
510.    FOOTBALL, signed blank cards, Stan Matthews & Nat Lofthouse, 5 x 3, each inscribed to top edges, also Mathews Typhoo trade card, VG to EX, 3 30-40
511.    FOOTBALL, signed Typhoo trade cards, Martin Peters, Gordon Banks (half-length holding ball & Leicester City), premium issues, G to EX, 3 25-35
512.    FOOTBALL, World Cup selection, inc. signed 1990 brochure by Paul Gascoigne, Peter Shilton & one other; 1978 commemorative covers (14), EX, 15 30-50
513.    FOOTBALL, modern postcards, inc. action, celebrations, programme covers, posters etc., mainly pub. by Sporting Postcard Co., duplication, EX, 600* 25-35
514.    TRADE, mainly part sets, inc. Thomson, West London Synagogue, Lyons, Knockout, Cadet, Booth, Morning Foods, Lipton, Dandy, Halpin, Sweetule etc., duplication, G to EX, 2000* 30-50
515.    SPORT, signed biographies, inc. rugby (5), hardback (2), Wayne Shelford, Frank Bunce & Walter Little, Mal Reilly, Mike Stevenson, Lewis Jones; football, Tom Finney (3), Football Round the World (1953), Preston North End Scrapbook (1982), Finney - A Football Legend (1989), 1st editions, dj (1953 with copy of original damaged dj), G to EX, 8 25-35
516.    SPORT, mixed selection, inc. boxing, speedway, athletics, football, cricket, rugby, motor racing, ice hockey, Hot Rod banger racing etc., programmes, leaflets, invitations, magazines etc., about G to VG, 60* 35-50
517.    FOOTBALL, programmes, 1950s onwards, Big Match editions, FAC Finals (3), 1981 & 1982 replays; LC Finals (3), 1979-1981; England, v Wales 1956, Ireland 1957; AC Milan v Liverpool 2007 EC Final etc., G to VG, 50* 40-60
518.    SPORT, mixed selection, 1930s onwards, inc. Inside Football Story by Allinson (1938 1st edition), 1949/50 Stanley Matthews Annual; Southampton facsimile autograph sheets, 1954 Football Monthly magazine; rugby league annuals etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
519.    LABELS, selection, inc. cigar (55), box labels & cigar bands; matchbox (33), mainly Bryant & May ARTB (unused), Birds Eye, Rainbow, Scottish Bluebell, Pilot, Swan, Robin etc./, G to MT, 88* 30-50
520.    POSTAGE STAMPS, selection, mainly GB, duplication, loose in four stock books, G to EX, Qty. 30-40
521.    CHILDRENS BOOKS, hardback editions of The Greyfriars Holiday Annual, 1921-1941, tape repairs to spines (), FR to G, 21 30-50
522.    SELECTION, inc. complete & part sets, Embassy, Tom Thumb, David Hunter, Beaulah, Mister Softee, dominoes, playing cards; albums, Guinness, Sunday Times, Wix, Flaggen Europas, Wills & Players 1d issues; accessories, empty modern albums () & empty slipcases (6), liner pages (mixed sizes & formats); Cartophilic magazines (pre-1970), catalogues etc., G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
523.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, inc. Players, Phillips, Wills, Churchman, Millhoff; Navy Cut, Ark Royal, Black Cat, White Label, Pasha, Minors etc., most with sliders & hulls, a few flattened, duplication (some heavy), FR to VG, Qty. 25-35
524.    PHILLUMINISM, matchboxes, most with sliders & hulls, inc. Wilson, Tetley, Scottish Bluebell, Spar, Drake, Ruby, Puck, Brant & MayThe Bull etc., FR to EX, Qty. 25-35
525.    PHILLUMINISM, match booklets & labels, inc. hotels, restaurants, glamour, pubs, casinos etc., some clipped or laid flat, one album (laid down), FR to VG, Qty. 25-35
526.    MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, UK and foreign, inc. boxes and labels, hotels, breweries, bars, clubs, restaurants, tobacco, supermarkets; bookmatches (1000), a few larger sizes; reference magazines (5), Midland Match News & Match Label News, etc., good VR, large Qty. (three boxes) 30-50
527.    AUTOGRAPH ALBUM, Olympic and AAA competitors, 1950s. inc. Jack Parker, Christopher Chataway, F Richards, John Disley, Harrison Dilland, Charles Reedy, Chris Brasher, Charlie Moore, Bud Held, Floyd Simmons etc., 70* signatures, 4.75 x 3, neat annotation, VG 50-70
528.    AUTOGRAPH ALBUMS, mixed sport, 1950s, inc. speedway, Olle Nygren, Bob Bishopp; athletics, E. Piccar, John Disley, Chris Brasher, Dorothy Tyler, Jack Gregory etc; table tennis, Surrey v Essex 1952, inc. Elsie Carrington, Harry Venner, Barbara Millbank, Betty Bassett, Peggy Piper etc., 80* signatures in total, some slight duplication, 4.75 x 3.75, neat annotation, G to VG, 2 40-60
529.    AUTOGRAPH ALBUM, inc. Fred A Tate, R. Holdsworth, Frank J. Mann, J.B. Hobbs, A. Ducat, H. Strudwick, A. Sandham, Arthur Gilligan, J. Langridge, J.K. Mathews, F. Cook, Hawke etc., 42* signatures in total, 4.75 x 3.75, neat annotation, a few pages loose, G to VG 25-35
530.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. dinner menus, signed cards, photos etc.; Tom Baker, Vic Feather, Anne Crawford, Dulcie Gray, Michael Dennison, Reginald Dixon, Billy Dainty, Dai Francis, David Nixon, Chris Tarrant, Tony Selby, Dickie Bird, Andy McNab, Nick Hornby, Ben Elton, Monica Dickens etc., G to EX, 35* 30-50
531.    POSTCARDS, topographical, inc. Lord Street Southport, Hastings, Spa Boating Lake Bridlington, The Sands Millport, Main Street Ormiston, Main Street Coatdyke, Wood Street Galashiels, Lenzie Road Chryston, Parish Church Leeds, The Piazza Winchester, Bathing Machines Whitley Bay, New Lane Newhaven, The Square Bournemouth, aerial views Liverpool, Clock Tower and Pier Herne Bay etc., mixed periods, some pu, G to VG, 50* 30-50
532.    POSTCARDS, topographical, inc. Town Hall Walton-on-Naze, The Spa Scarborough, The Vicarage Elmton, Clock Tower and Parade Skegness, The Cenotaph Harrogate, Queen's Hotel & City Square Leeds, Red Lion Square Grasmere, Orford Hall, Castle Tower and gardens Newark, City Cross Winchester, Bournemouth, Land's End, Swansea Hospital, Old Town Hall Leicester etc., mixed periods, some pu, G to VG, 50* 30-50
533.    POSTCARDS, topographical, inc. The Tower New Brighton, South Bay Scarborough, Cotswold Cottages Broadway, Beach & Pier Rhyl, Nottingham views, Royal Crescent Weymouth, Marine Drive Scarborough, Anvil Point Lighthouse Swanage, Grove Road Wallasey, The Borough & Town Hall Yeovil, Richmond Royal Horse Show 1914, Trecarn Hotel Babbacombe, Pier Whitby etc., mixed periods, some pu, G to VG, 50* 30-50
534.    POSTCARDS, topographical, inc. The Post Office Sudford, Anstey's Cove Torquay, New Road Buxworth, Lime Street Liverpool, Bournemouth, The Footbridge Brockenhurst, St Cross Hospital Winchester, St. Ives, Market Jew Street Penzance, King's Road Reading, Staffordshire General Infirmary, Bower Street Maidstone, Central Beach Blackpool, Lighthouse New Brighton, Technical Schools Liverpool etc., mixed periods, some pu, G to VG, 50* 30-50
535.    POSTCARDS, better foreign selection, inc. Johannesburg, Gibraltar, Calcutta, Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Bombay, Jerusalem, Madeira, Gran Canaria, Southern Rhodesia, Delhi, Karachi; hunting, villages, interiors, Temples, Natives, views, monuments, street scenes, market etc., mixed periods, some pu, P to VG, 100* 25-35
536.    SELECTION, inc postcards, inc. A.E. Watts lorry, group and coach outside C. Coventry, railway, engines, Newmarket New Station, Great Eastern Station Ipswich interior, Paddington Station platforms, Charing Cross Station London, Underground Tramway London, trams, Tram & Tube Terminus Shepherd's Bush, London Omnibus; Caple-ne-Ferne London Transport (C.R.S.) Employees' Friendly Society Convalescent Home (10); advert postcard for E. Hall House Furnishers Holloway Road London; postally used envelopes from USA (8); Vistasound The Singing Picture, played at 45rpm (9 + 14), inc. Blackpool, Brixham, Cardiff (Witch Doctor), Ilfracombe, Clovelly (Stairway of Love), Chester, Horses and Hounds (Purple People Eater) etc., BP England 98 album and loose cards (complete), about G to VG, 90* 20-25
537.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, mixed periods, London, a few foreign, High Street Aldeburgh, Cheddar Cliffs, Abbey Park Torquay, IoW, The Vicarage Hazelbury Plucknett, Weymouth, Constables Ruins Christchurch, Cornhill Bridgewater, Ancient House Ipswich, Yeovil etc., views, street scenes, art style, a few unidentified, lettercards etc., slight duplication, many pu, slight edge and corner knocks, G, 165* 25-35
538.    POSTCARDS, military selection, inc. French Cavalry, Horse Guards, Military Life, troops, Lord Kitchener, Regiments, battle scenes, ribbons and decorations, a few foreign etc., G to VG, 77* 25-35
539.    POSTCARDS, shipping selection, inc. liners, steamers, ferries, cruisers, battleships, yachts, ferries etc., Cunard, Orient Line, Union Castle Line, HMS Nelson, RMMV Capetown Castle, HMS Queen Mary, HM Submarine Pandora, Canadian Pacific etc., some art style, a few foreign, mixed periods, some pu, G to VG, 89* 30-50
540.    POSTCARDS, Sussex, inc. South Street Chichester, Sackville College East Grinstead, churches, Bexhill-on-Sea Convalescent Home, The Tower Rye, Hertfordshire Convalescent Home St Leonards-on-Sea, High Street Arundel, Lynwood Hotel Eastbourne, Bandstand and Pier Worthing, Wellington Square Hastings, King's Road Brighton, South Street Chichester, Watch Bell Street Rye etc., mixed periods, many pu, G to VG, 67* 30-40
541.    THEATRE, postcards, inc. Dan Leno, Lewis Waller, Phyllis Dare, Margaret Halstan, Sylvia Storey, Dennis Eadie, Lewis Waller, Gabrielle Ray, Decima Moore, Kitty Gordon, Alice De Winton, Pauline Chase etc., slight duplication, some pu, some with w.t.f., corner and edge knocks, P to G, 200* 30-50
542.    HORSE RACING, postcards, inc. harness (30), Stevens Point, Allentown Fair, Tokyo, Lewis County Fair (New York), Fred Leyburn in Italy 1911, Silico (European Champion 1908), Japan 1934; Hialeah Park FLA, Tarantella 1896, The Co-Operative Turf Association (New Orleans) investment card etc., G, 38* 30-40
543.    POSTCARD, selection, inc. The Lady Godiva Procession (woven silk by Stevens), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on bicycle; adverts (3), Belle Jardiniere paper doll, Exposition Dolls, Kwatta chocolate; actors & actresses (18), The Lady of Ostend, Lily Brayton, Brigitte Helm (6), Zena & Phyllis Dare etc., , G to VG, 23* 30-50
544.    EXPOSITIONS & FAIRS, postcards, inc. 1913 Workers Exhibition (German art nouveau style), Congress 1904, Italy Art Exposition 1904, 1911 Torino International Exposition, Tripoli Exposition 1928 etc., 1920 opening wallet advert for 1st National Bank (USA), pu (3), edge and corner knocks, G to VG, 12 30-40
545.    POSTCARDS, adverts, inc. Frys (3), Great Scott! What a Find, No Better Food After a Cold Bath (both by Hassell); A Source of Delight; John Knight's Family Health soap, Wright's Coal Tar soap, G to VG, 5 35-45
546.    RUGBY UNION, postcards, inc. teams (3), Huddersfield Northern Union (three trophies), Wanderer FC 1906, RMC 1906 (pin-holed); Tucks Football Incidents (2); comedy, (2), P (1) to G, 7 30-40
547.    RUGBY UNION, postcards, Making his Mark - Byrne (Midland Counties, Captain of England), Overtaken - Magee (Bective Rangers, Playing for Ireland), chromo inter-size, a.c.m., G, 2 20-30
548.    RUGBY UNION, postcards of Cardiff RFC, 1930s, one annotated to back 1935/6, a.m.r., G, 3 25-35
549.    FOOTBALL, signed trade cards laid down to white card (6 x 4), inc. Andy Hinchcliffe, Hamilton Ricard, David Platt, Dion Dublin, Muzzy Izzet, Ron Yeats, David Wetherall, Peter Dobing, Ian Walker, Peter Atherton, Jon Newsome, Mark Kennedy, Jamie Pollock, Chris Coleman, John Hartson, Richard Jobson, Russell Hoult, Allan Clarke, John Charles, Lee Clarke etc., duplication, VG to EX, 75* 25-30
550.    FOOTBALL, signed trade cards laid down to white card (6 x 4), inc. Danny Wilson, Peter Beagrie, Peter Atherton, Terry Yorath, Jamie Pollock, Don Hutchison, Lee Mills, Peter Davenport, John Greil Lennon, Tim Flowers, Mark Robins, Darren Anderton, Ron Atkinson, Brian Talbot, Seth Johnson, Dean Sturridge, Dave Mackay etc., duplication, VG to EX, 75* 25-30
551.    BOY SCOUTS, silk panel, Baden-Powell, For the Flag, 2.5 x 4, overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 15-25
552.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection of unused tobacco packet labels, inc. Bell Three Nuns, Adkin Nut Brown, Redford Golden Fern, Hignett Mixture; Players (2), Roll Call, Gold Leaf; Wills (4), Navy Cut (2 different), Capstan, Golden Star, mixed sizes, EX, 10 30-40
553.    MIXED SPORT, team photos, inc. football (2), Primrose Athletic 1903/4, early 1900s Kent team; cricket (2), Sutton Valence 19362, Windlesham House 2nd 1921 (large piece missing from lower border); unidentified hockey team and officials, FR to VG, 5 50-80
554.    FOOTBALL, large reprint photo of 1966 England World Cup winners, team pose with trophy, 20 x 17, EX 25-35
555.    FOOTBALL, large signed silver gelatine fibre photo by Steve Perryman & Gary Lineker, in action during 1982 FA Cup Semi-Final, Tottenham v Leicester City, 20 x 16, EX 30-40
556.    POP MUSIC, signed 8 x 10 colour photo of Jerry Lee Lewis, standing playing piano, overmounted, framed and glazed, EX 25-35
557.    MIXED, uncut sheets, inc. four complete sets of Nostalgia Reprints on one uncut card (Goodwin Champion, Taddy Clowns, Copes Golfers & Ellis Generals); two complete (one sheet each), Ardath Stamps & Players British Naval Craft; Gallaher part sets, Aeroplanes (32 on two) etc., tear to Players issue, FR to VG, 7 20-30
558.    WHITBREAD, three posters, Historic Whitbread Inn Signs, each showing 62 different signs, commemorating Whitbread's 1981 Presidency of the Licensed Victualler's National Homes, 16.5" x 48", laid down to cards, G to VG, 3 20-30
559.    KELLOGGS, World Land Speed Record Holders, inc. sheets of shaped cards (complete but two loose), two charts; set of four Lledo models, Railton Mobil Special, Spirit of America - Sonic 1, Bluebird & Thrust 2, each in original box (damaged), VG to EX, Qty. 20-30
560.    BOXING, photos, inc. large reprints of boxers shaking hands (6), mainly Randolph Turpin; two full length portraits of Manuel Ramos (possibly signed) and Dave 'Ziggy' Zyglewicz (each in photographers mount), G to EX, 8 20-30
561.    LIGGETT & MYERS TOB. CO., complete pack with contents for Recruit Little Cigars, G 20-30
562.    A.T.C., complete pack with contents for Sovereign cigarettes, VG 20-30
563.    FOOTBALL, signed selection, inc. magazine photos (3), Stanley Matthews (in action for England), Len Shackleton (in action for England V Germany 1954), Tom Finney (with Footballer of the Year trophy); white card by Billy Liddell, caricature print by Craig Brown, each overmounted, 15 x 11.5 overall, VG to EX, 5 30-50
564.    OGDENS, advert mirror for Midnight Flake, I'm All Right, showing father with twin babies, framed, 9.25 x 13 overall, G 30-40
565.    GLAMOUR, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. fashion, models, Miss World, 1969 (Eva Reuber-Staier) *& 1970 (Jennifer Hosten), Miss London Stores 1969 (Penny Webster), Miss Great Britain 1970 (Wendy George), Miss Plumbers Mate 1969 (Christine Cowland); Raquel Welch etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 30* 25-35
566.    GLAMOUR, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. fashion models, Kay Brooker, Jean-Luc, Bibelot, Nicky Hamilton, Rene Piere, Geri James, Betty-Ann Lindo etc; Jasmine Khan, Baroness Fiona Thyssen, Lucinda Buxton, Imogen Hassal, Margaret Trudeau, 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 34* 25-35
567.    GLAMOUR, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. Victoria Principal, Miss World 1970 (Jennifer Hosten) & 1971 (Lucia Petterie), Melita Clark, Kerrry Scott, Miss World 1970 line-up, Miss Canada 1970 Norma Hickey, Pamela Collins, Carol Craig, Jenny Lowe, Miss Universe 1972 (Georgina Rizk) etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 35* 25-35
568.    IRELAND, press stills, 1960s-1970s Troubles, inc. Bernadette Devlin, Alice Rooney, marches, London protest, barricades, Women's Peace Meeting, soldiers on patrol, Dr Patrick Hillery, Father Jack Fitzsimons etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 48* 30-40
569.    IRELAND, press stills, 1960s-1970s Troubles, inc. Joe Cahill, Bernadette Devlin, riots, protesters, soldiers, armed police, fires, battle of Berkeley Street, bomb damage etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 48* 30-40
570.    SPORT, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. Muhammed Ali cornered in supermarket at signing, Paul Day (Table Tennis), Pat Moss-Carlssen (British rally driver), Gary Sobers wedding, pop festival at The Oval, start of the 1971 Milk Race, Francis Chichester, Bobby Fischer, Norman Buckley, Tricia Nixon at Wimbledon, etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 38* 25-35
571.    GLAMOUR, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. fashion, miniskirts, hot pants; Miss World etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 34* 25-35
572.    ROYALTY, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. Queen Elizabeth & family, funeral of Edward VIII, foreign etc., most 8 x 10, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 125* 30-40
573.    ROYALTY, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. Queen Elizabeth & family, foreign etc., most 8 x 10, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 125* 30-40
574.    PHOTOGRAPHS, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. hippies, mods, Hari Ramah, Caroline Williams & Richard Glyn, pop festivals, World Kissing Record, Divine Grace Abhay Charfan Phaktivedanta Swami, skinheads etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 100* 30-40
575.    ROYALTY, selection, inc. football programme & ticket stub for Cariocas v Paulistas, 6th November 1968, issued for the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Rio de Janiero; press photos (12), 1951-1952, preparations for Coronation, Charles & Anne, 21st birthday, Canadian tour (all with typed annotation to backs); postcards (3), two letters from Clarence House (three envelopes), G to VG, 19 25-30
576.    POP MUSIC, signed tour programme by Roy Orbison, to title page, with ticket stub for Davenport Theatre Stockport (date stamp 16 Sep 1973), VG, 2 40-50
577.    ENTERTAINMENT, script for Coronation Street, rehearsal issue for episode transmitted 1st June 2001, with cover letter on Coronation Street illustrated notepaper, EX 50-60
578.    NAVAL, selection from a tour of HMS Mull of Galloway, inc. 1945 Christmas Fare menu (signed by 40 attendees); many photos, on board, groups, crossing the equator, on shore (mainly Victoria, British Columbia) etc., corner-mounted on large black pages, G, Qty. 30-40
579.    OPERA, signed album pages, inc. Pompilio Malatesta, Antonnio Scotti, Louise Kirkby Lunn, Nellie Melba, Giovanni Martinelli, John McCormack etc., 6 x 7, together with many similar page of private sketches, poems etc., some still in original album (1913), G, Qty. 30-50
580.    TENNIS, notebook containing 41* signatures on individual pages, annotated Eastbourne 1994, all female players, inc. Christine Radford, Anne Jones, Manon Bollegraf, Caroline Kuhman, Helena Sukova, Betty Stowe, Clare Wood, J. Durie, Shirley Ann Siddall, Zina Garrison, Pam Shriver, Branda Schultz, Amy Frazier, J. Watanbe, M. Endo, S. Stafford, Christine Singer, Hannah Mandikova etc., most annotated beneath signature, VG 35-50
581.    MIXED SPORT, signed selection, inc. Dave Mackay, Jackie Pallo, Daley Thompson, Paul Merson, Paul Laurie, Tony Brooks, Arthur Green, Bryan Robson, Ian Woosnam, Rachel Unitt, Trevor Sinclair, James Seed, A.G. Davis, Paul Bracewell, Michael Lynagh, Roy Clarke, Len Shackleton etc., some with signatures to reverse, mixed formats and sizes, FR to G, 30* 30-50
582.    FOOTBALL, Chesham United Sportsman's Dinner menu (1995); ticket and wine list (1996); promotional p/c, menu, ticket and p/c signed by Jimmy Greaves, G to VG, 4 25-40
583.    FOOTBALL, signed cards, album pages, pieces etc., 75* signatures, inc. Rodney Marsh, Alan Devonshire, Kevin Keegan, Billy Bremner, Ray Wilkins Luther Blissett, Ray Clemence, Steve Maclaren, Willie Young, Niall Quinn, Steve McManaman, Gareth Southgate, Dave Beasant etc., some with signatures to reverse, slight duplication, G to VG, 57* 45-60
584.    FOOTBALL, signed selection, promotional p/cs, t/cs etc., inc. Chris Coleman, Simon Morgan, Paul Bracewell (2), Ray Wilkins, Peter Osgood, Ryan Giggs, Alan Kennedy, Kevin Keegan, Mick Channon etc., inscribed (4), G to VG, 17 25-40
585.    FOOTBALL, Tottenham Hotspur, selection, inc. programme for Jimmy Greaves last match (17th Oct 1972); Christmas card, menu and guest list signed by Gary Lineker, invitation; album pages etc., signatures inc. Jimmy Greaves, Tim Sherwood, Chris Hughton, Graham Roberts, Terry Venables etc., some with signatures to reverse (3) etc., G to VG, 15 25-40
586.    BOXING, signed reprint photo by Henry Cooper, alongside (but not signed by) Muhammad Ali, 8 x 10, EX 30-40
587.    HORSE RACING, signed photos, Lester Piggott, boxing as boys with Michael Thornton, c.1951 (typed annotation to back), Peter Scudamore, half-length with horse after race8 x 10, EX, 2 30-40
588.    HORSE RACING, signed photos, Frankie Dettori, in action riding, Lammtarra; Willie Carson, h/s in civilian clothes (1972) & postcard (to back) with brief note; VG to EX, 2 30-40
589.    ROWING, signed colour photos by Steve Redgrave, inc. with (and signed by) Matthew Pinsent (in action at 1996 Atlanta Olympics), with 1996 Atlanta gold medal, in action at 2000 Sidney Olympics (2), 8 x 10 & larger (2), EX, 4 30-50
590.    CRICKET, selection, inc. signed photos (3), Mickey Stewart (6.5 x 8.5), Richard Hadlee (9 x 12) & Alec Stewart (8 x 12); postcard, Cadogan C.C. (1926 F. & D.C.L. Div II winners), G to EX, 4 30-50
591.    GOLF, signed colour magazine photo by Jack Nicklaus, half-length playing shot & h/s, EX 40-50
592.    BOXING, press photos, Muhammad Ali & Michael Parkinson in boxing pose (1974); Joe Frazier 'sparring' with Joe Staples (who won his Ali gloves at 1971 charity auction), 10 x 8 and slightly smaller, typed annotation to backs, G, 2 30-50
593.    FOOTBALL, signed photo by George Best & Don Howe, full-length in action (Manchester United v Arsenal), 10 x 8, EX 40-60
594.    TRADE, magazine inserts, inc. World Records We Are Proud Of presented with The Ranger (folder & three plates); Marvels of Modern Engineering (Magnet), Great Adventures (Modern Boy), The Mightiest Marvels of Science (Boys Magazine, 2), some creasing to folds, foxing and edge knocks, FR to G, 8 10-15
595.    TRADE, selection, inc. poster stamps, The Book of the Southern Railway & British Railways (both complete); trade cards, Chocolat Grondard, Felix Potin, Amidon Remy etc., mixed sizes, foxing and knocks to edges, FR to G, 13 15-20
596.    PEARS, large colour Pears print, horseman with red coat & lady with blue dress, dry-mounted to board, 25 x 17.5, slight knocks to edges, VG 25-30
597.    SPORT, photos, inc. athletics, gymnastics, cross country, women's powerlifting; Henry Rono (Kenya), Alan Pascoe, Olga Mostepanova, Daly Thompson, Steve Ovett etc., most from the Phil Sheldon collection, mainly 8.5 x 12, slight duplication, EX, 43* 25-35
598.    SPORT, photos, inc. golf, cricket, boxing; Nick Faldo, Rodney Marsh, Greg Chappell, Ian Botham, Alan Minter etc., most from the Phil Sheldon collection, mainly 8.5 x 12, slight duplication, EX, 30* 25-35
599.    SPORT, photos, inc. cycling, snooker, wresting, rowing, basketball, boat race, skiing (17); Brian Hooper (pole vault), Margaret Kelly (swimming), Big Daddy, Eric Bristow (darts), Steve Davis, Terry Griffiths etc., most from the Phil Sheldon collection, mainly 8.5 x 12, slight duplication, EX, 58* 30-40
600.    CRICKET, Brian Lara selection, inc. signed large photo, h/s in Chicago Bulls baseball cap; two 2004 Barbados newspapers (400no), VG to EX, 3 25-35
601.    MOTOR SPORT, signed photos (3), trade cards & white cards (3.5 x 2), Formula One, Le Mans, Rally, MotoGP, inc. Kenny Rogers, John Hopkins, Marco Melandri, Shane Byrne, Colin Edwards, Carlos Checa; Nick Mason, Tiff Niddell, Wayne Gardner, Andy Green, Bradley Smith, Stuart Graham, Brian Redman, Tom Kristianson, Derek Warwick, Jackie Ickx, Emerson Fittipaldi, John Surtees, Richard Attwood, Derek Bell, Alain Prost etc., unsigned (7), duplication, VG to EX, 110* 25-30
602.    MIXED SPORT, mainly football, signed photos, promotional postcards etc., inc. John Charles, Bobby Collins, Harry Kewell, Viv Anderson, Tom Finney, Willie Morgan, David O'Leary, Bobby Johnstone; John Conteh, white cards (3.5 x 2), inc. A.P. McCoy, Andrew Strauss, Tim Henman, Keith Wood, Jimmy Bullard, Glen Hoddle, Zola, Alan Hanson, Matt Le Tissier, Matt Dawson, Theo Walcott, Darren Gough, Steve Redgrave; golf, Stephen Gallacher, Nicolas Colsaerts, J-M Olazabal, Thomas Levet, Alvaro Quiros, Steve Webster, Paul Casey, Sergio Garcia etc; unsigned (70), duplication, VG to EX, 180* 30-35
603.    FOOTBALL, signed trade cards, Panini, Pro Set, Topps, Merlin, inc. David Nish, Colin Todd, Tom Finney, Kevin Beattie, Graham Souness, Ian Moore, Steve Kember, Dave Bassett, Darren Anderton, Ray Wilkins, Rio Ferdinand, Cyrille Regis, Steve McMahon, Graeme Le Saux, Luther Blissett, Des Walker, Nigel Clough, Tim Flowers, Dion Dublin, Ally McCoist etc., slight duplication, in ringbinder, VG to EX, 395* 30-50
604.    U.S.A., political postcards, inc. Washington silhouette, Daniel Webster birthplace, California Governors 1849-1911, McKinley Monument, Hoover Card for Who'ver Wants It, Primary Day Reminder etc., 11 25-35
605.    U.S.A., selection, inc. trade cards, postcards, cigar band, cartes de visite, adverts; political, Roosevelt, Wilson, Convention tickets; patriotic, comedy, caricatures etc., mixed sizes, many with amr, some damage to edges, FR to G, 69*
606.    POSTCARDS, railway, inc. steam engines, diesel, locos, miniature etc; L.M.S., Great Central, Southern, Great Western, London and North Western etc., a few art style, some RP, mixed periods, G to VG, 53* 25-35
607.    POSTCARDS, Surrey, selection, inc. Town Hall Guildford, many Churches, inc. Oakwood, Shalford, Capel, Abinger, Epsom, Esher Old Church, Cobham, Cheam, Dorking etc; Mill Pond Dorking, Castle Arch Guildford, Abbots Hospital and interiors, views, art style etc., mixed periods, a few pu, G to VG, 63* 25-35
608.    POSTCARDS, Bamforth Song Cards, 30 sets (apparently complete), G to VG, 90* 25-30
609.    POSTCARDS, aviation, inc. Wellington Bomber, Engine Handley Page, Mosquito, Lockheed Lightning, North American B.25, bombers, Sunderland Reconnaissance, Messerschmitt ME 109, Macchi C 200, Spitfire etc., some RP, mixed periods, G to VG, 26 25-30
610.    POSTCARDS, Royalty selection, inc. Prince of Wales, Queen Alexandra, Princess of Wales, King George V, weddings, Queen Mary, Prince George, children, King Edward VII, Queen Elizabeth II, processions etc., mixed periods, a few pu, G to VG, 51* 25-35
611.    POSTCARDS, artists, inc. Jenny Nystron, Ethel Parkinson, Nelson Mapple, Mailick, Barham, Wimbush, Brett, Agnes Richardson, Flemwell, Shepheard, Flower, Garner etc; scenes, children, religious, greetings, a few foreign etc., mixed periods, some pu, G to VG, 53* 25-35
612.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, coastal, street scenes, art style etc., Promenade Weymouth, Old Whitby, Broad Street Hereford, Bell Hotel Mardale, Ruthin School, High Street Dartford, Manchester Electrical Power Station Barton, Market Row Gt Yarmouth, Oxford Street Manchester, Marine Parade Worthing, Dover Castle, Abbey Ruins Leicester, East Street Bridport, Boar Lane Leeds, Elkington Road Burry Port etc., mixed periods, some pu, G to VG, 50* 30-50
613.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, coastal, street scenes etc., Library & New Town Hall extension Manchester, Promenade and beach Clacton on Sea, Elysian Grove Aberystwyth, Esplanade Avenue Porthcawl, Stonegate York, Majestic Hotel Harrogate, Main Street Grenoside, Main Street Lennoxtown, New Street Dalry, East Promenade Colwyn Bay, Palace Theatre Scunthorpe, High Street & Oswald Road Scunthorpe, a few art style etc., mixed periods, some pu, some corner and edge knocks, about G to VG, 50* 25-35
614.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, coastal, street scenes etc., Crown Square Matlock, The Post Office Worsley, Nurses Home Hope Hospital, The Library Eccles, Deansgate Manchester, Armley Park, Malt House Lane Ashover, Plymouth Grove Manchester, Moss Road Urmston, Manor Road Stretford, Leigh Road Boothstown etc., mixed periods, some pu, some corner and edge knocks, G to VG, 50* 30-50
615.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, coastal, street scenes, churches and interiors etc., donkeys at Burnham-on-Sea, South Pier Pavilion & Harbour Lowestoft, Holderness Road Hull, Wilmslow Road Didsbury, Meadow Bank Chorltonville, Market Street & Royal Exchange Manchester, Stockport Road Ardwick, Piccadilly Manchester, Fire Station Manchester, The Cross Garstang, Higher Grade Schools Long Eaton, High Street Long Eaton, Church House Inn Stoke Gabriel etc., mixed periods, some pu, some corner and edge knocks, G to VG, 50* 30-50
616.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, coastal, street scenes, churches and interiors etc., Pier Southend-on-Sea, Grand Hotel Eastbourne, Bridge Street Chester, Marine Parade Llandudno, Glastonbury Abbey, Princes Parade Bridlington, Central Park Dartford, Hull (King Edward Street, Market Place, Paragon Square), Keadby Bridge Scunthorpe, Town Centre Rochdale, War Memorial Hospital Scunthorpe, The Taylor Institute Oxford, Lighthouse Scarborough etc., mixed periods, some pu, some corner and edge knocks, G to VG, 50* 30-50
617.    POSTCARDS, Scotland selection, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, coastal, churches etc; Fife Arms Hotel Braemar, Castle and Bridge Inverness, Princes Street Edinburgh, Queensgate Inverness, Union Street Inverness, Aviemore Station Hotel, Inverness Cathedral, Clock Lighthouse Greenock, The Promenade Dun Laoghaire, Academy Street Inverness, Jamaica Bridge Glasgow, Snowdonia etc., mixed periods, some pu, FR to G, 90* 25-35
618.    POSTCARDS, comedy selection, inc. seaside, sport, children, animals etc., artists inc. May, Mollie Gray, McGill, Comicus, Bamforth, Spurgin, Tempest, Fitzpatrick etc., a few foreign, mixed periods, some pu, some corner and edge knocks, about G to VG, 110* 30-40
619.    TRAMS, selection of photos, many with green information stamp, location or photographer's name to reverse, inc. Liverpool, Birkenhead, Kidderminster & Stourport, Coventry, Aberdeen, Belfast, Lanarkshire, London etc., some postcards, a few reproduction, G to VG, 115* 25-30
620.    POSTCARDS, Social History selection, inc. families, groups, children, military, school groups, celebrations, weddings, amateur dramatics etc; some pu, FR to G, 140* 30-50
621.    POSTCARDS, Greetings selection, inc. Christmas, Easter, Birthday, New Year, Anniversary, Valentines; floral, embossed, Santa, animals, beauties, verses, scenes etc., some pu, some corner and edge knocks, about G to VG, 160 30-50
622.    FOOTBALL, signed dinner menu by Stan Mortensen & Harry Johnston, St Anne's Athletic AFC 1954, signed to blank back cover, VG 30-50
623.    BOXING, itinerary booklet for Manx Majestic Sports Club's visit to 1959 heavyweight Championship fight between Brian London & Floyd Patterson (sic), 1959, also including Kentucky Derby, corner crease, G 40-60
624.    FOOTBALL, signed commemorative cover by Joe Fagan, for 1984 LC Final, Liverpool v Everton, first Merseyside Cup Final, EX 50-60
625.    FOOTBALL, commemorative cover for the 1989 FA Cup Final, Liverpool v Everton, overprinted 'In Memory of the 95 supporters who lost their lives at Hillsborough', LE429/500, EX 25-30
626.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed white card by Eric Morecombe, 6 x 4, with 1977 University of Lancaster dinner menu, G to VG, 2 40-60
627.    SPACE, signed programme by Helen Sharman, being her Ceremony of Admission of Honorary Freedom of the City of Sheffield, 1991, signed to cover, VG 20-30
628.    FOOTBALL, signed colour photo by George Best, in action (5.75 x 4), EX 25-30
629.    TRADE, selection of advert cards etc., inc. Epps's Cocoa Nature Series p/cs Nos. 4 & 5, Golden Palm Toilet Soap, Huntley Palmer Breakfast Biscuits (p/c), Harvey Askew grocer of Sedbergh, Terry's Chocolates (2), Parkinson's Swiss Milk Toffee (3), Boots Papier Poudre booklet etc., mixed sizes, some slight creasing and edge knocks, G, 14 20-30
630.    TRADE, selection of advert cards etc., inc. Coats Thread (10), Ritter Conserves, Cerebos Jelly, Peek Frean, Bridgwater Creamery Co. Price List, Charles Verbeke (3), Rust & Co of Leicester Fancy Goods, Koh-I-Noor Pencils, Goodall's Royal Bezique Register etc., mixed sizes, some slight creasing and edge knocks, G, 24 20-30
631.    TRADE, selection of booklets, inc. Robinson Crusoe, Colmans Wild Mother Goose Chase, Co-Op Coronation Souvenir, Pellow's Grocery Store of Bodmin Price List, mixed sizes, some scuffs to edges, G, 4 10-15
632.    TRADE, selection, inc. Philip's of London British Wild Flowers dial, Brown & Polson's Hold-To-Light, Ripolin Paint, The Medical Battery Co. Electropatic Belts, Eno's Fruit Salt, Whitbread Inn Signs advert, Veno's Aviation Race, Turnbulls Tea etc., mixed sizes, some slight edge knocks, G, 12 15-20
633.    FOOTBALL, signed colour photo by George Best, full-length in action for Manchester United, 3.5 x 5, EX 20-30
634.    CRICKET, postcards, Australians 1938 & 1956, VG, 2 10-15
635.    MY WEEKLY, The World's Most Beautiful Women, complete, 117 x 149mm paper issue, with booklet, VG, 7+ 25-35
636.    COMICS, selection, mainly 1950s, inc. Mickey Mouse Weekly 1952, Eagle 1954 (Dan Dare), Sun 1954 (Billy the Kid), Comet 1957, Beano 1954, Swift 1959, Rover 1958, Comic Cuts 1953, Adventure 1956, School Friend 1952, Beano 1954, Dandy 1955; 1950 Film Fun annual; magazines, Radio Times 1953 (Wimbledon tennis), Picture Post etc., FR to VG, 22* 35-45
637.    PHOTOGRAPHS, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. Sky-diving, Trial of Hossin brothers for murder, Pandas, Airship flies over London, HMS Belfast, human chess game, zoo animals, dogs, Princess Muna, Wembley Stadium etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, FR to VG, 250* 30-50
638.    THEATRE, programmes, inc. His Majesty's Theatre, The London Hippodrome, London Casino, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London Palladium, Winter Gardens Bournemouth; Olsen and Johnson, Ivor Novello, Anna Neagle, Cyril Ritchard, Pat Taylor, Tommy Trinder etc., G to VG, 67* 25-35
639.    FOOTBALL, signed selection, inc. t/c, white cards, stickers, pieces etc, inc. Ian Rush, Paul Ince, David Ginola, Dave Bassett, David O'Leary, Des Walker, Alan Hansen, Joe Baker, Trevor Brooking, Ray Wilkins, Gary Lineker, Nigel Clough, Emlyn Hughes, Paul Merson, Dion Dublin, Pat Rice, Archie Gemmill, Graham Taylor, Lorenzo Amoruso, Gary Pallister, Ronald de Boer etc; golfers (3) inc. Ian Woosnam, Angel Cabrera, Mathias Gronberg etc., VG to MT, 300* 30-50
640.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, USA selection, complete soft-packs (many with original wrapping), 1940s onwards, inc. Eve, Malibu, True, Magna, Canyon, Montclair, Chaparral, Carlton, Bargain Buy, Cavalier, Crown etc., G to EX, 40* 45-50
641.    POSTCARDS, modern selection, inc. views, railway, Yorkshire Post locomotives, comedy, shipping, beermats, military, Card Times, card fairs etc., in four modern albums, G to EX, 850* 30-50
642.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed hard (11) & softback editions, mainly sport, inc. Pascoe The Story of an Athlete, Better Late Than Never by Jack Berry, By Any Means by Charley Boorman, Sporting Fever by Michael Parkinson etc., G to VG, 18 25-35
643.    SELECTION, inc. mainly European & USA trade cards; postcards, RAF Badges, dogs, screen stars, floral, animals, portraits, birds, cars etc., slight duplication, good VR, 125* 10-15
644.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, UK & foreign, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, monuments, art, woodland, coastal, parks and gardens; a few shipping, comedy, social history etc., mixed periods, many pu, FR to G, 450* 25-35
645.    PHOTOGRAPHS, celluloid negatives, 5 x 4, inc. royalty, Romanian earthquake, football, Soweto riots, Idi Amin, Spanish elections, topographical, Vanessa Redgrave, indoor athletics, boxing, cricket, President Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Donny Osmand's wedding etc., in brown envelopes (most with hand-written annotation), VG to EX, 400* 40-60
646.    PHOTOGRAPHS, celluloid negatives, 5 x 4, inc. Emperor Bokassa on his throne, Callaghan and Schmidt, Senator Aquino, cricket, Sadat and Hussein, England v Italy, Charlie Chaplin, Princess Anne leaving hospital, royalty, Lord Lucan and his wife, Fidel Castro, auction of the Orient Express, Bing Crosby etc., in brown envelopes (most with hand-written annotation), VG to EX, 400* 40-60
647.    POP MUSIC, photos, inc. Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Mama Cass etc., 8 x 10, printed from the original negatives, EX, 22* 30-40
648.    POP MUSIC, photos, inc. Eartha Kitt, Petula Clark, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, Freddie Mercury, Pans People, Cliff Richard, Frank Sinatra, Sting, Dusty Springfield, The Supremes etc., 8 x 10, printed from the original negatives, EX, 45* 25-35
649.    CINEMA, photos, inc. Patrick MacNee & Diana Rigg, Henry Cooper & Tommy Cooper, Petula Clark, Sean Connery, Fred Astaire, Diana Dors, Sammy David Jnr., Bing Crosby, Rudolf Nureyev, Gary Cooper, Benny Hill, Sid James, Marilyn Monro, James Stewart, Margaret Thatcher, John Wayne etc., 8 x 10, printed from the original negatives, EX, 60* 30-40
650.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, inc. complete (4), Honeyrose (20s), Senior Service (8s), Mayfair (20s), Players No. 10 (20s); Jasmine (17/20), VG to EX, 5 25-35
651.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, inc. complete (2), Players Plain (20s), Carltons (10s); Three Nuns (3/10), Diamond (9/10), Capstan (9/10), VG to EX, 5 25-35
652.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, complete (5), Meadow Gold (10s), Marvel (8s), Baltija (20s, sealed), North Pole (20s, sealed), Casa Sports Olympic Blue (20s), VG to EX, 5 25-35
653.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, complete (5), Constellation, Abdulla 37, Monterrey, Cleopatra & Bali, all sealed 20s, VG to EX, 5 25-35
654.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, complete (5), Maltepe, Spud, Mild Milford (all sealed), Ginseng & Cleopatra, all 20s, VG to EX, 5 25-35
655.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, complete (5), El Khadra, Cowboy (all 20s); Maryland (25s) & Nacional (10s), all sealed, VG to EX, 5 25-35
656.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, complete (5), Casasports Olympic, Free, Persia 2500th Anniversary, Chaoyang Oiao & Kebir, all sealed 20s, VG to EX, 5 25-35
657.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, complete (5), Three Threes, Gold Flake, Four Square & Bristol (all 10s), Bafra (20s), all sealed, VG to EX, 5 25-35
658.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, complete (5), Abdulla Coronet No. 1, Golden Cross, Maghreb, Cardinal & Sobor, all 20s, sealed (3), VG to EX, 5 25-35
659.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, with cigarettes, complete (5), Giubek, Chung Hwa, Lexington, Parisiennes & Caballero, all sealed 20s, VG to EX, 5 25-35
660.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, art style, mainly coloured, inc. views, coastal, churches, castles, scenes, farming, woodland, art etc., Scarborough, Yarmouth, Cambridge, Penzance, Broadstairs, Scotland, St Helens Hospital Norwich, Eastbourne, Warwick Pageant, a few foreign etc., mixed periods, cornered in period album (P), mostly pu, some edge and corner knocks, FR to G, 150* 25-35
661.    POSTCARDS, selection, topographical, inc. views, coastal, street scenes; Skegness, Eastbourne, Weymouth, Bognor Regis, Devon, Cornwall; comedy (58*); greetings (some opening cards), Birthday, Christmas etc., mixed periods, cornered in period album (P), mostly pu, some edge and corner knocks, about G, 230* 25-35
662.    RAILWAY, selection of 189* modern photos, inc. steam engines, diesel, LNER, CER, Great Central, NE, Southern etc., together with a selection of modern postcards and greetings cards, in modern slip-in photo album, VG to EX, 298* 30-50
663.    COMICS, bound volume of Union Jack, ft. Sexton Blake, 15th Aug to 12 Dec 1931, some small tears to edges of pages, G 25-35
664.    VOSS, Das Tierreich (The Animals Kingdom), birds, mixed series, 165 x 140 paper, German margarine issue, duplication, about G to VG, 240* 30-50
665.    AVIATION, postcards, inc. early aviators, Air-Co de Havilland, Destruction of a Zeppelin (set of 6), airlines, Concorde, airports, US Air Force; pub. Salmon, Valentines, Daily News etc., in ring-binder, G to EX, 139* 60-80
666.    MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, cut panels & ARTB, inc. CPS, Blackpool Tower, Odeon, Three Poodles, Magic Square, Vulcan, Anglia, Starlight, St Paul, Laurel, Stags Head etc., in acetate photo album, G to EX, 190* 25-35
667.    PHOTOGRAPHS, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. aviation, Getty, OZ trial, police, Black Power, children, Indian farming, fashion, crime, shipping etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 200* 40-60
668.    PHOTOGRAPHS, press stills, 1960s-1970s, inc. Erica the Egg Girl, PC Jones saves woman from Thames, Nemone Lethbridge and Jimmy O'Connor with newborn, Sandra the Superhen, Ria Roeber circus artist, Thames water taster, Opening of London bridge, Day-trippers in train crash, Sammy Kamel a fire-eating gourmet, Alfred Ford arrives in Southampton, Taxi demonstration, Arabella Churchill wedding, Susan Hampshire presenting cheques, World Conker Championship, Stonehenge, Olympic swimmer Diana Sutherland, Chay Blyth, Lone yachtsman Bill King etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, mainly with typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 170* 30-50
669.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection, inc. autographs (3), Marje Proops biography, dj (some fading and edge knocks); Anita Dobson promotional photo and turquoise/black top; programmes (20), Strand, Prince of Wales, Puppet Theatre 79, The Kirov Opera; Lytton's Theatre Seating Plans booklet, Grease vocal score, ballet press photos (4); circus (3), Zippo's souvenir brochure 1998, Billy Smart's (2); scripts (20+5), French Acting Edition, Poor Pillicoddy, Snowball etc; The White House Plays (3), Puss in Boots, The Players and the Truant etc., P to VG, 63* 25-35
670.    POSTCARDS, mainly modern selection, inc. dogs, cats, birds, horses, domestic & wild animals, buses, coaches, trams, railway (steam & diesel), stations, street scenes, art, greetings, views, paintings, floral, romance, foreign, buildings, monuments, Paris, Dresden, Montreal, Napoli etc., some pu, many Pike cards, a few photos, slight duplication, G to EX, 900* 30-50
671.    TOPOGRAPHICAL, postcards, mainly south coast, inc. Bude, Redruth, Hayle, Holywell Bay, Looe, Newquay, Margate, Abergele, Llanfairechan etc., corner-mounted in period album, G to VG, 275* 25-35
672.    GERMANY, postcards, topographical collection, inc. Suspension Railway in the Rhineland (28), Roman fort at Saalburg (36), Schonburg, Glauchau, royalty, postal history etc., corner-mounted to pages in ring-binder (with typed notes), G to VG, 76* 50-60
673.    GERMANY, postcards, heraldic collection, inc. crests, leaders, buildings, patriotic; German Empire, Prussia, Wurtemberg, Oldenburg, Bavaria, Baden, Schwarzburg, Hessen-Darnstadt, Alsace and LorraineHamburg, Lubeck, Berlin, Hannover, Hohenzollern etc., corner-mounted to pages in ring-binder (with typed notes), G to VG, 98* 100-150
674.    SUCHARD, part sets & odds, inc. children, military, national types, song cards, fruit, constellations etc., slight duplication, about G to VG, 74* 30-50
675.    LIEBIG, mainly part sets, G to VG, 120* 25-35
676.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. birds, floral, greetings, children, scenes, romance etc., mixed sizes, a.m.r., creasing, some damage to edges, FR to G, Qty. 25-35
677.    PUZZLES, European trade, wooden puzzles, Het Variabele Vierkant (The Square Variable), De Typische T (The Typical T), De Vreselijke Vier (The Terrible Four), De Gruwelijke Grill (The Horrible Grill), Het Koppige Kruis (The Stubborn Cross), in sealed unopened packets, duplication, EX, 27* 25-35
678.    HACHETTE & Co., Insects, part sets & odds, premium issue, slight duplication, G to VG, 55* 40-60
679.    POSTCARDS, Composers, inc. Strauss, Bach, Beethoven, Dvorak, Rubinstein, Berlioz, Tshaikowsky, Sir Arthur Sullivan, Liszt, Joseph Hoffmann, Grieg, Balfe, Padrewski, Brahms, Haydn, Verdi, Raff, Mehul, Verdi, Wagner, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Brahms, Purcell etc., corner-mounted in period album (FR), G to VG, 97* 30-50
680.    POSTCARDS, Composers & Entertainers, inc. Haydn, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Tartini, Brahms, Cherubini, Wagner, Schumann, Grieg, Verdi, Padrewski, Chopin, Lady Halle, Fred Wyndham, Peggy Cochrane, Vincent D'Indy, Leslie Stuart, Kirkby Lunn, Marie Hall, George Ackroyde, Enos Bacon, George Elrick, Ivy Benson, Kubelik, Clara Novello Davies, Carmen Hill, Ben Davies, Walter Hyde, Max Darewski etc., corner-mounted in period album (P), G to VG, 96* 30-50
681.    SOCIAL HISTORY, selection of postcards and photos in album titled 'The Dolalo Archive', inc. groups, with family, on holiday, portraits, in costume etc., possibly a theatrical family, in modern slip-in album, G to VG, 210* 25-30
682.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection of unsigned original 8 x 10 photos etc., inc. Lillian Gish, John Gilbert, Norma Shearer, Ramon Novarro, Greta Garbo, Mary Pickford, Richard Dix and other silent stars, a few musicians etc., some edge and corner knocks, G, 38* 25-30
683.    POSTCARDS, London topographical selection, inc. Union Jack Club, Hospital Tottenham, Houses of Parliament, War Office Whitehall, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, St. Paul's Cathedral, Law Courts, Royal Exchange, street scenes, theatres, monuments, Westminster, Horse Guards, Thames, churches, Natural History Museum, Unilever House, Hyde Park etc., corner-mounted in period album (pages loose and spine missing), G to VG, 487* 40-60
684.    THEATRE, signed leaflets/booking forms, inc. Gareth Hunt, Barbara Keogh, William Franklyn, John Hudson, Manning Redwood, Peter Finlay, Julia Ford, Bob Peck, Nicolas Colicos, Edward Peel, Lee Sprintall, Nicola Grier, Andrew Farrell, Michael Chance, Paul Besterman, Malcolm Terriss, Avril Angers, Edward Jewesbury, Jane How etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 43* 25-35
685.    THEATRE, signed flyers, inc. Rosalind Bailey, Lionel Blair, Nick Bailey, Martyn James, Fogwell Flax, Julie Faye, Robert East, Primrose Milligan, Brenda Clarke, Mollie Sugden, Veronica Hart, Dave Lee, Anthony Quayle, Katie Budd, Neil France, Paul Nicholson, Elio Pace, Arthur Dignam, Thelma Rogers, Emma Chambers, Josephine Tewson, Peter Wallis, Duggie Chapman, Brian Murphy, Paul Henry, Roger Kitter etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 63* 30-40
686.    ENTERTAINMENT, autograph albums (2), 4 x 6 & 4.5 x 4, signatures inc. Jack Doyle, Billy Matchett, Gene Patton, Eric Boon, Tommy Fields, Jack Jackson, Chris Gill, Jenny Howard, Will Collinson, Len Hansen, Leslie Fuller, Elsie & Doris Waters; Stratford Empire 1935, inc. Phyllis Probus, Harriet Hutchins, Elsie Bower, Billy Rutherford, Elsie & Doris Waters, Carmen, George Brown, Charlie Clipham, Kenneth & George Western, Will Mahoney, George Formby, Thomas 'Fats' Waller, Ramon Novarro etc., some pages multiple signed, albums P ow G to VG, 2 30-50
687.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. programmes, album pages, cards, albums (2), signatures inc. Vince Hill, Maggie Henderson, Ian McNeill, Steve Weston, Domino, Sally Burgess, Greg Hicks, Kenneth Alwyn, Kenny Ball, Benedict Taylor, Joe Loss, Bunny Doyle, Jack Stamford, Humphrey Heathcote, Griff Rhys Jones, Joan Plowright, Maggie Smith, Ian Lavender, Harry Worth etc., G to VG, 38* 30-50
688.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. postcards, photos etc., inc. Beverley Sisters, Johnny Fuller; Godfrey Tearle, Jack Hulbert (both on pages laid down to same card); Conrad Leonard, Oliver Messel, Peggy Ashcroft, Oliver Wakefield, Douglas Young, Betty Astell etc. (all on pieces laid down to same card, 14 signatures in total); Anna Neagle (10 x 12, in costume); period photo album containing 38* photos & p/cs, inc. Anne Shelton, Charlie Chester, Kathleen Kelly, Edmundo Ros, Carroll Levis, Jean Kent, Lester Ferguson, Ronald Shiner, Allan Jones, Winifred Atwell, Ralph Richardson, Michael Redgrave, Dorothy Squires etc., mixed sizes, FR to VG, 11 50-80
689.    CRICKET, signed album pages (4), inc. Northants 1933 (9 signatures), inc. Cox, Bakewell, Perkins, Partridge, Bellamy, Grimshaw, Brookes etc; Notts 1935 (7 sigs), inc. Lilley, Larwood, Hardstaff, Gunn, Walker, Staples; Essex (11 sigs, two pages), inc. O'Connor, Taylor, J W A Stephenson, R Smith, K Smith, Avery, Cray etc., 4.75 x 3.75 and smaller, corners clipped and tape stains to two pages, FR to G, 4 40-50
690.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, UK & foreign, street scenes, coastal, views, multiviews, parks and gardens, buildings, churches, interiors, art style etc., inc. Haddon Hall Derbyshire, Melville Gardens Montrose, Harbour Polperro, Old Toll Bar Gretna Green, Buckingham Palace, Lulworth Cove, Bull Ring Birmingham, Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh, Charing Cross Station, Blackfriars Bridge, Sandringham House, Central Parade Weston-Super-Mare, Palace Pier Brighton, Piccadilly Gardens Manchester; Wales, Scotland, Devon, Cornwall, London, IoW etc; Germany, France, Rome, Ceylon, USA, Cairo etc., a few lettercards, mixed periods, many pu, FR to G, 350* 25-35
691.    POSTCARDS, UK topographical selection, UK & foreign, street scenes, coastal, views, multiviews, parks and gardens, buildings, churches, interiors, art style etc., mostly Scotland, Ireland, Wales; Huntly Arms Hotel Aboyne, John Knox House Edinburgh, High Street Peebles, Academy Street Inverness, High Street Elgin, Quality Street North Berwick, St Catherine's Street Cupar, Porthcawl, Promenade Roath Park Lane Cardiff, Queen Street Cardiff, East Parade Llandudno, High Street Lockerbie, New Post Office Aberdeen etc., mixed periods, many pu, G to VG, 300* 30-50
692.    PHOTOGRAPHS, selection, mainly lorries, colour (6 x 4), inc. racing, tankers, low loaders, haulage, livestock carriers, cranes, concrete mixers, American, some cabs only etc., inc. Scania, Daf, Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes etc; buses (3), railway (10), lifeboats (2), EX to MT, 280* 25-30
693.    POSTCARDS, foreign selection, inc. views, natives, buildings, monuments, coastal, animals, Palaces etc; Calcutta, Delhi, Jamalpur, New Zealand, Cairo, Canada, Rio De Janeiro, Lucknow, Johannesburg, France, Antwerp etc., mixed periods, some pu, some corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 230* 30-40
694.    EPHEMERA, cartes de visite, selection, inc. children, military, families, couples, weddings etc., photographers inc. Francis Earl of Worcester, A. & G. Taylor Birmingham, G.V. Yates Sheffield, F.A. Wilkinson of Huddersfield & Halifax, The London School of Photography, Vandyke & Brown of Liverpool, W. & A.H. Fry of Brighton, B.H. Bentley of Buxton etc., about G to VG, Qty. 25-35
695.    POSTCARDS, Bamforth Song Cards, complete (32*), and many part sets, about G to VG, 475* 35-50
696.    POSTCARDS, mixed selection, inc. art, art style, caves, waterfalls, exhibitions, monuments, bridges, gardens, coastal, interiors, churches, rural life, patriotic, people, religious, buildings, landmarks, rivers, views, castles, children, street scenes, woodlands etc., mixed periods, slight duplication, FR to G, Qty. 30-40
697.    EPHEMERA, mixed selection, inc. many photos (mixed sizes), some private snapshots, inc. social history, views, vehicles, children, buildings, scenes, weddings, families, animals, military, shipping (13); postcards, view booklets, lettercards, Collector Card, Pamlin Prints etc., some modern; a few cabinet and cartes de visite, greetings cards, commemorative coins etc., good VR, Qty. 30-50
698.    SOCIAL HISTORY, photographs (185*) depicting the tour to Malaya 1956-1958 of RAF 194 Squadron, inc. natives, Chinese New Year Festival, Fort Sinderette, Batu Caves, Sin Gun at Sunget Shepet, Singapore, helicopter crash, Port Dickson, Temples, Buddhas, Blakang Mati, Chinese School, Rubber Plantation, etc., corner-mounted in period wooden table top album decorated with map of Malaya (cover detached), compartment to left edge for pens etc with cover missing, o/w G to VG 30-50
699.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, street scenes, coastal, monuments, buildings, churches etc; inc. Castle Rushen Castletown IoM, West Park Station and Promenade Jersey, Woodfield Lane Hessle, The Arboretum Derby, Beach and New Promenade Blackpool, Kings Road Brighton, Castle Street Dover, Nottingham views, Floating Bridge Poole, Sunny Cove Salcombe, Bathing Chalet Clacton on Sea, Rock Houses Mansfield, Armada Memorial Plymouth, Bude Bathing Pool, Aldwych London, Church Street Harwich, Market Cross Swaffham, Princes Street Edinburgh etc., mixed periods, many pu, FR to G, 120* 25-35
700.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, street scenes, coastal, monuments, buildings churches etc; inc. Port Jack Douglas IoM, Hordle Beach Milford on Sea, The Promenade Penzance, Conway Castle, St John's College Cambridge, Stonegate York, Bowling Green Saltwell Park, The Sands Dunnet, Market Street Nottingham, The Three Spires Coventry, City Hall Belfast, Trinity College & Bank of Ireland Dublin, Corfe Castle Village, Devon, Venetian Waterways Gt Yarmouth, Wellington Arch London etc., mixed periods, many pu, P to G, 120* 25-30
701.    POSTCARDS, Social History selection, inc. military, portraits, children, couples, groups, babies, children, outings, etc., mixed periods, some pu, good VR, 175* 25-35
702.    POSTCARDS, greetings selection, inc. Christmas, New Year, Easter, Birthday' beauties, floral, children, animals etc., mixed periods, some pu, P to G, 88* 25-35
703.    POSTCARDS, children's humour, artists inc. Mabel Lucie Attwell (12), Lawson Wood (7), Agnes Richardson (7), Phyllis Cooper, Vera Paterson, G. Bouret (8) etc., some animals and birds, mixed periods, a few pu, FR to VG, 65* 30-50
704.    POSTCARDS, children and babies, inc. portraits, with animals, at play, groups etc., some colour, mixed periods, many pu, P to G, 130* 25-35
705.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. Dogs (30), Cats (27), Animals (57), Birds (6), Fruit (5), Floral (39) etc., mixed periods, some pu, P to G, 164* 25-35
706.    SHIPPING, postcards, inc. Union Castle Line to South and East Africa (62, duplication), Canadian Pacific Empress of Britain interior (7), Bibby Line bulk carrier, Ellerman Lines (3), RMSP Orduna, RMMV Athlone Castle, HMT Neuralia, HMS Argus in Rosyth Dockyard, RMS Aquitania, RMS Orion, National Maritime Museum (19) etc., duplication, mixed periods, some pu, P to VG, 135* 30-50
707.    POSTCARDS topographical selection, inc. street scenes, views, coastal, parks and gardens, churches etc; Bridle Lane Eltham, Guildford Road Woking, High Street Lyndhurst, Birmingham Convalescent Home, Bathing Huts Walton-on-Naze, Tower New Brighton, Knutsford Royal May queen 1905, The Station Portrush, Central Promenade Hornsea, Reedness Manor, Ashton-Under-Lyne Salvation Army Band, Miller's Dale Village, Devil's Hole Jersey, Church Land Selby, Llandudno, Refreshment Pavilion Kew Gardens, High Street Stockton-on-Tees, Kingsway Gardens Cleethorpes etc., mixed periods, some pu, FR to G, 65* 25-35
708.    POSTCARDS, foreign selection, inc. buildings, monuments, street scenes, natives, views, coastal; Market Place at Bethlehem, Chenab Bridge, Delhi, Barnes Court Simla, Montgomery Hall Lahore, Sador Bazar Peshawar, Elephant Tower Egra, Copenhagen, Belize, Jerusalem, Cairo, Canadian Farming, Municipal Market Calcutta, Mahanatee Station Darjeeling, Main Street Kurseong, Mustafa Palace Meerut, Railway Station Agra, Kailana Neck Chakrata, Golden Temple of Amritsar, Military Prison Dagshai, Golden Temple Delhi, St Joseph's College Darjeeling, Djikusha Palace Lucknow, Mayo College Ajmere, Taj Mahal Agra, His Majesty The Amir's visit to Agra Darbor, a few France etc., mixed periods, some pu, FR to G, 145* 30-50
709.    CINEMA, film posters, children's issues, inc. Toy Story 2 (3), The Tigger Movie, Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes Bananas, 102 Dalmatians, The Iron Giant (5), Jane Eyre, Jude, Jack The Bear, Larger Than Life, Long Live The Lady, Little Women, Mother Night, The Little Rascals, Much Ado About Nothing, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Leo The Last, Welcome To The Doll House, mixed sizes (mainly 30 x 40), VG to EX, 18 + 6 25-35
710.    COLLECTORS CARDS, three uncut sheets, Elvis Presley (two sheets of 100) & Marilyn Monroe (one sheet of 100), VG to EX, 3 15-25
1000.   ENTERTAINMENT, mounted photos, inc. pop music, Queen, Bob Dylan, Bono, Bruce Springsteen etc; Muhammad Ali, Johnny Depp & Audrey Hepburn, each mounted and signed to mount by original photographer, each LE.2500, EX, 11 10-15
1001.   POSTCARDS, modern, inc. Radio Times covers, 1923-2014 (100), Beano Comic, 1938-2014 (100); topographical etc., in large ring-binder, EX, 200* 10-15
1002.   FOOTBALL, autograph album, inc. Trevor Whymark, Derek Hales, Terry Naylor, Ray Levington, Gary Stevens, Jon Jo Shelvey, John McGovern, Stewart Houston, Scott Minto, Bobby Woodruff etc., mainly one per page, VG 15-25
1003.   FOOTBALL, autographs, signed magazine, newspaper cuttings inc. Ray Clemence, Peter Shilton, Des Walker, Vinny Jones, Martin O'Neill, Chris Waddle, Gary Lineker, Kevin Keegan, Trevor Francis, Graeme Souness etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 114* 15-25
1004.   TRANSPORT, mainly railway, inc. RP (45), Leysdown, Wantage, Yarmouth Beach Shed, Raynes Park etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 58* 10-15
1005.   MASONIC, programme, inc. Opening and Closing, Masonic Miscellanea, Freemasonary and the Ancient Gods, To A Great Mind, Consecration, List Of Members 1931 & 1948 etc., G to VG, 15* 10-15
1006.   ATHLETICS, Sally Gunnell signed selection, inc. Mizuno advertising poster and promotional p/c and relay number, GBR 5, for 1994 European Championships in London (inscribed), G to VG, 3 20-30
1007.   RUGBY, menu for Saracens Award Dinner 2009, signed by ten attendees, inc. Rob Penney, D Seymore, Alex Goode, S Borthwick etc; two promotional p/cs signed by Thomas Castaignede and Duncan McRae, VG, 3 20-25
1008.   FOOTBALL, signed selection, photos, cards, promotional etc., inc. Alan Ball, Niall Quinn, Charlie Nicholas, Jaap Stam, Stanley Matthews, Par Rice, Geoff Hurst, Alan Kennedy etc., G to VG, 18 15-20
1009.   ENTERTAINMENT, selection, promotional cards etc., inc. Bradley Walsh (on reverse of bingo ticket), Sally James, Bob Holness, George Lazenby (beermat), Jamie Cullan, Mike Reid, Glynis Barber, Michael Brandon etc., inscribed (9), G to VG, 15 20-30
1010.   POLITICAL, set of six p/cs, Political Caricatures by Cummings (with op), signed (4), inc. Dennis Healey, Tony Brown, Michael Foot, Roy Jenkins, EX 10-15
1011.   ENTERTAINMENT, selection, album pages, pieces laid down etc., inc. Tommy Trinder, Peter Finch, Jimmy Clitheroe, Charlie Chester, Danny Glover, Bing Crosby, George Lazenby (beermat), Eddie Gray, Paul O'Grady, Arthur Askey etc., inscribed (4), G to VG, 15 20-30
1012.   ENTERTAINMENT, selection, signed promotional cards, inc. Shirley Bassey, Mike Reid, Sally James, Graham Dene, Val Doonican, Ronnie Barker, Penny Smith, Louise Redknapp, inscribed (4), mixed sizes, G to VG, 8 10-15
1013.   ENTERTAINMENT, selection, signed cards, album pages, pieces etc., inc. Russ Abbott, Anita Dobson, Magnus Magnusson, Bob Holness, Paul Layton, Jeremy Beadle, Bobby Davro; cigarette advert signed by six, inc. Rod Stewart, Sue Barker, Alfred Marks etc., G to VG, 12 10-15
1014.   GOLF, signed album pages and white cards (6 x 4), inc. Woosnam, Rocca, MacIlroy, Drummond, Fowler, James, Forsbrand, Jasper Parnevik, Langer, Darren Clarke (Torrance to reverse), Yang etc., G to VG, 22 20-30
1015.   CRICKET, prints, England Cricketers caricatures, from the originals by Bob Bond, EX, 14 10-15
1016.   GOLF, press photos of Seve Ballesteros in action, 1985-1987, each with annotation & credentials to backs, VG to EX, 3 15-20
1017.   FOOTBALL, booklet, The Cup 1883 - 1932 - 50 Years English Cup Finals, 20-25
1018.   FOOTBALL, programmes, Tottenham Hotspur 1960/1 double season, v Manchester City & at Chelsea, fading to fold of home programme, G to VG, 2 10-15
1019.   FOOTBALL, souvenir booklet for the 1951 FA Cup Final, Newcastle United v Blackpool, issued by Evening Chronicle & Newcastle Journal, centre fold, G 15-20
1020.   FOOTBALL, booklet, Preston North End - 1950/1 Second Division championship, VG 10-15
1021.   FOOTBALL, signed programme, Scunthorpe United v Stoke City, 18th Sept 1958, to cover by Len Shackleton, VG 10-15
1022.   HORSE RACING, signed colour 12 x 10 photo showing A.P. McCoy on Binocular jumping fence at Cheltenham, 2010, some light creasing, G 20-30
1023.   FOOTBALL, promotional advert (8 x 12) for People Management, signed by Sven-Goran Eriksson, 2003, half-length in England jacket, laminated, EX 20-30
1024.   ENTERTAINMENT, The Tymes, signed and inscribed b/w promotional photo, 8 x 9.75, by all six members, centre fold, creasing, FR 10-15
1025.   POLITICS, signed BSC menu by Edward heath, to front cover, luncheon for visit of 1984 Australian Rugby Union Tourists, with table plan booklet, EX, 2 18-25
1026.   MUSIC, signed colour postcard by Yehudi Menuhin, art-style half-length playing, inscribed, EX 8-10
1027.   FOOTBALL, photo of Billy Liddell (Liverpool), h/s, 2.5 x 3.25, corner crease, G 8-10
1028.   FOOTBALL, RP postcard of the 1951 Blackpool FA Cup Final team, players names printed to back, pub. by Odhams, EX 20-30
1029.   FOOTBALL, RP postcard, Tottenham Hotspur F.C. 1926/27, photo by Crawford, corner clipped, creased & other damage, FR 30-35
1030.   FOOTBALL, signed team photo by Derby County, circa 1948, ten signatures inc. Steel, Stamford, Howe, Musson etc., some faded, corner crease & other knocks, FR 25-35
1031.   FOOTBALL, England home tickets, 1969-1979, inc. v. Scotland, West Germany, Wales etc., G to VG, 16 10-15
1032.   FOOTBALL, Programme of Arrangements for England v West Germany, 29th April 1972, VG 10-15
1033.   FOOTBALL, signed colour magazine photo by George Cohen, full-length in action for Fulham, EX 10-15
1034.   FOOTBALL, RP team photo of Aston Villa 1946/47, photo by Wilkes, 5.5 x 3.5, p/b, a.m.r., about G 10-15
1035.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Bobby Charlton, half-length with ball in training, EX 10-15
1036.   FOOTBALL, signed colour postcard by Ivan De La Pena, half-length portrait & action inset for Barcelona, 4.75 x 6.5, EX 5-10
1037.   FOOTBALL, press photo, Blackpool, 1948/4 squad, 6.5 x 4.5, p/b, EX 8-10
1038.   FOOTBALL, press photo, showing Malcolm Allison with his wife Sally, half-length seated in pub (1981), photo by Camera Press, 6.5 x 4.75, typed annotation to back, EX 5-10
1039.   SPEEDWAY, press photo, Arnold Haley, half-length in GB vest, photo by Wright Wood, 4.75 x 6.5, EX 5-10
1040.   POSTCARDS, Cats selection, inc. greetings, kittens, playing, Thiele (2) etc., mixed periods, some a.m.r. and w.t.f., P to G, 32* 10-15
1041.   POSTCARDS, French selection, 1900-1910, inc. Suchard (2), LL, ESD etc., all pu (7 with w.t.f.), about G to VG, 11 10-15
1042.   PLAYERS, modern, complete (10), Tom Thumb, Doncella & Grandee, EX, Qty. 15-25
1043.   BOXING, collectors cards, AW Sports (Nos. 1-149), Kayo (complete), in ring-binder, EX, 399 10-15
1044.   BIBBY, Good Dogs, complete, corner-mounted in album, G, 25 15-25
1045.   SINGER, American Song Birds, premium issue, VG, 15 25-35
1046.   POSTCARDS, selection, inc. floral, silk, applied, song cards; modern, views etc., in ring-binder, VG to EX, 66* 10-15
1047.   SHEET MUSIC, selection, inc. Lilac Time, The Merry Widow, Scotland The Brave, Invitation to the Waltz, Handel, Old Favourite Dances, Nutcracker Suite, Carols, Popular Marches, Daily Express Community Songbook, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, News Chronicle Song Book, Samuel Pepys Music Book etc., mixed formats, some covers loose or detached, VR, Qty. 15-25
1048.   POSTCARDS, modern selection, UK and foreign, inc. Kent, Ireland, Greece, Malta, Chester, Hastings, Lincoln, Tunbridge Wells, Edinburgh, Cornwall, Durham, Bournemouth, London, Scotland, Devon, Brighton, Channel Islands, Lake District, Somerset, Margate, Kent, Rome, Berlin, Cyprus, Wales, Greece, Spain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Norfolk, Scotland, Isle of Wight, USA, Southampton, Jerusalem, Venice, Switzerland etc; bridges, harbours, art, parks and gardens, ships, vintage transport, buildings, interiors, castles, views, street scenes, mountains, coastal, monuments, natives etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, about G to VG, 1850* 10-15
1049.   POSTCARDS, topographical selection, UK & foreign, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, monuments, art, woodland, coastal, parks and gardens; a few shipping, comedy, social history etc., mixed periods, many pu, FR to G, 450* 25-35
1050.   SWEET CIGARETTE PACKETS, sliders (unused), inc. Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Warner Bros. cartoon characters etc., duplication, EX, Qty. 15-20
1051.   CANALS, modern selection, inc. maps, magazines, booklets, sales brochures etc., G to EX, Qty. 5-10
1052.   COMICS, Whizzer and Chips, 1980s, G to EX, 99* 20-30
1053.   TOYS, selection of McDonald's Happy Meal give-aways, in sealed packets (24), Despicable Me 2, Madagascar 3, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Dinosaurs, Hotel For Dogs, The Last Airbender, Tom & Jerry, Tweenies, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Smurfs 2; opened packets (30), Finding Nemo, Shark, Octopus; Ice Age 4, Kung Fu Panda, Tweenies, Tom & Jerry etc., most opened packets with insert card, two lacking bags & cards, duplication, EX to MT, 54* 10-15
1054.   POLITICAL, signed hardback editions of biographies, inc. Blood & Fire - William and Catherine Booth & Their Salvation Army by Roy Hattersley, Ann Widdecombe - Right From the Beginning by Nicholas Kochan (by Widdecombe), Below the Parapet - Biography of Denis Thatcher (by Carol Thatcher), Choose Your Weapons by Douglas Hurd & Edward Young, (by both), Pastoral Symphony by Chapman Pincher, The Autobiography by John Major, VG to EX, 6 15-25
1055.   LITERATURE, signed hardback editions, inc. Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding, Absolutely Now! by Lynne Franks, Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNab, Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks; also unsigned copy of Saturdays with Bricks by Dennis Wheatley, 1961 (small piece missing from spine & small tears to dj), G to EX, 5 15-25
1056.   AUTOGRAPHS, signed hardback editions of biographies, inc. My Life in Gardening by Percy Thrower, My Story So Far by Stacey Solomon, Trowel and Error by Alan Titchmarsh, Markova Remembers by Alicia Markova, Emma & I by Sheila Hocken, Priceless by Charlie Daniels, Race to Dakar by Charley Boorman, VG to EX, 7 15-25
1057.   TELEPHONE CARDS, selection, inc. mainly BT, Jersey etc; adverts, Disney, football, views etc., VG to EX, 678* 15-20
1058.   COLLECTORS CARDS, modern, Batman & Star Trek, duplication, VG to EX, 1100* 10-15
1059.   PRINTING, magazines, The Seal - House Journal of the Walsall Lithographic Co., 1960s-1980s, in two modern albums, G to EX, 37* 15-25
1060.   SELECTION, inc. books (90), WWII & other military, cricket football & boxing biographies, Pop & Jazz music, Cinema, canals & other topographical; magazines, Model Engineer (100), Scale Models Trains (38), good VR, 228* (four boxes) 10-15
1061.   FOOTBALL, magazines, Shoot, 1970s, G to EX, 175* 10-15
1062.   FOOTBALL, hardback editions of annuals, mainly 1950s, inc. Glendenning, All Star, News Chronicle, Football Champions, Boys Book etc., FR to VG, 29* 10-15
1063.   SPORT, section, inc. football team photos (5), 1968 Manchester United, 1967 Celtic, 1965/6 Chelsea, 1968/9 Liverpool & 1970/1 Arsenal (each overmounted); reprint panoramic photo of 1949 NSW Rugby league Final (rolled); rugby union set of Weet-Bix cards, motorcycle racing postcards (5), VG to EX, 21 20-30
1064.   ROYALTY, selection of modern Prescott-Pickup p/c's, inc. Prince Charles, many Diana, Queen & Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Margaret, Queen Mother, Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson etc., weddings, children, Royal Visits, poses etc., in ringbinder, G to VG, 168* 10-15
1065.   SELECTION, inc. magazine, Christmas Supplements, Holly Leaves (5), 1947, 1950, 1954, 1958 & 1960; ILN 1948 & 1950, The Sphere 1957; hardback editions of Film Review, 1944/5, 1945/6 & 1948/9 to 1962/3, stickers to covers of magazines, some damage to boards & spines of annuals, FR to G, 25* 15-25
1066.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Roger Hunt, full-length kneeling with ball for Liverpool, signed to lower white border, pub. by Autograph Editions, with biographical details to back, EX 8-10
1067.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Geoff Hurst, full-length in action for England, signed to lower white border, pub. by Autograph Editions, with biographical details to back, EX 8-10
1068.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Bobby Charlton, full-length in action for England, signed to lower white border, pub. by Autograph Editions, with biographical details to back, EX 8-10
1069.   FOOTBALL, signed colour photo by Alan Ball, full-length in action for Everton, signed to lower white border, pub. by Autograph Editions, with biographical details to back, EX 8-10
1070.   FOOTBALL, signed colour photo by Nobby Stiles, h/s with arms folded for Manchester United, signed to lower white border, pub. by Autograph Editions, with biographical details to back, EX 8-10
1071.   FOOTBALL, signed colour photo by Jack Charlton, full-length in action for Leeds United, signed to lower white border, pub. by Autograph Editions, with biographical details to back, EX 8-10
1072.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by George Cohen, full-length in action for Fulham, signed to lower white border, pub. by Autograph Editions, with biographical details to back, EX 8-10
1073.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Ray Wilson, full-length in action for England, signed to lower white border, pub. by Autograph Editions, with biographical details to back, EX 8-10
1074.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Gordon Banks, full-length in action for England, signed to lower white border, pub. by Autograph Editions, with biographical details to back, EX 8-10
1075.   ATHLETICS, signed commemorative cover by Roger Bannister, pu 10th Oct 1980, VG 25-35
1076.   MOTOR RACING, original press photo showing Tazio Nuvolare in action in No. 10 car during 1930 Belfast TT (pencil annotation to back), 6.5 x 4.75, VG 25-35
1077.   FOOTBALL, signed programme by Stanley Matthews, Scunthorpe United v Workington, 1st Feb 1958, signed to cover, G 10-15
1078.   FOOTBALL, press photos of Billy Wright, leading England out (1950) & action pose (1951), typed annotation to backs, 6 x 8, G to VG, 2 10-15
1079.   MOTOR CYCLE RACING, original photo of Barry Sheene, full-length in civilian clothes leaning on No. 7 bike, 8.5 x 6.5, creased, G 10-15
1080.   BASKETBALL, Harlem Globetrotters programmes, 1956 Tour & v Texas Cowboys (26th May 1956, at Wembley); v United States Stars (1957), G to VG, 3 15-25
1081.   POP MUSIC, songbook, Another Side of Bob Dylan, pub. by Blossom Music, G 10-15
1082.   THEATRE, programmes, 1938 - 1954, inc. Birmingham Theatre Royal, Dudley Hippodrome, Rhyl Queens, Blackpool Opera House etc., G to VG, 21* 8-10
1083.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos, Robb Wilton (with BBC microphone), Norman Evans, both inscribed, G to VG, 2 15-25
1084.   POLITICS, press photos from 1951 Labour Party Conference, showing Clement Atlee, Herbert Morrison etc., by Central Press Photos, typed annotation to backs, VG, 2 6-10
1085.   MOTOR CYCLES, sales brochure, Royal Enfield Motorcycles 1965, well illustrated with specifications, VG 6-10
1086.   FOOTBALL, signed photos by Denis Law, Nobby Stiles & Tony Dunne, 6 x 4, with p/c backs, with programme for Manchester United v Anderlecht (1968/9 EC), VG to EX, 4 30-40
1087.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Nobby Stiles, half-length in Manchester United kit, with programme for United v Hibs (1967/8 EC), EX, 2 25-35
1088.   SCRAPS, sailing ships, uncut sheet of 11 and two loose, slight damage to extremities, VG, 3 10-15
1089.   WILD WEST, modern postcards of Indian Chiefs, EX, 22 10-15
1090.   FOOTBALL, booklet, a Popular History of Association Footballl by King, pub. by Findon, c1948, G 10-15
1091.   FOOTBALL, booklet, Hotspur Book of Football Stars 1948/9, scuffing to spine, G 10-15
1092.   FOOTBALL, booklet, Playfair Football Annual 1956/7, VG 10-15
1093.   FOOTBALL, booklet, 50 Portraits and Action Studies - Football Favourites - Book 5, G 10-15
1094.   FOOTBALL, booklet, Findons Football Handbook 1950/1, G 10-15
1095.   FOOTBALL, booklets, My Own Cup0-Tie Diary, Big Football Dates, both with Victor, VG, 2 10-15
1096.   CHASE & SANBORN, printed pocket booklet, The History of the American Flag (77 x 102mm), with product adverts to back page, G 10-15
1097.   ADVERTS, inc. Coca-Cola blotter, Kemmerich bookmark (children as sailors), GF to VG, 2 10-15
1098.   RUGBY LEAGUE, colour print, Headingley - Home of 2005 World Champions - Leeds Rhinos, signed by the artist Peter Watson, LE285/500, framed in perspex, EX 10-15
1099.   RAILWAY, colour prints of locomotives, from the originals by Kenneth G. Bowen, City of Nottingham (signed by the artist, LE125/250), Oliver Cromwell & Blue Peter, each overmounted, framed & glazed, together with a jigsaw puzzle of each image (sealed), VG to EX, 6 20-30
1100.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, Astoria Speedway Booklet 1957, VG 10-15
1101.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, Stenners Speedway Annual 1949, crease to cover, G 10-15
1102.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, Craddocks Speedway Pictorial - No. 1 (1947), G 10-15
1103.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, British Speedway Handbook 1966, small tear to spine, G 10-15
1104.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, British Speedway Handbook 1967, small tear to spine, G 10-15
1105.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, Speedway Photo Souvenir 1946, VG 10-15
1106.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, Speedway Portraits (c1947), pub. by Speedway Echo, page loose, G 10-15
1107.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, The World Championship Story 1929-1961, VG 10-15
1108.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, Speedway Favourites by Basil Storey, pub. by Speedway Gazette, G 10-15
1109.   SPEEDWAY, booklet, Speedway Stars - Past Present Future, No. 2, c1947, VG 10-15
1110.   CRICKET, postcards, J C Laker, slight corner knocks, G, 2 10-15
1111.   CRICKET, postcards, West Indies, 1933 & one other, creased (1), FR to G, 2 10-15
1112.   CRICKET, postcards, New Zealand, 1931 & 1949, corner crease (1), G to VG, 2 10-15
1113.   CRICKET, postcards, England 1921, trimmed to bottom edge, G 10-15
1114.   CRICKET, postcards, England 1904, VG 10-15
1115.   CRICKET, postcards, Australia 1921, corner crease (1), slight edge knocks, G, 2 15-20
1116.   CRICKET, postcards, Australia 1926 and one other, slight edge knocks, G, 2 10-15
1117.   CRICKET, postcards, Australia 1934 & 1938, VG, 2 10-15
1118.   CRICKET, postcards, Australia 1953 (with printed signatures to reverse) & 1956, VG, 2 10-15
1119.   CRICKET, postcards, England 'First Test Team', c1930s, slight corner knocks, G 10-15
1120.   CRICKET, postcards, England v Australia, Third Test, Leeds July 1926, showing players in circles, corner crease, G 10-15
1121.   CRICKET, postcards, Australia 1905, showing team in individual h/s poses, pu, scuffing to front, about G 10-15
1122.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Albert Scanlon, half-length in civilian clothes holding cigarette, 6 x 4, with p/c back, EX 20-30
1123.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Johnny Haynes, seated with Robson & Jezzard, 6 x 4, with p/c back, EX 20-30
1124.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Tommy Docherty, half-length celebrating with Manchester United players holding FA Cup, 6 x 4, with p/c back, EX 20-30
1125.   STAMPS, selection of Cinderella stamps, mainly Christmas, a few sheets, mainly loose, duplication, G to EX, Qty. 15-25
1126.   EPHEMERA, unused gift cards, inc. many WH Smith, iTunes, Comet, AA, Eat Me, M & S, The Body Shop etc., MT, 50* 15-20
1127.   ASTRONOMY, Drehbare Kosmos-Sternkarte (Rotating Cosmos Star Map), pub. by Kosmos, with large circular chart of the Northern Hemisphere, with instruction booklet (in German) and original folder (small tears), VG 15-25
1128.   RELIGION, silk panel showing Pope John Paul II, half-length in prayer, 8.5 x 13, EX 15-25
1129.   TEACHERS WORLD, large colour prints, Characters from History, 10.5 x 15.5, folded, EX, 23 15-25
1130.   POSTCARDS, selection, inc. churches, abbeys, castles, cathedrals, monuments, interiors, mixed periods, many pu, duplication, slight edge and corner knocks, G to VG, Qty. 10-15
1131.   MAGAZINES, bound volumes, inc. Sunshine (2), 1890/1 & 1887-1889 (both with damage to spines); The Girls Own Paper 1907, bound as annual with original covers & index (front cover loose), FR to G, 3 10-15
1132.   ROYALTY, Charles and Diana selection, inc. FDC, Diana Her Story in Stamps, in official presentation ringbinder; stamps, bookmarks, commemorative covers, inc. first visit to Wales, Royal Wedding, in memoriam; William's 18th birthday etc; two Christmas cards sent from the Duchy of Cornwall featuring Charles and Diana etc., G to EX, Qty. 15-25
1133.   SHIPPING, menu cards from RMS Makura (Union Royal Mail Line), from same Sept 1930 cruise, VG, 2 10-15
1134.   POSTER STAMPS, German tobacco adverts, inc., Fritz Kellner, Canna, Salem Aleikum, Engelhardt Grisette, Runnos, Carmen Sylva, Jean Vouruis, Tag, Mazeppa etc., VG to EX, 11 15-25