Public Auction of Entertainment, Ephemera
and Cigarette & Trade Cards
on Wednesday 5th September 2018

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1.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, W H Denny, in costume as Don Alhambra from The Gondoliers, by Barraud of Oxford St London, slight crease to reverse, G 60-80
2.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, Jessie Bond, in costume as Iolanthe, by Barraud of Oxford St London, mottling to original image, small piece missing from top edge, G 60-80
3.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, Decima Moore in costume as Casilda from The Gondoliers, 1889, by Barraud of Oxford St London, mottling to original image, small tear to bottom left corner, G 80-120
4.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, Courtice Pounds in costume as Marco from The Gondoliers, by Barraud of Oxford St London, pencil annotation to reverse, small piece missing from one corner, G 80-120
5.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte selection, inc. programmes, souvenir brochures, inc. The Gilbert & Sullivan Operas Illustrated 1932-33 & 1939 (both with covers loose and previously repaired with tape); souvenir for 1924 containing 13 photos etc., P to G, 26 25-35
6.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, large b/w photos, inc. Miss Muriel Dickson as Josephine and Miss Marjorie Eyre as Hebe in HMS Pinafore; Susan Jackson as Phyllis in Iolanthe, 1967 (laid down to board), two others unidentified, 12 x 16 and smaller, G to VG, 4 40-60
7.      THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1800s, inc. Toole's, many Royal Lyceum, Her Majestys, Strand, Princess's, Adelphi etc., some annotation, some slight tears and creasing to edges, foxing etc., FR to G, 30* 40-60
8.      THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1800s, inc. mainly Royal Lyceum, a few with annotation, some slight tears and creasing to edges, foxing etc., FR to G, 30* 40-60
9.      THEATRE, early posters, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, 1800s, mainly 8 x 13, duplication, some removed from binders, tears to edges and some creasing, P to G, 50* 60-80
10.     THEATRE, early posters, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, 1800s, mainly 8 x 13, duplication, some removed from binders, some laid down to card, tears to edges and some creasing, P to G, 50* 60-80
11.     THEATRE, early posters, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, 1800s, mainly 8 x 13, duplication, some removed from binders, some laid down to card, tears to edges and some creasing, P to G, 50* 60-80
12.     THEATRE, early posters, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, 1800s, mainly 8 x 13, duplication, some removed from binders, some laid down to card, tears to edges and some creasing, P to G, 50* 60-80
13.     THEATRE, early posters, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, 1800s, mainly 8 x 13, duplication, some removed from binders, tears to edges and some creasing, P to G, 50* 60-80
14.     ENTERTAINMENT, Tommy Cooper press photos, mainly 8 x 10, a few smaller, twelve different images, heavy duplication, a few with curling, G to VG, 170* 25-35
15.     PROGRAMMES, inc. Tex Austin's 1922 World's Championship Cowboy Contest at Madison Square Garden; London Palladium (21); Latin Quarter 1950, ice shows, Noddy in Toyland, Folies Bergere, Sooty, circus, inc. Bertram Mills 1953-54 (cover detached), Gerry Cottle 1977; Moulin Rouge, Theatre du Vaudeville 1914, Russian Ballet 1956; The Legend of Chimera Equestrian Spectacular; Comic Alphabet booklet by George Cruickshank; programme signed by Pamela Brown, Paul Scofield, Gladys Cooper and one other etc., some creasing to spines and edges, good VR, 44* 30-50
16.     THEATRE, Ivor Novello selection, inc. photos (11 x 15 and smaller), many portraits, in costume, play scenes, Spanish Lovers; programme for The Lodger (12.5 x 16.5) etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
17.     PROGRAMMES, and souvenir brochures,1950s onwards, inc. Buddy Rich, Dave Brubeck, Fleetwood Mac, Syd Lawrence, Marlene Dietrich, James Galway, Country Superstars, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, The Sensational 60s Experience, The Simon & Garfunkel Story, Rat Pack, The Bootleg Sixties, Becket, El Cid, The Planter's Wife etc., G to VG, 23 25-30
18.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 20-30
19.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 20-30
20.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 20-30
21.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 20-30
22.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 20-30
23.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 20-30
24A.    THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 20-30
24B.    THEATRE, programmes, St James Theatre selection, 1897-1950s, inc. Celia Johnson, Greer Garson, Gladys Cooper, Owen Nares, Lee J. Cobb etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 200* 25-35
24C.    THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s-1980s, inc. Ashcroft Crpydon (18), Churchill Bromley (46), Thorndike Leatherhead (32), Yvonne Arnaud Guildford (40), Redgrave Farnham (10), G to VG, 146* 25-35
24D.    THEATRE, programmes, Theatre Royal Nottingham selection, 1970s-1980s, VG to EX, 120* 25-35
24E.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1900s-1930s, inc. Dalys (17), Drury Lane (24), Duchess (9) & Duke of York (50), G to VG, 100* 25-35
24F.    THEATRE, programmes, pantomime selection, London (97) & regional (35), 1916-1980s, inc. Casino Cambridge, Coliseum Scala (31, Peter Pan); panto, John Inman, Danny La Rue etc., also flyers (79), slight duplication, G to VG, 210* 25-35
24G.    THEATRE, programmes, inc. Carmen, On Approval, Anastasia, Oliver, Black Mikado, Lord George, Evita, Tosca, The King and I, La Traviata, The Great Waltz, La Boheme, Halfway, Up the Tree, Canterbury Tales, Aladdin, Cosi fan Tutte, etc., some large format souvenirs, G to EX, 200* (two boxes) 25-35
25.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1910s-1930s, inc. Vaudeville, Drury Lane, Palace and Wyndhams theatres, G, 350* 30-40
26.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1910s-1930s, inc. Queens, New, Lyric & Wyndhams theatres, G, 390* 30-40
27.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1910-1930s, various theatres, slight duplication, G to VG, 390* 30-40
28.     POP MUSIC, concert & tour brochures/programmes, inc. David Bowie, Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, Sarah Brightman, Cliff Richard, Everly Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Chris de Burgh, Dolly Parton etc., EX, 58* 30-40
29.     THEATRE SOUVENIRS, large format editions for concerts & tours, inc. Liza Minelli, Ken Dodd, Pat Boone, Victor Borge, Joel Grey, Dave Allen, Vera Lynn, Frank Sinatra, Eartha Kitt, Leo Sayer, Elaine Paige, Anthony Newley, David Essex, Englebert Humperdink, Juliette Greco, Michael Feinstein etc., G to VG, 120* 30-40
30.     THEATRE, programmes, 1800s, London, inc. Dalys, Prince of Wales, Royal Princess's, Theatre Royal Haymarket, Lyric, Garrick etc., some previously laid down or removed from album, some tears to edges, creasing and foxing, FR to G, 28 25-35
31.     THEATRE, programmes, 1800s, all Royalty Theatre London, some tears to edges, creasing and foxing, FR to G, 40* 30-50
32.     THEATRE, Pantomime programmes, 1900s, inc. Theatre Royal Leeds Babes in the Wood, Royal West London Theatre Little Boy Blue and Red Riding Hood, Lyceum, Covent Garden, Prince's, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty; Surrey Theatre Jack and the Beanstalk, early poster for Robinson Crusoe, Pantomime Song Album etc., some tears to edges, creasing and foxing, FR to G, 15 25-30
33.     THEATRE, programmes, London, 1800s, inc. Theatre Royal Drury Lane, King's Theatre, Prince of Wales, Globe, Sadlers Wells, Vaudeville, Folly Theatre; early posters (2) etc., some tears to edges, creasing and foxing, FR to G, 26 25-35
34.     THEATRE, Pantomime programmes, 1800s onwards, inc. Globe Blue Beard, Theatre Royal Puss in Boots, Prince of Wales Aladdin, County Theatre Reading Cinderella, Theatre Royal Glasgow Robinson Crusoe; London Life Pantomime Annual Jan 1925 etc., some tears to edges, foxing and creasing, FR to G, 13 25-30
35.     THEATRE, selection, inc. programmes, 1800s onwards, Theatre Royal Windsor, Lyceum, magazines, The Theatre Feb 1881 (cover detached), The Playgoer and Society Illustrated, Players Joys etc., a few with punch-holes, some tears to edges, foxing and creasing, FR to G, 40* 25-30
36.     THEATRE, Pantomime programmes, 1950s onwards, inc. many Theatre Royal Windsor, Theatre Royal Bristol, London Hippodrome, Players Theatre, Adelphi, Coliseum, New Victoria Theatre Woking, Grand Theatre Blackpool etc., punch-holes (2), some creasing, G to VG, 30* 25-35
37.     THEATRE, scripts, early 1900s, inc. The Forty Thieves (6), inc. Cassim, Hasarac, Abdallah & Cogia; Cinderella (2), inc. illustrated book of words for Theatre Royal Drury Lane; tears to edges, foxing etc., FR to G, 8 30-50
38A.    THEATRE, programmes, regional selection, 1972-1988, inc. Timothy West, Hayley Mills, John Nettles, David Suchet, Marti Webb etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 145* 25-35
38B.    THEATRE, programmes, Nottingham selection, 1930s-1970s, inc. Playhouse (96), Empire (7) & Royal (17), duplication, G to VG, 120 25-35
38C.    THEATRE, programmes, Royalty Theatre selection, 1900s-1940s, G to VG, 150* 25-35
38D.    THEATRE, programmes, New Theatre selection, 1900s-1940s, G to VG, 100* 25-35
38E.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1890s-1940s, in. Fortune (15), Gaiety (34), Garrick (58) & Hippodrome (13), slight duplication, FR to VG, 100* 25-35
38F.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, His/Her Majestys, 1890s-1940s, slight duplication, G to VG, 90* 25-35
38G.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1900s-1930s, inc. Adelphi (14), Aldwych (10), Ambassadors (37) & Apollo (51), slight duplication, G to VG, 112* 25-35
38H.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1900s-1930s, inc. Cambridge (13), Coliseum (4), Comedy (66) & Criterion (48), slight duplication, G to VG, 130* 25-35
38J.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1900s-1940s, inc. Kingsway (67) & Little (37), slight duplication, G to VG, 104* 25-35
38K.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1900s-1940s, inc. Globe (37), Lyceum (26) & Lyric (38), slight duplication, G to VG, 100* 25-35
38L.    THEATRE, programmes, London Old Vic selection, 1910s-1940s, inc. John Laurie, Edith Evans, Eric Portman, Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Peggy Ashcroft etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 210* 25-35
38M.    THEATRE, programmes, Bristol selection, 1943-1970s, Royal (77), Hippodrome (6) & Little Theatre (31), inc. Alan Dobie, Patricia Routledge, Moira Shearer, Harry Corbett, Peter O'Toole, Patrick McGoohan etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 110* 25-35
38P.    THEATRE, programmes, Birmingham selection, 1920s-1950s, inc. Alexandra (10), Prince of Wales (29), Royal (54) & Repertory (47), slight duplication, G to VG, 140* 25-35
39.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide variety selection, stars inc. Frankie Vaughan, Hylda Baker, Johnny Ray, Twinkle, Russ Conway, Joan Rivers, Norman Evans, Jimmy James, G.H. Elliott, Max Bygraves, Reg Dixon etc., G 180* 30-40
40.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide variety selection, stars inc. Ken Dodd, Morecambe & Wise, Frankie Vaughan, Phyllis Dixey, Sandy Powell, Alma Cogan, Hetty King, Tessie O'Shea, Arthur Haynes etc., G, 180* 30-40
41.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, pantomime selection, stars inc. Cliff Richard & The Shadows, Cilla Black, Norman Wisdom, Jimmy Clitheroe, Cilla Black, Peggy Mount, Bernard Bresslaw, Beryl Reid, Sid James, Su Pollard, Freddie & The Dreamers etc., G to EX, 150* 30-40
42.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, pantomime selection, stars inc. Arthur Askey, Kathy Staff, Timmy Mallett, Frankie Howerd, Gorden Kaye, Brian Rix, Peter Sellers, Al Read, Joe Brown, Rodney Bewes, Ronnie Corbett, Clive Dunn, Frank Bruno, Larry Grayson etc., VG, 150* 30-40
43.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, souvenirs & one night galas, inc. Royal Variety, Olivier Awards, Hey Mr. Producer 1998, Society Of Film & Television Awards, Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Gala 2011 etc., VG, 41* 30-40
44.     ENTERTAINMENT, photos, inc. press photos, publicity issues; Cheryl Ladd, Valerie Leon, Benny Hill, Woody Herman, Lena Horne, Lee Hurst, Carle Lane, Charlton Heston, Ultravox, Hermans Hermits, Mark Little, Susan Littler etc., mixed sizes, some with annotation to backs, mixed sixes, duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
45.     THEATRE, magazines, The Stage, 1944 & 1947, a few 1943; together with a small selection of sheet music (P), foxing and staining, slight tears to edges, creasing etc., P to about G, 95* 25-30
46.     THEATRE, selection, inc. Spotlight 1981/82 - Actresses, A-K & L-Z; programmes, 1950s onwards, inc. My Fair Lady, Oliver, Showboat, Shakespeare (13), Ballet (5), Halle Orchestra (John Barbirolli, 2); Donmar Magazine 2009-2017 (11); RSC modern p/cs (7) etc., about G to VG, 70* 25-35
47.     THEATRE, programmes, Nationwide selection, mostly plays, many London, inc. Savoy, Lyric, Old Vic, Aldwych, Comedy, Garrick, Wyndhams etc; Sheffield, Birmingham, Scarborough, Derby, Chichester, Hull, Manchester, York, Lincoln, Cambridge, Norwich, Bradford, many RSC, some with tickets, VG to EX, 350* (two boxes) 30-50
48.     ENTERTAINMENT, Connie Merigold selection, inc. programmes, 1950s, Northwich, Ashton, Southport, Warrington etc; promotional photos, contracts, scripts, telegrams, newspapers & cuttings etc.; personal ephemera, snapshot photos, documents, letters etc., a few signatures, Merigold was a theatre & television actress from 1940s-1970s, best known as Thora Hird's understudy on Coronation Street, FR to VG, Qty. (three boxes) 30-50
49.     THEATRE, programmes, Nationwide selection, 1930s onwards, inc. London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Margate, Manchester, Leeds, Keighley, Leatherhead Amateur Dramatic, Bristol, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bradford, Brighton, Carlisle etc., FR to G, Qty. 30-50
50.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, inc. Manchester and other provincial musicals; Magic Circle (18) etc., G to EX, 370* 20-30
51.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, some pre-WWII, inc. Southsea, Oxford, Stratford & Nottingham; mainly musicals etc., G to EX, 360* 20-30
52.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, inc. Brighton, Richmond, Nottingham, Watford etc., G to EX, 380* 20-30
53.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, inc. Richmond, Birmingham, Sheffield etc., G to EX, 370* 20-30
54.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, large format London souvenir brochures, inc. Stop the World I Want to Get Off, Fanny, Budgie, Sherlock Holmes, Someone Like You, Children of Eden, Notre Dame, Moby Dick, Camelot, Four Musketeers etc., G to EX, 120* 30-40
55.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London post war selection, inc. London Palladium, ice shows at Wembley & Empress Hall etc., G to EX, Qty. (two boxes). 30-40
56.     CINEMA, selection of programmes, flyers, brochures etc., 1930s onwards, inc. Studio One, Llandudno/Rhyl, London Casino, The Marquee Charles Chaplin's Limelight, Plaza, Stoll, Paramount The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (Carlton Theatre), That's Entertainment, Hawaii etc., G to VG, 16 25-30
57.     THEATRE, signed programmes, King's Theatre Southsea, 1950s, inc. Hermione Baddeley, Cicely Courtneidge, Edmund Hockeridge, Virginia McKenna, Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray, Marie Burke, Enid Lowe, Frank Leighton, John McCallum etc., w.t.f., signs of previous binding, tears to spines, some covers detached, FR, 31* 25-35
58.     THEATRE, signed programmes, King's Theatre Southsea, 1950s, inc. Evelyn Laye, Flora Robson, Mary Ellis, Griffith Jones, Peter Grant, Marie Ney, Leslie Henson, Joyce Barbour, Andrew Crawford, Irene Handl, Jessie Matthews, Michael Hordern, Jerry Desmonde, Joan Greenwood, John Mills, Joyce Blair, Peter Haddon, Hubert Gregg, Joan Miller, Thea Holme, Hugh Latimer etc., w.t.f., signs of previous binding, tears to spines, some covers detached, FR, 31* 25-35
59.     THEATRE, signed programmes, King's Theatre Southsea, 1940s-50s, inc. Ivor Novello, Vanessa Lee, Richard Murdoch, Hermione Baddeley, Arthur Askey, Jack Buchanan, Yvonne Arnaud, Robertson Hare, Michael Howard, Evelyn Laye, Leon Quartermaine, Donald Wolfit, Winifred Shotter, Maxwell Reid etc., w.t.f., signs of previous binding, tears to spines, some covers detached, FR, 33* 30-50
60.     THEATRE, programmes, regional selection, 1918-1940s, mainly plays, inc. Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Southsea etc., some slight tears to edges and spines, generally G, 50* 30-50
61.     THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1892-1940s, inc. Ambassadors, Apollo, Comedy, Duke of York's, Globe, Theatre Royal, Kingsway, Lyric, Phoenix, Queen's, Royalty, Savoy, Vaudeville, Westminster, Wyndhams, Wimbledon etc., foxing, some with w.t.f., some slight tears to edges, generally G, 50* 30-50
62.     THEATRE, souvenir brochures, inc. Majestys Theatre (5), Ulysses, Julius Caesar, Souvenir for Nero, King John & Twelfth Night; Charing Cross Hospital 1902 (Savoy Hotel), The New Boys Birthday 1895 (Vaudeville), The Perfect Lover (Imperial) & Ben Hur - Scenes of the Play (with musical score), tears to edges, FR to VG, 10 25-35
63.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, c1900, inc. St. James, Vaudeville and Wyndhams theatres, P to G, 52* 20-30
64.     CINEMA, trade selection, inc. cards, inserts, booklets; Nelson Lee (Chaplin) & Schoolgirls Own (3) self-standing figures; Premier Fan Club, Stars Gallery, Girls Cinema, Cinema Chat, Sherman etc., FR to VG, 60* 30-50
65.     THEATRE, selection of flyers, many signed, inc. David Rintoul, Jean Boht, Paul Nicholas, Ian Ogilvy, Derek Jacobi, Janet Suzman, Donald Sinden, George Sewell, Edward Fox, Timothy West, Richard Briers, Liza Goddard, Su Pollard, David Essex, Tony Britton, Rik Mayall, Margaret Ashcroft, Gwen Taylor, Lesley Joseph, Leslie Grantham, Elaine Paige, Nicholas Le Prevost, John Challis, Sue Holderness, Clive Francis, etc., in two modern albums, G to EX, 65* 30-40
66.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed cards, 8 x 10 photos, flyers, pieces etc., a few multiple signed, inc. Roy Hudd, Pauline Quirke, Judi Dench, Edward Woodward, Maggie Smith, Christopher Timothy, Peter Sallis, Ann Widdecombe, Dawn French, Rick Wakeman, Ralph Fiennes, Christopher Lee, John Nettles, Susannah York, Thora Hird, Glenda Jackson, Peter O'Toole, Val Kilmer, Julie Walters etc., neat annotation, loose in modern album, VG to EX, 60* 40-60
67.     AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, inc. entertainment, Donald Sutherland, Richard Todd, Freddie Starr, Robert Powell, Britt Eckland, Elaine Stritch, Toyah Willcox etc., football, Matthew Thompson; horse racing, A P McCoy; golf, Colin Montgomery (2), Padraig Harrington, Tony Jacklin, Ernie Els; inscribed (13), most laid down to black card, VG to EX, 26 25-30
68.     ENTERTAINMENT, autographs, inc. album pages, pieces etc., inc. Lulu, Tony Britton, Louise Lombard, Phyllis Calvert, Ian Carmichael, Petula Clark, Robert De Niro, Douglas Fairbanks Jnr., David Kossoff, Cleo Laine, Harry Secombe, Donald Sinden, John Carlisle, Pauline Collins, Billy Cotton Jnr., Vince Hill, Peter Jeffrey, Bryan Pringle, Michael Segal, Michael Denison, Greta Gynt, Celia Johnson, Helen Hobson etc., mixed sizes, a few inscribed, slight duplication, FR to G, 67* 30-50
69.     ENTERTAINMENT, autographs, photos, promotional p/cs etc., inc. Lew Parker, Robert Maxwell, Charlie Higgins, Cheryl Baker, Christopher Ravenscroft, Billy Bissett, Barbara Knox, Christopher Timothy, Anthony Andrews, Anne Charleston, Nellie Wallace, Agnes Moorhead etc., mixed sizes, a few inscribed, G to VG, 28* 25-30
70.     THEATRE, programmes, 1930s onwards, Nationwide selection, inc. ballet, variety, ice shows etc., Lido Paris, Westover Ice Rink Bournemouth, London Festival Ballet, Markova Dolin Ballet, Sadler's Wells, Coliseum London etc., The Beatles Book Oct 1996, FR to G, 40* 20-30
71.     THEATRE, programmes, 1930s onwards, Empire Theatres, inc. Penge, Liverpool, Leicester Square, Finsbury Park, Kingston, Chiswick, Newcastle, FR to VG, 100* 25-30
72.     THEATRE POSTERS, Hampstead selection, stars inc. Alfred Molina, Maureen Lipman, David Suchet, Jane Horrocks, Rowan Atkinson, John Malkovich, Nigel Hawthorne, Ian McKellen, Richard Wilson etc., mainly 12 x 20, VG, 50* 20-30
73.     THEATRE POSTERS, selection, inc. Greenwich (38); stars, Donald Sinden, Felicity Kendal, Susannah York, Paul Eddington, Max Wall, Leonard Rossiter, Julian Fellowes, Marcia Warren, plus 31 other provincial posters various theatres, similar size inc. variety at Blackpool, Great Yarmouth etc., mainly 12 x 20, VG, 69* 20-30
74.     THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, mainly 1980s-1990s (a few earlier), stars inc. Michael Ball, Prunella Scales, Martin Shaw, Eartha Kitt, Lulu, Frankie Howerd, Darren Day, Felicity Kendal, Derek Jacobi, Dorothy Tutin, Billy Connolly etc., mainly 12 x 20, VG, 60* 20-30
75.     THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, mainly 1970s-1990s, stars inc. Matt Damon, Summer Phoenix, Penelope Keith, Maggie Smith, Adam Faith, Prunella Scales, Judi Dench, Alvin Stardust, Pat Kirkwood, Wilfrid Hyde White etc., mainly 12 x 20, G 60* 30-40
76.     THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, mainly 1970s-1990s (a few earlier), stars inc. Bruce Forsyth, Peter O'Toole, Dave Allen, Prunella Scales, Sarah Brightman, Martin Shaw, Christopher Reeve, Jenny Seagrove, Charlton Heston etc., mainly 12 x 20 (a few slightly smaller National Theatre), G, 60* 30-40
77.     THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, mainly 1970s to 1990s (a few earlier), stars inc. Albert Finney, Patti Lupone, Peter O'Toole, Peter Ustinov, Sarah Brightman, Sheila Gish, Madonna, Derek Jacobi, Cliff Richard, Judi Dench, Elaine Stritch etc., mainly 12 x 20, G, 60* 30-40
78.     THEATRE POSTERS, London West End selection, mainly 1970s-1990s (a few earlier), stars inc. Paul Scofield, Jenny Seagrove, Vanessa Redgrave, Glenda Jackson, Jeremy Brett, Jason Donovan, Bruce Forsyth, Edith Evans, Jason Priestly, Helen Hayes etc., mainly 12 x 20, G, 60* 30-40
79.     THEATRE POSTERS, mainly London West End selection, mainly 1970s-1990s (a few earlier), stars inc. Roger Rees, Tommy Steele, Imelda Staunton, Pamela Stephenson, Lauren Bacall, Michael Crawford, Susan Hampshire, Donald Wolfit, Nigel Hawthorne etc., mainly 12 x 20, G, 60* 30-40
80.     THEATRE POSTERS Provincial selection, stars inc. Derek Jacobi, Lena Zavaroni, Paul Scofield, John Gielgud, The Nolans, Sarah Brightman, Pantomimes etc., 10 x 15, VG, 109* 30-40
81.     SHIPPING, postcards, inc. steamers, liners, battleships, ferries etc; RMS St Helier, P & O, SS Maloja, King Orry, Shaw Savill, Cunard, RMS Kosterley, SS Nevada, RMS Malines, Leopold II, HMS Lightning, Duchess of Bedford, Ellerman Line, SS Calgaraic, RMS Asturias etc., mixed periods, good VR, 60* 30-50
82.     POSTCARDS, selection, inc. silk, regimental (1), greetings (3); artist drawn, inc. Herzig (30), comedy, inc. Bamforth etc., duplication, about G to VG, 95* 25-30
83.     CHILDRENS BOOKS, inc. The Evening Star & A Wish (both illustrated by Ernest Wilson), What do the Flowers Say, My Wonderland, About the Pictures, The Maid of Honour, Morning, Noon, Evergreen, The Old Church, Birthday Wreath, Memorys Chain, Simon the Cellarer, Where are you Going to my Pretty Maid, A Gift etc., miniature (3) etc., G to VG, 22 30-50
84.     THEATRE, programmes, Stratford Royal Shakespeare selection, 1950s, inc. brochures (8), slight duplication, G to VG, 58* 25-35
85.     THEATRE, programmes, London Palladium selection, 1940s onwards, inc. brochures (28); Des O'Connor, Max Bygraves, Yul Bryner etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 77* 25-35
86.     THEATRE, programmes, London Palladium selection, 1940s onwards, inc. brochures (28); Ken Dodd, Larry Grayson, Tommy Steele etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 77* 25-35
87.     THEATRE, programmes, Nottingham Theatre Royal selection, 1917-1950s, inc. some flyers, slight duplication, G to VG, 130* 25-35
88.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1950s-1960s, inc. Stoll, Wembley; ice shows, circus etc., flyers (22), slight duplication, G to VG, 73* 25-35
89.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, 1940s-1960s, revue & variety, inc. Victoria Palace (Gang Shows), Prince of Wales, Birmingham; flyers (10); Ted Ray, Tony Hancock, Jack Buchanan, Frankie Howerd etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 67* 25-35
90.     THEATRE, programmes, regional selection, 1950s-1960s, inc. Blackpool (34 programmes & 12 flyers) & Great Yarmouth (4p/8f), slight duplication, G to VG, 58* 25-35
91.     THEATRE, programmes, London variety selection, 1920s-1940s, inc. Casino (33) & Coliseum (8); Olsen & Johnson, Sophie Tucker, Hoagy Carmichael, Harry Tate etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 41* 25-35
92.     CINEMA, BROCHURES, mainly 1950s, inc. Gigi, Sound of Music, Funny Girl, The Alamo, Ben Hur, The Great Race etc., G to VG, 38* 25-35
93.     EPHEMERA, selection, inc. signed photos, pieces etc., inc. Bill Tarmey, Sue Nicholls, Anne Kirkbride, Anna Neagle (signed book), some secretarial and printed issues; inc. Kane t/c (35), cricket books (4), Jimmy Wilde boxing booklet etc., G to VG, 55* 25-35
94.     EPHEMERA, selection of documents, 1800s, inc. leases, assignments, mortgage documents etc., mainly London area, for homes and business, inc. Belsize Road Hampstead, St. Quintins Avenue Kensington, Kirchen Road Black Horsefield Ealing, Sunderland Terrace, Westbourne Park Paddington, Alexandra Road, St Johns Wood, Argyll Road Kensington etc., FR to G, 15* 20-30
95.     EPHEMERA, selection, inc. German c/c, Eckstein Halpaus Kunstlerische Tanz - Artistic Dances (310, 20 with heavy amr); Die Grossen der Weltgeschichte - Great Figures in World History (complete); hardback edition of Longfellows Poetical Works pub. By Gall & Ingliss, with brown leather boards & gilt titles; W.W.I magazines, The War illustrated, some small tears to edges, FR to VG, 620* 30-40
96.     PHOTOGRAPHS, celluloid negatives, inc. sport, political; India, personalities etc., in wax packets (many with annotation), VG to EX, 240* 60-80
97.     EPHEMERA, selection, inc. postcards, Lever Bros. views, green tint (14) & colour (3); Brookes Soap Monkey Brand advert cards, juggling monkey & cherub (two of each, one of each trimmed); bookmarks, advertising cards etc., some premium size, slight duplication, G to EX, 410* 30-50
98.     MOTORING, selection, inc. trade cards, Mobil, TRM, Panini, Dandy; beermats, Top Trumps, postcards etc., G to EX, 355* 25-35
99.     FOOTBALL, signed white cards, stickers, pieces etc, inc. Dublin, Holloway, Harewood, Chettle, Mabbutt, Campbell, Rix, Yates, Stone, Townsend; many lower league players etc., many laid down to white cards, VG to MT, 240* 30-40
100.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, complete boxes (most with original wrapping), mainly modern, inc. Dunhill, Chesterfield Menthol, Mayfair, Sovereign, Superkings, Dorchester, Benson & Hedges, Rothmans, Lambert & Butler, Marlboro etc., EX, 35* 35-45
101.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, USA selection, complete soft-packs (many with original wrapping), 1940s onwards, inc. Eve, Malibu, True, Magna, Canyon, Montclair, Chaparral, Carlton, Bargain Buy, Cavalier, Crown etc., G to EX, 40* 45-50
102.    POSTCARDS, modern football, inc. action, celebrations, programme covers, posters etc., mainly pub. by Sporting Postcard Co., duplication, EX, 600* 25-35
103.    DOMINOES, tobacco issues, Wills (2), Star (complete), Woodbine (25/28); Franklyn Cutty Shagg (287/28), Clubs Cigarettes (complete), each in tin or box (1), FR to VG, 4 30-40
104.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. topographical, views, coastal; Wales, Margate, Littlehampton, Hunstanton etc; strip cards; modern, inc. advertising, shipping, cats, railway; comedy cards by Rex with check list; together with a small album of stamps in album, UK & foreign etc., G to VG, Qty. 25-30
105.    RAILWAY, magazines, The Railway Magazine, 1948 (4), 1949 (5), 1950 (2), 1957 (1); Trains Illustrated, 1954 (1), 1956 (3), 1957 (9), 1958 (6) & Main Line 1986/77 (1), creases and knocks to edges, about G to VG, 32* 25-35
106.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. travel, advertising, promotional, maps, books, pamphlets etc., FR to EX, Qty 25-35
107.    CHILDRENS BOOKS, Tin Tin selection, hard (9) & softback editions, 1960s onwards, all pub. By Methuen, some damage to spines, about G to EX, 17 30-40
108.    CHEESE LABELS, large selection, inc. circular, triangular; promotional, adverts; cheese ephemera, magazines etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
109.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. scraps, Victorian onwards, beauties, floral, children, animals, clowns (laid down to pages), Disney & other sheets; Eagle comics, RAF group photo (June 1945), fruit labels, sheet music etc., FR to VG, Qty. 35-45
110.    POSTCARDS, corner-mounted in three vintage albums, inc. Manchester, Coventry, Devon, Folkestone, Warwick, Birmingham, Cheshire, Blackpool, Worthing, IoM; children, actresses, Royalty, dogs, churches, street scenes, castles, bridges, art style, coastal, hotels, shipping, comedy, floral, art etc., albums (p), G to VG, 490* 25-35
111.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. softback editions (5), inc. Lives of the Great Composers Vols 1-3; Penguin Guide - Kent, Sussex & Surrey; hardback editions (4); album of small paper crests; Views of Ypres p/cs sets 1-4; scraps, a few p/cs, inc. Wild West (32), scraps, empty period c/c albums (P), P to G, Qty. 20-30
112.    ROYALTY, selection, 1930s onwards, inc. 1953 Coronation (4), Coronation Cut-Out Storybook (unused); magazines (3), Picture Post (6th & 13th June), Illustrated (13th June, piece missing to back cover); two original photos of Elizabeth & Margaret; complete newspapers, George V funeral, fire at Windsor, Andrew & Fergie troubles; magazines, programmes, brochure etc., G to EX, Qty. 25-35
113.    CHILDRENS ANNUALS, hardback editions, 1960s-1980s, inc. pop music (12), Radio 1 (first edition), Top of the Pops (1981), Top Pop Scene, 1960s Top Pop Stars (3), Teen Beat (1969), ABBA (1979), Tony Blackburn (1969); television, Blue Peter (12th, 15th & 24th), Captain Scarlet (1968), Bonanza, Maverick, The Saint (2), The Sweeney, Thunderbirds, Kung Fu, Look-In (2) etc, many inscribed to inside pages, FR to VG, 35* 25-35
114.    RAILWAY, books, inc. Discovering Britain's Lost Railways, British Steam Railways, British Locomotives of the 20th Century Vols 2 & 3, LMS 150, The Great Western Railway, Branch Line Britain etc., hardback with dj (9), some small tears to dj, G to VG, 10 25-30
115.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. magazines, 1920s Manchester Guardian supplements (2), 1930s Needlewoman (6), Picture Post, 1939-1950s (13, some tape repairs), 1948/9 Sport (4); 1947/8 Manchester City football programmes (2); matchbox labels (clipped panels) etc., FR to G, 26* 30-50
116.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. magazines, The Seal - House Journal of the Walsall Lithographic Co., 1960s-1980s (37); match booklets & labels, inc. hotels, restaurants, glamour, pubs, casinos etc., some clipped or laid flat, one album (laid down), FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
117.    THEATRE, programmes & handbills, Music Hall and Variety, 1930's-40's, inc. Darlington Hippodrome, Alexandra Theatre, Croydon Empire, Palace of Varieties Reading, Lewisham Hippodrome, New Theatre Crewe, Grand Theatre Luton, Tower Ballroom Edgbaston, Royal Hippodrome Dover; Tommy Trinder, Cyril Fletcher, Albert Sandler, Billy Scott Coomber, Elsie & Doris Waters, Troise & His Mandoliers etc., VG to EX, 43* 25-35
118.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection of mainly modern advertising postcards and a few photos, depicting Marlene Dietrich and Bette David (in modern acetate photo album); together with a selection of postcards and magazine illustrations of theatre exteriors and interiors, G to VG, 78* 25-35
119.    TRADE, selection, advertising cards, mainly USA, inc. Spear Bros., F.E. Nourse & Co., J.B. Timberlake, Steele & Emery, E. Gabler, Lederer's, Wells & Coverly, Remer's, Eagle Brand, Strauss & Son etc., scraps, sailing ships, uncut sheet of 11 and two loose, slight damage to extremities, mixed sizes, some shaped, FR to VG, 45* 25-35
120.    CHEESE LABELS, selection, inc. St. Ivel, Mitcham Maid, Primula, Marca Hermisa, Oberland, Blue Cap, Libbys, Alpen-Silber, Victory, Swifts, Brookfield, Kraft, Rambler, Heidi, Nestle, Swiss Star, Colne Valley, Little Dorrit, Valley Brand, Queso Patagras Emperador, De Jong's, Excelsoir, van Dijk etc., mixed shapes and sizes, a few extra large, slight duplication, VG to EX, 118* 25-35
121.    GLAMOUR, French magazines, Le Sourire, 8th Feb 1923 - 7th June 1923, some age toning, FR to VG, 10 50-70
122.    TRADE, USA selection, inc. children, stereoscopic & other views, cats, comedy etc., mixed sizes, in large ring-binder, FR to VG, 53* 50-60
123.    FOOTBALL, signed magazine pictures, inc. Scotland (25), McCoist, Butcher, Di Canio, Lambert, Hendry; Leeds Utd (27), Hasselbank, Kewell, Speed, O'Leary, Chapman; Gullitt, Rush, Platt, Saunders, McAteer etc., in ringbinder, G to VG, 75* 25-35
124.    FOOTBALL, signed magazine pictures, inc. Nottingham Forest (25), Collymore, Stone, Clough, Webb; Blackburn, Everton and Norwich; Stapleton, Shearer, Batty, Royle, Houghton, Dublin, Ferdinand, Keown, Di Matteo, Walsh etc., in two ringbinders, G to VG, 112* 25-35
125.    FOOTBALL, signed magazine pictures, inc. Derby County, Nottingham Forest, Notts County, Everton, Leicester; Powell, Wright, Stone, Collymore, Rideout, Johnson, Barrett, Spink, Parkinson, Bull, Le Tissier, Ferdinand, Platt, Aldridge, Dublin, Holdsworth, Hinchcliffe, Beagrie, Barnby, Heskey, Savage, Walsh, Izzet etc., in ringbinder, G to VG, 88* 25-35
126.    THEATRE, postcards of Gladys Cooper, corner-mounted in period album (some pages loose), G to VG, 88* 25-35
127.    JAZZ, selection of newspaper & magazine cuttings, inc. articles, caricatures & photos; Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton, Bix, Eddie Condon, Gatemouth Moore, Louis Armstrong, Bunk Johnson, Bechet, Humphrey Littleton etc., laid down in scrapbook, 8 x 12, 80 pages, FR 30-50
128.    CINEMA, postcards, actors & actresses, b/w (89) & colour, corner-mounted in period album, VG, 170* 30-50
129.    SCRAPS, laid down in scrapbook, inc. film stars, children, floral etc., 10 x 14, 148 pages, FR 30-40
130.    BOY SCOUTS, hardback edition of B.P.s (Baden Powell) Family In Picture and Story - My Record Book, late 1930s Boy Scout Scouting Association issue, unused, together with an unidentified photo of a scout, VG to EX, 2 30-40
131.    CIGAR BANDS, Players ledger of cigar bands, 1902-1918, with samples (laid down) & extensive notes, in period album (damage to leather boards), FR 40-60
132.    CIGAR LABELS, selection of cigar box labels, many stone litho-graph, some with golf-leaf embellishment, G to EX, 161* 40-60
133.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Wagon Wheels, Topps Stadium Club, albums, booklets, newspaper supplements etc., G to EX, Qty. 25-35
134.    CURRENCY, selection of banknotes, worldwide selection, inc. mint uncirculated (98); Cuba, Guinea, Dutch Indies, Iran, Japan, Commonwealth; Occupation, Military etc., some higher denominations, in ring-binder, about G to MT, 140* 40-60
135.    EPHEMERA, selection of letters (1914-16), mainly to military personnel, many to the same person and billheads etc., inc. Monte Carlo Cabaret, Moir's Pure Pickles, Stephenson's Floor Polish, G Green & Sons of Kimberley, William Hodge & Co. Glasgow, Orr, Pollock & Co Printers, The Blairgowrie Advertiser, Rylands & Sons Manchester, The Fifeshire Journal, Oban Times, Edmonton Times etc., tears to edges and creases, P to G, 78* 30-40
136.    CINEMA, Marilyn Monroe selection, modern p/cs & reproduction photos, G to VG, 370* 30-40
137.    TRANSPORT, selection of photos (5.5 x 3.25) showing Nottingham City Transport buses, 1930s-50s, mainly b/w, lightly laid down to card, G to VG, 110* 25-35
138.    TRANSPORT, selection of photos (5.5 x 3.5) showing Nottingham City Transport buses, 1950s, a few trams, in modern slip-in photo album, all with a.m.r., G to VG, 72* 25-30
139.    EPHEMERA, selection of invoices, letterheads etc., 1890s & 1950s, inc. The Northern Chronicle, The Oban Times, The Yorkshire Gazette, Coop & Co Ltd., Mappin & Webb, Robert Stather, H Tosh Sons & Cross, Dickie Parsons & Co., Dorrington Pugsley & Co., Spencer Turner & Boldero, Andersons Rubber Co Ltd., Gaskell & Chambers Ltd. etc., FR to G, 110* 30-40
140.    INDIA, postcards, mainly Tucks, natives, street scenes, views, buildings etc., in small album, G, 53* 25-35
141.    TRADE, adverts, some removed from magazines etc., inc. Ellis & Co., Royle's self-pouring tea pots, Lillyman footwear, American Rubber Co., Chas Baker & Co., Meigs & Co clothiers, C.D. Loomis boots & shoes, billheads, cheques, Clarke's etc., some a.m.r., FR to G, 38* 25-35
142.    CRESTS & MONOGRAMS, selection, inc. military, tennis, clubs, companies etc., laid down in three period albums, FR to G, 3 30-50
143.    STAMPS, selection of cinderella stamps, 1inc. complete sheets (1940-1968); softback edition of Greens Catalogue of the Tuberculosis Seals of the World; Seal news magazines etc., latter hole-punched in ring-binder, FR to VG, Qty. 35-45
144.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, British selection, inc. hulls (many with sliders), flattened packets, clipped front panel; Rayde; Redford, Golden Fern, Navy Cut, Gladiator, Primrose; Ring Chequers, Ringers Royalty; Rutter Tobacco Bloom; Rothmans, Santos, White Horse, Royal Favourite, Consulate etc., corner-mounted flat to pages, G to EX, 36* 40-60
145.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, British selection, inc. hulls (a few with sliders), flattened packets, clipped front panel; Salmon & Gluckstein, Sweethearts, Dandy Fifth (poor); Sarum; Scholes; Scottish Tob. Scotties; Scottish CWS, Seagirt, John Sinclair etc., corner-mounted flat to pages, G to EX, 22* 40-60
146.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, British selection, inc. hulls (a few with sliders), flattened packets; Sobraine, Smith Studio & Pinewood, Standard Xcirvis, Sullivan Powell, St James, Stevens, Strathmore etc., corner-mounted flat to pages, G to EX, 26* 40-60
147.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, Asian selection, inc. hulls (some with sliders); mainly Ceylon & Sri Lanka; Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma & Cambodia, corner-mounted flat to pages, G to EX, 36* 50-70
148.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, Thailand selection, inc. hulls (some with sliders), ARTB, flattened packets; Plough, Battle Gong, Gold City, Krong Thip, Falling Rain, Luck Strike, Tokat, Wonder, Benson & Hedges etc., corner-mounted flat to pages, G to EX, 24* 40-60
149.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, China selection, A-J, inc. flattened packets, ARTB etc., corner-mounted flat to pages in large ring-binder, G to EX, 470* 100-200
150.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, China selection, K-Z, inc. flattened packets, ARTB etc., corner-mounted flat to pages in large ring-binder, G to EX, 400* 100-200
151.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, southeast Asia selection, inc. flattened packets, hulls (one with slider), wrapper; Pakistan (34) & India (31), corner-mounted flat to pages in large ring-binder, G to EX, 65* 60-80
152.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, worldwide selection, inc. hulls (some with sliders), flattened packets; Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, Columbia, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus etc., corner-mounted flat to pages in large ring-binder, G to EX, 130* 80-120
153.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, worldwide selection, inc. hulls (a few with sliders), flattened packets; Macau, Mali, Malta, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldovia, Monaco, Mozambique etc., corner-mounted flat to pages in large ring-binder, G to EX, 168* 80-120
154.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, worldwide selection, inc. hulls, flattened packets, wrappers; Taiwan, Tanzania, Trinidad, Tunisia, Turkey etc., corner-mounted flat to pages in large ring-binder, G to EX, 78* 50-70
155.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, British clipped front panels, inc. Ogdens, Archer, Churchmans, Lambert & Butler, Wills, Gallaher, Ardath, Players etc., mixed sizes, loose in large ring-binder, FR to G, 235* 40-60
156.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. Somerset, The Pier Portishead, The Old Albion Crantock, Wellington Square Minehead, Regent Street Weston-Super-Mare, Waterrow, The Market Place & Cross Glastonbury, The Smithy Bridge Winsford, The George Norton St Phillips, The Town Hall Weston-Super-Mare, Royal Mineral Water Hospital Bath, Kewstoke Weston-Super-Mare, Milsom Street Bath, Quay Street Minehead, Ship Inn Porlock, The Old Mill Dunster, Lion Rock Cheddar etc; Isle of Man, inc. Mannin series (6), all Post Offices; Douglas, Loch Promenade, Harbour, Kirk Braddan, Parade, Groudle Glen, Onchan, Peel Bay & Harbour, Ramsey, Douglas Head Lighthouse, Bowling Green, Harris Promenade, Peel Castle, Toast Rack Tram etc., views, coastal, art style, churches etc., mixed periods, about G to VG, 98* 25-35
157.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. Essex, High Street Southend, High Street Colchester, Recreation Grounds Chelmsford, The New Promenade Westcliff-on-Sea, Town Hall Ilford, Southend Mill, Market Place Higham Ferrers, Wanstead Park, Colchester Castle, The Happy Valley Westcliff, The Avenue Theydon Bols etc; London, inc. Piccadilly Circus, Albert Hall, Houses of Parliament, Holland House, Marble Arch, British Museum, Horse Guards, Buckingham Palace, National Gallery, His Majesty's Theatre, Victoria & Albert Museum, New Central Criminal Court, Trafalgar Square, Tower, Westminster Abbey, Broadcasting House, Thames, Home Office, churches & interiors etc., mixed periods, views, coastal, art style etc., mixed periods, FR to VG, 185* 25-35
158.    TRADE, early USA selection, mainly pharmaceutical, inc. floral, children, beauties, romance, animals, scenes etc., Carters, Hoods, Nestle, Parker's, Hoyts, Halls, Comstock, Horsfords, Vaseline, Mellins, Ayers, Warners etc., a few European, mixed sizes, some with a.m.r., G to VG, 90* 25-30
159.    TRADE, early USA selection, mainly pharmaceutical, inc. floral, children, beauties, romance, animals, scenes etc., Carters, Hoods, Nestle, Parker's, Ponds, Halls, Hitchcock, Browns, Horsfords, Ayers etc., a few European, mixed sizes, some with a.m.r., G, 90* SEE AUG 18 25-30
160.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, coastal, churches, rivers, art style etc; Derbyshire, Maidstone, Southport, Evesham, Rugby, Stratford-on-Avon, Victoria Parade Leamington, Bathing Pool Morecambe, Heysham Village, St Ives Harbour, The Grenville Hotel Bude, storm at Blackpool, Babbacombe Bay, King Arthur's Castle Hotel Tintagel, Boating Lake Skegness, Trent Lock, Princess Parade Blackpool etc., mixed periods, some pu, punch-hole to one edge (8), some creasing, corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 100* 30-50
161.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, coastal, churches, rivers, art style etc; Happy Valley Pier Llandudno, Princess Parade Blackpool, Crookes Valley Sheffield, Conway Castle & Suspension Bridge, Coventry, Nurse Cavell's Grave Norwich, memorials, Tower Esplanade Skegness, Major Oak Sherwood Forest, Buckfast Abbey Devon, Torquay, The School Mossel Bay, High Street Southend on Sea, Tower Ballroom Blackpool, Queen's Hotel Eastbourne, mixed periods, some pu, some creasing, corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 100* 30-50
162.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, coastal, churches, rivers, art style etc; Market Place Nottingham, Fore Street Colnes, London Road Derby, Clarence Gardens Scarborough, Norwich, Whitby, Marsden Bay, The Old Grammar School Old Leeds, The Castle Scarborough, Victoria Terraces Bridlington, Brook Street Knutsford, The Strand Cushendall etc., mixed periods, some pu, some creasing, corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 100* 30-50
163.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, coastal, churches, rivers, art style etc; The Harbour Polperro, The Cross Worcester, Town Hall Kidderminster, Bolling Hall Bradford, The Stray Harrogate, Scarborough Bay, Victoria Park Macclesfield, Bond's Hospital Coventry, Knaresborough Castle, High Street Dunster, Market Place Keswick, The Promenade Torquay, North Hill Minehead, mixed periods, some pu, creasing, corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 100* 30-50
164.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, coastal, churches, rivers, art style etc; Boating Lake Skegness, Two Bays Weston-Super-Mare, North Pier Blackpool, Town Hall Bradford, Sea Front Paignton, William Brown Street Liverpool, Station Road West Liss, Walls Hill Babbacombe, Marske Mill, Lord Street Southport, River Dee Chester, Queens Drive Bispham, Granby Street Leicester, Clock Tower Margate etc., mixed periods, some pu, pinhole to one edge (13), some creasing, corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 100* 30-50
165.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, coastal, churches, art style etc; Grammar School Stamford, Dunster Castle, Midland Sands & West Pier Morecambe, The Promenade Grange-Over-Sands, Great Pulleney Street Bath, The Spa and South Bay Scarborough, The Briggate Leeds, Beech Walk Leigh, Headmaster's House Uppingham, Abbey Park Leicester, Station Road Doncaster, Llandudno, Bangor, Town Hall Southport etc., mixed periods, some pu, creasing, corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 100 30-50
166.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, street scenes, buildings, coastal, churches, art style etc; Durham Cathedral, West Pier Brighton, Grove Park Weston-Super-Mare, The Old Gaol Buckingham, Clarach Bay Aberystwyth, The Shambles York, South Side Bridlington, The Beach Beer, Lord Street Southport, monuments, The Cathedral Birmingham, Harbour Lyme Regis, Tennis Courts & Gardens Skegness, Boating Lake Cleethorpes, Church Street Liverpool, Central Promenade and Tower Blackpool etc., mixed periods, some pu, some, creasing, corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 100* 30-50
167.    HORSE RACING, postcards, Doncaster Racecourse, inc. Grandstand, crowds, Saddling Paddock, parade of horses, races in progress, The Enclosure etc., slight duplication, mixed periods, a few pu, generally G, 50* 25-35
168.    POSTCARDS, Social History, inc. soldiers, children, couples, weddings, portraits, groups, families etc., creasing, corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 150* 30-50
169.    TRAMS, selection of photos, many with green information stamp, location or photographer's name to reverse, inc, Liverpool, Northampton, Wallasey, Birkenhead, Dunfermline, Glasgow, London etc., G to VG, 100* 25-30
170.    POSTCARDS, comedy selection, inc. seaside, motoring, camping, military, drinking etc., mixed periods, some pu, P to G, 85* 25-35
171.    POSTCARDS, foreign selection, inc. buildings, monuments, street scenes, natives, views, coastal, religious buildings, animals, gardens, mountains; West Africa, King William Street Adelaide, Paris, Post Office Hobart Tasmania, Canada, Madeira, Spain, Malta, Piazza Vittoria Napoli, Grindelwald, Gibraltar, Ostend, France, Nice, a few India and USA etc., mixed periods, some pu, FR to G, 200* 25-35
172.    POSTCARDS, Greetings selection, inc. Christmas, Easter, Birthday, New Year; floral, embroidered, embossed, holly, Santa, children, scenes, beauties etc., mixed periods, some pu, creasing, corner and edge knocks, FR to G, 150* 30-50
173.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, colour photos (6 x 4), mainly bikes on track, inc. Fogarty, Derek Young, Freddie Spencer, Ryan Farquhar, John Kirkham, Steve Hislop, Bob Jackson, Ian Simpson, Richard Brittain, Oliver Jaque, Terry Rymer, Joey Dunlop, Loris Capirossi, Martin Wimmer, Simon Crafer etc., a few with annotation in ink to reverse, slight duplication, EX to MT, 100* 30-50
174.    FOOTBALL, signed white cards (most with trade cards laid down, inc. Andy Hinchcliffe, Hamilton Ricard, David Platt, Dion Dublin, Muzzy Izzet, Ron Yeats, David Wetherall, Peter Dobing, Ian Walker, Peter Atherton, Jon Newsome, Mark Kennedy, Danny Wilson, Peter Beagrie, Peter Atherton, Terry Yorath, Jamie Pollock, Don Hutchison, Lee Mills etc., 6 x 4, duplication, VG to EX, 150* 30-50
175.    SILKS, postcard, Lord Kitchener, VG 30-40
176.    SILKS, postcards, HM George V (reg 574478) & Queen Mary (reg. 574477), G to VG, 2 30-50
177.    SOCIAL HISTORY, cartes de visite, selection, inc. couples, portraits, children, families, groups etc., photographers inc. W. Savage Winchester, Byrne Richmond, Haes & Vandyk, D Milne Blairgowrie, Emil Koch, Henry J Godbold, W. Turner Leeds, Norman & Norton etc., G to VG, 250* 40-60
178.    THEATRE, autograph album, inc. Gertrude Elliott, Ethel Snowdon, Allan Wilkie, Arthur Newstead, Field Marshal Roberts, Jan Kubelik, Will Catlin, Martin Harvey, Jean Corden etc., a few with postcards, some private sketches and verse, G 80-120
179A.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed promotional photos etc., inc. Greg Davies, James Fox, Julian Glover, Norman Wisdom, Ian Carmichael, Eric Sykes, Ken Dodd, inscribed (3), VG to EX, 8 25-35
179B.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed promotional photos, cards etc., inc. Lisa Coleman, Cherie Lunghi, Barbara Windsor, Joanna Lumley, Joan Rivers, Mary Steenburgen, Jacqueline Bisset, Bonnie Bartlett, Sally Field, Martine McCutcheon (magazine photo laid down to card) etc., inscribed (8), VG to EX, 12 25-35
179C.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed 8 x 12 photos, inc. Tom Baker, Lee Evans, Mark Strong, Emily Watson & Amber Riley, inscribed (4), EX, 5 25-35
179D.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed 8 x 10 photos, inc. Kevin Bishop, Barry Humphries, Jason Watkins, Danny Baker, Jeffrey Holland, Jeff Fahey etc., inscribed (3), EX, 12 25-35
179E.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed 8 x 10 photos, Actresses, inc. Emma Thompson, Zoe Wannamaker, Susan Hampshire, Sheila Reid, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Anne-Marie Duff, Catherine Rabett, creased (1), VG to EX, 7 25-35
179F.   ENTERTAINMENT, photographs, inc. The Beatles, Marianne Faithful, Diana Ross, Tommy Steele, John Wayne, Dusty Springfield, Cliff Richard, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Hope, Bob Dylan, Noel Coward etc., 8 x 10, no annotation, VG to EX, 58* 30-50
180.    MAPS, selection, mainly UK, inc. Ordinance Survey (green & purple), Landranger; Bartholomew, War Office Revision etc., some hardback; a few tourist booklets, Festival of Britain etc., FR to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
181.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. war maps (2), Daily Mail War Map of Europe (WWI), with illustrations of aeroplane, seaplanes, airships, soldiers), Daily Express (1942); tourist booklets, History of Nottingham 1851-1951, churches, pubs, castles; magazines, brochures etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
182.    BOOKS, hardback editions, inc. Over Fen and Wold by Hissey1898), Baedeker's Central Italy (1893), Gothic Architecture by Parker (spine loose) etc,, FR to G, 4 20-30
183.    CHILDRENS BOOKS, hardback editions of annuals, inc. Oxford Annual for Scouts 1928, Tucks, Schoolgirls Own 1924, Rainbow 1926, Kit Carson Cowboy Annual 1959; Playing the Game & Our Boys Yarns (both with cricket covers) etc., FR to VG, 13 25-35
184.    MAGAZINES, 1931-1933, Womans Own (40) & Miss Modern (2), G to EX, 42* 30-40
185.    MAGIC, books, 1916 onwards, inc. tricks, coins, cards, tuition, secrets; Silken Sorcery & Coin Magic by Hugard, Juggling Secrets by Goldston, Card Sleights by Leech etc., G to VG, 25* 30-50
186.    PERFUME, scented perfume sample cards, mainly 1980s, inc. Morocco, Israel, Thailand, USA, Japan, Kenya, Jamaica, Vietnam etc., duplication, VG to EX, 1000s 25-35
187.    TRADE, tea packets, inc. complete & part sets (lightly laid down on pages), packets etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
188.    EPHEMERA, selection of programmes, booklets etc., inc. Orders of Service for funerals, Princess Margaret (some staining), Anthony Eden, Baroness Strange, Angus Ogilvy, Viscount Whitelaw, Princess Alice; London Scottish rugby, Trooping the Colour, Christmas Carol Services, London Lord Mayors, Founders Day, Rolls-Royce Club, Queen Mother 100th Birthday, Highland Games, Royal Tournament etc., a few with water damage, FR to EX, 100* 30-50
189.    POSTERS, selection, inc. South Park (2) for Sky One & Oh My God They Killed Kenny; Bjork (Nouvel album) at Virgin Megastore, Titanic (1+1), The Best of Jimi Hendrix CD release, Bob Dylan (1+1) Time Out of Mind album, released 29th Sept 1997, with UK tour dates; Spice Girls (2), Back In Britain at Wembley Stadium & Stop cd release, some with creasing to edges, generally G to VG, 8 + 2 25-35
190.    THEATRE, posters, Musical Hall & Variety selection, 1930's-40's, inc. Tottenham - North London's Wonder Night 1936, Chatham, Crewe, Barnsley, Bognor Regis, Birmingham - Blackpool Week, Herne Bay Tower Gardens; artists inc. Troise & His Mandoliers, Herschel Henlere, Jenny Howard etc., rolled, minimal tears to edges, G to VG, 8 30-40
191.    TELEVISION, signed original HBO shirt by Sean Bean, being the House Stark shirt from the HBO series, signed in silver felt-tip, overmounted with photos of him in character as Lord Eddard 'Ned' Stark, overmounted, framed & glazed, with CoA from vendor, EX 180-200
192.    RAILWAY, WWII railway poster, In War and Peace We Serve, showing locomotive and large Union Jack, issued by GWR, LMS, LNER & SR, from the original by Reginald Mayes, pub. by Truscott & Son, 25 x 41, dry-mounted to board, VG 60-80
193.    THEATRE, portraits, inc. Celebrities of the Stage, Vols 5 & 9 (missing index page); prints from photos by Barraud, 10.5 x 14.5 (to mounts), all with biographical details to backs, G to VG, 11 30-40
194.    BOOKS, inc. Cambridge Concordance, 4th edition, printed by John Hayes of London 1698 (writing to title pages and front cover detached); The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson (1896); The Works of William Shakespeare; Watt's Works 1813; Longfellow's Poetical Works (spine damaged and pages missing from front) together with 21 cartes de visite in period album (distressed), P to G, 6 25-35
195.    POSTCARDS, mainly modern selection, inc. Post Office issues, inc. military, football, railway, stamps, vehicles etc; franked stamps, commemorative covers (9), inc. Post Office, Halley's Comet, 100th Royal Tournament etc; a few older p/c's (some creasing), inc. The Bridge Whitby, Gallowhill Hall, The Castle Scarborough, Haddon Hall, Stoneleigh Abbey, Grass Market Edinburgh etc; booklets (5), The Post Office at War, The Victoria Cross, National Postal Museum etc., FR to EX, 140* 20-25
196A.   THEATRE, books on Music Hall, inc. signed biographies (6), Molly Weir, Sophie Tucker, Derek Jameson, H. Chance Newton, Gilbert Old, Eric Midwinter; unsigned, Scottish Music Hall 1890-1990 by Littlejohn, The Good Auld Days by Irving, Your Own by Gammond, British Music Hall by Mander & Mitchenson, British Music Hall Whos Who by Busby, Alexandra Theatre by Fraser, Steady Barker (Eric Barker), Funny Way to be a Hero by Fisher, Kindly Leave the Stage by Wilmut, Wireless Stars by Nobbs, Scottish Music Hall 1890-1990 by Littlejohn, The Good Auld Days by Irving etc., dj (8), G to EX, 30* 30-50
196B.   COMICS, selection, mainly 1980s, inc. Buster, Topper, Whizzer and Chips etc., G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
196C.   EPEMERA, selection, inc. mixed sports tickets (37), mainly rugby, cup finals, tours, six nations, internationals, Wimbledon tennis (1), Grand National (1); c/c (550), complete (6) & part sets, architecture, portraits, football, London, ceramics, cricket, horse racing, boxing; postcards, topographical, mainly modern UK & foreign etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
197A.   CINEMA, signed Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide by Sean Bean, signed to full-length illustrated page (41), h/s in character as Boromir, with CoA from vendor, EX 50-70
197C.   MILITARY, signed piece (5.25 x 1.75), by Earl Mountbattan of Burma, G 30-40
ENTERTAINMENT, signed piece (4 x 2.25) by Stan Laurel, VG 40-60
197E.   HORSE RACING, signed piece (6 x 2.5) by Gordon Richards (1983), with brief note above signature, VG 25-35
197F.   MEDICINE, signed b/w photo (3.5 x 5.5) by Christian Barnard, with original envelope, VG, 2 25-35
197G.   POLITICS, signed promotional p/c by Tony Benn in red ink on dark background, G 25-35
POLITICS, signed b/w photo (4.25 x 6) by Margaret Thatcher, with covering letter, VG, 2 50-70
197J.   POLITICS, signed b/w photo (4 x 6.75) by Edward Heath, with covering letter, photo removed from acetate photo album, G, 2 25-35
197K.   POLITICS, signed b/w card (3.5 x 6) to lower white border and covering letter, both by Harold Wilson, indentation marks to photo and slight tear to back, G, 2 25-35
197L.   POLITICS, signed colour card (4 x 5.75) by Helmut Kohl, with covering letter, VG, 2 25-35
197M.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. cheques, letters, postcards etc., inc. David Hedison, Rudy Valee, Jack Hylton, John Dankworth, Norman Wisdom, Arthur Askey, Harry Secombe, Cicely Courtneidge (2), Vera Lynn (press photo) etc., G to VG, 16 25-35
197P.   LITERATURE, signed cheque by Edgar Rice Burroughs, VG 30-50
197Q.   LITERATURE, signed cheque by Tennessee Williams, VG 40-50
197R.   ENERTAINMENT, signed cheque by Jack Haley with 5 x 7 photo of him as The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, folds to cheque, G, 2 15-20
197S.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed cheque by Phil Silvers, also signed by Road Amateau, with 7 x 5 photo of Silvers, small piece missing from top left corner of cheque, G to VG, 2 20-30
197T.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed cheque by Gregory Peck, VG 20-30
197V.   ENTERTAINMENT, signed cheque by David Janssen, VG 20-30
197W.   INDUSTRY, signed cheque by J Paul Getty, punch-holes, G 40-60
197Y.   BOXING, signed cheque by Jake La Motta, slight foxing to edges, G 30-40
198.    PHOTOGRAPHS, social history, inc. motor racing, rural life, social history etc., 8 x 10, no annotation, EX, 50* 25-35
199.    CINEMA, original sheet of twelve poster stamps, Hollywood - Official Stamps of the Stars & Studios, sheets FC, O, PF & R, stars inc. Jack Benny, Lou Abbott, Jane Russell, Joan Crawford, Robert Mitcham, Red Skelton, Bette Davis etc., 4.25 x 7.75, in original wax envelope, EX, 4 40-60
200.    WILLS, British Army Uniforms, complete, Wild Woodbine, G to VG, 50 (Illustration page 10) 100-150
201.    SMITH, Famous Explorers, complete, mixed backs, VG to EX, 50 300-500
202.    ABDULLA, Nationale und Internationale Sport-Rekorde (Sports Stars), VG to EX, 194 + 1 100-150
203.    PLAYERS, extra-large, inc. complete (5), British Live Stock, Cries 2nd, Dickens, Natural History 1st & 2nd; part sets, Old Sporting Prints (10), Egyptian Sketches (7), FR to VG, 86* 30-40
204.    MIXE4D, large, inc. Wills, complete (4), Heraldic Signs, Old Sundials, Kings Art Treasures, English Period Costumes; part sets, Players extra-large (58) etc., FR to VG, 198* 30-40
205.    PLAYERS, large, complete (5), inc Golf, Ships Figure-Heads, Old Naval Prints, British Naval Craft, Zoo Babies, FR to VG, 125 30-50
206.    TRADE, selection, inc. part set, Brooke Bond African Birds (26, Rhodesia); complete (4), Thompson Famous Footballers (1955 & 1956); Brooke Bond British Birds, Priory Birds, G to VG, 145 30-50
207.    MY WEEKLY, silks, inc. Our Soldier Boys (9), Language of Flowers (12), Sweet Kiss (2), Silken Silhouette etc., some fraying, FR to VG, 28* 30-40
208.    FAULKNER, The Language of Flowers, complete, Nosegay (6), creased (2), & corner knocks, P (1) to G, 12 60-80
209.    GEOFFREY MICHAEL, Mystery Cards - Modern Motor Cars, RP, about G to VG, 43 60-80
210.    CHURCHMANS, Lawn Tennis, complete, FR to generally G, 50 40-60
211.    SPORT, odds, inc. boxing (5), Ogdens (Tabs) Heroes of the Ring (Craig & Fitzsimmons); B.I. (Nos. 12 & 29), Phillips Sports (No. 9); Ogdens (Tabs) mixed cricketers (6); ITC of Canada Lacrosse (2); Barratt & other football (3) etc., FR to VG, 19 30-50
212.    MIXED, odds, inc. Arctic Ice Cream Vancouver Views (10/12); Wix Flowers (2), Webber Famous Men (Whitney), Mitsui Japanese Women, Consolidated Ladies of the White House, Cousis Celebrities (Tewan & Balfour), FR to VG, 17 30-50
213.    OGDENS, Royal Mail, complete, about G to EX, 50 30-40
214.    TRADE, complete (3), inc. Brooke Bond, African Wild Life - South African issue (tape marks to two edges of all cards), Songbirds of North America (stain to No. 48); Molassine Dogs, FR (51) to VG, 148 30-40
215.    SOMPORTEX, Thunderball (James Bond), complete, large, G to EX, 72 60-80
216.    PLAYERS, Old England's Defenders, complete, G to EX, 50 500-550
217.    MIXED, odds, inc. Marsuma Golfers, Nos. 7, 33 & 40 (each crease); Baker Actresses BLARM (Mitzi Dalti), Salmon & Gluckstein Post (Brazil), FR to G, 5 30-50
218.    MIXED, odds, inc. Cadbury Colonial Premiers (Nos. 1 & 2), Village (No. 1); Bewlay Flor de Dindigul, Salmon & Gluckstein Great White City (Nos. 12 & 33), Spillers Views (No. 9), Smith Cricketers (Nos. 23 & 43), Taddy Jockey (Templeman) & Territorial (No. 18), Salmon & Gluckstein Coronation (No. 7), creased (3), FR to G, 7 25-35
219.    CATS, selection, inc. complete (2), Players, Golden Era; part set, Players (7), G to EX, 55 30-50
220.    CHURCHMAN, Can You Beat Bogey At St Andrews, complete, EX, 54 150-200
221.    CHURCHMAN, Three Jovial Golfers, complete, VG to EX, 36 80-120
222.    FRY, Ancient Sundials, complete, EX, 50 60-80
223.    FRY, China and Porcelain, complete, EX, 15 60-80
224.    FRY, Empire Industries, complete, VG to EX, 25 60-80
225.    MAYNARDS, Girls of all Nations, complete, G to generally VG, 50 80-120
226.    PLAYERS, Championship Golf Courses, complete, EX, 25 100-150
227.    WILLS, Famous Golfers, complete, vg TO ex, 25 250-350
228.    WILLS, Golfing, complete, 100-150
229.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. mixed boy scouts (13); Edmonndson, Wills Conundrums, Goodwin, Sanders, Stoll, Sinclair, Spillers Nephews, Cadbury, Playfair, Pascall, Nestle, Thomson, Sniders & Abrahams Match Puzzles etc., FR to VG, 154* 40-60
230.    CHURCHMANS, Phil May Sketches, complete, Churchman fronts, VG to EX, 50 100-150
231.    GALLAHER, The Great War 1st, complete, generally VG, 100 80-120
232.    GALLAHER, The Great War 2nd, complete, scuff to image (No. 190), FR (1) to generally VG, 100 80-120
233.    WILLS, British Army Uniforms, complete, Wild Woodbine, FR to G, 50 80-120
234.    ANSTIE, Racing Series 1st & 2nd, complete, G to VG, 50 70-90
235.    OGDENS, Boy Scouts, 1st (28), 2nd (36), 3rd (44) & 5th (22), FR to G, 130* 100-120
236.    BUBBLE GUM, part sets, inc. Topps Planet of the Apes (46); Somportex Thunderbirds (18); Anglo, Captain Scarlett (12+1), Space (2), Wild West (9), The Horse (8), slight duplication, FR to VG, 100* 30-50
237.    WILLS, New Zealand, inc. Motor Cars (47/48), Etchings - Dogs (24/26), Children Of all Nations (49/50), NZ Birds (43/50), Products of the World (49/50), Railway Engines (47/50), G to VG, 30-40
238.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Pottery Types, complete, large silks, numbered to reverse, with backing cards, some fraying, FR to G, 50 40-60
239.    U.T.C., Farmyards of South Africa, complete, large, G to EX, 120 70-90
240.    U.T.C., Sports & Pastimes in South Africa, complete, large, G to VG, 52 40-60
241.    PLAYERS, military, inc. complete (5), Badges & Flags of British Regiments (both brown & green), Arms & Armour, Life on Board; Transvaal (23+3, fifteen trimmed), some, P to G, 276* 30-40
242.    MILITARY, complete (6), Players (4), AC&DS (1-150), Regimental Colours & Cap Badges (Territorial, blue), Victoria Cross; Carreras, History of Naval/Army Uniforms, G to VG, 325 30-50
243.    MIXED, odds, inc. Fry Captain Scott (4), Salmon & Gluckstein Dickens (2), Pattreiouex Railway Posters (3), Smith Explorers (5), Ogdens Tabs (12) & Guinea gold (8); Muratti, Cohen Weenen, Allen & Ginter etc., FR to generally G, 50* 30-50
244.    CRICKET, odds, inc. Wills, 1901 (6), mixed Australian (19); Pattreiouex (4), Carreras (17), Barratt Team Folders (India), Kiddy, Smith, Ardath, Gallaher, Ogdens, Morris etc., G to VG, 78* 30-50
245.    WILLS, complete (8), Mitchell Old Sporting Prints, Gallaher Sporting Personalities; Players (2), Cricketers 1930, Cycling; Wills (4), Aviation, Time & Money, British Birds, Railway Engines (1936), G to EX, 373 30-50
246.    WILLS, part sets & odds, inc. Old Furniture, Old Inns, Arms of Universities, Round Europe, Roses, Rigs of Ships, Racehorses & Jockeys, Butterflies & Moths, Garden Flowers, Famous British Authors etc., duplication, G to VG, Qty. 40-60
247.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Hignett Prominent Cricketers (32), Phillips brown large (11c Mayne, Victoria), Daily Herald, Kane, Ardath etc., a few with a.m.r., FR to VG, 55* 30-50
248.    CRICKET, part sets, inc. Ardath Photocards, portraits (14) & action (11); de Beukelaer All Sports (14), Australian Dairy Butter Em Up (13); miniature RP portraits with printed signatures (16), VG to EX, 68* 40-60
249.    HENRY CLAY & BOCK, Peculiaridades del Mondo (World Interest), large RP, Cuban tobacco issue, some a.m.r., about G to VG, 250* 30-50
250.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. Infantry Training, Swimming Diving & Life-Saving, Foreign Birds, Prominent Racehorses of 1933, Bird's Eggs, Smugglers and Smuggling, Famous Rugby Players, Modern Railways, Jockeys, 1930 etc., FR to G, 850* 30-50
251.    MIXED, large, complete & part sets, inc. mainly Wills, Old Silver, Flowering Shrubs, Old Inns, The King's Art Treasures, Animals and Their Furs, Old Furniture, Famous British Authors etc; Players, Types of Horses, Zoo Babies, Cats, Golf, Ships' Figure-Heads, Kings & Queens of England etc., G to EX, 560* 30-50
252.    MIXED, complete (17), inc. Phillips, Aircraft 1st, This Mechanized Age, In the Public Eye, Film Favourites etc; Wills Cricketers 1928; Players, Dogs' Heads, Fresh-Water Fishes, Natural History etc; Churchmans, Treasure Trove, Wonderful Railway Travel, Howlers etc., FR to VG, 820* 30-50
253.    MIXED, complete (18), inc. Ardath Proverbs; Players, Gems of British Scenery, Cries of London, Gilbert & Sullivan etc; Wills, Household Hints, Association Footballers, Roses, Garden Flowers, Radio Celebrities etc., duplication, FR to VG, 725* 30-50
254.    MIXED, complete (21), inc. mainly Players, Hints on Association Football, Curious Beaks, Natural History, Wild Birds, Motor Cars, Butterflies, Characters From Dickens, Dogs, Dandies, Poultry etc; Phillips, Sportsmen, Film Favourites etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 925* 30-50
255.    SILKS, selection, inc. Phillips, Flags, Old Masters; ITC Animals & Flags, Muratti Canvas Masterpieces, Salmon & Gluckstein, Morris Birds, Lea Regimental & Porcelain etc., duplication, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
256.    MIXED, part sets and odds, many Brooke Bond, Players etc; laid down albums, mainly Brooke Bond (13), Players (11), Barber (2); Esso The Olympics Action Collection (3), a few empty cigarette packets (mainly Players) etc., FR to VG, Qty. 25-30
257.    PANINI, football, complete retail boxes, Euro 2008, EX, 12 40-60
258.    FOOTBALL, modern part sets & odds, inc. Panini, Euro 92, WC 90 & 94, All Time Greats; Futera Platinum, Merlin, Topps, Futera Man Utd treble etc., duplication, VG to MT, Qty. 30-50
259.    FOOTBALL, modern part sets & odds, inc. ProMatch 1999, Merlin 2000, Shooting Stars 1991/2, Panini Euro 2000, Panini Football 82, 83 & 86 etc., duplication, VG to MT, Qty. 30-50
260.    FOOTBALL, modern stickers, laid down in albums, inc. complete (14), Panini 1986 (tape repair to cover), 1996 & 1997; Futera, Manchester United, Topps, Merlin, Daily Star; part sets, 1968/9 FKS, Panini (1979 onwards), Merlin etc., duplication, a few with pages missing or cut, P to EX, Qty. 30-50
261.    FOOTBALL, empty sticker albums, inc. Panini (16), football, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 (all Scottish), Euro 2004 & 2012, World Cup 2002; Merlin (22), Pokemon (3) & football etc., slight duplication, VG to EX, 40* 30-50
262.    MIXED, selection, inc. reprints, complete (2), Churchmans Pioneers, Ogdens Life-Boat; Brooke Bond laid down albums (66 with duplication) etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
263.    TRADE, European selection of albums, inc. complete & part sets and empty, Cinema Cavalcade (2), natural history, pirates, medals, flags etc., FR to VG, 12 25-35
264.    MIXED, selection, inc. many Brooke Bond, complete (5) & part sets; Castella, Tom Thumb, Embassy, Vauxhall, Lyons, Panini Football 87, Batco Coupons etc., duplication, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
265.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Caperns, Typhoo, Thomson; booklets (printed & laid down) etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
266.    TRADE European selection, inc. Suchard, Potin, Cybil, Tobler, Stollwerck etc., G to VG, 100s 30-50
267.    COLLECTORS CARDS, selection, inc. complete & part sets, stickers (in packets), empty albums; Doctor Who, The X-Files, Superman, Transformers, Match Attax (football), Lion King, Sega Super Play, Space Jam etc., in three ring-binders & loose, VG to MT, Qty. 25-35
268.    FOOTBALL, modern complete & part sets, inc. 2001/2 Wizards, 1990 World Cup by Orbis, 2000 Chupa Chups, 2006/7 Magic Box, ProSet etc., in ring-binders, EX to MT, Qty. 25-35
269.    FOOTBALL, complete & part sets, inc. Panini Euro 2012 (10), Futera Manchester United 1997 & 1998, Merlin 1998, Topps Match Attax, Magic Box etc., a few cards signed, duplication, in plastic folders, VG to EX, Qty. 25-35
270.    FOOTBALL, complete & part sets, inc. Merlin, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005; Futera team sets (3), Chelsea, Liverpool & Manchester United; Subbuteo (mixed) etc., a few cards signed, duplication, in ring-binders, VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
271.    TRADE, complete (100), inc. Barratt, Carreras (Black Cat), Rainbow Press, Brooke Bond, Castella, Golden Era etc., duplication, EX, Qty. 30-40
272.    TRADE, complete (50), inc. Churchmans, Barratt, Brooke Bond, Mister Softee, Taddy & Co., CBS, Gallaher, Wills, ABC Minors, Carreras (Black Cat), Typhoo, Murray, Whitbread, Players, Imperial etc., duplication, EX, Qty. 30-40
273.    MIXED, complete (45), inc. Typhoo long, Panini Garfield, Embassy, Gallaher, Tom Thumb, Wills, Sport in Print, Shelley, Grandee, Barratt, Players, Texaco, Doncella, Kelloggs etc., duplication, EX, Qty. 30-40
274.    TRADE, mainly gum issues, inc. football, Thunderbirds, Flags, Battle Cards, Civil War News, Batman, Soldiers of the World, TV Westerns, Land of the Giants etc., duplication, FR to generally G, Qty. 30-50
275.    TRADE, selection, inc. Superman, Star Wars, Dexter, Batman, X-Files, Dr Who, Daktari, Man from UNCLE, 1989 Score baseball (in retail box) etc., FR to EX, Qty. 25-35
276.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Abdulla, Cavanders, Millhoff, Rothmans, Sinclair, CWS etc., FR to VG, 600* 30-50
277.    MIXED, large, part sets & odds, Wills & Players, inc. British Live Stock, Dogs, Natural History, Old Sporting Prints (all extra-large); Golf, Naval Dress, Mount Everest, Racing Yachts, Wild Fowl; Arms, Castles, Authors, Liners, Garden Flowers etc., G to EX, 500 40-60
278.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Hill Statuary, Churchmans, Morris, British Automatic, Butlins; Scouting, cricket etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
279.    MIXED, two complete sets laid down in albums, Sarony Around the Mediterranean (large); ITC Famous Buildings and Monuments, VG, 2 25-35
280.    TOPPS, 1981 Footballers (triples), blue backs, inc. triple cards (59), empty album, wax wrapper & retail box (flattened), ow VG to EX, 62 25-35
281.    PHILLIPS, Beauties - Modern Paintings (Barribal), medium silks, fraying to edges, FR to G, 9 + 1 30-50
282.    A.T.C., blanket issues (rugs), 11 x 7.25 (20), 8 x 5.5 (22) & 6.5 x 4 (4), duplication, G to VG, 46 25-35
283.    ISRAEL, Jewish History & Leaders, part set of 179 (of 197) cards laid down in album, cards 56 x 70mm, numbered text backs (Hebrew only), some signs of removal in empty spaces, G 30-50
284.    FELIX POTIN, Celebrites Contemporaines 1st, inc. leaders, writers, musicians, actresses etc., 287 cards laid down in large hardback album, G 30-40
285.    TRADE, European selection, inc. Suchard, Liebig, Chicoree Nouvelle, Aiguebelle, Poulain, Ibled, Abafil, Teuta, Palmin, Warne, Lavazza; military, flags, people etc., in large ring-binder & loose pages, G to VG, 224* 35-45
286.    SPORT, trade selection, apparently complete, inc. Chix, Football Club Colours, Famous Footballers, Soccer Bubble Gum, Pro-Set: A & B C Cricketers, cornered in albums & latter in ring-binder, P to FR, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
287.    SILKS, selection, inc. Wills War Medals (13); ATC, Butterflies (5), Queens (2); Muratti Regimental Crests (15); Phillips, premium (3), regimental etc., mainly medium, FR to EX, 70* 30-50
288.    OGDENS, Football Caricatures, complete set of 50 proofs (ten strips of five, fronts only)), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
289.    OGDENS, Leaders of Men, complete set of 50 proofs (fronts only), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
290.    OGDENS, Champions of 1936, complete set of 50 proofs (fronts & backs), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
291.    OGDENS, Shots from the Films, complete set of 50 proofs (fronts & backs), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
292.    OGDENS, The Story of Sand, complete set of 50 proofs (fronts & backs), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
293.    CHURCHMANS, Legends of Britain (large), complete set of 12 proofs (fronts & backs), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
294.    CHURCHMANS, Frisky, complete set of 52 proofs (fronts & backs), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
295.    WILLS, Cinema Stars, complete set of 25 proofs (fronts only), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
296.    WILLS, Golfing, complete set of 25 proofs (fronts & backs), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 80-120
297.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Famous British Airmen & Airwomen, complete set of 25 proofs (fronts & backs), laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album (embossed crest to cover), being an original company proof edition, EX 30-50
298.    PLAYERS, Civil Aircraft, complete set of 50 proofs (fronts only) from unissued set, laid down in official Mardon Son & Hall album, being an original company proof edition, set title to cover in ink, EX 60-80
299.    FOOTBALL, Newcastle United trade odds, inc. A&BC gum, 1958 onwards (83), Topps (58), Nabisco, Thomson, Pro-Set, Match, Merlin etc., in ring-binder, G to EX, 244* 40-60
300.    TOPICAL TIMES, Footballers (special issue), complete, premium, colour, G to VG, 8 25-35
301.    TOPICAL TIMES, Footballers, Panel Portraits (1936), complete, colour, G to VG, 16 30-50
302.    THOMSON, ABC Chart of Football Colours, four complete sets neatly laid down to charts (Nos. 1-4), each chart with relevant page lightly laid down to back, VG, 4 25-35
303.    FLEETWAY, Famous Football Trophies, four uncut strips & chart, VG, 5 25-35
304.    THOMSON, World Cup Stars, complete set of 72 in uncut sheets of 8 (4) & 10 (4), VG to EX, 8 70-90
305.    TOPICAL TIMES, Cricketers, complete, premium issues, G to VG, 8 40-60
306.    F.K.S., Footballers 1968/9, complete set of 330, laid down (to top edge only) in softback presentation album, some ink writing to Transfer page, creasing to covers, G 30-40
307.    TYPHOO, complete unopened packets, International Football Stars 1st (Nos. 12 & 16) & 2nd (No. 12), some knocks to corners, G to VG, 3 30-40
308.    QUESTE, complete (4), Bentley 1st & 2nd, Rolls Royce 1st & 2nd, each with empty hardback album, EX to MT, 100+ 10-15
309.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection, inc. cinema, complete (4), Players Film Stars 3rd & Gallaher (3); laid down albums (5), Radio Review, Carreras, Players & Wills; books, Shirley Temple, Laurel & Hardy, FR to EX, 201* 30-50
310.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Wills (8), inc. floral (3), Garden Hints, Railway Engines, Association Footballers; Players (5), inc. Natural History, War Decorations & Medals, History of Naval Dress, Footballers 1928-29, Napoleon; Mitchell Clan Tartans 2nd, Phillips Flower Studies; Ogdens Soldiers of the King (reprint), trade (4) etc., FR to VG, 840 30-40
311.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (6), Characters from Dickens, Wild Animals Heads. Military Head-Dress, Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu, Uniforms of the T.A., AC & DC; Wills (8), Animals & Their Furs, Old Sundials, Radio Celebrities, Signalling, hints, floral; Mitchell Clan Tartans 2nd, Pattreiouex Beautiful Scotland, trade (4) etc., FR to VG, 793* 30-40
312.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Wills (8), inc. Radio Celebrities, Allied Army Leaders, Engineering Wonders, floral (3), Life in the Royal Navy; Players, Regimental Uniforms, Military Head-Dress, Hidden Beauties; Cope Toy Models, Lea Wonders of the World, Pattreiouex Our Countryside; trade (4) etc., FR to VG, 902 30-40
313.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (5), Miniatures, Aircraft of the RAF, Derby and Grand National Winners; Wills (8), Romance of the Heavens, Dogs, Musical Celebrities, Cinema Stars, Railway Equipment, floral (2); Phillips Bird Painting, Carreras Orchids, Churchman Holidays in Britain, Pattreiouex The Bridges of Britain, CWS Beauty Spots of Britain; trade (3) etc., FR to VG, 835 30-40
314.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (6), Aircraft of the RAF, Aviary and Cage Birds, Dogs (full-length), Hidden Beauties, British Livestock, Film Stars 3rd; Wills (7), Arms of Foreign Cities, DYK 2nd, The Reign of HM King George V, Railway Equipment, floral (2); Cavanders Colonial Series, Sarony Links With the Past 1st & 2nd, Phillips Ships That Made History, Churchman Wings Over the Empire, Carreras Malayan Scenes, Pattreoiuex Winter Scenes etc., FR to VG, 861 30-40
315.    FOOTBALL, part sets, inc. Amalgamated Press Prominent Football Teams, in strips of three (7) & singles (33); Nabisco 1970 (92), G to EX, 132* 30-50
316A.   E.R.B., window display poster for Bell Tobacco, 19.5 x 4.5, unused, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, previously folded, some slight creasing, G 25-35
316B.   WILLS, display poster for Gold Flake Honeydew tobacco, 19.75 x 7.5, unused, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, previously folded, some slight creasing, small tear to right hand edge (repaired), G 25-30
316C.   ADVERTISING, display poster for Personality Turtle Oil Soap, showing girl (h/s), flowers and bar of soap, 9 x 11, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, laid down to brown card (10.25 x 14.25 overall), VG 25-30
316D.   PLAYERS, display poster for Hearts of Oak tobacco, showing showing couple driving carriage with parrot in cage, 12 x 16, printed by Mardon Son & Hall, laid down to brown card and further laid down to white card (13.75 x 18.75 overall), VG 30-50
317.    TOPICAL TIMES, Football, complete (3), Great Players, Stars of To-Day, Miniature Panel Portraits, each corner-mounted in softback booklet, G to EX, 72+ 30-50
318.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, Regimental Uniforms of Canada, complete set of 50 on uncut sheet, overmounted to show each card (not glued or taped down), framed & glazed, VG 70-80
319.    OGDENS, British Costumes, complete set of 50, mounted to show both sides, framed & glazed (cracked), a.m.r. (), G to VG 30-40
320.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, Regimental Uniforms of Canada, complete set of 55 silks on large uncut sheet, VG 30-50
321.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. Carreras, Top Trumps, Priddy, Nestle, Jasmati, Moller & Landschultz, Vittoria, Gartmann, Co-Op etc; bottle labels, Schimmelpenninck, Stompkop, Murillo, Alvaro World Cup Spain 1982, Club etc., duplication, in modern a 30-50
322.    SPORT, part sets & odds, inc. athletics, golf, horse racing, cricket, tennis, swimming, cycling, wrestling, rugby, snooker, motor racing, rowing, skiing etc; inc. Gallaher, Pattreiouex, Ogdens, Lambert & Butler, Churchmans, Phillips, Players, Ardath, 30-50
323.    PLAYERS, complete (15), inc. Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Fire-Fighting Appliances, Film Stars 3rd, History of Naval Dress, Napoleon, Shipping, Sea Fishes etc., in modern album, G to EX, 585* 30-50
324.    MIXED, complete (12), inc. Ardath Stamps & Who is This?; Wix, Coronation, Builders of the Empire, Henry; Sarony Day on the Airways (large), Cavanders School Badges, Morris Wax Art & Measurement of Time, Churchmans Curious Dwellings etc., in modern album, G to EX, 444* 30-50
325.    MIXED, complete (16), inc. Hill (4), Scientific Inventions & Discoveries, Views of Interest 1st-3rd; Carreras (6+1), Happy Family, Film & Stage Beauties, Celebrities of British History, Britains Defences (2); Pattreiouex large RP (5) etc., in two modern albums, G to EX, Qty. 30-40
326.    LEA, part sets, inc. Famous Racehorses, large (16) & standard (9); Miniatures, gold (35) & 51-100 (26); Old Pottery & Porcelain, 2nd Chairman (46), 3rd Chairman (29), 4th (24) & 5th (37), in modern album, G to EX, 214* 90-110
327.    MIXED, complete (21), Wills (17), Players (2) & Cavanders (2), in two modern albums, FR to G, 858* 30-40
328.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. Nabisco, Chix, Churchmans, Turf, Tennants, Leaf stickers, Gallaher, Duttons, Cornish Match Co., Topps, Players, Pro Set, T. Sheldon Collectibles, Richards, Wills etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 600* 30-50
329.    OGDENS, part sets and odds, inc. British Costumes, Flags & Funnels, Children of All Nations, Birds Eggs, Foreign Birds etc., some duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 317* 30-50
330.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Murray, Faulkner, Ardath, Abdulla, Morris, BAT, Sinclair, Boguslavsky etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 350* 30-50
331.    PLAYERS, large, part sets & odds, inc. Old Naval Prints, Cats, Racing Yachts, British Naval Craft, Famous Beauties, Golf, Wild Birds, Fresh-Water Fishes, Types of Horses, Wildfowl etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 255* 30-50
332.    WILLS, part sets & odds, inc. Railway Engines, Warships, Zoo, Wild Flowers, Wonders of the Sea, Wonders of the Past, Railway Locomotives, Speed, Ships' Badges etc., duplication, in two modern albums, FR to VG, Qty 30-50
333.    OGDENS, Tabs, Boer War & Misc, large, duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 28 + 2 30-40
334.    OGDENS, Tabs, Boer War & Misc, standard, large, duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 170 + 25* 30-40
335.    B.A.T., complete (3), Indian Historical Views, Keep Fit & Lucky Charms, G to EX, 125* 30-40
336.    MIXED, complete (7), inc. Carreras (6), Races, Views of London, Notable MPs, Film Favourites; Lambert & Butler British Trees, Churchmans Famous Railway Trains etc., FR to EX, 302 30-50
337.    MIXED, complete (9), inc. Ogdens Actors & Sea Adventure; Players Dogs Heads, Murray Bathing Belles, Cavanders, Morris, Dominion etc., G to EX, 351 30-50
338.    CARRERAS, Turf Slides, uncut doubles, British Aircraft (26), Film Favourites (11) & Radio Celebrities (22), G to VG, 59* 30-50
339.    MITCHELL, part sets & odds, inc. Regimental Collars, River & Coastal Steamers, Statues & Monuments, Gallery of 1934/1935, Army Ribbons & Badges, Medals etc., FR to VG, 180* 40-60
340.    GALLAHER, part sets, inc. Royalty, Great War, Birds Nests & Eggs & British Birds, some creased, FR to G, 200* 30-40
341.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Gallaher, Churchmans, Phillips, Ogdens, Lambert & Butler, FR to VG, 350* 40-60
342.    ARDATH, part sets & odds, inc. Sports Champions (48), Famous Footballers (60), Cricket Tennis & Golf (70), British Born Film Stars, Trooping the Colour etc., G to EX, 450* 30-50
343.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Lea (200), Hignett (80), Wix etc., FR to VG, 330* 40-60
344.    A. & B.C. GUM, part sets, inc. Battle Cards, Man from UNCLE, Outer Limits, Civil War News, Monkees etc., some corner knocks, FR to VG, 185* 40-60
345.    DANDY, selection, inc. Film Stars S (Nos. 1-99), Veteran & Vintage Motor Cars (38/72), Soldiers (73/100) etc., medium, anon, slight duplication, VG to EX, 220* 25-35
346.    WILLS, overseas part sets, inc. Chinas Ancient Warriors (63, Pirate), Flag Girls (20, United Service), Birds of the East (42, Ruby Queen), Arms & Armour (49, Vice Regal), Lighthouses (45), Russo-Japanese (46, many creased), Vanity Fair etc., some creasing & corner knocks, FR to VG, 330* 30-50
347.    COHEN WEENEN, odds, inc. Wonders of the World (11), Nations (7), Miniature Playing Cards (5), Fiscal Phrases (2), Home & Colonial Regiments (4) etc., about G to VG, 33* 30-50
348.    SANDORIDES, selection, inc. Cinema Celebrities, standard (complete) & extra-large (18/25); large, Famous Racecourses (12) & London Zoo (complete), G to VG, 80* 30-50
349.    COPE, odds, inc. Chinese (16, mixed), Boxers (3), Wild Animals & Birds (2), VC & DSO (2), FR to VG, 23* 30-40
350.    ANGLO CONF., The Beatles - Yellow Submarine, complete, large, with wax wrapper, VG to EX, 66+ 200-300
351.    A. & B.C. GUM, Man on the Moon, complete, with wax wrapper, VG to EX, 74+ 100-150
352.    PATTREIOUEX, Footballers in Action, missing Nos. 1 & 22, a few FR ow G to VG, 76* 80-120
353.    COHEN WEENEN, Boer War Celebrities (colour), complete, 100 backs, G to VG, 45 60-80
354.    COHEN WEENEN, Interesting Buildings & Views, complete, plain borders, G to VG, 20 30-50
355.    SWEETACRE, Test Match Records (1-32), complete, G to EX, 32 40-60
356.    SWEETACRE, Prominent Cricketers (33-64), complete, G to EX, 32 40-60
357.    U.S.A., extra-large, inc. Duke, Histories of Generals (Burnside & Sherman), Fishes & Fishing (Speckled Trout), Sea Captains (Cook); Lorillard Circus Scenes (jockey standing on horse), GAIL & AX, Novelties (girl in shawl), FR to generally G, 6 30-50
358.    U.S.A., advert cards, inc. Allen & Ginter (3), CSGB ref. A36-111 (2) & Group 10; Lorillard (L70-39), a.m.r. (1), FR, 4 30-40
359.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Empire Air Routes, complete, G to VG, 50 30-50
360.    OGDENS, Racing Pigeons, complete, EX, 50 60-70
361.    CARRERAS, Famous Footballers, complete, Turf slides (neat trim), EX, 50 35-45
362.    PLAYERS, Cats, complete, large, EX, 24 50-60
363.    SNAP, ATV Series No. 2, complete, EX, 48 35-45
364.    WALLACE & SCOTT, The Civil War 1861-1865, complete, bookmarks, inc. Lincoln, MT, 25 25-35
365.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1958 Footballers (1-46), Planet, duplication, G to EX, 220* 80-120
366.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1958 Footballers (47-92), Planet, duplication, a few trimmed, G to EX, 75* 80-120
367.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1959 Footballers (1-49), duplication, FR to VG, 80* 60-80
368.    A. & B.C. GUM, World Cup Footballers (1970), missing Cohen & Labone, duplication, G to EX, 120* 60-80
369.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1972 Footballers, G to EX, 180* 50-70
370.    A. & B.C. GUM, Footballers, 1958 onwards, duplication, FR to EX, 200* 40-60
371.    A. & B.C. GUM, Football Team Pennants (1968), anon adhesive, G to EX, 23 40-60
372.    MIXED, part sets & odds, ERB (51) & Adkin (26), FR to VG, 77* 40-60
373.    SMITH, part sets & odds, inc. Cricketers (2), Football Club Records, Naval Dress & Badges, Fowls Pigeons & Dogs etc., FR to VG, 31* 40-60
374.    COPE, part sets & odds, inc. Boats of the World, British Warriors, Lawn Tennis Strokes, Dogs etc., FR to VG, 27* 30-50
375.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Clarke (15), Salmon & Gluckstein (10) & Faulkner (3), FR to VG, 28* 30-50
376.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Anstie, Ruddell, CWS, Murray, Boguslavsky, Nicholls, Sarony, Sinclair etc., FR to VG, 130* 40-60
377.    LEAF, Famous Discoveries and Adventures, complete, extra-large, VG to EX, 50 25-35
378.    PANINI, Animals of the World, complete, Top Sellers, EX to MT, 336 25-35
379.    CARR, Cricketers, complete, premium issue, slight foxing, VG, 20 60-70
380.    BARRATT, National Types, Nos. 6 Dayak & 20 Patagonian Indian, Tarrab backs, G to VG, 2 30-40
381.    DUNN'S BOOTS, butterfly-shaped advert card, 115 x 60mm, red wings, Lincolnshire trade issue, VG 25-35
382.    HODGE, Scottish Views, Lord of the Isles, poor trim (68 x 39mm), FR 30-40
383.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Druce (Cambridge University), G 40-45
384.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Ferris, Gloucestershire, corner knocks, G 40-45
385.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Read (Surrey), G 40-45
386.    BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, Brown, Hardinge, Hobbs, Mann & Mead, all cricketers, G to VG, 5 40-60
387.    LUSBY, Scenes from Circus Life, horse throwing clown (CSGB H.264-13), anon (p/b) though identical to Lusby, EX 30-50
388.    CHURCHMANS, Famous Golfers 1st, No. 12 Gadd, slight corner knock, VG 20-30
389.    MIXED, odds, inc. Pritchard & Burton Beauties PAC (girl kneeling on chair); Churchmans GRACC (H59-8); Cadbury Locomotive Series, No. 2); Fry Hello Daddy!, G, 2 30-50
390.    GOUDEY, Sport Kings, No. 8 Walter Hagen (golf), US gum issue, green back, VG 30-50
391.    THORNE & CO., Royalty, Duke of Cambridge, VG 25-35
392.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Types of the British Army & Navy, black Specialities backs, G, 3 60-80
393.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 35 Paget, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG 30-40
394.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 38 Pulteney, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG 30-40
395.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 49 Nicholas I, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG 30-40
396.    SHARPE, shield-shaped military card, Lord Roberts in Union Jack frame, with Tom Witt back, G 25-35
397.    TOM WITT, shield-shaped rugby-themed political card, Kruger - After the Scrimmage, VG 50-60
398.    SHARPE, shield-shaped rugby card, St Elphins Forever, slight crease, G, with Tom Witt back, un-recorded, some creasing to points, FR 25-35
399.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C2 Armstrong (Australia), printed back, EX 30-35
400.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C3 Armstrong (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
401.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C4 Carter (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
402.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C5 Gregory (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
403.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C6 Gregory (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
404.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C8 Ryder (Australia), printed back, EX 30-35
405.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C9 Collins (Australia), printed back, EX 30-35
406.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C10 Oldfield (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
407.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C11 Andrews (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
408.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C12 Macartney (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
409.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C13 Pellew (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
410.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C14 McDonald (Australia), printed back, EX 30-35
411.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C15 Bardsley (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
412.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C16 Hendry (Australia), printed back, VG 30-35
413.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (18), butterflies, Adkin, Wills large, Players (2+1), Phillips, Gallaher; Wills floral; postcards, greetings cards etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
414.    TRADE, complete (126), inc. Kelloggs, Vauxhall, Topps, Pepsi, C.W.S., The National Gallery, Walt Disney, Match, Adidas, Barratt, Regent, KFC etc., VG to EX, Qty. 60-80
415.    WILLS, part sets & odds, duplication (some heavy), FR to VG, 4500* 40-60
416.    TRADE, complete (50), inc. Hustler, Horniman, Hobbypress, Como, Comet, Dickson Orde, Gaycon, Dryfood, Ewbank, Brooke Bond (17), c/c reprints etc., slight duplication, VG to EX, Qty. 40-60
417.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. mainly Wills & Players; Phillips, Gallaher, Thomson, Lyons etc., laid down 1d albums (5), FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
418.    MIXED, selection, inc. Topps Footballers 1977 (12) & 1978 (197), Wix silk Flags, reprint sets (3) etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
419.    TRADE, complete (5) and part sets, inc. Mills, Lyons Maid, Northern Co-Op, Anglo, A.T.C., Brooke Bond, Doncella, T.C.G., Chix, Esso etc., duplication, G to VG, 850* 25-30
420.    MIXED, complete (2), part sets & odds, inc. Wills, The World's Dreadnoughts, DYK,; Gallaher, Ardath, Lambert & Butler, Players National Flags and Arms (24), Churchman The Story of Navigation (49), Ogdens, C.W.S. British and Foreign Birds (45), Cavanders etc., FR to G, Qty. 25-30
421.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete football sets (5), Carreras Popular Footballers, Players 1928 RIP, Wills (no frame) & Churchmans 2nd; trade complete & part sets, Weetabix 3-D, Dandy, Anglo The Horse, Mobil Grand Prix, Panini Royal Family, Pro-Set, Topps etc., duplication, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
422.    TRADE, complete & part sets, inc. anon Safety First (Oriental); Players, Wild Birds, Film Stars, Birds & their Young; Churchman, Eastern Proverbs, Story of Navigation; Wills, Allied Army Leaders, many Carreras Black Cat (duplication) etc., G to MT, Qty. 25-30
423.    MIXED, inc. complete (10), Churchman (3), reprint c/c (7), David Hunter, Daily Mirror; part set, Lambert & Butler Motor Cycles (30 + 18) etc., in two modern albums, G to EX, 500* 30-50
424.    FOOTBALL, trade selection, inc. cards, booklets, fixture cards; Fussball 80/81, Dixie Dale, Hornet, Tiger, Roy Race, Barcelona, Players (Sheffield fixtures), Topical Times etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
425.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. 1966 & 1970 World Cup, brochures, newspapers, supplements; programmes (some single sheets), 1951/2 Day & Mason, booklets, newspaper & glossy photos (some signed); annual etc., FR to VG, Qty. 25-35
426.    FOOTBALL, complete & part sets, inc. Soccer Bubble Gum, Mirror, Panini, Pepys Whist, Nabisco, Typhoo, Merlin, ProSet, Wills, Thomson (pairs) etc., slight duplication, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
427.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Mazzawattee, Merrysweet, Disc Jockey, Cummings, Ely, Cow & Gate, Master Vending etc., FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
428.    ARDATH, large & extra-large part sets, mainly RP, G to EX, 1200* 60-80
429.    TRADE, complete (100), inc. Glengettie, Tom Thumb, Weet-Bix, Sanitarium, Doncella, Kelloggs, Black Cat etc., G to EX, Qty. 40-60
430.    MIXED, large, part sets & odds, inc. Carreras, Hill, Phillips, Sarony, UTC, Pattreiouex, ITC etc., G to EX, Qty. 40-60
431.    GLAMOUR, mainly Playboy issues, inc. Jan (103), Feb (31), Mar (75), Apr (36), May (113), Jun (99); chromium (21); Daily Star etc., in large ring-binder & loose, VG to EX, 485* 30-40
432.    EPHEMERA, modern selection, inc. postcards (a few earlier), complete & part cereal boxes, booklets, advert inserts, bookmarks etc., G to EX, 319* 30-50
433.    FOOTBALL, complete & part sets, laid down or cornered in albums, inc. Chix, Wills, Players. Merlin, Cleveland, The Sun Euro96 (4), Match etc., G to EX, 14 + 3 25-35
434.    TRADE, selection. Inc. wrappers, wax inserts, magazine supplement prints (many Sunday Companion), reward cards, recipes, printed booklets, self-standing cowboys by Roxy etc., FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
435.    TRADE, mainly part sets & odds inc. Topps, Superman 1 & 2, Match Attax; Dandy, Animals, Wonderful World, tattoos, empty gum wrappers; A & BC Gum, Shelby Gum, Warner Bros, Panini, Top Sellers, Walt Disney, Universal Studios; football, stickers, Futera, Rothmans, Match, The Sun, Sugar Puffs, Daily Mirror, Merlin, Chix; Thomson plastic wallets (3) etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty 30-50
436.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (3), Lambert & Butler Worlds Locomotives (50 & additional), Phillips Railway Engines; part sets, Hignett, Ogdens, Lambert & Butler, Churchman, Wills, Daily Express, Players, Brooke Bond, modern selection (in two albums) etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
437.    TOBACCO, selection, inc. packets, Sweet Crop, Aristocratic, Dubec, The Greys, Peter Jackson; tins, hardware etc., slight duplication, some paint loss & rusting, FR to G, Qty. 25-35
438.    FOREIGN, part sets & odds, inc. Senez-Sturbelle, Tiger, Westminster, Danmark, Josetti, Eckstein-Halpaus, Bear, Val Gum, Felix Potin, Yosma etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
439.    BROOKE BOND, 41 complete sets (ten copies of each), inc. mainly blue backs, black backs (7) etc., VG to EX, 1000s (three boxes) 60-100
440.    CAVANDERS, large, parts sets, inc. Peeps into Many Lands, Coloured Stereoscopic, River Valleys, Homeland Series, Camera Studies etc., duplication, usual curl, G to EX, 1500* 30-50
441.    BROOKE BOND, part sets, mixed periods, duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, 4500* 30-40
442.    RIERA, El Vestido a Traves de los Siglos (The Dress Through the Centuries), complete, large, Spanish chocolate issue, G, 24 25-35
443.    TRADE, European selection, complete & part sets & subsets, inc. Suchard, Darboven, Palmin, Hoyer, Eucalol, Wagner etc., FR to VG, 100* 30-40
444.    MORRIS, Battleship Crests, complete, medium silks, lacking backing paper, FR to G, 24 75-85
445.    PHILLIPS, County Cricket Badges, complete, medium silks, BDV issue, VG to EX, 17 100-120
446.    PHILLIPS, County Cricket Badges, complete, medium silks, anon. issue, small stain (2), G to EX, 17 110-120
447.    PHILLIPS, Colonial Army Badges, complete, medium silks, anon. issue, G to VG, 108 130-140
448.    PHILLIPS, Town & City Arms, complete, large silks, BDV issue, G to EX, 75 120-130
449.    PHILLIPS, Old Masters - Set 1, premium size (155 x 114mm), fraying (), FR to VG, 8 30-50
450.    BARRATT, sweet cigarette packets, inc. The Magic Sword Quest for Camelot, Hologrems, Bananaman, The Lost World, Beano & Dandy, Battle, Looney Tunes etc., flattened hulls, duplication, EX, 72* 30-50
451.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. complete (8), Carreras Popular/Famous Footballers, Churchmans 1st & 2nd, Players ACW; part sets, Hill Famous Footballers (70), Barratt etc., G to EX, 480* 80-120
452.    SOMPORTEX, James Bond 007 - Thunderball, complete, variations for No. 15 & 24 (rare), EX to MT, 72 150-200
453.    TRADE, advert inserts, mainly soap issues, inc. Lever Bros (9), Hudson, Goodwin; Colmans Mustard, premium size, VG, 12 25-35
454.    SELECTION, inc. Songs of the Empire booklet, whist cards (30, National Steam Ship Co; European trade (54); postcards, Tit-Bits, Van Houten, Eno, Scotts etc., G to EX, 76* 30-40
455.    BROOKE BOND, selection, inc. complete (11), Out into Space; Incredible Creatures (doubles) - Walton & Sheen Lane; black backs (8); part set, Journeys End, large (19/20), EX, 449* 30-50
456.    A. & B.C. GUM, Beatles (b/w), missing No. 1, some corner knocks, about G to VG, 59 80-120
457.    LIEBIG, Word Pictures XII, S423, French, corner crease (1), G to VG, 4 100-120
458.    LIEBIG, S.1114 The Composer - Gluck (Belgian), complete, G to VG, 6 80-120
459.    LIEBIG, S.1385 German Town Halls (German), complete, slight foxing to backs, VG, 6 100-120
460.    LIEBIG, S.100 A Boating Accident (Belgian?), complete, some slight staining, foxing, a.m.r., corner knocks, FR to G, 6 60-80
461.    LIEBIG, S.127 Butterfly Girls (French), complete, slight staining, foxing and a.m.r., about G to VG, 6 50-70
462.    LIEBIG, S.134 The French in Tonkin (French), complete, slight foxing, writing in pencil to reverse, G to VG, 6 60-80
463.    LIEBIG, S.136 Theft II (French), complete, slight foxing, a.m.r. (1), about G to VG, 6 50-70
464.    LIEBIG, S.1105 In Tunisia (Belgian), complete, slight foxing, a.m.r. (1), G to VG, 6 80-120
465.    CIBILS, Modern French Uniforms, No. 1-14-1, a.m.r. (2), slight foxing, FR to G, 12 40-60
466.    CIBILS, selection, inc. complete (2) not (3), Nos. 2-8-2 Children on Donkeys, 3-1-4 Puzzle Pictures Set 1; PART SET, 3-01-02 Posters (6/8), a.m.r. (1), some staining to backs, slight corner knocks, G, 18 50-80
467.    BROOKE BOND, Polyfilla Modelling Cards, complete, premium, VG, 10 25-35
468.    A. & B.C. GUM, Outer Limits, complete, Bubbles, VG to EX, 50 200-250
469.    A. & B.C. GUM, 1967 Footballers (Star Players), complete, VG to EX, 55 100-150
470.    PLAYERS, Butterflies (girls), complete, Drumhead, overseas issue, VG, 50 120-160
471.    FRY, Days of Wellington, complete, VG, 25 70-90
472.    COPE, Eminent British Regiments Officers' Uniforms, complete, brown, English, VG, 25 100-150
473.    GALLAHER, Votaries of the Weed (by Kyd), complete, VG, 50 150-200
474.    THOMSON, Footballers & Motor Cars (double-sided), complete, VG to EX, 24 80-120
475.    OGDENS, Royal Mail, complete, G to VG, 50 60-80
476.    TORDOFF, Safety First, complete, with rare Nos. 5 & 22, VG, 25 150-200
477.    CUMMINGS, Famous Fighters, complete, inc. Joe Louis, EX to MT, 64 80-120
478.    CARTLEDGE, Famous Prize Fighters, complete, inc. Louis, Dempsey, white, VG to EX, 50 60-80
479.    CARTLEDGE, Famous Prize Fighters, complete, inc. Louis, Dempsey, cream, VG to EX, 50 60-80
480.    GALLAHER, Boy Scout Series, complete, brown back, FR to VG, 100 60-80
481.    RED MAN, American Indian Chiefs, complete, premium, VG to EX, 40 180-220
482.    CHURCHMANS, Famous Golfers, G to EX, 41 100-150
483.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 2nd (1-40), complete, medium silks, op (printed backs), VG to EX, 40 200-300
484.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, complete, p/c silk, op, printed backs (18), VG to EX, 30 500-600
485.    TADDY, odds, inc. Thames, Nos. 2, 10, 16 & 23 (creased); Russo-Japanese, Nos. 5, 44 & 47 (corner crease), FR to G, 7 30-40
486.    SANDERS, Dogs, complete, VG to EX, 20 30-50
487.    BROWN & WILLIAMSON, Modern Airplanes C, complete, VG to EX, 50 60-80
488.    WILLS, Arms & Armour, complete, United Services, about G to VG, 50 50-70
489.    MORRIS, English & Foreign Birds, complete, large silks, minimal fraying, G to VG, 25 30-50
490.    MORRIS, English Flowers, complete, medium silks, some fraying, G to VG, 50 40-60
491.    WILLS, Birds of the East, complete, Ruby Queen, G to VG, 50 30-50
492.    WILLS, Film Favourites, complete, VG, 75 50-80
493.    PLAYERS, The Royal Family, complete, premium issue, G to EX, 6 80-120
494.    BARRATT, Walt Disney Characters 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 50 60-80
495.    TETLEY, British Birds, complete, VG, 48 30-50
496.    BRITISH CIG. CO., Chinese Scenes, complete, yellow text backs, G to VG, 72 30-50
497.    PLAYERS, part sets, inc. Castles & Abbeys - no borders (9), Flag Girls - overseas (15), Actors & Actresses (9), creased (5) & scuffing to edges, P to G, 33 25-35
498.    CRICKET, trade part sets, inc. Barratt, A (13) & B (27); Boys Realm (6), Daily Herald (19), G to EX, 65* 80-100
499.    MONTY GUM, Kojak, complete, playing cards (with four jokers), medium, red backs, EX, 56 25-35
500.    STAR TREK, Studio Character Cards, early 1970s, possibly cinema issue, anon. (p/b), 50 x 73mm, EX, 17 60-80
501.    WILLS, Conundrums, overseas, FR (1) to VG, 24 50-80
502.    WILLS, part sets & odds, inc. Havelock (35), British Empire (25), Time & Money (10); Scissors (45), Actresses (black border), Heroic Deeds, Drum Horses; Ships (2), coupons etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 90* 40-60
503.    TADDY, part sets & odds, inc. VC Heroes, Royalty, Famous Jockeys, Autographs, Russo-Japanese, British Medals, Famous Actresses etc., many creased, P to G, 30* 30-50
504.    MILITARY, part sets b& odds, inc. Faulkner Our Colonial Troops (8), Phillips territorial Series (3), BAT (10), Cohen Weenen (10) etc., some trimmed, FR to VG, 33* 40-60
505.    MIXED, odds, inc. Clarinco (4), Copes, Sanders, Ogdens, Players (o/s), ERB, Salmon & Gluckstein, Smith, ATC, Anstie etc., FR to VG, 49* 30-50
506.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Clevedon, Famous International Aircraft (10), British Ships (9); Kings, Radio & TV Stars (6), Warplanes (3); Thomson, Wizard (20), Prize Cards (10); coupons etc., G to EX, 79* 30-50
COPE, Actresses BLARM, printed backs, some trimmed to top edges, FR to G, 7 30-50
508.    SMITH, Champions of Sport, inc. horse racing (Nos. 6 & 8); 17 (rowing), 23 (Sandow), 30 (fencing) & 44 (motorcycle), red backs, creased (3) & scuffing to black edges, P to FR, 6 30-50
509.    MENKO, Japanese game cards, mainly anime characters & scenes, mixed backs, a few creased, P (4) to VG, 34 25-35
510.    LA REFORMA, Soldiers of the World (shaped), inc. A.6 (8), A.7 (6) & B.2 (6), Canary Island issue, minimal damage to extremities, G to VG, 20 25-35
511.    BARBOURS, self-standing dolls, approx. 130mm high, Irish thread issue, VG, 8 80-120
512.    TURNER & WRIGHT, Turnwright National Football League (1968), player cards only, South African issue, large, a few trimmed, VG, 35 60-80
513.    CALLAHN, Baseball Series, rare 1950s issue, 44 x 64mm, inc. Cooperstown card, VG to EX, 52 500-600
514.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), complete, Nos. 1-50, some scuffing to black edges (a few tipped-in), G to VG, 50 300-400
515.    MIXED, complete (3), inc. Mitchell World of Tomorrow; Millhof, Things to Make, What the Stars Say, VG to EX, 150 25-35
516.    MIXED, inc. complete (3), Lloyd, Old English Inns, Old Inns (missing No. 10); Millhof In the Public Eye; Hill Public Schools & Colleges (large), G to EX, 135 25-35
517.    MIXED, complete (4), inc. Bucktrout Inventors, Carreras Flowers; CWS, African Types, British & Foreign Birds, G to EX, 142 25-35
518.    MIXED, complete (9), inc. Boguslavsky Sports 1st; Wills (8), Dogs, floral (3), hints (2) etc., G to EX, 425 25-35
519.    MIXED, complete (11), inc. Wills (4), British Birds, Lea Coronation Souvenir (large), Ogdens cut-outs (2), Britains Part in the War, Arms of Universities (large); Phillips Derby Winners & Jockeys etc., about G to EX, 347* 40-50
520.    MIXED, complete (10), inc. ITC Russ Abbott, BAT Modern Move Stars; Carreras (2), Celebrities, Greyhound Racing Game; Churchmans Queen Mary; Wills (4), What It means (Scissors), Association Footballers (both), Time & Money etc., G to EX, 415* 40-50
521.    TRADE, odds, inc. ABC Minors, Anglo, Beano, Calvert, Como, gee, Junior Pastimes, Lyons, Mars etc., G to EX, 400* 25-35
522.    WILLS, complete (4), Naval Dress & Badges, British Birds, British Butterflies, Merchant Ships, G to VG, 200 30-40
523.    TOPPS, Beatles Diary, missing 1A-4A, VG to EX, 56 140-180
524.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), missing Nos1, 23 & 49, slight scuffing to black edges, tipping-in (3), FR to VG, 47 220-240
525.    CHURCHMANS, Prominent Golfers, complete, inc. No. 25 Bobby Jones, EX, 50 260-320
526.    WILLS, Famous Golfers, complete, large, VG to EX, 25 160-220
527.    PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, EX, 25 50-60
528.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds mainly RP, inc. Sinclair English & Scottish Football Stars (39), Pattreiouex Footballers in Actions (51), Boys Realm Famous Footballers (8), Pattreiouex etc., G to EX, 140* 40-60
529.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds mainly RP, inc. Pluck, Chums, Amalgamated Press, Boys Magazine, Pals, Thomson, Magnet, Boys Friend etc., G to EX, 230* 60-80
530.    THOMSON, football, large cards, inc. Famous Teams 1st (complete) & 2nd (8), International Cup Teams (15), Star Teams of 1960 911) & Cup-Tie Stars (4), with plastic wallets (3), VG to EX, 50+ 30-50
531.    OGDENS, Tabs, inc. General Interest B-D; Prominent British Officers, Leading Generals, Leading Athletes etc., FR to VG, 318* 60-100
532.    WILLS, part sets, inc. Flags of the Allies - shaped (4), Cricketers 1908 (43), Flags (126) etc., a few creased, FR to VG, 183* 40-60
533.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (10), Wills (4), Cinema Stars 1st & 2nd, Celebrated Ships, Old Inns 2nd; Lambert & Butler Interesting Sidelights, Fine Fare Inventions & Discoveries 1st & 2nd, CWS Wayside Flowers, Typhoo & Carreras, G to EX, 338 30-50
534.    MIXED, complete (11), Faulkner Celebrated Bridges, Churchmans Celebrated Gateways, Copes Castles, Ardath Proverbs, Challis Wild Birds, Phillips Wireless Set, Ogdens (2) etc., FR to CVG, 411 30-50
535.    GALLAHER, part sets & odds, inc. Woodland Trees, VCs, Robinson Crusoe, Fables & Morals, The Reason Why etc., FR to VG, 120* 30-40
536.    MIXED, better part sets & odds, inc. Taddy, ATC, Duke, Cohen Weenen, Smith, BAT, Anstie, Salmon Gluckstein, Teofani, Copes etc., P to G, 170* 40-60
537.    WILLS, part sets & odds, mainly earlier issues, inc. The British Empire, Recruiting Posters, mixed actresses & beauties, Musical Celebrities, Aviation, Allied Army Leaders, Birds of Brilliant Plumage (p/c) etc., FR to VG, 446* 40-60
538.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, mainly earlier issues, inc. Gallery of Beauty, Famous Poets, Butterfly Girls, Arms & Armour, Riders, Butterflies, Counties, Polar, Butterflies & Moths etc., FR to VG, 550* 40-60
539.    WESTMINSTER, Miniature Rugs, complete, 'Westminster Tobacco Co. Ltd, London' stamp to backs, six designs (each with four colour variations), VG to EX, 24 180-200
540.    ANSTIE, Flags, large, inc. France (two varieties, one scarce), Belgium (two varieties), Russia Standard, Union Jack & Italy, FR to VG, 7 35-45
541.    TRADE, part sets, inc. M.D. Toys Christmas gift cards, 96 x 68mm, unused (26); farming, Ogston & other game cards, Hovis & other playing cards, Jenny Jersey postcards etc., G to EX, 66* 30-50
542.    TRADE, Natural History, complete & part sets, UK & foreign, mainly modern, inc. birds, floral, fish, fruit etc., inc. Sluis, GDS, CCC, Ensign, Bon Air, Victoria Gallery etc., G to EX, 325* 20-30
543.    MONTY GUM, James Bond (View to a Kill), complete, large, anon (p/b), EX, 200 80-120
544.    TRADE, Do You Know, complete (12), inc. Ovaltine, A1, Regent, Barratt, Wall, Typhoo, Sweetule, Lyons, Coopers, Ching etc., EX, 356* 30-50
545.    MARS, selections, inc. complete (2), Queen Mary, Ceremonies of the Coronation; part sets, Famous Film Stars (42), Famous Aeroplanes Pilots & Aeroplanes (43), Escapes (40) etc., about G to VG, 175 30-40
546.    THOMSON, odds, inc. many football & cricket; British Birds, Flags, Guns in Action, Motor Cycles, Ju-Jitsu, Queer Birds, VP Flips (booklet) etc., FR to VG, 95* 30-50
547.    A.T.C., silks, inc. Actresses (5), Birds, Animals, Breeds of Dogs, Butterflies, Fruit etc., a few premium size, some fraying, FR to VG, 42* 30-50
548.    A.T.C., leathers, inc. College Seals, pennant shaped, Mogul & Murad types etc., G to EX, 42* 30-50
549.    CHURCH & DWIGHT, Birds, mixed series, G to VG, 70* 30-40
550.    CINEMA, part sets, inc. BAT, Film Favourites, Film & Stage Favourites; Wills (Four Aces), Abdulla, Ringers, Hill, ERB, etc., G to VG, 600* 40-60
551.    BIRDS, t/c, part sets, German issues, inc. Chlorodent Native Birds, Kosmos Colourful Birds From all over the World, Sammelwerck German Birdlife, G to VG, Qty. 25-35
552.    CINEMA, t/c, part sets, German issues, inc. Jasmatzi Film Stars, Manengold Film Stars, G to VG, 236* 25-35
553.    SABA, Famous Dancing Girls, complete, German issue, serrated edges, VG, 250 25-35
554.    MIXED, Funny Pictures (inc. Bonzo), German issue, inc. Caid, Lloyd, Greiling, some foxing, G to VG, 90* 25-35
555.    AVIATION, German t/c, Austria Munchen, two sizes, slight foxing, G to VG, 145* 25-35
556.    EUCALOL, part sets & odds, inc. Boy Scouts, Sports (boxing, football), Brasilian leaders, Composers etc., some corner damage, FR to VG, 50* 25-35
557.    LANDE, woven silks, butterflies (10) & floral, mainly 3 x 5.5, mixed colours, anon German tobacco issue, VG to EX, 30* 30-50
558.    HACHETTE & Co., Insects, part sets & odds, premium issue, slight duplication, G to VG, 55* 30-50
559.    HACHETTE & Co., Plants, part sets & odds, premium issue, slight duplication, G to VG, 65* 30-50
560.    VAN HOUTEN, premium issues, inc. mainly children, Five Senses (taste), beauties etc., slight duplication, some a.m.r. & knocks to edges, Fr to G, 30* 30-50
561.    OLLESCHAU, Die Schenswurdigkeiten der Erde, large paper issue, original box (slight damage), slight duplication, G to VG, 200* 30-50
562.    JUNCOSA, Celebres Artistas Cinematographicos, 70 x 110mm, Spanish chocolate issue, green (14) & brown tint, some slight foxing, FR to G, 30 30-50
563.    CINEMA, anon., miniature Front of House film scenes, 1920s, inc. Dorothy Phillips - The Bar C Mystery (13), Galloping Hoofs (3), Sunken Silver (4) etc., G to VG, 21 30-50
564.    LEA, Old Pottery and Porcelain, complete (4), 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th, Chairman backs, a.m.r. (1), G to VG, 200 40-60
565.    CARRERAS, Footballers, complete, mixed titles, G to generally VG, 75 25-35
566.    CARRERAS, Famous Footballers complete (2), Turf (neat trim) & 25-48 (redrawn), VG to EX, 74 30-50
567.    CADLE, Footballers (1904), Powell (Neath) & Nicholls (Cardiff), latter creased, FR to G, 2 25-35
568.    ROCHE & CO., Famous Footballers, Nos. 6, 13, 38 & 47, VG to EX, 4 25-35
569.    COHEN WEENEN, Actresses, Footballers & Jockeys, Hampton, Tait (scuff to image) & Windmill, slight silvering, corner creases, FR to G, 3 30-40
570.    HILL, Famous Cricketers (1912), Nos. 3, 16 & 24 (blue backs); 15 & 237 (red backs), creased (2) & scuffing to brown/blue edges, P (1) to FR, 5 40-60
571.    MCINTYRE BROS., Australian Cricketers - Champion Eleven 1920-21, Oldfield, large, Australian trade issue, slight crease, G 40-60
572.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C71-73, all Hampshire, printed backs, VG, 3 40-60
573.    BAINES, shield-shaped football card, Well Saved Tipton, VG 25-35
574.    SINCLAIR R., Policemen of the World, Nos. 1, 2, 6, 7 & 9, trimmed, creased (3), P to FR, 5 30-50
575.    LODGE, Vintage Cars, 1923 Morris Cowley, Rugby trade issue, 76 x 43mm, EX 25-35
576.    LORILLARD, Actresses, ten-panel photographic card, Chew Climax Plug to back, trimmed (112 x 71mm), about G 30-40
577.    ABDULLA, postcard, Commanders of the Allied Armies 1914, VG 40-60
578.    YOUNG, Naval Skits, Captain 1735, VG 25-35
579.    OSBORNE, Naval & Military Phrases, A Left Wheel, white border, VG 35-45
580.    AUBORN & HEAVISIDE, The European War Series, No. 7, slight crease, G 35-45
581.    DOBSON, The European War Series, No. 3, VG 25-35
582.    CRANSTON, The European War Series, No. 5 It's A Long, Long Way to Tipperary, VG 25-35
583.    ALBERGE & BROMET, Boer War & General Interest, Cavalry, brown Bridal Bouquet backs, G 60-80
584.    HERBERT LAND, Army Pictures Cartoon etc., Are We Downhearted ?, VG 35-45
585.    PICTURE HOUSE KEIGHLEY, War Portraits, No. 30 Maharajah of Patiala, VG 35-45
586.    CARLTON PICTURE HOUSE, War Portraits, No. 15 Admiral Sir J. Jellicoe, G 35-45
587.    TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 10 Roberts, EX 50-60
588.    THEMANS, War Portraits, No. 11 Douglas, G 50-60
589.    THEMANS, War Portraits, No. 12 Henderson, VG 50-60
590.    WEBB & RASSELL, War Portraits, No. 14 Sturdee, G 70-90
591.    COCKAYNE, War Portraits, No. 17 Leman, G 70-90
592.    GENNARI, War Portraits, No. 22 Robertson, G 70-90
593.    CARRERAS, Cricketers, No. 45 Valentine (Kent), black, EX 25-35
594.    CARRERAS, Cricketers, No. 46 Langridge (Sussex), black, EX 25-35
595.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Chatterton - Derbyshire (creased), Hearne - Kent (white mark to front) & Shrewsbury - Notts (scuffing to image), FR, 3 30-50
596.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Key (Surrey), Nichols (Somerset) & Hearne (Middlesex), pin-holes to top edge, FR, 3 30-50
597.    ANSTIE, Regimental Badges, Royal Scots, colour variation (yellow & pale blue), very scarce (unrecorded in CSGB 138), EX 20-30
ANSTIE, Flags, France, small, vertical, colour variations (red pole, tassel & caption) and (tricolour in wrong order, gold pole, tassel & caption), scarce (CSGB 138), VG, 2 35-45
599.    CHURCHMANS, golf odds, Famous Golfers, Nos. 10 Duncan & 36 Robson; Sporting Celebrities, Nos. 32 & 35 (both golf), G to VG, 4 20-30
600.    FOOTBALL, Shelbourn FC selection, inc. Baines ball-shaped card, Well Centred Shelbourn (The Village Champion inset); postcard, Health & Strength Series, G to VG, 2 30-50
601.    CLEVEDON, British Ships, complete, a few with slight corner creasing, VG, 50 100-150
602.    HILL, British Navy Series, missing Edinburgh, writing on back (Spitfire), a few with worn backs, G to VG, 48 800-1000
603.    COPE, V.C. & D.S.O. Naval & Flying Heroes (51-75), complete, VG to EX, 25 150-200
604.    COHEN WEENEN, Victoria Cross Heroes (51-100), complete, VG to EX, 50 400-600
605.    TURNER, War Pictures, complete, EX, 20 250-350
606.    WILLS, Russo-Japanese Series, complete, overseas, black fronts, some with slight corner creasing & edge knocks, G to VG, 100 100-150
607.    SPORT, part sets & odds, inc. Smith, football (10), Prominent Rugby Players (13); Churchmans Mem of the Moment (55), Ogdens Motor Races (12), Champions of 1936 (10), Morris Golf Strokes (6), Wills Sports of all Nations (2), Sarony, Copes, Adkin, Phillips etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 133* 30-50
608.    HILL, Famous Film Stars, complete, full-length (rare 1940 issue), anon., Arabic text, EX, 50 100-150
609.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, complete, no clause, G to generally VG, 50 40-60
610.    OGDENS, Football Caricatures, complete, slight corner knocks, VG to EX, 50 50-70
611.    SMITH, Footballers (1908), complete, untitled, some scuffing to black edges (very few tipped-in), about G to VG, 100 600-700
612.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Smith Battlefields (Nos. 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 21, 28 & 34), Smith Medals (Nos. 9, 15 21, 24 & 25), Lambert & Butler The Thames (11); Wix Kensitas Flowers, Michaelmas Daisy (pink & blue petals); Clarke Marine (Nos. 1 & 25) etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 30 40-60
613.    WITHDRAWN,
CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Cohen Weenen 1926 (Nos. 1 & 25); Phillips brown (Clay & Hendren); Boys Magazine (5, medium); Thomson extra-large, Vanguard (4) & Rover (10) etc., G to EX, 24 30-40
614.    TADDY, odds, inc. Prominent Footballers (Lyon & Skene), Dogs (Nos. 1, 27, 32 & 50), Sports (Archery), Orders of Chivalry (No. 15), Natives (Uled Nail Woman), VCs (No. 78), scuffing to green edges of dogs, FR to VG, 10 40-60
615.    PASCALL, Boy Scouts, mixed backs, about G (1) to VG, 10 60-80
616.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 73-216, G to VG, 37 40-60
617.    MORRIS, National & Colonial Arms, missing Nos. 8 & 20, G to VG, 48 60-80
618.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, no clause, G to VG, 40 40-60
619.    PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, G to VG, 25 30-50
620.    GALLAHER, Boy Scout Series, brown back, FR to G, 76* 30-50
621.    FOOTBALL, part sets, RP, inc. Amalgamated Press, English League Footer Captains (24) & Famous Footer Internationals (17); Boys Cinema Football Teams (7), G to EX, 48 25-35
622.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, address backs, corner clipped (1) & other knocks etc., FR to G, 48* 25-35
623.    SINCLAIR R., Battleships & Crests, complete, large silks, slight stain, G to VG, 4 180-220
624.    HILL, Fragments from France (buff), complete, G to VG, 10 80-120
625.    SINGLETON & COLE, Orient Line, 5 Ports, creased (1) & some scuffing to black edges, generally G, 8 50-70
626.    SINGLETON & COLE, Atlantic Liners, complete, G to VG, 50 200-300
627.    KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Film Stars, mainly neat trim, FR (1) to VG, 52 100-150
628.    BLAKEY, War Series, complete, about G to VG, 72 150-200
629.    OGDENS, Beauties & Military (p/c inset), beauties (4), all clubs, G to VG, 5 30-50
630.    OGDENS, Beauties, with (9 spades) & without p/c inset, blue printed backs, trimmed to sides (5), FR to G, 7 30-40
631.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest A (cricketers), slight scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 25 30-50
632.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest A, G to VG, 95* 30-50
633.    OGDENS, inc. Boxers (31 + 4) & Boxing (complete + 2), G to VG, 56 + 6 30-50
634.    OGDENS, Beauty Series, Miss Hathaway, numbered, G to EX, 35 + 2 30-50
635.    OGDENS, Australian Test Cricketers, complete, G to VG, 36 30-50
636.    OGDENS, Derby Entrants 1926 & 1928, complete, G to VG, 75 30-40
637.    OGDENS, Derby Entrants 1929, complete, G to VG, 50 30-40
638.    PLAYERS, golf, inc. Championship Golf Courses (complete), Golf (23/25), tears (2), FR (2) to VG, 48 40-60
639.    MACHADO, V.C. Heroes 1st, creased (3), FR to G, 24 50-80
640.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes (41-60), complete, VG to EX, 20 160-180
641.    FRY, Days of Wellington, complete, EX, 25 100-150
642.    PLAYERS, Racehorses, complete, Eire, VG, 25 35-45
643.    MILLHOFF, Famous Test Cricketers, complete, FR to VG, 27 50-70
644.    S. & B. PRODUCTS, Torry Gillicks Internationals (football), VG to EX, 20 70-90
645.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, The Thames from Lechlade to London, small numerals, VG, 31 60-80
646.    OGDENS, Beauties HOL, complete, blue printed back, VG to EX, 26 180-220
647.    MODERN BOY, Great Adventures, complete, magazine inserts (6 x 8.5), VG to EX, 12 50-70
648.    SMITH, Boer War Series, Nos. 38, 42-44, 47 & 50, colour, G to VG, 6 30-50
649A.   PLAYERS, Englands Military Heroes, narrow (7), p/b (3) & descriptive, creased (1) & scuff to back (1), FR to VG, 8 30-50
649B.   PLAYERS, Englands Naval Heroes, narrow, descriptive, creased (1) & scuff to back (1), FR to VG, 9 30-50
650.    MIXED, odds, inc. Copes Dogs (3), Gallaher Votaries (3) & Woodland Trees (3); ERB Edward VII, Sinclair, Mitchell, Lambert & Butler, Drapkin, Miranda, Biggs etc., G to VG, 48* 30-50
651.    CAVANDERS, Regimental Standards, VG to EX, 5 30-40
652.    COHEN WEENEN, Proverbs, G to VG, 10 30-40
653.    ALLEN & GINTER, Prize & Game Chickens, scuff to back, FR (1) to generally VG, 8 30-50
654.    AUSTRALIAN LICORICE, Test Cricketers, complete, X, 35 200-250
655.    AUSTRALIAN LICORICE, Australian Cricketers (1931), complete, EX, 24 200-250
656.    KINNEY, Novelties (circular), grey backs, scuffs to backs (4), FR to VG, 29 40-60
657.    DUKE, Vehicles of the World, tears to backs (5), FR to G, 48 200-300
658.    DUKE, Fancy Dress Ball Costumes, tears to backs (4), FR to G, 48 200-300
659.    ALLEN & GINTER, Game Birds, tears to backs (5), FR to G, 31 80-120
660.    ALLEN & GINTER, Birds of the Tropics, complete, tears to backs (2), FR to VG, 50 200-300
661.    ALLEN & GINTER, Arms of All Nations, complete, tears to back (1), FR to VG, 50 250-350
662.    ALLEN & GINTER, Wild Animals of the Word, complete, tears to backs (4) & creased (1), P (1) to G, 50 200-300
663.    A. & B.C. GUM, Top Stars, inc. Beatles (15), VG to EX, 40 100-150
664.    CHURCHMANS, Football Club Colours, complete, FR to VG, 50 120-160
665.    PHILLIPS, Actresses (oval), missing Gertie Millar, anon, VG to EX, 49 40-60
666.    ANONYMOUS, Actresses (oval), complete, anon, VG to EX, 50 40-60
667.    ARDATH, Photocards F (Southern Football Teams), complete, large, VG to EX, 110 40-60
668.    U.S.A., extra-large odds, inc. Moore & Calvi Actresses p/c (4), Duke French Novelties, Young & Bros. Actresses, Kimball Pets, Allen & Ginter Indian Chiefs; RP (8) etc., FR to G, 16 30-50
669.    B.A.T., Views of Bangkok, complete, Eagle brand, G to VG, 50 35-45
670.    B.A.T., part sets & odds, inc. Horses of To-Day (8), Military Portraits (15), Notabilities (18), Native Life, British Empire etc., FR to VG, 87* 30-50
671.    PLAYERS, Famous Irish-Bred Horses, complete, slight scuffing to a few edges, G to EX, 50 50-70
672.    MITCHELL, Arms & Armour, complete, G to VG, 50 50-70
673.    WILLS, Kings & Queens (1898), complete, short, grey, VG to EX, 50 90-110
674.    WILLS, Kings & Queens, complete, long, grey backs, Wills at base, EX, 50 80-120
675.    CUMMINGS, Famous Fighters, complete, inc. Joe Louis, EX to MT, 64 80-120
676.    OGDENS, Pugilists in Action, complete, inc. Dempsey, VG, 50 50-70
677.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, small s, many with a.c.m., VG, 50 80-120
678.    WILLS, Indian Regiments Series, circle backs, VG to EX, 42 140-160
679.    SMITH, Nations of the World, complete, a few with a.c.m., VG to EX, 50 100-150
680.    BARRATT, Walt Disney Characters 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 50 80-120
681.    OGDENS, Champions of 1936, complete, inc. Jessie Owens, G to VG, 50 30-40
682.    CHURCHMANS, Boy Scouts 1st, complete, G to generally VG, 50 100-150
683.    PATTREIOUEX, Footballers F.C., complete, about G to VG, 96 260-300
684.    TADDY, part sets & odds, inc. Thames (8), Dogs (5), Jockeys (13), Prominent Footballers (7), VCs, Sports & Games etc., some creasing, FR to G, 59* 40-60
685.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Faulkner Nautical Types (7), Hill Rhymes (6), Gallaher Views in North of Ireland (6 + 3), Copes Wild Animals (6, Scandinavian), Clarke Well-Known Sayings (4), Cohen Weenen Wonders of the World (17) etc., some creasing, a.m.r. etc., P to G, 50* 40-60
686.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Copes, Photo Albums for the Millions (9), Uniforms (25); Cohen Weenen Celebrities (b/w, 9), Clarke Boer War Celebrities (8) etc., creasing, trimmed, corner knocks & other faults, P to G, 60* 40-60
687.    MIXED, odds, inc. Singleton & Cole Atlantic Liners (7), Hignett Animal Pictures 914); Copes Boxers (2), Boats (3); Cohen Weenen, Salmon & Gluckstein, Pascall, Players etc., some creasing, trimmed etc., P to G, 44* 40-60
688.    BOWMAN, Gum Inc. odds, inc. Lone Ranger (2), War Gum (5), National Defence (4) etc., G to VG, 22 30-50
689.    FRY, odds, inc. Birds, Exercises, Empire Industries, Flags, Phil May, Tricks & Puzzles etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 52* 30-50
690.    EDMONDSON, odds, inc. Playtime, Throwing Shadows (6), Castles (2), Woodbine Village (2), Flags, Zoo Alphabet etc., slight duplication, FR to G, 31* 30-50
691.    HUNTLEY & PALMER, odds, inc. Inventors, Warships, Watteau, The Seasons, Sports etc., mainly premium size, G to VG, 23 30-50
692.    LEA, Regimental Crests and Badges, silks, duplication, G to VG, 150* 40-60
693.    SILKS, flags, mixed issuers (no Phillips or Wix), some variations, G to EX, 48* 30-50
694.    LEA, Butterflies and Moths, complete (3), standard, large & premium, minimal fraying, VG to EX, 30 30-50
695.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (1924), inc. large (2), Nos. 12 Macdonald (Victoria) & 220 Titmarsh (Herts); standard (10), Nos. 39 (Lancashire), 49 & 53 (Yorkshire), Nos. 72 (Gloucestershire); 47, 48, 60, 77, 141 & 146 (Middlesex), brown backs, VG to EX, 12 35-45
696.    SPORT, odds, inc. Phillips General Interest, Maclaren (cricket); Clarke Football Terms (A High Kick-Off), Barratt F.A. Cup Winners (No. 1 Blackburn Olympic 1883), Smith Prominent Rugby Players (Nos. 20, 22 & 24), G to VG, 6 40-60
697.    MIXED, odds, inc. Cadbury Antarctic (Capt. Scott), Clarke Well-Known Sayings (Get Your Hair Cut), Salmon & Gluckstein Shakespearean (Nos. 1 & 12), Hill Battleships & Crests (Nos. 21 & 22) & Cohen Weenen Celebrities - Gainsborough (Princess of Wales (2), Millet, Lamb & Opp), generally G, 10 + 1 40-60
698.    CADBURY, Shop Cards, complete, card game, with instructions card, VG, 52+ 25-35
699.    CIRCUS, Pinocchio Circus Characters, anon. bread issue, 51 x 94mm, artwork by WDP, with recipe backs, VG, 17 35-45
700.    MURAI BROS, Japanese, blue (8), brown (1) & green backs, most trimmed, corner clipped (1) & some scuffing to backs, P to FR, 25 30-50
701.    MILITARY, part sets, inc. Gallaher, The South African Series (16), Types of the British Army; Wills, Soldiers of the World (6) etc., a.m.r. & corner knocks, FR to G, 34* 40-60
702.    KINNEY, Military Series, listed backs (4), Beware of Counterfeights (1), tears to backs (16) & other a.m.r., creases etc., P to G, 66* 40-60
703.    A.T.C., part sets, Military Series, Fez (21) & Tolstoi (19); Flags of all Nations, creasing & a.m.r., P to G, 49* 30-40
704.    A.T.C., bridge selection, inc. Game Hands (1), Favors & Place Cards (6), unused, VG to EX, 7 30-50
705.    KARDOMAH, General Interest (mixed) odds, black (19) & white borders, G to VG, 28 40-60
706.    KINGS SPECIALITIES, odds, inc. Unrecorded History, Heroes of Famous Books, Proverbs, Where Kings Supplies Grow etc., FR to VG, 17 30-50
707.    CLEVEDON, odds, inc. Famous Footballers, International Aircraft, Road Safety, Football Club Managers, Cricketers, British Aircraft, Story of the Olympics, Famous Screen Stars etc., G to VG, 35* 40-60
708.    KIDDYS FAVOURITES, odds, inc. footballer (14), boxers (8), Famous Railway Engines (5 plus two covers), Film Stars etc., FR to VG, 37* 30-50
709.    HAPPY HOME, silk odds, inc. Gift Buttons (2), Flags (4), Women on War Work etc., VG to EX, 8 30-50
710.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (5), Gaycon Blue Lamp 1st & 2nd, Thomson Speed, Typhoo long, Weetabix stereoscopic; part sets & odds, Gallaher, Wills, Churchmans, Ogdens, Lyons, Nabisco etc., in modern album, G to EX, 514* 30-40
711.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, silks, small, op (150, mixed backs), duplication, FR to VG, 190* 80-120
712.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, silks, medium, op (mixed backs), duplication, FR to VG, 100* 80-120
713.    ERRORS & VARIATIONS, selection, inc. Players, Wills, Drapkin, Phillips, Carreras, Lea, anon. trade etc., in modern album, G to EX, 546* 40-60
714.    SILKS, flag selection, inc. Wix, Phillips & Kings of York, a few premium size, in modern album, slight duplication, G to VG, 160* 40-60
715.    SILKS, selection, inc. many Phillips, Muratti, Morris; City Arms, Regimental Standards, Old Masters, Flags, Clan Tartans etc., in modern album, slight duplication, G to VG, 500* 60-80
716.    BRITISH AUTOMATIC, part sets, inc. Aircraft, Birds, Locomotives, Motor Cars, Coronation Information, Famous Trains etc., slight duplication, in modern album, G to EX, 250* 40-60
717.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Barratt, ERB, Lambert & Butler, Amalgamated Press, Gallaher; some football, a few reprinted etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 369* 30-50
718.    TRADE, European selection, complete & part sets & subsets, inc. Jacques, Suchard, Stollwerck, Pupier, Nestle; birds, trains, military, cars, road signs etc., in modern album, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
719.    TRADE, European selection, complete & part sets & subsets, inc. poster stamps, matchbox labels, Gartmann, Gouden Boek, U.T.C. Our South Africa Past & Present etc; ships, birds, cycling, buildings, famous people, insects etc., in modern album, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
720.    TRADE, European selection, complete & part sets & subsets, inc. Stollwerck, Meurisse, cigar bands (The Beatles), Richs, Rizla, Gartmann, Nestle etc; Buffalo Bill, shipping, birds etc., in modern album, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
721.    TRADE, European selection, complete and part sub-sets, inc. Verkade, Trumpf, Kanis & Gunnink, Garbaty etc; Crests (Series A-K, a.m.r.), military, flags etc., in modern album, G to VG, 273* 25-35
722.    CRICKET, modern, mainly complete, inc. Taddy County Cricketers (reprint), County Print, CBS, Brindley etc., in modern album, EX to MT, 490* 30-40
723.    PLAYERS, complete (15), inc. Football (3), MAC, 1928 & 1928/9, Cricketers 1934, British Live Stock, Gilbert & Sullivan 2nd, Aviary & Cage Birds, Derby & Grand National Winners, Cries 2nd etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 625 40-60
724.    WILLS, complete (12), inc. The Coronation Series, Association Footballers, floral, railway, hints, Royal Navy, Speed etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 600* 25-35
725.    MIXED, complete (16), inc. Phillips The 1924 Cabinet, Ardath Britains Defenders, CWS Wayside Flowers; Player (2), Fresh-Water Fishes (pink), Sea Fishes; Typhoo long (4), Shakespeare, British Birds, Trees, Wild Flowers 2nd; Pattreiouex large RP (5) etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 638* 40-60
726.    TRADE, European sets (laid down in albums), inc. Birkel The World of Tomorrow (1960s), gems and minerals, architecture etc., softback (2), G to EX, 5 30-50
727.    TRADE, European sets (laid down in albums), inc. birds, dinosaurs, sea creatures etc., softback (2), G to EX, 5 30-50
728.    CHURCHMANS, complete (2), Racing Greyhounds, RAF at Work, VG to EX, 98 30-40
729.    WOOLSON SPICE, The White Squadron Album, with Lion Coffee envelope (small tears to edges), Chilean War Flyer (5th Mar 1892) & List of Premiums flyer (ends same date), extremely rare, G to VG, 4 180-250
730.    TOPICAL TIMES, Footballers, Panel Portraits (Scottish), complete, premium colour issue, further team names written to fronts (3), FR (3) to VG, 8 30-50
731.    FOOTBALL, The Tigers - Hull City Sticker Album, complete set of 72 laid down in softback album, mid-1990s, VG 30-50
732.    FOOTBALL, LTA Robinson, inc, magazines (3, some images removed), pages & trimmed cards, English & Scottish, FR to G, Qty. 30-40
733.    PANINI, football, empty albums and part sets laid down in albums, inc. Munchen 1974, 1980-192, 1986 etc., FR to VG, 7 30-40
734.    NESTLE, Disney Family postcards, inc. Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Lion King, Pocahantas, Hercules etc., slight duplication, in ring-binder, EX, 55* 25-35
735.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. many Wagon Wheels, WWE wrestling (packets), Test Match (cricket) & other puzzles, Wild West, Jam Slams; Burlington Slate, Burger King etc., slight duplication, in ring-binder, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
736.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Bryant & May recipes, Desert Storm, Bryant Homes, cinema flyers & postcards, Buitoni, Burger King, Brookside postcards etc., slight duplication, in ring-binder, FR to EX, Qty. 25-35
737.    SPORTS, selection, inc. complete (2), Ogdens ABC of Sport, Ardath National Fitness; part sets, Schuh Jockeys (21), golf (10), UTC Race Horses (37, large), G to EX, 143* 30-50
738.    FOOTBALL, part sets, inc. Boys Friend & de Beukelaer miniature RP; Nestle Sports, complete subsets (Nos. 5 Football & 6 Rugby); Simonet (Local Footballers (18), Comptons (9) etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 88* 30-50
739.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (2), Carroll Birds, Carreras Film Favourites; part sets, Carabanchel beauties (26), anon. cinema RP, Lloyd German History (116), Warne Dogs, Phillips postcards etc., a few creased, FR to EX, 370* 40-60
740.    SILKS, selection, inc. ATC Flags (21 blankets), Morris floral, Phillips etc., FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
741.    SPORT, selection, inc. Fosters Sporting Greats (complete set of beermats), OPC 1970/1 NHL (8), Pattreiouex Sporting Events & Stars (27) etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
742.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. A&BC posters, commemorative cover, postcards, Subbuteo Squads etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
743.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (5), Lea Miniatures (gold), Carreras Nose Game, Wills Cinema Stars 1st; part sets, CWS Musical Instruments (38), Edmondson British Ships (17Players Portals (15), Wills etc., FR to VG, 415* 30-40
744.    MIXED, odds, inc. Hill Lighthouses (4), Wills, Players, Ogdens, Copes, Singleton & Cole, Mitchell, Lloyd, Salmon & Gluckstein, Cohen Weenen, Boys Friend etc., G to VG, 45* 30-50
745.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold, General Interest (1-200), complete, G to VG, 200 30-50
746.    U.S.A., odds, beauties, inc. ATC, Mayo, Kimball etc., FR to VG, 24 30-40
747.    USA, odds, inc. Duke French Novelties (3, extra-large), Kinney Novelties, Allen & Ginter, ATC etc., about G to VG, 22 30-50
748.    SWEETACRE, Test Match Records (1-33), complete, some water damage (slight scuffing to some images), FR to G, 32 30-40
749.    TADDY, Famous Jockeys, with frame, creased (4), FR to G, 10 50-70
750.    COHEN WEENEN, Owners Jockeys Footballers Cricketers 2nd, horse racing subjects, G to VG, 15 40-60
751.    ALLEN & GINTER, Racing Colours, complete, white borders, FR to G, 50 800-1200
752.    PATTREIOUEX, Football Teams, F.201, 204, 205 & 218, large RP, FR to G, 4 40-60
753.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Clips), Notts Forest subjects, 500 backs (2), four with stamp hinge marks to backs, FR to G, 7 30-50
754.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Clips), Watford subjects, 500 backs (1), one with stamp hinge marks to backs, FR to G, 10 30-50
755.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Fulham subjects, Grapnel backs, no footnotes (5), G to VG, 10 35-45
756.    FOOTBALL, newspaper cut-outs h/s portraits, neat trim, G to VG, 180 30-50
757.    SPORT, anon. flicker book cards, A/E (12) & B/F (20), football (John Jackson, Chelsea) & boxing (Petersen v Foord), VG, 32 30-50
758.    BAINES, shield-shaped football cards, Glossop, Worksop Town & Ravensthorpe, G to VG, 3 50-70
759.    BAINES, shield-shaped football cards, Sheffield Wednesday, Bolton Wanderers, Notts Forest & Bristol City, G to VG, 4 60-80
760.    WILLS, Cricketers (1896), inc. Attewell, Baldwin, Grace, Jackson, McGregor, Painter, Richardson, Shrewsbury & de Trafford, scuffs to backs (2) & corner knocks, FR to G, 9 80-120
761.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Wills 1901 (3), Thomson Worlds Best Cricketers (20, mauve), Players 1934 (complete), G to VG, 73 25-35
762.    MILITARY, part sets & odds, inc. Ogdens VCs (5), Players Military Series (4), Faulkner South African War (6), Mitchell Regimental Standards (7), Adkin Soldiers of the Queen (19), FR to generally G, 41* 40-60
763.    PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, Channel Islands issue, VG, 25 30-40
764.    TADDY, British Medals & Decorations, complete, steel blue backs, G to VG, 50 150-200
765.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Taddy (7), British Medals & Decorations (5); ERB Dogs (10), Dobie Weapons (16), Lambert & Butler Motor Cycles (14), ATC Up to Date Comics (4); BAT, Indian Regiments (26, stained), Beauties - p/c inset (9) etc., FR to VG, 100* 40-60
766.    MIXED, odds, beauties & actresses, inc. ATC Beauties - p/c superimposed (11), Phillips WI (8), El Buen Tono (35), Wills etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 79* 40-60
767.    WILLS, Cricketers 1901, mixed S, duplication, FR to VG, 93* 60-80
768.    CRICKET, selection, inc. complete (2), Thomson, Worlds Best Cricketers (1926 & 1930); part set, Ogdens Cricket 1926 (41), about G to VG, 109* 30-50
769.    ORIENTAL, BAT Eagle brand issues, G to VG, 195* 40-60
770.    ORIENTAL, part sets, inc. San Shing, Bear, p/b etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 165* 40-60
771.    AMERICAN PEPSIN GUM, White Squadron Warships, complete, lapel badges, 22mm dia., paper insert, VG, 15 180-250
772.    DOMINION TOB. CO., silks, Canadian WWI Slogans, complete, Ypres, St Julien & Langemark, 112 x 76mm, slight fraying, VG, 3 180-250
773.    HAPPY HOME, Silk Buttons, complete, miniature silks, VG, 14 70-90
774.    PRICE, Famous Battles, complete, premium size, VG, 12 70-90
775.    CARRERAS, Turf slides, complete (2), Famous Footballers (neat trim), Footballers (scuffing to edges), FR to VG, 100 40-60
776.    CARRERAS, Turf slides, complete (4), Film Stars, British Railway Locomotives, Radio Celebrities & British Aircraft, mainly neat trim, FR to VG, 200 40-60
777.    BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, cricketers, corner crease (1), FR to G, 10 40-60
778.    ALLEN, Cricketers (1924/5), Nos. 3, 4, 9, 29, 32, 37 & 39, copyright backs, creased (3) & edge knocks, FR to G, 7 40-60
779.    AUSTRALIAN LICORICE, Cricketers (1932/3), missing Allen, creased (11) & corner knocks, P to FR, 17 30-50
780.    SMITH, Cinema Stars, Nos. 6-12 & 14-25, G to VG, 19 30-50
781.    PLAYERS, large, complete (3), Fables od Aesop, Famous Beauties, British Regalia, VG to EX, 75 30-40
782.    PLAYERS, Dogs, complete (5), scenic, full-length (standard & transfers), heads & Dogs Heads (unissued), G to EX, 250 30-40
783.    PLAYERS, Cricketers, complete (4), 1930, 1934, 1938 & RIP, G to EX, 200 25-35
784.    PLAYERS, complete (5), Characters from Dickens (4), extra-large, 1st, 2nd & 50; Thackeray, G to EX, 135 30-40
785.    PLAYERS, complete (3), Arms & Armour, Riders of the World, British Empire, G to EX, 150 30-40
786.    LEA, Old English Pottery & Porcelain (p/c), complete, each with different backs, not pu, slight corner knocks, generally G, 24 60-80
787.    CHURCHMAN, Frisky, complete, with instructions, VG to EX, 52 40-60
788.    CHURCHMAN, complete (8), Queen Mary, Contract Bridge, Story of Navigation, Well Known Ties 1st & 2nd, West Suffolk Churches, Wonderful Railway Travel, World Wonders, G to EX, 400 30-50
789.    CARRERAS, complete (7), inc. Malayan Scenes (large) & Industries; Radio Celebrities (Turf), Regalia Series (large & standard), Palmistry, Tapestry Reproductions of Paintings (sect), VG to EX, 234* 30-50
790.    PHILLIPS, complete (7), Soldiers of the King (non-adhesive), Famous Minors, Film Favourites, Home Pets, School Badges, Coronation of their Majesties (standard & medium), G to EX, 222 30-40
791.    WILLS, complete (5), Old Inns 1st & 2nd, Old Furniture 1st & 2nd, Cinema Stars 1st-3rd, G to EX, 230 30-40
792.    MIXED, complete (4), inc. Carreras, Popular Footballers, Races - Historic & Modern; Lambert & Butler London Characters, Boguslavsky Winners on the Turf (large), VG to EX, 123 30-40
793.    MIXED, complete (5), inc. Hill Nautical Songs; Ogdens (4), Broadcasting, Sea Adventure, Story of Sand, Zoo Adventure, VG to EX, 230 30-40
794.    MIXED, complete (6), inc. Hill Aviation, Lloyd Old English Inns, Lea Roses, Sunblest Inventions & Discoveries, Pukka Aquarium Fish, VG to EX, 200 30-40
795.    VERKADE, selection, inc. nature, floral, scenic, insects etc., duplication, some premium size, some a.m.r., FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
796.    VERKADE, selection, inc. wildlife, insects, fruit, floral, birds, plants etc., duplication, some a.m.r., FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
797.    TRADE, complete & part sets, inc. Radio Fun, Mitcham, Horniman, Calvert, Miranda, Priory, Twinings, Ewbank, Browne, Badshah, Swettenham, Lipton, Knockout etc., duplication (a few heavy), G to EX, 2500* 30-50
798.    TRADE, selection, inc. Tom & Jerry, complete (2), Cardz (with Promos 1-3), KP Foods tilt cards (large); German c/c (natural history), UTC Our South African Birds; 1970s Topps, US sports, NHL, MLB, NFL; The Osmonds, Happy Days, Gremlins etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
799.    TRADE, odds, mainly German, inc. Greiling, Kosmos, Bergmann, Josetti, Waldorf-Astoria, Batschari, Ciad, Yosma, Saba, Salem etc; sport, beauties, film stars, military, Royalty, animals, birds, buildings etc., mixed sizes, duplication, G to VG, Qty. 30-50
800.    TRADE, Danish selection, part sets and odds, mainly Richs, Danmark etc., inc. birds, views, animals, leisure, people etc., duplication, some a.m.r., FR to G, Qty. 25-35
801.    TRADE, European selection, inc. Aiguebelle, Vinay, Schict, Devinck, Louit, Lombart, Au Bon Marche, Cibils etc., some a.m.r., FR to VG, Qty. 25-35
802.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection of empty packets, tins etc., inc. Abdulla, Marcovitch, Kenilworth, Dubec, Muratti After Lunch (tin), Desiree, Players, Benson & Hedges BEA etc., mixed sizes, FR to VG, 20 30-50
803.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection of empty packets, tins etc., inc. Morris English Ovals, Astor, Richmond, Marcovitch, Players, Spinet, Varsity etc., mixed sizes, FR to VG, 20 30-50
804.    SILKS, selection, inc. many Phillips, premium (46), Old Masters, War Leaders, Flags; Wix Flowers etc., FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
805.    SELECTION, inc. reprint c/c sets, books (4), Black Beauty, Life of George Stephenson, Charles Dickens Sketches etc., FR to EX, Qty. 25-35
806.    BROOKE BOND, collection of mainly part sets, mixed periods, inc. Middlesex backs, some copies/fakes, duplication, in four modern albums, FR to MT, Qty. 30-50
807.    BROOKE BOND, selection, inc. LP records (2), bag, flyers, completion cards, full-page magazine adverts; empty albums & parts of empty albums etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
808.    SELECTION, inc. albums & charts (laid down & empty), modern cards, coupons, Stella beermats, Question of Sport, Park Drive books (football), Punch & other magazines etc., FR to EX, Qty. 25-35
809.    ACCESSORIES, selection, inc. empty albums, liner pages (mixed sizes & formats), plastic slabs, soft pouches, small collectors card albums etc., G to MT, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
810.    COLLECTOTRS CARDS, complete & part sets, unopened retail packets etc., inc. MLB, fantasy, glamour, comedy, James Bond, X-Files, wrestling etc., EX to MT, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
811.    FOOTBALL, mainly part sets, inc. Match Attax, Panini, Match, Shoot etc., duplication, VG to EX, Qty. 30-40