Postal Sale of Cigarette & Trade Cards and Ephemera
on Wednesday 4th January 2017

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1.      PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 16-45, G to EX, 28 40-60
2.      PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 47-75, G to EX, 28 40-60
3.      PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 76-105, G to EX, 26 40-60
4.      PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 106-135, G to EX, 26 40-60
5.      PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 136-165, G to EX, 29 40-60
6.      PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 166-195, G to EX, 29 40-60
7.      PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), miniature RP, Nos. between 196-217, G to EX, 17 30-50
8.      OGDENS, Tabs (cricketers), p/b, misprint for Ranjitsinhji, minimal scuffing to black edges, G to EX, 22 + 1 30-50
9.      OGDENS, Tabs (Cricketers), A Series, Nos. 126-139 & 141-150, minimal scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 24 30-50
10.     OGDENS, Tabs (Cricketers), B Series, slight scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 27 + 2 30-50
11.     OGDENS, Tabs (Cricketers), C (23), D (5+2) & E (15+1), some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 43 + 3 30-50
12.     OGDENS, Tabs (Cricketers), F Series, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 37 30-40
13.     CARRERAS, Cricketers, complete, VG to EX, 50 30-50
14.     CHURCHMANS, Cricketers, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-35
15.     OGDENS, Boxing, complete, G to VG, 25 25-35
16.     PHILLIPS, First Aid, complete, 1914 issue, G to VG, 25 30-40
17.     A.T.C., Types of Nations Series, medium, mixed backs, G to VG, 38 30-40
18.     COHEN WEENEN, Nations, complete, descriptive, minimal scuffing to gold edges, G to VG, 20 30-50
19.     COPE, V.C. & D.S.O. Naval & Flying Heroes, numbered (14) & unnumbered, creased & scuffing to black edges, P to G, 45* 30-50
20.     WILLS, Beauties (p/c inset), Scissors, two packets with lattice (48) & no lattice (6) backs, P (2) to generally G, 56* 40-60
21.     CLARKE, Butterflies & Moths, P (3) to G, 34* 30-50
22.     GALLAHER, British Naval Series, G to VG, 38 30-50
23.     COHEN WEENEN, Wonders of the World, slight scuffing to gold edges, G to VG, 28 30-50
24.     THOMSON, Football - Mystery Cards, creased (1), FR to VG, 9 30-50
25.     BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, football subjects, all with faults (corners clipped, poor trim and/or creasing), P to FR, 22 40-60
26.     GALLAHER, Votaries of the Weed (by Kyd), complete, G to VG, 50 80-120
27.     TRADE, complete (3), Cadbury Cathedral Series, Boys Friend Rising Boxing Stars, Fine Fare Inventions and Discoveries 1st & 2nd, VG to EX, 77 30-40
28.     THOMSON, complete (3), Catch-My-Pal, Guns in Action, Why?, G to VG, 48 30-40
29.     PETER JACKSON, Film Scenes, complete, VG to EX, 28 30-50
30.     MITCHELL, Statues & Monuments, complete, G to VG, 25 30-40
31.     STAMINA, Men of Stamina (Series 5), complete, with op (folded), VG to EX, 18+ 25-35
32.     PLAYERS, Highland Clans, complete, G to VG, 25 30-40
33.     A.T.C., Fairy Tale Stamps, complete, G to VG, 60 25-35
34.     A.T.C., British Sovereigns, complete, medium, Tareyton backs, VG to EX, 42 30-50
35.     JORDAN & TIMAEUS, Kings of Germany, missing No. 1, 70 x 140mm, slight corner knocks, generally G, 54 30-40
36.     SPRATT, Poultry Series, miniature, Nos. 1-10, G to VG, 10 40-60
37.     WALL, Dr. Who Adventure, complete, creased (2), G to VG, 36 30-40
38.     BARBER, Cinema and Television Stars, complete, VG to EX, 24 25-35
39.     NUGGET, Flags of all Nations, G to VG, 29 40-60
40.     GAUMONT, Real Photos (Film Stars), chocolate bar issue, about G to VG, 8 30-40
41.     COMO CONF., Supercar 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 25 30-50
42.     CLEVEDON, Football Club Managers, turquoise background, about G to VG, 27 + 1 100-150
43.     MAYNARD, The European War Series, complete, about G to VG, 8 40-60
44.     PASCALL, Royal Naval Cadet Series, G to VG, 6 40-60
45.     EDWARDS & SONS, Popular Dogs, complete, G to VG, 27 50-70
46.     FAITH PRESS, Little Colour Cards (Boy Scouts), complete, VG to EX, 10 30-50
47.     KINGS LAUNDRY, Radio and TV Stars, complete, EX, 25 30-50
48.     SWEETULE, Birds & their Haunts, missing No. 1, EX, 24 50-60
49.     JOHNNY BUNNY, Football Clubs and Badges, complete, EX to MT, 25 30-50
50.     BEATTIE, Safety Signs, variation for No. 18, G to VG, 11 + 1 30-40
51.     GOODIES, Olympics, complete, EX to MT, 24 25-30
52.     CLEVEDON, Famous Cricketers (1962), VG to EX, 18 70-90
53.     WILLS, Lighthouses, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-35
54.     WILLS, Recruiting Posters, complete, corner crease (1), G to VG, 12 30-35
55.     WILLS, Time & Money, complete, G to VG, 50 30-40
56.     CHURCH & DWIGHT, Useful Birds of America 2nd, complete, medium, G to VG, 30 30-35
57.     CHURCH & DWIGHT, Useful Birds of America 4th, complete, medium, G to VG, 30 30-35
58.     CHURCH & DWIGHT, Useful Birds of America 8th, complete, medium, VG to EX, 15 25-35
59.     THOMSON, Warrior Cards (sectional), complete, G to VG, 24 30-40
60.     THOMSON, The World's Best Cricketers (1926), complete, VG to EX, 32 30-40
61.     WILLS, Musical Celebrities 1st, complete, corner crease 91), G to VG, 50 25-35
62.     OGDENS, Football Caricatures, complete, VG to EX, 50 40-60
63.     MILITARY, complete (3), Churchmans Army Badges, Players Badges & Flags, Mitchell Army Buttons & Ribbons, about G to VG, 100 30-50
64.     BEAUTIES, large, complete (3), BAT Modern Beauties 6th (extra large), Sarony National Types, Ardath Photocards, G to EX, 116 25-35
65.     ALLEN, Cricketers (1932), complete, blue backs, FR (1) to VG, 8 30-50
66.     ALLEN, Cricketers (1934/5), frame & split backs, creased (4), FR to VG, 13 30-50
67.     CEREAL FOODS, Leading Cricketers, complete, Australian trade issue, VG, 32 40-60
68.     PALS, Australian Sportsmen (cricket), 1923 issue, p/b, piece missing from edge (1), FR (1) to G, 8 40-60
69.     CRICKET, Marvels of the Middle (set 2), complete (2), Ritchie & Co. & South Wales Police (not Golfers), EX to MT, 40 not 50 30-50
70.     CRICKET, Cricket Caricatures (set 12), complete (2), Ritchie & Co. & South Wales Police (not Golfers), EX to MT, 40 not 50 30-50
71.     BARRATT, Australian Cricketers - Action Series, complete, G to VG, 16 60-80
72.     BARRATT, Test Cricketers A, complete, VG, 35 40-60
73.     BARRATT, Test Cricketers B, complete, VG, 48 80-120
74.     THOMSON, Cricketers, complete, extra large, G to VG, 24 30-50
75.     THOMSON, The World's Best Cricketers, rare paper issue, black backs, G to VG, 8 25-35
76.     THOMSON, County Cricketers, complete, neat trim, VG to EX, 64 30-50
77.     MIXED, complete (3), BAT Prehistoric Animals (anon.), Ogdens Famous Rugby Players, Wills Rigs of Ships, G to EX, 100 30-50
78.     CARRERAS, complete (5), Airmen & Airwomen, Fortune Telling (large), Kodak at the Zoo 2nd, Waterloo (doubles & singles, some silvering damage), G to EX, 172 30-50
79.     SCHOOLGIRLS' OWN, Royal Family, complete, RP, with empty album, creased (2), G to EX, 12+ 25-35
80.     SINCLAIR J., Well-Known Footballers - N.E. Counties, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-30
81.     FRANKLYN DAVEY, Overseas Dominions (Australia), complete, G to EX, 50 (Illustration page 1) 40-60
82.     CHURCHMANS, inc. World of Sport (35); complete (2), Legends of Britain, Story of Navigation, G to EX, 135 25-35
83.     ROBERTSON & WOODCOCK, British Aircraft Series, complete, EX, 50 40-60
84.     OGDENS, Jockeys and Owners' Colours, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-35
85.     FRY, Tricks & Puzzles, complete, blue backs, EX, 50 50-70
86.     PLAYERS, Golf, complete, large, VG, 25 30-50
87.     OGDENS, Yachts & Motor Boats, complete, VG to EX, 50 30-50
88.     C.W.S., 3-D Factory Views, showing production of various products, 96 x 109mm paper issue, VG, 6 30-40
89.     WILLS, Beauties ALWICS, red tint, overseas issue, G to VG, 49* 30-50
90.     A.T.C., Military Series (1910), medium, Tolstoi (9) & Fez backs, white borders, G to VG, 13 25-35
91.     A.T.C., Flags of all Nations, 42 x 71mm, G to VG, 39 30-50
92.     B.A.T., part sets, Jockeys & Owners Colours (p/c, 27), Notabilities (20), generally VG, 47* 25-35
93.     HILL, part sets, Celebrities of Sport (42), Aviation (23), both Hill name, VG to EX, 75 25-35
94.     OLIVER, German Orders & Decorations, complete, EX, 50 20-30
95.     BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, football subjects, creased (5) & some scuffing to edges, FR to G, 9 30-50
96.     BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, cricketers, FR to G, 10 40-60
97.     BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, cricketers, FR to G, 10 40-60
98.     CRICKET, Australian, Allen (11) & Sweetacre (7), creased (1), FR to VG, 18 30-40
99.     TADDY, Boer Leaders, Nos. 3 (creased), 6, 9, 11, 12, 14 & 19, generally G, 7 25-35
100.    OGDENS, Aviation, green Tabs packet backs, G to VG, 17 30-50
101.    THOMSON & PORTEOUS, V.C. Heroes, Luntin (11) & Pure Virginia backs, G to VG, 14 30-40
102.    RAY & CO., War Series, Nos. 17, 22, 24, 38, 53, 57, 84 & 91, G to VG, 8 30-40
103.    COPE, part sets, inc. Shakespeare (15), Dickens (14) & Scott, FR to G, 44 30-50
104.    ALLEN & GINTER, World's Dudes, slight staining to backs, G to VG, 9 40-60
105.    KINNEY, Butterflies of the World, gold (9) & white, FR to VG, 11 40-60
106.    KINNEY, Famous Gems of the World, about G to VG, 6 30-40
107.    MARBURG, Actresses, extra large RP, North Carolina backs, rounded corners, G, 4 25-35
108.    DUKE, Holidays, slight corner knocks, generally G, 12 30-50
109.    CADBURY, Butterflies & Moths, Reward Cards, G to VG, 14 25-35
110.    TRADE, Picture Post magazine covers, b/w, anon. p/b, numbered in pencil to backs, G to VG, 44 50-60
111.    ROTARY, Midget Post Cards, mixed, pu (10), G to VG, 27 120-130
112.    ROTARY, Midget Book Post (actresses), bookmark shaped postcards, none pu, G to VG, 6 60-70
113.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Who's Who in Sport (1926), complete, overseas, inc. Bobby Jones, Gene Tunney etc., about G to VG, 50 40-60
114.    PLAYERS, Military Series, complete, creased (8), P (3) to G, 50 100-150
115.    WILLS, Cricketers 1901, complete, mixed vignette, some creasing, staining & corner knocks, FR to G, 50 120-180
116.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes (81-100), complete, FR to G, 20 60-80
117.    CLEVEDON, The Story of the Olympics, G to EX, 28 + 6 30-40
118.    HILL, Caricatures of Famous Cricketers, complete, standard, some slight foxing, G to VG, 50 30-50
119.    SMITH, Cricketers (1912), scuffing to black edges, heavy a.m.r. (8) & many creased, P to G, 35 30-40
120.    CARRERAS, Sports Series, complete set of 50, Turf slides, uncut doubles (tabs to top & bottom), VG to EX, 25 60-80
121.    CARRERAS, Turf slides, Radio Celebrities (complete) & British Railway Locomotives (48), uncut singles (tabs to four sides), VG to EX, 98 25-35
122.    CARRERAS, Turf slides, Celebrities of British History, uncut singles (48/50) & doubles (22/25), VG to EX, 70 25-35
123.    CARRERAS, Turf slides, Famous Footballers, uncut doubles, VG to EX, 23 30-50
124.    TYPHOO, Football Club Badges, package issue, uncut (9), with leaflet (rare), FR to VG, 18+ 30-50
125.    DOBSON, Newcastle & Sunderland 100 Greatest Footballers, complete, paper issue, neat trim, EX, 100 25-35
126.    COMET, Olympic Achievements, package issue, mainly neat trim, about G to VG, 14 30-40
127.    GALLAHER, Famous Footballers, complete, green, FR to VG, 100 30-40
128.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Magical Series, complete, about G to VG, 25 60-80
129.    B.A.T., Puzzle Series, complete, anon., G to VG, 25 30-40
130.    PUZZLES, complete, Hill Puzzle Series, Carreras Amusing Tricks & Puzzles, G to EX, 100 30-40
131.    OGDENS, Owners Racing Colours & Jockeys, complete, blue, G to VG, 50 30-40
132.    SWEETACRE, Prominent Cricketers (33-64), complete, G to VG, 32 70-90
133.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Queens Park Rangers subjects, corner knocks & creased (1), FR to G, 7 40-60
134.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Arsenal, West Ham & Millwall subjects (two each), corner knocks & creased (1), FR to G, 6 30-50
135.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Newcastle, Northampton & New Brompton subjects (two each), corner knocks, FR to G, 6 30-50
136.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Villa (3), WBA (2) & Wolves subjects, corner knocks & creased (1), FR to G, 6 30-50
137.    ARDATH, Modern School Atlas, complete, EX, 96 30-50
138.    DRAPKIN, Australian and English Test Cricketers, complete, EX, 40 30-40
139.    OGDENS, Orders of Chivalry, complete, VG to EX, 50 40-60
140.    WILLS, Cities of Britain, complete, premium issue, VG to EX, 12 30-50
141.    LIEBIG, complete (2), S.315, S.320 & S.322, cv 190, G to VG, 18 30-50
142.    LIEBIG, complete (3), S.331, S.335 & S.339 cv 175, G to VG, 30-50
143.    LIEBIG, complete (3), S.344, S.346 & S.374, cv 230, G to VG, 18 30-50
144.    LIEBIG, complete (3), S.353, S.361 & S.385, cv 205, G to VG, 18 30-50
145.    LIEBIG, complete (4), S.402, S.403, S.407 & S.408, cv 180, G to VG, 24 30-50
146.    LIEBIG, complete (4), S.411, S.413, S414 & S.415, cv 175, G to VG, 24 30-50
147.    LIEBIG, complete (4), S420, S.422, S.428 & S.431, cv 200, G to VG, 24 30-50
148.    LIEBIG, complete (3), S.458, S.459 & S.460, cv 175, G to VG, 18 30-50
149.    LIEBIG, complete (4), S.464, S3470, S.471 & S.474, cv 220, G to VG, 24 30-50
150.    LIEBIG, complete (5), S.487, S.488, S.489, S491 & S.493, cv 210, G to VG, 30 30-50
151.    MODERN WEEKLY, Film Star Pictures, complete, premium silk issue (172 x 100mm), VG to EX, 3 30-50
152.    RED HEART, complete (4), Cats, Dogs 1st-3rd, premium issues, with op (except Dogs 3rd) & cover notes for Cats, VG to EX, 24+ 30-50
153.    THOMSON, Football Stars, complete, neat trim, G to VG, 48 30-35
154.    HILL, Wireless Telephony, complete, VG, 84 40-60
155.    BROOKE BOND, Zena Skinner Cookery Cards, large, stain to corner (1), G to generally VG, 6 20-30
156.    COPE, Characters from Scott, generally G, 29 60-80
157.    U.T.C., Famous Figures from S.A. History, complete, G to VG, 25 20-30
158.    FAULKNER, Old Sporting Prints, complete, stain to one corner, G (1) ow EX, 25 30-40
159.    KINNEY, Novelties, rectangular (3) & circular (8), mixed backs, G to VG, 11 30-50
160.    KINNEY, Novelties (die-cut), minimal damage to extremities, G to VG, 30 40-60
161.    DUKE, Playing Cards, hearts, no numerals, generally VG, 9 30-40
162.    LLOYD R., Scenes From San Toy, complete, anon (p/b), some a.m.r., G to VG, 10 40-60
163.    CHURCHMANS, Frisky, complete, G to VG, 52 40-60
164.    CARRERAS, Famous Cricketers, complete, Turf slides, neat trim, G to VG, 50 25-35
165.    KINNEY, Animals, complete, scuffs to backs (4), FR to VG, 50 200-300
166.    KIMBALL, Goddesses of the Greeks & Romans, scuffs to backs (5) & creased (5), FR to VG, 30 300-500
167.    KIMBALL, Dancing Women, complete, scuffs to backs (14) & creased (8), FR to VG, 50 300-500
168.    KINNEY, Leaders, complete, narrow, scuffs to backs (2) & creased (1), FR to VG, 25 200-300
169.    DUKE, Holidays, complete, G to VG, 50 300-500
170.    KINNEY, Types of Nationalities (folders), complete, creased (7), scuff to image (5), FR to G, 25 450-600
171.    OGDENS, Miniature Playing Cards (actresses), no numeral to fronts, some scuffing to edges, G to VG, 26 60-80
172.    WILLS, Kings & Queens, complete, short, grey, G to generally VG, 50 150-200
173.    PLAYERS, Gallery of Beauty, complete, a.m.r. (1) & slight corner knocks, G to VG, 50 600-700
174.    HESS, Terms of Poker, Flush, corner rounding & heavy a.m.r., FR 30-50
175.    DUKE, History of Poor Boys & Other Famous People, Edwin Booth, booklet, VG 20-25
176.    KRIEGSFELD, Phrases and Advertisements, Whilst in TRAINING, slight corner knocks, G 20-30
177.    KIMBALL, Butterflies, No. 23, VG 20-30
178.    KIMBALL, Butterflies, No. 33, VG 20-30
179.    ADVERT, postcard, Have You Any Cigarette Cards?, hotel porter, pub. By Valentines, serrated edges, VG 25-35
180.    BATTOCK, Cricket and Football Cards, Halifax Town, off-white background, trimmed, G 20-30
181.    BATTOCK, Cricket and Football Cards, West Bromwich Albion, off-white background, slight corner knocks, G 20-30
182.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Brown (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, EX 40-50
183.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Bush (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, EX 40-50
184.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, George (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, EX 40-50
185.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C1 Armstrong (Australia), p/b, VG 40-50
186.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C2 Armstrong (Australia), p/b, VG 40-50
187.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C3 Armstrong (Australia), p/b, VG 40-50
188.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C4 Carter (Australia), p/b, VG 40-50
189.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C8 Ryder (Australia), p/b, VG 40-50
190.    PATTREIOUEX, Famous Cricketers, C9 Collins (Australia), p/b, VG 40-50
191.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, How's That, EX 50-80
192.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, Over, EX 50-80
193.    FAULKNER, Cricket Terms, Run Out, EX 50-80
194.    BAINES, shield-shaped cricket card, Kendall, with comedy inset (Well Done Stump), slight scuffs to edges, VG 25-35
195.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (1924), large, brown backs, Nos. 1 & 2 (both NSW), VG, 2 25-35
196.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (1924), large, brown backs, Nos. 3 & 4 (both NSW), VG, 2 25-35
197.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (1924), large, brown backs, Nos. 5 & 6 (both NSW), VG, 2 25-35
198.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (1924), large, brown backs, Nos. 7 & 13 (both NSW), VG, 2 25-35
199.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (1924), large, brown backs, Nos. 10c & 11c (both Victoria), VG, 2 25-35
200.    WILLS, Actresses (p/c inset), brown backs, G to VG, 4 25-35
201.    WILLS, Ships, Trawling off Cascaes, Wills to front, G to VG, 3 25-35
202.    WILLS, Advertisement Cards, Three Castles cigarettes, sailors on deck with cask, G 40-60
203.    PLAYERS, England's Naval Heroes, narrow, descriptive, G to VG, 5 30-50
204.    PLAYERS, Famous Authors & Poets, Nos. 16 (wide, 9 (creased) & 6 (both narrow), FR to VG, 3 25-35
205.    HIGNETT, Pretty Girls RASH, CSGB ref. H8-1, G 50-70
206.    FRANKLYN DAVEY, Beauties CERF, CSGB ref. H57-6, FR to G, 2 25-35
207.    CHURCHMANS, Boer War Celebrities and Actresses, Rundle & Spreckley, G to VG, 2 25-35
208.    I.T.C., Coronation Folder (1902), VG 25-35
209.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Characters From Dickens, Dick Swiveller & Newman Noggs, G to VG, 2 30-40
210.    SINCLAIR J., Actresses, Evelyn d'Alroy, medium, a.c.m., G 25-35
211.    SINCLAIR J., Actresses, Doris Keane, medium, a.c.m., G 25-35
212.    SINCLAIR J., Actresses, Dorrie Keppel, medium, a.c.m., G 25-35
213.    CHURCHMANS, Beauties CERF, CSGB ref. H.57-2, p/b, G 25-35
214.    TADDY, Natives of the World, Turkish Lady & Uled Nail Woman, G to VG, 2 25-35
215.    TADDY, Natives of the World, Abyssinian & Somali, G to VG, 2 25-35
216.    NEWBEGIN, Actors and Actresses HAGG, Sylva, slight crease, G 30-50
217.    STAR OFTHE WORLD, Colonial Troops (corner crease) & Cartoons (corners clipped), FR to G, 2 25-35
218.    COHEN WEENEN, Beauties BOCCA, CSGB ref. 24, Houseboat back, G 30-40
219.    COHEN WEENEN, Beauties BOCCA, CSGB ref. 46, Houseboat back, G 30-40
220.    COHEN WEENEN, Celebrities (Gainsborough), The Gainsborough (rare), metal frame, with back tab, VG 80-120
221.    PILKINGTON, Fruits & Flowers, Dahlia & Orchid, extra large, G to VG, 2 30-50
222.    GRESH, Actresses (colour), Edith Chester, 54 x 102mm, VG 25-35
223.    GRESH, Actresses (colour), Isabella Irving, 54 x 102mm, VG 25-35
224.    CADBURY, Dogs Series, Nos. 5 (slight crease) & 6, slight scuff to red edges, G, 2 25-35
225.    PEARS, shield-shaped rugby card, Play Up Rotherham St Peters & Play Up Peters (Barnsley St Peters), G to VG, 2 30-50
226.    SMITH, Champions of Sport, Chase (cycling) & Jarvis (swimming), blue backs, minimal scuffing to black edges (one corner tipped-in on each card), G, 2 25-35
227.    TADDY, County Cricketers, East (Northamptonshire), Grapnel back, corner knocks and stain to right edge, about G 25-35
228.    LIEBIG, prescription sheet holder, with 1914 calendar, 5 x 8, original red string, VG 25-35
229.    NOVELTY CIG. CO., gentleman subject (half-length), overstamped to reverse for A.H. Morgan of Southampton, scuffing to back, G 25-30
230.    OGDENS, Tabs (golfers), Mr J. Ball & Mrs Ryder Richardson, p/b, green stain to back & scuffing to black edges, G, 2 25-35
231.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 18c Hitch, VG 25-35
232.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 20c Harrison, VG 25-35
233.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 21c Abel, VG 25-35
234.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 22c Peach, VG 25-35
235.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 39c Freeman, VG 25-35
236.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 41c Russell, VG 25-35
237.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 44c Smith, VG 25-35
238.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 54c Rhodes, VG 25-35
239.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 55c Cox, VG 25-35
240.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 57c Relf A.E., VG 25-35
241.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 58c Relf R., VG 25-35
242.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 69c Morton, VG 25-35
243.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 137 Gilligan, VG 25-35
244.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 76c Denton, VG 25-35
245.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 77c Lee, VG 25-35
246.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 87c Waddington, VG 25-35
247.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 120c Burton, VG 25-35
248.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 128c Walden, VG 25-35
249.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 129c Buswell, VG 25-35
250.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 72c Dipper, VG 25-35
251.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 152c Shepherd, VG 25-35
252.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 171c Gilbert, VG 25-35
253.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large (60 x 83mm), No. 189c Besant, VG 25-35
254.    KINNEY, Leaders, Alexander the Great, wide, EX 25-35
255.    KINNEY, Leaders, Gen. R.E. Lee, wide, EX 25-35
256.    KINNEY, Leaders, Lord Nelson, wide, EX 25-35
257.    KINNEY, Leaders, Lafayette, wide, EX 25-35
258.    MARSUMA, Famous Golfers & Their Strokes, Nos. 26, 33, 34 & 49, some scuffing to edges, generally G, 4 30-50
259.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, No. 3 Lishman (Arsenal), G 25-35
260.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, No. 4 Steel (Dundee), G 25-35
261.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, No. 5 Leuty (Notts County), G 25-35
262.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, No. 10 Ford (Sunderland), G 25-35
263.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, No. 11 Wright (Wolverhampton), G 25-35
264.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, No. 20 Cowell (Newcastle United), G 25-35
265.    KINNEY, Sweet Caporal Calendar (September 1890 to August 1891), unused back, VG 30-50
266.    ORIENT TOB. CO., Playing Cards, ten of diamonds, Peace packet backs, VG 25-35
267.    HUDDEN. Flowers & Designs, silver ferns (unlisted in CSGB reference book), Hudden's Cigarettes back, slight a.m.r., VG 40-60
268.    WOOD BROS., Dominoes, double two, slight scuff to one edge of green back, VG 30-50
269.    WALKER, Dominoes, blank & two, Old Monk back, slight a.m.r., VG 30-40
270.    ROBERTS, Dominoes, blank & three, Bobs Cigarette back, VG 25-35
271.    ORIENTAL, Playing Card, girl in blue & white striped kimono (inset symbol), Gold Coin back, VG 25-35
272.    MURAI BROS., Japanese Playing Cards, eight of diamonds, slight scuffing to edges, G 25-35
273.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, Wilkinson (Sheffield Wednesday), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
274.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, Cooper (Derby County), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
275.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, Watson (West Ham), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
276.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, Twine (Middlesbrough), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
277.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, O'Calllaghan (Tottenham), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
278.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, Hulme (Arsenal), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
279.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, Jack (Arsenal), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
280.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, Allen (Newcastle), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
281.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, Briggs (Birmingham), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
282.    FOOTBALL, early transfers, Pritchard (Wolverhampton Wanderers), 1932/3, 38 x 32mm, serrated to top & bottom edges, EX 25-35
283.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Tottenham Hotspur subjects, corner knocks & a.c.m., generally G, 4 25-35
284.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Everton subjects, corner knocks & a.c.m., generally G, 5 30-40
285.    C.W.S., Parrot Series, No. 1, EX 40-60
286.    BIGGS, Colonial Troops, Central India Horse, VG 20-30
287.    BIGGS, Colonial Troops, 1st Bengal Lancers, VG 20-30
288.    PAULTON, Wolves Footballers (1923/4), G Jobey (Manager), 37 x 85mm, advert back, with facsimile signature to lower white border, EX 30-50
289.    YOUNG, Naval Skits, Captain 1735, minimal scuffing to red edges, VG 25-35
290.    WEBB & RASSELL, War Series, Nos. 33 Viviani, VG 25-35
291.    PULLAR, Celebrities, General French (French), Vanilla Cream Caramels back, VG 25-35
292.    FAULKNER, Sporting Terms, A Snip, slight corner knocks, G 25-35
293.    ALLEN & GINTER, Celebrated American Indian Chiefs, Big Bear, VG 25-35
294.    JORDEN, Celebrities of the Great War, Vice-Admiral Beatty, uneven trim, G 50-60
295.    JORDEN, Celebrities of the Great War, Gen. Joffre, uneven trim, G 50-60
296.    SCERRI, International Footballers, No. 8, Carter (Sunderland), EX 25-35
297.    SCERRI, International Footballers, No. 11, Bastin (Arsenal), EX 25-35
298.    CADET, Transfers (All Sports), No. 11 Hanif Mohammad (Pakistan cricketer), anon., VG 25-35
299.    PHILIPS BROS., advert sketches, Dutch paper issue, 58 x 78mm, English text, VG, 2 25-35
300.    WILLS, Nelson Series, complete, G to EX, 50 30-50
301.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motor Index Marks, complete, a.c.m., G to VG, 50 30-50
302.    CARRERAS, Cricketers, complete, G to VG, 50 30-50
303.    CARRERAS, Cricketers, complete, G to VG, 30 30-50
304.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, large S, corner knocks, FR to G, 50 30-50
305.    CHURCHMANS, 3 Jovial Golfers, complete, G to EX, 36 40-60
306.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, complete (2), Hints & Tips for Motorists, Interesting Musical Instruments, about G to VG, 50 30-50
307.    MITCHELL, complete (3), Money, Clan Tartans 1st & Village Models, G to VG, 100 30-50
308.    CADET, Footballers, complete (3), 1956 & 1959 (both), EX to MT, 150 30-50
309.    KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Olympics, missing Nos. 11, 13, 18 & 29, some with staple holes, G to VG, 47 40-60
310.    PASCALL, British Birds, complete, VG, 24 30-50
311.    KANE, Disc Stars, complete, 60 x 62mm, VG to EX, 50 30-40
312.    TOP FLIGHT, Top Flight Stars (Sport), complete, EX to MT, 25 30-40
313.    WALLACE & SCOTT, The Civil War 1861-1865, complete, bookmarks, inc. Lincoln, MT, 25 25-35
314.    WALLACE & SCOTT, The Civil War 1861-1865, complete, bookmarks, inc. Lincoln, MT, 25 25-35
315.    TOPICAL TIMES, Footballers, Panel Portraits, complete (2), 1936 (colour) & 1939/40 English, some a.c.m., G to VG, 32 30-40
316.    CRYSELCO, complete (2), Beautiful Waterways, Buildings of Beauty, extra large, both with op, VG to EX, 50+ 25-35
317.    CADET, U.N.C.L.E., complete, photos, EX to MT, 50 25-35
318.    TETLEY, British Birds, complete, VG to EX, 48 25-35
319.    DAILY ICE CREAM, Modern British Locomotives, complete, EX, 24 25-35
320.    DE BEUKELAER, Aircraft, complete, VG to EX, 100 30-50
321.    GRANOSE, Animals in the Service of Man, complete, VG, 25 30-50
322.    GAYCON, Modern Motor Cars 1st, complete, EX to MT, 25 30-50
323.    R.S.P.A., Modern British Motor-Cycles, complete, some slight a.m.r., VG, 22 25-35
324.    KELLOGGS, Motor Cars, complete, colour, VG to EX, 40 40-60
325.    EMPSON, History of the Railways 1st & 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 75 30-40
326.    ROSSI, The History of Flight 1st & 2nd, complete, EX, 50 25-35
327.    HORSLEY, complete (3), Football Clubs & Badges, Fresh-Water Fish & Fruits & Berries, EX to MT, 27 30-40
328.    HORSLEY, complete (3), Historical Buildings, Into Space & Parliament Buildings, EX to MT, 27 30-40
329.    HORSLEY, complete (3), Products of the World, Sports & Games & Cacti, EX to MT, 26 30-40
330.    KINNEY, Naval Vessels of the World, scuffing to gold edges, FR to G, 10 25-35
331.    ALLEN & GINTER, General Government & State Capital Buildings, scuffing to gold edges, FR to G, 22 30-40
332.    AMALGAMATED PRESS, WWI selection, complete & part sets, duplication, some creasing, P to G, 94* 30-40
333.    WIX A. & M., Cinema Cavalcade 1st, all three sizes, duplication, a few creased, FR to VG, 200* 30-40
334.    WIX A. & M., Cinema Cavalcade 2nd, all three sizes, duplication, a few creased, FR to VG, 270* 30-40
335.    GUERIN BOUTRON, Coins of the World, large, generally G, 55* 25-35
336.    CLARKS COTTON, advert cards ft anthropomorphic elephants, 75 x 121mm, G, 5 25-35
337.    DUKE, State Governors, Arms & Maps (booklets), some scuffing to spines and edges, FR to G, 4 25-35
338.    I.T.C. of CANADA, Perils of Early Golf, The Lost Ball, premium issue, sight crease, G 150-200
339.    I.T.C. of CANADA, Perils of Early Golf, Silence at the Tee, premium issue, sight crease, G 150-200
340.    I.T.C. of CANADA, Perils of Early Golf, The Water Hazard, premium issue, sight crease, G 150-200
341.    BOOTS, advert cards, perfumed for Devonshire Violets & Lysval, each overstamped promoting Humberstone Athletic Football Club of Grimsby, 93 x 53mm, VG, 2 25-35
342.    ALLEN & GINTER, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Edward England, VG 60-80
343.    ALLEN & GINTER, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Pierre Picard, VG 60-80
344.    FRY, advert, 12" tape measure, folded in four panels, Milk & Vinello Chocolates, VG 30-50
345.    PREMIER CINEMA THEATRE, National Flags (shaped), Servia & Montenegro, approx. 75 x 50mm, Bristol issue, VG 25-35
346.    GOODWIN, Sports & Games Series, Running Race (horse racing), slight scuff to one edge of back, VG 30-40
347.    LIEBIG, complete (2), Word Pictures XIII (S.424) & Carnival Scenes (S.425), both German, G to VG, 12 30-50
348.    LIEBIG, complete (6), S.433, 439, 442, 447 & 448 (all German), 449 (French), G to VG, 36 30-50
349.    LIEBIG, complete (5), S.451, 454, 465, 468 & 469, all German, G to VG, 30 30-50
350.    PATTREIOUEX, British Empire Exhibition Series, complete, G to EX, 50 30-50
351.    WILLS, Motor Cycles, complete, N.Z., G to EX, 50 35-45
352.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motor Cycles, complete, G to EX, 50 35-45
353.    WILLS, Coronation Series, complete, wide arrows, G to VG, 60 70-80
354.    MITCHELL, Scotland's Story, complete, G to EX, 50 35-45
355.    GOSSAGE, Butterflies & Moths, complete, VG to EX, 48 30-50
356.    DEVLIN, Irish Fishing, complete, EX to MT, 48 25-35
357.    U.T.C., African Fish, complete, anon, G to VG, 50 30-40
358.    CARRERAS, Famous Airmen & Airwomen, complete, VG, 50 25-35
359.    ANSTIE, Racing Series 1st, complete, G to VG, 25 30-40
360.    PLAYERS, Racehorses, complete, Eire, G to VG, 25 35-45
361.    OGDENS, Coronation Procession, complete, some adhesion damage to top edges, about G to VG, 50 25-35
362.    AUSTRALASIAN POST, cricket buttons, Australia v England 1950-1951 Test tour, Australian players, VG to EX, 5 35-40
363.    ROTARY, Midget Book Post (kittens), bookmark shaped postcards, none pu, G to VG, 15 150-170
364.    GOODWIN, Flags of All Nations, mixed series, packet back (No. 35), VG, 12 25-35
365.    TADDY, Autographs, some scuffing to green edges (some heavy), P (5) to G, 19 40-60
366.    MITCHELL, British Warships, 1st (20) & 2nd (18), nick et edge (1), FR to VG, 38 25-35
367.    CHURCHMANS, angling, Fish & Bait (33) & Fishes of the World, FR to generally G, 69* 30-50
368.    SMITH, Famous Explorers, mixed backs, FR to G, 37 30-40
369.    SANDERS, Dogs, complete, EX to MT, 20 40-60
370.    BRITISH AUTOMATIC, Dogs 1st & 2nd, complete, VG to EX, 64 25-35
371.    THOMSON, The World's Best Cricketers (1958), complete set of 72, doubles, VG to EX, 36 40-60
372.    A.T.C., Seals of the United States & Coats of Arms of all Countries of the World, medium, Helmar backs, VG to EX, 143 80-120
373.    CHIX, Famous Footballers 1st, complete, EX, 48 30-50
374.    SMITH, Battlefields of Great Britain, mixed backs, G to VG, 21* 30-40
375.    FAIRWEATHER, Historic Buildings of Scotland, Nos. 37, 39, 45, 46 & 49, scuffing to edges, FR to G, 5 25-35
376.    SPORT, selection, inc. Amalgamated Press large RP (41), Sporting Champions, Famous Football Captains; complete (3), Nabisco Action Shots of Olympic Sports (with plastic wallet), Gallaher Champions 2nd & Racing Scenes, G to EX, 157+ 30-50
377.    MIXED, selection, inc. odds (31), end numbers, completion cards & variations; complete (6), Liebig (2), Parsifal & La Grandeuse d'Oies, Stollwerck, Tonibell etc., G to EX, 159* 30-50
378.    TYPHOO, complete (3) with back variations, Famous Voyages (all 50), Trees of the Countryside (all 33), Wonder Cities of the World (63/100), VG, 220 30-50
379.    B.A.T., part sets & odds, inc. Siamese, War Incidents, Army Life, British Warships, Puzzle Series, Signalling, cinema etc., many anon., some a.m.r. & corner knocks, FR to VG, 139* 30-50
380.    COPES, part sets & odds, inc. Shakespeare Gallery, World's Police, VC & DSO, Sports & Pastimes, Chinese, Lawn Tennis, Characters from Scott, Boxing Lessons, Noted Footballers, Pigeons etc., some trimmed, creased etc., P to G, 150* 60-80
381.    HORSE RACING, selection, inc. Muratti Australian Race Horses (complete), Ogdens Steeplechase Celebrities (49), Wills Racehorses & Jockeys (38), G to EX, 111* 30-40
382.    MIXED, large, inc. Players, Old Hunting Prints (complete), Game Birds & Wild Fowl (23), Kings & Queens (48); Wills Old Inns 1st, G to EX, 135* 25-35
383.    FOOTBALL, complete (7), Players (4), MAC, RIP, ACW & 1928; Churchmans 1st, Wills (frame), BAT Hints, G to EX, 348 30-40
384.    SPORT, selection, inc. complete (8), Players (4), Cricketers 1930, 1934 & 1938, Cycling; Gallaher (2), Sporting Personalities, Champions 2nd, Churchmans Kings of Speed, Wills Physical Culture, G to EX, 396 30-40
385.    MIXED, inc. complete (2), ERB Musical Instruments (some creasing), Wills Famous Inventions; part sets & odds, silks (38), Carreras Film Stars (20) & Flowers (21), Players, Types of Horses (7), Uniforms of the TA (22); Lambert & Butler, Nottingham Fair postcards etc., P to EX, 221* 30-50
386.    MY WEEKLY, silks, inc. Floral Beauties (complete), Battle Series (7), Our Soldier Boys (11) & Soldiers of the King (12), slight fraying, G to VG, 41* 30-50
387.    ARDATH, Real Photographs, complete (4), 2nd-4th & 12th, large, VG to EX, 186 25-35
388.    CARRERAS, selection, inc. complete (2), Paramount Stars, Film & Stage Beauties; part sets, Races, School Emblems, Happy Families (all large), Glamour Girls etc., G to EX, 174* 30-40
389.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Taddy, SA Cricket (Schwarz), County Cricketers (Bosanquet); Phillips miniature Pinnace (3), Morning Foods (23), Thomson (39), FR to VG, 66* 30-50
390.    THOMSON, football part sets, inc. Football Stars of 1959 (43), Famous Footballers (46), World Cup Footballers (26), Tips & Tricks (18), duplication, mainly neat trim, about G to VG, 125* 30-50
391.    MIXED, complete (7), inc. Hignett Actors, Sinclair Champion Dogs 1st, Mars Queen Mary, Sarony Ships; birds (3), Players (2), Curious Beaks, Game Birds & Wild Fowl; Carroll, VG to EX, 305 30-50
392.    MIXED, complete (7), inc. Ardath, Britain's Defenders, Silver Jubilee; Players, War Decorations & Medals, Curious Beaks; Hignett Prince of Wales Empire Tour, Mitchell Our Empire, Wills The Coronation Series, VG to EX, 365 30-50
393.    CARRERAS, complete (5), Celebrities of British History, British Costumes, Old Staffordshire Figures (large), School Emblems, Believe It or Not, G to EX, 199 25-35
394.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, complete (5), Dance Band Leaders, Aeroplane Markings, Keep Fit, Interesting Customs & Interesting Sidelights, G to EX, 225 30-50
395.    PLAYERS, complete (5), inc. Cricketers 1930, 1934, 1938 & RIP; Poultry, FR to EX, 250 25-35
396.    WILLS, complete (6), Billiards, Britains Part in the War; large (4), Arms of Universities, Old Silver, Old Furniture 1st & 2nd, G to EX, 174 25-35
397.    SPORT, selection, football & cricket, inc. complete (2), Sinclair Scottish, Typhoo Famous Football Clubs; prt sets & odds, Wills International Footballers (13); Taddy County Cricketers (Bates), Barratt folders (India), Wills 1908 (25) etc., FR to VG, 134* 30-50
398.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Gallaher Champion Animals & Birds of 1923 (23), Smith Battlefields (12), Phillips British Butterflies (22) & Model Railways (24), BAT Prehistoric Animals (22) & Britains Defenders (48); Ogdens, Poultry (21), Records of the World (24), Modern Railways (49) etc., FR to EX, 292* 30-50
399.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (15), Wix (2), Builders of the Empire & Coronation; Mitchell (2), Model Army & Famous Crosses; Sarony (4), Museum Series, Links with the Past (each large & small); Typhoo (4), Zoo Series, Wild Flowers, Do You Know, Travel; Wix (3), British Empire Flags, Builders of the Empire, Coronation; part sets, Typhoo packet issues (37), neat trim to packet issues, in modern album, G to EX, 580* 30-50
400.    MIXED, complete (4+1) & part sets, Players, Cycling (1+1), Uniforms of the TA; UK Tob. Co. Officers Full Dress; part sets, Mars, Famous Escapes, Famous Film Stars; Barratt Thunderbirds 1st (23) & 2nd (18); Anglo Railway (108), Carreras History of Army Uniforms, Players, Fire-Fighting Appliances, Aviary & Cage Birds, Wills Trees (large), FR to VG, 600* 30-50
401.    PLAYERS, complete (11), Motor Cars, Cycling, Poultry, Dogs, Military Head-Dress, Cricketers 1930, 1934 & 1938, Cycling etc., in modern album, slight foxing, some edge knocks, about G to VG, 525 30-50
402.    MIXED, complete (10), inc. Churchman Story of London, Pattreiouex Sights of London 1st; Players (4), Cycling, Fire-Fighting Appliances, ACW; Bassett Nursery Rhymes, reprint (1) etc., FR to EX, 398* 30-50
403.    MIXED, complete (10), inc. Boguslavsky Mythological Gods and Goddesses, Wills Famous Inventions; Players (3), Dogs (scenic), Game Birds and Wild Fowl, Gems of British Scenery; Phillips, Old Masters, Soldiers of the King etc., some large, in modern album, VG to EX, 406* 30-50
404.    BRITISH AUTOMATIC, selection, inc. complete (8), Racing & Sports Cars, Sportsmen, Twenty Questions, Warships of the World, Jokes, Speed, History of Transport, Space Travel; a few odds, in modern album, G to VG, 218* 30-50
405.    WILLS, complete (13+1), inc. Time & Money, Units of the RAF, Britains Part in the War, Association Footballers (3), Arms of Universities (large), What It Means etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 629* 30-40
406.    MIXED, complete (6), inc. Lea Ships of the World, Dexter Borough Arms, Carreras Glamour Girls (large), Gallaher Animals & Birds etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 307* 30-40
407.    TRADE, complete (11), inc. A&BC Gum Winston Churchill, Amalgamated Press Famous Aircraft, Anglo The Horse & Underwater Adventure, ABC Journey to the Moon etc., in modern album, G to EX, 360* 30-40
408.    TRADE, complete (19), inc. Brooke Bond (8), British Birds; RNLI Lifeboats, Priory Pets, Phillips British Rail, Lamberts Game Birds etc., in modern album, G to EX, 600* 25-35
409.    FOOTBALL, part sets with duplication, inc. Gallaher Footballers in Action (108), Pattreiouex Football Series (17); Phillips (152), International Caps. Famous Footballers (anon); Sinclair (57), English & Scottish, Well-Known; Bucktrout Football Teams (45), in modern album, FR to EX, 379* 30-50
410.    FOOTBALL, part sets with duplication, inc. Phillips Soccer Stars (49 + 46), Carreras Popular Footballers (39 + 60); Churchmans Association Footballers 1st (49 + 191) & 2nd (38 + 36), in modern album, FR to EX, 508* 30-50
411.    FOOTBALL, part sets with duplication, inc. Players, RIP (45 + 47), MAC (complete + 116), 1928 & 1928-9 (both complete + 200); Wills with & without frames (283), in modern album, FR to EX, 616* 25-35
412.    BUCKTROUT, Around The World, complete, medium RP (coloured), in modern album, G to EX, 416* 30-40
413.    HILL, Views of Interest, complete (5), 1st-5th, large, in modern album, VG to EX, 240 25-35
414.    PHILLIPS, postcards, complete (2), inc. Our Dogs, Our Puppies, in modern album, VG to EX, 60 30-50
415.    PHILLIPS, postcards, complete (6), inc. Special Jubilee Series, Flower Studies, Garden Studies, Our Glorious Empire, Famous Paintings & Beauty Spots, in modern album, VG to EX, 158 30-50
416.    PHILLIPS, Beauties of To-Day, complete (5), 1st & 3rd-6th, extra large, in modern album, VG to EX, 180 40-60
417.    GALLAHER, cinema (8), in modern album, G to EX, 384* 25-35
418.    CINEMA, complete (8), inc. Ogdens Actors, Carreras (Desmond), Murray Bathing Belles, Wills (4) & Cecil Court, in modern album, about G to EX, 310* 25-35
419.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (11), Ogdens (2), Famous Rugby Players, Foreign Birds; Gallaher Champions of Screen & Stage (blue - Gallaher's Cigarettes & red); Carreras (3), Famous Escapes, Figures of Fiction, Film Stars (Desmond); Wills floral (4); part sets, Wills, Signalling (49), Phillips British Birds (49) etc., in modern album, about G to EX, 622* 30-50
420.    DOGS, part sets & odds, inc. Devlin (2), Dwight (5), Robertson (2), Cadbury (No. 3), Bassett (24), Epol (28), Bibby (23), Candy Novelty (21) etc., in modern album, about G to EX, 143* 30-50
421.    TRADE, mainly part sets, inc. Lyons, Famous People, Pop Stars (both complete), All Systems Go, British Wildlife, Space Age Britain; Mister Softee, Farmyard Stencils, Kings of the Road, Top 20; Wall Moonfleet etc., slight duplication, in modern album, G to EX, 280* 30-50
422.    FOOTBALL, mainly part sets & odds, inc. Kelloggs, World Cup 94 (Irish subset in op) & Shoot; Bassett, Players, Sarony, Match, Panini, Thomson etc., rugby league, British Gas Leeds & Milliken Riversiders (both complete), slight duplication, in modern album, G to MT, 180* 30-40
423.    MODERN, complete (23), inc. Doncella, Tom Thumb, Embassy etc., in two modern albums, VG to EX, Qty. 25-35
424.    PHILLIPS, Crests of the British Army, medium & standard silks, duplication, in modern album, some fraying, FR to VG, 390* 30-50
425.    PHILLIPS, Heraldic Series, premium (17) & medium silks, duplication, in modern album, fraying, FR to VG, 220* 30-50
426.    PHILLIPS, National Flags (15th-26th), medium silks, duplication, fraying, FR to VG, 275* 30-50
427.    PHILLIPS, Old Masters, standard silks, duplication, in modern album, fraying, FR to VG, 300* 30-50
428.    PHILLIPS, Town & City Arms, medium silks, duplication, fraying, FR to VG, 200* 30-50
429.    LIEBIG, complete (22), inc. S.726-727, 729, 731-738 & 740-750, 2005 c.v. 357, in modern ringbinder, VG to EX, 132 40-60
430.    LIEBIG, complete (23), inc. S.751, 753-754 & 756-775, 2005 c.v. 424, in modern ringbinder, VG to EX, 138 50-70
431.    LIEBIG, complete (25), inc. S.776-800, 2005 c.v. 579, in modern ringbinder, VG to EX, 150 60-80
432.    LIEBIG, complete (23), inc. S.801-802, 804-821 & 823-825, 2005 c.v. 448, in modern ringbinder, VG to EX, 138 50-70
433.    CHURCHMANS, complete (6), inc. Boxing Personalities, Association Footballers etc., G to VG, 300 25-35
434.    MIXED, complete (3), Sarony Ships, Murray Story of Ships & Churchmans, G to EX, 150 30-50
435.    GALLAHER, complete (7), inc. Racing Scenes, Aeroplanes, Trains, cinema (3) etc., G to VG, 336 25-35
436.    MIXED, complete (6), inc. Scottish CWS Burns, Woods Aesop's Fables, Phillips Railway Engines, Osborne Modern Aircraft, Carreras Naval Uniforms etc., G to EX, 250 30-50
437.    PLAYERS, complete (4), inc. Useful Plants & Fruits, Wonders of the Deep, Regimental Colours & Cap Badges, Country Seats (101-150), FR to VG, 200 25-35
438.    PLAYERS, complete (12), inc. Poultry, Dandies, Military Uniforms, Military Head-Dress, Aeroplanes (civil), British Live Stock, Colonial & Indian Army Badges etc., G to VG, 525 25-35
439.    WILLS, complete (10), inc. Allied Army Leaders, Speed (1930), Dogs, railway (2), floral etc., G to VG, 500 25-35
440.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (8), History of Naval Dress, Wild Birds, Napoleon, Cricketers; Gallaher (3), Trains of the World, Wild Flowers, Butterflies and Moths; Churchman The Story of Navigation; Millhoff Real Photographs; Wills (7), Strange Craft, British Butterflies, The World's Dreadnoughts, Railway Engines, Homeland Events etc., VG to EX, 898 60-70
441.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Carreras Highwaymen; Churchman Treasure Trove; Millhoff Real Photographs 2nd; Gallaher (2), Racing Scenes, Champions; Wills (7), Wild Flowers 2nd, Merchant Ships, The Coronation Series, Engineering Wonders, Cricketers; Players (8), Curious Beaks, Military Head-Dress, Miniatures, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Aircraft of the Royal Air Force etc., VG to EX,923 60-70
442.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Phillips Spot the Winner; Churchman (2), Treasure Trove, Wonderful Railway Travel; Gallaher (2), Wild Animals, Garden Flowers; Wills (7), Ships' Badges, Cricketers 1928, Radio Celebrities, Association Footballers, Life in the Tree Tops, The Boyhood of Raleigh; Players (8), Motor Cars, Modern Naval Craft, Kings and Queens, Gilbert & Sullivan, Birds and their Young etc., VG to EX, 969 60-70
443.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Phillips Stage and Cinema Beauties; Gallaher (2), Racing Scenes, British Birds; Churchman (2), Howlers, Kings of Speed; Players (8), International Air Liners, Tennis, Hidden Beauties, Footballers 1928, Motor Cars; Wills (7), Speed, Roses, Famous Inventions, Mining, Wonders of the Past, Old English Garden Flowers, Mother & Son etc., VG to EX,944 60-70
444.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Churchman (3), The King's Coronation, Association Footballers, In Town To-Night; Gallaher (2), Shots from Famous Films, Army Badges; Players (8), Fire-Fighting Appliances, Natural History, Derby and Grand National Winners, Ships' Figureheads, Army Corps & Divisional Signs, From Plantation to Smoker; Wills (7), Wonders of the Sea, Allied Army Leaders, Railway Engines, Romance of the Heavens, Garden Flowers, The Laughing Cavalier etc., VG to EX 944 60-70
445.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Gallaher (3), Famous Jockeys, The Navy, Dogs 2nd; Cavanders Peeps into Many Lands; Churchman (2), Association Footballers, The Story of Navigation; Players (7), Flags of the League of Nations, Dandies, R.A.F Badges, Egyptian Kings & Queens and Classical Deities; Wills (7), Railway Equipment, Safety First, British Birds, Gems of Russian Architecture, Roses 2nd etc., VG to EX, 991 60-70
446.    BARRATT, football postcards, complete and part sub-sets, with duplication (some heavy), EX, 250* 30-50
447.    A.T.C., Mills, complete (18), inc. Army Badges, Dogs, Medals, Holiday Resorts, Aircraft, British Locomotives, The Wild West, Naval Battles, French (3) etc., c.v. 258, VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
448.    TRADE, transport, complete (20), inc. Booth, Barratt, Mobil, Nassar, Cadet, Musgrave, Miranda, Ewbank etc., VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
449.    TRADE, military, complete (20), inc. Oliver (2), German Uniforms, German Orders & Decorations; Cadet, Sweetule, Hitchman, Rington, Badshah, Tommy Gunn etc., VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
450.    TRADE, part sets and odds, inc. Dickson Orde, Sweetule, Cadet, Lyons, Lipton, Glengettie, Reddings, Lyons Maid, Wall, British Automatic, Amaran, Bassett etc., G to VG, 600* 25-35
451.    TRADE, Dutch selection, inc. many Bussinck & Verkade, Heuff, Neelmeijer, Oldenkott, Hille etc., mixed sizes, duplication, G to ex, Qty. 30-50
452.    GERMAN, selection of tobacco & trade issues, inc. fairy tales, westerns, old masters, patriotic etc., mixed sizes, duplication, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
453.    PLAYERS, large, mainly part sets, inc. Aviary & Cage Birds, Ships Figure-Heads, Dandies, Treasures of Britain, Ship-Models, Mount Everest, Clocks, Dogs, Cats, Country Sports, British Butterflies, Game Birds etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 500* 60-80
454.    WILLS, large, part sets, inc. Butterflies & Moths, Garden Flowers, Crests & Colours of Australian Universities, British Castles, Beautiful Homes, Arms etc., duplication, G to EX, 600* 40-60
455.    B.A.T., part sets with duplication, printed & plain backs, inc. Types of the World, soldiers, beauties (red border, Life in the Treetops, Siamese, Modern Beauties etc., a few larger size, FR to VG, 500* 30-50
456.    WILLS, part sets & odds, inc. Ships Badges, First Aid, Cricketers, Mining, Lucky Charms, railway, floral, Gems etc., duplication, FR to VG, 1200* 30-50
457.    PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. Dogs, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Regimental Standards, Footballers, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Wild Birds, AC&DS, Cricketers, Butterflies, Aviary & Cage Birds, etc., duplication, FR to VG, 2000* 30-50
458.    PLAYERS, adhesive, part sets & odds, duplication (some heavy), adhesion damage, P to EX, 3000* 30-40
459.    TRADE, European selection, mixed subjects, inc. Lombart, Palmin, Liebig, Lefevre-Utile, La Belle Jardiniere, Arlatte, Sammelwerck, Wagner, Sanella, Louit, Au Bon Marche, Erdal-Kwak, Aiguebelle etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
460.    TRADE, European selection, shipping related, inc. Westminster, Aviatik, Siegel, Gartmann, Kathreiner-Bilder, Stollwerck, Bussink, Jacques, Tobler etc., FR to G, Qty. 30-50
461.    TRADE, European selection, animals & fish, part sets and odds, inc. Verkade Marine Aquarium & Terrarium (complete), Wagner, Stollwerck, Mills, Palmin, Guerin Boutron, Grootes, Aiguebelle, Lombart, Van Houten, de Beukelaer, Gartmann, Liebig, Suchard, Reunion-Bilder etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
462.    TRADE, European selection, mixed subjects, inc. Liebig, Palmin, Suchard, Wagner, Boulangere, Lavazza, Amatller, Revault, Stollwerck, Tobler, Juncosa, Ibled, Aiguebelle, Brunita, Pernot, Ricoles, Remy, Tobler, Au Bon Marche etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
463.    TRADE, European selection, military, inc. cigar bands, mainly complete sets, in modern album; Sammelwerck, Guerin Boutron, Liebig, Stollwerck, Jacques, Loflund, Arlatte, Erdal Kwak, Lavazza, Pipier etc., in modern album and loose, G to VG, Qty. 30-50
464.    TRADE, Pogs & Tazos, inc. Star Wars, Skycaps, Monsters etc., VG to MT, 100* 25-35
465.    TRADE, complete & part sets, inc. Lyons, Wings of Speed, Australia, HMS; Carreras (Black Cat), Fish, Cars, Birds etc., duplication, VG to EX, 1250* 25-35
466.    MIXED, mainly complete sets, inc. Pattreiouex (5+2), Sights of London 1st (2); reprinted & modern cigar issues etc., VG to MT, Qty. 30-40
467.    MIXED, selection, inc. postcard reference books (25), Boer War, Publishers Marks Identified by Corson, McGill, Barker, British Exhibitions Part I & II, American, Canadian; Brooke Bond albums, mainly laid down, a few empty, some Canadian, duplication (some heavy); empty ring-binders, albums; plastic boxes for sets, CSGB magazines etc., good VR, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
468.    MIXED, large, complete (18+2), inc. Players (6+2), British Regalia, Famous Beauties, Old Naval Prints, Natural History 1st & 2nd (extra large), Zoo Babies (3); Hill Views of Interest 1st Wills Trees, Pattreiouex (5), Churchmans etc., VG to EX, Qty. 60-70
469.    TRADE, complete (60), inc. Miranda, Ewbank, Amaran, Paramount, Twinings, Lamberts, Sweetule, A1, Mobil, Morning Foods, Mitcham, Trucards etc., VG to EX, Qty. 60-70
470.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, USA selection, complete soft-packs (many with original wrapping), 1940s onwards, inc. many Salem, Sundance, Kool etc., G to EX, 40* 40-50
471.    TRADE, mainly football, inc. Pro-Set, Merlin, Daily Mirror, Topps Match Attaxx; Batman, Grandee, Pokemon etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
472.    BROOKE BOND, complete (70), mainly later issues, duplication (some heavy), G to MT, Qty. 25-35
473.    MIXED, complete (), inc. Gallaher (6), Scottish CWS Burns, Ogdens Sights of London, Churchmans Howlers etc., G to EX, 428 25-35
474.    WILLS, complete (12+1), inc. Association Footballers, Our King & Queen, DYK 1st & 2nd, Speed, Britain's Part in the War etc., G to VG, 624 25-35
475.    PLAYERS, complete (12), inc. Tennis, Dandies, Flags of the League of Nations, Cricketers 1934 & 1938, Wild Birds, RAF Badges etc., G to VG, 550 25-35
476.    TRADE, mainly complete (19+2), inc. Kelloggs (6), Lyons (5+2), Horniman, Mobil, Texaco, Radio Fun etc., VG to EX, Qty. 25-30
477.    CINEMA, selection, inc. complete sets laid down in albums (4), Manoli Gold und Film 4th, Walt Disney Robin des Bois (Robin Hood), Players Film Stars 1st & 3rd; Rin Tin Tin paper issue (64) etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
478.    MODERN, selection, inc, complete (12), Embassy (2) & Castella (2); reprint c/c/ (6), Cornish Match Holywood Stars, Mars Olympic Posters (postcards); empty cigar albums (6), VG to MT, 354* 30-50
479.    COPE, Smoke Room Booklets, Nos. 1, 4, 6, 8, 12, 13 & 14 (2), slight damage to spines, G to VG, 7 + 1 70-80
480.    U.S.A., tobacco advert cards, inc. New York Segars, St James Cigars, John Anderson Solace, Taylor & Duff Senator Cigars, a.m.r. (1), G to VG, 4 25-35
481.    FARINES JAMMET, Provinces of France (costumes), complete, premium issue, duplication, G to VG, 38 + 45* 25-35
482.    MIXED, complete (4), Players Kings & Queens, Wix Coronation, Bassett Nursery Rhymes, Churchmans, G to EX, 175 30-40
483.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, inc. Wills, Three Castles, Woodbine (normal & Filter), Scissors; Carreras Craven A, all 10s, unopened, G to VG, 5 25-35
484.    POSTERS, newsagent advert issues, 30 x 20, inc. illustrated (4), Picturegoer (Diana Dors), John Bull, Woman; text only (5), Poultry Farmer, Melody Maker (White Christmas), Illustrated (Princess Margaret), Woman's Realm etc., all printed by Oldhams Press, rolled, some slight damage to edges, G to VG, 9 30-40
485.    PLAYERS, Picturesque Cottages, set of uncut sheets (28 x 36), each with a different colour variation, rolled, some tears to edge, FR to VG, 7 20-30
486.    RICH, selection, inc. complete subsets (2+1) & part sets, zoological, hunting, military, handymen, occupations, Tivoli etc., corner knocks & a.m.r., P to G, 250* 30-50
487.    TRADE, Niemeijers, complete (2), Tour of America, Dutch Indies, G to VG, 240 25-35
488.    PANINI, Football 82, some doubles, duplication, VG to MT, 312+ 80-120
489.    OLDENKOTT & ZOONEN, Birds 2nd, complete set of 192 cards (Nos. 193-384), laid down in hardback album, Dutch trade issue, scuffing to boards, G 25-35
490.    THE SUN, empty albums for Soccercards (Nos. 2-4), unused, EX, 3 20-30
491.    BARRATT, football postcards, complete subsets (6), in plastic binder, with five leaflets for offer on binders, EX, 36+ 25-35
492.    OGDENS, Royal Mail, odds (21) & set of fifty on four uncut sheets (with original printers marks), generally G, 21+ 40-60
493.    SCHMITZ & LOH, Olympische Spiele 1952, complete set of 78 laid down in softback album, for 1952 Oslo Winter Olympiad, inc. Canada ice hockey, VG 25-35
494.    SPORT, Deutsche Sport 1936, complete set of 286 laid down in softback album, inc. winter & summer sports, VG 25-35
495.    BIRDS, complete (14), inc. Gallaher Zoo Tropical Birds 1st & 2nd, Players, Wills, Ogdens cut-outs (2) etc., also Wills British Butterflies etc., loose in three slide-in albums, G to EX, 700 30-50
496.    ECKSTEIN HALPAUS, Der Kunstlerische Tanz (Artistic Dances), RP, complete set of 312 laid down in softback album, G 30-40
497.    DE BEUKELAER, complete sets laid down in albums, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Gulliver's Travels, G to VG, 3 25-35
498.    FANTASY, collectors cards, mainly complete sets, inc. Bob Eggleton, James Warhola, Clyde Caldwell, David Cherry, Tom Kidd & BROM, in ring-binder, EX to MT, Qty. 25-35
499.    MIXED, part sets, inc. extra large (65), Ardath (23), Film Stage & Radio Stars (20); Players (42), Dogs, British Live Stock, Cries, Dickens; Pattreiouex large RP, complete (5), in large ring-binder, G to EX, 306* 30-40
500.    ENTERTAINMENT, postcards, Actors & Actresses, inc. Marc McDermott, Alice Joyce, Marie Sais, Marion Cooper, Bette Hart, Herbert Rawlinson, Hobart Bosworth, Kathlyn Wiliams, Douglas Fairbanks, Francesca Bertina, Edward Earle, Edith Johnson, Beulah Livingstone, William Farnum, Tom Mix, Madge Kennedy, Constance Worth, Jewel Carmen, Bessie Love, William Russell, Betty Blythe etc., slight duplication, some pu, generally G, 60* 30-40
501.    ENTERTAINMENT, postcards, Actors & Actresses, inc. Jennie Nelson, Noah Reynolds, Edgar Jones, Howard Mitchell, May Buckley, Edwin August, Ethel Elder, Spottiswoode Aitken, Romaine Fielding, Binnie Barnes, Violet Vanbrough, Iris Hoey, Binnie Hale, Ed Coxen, Louise Lester, Jessalyn Van Trump, Pauline Bush, Grace Cunard, Mary Fuller etc., slight duplication, some pu, generally G, 60* 30-40
502.    ENTERTAINMENT, postcards, Actors & Actresses, inc. Jean Paige, Constance Worth, Madge Kennedy, Bessie Love, Olive Thomas, Eugene O'Brien, Elaine Hammerstein, Poppy Wyndham, Eddie Polo, Matheson Laing, Helen Broneau, Rudolph Christians, William Duncan, Bonnie Hill, Shirley Mason, Harry Morey, Peggy Shannon, Corinne Griffith, Buck Jones, Peggy O'Dare, Edith Day, Queenie Thomas, William Farnum, Albert Ray, Carol Holloway, Hedda Nova, Bryant Washburn, Mary Pickford, Stewart Rome etc., slight duplication, some pu, generally G, 65* 30-40
503.    POSTCARDS, mainly entertainment, inc. actors & actresses, scenes; issued by Kwatta, Home Weekly, Weekly Welcome, Quinneys; stars inc. Henry Ainley, Joan Barry, Ramon Novarro, Guy Newell, Ivy Duke, Chrissie White, Violer Hopson, Dorothy Foster, Pearl White, William Courtleigh, Edward Arnold, Melvyn Douglas, Clark Gable, Kathryn Grayson, Van Johnson, Hedy Lamarr, Gregory Peck; shipping, greetings, comedy etc., a few reprints, some larger size, slight duplication, FR to VG, 150* 30-50
504.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed paperback edition of Eric & Ernie, signed to flyleaf by Eric Morecombe, VG 30-50
505.    CINEMA, signed paperback edition of Charles Chaplin autobiography, signed to title page, corner creases to cover, G 40-60
506.    POSTCARDS, glamour, mainly modern, inc. topless, fashion, in lingerie, art style, adverts, sport etc., slight duplication, EX, 95* 25-35
507.    POSTCARDS, children, inc. greetings, poses, with animals, groups, colour and b/w, many pu, some a.m.r., VR, 80* 25-35
508.    POSTCARDS, beauties, inc. greetings, poses, many with flowers, with animals etc., many pu, some with w.t.f. and a.m.r., VR, 56* 20-30
509.    POSTCARDS, Aviation, mainly modern, inc. D.C.7B, Boeing, British Airways, Britannia, Quantas, British Caledonian, Wardair, Dan Air, Sopwith, balloon, Concorde, Pan AM, Lancaster bomber, Wellington, Lockheed Blackbird, mainly in flight etc., a few pu, slight duplication, G to VG, 95* 30-50
510.    POSTCARDS, Actors & Actresses, inc. Lilian Harvey, Erna Morena, Ossi Oswalda, Mary Philbin, Lya Mara, Pauline Frederick, Enid Bennett, Brigitte Helm, Camilla Horn, Brigitte Horney, Betty Balfour, Kirsten Heiberg, Vilma Banky, Maria Montez, June Allyson, Helena Carter, Mary Brian, Ginger Rogers, Kathryn Grayson, Marlene Dietrich, Barbara Stanwyck, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida (43); Harry Liedke, James Dean, Neil Hamilton, John Gilbert, Charles Farrell, Jwan Mosjukin, Conrad Nagel, John Gilbert, John Barrymore, Harry Halm, Harry Liedtke, Tony Martin, Ronald Colman, Van Johnson, Danny Kaye, Rock Hudson, Bing Crosby etc., scenes and couples (15), mixed periods, slight duplication, some pu, slight a.m.r. etc., about G, 145* 30-50
511.    POSTCARDS, Actors & Actresses, scenes etc., inc. The Whip, The Beauty of Bath, The Breed of the Treshams, The Only Way, Martin Harvey, Phyllis Dare, Lewis Waller, May Martyn, Forbes Robertson, Sydney Howard, Norman Partreige, Ellaline Terriss, Marie Studholme, Lily Brayton, Irene Vanbrugh, Cyril Maude, Wilson Barrett, Dorothy Black, George Alexander, Joan Keddie, Fred Terry, Seymour Hicks, Jean Harlow, Doris Day etc., slight duplication, some pu, VR, 135* 30-50
512.    AUTOGRAPHS, Music, signed postcards, white cards, album pages etc. inc. Tommy Steele, Russell Watson, Jameela Jamil, Lemar, Heidi Range, Edie Reader, Brenda Lee, Duncan James, Leo Sayer, Lee Meade, Michael Ball, Dave Berry, Natasha Beddingfield, Kiki Dee, Syd Lawrence, Peggy Lee, Cerys Matthews, Jess Conrad, Tony Christie etc., some inscribed, slight duplication, a few with a.m.r., G to VG, 148* 40-60
513.    AUTOGRAPHS, Opera selection, inc. signed ALS by Laure Cinti Damoreau (1801-1863); two modern autograph albums (6 x 4), containing 148* signatures, most pages neatly annotated with name and/or performance, inc. Ryland Davies, Emil Belcourt, Bryan Rayner Cook, Norman Bailey, Felicity Lott, Elizabeth Soderstrom Eva Turner, Gwyneth Jones, Ann Howard, Rosaling Plowright, Sall Burgess, Jill Gomez, Brigette Fassbaender, Ileana Cotrubus, Sarah Walker, Fiona Kimm, Jean Rigby etc., VG to EX, 3 40-60
514.    AUTOGRAPHS, Actors & Actresses, album (6.5 x 8), signatures inc. Julia Neilson, Fred Terry, Marion Terry, Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Oscar Asche, Cyril Maude, Renee Mayer, Charles H Hawtry, Mabel Love, Doris Lytton, Laurence Grossmith, Yvonne Arnaud, H.B. Irving, Irene Vanbrugh etc., pieces of spine missing, otherwise G 30-50
515.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed hardback edition General H. Norman Schwarzkopf The Autobiography It Doesn't Take A Hero by Peter Petre, signed to title page by Schwarzkopf, dj (tear to back), G 20-30
516.    EPHEMERA, bookplate engravings, mainly c19th, mainly theatrical, inc. actors, actresses, scenes etc., mixed sizes, VR, 120* 30-50
517.    AUTOGRAPHS, Actors & Actresses, inc. album pages, cards, pieces, photos etc., mixed sizes, inc. Tony Adams, H.B. Irving, Richard Todd, Keith Mitchell, Bonnie Langford, Binnie Barnes, Bernard Miles, Mollie Sugden, Susan Hampshire, Roy Hudd, Van Johnson, Ralph Lynn, Imelda Staunton, Edgar Bergen, Peggy Wood, Marie Studholme, Wilfred Pickles, Jessie Matthews, Seymour Hicks, Hermione Gingold, Ben Webster, Rory Bremner, Peter Byrne, Jeffrey Holland, Keith Barron, Vic Oliver, Maureen Lipman, Marie Kendall, Jane Asher, Alan Ladd, Bill Pertwee, Simon Callow, Frank Forbes-Robertson etc., a few laid down, good VR, 120* 50-80
518.    AUTOGRAPHS, Political selection, signed House of Commons letterhead, photos, compliments slips etc., inc. Charles Kennedy, David Steel, Margaret Beckett, Francis Maude, Cyril Smith, Virginia Bottomley, Mo Mowlam, Barbara Castle, Edwina Currie, Geoffrey Howe, John Prescott etc., EX, 40* 40-60
519.    AUTOGRAPHS, mixed selection, inc. Historic Record Society opera labels (16), signed by Riccardo Martin, Lucien Muratore, Dinh Gilly, Charles Dalmores, Augustin Nuibo etc. (duplication); envelope addressed to Ford Maddox Brown (1858); receipt signed by Mamaduke Tunstall (English Ornithologist), G to VG, 18 30-50
520.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed colour photos, 12 x 8 and smaller, inc. Bill Nighy, Jude Law, Robert Powell, John Barrowman, Antonio Fargas, John Hurt, Harry Melling, Lawrence Fox, Phil Daniels, Rufus Sewell, Damian Lewis, Lee Evans, Jaso Statham etc., EX, 25 30-50
521.    AUTOGRAPHS, Music, signed 8 x 10s and smaller, magazine photos etc., inc. Wilma Reading, John Hansen, Cliff Richard, Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilson, Bonnie Langford, Tommy Steele, Stereophonics, David Essex, Joe Brown, The Bachelors (first names only), Will Young, Jason Donovan, Matt Cardle, Roy Wood etc., a few unsigned, about G to VG, 44* 30-50
522.    AUTOGRAPHS, inc. headed notepaper, commemorative covers, bank notes, cards etc; inc. Oliver North, Kofi Annan, Charles Haughey, Sir William Collins, Anthony Cobham, John Cunningham (TLS), Andrew Hicks, Brian Schmidt, Jennie Lee, Henry Tate (ALS) etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 36* 30-50
523.    AUTOGRAPHS, entertainment selection, inc. photos, promotional cards, album pages etc., inc. Eastenders (29), Perry Fenwick, Kacey Ainsworth, Ricky Groves, Lacey Turner, Pam St Clement, Leslie Grantham, Jessie Wallace, Shane Ritchie, June Brown, Ian Lavender etc., Bob Carolgees, Paddy McGuinness, Ken Goodwin, Ronnie Hilton, Forbes Robinson, Virginia McKenna, Elizabeth Taylor etc., G to VG, 72* 30-50
524.    AUTOGRAPHS, music selection, letter, promotional cards etc., inc. Tony Blackburn, Annie Lennox, Tommy Steele, Jimmy James, Alexandre Tansman, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Lotte Lehmann, John Coates etc., G to VG, 15 25-35
525.    AUTOGRAPHS, space selection, letters, commemorative covers etc; inc. Charles Fullerton, James Newman, Tim Mace, Ou Hermaszewski, Bill Readdy, Alexei Leanov, Taylor Wang etc., G to VG, 16 25-35
526.    FOOTBALL, Tottenham Hotspur selection, inc. programmes signed by Jimmy Greaves, signed cards (4) by Gary Mabbutt, Glen Hoddle, Mauricio Pochettino (2), signed magazine photo by Paul Walsh etc., G to VG, 6 25-35
527.    FOOTBALL, Manchester United selection, ALS (2) both signed by Walter Winterbottom, programme for club friendly v Internazionale Milan signed to front cover by Beckham, Sheringham, Giggs, Schekker, Irwin and to back cover by Cruyff, Cantona, Phil Neville, EX, 3 25-35
528.    MIXED SPORT, signed selection, inc. magazine photos, promotional cards, photos etc., inc. Richard Harden, Darren Gough, Richie Richardson, Mark Calcavecchia, Ray Floyd, John Lowe, Brendan Foster, Ben Cohen, Jo Fenn, Colin Jackson, Natasha Danvers, James Mayo, Dwain Chambers, Seb Coe, Zara Phillips etc., G to VG, 44* 25-35
529.    BOXING, selection, inc. cigarette cards (21), autographs (11), inc. cards, photos, Carlos Menzon, Henry Cooper, Gene Fulmer, Brian Curvis, Paul Pender, Frank Bruno etc., G to VG, 32* 20-30
530.    FOOTBALL, Manchester City selection, inc. ALS on Coventry City headed notepaper signed by Joe Mercer, promotional cards, magazine photos (some laid down) etc., inc. Kit Symons, Keith Curle, Danny Granville, Mark Kennedy, Niall Quinn, Dave Phillips, Steve Redmond, Jeff Whitley, Nicky Weaver, Paul Walsh etc., a few facsimile signatures, G to VG, 30* 30-50
531.    FOOTBALL, mixed selection, inc. magazine photos, cards, letters, photos etc., inc. Shaun Wright-Phillips, Pat Rice, Trevor Brooking, Les Ferdinand, Emile Heskey, Nigel Clough, Ally McCoist, Ruud Gullit, Paul Ince, Tony Adams, Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle, Steve Coppell, Des Walker, Steve Highway, Teddy Sheringham, Andy Gray, Bryan Robson, Chelsea (27), Steven Gerrard, Justin Fashanu, Peter Taylor, Kieron Dwyer, Bill Dodgin, Craig Bellamy (f/g), overmounted (2) etc., G to EX, 140* 30-50
532.    POSTCARDS, railway, modern selection, inc. adverts, Bournemouth Belle, posters, maps, British Rail and Post Office issues etc., EX, 100* 15-20
533.    SCRAPS, mixed selection, inc. teddy bears, dogs, horses, girls' heads, children (in costume, with wings), wild animals, pigeons, birds, hunting scenes, sea shells, ducklings, fish, soldiers, flags, mixed sizes, slight duplication, neatly cut, VG to EX, 250* 40-60
534.    RAILWAY, USA selection, inc. Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company Timetable No. 122 (Sept 1942), Augusta Railway Street Railway First Mortgage Twenty-year Gold Bonds prospectus, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad reporting sheet, Ohio & Mississippi Railway minutes with map; American Investments newsletter (5), 1892-93 etc., G to VG, 26* 25-35
535.    RAILWAY, Canadian selection, inc. Canadian National Railways rule booklet (cover missing), Grand Trunk Railway Company interest statement, Canadian Pacific Railway stock dividend certificates (3), shareholders notice etc., about G to VG, 8 25-35
536.    RAILWAY, Indian selection, inc. East Indian Railway Company annuity and debenture certificates, Madras Railway annuity certificates; Bengal & North Western Railway Company notifications of meetings 1893-1898 (11), The Great Indian Peninsula Railway Company interest warrants etc., G to VG, 48* 25-35
537.    RAILWAY, selection, inc. The North British Railway Company dividend certificates; statement of accounts for Banbury & Cheltenham Direct Railway Company, Neath & Brecon Railway; Great Eastern Railway freight tickets, foxing and some scuffing to edges, good VR, 38* 25-35
538.    RAILWAY, certificates, Russian language (?), G, 11 20-30
539.    SCHULTZ & CO., scenes with children, premium (142 x 189mm), US soap issue, VG, 4 25-35
540.    TRADE, advert inserts for Brookes Monkey Brand Soap, b/w, inx. In His Lordships Chair, John Bull, The Philosophers Stone, Leaves a Good Impression Behind etc., VG, 12 25-35
541.    TRADE, advert inserts for Pears Soap, b/w, inc. Prince of Wales, The Out-Patient, Curious Advert1894 Annual, How WE Were Saved, etc., some tears to edges, G to VG, 10 25-35
542.    TRADE, advert inserts for Sunlight Soap, inc. compass, Open the Door, organ, easel, Lawson Wood etc., VG, 10 25-35
543.    POP MUSIC, songsheet booklets, inc. The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, The Crickets, Tom Jones (2), Dawn, Terry Jacks, Simon & Garfunkel etc., G to VG, 17 25-35
544.    TOBACCO, booklets, 1940s, Grow Your Own Tobacco, Baccy Grow & Smoke Your Own, Allotment Tobacco Growing etc., G, 4 20-30
545.    BIRDS, trade cards issues T Nelson & Sons, Beautiful Birds (11/12), Song Birds (5/12), both with op (P), about G, 16+ 30-40
546.    SHOWCARD, Wolsey Sportsman Knitwear, showing two ladies walking dog, 9 x 13.5, EK131 printed to bottom right corner, slight crease to top left corner and a.m.r to reverse, otherwise G 20-30
547.    AGRICULTURE, Ministry of Agriculture leaflets, 1940s-50s, inc. Better Fruit, Potato Growing, Beating The Wireworm, Calf Rearing, Full-Time Tractor Working, Building Corn Stacks etc., slight duplication, G, 50* 20-30
548.    TRADE, recipe booklets and pamphlets issued by Stork Margarine, 1950-51, inc. Teatime with Stork, Savoury Suppers, Around The Shows With Stork (2) etc., G to VG, 9 20-30
549.    MOUNTAINEERING, signed magazine photo by Edmund Hillary, showing him & Tensing receiving congratulations at Camp IV after ascent of Everest, corner-mounted to card, VG 40-60
550.    NOTTINGHAM, collection of invitation cards, 1817 onwards, inc. death of Duke of York (1827), Guild Hall meetings, police pass for South Notts Yeomanry return from Boer War (1901) etc., all earlier for Alfred Fellows, the later for George Fellows, a.m.r., G to VG, 8 40-60
551.    FOOTBALL, card game, Piktee (or League Championship), complete with 50 cards (a few creased) & rules booklet (tape repair to spine), original box, G 25-35
552.    FOOTBALL, signed small magazine photo by George Best, full signature, 1.5 x 1.75, laid down to white card, VG 30-40
553.    POSTCARDS, trade advert issues, inc. Cobra polish (2), Milward needles, Reduso corsets, Weekly Tale-Teller, Peat Moss Litter, Pearks Tea (3), Colmans starch (2), Horniman, Rowntree etc., pu (4), G to VG, 17 30-50
554.    ENTERTAINMENT, postcards, trade issues by Pompeian (4), Eastern Foam (7), Chappell Pianos, Symington, Barratt etc., pu (3), G to VG, 17 30-50
555.    THEATRE, postcards, mainly actresses, inc. Nina Sevening, Pauline Chase, Maud Fealy, Billlie Burke, Gladys Cooper, Zena Dare etc., a few pu, generally G, 52* 25-35
556.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed album pages, pieces etc., inc. Julie Andrews, Alma Coogan, Richard Dimbleby, Joe Loss; men (4) & women (3) tennis players (on two separate pages) etc., approx. 35 signatures, G to VG, 16 25-35
557.    AVIATION, signed postcard by Claude Grahame-White, showing London to Manchester flight (1910), pu with stamped signature to reverse and note from L.M.R., creased, FR 25-35
558.    FOOTBALL, crested porcelain miniature football, 2" dia., Dover crest, EX 15-25
559.    RUGBY UNION, postcard, 1903/4 Plymouth R.C., photo by Hawkins, pu 1904, slight corner knocks, G 25-35
560.    INDUSTRIAL, photo album of deceased Directors of Hewson Chapman & Co., Timber Importers of Grimsby, laid down with seven portraits, with cover letter (1954) & compliments slip, VG 20-30
561.    FOOTBALL, signed commemorative cover by nine 1966 England World Cup players, missing Moore & B. Charlton, 30-50
562.    FOOTBALL, signed 1966 World Cup Willie postcards by England players, B. & J. Charlton & Wilson and Peters, Hurst, Stiles & Hunt, with relevant postal cachets, VG, 2 30-50
563.    TRADE, selection, inc. Railway Modeller leaflets, Nos. 3-5; Typhoo Interesting Events corner-mounted in album; trade cards, Priory I-Spy, Pets, Bridges, Cadbury Strange But True, Barratt Football, Shell 3D Wonders of the World; Dixon Dinosaurs p/cs etc., G to VG, 275* 20-30
564.    THEATRE, programmes, Gilbert & Sullivan, 1950s-60s, inc. many Theatre Royal Nottingham, Alexandra Theatre Birmingham, Chiswick Empire, Bristol Hippodrome; Iolanthe, The Yeomen of the Guard, HMS Pinafore, The Gondoliers, The Mikado etc., two signed by same three people, Peggy Ann Jones, Alan Styler, slight duplication, slight creasing to edges, G, 27 25-35
565.    COMEDY, booklets, inc. Fred Basset (9), Andy Capp, Jak etc., scuffs to spines and edge knocks, about G, 11 20-30
566.    MAGAZINES, British Birds, complete run for 1959, together with index and list of illustrations and ringing number, rusting to staples, G, 13 20-30
567.    AGRICULTURE, selection of booklets, inc. Rules of the Pony Club 1933, Britain's Forests (Cannock Chase), Poultry Breeding, Sugar Beet (2), The Hereford Herd Book Society Show and Sale of 318 Pedigree Hereford Bulls 1962, The Estate Magazine (1933 & 1940), Journal of the British Grassland Society (4) etc., scuffing to spines and edge knocks, about G 25-35
568.    SOCIAL HISTORY, collection of 80* snapshots corner-mounted in album, mainly Egypt, inc. views, RAF base, equipment, market, basketmakers, The Casbar, sand storm, Kairouan Floods 1944 etc., annotation to photos, G 40-60
569.    STEREOSCOPIC, selection of stereoscopic cards, inc. views, state elephant Delhi, tea-picking, Bridgnef Michella Bomber, street scenes, USA, Norway, Japan, Wales, Battleship Oregon, coal mining Pennsylvania USA etc., G, 23 40-60
570.    PHOTOGRAPHS, 1952-1960, album containing 53* b/w photos (8.25 x 6.25), laid down, inc. Althorp, Holdenby House, Rockingham Castle, Castle Ashby (all Northampton); Weston Hall, Hoar Cross (both Staffs), Belvoir Castle Leics, Minster Lovell, Broughton Castle (both Oxford), Heath Chapel Shropshire, bridges, memorials, Powys Castle Welshpool, Moreton Old Hall Cheshire, Warwick Castle, Wells Cathedral etc., neat annotation below each photo, EX 30-40
571.    ENTERTAINMENT, scrapbook containing tickets, programmes etc; 1946-51, Palladium, Royal Festival Hall, dinner/dance menus, Savoy, some sporting events, Coronation of QEII souvenir, flying display, cinema etc., laid down with tape, good VR 30-40
572.    SILK, woven silk, Neyret Frere, The Seesaw by Morgan, 19 x 12.5, laid down to board, rare, slight tear to bottom edge, otherwise G 30-40
573.    SELECTION, inc., colour Liebig print (1991), Flower Girls VII, in original folder with cover note (in Italian), LE.113/250, together with a colour Museo della Figurina brochure; Players Modern Naval Craft, complete set of 50 laid down in album together with The Collector album, No. 1516 laid down with the same cards, purported to have been used by German U-Boat Commanders during WWII, G to EX, 4 20-30
574.    FOOTBALL, an uncut plastic sheet of 36 Mercury phonecards, with four each of nine Scottish teams, inc. Celtic, Motherwell, Aberdeen, Hearts etc., 15.75 x 24.5, EX 25-35
575.    LITERATURE, signed paperbacks, inc. Terry Jones, Libby Purvis, Ranulph Fiennes, Winston Graham (Poldark) etc., G to VG, 6 25-35
576.    THEATRE, programmes, 1930s onwards, inc. Swansea Empire, Bristol, London, Birmingham, Nottingham Empire 1939 (21), Bournemouth, Torquay, Oxford etc., The Play Magazine (4), G to VG, 107* 40-60
577.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. playing cards, menus, map of Louth, booklets, Severn Wildfowl Trust, cabinet photos, Rover Picture Book War in the Air, The Battle of Supplies, Fishing in the South etc., G to VG, 20 30-40
578.    POSTCARDS, dark blue postcard carrying case, G 20-30
579.    MAGAZINES, The New Bond. F.W. Woolworth staff magazine, Vol. 1 Mar - Dec 1936 (missing nos. 1, 2 & 6), No. 11 with missing cover; Vol 2 Mar - Dec 1937 (missing nos. 1, 2, 4 & 9); Vol 3 Jan - July 1938, some covers detached, rusting to staples, edge knocks, G, 24 25-35
580.    MAGAZINES, The Strad, A Monthly Journal for Professionals and Amateurs of all Stringed Instruments played with a Bow, Jan - Dec 1918 & Jan - Dec 1934, punch hole to top left corner with ribbon tie, some covers loose, FR to G, 24 20-30
581.    EPHEMERA, copies of Proceedings of the Municipal Passenger Transport Association, complete run 1945/6 to 1975, issued for their Annual Conference at various locations in the UK, G to VG, 30* 20-30
582.    CIVIL ENGINEERING, copies of plans, papers and minutes for The Institution of Civil Engineers, 1900s onwards, inc. Superheated Steam Engine Trials, Plant for the Treatment of Trades Waste, Harbour and Coast Defence Work at Alexandria Egypt, Railway Work in Argentina, The Teesta Bridge, The Punjab Triple Canal System etc., good VR, Qty. 25-35
583.    RAILWAY, selection, inc. Eastern Region timetable for freight trains Oct 1968-May 1969, freight notices; Great Western maps, instructional report sheets, rule books; Glasgow flyer for cheap day tickets; London Midland, booklets, notices, timetables, instruction manuals, consignment notes; London Midland & Scottish plan for superheated freight tender engine, rule booklets (1920s'30s) etc., good VR, Qty. 20-30
584.    RAILWAY, 1930s onwards, inc. site plan for South Croydon, network maps, headed notepaper, consignment notes, timetables, information, regulations and instructional booklets, parcel rate information etc., good VR, Qty. 25-35
585.    CINEMA, posters, mainly Quad Crown, inc. Kramer vs Kramer, Watership Down, The Hills Have Eyes, Hot Stuff, Greek Tycoon, Never Too Young To Rock, Killers Moon, Julie, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Incredible Journey, Hopscotch etc., duplication, generally G, 100* 40-60
586.    CINEMA, synopsis booklets, inc. Grease, 95, The American President, Dantes Peak, Absolute Power, Demolition Man, The Concierge, The Client, Crimson Tide, The General, Wagons East, The Vanishing, Undercover Blues, War of the Buttons, Unforgiven, Deep Impact, Wayne's World 2 etc., duplication, generally G, 84* 40-60
587.    CINEMA, publicity photos, b/w, mainly 8 x 10, inc. Christopher Lee, Kenneth Branagh, Jack Nicholson, Bob Hope, Burt Reynolds, Julie Walters, Robin Williams, Woody Allen, Mickey Rooney etc., G to VG, 115* 30-50
588.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed hardbacks, mainly biographies, inc. More than a Game by John Major, Frankie Dettori, Fergal Keane, Pete Goss, Brian Johnston, Larry Lamb, Lord Hailsham, Ian Botham etc., dj, EX, 11 25-35
589.    THEATRE, programmes, 1940s onwards, London & regional, inc. plays, musicals etc., some large format, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 20-30
590.    THEATRE, programmes, 1940s onwards, London & regional, inc. plays, musicals etc., some large format, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 20-30
591.    BOOKS, inc. childrens (50), rhyme books by Willebeek Le Mair, Timothy's Garden by Barnes, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Green Toby Jug, The Wind Fairies, The Happy Music by Haigh, Helen Bannerman (3), Cicely Mary Barker (6), Constance Egan (3), Beatrix Potter (6); Portfolio of Photographs of Famous Scenes, Cities and Paintings (1893), Durham Contemporary Biographies, The Essays of Elia, The Pioneers by Cooper, The Channings by Mrs Henry Wood; poetry (16), Burns (1800s), Crabbe, Thomas Moore, Whittier, Edmond Holmes; photo album containing floral decorated pages, ownership names to many inside covers, most with faults, P to G, 95* (two boxes) 30-50
592.    SELECTION, inc. ballet books (16), Ballerina by Gordon Anthony (signed by Margot Fonteyn), authors inc. Markova, Pavlova, Beaumont; RSC programmes (27); books on fashion and costumes (10) etc., matchbox labels & beer labels (UK & foreign), duplication, P to G, Qty. (three boxes) 20-30
593.    CRICKET, inc. full-size bats (4), signed (2), Peter Moore Benefit (23 signatures); framed (7), Surrey CCC (24 sigs) & unsigned (2); England 1988 team photo (signed by 16 players); Steve James montage for his 309 runs for Colwyn Bay 2001; Notts CCC tapestry (29 x 29); Yorkshire 2003 white replica shirt signed by 27 players etc., FR to EX, 11 (two boxes) 30-50
594.    CINEMA, posters, mainly Quad Crown, inc. Hackers, The Hunted, Home Alone 2 and 3 , James and the Giant Peach, Hot Shots, Junior, Disney's Hercules, Jack, Heartbreak Ridge, Hoodlums, Hideaway, Last Action Hero, Hocus Pocus, Jungle Book, Highlander, Just Cause, Heaven and Earth, Haunted (original) etc. rolled, G to EX, 60* + duplication 30-50
595.    CINEMA, posters, mainly Quad Crown, inc. Harriet the Spy, His Girl Friday, Indecent Proposal, The Hunter, Hunchback of Notre Dame, House Party, Heart Condition, Highschool High, Independence Day, Captain America, In Bed with Madonna, It's a Wonderful Life, City Heat, Honeymoon in Vegas, Inner Space, Indian in the Cupboard, etc. rolled, G to EX, 60* + duplication 30-50
596.    CINEMA, posters, mainly Quad Crown, inc. Matilda, Made in America, Mission Impossible, Mortal Kombat, Mad Max, Miracle on 34th Street, My Best Friend's Wedding, Mermaids Tale, My Girl, Men at Work, Milk Money, Murder at 1600, Mr Jones, Mother's Boy, Mrs Brown etc., rolled, G to EX, 60* + duplication 30-50
597.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. 1936 German calendar, large negatives of vintage vehicles (5), tax discs, Welsh letterheads, ration book, photos, certificates, box labels, London bus map, Gaymer's Cyder Price List 1925, unemployment book 1921-22, booklets, Cairns-Kuranda Railway 1882-1891, The Arab Horse Stud Book (1973) etc., good VR, 70* 35-50
598.    TRADE, selection of toys and give-aways, inc. Typhoo Vintage Van Collection (2), Ribena Camera (3), Shell, Coca-Cola glass issued by MacDonalds, Burago Jaguar XK120 Roadster, plastic figures etc., some boxes damaged, VR, 21 40-60
599.    GAMES, selection, mainly card games, inc. Bobs-y'r-Uncle, Lexicon (2), Grandfather's Whiskas, Jack Straws (all by Waddington); Anchor Club Happy Famiiles (dogs), Disney Shuffled Symphonies (44/45), Gulliver's Travels, Kan-U-Go, Geospace Word Spin Scramble etc., not checked for completeness, some boxes with damage, about G to VG, 13 40-50
600.    MAGAZINES, Car Mechanics, 1959-61, containing good adverts etc., G, 20 30-40
601.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. mainly greetings, inc. children, comedy, floral, views, animals, gold backgrounds, adverts, birds, scenes etc., mixed sizes, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* 25-35
602.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. mainly greetings, Christmas, birthdays, Easter, New Year, inc. children, comedy, floral, views, birds, scenes, adverts, animals etc., mixed sizes, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* 25-35
603.    THEATRE, postcards, Actors, inc. Forbes Robertson, Beerbohm Tree, Henry Irving, Lewis Waller, Seymour Hicks, Lionel Brough, George Alexander, Edmund Payne, A.E. Matthews, Edmund Maurice, Cyril Maude, David Garrick, Walt Whitman, David McFarlane, Lionel Sadsden, Will Evans, Oscar Asche , George Graves etc., poses and in costume, duplication (but different scene), some pu, VR, 60* 25-35
604.    THEATRE, postcards, Actors, inc. Douglas Gerrard, Percy Hutchison, Gilbert Hare, Lionel Brough, Sidney Brough, Julian L'Estrange, Gerald Lawrence, Fred Terry, Oscar Asche, Clifton Alderson, Eric Mayne, Beerbohm Tree, George Grossmith, Lawrence Irving, Forbes Robertson, Edmund Waller etc., poses and in costume, duplication (but different scene), some pu VR, 60* 25-35
605.    THEATRE, postcards, Actresses, inc. Miss N. De Silva, Lily Elsie, Florence Lloyd, Louie Pounds, Irene Desmond, Ada Thomas, Clara Evelyn, Elizabeth Firth, Gabrielle Ray, Haidee Wright, Gertrude Elliott, Bessie Elder, Constance Collier, Billie Burke, Ellaline Terriss, Fanny Brough, Phyllis Dare, Evelyn Millard, Moya Mannering etc., poses and in costume, duplication (but different scene), some pu, VR, 60* 25-35
606.    THEATRE, postcards, couples and scenes, inc. A White Man, Othello, The Virgin Goddess, The Housekeeper, As You Like It, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Romeo & Juliet, The Count of Luxembourg etc; Charles Allen, Lewis Waller & Dorothy Dix, George Alexander, Irene Vanburgh, Lyall Swete, Reginald Owen, Sydney Valentine & Lilian Braithwaite, Lewis Waller & Evelyn Millard, Oscar Asche & Lily Brayton, Courtice Pounds & Marianne Caldwell, Agnes Thomas, Forbes Robertson & Gertrude Elliott, Bertram Wallis & Lily Elsie etc., slight duplication, some pu, VR, 60* 25-35
607.    GOLF, postcards, comedy caricatures, National Series, inc. Millar & Lang (2), pu (3), G to VG, 4 25-35
608.    GOLF, postcards, comedy by Cynicus, portrait design, pu (1), G to VG, 3 25-35
609.    GOLF, postcards, comedy by Donald McGill, Nos. 126, 788 (both pub. By Constance) & 517, pu (1), G to VG, 3 25-35
610.    GOLF, postcards, Kinsella, complete, pub by Langsdorff (710), with signature (2), pu (4), G to VG, 6 40-60
611.    GLAMOUR, postcard, by Sager, showing girl undressing and man peering through peephole in wall, B.G. Paris 566, VG 20-30
612.    ADVERT, postcard, for Simpson's in the Strand The Famous Old English Dining House, showing group of people at table, foxing to reverse, G 15-25
613.    HASTINGS, postcards, burning of Hastings Pier, July 15th 1917, by Judges, VG, 2 25-35
614.    POSTCARDS, Cunard Line showing liner arriving at landing stage in Liverpool by Dixon (slight tear to back); German p/c, showing faces in mountains and other activities, No. 22445 (Kunst-Verlag), slight staining, G, 2 15-20
615.    TOPOGRAPHICAL, postcards, The Bull and Bush Hampsted by Judges (pu); White Rock, Robertson St & Carlisle Parade Hastings, both cards with busy scene, G, 2 15-20
616.    TOPOGRAPHICAL, postcards, busy harbour scene showing London Tower Bridge in background, ferry at Fort Augustus, showing people ready to embark, both by Judges, VG, 2 15-20
617.    SHIPPING, postcards, Blue Funnel Line, mainly RP, some colour, inc. SS Antenor, Automedon, Rhegus, Neleus, Titan, Perseus, Deucalion etc., some with annotation to reverse, some slight staining to some cards, a.m.r. (1), about G to VG, 20 60-80
618.    SHIPPING, postcards, inc. Red Star Line Bengenland, Wilson Line Kolpino, RMS Megantic, White Star Line, RMS Berengaria, RMS Carinthia, Cunard, interiors, Mauretania, Aquitania, Berengaria, Homeric etc., pu (2), creased (2), a.m.r. (1), about G to VG, 25 40-60
619.    SHIPPING, postcards, inc. Cunard Line, Alaunia, Lancastria, Berengaria, Laconia, Scythia, Mauretania, Media; interiors, Lusitania, Queen Mary (10), Mauretania etc., a.m.r. (2), G to VG, 32* 50-70
620.    TRAVEL, magazines, The Wide World, 1951-1954, G to VG, 28 20-30
621.    SELECTION, inc. postcards, views, hospitals, villages, churches; art-style, pop music etc; football programmes, mainly Nottingham Forest, 1970s-1980s, G to EX, Qty. 20-30
622.    CINEMA, film poster, Zombies - Dawn of the Dead, 40 x 30, English language, EX 40-60
623.    CLINT EASTWOOD, film poster for double bill, Dirty Harry & Magnum Force, 27 x 41, English language, original folds, writing to top edge, VG 25-35
624.    CINEMA, posters, The Breakfast Club, The Lion King, Leon & LA Confidential, all English language (mixed sizes), original folds, G to VG, 4 30-50
625.    PINK FLOYD, promo poster, Pink Floyd - More Than a Movie, USA, 18 x 28, 1980's, EX 20-30
626.    PINK FLOYD, gig poster, Live at Soldiers Field, USA, 17 x 21, DKE, two light creases, EX 30-50
627.    FOOTBALL, signed red replica jersey by Geoff Hurst, attractively mounted with thirteen images from the 1966 World Cup Final, framed, 27.5 x 35.5 overall, EX 40-60
628.    FOOTBALL, signed album page by George Best, overmounted with photo, programme cover and 3-D Sun t/c, 16.5 x 23 overall, G 25-35
629.    CINEMA, James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me, English language, 25.5 x 40.75, slight tears to original folds, about G 25-35
630.    CINEMA, James Bond, poster for Live And Let Die, English language, 27 x 41, some slight tears to original folds, about G 25-35
631.    CINEMA, James Bond, poster for Octopussy, English language, 27 x 39.25, original folds, G 25-35
632.    CINEMA, James Bond, poster for Goldfinger, German issue, 23.25 x 32.75, original folds, G 25-35
633.    PINK FLOYD, large heavy stock cardboard self-standing lobby display for The Wall, approx. 45 x 35, edge knocks, tears to folds, about G 30-50
634.    PINK FLOYD, posters, 23.5 x 33 and smaller, Division Bell, for album releases (4), foreign language issue (1), slight creasing to edges, G, 6 25-35
635.    PINK FLOYD, posters for album releases, 36 x 23.5 and smaller, inc. Animals, Dark Side of the Moon 20th Anniversary), Works, Pulse, Us & Them, Delicate Sound of Thunder (3) etc., slight tears to edge (1), otherwise G, 9 30-50
636.    PINK FLOYD, concert posters, 27" x 39" and smaller, inc. The Momentary Lapse of Reason (Italy 1988), Munchen (3, 1994), Oakland Coliseum (May 1977), Delicate Sound of Thunder, Canada etc., G to VG, 7 30-50
637.    PINK FLOYD, concert posters, 38 x 28.5 and smaller, inc. Animals European Tour 1977 (heavy creasing & tear), Wembley, In The Flesh (Canada n.y.), Germany 1972 (creasing and slight tears to edges) & 1994 (2) etc., about G to VG, 6 30-50
638.    PINK FLOYD, posters, The Wall, 27 x 41 and smaller, inc. concerts, album releases etc., World Tour Berlin 1990; MGM film poster for The Wall by Roger Waters and Roger Waters The Pros & Cons of Hitch Hiking (both designed by Gerald Scarfe) etc., G to VG, 7 30-50
639.    PINK FLOYD, posters, 35 x 23.5 and smaller, inc. Great Dance Songs (6, five different), Wish You Were Here (two different), Atom Heart Mother etc., G to VG, 11 30-50
640.    POP MUSIC, Pink Floyd LPs, Dark Side of the Moon, inc. Poland (unopened), Japan (EMLF 97002) & USA (SMAS11163), G to VG, 3 30-50
641.    POP MUSIC, Pink Floyd LPs, Dark Side of the Moon, inc. England (SHVL804), Germany & USA (1/2 Speed - MFSL1017), G to VG, 3 30-50
642.    POP MUSIC, Pink Floyd LPs, Meddle, inc. Argentina (1049171), Japan (2nd Issue -EMS80322) & Canada (SMAS832), G to VG, 3 30-50
643.    POP MUSIC, Pink Floyd LPs, Relics, inc.,USA (SW759), Australia (AX701290) & Holland (CO4850740) , G to VG, 3 30-50
644.    POP MUSIC, Pink Floyd LPs, Relics, inc., Germany (0287920681), England (SR55071), Holland (520740) & Japan (OP80261), G to VG, 4 30-50
645.    POP MUSIC, Pink Floyd LPs, Animals, inc. Germany (IC06498434), 1st Issue Promo - X798) & USA (2nd Issue Promo - JC34474), G to VG, 3 30-50
646.    POP MUSIC, Pink Floyd LPs, Delicate Sound of Thunder, inc. USA Promo (PC244484), Russia (CTEPEO A60 00543 007) & Russia (gatefold - CTEPEO A60 00543 007), G to VG, 3 30-50
647.    POP MUSIC, Pink Floyd LPs, Wish You Were Here, inc., USA (1st Issue - X698), USA Ist issue promo (X698), Russia (CTEPEO N91 00213), G to VG, 3 30-50
648.    POP MUSIC, Pink Flyod LPs, Wish You Were Here, inc. Russia (N9100213), Hong Kong (SOPO100) & USA 1st issue, G to VG, 3 30-50
649.    POP MUSIC, Pink Floyd LPs, Wish You Were Here, inc. Russia (2) - (CTEPEO N91 00213) & USA 1st issue (PC33453), G to VG, 3 30-50
650.    SHIPPING, collection of postcards, inc. Lloyd Triestino, Belfast Steamship Co., Aberdeen Line, Deutsche Ost-Afrika Line, Elders & Fyffes Ltd., South American Service, Lamport & Holt, Furness, Nelson, Canadian Pacific, Anchor, Blue Star, P & O, Shaw Savill & Albion, Leyland, Elder Dempster, Red Star, Atlantic Transport, Cunard, British India, Blue Funnel, White Star etc., many sets, artists inc. Black, Thomas, H.K.R., Rosenninge, Mann, Shoesmith, Eyles etc., loose in modern slip-in photo album, some creased & other corner damage, generally G to VG, 300* 600-800
651.    PHOTOGRAPHS, Victorian leather photo albums, with floral-decorated pages, with six cabinet photos and sixty cartes de visite loose in pages, brass clasp, pine missing & some damage to leather covers, G, 66+ 20-30
652.    EPHEMERA, vellum bound book of Indentures and receipts, late 1700s, possible Nottinghamshire interest, many empty pages, spine loose, covers heavily stained, FR to G 25-35
653.    EPHEMERA, Nottinghamshire interest, ledger bound in green boards with red leather spine and corners containing copies of letters, mostly related to the building, buying and selling of property etc., neat index to front, dated April 1892-May 1898, damage to leather spine, about G 30-50
654.    CHILDRENS BOOK, hardback editions by the Rev W Awdry, inc. Thomas The Tank Engine, Toby The Tram Engine, Henry The Green Engine, Gordon The Big Engine & The Three Railway Engines, damage to spines ( a few covers detached), some pages loose and/or repaired with tape etc., ownership name written to inside cover, P to FR, 6 30-40
655.    BOOK, paperbacks, inc. James Bond, Goldfinger by Ian Fleming, 1960 first edition (spine damaged and pages loose, cover distressed, signs previous tape repairs); I Know Where I'm Going by Eric Britton, 1946 (damage to spine, corners creased, slight staining to a few pages), P to G, 2 20-30
656.    TENNIS, signed photos, cards, pieces etc., male players, inc. Freddy Huber, Pat Hughes, Don Budge, Drobny (2), Emerson, Rosewall, Seixas & Edberg, G to VG, 9 25-35
657.    CINEMA, signed colour photo by Patrick Swayze & Keanu Reeves, 8 x 10 scene from Point Break, EX 30-50
658.    CINEMA, signed colour photos by Dennis Hopper & Kevin Costner (scene from Waterworld), Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell, Jeff Fahey & Nick Moran, all 8 x 10, EX, 5 30-50
659.    BOXING, Muhammad Ali, two private photos (8 x 10), in black suit holding shopping bag & another in back seat of a car, each signed to lower white border by the photographer John Marven, sold without copyright, EX, 2 40-60
660.    ACTRESSES, Marilyn Monroe private colour photos, one in red scarf (taken at Sardi's, Jan 1962), the other in white dress in car, each signed & annotated by the photographer John Marven, sold without copyright, EX, 2 25-35
661.    ACTRESSES, private colour photos, Judy Garland (6) & Liz Taylor (7), 8 x 10, all signed by the photographer John Marven (four annotated), mainly 1960s, sold without copyright, trimmed to top edge to remove inscription (3), VG to EX, 13 30-50
662.    ACTRESSES, private colour photos, Vivien (3), Grace Kelly (2) & Jayne Mansfield (4), 8 x 10, all signed by the photographer John Marven (two annotated), mainly 1960s, sold without copyright, inscribed to top edge (23), EX, 9 30-50
663.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed hardback edition of Lord's Taverners Centenary Test Dinner (1980), signed to inside cover by Bill Taidy (with full-page sketch) and to fly-leaf by seven other attendees, VG 30-50
664.    POSTCARDS, adverts, Guinness golfers (Sanders Phillips GA191/17); GP Government Tea, Triumph of O'Ryan (pu 1906), generally G, 2 20-30
665.    U.S.A., postcards, Sheridan's Ride, Nos.1-10, with Civil War views and verse, VG, 10 40-60
666.    POP MUSIC, Beatles cigar bands, complete (), inc. Murillo (seven sets of ten); Royal Flush (five sets of ten, three duplicate sets), same images with border colour variations, unused, EX to MT, 120 + 30 30-50
667.    DOLLS, paper cut-out dolls (2) & dresses (7), self-standing Forbes dolls (4), some damage or missing tabs, about G to EX, Qty. 30-50
668.    JAMES BOND, comic by DC, Showcase Presents Dr No by Ian Fleming, creasing and tears to covers and spine, FR to G 50-70
669.    STAR TREK, comic by Gold Key, The Day of the Inquisitor Parts 1 & 2 (Ref. No. 90210-211), tears to spine, some creasing, about G 25-35
670.    COMICS, small size, Picture Library etc., inc. Judy, Buck Jones (2), Kelly and the Bandit, Princess, Kit Carson (2), A Christmas Carol, Around The World in Eighty Days, The Sea Lord etc., some fan issues, some creasing, about G to VG, 14 20-30
671.    THEATRE, programmes & handbills, Music Hall and Variety, 1930's-40's, inc. Darlington Hippodrome, Hayes Regent, Alexandra Theatre, East Ham Palace, Croydon Empire, Chatham Theatre Royal, Birmingham Blackpool Week; Tommy Trinder, Cyril Fletcher, Eva May Wong, Herschel Henliere, Albert Sandler etc., VG to EX, 50* 25-35
672.    CINEMA, signed colour photo by both Sophia Loren & Charlton Heston, in scene from El Cid, EX 30-50
673.    FOOTBALL, signed photo by Pele, h/s kissing Jules Rimet trophy, 10 x 7.75, EX 60-80
674.    POP MUSIC, signed promotional photo by Paul McCartney, half-length playing bass, 10 x 8, with press release for 1993 CD release, EX, 2 60-80
675.    POP MUSIC, signed piece by Ringo Starr, 3.75 x 3.75, EX 30-40
676.    CINEMA, F.o.H. stills, Westerns, inc. Texas Carnival, Old Gringo, Silver City, Man From Del Rio, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, The Magnificent Seven, Wild Bill Hickok etc., some with pinholes, a.m.r., slight tears, knocks to edges etc., about G, 60* 25-35
677.    CINEMA, F.o.H. stills, inc. A & C Go To Mars, Wild Rapture, The Cavern, Beach Red, For Love Or Money, Revenge of the Gladiators, Raiders of the Seven Seas, Iron Man, China Gate, Not As A Stranger etc., some with pinholes, a.m.r., slight tears and knocks to edges, about G to VG, 165* 40-60
678.    CINEMA, F.o.H. stills, inc. Charlie Chan at the Opera, Against All Flags, The Secret Invasion, The Milk Man, The Train, Siege of Syracuse, The Count of Monte Cristo, Big Night, The Barbarians etc., some with pinholes, a.m.r., slight tears and edge knocks, about G to VG, 165* 40-60
679.    AUTOGRAPHS, signed b/w photos, mixed sizes, inc. Sharon Stone, Sean Connery, Alan Ladd (2), Eddie Ryan, Larry Parks, Joan Crawford (stain to top of photo, overmounted) etc., G to VG, 11 50-80
680.    CINEMA, photos, mainly b/w, mixed sizes, inc. Irene Dunne, Rossano Brazzi, Bud Abbot, Jeff Chandler, Spencer Tracy, Marta Toren, Charles Boyer, Gilbert Gill, James Stewart, Maggie Smith, Ingrid Bergman, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Lassie; scenes, Acts of Vengeance, Valley of the Dolls, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, some TV etc., some pinholes, a.m.r., edge knocks, creasing etc., G to VG, 215* 40-60
681.    CINEMA, Sophia Loren, selection of photos, proofs, F.o.H. stills, slides etc; film scenes, award ceremonies, fashion shows, etc., annotation to some backs, some foreign language, G to EX, 225* 40-60
682.    GLAMOUR, selection, inc. b/w stills of Bo Derek (3), Kim Novak, Gerri Halliwell (signed 8 x 10 nude), copy of LUI magazine signed to front cover by Naomi Campbell, G to EX, 6 30-50
683.    CINEMA, selection of postcards cornered in album, mainly film stars, inc. Sean Connery, Elizabeth Taylor, Cliff Richard, Claudette Colbert, Henry Fonda, Bing Crosby, Maurice Chevalier, Lilian Harvey, Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, Dorothy Lamour, Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn, Mario Lanza, Margaret Lockwood, James Cagney, Shirley Temple etc., a few colour, G to EX, 109* 30-50
684.    CINEMA, selection of postcards, inc. Robert Cummings, Gina Lollobrigida, Esther Williams, Helene Remy, Clark Gable, Ingrid Bergman, Van Johnson, Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, Michele Morgan, Danny Kaye, Betty Hutton, Hedy Lamarr, Bing Crosby, James Dean, Stewart Granger etc., in modern slide-in photo album, G to EX, 186* 30-50
685.    FOOTBALL, commemorative covers, official Football League Series 13, 1986-1989, Nos. 1-28, missing No. 4 but including Nos. 1A, 2A, 8A, & 9A, teams inc. Wimbledon, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Millwall, anniversaries etc., EX, 31 30-50
686.    FOOTBALL, commemorative covers, selection, inc. UEFA Cup, European Cup, League Champions etc., with relevant foreign postcal cachet, EX, 39 30-50
687.    NOTTINGHAM, original photo of Jubilee Wing of The General Hospital, c.1959, 19 x 8.5, framed & glazed; together with a 1930s bookplate engraving of Castle Gate, 4 x 6.25, G to VG, 2 15-25
688.    SPORT, autograph album, 1940s, signatures inc. mainly cricket, Weekes, Cameron, Headley, Rae, Stollmeyer, Atkinson, K. Mohammad etc., pages loose, damage to spine of album, about G 20-30
689.    GREYHOUND RACING, race cards, Haringay & Wimbledon, 1930-35, slight damage to spines, G, 7 25-35
690.    SPORT, autographs, photos, pieces etc., inc. Harry Kane, Geoff Capes, Micky Skinner, J. Wilkinson, Brian Clarke, Virginia Wade, Brian Jacks,Sally Gunnell (4); Miriam Stoppard, Chris Patten, Marjorie Proops, Janet Suzman, Rory Bremner etc., G, 22 20-30
691.    SPEEDWAY, programmes, 1950s onwards, inc. Poole, Halifax, Glasgow, Norwich, Edinburgh etc., some scores completed in ink, good VR, 58* 25-35
692.    CRICKET, selection, inc. programmes, B & H, Nat West; score cards, tickets etc., good VR, 29 20-30
693.    COMICS, Walt Disney selection, posters (5), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Ropbin Hood, Summer Magic, THe Fighting Prince of Donegal, Bedknobs & Broomsticks; Gold Key & Dell comics (20), The Monkey's Uncle, Old Yeller, Blackbeard's Ghost, Treasure Island, Greyfriars Bobby, Davy Crockett (four different), Zorro, Kidnapped etc., some creasing, good VR, 25* 30-50
694.    CINEMA, posters, mainly 30 x 40, inc. The Cowboys, The Unforgiven, Stagecoach, Custer of the West (3), Davy Crocket, Zulu, How The West Was Won, The Far Horizons, Shandoah, 3:10 To Yuma, Major Dundee, Yellowstone Kelly, a few foreign, original folds, a few with tears to edges and folds, FR to VG, 15* 30-50
695.    CINEMA, posters, mainly 30 x 40, inc. Mutiny on the Bounty (2), Ben Hur, Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, Rollercoaster, Pirates of the Night (significant tears), Time Machine (2, one with significant tears), Towering Inferno, Explorer, Jewel of the Nile, Major Dundee, McKenna's Gold, Romancing the Stone, Prizzi's Honour, Beyond The Limit, Murder By Decree, Zulu Dawn, The War Lord, The Changeling, Grey Lady Down, Crocodile Dundee, Soylent Green, Death on the Nile, Neverending Story, a few foreign, original folds, some tears and creasing to folds, P (2) to VG, 25* 30-50
696.    SPORT, mixed selection, 1930s onwards, inc. tennis, Commonwealth Games, darts, athletics, wrestling, football, baseball (Minnesota v Purdue 1955); magazines, newspapers, cuttings; A Picture History of the Motor Car (15), Nos. 4-19 (duplication), good VR, Qty. 25-35