Postal Sale of Cigarette & Trade Cards and Ephemera
on Wednesday 10th January 2018

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1.      DINKIE, Stars & Starlets (1st Series), complete, uncut, EX, 24 £30-40
2.      DINKIE, MGM Films 3rd, complete, uncut, EX, 20 £25-35
3.      DINKIE, Gone with the Wind (5th Series), complete, uncut, EX, 20 £35-45
4.      B.A.T., La Faune Congolaise (birds & animals), complete, Cigarette Albert, G to VG, 100 £30-50
5.      I.T.C. OF CANADA, Birds Beasts & Fishes, complete, medium, G to VG, 50 £25-35
6.      THOMSON, The World's Best Cricketers (1958), complete, VG to EX, 72 £30-50
7.      SOUTH WALES CONSTABULARY, Deadly Duos (cricket), complete, EX to MT, 10 £25-35
8.      OGDENS, Prominent Cricketers of 1938, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
9.      KANE, Cricket, complete (3), Clubs & Badges, 1956 1st & 2nd, VG to EX, 75 £30-50
10.     CHUMS, Cricketers, complete, medium, VG to EX, 23 £30-50
11.     CARRERAS, Cricketers, complete, inc. Bradman, G to EX, 50 £30-50
12.     WILLS, English Cricketers, complete, NZ, VG to EX, 25 £25-35
13.     GALLAHER, Tricks & Puzzles, complete, black backs, EX, 100 £25-35
14.     PHILLIPS, Novelty Series, some damage to folds, FR to G, 12 £30-50
15.     BROOKE BOND, African Birds, complete, Rhodesian, with empty album (corner hinges attached), VG to EX, 48+ £70-90
16.     TADDY, part sets & odds, inc. Prominent Footballers27), County Cricketers, VCs, Coronation, Royalty, Boer Leaders etc., all with faults, P to FR, 89* £25-35
17.     CARRERAS, selection, inc. English French Dictionary (Nos. 1-4); complete (5), Notable MPs, Naval Uniforms, British Prime Ministers & Believe It or Not, G to EX, 181* £30-40
18.     MIXED, complete (8), inc. Ogdens (3), Dogs, Prominent Racehorses of 1933; Churchmans (5), West Suffolk Churches, Interesting Experiments, Civic Insignia, Wembley Exhibition, Legends etc., G to EX, 325 £50-60
19.     MIXED, complete (6), inc. Hignett Greetings, Ardath Film Stage & Radio Stars (extra large), Abdulla Feathered Friends; Challis, Murray etc., G to EX, 184* £30-40
20.     MIXED, large, complete (5), inc. Players, Racing Yachts; Wills (4), Racehorses 1938, British Liners 2nd, Old Furniture 1st, Old Pottery & Porcelain, G to EX, 180 £30-40
21.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, selection, inc. complete (5), Pirates & Highwaymen, Famous British Airmen & Airwomen, History of Aviation (brown), Motor Cycles (scuffing to edges); Worlds Locomotives, 25 (complete) & additional (20/25), FR to EX, 170 £40-60
22.     OGDENS, complete (5), Story of Sand, Whaling, Broadcasting, By the Roadside, Zoo Studies, about G to EX, 225 £30-50
23.     OGDENS, Yachts & Motor Boats, complete, G to VG, 50 £30-40
24.     OGDENS, Flags & Funnels, complete, G to EX, 50 £50-70
25.     CUMMINGS, Famous Fighters, complete, inc. Joe Louis, EX to MT, 64 £60-80
26.     A.T.C., Beauties, Sweet Caporal (10) & plain backs, some trimmed & a.m.r., FR to G, 40 £30-40
27.     PLAYERS, complete (4), inc. Speedway Riders, Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu, Cycling and Dandies, VG to EX, 175 £30-40
28.     A. & B.C. GUM, football odds, mainly Scottish, also two World Cup posters (Israel & Mexico), G to EX, 61* £40-60
29.     FOOTBALL, trade, inc. Barratt (2), Amalgamated, Grimsby (4), Boys Magazine blocks of four (2) etc., anon. p/b (13), creased (2) & corner knocks, FR to VG, 24 £30-40
30.     FOOTBALL, trade, inc. transfers (8+2), Sunnyvale, Blue Band margarine England (5), Wellington & Ward etc., anon p/b (9), G to VG, 28* £30-50
31.     PHILLIPS, Sports (package), footballers, trimmed card (5); paper 5s, uncut (10) & trimmed (1), slight duplication, FR to VG, 16 £40-60
32.     NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (footballers), Dundee, missing Brown, Cox & Smith, large, creased (3) & corner knocks, FR to G, 12 £30-40
33.     DEVLIN, Famous Footballers A.1, Nos. 19, 31 & 35; also six others trimmed to both sides (36 x 63mm), FR to VG, 9 £30-50
34.     BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, football subjects, creased (1) & edge knocks, FR to G, 10 £40-60
35.     WILLS, Rugby Internationals, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
36.     GALLAHER, VC Heroes, part sets, FR to G, 48 £25-35
37.     COMPTON, Footballers (colour), A (5), B (3) & C (2), creased (2), FR to G, 10 £30-50
38.     WILLS, Sports of All Nations, creased (7), FR to G, 20 £30-50
39.     A.T.C., Beauties (Language of Flower), yellow backs, slight scuffing to edge (1), about G to VG, 21 £60-80
40.     RITCHIE & CO., Fairway Favourites (golf), complete, EX to MT, 25 £25-35
41.     MILITARY, odds, inc. Taylor War Series (2), Faulkner Our Gallant Grenadiers (3), Wills British Army Uniforms (9), Mitchell Scottish Clan Series (2), FR to VG, 17 £30-50
42.     OGDENS, V.C. Heroes, G to VG, 17 £60-80
43.     LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motors (Nos. 6 & 7); Waverley Series (4), G, 6 £25-35
44.     SINGLETON & COLE, odds, inc. Famous Officers (4), Famous Film Stars (No. 23), Wallace-Jones (No. 21), Kings & Queens (Henry I), Liner (No. 25), FR to G, 8 £30-40
45.     TADDY, British Medals & Ribbons, FR to G, 10 £30-40
46.     TADDY, odds, inc. VCs (3), Sports & Pastimes (2), Royalty (2) & Heraldry (3), FR to G, 10 £30-40
47.     TADDY, odds, inc. Territorial Regiments (2), British Medals & Decorations (4), Russo-Japanese (2) & Bowe War, FR to G, 9 £30-40
48.     MURRAY, Footballers H, scuffing to black edges, FR to G, 9 £30-50
49.     SMITH, Fowls Pigeons & Dogs, FRG to VG, 15 £30-50
50.     SPORT, odds, inc. Pattreiouex Celebrities in Sport (No. 39 golf), Murray Cricketers H (Barnes); Mitchell Sports (6), boxing etc., creased (1), FR to VG, 8 £30-50
51.     GALLAHER, Footballers in Action, complete, G to VG, 50 £30-50
52.     WILLS, Rugby Internationals, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
53.     OGDENS, Famous Rugby Players, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
54.     CHURCHMANS, Rugby Internationals, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
55.     ARDATH, complete (4), Cricket, Tennis & Golf Celebrities (grey); Empire Personalities, National Fitness (adhesive), Silver Jubilee, VG to EX, 200 £35-45
56.     CARRERAS, Alice in Wonderland, complete, round, with instructions, VG to EX, 48+ £25-35
57.     CARRERAS, Raemaekers War Cartoons, complete, Black Cat, G to EX, 140 £40-60
58.     CARRERAS, Tools and How to Use Them, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
59.     CHURCHMAN, Cricketers, complete, VG to EX, 50 £40-60
60.     CHURCHMAN, Phil May Sketches, Gold Flake (36), stained (1), FR (1) to VG, 37 £30-50
61.     CHURCHMAN, Rugby Internationals, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-50
62.     E.R.B., Musical Instruments, complete, G to VG, 25 £25-35
63.     FRANKLYN DAVEY, Modern Dance Steps 1st (14) & 2nd (complete), VG to EX, 64 £25-35
64.     HILL, Wireless Telephony, G to VG, 72 £30-50
65.     MITCHELL, Seals, complete, G to VG, 25 £25-35
66.     MORRIS, complete (6), At the London Zoo Aquarium, Horoscopes, Treasure Island, Victory Signs, Wax Art, Whipsnade Zoo, VG to EX, 155 £30-50
67.     OGDENS, Billiards by Tom Newman, complete, G to EX, 50 £30-50
68.     OGDENS, Cricket 1926, complete, G to VG, 50 £25-35
69.     OGDENS, Famous Rugby Players, complete, creased (1), G to EX, 50 £25-35
70.     OGDENS, Football Club Colours, G to VG, 40 £30-50
71.     OGDENS, Jockeys 1930, complete, G to EX, 50 £25-35
72.     OGDENS, Leaders of Men, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
73.     OGDENS, complete (3), Actors - Natural & Character Studies, Air Raid Precautions, Applied Electricity, VG to EX, 150 £25-35
74.     OGDENS, complete (3), Cathedrals & Abbeys, Colour in Nature, Children of All Nations, VG to EX, 150 £25-35
75.     PLAYER, Cats, complete, G to VG, 24 £30-50
76.     WILLS, Nelson Series, complete, VG to EX, 49 £40-60
77.     GALLAHER, Types of the British Army, mixed backs, FR to G, 38 £40-60
78.     SMITH, Phil May Sketches, FR to VG, 47 £40-60
79.     COHEN WEENEN, Star Artistes, complete, some trimmed, FR to VG, 50 £60-80
80.     BRINKMANN, Flottenbilder - Deutsche Marine (The German Navy), G to EX, 116 £25-35
81.     GALLAHER, English & Scotch Views, complete, minimal scuffing to black edges, generally EX, 100 £100-150
82.     MIXED, complete (4), Players (3), Gilbert & Sullivan 2nd (large), Regimental Colours & Cap Badges (Regulars & Territorial - blue); Lea Butterflies and Moths (large silks), G to EX, 137 £25-35
83.     TRADE, complete (3), Thomson Famous Footballers 1955 & 1956 (neat trim), Reddings Warriors of All Nations 1st, G to EX, 63 £30-40
84.     CHURCHMANS, Frisky, complete, G to VG, 52 £30-50
85.     MIXED, complete (2), Gossage Butterflies & Moths, Ogdens British Birds & Their Eggs (No. 1 FR), ow G to VG, 98 £40-60
86.     BARRATT, Thunderbirds 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 50 £20-30
87.     CEREAL FOODS, Red Indians, complete, medium, Australian issue, EX, 40 £35-45
88.     YOSMA, Aus Dem Leben Der Indianer (Life of The Red Indians), complete, German issue, VG to MT, 240 £35-45
89.     ARDATH, Information Slips, complete, VG to EX, 91 £80-120
90.     CARRERAS, Lace Motifs, complete, stain (2), G to EX, 16 £25-35
91.     CARRERAS, Notable M.P.s, complete (2), large & small, VG to EX, 100 £25-35
92.     CARRERAS, Old Staffordshire Figures, complete (3), three sizes, VG to EX, 60 £30-50
93.     CARRERAS, Women on War Work, complete, some acm & edge knocks, about G to VG, 50 £80-120
94.     CHURCHMAN, sport, complete (4), Boxing Personalities, Association Footballers 1st & 2nd series, Kings of Speed, VG to EX, 200 £25-35
95.     CHURCHMAN, Lawn Tennis, complete, G to EX, 50 £50-60
96.     GALLAHER, complete (5), Famous Jockeys - blue & mauve (33/48), Racing Scenes, Sporting Personalities, Champions 1st & 2nd, VG to EX, 273 £30-50
97.     GALLAHER, cinema (7), VG to EX, 336 £30-50
98.     HIGNETT, selection, inc. complete (5), Prince of Wales, Life in Pond & Stream, Sea Adventure, Turnpikes, Zoo Studies, VG to EX, 175* £30-50
99.     HILL, complete (4), Famous Film Stars (English), Famous Ships, Dicken's Classics, Our Empire & Zoological Series (49/50), VG to EX, 219 £30-50
100.    MILLHOFF, Real Photographs 1st-6th, complete, VG to EX, 162 £25-35
101.    MILLHOFF, Geographia Map Series, complete, sectional, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
102.    MITCHELL, complete (4), A Model Army, Empire Exhibition, Air Raid Precautions, Famous Crosses, G to EX, 130 £30-40
103.    OGDENS, AFC Nicknames, creased (1), FR to VG, 43 £30-50
104.    OGDENS, British Costumes, complete, creased (2), FR to VG, 50 £50-70
105.    OGDENS, complete (4), Birds Eggs (standard & cut-out), British Birds (cut-out), Foreign Birds, G to VG, 200 £30-40
106.    PHILLIPS, complete (4), Fish, British Butterflies, British Birds and their Eggs, Bird Painting, VG to EX, 150 £30-50
107.    PHILLIPS, complete (2), Two Valve Set, Wireless Set, G to EX, 50 £25-35
108.    PHILLIPS, Olympic Champions - Amsterdam 1928, complete, G to VG, 36 £25-35
109.    PHILLIPS, Beauties (Numbered B801-B825), G to VG, 21 £40-60
110.    PHILLIPS, complete (4), Railway Engines, Personalities of Today, Popular Superstitions, Prizes for Needlework, G to VG, 100 £30-40
111.    PHILLIPS, Sportsmen - Spot the Winner, normal (48) & inverted (complete), G to EX, 98 £25-35
112.    PLAYER, Clocks - Old & New, complete, G to VG, 20 £25-35
113.    PLAYER, large, complete (4), Picturesque Bridges, Picturesque Cottages, Architectural Beauties, British Naval Craft, G to EX, 100 £30-40
114.    PLAYER, Leaders of Men, complete, overseas, FR to VG, 50 £25-35
115.    TADDY, British Medals & Decorations, creased (1) & corner knocks, FR to G, 11 £40-60
116.    WILLS, Billiards, complete, G to VG, 50 £25-35
117.    WILLS, Old Furniture, 1st & 2nd, complete, large, G to EX, 50 £25-35
118.    WILLS, Old Inns 1st & 2nd, complete, G to EX, 80 £25-35
119.    WILLS, Signalling Series, complete, creased (1), about G to VG, 50 £25-35
120.    WILLS, Borough Arms 1st-4th, complete, 3rd (red & grey), G to EX, 250 £30-50
121.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, inc. Victoria Cross Heroes (complete), Garden Flowers (16 silks), G to VG, 41 £30-40
122.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold - New Series 1, p/b, slight scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 180* £40-60
123.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold - New Series B, p/b, slight scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 240* £50-80
124.    CRICKET, complete (4), Players 1930 & RIP; Wills 1928 & 2nd, generally VG, 200 £25-35
125.    RAILWAY, complete (3), Ogdens Construction of Railway Trains, Churchmans Famous Railway Trains 2nd, Wills Railway Engines (1924), about G to VG, 125 £35-45
126.    KANE, 1956 Cricketers 1st & 2nd, complete, EX, 50 £25-30
127.    SMITH, Cricketers (51-70), tipping-in (8) & slight scuffing to black edges, FR to G, 15 £120-150
128.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Essex subjects, VG to EX, 13 £30-50
129.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Gloucestershire (7) & Warwickshire (6) subjects, VG to EX, 13 £30-50
130.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Kent subjects, VG to EX, 13 £30-50
131.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Lancashire subjects, VG to EX, 8 £25-35
132.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Middlesex subjects, VG to EX, 9 £25-35
133.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Nottinghamshire subjects, VG to EX, 10 £25-35
134.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Surrey subjects, VG to EX, 12 £30-50
135.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Yorkshire subjects, VG to EX, 9 £25-35
136.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Hampshire (6) & Sussex (7) subjects, VG to EX, 13 £30-50
137.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), Northamptonshire (7) & Worcestershire (6), subjects, VG to EX, 13 £30-50
138.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), inc. Somerset (5), Derbyshire (2), Leicestershire (3) etc., G (1) to EX, 11 £30-50
139.    OGDENS, Beauties (green net back, colour), CSGB ref. 27, scuffing to images, FR, 6 £40-60
140.    MURRAY, Prominent Politicians, complete, in two strengths, G to VG, 50 £35-45
141.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Coronation Series 1911, complete, some slight trim, about G to VG, 25 £40-60
142.    SMITH, Prominent Rugby Players, VG to EX, 13 £60-80
143.    PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, VG to EX, 25 £40-60
144.    WILLS, Lighthouses, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
145.    HORSE RACING, complete (2), Daily herald & Ogdens Trainers & Owners Colours 1st, some acm, G to EX, 57 £30-40
146.    AVIATION, The Air Mail Mystery, complete, theatre issue, 45 x 82mm, ink annotation to backs (11), corner knocks & light foxing, G to VG, 12 £30-50
147.    MIXED, complete (2), Fry Birds and Their Eggs, Moustafa Leo Chambers Dogs Heads, FR to VG, 64 £30-50
148.    WILLS, complete (5), Musical Celebrities 1st, Celebrated Ships; large (3), Roses, Butterflies & Moths, British School of Painting, about G to VG, 205 £25-35
149.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), inc. Board, Ferris, Murdoch, Read (both) & Tyler, pin-holes or small nicks to top edges, FR, 6 £40-60
150.    CARRERAS, Footballers, complete, small titles, slight scuffing, G to VG, 75 £30-50
151.    BROOKE BOND, African Wild Life, complete, South African issue, tape marks to two edges of all cards, FR, 50 £40-50
152.    TRADE, complete (2), inc. Brooke Bond Songbirds of North America (stain to No. 48), Molassine Dogs, FR (1) to VG, 98 £20-30
153.    TOPPS, Baseball, metal coins, c.1970, 38mm, VG, 13 £30-50
154.    DINKUM, Transparency Overlay Portraits, 174 cards (in strips of three), 50 x 70mm, EX, 58 £30-50
155.    SOIREE CIGARETTES, Famous Footballers, Nos. 39, 43, 47 (48 (2), medium, Mauritius issue, uneven trim, G, 4 x 1 £30-50
156.    MIXED, inc. Sniders & Abraham Dickens (25), Smith Famous Explorers (22), trimmed, creasing & edge knocks, P to FR, 47 £30-40
157.    B.A.T., Nautch Girls, complete, anon. (p/b), VG, 37 £30-40
158.    JACKSON, comedy advert cards, early US paper issue, 3.5 x 5, corners cut (1) and poor trim, FR, 6 £30-40
159.    NATIONAL TOBACCO CO., Cabinet Pictures, Nos. 3, 5, 7, 8 & 10-13, premium issue, corner creases (3) & other knocks, FR to G, 8 £40-60
160.    TRADE, printed pocket booklets, inc. Captain Scott (Tuck); Monster Midgets (20) etc., a few tears to spines, FR to VG, 26 £60-80
161.    PANINI, Football 78, some Scottish, VG to EX, 124* £25-35
162.    THE SUN, Soccer Stickers 1989/90, EX, 203* £25-35
163.    WEST RIDING C.C., Health Cards, complete, G to generally VG, 20 £55-65
164.    GALLAHER, Votaries of the Weed (by Kyd), complete, a few with corner knocks, G to generally VG, 50 £120-150
165.    PLAYERS, Speedway Riders, complete, generally EX, 50 £25-35
166.    TEOFANI, Sport & Pastimes, complete, p/b, creased to top edge (2), about G to VG, 25 £50-70
167.    BARRATT, Walt Disney Characters 2nd, complete, G to EX, 50 £50-60
168.    NEWTON CHAMBERS, IZAL Nursery Rhymes A, complete, 74 x 119mm paper issue, VG to EX, 18 £40-60
169.    NEWTON CHAMBERS, IZAL Nursery Rhymes B, complete, 74 x 119mm paper issue, VG to EX, 18 £40-60
170.    CHIVERS, Firm Favourites, large, VG to EX, 105* £50-70
171.    PEERLESS, Portraits of Movie Stars, complete, blue background, American weigh tickets, G to VG, 40 £60-80
172.    HILL, The Railway Centenary 1st (46) & 2nd (23), G to EX, 69* £30-40
173.    GALLAHER, Woodland Trees Series, complete, VG to EX, 100 £200-250
174.    MILLER & SONS, Rulers of the World, medium, corner creased (4), FR to VG, 7 £50-60
175.    LEA, Miniatures (51/100), complete, slight scuffing to blue edges, VG, 50 £50-60
176.    SPRATT, Bonzo Dogs, complete, slight corner knocks, G, 25 £40-50
177.    CHURCHMANS, Lawn Tennis, complete, scuff to back (No. 6), about G to VG, 50 £70-80
178.    SARONY, Tennis Strokes, complete, G to EX, 25 £40-50
179.    BARRATT, The Secret Service, complete, VG to EX, 50 £40-50
180.    TUNGSTONE, Snooker Wonder Strokes (by WG Clifford), complete, 89 X 140mm, round corners as issued, VG, 26 £150-200
181.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Billiard Tricks, complete, EX, 12 £150-200
182.    SINCLAIR R., Billiards by Willie Smith 1st, complete, EX, 10 £50-60
183.    SINCLAIR R., Billiards by Willie Smith 2nd, complete, EX, 15 £90-110
184.    ANGLO CONF., Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, complete, EX, 66 £110-130
185.    ANGLO CONF., Space, complete, extra large, EX to MT, 66 £80-100
186.    BARRATT, Thunderbirds 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 50 £25-35
187.    LYONS, Star Trek, complete, EX to MT, 25 £100-120
188.    PRIMROSE, Bugs Bunny, , complete, EX to MT, 50 £45-55
189.    WALL, Dr. Who Adventure, complete, EX to MT, 36 £70-80
190.    DAVIES, Boxing, complete, EX, 25 £50-60
191.    DAVIES, Aristocrats of the Turf (1-30), complete, EX, 30 £100-130
192.    DRAPKIN, Sporting Celebrities in Action, complete (missing No. 18 as issued), inc. Bobby Jones, EX, 35 £110-130
193.    ROBINSON BROS & MASTERS, Tea From the Garden to the Home, complete, EX, 25 £160-220
194.    PLAYERS, Pugilists in Action, complete, overseas, EX, 50 £120-140
195.    COHEN WEENEN, Nations, complete, descriptive, minimal scuffing to gold edges, EX, 20 £50-60
196.    COPE, Sports & Pastimes, complete, EX, 25 £60-80
197.    GALLAHER, British Naval Series, complete, EX, 50 £150-170
198.    PATTREIOUEX, Sporting Events and Stars, complete, inc. Bobby Jones, Don Bradman and Joe Louis, large, EX, 96 £140-160
199.    WYNEN, Tanzerinnen aller Welt (Dancing Girls of the World), German tobacco issue, EX, 8 £50-70
200.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes, 41-60 (3) & 61-80 (7), creased (2), FR to G, 10 £25-35
201.    MITCHELL, Boxer Rebellion - Sketches, creased (2), FR to G, 14 £30-50
202.    TOPPS, Batman, A (43) & B (5), US issue (National Publications), G to EX, 48 £40-60
203.    BARRATT, Famous Footballers A.3, medium, creased (8), corner rounding etc., P to FR, 48 £30-50
204.    FOOTBALL, inc. Barratt medium (10) & Teams (2 Sheff Weds); Nabisco Footballers 1970 (complete), FR to EX, 36 £30-40
205.    SPORT, golf (4) & horse racing, Marsuma (2), Millhof & Churchmans; Taddy (5), Sniders & Abrahams (4), creased (5), FR to G, 13 £25-35
206.    ALLEN & GINTER, Fruits, stamp hinges to back (1), scuffs to backs (3), corner knocks etc., FR to G, 9 £40-60
207.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Heroes of the Transvaal War, some trimmed, FR to G, 9 £30-40
208.    SOCIEDADE INDUSTRIAL DOS TABACOS DE ANGOLA LTD., Nu Artistico (Artistic Nudes), numbered to backs, VG to EX, 17 £25-35
209.    A. & B.C. GUM, Car Stamps Albums, Nos. 5, 8, 11-13, 15-17 & 19, G to VG, 9 £30-50
210.    CAVANDERS, Foreign Birds, complete, purple backs, firms name mis-spelt (Cavenders), slight scuffing to a few gold edges, corner crease (1), G to generally EX, 25 £50-60
211.    A.T.C., Soldiers, rugs, 78 x 109mm, G to VG, 10 + 1 £30-50
212.    FAULKNER, 'Ation Series, missing Nos. 1 & 9, creased (1) & some trim, FR to G, 10 £30-50
213.    WORLD SOCCER, Footballers, signed (Beckenbauer & Cruyff), unsigned (3), neat trim from magazine, EX, 5 £40-60
214.    TYPHOO, International Football Stars 1st, complete, neat trim, G to VG, 24 £20-30
215.    ANON., Mars Adventure, complete, same as Mitcham issue, EX to MT, 50 £30-40
216.    CUMMINGS, Famous Prize Fighters, complete, inc. Joe Louis, EX, 64 £120-140
217.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Naval Portraits, complete, EX, 50 £80-120
218.    MITCHELL, River & Coastal Steamers, complete, EX, 70 £140-160
219.    MARCUS, Footballers & Club Colours, Suffolk (ball to feet), trimmed to bottom edge, G £30-50
220.    ANSTIE, Racing Series, 1st & 2nd, complete, G to VG, 50 £70-90
221.    PHILLIPS, Sportsmen - Spot The Winner, complete, normal backs (unused), EX, 50 £30-50
222.    TRADE, complete (3), Barratt Card of the World; Bassett (2), Victoria Cross Heroes, Star Colony 9, EX, 125 £30-50
223.    SWEETULE, Stamp Cards (real stamps attached), some stamps duplicated, EX, 158* £30-50
224.    OGDENS, Famous Rugby Players, complete, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
225.    C.W.S., Advert Cards (sketches by Aris), G to VG, 13 £70-90
226.    ALLEN & GINTER, Girls & Children, CSGB ref. N58-8, Holborn Viaduct address back, VG £60-80
227.    ALLEN & GINTER, Girls & Children, CSGB ref. N58-12, Holborn Viaduct address back, VG £60-80
228.    ALLEN & GINTER, Girls & Children, CSGB ref. N58-16, Holborn Viaduct address back, VG £60-80
229.    ALLEN & GINTER, Girls & Children, CSGB ref. N58-18, Holborn Viaduct address back, VG £60-80
230.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 38 Pulteney, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG £55-65
231.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 47 Tyrwhite, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG £55-65
232.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 48 Pau, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG £55-65
233.    DUKE, Gymnastic Exercises, stain to corner (1), some trimmed, FR to G, 5 £25-35
234.    HILL, Statuary Series 3, Poet & The Muse, Huntress, Black & White Whisky backs, no Hill Name, G to VG, 2 £20-30
235.    CHURCHMANS, Footballers (1914), brown, Nos. 14, 37, 43, 48 & 50, generally G, 5 £25-35
236.    BOYS MAGAZINE, shield-shaped football card, Play Up Celtic, with McStay inset, small crease to point, G £20-30
237.    SHARPE, shield-shaped football card, Play Up Accrington, large tear to back, FR £20-30
238.    SHARPE, shield-shaped football card, Well Dribbled Third Lanark, a.m.r., G £20-30
239.    BIGGS, Colonial Troops, Lieut AC Lowe, VG £25-35
240.    BIGGS, Colonial Troops, Sir Charles Warren, VG £25-35
241.    BIGGS, Colonial Troops, New Zealand Mounted Rifles, VG £25-35
242.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Templeton (Fulham), London Mixture back, slight corner knock, G £35-45
243.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, White (Fulham), London Mixture back, VG £35-45
244.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Randall (West Ham), London Mixture back, VG £35-45
245.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Butt (Sussex), Grapnel back, VG £30-40
246.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Young (Sussex), Grapnel back, VG £30-40
247.    ERINDALE, Australian Cricketers, Alexander (Victoria), corner knocks & tear to back (with attached piece), only FR £20-30
248.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Baldwin (Hampshire), tear to back, about G £20-30
249.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Briggs (Lancashire), stain to back, G £20-30
250.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Dixon (Notts), number in ink to back, G £20-30
251.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Druce, (Cambridge University), number in ink to back, G £20-30
252.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Fry (Sussex), slight corner knocks, G £20-30
253.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Lockwood (Surrey), small scuff to back, G £20-30
254.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Painter (Gloucestershire), slight corner knocks, G £20-30
255.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Quaife (Warwickshire), slight corner knocks, G £20-30
256.    HUNTLEY & PALMER, Sports, Cricket, scenic & semi-circular backgrounds, VG, 2 £25-35
257.    HUNTLEY & PALMER, Sports, Cricket, scenic background, VG £15-25
258.    OGDENS, Tabs, Heroes of the Ring (boxing), Corbett, slight scuffing to black edges, VG £20-30
259.    OGDENS, Tabs, Heroes of the Ring (boxing), Jeffries, slight scuffing to black edges, VG £20-30
260.    OGDENS, Tabs, Heroes of the Ring (boxing), Sharkey, slight scuffing to black edges, VG £20-30
261.    OGDENS, Tabs, Heroes of the Ring (boxing), Sullivan, slight scuffing to black edges, VG £20-30
262.    C.W.S., Parrot Series, No. 18, slight scuff to edge, G £25-35
263.    LYONS, Famous Explorers, No. 4 Cook, wax paper issues (as cut from envelope for Lyonade Powder, CSGB ref. LYO-38.2, G £30-40
264.    THE SPHERE, colour glass slides, Nos. 3 & 18, 3.25 x 3.25, VG, 2 £25-35
265.    FRY, Puzzle Series, large (60 x 84mm), yellow background (unrecorded), EX £30-50
266.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 8 Braid, VG £25-30
267.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 16 Duncan, EX £25-30
268.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 31 Braid, VG £25-30
269.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, No. 40 Taylor, VG £25-30
270.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Billiard Terms, No. 1 A Kiss, VG £40-60
271.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Billiard Terms, No. 2 A Long Jenny, VG £40-60
272.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Billiard Terms, No. 3 Side!, VG £40-60
273.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Billiard Terms, No. 9 Misses, VG £40-60
274.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Billiard Terms, No. 14 Run Through, EX £40-60
275.    CLARKE, Cricketers, No. 9 Brown (Yorkshire), VG £60-70
276.    CLARKE, Cricketers, No. 13 Hayward (Surrey), VG £60-70
277.    PHILLIPS, Actresses C, Evie Greene, EX £30-35
278.    HIGNETT, Actresses FROGA, Miss Garrett, EX £20-30
279.    HIGNETT, Actresses FROGA, Miss Gordon, EX £20-30
280.    HIGNETT, Actresses FROGA, Peggy Cambell, VG £20-30
281.    A. & B.C. GUM, Mars Attacks, original wax wrapper, Bubbles Inc., two splits (repaired with tape), P £20-30
282.    A. & B.C. GUM, Star Trek, original wax wrapper, EX £25-35
283.    A. & B.C. GUM, Superman in the Jungle, original wax wrapper, EX £25-35
284.    CHURCHMANS, Beauties CERF, CSBG reef. H57 - 2 & 12, p/b, VG, 2 £25-35
285.    FRANKLYN DAVEY, Beauties CERF, CSGB ref. H57-7, VG £15-25
286.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Perrin (Essex), Grapnel back, VG £20-30
287.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Dean (Lancashire), Grapnel back, G £20-30
288.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Bird (Worcestershire), Grapnel back, G £20-30
289.    TADDY, County Cricketers, Burns (Worcestershire), Imperial back, slight crease, G £20-30
290.    CHURCHMANS, Boy Scouts (mixed), some scuffing to edges, FR to G, 64* £30-40
291.    TOTAL, South African State Cricketers, some Indians, EX, 23 £25-35
292.    MIXED, overseas, inc. Wills (Scissors), Drum Horses (22), Dancing Girls (14), Beauties (16); purple mountain, Flag etc., FR to VG, 96* £30-40
293.    COMO CONF., part sets, Noddy's Friends Abroad (30) etc., G to VG, 35* £30-40
294.    BRUMFIT, Public School Ties (Old Boys), VG to EX, 38 £30-40
295.    WESTMINSTER, Stars of Filmland, medium, pop-ups unused, name in brown (16) & white (8), p/b (5), G to EX, 29 £30-50
296.    CHUCKLERS WEEKLY, Film Stars, complete, 18/7/58-7/11/58, large Australian issue, VG, 28 £30-50
297.    WESTMINSTER, Beautiful Women, missing Nos. 29, 47, 57 & 76, medium, G to EX, 93 £60-80
298.    COPE, Pigeons, complete, G to VG, 25 £40-60
299.    COPE, Happy Families, complete, EX, 60 £30-50
300.    FACCHINO, People of all Lands, complete, paper issue, G to VG, 50 £30-50
301.    FRY, Film Stars, missing No. 2, adhesive paper issue, VG, 47 £30-50
302.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1959 Footballers (1-49), complete, checklist unused, with wax wrapper & duplicates (3), VG, 49+ £100-150
303.    WARNE, Observer Picture Cards, complete (3), Wild Flowers, British Wild Animals & Flags, each with op (some damaged), VG, 96+ £25-35
304.    MARLBORO, 1978 Grand Prix stickers for 14 (of 16) racing circuits, EX, 14 £30-40
305.    PANINI, Animals of the World, complete, Top Sellers, EX to MT, 336 £30-40
306.    FOOTBALL, stickers, part sets, Panini Football 79; 1979/80 (black border), G to VG, Qty. £30-50
307.    JIFFI, Kama Sutra, complete (2), medium, EX to MT, 64 + 64 £25-35
308.    BROOKE BOND, Tea Leaf Oracle, complete, large, EX, 19 £25-35
309.    WALLACE & SCOTT, The Civil War 1861-1865, complete, bookmarks, inc. Lincoln, MT, 25 £25-35
310.    CINEMA, miniature part sets & odds, inc. Dale Robertson, Susan Hayward, Shirley Jones, Richard Greene, Maureen O'Sullivan, Shelley Winters etc., duplication, VG to EX, 320* £35-45
311.    HILL, Caricatures of Famous Cricketers, large, duplication, about G to VG, 65* £25-35
312.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Millhoff Famous Test Cricketers (5, large), Gallaher Famous Cricketers (12), Wills 1908 (17) & English Cricketers (15), Ardath Photocards etc., G to EX, 90* £60-80
313.    COCA-COLA, bottle caps, New York Sportsmen, 1960s, inc. Jets (26), Joe Namath; Giants (39), both NFL; Yankees (Charley Smith) & Mets (Jerry Grote), both MLB, duplication, some foxing, FR to VG, 67* £30-50
314.    LEA, Old Pottery, complete, silks, duplication, minimal fraying, FR to VG, 120* £25-35
315.    A. & B.C. GUM, odds, inc. Magic, Outer Limits, Superman in the Jungle, Flags etc., FR to VG, 110* £30-50
316.    I.T.C., Famous Buildings and Monuments (metal), small & large, some with wax wrappers, VG, Qty. £25-35
317.    MIXED, Wills & Players overseas, many Irish, inc. Live Stock, Dogs, Treasures of Ireland, Cricketers 1938, Aeroplanes, Irish Holiday Resorts, Racehorses etc., FR to VG, 225* £25-35
318.    MIXED, better odds, inc. Cohen Weenen, Cope, Marsuma, Boguslavsky, Anstie, John Sinclair etc., P to VG, 90* £25-35
319.    BROOKE BOND, part sets & odds, inc. Wild Flowers 1st (60) & 2nd (15); Bird Portraits (80), British Wildlife (175) etc., G to EX, 550* £25-35
320.    OLYMPICS, 1936 German c/c, complete subsets (3), Nos. 53,54 & 56, large, by Kontroll Vermerk, op, VG, 150+ £25-35
321.    MALTA, part sets, Cousis Popes of Rome (83); Scerri Malta Views, with (68) & without (103) title, G to VG, 254* £30-50
322.    BRITISH AUTOMATIC, Olympic Games, complete, VG, 24 £30-50
323.    AUSTRALIAN LICORICE, Story of Steam Locomotives 1804-1960, complete, VG to EX, 34 £30-50
324.    ALLEN, Butterflies & Moths, complete, VG to EX, 72 £40-60
325.    CEREAL FOODS, Favourite Dogs, complete, large, Australian issue, VG to EX, 32 £30-50
326.    CARROLL, Ship Series, complete, G to EX, 25 £60-80
327.    FAULKNER, Prominent Racehorse 1st (complete) & 2nd (23/25), G to EX, 48 £30-50
328.    PRIORY, complete (2), Cars, Aircraft, EX to MT, 100 £30-50
329.    LEAF, Famous Discoveries and Adventures, complete, extra large, VG to EX, 50 £25-35
330.    FLEETWAY, Football Teams 1958/59, premium issue, neat trim, VG, 25 £15-25
331.    GREYHOUND RACING, A Sweep on the Dogs, used, VG £25-30
332.    NESTLE, Cricket Terms, No. 5 Out for a Duck, artwork by FMW (1909), VG £20-30
333.    WILLS, Waterloo, No. 18 Corporal Brewster, uneven trim to bottom edge, G (Illustration page 4) £20-30
334.    CALEDONIAN MCBRAYNE, Sunny Southport, In the Band Enclosure, 68 x 37mm, RP, EX £20-30
335.    SUNSHINE, Birds, No. 30 Pipit Batu (Grey Wagtail), Indonesian food issue, VG £20-30
336.    BARRATT, Football Team Folders (Div I), Arsenal, Blackpool (part split to spine), FR to VG, 2 £25-35
337.    BARRATT, Football Team Folders (Scottish), Aberdeen, Queen of the South & St Mirren, each creased, FR to G, 3 £30-50
338.    THOMSON, The Worlds Biggest, complete set of 12, still in booklet, scuffs to covers, G £20-30
339.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, p/c silk, Gypsophilia - Sweet Pea, Campanula - Sweet William, op (p/b), G, 2 £20-30
340.    MODERN BOY, Famous Railway Engines, shaped metal, approx. 115 x 60mm, some paint loss, FR, 2 £25-35
341.    CRICKET, lapel badges, 1997 Australian Ashes Tour of England, complete, 24mm dia., LE35/50 (slight nick to card), rare modern issue, EX, 15+ £80-120
342.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. A. & B.C. 1963 (49), Topps checklists (14), Nabisco, Panini etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, 180* £40-60
343.    RED HEART, complete (3), Cats (op & letter), Dogs 2nd & 3rd (op), premium issues, VG to EX, 18+ £25-35
344.    A. & B.C. GUM, Mars Attacks, complete, with checklist (completed in ink), creased (4), most with rounded or soft corners, P to G, 55 £100-150
345.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Footballers F.B., some irregular trim, G to VG, 67* £60-80
346.    BRITISH AUTOMATIC, Sportsmen, complete set of 24, in three strips of eight, VG, 3 £25-35
347.    BARRATT, British Views, p/b, CSGB ref. HB14, paper issue, G to VG, 9 £40-60
348.    NEWEY BROS., British Film Stars 2nd, missing No. 8, medium, EX, 13 £30-50
349.    TYPHOO, Football Club Plaques, Everton & Liverpool, rigid plastic issue, VG £30-50
350.    TOPICAL TIMES, Football Teams (metal), missing Chelsea & Everton, duplicate for Arsenal, slight paint loss to edges, G, 4 + 1 £40-60
351.    SMITH, Derby Winners, FR to G, 22 £25-35
352.    MOLASSINE, Dogs of All Countries, complete, G to VG, 12 £40-60
353.    THOMSON, Dandy Dogs, complete, Nos. 3 & 5 with address in ink to back, G, 12 £25-35
354.    PASCALL, Dogs, complete, VG, 18 £30-50
355.    SANDERS, Dogs, complete, VG to EX, 20 £30-50
356.    DR BALLARD, Dogs, Nos. 1-42 (complete?), large, Canadian pet food issue, VG, 42 £40-60
357.    T.C.O.Y., Challenge of the Yukon - Dog Cards, large, EX, 35 £40-60
358.    KELLOGGS, Dog Pictures, complete, large, G to EX, 24 £30-50
359.    DOGS, complete (7), inc. Barber, Payne, Priory, Cadet 1st & 2nd, Harden National Pets etc., G to EX, 198* £25-35
360.    DOGS, complete (8), inc. Molassine Dogs at Work, Typhoo (packet), Horniman, Bassett, Candy Novelty (25/50), Weetabix (stereo) etc., G to EX, 203* £25-35
361.    DOGS, European selection, inc. Liebig, complete (4); complete & part subsets, Lombart (3), Belle Jardiniere 96), Gartmann (6) etc., G to EX, 46* £30-50
362.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motors, complete, ink annotation to backs (23), FR to G, 25 £40-60
363.    FOOTBALL, RP teams, part sets, inc. Pluck (22), Chums (16), Pals (10), Boys Magazine (90, Magnet (5), FR to EX, 60* £25-35
364.    AVON, Leading Riders of 1963 (Speedway), complete, EX, 30 £25-35
365.    CASTROL, Famous Riders (Speedway), complete, medium, VG to EX, 18 £30-50
366.    OGDENS, Famous Dirt-Track Riders, complete, G to VG, 25 £30-50
367.    WILLS, Military Motors, complete (2), both, VG to EX, 100 £30-50
368.    PLAYER, Fresh-Water Fishes, complete (2), pink & white, VG to EX, 100 £25-35
369.    ARDATH, Who is This?, complete, VG to EX, 50 £30-40
370.    WILLS, Fish & Bait, complete, G to VG, 50 £25-35
371.    OGDENS, Poultry Rearing & Management, 1st & 2nd, complete, G to EX, 50 £35-45
372.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motor Cycles, complete, VG to EX, 50 £50-70
373.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Aeroplane Markings, complete, EX, 50 £25-35
374.    BOGUSLAVSKY, Winners on the Turf, complete (2), large & standard, no serifs, VG to EX, 45 £35-45
375.    SOUTH WALES CONSTABULARY, Deadly Duos (cricket), complete, doubles, EX to MT, 5 £20-30
376.    THOMSON, Stars of Sport & Entertainment, complete set of 48, in 24 uncut pairs, VG, 24 £30-40
377.    SOCCER BUBBLE GUM, Soccer Teams 1st, complete, G to EX, 48 £50-60
378.    PLAYERS, Championship Golf Courses, complete, large, G to VG, 25 £35-45
379.    CARRERAS, Races - Historic & Modern, complete, premium size, slight foxing, VG to EX, 12 £30-40
380.    OGDENS, Poultry 2nd, complete, no Ogdens to front, FR to G, 25 £30-40
381.    WILLS, Derby Day Series, complete, Scissors, titled, G to VG, 25 £40-60
382.    SMITH, War Incidents 2nd, FR to VG, 15 £30-40
383.    SMITH, Battlefields of Great Britain, missing No. 36, slight corner knocks, FR to G, 49 £60-80
384.    A. & B.C. GUM, Superman in the Jungle, creased (2), P (1) to generally G, 40* £60-80
385.    LIEBIG, labels, inc. products (2), each with chickens (8 x 5.5); Beef Wine (6 x 4), VG, 3 £30-40
386.    BROOKE BOND, empty albums, Canadian, inc. Canadian/American Songbirds, Songbirds of NA, Tropical Birds, Animals, Butterflies etc., VG to EX, 14 £25-35
387.    BROOKE BOND, empty albums, UK issues, inc. British Birds, Bird Portraits, Wild Flowers (2) etc., VG to EX, 17 + 1 £25-35
387A.   CARR, Cricketers, complete, premium issue, VG to EX, 20 £40-60
387B.   SPORT, complete (4), Mitchell Old Sporting Prints, Franklyn Davey Hunting, Players Old Hunting Prints (large), Thomson Top Teams of Today and Yesterday (uncut double sheets), VG to EX, 81 £30-50
387C.   PLAYERS, complete (8), inc. Dickens (50), Gilbert & Sullivan, Dandies, Thackeray, Products of the World, Famous Beauties (large) etc., G to EX, 325 £30-40
387D.   LYONS, complete (6), British Wild Life, On Safari, Famous People, Views of London, Famous Aircraft, Train Spotters, Jubilee, G to EX, 273* £30-50
387E.   BIBBY, complete (4), They Gave It a Name (with empty album), This Wonderful World, How What and Why, This Wonderful Worlds, VG to EX, 100+ £25-35
387F.   WILLS, sectional, complete (6), Animalloys, Between Two Fires, Boyhood of Raleigh, The Laughing Cavalier, The Toast, And When Did You Last See Your Father, VG to EX, 288 £25-35
387G.   SILKS, selection, mainly Phillips, inc. ships badges, historical figures, portraits, flags, standards, tartans, military badges, birds, ceramics, butterflies & moths etc., some fraying, FR to EX, 480* £30-40
388.    OGDENS, Tabs part sets and odds, inc. International & General Interest, Beauty Series, Leading Generals at the War, Leading Athletes, Actresses, Foreign Views, etc., FR to VG, 474* £40-60
389.    MIXED, complete (5) inc. Players, Army Life, Wild Birds, Wooden Walls; Wills, Roses, Old Pottery & Porcelain; part sets, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Natural History, Modern Naval Craft etc., some large, P to VG ,130* £25-35
390.    MIXED, part sets & odds, Phillips, Our Dogs, Empire Industries, Famous Minors, Shots from the Films, Spot the Winner; Cavanders, Camera Studies, Homeland Series etc., some medium, slight duplication, some a.m.r., P to VG, 300* £30-50
391.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. Birds Eggs, Boxers, British Birds, Club Badges, mixed Tabs (50), By The Roadside etc., slight duplication, some a.m.r., P to VG, 232* £30-50
392.    CINEMA, foreign selection in albums, inc. empty softback albums for Ramses A & 3rd; Wix Cinema Cavalcade 1st (empty album with stamp hinge marks) & 2nd (complete laid down); de Beukelaer A & 3rd (two part laid down & one empty), FR to EX, 7 £30-40
393.    SILKS, selection, inc. Phillips premium (36), Leaders (13 + 2), Flags (11), Old Masters; Old Masters (set 7), complete (Nos. 301-305); Wix British Empire Flags (49), in ring binder, some fraying, FR to VG, 137* £30-40
394.    TRADE, complete (20), inc. Cadbury, Comet, Cooper, Gaycon, Ewbank, Miranda, Typhoo, Musgrave, Hustler (amr), Brooke Bond (4) etc., VG to EX, Qty. £30-50
395.    BIRDS, part sets & odds, inc. Harvey Davy, Ogdens, Phillips, Copes, Players, Typhoo, Fry, CWS, postcards etc., Lambert & Butler etc., G to EX, 200* £30-50
396.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Ogdens Tabs (14, trimmed); Smith, Muratti, BAT; mainly Wills, Musical Celebrities, beauties (o/s), railway, Recruiting Posters, Arms of Companies etc., some creasing, P to G, 255* £25-35
397.    PLAYERS, complete (10), inc. Badges & Flags (scuffing to edges), Film Stars 3rd, Army Life, Kings & Queens, Military Head-Dress, Wild Birds, International Air Liners etc., about G to EX, 475 £30-50
398.    MIXED, complete (4), inc. UK Tob Co. Soldiers of the King, Players Derby & Grand National Winners, Wills Association Footballers & Gallaher Famous Jockeys, VG to EX, 184* £25-35
399.    MIXED, complete (11), inc. Churchmans (2), Kings of Speed, Footballers 2nd; Players (4), Footballers 1928, Dogs (full length), Cricketers 1930; Wills (4) etc., G to EX, 486* £25-35
400.    BROOKE BOND, Canada, complete (9), inc. Animals, Songbirds, Trees, Wild Flowers, Indians (2) & Birds of N.A.; Canadian/American Songbirds etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 480 £35-45
401.    MIXED, complete (11), inc. Carreras, Army Uniforms, Notable MPs; Churchmans Kings of Speed, Challis Wild Birds, Morris (3) etc., in modern album, G to EX, 486* £30-50
402.    MIXED, complete (11), inc. Gallaher The Reason Why, L&B Wonders of Nature, Cavanders Little Friends, Carroll Birds, Players Fresh-Water Fishes etc., in modern album, G to EX, 462* £30-50
403.    DOGS, selection, inc. complete (3), Golden Fleece, Weetabix (stereo), Origin & History (premium); Epol (29/30), Ace (23) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 145* £30-50
404.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. Regimental Standards, Poultry, Coronation Series, Plantation to Smoker, Hidden Beauties, Dandies, Dogs, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, AC&DS, Counties, Gilbert & Sullivan, Shakespeare etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 505* £25-35
405.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. Hints on Association Football, Napoleon, Victoria Cross, Cries, Poultry, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Motor Cars, Cricketers, Derby & Grand National Winners etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 538* £25-35
406.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. Poultry, Aviary & Cage Birds, Celebrated Gateways, Straight Line Caricatures, Dogs, Curious Beaks, Film Stars, Butterflies, Gilbert & Sullivan etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 500* £25-35
407.    MIXED, large, part sets & odds, inc. Cavanders, Hill, Players, Wills, Pattreiouex, Carreras, Phillips etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 380* £30-50
408.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (5), Ogdens Whaling, Woods Romance of the Royal Mail, Players Old Naval Prints; part sets & odds, many Wills & Players; ERB, Brooke Bond, Gallaher, Millhoff, Phillips, Ardath etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, 980* £30-50
409.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Players, Carreras, Ogdens, Wills, Churchmans, Franklyn Davey, Mitchell, Ardath, Cavanders, Phillips etc.; inc. military, naval, royalty, flowers, wildlife, birds, trains, sport, celebrities, dogs etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, 845* £30-50
410.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. mainly Players, Wills, Churchmans, Hignett, Faulkner, Ogdens, Mitchell, Cavanders etc.; inc. poultry, bikes, planes, cricket, birds, military, wildlife, dogs, fish, royalty, cars etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, 1100* £30-50
411.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Carreras, Wills, Players, Churchmans, Ogdens, Gallaher, Smiths, Typhoo, Sweetule, Lyons Maid, Barratt, Brooke Bond, Hornimans, Turf, Sarony etc.; inc. space, dogs, birds eggs, cricket, flowers, butterflies, boy scouts, football, military etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, 1020* £30-50
412.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. BDV, Gallaher, Carreras, Ogdens, Lambert & Butler, Players, Wills, Churchmans, Sarony, Phillips, Cavanders, Gallaher etc.; inc. famous stars, flowers, footballers, planes, standards, military, ships, ceramics, cars, bridges, arms etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, 1080* £30-50
413.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Players, Ogdens, Wills, Mitchells, Gallaher, Churchmans, Sunripe, Mars, Brooke Bond, Phillips etc.; inc. fire fighting, film stars, planes, trains, trees, flowers, flags, naval, birds, wildlife, scenery, ships, footballers etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, 1070* £30-50
414.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Wills, Churchmans, Players, Gallaher, Carreras, Ogdens, Mitchell, Smiths, Kensitas, Phillips, Cavanders etc; inc. cars, cricket, badges, scenery, naval, flowers, royalty, ceramics, tartan, poultry, trains, military, football, film etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, 950* £30-50
415.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. mainly Wills, Churchmans, Phillips, Players, Gallaher, Lambert & Butler, Ogdens, Scottish Co-Op Soc., Oxo, Turf, Carreras, Typhoo etc; inc. Shakespeare, flowers, birds, military, sealife, buildings, boxing, flags, military, arms etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, 705* £30-50
416.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Wills, Players, Gallaher, De Reszke, Churchmans, Ardath, Phillips, Ogdens, Cope, Typhoo, Hyde, Carreras, Gossage, Cavanders etc.; inc. fitness, wildlife, railway, flowers, badges, cars, planes, birds, military, machinery, butterflies, ships etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, 1100* £30-50
417.    PLAYERS, complete (8), inc. Cricketers 1934, Straight Line Caricatures, Dogs, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Cycling, Modern Naval Craft, Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Kings & Queens; together with Wix Builders of Empire, in modern album, G to EX, 450* £25-35
418.    MIXED, large RP, complete (11), inc. R & J Hill Views of Interest 2nd-5th; Pattreiouex (7), Dogs, Holiday Haunts, Sights of Britain 2nd, Our Countryside etc., in modern album, G to EX, 528* £25-35
419.    WILLS, selection, inc. complete (9 + 1), Fish & Bait (2), Alpine Flowers, Life in the Royal Navy, English Period Costumes, Railway Engines, Dogs, Military Motors, Air Raid Precautions; Butterflies & Moths, The King's Art Treasures, (both large); part set (1), in modern album, some acm, about G to VG, 528* £25-35
420.    MIXED, selection, inc. dogs, complete (5), Moustafa (poor trim), Ardath (extra large), Gallaher 2nd & Players (2); part sets & odds, Boguslavsky Sports Records (130), Wills, Ardath, Players, Barratt, Phillips etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 500* £30-50
421.    MIXED, complete (10), inc. Players (5), Kings & Queens, International Air Liners, AC&DS (1-150); The Magnet Football teams (1923), Wills, Typhoo, reprints (2), in modern album, G to EX, 475* £25-35
422.    HILL, Views of Interest, complete (6), 1st (Spinet & Sunripe) to 5th, large, VG to EX, 288 £20-30
423.    LEA, Old English Pottery & Porcelain, complete (5), 1st-5th, VG to EX, 250 £40-60
424.    WIX, Henry 1st-5th, complete, large, VG to EX, 250 £30-50
425.    GALLAHER, complete (4), part sets & odds, inc. Aeroplanes, British Birds, Champions 2nd, Dogs, Famous Jockeys, cinema, The Navy, Wild Flowers etc., slight duplication, in two modern albums, about G to VG, 600* £30-50
426.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Cavanders Camera Studies; Churchmans, The King's Coronation, The Story of Navigation, Wonderful Railway Travel; ERB Abbeys & Castles; Millhoff; Sarony; Ardath Famous Footballers; Barrett Famous Footballers; Carreras Turf Slides etc., slight duplication, in two modern albums, some a.m.r., P to VG, 740* £30-50
427.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Lambert & Butler Interesting Sidelights; Millhoff; Mitchell; Wix Henry; Amalgamated Press Sporting Champions; Ardath Cricket Tennis & Golf Celebrities; Bocnal Luminous Silhouettes; Carreras, Film & Stage Beauties, Turf Slides; Churchman, Boxing Personalities, Howlers, Association Footballers; Kensitas silk flags etc., slight duplication, in two modern albums, slight a.m.r., P to VG, 570* £30-50
428.    PLAYERS, complete (3), Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Characters from Thackeray, Bygone Beauties; part sets & odds, inc. Military Head-Dress, Napoleon, Products of the World, Regimental Uniforms 1st & 2nd, Riders of the World, Army Life, Butterflies, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Dogs, Flags of the League of Nations, Characters from Dickens etc., slight duplication, in two modern albums, P to VG, 875* £30-50
429.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. Association Cup Winners, AC & DS, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Dandies, Curious Beaks, Derby & Grand National Winners, football, Military Head-Dress, Poultry, RAF Badges, Sea Fishes, Wild Birds, War Decorations & Medals, Wild Animal's Heads etc., slight duplication, in two modern albums, P to VG, 1200* £30-50
430.    MIXED, complete (8), inc. Ogdens Coronation Procession, Carreras Famous Airmen & Airwomen; Sarony (4), Museum Series, Links with the Past (each large & small); Barratt True Life (large), Lyons Maid 100 Years of Motoring, in modern album, G to EX, 372* £40-60
431.    BUBBLE GUM, mainly A&BC, inc. Beatles (8), Car Stamps (14), Fantastic Twisters (2), Queen Elizabeth, Olympics, Mars Attacks (3), Wacky Plak, football etc., in modern album, G to EX, 140* £50-70
432.    MIXED, large, complete (15), inc. Wills, Old Inns 1st, Celebrated Pictures, Arms of Universities; Players, Types of Horses, Dogs (extra large); Copes Toy Models; Churchmans (3), Holidays, Navy & Wings; Phillips medium (3), Our Puppies & cinema (2), Pattreiouex (2), Sights of London 1st etc., in modern album, cv £580, VG to EX, 527 £60-80
433.    TRADE, complete (18), inc. Hustler Animals 1st-3rd (corners clipped), Kelloggs (3), Sharman (2), Musgrave, Glengettie, Halpin, Maxillin etc., VG to EX, Qty. £30-50
434.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (15), Wills, Cricketers 1928, Old Pottery & Porcelain, Old Inns, Gardening Hints; Mills Aircraft of the World; Gallaher, The Navy, Dogs 2nd; Sarony Ships of All Ages; Cope's Kenilworth Toy Models; Churchman, The Story of Navigation, The RAF at Work; Player, British Regalia, Sea Fishes; Carreras Playing Cards & Dominoes; Ching Jersey etc; part set, Players Cricketers 1930 (49), VG to EX, 650* £65-75
435.    MIXED, complete (16), inc. The United Tobacco Co Race Horses - South Africa; Phillips, Coronation of Their Majesties, Annuals; Gallaher Army Badges; Westminster Tobacco Co, Australia 1st, British Royal and Ancient Buildings; Players, Counties & Their Industries, Cries of London, Wonders of the World; Wills, Garden Flowers, English Period Costumes, Arms of Public Schools 1st, Alpine Flowers; Lloyd Tricks & Puzzles; CWS African Types; Cavander Wordsworth's Country etc., VG to EX, 610* £65-75
436.    MIXED, complete (16), inc. Phillips, Our Dogs, Ships That Have Made History; Sarony Life at Whipsnade Zoo; Rothmans Modern Inventions; Cavander The Homeland Series; Wills, Mother and Son, Garden Flowers, New Varieties 2nd, Cinema Stars 1st, Roses, Gardening Hints; Players, Uniforms of the Territorial Army, Derby & Grand National Winners, County Seats 2nd; Abdulla British Butterflies; Gallaher Racing Scenes; De Reszke England Historic & Picturesque etc., VG to EX, 675* £65-75
437.    BROOKE BOND, black backs, complete (14), EX to MT, Qty. £25-35
438.    BROOKE BOND, doubles, complete (13+4), inc. Incrediible Creatures (all 3), Dinosaur Trail (both) etc., EX to MT, Qty. £25-35
439.    PLAYERS, complete (16), inc. National Flags & Arms, Motor Cars, Gilbert & Sullivan, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Miniatures, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges, Life On Board A Man Of War, Football Caricatures by Mac, Wild Animals' Heads, Sea Fishes etc., G to VG, Qty. £40-60
440.    PLAYERS, complete (16), inc. Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Cries Of London, Cricketers (1934), Regimental Uniforms, RA.F. Badges, Dogs' Heads, Aviary And Cage Birds, Characters From Dickens, Film Stars, Coronation Series (Ceremonial Dress) etc., G to VG, Qty. £40-60
441.    PLAYERS, complete (16), inc. Footballers Caricatures by RIP, Cycling, Natural History, Curious Beaks, Colonial & Indian Army Badges, Gilbert & Sullivan, AC & DS 1-150, Cricketers (1934), Wonders Of The World, Flags Of The League Of Nations etc., G to VG, Qty. £40-60
442.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (9), Game Birds and Wild Fowl, Bygone Beauties, Dandies; Wills (5), Homeland Events, Dogs; Carreras Celebrities Of British History, Millhoff Art Treasures etc., VG to EX, Qty £30-40
443.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (8), Wild Birds, History of Naval Dress, Cycling, ; Wills (6), Old English Garden Flowers, Radio Celebrities; Ogdens, Greys etc., VG to EX, Qty £30-40
444.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (7), Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Cries Of London, Wild Animals' Heads; Wills (7), Association Footballers, Arms of Foreign Cities, Railway Equipment; Cavanders Ancient Egypt, Drapkin Life At Whipsnade Zoo etc., VG to EX, Qty £30-40
445.    SILKS, mainly Wix Flags, a few Phillips, Wills etc., duplication (heavy), FR to EX, Qty £35-45
446.    MIXED, complete (50), inc. Players (20), Dogs, Derby And Grand National Winners (transfers), Birds And Their Young ; Wills (16), Cricketers 1928, Life In The Treetops; Gallaher (3), Butterflies And Moths; Churchman (3) The Story Of Navigation; Carreras Palmistry, Ogdens Modern British Pottery etc., VG to EX, Qty £70-80
447.    TRADE, complete (60), inc. Horniman, Fine Fare, Neilson, Kelloggs, Texaco, Lyons, Richards, Hustler etc., VG to EX, Qty. £35-40
448.    MIXED, part sets (100), inc. Players, Gallaher, Wills, Churchman, Cope, Cavanders, Guernsey Tobacco Company, R & J Hill, Ardath, Millhoff & Co etc., VG to EX, Qty. £120-150
449.    BROOKE BOND, empty albums, inc. Indians of Canada, Flags & Emblems of the World, Trees In Britain, Small Wonders, The Saga of Ships etc., duplication, G to EX, 147* £50-60
450.    SWEET WRAPPERS, mixed selection, mainly Topps bubblegum, inc. Menudo, Trash Can Trolls, Nasty Tricks etc., others inc. E.T., Barbie Chupa Chups etc., a few creased, G to EX, Qty. £25-35
451.    CARRERAS, Waterloo, large & standard, duplication (some heavy), some damage to silvering, FR to VG, Qty. £25-35
452.    PHILLIPS, postcards, cinema, complete (5) and part-sets, duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, Qty £50-60
453.    TRADE, large, complete (60), inc. Panini Caps, Weetabix, Kelloggs, Trucards, Whitbread, Mister Softee etc., VG to EX, Qty. £35-40
454.    MIXED, part sets (108), inc. Wills, Carreras, Players, Churchmans, Bells, Hustler, large (7), Phillips postcards (11) etc., G to EX, Qty £50-70
455.    SPORT, part sets & odds, baseball, football and basketball, mainly Topps, inc. 1969 season backs, 1969 Rookie Stars, 1970-71 NBA etc., FR to VG, Qty. £25-35
456.    MIXED, complete (18), inc. Wills, Animals & their Furs, Heraldic Signs (both large); Westminster, South Africa, New Zealand, India 1st & 2nd; Hill, Phillips, Churchmans etc., about G to EX, 750* £30-40
457.    MIXED, mainly sport, complete (14), inc. Players (4), Racing Caricatures, Cricketers 1934 & 1938; Wills (2), Auction Bridge, British Sporting Personalities; Churchmans (4), Boxing Personalities, footballers; Typhoo footballers (packet), Radio Fun etc., G to EX, 463* £30-40
458.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. A&BC Gum, Amalgamated, MacFisheries, Thomson, Bells, Duncan, Typhoo, Brooke Bond, Lyons, Anglo etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-40
459.    SPORT, part sets & odds, inc. A&BC Gum, Players, Match, Gallaher, Thomson, Merlin, Anglo, Wills etc., G to EX, Qty. £30-40
460.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (25), inc. Wills (18), Hints, DYK, floral; Players, Birds & their Young 1st (7); part sets, Players, Wills, Gallaher, Churchman, Millhoff, Carreras (Black Cat), Typhoo long etc., duplication, FR to VG, 3500* £40-60
461.    MIXED, complete (17), inc. Murray Bathing Belles, BAT Modern Beauties 6th (extra large), Pattreiouex large RP (8), Carreras Greyhound Racing Game, Churchmans, OVS etc., G to EX, 727* £30-40
462.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete, Wills (11), Players, Grandee, Castrol, Timperley Types, Typhoo (packet); part sets & odds, duplication, FR to EX, Qty. £30-40
463.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Wills, Phillips, Pattreiouex, Players, Carreras, Typhoo long, Sarony etc., FR to VG, Qty. £25-35
464.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. many Players, Phillips, Churchman, Wills etc., FR to VG, 2200* £25-35
465.    MIXED, part sets (some near complete), inc. Wills, Players, Carreras, Wix, Brooke Bond Out into Space, Gallaher, Ardath, Pattreiouex etc., FR to EX, 1000s £40-60
466.    BROOKE BOND, large, inc. complete (10), Pyramid Power (red & grey); phone cards, square (complete) & round (3) corners, EX to MT, Qty. £30-40
467.    BROOKE BOND, complete (39), inc. blue backs (16), 40 Years (two backs), Incredible Creatures (3 backs), Dinosaur Trail (2 backs) etc., EX to MT, Qty. £40-60
468.    TRADE, better odds, inc. Goudey Gum Indians, Liebig, de Beukelaer, Ferrero, Como, Top Sellers, Jacques, Mitcham, Epol etc., FR to VG, Qty. £25-35
469.    TRADE, complete (50) inc. CWS, Lyons, Lambert, Whitbread, Horniman, Topps, Midland Counties, Victoria Gallery, Regent, Morning Foods, Doncella etc., VG to EX, Qty. £25-35
470.    A. & B.C. GUM, part sets, inc. Planes (38), Civil War News (29), Churchill (36), Flags of the World (34), Custer (25), Huck Finn (27) & Man from UNCLE (24), FR to VG, 213* £40-60
471.    TYPHOO, long, complete (5) & part sets, duplication, G to VG, 700* £30-40
472.    CARRERAS, Turf slides, inc. uncut doubles (45), Zoo Animals (35); singles (178), Zoo Animals (140), Film Stars (3) etc., duplication, generally VG, 223* £30-40
473.    SOUTH AFRICA, large, part sets, inc. Kentucky Tob., The March of Mankind; ow UTC, National Parks, Flora, Places of Interest etc., duplication, about G to EX, 200* £25-35
474.    MIXED, selection, Wills & Players, inc. complete (8), Wills (8), Old Inns 2nd, Garden Varieties 1st, Modern British Sculpture (all large), Players (5), Famous Beauties (large), Colonial & Indian Army Badges, Sea Fishes, Regimental Standards; part sets, Wills, Butterflies (38) & British Castles (21); Players, War Decorations & Medals (77), Riders (49), Boy Scout & Girl Guide (48), Butterflies (45), British Live Stock (23), Racing Caricatures (38) etc., G to EX, 900* £30-50
474A.   KELLOGGS, Football Euro 96 (Virtual Video), complete, tilt cards in plastic frames, MT, 16 £20-30
474B.   FOSTERS, Sporting Greats, inc. cards (40) & printed booklet; beermats (30), duplication, VG to EX, 70* £25-35
474C.   TYPHOO, long, complete (8), inc. Important Industries, Trees, Swiss Family Robinson, Work on the Farm, Wild Flowers in their Families 1st & 2nd, Characters from Shakespeare, Interesting Events in British History; part set (1) Lorna Doone, G to generally VG, 224* £25-35
475.    SUNDAY TIMES, A Picture History of the Motor Cars, complete, miniature book (3.5 x 3.5), damage to spines (2), G to VG, 20 £25-35
476.    PANINI, stickers, mixed selection, part sets and odds, inc. Buck Rogers, Space Precinct, many Action Man, Spiderman, Monster Rancher etc., G to VG, Qty. £30-50
477.    PANINI, stickers, mixed selection, part sets and odds, inc. Barbie, The Tigger Movie, I Love Snoopy, Care Bears, Monsters Inc., Disney, Mammals, Birds, Top of the Pops, Fame etc., G to VG, Qty. £30-50
478.    FOOTBALL, part sets and odds, inc. Wills Association Footballers, Topical Times Miniature Portrait Panels & Stars of To-Day (with album), Chix Football Picture Album (empty, 2); British Gas Football Cards Newcastle United with wallet, Topical Times Panel Portraits (standard & premium) etc., duplication, G to VG, Qty. £25-35
479.    FOOTBALL, part sets and odds, inc. collectors cards, Football Greats, Futera, Cutting Edge, Hotshots; Merlin Arsenal; Barratt; Topical Times Album of Great Players; My Favourite Soccer Star booklets (10) etc., duplication, G to VG, Qty. £25-35
480.    TRADE, selection, inc. Mazawattee Kings & Queens (37), p/cs, Bond Classic Posters (10), The Simpsons (18), Battle for the Flag (4), De Reszke Correspondence Cards (4); 1945 Eddie Reindeer calendar, advert cards, Huntley & Palmer, Wills, Liebig, Monkey Brand, Hepatoxane (11), Patterson's Bird Cards (7), railway cards, large (5), I Am A Loco Spotter, album and cards etc., some creasing and damage to some edges, about G to VG, Qty. £25-30
481.    MIXED, part sets and odds, inc. many Brooke Bond, Lyons, Phillips Spot The Winner, Wills, Kelloggs, Flintstones (gold), The Daily Telegraph Rugby World Cup (10 sets), Players, BDV silks (large,11) and Flags Series 25, De Reszke Correspondence Cards (23), Weston's Veteran & Vintage Cars (23), Barratt, Sinclair etc., mixed sizes, duplication, G to VG, Qty. £30-50
482.    MIXED, complete (15) and part sets, inc. Churchman Howlers, Gallaher, British Champions, Famous Jockeys, Aeroplanes; Wills Garden Flowers; Pattreiouex, The Bridges of Britain, British Railways, Britain From the Air, Beautiful Scotland; Cavanders Homeland Series etc., part sets, Gallaher Wild Flowers (2) etc., G to VG, 700* £25-35
483.    WILLS, complete (5) inc. Railway Equipment, Railway Engines, Flags of the Empire, Dogs, Association Footballers; part sets & odds, inc. Do You Know?, Garden Life, Life in the Royal Navy, Musical Celebrities, Our King & Queen, Air Raid Precautions, Borough Arms, British Sporting Personalities, Garden Flowers, English Period Costume, Gems, Radio Celebrities, Roses, Speed, Rugby Internationals etc., some large, duplication, in three modern albums, some a.m.r., P to VG, 1325* £30-50
484.    TRADE, large, complete (100), inc. Golden Era, Wills, Brooke Bond, Silk Cut, Coca Cola, Black Cat, Adidas etc., VG to EX, Qty. £90-110
485.    ACCESSORIES, selection of plastic boxes, slabs etc., mixed sizes, FR to EX, Qty £35-45
486.    SWEET PACKETS, selection of empty packets, mainly for Candy Sticks inc. Popeye, Superman, Spiderman, The Flintstones, Football, Scooby Doo etc., G to EX, Qty £25-35
487.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. AC & DS, Aviary & Cage Birds, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, British Livestock, Coronation Series, Cycling, Dandies, Derby & Grand National Winners, dogs, cinema, Fire-Fighting Appliances, Fresh-Water Fishes, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Gilbert & Sullivan, Motor Cars, Polar Exploration, Poultry, RAF Badges, Sea Fishes, Wild Animal's Heads etc., some large, duplication, in four modern albums, a.m.r., P to G, Qty. £25-35
488.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Cavanders, Ancient Chinese, Camera Studies, Foreign Birds, Peeps; Gallaher, Army Badges, Dogs, Trains of the World, Racing Scenes, Tricks & Puzzles, Wild Animals, Wild Flowers etc.; Wills, Air Raid Precautions, Animals & Their Furs, Arms, Gardening Hints, Life in the Royal Navy, Lucky Charms, Speed, Wild Flowers; Brooke Bond, Animals & Their Young, Asian Wildlife, Bird Portraits, British Butterflies, etc., some large, duplication, in four modern albums, P to VG, Qty. £25-35
489.    COLLECTORS CARDS, complete (42), with duplication, inc. Olivia (10), Star Wars (2+2), Futera 1995 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix (4), British Gas Rugby League (5); Walter Simonson, Ken Barr, Harlem Globetrotters, Mike Ploog, Warhola, Tim White, Bernie Wrightson, Wayne Barlow, Charles Vess, Darrell K. Sweet etc., EX to MT, Qty. £25-35
490.    FANTASY, collectors cards, inc. mainly complete sets, six-card strips; Ron Miller, Jack Kirby, Vincent Di Fate, Varga, Petty, Royo, Boris, Maxfield Parrish, Bob Eggleton, James Warhol, Clyde Caldwell, David Cherry, Tom Kidd, Darrell K. Sweet, Barclay Shaw etc., in four ring-binders, EX to MT, Qty. £25-35
491.    TOPPS, part sets, inc. mainly Match Attax, Top Trumps Trivia (both football); Slam Attax (wrestling) etc., duplication, VG to EX, 1000s £25-35
492.    TOPPS, part sets, mainly Star Wars & footballers, inc. Force Attax, Return of the Jedi, stickers & albums; Match Attax etc., duplication, EX, Qty. £25-35
493.    TRADE, mainly complete sets (24), inc. Nabisco Footballers (corner knocks), Pascall Glorious Devon, Cadet Dogs, Kane Modern Racing Cars, Typhoo long, Churchmans, Sheridan, Grandee, Victoria Gallery etc., with 49 laid down Brooke Bond albums, VG to EX, Qty. £35-45
494.    MIXED, complete & parts sets, inc. Brooke Bond (mixed periods), Pattreiouex large RP; Typhoo, packet issues, long etc., FR to EX, Qty. £25-35
495.    COLLECTORS CARDS, mainly complete sets, inc. The World of Stobart, Star Wars, James Bond, WCW & other wrestling, Country Music, The X-Files, Avengers, Pokemon, Christopher Columbus, Bone, Varga & other glamour etc., slight duplication, EX to MT, Qty. £25-35
496.    STAR TREK, selection, inc. sixteen sealed 20th anniversary magazines (each with three hi-text cards); collectors cards, complete & part sets, some boxed, G to VG, Qty. £25-35
497.    ACCESSORIES, large modern albums, mixed colours, in black slip-cases, with liner pages (25s & 15s) and a few divider pages, VG to EX, 6 £10-15
498.    TRADE, European complete & part sets (laid down in albums), inc. animals, world views, floral, horses & hounds, flags, pirates etc., covers loose (1), FR to VG, 20* £25-35
499.    TRADE, European & domestic, complete & part sets (laid down in albums), inc. Nestle, Shell, Merlin Dr. Who, Radio Review, UTC SA Sports & Pastimes, football, Olympics, works & Art, Old Masters etc., FR to VG, 25* £25-35
500.    COMEDY, signed colour photos, inc. Roy Hudd, Bruce Forsyth (3), George Cole, John Cleese, Ronnie Corbett, Terry Jones, Michael Palin & Harry Secombe, mainly 8 x 10, some typed annotation to backs, EX, 10 £80-120
501.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed colour photos, inc. Richard Branson (2, one first name only), Mary Whitehouse, Kenneth Wolstenholme, John Major, Bob Dole, Tony Blair, Barbara Cartland & Jeffrey Archer, also Ronald Reagan (autopen), mainly 8 x 10, some typed annotation to backs, EX, 10 £50-80
502.    CINEMA, signed colour photos, inc. David Attenborough, Anthony Hopkins, Caprice, Anne Bancroft, Gina Lolllabrigida, Sophia Loren, Emma Thompson, Al Pacino etc., many 8 x 10, some typed annotation to backs, EX, 9 £70-90
503.    CINEMA, signed colour photos, inc. Al Pacino, Roger Moore, Shirley MacLaine, Gina Lollabrigida, Glenn Close, Michael Caine, Richard Attenborough & Emma Thompson (Sense & Sensibility), many 8 x 10, some typed annotation to backs, EX, 8 £100-120
504.    CINEMA, signed photos by actresses, inc. Shirley Maclaine, Gina Lollabrigida (both original press photos with annotation to backs); Emma Thompson, Elle McPherson & Catherine Deneuve (3 x 5), mainly 8 x 10, VG to EX, 5 £30-50
505.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed press photos, inc. Robert De Niro (Deer Hunter), John Gielgud (as Caesar), Cliff Richard, Bruce Forsyth (1983 wedding) & Brian May (2002), most with typed annotation, VG to EX, 5 £30-50
506.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection, inc. signed (2), Ronnie Corbett, Harrison Ford (rare); unsigned photos (15), Bardot (2 p/c), King Kong, Harrison Ford, Julie Andrews, Elton John; King Kong programmes etc., VG to EX, 20* £25-35
507.    FOOTBALL, signed blank card by Stanley Rous & photos (3), Stiles, Hurst & Peters; four silver gelatin photos of 1966 England celebrating & small pennant for 1966 Final, VG to EX, 9 £30-40
508.    FOOTBALL, signed menu by George Best, Malcolm McDonald & Paul Gascoigne, Evening of Legends (no year), unfolded, EX £50-80
509.    FOOTBALL, signed menu by Paul Gascoigne, full signature, Evening of Legends (no year), unfolded, EX £20-30
510.    FOOTBALL, signed menu by Gordon Banks, Evening of Legends (no year), unfolded, EX £20-30
511.    OLYMPICS, signed white card by Fanny Blankers Koen, 4.25 x 2.75; print (8.25 x 11.75), showing Emil Zatopek on track, with signed piece by him laid down to bottom border, EX, 2 £30-50
512.    FOOTBALL, signed selection, inc. album page by Southampton, 1950, eleven signatures inc. Wilkins, Mallet, Horton, Sillett etc., 5.25 x 6, laid down to white page; signed programmes, inc. at Plymouth Argyle 1991/92 (14* signatures) and two related signed newspaper cuttings; v Cardiff City 1969 (19* signatures); v Le Havre (18* signatures), scarce; Newcastle, signed photos (5), Cole, Beardsley, Fox, Ferdinand, unsigned (2); Scottish selection, inc. large blank card by 22* players from 1996 match v Austria, inc. Goram, Collns, Durie, Ferguson, Brown etc; team poster (12 x 8) etc., G to VG, 17 £25-35
513.    FOOTBALL, signed selection, inc. newspaper cutting (1.75 x 3) by Kevin Keegan when he played for Scunthorpe Utd; album page (3.75 x 5.25) by Vasas Budapest (1967); photo by Bert Williams, full-length in goalkeepers kit (9 x 11), VG to EX, 3 £20-30
514.    MIXED SPORT, signed selection, inc. Motor Cycle Racing, signed piece by Bob Foster, annotated 1948 TT, 3.75 x 2.25, laid down to slightly larger card; Football, 1958 Chelsea programme for England World Cup XI v Under-23 XI, signed to field of play by Langley & Finney and by nine foreign players (possibly Portugal) who played England five days later; Golf, profile pages removed from magazine, nine signatures, inc. Leonard, Harrington, Els, Davis Love III, Mickelson etc for 2003 British Open, VG, 5 £20-30
515.    FOOTBALL, signed colour magazine photos, 1950s, inc. Shackleton, Bentley, Lofthouse, Aston & Finney, 7.75 x 11.5 and smaller, corner-mounted to cards, VG, 5 £15-25
516.    MUSIC, signed selection, inc. postcards, by Georg Solti, half-length conducting; Yehudi Menuhin, half-length playing violin; Joan Sutherland, all NPG issues; bookplate photo by John Barbirolli, h/s, 5.5 x 8.5; album pages (7 x 4.75) by Anne Shelton & Ruby Murray (the latter by Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson to back), VG to EX, 6 £25-35
517.    AUTOGRAPHS, selection, inc. photos, cards, menus etc., 29* signatures, inc. Rachel Riley, Melvyn Bragg, Lisa Snowdon, Dick Emery, Joe Loss, Shaw Taylor, Ted Ray, Roy Castle, Frankie Howerd, Bill Tarmey, Tom Baker, Reginald Bosanquet etc., G to VG, 19 £25-30
518.    EPHEMERA, softback edition of Portraits and Autographs, pub. by Mowbray House, 1891, useful for checking Victorian period signatures, splitting to spine, G £25-35
519.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. postcards (33), commemorative covers (35), with relevant postal cachet, stamps, signed photos, promotional p/cs, inc. Albrighton, Huth, Graham Taylor, Bryan Robson, Swift, Kilshaw etc., slight duplication, G to EX, small Qty £25-35
520.    CINEMA, signed album pages & pieces, inc. Gene Lockhart, William Gargan, William Eythe, Arthur Treacher, Ben Warriss, Allan Jones, George Murphy & Carleton Carpenter, each with photos (5 x 7 and smaller), VG to EX, 8+ £30-40
521.    CINEMA, signed album pages & pieces, inc. Kathryn Grayson, Lorraine Day, Jean Muir, Lilli Palmer, Leslie Caron, Betsy Drake & Audrey Totter, each with photos (5 x 7 and smaller), VG to EX, 7+ £30-40
522.    CINEMA, signed album pages & pieces, inc. Dima Merrill, Melissa Leo, Miva Sorvino, Julie Harris, Nancy Walker & Jodie Whittaker, each with photos (5 x 7 and smaller), VG to EX, 6+ £30-40
523.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos by Music Hall artistes, inc. Leslie Saron & Leslie Holmes, Frank Wilson, Harry Bailey etc., mainly 8 x 10, G to VG, 8 £30-40
524.    CINEMA, signed photos, inc. Julia Davis, Amanda Barrie, Sue Hodge, Allison Smith etc., 8 x 10 and larger (2), VG to EX, 9 £30-40
525.    MUSIC, signed photos (9), poster etc., inc. Winifred Atwell, Bonnie Nelson, The Beverley Sisters, Jo Stafford, Vince Hill, Mike Peters, David Gray, Will Young etc., mainly 8 x 10, G to EX, 9 £30-40
526.    FOOTBALL, signed paperback edition of Against the Odds by Bobby Robson, to flyleaf with inscribed "...a little of what was inside me during Italia 90", dated March 94, slight tear to back cover, G £25-35
527.    FOOTBALL, signed hardback edition of Anatomy of a Football Star - George Best by Meek, signed to title page by Best, dj, EX £40-60
528.    FOOTBALL, signed hardback edition of Denis Law's Book of Soccer, by Law to title page, EX £25-35
529.    ENTERTAINMENT, script for Coronation Street, rehearsal issue for episode transmitted 1st June 2001, with cover letter on Coronation Street illustrated notepaper, EX £70-90
530.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection, inc. Coronation Street promotional photos & postcards (10), a few signed; extra-large p/c, Earl Carroll Theatre - Restaurant (Hollywood); Radio Pictorial trade inserts, Henry Hall, Christopher Stone, Leonard Henry & Jack Payne, 10 x 8, G to EX, 15 £20-30
531.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, 53* signatures, inc. Virginia McKenna, Edwina Currie, John Hurt, Kelly Holmes, Terry Wogan, Robert Lindsay, Alex Stepney, Gareth Hunt, Kenneth Clarke, John Inman, Anthony Quayle, Stephanie Cole, Felicity Kendall, James Bolam, Gene Wilder, Trevor Bannister, Tommy Steele, Charles Dance, James Herbert, Delia Smith, Elaine Stritch, Michael Ball, Glenda Jackson, Mo Mowlam, Dennis Skinner etc., a few inscribed, some multiple signed, mixed formats, all neatly laid down to black or red card, neat annotation, VG to EX, 12 £30-50
532.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, 50* signatures, inc. Nigel Hawthorne, Donald Sutherland, Wendy Craig, Kiri Te Kanawa, David Jacobs, Jimmy Young, Michael Greco, Hannah Waterman, Rula Lenska, Alan Bates, Rupert Penry-Jones, Frances De La Tour, Michel Pennington, Jean Boht, Tony Britton, Susan Hampshire, Cherie Lunghi, John Inman, Henry McGee etc., a few inscribed, some multiple signed, mixed formats, all neatly laid down to black card, neat annotation, VG to EX, 11 £30-50
533.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, 53* signatures, inc. Helen Rollason, Michael Ramsey, Jean Boht, Richard Todd, Charlton Heston, Terry Wogan, David Suchet, Craig Douglas, Teddy Sheringham, Henry McGee, Alan Titchmarsh, Tony Britton, Edward Fox, Sean Bean, Michael Ball, Richard Kiel, Paul Young, Derek Jacobi, Paul Nicholas, Donald Sutherland, Adam Faith, Lesley Joseph etc., a few inscribed, some multiple signed, mixed formats, all neatly laid down to black or red card, neat annotation, VG to EX, 24 £30-50
534.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, 39* signatures, inc. Roger McGough, Brian Patten, Stuart Wilson, Ewan McGregor, Alan Ayckbourn, Alfred Burke, Ian McKellern, Anthony Sher, Richard Todd, Ian Hogg, David Troughton, John Woodvine, Clifford Rose; Donald Sinden, Derek Jacobi, Judi Dench, Janet Suzman, Timothy West (all on large p/c), a few inscribed, some multiple signed, mixed formats, all neatly laid down to black card, neat annotation, VG to EX, 14 £30-40
535.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, inc. football, Matthew Thompson; horse racing, A P McCoy; golf, Colin Montgomery (2), Padraig Harrington, Tony Jacklin, Ernie Els; entertainment, Donald Sutherland, Richard Todd, Freddie Starr, Robert Powell, Britt Eckland, Elaine Stritch, Toyah Willcox etc., inscribed (13), most laid down to lack card, VG to EX, 26 £30-50
536.    W.W. I, magazines, The War Illustrated, some small tears to edges, FR to VG, 65* £20-30
537.    TRADE, European selection, part sets and odds, inc. Cibils, Liebig, Grondard, Meurisse, Au Bon Gout, Arlatte, du Planteur, D'Annecy, Aiguebelle, Talpe, Lucifer, Palmin, Beriot, Lombart, Ibled, Pernot, Louit, Meurisse, Olibet etc; military, views, historical, battles, animals, scenes, natives, political, buildings etc., duplication, mixed sizes, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100s £30-50
538.    TRADE, European selection, part sets and odds, inc. Antoine, Beriot, Chardonnier, Cerolin, De Royat, Aiguebelle, Pygmalion, Felix Potin, Lombart, Driessen, Poulain, Nugget Polish Co., AU Bon Marche, Royal Windsor, Mandrillon, Simonet, Muxi, Vincent, Driessen et ; many postal related, banknotes, flags, military, historical, views, poster stamps etc., duplication, mixed sizes, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100s £30-50
539.    POSTCARDS, foreign selection, inc. views, forests, buildings, mountains, interiors, lakes, hotels, art; Switzerland, Italy, Amsterdam, Germany, Brussels, Ostend etc., mixed sizes, G, Qty. £25-30
540.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. The Market Hall Chipping Campden, Weymouth, Zig-Zag Path Folkestone, views, greetings, animals, a few foreign, Paris, Canada, Lisbon, Worthing, Wales, buses, Margate, beauties, Lake District, Blackpool, Devon, Cornwall, comedy, coastal, aviation, railway, churches, interiors etc., a few photos, mixed periods, some pu, slight duplication, G to VG, 450* £25-35
541.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. Greetings, West Petersfield High Street, Catnab Hill Saltburn, Hiroshige The Rocket, High Street Carshalton, The Market Blackpool, Tunbridge Wells Common, Croydon, Boughton Station, Knutsford, Bow Church, Amen Corner Tooting, Margate Harbour, Invalids Walk Bournemouth, Bathing Ponds Hampstead, Streatham Hill, High Street Tewkesbury, Nuthalls Ltd., Tavern Street Ipswich, Hays Village Kent, King Street Reading, Bexhill Old Walnut Tree, Winchester High Street, Buckhurst Hill etc., some pu, corner and edge knocks, about G to VG, 210* £30-50
542.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. Carisbrooke Castle, Southend-on-Sea, Westcliff-on-Sea, Quantock Lodge, Market Place Leicester, Buxton, Wells Cathedral, Bridlington, Bowers Walk Ilford, Chester, Cliffe Castle, Horse and Plough, Folkestone Fish Market, Penzance Market, Exeter Cathedral, Bristol Cathedral, Lassington Oak, Barts Hospital Gate, Dogstone Oban, Boulters Lock Maidenhead, Clifton Bridge, Halesowen, St Albans Abbey, Bristol Dock, Cranbrook Road Ilford, Eskimo Life, Ludlow Broad Gate, Lynmouth, Palmerston Road Southsea, Market Cross Cartmel etc., some pu, corner and edge knocks, about G to VG, 230* £30-50
543.    POSTCARDS, modern selection, UK and foreign, inc. Kent, Ireland, Greece, Malta, Brighton, Chester, Hastings, London, Lincoln, Tunbridge Wells, Edinburgh, Bath, Cornwall, Durham, Venice, Switzerland etc; views, interiors, street scenes, castles, mountains, coastal, monuments, art, gardens etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, about G to VG, 500* £20-30
544.    POSTCARDS, modern selection, UK, inc. Bournemouth, London, Scotland, Devon, Brighton, Channel Islands, Lake District, Somerset, Margate, Kent; bridges, harbours, art, parks and gardens, ships, vintage transport, buildings, interiors, castles etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, about G to VG, 750* £20-30
545.    POSTCARDS, modern selection, UK and foreign, inc. Rome, Berlin, Cyprus, Wales, Bath, Greece, Spain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Norfolk, Scotland, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, USA, Southampton, Jerusalem etc; views, coastal, hotels, interiors, street scenes, buildings, natives etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, about G to VG, 600* £20-30
546.    EPHEMERA, magazines, Woman's Realm, complete run from 7th Jan to 22nd July 1961, generally G to VG, 28* £30-40
547.    MIXED SPORT, selection, inc. tennis, golf, cricket, boxing, Olympics, angling; books, photos, programmes, brochures etc., G to VG, 35* £35-50
548.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. cricket, magazine, books, scorecards; postal history, cigarette cards etc. VR, Qty. £20-30
549.    TOYS, selection of McDonald's Happy Meal give-aways, in sealed packets (24), Despicable Me 2, Madagascar 3, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Dinosaurs, Hotel For Dogs, The Last Airbender, Tom & Jerry, Tweenies, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Smurfs 2; opened packets (30), Finding Nemo, Shark, Octopus; Ice Age 4, Kung Fu Panda, Tweenies, Tom & Jerry etc., most opened packets with insert card, two lacking bags & cards, duplication, EX to MT, 54* £20-30
550.    SPORT, signed books, inc. cricket (9), Botham, Atherton, Hutton, Woolmer, Randall (3), Bird; horse racing (3), McCoy, Pitman & Stark; Woodward (rugby), Torrance (golf), all hardback (thirteen with dj), some inscribed, VG to EX, 14 £25-35
551.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. brochures, programmes, newspaper supplements, souvenirs; royalty, Coronation 1911, The Reign of George VI, Princess Margaret, Coronation of Elizabeth II, The Queen's Tour of Nigeria, Royal Tour of India and Pakistan; military tattoos, Coronation Tattoo Aldershot 1937, Royal Tournament 1957, Edinburgh Tattoo 1966 etc; ILN, Sunday Graphic, Woman's Own, The Times for Death of Edward VII (1910), Princess Mary's Wedding (1922) etc., postcards (48), inc. natives, Australia, bull-fighting etc., about G to VG, 78* £30-50
552.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. signed (23), hardback editions (8), If Not Now, When? (Greg Searle), On Top Of The World (Rebecca Stephens), A Man And His Mountains (Norman Croucher), Close To The Wind (Pete Goss, 2), Saved (Tony Bullimore); questionnaires (14+1), Derek Foulds, Sian Phillips, Jane Horrocks, Jane Freeman, Julia St John, Nanette Newman, Peter Vaughan etc. (each overmounted); Animal and Zoo magazines (15), 1930s (two with front cover missing) etc., FR to EX, 38* £30-50
553.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. ILN Record of the Glorious Reign of Queen Victoria (damage to spine & cover); Illustrated Chips comic (1918); songbooks, mainly sea shanties, Irish etc., framed copies of songsheets etc., good VR, Qty. £25-35
554.    THEATRE, selection, inc. libretto for The Beggar's Opera; programmes and souvenir brochures, Les Miserables (3), Miss Saigon (10th anniversary), Oliver Awards 2012 & 2013; prints of theatres (4), Savoy, Theatre Royal, Wimbledon etc., f/g (3), G, 20* £25-35
555.    COMICS, Whizzer and Chips, 1980s, G to EX, 99* £30-40
556.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. Beano Comic Christmas 2001, Red Dragon Fireworks brochure 2002, Punch Magazine 1927, Coronation of QEII souvenir programme, FDC for Lord of the Rings, Snip Snap cards, Decimal Currency game pub by Brooke Bond, beer mats (60*), The Times flag poster, Cinema Organ magazine 2004 featuring Ena Barga, scraps; Nikki Morris erotic drawing of Snow White; Meerschaum pipe and erotic resin figure; cooper printing plate on wood showing new making (7.5 x 5); Halloween Devil costume (c.1935/40); magic, German wall plate showing conjuror demonstrating cups and balls trick; 7" ceramic vase showing magician; German magic coin showing Devil etc., good VR, Qty. £50-60
557.    SELECTION, inc. books on collecting, transport etc; telephone cards, cigarette boxes, Guinness booklets, Christmas cards by Bimbi, Shakespeare silks, beermats etc., G to EX, Qty. £25-35
558.    BOXING, signed red Lonsdale gloves, by Alan Rudkin, Terry Spinks, Billy Aird, Bernien Terrell, Mark Rowe, Mick Pye, Larry O'Connell; John Conteh, Colin Weir, Colin Dunne; in Lonsdale bags, EX, 2 £30-40
559.    BOXING, signed boxing gloves, inc. James Cook (white Lemarr); Richie Woodhall, John Conteh, Colin Dunne and three others (brown glove with label removed), G to EX, 2 £30-40
560.    POSTCARDS, topographical, mainly modern UK & foreign, inc. Torquay, Wales, Scotland, Weston-Super-Mare, Norfolk, Gt Yarmouth, Dorset, Skegness, Paris, Canada, Spain, Australia, Hamburg etc; views, churches, coastal, lakes, gardens, bridges etc., together with books (4), Football Memorabilia, Arsenal 1989, Man & His World, 17th & 18th Century Art: Baroque and Rococo, G, Qty. £20-30
561.    THEATRE, postcards, inc. Minnie Watersford, Hilda Coral, Olive Morrell, Maie Ash, Lettice Fairfax, Irene Vanbrugh, Evie Greene, Daisy Jerome, Lily Hanbury, Evelyn Millard, Arthur Askey, George Alexander, Lewis Waller, Madge Lessing, Mabel Green, Billie Burke, Ellen Terry, Gabrielle Ray, Dorothy Frostick, Martin Harvey, Hayden Coffin, Joseph Coyne, Sybil Carlisle, Madge Kennedy, Florence St John, Hilda Hanbury, Gertie Millar, Marie Studholme, Zena Dare, Vesta Tilley, The Dollar Princess, The New Aladdin, Empire Theatre, The Hippodrome Aldershot, Duke of York's Theatre, Vaudeville, novelty acts etc., mixed sizes, some coloured, slight duplication, some pu, some with w.t.f., corner and edge knocks, P to G, 400* £40-50
562.    ROYALTY, Charles and Diana selection, inc. FDC, Diana Her Story in Stamps, in official presentation ringbinder; stamps, bookmarks, commemorative covers, inc. first visit to Wales, Royal Wedding, in memoriam; William's 18th birthday etc; two Christmas cards sent from the Duchy of Cornwall featuring Charles and Diana etc., G to EX, Qty. £40-60
563.    PLAYING CARDS, selection inc. Happy Families, Disney, Tiger, Singapore Airlines, Birch Grey, Fax Pax, Kelloggs, Barbie etc, G to EX, Qty £40-45
564.    MAGAZINES, bound volumes, inc. Sunshine (2), 1890/1 & 1887-1889 (both with damage to spines); The Girls Own Paper 1907, bound as annual with original covers & index (front cover loose), FR to G, 3 £25-35
565.    THEATRE, scrapbooks, laid down with programmes, London, Bath, Little Theatre, Hippodrome, Princes (all Bristol), All Saints Hall & Victoria Rooms (both Clifton), St Martins, Lyric, Savoy, Dalys, Theatre Royal Haymarket, Globe, Strand, Alhambra, Wyndhams, Royalty, Aldwych etc; cast lists (removed from programmes), newspaper cuttings & photos etc., a few French, 1920s-1930s, G, 3
566.    SHEET MUSIC, selection, inc. Lilac Time, The Merry Widow, Scotland The Brave, Invitation to the Waltz, Handel, Old Favourite Dances, Nutcracker Suite, Carols, Popular Marches, Daily Express Community Songbook, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, News Chronicle Song Book, Samuel Pepys Music Book etc., mixed formats, some covers loose or detached, VR, Qty. £25-30
567.    CINEMA, selection for various Disney Winnie the Pooh films, inc. scripts (3), The Blustery Day, The Honey Tree, Tigger Zoo; songsheets, plot summaries; videos (2), Piglet Movie & Pooh's Heffalump; dvd of songs from Piglet's Big Movie etc., VG to EX, Qty. £40-60
568.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, mainly hulls with sliders, 10s (60), 20s (8), 5s etc., inc. Star, Aristocratic, Rapid, Army Club, Diamond, The Plough (Thailand), darts, Woodbine, Robin, sweet Afton, Black Cat, Peacock, Plus Two, Hope, Taj Mahal, Pasha, Tenner, Dove, Passing Clouds etc., slight duplication, some crushing damage, a few with writing, FR to VG, 75* £30-50
569.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, USA selection, complete soft-packs (many with original wrapping), 1940s onwards, inc. Vegas, Prime, Misty, Roanoke, Calypso, Viceroy, Lark, Severn, Little Johns, Colleen, Profile, Alamo etc., G to EX, 40* £40-50
570.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, complete boxes (with original wrapping), mainly modern, inc. Falstaff, Madison, Curzon, St Moritz, Berkeley, Choice, Lambert & Butler, Gauloises, Lincoln, Camels etc., EX, 35* £35-45
571.    FOOTBALL, press photos, mainly 8 x 10, a few with typed annotation, EX, 55* £25-35
572.    FOOTBALL, press photos, mainly 8 x 10, a few with typed annotation, EX, 55* £25-35
573.    FOOTBALL, press photos, mainly 8 x 10, a few with typed annotation, EX, 55* £25-35
574.    FOOTBALL, press photos of foreign players, mainly 8 x 10, a few with typed annotation, EX, 54* £25-35
575.    MAGAZINES, Answers, 1937, covers inc. Churchill, football, jockey, Coronation etc., tears to edges, generally G, 6 £18-25
576.    THEATRE, signed poster, 11.5 x 16.5, Comic Potential, Scarborough 1998, laid down to card, signed by the full cast (to border), 11 signatures in total, including Alan Ayckbourn, 14.5 x 19.5 overall, EX £30-50
577.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. George Formby, Douglas Wakefield, Joyce Barbour, E.W.Pemrose, Leonard Mackay, Harry Bamford, Harry Brayne, Cyril Maude, Annie Purcell, Ada Reeve, Lillian McCarthy, Evie Greene, Mrs Jacky Hylton, etc., a.m.r., corner knocks, FR to G, 14 £30-50
578.    AUTOGRAPHS, sports selection, inc. showjumping, Fritz Ligges, Jane Holderness Roddan; Wrestling, Dave Armstrong, Tag Team Brothers Bert & Vic, Jim Breaks; Keke Rosberg; Charles Rigoulot, Doug Wright; Billy Houliston & Dougie Sharpe (both Queen of the South); Newcastle F.C. (17 signatures on two album pages), inc. Barry Mitchell, Reg Davies, Len White, Bob Stokoe, Alan Bartle, Ron Batty etc; Rugby, Wakefield Trinity, RLC Winners 1959-60, p/c signed by 18* players, inc. L. Chamberlain, F Smith, Don Metcalfe, K Holliday, Jack Williamson etc; small photo by J P Williams, brochure for The Wembley Year (St Helens RFC), three signatures to cover etc., a few inscribed, mixed sizes, some a.m.r., FR to G, 22 £30-50
579.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. Anna Neagle (signed piece laid down), Rolf Howlan, Charlie Kunz, Leslie Sarony & Leslie Holmes, Yana, Cyril Jackson, Dougle Wakefield, Leslie Crowther; Peter Adamson, Stuart Hall, Colin Campbell, Terence Rigby, Bob Greaves, Kay Cavendish (all on pieces laid down to card) etc., a few inscribed, mixed sizes, a.m.r., FR to G, 13 £30-50
580.    ATHLETICS, proof photographs for Athletics Arena magazine, A4 sheets, 6 rows of 6 photos, mostly laid down to card (9), photocopies (7), 576* photos in total, G to EX, 16 £25-30
581.    FOOTBALL, media information line-up sheets for Euro 96, friendlies, Coca-Cola, Worthington Cup, FAC, Charity Shield, internationals etc., G to VG, 50* £20-30
582.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. b/w 8 x 10 photos (a few signed); Manchester United t/c (6, signed); tribute brochure for Duncan Edwards (3), Sports Illustrated Magazine with Pele to cover (1975); newspaper & magazine cuttings, programmes (9) etc., G to VG, 70* £25-35
583.    GLAMOUR, press photos, inc. Pamela Anderson, Kate Moss, Eva Herzigova, Sam Fox, Linda Lusardi, Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen, Caprice etc., colour & b/w, mainly 8 x 10, some with typed annotation laid down to reverse, VG to EX, 43* £25-35
584.    ENTERTAINMENT, press photos, actors/actresses, inc. Bruce Willis, Una Thurman, Emma Thompson, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger with Evander Holyfield, Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Al Pacino, Eddie Murphy, Demi Moore, Madonna etc., colour, 10 x 8, most with typed annotation to reverse, VG to EX, 50* £25-35
585.    ENTERTAINMENT, press photos, selection, inc. Clint Eastwood (5.5 x 8.5), Jessica Lange, Tom Cruise, Helen Hunt, Dustin Hofmann & Robert De Niro, Whoopi Golderg, Mel Gibson, Jody Foster, Harrison Ford, Kim Bassinger, Judi Dench, Pierce Brosnan, Courtenay Cox & Drew Barrymore; Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, The Spice Girls, Elton John etc., colour, 10 x 8, most with typed annotation to reverse, VG to EX, 45* £25-35
586.    THEATRE, signed postcards, inc. Alan Aynesworth, Irene Vanbrugh, Clarice Kerry, Phyllis Monkman, Mark Lester, Dorothy Ward, Fred Terry, Basil Gill, Jose Collins, Elsie Prince, Wish Wynne etc., a few printed, corner knocks, generally G, 27* £30-40
587.    THEATRE, postcards, selection, inc. theatres and adverts, London Coliseum Royal Box, Alexandra Palace, Palace Theatre, Empire Theatre, Gaiety & Strand (all London); New Theatre Cardiff, Hippodrome New York, Balham Royal Duchess Theatre; adverts, Wildflower at His Majesty's Theatre, Miss Hook of Holland at Princes of Wales, Brewster's Millions at Theatre Royal Aldershot, Trial of Jack McCall for the Killing of Wild Bill Hickok at Old Town Hall Deadwood etc., generally G to VG, 24 xxx see Nov17 lot 892 £25-30
588.    CINEMA, and radio, postcards, inc. Muriel George, Frances Dee, Nova Pilbeam, Nancy Carroll, Pearl White, Peggy Hyland, Lois Moran, Vilma Banky, Janet Gaynor, Virginia Weidler, Margaret Sullavan, Bebe Daniels, Una Merkel, Cora Sue Collins, Shirley Temple, Jean Parker, Gary Cooper, Anna Neagle, Joan Bennett, Jessie Matthews, Lionel Barrymore, Freddie Bartholomew etc., some with writing to reverse, generally G, 55* £25-35
589.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, mainly postcards, inc. Vesta Tilley (2), Evie Green, Alexandra Carlisle, Madge Crichton, Kate Cuttler, Clifton Lees, Charles Wyndham & Mary Moore, James Fernandez, Robert Michaelis etc., some printed, corner torn (1), creasing and corner knocks, P to G, 17 £30-50
590.    POSTCARDS, foreign selection, inc. Port Said, docks, Graz City, Austria, Colombo, burial at sea, PoWs on board Meinam, Saigon, Hungarian barracks, funeral in Saigon, Botanical Gardens, school children and nuns, Mekong River, street vendors, groups, views, ships etc., most annotated to reverse, G, 40* £25-30
591.    MEDICINE, postcards, Red Cross, Nurses, WWI Hospital Latvia, treating patients, humour, soldiers, a few pu, G, 33* £20-30
592.    POSTCARDS, dolls and teddy bears, mostly with children, G to VG, 45* £20-30
593.    THEATRE, postcards, inc. Dan Leno, Lewis Waller, Phyllis Dare, Margaret Halstan, Sylvia Storey, Pauline Chase, Zena Dare, Isabel Jay, Ellaline Terriss, Fay Davis, Maxine Elliott, Nellie Bowman etc., slight duplication, some pu, some with w.t.f., corner and edge knocks, P to G, 100* £25-30
594.    THEATRE, postcards, inc. Dennis Eadie, Lewis Waller, Gabrielle Ray, Decima Moore, Kitty Gordon, Alice De Winton, Pauline Chase, some couples, Evelyn Millard, novelty acts etc., slight duplication, mixed sizes, some pu, some with w.t.f., corner and edge knocks, P to G, 98* £25-30
595.    HARNESS RACING, postcards, Stevens Point, Allentown Fair, Tokyo, adverts, Lewis County Fair Lowville New York, horses, Fred Leyburn in Italy 1911, Silico (European Champion 1908), races, Japan 1934, tracks etc., G, 30 £25-30
596.    TENNIS, postcards, selection, romance, children, couples in tennis poses with rackets etc., G, 47* £25-35
597.    BILLIARDS, postcards, showing players, tables, rooms, Crescent Hotel, Osborne House, romance, military, Midlands Billiard Room and Café Walsall etc., a few pu, G, 21 £25-35
598.    ADVERTISING, postcards, inc. Toneline Oil, Pirelli Tyres, Purfina Oil, radios, Life Magazine, Iowa Bird Co., Eastern Importing Co., G, 12 £25-35
599.    POSTCARDS, WWI, inc. The Boy Scout Hero of France, Albert En 1918 (10), Piece du Leugenboom & Moere (3), Hutt (2), BKW (2), G & S (6) etc., some edge knocks, aboug G to VG, 30 £25-30
600.    POSTCARDS, inc. French recipe cards (8, scarce), Lakes Pharmacy Devon (3), Pierrot (5, a.m.r.), Sandwich (6, art style), Familiar Figures of London (5), Faulkner Series 1006 (4), slight staining and edge knocks, FR to G, 31 £25-35
601.    POSTCARDS, famous people, inc. General Booth, Rubinstein, Handel, Bishop of Durham, Daniel Lambert, Bishop of London, Popes, Sir James and Lady Hill with the Prince of Wales 1907, Grieg, Hans Richter, Elgar, Brahms, John Scurr MP (signed), Tucks Kings & Queens of England (5) etc., w.t.f. (2), scuffing and edge knocks, about G to VG, 32 £25-35
602.    PHOTOGRAPHS, cartes de visite, inc. men, women, children, a few groups, portraits, full-length; photographers inc. A & G Taylor, Bates, Whitlock, Ball, Deneulain & Blake, Searl Bros., Lambert Weston, Valentine Blanchard, Hills & Saunders, Jacques Moll, Storbie, Walter Davey etc., some foxing, edge knocks, G, 75* £20-30
603.    PHOTOGRAPHS, cabinet photos, inc. men, women, groups etc., photographers, inc. Lawes, Barnes, Sunderland & Hudson, Wilcockson, Herdman, Charles F Treble, Batiste & Son, Window & Grove, Henry Soar, Avenell etc., some foxing, edge and corner knocks, about G to VG, 40* £20-30
604.    POSTCARDS, selection, Cats and Dogs, mixed periods and sizes, duplication, G to VG, 158* £20-30
605.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. Littlehampton, Yorkshire, Yarmouth, Southampton, Hastings, Margate, Brighton, Ramsgate, London etc; harbours, coastal, street scenes, views, piers, buildings etc., some pu, some corner and edge knocks, about G to VG, 150* £25-35
606.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. postcards, Alan Ayckbourn (h/s); Alan Bennett (half-length seated in studio), both NPG issues; Judi Dench (h/s); Edward Woodward (grey card); Circus, album page by Dorothy Gray with attached photo showing her full-length in aerialist's outfit (laid down to larger page with attached programme notes); Holby City official p/c's (signed, 8) etc., EX, 16 £30-50
607.    FOOTBALL, signed commemorative covers by Geoff Hurst, each for 1966 World Cup, with relevant postal cachets, EX, 4 £25-35
608.    FOOTBALL, signed album pages by England managers, Alf Ramsey & Walter Winterbottom, 4.5 x 3.5, Ramsey signature close to edge, EX, 2 £30-40
609.    FOOTBALL, signed album page (4.25 x 4.75) by Wolverhampton Wanderers, 1937/38, 15 signatures, inc. Westcott, Dorset, Cullis, Gardiner, Wright, Maguire, Barlow, McIntosh, McMahon, Galley etc., laid down to card, G £20-30
610.    RUGBY UNION, Wales 1950, signed album pages (3.25 x 4.75), 23* signatures, inc. Meredith, Williams, Thomas, Robins, Philips, Hayward, John etc., VG, 2 £15-25
611.    CRICKET, signed album pages (4 x 3.25), c.1920s, 10 signatures (back-to-back), inc. Ames, Watt (both Kent), Fairfax (Australia), Blanckenberg, Llewellyn (both South Africa), Dempster (NZ), Tydlesley, Warburton (both Lancs) etc., VG, 5 £25-35
612.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. Alexandra Theatre Birmingham Christmas card signed by Tommy Trinder, with annotation referring to Frankie Howerd; album pages, pieces, inc. Norman Wisdom, Leslie & Doris Waters, Charlie Chester, Wilfred Pickles, G to VG, 5 £20-30
613.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. Crazy Gang, photo by Bud Flanagan, 1948, h/s in character, 3.5 x 5.5, a.m.r.; Eddie Gray, photo (2.5 x 3.5) & What I Know About Women booklet; promotional card by Dickie Valentine, fan club issue with printed signatures, recipients name to reverse (3.5 x 5.75), knocks to edges; FR to G, 4 £20-30
614.    OLYMPICS, signed selection, inc. reprinted photo by Renate Stecher, h/s & in action, 6 x 4, with large biographical trade card; promotional card by Heike Drechesle, h/s (4 x 6); signed piece by Don Bragg, 1960 Rome Olympiad pole vault winner (he later played Tarzan though the film was never released (3.75 x .75) with large biographical t/c; photo by Bonnie Blair, half-length with two gold medals (4 x 5.5); magazine photo by Bob Mathias, h/s in USA tracksuit top (corner-mounted to slightly large card), VG to EX, 7 £20-30
615.    TITANIC, signed and inscribed white notepaper (4 x 3.25) by Millvina Dean, dated July 3rd 2000, VG £20-30
616.    GOLF, signed colour photo by Tiger Woods half-length swinging club, 8 x 11.5, EX £20-30
617.    MUSIC, signed colour photo by Ronnie Woods, half-length on stage playing guitar, 10 x 8, EX £20-30
618.    CINEMA, signed photo by Michael Caine, in costume in pose from Zulu, 8 x 10, EX £20-30
619.    MUSIC, signed colour magazine photo by David Bowie, 6.5 x 6.25, VG £20-30
620.    CINEMA, signed colour photo by Tom Hardy, h/s as Bane in scene from Batman - The Dark Knight Rises, 10 x 8, EX £20-30
621.    CINEMA, signed photo by John Travolta, half-length pose, 10 x 8, inscribed, in silver felt tip, EX £20-30
622.    CINEMA, signed photo by Charlton Heston, half-length in pose from Ben Hur, 8 x 10, reprint image, EX £20-30
623.    POLITICS, signed colour photo by Mitt Romney, h/s, 8 x 10, EX £20-30
624.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photo by John Cleese & Terry Jones, in scene from Monty Python, inscribed by Jones "Mr Creosote pp Terry Jones", 10 x 8, EX £20-30
625.    CINEMA, signed colour photo by Johnny Depp, reprinted image of poster for Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End, 8.25 x 11.75, EX £20-30
626.    CINEMA, signed King Kong campaign booklet by Fay Wray, Indian issue, VG £30-40
627.    POP MUSIC, silver gelatin photos of The Beatles, on stage & in waves, 12 x 9.5, EX £20-30
628.    TENNIS, signed colour photos, Jana Novotna (full-length at moment of victory at 1998 Wimbledon), Chris Evert, Martina Hingis (kissing trophy), 8 x 12, latter two inscribed, EX, 2 £30-50
629.    CRICKET, signed press photo by Geoff Boycott, full-length relaxing on Antiguan beach with Geoff Miller (1981), 8 x 10, with typed annotation to back, EX £25-35
630.    FOOTBALL, signed team photo by England, 1989, before match at Albania, nine signatures inc. Butcher, Pearce, Waddle, Walker, Lineker, Shilton, Webb, Robson & Barnes, typed annotation to back, EX £30-40
631.    FOOTBALL, signed team photo by France, prior to 1998 World Cup Final, ten signatures inc. Zidane, Desailly, Petit, Bartez etc. (missing No. 9), 13.5 x 8, EX £50-80
632.    FOOTBALL, signed photo by Arsenal, showing open top bus celebrations after 1971 FAC Final, seven signatures (to white borders) inc. Wilson, McNab, Radford, McLintock etc., 12 x 10, EX £30-50
633.    FOOTBALL, signed photo by George Best, 4 x 6, with two large trade cards, EX, 3 £40-50
634.    FOOTBALL, signed Typhoo trade cards by Gordon Banks, half-length holding ball & Leicester City issues, premium issues, corner knocks, G, 2 £25-35
635.    FOOTBALL, signed team sheet by Manchester United, for 1999 Toyota Cup match v Palmeiras, 20 signatures inc. Beckham, Giggs, Sheringham, Ferguson etc., with press release, EX, 2 £30-40
636.    ROWING, signed colour photos by Steve Redgrave, h/s with 1996 Atlanta gold medal, in action at 2000 Sidney Olympics (2), 8 x 10 & larger (2), EX, 3 £25-35
637.    YACHTING, signed colour photos by Ellen Macarthur, action shots from 2000/1 Vendee Globe race, 11.5 x x8, typed annotation to backs, EX, 4 £25-35
638.    TENNIS, signed colour photo by Chris Evert, full-length in gold/black glamorous dress, 8 x 11.5, EX £25-35
639.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed colour photo by Lisa Minelli, full-length performing at 1994 Summit of the Americas, 8 x 11.5, typed annotation to back, EX £30-40
640.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photo by Spike Milligan, reprinted 4.5 x 6.5 image, with signed cover letter (first name only), EX, 2 £30-40
641.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed colour photo by Jean Shrimpton, full-length wearing black gown, 8 x 11.5, EX £25-35
642.    GLAMOUR, signed colour press photo by Claudia Schiffer, full-length in wedding gown during 1995 Valentino show, 8 x 11.5, EX £25-35
643.    GLAMOUR, signed photos by Linda Lusardi, all topless, 8 x 10, inscribed (2), EX, 6 £40-50
644.    RELIGION, signed press photo by Terry Waite, with family at Gatwick after release, 8 x 10, typed annotation laid down to top edge, EX £25-35
645.    POP MUSIC, signed photo by Ringo Starr, half-length seated reading Beatles book, reprint of 1964 image, 8 x 6, EX £40-60
646.    CINEMA, signed colour photo by Arnold Schwarzenegger, h/s in white suit, typed annotation to back (1994), 8 x 10, EX £30-40
647.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed press photo by Harry Secombe, with Peter Sellers, Eric Sykes, Adrienne Corri & Stanley Baker at 1957 Third Stars Ball, 8 x 10, typed annotation to back, VG £25-35
648.    ROYALTY, signed colour press photo by Sarah Duchess of York, with children on 1997 skiing trip, 10 x 8, typed annotation to back, EX £30-40
649.    CINEMA, signed photos by Jane Russell, in pose from Outlaw, 8 x 10, EX, 2 £40-60
650.    POP MUSIC, signed press photos by Cliff Richard, 8 x 10, typed annotation to backs, slight wrinkling, G to VG, 3 £40-60
651.    CINEMA, signed press photo by Brigit Bardot, full-length with dresser from The Bride is Too Beautiful, 5.5 x 8, typed annotation to back, VG £25-35
652.    POP MUSIC, signed colour photo by Brian May, full-length playing guitar on roof of Buckingham Palace, 8 x 12, EX £25-35
653.    POP MUSIC, signed colour photo by Elton John, alongside Tim Rice celebrating Oscars win (Lion King), 8 x 11.5, EX £30-40
654.    CINEMA, signed photo by Clint Eastwood, scene from Paint Your Wagon, 8 x 10, scuffing to edges, G £40-50
655.    CINEMA, signed promotional photo by Robert De Niro, as Jake LaMotta in scene from Raging Bull, 8 x 10, EX £30-40
656.    CINEMA, signed photos by Doris Day, film scenes (2) & full-length pose, 6.5 x 9, each inscribed to Robert, VG, 3 £40-60
657.    CINEMA, signed FoH still by Brigit Bardot, And God Created Woman, 10 x 8, corner knocks, G £40-60
658.    CINEMA, signed colour photo by Brigit Bardot, three-quarter length in blue gingham dress, 8 x 10, EX £40-60
659.    CINEMA, signed colour FoH still by Brigit Bardot, Babette Goes to War, 10 x 8, VG £40-60
660.    CINEMA, signed press photo by Michael Caine, half-length with birthday cake, on set of Jack the Ripper, 8 x 10, typed annotation to back, EX £20-30
661.    POLITICS, signed selection, inc. Downing Street invitation card by Margaret Thatcher inviting recipient to tea at Downing Street, op; press photo by Edward Heath, h/s; Clement Attlee (signed piece, 3.25 x 2.25), EX, 3 £50-70
662.    FOOTBALL, signed pages by England, 1960/1 (eight signatures) & 1962/3 (nine signatures), inc. Kevan, Haynes, Douglas, Flowers, Robson; Peacock, Wilson, Hunt, Douglas etc., corner-mounted to slightly larger card, EX, 2 £20-30
663.    MUSIC, signed photo by Buddy Rich, seated playing drums on stage (dated 1946 to back), 8 x 10, VG £50-70
664.    AUTOGRAPHS, entertainment selection, inc. letters, Judi Dench, Cicely Courtneidge, Donald Sinden, Esme Percy, Esther Ralston, Michael Redgrave etc., G to VG, 9 £30-40
665.    FOOTBALL, signed commemorative covers, World Cup 1966 (2), inc. Bobby & Jack Charlton, Roger Hunt, Ray Wilson, Martin Peters; 1974 FAC (1) etc., all with relevant postal cachet, G to EX, 3 £30-40
666.    AUTOGRAPHS, selection of signed letters, inc. Ranulph Fiennes, Rosita Forbes, Agnes Weston, Cosmo Gordon Lang, Andrew Hicks (signed cheque), G to EX, 5 £25-35
667.    MUSIC, selection of signed letters, inc. Henry Wood, Joan Sutherland, John Dankworth, G to EX, 3 £25-35
668.    LITERATURE, selection of signed letters, inc. Vicki Baum, William De Witt Snodgrass, Matthew Arnold, G to EX, 3 £25-35
669.    AUTOGRAPHS, entertainment selection, inc. letters, George Burns, Joyce Grenfell, Sophie Tucker, Beryl Reid, G to VG, 4 £25-35
670.    SPACE, signed commemorative covers, inc. Viktor Gorbatko, Valentin Lebedev, Boris Volynov, Georgi Schonin, Georgi Schonin & Valeri Kubasov, all with relevant postal cachet, G to EX, 5 £30-40
671.    CINEMA, signed photo by Robert Redford, half-length from The Sting, 8 x 10, EX £25-35
672.    CINEMA, signed photo by Patrick Swayze, half-length from Dirty Dancing, 8 x 10 reprinted image, EX £25-35
673.    CINEMA, signed photos, inc. MacDonald Carey, Derek Bond, Joe Layton, Chase Matthews etc., 8 x 10, G (1) to generally EX, 5 £30-40
674.    SHIPPING, watercolour drawings of ships, Windsor Castle, Franconia, Empress of Britain & Asturias, by G. Shears, 10 x 7, small piece missing from one edge, G to VG, 4 £18-25
675.    INDIA, original photos, Tandola Camp, Mahsuds tribesmen & Ahnai Tangi, all North West Frontier, 1921, photos by Holms of Peshawar, 11.58 x 9.5, printed titles to fronts, G, 3 £25-35
676.    GUINNESS, menu cards, Sagacious Sidney & Soldierly St John, 5.5 x 9, unused, slight scuffing to edges, G, 2 £25-35
677.    POP MUSIC, signed colour photo by four Spice Girls, first names only, EX £10-15
678.    THEATRE, signed programmes, Macbeth (18 signatures), Jeff Alexander, Richard Armitage, Diane Beck, Ken Bones, Nigel Cooke, Noma Dumezweni, Polly Kemp, John Killoran, Stephen Noonan, Harriet Walter; Doctor Faustus (7), Jude Law, David Fielder, Tom Smith, Ofo Uhiara; The Three Musketeers (13), Palli Beck, Phil Rowson, Stuart Goodwin, Teo Ghil, Ralph Casson etc., VG, 3 £20-30
679.    LITERATURE, two Orders of Service for Ted Hughes, 1999, EX, 1 + 1 £10-15
680.    BOXING, Muhammad Ali, two private photos (8 x 10), in black suit holding shopping bag & another in back seat of a car, each signed to lower white border by the photographer John Marven, sold without copyright, EX, 2 £25-30
681.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed album pages and letters, inc. Colin Dextor, Tommy Trafford, Jeffrey Holland, Bill Kerr, William Simons, Ralf Ineson, Peggy Marsh, Dermot Walsh, Lionel Gamlin, Los Paraquayos, Clarke Brothers, Mark Wynter, Claire Nielson, Tony Marlowe, The Perrards, Derek Foulds, Irene Dunne, Derek Bond etc., some back-to-back, a.m.r. (1), G to VG, 18 £25-35
682.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos and promotional cards, inc. Kathryn Grayson, Wanda Richert, Frances Heflin, Gwen Taylor, Lynne Perrie, Sue Holderness, Su Ppllard, Loretta Young, inscribed (6), G, 8 £25-35
683.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed and inscribed photos, promotional cards etc., inc. Kelly Monteith, George Heam, Edward Herrman, Christopher Quinton, James Fleet, Geoffrey Hinsliff, Martin Clunes, Rod Hull, Jean Luis, Donald Sinden, Tom Counteney, Christopher Cazenove, George Baker, James Fox, Trevor Peacock, Michael Crawford etc., G to VG, 17 £25-35
684.    BANKNOTES, collection of German banknotes, early 1920s, duplication, G to VG, 96* £25-35
685.    POP MUSIC, songbook, Another Side of Bob Dylan, pub. by Blossom Music, G £20-30
686.    POP MUSIC, signed tour programme by Roy Orbison, to title page, with ticket stub for Davenport Theatre Stockport (date stamp 16 Sep 1973), VG, 2 £50-60
687.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed white card by Eric Morecombe, 6 x 4, with 1977 University of Lancaster dinner menu, G to VG, 2 £50-60
688.    POLITICS, signed commemorative covers by John Major, each with cricket theme, EX, 2 £30-40
689.    CINEMA, signed cover by Nick Park, with sketch of Wallace & Grommit, for Comics centenary, with relevant postal cachet (1995), EX £35-45
690.    RUGBY UNION, postcards of Cardiff RFC, 1930s, one annotated to back 1935/6, VG, 2 £25-35
691.    BOXING, advert postcard for Chesterfield Cigarettes, Joe Louis, 1940s, EX £15-25
692.    FOOTBALL, signed commemorative cover by Bobby Robson, for Ipswich Town in Europe, EX £20-30
693.    FOOTBALL, signed commemorative cover by Frank McLintock, for 1971/1 Arsenal Double season, EX £20-30
694.    GOLF, signed white card by Arnold Palmer, 5 x 3, EX £25-35
695.    MILITARY, postcards, inc. Bairnsfather (3, one with piece missing from bottom corner and one trimmed), Daily Mail Battle Pictures (4), inc. Sir D Haig introducing Sir Pertab Singh to General Joffre, The King Inspecting RNAS Officers etc., pu (2), P to G, 9 £10-15
696.    BALLET, RP postcard, Nuryev & Kolpakov full length in dancing pose, 1960, Russian issue, corner creases, G £20-30
697.    FRY, advert postcard, Great Scott! What a Find (burglars), by Hassell, wtb (1907), not pu, VG £20-30
698.    FRY, advert postcard, No Better Food After a Cold Bath (polar bear), by Hassell, not pu, G £20-30
699.    GERMANY, postcard, 1913 Workers Exhibition, art nouveau style, VG £14-20
700.    U.S.A., advert postcard, Nail Your Money Down, opening wallet for 1st National Bank (1920), pu, VG £20-30
701.    FOOTBALL, signed postcard by Alf Ramsey, showing World Cup Willie, with stamp & relevant postal cachet to front, EX £40-60
702.    POSTCARDS, humour, inc. Valentines, Tucks, Tom Browne (10), Illustrated Limericks 6229 (1), Newspaper Headings Illustrated (2), Yachting Terms (1), Football Terms (1), Thackeray (2), most pu, corner knocks, foxing etc., P to G, 26 £20-30
703.    ROYALTY, postcards, inc. Tucks, Oxford Pageant 1907 (7), Empire (1), Kings & Queens of England (1+1), In Memoriam (Edward VII), Funeral of George V, Coronation of King George V & Queen Mary, Royal Visit to Caerphilly 1907, Queen Alexandra, lying in state of Edward VII, Coronation procession 1911, Royal Wedding of Princess Mary & Lord Lascelles etc., a few pu, G to VG, 55* £30-50
704.    POSTCARDS, Tucks selection, inc. views, art, buildings, interiors, many Oilettes, a few foreign, many pu, good VR, 60* £30-40
705.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, UK, inc. Southsea, Children's Swimming Pool, Canoe Lake, The Common; Isle of Man, Lyme Regis, Weymouth, Swanage, Dorchester, Beachy Head, Eastbourne, Town Hall Gt Yarmouth, Putting Green Broadreeds Holiday Camp Selsey, Castle Combe, Portland Bill, views, coastal etc., slight duplication, good VR, 100* £30-50
706.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, UK, inc. Bridport, The Green Marlborough, Market Cross Devizes, Upper High Street Tisbury, Church & Cross Castle Combe, The Square Mere, Milford Street Salisbury, Lacock, Wilton House, Market Place Salisbury, High Street Ashmore, Weymouth, Church Lane Piddletrenthide, Blandford, Marlborough College, views, coastal, churches etc., slight duplication, good VR, 100* £30-50
707.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, UK, inc. Swindon, Salisbury, High Street Marlborough, North Tidworth, The Elm Tree Inn Chiseldon, Market Cross Devizes, Broad Street Lyme Regis, The Esplanade Weymouth, Burton Bradstock, Weymouth Harbour, East Street Wimborne, The Two Bays Swanage, Common Lane Handley, views, coastal, churches etc., slight duplication, good VR, 100* £30-50
708.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, UK, inc. Hydro Hotel Windermere, Birmingham, University, Town Hall, Bowood House Calne, West Dean Station, Godolphin School Salisbury, Ombersley Village, Savernake Station, Potterne Wilts, The Brittox Devizes, The Parade Leamington, Chapel Street Stratford-on-Avon, Clifton Road Rugby, High Street Bulford, Hertford Street Coventry, Colmore Row Birmingham, School Buildings Rugby, views, coastal, churches, buildings etc., slight duplication, good VR, 100* £30-50
709.    ENTERTAINMENT, autograph album, inc. Elsie Carlisle, Arthur Askey, Renee Huston, Charlie Clapham, Issy Bonn, Georgie Wood, Billy Cotton, Sandy McPherson, Norman Evans, Betty Astell, Gracie Fields, Adelaide Hall, Michael Redgrave, Charlie Kunz, Vera Lynn, Phyllis Dixey, Gordon Richards, George Formby, Anna Neagle, Eric Portman etc., many back-to-back, 4.5 x 3.75, covers damaged (not affecting signatures), G £30-50
710.    POSTCARDS, mixed sport selection, inc. adverts for billiard tables by G Simonini & Fratelli Deagostini; art style tennis humour; winter sports, inc. posters, advertising, humour, Skiing, Sledding, Skating; Silhouettes des Ateliers, inc. Shotput, Oaring, Running, Skaters & Tennis (French) etc., some pu, G to VG, 40* £30-50
711.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. theatre (3), Mason & Bart Novelty Gymnasts, actresses (2); Ficolax Fruit (set of six reward cards), golf RP (Devon), Japanese (Ijuin/Ghitose) etc., G to EX, 13 £25-35
712.    MIXED SPORT, modern selection, inc. Olympics, Kelloggs Olympic Champions (mechanical cards); football, athletics, motor racing; postcards, trade issues etc., generally VG, 200* £35-45
713.    POSTCARDS, RP selection, inc. Cheltenham Ladies College (10), interiors, study, bedroom; other school classes (13), Edwardian river boating (6), camping (4), G to VG, 33* £40-60
714.    POSTCARDS, hospital exteriors, inc. Hampstead, Newport, Newcastle, London, Elgin, Elswick, Derby, Birmingham etc., good VR, 50* £40-50
715.    POSTCARDS, RP, Edwardian social history, inc. pre-WWI school classes (27), mainly girls schools; portraits, families, children, groups etc., generally G, 65* £50-80
716.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. exhibitions, Panama Pacific (possible set of 12 by Mitchell); booklet of ten Joseph Mears adverts, launches & motors, Richmond, The Thames from London to Marlow (slight a.c.m.), G to VG, 13 £20-30
717.    POSTCARDS, Yorkshire, inc. aerial view of Rowntree's Cocoa & Chocolate Works York, Market Place Beverley, Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay, Churches, King Edward Street Hull, The Orphanage Halifax, Bingley Training College, Market Place Ripon, Royal Hall & Parliament Street Harrogate, Clarence Gardens Scarborough, University Leeds etc., a few pu, FR to G, 54* £25-30
718.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, all by A R Quinton, inc. Rottingdean, High Street Clovelly, The Quay Looe, Buckfast Abbey, Kingsgate Castle, Malvern Hills, The Cross Chester, Monsal Dale Buxton, Carpet Gardens Eastbourne, Porloch Weir, Christchurch Priory, Corfe Castle, New Forest ponies, Denton Gardens Worthing, Polperro, Windsor Castle, Magdalen College Oxford etc., some pu, FR to VG, 64* £25-30
719.    POSTCARDS, Ireland, inc. St John's Cathedral Limerick, Shindilla Lough Connemara, School of Art Dublin, The Tunnel Kenmare Road Killarney, Donegal Castle, Glengarriff Bay, St Columb's Cathedral Londonderry, Queen's College & City Hall Belfast, Tucks Oilettes (Killarney), Kate Kearney's Cottage Killarney etc., some pu, FR to VG, 56* £25-30
720.    POSTCARDS, French selection, inc. Cote D'Azur, Palais De Versailles, Paris, Montreuil, Cannes, Boulogne, Monte Carlo, Evian, Tournon, Amiens, Monaco, Calais, Grenoble, Wimereux; buildings, Cathedrals, hotels, views, coastal, gardens, interiors, art, monuments etc., slight duplication, some pu, FR to G, 223* £30-50
721.    POSTCARDS, mainly Theatre selection, inc. Zena Dare, Mary Pickford, Kitty Mason, Mabel Love, Dan Leno, Rudolph Valentino, Anna Pavlova, Gladys Cooper, Gladys Archbult, Jessie Bateman, Forbes Robertson, Janet Alexander, Marie George, Esme Beringer, Florence St John, Violet Vanbrugh, Florence Collingbourne Mabel Green, Marie Studholme, Phyllis Dare, Billie Burke, Phyllis Dare, Rosa Bennett, Gertie Millar, Florence Smithson, Gaynor Rowlands, Ellaline Terriss, Margaret Halstan, Hilda Hammerton, Ruth Lincoln, Fanny Fields, Billie Burke, Agnes Fraser, Blanche Stocker, Anna Pavlova (2), signed (4), some pu, P to G, 90* £30-50
722.    GOLF, selection, inc. hardback edition of The Open 1960-1990, LE.55/100 (signed by the author Michael Hobbs), with slipcase; programme for the 34th Ryder Cup 2002 (with Ryder Cup News insert), EX, 2+ £20-30
723.    POSTCARDS, churches, inc. RP, Views, interiors; Malpas, Croydon, South Wold, Rugby, Warrington, Houghton, St Albans, Long Sutton, London etc., corner-mounted in period album, generally G, 160* £50-60
724.    TRAVEL, photo album laid down with 125* snapshot photos, 1920s-1930s, believed to be from one family, inc. Rhodesia, South Africa, Gibraltar, Morocco, Venice etc., many annotated by hand, VG £50-60
725.    SPORT, bound volumes of The Captain magazine, October 1913 to March 1914 & April to September 1922, with illustrations & articles on mixed sports, inc. cricket, MCC in South Africa, AC Russell, DJ Knight; football, rowing, athletics, rugby etc., earlier issue with internal spine weak (a few pages possibly missing), FR to G, 2 £40-60
726.    COMICS, bound volumes, Boy's Own Paper (1918-1919) & Chums (22nd Aug 1900 to 14th Aug 1901), inc. foldouts & other illustrations by Harry Payne, Badges & Emblems of RAF, rugby, football, cricket, stamps, ballooning, Boer War, railway, Houdini etc., inc. etc., G, 2 £40-50
727.    TRAVEL, photo album laid down with 270* private photos, 1930s-1940s, believed to be from one family, inc. Hawaii, Japan, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, USA, Long Island, Scarsdale etc., most annotated by hand, VG £50-60
728.    SHIPPING, selection, 1930s onwards, inc. menus, brochures, price lists; Holland-American, P & O, Cunard, Canadian Pacific, Union Castle etc., G to VG, 27* £30-40
729.    SHIPPING, selection, 1930s onwards, inc. menus, brochures, price lists; B.I., P & O, Cunard, Union Castle etc., G to VG, 17 £25-35
730.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. Wallace & Co., Detroit Soap Co., Blakeman & Bussey, Frear's Bazaar, Thurbers Fruit Preserves, Reed & Carnrick, Prussing Vinegar Co., McLean & Co., G. Bradley, Hallock & Co Clothiers, C.C. Tenney, Metropolitan Life Insurance, A M Fitch & Co., a few scraps etc., mixed sizes, a.m.r., slight edge knocks, about G to VG, 100* £25-30
731.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. Mikado Cologne, O'Neill & Co., David Nicholson, Scott's Emulsion, Quackenbush, Horn's, Lion Coffee, Domestic Sewing Machines, Blake Shirt Maker, Hurd & Mellen US Presidents (7), Clarke's Cotton, Deering Harvest Machinery etc., mixed sizes, some a.m.r., slight edge knocks, about G to VG, 100* £25-30
732.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. Lambie & Pomeroy, Silverthau & Son Watchmakers, Gowans & Stover's Soap, Raymond & Co., McLane's Liver Pills, L P Abbe & Son, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Wheelock Pianos, Soapine, New Home Sewing Machines, Myers & Co., Dr Warner's Coraline Corsets, Quackenbush etc., mixed sizes, some a.m.r., slight edge knocks, about G to VG, 100* £25-30
733.    CRICKET, autograph album, 30 signatures by Test players (one per page, one back-to-back), inc. Hardwick, Adams, Marsh, Shuttleworth, Pringle, Lloyd, Trueman, Illingworth, Flower, Gooch, Woolmer, Boycott, Holding, Gavaskar, Cook etc., all neatly annotated in pencil, 5.75 x 4.5, VG £30-50
734.    CRICKET, autograph album, 48 signatures by Test players (one per page, none back-to-back), inc. Benaud, Gatting, Close, Rice, de Silva, Simpson, Steele, Arnold, Boycott, Slater, Gower, Russell, Atherton, Willis, Palmer, Lloyd, Graveney etc., all neatly annotated in pencil, 4.5 x 2.75, VG £30-50
735.    BOOKLETS, inc. Irish Locomotives (No. 5), pub. by Ian Allan (1949); Rambles & Walking Tours in South Devon by Page (1939); The Corinthian (No. 260), pub. by The Boys Friend, G to VG, 3 £25-35
736.    POSTCARDS, pub. by Shurey, topographical selection, inc. views, country life, Eastbourne, Bristol, Torquay, Southsea, Plymouth, Bournemouth, Castles, Buxton, parks and gardens, monuments, Ipswich, Dover, rivers, Chester, St Ives, Bath, Whitby etc., pu (2), some edges and corner knocks, generally G, 200* £40-50
737.    POSTCARDS, pub by F Warne & Co., Randolph Caldecott's Pictures, Sets A-D, slight foxing and edge knocks, G to VG, 24 £25-35
738.    POSTCARDS, chocolate selection, inc. Hershey Chocolate Co. showing scene in Hershey Park; Cadbury's Cocoa (2), Van Houten, Rowntree, G, 5 £25-35
739.    FOOTBALL, signed photos, inc. Shilton, Villa, Armstrong, Houghton, Stevens, Alan Smith, Thompson & Neal, Jennings etc., 8 x 10 & larger, a few with typed annotation, EX, 12 £60-90
740.    FOOTBALL, signed photos & programme (1), inc. Shilton, Sammy lee, Gregory, Sexton, Mackay, Peters, Lineker & Mabbutt etc., 8 x 10 & larger, a few with typed annotation, EX, 12 £60-90
741.    FOOTBALL, signed photos, inc. Michael Thomas, Brooking, Kidd, Shilton, Houghton, Clemence, David Johnson, McDermott etc., 8 x 10 & larger, a few with typed annotation, EX, 12 £60-90
742.    FOOTBALL, signed brochure for 1990 World Cup, by Paul Gascoigne, Peter Shilton & one other, EX £30-40
743.    FOOTBALL, press photos of foreign players, mainly 8 x 10, a few with typed annotation, EX, 54* £30-40
744.    FOOTBALL, press photos of managers & other officials, mainly 8 x 10, some typed annotation to backs, EX, 46* £30-40
745.    FOOTBALL, press photos, 8 x 10 and larger, some typed annotation to backs, EX, 60* £30-40
746.    POSTCARDS, Clowns, signed selection, inc. Cornalla & Eddie (Eddie only), Damerell & Rutland, Miss Hannah, Young Harry, Bunny Doyle, Rob Daymar, Leslie Cairoli & Tony, Tommy Keele etc., some with first name only, a few unsigned, pu (2), a.m.r. (2), slight staining, edge and corner knocks, P to G, 28 £30-50
747.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Abdulla Imperial Preference, 10s, with slider, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
748.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Andiamio & Co. Marsuma Cigarettes, 10s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, three nicks to edges, G £10-15
749.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Ardath Triumph, 20s, with slider, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
750.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Bacon Bros. House of Commons, 20s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
751.    CIGARETTE PACKET, B.A.T. Three Spears, 10s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
752.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Carreras Turf, 20s, with slider (Celebrities of British History), corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
753.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Dewar Navy Cut, 20s, with slider, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
754.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Fifteen Tob. Co. Fifteens, 10s, with slider, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
755.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Hartog & Co. Golden West, 10s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
756.    CIGARETTE PACKET, International Tob. Co. Nelson Navy Cut, 10s, with slider, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
757.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Lewis & Co. Blue Line, 20s, with slider, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
758.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Masters Medium Navy Cut, 20s, with slider, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
759.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Mitchell Binnacle Navy Cut, 20s, with slider, corner-mounted to page, damage to corners, FR £10-15
760.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Morris Mohawk, 10s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
761.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Ogdens Otto de Rose, 10s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
762.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Pattreiouex Senior Service (red), 10s, with slider, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
763.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Phillips Queen Mary, 10s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
764.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Players Drumhead, 10s, hull only, with slider, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
765.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Redford Golden Fern, 10s, hull only, with slider, corner-mounted to page, G £10-15
766.    CIGARETTE PACKET, UK Tob. Co. Paymaster Export, 20s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
767.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Walters Walton Cigarettes, 20s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, creased, G £10-15
768.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Wills Crown Bird, 50s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
769.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Wix Sea Horse, 10s, hull only, corner-mounted to page, VG £10-15
770.    CINEMA, postcards, part set, Les Vedettes de Cinema, slight edge knocks, G to VG, 20 £20-30
771.    CINEMA, postcards, actors and actresses, inc. Ludwig Trautmann, Livio Pavanelli, Ivan Petrovich, Delores Costello, Bebe Daniels, William Collier, Pearl White, Henry Garat, Willy Thunis, Victor Boucher, Norma Shearer, Nancy Carroll, Charles Rogers, Marcelle Chantal, Greta Garbo, Victor Francen, Lawrence Gray, Gina Manes, Charles Farrell, Maurice Chevalier, Constance Bennett, Loretta Young, Myrna Loy, Robert Montgomery, Ramon Novarro, Rudolph Valentino etc., P to G, 90 £25-35
772.    POP MUSIC, promotional photos, inc. Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Rod Stewart, James Brown, Madonna, Sting, Cliff Richard, Eric Clapton, Sonny & Cher, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Hendricks, Curtis Knight, Chuck Berry etc., 8 x 12 and smaller, some reprints, slight duplication, G to EX, Qty. £30-40
773.    CINEMA, FoH & lobby cards, inc. Mr Potts Goes to Moscow, Elephant Walk, Pacific Heights, The Girls on the Beach, Tom & Jerry, Threesome, Miller's Crossing, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Face Off, Paratroop Command, 633 Squadron, Commando, The Black Pearl, St Valentine's Day Massacre etc., some with annotation to reverse, some creasing, good VR, Qty. £25-35
774.    CINEMA, selection, inc. photos, lobby cards, FoH, posters, promotional etc., inc. My Brilliant Career, Something Wild, She's Gotta Have It, Tell Me A Riddle, Houseparty, Death of a Salesman etc., mixed sizes, duplication, G to VG, Qty. £30-50
775.    CINEMA, selection, inc. photos, lobby cards, FoH, posters, promotional etc., inc. Nobody's Fool, La Boheme, Istanbul, Straw Dogs, She, Possession, The Belly of an Architect etc., mixed sizes, duplication, G to VG, Qty. £25-35
776.    POP MUSIC, concert ticket stubs from Manchester Free Trade Hall, 1976-1980, inc. Ramones, Television, Captain Beefheart, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Herbie Hancock, Rush, Barclay James Harvest, Blue Oyster Cult, Ry Cooder, Chicago, Crosby & Nash, Rickie Lee Jones, Ian Hunter's Overnight Angels, Little Feet, Nazareth, Uriah Heep etc., approx. 42 x 70mm paper issue, duplication, some tears to corners, FR to VG, 190* £120-150
777.    POP MUSIC, LP records, inc. Buckingham Nicks, Patti Austin, Eric Gale, The Atlantic Family Live At Montreux, Silent Running, Electric Glide In Blue, David Matthew with Whirlwind, Stefan Grossman, Leo Kottke, Walter Carlos, Vanishing Point etc., in sl £30-50
778.    POP MUSIC, LP records, inc. Chicago IX, Strawbs, Maggie Bell, Roberta Flack, Kiki Dee, Alan Price, The Beach Boys, Chaka, Rose Royce, Randy Crawford, Joan Baez, Fleetwood Mac, Chaka Khan, The Beach Boys, George Benson, Neil Young etc., in sleeves, VG £30-50
779.    POP MUSIC, LP records, Flying Burrito Brothers, inc. Close Up The Honky Tonks (AMLH 63631), Airborne (CBS 81433), Last Of The Red Hot Burritos (AMLS 64343), Flying Again (KC 33817), in sleeves, VG to EX, 4 £30-50
780.    POP MUSIC, LP records, inc. Mason Williams, Pete Atkin, BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra Sir Arthur Bliss, Monty Python, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, The Allman Brothers Band, Walter Carlos, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Walter £30-50
781.    POP MUSIC, LP records, inc. Arista Disco, Star Wars, Andrew Gold, Sandy Denny and The Strawbs, Strawbs, 10cc and Godley & Crème, Randy Crawford, The Kiki Dee Band, Carole King, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Captain & Tennille, £30-50
782.    POP MUSIC, LP records, inc. This Is The John Dummer Blues Band, Jim Croce, Isotope, Joan Armatrading, Fripp & Eno, The Brecker Brothers Band, David Sanborn, Steve Khan, Quincy Jones, Jimmy Jewell & Ears, Bob James Four, Eric Gale, Bob James etc., in £30-50
783.    POP MUSIC, LP records, Crusaders, inc. Pass The Plate (CS 807), The 2nd Crusade (ABCD 610), Free As The Wind (ABC Records ABCL 5226), Images (ABC Records ABCL 5250), Unsung Heroes (ABCL 5180), Southern Comfort (ABC Records ABCD 607), Those Southern K £30-50
784.    POP MUSIC, LP records, inc. Tom Scott, L.A. Express, Stanley Kubrick, Screen Trip, John Kay, Santa Esmeralda, James Last Band, Mike Mandel, Chuck Mangione, Monty Python, The Muppet Show, Asleep At The Wheel, Jackson Browne etc., in sleeves, VG to E £30-50
785.    POP MUSIC, LP records, Judy Collins, inc. Whales & Nightingales, Recollections, Living, True Stories and other dreams, Hard Times for Lovers, Running For My Life, Judith, Times Of Our Lives, Fifth Album, Bread & Roses, The Most Beautiful Songs Of, So £30-50
786.    MUSIC, selection of LPs (40) & 45 rpms (100), inc. Paul McCartney, Madonna, Elvis Presley, Queen, Tom Paxton, Beatles, John Lennon, ELO, Abba, Johnny Cash, Alison Moyet; Gerry & The Pacemakers, Cliff Richard, The Beatles, Gloria Estefan, The Moody Blues, Billy Fury, The Searchers, Mannfred Mann, Elvis Presley, Dusty Springfield, Buddy Holly, The Kinks, Eagles etc., some covers with creasing and tears, G to VG, 140* £30-50
787.    PINK FLOYD, selection, inc. Christies auction catalogue for The Wall Animation Art 1990, Cast/Credit list for MGM Pink Floyd The Wall, brochures (2 different) for The Wall, one signed to front cover, publicity stills (7) etc., G to VG, 18 £30-50
788.    PINK FLOYD, LPs, inc. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (ST5093) USA & SMC743 (Germany); The Best of Pink Floyd (5C054-04299) Israel, A Collection of Great Dance Songs (LP1569) Phillipines, G to VG, 4 £30-50
789.    PINK FLOYD, LPS, inc. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (ST6242) Canada, A Saucerful of Secrets (EMS-80318) Japan & SCX5053 (New Zealand), Enclave, double LP (plain white covers), G to VG, 5 £30-50
790.    PINK FLOYD, CDs, inc. Roger Waters What God Wants Part I, Music From The Film More, Shine On, A Saucerful of Secrets, The Dark Side of The Moon etc., some overseas issues, G to VG, 8 £25-35
791.    PINK FLOYD, CDs, inc. The Wall (double, case cracked), A Saucerful of Secrets, Take It Back, Delicate Sound of Thunder, In The Studio etc., some overseas issues, G to VG, 8 £25-35
792.    PINK FLOYD, CDs, inc. Roger Waters What God Wants Part I, Music From The Film More, Meddle, The Division Bell, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Relics etc., some overseas issues, G to VG, 8 £25-35
793.    PINK FLOYD, CDs, inc. A Collection of Great Dance Songs, A Momentary Lapse of Reason Official Tour, The Division Bell, Meddle, Music From The Film More, Roger Waters What God Wants Part I etc., some overseas issues, G to VG, 7 £25-30
794.    PINK FLOYD, LPs, In Memoriam 1967-1981 R.I.P. (boxed set), some scuffing to box, G to VG £30-50
795.    PINK FLOYD, LPs, inc. The Source, Fantasy Palace, The Rock and Roll Vault Rarities, G to VG, 3 £25-30
796.    PINK FLOYD, LPS, inc. Off The Record Specials, In Concert (Radio Show), Crackers, G to VG, 3 £25-30
797.    PINK FLOYD, LPS, inc. Richard Wright Wet Dream (USA), British Wax Museum, Eclipse, G to VG, 3 £25-30
798.    PINK FLOYD, LPS, inc. Rhapsody in Pink, Live, Brescia 20-6-71, The Dark Side of the Moo, G to VG, 4 £25-30
799.    PINK FLOYD, selection, inc. LPs, The King Biscuit Flower Hour, Innerviews, BBC Rock Hour (water damage), Interview Picture Disc; 12" single In Concert; box set, Pink Floyd on compact disc etc., G to VG, 8 £30-40
800.    POP MUSIC, posters, Pink Floyd studio group, Roger Waters The Wall: Live in Berlin, inc. USA promos for CD/Cassette/LP (printer's proof) & video/laser disc releases; art poster by Bi-Rite Enterprises Inc., Atom Heart Mother, Hypnosis - 1971, Dark Side of the Moon-20th Anniversary, Pulse etc., mixed sizes, FR to G, 7 + 3 £30-50
1000.   POSTCARDS, romance, beauties, erotic, art nouveau etc., a few pu, G to VG, 20 £15-20
1001.   ENTERTAINMENT, postcards, actors & actresses, inc. adverts for Warner Bros., The Lady of Ostend, Lily Brayton as Hajj, Brigitte Helm (6), Zena & Phyllis Dare etc., some pu, G, 18 £15-20
1002.   LITRATURE, hardback edition of Longfellow's Poetical Works, pub. by Gall & Ingliss, with brown leather boards & gilt titles, G £10-15
1003.   FOOTBALL, signed programme & cover for 1984 FA Cup Final, both by Andy Gray, EX, 2 £20-30
1004.   FOOTBALL, Frank McLintock, signed dinner menu (to cover) & commemorative cover, EX, 2 £20-30
1005.   FOOTBALL, philatelic selection, inc. commemorative covers, mini-sheets, stamps etc., on pages removed from World Cup Collection by Westminster, EX, 36* £30-40
1006.   BILLIARDS, softback edition of Billiards by Harry Young, pub. By AP Books, early 1920s, VG £15-25
1007.   ADVERTISING, calendar selection, inc. Pearls of Poetry by Keats 1911, Coopers Dipping Powder 1897, Gould's Album of Royal & Other Celebrities 1897, The Great Western Cereal Company (USA) Mother's Crushed Oats 1902/1903, advert for John Wanamaker's Fine Art Calendars for 1900, G to VG, 5 £10-20
1008.   RUGBY UNION, Samoa, signed white cards and promotional photos (5), inc. Lemi (2), Tagicakibau (2), Crichton, Rasmossen etc., EX, 13 £10-15
1009.   ATHLETICS, signed commemorative cover by Mary Peters, 1996, EX £14-20
1010.   FOOTBALL, signed white card, Stan Mortensen, inscribed, 4 x 3, VG £12-15
1011.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Tom Finney, half-length in England shirt, by Winter of Preston, 3.25 x 5.25, EX £20-30
1012.   AUTOGRAPH, two white cards, one a pen and ink sketch of Sue Macartney-Snape (illustrator for Telegraph magazine), the other signed by her, 4.5 x 3.5, EX, 2 £25-30
1013.   OPERA, signed postcard by Joan Sutherland, National Portrait Gallery issue, EX £20-30
1014.   AUTOGRAPHS, signed postcards, Ellis Powell in costume as Mrs Dale; Chic Johnson & Ole Olsen (trimmed), a.m.r. (1), G to VG, 2 £20-30
1015.   ICE SKATING, signed photos (2), Barbara Ann Scott (Olympic Gold 1948 & World Champion 1947/8); Jacqueline Du Bief (World Champion 1952); signed page, Jeanette Altwegg (World Champion 1951 & Olympic Champion 1952) 3.5 x 3.5 and smaller, creased (1), P to G, 3 £15-20
1016.   ATHLETICS, signed postcard by Mikhail Kriyonosov, won silver medal in 1956 in Melbourne, with small magazine cutting, G, 2 £15-20
1017.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed album page, 8 signatures, Barbara Shaw and cast of American farce Ladies Please, inc. Dick Emery, George Gee, Betty Frankiss etc., newspaper photo of Barbara Shaw laid down to page, G £20-30
1018.   AVIATION, postcards, inc. KLM pilot, flying boat, Sabena Airlines advert, Manchurian Airways (4), Italy-Brazil Balboa flight etc., VG, 9 £10-15
1019.   HORSE RACING, postcards, inc. Hialeah Park FLA, Tarantella 1896, jockeys on horseback (unidentified), The Co-Operative Turf Association (New Orleans) investment card etc., G, 8 £15-20
1020.   EXPOSITIONS & FAIRS, postcards, inc. Congress 1904, Italy Art Exposition 1904, 1911 Torino International Exposition, Tripoli Exposition 1928 etc., pu (3), edge and corner knocks, G, 10 £10-15
1021.   TENNIS, postcards, French, Jeu De Tennis, set of six, all pu, corner knocks, about G, 6 £10-15
1022.   ADVERTISING, postcards, Belle Jardiniere paper doll novelty, Exposition Dolls, Kwatta chocolate, G, 3 £10-15
1023.   ADVERTISING, postcards, Frys Cocoa, John Knight's Family Health soap, Wright's Coal Tar soap, G to VG, 3 £10-15
1024.   ROYALTY, postcard, HRH The Prince of Wales taking a fence, Tucks 3799, G £10-15
1025.   CYCLING, postcard, French Champion, Friol, G £10-15
1026.   BOXING, postcard, Marcel Thil (Middleweight Champion), Jeff Dickson, Al Brown (Bantamweight Champion), G £10-15
1027.   POSTCARD, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on bicycle, G £10-15
1028.   POSTCARD, woven silk by Stevens, The Lady Godiva Procession, G £10-15
1029.   CRICKET, postcard, Cadogan C.C., F. & D.C.L. Div II winners 1926, G £10-15
1030.   CINEMA, signed press photo by Lauren Bacall, alongside Maurice Chevallier & Alex Guiness at 1959 Royal Film Show rehearsal, 8 x 6, typed annotation to back, VG £20-30
1031.   GLAMOUR, signed promotional colour photo by Elle McPherson, first name only, full-length running in surf in white bikini, 5.75 x 8.25, EX £15-20
1032.   POP MUSIC, signed photo, by Bob Wooler (Cavern Club DJ) & Allan Williams (early manager), 8 x 10, EX £20-30
1033.   CINEMA, signed colour photo by Jean Simmons, in line meeting Queen Mother, 10 x 8, EX £25-35
1034.   MOTOR RACING, signed colour photos by Andy Green, from 1997 Land Speed Record attempt, each showing Thrust SSC, 8 x 10, typed annotation to backs, EX, 2 £20-30
1035.   CINEMA, signed press photo by John Gielgud, in scene from Around the World in 80 Days, 7 x 9, typed annotation to back, VG £20-30
1036.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed photo by Michael Hordern, half-length alongside Susan Penhaligon, Jill Gascoigne & Laura Dallas, 10 x 8, with attached label to top edge, VG £20-30
1037.   CINEMA, signed photo by Fay Dunaway, half-length in large white hat, 8 x 10, VG £20-30
1038.   FOOTBALL, silver gelatin print of Johnny Haynes, running with team mates in training, 10 x 8, EX £25-35
1039.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Martin O'Neil, celebrating with 1980 EC trophy for Nottingham Forest, 8.5 x 6.5, typed annotation to back, EX £25-35
1040.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by John Robertson & Kenny Burns, celebrating with 1979 EC trophy for Nottingham Forest, 8.5 x 6.5, with typed annotation to backs, EX £25-35
1041.   FOOTBALL, signed menu & ticket (to blank back) by Jimmy Greaves, both for North Trafford FC dinner (1993), EX, 2 £20-30
1042.   FOOTBALL, signed receipt (to blank back) by Ken Bailey ('Englands Cheerleader' at 1966 World Cup); also silver gelatin photo showing him with "Welcome, Please Cheer Both Teams" sign, EX, 2 £15-20
1043.   FOOTBALL, signed medallic cover by Geoff Hurst, 1996 anniversary issue, 10 x 7, EX £20-30
1044.   RAILWAY, luggage labels for L.N.E.R., 1930s-40s, mainly from York, VG, 16 £15-20
1045.   MOTOR RACING, signed card by Jensen Button, 5.75 x 8.25, EX £20-30
1046.   BASEBALL, American Army v Canadian Army, 3rd Aug 1942, match played at Empire Stadium Wembley, signed page removed from Visitors Book (10.5 x 8.5), 15 signatures, all officials, inc. Clementine Churchill, Charles L Bolte, George Ramsey, Duncan Sandys etc., VG £25-35
1047.   BOXING, GB v USA, 21st Aug 1951, signed page removed from Wembley Stadium Visitor Book (10.5 x 8.5), 17 signatures, all officials, inc. Brig Gen H E Kissinger, Rear Admiral M Boone, F S Gentle, Alderman Life (Mayor of Wembley) etc., VG £25-35
1048.   BOXING, International Tournament for Britannia Shield Trophy, 19th Sept 1947, two signed pages removed from Wembley Stadium Visitors Book (10.5 x 8.5), 48* signatures, all officials, inc. General Banfill, Air-Marshall Sir Hugh Saunders, Air-Marshall Sir Leslie Hollinghurst etc., VG, 2 £30-40
1049.   FOOTBALL, signed programme for 1965 FA Cup Final, by Geoff Hurst & Martin Peters, to cover, slight creasing, G £25-35
1050.   FOOTBALL, signed photo by Nobby Stiles, half-length for Manchester United, 8 x 10, EX £20-30
1051.   FOOTBALL, signed green cards, Aldershot 1991-2 (21* signatures), Manchester City 1995-6 (12 sigs), Norwich City (13 sigs), Southampton (20 sigs), Aston Villa (13 sigs), Everton (12 sigs), all 1996-7, 8.25 x 5.5, neatly annotated in pencil, all with punch holes to left edge, G to VG, 6 £15-20
1052.   MOTOR CYCLES, sales brochure, Royal Enfield Motorcycles 1965, well illustrated with specifications, VG £10-15
1053.   POLITICS, press photos from 1951 Labour Party Conference, showing Clement Atlee, Herbert Morrison etc., by Central press Photos, typed annotation to backs, VG, 2 £10-15
1054.   ROYALTY, selection, inc. football programme & ticket stub for Cariocas v Paulistas, 6th November 1968, issued for the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Rio de Janiero; press photos (12), 1951-1952, preparations for Coronation, Charles & Anne, 21st birthday, Canadian tour (all with typed annotation to backs); postcards (3), two letters from Clarence House (three envelopes), G to VG, 19 £30-40
1055.   CHILDRENS BOOK, butterfly-shaped book, Sweet Girl Goldie - A Wonder Story of Butterfly Time by Miss LB Humphrey, US issue, 10 x 7, slight damage to back cover, G £10-15
1056.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed photo by Norman Evans, half-length with arms folded, 5.5 x 7.5, inscribed, VG £10-15
1057.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed photo by Robb Wilton, half-length with BBC microphone, to lower white border with inscription, G £10-15
1058.   THEATRE, programmes, 1938 - 1954, inc. Birmingham Theatre Royal, Dudley Hippodrome, Rhyl Queens, Blackpool Opera House etc., G to VG, 21* £10-15
1059.   MOTOR RACING, selection of b/w photograph negatives, inc. Jean Behra & Harry Schell, Graham Hill (with signature), Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham, Raymond Mays, Dan Gurney, Richie Ginther & Tony Brooks, Graham Hill & Jim Clark, Ron Flockhart (with signature), Roy Salvadori, Joakim Bonnier etc., some with cars, VG, 26* £25-35
1060.   AUTOGRAPHS, hardback edition of Dear Marje..., signed to title page by the author Marjorie Proops, dj (some fading and edge knocks), G £10-15
1061.   ENTERTAINMENT, promotional photo and turquoise/black top, both signed by Anita Dobson, top signed to inside, G to VG, 2 £10-15
1062.   CYCLING, Adidas t-shirt signed to front by Bradley Wiggins in black felt tip pen, EX £10-15
1063.   GOLF, signed programme for 1998 Open Championship, to cover by Justin Leonard, EX £10-15
1064.   GAMES, Ansell's Pub Dominoes, complete, from Royal Oak (Clee Hill), original tin, G £10-15
1065.   MOTOR RACING, signed hardback edition of Racing Stewart - The Birth of a Grand Prix Team by Hamilton & Nicholson, to title page by Jackie Stewart and Paul Stewart, small tear to dj, EX £10-15
1066.   POSTCARDS, Mellin's Food, Dresden Gallery, Madonna with child by Correggio, Madonna Della Sedia by Raphael, advert backs, VG, 2 £10-15
1067.   POSTCARDS, Lemco Types of Cattle, by Hassall, pu (1), a.m.r. (2), FR to G, 4 £10-15
1068.   POSTCARDS, advert cards for tea, Horniman showing the Bank of England, G.P. Government Tea, G, 2 £10-15
1069.   POSTCARDS, advert cards for Bovril, The Sleeping Minstrel, Bovril Castle for the Franco-British Exhibition, slight foxing, slight stain (1), G, 2 £10-15
1070.   POSTCARDS, foreign adverts, inc. Mirafiore Spumanti, Besuchet Ungarn, Portorose, Vertex light bulbs, La Toilette De Bebe etc., pu (1), slight corner knocks, a.m.r. (1), FR to G, 7 £15-20
1071.   POSTCARDS, modern shipping selection, inc. in dock, ferries, speed boats, liners, sailing, pleasure craft, naval, steamers, advertising etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, G to VG, 187* £10-15
1072.   BUTTERFLIES, hardback edition of Butterflies of the Fields & Hills by Newman £6-10
1073.   SPACE, signed programme by Helen Sharman, being her Ceremony of Admission of Honorary Freedom of the City of Sheffield, 1991, signed to cover, VG £20-25
1074.   THEATRE, posters, Musical Hall & Variety selection, 1930's-40's, inc. Tottenham - North London's Wonder Night 1936 (two sizes), Chatham, Crewe, Barnsley, Bognor Regis, Birmingham - Blackpool Week, Herne Bay Tower Gardens, previously rolled, minimal tears to edges, G to VG, 8 £20-30
1075.   CINEMA , posters, Les Gorilles de Mme Petrovna, illustrated with Morecombe & Wise, printed by Lichtert of Brussels (Belgian issue); The Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon, Love & Death, Vertigo (4) & Mean Streets (3), The Breakfast Club, The Lion King, Leon & LA Confidential, Titanic etc., dry-mounted to card (2), mixed sizes, original folds, G to VG, 10 + 5 £20-30
1076.   PRINTS, selection, inc. cinema posters (2), Once Upon A Time in America (foreign language edition poster); My Fair Lady (30th anniversary); A View of Lincoln Hill (b/w), oval portrait of Richard Brinsley Sheridan etc., f/g, mixed sizes, G, 5 (for collection or UK delivery only) £10-15
1077.   SELECTION, inc., colour Liebig print (1991), Flower Girls VII, in original folder with cover note (in Italian), LE.113/250, together with a colour Museo della Figurina brochure; Players Modern Naval Craft, complete set of 50 laid down in album together with The Collector album, No. 1516 laid down with the same cards, purported to have been used by German U-Boat Commanders during WWII, G to EX, 4 £10-15
1078.   POSTERS, selection of fan issues, inc. The Beatles (London Palladium 1963), Dracula, Everyday's A Holiday (Mae West), Laurel & Hardy - March of the Wooden Soldiers (writing to front), Paul & Linda McCartney (magazine poster), Frankenstein, Spike Milligan A Confrontation in the Desert, The Big Kiss-Off of 1044 (corner missing), All Through the Night (Humphrey Bogart); some modern photographic fan issues, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, Isolde, Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin (torn) etc., mixed sizes, tape marks to most items, some pinholes, tears to edges, P to G, 14* £30-50
1079.   PHILUMINISM, selection, inc. extra large labels for The Pilot Match, Scottish Bluebell, England's Glory, BryMay, Mersey Match, Capt Webb, Morelands, Masters Army & Navy, Maguire & Paterson; poster of a selection of matchbox labels (2), Bryant & May T-Towels (2) etc., mixed sizes, G to VG, 13* £25-30
1080.   TENNIS, signed white card by Bjorn Bork, overmounted with colour photo, half-length raising Wimbledon trophy, EX £20-30
1081.   SELECTION, inc. resin figures, mug, ashtrays, character jugs, glasses; cricket team, musical band, football, rugby league etc., broken (2), FR to EX, Qty. £10-15
1082.   SELECTION, inc. Meccano sets, Accessory Outfits, Nos. 3A, 4A, 5A, (two with booklets, each in original boxes), part Set 3; two Reeves watercolour sets (part used), 1966 Football World Cup sliding chart, Highway Code and other booklets, photos etc., FR to VG, Qty. (in brown suitcase) £20-30
1083.   AVIATION, commemorative covers, inc. signed (20), Loop, Bruce, Entwhistle, Chapple, Terry, Hayward, Ratcliffe, Gibbons, Hoare, Randell, Sprosen etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 100* £20-30
1084.   LITERATURE, unsigned hardback editions of Saturdays with Bricks by Dennis Wheatley, 1961, small piece missing from spine & small tears, unrelated inscription to flyleaf, dj, G £10-15
1085.   LITERATURE, signed hardback edition of Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks, signed to title page, dj, VG £10-15
1086.   GLAMOUR, signed hardback edition of Priceless by Charlie Daniels, signed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1087.   ART, signed hardback edition of The Man Who Loves Giants by David Shepherd, signed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1088.   BALLET, signed hardback edition of Markova Remembers by Alicia Markova, signed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1089.   TELEVISION, signed hardback edition of My Life in Gardening by Percy Thrower, signed & inscribed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1090.   POLITICAL, signed hardback edition of Pastoral Symphony by Chapman Pincher, signed & inscribed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1091.   LITERATURE, signed hardback edition of Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding, signed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1092.   LITERATURE, signed hardback edition of Absolutely Now! by Lynne Franks, signed to half-title page, dj, EX £10-15
1093.   TELEVISION, signed hardback edition of Trowel and Error by Alan Titchmarsh, signed & inscribed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1094.   MOTOR BIKE RACING, signed hardback edition of Race to Dakar by Charley Boorman, signed & inscribed to title page, dj, some pock-marks to front cover (indentations to first few pages), G £10-15
1095.   MILITARY, signed hardback edition of Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNab, signed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1096.   POLITICAL, signed hardback edition of Ann Widdecombe - Right From the Beginning by Nicholas Kochan, signed by Widdecombe to title page, dj, VG £10-15
1097.   DISABILITY, signed hardback edition of Emma & I by Sheila Hocken, signed to title page, dj, VG £10-15
1098.   MOTOR RACING, signed hardback edition of Winning is Not Enough by Jackie Stewart, signed to title page, dj, with DVD (as issued), EX £10-15
1099.   CRICKET, signed hardback edition of Crossing the Boundary by Kevin Pietersen, signed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1100.   TELEVISION, signed hardback edition of My Story So Far by Stacey Solomon, signed to title page, dj, VG £10-15
1101.   POLITICAL, signed hardback edition of The Autobiography by John Major, signed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1102.   POLITICAL, signed hardback edition of Below the Parapet - Biography of Denis Thatcher by Carol Thatcher, signed bookplate by both laid down to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1103.   LITERATURE, signed hardback edition of Absolute Friends by John Le Carre, signed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1104.   POLITICAL, signed hardback edition of Choose Your Weapons by Douglas Hurd & Edward Young, signed by both to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1105.   SOCIAL HISTORY, signed hardback edition of Nobody's Child by Kate Adie, signed to title page, dj, EX £10-15
1106.   POLITICAL, signed hardback edition of Blood & Fire - William and Catherine Booth & Their Salvation Army by Roy Hattersley, signed to title page, dj, VG £10-15
1107.   EPHEMERA, inc. rugby union programmes (19), 1960s onwards, mainly 5-Nations; 1960s speedway scrapbooks (4), laid down with newspaper photos & match reports, GB v Poland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia 1970/1; Wimbledon 1970, Swindon; dog postcards (52); Jersey Telecom phone cards (78), commemorative covers (45), Letter Cards (43), slight duplication, G to EX, 245* £15-25
1108.   MATCHBOX LABELS, boxes and booklets, UK and foreign, mixed sizes, inc. Zodiac, bars, hotels, casinos, trains, wrecks, ships, buildings, restaurants, breweries, personalities, vintage cars, supermarkets, fish, puzzles, riddles etc; Sharp, Southern Counties, Cornish Match, Lucky, Neron, Camel, Jockey, Dove, Two Chicks, Lion, Marathon, Puck, VG, Raja, Flash, Zebra, Blue Cross, Australian etc., contained in five stamp stock books, good VR, Qty. £20-30
1109.   MATCHBOX LABELS, boxes and booklets, UK and foreign, inc. hotels, breweries, bars, clubs, restaurants, tobacco, supermarkets etc., good VR, large Qty. £20-30
1110.   MATCHBOX LABELS, boxes and booklets, UK and foreign, inc. hotels, breweries, bars, clubs, restaurants, tobacco, supermarkets etc., good VR, large Qty. £20-30
1111.   MATCHBOX LABELS, and booklets, UK and foreign, mixed sizes, inc. hotels, banks, tobacco, bars, clubs, breweries, advertising, clothes, insurance, supermarkets etc; Valiant, Dove, Magnet, Taplows, CAT, Joker, Dodo, Rajaratnam, All India, Gold Rabbit, Camp, Hippo, Scissors, Old Castle, Falcon, Chestnut Tree, Three Stars etc., together with a copy of The Matchcover Collectors Price Guide 2nd edition, contained in three acetate photo albums, good VR, Qty. £20-30
1112.   PHILLUMINISM, selection, inc. bookmatches (1000), a few larger sizes; reference magazines (5), Midland Match News & Match Label News, G to EX, 1050* £10-15
1113.   MAGAZINES, selection, 1930s-1950s, inc. Picture Post (36), mainly lead-up to WWII; News Review 1939 (17), War of the Nations (18), Modern Wonder (14), Leader, ILN Specials etc., lacking covers (2), FR to VG, 100* £15-25
1114.   CANALS, modern selection, inc. maps, magazines, booklets, sales brochures etc., G to EX, Qty. £10-15
1115.   HISTORY, magazines, History of the British Nation, Nos. 1-50, with colour plates, some damage to spines for first three issues, FR to VG, 50 £15-20
1116.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1117.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1118.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1119.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1120.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1121.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1122.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1123.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1124.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1125.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1126.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1127.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s onwards, musicals & plays, G to EX, Qty. £5-10
1128.   THEATRE, selection, inc. scrapbooks (3), laid-down with cast lists (from programmes), newspaper reviews & hand-written notes/letters (up to 1910s); early prints, programmes; A Cure For The Heart Ache, Love In A Village, 1813 Theatre Royal Hull; Drury Lane Theatre, Italian Opera House, 1855 Theatre Royal Ramsgate silk poster etc., framed and glazed (18), FR to VG, 21* £5-10
1129.   THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, 350* £15-20