Two Day Public Auction on
Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th May 2017

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1.      ICE HOCKEY, original press photos of Nottingham Panthers, 1950s, inc. teams (7), action shots (2) & portraits (full-length on ice & h/s); Zamick, Dougherty, Smith, Spence, Matthews etc., mainly 3.5 x 5.5, most with Ice Hockey World stamp to backs, G to EX, 41* 40-60
2.      ICE HOCKEY, original press photos, 1950s, inc. portraits (full-length on ice & h/s); teams (5), action shots (9), on tour; Harringay, Racers, Ayr Raiders, Pentonville Vees (Canadian Amateur Champions); Les Arning, Bill Glennie, Keith Campbell etc., mainly 3.5 x 5.5, most with Ice Hockey World or Speedway Star stamps to backs, G to EX, 72* 60-80
3.      CRICKET, press photos, inc. action shots, training, scoreboards, golf day; David Gower, Glen Turner, Graham Roope, Jack Richards, Chris Waller, 1979 Gillette Cup Final etc., 9 x 12 and smaller, a few with typed annotation to backs, duplication, VG to EX, 43* 25-35
4.      CRICKET, press photos, inc. action shots, training, officials, scoreboards; Bob Willis, David Ackfield, Brain Hardie, Ted Hesley, Peter Hacker, Paul Crump, 1982 England XI to South Africa, 1979 Gillette Cup Final etc., 9 x 12 and smaller, a few with annotation to backs, duplication, VG to EX, 55* 25-35
5.      CRICKET, signed press photos, c.1965, inc. Pearitan, Harris, Wilson, Green, Price & Storey, typed (5) & ink annotation to backs, VG, 6 30-50
6.      CRICKET, press photos, c.1966, action shots inc. Dexter v Rest of the World 1966, Parks, D'Olivera, Denness, South Africa, Australia etc., 8 x 10 and slightly smaller, typed annotation to backs, G to VG, 17 40-60
7.      CRICKET, West Indies selection, mainly scorecards for matches in England, inc. Lords Test, June 1928; printed team sheet for 1939 UK Tour, menus 1984 & 1991 (signed by nine) etc., FR to EX, 12 30-50
8.      CRICKET, signed Hampshire teamsheets, 1973 (13 signatures), 1974 (15), 1975 (14), 1976 (13), 1977 (18), 1978 (all 21), 1979 (all 19), 1980 (20 of 21), 1981 (all 22), 1982 (all 22), 1983 (all 22), 1984 (all 21), 1986 (all 23) & 1987 (12), together with a 1985 facsimile signed sheet, on club headed notepaper, VG to EX, 14 150-200
9.      CRICKET, signed selection, inc. Dennis Brookes, Alec Bedser (both white cards), Van der Merwe & Broomfield (both magazine photos), Alf Gover (c/c album page), each overmounted (some with photos & c/c), EX, 5 40-60
10.     CRICKET, signed blank cards, inc. Bill Lawry, Peter Burge & Richard Hadlee, each overmounted (with photos & c/c), EX, 3 30-50
11.     CRICKET, signed blank cards, inc. Alec Bedser, Roly Jenkins, Derek Shackleton & George Mann, each overmounted (with photos & county crests), EX, 4 35-45
12.     CRICKET, Nottinghamshire selection, inc. scorecards, England v Australia 1948 (official & pirate issues), England v South Africa 1947, v Australia 1956 (with ticket); later county issues; 1946 handbook etc., FR to VG, 27 35-45
13.     CRICKET, selection, 1938-1951, inc. Hedley Verity 1930-1939 by Hudson, Cricket Records 1946 & 1948, Warwickshire handbooks 1949-1951; signed scorecards etc., G to VG, Qty. 35-45
14.     CRICKET, magazines, The Canadian Cricketer, inc. Sep-Nov 1962, Jan-Mar 1963, Oct-Dec 1963; 1964 (5), Jan, Feb, Apr, May/Jun (unopened) & December letter advising closure of magazine, each addressed to same UK reader, with Canadian postal stamp seals, G to VG, 14 25-35
15.     CRICKET, Nottinghamshire scorecards, 1935-1948, home & away (3) county matches, some folds, G to VG, 23 25-35
16.     CRICKET, Nottinghamshire scorecards, 1949, home & away (2) county matches, also Ken Cranston Celebrity XI v Notts Cricket Association Quincetenary XI, some folds, G to VG, 14 25-35
17.     CRICKET, Nottinghamshire scorecards, 1950-1952, home & away (2) county matches, also v West Indies & South Africa, some folds, G to VG, 21 30-40
18.     CRICKET, signed hardback edition of Following On by Alec & Eric Bedser, signed by each to title page, dj (small tears), G 30-50
19.     CRICKET, signed selection, inc. caricature prints, photos, scorecards, postcards (13); set of 15 Lancashire players (signed), 1954 Canada album page (13 signatures); Balaskas, Randall, Arlott, Atherton, Vaas, Streak, Rhodes, Gatting, Sykes, Stewart, Hick etc., album page taped to larger page, FR (1), ow VG to EX, 36* 30-50
20.     PROGRAMMES, programmes, 1950s, inc. Derby County, Fulham, Chelsea, Bolton, Sheffield Wednesday & United, Birmingham, Sunderland, Millwall, Chesterfield etc., G to VG, 50* 30-50
21.     PROGRAMMES, programmes, 1950s, inc. Newport, Leicester, Sunderland, Barrow, Leyton Orient, Derby, Blackpool, Forest, Millwall etc., FR to VG, 50* 30-50
22.     PROGRAMMES, programmes, 1950s, inc. Plymouth, Scunthorpe, Reading, Bradford City, Notts County, Fulham, Rotherham, Aston Villa etc., G to VG, 50* 30-50
23.     PROGRAMMES, programmes, 1950s, inc. Millwall, Barnsley, Notts County, Wolves, York City, Charlton, Blackpool, Bolton, Wrexham, Ipswich, Scunthorpe etc., G to VG, 50* 30-50
24.     PROGRAMMES, programmes, 1950s, inc. Blackburn, St Mirren, Southend, WBA, Exeter, Wolves, Brighton, Reading, Barrow, Forest, Chelsea, Stoke etc., FR to VG, 50* 30-50
25.     PROGRAMMES, programmes, 1950s, inc. Tottenham (23), Charlton, Luton, Doncaster, Arsenal, Leyton etc., FR to VG, 50* 30-50
26.     PROGRAMMES, programmes, 1950s friendlies, reserve matches etc., inc. Manchester City, Tottenham, Chesterfield, Newcastle, Chelsea, WBA, Peterborough, Wolves, Arsenal, Bolton, Walsall etc., FR to VG, 48* 30-50
27.     FOOTBALL, England selection, inc. programmes (24), 1958-1969; tickets (21), 1960-1995, both home & away, FR to EX, 45* 40-60
28.     FOOTBALL, hardback editions of club histories, The Mariners (Grimsby Town) by Ekberg & Woodhead (signed by both to LE page); The Garibaldi Reds (Nottingham Forest) by Mellor, both pub by Sporting & Leisure Press, dj, VG to EX, 2 25-35
29.     OLYMPICS, press photos, showing pre-1924 Olympics Trials & Meets, inc. hurdlers (3), Rookins (2) & Norton; Charles Harlow (javelin), Merwin Graham (long jump) & one other showing finish of race, 10 x 8 (2) and smaller, typed annotation to backs (5), G, 6 30-50
30.     RUGBY UNION, selection, inc. signed photos by England players (9), Bell, Blaze, Crane, Chuter, Wilson, Voyce, Allen, Skivington & Richards; Northampton signed (2). menu booklet for Don White Testimonial (1961), to back page (slight foxing); multiple signed programme (2003), 32 signatures, Internationals inc. Beal, Blowers, Cohen, Connors, Dawson, Grayson, Morris Poutney, Reihana, Sleightholme, Stewart, Thompson, Williams etc., G to EX, 11 40-60
31.     GOLF, programme for the 1965 Ryder Cup, played at Royal Birkdale, with Daily Draw sheet for Thursday Foursomes (no results), crease to cover & drawsheet, G 25-35
32.     GOLF, programmes Ryder Cups, 1985 (The Belfry), 1991 (Kiawah Island) & 1993 (The Belfry); also European magazine for 1995 (Oak Hills), G to EX, 4 25-35
33.     FOOTBALL, commemorative covers, postcards etc., 1982 World Cup, inc. English & Spanish issues, with relevant postal cachet for various matches, duplication, G to EX, 60* 30-50
34.     CRICKET, scrapbook for the 1936 Ashes series in Australia, neatly laid down with newspaper reports and scorecards from all days of each of the five tests, 10.5 x 16, VG 30-50
35.     GOLF, programmes, inc. Bob Hope British Classic 1980 (draw sheets for first two rounds), Bing Crosby 1981, Jersey Open 1979 & 1981 (with photocopied news clippings), St Andrews score card etc., one signed by 14 attendees (mainly Press Corps), G to VG, 8+ 30-50
36.     CRICKET, postcards, inc. signed (10), Alan Donald, Shane Warne; multiple signed teams (to backs), England A v Middlesex 1994, England v Australia 1997; unsigned (10), Vg to EX, 20 35-45
37.     MIXED SPORT, postcards, inc. signed (18), Sam Snead, Barber (both golf), Schmeling, Bruno (both boxing), Jackson, Gunnell, Thompson (all athletics) etc; unsigned, cycling, horse-jumping, tennis etc., VG to EX, 50* 25-35
38.     ATHLETICS, postcards, inc. signed (9), Chris Braysher, Thompson, Gunnell, Regis, Jackson, Edwards, Deyers etc; unsigned, 1982 Commonwealth Games (21) etc., VG to EX, 53* 25-35
39.     MIXED SPORTS, softback editions of Tom Webster Annuals, 1936 & 1938, VG, 2 30-40
40.     FOOTBALL, programmes, 1950s, mainly league matches, FR to VG, 50* 30-50
41.     FOOTBALL, programmes, 1950s, mainly league matches, FR to VG, 50* 30-50
42.     FOOTBALL, programmes for youth team matches, inc. Youth Cup (90), Finals & Semi-Finals etc., G to EX, 150* 30-50
43.     FOOTBALL, programmes for reserve matches, inc. Aston Villa, Manchester City, Stockport County etc., some single sheet issues, G to EX, 240* 30-50
44.     FOOTBALL, programmes from League Cup Semi-Finals, G to EX, 60* 30-50
45.     FOOTBALL, programmes, pre-League & ex-League selection, home & away issues, G to EX, 100* 30-50
46.     FOOTBALL, programmes for big matches, 1950s onwards, inc. England v Scotland 1951, Red Star v Liverpool 1982, Valencia v Manchester United 1982 UEFA Cup, Uruguay v England 1984; EC Finals 1971-1976, FAC Finals (5) etc., G to EX, 16 45-55
47.     FOOTBALL, Nottingham Forest programmes, 1940s onwards, inc. v Sheffield Wednesday 1948/9; at Bristol Rovers 1950/1, Sheffield United 1954/5 FAC, Rotherham, Birmingham (both 1951/2); Malmo 1979 EC Final etc., FR to VG, 16 45-55
48.     FOOTBALL, programmes for FAC Finals, 1960-1962, 1966-1969, 1971-1974, 1976-1978, also for 1982 & 1983 replays, G to EX, 16 45-55
49.     FOOTBALL, programmes for big matches, 1950s onwards, inc. Arsenal v Hibernian 1952 friendly, England v Scotland 1952 Amateur, Blackburn v Wolves 1960 FAC Semi-Final, Uruguay v England 1984, West Ham v Fluminese 0960 friendly etc., G to EX, 21 35-45
50.     CRICKET, selection, inc. postcards, Bradman & Hobbs, Worcester & other grounds, menu/programmes, colour prints by CPS (4), Lancashire & other scorecards, Kaylo Gripu MCC team photo (heavy staining), England v Pakistan etc., loose in two plastic folders, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
51.     PROGRAMMES, Peterborough home & away programmes, 1950s-1960s, most with pin-holes to top left corner, FR to G, 56* 30-50
52.     PROGRAMMES, Lincoln City home & away programmes, 1940s-1970s, FR to VG, 56* 30-50
53.     MIXED SPORTS, inc. postcards (5), cricket (3), McGregor, Kelly & Surrey (Strudwick), Bedford rowing (2); signed football album pages (5), inc. 1948/9, Exeter City (10 signatures) & Reading (11); 1950-1, Aldershot (11, on two pages) & Brighton (10), pieces by 1948 Wembley speedway team (traced over) etc., FR to VG, 12 30-50
54.     FOOTBALL, commemorative covers, inc. World Cup, 1974 Germany (4) & 1994 USA (15); 1988 (17), Orient centenary (12), Leeds United, Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton etc; 1994 postcards (15), together with a selection of pages of covers from the 2002 Masterfile, duplication, many with relevant postal cachets, G to EX, 45+ 25-35
55.     FOOTBALL, commemorative covers, Football League Series & Historical Football Series 2, inc. anniversaries, Jubilees, League Cup, Charity Shield, UEFA, European Cup etc., all with relevant postal cachet, in modern album, EX, 57* 25-35
56.     FOOTBALL, commemorative covers, Historical Series 4 & Series 1st-4th, inc. FA Cup, European Cup, Charity Shield, Champions of Champions, centenaries, League Cup, promotions etc., all with relevant postal cachet, in modern album EX, 64* 25-35
57.     FOOTBALL, original team photo of 1901/2 Fulham squad and officials with trophy, with two reprints with names annotated to back, corner missing, two other corners creased, FR 60-80
58.     FOOTBALL, original team photo of 1907/8 Fulham squad and officials, pub. by Albert Wilkes, with numbered key to names to lower border, corner knocks, G 60-80
59.     FOOTBALL, original photo showing 1907/8 Fulham team in civilian clothes, laid down to original mount, pub. by Albert Wilkes; with a reprint image of the 10905/6 team, G to VG, 2 50-60
60.     FOOTBALL, Fulham selection, inc. early team photos (3), one reprinted, one with cricketer A. Ducat inset; signed 8 x 10 and slightly smaller photos by Gordon Davies & Malcolm MacDonald (each inscribed); signed Christmas card by Kevin Keegan & Neil Redfern, unsigned 1979 Centenary Dinner menu (slight crease); VG to EX, 7 40-60
61.     FOOTBALL, Fulham selection, inc. club correspondence card from manager P. Kelso (16th Aug 1914), unused club compliments slip (notes in pencil to back); photos (8 x 10 and smaller), c/c etc., signed (18), a few team photos; 1959 team calendar (large piece cut from top edge), P (1) ow G to EX, 28* 50-60
62.     FOOTBALL, re-strikes of early Fulham team images, 1880s-1930s, 8 x 10 and smaller, most with some annotation, loose-mounted in ringbinder, G to EX, 42* 25-35
63.     FOOTBALL, Fulham, signed hand-written letters, by Ernie Beecham (27th Oct 1978) & Ted Worrall (19th Dec 1977), each two pages & listing career highlights at Fulham, VG, 2 40-60
64.     FOOTBALL, Manchester United home programme, v Burnley, 17th March 1970, rare issue with no dates for Spurs (postponed) & Burnley matches, common programme included for reference, VG, 2 20-30
65.     FOOTBALL, programme & unused match ticket, Watford v Southport, 29th April 1978, Southport's last league game before relegation, they were the last team to be relegated through re-election, VG, 2 40-50
66.     FOOTBALL, England away programmes, at Austria, 25th May 1952, played in Vienna, stadium issues (mainly in German), G, 160-180
67.     FOOTBALL, railway flyers, inc. 1931/2 four-page booklet, Programme of Cheap Tickets (piece missing from top edge); Sheffield United v Birmingham City, Jan 1953 FAC (wrongly dated 1593); Grimsby Town away matches, 1932/3 season, inc. at Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Millwall etc., some tears to folds for later issue, P to G, 3 40-60
68.     FOOTBALL, programmes, 1940s, inc. Chelsea v Huddersfield 1946/7, WBA v Birmingham 1947/8; QPR v Luton, Brentford v Southampton (both 1949/50), Derby v Sunderland, Fulham v Cardiff both 1948/9, G to VG, 6 30-40
69.     CRICKET, signed photos (removed from programmes, magazines etc), 1960s, inc. multiple signed County teams (17) & Lancashire players (6), 8 x 5 and smaller, tape stains to most edges, FR to G, 23* 30-50
70.     CRICKET, signed teamsheet, Australia, 1961 Tour, all 17 signatures inc. Benaud, Harvey, Davidson, Lawry, McDonald etc., folds, trimmed to top edge, G 60-70
71.     CRICKET, signed teamsheet, Australia, 1964 Tour, all 17 signatures inc. Simpson, Burge, Connolly, Hawke, O'Neill etc., folds, trimmed to sides, G 60-70
72.     MIXED SPORT, an Application of Patent regarding improvements to football & cricket boots, 2nd June 1893, No. 7634, introducing padding to prevent ankle injuries, signs of previous binding, G 35-45
73.     CRICKET, an Application of Patent regarding improvements to cricket bats, 17th February 1894, No. 7767, introducing metal reinforcement to handles & blades, signs of previous binding, G 35-45
74.     CRICKET, signed Surrey team sheet to commemorate 7th consecutive County Championship (1952-1958), 16 signatures inc. May, Stewart, Barrington, Lock, Edrich etc., fold, G 40-60
75.     CRICKET, signed team photo by 1980 Hampshire, by all 16 players inc. Stephenson, Turner, Cowley, Pocock, Parks etc., further signed by Greenidge & Marshall who arrived after photo taken, with letter from Bob Stephenson apologising for delay as initial photo accidently thrown away, VG, 2 40-60
76.     FOOTBALL, two large signed England team photos, 1950 (World Sports), by Ramsey, Aston & Franklin; 1960 (Football Monthly), by eight players, Haynes, Baker, Clayton, Brown Connolly etc., both double-page magazine issues, VG, 2 30-50
77.     CRICKET, signed album pages, c.1945, inc. large page by New Zealand players in UK (10 signatures), James, Ridland, Sharp, Burgess, Donnelly; A.M. Crough XI (13 signatures); Coventry & District v Northants (22 signatures in pencil), some Internationals and/or footballers, VG, 3 50-60
78.     RUGBY UNION, programmes for Newark RFC v Magnus Grammar School, 1936, 1937 & 1938, single card issues for annual charity matches, some rust stains paperclip marks, G, 3 30-50
79.     RUGBY UNION, 1971 British Lions selection, inc. VIP menu for dinner at Merthyr Tydfil, printed autograph sheet, commemorative cover for 1971 RFU Centenary, VG to EX, 3 30-50
80.     RUGBY UNION, England programmes, inc. v Scotland 1947 (with match report & ticket), v France Schools 1949, English Schools Trials 1949, Probables v Possibles 1949, G to VG, 35-45
81.     RUGBY UNION, 1991 World Cup selection, inc. programmes (13), Semi-Final (Australia v New Zealand), Quarter-Final (France v England) & group matches; Rugby World magazines (4) & tickets (2), VG to EX, 19 45-55
82.     RUGBY UNION, Wales selection, 1955-2004, inc. programmes (34), v England 1955, Scotland 1956; tickets (many VIP issues), menus etc., G to EX, 68* 40-60
83.     RUGBY UNION, International programmes, inc. England (40), 1953-2000, v Scotland 1953, France, 1955, Ireland 1956, New Zealand 1954; Ireland (18), v Wales 1974 (VIP issue) & 1988 etc., G to EX, 58* 40-60
84.     RUGBY, magazine, Rugger, Dec. 1949 (Vol. 1 No. 10) to Nov. 1957 (No. 114), with three annuals (1949/50, 1950/1 & 1951/2), G to VG, 97* 50-70
85.     CRICKET, selection, inc. brochures, Hutton, Scarborough, Cricket Spotlight; newspaper cuttings; books, Bradman etc., good VR, Qty. 30-40
86.     TIES, Cricket & Rugby Union, inc. clubs, Benefits etc., VG to EX, 65* 25-35
87.     CRICKET, softback editions, inc. Cecil Parkin (3), Triumphs and Troubles, Parkin on Cricket, Parkin Again; annuals (12), Athletics News 1924, 1928 & 1930; Daily Express 1929 & 1930; Daily Worker 1948-1950; News Chronicle 1946 etc., some damage to spines, about G to VG, 15 30-50
88.     CRICKET, hardback pocket issues of Kent CC annuals (blue books), 1923, 1926, 1929-1936 & 1945, pieces missing to spine (1938), some fading and other damage to covers, FR (6) to G, 13 40-60
89.     RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes, mainly 1960s, mixed clubs, G to EX, 100* 30-35
90.     RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes, mixed clubs, a few tickets, G to EX, 130* 30-35
91.     FOOTBALL, Leeds United away programmes, 1950s to mainly 1980s, G to EX, 167* 50-60
92.     FOOTBALL, programmes, 1960s onwards, mixed clubs, FR to EX, Qty. 30-35
93.     FOOTBALL, softback pocket issues of Nottingham Post Football Guides, 1921/2-1924/5 & 1927/8-1939/40, small piece missing from cover (1927/8) and other scuffing & creasing to covers, FR to VG (1), 16 30-50
94.     FOOTBALL, softback pocket issues of Nottingham Post Football Guides, 1948/9-1974/5, missing 1951/2, owners name to cover in ink (1952/3), some covers creased, FR to VG, 26 30-50
95.     FOOTBALL, books, inc. My Twenty Years of Soccer by Lawton, with dj (tears to edges); Nottingham Forest (7), Forest Giants (signed by McGovern & Jovanovic), With Clough by Taylor, My Magic Carpet Ride by Birtles, The Garibaldi Reds & Pictorial Milestones (both by Mellor); Manchester United (pub. by Breedon), 100 Years of Derby County by Francis etc., mainly hardback issues with dj, G to EX, 12 30-50
96.     FOOTBALL, programmes, 1960s, mainly league matches, G to EX, 200* 30-50
97.     FOOTBALL, programmes, friendlies, inc. British v foreign teams, Irish v British etc., G to VG, 160* 30-50
98.     FOOTBALL, Corinthian figures, large figures in bubble packs (100) & Micro Stars (100), VG to MT, 200 30-50
99.     FOOTBALL, programmes, big match editions, inc. FAC and LC Finals & Semi-Finals, Play-Offs, FA Trophy, British teams in Europe, Foreign friendlies etc., G to EX, 80* 30-50
100.    CRICKET, selection, inc. softback booklets, tour guides. Benefit brochures, match programmes, County yearbooks, magazines, Annual Reports, fixture booklets etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
101.    CRICKET, hardback editions, inc. six County histories (pub. By Helm); Ashes Treasures by Whimpress (2nd Edition); biographies, Strauss, Larwood, Compton, AA Thomson, tours, anthologies etc., signed by the authors (11), most with dj, G to EX, 37* (two boxes) 25-35
102.    FOOTBALL, hard and softback editions, inc. Through The Turnstiles & Through The Turnstiles Again, Rags To Riches The Rise and Rise of Oxford United, The Definitive Hull City, The Pride of Pompey (signed to title page by author Barry Bendal and John Phillips to profile page), Football League Year 1989, The FA Cup Complete Results, The Guinness Book of Soccer Facts & Feats (2), English League Football by Churchill, Scottish league tables etc; Corinthian football figures 2002-3 (45); together with Wasps Centenary booklet (rugby), G to EX, 62* 30-50
103.    CRICKET, softback editions of Playfair Annuals, from 1948 (first issue) to 2015, missing only 1998, duplicates for 1986-1988, corner clipped from first issue, FR (1) to EX, 67 + 3 30-40
104.    CRICKET, Norman Gifford selection, inc. full-size coffin, with England A Cricket Tour 1993, Tetley Bitter logo & his name to lid; two signed magazine photos; four unsigned press photos (three in action); five used cricket bats (no provenance), FR to EX, 12 30-50
105.    CRICKET, selection, inc. scorecards, magazines, brochures; books, Fight for the Ashes 1654/5, No Ashes for England by Wellings, Defending the Ashes 1956, Wisden anthologies (2), annuals etc., G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
106.    RUGBY, selection, inc. programmes, magazines, postcards (1949 onwards), 1990 Barbarians menu, 15 Ireland signatures on ball etc., G to EX, 200+ 30-50
107.    CRICKET, books (mainly hardback), inc. Australian Cricket - The Game & the Players by Pollard; Benson & Hedges yearbooks, Notts CCC - 40 Years, Randall autobiography (signed), Peter May Book of Cricket etc., G to EX, 30* 30-50
108.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. World Cups (1966, 1970, 1982 & 1990), brochures, programmes, newspapers etc; annuals, Soccer Star 1968/9 (low print run), World Soccer, Football Monthly etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
109.    FOOTBALL, programmes, 1940s onwards, inc. Fulham v Barnsley 1948/9, Brentford v Plymouth 1949/50, QPR v Exeter 1953/4, Barnsley v Gateshead 1954/5, Arsenal v Vienna 1960/1 (4-page issue) etc., G to EX, 83* 40-60
110.    CRICKET, selection, inc. Hampshire handbooks 1958 & 1961; Wisden, 1979 & 1981 (hardback), 1990 & 1991 (softback); books, scorecards, menus etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
111.    CRICKET, books, inc. Notts CCC Double Champions 1987, An Australian Summer 1985, Boys annuals 1951 & 1952, Complete History of Cricket Tours etc., all hardback with dj, VG to EX, 11 25-35
112.    FOOTBALL, programmes, big match editions, 1970-2010, inc. FA Cup & League Cup Finals & Semi-Finals, Charity Shield etc., G to EX, 70* 30-50
113.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. 1960s Manchester United (89); booklets, FA Referee Charts & Year Books, club annuals & magazines; World Sport & other magazines; t/c, ESSO & Daily Mirror etc., FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
114.    PROGRAMMES, programmes for friendlies, reserve matches, testimonials etc., 1960s-1970s, G to EX, 155* 30-50
115.    PROGRAMMES, non-league programmes, 1950s onwards, mainly Cup & Trophy Finals and Semi-Finals, G to EX, 52* 30-50
116.    MIXED SPORT, Rugby Union, signed biography by Bryan Williams, Wales tickets (10), Golf, books (2), Erewash Valley G.C., Formby Ladies G.C. (signed); cycling (7), Tour de France, 2010 Race Guide, 2013 t-shirt from opening stage (in original wrapping) & Race Guide, 2014 Race Guide & Premium Tour Guide, 2015 Cycle Sport Race Guide; motor racing, American Football book, The Ohio League 1910-1919, G to VG, 28* 30-50
117.    CRICKET, selection, inc. magazines, Cricket Lore Nos. 1-3, Australian Cricket Journal (Vol 1 No. 1); The Name of the Rose (No. 1); brochures, England v Australia 1861-1961; books (4); yearbooks; scorecards, England v South Africa 1951, Notts v N.Z. 1949 (both played at Trent Bridge); benefit brochures; Beggarlie U.C.C. 1894 team photo etc., FR to EX, 26 30-50
118.    CRICKET, signed books, Botham, Reeve, Trescothick, Langer, Frindall, Gatting, Lloyd, Boycott, My Ashes Summer by Hussain & Waugh etc., hardback with dj (8), G to EX, 13 25-35
119.    FOOTBALL, French magazines, Shot, July 1947 - September 1951, four-page issues, mainly covering French leagues, line-ups, match reports, previews, images etc., some English & Spanish coverage, G to VG, 185* 200-300
120.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, three complete seasons (home & away), 1970/1, 1971/2 & 1972/3, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
121.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, three complete seasons (home & away), 1973/4, 1974/5 & 1975/6, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
122.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, three complete seasons (home & away), 1976/7, 1977/8 & 1978/9, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
123.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, four complete seasons (home & away), 1979/80, 1980/1, 1981/2 & 1982/3, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
124.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, four complete seasons (home & away), 1983/4, 1984/5, 1985/6 & 1986/7, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
125.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, four complete seasons (home & away), 1987/8, 1988/9, 1989/90 & 1990/1, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
126.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, four complete seasons (home & away), 1991/2, 1992/3, 1993/4 & 1994/5, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
127.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, four complete seasons (home & away), 1995/6, 1996/7, 1997/8 & 1998/9, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
128.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, four complete seasons (home & away), 1999/2000, 2000/1, 2001/2 & 2002/3, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
129.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, four complete seasons (home & away), 2003/4, 2004/5, 2005/6 & 2006/7, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
130.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, four complete seasons (home & away), 2007/8, 2008/9, 2009/10 & 2010/1, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
131.    FOOTBALL, Birmingham City programmes, five complete seasons (home only), 2011/2, 2012/3, 2013/4, 2014/5 & 2015/6, inc. League, FAC & LC, EX, Qty. 30-40
132.    SPORT, hardback editions of Badminton Library - Fishing, Swimming, Racing and Steeplechasing & Shooting, ownership plates to inside front covers, slight scuffing to brown boards, G, 4 30-50
133.    RUGBY UNION, signed hardback editions of biographies, Gerald Davies, Lawrence Dallaglio & Rob Andrew, dj, EX, 3 30-50
134.    CRICKET, hardback editions of The New Sporting Magazine, 1831 (Vols. I & II) & 1833 (Vol. VI), each with two ownership plates, scuffing to front cover (1), about G to VG, 3 50-80
135.    CRICKET, hardback editions of The Sporting Mirror, Vols. IV (July-Dec 1882) - VIII (July-Dec 1884), in original boards with gilt titles, some damage to spines, FR to G, 5 50-80
136.    MIXED SPORT, selection, inc. cricket (2), Century of Cricket at Bramall Lane 1855-1955 (insert for 1955 Exhibition), hardback edition, Alfred Shaw Cricketer by Pullin, (rebound in grey boards), 1952 India cricket; Wimbledon tennis rule book, Walter Lambert & Sons catalogue (Spring 1954), polo scrap, John Surtees signed cover, 1961 British Games, 1972 Olympic ABC etc., G to VG, 12 40-60
137.    CRICKET, selection, inc. original unidentified team photo, by Buchanan & Co. of Chiswick, laid down to mount; set of 8 b/w prints of county grounds, pub. By Prudential Pensions, FR (1) & EX, 9 25-35
138.    CRICKET, original team photo of Ransome & Marles CC, 1922 Champions of Newark & District League, laid down to annotated mount, 11.5 x 9.5 overall, VG 35-45
139.    FOOTBALL, original poster for 1980 World Club Championship, National v Nottingham Forest, played in Tokyo, Japanese language issue, showing Peter Shilton, match details & ticket prices, 20 x 14, EX 40-60
140.    CRICKET, signed miniature bats by England players, Ian Botham & Alec Stewart, each with decorated blades by The Art of Sport, attractively mounted in frames, EX, 2 40-60
141.    CRICKET, signed miniature bats by England captains, Michael Vaughan & Nasser Hussain, each with decorated blades by The Art of Sport, attractively mounted in frames, EX, 2 30-50
142.    CRICKET, signed miniature bats by England players, Steve Harmison & Graham Thorpe, each with decorated blades by The Art of Sport, attractively mounted in frames, EX, 2 30-50
143.    CRICKET, signed miniature bats by South African players, Shaun Pollock & Graeme Smith, each with decorated blades by The Art of Sport, attractively mounted in frames, EX, 2 30-50
144.    CRICKET, signed miniature bats by England players, Mark Butcher, Craig White (each with decorated blades by The Art of Sport); one by Michael Brearley & Derek Randall, EX, 3 30-50
145.    CRICKET, presentation piece of Don Bradman, with signed commemorative cover and photo (full-length batting), attractively mounted to show biographical details from reverse of cover, framed and glazed, 15 x 21 overall, with vendor's letter of provenance, EX 80-100
146.    FOOTBALL, signed large colour photo by Pele, showing Pele & Bobby Moore swapping shirts after match at 1970 WC, attractively mounted, framed & glazed, 18 x 23 overall, with CoA, EX 100-120
147.    CRICKET, signed miniature bat by Sachin Tendulkar (twice) and ten other members of the 2002 Indian team, signed by Tendulkar to sketch by him and further signed to blade by full team inc. Dravid, Sehwag, Kumble, Laxman, Ganguly, Tendulkar etc., signatures obtained at 2002 Trent Bridge Test, attractively mounted with four photos, framed & glazed, 19 x 23 (3 depth) overall, with vendor's letter of provenance, EX 120-140
148.    CRICKET, signed full-size bat by 2002 England (all 15 signatures), India (all 15) & Sri Lanka (all 15), inc. Hussain, Flintoff, Gough, Irani; Ganguly, Tendulkar, Laxman, Kumble; Jayasuriya, Arnold, Chandana, Gunawardena, Nawaz etc., attractively mounted, framed & glazed, 9 x 37 (3.5 depth) overall, with vendor's letter of provenance, EX 150-170
149.    HORSE RACING, signed large photo by Lester Piggott, full-length mounted on Nijinsky after 1970 Derby victory, 12 x 16, attractively framed & glazed, 19.5 x 23.5 overall, EX 70-80
150.    FOOTBALL, signed yellow replica 1970 Brazil shirt by Pele, attractively mounted, framed & glazed, 27 x 35 overall, EX 100-120
151.    CRICKET, selection of prints, 40 x 22 and smaller, inc. signed by artists (most LE), Picnic Day at The Gabba, County Ground Northumberland, Lancashire (2) etc; other unsigned, West Indies, Ian Botham etc., a few non-cricket, rolled (or previously rolled) & flat, slight damage to edges of largest issue, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
152.    CRICKET, glass tea-tray, titled 'Australian Visiting Team to England, Coronation Year 1953', with twenty printed signatures, EX 30-50
153.    CRICKET, original ink sketches of test cricketers, inc. Chandrasekhar, Lewis, Kanhai, Holden, Denness etc., by HF Lindfield, 8 x 12, highlighted with watercolour, with pencil printing annotations to corners (2), overmounted, framed & glazed, 12 x 16.5 overall, VG to EX, 5 0-60
154.    CRICKET, original ink caricature sketches of test cricketers, inc. Cyril Washbrook, Bill Voce, James Langridge & TPB Smith by Fred Midgley, 10.5 x 14, each full-length, overmounted (with title panel to lower edge), framed & glazed, 15.5 x 19.5 overall, VG to EX, 4 40-60
155.    FOOTBALL, signed colour photo/print by Roberto Carlos, The Magic Bullet, showing his famous free kick v France, 18th June 1997, with large photo and twelve inset time-lapse images of the goal, attractively overmounted, framed & glazed, 18 x 27 overall, LE16/25, EX 80-120
156.    CRICKET, signed press photo by Arthur Morris, member of 1948 Australia team, h/s, 7 x 9, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), inscribed to his son, overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 25-35
157.    CRICKET, signed press photo by Ray Lindwall, member of 1948 Australia team, h/s, 7 x 9, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), inscribed to his son, overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 25-35
158.    CRICKET, signed photo by Len Hutton, 8 x 10, full-length batting, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
159.    CRICKET, signed photo by Dennis Lillee, 8 x 6, full-length bowling, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), inscribed to his son, overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
160.    CRICKET, signed photo by Rohan Kanhai, 8 x 6, full-length batting, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), inscribed to his son, overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
161.    CRICKET, signed photo by Viv Richards, 6 x 8, full-length batting, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), inscribed to his son, overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
162.    CRICKET, signed photo by Gary Sobers, 6 x 8.5, full-length bowling, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), inscribed to his son, overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
163.    CRICKET, signed photo by Charlie Griffith, 8 x 10, full-length bowling, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), inscribed to his son, overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
164.    CRICKET, photo, signed to mount by Alec Bedser, 7 x 9.5, full-length bowling, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
165.    CRICKET, photo, signed to mount by Everton Weekes, dated 30th June 1994, 9.5 x 7, full-length batting, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
166.    CRICKET, photo, signed to mount by Wes Hall, 7 x 9.5, full-length bowling, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
167.    CRICKET, photo, signed to mount by Clyde Walcott, 7 x 9.5, full-length batting, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), inscribed to his son, overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
168.    CRICKET, photo, signed to mount by Richie Benaud, 7 x 9.5, full-length bowling, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
169.    CRICKET, photo, signed to mount by Colin Cowdrey, 7 x 9.5, full-length batting, personally obtained by Brian Downing OBE (past Chairman & President of Surrey CCC), overmounted, framed & glazed, VG 20-30
170.    RUGBY UNION, signed caricature sketch by Johnny Wilkinson, from the original by Ireland, signed tio lower white border, LE92/500, overmounted, framed & glazed, 14 x 17 overall, with hardback edition of biography My World & World Cup poster, EX, 3 60-80
171.    TENNIS, signed colour photo by Andy Murray, 8 x 12, overmounted with four other (smaller) action photos, framed & glazed, 26 x 17.5 overall, with hardback edition of Seventy-Seven - My Road to Wimbledon Glory, EX, 2 80-120
172.    RUGBY UNION, signed white long-sleeve replica jersey by 2003 England World Cup winning squad, 31 signatures inc. Johnson, Dawson, Dallaglio, Tindall, Catt, Back, Leonard, Grewcock, Woodward, Gomarsal, Cohen etc. (lacking Wilkinson), attractively mounted to board, overmounted, framed & glazed, 36.5 x 44 overall, with separate key to signatures and two hardback editions about the victory, slight scuff to top edge of frame, ow EX, 4 200-300
173.    FOOTBALL, signed blue replica jersey by 2005 Chelsea Champions, 16 hurried signatures, mounted to board, overmounted, framed & glazed, 30.5 x 37.5 overall, EX 120-180
174.    FOOTBALL, signed red replica jersey by Manchester United, 22 signatures inc. Ferdinand, O'Shea, Rossi, Ronaldo, Scholes, Rooney, Rooney etc., mounted to board, overmounted, framed & glazed, 30.5 xx 37.5 overall, 36.5 x 39 overall, paint to top edge of frame, EX 100-150
175.    FOOTBALL, signed photos by Manchester United legends, George Best (in civilian clothes in tie display, magazine issue); Denis Law & Bobby Charlton (both 8 x 10 action shots), Matt Busby (magazine photo), colour (1), VG to EX, 4 100-150
176.    CRICKET, programme for Auckland v MCC, March 1947, played at Eden Park, with player profiles, facsimile autographs & tour details, rare, staining to cover, G 50-70
177.    CRICKET, signed selection, inc. 1954 album pages (3), Notts (13 signatures), Poole, Hardcastle, Stocks, Parks etc; Warwickshire (5 signatures) & Derbys (9); postcards, SS Lord Warden (signed to back by Len Hutton), Lindsay Hassett (printed signature), VG to EX, 5 35-45
178.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 1954, inc. Somerset (17 signatures), Tremlett, Stephenson, Lawrence, Atkinson; Worcs (9) & Northants (3), two laid down to larger pages, VG to EX, 5 30-50
179.    CRICKET, brochure for Benaud's Commonwealth Cavaliers Tour to South Africa, 1960, for match v Natal, rare, EX 30-50
180.    RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes for Challenge Cup Semi-Finals, 1949-1972, VG to EX, 22 25-30
181.    RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes for Championship Finals, 1959-1988, FR to VG, 11 25-30
182.    RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes for Lancashire Cup Semi-Finals, 1948-1991, G to EX, 23 25-30
183.    RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes for Internationals, 1951-1986, G to EX, 17 25-30
184.    FOOTBALL, invitation & seating plan booklet for 1963 FA Centenary Banquet, awarded to SW Jacobs, the latter in brown suede covers and orange ribbon, VG, 2 25-35
185.    FOOTBALL, programme for El Trofeo del Campo de Gibraltar Tournament, August 1982, inc. Real Madrid, Athletico Bilbao, Vojvodina & Nottingham Forest, Spanish edition, EX 25-35
186.    FOOTBALL, Argentinian press photos, San Lorenzo selection, inc. pre-match team photos (11), returning from Latin American Cup match 92) & training ground, agency stamps to backs, most with typed annotation, G to VG, 18 35-45
187.    CRICKET, scorecards for special matches, 1937-1940, inc. British Empire XI v Buccaneers Red Cross & St Johns Fund 1940 (rare wartime issue), MCC Australian XI v The Rest 1937, Gentlemen of England v Australia 1938, England v The Rest 1938, Oxford v Cambridge 1939, G to VG, 5 40-60
188.    CRICKET, scorecards for matches involving Test teams, 1930s-1960s, inc. MCC Australian XI v The Rest 1937 & 1940s; MCC, v Yorkshire 1947; v Australia (5), 1948 & 1950s; Gentlemen v Players (2), 1952 & 1960s etc., FR to VG, 10 40-60
189.    CRICKET, Surrey scorecards, inc. v Yorkshire (6), 1955 (McIntyre Benefit), 1956 (Laker); v Rest of England 1955 & 1956 etc., G to VG, 7 30-50
190.    CRICKET, programmes, inc. Lords Taverners v Edrich Family XI (2), 1960 & 1964 (each with supplement), signed by John Edrich & Garfield Sobers; Roy Castle, Jimmy Ellis, Christopher Trace, Jeremy Kemp etc; Duke of Edinburgh XI v Duke of Norfolk XI 1957, G to VG, 5 30-50
191.    GOLF, signed selection, inc. newspaper & magazine photos, pages from programmes etc; Kite, Molinari, Ginn, Jacobsen, Jones, Koch, Gregson, Kucher, Leonard, Huish, Zoeler, Toms, Lincoln, Haas, Campbell etc., a few pages multiple signed, slight duplication, in modern ringbinder, G to VG, 43* 30-50
192.    GOLF, signed selection, inc. newspaper & magazine photos, pages from programmes etc; Beem, Kelly, Mast, Nielson, Aoki, Bland, Cameron, Calswell, Michelson, Gale, Haas, Hugo, Jacobs, Petrovic, Inman etc., a few pages multiple signed, slight duplication, in modern ringbinder, G to VG, 40* 30-50
193.    GOLF, signed selection, inc. newspaper & magazine photos, pages from programmes etc; Owen, Smyth, Eales, Elkington, Petrovic, Ratcliffe, Sabbatini, Simpson, Aoki, Tway, Stadler, Ferguson, Carbonetti, Donald etc., a few pages multiple signed, slight duplication, in modern ringbinder, G to VG, 43* 30-50
194.    GOLF, selection, inc. signed, magazine photo by Ballesteros & Player (back-to-back), Garcia, Sullivan, Harris, Bland, Beam, Foster; programmes, Open Qualifying 2007-2009; Rules of Golf booklets etc., slight duplication, in modern ringbinder, G to VG, 30* 40-60
195.    GOLF, signed selection, inc. 1988 Tour Guide, by 70* players, Faldo, Langar, Woosnam, Torrance, Olazabal, James, Brand, Darcy, Coles; programmes (4), 1978 Hennessy Cognac Cup, by Primo, Canizares, Garrido; 2013 Scottish Senior Open, by Brand Jnr., James, Lane, Torrance, Woosnam; American Express Championship drawsheet, signed by Furyk, Hamilton and two others; together with Commonwealth Trophy 1975 (unsigned), G to VG, 5 30-50
196.    FOOTBALL, brochures/programmes for first/last matches at stadiums, inc. Manchester City v Southampton (Maine Road), signed by 23 players, Goater, Trautmann, Book, Williamson, Clarke, Fagan, Johnny Hart etc; Coventry City v Derby & QPR (Highfield Road & Ricoh), Shrewsbury Town v Grimsby Town (Gay Meadow), Hull City v Darlington (Boothferry Park), VG to EX, 5 30-50
197.    CRICKET, signed colour art-style prints, by Australia (3), Neil Harvey (inscribed), Keith Miller & Ray Lindwall; England (2), Brian Statham (7 x 9.5) & Len Hutton (8.5 x 11.25), drymounted to boards (3), EX, 5 40-60
198.    CRICKET, selection, inc. WACA signed teamsheets (3), 1957 West Indies tour brochure & scorecards (2), 1961 England v Australia scorecard & ticket (creased); 1936 scorecards (5),Surrey v India etc., FR to EX, 15 30-50
199.    CRICKET, signed selection, inc. itinerary booklet, postcards etc; 2009 Australia (7 signatures), Holland, Subba Row, Russell, Gooch, Rice, Walcott; small white cards (21), Greenhough, McConnon, Morgan, Rhodes, Young etc., duplication, VG to EX, 39* 30-50
200.    CRICKET, signed booklets, inc. menu for 150th Anniversary of Trent Bridge (by 16 attendees), Broad, Robinson, Hemmings, Evans, Randall; New Pavilion at Fordhouses CC (to cover by Ted Dexter, 1964); programme for 1985 England v Australia at Trent Bridge (11 signatures to cover), Welham, Gilbert, Gatting, Dymock, Matthews etc., G to EX, 3 40-60
201.    RUGBY UNION, selection, inc. signed album page by 1953/4 New Zealand (7 signatures), Kelly, Clark, Bevan, Elson, Dixon etc; dinner menu booklets, signed white cards, tickets, printed team sheets; Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Dublin, Oxford v Cambridge 1988 etc., VG to MT, 17* 40-60
202.    PUNTING, selection of original photos, many from Amateur Punting Championship at Shepperton, 9 x 7 and smaller, all laid down to brown cards (probably removed from photo album, some loose typed annotation (presumed removed from back of photos), VG, 40* 30-50
203.    TENNIS, hardback scrap albums, laid down with 75 snapshot photos, annotated to inside cover 'The Avenue Tennis Club 1920-1923', some annotated with names, G 25-35
204.    ANGLING, hardback edition of Further Chronicles of Houghton Fishing Club 1908-1931, ex-library, G 30-50
205.    CRICKET, Middlesex scorecards, inc. v Sussex, 1947, 1948 (Gray benefit) & 1954 (Compton), West Indies 1950, South Africa 1955 etc., FR to VG, 19 45-55
206.    CRICKET, Surrey scorecards, 1920s, inc. v Notts 1925 & 1927, Lancashire 1925, Kent 1926, Essex 1925, Yorkshire 1925, G to VG, 6 45-55
207.    CRICKET, Middlesex scorecards, 1922-1937, inc. v Sussex 1922 (Murrells Benefit), 1926 & 1928; v Yorks 1926, 1937, FR to G, 5 45-55
208.    CRICKET, scorecards, 1933-1961, inc. Notts, v Hampshire 1933, v Surrey 1948; Essex, v Glamorgan 1950, India 1952; Yorks v Surrey 1949, Lancs v Middlesex 1951 etc., FR to VG, 10 35-45
209.    CRICKET, scorecards, inc. England, v South Africa 1947 & Australia 1948 (both at Trent Bridge); Gloucestershire v Somerset 1939 & Essex 1946 (Neale Benefit); Warwickshire v Middlesex 1950, G to VG, 5 30-50
210.    CRICKET, brochures for tours to UK, inc. West Indies, 1939 (with printed teamsheet) & 1950; South Africa 1947, FR to G, 4 30-50
211.    CRICKET, brochures for Australian Tours to UK, 1938 & 1956; Fight for the Ashes by Macartney (1948), G to VG, 3 30-50
212.    CRICKET, signed covers for 1973 English Cricket centenary, letters etc., inc. Nottinghamshire (15 signatures to front & back), Randall, Hassan; Northamptonshire (13), Cook, Willey; Glamorgan (20), Khan, Cordle, Lloyd; Worcestershire (17), Imran Khan, Turner, D'Oliveira; Surrey (5 signatures on 4 pieces), Warwickshire (9 on 5 pieces) etc., similar unsigned cover with overprint for Exhibition Cricket match on British Day of 1973 Munich Exhibition, VG to EX, Qty. 50-60
213.    BOXING, programmes for bouts at Nottingham Ice Stadium, Ronnie Clayton v Johnny Molloy 1949, Dick Turpin v Albert Finch 1950Terry Allen v Jean Sneyers 1950 & Bernard Pugh v Roy Ankarah 1951, G to VG, 4 45-55
214.    BOXING, programmes for bouts in Nottingham, 1946/7, inc. Raoul de Gryse v Jimmy Gill (Ice Stadium); Victoria Baths (3), inc. Ray Fanchon, Jack London, Maurice Sandyron etc., FR to G, 4 35-45
215.    BOXING, programmes for title fights, inc. Rudkin v McGowan 1966, Conteh v Finnegan 1973, Conteh v Ahumada 1974 etc., G to EX, 6 30-50
216.    BOXING, programmes for heavyweight fights, inc. Frazier v Bugner 1973, Quarry v Middleton 1972, Chuvalo v Bygraves 1965, Cooper v Hilton 1966, London v Mcneeley 1963, Walker v Prescott 1963 etc., VG to EX, 9 45-55
217.    CRICKET, Benham silk signed commemorative covers, inc. Tests, Nat West Trophy, WI Tour 1988, anniversaries, The Gabba 1989, B & H, 25 signatures in total, all with relevant postal cachet, EX, 20 30-50
218.    FOOTBALL, signed commemorative covers by goal scorers, Derby County (3 signatures on 2 covers), Sheffield United, Wigan, Crystal Palace, Leeds, Birmingham City & Norwich City, EX, 8 25-35
219.    FOOTBALL, Fulham photos (4 x 6 and smaller), mainly 1970s players & a few team photos, signed (11), inc. Richard Money (1977-80), G to VG, 25* 30-40
220.    FOOTBALL, team photos (mainly postcard size), trade (Scotties, Thomson) & postcard issues, inc. Newcastle (4), Manchester City (4), Arsenal (2), Tottenham (2), Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff, Burnley, Bury etc., G to EX, 37* 30-40
221.    CRICKET, hardback edition of Cricket by Lyttleton, inscribed to fly-leaf "HJ Stephenson, from his great uncle the author", damage to spine, about G 40-60
222.    FOOTBALL, postcards of local teams, mainly RP, a few identified, some named photographers, good VR, 33* 40-60
223.    CRICKET, postcards, inc. players (2), RJ Gregory & Les Ames; teams (4), 1909 & 1921 Australia, 1904 Yorkshire, 1920s Kent; local teams (6), 1913 Everton CC, unidentified, two pu (Southampton & Manchester) etc., G to VG, 16 40-60
224.    FOOTBALL, Celtic programmes, 1967 EC Final, v Inter Milan; 1976 Testimonial (Johnstone & Lennox), v Manchester United, G to VG, 2 100-150
225.    FOOTBALL, programmes for European Cup Finals, Liverpool, v Brugge 1978 & Juventus 1985, EX, 2 30-50
226.    FOOTBALL, programmes for Liverpool European Finals, 2005 EC Final, v AC Milan (with supplement 'History of 49 Finals'); 2001 UEFA Cup, v Deportivo Alaves, EX, 3 30-50
227.    FOOTBALL, programmes for European Cup Finals, 2006 Barcelona v Arsenal (with supplement ' 50 Years of Champions') & 2007 AC Milan v Liverpool, EX, 3 30-50
228.    FOOTBALL, programme for 1949 FA Cup Semi-Final, Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United, VG 30-50
229.    FOOTBALL, programme for 1951 FA Cup Semi-Final, Newcastle United v Wolverhampton Wanderers, VG 30-50
230.    FOOTBALL, programme for 1951 FA Cup Semi-Final replay, Blackpool v Birmingham City, VG 25-35
231.    FOOTBALL, programme for 1952 FA Cup Semi-Final, Blackburn Rovers v Newcastle United, VG 25-35
232.    FOOTBALL, programme for 1954 FA Cup Semi-Final, Preston North End v Sheffield Wednesday, VG 25-35
233.    FOOTBALL, programmes for both 1956 FA Cup Semi-Finals, Sunderland v Birmingham City, Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, VG, 2 30-50
234.    FOOTBALL, programmes for 1957 FA Cup Semi-Final, Aston Villa v West Bromwich Albion, with replay, VG to EX, 2 30-50
235.    FOOTBALL, programmes for 1959 FA Cup Semi-Finals, Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest; Norwich City v Luton Town (replay), VG to EX, 2 25-35
236.    FOOTBALL, programme for 1952 FA Cup Final, Arsenal v Newcastle United, rust stains to staples, VG 35-45
237.    FOOTBALL, programme for 1953 FA Cup Final, Blackpool v Bolton Wanderers, EX 30-50
238.    FOOTBALL, programmes for FA Cup Finals, 1954 Preston North End v West Bromwich Albion; 1955 Manchester City v Newcastle United, G to VG, 2 40-60
239.    FOOTBALL, programmes for FA Cup Finals, 1956 Birmingham City v Manchester City; 1957 Aston Villa v Manchester United; 1958 Bolton Wanderers v Manchester United, G to VG, 3 40-60
240.    FOOTBALL, programmes for FA Cup Finals, 1960-1964, VG to EX, 5 30-50
241.    FOOTBALL, programmes for FA Cup Finals, 1965-1975, with 1970 Replay, G to EX, 12 30-50
242.    FOOTBALL, programmes for FA Cup Finals, 1976-1984, with Replays for 1981-1983, G to EX, 12 30-50
243.    FOOTBALL, programmes for FA Cup Finals, 1985-1995, with Replays for 1990 & 1993, VG to EX, 13 30-50
244.    FOOTBALL, programmes for FA Cup Finals, 1996-2008, VG to EX, 13 30-50
245.    MIXED SPORT, signed hardback editions of biographies, inc. cricket (3), End of an Innings by Denis Compton, Marcus Trescothick & Ian Botham; Frankie Dettori (horse racing), Pete Goss (sailing), dj, VG to EX, 5 25-35
246.    FOOTBALL, signed hardback editions of biographies, inc.. Brian Clough, Trevor Francis & Garry Birtles (all Nottingham Forest), Paul Gascoigne (full signature), Steven Gerrard, dj, EX, 5 25-35
247.    FOOTBALL, programmes, big match issues inc. Cup Finals (a few replays), Charity Shields, Internationals, friendlies etc., G to EX, 90* 30-50
248.    RUGBY UNION, programmes for Oxford v Cambridge, 1948-1996, missing 1973 & 1995, duplicate for 1989, FR to EX, 47 + 1 40-60
249.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. European Cup Final programmes (2), 1963 & 1968; signed Eusebio booklet; Royal Cinque Ports United team photo (1923), 10 (of 11) Robertsons figures; card games (2) etc., FR to EX, Qty. 25-35
250.    CRICKET, signed cricket balls, Bert Oldfield & Stan McCabe, both signed mid-1960s, signs of wear, G, 2 40-60
251.    FOOTBALL, signed red Adidas Champions League football by 2005 Liverpool Champions squad, 19 signatures inc. Dudek, Finnan, Traore, Hyypia, Carragher, Kewell, Alonso, Gerrard, Riise, Garcia, Baros, Smicer, Hamann, Cisse, Benitez etc., EX 80-120
252.    CRICKET, signed Spalding bat, by 1924 South Africa to front, 17 signatures inc. Taylor, Nourse, Blackenberg, Catterall, Ward etc; signed to blade by 83* various County & England players of the same era, inc. Carr, Chapman, Geary, Hobbs, Collins, Hardinge, Jardine, Sadler, Shepherd, Strudwick, Ducat, Russell, Haig, Cornford, Dales, Fowler, Ridley, Freeman, Douglas, Service, Hubble, Sutcliffe, Tate, Hamer, Gilligan, Woolley, Macauley, Hendren etc., a few signed twice, VG 700-900
253.    GOLF, programme for 1902 Ladies Golf Union, with enamelled lapel badge for England side that competed in the 1st International Challenge Trophy, match played at Deal, VG, 2 30-50
254.    CRICKET, jig-saw, Berwick Autographed Famous Cricketers, No. 2 Denis Compton, complete, original box, G to VG 25-35
255.    CRICKET, LP records, Freddie Truman - The Umpire Strikes Back, Lord's Taverners - Best of Test Match Special, EX, 2 20-30
256.    FOOTBALL, selection from Wales v England, inc. 9th May 1942, pair of private team photos prior to match (each with names annotated to back); 8th May 1943, signed piece by 10 Wales players (laid down to field of play removed from programme); half of a ticket for the match, both previously the property of Alf Sherwood who was a reserve, FR to VG, 4 40-60
257.    CRICKET, pair of signed Lords postcards, signed to backs at England v Zimbabwe, May 2000, by 11 & 14 players respectively, EX, 2 30-50
258.    CRICKET, signed album page by Northamptonshire CCC, 1927/8, by ten players inc. Walden (Tottenham & England football), Bellamy, Thomas, Clark, Timms etc., 3 x 5, VG 35-45
259.    CRICKET, signed album page by Warwickshire, late 1920s, 12 signatures inc. Wyatt, Parsons, Sanders, Palmer etc., 3.5 x 4.25, VG 40-60
260.    CRICKET, signed album page by Sussex, 1955, 12 signatures inc. Sheppard, Langridge, Suttle, Parks etc., 4.5 x 7, VG 30-50
261.    CRICKET, signed album page by Captain AG Holmes XI v Glamorgan, September 1947, played at Swansea, 11 signatures inc. Langridge, Laker, Yarnold, Edrich etc; also small photo of Glamorgan v South Africa 1947 (1.5 x 1) laid down to page, VG, 2 30-50
262.    CRICKET, signed album pages, 1949, Nottinghamshire (12 signatures), Simpson, Hardstaff, Jepson, Poole, Stocks; Lancashire (11), Ikin, Hilton, Edrich, Wilson; Kent (13), Fagg, Ridgway, Evans, Dovet etc., 4.25 x 5.5 (2) & larger, G, 3 30-50
263.    CRICKET, two signed album pages by 1965 South Africa, 12 signatures inc. Barlow, Pollock, Lindsay, Bland etc., 4.25 x 3.5, VG, 2 40-60
264.    CRICKET, signed album page by Derbyshire, late 1920s, ten signatures inc. Jackson, Storer, Lee, Elliot, Worthington etc., two Leics to reverse, 3.5 x 4.25, VG 35-45
265.    RUGBY LEAGUE, RP postcard, action shot from first game of 1960/1 season, Wigan v Hull, 20th Aug 1960, showing Hollen touching down, printed details to front and hand-written notes to back, p/b, VG 20-30
266.    RUGBY LEAGUE, RP postcard of 1926/7 New Zealand Touring team, showing full squad in blazers, p/b, VG 25-35
267.    RUGBY LEAGUE, signed lined pieces by Widnes players, 1948, seventeen signatures on four pieces inc. Anderson, Naughton, Higgins, Reynolds, Leigh etc., generally G, 4 25-35
268.    RUGBY LEAGUE, portrait postcards of Hull players, 1950s, inc. Charlie Booth, John Wilkinson & Harry Markham, pub. By Yorkshire Post, ink annotation to backs, VG to EX, 3 30-50
269.    RUGBY LEAGUE, portrait postcards of Huddersfield players, 1930s, inc. Stan Mountain, Dai Evans, Tommy Grahame & D. Madden, photos by Bray & Sons of Holmfirth, pencil annotation to backs, VG to EX, 4 45-55
270.    FOOTBALL, signed album page by Bradford Park Avenue, mid-1930s, by ten players inc. Nolan, Wright, Lloyd etc., 3.25 x 5, G 25-35
271.    FOOTBALL, cinderalla stamp from the 1930 World Cup, showing poster, EX 30-50
272.    CRICKET, signed banknote by Richie Richardson, Eastern Caribbean $20, EX 25-35
273.    CRICKET, signed banknote by Martin Crowe, New Zealand $10, EX 25-35
274.    CRICKET, signed selection by Indian legends, Tendulkar (album page with attached photos) & Merchant (piece laid down to card), G to VG, 2 30-50
275.    CRICKET, scorecard for Nottinghamshire v Surrey, June 1892, printed result, centre fold, G 40-60
276.    CRICKET, signed commemorative covers, Don Bradman (1982 Ashes Centenary); Mike Brearley & Greg Chappell (1977 Test at Trent Bridge), EX, 2 30-50
277.    CRICKET, signed Carr trade cards by Jim Parks & Wes Hall, 3 x 7.5, EX, 2 30-40
278.    CRICKET, signed selection, inc. Don Bradman (Famous Cricketers Series postcard with reprinted image); Brian Lara (TCCB card), EX, 2 40-60
279.    CRICKET, signed selection, inc. Wally Hammond (magazine photo), A. & E. Bedser photo (in RAF uniforms); Hendren lined piece; album pages (4), Worcestershire (6 signatures), Root, Jewell, Quaife; HW Taylor (SA) etc., G to EX, 7 35-45
280.    CRICKET, signed album pages, inc. 1940 Warwickshire (11 signatures on two pages), Santall, Dollery, Ord, Wilmer; 1950s Notts (11), Simpson, Poole, Martin, Hardstaff, Clay, Jepson etc., VG, 3 30-50
281.    RUGBY UNION, two signed album pages by 1953/4 Wales, 15 signatures inc. Griffiths, R & A Thomas, B. Jones, Willis, Rowlands, T & G Williams etc., 4.75 x 5, VG, 2 40-60
282.    FOOTBALL, tickets from Euro96, inc. Final, Quarter-Final (Spain v England); Group Matches, Spain v Bulgaria (Elland Road), Turkey v Croatia (City Ground) & Croatia v Denmark (Hillsborough), VG to EX, 5 25-35
283.    MIXED SPORT, signed postcards, inc. Seve Ballesteros, Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia (all golf); Lou Macari, Dennis Law, Ruud van Nistelrooy, David Beckham (all football); Howard Winstone, Frank Bruno (boxing), Steve Davis (snooker) etc., VG to EX, 15 40-60
284.    MIXED SPORT, signed pieces, Payne Stewart (golf), Arthur Ashe (tennis) & Henry Cooper (boxing), laid down to cards (5.5 x 8) with attached photos, EX, 3 40-60
285.    BASKETBALL, signed page (removed from programme) by The Harlem Globetrotters of 1967, six signatures (to both sides), inc. Meadowlark Lemon, Freddie Neal, Bob Hall, Hallie Bryant, David Gaines & Inman Jackson, VG 25-35
286.    FOOTBALL, Tottenham Hotspur, home programmes & tickets for European Cup matches, v Dukla Prague 1961/2; FC Slovan & OFK Belgrade (both 1963/3), VG, 6 25-35
287.    FOOTBALL, signed colour photo (8 x 10) by Alan Ball, George Cohen & Ray Wilson, full-length together for Fulham v Everton (April 1966), EX 60-80
288.    FOOTBALL, signed photo by Nat Lofthouse & Harry Gregg, in goal-mouth action from the 1958 FAC Final, 16 x 12, pub. by Autograph Editions, EX 30-50
289.    FOOTBALL, signed large photo by Paul Gascoigne, full signature, showing classic confrontation with Vinnie Jones, 12 x 16, EX 50-60
290.    FOOTBALL, Arsenal home programme, v Luton, 12th January 1924, G 60-80
291.    FOOTBALL, Arsenal home programme, v Manchester City, 1st September 1924, tears to folds, FR 40-60
292.    FOOTBALL, Arsenal home programme, v Sheffield United, 20th September 1934, folds, G 50-70
293.    FOOTBALL, Arsenal home programme, v West Bromwich Albion, 14th April 1925, folds, G 50-70
294.    FOOTBALL, Arsenal home programme, v Derby County, 28th August 1928, heavy creasing, FR 30-50
295.    FOOTBALL, Arsenal home programme, v Middlesbrough, 22nd November 1930, folds, G 30-50
296.    FOOTBALL, Arsenal home programme, v Sheffield Wednesday, 21st March 1931, folds & team changes in ink, G 40-60
297.    FOOTBALL, programme for 1936 FA Cup Final, Arsenal v Sheffield United, rust stains to staples, VG 150-200
298.    FOOTBALL, programme for 1941 League Cup Final, Arsenal v Preston North End, 10th May, four-page issue, folds, VG (Illustration page 6) 150-200
299.    FOOTBALL, programmes, inc. 1931 Amateur Cup Final, Hayes v Wycombe Wanderers, played at Highbury (Arsenal issue No. 40); Millwall v Banik Ostrave, 11th March 1957, large adhesion mark to front cover to latter issue, FR to EX, 2 (Illustration page 6) 40-60
300.    CRICKET, team photo, Transvaal - 1958/9 Currie Cup Winners, laid down to original mount with names printed to lower border, framed, from the Fellows-Smith collection (who played in the team), some slight warping, G 30-50
301.    HORSE RACING, signed large colour photos by Frankie Dettori, each showing classic celebration leap, 12 x 16 & 8 x 12, overmounted, EX, 2 30-50
302.    RUGBY UNION, selection, signed colour photo by Brian Habana, full-length scoring try for South Africa (16 x 1); original photo of Rosslyn Park v Wasps (c.1936), each overmounted, framed and glazed, EX, 2 30-50
303.    FOOTBALL, signed large photos etc., 16 x 12 (9) & larger (2), inc. Colin Bell, Mike Summerbee, Peter Lorimer, Eddie Gray, Tambling, Trundle (2) etc; Black Burn Rovers 2002/3 signed pieces (overmounted), G to EX, 12 30-40
304.    MIXED SPORT, signed photos etc., inc. football, Cundy, Curle, Barnes, Southall; Carson (horse racing), Christie, Foster (athletics); Ray Apolton, Angelo Quisto, Julien Morice etc., some creased, FR to VG, 25* 25-35
305.    FOOTBALL, signed photos etc. by Internationals, inc. Cabaye, Lamela, Hartford, Neal, Muhren, Francis, Cowans, Shilton, Dixon, Taylor, Crooks, Lee, Young, LeBeouf etc., 12 x 8 and smaller, VG to EX, 16 30-50
306.    FOOTBALL, signed photos etc., inc. Holland, Connelly, Bellamy, Dyer, Joe Cole, Reeves, Zabaleta, Tambling, Mata etc., 12 x 8 and smaller, VG to EX, 19 30-50
307.    FOOTBALL, signed Liverpool photos, inc. Hamann, Carragher, Alonso, Baros, Diouf, Dudek, Hyppia, Morientes etc., 7 x 10.5 and slightly larger, VG to EX, 13 30-50
308.    FOOTBALL, signed magazine & reprinted photos etc., inc. Collymore, Rimmer, Givens, Whiteside, Heskey, Mariner, Dempsey, Hughes, MacCreadie, LeBeouf, Gullit, Hollins, Webb, Wise, Dixon, Roberts, Durie etc., 8 x 12 and smaller, a few laid down to cards, G to EX, 48* 25-35
309.    CRICKET, prints, photos etc., inc. oil painting of President of the MCC 2002, photo of England Team in Australia 1978-79 (faded signatures), colour pencil drawing of Mike Gatting (signed by him and the artist) etc., mainly framed, G to VG, 11 30-50
310.    CRICKET, prints, photos etc., inc. 1954 MCC Cricket team Trinidad, Playing Out Time in an Awkward Light by Batson, 1954 England v Pakistan, 1921 Opening of the Memorial Ground, etc., mainly framed, FR to VG, 30* 30-50
311.    CRICKET, prints, photos etc., inc. Leading Gloucestershire Into The Nineties by Stallard (signed by Walsh, Wright, Russell and the artist), World Cup Captains by Gary Keane, set of 25 Gloucestershire Test Cricketers cards (by artist Mike Tarr), oil painting of W.G. Grace by Cantle etc., mainly framed, G to VG, 8 30-50
312.    CRICKET, hardback editions on Ashes Tours, 1950s onwards, inc. Fight for the Ashes 1953, 1956, 1961 (2); Behind the Australia Tests, The Ashes Crown the Year, The Australians in England 1961, Test Match Diaries 1953 etc., dj, G to EX, 30* 30-50
313.    CRICKET, signed hardback editions of biographies, inc. Boycott, Cowdfrey, Hemmings, Graveney, Titmus, Bedsers etc., dj, G to EX, 15 30-50
314.    CRICKET, hardback editions of West Indian biographies, inc. signed (5), Lara, Holding, Griffiths, Hall & Hunte, dj, VG to EX, 18 30-50
315.    CRICKET, hardback editions of Indian biographies, inc. signed (4), Gavasker (3) & Engineer, dj, VG to EX, 8 25-35
316.    CRICKET, programmes, inc. England Test Matches (32); domestic cup finals (20), Gillette, B&H, NatWest etc., G to EX, 52* 25-35
317.    CRICKET, benefit brochures, inc. signed, Stewart, Arnold, Hayes, Simons, Abrahams, Knight; unsigned, Intikab, Bedser, Lloyd etc., G to EX, 17 30-50
318.    FOOTBALL, selection, Corinthian figures, a few unopened packs, together with Football Greats collectors cards in album, G to EX, Qty. 40-60
319.    CRICKET, signed West Indies colour print, Twelve of the Greatest Players from the West Indies, signed by Gordon Greenidge, Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards & Everton Weekes, also with faded signature by Garfield Sobers (hard to see), pub. by FICA, 15 x 21.5, frames & glazed, EX 60-70
320.    CRICKET, presentation piece for Shane Warne's 700th Test wicket, signed colour 10 x 8 photo of Warne bowling Andrew Strauss, 26th Dec 2006, attractively mounted with the copy of the programme cover for the match and a full-length photo of Warne, framed & glazed, 23 x 31, overall, with photographers/vendor's letter of provenance, EX 80-120
321.    CRICKET, Robertson figures, Cricket XI, slight discolouration, G to VG, 11 40-60
322.    FOOTBALL, Robertson figures, Football XI, VG to EX, 11 40-60
323.    FOOTBALL, trade cards, complete team sets (11), mainly Futera Fans Selection, inc. Arsenal, Aston Villa, Celtic (2), Liverpool, England, Leeds United (2), Manchester United (2) & Chelsea, each in team folder, EX to MT, Qty. 50-60
324.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. non-league programmes (77), Heanor XI (inc. Bobby Charlton) v Heanor Town 1978, Ilkeston & Heanor v Long Eaton 1954, Wealdstone, Edgware, Yarmouth Town, Kentish Town, Oxhey Jets, Willsden etc. (75); ticket for Walter Winterbottom visit to Coventry Referees Assn 1951, signed commemorative cover by Martin Peters, VG to EX, 79* 30-50
325.    MIXED SPORT, selection, inc. motor racing, hardback edition of 50 Years of British Grand Prix Drivers by Scherer; four envelopes of driver postcards, The Grand Prix Collection, 1950s-1980s, (two sets of each); cricket, signed Hampshire photos, teamsheets etc. (with many photocopies of early signatures); White City baseball (3), team photo (8 x 6.5), 14 signatures on two album pages (four on pieces laid down), Duke, Carmichael, Fink, Davey, Haydice etc., G to EX, Qty. 50-60
326.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. programme for 1981 World Club Championship, Liverpool v Flamenco of Brazil, played in Tokyo (Japanese edition); large hardback edition of Arsenal Centenary 1986, magazines photos (mainly full-page 1950s issues), postcards, programmes, AFS booklets, Southampton Files etc., good VR, Qty. 40-60
327.    MIXED SPORT, selection, inc. motor racing, signed British Grand Prix programmes (4), 1989 (Capelli), 1995 (Prost), 1996 (Katayama & Fisichella) & 1997 (Ralph Schumacher, Salo etc.), each programme with numerous tickets; hardback edition (2) The History of Brooklands Motor Course 1906-1940 by Boddy; programme for 1979 Brooklands Reunion (inc. programme from previous meeting in 1939); softback editions of Rugby Annuals for Wales (complete run from 1969/70 to 2004/5); daily programme from 1952 Oslo Winter Olympiad (Day 5); Italian Organising Committee plaque from the 1960 Rome Olympiad; football club histories (6), Aston Villa, Blackpool (both by Breedon); Stoke City, Mansfield Town (both Images of Sport), Nottingham Forest 125 Years (LE); Belgian angling catalogue for Vandeput & Bynens; Nottingham, 1927 Nottingham Empire booklet, 1961 concert advert, 1956/7 Sherwood FC fixture card, 1989 replica Forest sweatshirt etc., G to EX, 14+ 60-80
328.    CRICKET, magazines, bound volumes of The Cricketer, complete and half years, inc. 1921-1923, 1925-1932 & 1934-1938, also 1923/4, fifteen 1939 & three annuals loose, some with newspaper match reports & scorecards laid down to pages, FR to VG, 17+ (three boxes) 25-35
329.    FOOTBALL, books on clubs, inc. histories, Who's Who, Player by Player; Manchester United, Hull City, Hibs, Wigan, Exeter, Newcastle, Leeds, Spurs etc., mainly softback issues, VG to EX, 19 30-40
330.    RUGBY UNION, signed books, inc. mainly biographies, Carling, Guscott, Barnes, Wheeler, R. Underwood, Andrew, De Glanville, Parry-Jones, Garry Armstrong etc., mainly hardback issues (with dj), VG to EX, 13 30-50
331.    SPEEDWAY, selection, 1960s onwards, inc. mainly programmes, GB, England, Wills International Series; Riders Finals, World Championships; Sheffield, Long Eaton, Telford, Bradford, Stoke, Belle Vue; brochure, magazines etc., G to EX, 88* 25-35
332.    SPEEDWAY, Buxton Hitmen programmes, 1995 onwards, home (90) and away, VG to EX, 111* 25-35
333.    SPEEDWAY, trophies, inc. Colin Thomas Trophy (Nottingham Speedway), Sao Raphael Trophy, 1981 Stoke, Coventry, 1990 Concourse at Olympia (Class D), Kent Messenger Cup (Canterbury), 2008 Vejlby & 1936 Otter Vale (awarded to F. Gibbs), base metal and/or plastic issues, G to EX, 8 40-60
334.    FOOTBALL, selection of match tickets, mainly Aston Villa 1999/2000 season, also Blackpool & Brentford, duplication (some heavy), loose in two ring binders (one half-full), VG to MT, Qty. 25-35
335.    MIXED SPORT, selection, inc. Rugby Union, programmes (26) & magazines; football, annuals (2), 1925/6 Westminster Gazette & 1945/6 Athletic News; Manchester United porcelain plates (2) & player photos (4); Italian premium trade cards etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
336.    BOXING, trade card selection, inc. 26 signed Ringside cards (in three frames), Roy Jones Jr., Basilio, Barrera, Mathias etc. (some ink skipping); two sheets of uncut cards (rolled); reprint set of Singleton & Cole Famous Boxers, VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
337.    CRICKET, mainly hardback editions, inc. Between the Wickets by Robinson, All in the Day's Sport by Allen, History of Australian Cricket; biographies, Viv Richards, Woolmer, Blofeld, Brian Johnston, Evans, Roebuck etc., most with dj, VG to EX, 55* (two boxes) 30-50
338.    FOOTBALL, magazines, Football Monthly, 1955-1960s, about G to VG, 110* 30-50
339.    TENNIS, Wimbledon daily programmes, 1950-2004 & 2009, one per year; missing 1992, duplicated for 1970, 1977,1983, 1986, 19871988 (3)1994, 2001, also Stella Artois etc. (7), covers detached (291955), FR to EX, 71* 50-70
340.    RUGBY UNION, magazines, Rugby World, Jan 1973-August 1964, January 1965-June 1971 & Oct 1971, VG to EX, 87* 30-50
341.    FOOTBALL, programmes, 1980s onwards, good mixture of clubs inc. Wolves, Wimbledon, Wrexham, Leeds, West Bromwich, Millwall etc., G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
342.    FOOTBALL, fanzines, inc. Chelsea, Liverpool, Norwich, Arsenal etc., G to EX, Qty. 25-35
343.    FOOTBALL, hardback editions of annuals, inc. Billy Wright, Striker, Topical Times, Charles Buchan, Tiger, Champion, FA Book for Boys etc., G to EX, 30* 25-35
344.    FOOTBALL, hardback edition, inc. biographies, Trautmann, Klinsmann, Hoddle, Bergkamp, Wilshere, Atkinson, Mannion; clubs, Spurs, Derby County, Sheffield United, Arsenal etc., G to EX, 24* 25-35
345.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. programmes, tickets, cards, photos etc., G to EX, Qty. 25-35
346.    CRICKET, action photos, 1970s, b/w, 11.5 x 8 and smaller, inc. Clive Lloyd century (102) for WI v Australia at Melbourne 1975, England v RoW 1970, England v WI 1973, B & H Final 1978, England v India 1974, Warwickshire v Kent 1973, Gloucestershire v Sussex 1973, Kent v Lancs, U.22s, Colin Cowdrey & Ray Illingworth, U.25s 1972 etc., a few by photographer Ken Kelly of Birmingham, G to VG, 33* 30-50
347.    CRICKET, action photos, 1970s, b/w, 11.5 x 8 and smaller, inc. Clive Lloyd century (102) for WI v Australia at Melbourne 1975, England v RoW 1970, England v WI 1973, B & H Final 1978, England v India 1974, Warwickshire v Kent 1973, Gloucestershire v Sussex 1973, Kent v Lancs, U.22s, Colin Cowdrey & Ray Illingworth, U.25s 1972, Worcs v Lancs, Old Trafford, England v Pakistan 1978, England v Australia 1972 & 1975, etc., a few by photographer Ken Kelly of Birmingham, G to VG, 33* 30-50
348.    CRICKET, action photos, Batsmen, b/w, 8 x 10 and smaller, slight duplication, EX, 100* 30-50
349.    CRICKET, action photos, Batsmen, b/w, 8 x 10 and smaller, slight duplication, EX, 100* 30-50
350.    CRICKET, action photos, Batsmen, b/w, 8 x 10 and smaller, slight duplication, EX, 100* 30-50
351.    FOOTBALL, collection of Sun Soccerstamps, mixed sizes, a few blocks of four, slight duplication, in modern album, VG to EX, 500* 30-40
352.    CRICKET, softback edition of Wisden Almanack, 1938, scuffing to covers, G 40-60
353.    FOOTBALL, Tottenham Hotspur home programmes, 1960s & later (2), inc. many European matches, FAC, 1961/2 (2) etc., G to VG, 23* 25-35
354.    SPEEDWAY, selection, inc. programmes (9), signed (3) by Ivan Major, Tiger John Louis & one by 8), Olsen, Moore, Jansson, Muller etc; newspaper articles etc., FR to VG, 12* 30-50
355.    CRICKET, official itinerary booklets for England Tours, to Pakistan & New Zealand (1977/8), India & Sri Lanka (1981/2), Fiji, New Zealand & Pakistan (1983/4), West Indies (1986 & 1990), Australia (1986/7), World Cup & Pakistan (1987), EX, 7 80-120
356.    CRICKET, signed pieces, newspaper & magazine photos, postcards etc., inc. Hendren, SM Brown, CJ Barnett, Langridge, Appleyard, Pope, Richards, McIntyre, Lever, Price, Atherton, Mashin Khan, D'Oliveira, Wright, Yardley, Courtenay Walsh, Dexter, Allen etc., laid down to white pages & loose, G to EX, 40* 50-80
357.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. signed 1964/5 Liverpool handbook (six signatures to cover); programmes for Liverpool FAC Finals, v Manchester United 1996 & Arsenal 2001; pennants (2), Arsenal v Magdeburg 1979, 2000 FAC Final (last at Old Wembley); England stickers (3), VG to EX, 8 30-50
358.    FOOTBALL, Manchester United signed cards, pieces etc., inc. Cantona, Charlton, Stiles, Buchan, Law, Cunningham, Wood, Rooney etc., laid down to cards (5.5 x 8 and slightly smaller) with attached photos, VG to EX, 9 40-60
359.    CRICKET, West Indies signed cards, pieces etc., inc. Sobers, Weekes, Worral, Walcott, Holding & Roberts, laid down to cards (5.5 x 8 and slightly smaller) with attached photos, VG to EX, 6 30-50
360.    CRICKET, signed cards, pieces etc., inc. Flintoff, Gower, Reid, Sellers, D'Oliviera, Laker, May, Holding, Lionel, Tennyson etc., laid down to cards (5.5 x 8 and slightly smaller) with attached photos, VG to EX, 20 30-50
361.    MIXED SPORT, signed cards, pieces etc., inc. Alan Ball, Hughie Gallacher, Vijay Singh, Seb Coe, Peter Alliss, John Conteh, Herbie Hide, Eddie Hapgood, Paula Radcliffe, Tim Henman, Jonah Lomu, Harold Abraham, Lester Piggott etc., laid down to cards (5.5 x 8 and slightly smaller) with attached photos, VG to EX, 36* 40-60
362.    WRESTLING, signed cards, pieces etc., inc. Tony Coastas, Clive Myers, Black Jack Mulligan, Mick McManus, Ray Thunder, The Gay One, Peter Szakacs etc., laid down to cards (5.5 x 8 and slightly smaller) with attached photos, VG to EX, 60* 30-50
363.    WRESTLING, signed white cards, photos etc., inc. Mitzi Mueller, Big Daddy, Brian Maxine, John Ure, Karl Kramer, Bronco Jack Cassidy, Steve Milla, Jim Armstrong etc., G to VG, 72* 30-50
364.    WRESTING, selection, 1970s-1980s, programmes (26) & magazines (47), G to EX, 73* 30-50
365.    RUGBY LEAGUE, selection, inc. programme from 1950 Great Britain Tour to Australia & New Zealand, 28th June (at Wide Bay & Burnett); reprints of private photos chronicling the career of Jim Sullivan, mainly in civilian clothing, inc. groups, golfing etc., he played for Cardiff & Wigan and represented Wales 60 times (once for baseball), EX, 55* 50-60
366.    RUGBY UNION, programme for 1982 Hong Kong Bank International Sevens, with profiles of all 20 competing teams, VG 30-50
367.    RUGBY UNION, seating plan booklets for BSC Luncheons for Touring teams, inc. Australia (3), 1966, 1975 & 1981; 1978 New Zealand & 1974 British Lions, VG, 5 35-45
368.    RUGBY LEAGUE, Leeds home programmes, inc. 1950/1, home (7), v St Helens, Oldham LC, Leigh, Bramley; away at Bradford Northern; 1951, home v Bramley, away at Leigh; 1952/3, away (4), at Wakefield Trinity, Bradford Northern, Hunslet & Huddersfield, G to VG, 14 40-60
369.    RUGBY LEAGUE, Leeds home programmes, inc. 1953/4, home (4), v Leigh, Batley, Keighley, Dewsbury; away (4), at Leigh, York, Huddersfield & Featherstone Rovers; 1956/7 aways (4), at Keighley, Featherstone Rovers, Huddersfield & Hull, G to VG, 12 35-45
370.    RUGBY LEAGUE, Leeds home programmes, 1954/5, inc. home (7), v Barrow, Keighley, Hull KR, Wakefield; away (7), at Workington, York, Halifax, Barrow etc., G to VG, 14 40-60
371.    RUGBY LEAGUE, Hunslet home programmes, inc. 1950/1 (2), v Keighley, Featherstone; v Wigan 1954/5, Barrow 1955/6; 1956/7 (2), Huddersfield, Leeds; 1957/8 (2), Oldham, Huddersfield; 1958/9 (3), Dewsbury, Featherstone, Oldham; Australia 1959/60, G to VG, 12 35-45
372.    RUGBY UNION, Russian booklets, inc. 1989 Tour brochure, covering five matches (in. v England B); programme for England XV v USSR 1991, VG to EX, 2 25-35
373.    CRICKET, softback edition of Rothmans Cricket yearbook 1982, VG 35-45
374.    RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes, inc. signed (3), two for 1992 Cup Final, Castleford v Wigan (to line-up page by 16 players & coach for each), 1992 World Cup Final, Great Britain v Australia (signed to inside profile pages by all 23 GB players & coach); unsigned, France Test matches (5), v Great Britain (3), 1991 (also covering junior match), 1992 & 1993; Australia 1994, Wales 1992; VG to EX, 8 50-70
375.    RUGBY LEAGUE, programmes, inc. Bradford Northern v Keighley 1949/50 LC, Huddersfield v Bramley 1950/1, Leeds v Bramley 1950/1; Challenge Cup Finals, , Halifax v Hull 1954, 1987-1989; 1989/90 Yearbook etc., FR to VG, 21 45-55
376.    FOOTBALL, programmes for Manchester United Cup matches, inc. 1958 FAC Final; away in Europe, at Valencia 1982/3 UEFA Cup, Sporting Lisbon 1963/4 ECWC, Racing Strasbourg 1964/5 EC; LC Finals, v Sheffield Wednesday 1991 & Nottingham Forest 1992, G to EX, 6 40-60
377.    CRICKET, Australian selection, inc. booklets, Meet the Australians (1948), Australian Test Cricketers by Hughes, Lifebouy Book of Test Cricket; scorecards (2), v South of England (played at Hastings); ticket etc., FR to VG, 11 30-50
378.    CRICKET, scorecards, 1949-1966, mainly played at The Oval involving Surrey or England, inc. England v Australia 1953); Surrey, v Middlesex 1949, Australia 1961, Yorkshire 1961 (signed by Gillhouley etc.) etc., FR to VG, 28* 30-50
379.    CRICKET, booklets & brochures, inc. Tours , West Indies 1950, 1957 & 1963; New Zealand 1958 & 1965, South Africa 1965; England Test Cricketers for Australia, 1949 Day & Mason, Bob Taylor Testimonial (signed) etc., FR to VG, 18 35-45
380.    CRICKET, 1905 Australian Tour to UK, inc. signed piece by five players, Laver, Trumper, Gregory, Armstrong & Hill (in pencil to 4 x 3.5 piece), postcard showing 15 players in cameo, pub. By Philco 6003F, corner mounted to page with tour & player details, some discolouration to signed page & corner knocks to p/c, G (Illustration page 6) 100-150
381.    CRICKET, 1929 South Africa Tour to UK, signed piece by eleven players, inc. Morkel, McMillan, Quinn, Cameron etc., signed on RMA Balmoral Castle headed notepaper, 4.5 x 4.5, corner-mounted to page with tour & players details, VG (Illustration page 6) 120-150
382.    CRICKET, selection, inc. postcards etc., triples (4) & quad (1), as removed from booklet; 1988 West Indies, Gunn, & Freeman; signed Hampshire teamsheets, 1991 (11 signatures), 1992 (12) & 1993 (13); Ardath c/c, G to EX, 12 40-60
383.    CRICKET, brochures for tours to UK, inc. South Africa 1947 (with itinerary card) & 1951; India 1952, G to VG, 4 35-45
384.    RUGBY UNION, selection, inc. programme, Leicester v Coventry, 19th Nov 1938; tickets, first England Trial, England v Possibles, 3rd Dec 1938; Toft's England XV v Fraser Thomson's Scottish XV, 20th April 1939, G to VG, 3 50-60
385.    FOOTBALL, official itinerary booklet for England at the 1970 Mexico World Cup, inc. pre-Tournament tours to Colombia & Ecuador, listing players & officials, daily arrangements, hotels etc., EX 40-60
386.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. programmes, Metropolitan Police v Nunhead, 1935 London Senior Cup Semi-Final (Nunhead featured a 16 year old Denis Compton); 54th Trg. Reg. R.A.C. V 6th Infantry Trg. Centre, 1946 Northumbrian District Inter-Unit Cup Final; postcards, teams (2), Victoria Works 1915/6, 37th Battalion RFA 1907/8 (heavy a.m.r.); players (3), Bill Brown (faded signature), F. Frisby, Frank Harrison (signed to back), A. Sliman, G to EX, 7 50-70
387.    MIXED SPORT, French magazines, Les Mirrior des Sportes, bound volume of 49 issues (July 1924 - June 1925), inc. football, 1925 FAC Final (Cardiff City v Sheffield United), Paris Select v London Select, France v England; 1924 Paris Olympics, boxing, athletics, Tour de France (cycling) etc., spine annotated 1923/1924, slight trim, G 80-100
388.    MIXED SPORT, French magazines, Les Mirrior des Sportes, bound volume of 27 issues (Jan 1927 - June 192), inc. football, boxing, rugby, athletics, Tour de France (cycling) etc., slight trim, G 50-70
389.    MIXED SPORT, French magazines, Les Mirrior des Sportes, bound volume of 29 issues (July 1927 - Dec 1927), inc. football, boxing, rugby, athletics, cycling etc., slight trim, G 60-80
390.    MIXED SPORT, French magazines, Les Mirrior des Sportes, bound volume of 26 issues (Jan 1931 - June 1931), inc. football, FAC Final (Birmingham City v West Bromwich Albion)Wolves & Ilford Tours; boxing, rugby, athletics, Tour de France (cycling) etc., slight trim, G 60-80
391.    MIXED SPORT, French magazines, Les Mirrior des Sportes, bound volume of 30 issues (July 1931 - Dec 1931), inc. football, Racing Club Paris v Arsenal (with line-ups); boxing, rugby, athletics, Tour de France (cycling) etc., slight trim, G 60-80
392.    MIXED SPORT, French magazines, Les Mirrior des Sportes, bound volume of 56 issues (Jan 1932 - Dec 1932), inc. football, FAC Final (Arsenal v Newcastle), Tours by Manchester City, Newcastle, Arsenal & Motherwell; Los Angeles Olympics, boxing, rugby, athletics, Tour de France (cycling) etc., slight trim, G 80-100
393.    MIXED SPORT, French magazines, Les Mirrior des Sportes, bound volume of 56 issues (Jan 1933 - Dec 1933), inc. football, FAC Final (Everton v Manchester City), Racing Club Paris v Arsenal, France v England; boxing, rugby, athletics, Tour de France (cycling) etc., slight trim, G 80-100
394.    MIXED SPORT, French magazines, Les Mirrior des Sportes, bound volume of 60 issues (Jan 1935 - Dec 1935), inc. football, FAC Final (Sheffield Wednesday v West Bromwich Albion), Tours by Arsenal & Sheffield Wednesday; tennis (Fred Perry winning French Open), boxing, rugby, athletics, Tour de France (cycling) etc., slight trim, G 90-110
395.    MIXED SPORT, French magazines, Les Mirrior des Sportes, bound volume of 60 issues (Jan 1937 - Dec 1937), inc. football, FAC Final (Sunderland v Preston North End), Tours by Chelsea & Charlton Athletic; boxing, rugby, athletics, Tour de France (cycling) etc., slight trim, G 90-110
396.    FOOTBALL, Real Madrid magazines, bound volume of 12 issues (Jan 1971 - Dec 1971), previews & match reports inc. 1970/1 ECWC, v Cardiff City, PSV (Semi-Final) & Chelsea (Final); also pre-season friendlies v St Johnston, Red Star Paris; Basel etc., VG 100-120
397.    CRICKET, scorecard for Notts away, at Middlesex (July 1907) & MCC (May 1912), with partial results printed & by hand, G to VG, 2 30-50
398.    RUGBY UNION, photos of England players, each signed to overmount, inc. Skinner, Uttley, Richards, Melville, Moore (stained), Robinson & Bates, G to VG, 7 25-35
399.    RUGBY UNION, photos of Scottish players, each signed to overmount, inc. Tukalo, Dods, Laidlaw, Jeffrey, Hastings & Rutherford, VG, 6 25-35
400.    RUGBY UNION, photos of foreign players, each signed to mount, inc. Campese, JPR Williams, Sella, Berbizier & Blanco; also Doug Howlett (signed magazine photo), VG, 6 30-50
401.    RUGBY UNION, Cardiff home programmes, 1925/6, v Cardiff & District Union, Pill Harriers & Swansea, signs of previous binding, G, 3 30-50
402.    RUGBY UNION, Cardiff home programmes, 1925/6, v Plymouth Albion, Aberavon & Llanelly, signs of previous binding, G, 3 30-50
403.    RUGBY UNION, Cardiff home programmes, 1925/6, v Moseley, Devonport Services & Coventry, signs of previous binding, G, 3 30-50
404.    RUGBY UNION, Cardiff home programmes, 1925/6, v Neath, Portsmouth Services, Penarth & Blackheath, signs of previous binding, G, 4 40-60
405.    CRICKET, press photos, 1990s England, inc. action shots, training, a few on tour; Russell, Atherton, De Freitas, Lloyd etc., some with names annotated to backs, all colour, mainly 8 x 10, EX, 24 30-50
406.    CRICKET, press photos, England v New Zealand, 1990s (mainly 1994 tour), action shots, 8 x 10 and slightly smaller (4), most with names annotated to backs, EX, 20 25-35
407.    CRICKET, press photos, mainly action shots, inc. Botham, Warne, Flintoff; India (12, b/w, 9 x 7); Pakistan v West Indies 1986 (2), at Sharjah Stadium etc., 12 x 10 and smaller, most with names annotated to backs, EX, 25 30-50
408.    CRICKET, press photos, England v New Zealand, match action, inc. NZ in UK, 1983 (10), 1986 (5) & 1990 (18); England in NZ, 1988 (7), 9 x 7 and larger (7), most with annotation to backs, VG to EX, 40* 60-80
409.    CRICKET, press photos, South Africa v England, inc. 10 x 8 action shots from 1982 Cape Town Test (8); 9 x 7 portraits, Kourie, McKenzie, Kirsten etc., annotation to backs, VG to EX, 13 25-35
410.    CRICKET, press photos, South Africa v England, 10 x 8 action shots from 1995/6 England Tour to SA, Test & regional matches, annotation to backs, EX, 36* 60-80
411.    CRICKET, Ashes selection, inc. scorecards (23), 1934 (2), 1945, 1953 onwards, Bradman 244 & Ponsford 266; Evening News newspapers with Ashes reports, 18th & 19th August 1953, FR to VG, 25* 40-60
412.    RUGBY UNION, programmes for France v England, 1980, 1984, 1988 & 1990, all played in Paris, EX, 4 25-35
413.    RUGBY UNION, New Zealand selection, inc. hardback edition of All Blacks in Wales by Billot, dj (1972 first edition); programmes, v South & Southwest Counties 1979 (played at Exeter), 1963/4 UK tour, v England (with supplement); 1971 Tour brochure, menus, tickets etc., G to EX, Qty. 35-45
414.    RUGBY UNION, selection for Wales v Scotland matches, inc. menus for 1976, 1982, 1992-2002 & 2006-2010, VIP tickets & invitation cards, VG to EX, 45* 30-50
415.    RUGBY UNION, selection, inc. programmes, Midland Counties v South Africa 1969, Argentina v Wales 1999, England v Australia 1958, France v England 1988, Warwickshire v Cornwall 1962; menus, 1981 Lancashire Centenary brochure etc., G to EX, Qty. 35-45
416.    RUGBY UNION, Scotland selection, 1950s onwards, inc. ticket, v England 1950; programmes (20), v Ireland 1959, Wales 1961; 1991 WC brochure, menus, signed cards, hardback edition of A Portrait of Scottish Rugby etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
417.    RUGBY UNION, programmes for England v Wales, 1948, 1950 & 1952 (4-page issues, with press cuttings), 1954, 1958-1968, 1976, 1980, 1984 & 1992, G to EX, 14 45-55
418.    RUGBY UNION, selection for Wales v England, inc. signed cards by 2001 (22 signatures) & 2003 (22); VIP tickets & menus for 2005-2011; programmes, VG to EX, 32 40-60
419.    CRICKET, West Indies selection, 1950s onwards, inc. 1950 Tour brochure & team photo; 1963, Tour poster (printed signatures), press photos (9); 1980 brochure/scorecards for Pakistan v WI, at Gadaffi Stadium etc., G to EX, 18 25-35
420.    CRICKET, 1977 Australian Centenary Tour, official binder of postcards, commemorative covers, photos etc., LE 65/750, EX 35-45
421.    RUGBY UNION, South Africa selection, inc. press photos (14), Small, Le Roux, Williams; 1995 signed card for England visit; menu cards (1998-2010) AT Welsh venues; tickets etc., G to EX, 43* 30-50
422.    RUGBY LEAGUE, selection, inc. signed fold-over card by 1991 GB (at match v Papua New Guinea); programmes, 1950 CC Final (Halifax v Wakefield), Wales v New Zealand 1975 WC; 1955 NZ Tour brochure etc., G to EX, 19 30-50
423.    RUGBY UNION, Barbarians selection, inc. 1990 Centenary dinner menu & programme (v Bradford & Bingley); v New Zealand 1954 & 1967, v South Africa 1970, England 1990, Wales, Cardiff, East Midlands etc., FR to EX, 20 35-45
424.    FOOTBALL, 1990 World Cup, Orbis collection of magazine pages etc., in official ring binder, G 30-35
425.    CRICKET, signed page by 1954 Pakistan team to UK, 15 signatures inc. Fazal, Kardar, Zuliqar, Hussain, Maqsood, Wazir etc., 5 x 8, VG 40-60
426.    CRICKET, signed teamsheet by 1953 Australia 13 (of 17) signatures inc. Hassett, Benaud, Davidson, Harvey, Miller, Lindwall, Langley etc., fold, VG 30-50
427.    CRICKET, signed large card by 35 players, inc. Pollock, Rice, Richards, Edrich, Mushtar, Evans, Bacher, Mann, I Chappell, Van der Merwe, Insole, Dexter, Dosni etc., 8.25 x 11.5, VG 30-50
428.    CRICKET, Sri Lanka signed teamsheets, inc. 1983 team to Australia & New Zealand (all 18 signatures), Mendis, Goonasekera, Silva, Dias, de Mel; 1994 team to Zimbabwe (all 16), Ranatunga, Muralitheran, de Silve, Jayasuriya, Fernando etc., folds, VG, 2 30-50
429.    CRICKET, signed teamsheet by 1993 Australia, 20 (of 21) signatures inc. Border, Taylor, Boon, Healy, Warne, M. & S. Waugh etc., missing McDermott, EX 30-40
430.    CRICKET, signed page by 1953 Australia team to UK, 14 signatures inc. Hassett, Benaud, Harvey, Ring, Langley, Davidson etc., folds, VG 40-50
431.    CRICKET, signed team sheets (mainly complete), 1989-1990, inc. Western Australia (5), Hookes, Bevan, McDermott, Lawson, M. & S. Waugh, Bayliss, Lehman, Marsh etc; two by Queensland (25 signatures in total, nearly identical teams), both at Western Australia, VG to EX, 7 30-50
432.    CRICKET, signed foreign selection, inc. teamsheets (2), 1987/8 Northern Districts (13 signatures), Beard, Burrett, Ward, Graeme Hick; South Africa Under-19s Tour of UK booklet (by all 18 to profile pages), McKenzie, Boucher, Ashwell, Prince, Ntini; 1981 Sri Lanka to UK (18/19), Mendis, Warnapura, GRA De Silva, Dias, Madugalle, Fernando etc., VG to EX, 3 30-50
433.    CRICKET, signed Australian teamsheets, inc. 1993 New South Wales (11 signatures) v New Zealand (12), Taylor, Matthews, McGrath, Slater, S&M Waugh, Alley; M Crowe, Patel, Young, Morrison, Rutherford, Cairns; etc., 1999 Australia U-19 tour to UK (15 signatures), Klinger, Clarke, Johnson, Voges, Marsh, Hairitz etc., EX, 2 30-40
434.    CRICKET, signed team photo by 1982/3 England team to Australia, 14 signatures inc. Willis, Gower, Marks, Gould, Taylor, Randall, Cowans etc., slight corner knocks, G 25-35
435.    CRICKET, England signed selection, inc. teamsheet by 1984 England team v Sri Lanka (all 11 signatures), Gower, Agnew, Lamb, Pocock, Tavare; white card by 1959/60 MCC team to West Indies (8), Statham, Trueman. Dexter, Swetman, Cowdrey etc., VG to EX, 2 30-40
436.    CRICKET, New Zealand signed selection, inc. two album pages by 1969 New Zealand (15 signatures); tour brochure for 1969 New Zealand to UK (14/16 to photo pages), Dowling, Pollard, Collinge, Congdon, Burgess etc.(punch-holes and tape to back cover), FR to VG, 3 30-40
437.    CRICKET, selection, inc. prints from The Captain magazine (2), 1912 South African Cricketers (slight adhesion marks to top of back) & Some London School Captains (trimmed); From Willow Tree to Cricket Field by CE Shepherd, four-page magazine article (The Captain 1910); large Victorian scrap, FR to VG, 4 30-50
438.    CRICKET, signed cards, inc. Surrey (14 signatures), Stewart, Edrich, Pocock, Barrington, Arnold; 1953 Sussex (12), Doggart, Sheppard, Langridge, Suttle etc., two by Essex (each by all 11 signatures), Ames, Fagg, Evans, Wright, Todd, Ridgway, Edrich etc., for Doug Wright benefit (Nos. 80 & 81), VG to EX, 4 40-60
439.    CRICKET, magazine insert prints from Boys Magazine, Famous Cricketers in Action, Jackson/Wooley, Fairfax/Wyatt & Grimmett/Sutcliffe, VG, 3 50-80
440.    CRICKET, Australia scorecards, 1926-1934, matches in UK, inc. at Sussex 1926, Surrey 1930, Cambridge 1930, Northants etc., some folds, FR to VG, 8 40-60
441.    CRICKET, Australia scorecards, 1938 tour to UK, inc. at Somerset, Scarborough, Warwickshire, Lancashire; Ashes tests (3) etc., some folds, FR to VG, 10 50-80
442.    CRICKET, scorecards for all six Tests from the 1985 Ashes Series, fully printed, EX to MT, 6 30-40
443.    CRICKET, signed scorecards, inc. Surrey v Glamorgan 1976 (by all 12 Glamorgan); England (3), Athey (1987 v Pakistan), Gooch (1986 v India), Gower (1985 v Australia); Hadlee (1986 Notts v Northampton), Moxon (1987 Northampton v Yorkshire) etc., tear to edge (1), G to EX, 7 30-40
444.    CRICKET, England scorecards, 1980s onwards, inc. v Rest of the World, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, New Zealand etc., fully printed, EX to MT, 13 25-35
445.    CRICKET, scorecards, inc. Gooch 1990 (333), Muralitharan 198 (16w), Lara 1994 (501no), Surrey 1983 (14 all out) & Sussex 2003 (Goodwin 335no), fully printed, EX to MT, 5 30-40
446.    FOOTBALL, signed photos by Johnny Morris (5) & Arthur Hilton, mainly reprint images, VG, 6 25-35
447.    MOTOR SPORT, signed colour 12 x 8 photos showing cars, inc. Le Mans winners, Guy Smith, Tom Krittensen & Dindo Cappelli (2003), Andre Lotterer, Marcol Fassler & Benolt Treluyer (2012), Tom Krittensen, Alan McNish & Loic Dival (2013); Kenny Brack, Stephane Sarazin, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 5 25-30
448.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Alvaro Bautista, James Hayden, David Giuliano, Mick Grant, Leon Haslam, all on bikes on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 5 25-30
449.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Scott Redding, Jonathan Rea, Syvian Guintoli, David Giuliano, Mika Kalio, all on bikes on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 5 25-30
450.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. John McGuinness, Wayne Gardner, Alex Lewes, Michael Rutter, Kenan Sofulaco, all on bikes on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 5 25-30
451.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Loris Baz, Andrea Jonnone, Billy McConnell, Roger Burnett, Bradley Smith, all on bikes on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 5 25-30
452.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Martin Jessop, James Toseland, Josh Brookes, Chaz Davies, Pol Espergaro, all on bikes on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 5 25-30
453.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. James Toseland, John John Laverty, Gary Mason, Dan Linfoot, Leon Camier, all on bikes on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 5 25-30
454.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, signed photos, 12 x 8 and smaller (2), colour (4), inc. Steven Brogan, Sam Lowes, Billy McConnell, Alistair Stacy & Graeme Gowland, all on bikes on track, h/s of Luigi Taveri (b/w) and one unidentified, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 5 25-30
455.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, signed photos, 10 x 8, colour (5), inc. Carl Fogarty, Sammy Miller, Cal Crutchley, Michael Laverty, Chris Vermeulen, Kenny Roberts (b/w), all on bikes on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 6 25-30
456.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, signed colour 10 x 8 photos, inc. Steve Plater, Tom Sykes, James Ellison, Cal Crutchley, Carl Fogarty, Moriyuki Haga, all on bikes on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 6 25-30
457.    GOLF, signed photos, inc. Rocca, Darcy, Rafferty, Pavin, Oosthuizen, Stadler, Strange, Scott, Rogers etc., mainly 8 x 10 colour, VG to EX, 20 30-50
458.    GOLF, signed colour photos, inc. Singh, O;Meara, Stewart, Sullivan, Ogilvy, Ozaki, Parry, Quinney, Fisher, Rivero, Simpson etc., mainly 8 x 10, VG to EX, 18 30-50
459.    BOXING, Viewsport programme for Muhammad Ali fights, v Ken Norton (10th Sept 1973) & Joe Bugner (30th June 1975), VG to EX, 2 25-35
460.    CRICKET, signed hand-written note by P.F. Warner, on personal notepaper, brief content regarding insertion in Pall Mall, small scuff to back, VG 30-50
461.    CRICKET, signed album page by 1925 Players, 10 signatures inc. Hobbs, Sutcliffe, Woolley, Hearne, Hendren, Kilner, Tate, Macaulay, Tyldesley & Strudwick (missing Holmes), also signed by Titmus, with a photocopy of the report/scorecard from match v Gentlemen and reprinted photo of the team, VG (Illustration page 6) 100-150
462.    CRICKET, postcards, inc. South Africa 1912, Kent (2), Australia 1930; Rev Gillingham etc., a.m.r. (1), Fr to G, 6 30-40
463.    TENNIS, signed selection, inc. Ken Rosewall, Tony Trabert, John McEnroe, Karol Fageros; album page by four (Anderson, Kaye etc.), G to VG, 6 30-50
464.    BOXING, signed selection, inc. Jack Dempsey newspaper article; postcards, album pages, pieces, Henry Cooper, Johnny King, Jawaid Khaliq etc., FR to EX, 7 30-50
465.    BOXING, signed large white page by Muhammad Ali, 9 x 7, with menu/programme for 1971 Anglo-American Sporting Club dinner in his honour & an 6.5 x 5 press photo from the event, EX, 3 200-300
466.    CRICKET, signed menu for Harold Larwood Banquet at Bentinck Welfare Institute (Kirkby in Ashfield), 27th April 1929, signed to blank back page (in pencil) by seven attendees, inc. Larwood, Geo. Gunn, Paytor, Barratt, Staples, Voce & Whysall, slight handling marks to edges, VG (Illustration page 6) 100-150
467.    FOOTBALL, two signed hand-written two page letters by Jim Hammond, 16th Nov 1983 & n.d., listing some of his career highlights at Fulham, file-holes (1), G to VG, 2 35-45
468.    BOXING, signed piece by Muhammad Ali, 4 x 1.5, with reprint photo, VG, 2 100-150
469.    FOOTBALL, signed colour photo by Rivaldo & Ronaldo, kissing World Cup trophy, 8 x 10, EX 30-50
470.    CRICKET, photo showing team for Glamorgan v Notts, at Llanelli 1955, inc. Edrich, Pressdee, Lewis, Shepherd, Hedges, Parkhouse, Davies, McCann, Jones etc., 5.5 x 3.5, RE Roberts (Llanelly) photographers stamp to back, G 30-50
471.    POSTCARD, football, crowd scene, Albion v Coventry at Hove, 11th Feb 1911 (Albion 2 Coventry 1), VG 20-30
472.    BOXING, signed white cards etc., inc. Tony Lopez, Edwin Rosario, Meldrick Taylor, Louis Acames, Roy Jones, Rubin Carter, Carmen Basilio, Pinklon Thomas, Phil Terranova, Jerry Quarry, Tony Tucker, Charles Brewer, Jeff Mayweather, Buster Mathies etc., some with neat annotation to edges, G to VG, 16 30-50
473.    BOXING, selection, inc. signed lines cards, pieces, photos etc., inc. Bonecrusher Smith, Emile Griffiths, Carl Williams, Tippy Larkin, Johnny Cesario, Phil Terranova, Chuck Wepner, Greg Page etc., a few annotated, FR to VG, 24* 30-50
474.    FOOTBALL, set of 17 cigar bands for European Cups, 1956-1972, with club crests, by Schimmelpenninck, VG, 17 30-40
475.    FOOTBALL, signed Nottingham Forest commemorative covers, inc. Nigel Clough, Robertson, Bowyer, Roy, Webb etc., six signatures on total, VG to EX, 4 25-35
476.    FOOTBALL, signed selection, inc. mainly blank white cards, pieces, stickers (12) etc; Vogts, Lofthouse, McManaman, Walker, Robson, Strachen, Rice, Perryman, Parlour, Mullery, Tugay, Finney, Bonhof, Hansen, Schafer, Hartson, Hamann, Gray, Breitner, Clemence, Brown, Les Ferdinand, Vialli, Merson, Ginola, Bobby Robson, Fowler, Francis, Mackay, Platt, Waddle, Thompson, Pearce, Batty, Schmeichel, Adams, Barry, McCoist, Souness etc. ,. 100* 30-50
477.    FOOTBALL, signed white cards, photos etc., inc. Diego Penny, Don Megson, Len Wills, Paolo Negro, Gordon McQueen, Nicolas Jensen, Ruel Fox, Gareth Roberts, Robert Pires, Borislav Mihailov, Liam Lawrence, Toni Schumacher, Steven Simonsen, Mick Mills, Anthony Barness, Willie Miller, Tom Huddlestone, Clarke Carlisle, Danny McGrain etc., G to EX, 68* 30-50
478.    FOOTBALL, signed white cards, photos etc., inc. Allan Johnston, Callum Davenport, Brett Emerton, Brynjar Gunnarsson, Paul Groves, Paul Hartley, Alen Boksic, Dixon Etuhu, Paul Gallacher, Aaron Hughes, Billy Thomson, Alan Durban, David Nugent, Mark Fish, Magnus Hedman, Allan McGregor, Drobny, Darren Fletcher, Michael Doyle, Nathan Dyer, Neil Collins, Michael Bryan, Phil Chapple, Derek Ufton, Jason Perace etc., G to EX, 68* 30-50
479.    FOOTBALL, signed white cards, photos etc., inc. Gia Franco Zola, Kevin Muscat, George Wood, Paul Bosvett, Andy Cooke, Kit Symons, Carlton Cole, Ian Nolan, Chris McGrath, Stevie Foster, John Gregory, Bobby Convey, Matthew Upson, Steve Krabba, Bryan Douglas, Franz Beckenbauer, Nicky Law, Juninho, Des Walker, Clayton Ince, Bruce Dyer etc., G to EX, 64* 30-50
480.    MOTOR SPORT, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. David Brabham (American Le Mans), Giniel De Villiers (2009 Dakar Rally winner), Danny Sullivan (USA), Gordon Shedden, Anthony Reid, Matt Neal, Darren Turner, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing, EX, 7 25-35
481.    MOTOR RACING, Formula One, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Nelson Piquet, Rene Arnoux, Alex Wirtz, Derek Warwick, all in cars on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing (3), EX, 4 20-30
482.    MOTOR RACING, Formula One, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Jochen Mass, Nelson Piquet, Ricardo Patrese, Kamui Kobaymshi, all in cars on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing (3), EX, 4 25-35
483.    MOTOR RACING, Formula One, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Kimi Raikkonen, Bruno Senna, Nick Heidfeld, all in Lotus cars on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing (2), EX, 3 20-30
484.    MOTOR RACING, Formula One, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel, both in Red Bull cars on track, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing (1), EX, 2 15-20
485.    MOTOR RACING, Formula One, signed 12 x 8 photos, colour (2), inc. John Surtees, Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet, seated in cars (2), annotated to reverse with date and location of signing (2), EX, 3 20-30
486.    GOLF, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Graham McDowell, Ian Poulter, Francesco Molinari, names annotated to reverse, EX, 3 25-35
487.    GOLF, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Ernie Els, Bernard Langer, Ian Woosnam, Sam Torrance, annotated to reverse with date and location of signing (3), EX, 4 30-50
488.    GOLF, signed colour 12 x 8 photos, inc. Tom Lehman, Tom Watson, Mark O'Meara, Colin Montgomerie, date and location of signing annotated to reverse, EX, 4 30-50
489.    FOOTBALL, signed photos (10), blank cards etc. by 1966 WC players, inc. Peters, Hurst, Cohen, Seeler, Lutz, Held, Overath, Hottges, Emmerich, Maier, Haller, Weber etc., G to EX, 10 30-50
490.    RUGBY UNION, signed photos, blank cards etc., inc. Skinner, Wheeler, Chilcott, Back, Fitzgerald, Wilson etc., G to EX, 14 25-35
491.    MIXED SPORT, signed photos etc., inc. multiple signed Wembley photo by 14 Legends; John Surtees (motor racing); Roy, Balance, Patel, Robson (all cricket); John Lloyd (tennis) etc., 8 x 10 and slightly larger, VG to EX, 12 30-50
492.    CRICKET, signed photos, inc. Cork, Thorpe, Atherton, De Freitas, Gough, Russell, Smith etc., G to EX, 25* 30-50
493.    GOLF, signed colour photos, inc. Calcaveccia, Davis, Goosen, Irwin, Kite, Littler, Lopez, Clark, Johnstone, O'Meara etc., overmounted, VG to EX, 13 30-40
494.    FOOTBALL, signed stickers, inc. Shilton, Nish, MacDonald, Venables, Rodney Marsh, Currie, Rogers, Possee, Colin Todd, Hollins, Bonhof, Vogts, Breitner, Hoeness, Tambling, Birchenall, Kember, Worthington, Conroy, Ernie Hunt etc., some trimmed and/or a.m.r., FR to VG, 70* 30-40
495.    FOOTBALL, signed trade cards, inc. Niall Quinn, Peter Reid, Erik Thorstvelt, Kevin Sheedy, David Platt, Paul McGrath, Mark Bosnich, Gareth Southgate, Graeme Le Saux, Dan Petrescu, Dion Dublin, Martin Keown, Peter Beardsley, Dave Watson, John Wark, Gary McAllister, David Batty, Paul Stewart, Lou Macaari, Paul Walsh, Jilian Dicks, Lee Sharpe etc., in ring-binder, EX, 375* 40-60
496.    GOLF, signed selection, mainly newspaper and magazine photos, inc. Parnevik, Garcia, Charles, Harrington, Kite, Zoeller, Jacklin, Haas, Rose, Donald, Montgomerie, Poulter, Westwood, Singh, Faldo etc., a few pages multiple signed, slight duplication, in modern ringbinder, G to VG, 40* 25-35
497.    GOLF, signed selection, mainly newspaper and magazine photos, inc. Clarke, McGinley, Langer, James, Baker-Finch, Bjorn, Verplank, Boxall, Coltart, Curtis, Garcia, Jacobsen, Faxon, Donald, Marsh, Clark, Dougherty, Schwartzel etc., a few pages multiple signed, slight duplication, in modern ringbinder, G to VG, 40* 25-35
498.    GOLF, signed selection, mainly newspaper and magazine photos, inc. Els, Romero, Curtis, McDowell, Eales, Leaney, Appleby, Cabrera, Mitchell, McDowell, Torrance, Van De Velde, Sluman, Webster, Woosnam, Brooks, Jacobsen, Immelman, Haas, Lawrie, Love, Oakley, O'Connor, Smyth etc., a few pages multiple signed, slight duplication, in modern ringbinder, G to VG, 40* 25-35
499.    GOLF, signed selection, mainly newspaper and magazine photos, inc. Woosnam, Sluman, Scott, Stadler, Watson, Maggert, Struver, Gary Wolstenholme, Spence, Schwartzel, Sabbatini, Lomas, McGinley, Mediate, Olazabal, Travis, Pavin, Quigley, Rose, Romero, Goosen, Harrington, Hoey, Jimenez etc., some pages multiple signed, slight duplication, in modern ringbinder, G to VG, 40* 25-35
500.    GOLF, signed selection, mainly newspaper and magazine photos, inc. Lawrie, Karlsson, Goosen, Furyk, Levet, Leaney, Zyons, Kuchar, Haeggman, Stephen Gallacher, Fulke, Fasth, Elkington, Ferrie, Edfors, DiMarco, Elson, Dyson, Donald, Casey, Clark, Els, Player, Crenshaw etc., some pages multiple signed, slight duplication, in modern ringbinder, G to VG, 40* 25-35
501.    RUGBY, trade selection, part sets and odds, inc. Daily Telegraph, World Cup, Player Profiles, Leicester Tigers etc., G to EX, 150* 25-35
502.    CRICKET, ties, inc. Cornhill (8+1), 1988 - 2000; Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand & South Africa, 1987-1996 etc., EX, 15* 25-35
503.    CRICKET, hardback editions, inc. The Test Match Surprise by Jack Hobbs, For England And Yorkshire by Herbert Sutcliffe, Fight For The Ashes 1926, A Cricketers Yarns, History of the Tests 1877-1947 by Sidney Smith, Cricket Is My Life, Behind The Stumps by Godfrey Evans, Cricket by W.G. Grace, With England In Australia, Australia's 18th Cricket Tour of England 1934 souvenir brochure; also Boxing (4), The Art of Boxing by Jimmy Wilde, Jack Johnson and His Times; Football (1) My Story Matt Busby 1957 etc., damage to some spines, some covers detached, tears to djs, scuffing to boards, dust staining, P to G, 29* 30-50
504.    CRICKET, selection, inc. magazine photos laid down to pages in modern album showing teams, action shots, players, 1930s onwards, inc. Indian XI 1946, Derbys, Essex, Glamorgan, Glos, Hants, Kent, Lancs, Leics, Middx, Northants, Notts, Surrey, Somerset, Sussex, Warks, Yorkshire; Playfair Cricket Annual 1951-1962, James Lillywhite's Cricketer Annual 1895 & 1898 (P), Cricket Triumphs and Troubles, some damage to spines, scuffing to covers, P to G, 18* 30-50
505.    MOTOR SPORT, selection, inc. hardback editions, Between The Hedges by Stephen Davison, Sidecar Champions Since 1923, Bob McIntyre The Flying Scot, Ayrton Senna A Tribute, 100 Years of Grand Prix 1906-2006, 50 Years of the Formula One World Championship; magazines, Motor Sport, 1968 (12), Speedway Star & News, 1967 (20); programme for British Grand Prix 1996, 2001 Grand Prix Calendar etc., G to EX, 50* 30-50
506.    BOXING, selection, inc. books, biographies, anthologies, annuals; magazines, The Ring etc., FR to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
507.    CRICKET, selection, inc. books, biographies, anthologies, annuals etc., FR to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
508.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. books, biographies, anthologies, annuals; programmes etc., FR to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
509.    CRICKET, two large bound volumes of The Times newspaper, April to July 1896 & 1899, with reports for Ashes Test matches, at Lords (1896), Nottingham, Lords & part Leeds (all 1896), other sports covered, FA Cup Finals (football), Sheffield Wednesday & Wolverhampton Wanderers (1896) & Sheffield United v Derby County (1899), VG, 2 40-60
510.    MOTOR RACING, hardback edition of Great Auto Races by Peter Helck, 1975, large format, dj, VG 30-40
511.    MOTOR CYCLE RACING, hardback edition of Ducati Racers by Ian Falloon, signed to inside cover by five World Superbike World Championship winners, Troy Corser, Neil Hodgson, Carlos Checa, Carl Fogarty, James Toseland (all riding Ducati bikes), dj, EX 30-50
512.    MOTOR RACING, hardback edition of Racing Stewart The Birth of a Grand Prix Team by Maurice Hamilton & Jon Nicholson, signed to title page by Jackie Stewart and Paul Stewart, small tear to dj, EX 25-35
513.    CRICKET, selection, inc. Warwickshire scorecards (35), 1970s onwards, county matches, B&H, JPL; commemorative covers (20), Australia, B&H Finals etc., G to EX, 55* 25-35
514.    RUGBY UNION, Nick Farr-Jones signed selection, inc. VIP ticket from 1991 WC Final; 5.5 x 7.5 photo, half-length in Australia blazer (signed to mount), VG, 2 40-60
515.    RUGBY UNION, selection, inc. tour brochure for 1931/2 Springkbok (lacking cover), programme for Australia v NZ 1982 (water damage); South Africa team p/c's (2), 1906 & 1931/2 (corner rounding), P to G, 4 25-35
516.    ATHLETICS, an original pennant from the 1933 meet between Germany and England, held in Germany, with eagle crest, double-sided triangular, 12 x 21, with original brass pole & cord, the property of Reg Thomas, with reprinted photo of him and German team in pre-meet ceremony, VG 70-90
517.    ATHLETICS, an original pennant from the 1933 meet between France and England, held in France, triangular, 12 x 18, with original brass pole & cord, the property of Reg Thomas, VG 70-90
518.    CRICKET, signed RP postcard by John Gunn 1926 (dated in his hand), full-length in Nottinghamshire blazer & whites, lightly laid down to card, VG 100-120
519.    CRICKET, signed photos, inc. Richie Benaud's white handkerchief, signed by 12 broadcasters (2001), with a letter of provenance from Benaud; signed colour 8 x 11.5 photos from the 2005 Ashes (2), Shane Warne celebrating 600th wicket (3rd Test) & Michael Vaughan (2nd Test), small tear to near to Warne signature; signed Channel 4 promotional cards, by Benaud, Atherton & multiple signed by five, VG to EX, 6 30-50
520.    CRICKET, trade booklets, Don Bradman flicker book, No. 1 On Drive & Off Drive (scuffing to covers); Junior Vistascreen Series 60 (cricket), set of ten stereo cards with instructional photos (original box), FR to G, 2 30-50
800.    SELECTION, inc. scrapbook containing poetry, cuttings from magazines, scraps; books, The Toy Job, Cigarette Card Cavalcade; matchbox labels for Redheads (62), empty De Beukelaer Superstar album, invoices, 1930s (7), J W & E Sowman of Olney (3), Carreras (2), Franklyn Davey (1); cricket photo, c.1951 (unidentified), rugby photos (3), Waterloo RFC? (2) featuring Jack Heaton (played for England 1935-1947; sheet music (13, signs of previous binding); scrap album (heaving foxing to pages), inc. birds, floral, children, dogs, horses etc., spine and some pages loose etc., good VR, Qty. 25-35
801.    COMICS, selection, inc. Victor, Valiant, Hornet, Warlord etc., some tears (a few pieces missing), some tears (a few pieces missing), some FR, mainly G to VG, 150* 30-50
802.    MOTORING, selection, inc. mainly Renault, Workshop & Owners Manuals, Parts Microfiche Binder, Renotes magazines, upholstery sample book, reprints of early adverts etc., also Ford, Vauxhall; The Motor magazine etc., FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
803.    MOTORING, photos, inc. mainly promotional issues, Toyota, Chrysler, Volvo, Pontiac, Buick, Saab, Skoda, Ford, Audi, BMW; private colour snapshots of vintage cars at shows, G to EX, Qty. 30-40
804.    PLAYING CARDS, complete packs (100+, not checked), inc. advertising, airlines, glamour etc., some early, FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
805.    MAGAZINES, selection of Saturday Evening Post & The Sphere, 1940s-1950s, inc. Norman Rockwell; adverts, Coke etc., FR to VG, Qty. 25-35
806.    TEA, worldwide selection of teabag sachets, loose in album pages, VG to EX, 900* 30-50
807.    ANNUALS, selection, inc. First Cruise of Three Middies, Young England, Buffalo Bill Wild West, Tucks, Our Boys Yarns, Conquerors of the Air, Tiger Tim, Mrs Hippo 1927; 1990s Beano (3) etc., some scuffing to covers, FR to VG, 16 25-35
808.    SHEET MUSIC, good selection, inc. The Follies, The Dancing Years, Glamorous Nights, Dearest, Sally In Our Alley, Love To Whistle, Beautiful Dreamer, Bella Bambina, Dancing Sweeties, Because I Love You, Indian Summer, By The Old Red Mill, Doll Medley, Swan Lake, The Sound of Music, Happy Feet, Showboat etc., some books, some spines repaired with tape, some pages loose, FR to G, Qty. 30-50
809.    ROYALTY, selection, inc. booklets, inc. 1947 Elizabeth & Phillip wedding, List of Wedding Gifts; 1937 (George VI) & 1953 (Elizabeth) Coronations; 1918 George V WWI disabled letter (stained); hardback editions, The Songs of England Royal Edition, Royalties of the World, Great Events of the Royal Year 1953, Elizabethan Pageantry; tins, inc. Coronation 1902 (5), Tuckers Butterscotch, Cadbury Rowntree (3); Elizabeth II, Huntley & Palmer, cash tin; Charles & Diana tin & tray etc., FR to VG, 21 30-50
810.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. hardback books (5), royalty Gift Books (3), King Albert, The Queen & Princess Mary, The English Pub by Michael Jackson; The Life of Christ through the Stereoscope by Underwood & Underwood (35 cards & book in fitted case); album cornered with postcards & slightly smaller topographical views etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
811.    BOER WAR, magazines, With the Flag to Pretoria, Nos. 1-6 & 8-30, tape repair to spine of No. 1, tears and pieces missing to some other early covers, P (1) to G, 29 30-50
812.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. collectors coins, inc. Official Egland Squad, playing cards, Wild n Wicked card collection (in original tin), La Vache Grosjean calendars 1964 & 1966, prints, pages removed from magazines, many maps, some 1930s, Bacons (2), Geographica, Michelin, Berlin, Paris, Dublin, Hamburg, UK etc; travel brochures, French sheet music, magazines, games, Watch Your Step Q & A game, House Hunting; books (foreign language editions), The Century Atlas & Gazetteer, pocket books, Motoring Log, advert cards, a few scraps etc., VR, Qt. (two boxes) 25-35
813.    MAGAZINES, The Graphic, 1899-1902, some loose covers & tears to edges, P to VG, 50* 40-60
814.    POSTAGE STAMPS, collection of mainly Great Britain, most pre-decimalisation, inc. unused sheets, cancelled blocks, early commemorative covers etc., in four ring-binders, good VR, Qty. 30-50
815.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. Belgian/German albums laid down, America, Flags, South African Defence, No. 3 Bunder der Tierwelt (Animal World) & No. 5 Aus Deutschlands Vogelwelt (German Birds); Whitbread Inn Signs Maritime Series (23/25) with album; beer mats (6), John Courage Sporting Heroes; ration books, ID cards, cheques, few p/cs and stamps, souvenir programmes, inc. Naval Review 1935, RAF Display 1936, King George's Jubilee Procession 1935 and Coronation 1937 etc., good VR, Qty. 40-60
816.    EPHEMERA, Nottinghamshire related, inc. Church of St Mary The Virgin, inc. orders of service, invitations, annual reports, monthly magazine (21), Feb 1908-Aug 1909, Jan-Aug 1911, Mar 1932, Mar & June 1934, Feb 1937; Wesley Chapel Broad Street festival notices 1913-1945; 1853 covenance for land at Beeston between Joseph Barton & Wm Lambert; 1859 covenance for land at Mapperley Plains, Read & Statham v John Cullen; 1818 indenture, 1820 bankruptcy notice; album of newspaper cuttings, 1920s-50s, inc. Nottingham Daily Guardian Aug 1921, obituaries, Conservative Constitutional Club 1925, Nottingham Journal 1927, Funeral orders of service, Boys Brigade 1954; scrapbook of newspaper cuttings and photos; ledger bound in green boards with red leather spine and corners containing copies of letters, mostly related to the building, buying and selling of property etc., neat index to front, dated April 1892-May 1898, damage to leather spine etc., P to G, Qty. 30-50
817.    EPHEMERA, inc. programmes, Africa & The East Exhibition Empress Rink Nottm 1912,The Northern Command Searchlight Jubilee Tattoo at Wollaton Park Nottm 1935 (2), Battle of Britain Week 1948, Festival of Britain Pageant Eastwood 1951, Battle of Britain At Home RAF Newton 1952, Coronation Celebrations 1953, The Chickerah 1930, 1933 & 1937 (University College Nottm rag magazine), Our Christmas Annual 1895; scrapbooks containing cuttings related to medals, coins, hobbies, stamps; cinema, royalty, poetry, scraps, newspaper cuttings etc., books (P), otherwise G, 23* 30-50
818.    SHIPPING, books, The Cunard Line 1840-1990, The P & O Line, The White Star Line 1870-1934; Ships in Focus (2), Ellerman Lines, Anchor and Brocklebank Lines by John Clarkson & Roy Fenton; The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners, The First Great Ocean Liners 1897-1927, The Great Luxury Liners 1927-1954 (all by William H Miller Jnr), EX, 8 25-35
819.    MATCHBOX LABELS, UK and foreign, mainly loose, inc. Valient, Victor, Vulcan, Ushers, Unwins, UC Lamps, Two Elephants, William Tell, Tekka, Three Monkeys, Turkey, Three Dice, Three Shields, The Scissors, Solo Match Works, Swedish Lloyd, Swift, Federal, Flowers, Falcon, Finlays, Pongal, Priba, Parrot, Prestige, Milestone, Martin, Mascot, Eddy Match Co, Eagle, Double Horse, The Duel, Double Dan, The Dog, Lilliput, Index, The Judge, Jollidays etc., some complete boxes, inc. Old Locomotive, Whale Brand, Bullseye, Three Cats, Cherub, Aeroplane Brand, Pilot, The Blue Cross etc., box lid tops, inc. Ohio Blue Tip, showing sporting scenes, cricket, golf, tennis, horse riding, American football etc., good VR, Qty. 30-50
820.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, complete packets (a few still sealed), inc. Olivia, M-C, Capstan, Mary Long, My Shipmate, Wills Scissors, Hollywood etc., mainly 5s & 10s, a few paper issues, G to VG, 21 30-50
821.    LAPEL BADGES, selection of pin-back badges, inc. advertising, political, promotional; Richard Nixon (2), Symington for President, Captain Marvel Club, Dan Dare, Alton Towers Corkscrew etc., G to VG, 200* 30-50
822.    PIN BADGES, selection, inc. advertising, patriotic, novelty, souvenir etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
823.    PERFUME, scented perfume sample cards, mainly 1980s, inc. Japan, Australia, China, Thailand, USA, Morocco, Turkey etc., duplication, VG to EX, 1000s 30-50
824.    TELEPHONE CARDS, worldwide selection, inc. Aladdin & other films, military, advertising, English Heritage etc., a few unused, G to MT, 200* 30-50
825.    PLAYING CARDS, selection of Jokers, G to EX, 670* 30-50
826.    KEY RINGS, selection, inc. novelty, souvenir, patriotic etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
827.    CHEESE LABELS, selection of complete & part sets, G to EX, 350* 30-50
828.    TINS, selection, mainly unopened, inc. Mullins Powdered Whole Eggs, Swanson Dried Whole Eggs, Elastoplast, Royal Baking Powder, Devonshire Clotted Cream, Toiler Nursery Powder, John Bull Mend &b Tear, Dr Skelton's Charcoal Tablets, Sta-So Hair Dressing Pomade, Ben-Hur Pure Cinnamon, Z.B.T. Baby Powder (2), some rusting, G, 12 25-35
829.    TINS, selection of miniature size tins, inc. Oxo, Cherry Blossom boot polish (2), Royal Crown Men's Pomade, Huntley & Palmer's biscuits, Pooley & Co. Chemists pill box (2), Ivy drawing pins, Elastoplast, Betterwear Lavender wax polish, Edison-Bell needles, Songster needles, Columbia needles (all with contents), Codeine, Players Gold Leaf, Madam Queen hair dressing etc., some rusting and scuffing, G, 23 30-50
830.    SHIPPING, a metal Huntley & Palmer tin, 1908, showing SS Lusitania & Cunard crest and badge to lid, interior views to all four side panels, 9.5 x 4 x 3.5, some paint loss, about G 30-50
831.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, USA selection, complete soft-packs (many with original wrapping), 1940s onwards, inc. L&M, Misty, Yorkshire, Raleigh, Moderator, Lewiston, Lark, Cambridge, Vanguard, Merit, Benson & Hedges etc., G to EX, 40* 40-60
832.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. George Formby (on magazine page with biographical details), Tommy Bruce (signed 5.25 x 5.5 photo laid down to card), programmes signed by Dave Brubeck and his quartet; promotional photo (6 x 9) by Mary Hopkin, colour print of Liverpool Waterfront by Dr Bruce Clark, signed by Gerry Marsden (first name only) and Allan Williams (Beatles manager), G to EX, 5 50-80
833.    AUTOGRAPHS, inc. signed hardback edition of Lord's Taverners Centenary Test Dinner (1980), signed to inside cover by Bill Tidy (with full-page sketch) and to fly-leaf by seven other attendees; football, signed lined page by 1949/50 Chelsea reserves, 9 signatures, Jenkins, Leadbetter, Saunders, Macauley etc., 6.5 x 8, VG, 2 25-35
834.    POSTCARDS, woven silks, inc. Birthday, Christmas, good luck, souvenir, wife, sweetheart etc., slight foxing, corner knocks, G to VG, 30* 25-35
835.    POSTCARDS, comedy selection, mainly Donald McGill (52), inc. seaside, children etc., some edge and corner knocks, about G to VG, 60* 25-35
836.    POSTCARDS, comedy selection, inc. Tom Browne (3), Misch (1), Payne (1), Thackeray (2), Phil May (1) etc., pu (17), some corner and edge knocks, corner creasing, P to G, 21 25-30
837.    POSTCARDS, mixed selection, inc. comedy, novelty, children, floral, art, bathing, romance etc., most pu, some corner creasing and edge knocks, about G, 43* 25-35
838.    POSTCARDS, coastal resorts, inc. Tenby, Folkestone, Skegness, Gt. Yarmouth, Blackpool, Southport etc., views, gardens, piers etc., pu (16), some corner creasing and edge knocks, about G, 23 10-15
839.    POSTCARDS, Derbyshire, inc. Knowsley Hall, Green Man and Black's Head Royal Hotel Ashbourne, Buxton in Winter, The Empire Hotel Buxton, Dovedale, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School etc., pu (9), some corner creasing and edge knocks, about G, 17 10-15
840.    POSTCARDS, topographical, inc. Clitheroe Castle, London, Royal Exchange Manchester, Coney Street York, Market Place Uttoxeter, Swallow Falls Bettws-y-Coed, Peel Park Bradford, George Street Stranraer, Town Hall Sheffield, Opthalmic Hospital Maidstone, Leicester, Midland Station (2), Leicester Road Syston, Haymarket, Abbey Park, Municipal Buildings, Granby Street etc., most pu, slight tear (1), creased (2), some corner creasing and edge knocks, about G, 30* 25-35
841.    POSTCARDS, topographical, inc. Lulworth Steamer at landing stage, King Edward's funeral The Queen Mother's Coach (P), Flagg Hall, views, River Ouse Bedford, Half Way Hotel Bontddu, Grindleford, The Lake Albert Park Middlesbrough; foreign (8) etc., most pu, heavy creasing (3), edge and corner knocks, P to G, 40* 25-35
842.    POSTCARDS, mainly actresses, inc. Maud Jeffreys, Gabrielle Ray, Vesta Tilley, Madge Lessing, Winifred Emery, Maud Fealy, Mabel Love, Zena Dare, Ethel Warwick, Phyllis Dare, Edna May, Ada Reeve, Ella Russell, Camille Clifford, Kate Cutler, Marie Studholme, Louise Pounds, Isabel Jay etc., most pu, some a.m.r., corner creasing and edge knocks, FR to G, 38* 25-35
843.    PRINTS, selection of Victorian personalities with printed signatures, inc. politicians, clergy etc., from the original engravings pub. by Maclure & MacDonald, Cassell Petter & Galpan etc., mainly 8 x 10.5, generally G, 27* 30-40
844.    ROYALTY, selection, inc. six sheets of Tucks scraps for the 1953 Coronation, QEII postage stamp issues; Charles & Diana commemorative covers etc., in two ring-binders, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
845.    DOLLS, selection of paper cut-out dolls (22) & dresses (27) etc., inc. Saalfield Dear Dollies in op (missing one hat), Boston Sunday Globe Forbes Dolls (5), Selchow & Righter, Lion Coffee, Clark's Cotton, Shackman (1990s) etc., op (2), some damage or missing tabs, about G to EX, Qty 40-60
846.    MATCHBOX LABELS, Japanese selection, inc. 470 front & back box panels (mounted as pairs to small 235 black cards) & 208 ARTB (most missing strikers), G to EX, 678*G to EX, 30-50
847.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. greetings, shaped, adverts, name cards, oriental, views, birds, romance, children, remembrance, Christmas, opening, religious etc., mixed sizes, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* 25-35
848.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. adverts, gold background, birds, children, comedy, floral, views, animals, greetings, remembrance etc., mixed sizes, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* 25-35
849.    POSTAGE STAMPS, selection, mainly pre-decimalisation, inc. pu, unused blocks etc., with vendors CV annotation, loose in ring binder, VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
850.    MILLINERY, collection of Turkish Fez box labels, mainly well illustrated, rare, slight duplication, loose in ring-binder, VG to EX, 56* 40-60
851.    ALCOHOL, selection of drinks labels, inc. many gin, vodka, brandy, wine etc., loose in ring-binder, G to EX, 175* 30-50
852.    CIGAR BOX LABELS, selection, inc. Odelisca, La Flor de Romo, Idle Moments, Round-Up, Buckingham Palace, Don Rex, First Cabinet; embossed gold leaf, stone-litho etc., G to EX, 78* 30-50
853.    POSTCARDS, Yorkshire, inc. York Minster, Knaresborough, City Hall Hull, Scarborough Castle, Kirkstall Abbey Leeds, Whitby, The Brig Filey, Bridlington, River Ouse, The Town Hall Leeds, High Street Sheffield, Locke Park Tower Barnsley, Scarborough etc., duplication, some pu, some corner knocks, generally G, 70* 25-35
854.    POSTCARDS, Isle of Man selection, inc. Dancing Floor Laxey Glen Gardens, Douglas Promenade, Loch Promenade and Jubilee Clock Douglas, Water Wheel Groudle Glen, Peel Bay & Castle, Harris Promenade, Ramsey, Victoria Pier, The Villa Marina, St. Germain's Cathedral, Esplanade Gardens Ryde, Sunken Gardens, Douglas Harbour, Lighthouse etc., duplication, some pu, some corner knocks, generally G, 65* 25-35
855.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. Torquay, Babbacombe Beach, Cockington Court, Cockington Forge, The Sands, Princess Gardens, Thatcher Rock; Weston Super Mare, Grand Pier, Clarence Park, views, Cairo Hotel, Anchor Head; Matlock, Dale Road, Matlock Bank, Heights of Abraham, High Tor; Bath Abbey, Municipal Buildings, Roman Bath, views etc., duplication, some pu, some corner knocks, generally G, 65* 25-35
856.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. Royalty, views, foreign, art style, Nelson Street Grennock, farming, The Horsepool Burbage, gardens, Irstead Church Norfolk, scenes, Teignmouth, Town Hall Stockport, sailing vessels, street scenes, Royal Military Academy Woolwich, London, Bradford, Hull, Hereford, Dartmouth, views etc., duplication, some pu, some corner knocks and slight creasing etc., good VR, 135* 30-50
857.    POSTCARDS, modern topographical selection, inc. Worthing, Torquay, Thames Valley, Derwent Water, Filey, St Brides Bay, Saundersfoot, Blackpool, coastal scenes, Brighton, Brixham, Ramsgate, a few foreign, Isle of Skye, animals, lighthouses etc., duplication, some pu, some edge knocks, generally G, 100* 25-35
858.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, churches, buildings, beaches, sea views, street scenes; The Parish Church Launceston, Western Esplanade Southampton, Tintern Abbey, Halifax, Dover Castle, Promenade Colwyn Bay, Market Place Helmsley, Clacton on Sea, church interiors, The Cliffs Land's End, art style, Southport, Boscombe, The Grammar School Colne, Cromer Pier, Southampton, Tewkesbury etc., duplication, some pu, about G, 100* 25-35
859.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, buildings, street scenes, gardens, castles, animals, monuments; inc. Stratford-on-Avon Heysham Church Morecambe, Peterborough Cathedral, Market Square Shrewsbury, The Promenade Weymouth, Bournemouth, Folkestone, Liverpool Cathedral, art style, Holloway College, greetings, Loch Lomond, Blackpool, Llandudno, Devon, Wales, Bristol etc., duplication, some pu, about G, 100* 25-35
860.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection inc. views, people, buildings, street scenes, gardens, castles, monuments etc; inc. Ripon Cathedral, War Memorial Clacton on Sea, Broadstairs, Brighton, Dunfermline Abbey, The Harbour Lowestoft, Westcliff on Sea, The Broadway Stoneleigh, The Market Square Shrewsbury, King's Oak Hotel High Beech, art, Whitstable Harbour etc., duplication, some pu, about G, 100* 25-35
861.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, buildings, street scenes, gardens, castles, monuments etc; Church Boys Brigade Halifax, Southsea, The Town Hall St Albans, Market Street Hoylake, Skegness, Portsmouth Harbour, Margate, Colwyn Bay, art style, Christ's College Cambridge, Colwyn Bay, Dover Castle, Lowestoft, Nottingham Castle, Worcester, Bournemouth, Herne Bay, Bexhill Convalescent Home, Wales etc., duplication, some pu, about G, 100* 25-35
862.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, buildings, street scenes, gardens, castles, monuments etc; Ross-on-Wye, Weston-Super-Mare, Cleave Abbey, Isle of Man, Dartmoor, Babbacombe, Exmoor, Buckfast Abbey, Paignton, Dartmouth, Newlyn Harbour, White Horse Street Baldock, West Street, The Market Place (both Ringwood), Blackpool etc., duplication, some pu, about G, 100* 25-35
863.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, buildings, street scenes, gardens, castles, monuments etc; The Harbour Newquay, West Cliff Bournemouth, Cromer Convalescent Home, Ramsgate Sands, Liverpool, Wales, Paignton, interiors, Queen's Hotel Hastings, The Pantiles Tunbridge Wells, Scotland, Minehead, Harbour Ramsgate, Western Road Leicester, floral, romance, Blackpool Tower, Taunton School, art style, Exeter Cathedral, a few foreign etc., duplication, some pu, about G, 100* 25-35
864.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, buildings, street scenes, gardens, castles, monuments etc., Crathie Church Balmoral, interiors, Canterbury Cathedral, The Lizard, Llandudno, Margate Clock Tower, Bourton-on-the-Water, Sherborne Park Waterfall, art style, Mousehole Cave, Tamworth Castle, Tolcarne Beach Newquay, Stirling, St. Peter's Church Selsey, Chester Cathedral, The Castle Shrewsbury etc., duplication, some pu, about G, 100* 25-35
865.    POSTCARDS, topographical selection, inc. views, buildings, street scenes, gardens, castles, monuments etc., inc. The Yarn Market Dunster, Wyming New Road Sheffield, Anstey's Cove Torquay, The Village Green Cleve Prior, Douglas Bay, Exeter Cathedral, Guildhall Portsmouth, Hayes Conference Centre Swanwick, interiors, Bournemouth, The Chase Hotel Ross-on-Wye, Isle of Wight, Sidmouth, The Clock Tower Margate, The Guildhall Sandwich, The Pavilion Abbey Park Leicester, Plymouth Hoe, Glastonbury etc., duplication, some pu, about G, 100* 25-35
866.    POSTCARDS, entertainment, actors/actresses, inc. Barbara Read, Martha Raye, Helmut Dantine, Joan Rice, Betty Grable, Bob Hope, Humphrey Bogart, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Doris Day, Ginger Rogers, Laurence Olivier, Adelaide Norwood, Saleza, Yahoudi Menuhin, Ava Gardner, Keystone Kops, Rosco Arbuckle, Gene Kelly, Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster etc., mainly not pu, many with names written to backs, G to VG, 100* 30-50
867.    POSTCARDS, entertainment, actors/actresses, inc. Agnes Ayres, Hermoine Baddeley, Susan Ball, Tallulah Bankhead, Judith Barrett, Joan Bennett, Michael O'Shea, Edgar Bergen & Charlie, Lyle Talbot, Joseph Schildkraut, John Barrymore, Robert Gordon, Leslie Banks, Sidney Ayres, Walter Long, Henry Edwards, Joan Evans, Ivy Duke, Billie Dove etc., mainly not pu, many with names written to backs, G to VG, 100* 30-50
868.    POSTCARDS, entertainment, actors/actresses, inc. Wallace Reid, Basil Sydney, Marie Prevost, Elmo Lincoln, Ralph Kelland, Edward Hearn, George Cheseboro, June Lang, Dennis O'Keefe, Theodore Kosloff, Clara Horton, Gloria Swanson, Fred Thomson, Harry Myers, Eddie Polo, Antonio Moreno, Ann Rutherford, May Whitty, Lois Wilson etc., mainly not pu, many with names written to backs, G to VG, 100* 30-50
869.    POSTCARDS, Military Uniforms by Geoff White, some subsets, in large modern postcard album, EX, 167* 30-50
870.    P.H.Q. CARDS, selection of 36 sets with special First Day postmarks, 1979-1983, in large modern postcard album, EX, 156* 25-35
871.    P.H.Q. CARDS, selection of 89 sets, 1970s-1980s, in large modern postcard album, EX, 360* 25-35
872.    TOBACCO, laminated showcard for Player's Navy Cut, naval scene, Old Friends by Frank Mason, No. 12661, 21 x 15.5, slight staining to edges, VG 30-40
873.    CHURCH & DWIGHT, poster, Birds - Nature's Protectors, showing set of Useful Birds, insects, feeders, map of USA, two packets etc., 20 x 40, rolled, slight damage to metal strips at top & bottom edges, VG 30-50
874.    BRUCE BAIRNSFATHER, booklets, Fragments From France, Nos. 1-8, scuffs to spines and edges, G, 8 40-50
875.    STAMPS, selection, inc. album containing, commemoratives, UK, German, Dutch, Bulgaria, Oman, Mongolia, Zambia, RSA, Spain; vintage cards, wild and domestic animals, Royaty, floral, sport birds, Olympics, fish, Disney etc., empty album and loose stock sheets, Stanley Gibbons Austria & Hungary reference book etc., G to VG, Qty. 25-35
876.    POSTCARDS, UK & foreign, some modern, inc. views, children, trains, statues, Shanghai, art, USA, religion, coastal, buildings, beauties, some with embroidered highlights, comedy, a few actresses, Bonzo (1) etc; greetings cards, late 1800s onwards, Christmas Birthday, Easter New Year etc., good VR, Qty. 25-35
877.    EPHEMERA, selection of press photos (laid down to paper), probably Oxford, inc. views, horse jumping, hunting, church service, funeral, school group, gardening, children dancing, cycle shop display, Aladdin Old Nortonians Dramatic Club 1938, amateur play scenes, polo match, milking, Edward VII, motorcycle race etc., G, 38* 25-35
878.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection of signed photos, lobby cards, promotional cards etc., 8 x 10 and smaller, inc. Arthur Bostrom, Ronald Pickup, Errol Flynn (a.m.r.), David Suchet, Corinne Calvert, Jill St John, Joan Collins, Patricia Roc, Claudia Cardinale (a.m.r.), Diane Kruger, Tom Berenger, Courtenay Cox, Larry Hagman, Elizabeth Hurley, Whoopi Goldberg, Jane Fonda, Susan Hayward, Tom Selleck etc., some with annotation to reverse, about G to EX, 38* 30-50
879.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed reproduction b/w photo (8 x 10) signed by Chuck Berry, showing him playing guitar, VG 25-35
880.    POSTCARD, Raphael Kirchner, Fruits Doux, showing girl with fruit, pu 1904, w.t.f., slight scuffs to edges, G 20-30
881.    POSTCARDS, Kirchner selection, inc. Miss Edith, A Duck's Egg, The Little Sister, Rosalba, Lolotte, Ma Marraine, scuffs to edges and corner knocks, about G, 6 20-30
882.    POSTCARDS, fantasy heads, mainly RP, inc. Source de Jeunesse, Au Revoir, Un Bon Vivant, Tet de Mort, All is Vanity, Rhapsodi Hongroise, Libillen(?), VG, 7 30-50
883.    ADVERT, postcards, for Simpson's in the Strand The Famous Old English Dining House, showing group of people at table, veteran carvers and superintendents, comedy (by Bateman), foxing to reverse, G, 3 30-50
884.    POSTCARD, German, showing faces in mountains and other activities, No. 22445 (Kunst-Verlag), slight staining, G, 10-15
885.    TOPOGRAPHICAL, postcards, The Bull and Bush Hampsted by Judges (pu); White Rock, Robertson St & Carlisle Parade Hastings, both cards with busy scene, G, 2 15-20
886.    POSTCARDS, Shand selection, inc. Beginners, The Fairy Queen, Ready for the Ball, Carnival & Rival Suitors, VG to EX, 5 30-50
887.    POSTCARD, Sittingbourne Camp, text only, creasing and heavy corner crease, P 10-15
888.    POSTCARDS, by Judges, Colintraive Ferry Isle of Bute, Norfolk Windmill, The Trace Horse (2), King's College Cambridge, Smeatons Pier St Ives, Vicars Close Wells, Jacob's Ladder Falmouth, SS Atlanta at Whiting Bay etc., pu (2), G to VG, 12 20-30
889.    SHIPPING, postcards, Blue Funnel Line, mainly RP, some colour, inc. SS Antenor, Automedon, Rhegus, Neleus, Titan, Perseus, Deucalion etc., some with annotation to reverse, some slight staining to some cards, a.m.r. (1), about G to VG, 20 40-60
890.    SHIPPING, postcards, inc. Cunard Line, Alaunia, Lancastria, Berengaria, Laconia, Scythia, Mauretania, Media; interiors, Lusitania, Queen Mary (10), Mauretania etc., a.m.r. (2), G to VG, 32* 40-60
891.    POSTCARDS, London, inc. The Victoria & Albert Museum, Westminster Hall Houses of Parliament, The Strand, The House of Lords, Tower of London, Regent Street, Oxford Circus, Rotten Row, Piccadilly Circus, London Bridge, Whitehall, Cheapside, Hyde Park Corner, Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Bank of England, Hyde Park, Albert Hall, Crystal Palace etc., G to VG, 39* 30-50
892.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. Oxford, Cambridge, Harrow School, Eton College; Churches, Cathedrals, Peterborough, Wells, Winchester, Ripon York Minster, Interiors, The Old George Burford, The Cross Chester etc., G to VG, 64* 30-50
893.    GREETINGS, selection, inc. De La Rue, beauties, scenes, children; Little Miss Dollywinks (six panel oval fan), hear-shaped concertina booklet, dance card etc., G to VG, 30* 30-50
894.    BEAUTIES, selection, mixed sizes, inc. European, Christmas/New Year greetings by De La Rue; in costume, with sea shells; anon trade cards, ladies with poems to reverse (4) etc., slight scuffing to gold edges, some slight staining, G to VG, 16 25-35
895.    ADVERTISING, mixed selection of advert cards for J & P Coats thread (10), Peek Frean, Dwight's, Swift's, Bovril, Bisto, Cerebos, Ritter, mixed sizes, G to VG, 20 40-60
896.    ADVERTISING, mixed selection of advert cards/leaflets for Acorn Salve, Vim, Pears, Goblin electric cleaner, Metcalfe Madcap boot polish, Bluebell polish, Globe metal polish, Glosso polish, Bensdorp, Andre Hofer, Gillies (USA), Mason's, Coate's, Whiteway's etc., mixed sizes, some slight creasing and foxing, G, 20 40-60
897.    ADVERTISING, soap selection, inc. Lux, Pears, Powder Monkey, Sunlight, Brooke's, slight knocks to edges, G to VG, 10 30-50
898.    POSTCARDS, comedy horse racing, Faulkner, Series 955, complete, VG, 6 25-35
899.    POSTCARDS, Meunier Decolletes Parisiens, Series 52, Nos. 4, 6 & 7, slight foxing, G to VG, 3 25-35
900.    THOMSON, Footballers & Motor Cars (double-sided), complete, VG to EX, 24 50-70
901.    THOMSON, Star Footballers (metal), in wax packets, slight paint loss, FR to generally G, 7 40-60
902.    FEATHERED WORLD, Poultry, premium issues, postcard (8), printed (7) & plain backs, G to EX, 23 (Illustration page 3) 30-50
903.    ODDS, selection, inc. Wills Double Meaning (3), Salmon & Gluckstein Coronation, Taddy (3), Ritchie golf, Spillers nephews, Lambert & Butler, Sandorides etc., FR to generally G, 35* 30-40
904.    THOMSON, football part sets, inc. miniature RP, single (27) & doubles (5); Famous British Footballers (23), Signed Real Photos (18) etc., G to EX, 99* 30-50
905.    FOOTBALL, part sets, pre-WWII, inc. Boys Realm, The Gem, Magnet, Pals, Pluck, Sport and Adventure, Topical Times etc., G to EX, 145* 30-50
906.    A. & B.C. GUM, Beatles 1st, complete, b/w, generally VG, 60 80-100
907.    CHURCHMANS, Frisky, complete, with instruction card, VG to EX, 53 80-100
908.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes (61-80), complete, G to VG, 20 80-100
909.    TADDY, Boer Leaders, complete, G to VG, 20 (Illustration page 3) 100-150
910.    COPE, Sports & Pastimes, complete, VG, 25 (Illustration page 3) 40-60
911.    DRAPKIN, The Game of Sporting Snap, complete, with Instruction Leaflet, VG to EX, 40+ 80-120
912.    SOCIETE JOB, British Lighthouses, complete, G to generally VG, 25 70-90
913.    OWBRIDGE, Happy Families, complete, 36 x 62mm, VG, 32 (Illustration page 3) 120-150
914.    BASSETT, Football 1981-82, complete, EX, 50 40-50
915.    WILLS, Lighthouses, complete, NZ, EX, 50 25-30
916.    HILL, Caricatures of Famous Cricketers, complete, standard, very slight foxing, VG to EX, 50 35-40
917.    MIXED, extra large, complete (2), Phillips Zoo Studies (slight foxing), Carreras School Emblems, G to EX, 50 20-30
918.    MIXED, complete (2), Hill Music Hall celebrities, UK Tob. Co. Officers Full Dress, VG to EX, 66 30-40
919.    MIXED, complete (2), Lambert & Butler Interesting Customs & Traditions, Ogdens Air-Raid Precautions, VG to EX, 100 25-30
920.    COHEN WEENEN, Famous Boxers, green backs, Nos. 1-4, 6, 9, 11, 12, 14-16, 18 (Jack Johnson), 19, 20, 23 & 24, G to VG, 16 (Illustration page 3) 80-120
921.    MY WEEKLY, silks, inc. Language of Flowers (13), Lucky Flowers (3) & Lucky Emblems (6), generally G, 22 25-35
922.    PHILLIPS, medium silks, Old Masters 3rd (27, BDV) & Arms of Countries & Territories (49), some fraying, FR to G, 76* 30-50
923.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Clarke Marine Series (8+1); Scottish CWS Triumphs of Engineering, white (32) & brown (10) edges; Ogdens, Pugilists & Wrestlers 1st (2) & 2nd (7), Football Club Colours (6), scuffing to edges, FR to G, 66* 40-60
924.    WILLS, Transvaal Series, complete, white borders, non-descriptive (Capstan backs), some mauve tints, G to VG, 66 60-70
925.    TRADE, selection, inc. odds (18), Daily Express, Chin & Co., Millhoff redemption, Hill Animals, Nestle advert, van der Meerschen palette, Cibils & Van Houten premium etc; complete (2), Herald Feudal Lords, Jibco Screen Stars 2nd, EX, 53* 40-60
926.    GERMAN, part sets & odds, inc. cinema, military, costumes, flags etc., mixed sizes, VG to EX, 232* 50-70
927.    E.R.B., complete (3), Our Pets 2nd, Mining, Cinema Stars (large), FR to VG, 100 30-50
928.    DOGS, large, complete (6), inc. Players, 1st, 2nd & extra large; Gallaher, Pattreiouex & Grandee, G to EX, 154 30-35
929.    DOGS, complete (4), Ogdens, Players (full-length & scenic) & Gallaher (block), about G to VG, 174 30-50
930.    TYPHOO, long, complete (7), inc. Work on the Farm, Animal - Offence & Defence, Shakespeare, Swiss Family Robinson, Homes, Voyages etc., about G to VG, 175 25-35
931.    MILITARY, complete (6), inc. Players (5), Victoria Cross, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Colonial & Indian Army Badges, British Naval Craft (large); Gallaher, G to EX, 273 25-35
932.    SPORT, part sets & odds, inc. BAT Sports & Games, Phillips Olympic Champions, Carreras Popular Footballers; Kane, Barratt, Kelloggs, Tiger, Primrose, Clevedon, British Automatic, de Beukelaer, Thomson miniature RP, Boguslavsky etc., FR to VG, 385* 30-50
933.    NUGGET, Flags of all Nations, missing No. 1, G to VG, 49 (Illustration page 3) 80-120
934.    I.T.C. OF CANADA, Aircraft Spotter Series, large packet issue (mainly neat trim), some foxing, FR to VG, 55* 30-50
935.    SCERRI, Beauties & Children, b/w, G to EX, 117 + 4 (Illustration page 3) 30-50
936.    B.A.T., Aeroplanes, complete, anon, minimal scuffing to gilt edges, G to VG, 50 30-50
937.    B.A.T., Sports of the World, complete, anon, p/b, G to VG, 50 40-60
938.    JOHN HAWKINS, The Story of Cotton, complete, large, G to VG, 30 (Illustration page 2) 40-60
939.    TOBLER, complete subsets (30), Nos. 1-30, good VR, 186 60-80
940.    FOOTBALL, Oldham Athletic lapel badges, 1973/4 season, 25mm dia., EX, 27 30-40
941.    ARGUS & AUSTRALASIAN POST, cricket buttons, Australia v England 1950-1951 Test, English (6) & Australian players, 32mm dia., VG to EX, 10 (Illustration page 5) 40-60
942.    CRICKET, lapel badges, inc. Nelson Lee England v Australia 1928-9 (2), Seary & Tate; anon. 22mm b/w (2), Hammont & Toshack; modern (1), G to EX, 5 30-50
943.    TADDY, odds, inc. Natives (Bedoiun), Territorial (Nos. 2 & 6), Boer Leaders (Nos. 1 & 20), Royalty (Nos. 7, 14, 15 & 20), Admirals (No. 8, SA), about G to VG, 10 30-50
944.    MITCHELL, Regimental Crests & Collar Badges, G, 9 30-50
945.    CADBURY, Antarctic Series, coupons removed (trimmed to mainly 38 x 65mm), FR to G, 5 30-50
946.    WILLS, Famous Golfers, Nos. 1, 5, 6, 15, 18, 21 & 22, large, corner knocks, G, 7 40-60
947.    CHURCHMANS, Wild Animals of the World, G to VG, 24 50-70
948.    CHURCHMANS, Fishes of the World, G to VG, 26 40-60
949.    CHURCHMANS, Footballers (colour), corner knocks, FR to G, 31 150-250
950.    CHURCHMANS, A Tour Round The World, about G to VG, 23 60-80
951.    CHURCHMANS, Medals, G to VG, 21 50-60
952.    CHURCHMANS, Birds & Eggs, some a.c.m., FR to G, 10 25-35
953.    CHURCHMANS, Interesting Buildings, G to VG, 36 70-90
954.    COPE, Playing Cards, rounded corners (as issued), blue backs, G, 7 (Illustration page 3) 60-80
955.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, Beauties, LAWHA (13) & ALWICS, G to VG, 82* 30-50
956.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Birds, two part sets, FR to VG, 70* 30-50
957.    AUSTRALIA, part sets, inc. Sniders & Abrahams, Schuh; cinema, butterflies, footballers, jockeys etc., FR to VG, 77* 25-35
958.    OGDENS, overseas, part sets & odds, inc. Ships Pennants, Famous Railway Trains, British Trees, Animals, Birds of Brilliant Plumage etc., FR to VG, 54* 25-35
959.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (football), inc. complete (5), Workington, Bradford City, Everton (2 stars), Stockport & York, large, VG to EX, 61* 30-50
960.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (football), part sets & odds, inc. Birmingham (12/13), Blackburn, Bradford City, Workington, Sunderland, Newcastle, York etc., large, VG to EX, 85* 30-50
961.    THOMSON, The World's Best Cricketers (1958), VG to EX, 70 40-60
962.    HORNER & CO., Wireless Cards, complete, extra-large, VG to EX, 24 120-160
963.    HOLLOWAY, Sports & Pastimes of all Nations, premium, some corner knocks, FR to G, 48 60-80
964.    BROWN SON & FERGUSON, Vick Semaphore Cards, complete (?), with instruction card & packet (small tape repair & creased), ow G to VG, 28+ (Illustration page 4) 30-50
965.    C.W.S., Advert Cards (sketches by Aris), inc. cigarettes, cheese, seeds etc, about G to VG, 13 (Illustration page 4) 80-120
966.    TOPPS, 1975 Footballers, complete, Scottish, EX, 88 150-200
967.    ALLEN & GINTER, Fruits, complete, creased (1) & scuffs to back (5), FR to VG, 50 (Illustration page 2) 800-1200
968.    PANINI, Football 1982, inc. split doubles (22), a few creased, FR to EX, 150* 30-50
969.    PLAYERS, large, inc. complete (5), Wild Birds, Types of Horses, Wild Animals 1st & 2nd; part sets, Golf & Film Stars (24 each), G to EX, 173 30-50
970.    PLAYERS, large, complete (6), inc. Clocks, Treasures of Britain, Ships' Figure-Heads, Dandies etc., G to EX, 145 30-50
971.    PLAYERS, extra large, complete (4+1), Dogs, Artillery in Action (2), Historic Ships, Natural History 2nd, about G to VG, 58 30-40
972.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Lambert & Butler, Aeroplane Markings, Empire Air Routes, Keep Fit; Woods Royal Mail, Phillips Kings & Queens etc., VG to EX, 150* 30-50
973.    MIXED, overseas, complete (8), Channel Islands (5), Players Sea Fishes & Animals of the Countryside, Wills Wild Flowers 1st & 2nd and Life in the Royal Navy; Players Eire (2) etc., G to EX, 375 25-50
974.    SILKS, part sets & odds, inc. Phillips, Lea, Hill; Wix flags (130); Butterflies, Regimental Badges, floral, Old Masters etc., FR to EX, 260* 30-50
975.    MIXED, complete (18), inc. Wills (11), ARP, floral, railway, Dogs; Players adhesive (5), RAF Badges, Animals; Phillips British Birds, BAT Hints (football) etc., FR to VG, 898* 30-50
976.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Gallaher (550), Sporting Personalities (45), British Birds (44), Champions 2nd (42), Dogs (46), cinema; Wix British Empire Flags (120), Wills, Players etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 1300* 30-50
977.    MIXED, complete (6), inc. Sarony (4), Museum Series, Links with the Past (each large & small); Barratt True Life (large), Lyons Maid 100 Years of Motoring, G to EX, 272 30-50
978.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Barratt, Hill, Lyons, Millhoff, Lea, Ogdens, Whitbread, Churchmans, Thomson, Players, Kelloggs etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
979.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Abdulla Feathered Friends (complete, corner rounding), Players, Millhoff, Phillips, Elkes, Peter Jackson, Gallaher, Copes, Lambert & Butler, Churchmans, Klene, John Masters, Panini etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
980.    MIXED, complete (10), inc. Ardath Stamps, Wills School Arms, Carreras Palmistry, Churchmans History & Development, Pattreiouex British Railway etc., reprint c/c (1), G to EX, 496 30-50
981.    FOOTBALL, complete (5), inc. Ardath Famous Footballers, Carreras Popular Footballers, Churchmans 1st & 2nd, Players 1928/9, G to VG, 223 30-50
982.    SPORT, complete (5), inc. cricket (3), Players 1934 & RIP, Wills 2nd; Gallaher Racing Scenes, Churchmans Kings of Speed, G to VG, 248 30-40
983.    CINEMA, complete (6), inc. Carreras Film & Stage Beauties, Hill Scenes from the Films, Gallaher (4), about G to VG, 286 30-50
984.    NESTLE, part sets & odds, Wonders of the World, inc. views, shipping, sports etc., duplication, some soaking damage, FR to G, 100s 30-40
985.    TYPHOO, long, complete (14), inc. David Copperfield (covers only), wonder Cities, British Birds, Work on the Farm, Tale of Two Cities, Animal Offence & Defense, Shakespeare, Swiss Family Robinson etc., some scuffing to edges, FR to VG, 355* 40-60
986.    FOOTBALL, trade selection, 1970s-1980s, inc. FKS, Panini (mainly 82) etc., some packets, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
987.    TYPHOO, long, complete (8), inc. Shakespeare, Trees, Famous Voyages, Swiss Family Robinson, Important Industries, Flowers 1st & 2nd etc., G to EX, 200 25-35
988.    REPRINTS, complete (10), inc. Card Collectors, Nostalgia; Story of the Life-Boat, Motor Cycles, Aviation etc., EX to MT, Qty. 20-25
989.    PHILLIPS, Footballers (Pinnace), miniature RP, mixed backs, slight duplication, FRG to VG, 150* 40-60
990.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (8), Wild Animals heads, Derby & Grand National Winners, Hints on Association Football, Ceremonial & Court Dress, Dickens 2nd; Wills (8), Merchant Ships, Radio Celebrities, Foreign Cities, Garden Life; Gallaher (3), British Birds; Churchmans, VG to EX, 819* 35-50
991.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (8), Footballers 1928/9, Racing Caricatures, Dickens, Gilbert & Sullivan; Wills (7), Cricketers 1928, Physical Culture, Wonders of the Sea; Churchmans (3+1), Story of Navigation (2), Kings Coronation; Gallaher, VG to EX, 813 35-50
992.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (11), Aeroplanes (civil), Cricketers 1938, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Cycling, National Flags; Wills (7), Association Footballers, merchant Ships, Gems; Gallaher (2), Army Badges etc., VG to EX, 971 35-50
993.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (10), Dogs (heads), Colonial & Indian Army Badges, Derby & Grand National Winners, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Dandies; Wills (5), Safety First, Lucky Charms, Roses; Churchmans (2), Kings of Speed, Howlers; Gallaher (2) & Cavanders Camera Studies, VG to EX, 970 35-50
994.    SELECTION, inc. Bern Swiss views (11 weigh machine tickets); Thomson Spadgers Monsters (set laid down in booklet), cigar cards etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
995.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete, Players (4), Kings & Queens, Victoria Cross, reprint football c/c (3), Brooke Bond; part sets, Sweetule packets, Edmondson, Topical Times, Master Vending Tommy Steele Pattreiouex, Kelloggs, Brooke Bond booklet & wallcharts etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
996.    SELECTION, inc. laid down Brooke Bond albums (58, inc. five Canadian); some sets; reference books, Liebig (1), Murray's, Albert's, London Cig. Co., Cigarette Card News magazine etc., G to VG, Qty. 30-40
997.    SPORTS, trade selection, mainly football, inc. Thomson part sets (with three plastic folders); Futera Fans Selection, five retail boxes (3 Chelsea, Arsenal & Villa); Lot o Fun, Mobil, Lyons Maid, Tiger Spot the Club (wheel), Daily Mirror, The Sun laid down albums (1971 & 1971/2) etc., FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
998.    FOOTBALL, Futera 1998 Fans Select, complete team sets (4), inc. Aston Villa (with 18 Special Edition & 18 Foil), Chelsea (18 SE & 90 Foil), Liverpool, (99 Foil) & Celtic (18 SE & 90 Foil), each in team album, EX to Mt, 720* 60-80
999.    FOOTBALL, Futera 1999, complete team sets (6), inc. Newcastle, Leeds, Aston Villa, Arsenal, Celtic & Chelsea, most with Foil (99), Hotshots (9), Vortex (9), Cutting Edge (9) & Cutting Edge Embossed (9), Leeds lacking Hotshots & Vortex, each in team album, EX to MT, 1386* 30-50
1000.   FOOTBALL, Futera 2000 Millennium, complete team sets (5), inc. Arsenal (set of 50 with 50 Foil); sets of 18 (with 18 Foil), Aston Villa, Middlesbrough, Manchester City & West Ham), each in black team album, EX to MT, 240 30-40
1001.   SILKS, selection, inc. Muratti, Regimental Crests, National Flags; Wix, complete (3), British Empire (both) and National Flags; Hill etc., FR to EX, 235* 30-40
1002.   SELECTION, inc. cigarette cards, complete & part sets, inc. Players Counties & Their Industries (f/g to show both sides); Miniatures, Cries of London, Past & Present, Characters From Dickens, Army Corps & Divisional Signs, Dogs; Wills, Do You Know 1st, 2nd & 3rd, Wild Flowers, Ships Badges, Cinema Stars, Railway Engines, Merchant Ships of the World; Lambert & Butler, Motor Cars, Motor Cycles; Liebig Cavaliers (f/g to show both sides); Observer Picture Cards, part sets, Flags, Birds, Wild Flowers, Wild Animals etc; cigarette packet fronts (25, f/g) etc., slight duplication, good VR, Qty. 30-50
1003.   SILKS, selection, inc. mainly Phillips, Ceramic Art, Floral, Arms, Crests & Badges, War Leaders, Old Masters etc., Kensitas Flags, together with a selection sewn together, inc. flags, crests etc., duplication, VR, small Qty. 25-35
1004.   SELECTION, part sets and odds, mainly Wills & Players, inc. Gardens Flowers, Wonders of the Sea, The Sea-Shire, Celebrated Ships, Famous Inventions, Aviary & Cage Birds, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Cycling, Gilbert & Sullivan, Curious Beaks, RAF Badges, Cries, Household Hints, Railway Equipment, Animalloys, Mining, Cricketers, Do You Know, First Aid, Garden Hints etc; Cavanders Homeland Series; Pattreiouex, Beautiful Scotland, Our Countryside, Winter Scenes, Coastwise, The Navy etc., duplication, FR to G, 3000* 40-60
1005.   MIXED, selection, inc. complete, reprints (30), Brooke Bond (50); matchbooklets etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1006.   TRADE, selection of complete & part sets, inc. natural history, celebrities, children, shipping, historical, views etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1007.   MIXED, selection, inc. complete (10), Hustler Animals 2nd &3rd, Players (2), Game Birds & Wild Fowl; Wills (6), Old Inns, British Birds, DYK 1st-3rd etc; part sets, Typhoo long, Brooke Bond, Wills, Players, Gallaher etc., FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
1008.   TRADE, complete (60), inc. Lyons. Amaran, Millers, Whitehead, Sanitarium, Typhoo long, Truman, Sunecta, Sweetule, Sketchley etc., EX, Qty. 40-60
1009.   TRADE, complete (100), inc. Horniman, Venorlandus, Newmarket Hardware, Star Wars, Jacobs, Twinings etc., duplication, EX, Qty. 40-60
1010.   SWEET CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, inc. Kane (3), Roy Rogers, Red & White, Navy Cut; Clevedon Royal Sweet; many Barratt, Football (25), Space, Cricket; Thornycroft (flattened boxes) etc., mostly hulls with sliders (some writing to tabs), FR to EX, 58* 40-60
1011.   FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Verlag (Linda) premium issues (55 in two sizes), Barratt postcards, Caricatures by Chris; 1987 Topps American Football, Olympics etc., VG to MT, qty. 30-50
1012.   MIXED, complete & part sets, inc. part sets (trimmed to images), Cohen Weenen Football Captains (31) & Ogdens Sectional Cycling Map (39), Wix Henry 3rd (47) & ERB (16); complete (7), Wills (6), Famous Inventions, Lucky Charms, Dogs, Players AC&DS etc., in period albums & loose, FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
1013.   MODERN, complete (43), inc. Players (27), Grandee (11), Tom Thumb (7) & Doncella (9); Brooke Bond (16), in three modern albums, VG to MT, 1600* 30-50
1014.   FOREIGN, empty albums, inc. Stollwerck (7+3), Hartwig & Vogel No. 3 (Sets 60-120), German cigarette & trade issues, Japan (4), Kraft, Capern, Tobler, Kosmos; 1952 Olympics, Sport Caricatures, Wild West, football, cinema, fairy tales etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 48* 25-35
1015.   TRADE, foreign part sets & odds, inc. Berliner Morgenpost, Reemtsma & other cigar bands, Bells bells, Anco, Wagner, Victoria etc., mixed sizes, some a.m.r., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
1016.   TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. set of 50 Arms of the British Empire (medium silks, laid down to cards); Venorlandus, Shell, Rowntree, Robertsons, Nestle, Weetabix, Wills, Kane, Huntley & Palmer, Cadbury etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
1017.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Stollwerck, Pattreiouex (early RP), Leaf, Murray, Lea, A&BC Comic Book Foldees, Liebig, Suchard, Merlin, Typhoo long etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1018.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Murray, Gallaher, Edmondson, Amalgamated Press, Phillips, Lloyd, Cope, Chix, Adkin, Lee, Colombos etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1019.   TRADE, selection, inc. complete (8+12), Tom Thumb (2+11), Britains Railways (11) & Aviation (2); Whitbread Maritime Inn Signs (2), Lyons Train Spotters; part sets, mainly modern cigar issues; laid down albums, Tom Thumb, Black Cat, Doncella, Shell etc., duplication, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
1020.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. many Players, Gilbert & Sullivan, Cricketers, Footballers, British Empire Series, Film Stars; Churchmans, Association Footballers, Rugby Internationals; Wills etc., duplication, FR to EX, 2900* 30-50
1021.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Cadet, Players, Cavanders, Westminster, Typhoo, Carreras, Lambert & Butler, Brooke Bond, BAT etc., duplication, FR to EX, 3000* 30-50
1022.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Gallaher, many Players, Brooke Bond, Phillips etc., duplication, FR to EX, 2900* 30-50
1023.   PANINI, Football selection, 1984 onwards, some split doubles, a few creased, some cut from albums, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
1024.   FOOTBALL, laid down albums, part sets of English footballers, F.K.S. English Footballers 1969/70 & Top Sellers 1972 (tape repair to spine), FR, 2 30-50
1025.   FOOTBALL, laid down Panini albums, part sets of English footballers, 1978 (covers loose) & 1979, FR, 2 30-50
1026.   PANINI, Mexico 1970, original album laid down with 88 cards (82 players, also laid down with 14 similar sized newspaper images, damage to spine (small piece missing from top), FR (Illustration page 6) 200-300
1027.   FOOTBALL, trade issues in albums, inc. IPC My Favourite Soccer Stars (6), corner-mounted (2) & laid down (4); The Sun, 1971 3D (empty) & 1971/2 (laid down), G to VG, 8 30-50
1028.   MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, mixed periods, inc. oriental, Cock, Sugar Match Works, Gosch, Namco, Black Owl, Castelo, Robin, Anil, Two Elephants, Green Mill, River Life, Milestone, Three Hearts, Tiger Brand, Golden Bat, National Match Co., Eso, Signal Light, Black Geese, Fire Engine, Cheeta Fight, Lowen Kaffee crests (17), Jumbo, Drava animals & birds (20), The Horse Head, The Judge, The Key, Skoda, Grutto, Hawkco, Mascot, Lewis Meeson British Birds (18), Tea-Girl, Lavalls, Three Monkeys, Tekka, Super Sonew (25), Nacionais costumes (20) etc., many foreign, a few box labels etc; together with 38 razor blade packets with blade etc., in modern album G to VG, 1368* 25-35
1029.   REPRINTS, complete (19), in modern album, EX, Qty. 25-35
1030.   MIXED, large, complete (8), inc. UTC Arms & Crests of Universities; Churchmans Queen Mary; Players (3), Famous Beauties, Dogs; Wills (Wills (3), Arms of Universities, Racehorses & Jockeys 1938 etc., in modern album, G to EX, 226 30-50
1031.   FLORAL, complete (10), inc. Wills (7), Carreras, Phillips & Brooke Bond, in modern album, G to EX, 464 25-30
1032.   MIXED, complete (13), inc. Lipton Flags, Mitchell Clan Tartans 2nd; Players (11), Poultry, Military Head-Dress, Dogs (heads), County Seats 1st-3rd etc., part set (1), in modern album, FR to EX, 665* 30-50
1033.   PHILLIPS, postcards, complete (6), inc. Special Jubilee Series, Flower Studies, Garden Studies, Our Glorious Empire, Famous Paintings & Beauty Spots, in modern album, VG to EX, 158 25-35
1034.   MIXED, complete (20), mainly large, inc. Hill Views of Interest, 1st-5th, Ching Channel Island views (8), Benson Old Bristol (reprint), Churchmans, Sanitarium etc., in two modern albums, G to EX, 240 30-50
1035.   TRADE, European selection, inc. Guerin-Boutron, de la Marine, Louit, Lefevre Utile, Grondad, Perles du Japon etc., in modern album, G to EX, 88* 30-50
1036.   TRADE, selection, mainly large & premium size, inc. advert cards, flyers, booklets; Carr Cricketers, Pears, PGP Picture Puzzles, Nabisco Superman III, Kemmerich, Pernot, Van Houten, Philips shipping (Dutch) etc., in modern album, G to EX, 73* 30-50
1037.   PLAYERS, complete (14), inc. Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Aviary & Cage Birds (discolouring), Dogs (heads), Dandies, Cycling, Film Stars 2nd & 3rd, Butterflies etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 700 30-50
1038.   LIEBIG, complete (15), S.1101-1125, inc. A Winter's Tale by Shakespeare, The Six Zones of Altitude, Canada, Curious Experiments in Physics, The Foundry, The Story of Gas, Leonardo da Vinci etc., c.v. 385.00, VG to EX, 90 80-120
1039.   LIEBIG, complete (22), S.1126-1150, inc. Animals and their Furs, Ancient Sicily, Phosphorescent Sea Life, Sacred Animals, Bee Keeping, Founders of Great Empires, Lakes, Military Music etc., c.v. 447.50, VG to EX, 132 80-120
1040.   LIEBIG, complete (24), S.1151-1175, inc. Remains of Vanished Civilizations, Famous Roman Villas, Culinary Art II, The Miller His Son and the Ass, The Story of Robert the Bruce, Plant Life, Transporting Liebig by Elephant etc., c.v. 337.00, VG to EX, 150 60-80
1041.   LIEBIG, complete (25), S.1176-1200, inc. The Breeding of Useful Animals, Popular Fairy Stories, War in the Alps, Artistic Industry in Japan, The Life of St.Francis, Leaning Towers, Cyrano de Bergerac, Sun Worship, Gulliver in Lilliput etc., c.v. 282.50, VG to EX, 150 60-80
1042.   LIEBIG, complete (25), S.1201-1225, inc. Famous Paintings of Napoleon, Beethoven I, Diogenes, The Twelve Labours of Hercules I & II, Mother & Child, Dangerous Occupations, Sensitive Plants, Chocolate etc., c.v. 259.50, VG to EX,150 50-70
1043.   LIEBIG, complete (25), S.1226-1251, inc. Cheese, Battle Formations, Humorous Sports, Buddha, Italian Gardens, Milan Through the Ages, Prehistoric Monuments, Orpheus etc., c.v. 221.50, VG to EX, 150 40-60
1044.   LIEBIG, complete (50), later issues (no signatures to backs), all apparently French, corner-mounted in period company album (damage to spine), cards VG to EX, 300 40-60
1045.   TRADE, part sets, inc. Anglo Walt Disney (40); Primrose, Popeye (19), Quick Draw McGraw (70), Flintstones (19), Amos Burke (35); Como etc., duplication, in ring-binder, G to EX, 233* 40-60
1046.   TRADE, part sets, inc. Somportex Thunderbirds, mixed sizes, mainly b/w (100); Cadet Stingray (90), Barratt Thunderbirds (50) etc., duplication, in ring-binder, G to EX, 182* 50-70
1047.   TRADE, gum part sets, inc. Shocking Laffs, You'll Die Laughing, Krazy Kreatures, Happy Howlers etc., duplication, in ring-binder, G to EX, 120* 30-40
1048.   LAMBERT & BUTLER, overseas, part sets, inc. Russo-Japanese (19), The World of Sport (29), Who's Who in Sport (26), The Royal Family (39), Popular Film Stars (mixed, 71) etc., G to VG, 212* 35-45
1049.   B.A.T., anon. (p/b), part sets & odds. Inc. military, animals, Dancing Girls, cinema, VCs, Picture Hats, Sports & Games, beauties etc., FR to VG, 292* 35-45
1050.   B.A.T., anon. (printed backs), part sets & odds, inc. Indian Chefs, Ships Flags & Cap Badges, Butterflies, Boy Scouts, Famous Footballers, Aeroplanes, cinema (mixed) etc., FR to VG, 290* 40-60
1051.   B.A.T., anon. (printed backs), part sets & odds, inc. Famous Stars (6), Cinema Artistes (39), Cinema Stars (mixed, 63), War Incidents (30) etc., FR to VG, 186* 30-40
1052.   FOREIGN, part sets & odds, ITC of Canada & UTC, inc. British Aeroplanes, African Fish, Merchant Ships, Fairy Stories, British Birds etc., FR to VG, 192* 25-35
1053.   FOREIGN, part sets & odds, inc. oriental (60), ITC of India, Danmark, Malta etc., FR to VG, 155* 35-45
1054.   U.S.A., part sets & odds, inc. ATC (113), Allen & Ginter, Duke, Kimball; beauties, Battles, Fish, Shipping, Flags etc., some creasing, FR to G, 135* 50-60
1055.   WILLS, Scissors, part sets, inc. Sporting Girls, Famous Footballers, Actresses, Beauties & Children, Britains Defenders (mixed) etc., FR to VG, 197* 40-60
1056.   WILLS, overseas part sets & odds, inc. NZ Footballers, Ju-Jitsu, Flag Girls, Aeroplanes, Flags, Beauties (p/c inset), Lighthouses, Famous Film Stars etc., FR to VG, 378* 60-80
1057.   WILLS, Australian part sets, Vice Gral & Capstan, inc. Royal Mail, Riders, Actresses, Aviation, Time & Money etc., FR to VG, 277* 40-60
1058.   FOOTBALL, complete (3), 1992 Topps Stadium Club, 1990/1 Pro-Set, 1996 Pro-Match, in ring-binder, VG to EX, 728 25-30
1059.   TRADE, USA & European selection, inc. coins cards, military, stamp cards, royalty, children, comedy etc., loose in ring-binder, G to VG, 170* 30-50
1060.   MIXED, selection, inc. complete (28), Churchmans (12), railway (6), Railway Working 1st & 2nd, Empire Railways, Famous Railway Trains, Cricket Colours, Life in a Liner, Door-Knockers, Curious Dwellings; Players (6), Army Life, Celebrated Gateways, Riders of the World, Derby & Grand National; Ogdens Prominent Cricketers of 1938 etc; part set, Carreras Famous Airmen & Airwomen (49/50), corner-mounted in large scrapbook, FR to EX, 1099* 80-120
1061.   MIXED, selection, inc. complete (15), mainly Players, Dickens (50), Cries of London 2nd, Players P & P, Dogs (scenic), Gilbert & Sullivan (50), Cricketers RIP, British Live Stock etc., a few odds, corner-mounted in two Players hardback albums, a.c.m., FR to VG, 550* 30-50
1062.   TRADE, complete (5), Topical Times Panel Portraits (footballers), 1936 (colour) & 1939/40; Cryselco, Beautiful Waterways, Buildings of Beauty (both with op); football card game, Piktee (or League Championship), comprising 50 cards (a few creased) & rules booklet (tape repair to spine) in original box, G to EX, 132+ 30-50
1063.   F.K.S., Footballers, 1968/9 (missing Bruck of Coventry) & Mexico 70 World Cup (complete), laid down (to top edge only) in softback presentation album, generally G, 2 40-60
1064.   OGDENS, Royal Mail, odds (21) & set of fifty on four uncut sheets (with original printers marks), generally G, 21+ 30-50
1065.   MIXED, large, complete (12), inc. Barratt Sky Fighters (flattened hulls); Wills (4), British Sporting Personalities, Round Europe, Modern British Sculpture; Phillips, Beauties of To-Day 1st (extra large), medium (4); Churchmans Howlers etc., VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
1066.   HARTLEY, Football Stars 1971/2, complete set of jam jar lids, with empty concertina chart, G to VG, 12+ 30-50
1067.   CADBURY, selection, inc. uncut sheets (as issued) of Spotter Cards (4), Famous Regiments print offer cards (5), Freddo Finger Puppet (unused); complete (4), Strange but True, Dangerous Animals (each corner-mounted to card); Birds in Springtime, Flight; tourist postcards (5, anon.), Strange but True (complete set laid down in album), VG to EX, 100* 30-50
1068.   TRADE, selection, inc. Typhoo Yoo-Hoo! stockings; Brooke Bond paper bags (3); Cadbury Mini-Rolls, uncut packet issue (Nos. 1, 3, 12, 13 & 18), G to EX, 9 30-50
1069.   MIXED, inc. complete (2), ERB Musical Instruments (some creasing), Wills Famous Inventions; part sets & odds, silks (38), Carreras Film Stars (20) & Flowers (21), Players, Types of Horses (7), Uniforms of the TA (22); Lambert & Butler, Nottingham Fair postcards etc., P to EX, 221* 30-50
1070.   BOYS MAGAZINES, stamp issues, Sports Fun Album, three sheets of 12 sportsmen (1925); Sports Favourites (26), football (12), Cricket (8) & Boxers (4+2, inc. Dempsey), neat trim from strips of three, G to VG, 29 30-50
1071.   ORIENTAL, part sets, inc. beauties (48) & warriors, corner-mounted in ebonised Japanese concertina album, FR to VG, 120* 30-50
1072.   CAPERN, Birds, Reward Cards, with checklist (ticked in pencil), corner-mounted in hardback Capern album (scuff to cover), a.c.m., G to VG, 38+ 30-50
1073.   OGDENS, Guinea Gold - General Interest (numbered), complete, in hardback New Century album, G to VG, 200 25-35
1074.   PLAYERS, complete (8), inc. Derby & Grand National Winners, Films Stars 1st & 3rd, transfers (3) etc., FR to EX, 400 25-35
1075.   MIXED, mainly part sets, inc. Cavanders Camera Studies (complete), Garbaty German Shields (88 small), Horniman Pets (45), Churchmans Footballers (Priory etc., FR to EX, 333* 25-35
1076.   TYPHOO, International Football Stars, premium issues, head & shoulders (10) & full-length, with facsimile signatures, G to EX, 18* 35-45
1077.   TYPHOO, International Football Stars, premium issues, head & shoulders (10) & full-length, with facsimile signatures, G to EX, 18* 35-45
1078.   MONTY GUM, complete & part sets, inc. mainly cinema, Series B-F; Soldiers (80), mainly medium, G to EX, 350* 40-60
1079.   A. & B.C. GUM, footballers, 1969 (64 from 1-64) & 1970 (81 from 86-170), VG to EX, 150* 30-50
1080.   MIXED, part sets (mainly near complete), inc. BAT, Birds of Brilliant Plumage (47), Britains Defenders (39); Moustafa Dogs Heads (38), Lewis Horoscopes (50). ITC Merchant Ships (41) etc., G to EX, 315* 30-50
1081.   TRADE, transport, complete (20), inc. Sweetule, Morning Foods, Glengettie, Kane, Fizzy Fruit, Gee, Kelloggs, Brooke Bond etc., VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
1082.   AMALGAMATED T.C., Mills, complete (18), inc. British Locomotives, Dogs, Holiday Resorts, Merchant Ships, Naval Battles, Army Badges, The Wild West etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 450* 30-50
1083.   SCOTTISH C.W.S., Famous Pictures, complete (3), 1924 & 1927 (2), Glasgow & London (both adhesive), both large, G to EX, 75 50-70
1084.   SCOTTISH C.W.S., complete (2), Feathered Favourites (adhesive), Burns, VG to EX, 75 30-40
1085.   CLEVEDON, Hints on Association Football, complete, blue backs, VG to EX, 50 (Illustration page 1) 100-150
1086.   MONTY GUM, Continental & South American Footballers, playing cards, VG to EX, 34 30-50
1087.   A. & B.C. GUM, 1969 Footballers (Scottish), VG to EX, 17 30-50
1088.   HUDDERSFIELD TOWN, Players & Officials (1935/6), medium, some slight corner knocks, about G to VG, 11 (Illustration page 4) 30-50
1089.   MONTY GUM, Bruce Lee, complete, EX, 100 25-35
1090.   PHILLIPS, sports, inc. complete (2), Sports, International Caps; part set, Test Cricketers (36/38), FR to VG, 111 40-60
1091.   PHILLIPS, complete (6), inc. Lawn Tennis, Railway Engines, Red Indians, Feathered Friends, First Aid & Our Dogs, G to VG, 186 40-60
1092.   TRADE, wax wrappers, envelopes & other op, inc. Dandy James Bond 007, Commodex Operation Moon, Scanlen (3), Leaf (4); Monty (10), Thunderbirds, football, Sexton Blake etc., Billy Boomerang wax inserts (7) and other cards, FR to VG, 26* 30-50
1093.   A.T.C., Types of Nations Series, complete, mixed backs, FR to G, 50 30-50
1094.   A.T.C., Fish Series, complete, mixed backs, FR to VG, 100 (Illustration page 3) 50-80
1095.   A.T.C., Fish from American Waters, complete, listed backs, FR to VG, 40 + 1 (not 50) 100-150
1096.   A.T.C., Emblem Series, complete, medium, some scuffing to gold edges, FR to G, 50 60-80
1097.   A.T.C., Champion Athletes and Prizefighters, boxers (22) & referee, large, some corner knocks & creases, generally G, 23 (Illustration page 4) 40-60
1098.   A.T.C., Champion Athletes and Prizefighters, all athletes, large, duplicate (1), some corner knocks & creases, generally G, 41 + 1 40-60
1099.   A. & B.C. GUM, 1969 Footballers (1-64), complete, with unused checklist & wax wrapper, EX, 65+ 30-50
1100.   A. & B.C. GUM, 1969 Footballers (65-117), complete, with two unused checklists & wax wrapper, EX, 65+ 30-50
1101.   A. & B.C. GUM, Flags of the World, complete, 95 x 67mm, VG, 80 30-50
1102.   B.A.T., Modern Beauties, complete (3), 1st, 3rd & 4th, medium, VG to EX, 126 30-50
1103.   B.A.T., Cinema Stars 3rd, complete, medium, anon, Cigarettes Albert, G to EX, 208 100-150
1104.   A. & B.C. GUM, 1958 Footballers (1-46), complete, Planet, VG to EX, 46 30-50
1105.   LEAF, Famous Discoveries and Adventures, complete, extra large, VG to EX, 50 25-35
1106.   MADISON, Disc Jockey 1st, complete, EX, 48 30-40
1107.   TOPPS, Shocking Laffs, duplication, VG to EX, 100* 25-35
1108.   A. & B.C. GUM, 1963 Footballers, FR to generally G, 40 30-40
1109.   A. & B.C. GUM, 1968 Footballers, FR to generally G, 75* 30-50
1110.   A. & B.C. GUM, 1969 Footballers, some creasing & corner knocks, FR to G, 120* 30-50
1111.   TRADE, part sets, inc. Chix Krazy Kreatures (47), A&BC Battle of Britain (26), Weetabix (16), Thomson Famous Teams in Football History 2nd (complete, with wallet) etc., FR to VG, 143+ 30-50
1112.   ANGLO CONF., part sets, Tarzan (70) & Captain Scarlet (100), some creasing, most with soft corners, P to G, 170* 60-80
1113.   JIFFI, Kama Sutra, complete, medium, EX to MT, 64 20-30
1114.   A. & B.C. GUM, Top Stars, complete, VG to EX, 50 (Illustration page 5) 80-120
1115.   A. & B.C. GUM, Fotostars, complete, triples, EX, 40 (Illustration page 5) 120-160
1116.   A. & B.C. GUM, Comic Book Foldees, complete, unused, with wax wrapper, EX, 43+ (Illustration page 5) 100-150
1117.   BROOKE BOND, Bird Portraits, 158 x 122mm booklet from the Cut-Out Series, The Lapwing, unused, slight rust stains to staples, EX (Illustration page 6) 30-50
1118.   CRICKET, trade card, Wayfarers Clothes, showing Maurice Tate coaching schoolboys, pin-holes, G 30-50
1119.   CRICKET, trade cards, Trevor Bailey & Tony Lock, pub. by Lucozade, with facsimile signatures to backs, EX, 2 30-50
1120.   ADKIN, A Living Picture, cabinet size, Albert Chevalier, p/b, 101 x 148mm, small corner crease, G 25-35
1121.   ADKIN, A Living Picture, cabinet size, Eugene Stratton, p/b, 101 x 148mm, G 25-35
1122.   ADKIN, A Living Picture, cabinet size, Fannie Leslie, with Raphael Tuck's printers logo to back (rare), no reference to Adkins or Commodore Cigarettes, p/b, 101 x 148mm, G 30-50
1123.   PHILLIPS, Cricketers 1924 (premium issue), No. 18c Hitch (Surrey), 102 x 152mm, G 30-40
1124.   ADVERT, postcard, Have You Any Cigarette Cards?, by the kissing gate, pub. by Valentines, serrated edges, hand-written message across all of back (not pu), VG (Illustration page 5) 25-35
1125.   A. & B.C. GUM, Civil War News, wax wrapper, creasing, VG (Illustration page 5) 35-45
1126.   PHILLIPS, Children's Stories (For the Kiddies booklets), Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White & Red Riding Hood, slight rust staining to staples, G to VG, 4 30-50
1127.   BIGGS, Colonial Troops, Sierra Leone Royal Artillery, VG (Illustration page 2) 25-35
1128.   BIGGS, Colonial Troops, Sir Charles Warren, VG 25-35
1129.   BIGGS, Colonial Troops, New Zealand Mounted Rifles, VG 25-35
1130.   BIGGS, Colonial Troops, 1st Punjab Cavalry, VG 25-35
1131.   BIGGS, Colonial Troops, Imperial Light Horse, VG 25-35
1132.   BIGGS, Colonial Troops, Natal Carbineers, VG 25-35
1133.   BIGGS, Colonial Troops, 1st Bengal Lancers, VG 25-35
1134.   TADDY, Famous Horses & Cattle, No. 3 Rydal Mount, VG 40-60
1135.   TYPHOO, Dogs (1934 Calendar), Jock the Wee Scottie, EX 25-35
1136.   ALLEN & GINTER, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Pierre Picard, VG 40-60
1137.   PAULTON, Wolves Footballers (1923/4), G Jobey (Manager), 37 x 85mm, advert back, with facsimile signature to lower white border, EX 25-35
1138.   JORDEN, Celebrities of the Great War, Gen. Joffre, uneven trim, G 40-60
1139.   JORDEN, Celebrities of the Great War, King George V, uneven trim, G 40-60
1140.   JORDEN, Celebrities of the Great War, Gen. John French, uneven trim, G 40-60
1141.   JORDEN, Celebrities of the Great War, Queen Mary, uneven trim, G 40-60
1142.   CASKET TOB. & CIG. CO., Football Fixture Cards, Broughton Rangers 1905/6 (Rugby League), heavy crease, FR (Illustration page 2) 300-400
1143.   FOOTBALL, Manchester United odds, inc. Cope Noted Footballers (Clips), Nos. 124 Roberts, 127 Stacey & 129 Duckworh (heavy stain); Taddy Prominent Footballers, Wall (Manchester United), also Wilkes (Fulham), FR to VG, 5 30-50
1144.   PATTREIOUEX, Football Teams, F.202 West Bromwich Albion, large RP, VG (Illustration page 5) 25-35
1145.   PATTREIOUEX, Football Teams, F.203 Huddersfield Town, large RP, VG 25-35
1146.   PHILLIPS, Cricketers (Pinnace), large, No. 161C Buckston & 206C Evans (Kent), G to VG, 2 30-40
1147.   THOMSON, The World's Best Cricketers (1958), complete, neat trim, G to EX, 72 25-35
1148.   PATTREIOUEX, Cricketer Series, complete, G to VG, 75 250-350
1149.   THE ROCKET, Famous Knock-Outs, complete, medium RP, G to VG, 11 30-40
1150.   SMITH, Holiday Resorts, complete, G to VG, 25 (Illustration page 2) 80-120
1151.   PHILLIPS, Busts of Famous People, complete, green backs, unused, VG, 50 (Illustration page 2) 120-150
1152.   CHURCHMANS, Frisky, complete, G to VG, 52 50-70
1153.   GALLAHER, Woodland Trees Series, complete, some backs stained, G to VG, 100 100-150
1154.   OGDENS, Flags & Funnels, complete, G to VG, 50 60-80
1155.   ANSTIE, Scout Series, complete, G to VG, 50 60-80
1156.   OGDENS, Captains of Association Football Clubs & Colours, complete, G to VG, 44 30-50
1157.   LEA, Ships of the World, complete, G to EX, 50 25-35
1158.   HILL, Famous Cricketers (1923), complete, G to VG, 40 40-60
1159.   MERRYSWEETS, World Racing Cars, complete, large, EX, 48 40-60
1160.   SHEPHERD NEAME, Warplane Collection (Spitfire), complete, EX to MT, 25 25-35
1161.   CADET, Doctor Who and The Daleks, complete, EX to MT, 50 40-60
1162.   PHILLIPS, International Caps, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-35
1163.   WILLS, Nelson Series, complete, G to VG, 50 40-60
1164.   TEOFANI, Natives in Costumes, p/b, G to VG, 49 (Illustration page 2) 180-220
1165.   GALLAHER, Famous Footballers, complete, green, G to VG, 100 60-80
1166.   E.R.B., Mining, complete, G to generally VG, 50 60-80
1167.   OGDENS, Orders of Chivalry, complete, FR to VG, 50 40-60
1168.   WILLS, Famous Golfers, complete, large, about G to VG, 25 150-200
1169.   SCERRI, mainly Beauties & Children, mixed series, G to VG, 68* 25-35
1170.   WILLS, Football Club Colours, Scissors, G to VG, 15 (Illustration page 2) 40-60
1171.   WILLS, Scissors, military part sets, inc. Types of the British Army (24), Drum Horses (10), Indian Regiments (9), about G to VG, 43 (Illustration page 2) 30-40
1172.   WILLS, overseas part sets, inc. Animals & Birds, Wild Animals etc., FR to VG, 71* 25-35
1173.   wills, Beauties & Actresses, inc. ALWICS, LAWHA etc., all with red borders, FR to VG, 95* 25-35
1174.   WILLS, Pirate, part sets, inc. Oriental beauties & warriors; Houses of Parliament, Countries & Industries, G to VG, 125* 30-40
1175.   WILLS, Australian odds, Havelock, inc. Time & Money (11), Royal Mail (4), Actors & Actresses (8) etc., G to VG, 25 25-35
1176.   WILLS, Sporting Terms, Capstan (9) & Vice-Regal, creases & corner knocks, P to FR, 14 25-35
1177.   WILLS, Cricketers, Australian part sets & odds, some creasing & corner knocks, P to G, 57* 25-35
1178.   WILLS, British Army Uniforms, Wild Woodbine backs, FR to VG, 34 25-35
1179.   DUKE, Fancy Dress Ball Costumes, punch-hole (1), a.m.r. (some heavy) etc., P to G, 39 40-60
1180.   WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, complete, no clause, G to VG, 50 70-90
1181.   WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 1st, medium silks, op (54) & loose, duplication, FR to VG, 90* 60-70
1182.   WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 2nd, medium silks, op (26) & loose, FR to G, 27* 30-50
1183.   WIX J., Kensitas Flowers 2nd, small silks, op (36) & loose, FR to G, 39* 30-50
1184.   OGDENS, Guinea Gold, mainly Leaders & Actresses, slight duplication, good VR, 267* 30-50
1185.   GARBATY, wooden cards, inc. letters (11), numerals (4), images (5), designs (5+7) & three shades of blanks (3+20), 39 x 39mm, VG, 28 + 27* (Illustration page 5) 30-50
1186.   COHEN WEENEN, Silhouettes, G to VG, 6 25-35
1187.   COHEN WEENEN, War Series, G to VG, 26 30-50
1188.   COHEN WEENEN, V.C. Heroes (51-100), G to VG, 28 50-80
1189.   MITCHELL, Scottish Clan Series, G to VG, 12 30-50
1190.   TADDY, Orders of Chivalry 1st, Nos. 2, 3, 6, 8 & 9, G to VG, 5 30-50
1191.   BOXING, Wills, star & circle (2), Goldswain, Gunther & Wells; Scissors (2), Curran & Goldswain, VG, 5 (Illustration page 2) 30-50
1192.   MIXED, complete (4), Wills Lighthouses, Hill Puzzle Series, Carreras Amusing Tricks & Puzzles, Brooke Bond wild Flowers of North America, , G to EX, 198 30-50
1193.   OGDENS, complete (2), Famous Dirt Track Riders (corner knocks), How to Swim, FR to VG, 75 30-50
1194.   OGDENS, Guinea Gold - General Interest (Base D), inc. 1-200 (127), 201-500 (20), 501-900 (24) & 901 onwards (2), some variations & duplicates, slight scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 173* 80-120
1195.   OGDENS, Guinea Gold - General Interest (Base E), inc. 1-200 (40), 201-500 (27) & 501-900 (35), some variations, slight scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 102* 30-50
1196.   OGDENS, Guinea Gold - General Interest (Base F), inc. 1-200 (157), 201-500 (10), 501-900 (85) & 901 onwards (20), some variations & duplicates, slight scuffing to black edges, G to VG, 272* 150-200
1197.   ROLDAN, Tour du Monde (Views of the World), complete, El Peru backs, crease to No. 83, FR to VG, 84 200-250
1198.   MIXED, odds, inc. Hill Breeds of Dogs (3), Faulkner British Royal Family, Murray Dogs (2); Biggs, Smith, Phillips, Galbana, Lambert & Butler, Mitchell, Nicholls, Ogdens, Taddy, Sniders & Abrahams etc., FR to VG, 56* 50-70
1199.   MIXED, odds, inc. Lusby Scenes from the Circus; Sniders & Abrahams, Dogs (5), Natives (3); Anglo Cigarette, Smith Battlefield (5), Dukes Novelties (2); Smith, Collins, Bell, Phillips Red Indians (5), Duke booklets (covers loose), Singleton & Cole, Ashworth & Austin etc., FR to VG, 45 50-70
1200.   LIEBIG, Ballerinas, complete, S.257, German, G to VG, 6 50-70
1201.   LIEBIG, Scenes with the Sun III, complete, S.183, German, corner crease (1), G to VG, 6 130-160
1202.   LIEBIG, Children's Games III, complete S.140, French, VG, 6 60-80
1203.   LIEBIG, The Continents with Women in Costume, complete S.150, French, G to VG, 6 60-80
1204.   LIEBIG, Customs of Ancient Provinces (French), complete S.728, French, G to VG, 6 60-80
1205.   LIEBIG, A Marriage, complete, S.151, French, with small cachet stamps to backs, G to VG, 6 40-60
1206.   LIEBIG, Winter Scenes, complete, S.154, French, G to VG, 6 40-60
1207.   LIEBIG, Pierrot Cured by Liebig, complete, S.181, Belgian, VG, 6 40-60
1208.   LIEBIG, Happy Negroes, complete, S.202, Belgian, some staining to backs, G to VG, 6 40-60
1209.   LIEBIG, Word Pictures VI, complete, S.323, German, G to VG, 6 60-80
1210.   KINNEY, Harlequin Cards (Set 2), complete, scuffs to backs (24, some heavy) & creased (11), FR to VG, 50 (Illustration page 1) 200-300
1211.   DUKE, The Terrors of America, complete, scuffs to backs (14, some heavy), FR to VG, 50 (Illustration page 1) 400-600
1212.   DUKE, Actors & Actresses, complete, no frame (19), scuffs to backs (2), FR to VG, 50 (Illustration page 1) 500-600
1213.   DUKE, Shadows, complete, scuffs to backs (4) & fronts (4), creased (4), FR to VG, 50 (Illustration page 1) 250-350
1214.   WILLS, Animals & Birds in Fancy Costume, complete, non-descriptive, creased (5), FR to VG, 50 (Illustration page 1) 1000-1500
1215.   WILLS, Beauties (p/c inset), complete, miniature, small tear to image (1), otherwise generally EX, 52 (Illustration page 1) 800-1200
1216.   OGDENS, Beauties HOL, blue printed backs, VG, 25 (Illustration page 1) 200-300
1217.   B.A.T., Beauties (Marine & Universe girls), complete, minimal scuffing to black edges (a few with tipping-in), G to EX, 50 (Illustration page 1) 300-500
1218.   B.A.T., Beauties (Stipple), complete, G to EX, 25 (Illustration page 1) 80-120
1219.   A.T.C., Beauties (p/c superimposed), complete, blue net backs, scuffs to backs (4), G to VG, 52 (Illustration page 1) 300-500
1220.   COPE, Dickens' Gallery, complete, listed backs, G (2) to EX, 50 160-220
1221.   LORILLARD, Beautiful Women, complete, ante inset, VG to EX, 50 (Illustration page 3) 800-1200
1222.   NATIONAL CIG. & TOB. CO., National Types (Sailor Girls), complete, tear to back (1), G to VG, 25 (Illustration page 1) 400-500
1223.   OGDENS, horse racing, complete (2), Derby Entrants 1929, Jockeys and Owners' Colours, G to VG, 100 30-50
1224.   WILLS, selection, inc. National Flags & Arms, overseas (missing No. 11)); complete (3), Racehorses & Jockeys 1938, Roses; large odds (60), Old Furniture 1st (17) & 2nd (15), Flowers (12) etc., G to EX, 200* 30-50
1225.   MIXED, selection, inc. complete (5), Ogdens Birds Eggs; Players (4), War Decorations & Medals, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Cries 2nd, AC&DS (51-150); part sets & odds, Wills Musical Celebrities (31), Ogdens (59), British Birds (14), By the Roadside (20), Broadcasting (17); Players (60), Butterflies (14), Footballers 1928/9 (29); ITC metal, Wills etc., FR to EX, 446* 40-60
1226.   FOOTBALL, trade, inc. Tiger Star Footballer of 1963 (26 cards inn three strips), Answers Rummy (47/52), Shoot Football Fact Card booklets (5), Anglo Football Hints (4 packets), Master Vending (44), G to EX, 100* 40-60
1227.   FOOTBALL, foreign part sets & odds, inc. 1951/2 Belgian teams (41), Tip Top England action (2, Maltese issue), Blue Band action (5), Monopol etc., Toms Liverpool players (17, Danish), G to EX, 70* 40-60
1228.   FOOTBALL, odds, inc. Thomson (large), Cadet, Goodies, Daily Herald, Chix, Clevedon, Donaldson, Junior Pastimes, Lyons, NSS etc., FR to EX, 140* 30-50
1229.   FOOTBALL, complete (4+1), Topical Times, The Sun 1969/70 (22), Primrose Famous Footballers (F.B.S.1), Mills Clubs and Badges (2), EX to MT, 146 40-60
1230.   TRADE, mainly European selection, part sets and odds, inc. Verkade, Aiglon, Menier, Bussink, Ricqles, Ringers, anon etc; children, caricatures, military, floral, animals, buildings, birds, religious, scenes, greetings etc., in modern album, G to VG, 175* 30-50
1231.   TRADE, Barratt & Bassett, complete, part sets and odds, inc. Giants in Sport, History of the Air, Merchant Ships of the World, Nursery Rhymes, Tarzan, Tom & Jerry, Trains of the World, Yogi Bear, Star Colony, Wise Cracks, Robin Hood, Wild Animals, The A Team etc., G to VG, 476* 60-80
1232.   TRADE, tobacco coupons, inc. Embassy, Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, John Player etc., G to EX, 583* 25-35
1233.   MIXED, complete (4), part sets and odds, inc. Ogdens Whaling, Teofani Views (p/b), Murray Bathing Belles, U.T.C. Our South African Flora; Hignett, Wills, Roses, Gems, Garden Flowers, Animals, Horses of To-Day, Signalling; Players, Riders of the World; Gallaher etc., FR to VG, 469* 30-50
1234.   SPORT, odds, football & cricket inc. A&BC Gum, Players, Esso, Texaco, CPS, Sport in Print etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
1235.   PHILLIPS, medium silks, inc. beauties, navy, arms, old masters, flags, orders of chivalry, clan tartans, ceramics, birds, heraldry, etc., duplication, some fraying, FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
1236.   PHILLIPS, medium silks, inc. birds, ceramics, heraldry, clan tartans, old masters, naval crests, war, flags, arms, orders of chivalry, naval badges, regimental colours etc., duplication, some fraying, FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
1237.   SILKS, part sets & odds, inc. Wix Flowers & Flags; Phillips, flags, royalty, clan tartans, ceramics, badges, heraldry, regimental, navy, flowers, art etc., a few premium, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
1238.   MIXED, complete and part sets, inc. Barratt, Liebig, Gallaher, Boguslavsky, Pattreiouex, Cartledge, Players, Ardath, Bells, Black Cat, Brindley, Tom Thumb, Castella; Sportsmen, Motorcycles, World of Speed, Trains & Railways, Planes & Aviation, Cricket & Cricketers, Motoring History, Ships, Firearms, Motorcars, Native American Chiefs, children, mysteries, Military Uniforms, scenes, dogs, buildings, birds (chickens), beauties, phrases, footballers, Jockeys & Racehorses, Army Badges etc., in four modern albums, G to MT, Qty. (Illustration page 4) 30-50
1239.   MIXED, complete and part sets, inc. Players, Bussinck, Phillips, Wills, Abdulla, Carreras, Barratt, County Print Services, Brooke Bond, Ardath, Tom Thumb; Silhouettes of Cars, Motor Cars, Motoring History (inc. buses and trams), Motor Racing (early to modern), Ships, Trains, Birds, Wildlife, Footballers, Balloons, Polyfilla modelling cards, planes, personalities, golfers, space, sea creatures, beauties, wars, statues, cinema stars, flowers, cricketers, teams etc., in three modern albums, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
1240.   MIXED, complete and part sets, inc. Comic Images, Fleer, Topps, collectors cards; chrome, glamour, art, Casper the Friendly Ghost holograms, Disney, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, scenes from Disney films; Fantasy Football, Topps cartoons, horror, trucks, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tekworld etc., in four modern albums, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
1241.   MIXED, complete and part sets, inc. Fleer, collectors cards; all USA, inc. Baseball, American Football, basketball, motor racing and personalities, Conan the Voyager; Comic Images, six card strips, inc. Prince Valient, GI Joe, Norman Rockwell (2), The Saturday Evening Post, Bone Series 2, Tolkein; fantasy, masterpieces, glamour, Spiderman, some holographic etc., in three modern albums, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
1242.   FOOTBALL, trade selection, part sets & odds, inc. Thomson, Ogdens, Sweetule, Players, B.A.T., Donaldson, Kiddy's Favourites, Kane, Mitcham, Barratt, The Sun, Leaf, Pro Match, Topps etc., G to VG, 630* 30-50
1243.   OGDENS, Guinea Gold & Tabs (420), inc. horses, dogs, boxers, cricket, leaders etc., with seven empty hardback albums (most faults), a few trimmed, FR to VG, 430* 50-80
1244.   TRADE, complete (15), inc. Matchbox Models, Typhoo long (2), Triumph Tricks & Teasers - Battle Scenes (op), Longleat, United Dairies, Kelloggs, Pattreiouex, Topps Desert Storm, Pro-Set Sports & Games etc., G to MT, Qty. 30-50
1245.   TRADE, mainly complete (60), inc. Lyons, Kelloggs, Brooke Bond, Horniman, Mobil, Wills, Players, Texaco, Wall etc., duplication, VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
1246.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Players, Wills, Ogdens, Guinea Gold, Brooke Bond, Horniman, Mitchell, Twinings etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
1247.   TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Lyons, Brooke Bond, A&BC Gum, Typhoo (long), Barratt, British Automatic etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
1248.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. mainly Wills & Players; Gallaher, Hill, Wix etc., duplication, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
1249.   MIXED, part sets & odds, mainly Wills & Players; Gallaher etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
1250.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Wills, Players, Gallaher, Mitchell, Carreras, CWS etc., a few large, slight duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
1251.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Churchmans, Wills, Carreras (some Turf), Players, Ogdens, Gallaher etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
1252.   TRADE, complete & part sets, inc. Brooke Bond (7+3), Topps Desert Storm (with Puzzle A & B subsets), Sanitarium; Black Cat, Embassy etc., in three modern albums, VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
1253.   TRADE, complete sets, inc. Cadbury, Scottish CWS, Typhoo, Neilson, Lyons, Clover, Mitcham, Primrose, Mills, Trucards, snooker & football stickers etc., in three modern albums, VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
1254.   TRADE, selection, inc. sweet cigarette packets (2), Primrose Superman, C&G Box of Tricks; A&BC albums (2); Brooke Bond, paper bag, laid down albums (6 Canadian, two British Birds & Out into Space); Waddington circular playing cards, Star Wars & other Tazos, Wills Speed (complete), annuals (3) etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
1255.   TRADE, mainly Brooke Bond, complete & part sets, a few albums, duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1256.   FOOTBALL, trade cards, inc. 1992 Panini (with album); 1996 Merlin club crests; 1997 Futera Manchester United, Legends, Highest Ever, Red Hot; Upper Deck, Pro-Set etc., slight duplication, VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
1257.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Wills, Players, Gallaher, Pattreiouex etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
1258.   TRADE, selection, inc. complete & part sets, odds, cereal inserts; advertising leaflets, Zoo Comic No. 1, calendar, Snip Snap card game, Robertson's paper figures (12), South Wales Great Welsh Rugby Players, Brooke Bond, Tommy Gun Medals, Prescott-Pickup, reprints, Carreras, Booth, cigar bands, Belgian Institute, Golden Era, Victoria Gallery etc., in ring-album and loose, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1259.   TRADE, mainly complete sets, inc. United Dairies, Lyons, BT Ltd, Miranda, Black Cat, Rail Enthusiast, Brooke Bond, Pattreiouex, Wills Musical Celebrities 1st (47) & 2nd (12), reprints (6), Castella, Embassy, Grandee, Bells etc., G to MT, Qty. 30-50
1260.   SELECTION, inc. complete (10), Imperial American Golfers, Tom Thumb Motor Racing & Maritime, reprint c/c (7); part sets, Question of Sport, Merlin Rugby League (280), Alva German scenes; accessories, empty plastic sheets, 25s (40), collector cards nines etc., VG to MT, Qty. 30-40
1261.   MIXED, complete and part sets, inc. Carreras Believe It or Not, Wills Railway Engines, Wix Henry, Gallaher, Sporting Personalities, Birds, Dogs, Butterflies & Months, Champions, Aeroplanes, Ogdens, Players Riders of the World etc., good VR, Qty. 30-50
1262.   MILITARY, European trade, mainly part sets & odds, some complete subsets, inc. Tiktak, Antoine, de L'Union, Stollwerck, Eckstein-Halpaus, Senez-Sturbelle, Pupier, Rich; matchbox labels, poster stamps etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 360* 50-80
1263.   SILKS, collection of embroidered silks, probably Turmac, mixed sizes, colour variations, in modern album, EX, 340* 30-50
1264.   POSTAGE STAMPS, European trade selection, inc. Greiling coins, creamer tops, cigar bands, Mimieux, Stollwerck, Usines Victoria, Pupier, poster stamps etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 320* 40-60
1265.   DOGS & CATS, European trade selection, inc. Wills, Copes; cigar bands, Stollwerck, Caillers, Trumpf, Reunion, Contamos Contigo, Cohen, poster stamps, Eerste, matchbox labels etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 470* 50-80
1266.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Morris, Moustafa, Murray, Premier, Rothmans; inc. golf strokes, Australian cricketers, zoo animals, shadowgraphs, victory signs, ships, stage & screen personalities, beauties etc., duplication, in modern album, about G to VG, 315* 30-50
1267.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Salmon & Gluckstein, Lucana, Sarony; inc. magic, army, navy, racehorses, Mediterranean, cinema, zoo animals, bridges, tennis etc., duplication, in modern album, about G to VG, 190* 30-50
1268.   MIXED, errors & varieties, inc. Wills, Household Hints, Our King & Queen, Radio Celebrities, Speed; Phillips, In the Public Eye, Aircraft; Horniman Pets; Players, Modern Naval Aircraft, Characters from Dickens, Aircraft of the RAF, Film Stars, Dandies, Uniforms of the Territorial Army etc., duplication, in modern album, about G to VG, 245* 30-50
1269.   PLAYERS, complete (16), inc. Fire-Fighting Appliances, Flags of the League of Nations, Football Caricatures by 'Mac', Football Caricatures by 'RIP', Footballers 1928, Game Birds and Wild Fowl, Gems of British Scenery, Gilbert & Sullivan, Cycling, Dogs, Drum Banners & Cap Badges etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 700 30-50
1270.   MIXED, complete (11), inc. Ogdens, Cavanders, Carreras, Churchmans, Murray, Phillips, BAT etc., in modern album, G to EX, 454* 25-35
1271.   MIXED, large, complete (7), inc. Millhoff, Pattreiouex (2), UTC, Cope, Hill etc., in modern album, G to EX, 318 25-35
1272.   PLAYERS, complete (9), inc. Dogs (extra large & full length), Military Uniforms, Zoo Babies etc., in modern album, G to EX, 387 25-35
1273.   MIXED, complete (13), inc. Carreras, Murray, Gallaher (2) & Wills (9), in modern album, G to EX, 630 25-35
1274.   LIEBIG, complete (22), early 1970s issues, inc. How We Reached the Moon 1st & 2nd, Circus 1st & 2nd, Bullfighting 1st & 2nd etc., in modern album, G to EX, 132 25-35
1275.   EAGLE DESIGNS, Naughty Ladies, complete (18), Series between 6 & 30, in modern album, MT, 108 30-40
1276.   MIXED, complete (10), Inc. Carreras (3), Raemaekers War Cartoons, Alice in Wonderland (round), Greyhound Racing Game; Thomson Warrior Cards (sectional), Molassine Dogs (full-length), Blue Bell History of London Transport 1st, Barratt Soldiers of the World, Players etc., in modern album, about G to EX, 538* 40-60
1277.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Ardath, Sports Champions, Proverbs, Stamps, Film Stars; Boguslavsky Sports Records, Salmon & Gluckstein Wireless Explained, Faulkner, Prominent Racehorses, Celebrated Bridges; Morris How Films Are Made, Cavanders Foreign Birds, Lea, Old Pottery and Porcelain, Miniatures, Hill etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 336* 30-40
1278.   PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. R.A.F Badges, Cycling, Civil Aeroplanes, Characters from Dickens, Army Corps & Divisional Signs 1914-1918, Animals of the Countryside, Wild Animals' Heads, Victoria Cross, Film Stars etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 367* 30-40
1279.   CARRERAS, part sets & odds, inc. Dogs & Friend, Highwaymen, Popular Personalities, The History of Naval Uniforms, Kings and Queens of England, Film Favourites, Popular Footballers, Famous Cricketers, Annuals etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 510* 30-40
1280.   GALLAHER, part sets & odds, inc. Aeroplanes, Racing Scenes, British Birds, Trains of the World, Dogs, Stars of Stage and Screen, The Great War, Plants of Commercial Value, Famous Footballers, Boy Scout Series etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 470* 30-40
1281.   OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. Ocean Greyhounds, Racehorses, Modern British Pottery, Shots from the Films, Dogs, Modes of Conveyance, Picturesque People of the Empire, Infantry Training, Poultry, Jockeys etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to VG, 425* 30-40
1282.   TRADE, part sets, inc. Payne, Weet-Bix, Typhoo packet issues, Weetabix stereo, Harden, Horniman, Candy Novelty, Trebor, Amaran, reprint c/c etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
1283.   PLAYERS, complete (15), inc. Military Head-Dress, Modern Naval Craft, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges, Poultry, Polar 1st & 2nd, Napoleon etc., in modern album, FR to VG, 600 30-50
1284.   FOOTBALL, trade, inc. Kiddys Favourites 14), Amalgamated Sportsmen of the World (8), Tobler stamps (12), Boys Magazine (7), Pals (7), British Team of Footballers; Thomson, complete (2), British Team of Footballers, Footballers (1923), G to EX, 85* 60-80
1285.   FOOTBALL, medium RP Scottish issues, inc. Amalgamated Sporting Champions (3); Thomson, Famous British Footballers (6) & Signed Real Photos (6), VG, 15 40-60
1286.   FOOTBALL, odds, inc. Hignett, AFC Nicknames (4), International Caps (5); Faulkner Terms (2), Mitchell Sports, Phillips Sporting Series, Marcus (P), Pattreiouex etc., P (1) to VG, 19 60-80
1287.   THE BULLSEYE, Football Teams, medium anon, CSGB ref. ZJ5-32, early 1930s (four with pencil date of issue to backs), G to VG, 14 50-80
1288.   MASTER VENDING, Cardmaster Football Tips (1958), Nos. 18 Fincham (Leicester), No. 20 Baker (Cardiff), 26 Hedley (Sunderland) & 35 Barlow (West Bromwich Albion), dark blue colour variation, VG, 4 25-35
1289.   BARRATT, Famous Footballers, medium, some shading variations, some creasing & corner knocks, FR to G, 36 30-50
1290.   MIXED, odds, inc. Wills Vanity Fair (10), Pritchard & Burton (4), Ray & Co War Series (5), Gallaher Latest Actresses (11), VC Heroes (4), The Allies Flags (4); Lambert & Butler Actresses (7), Russo-Japanese etc., FR to VG, 90* 40-60
1291.   MIXED, odds, inc. Picture Theatre Hunting Big Game (6), Clarke (9), Cohen Weenen (22), Gallaher (11), Hignett (12), Lea (24), Lambert & Butler etc., FR to VG, 105* 40-60
1292.   A.T.C., Bridge Favours & Place Cards, unused, VG to EX, 17 (Illustration page 4) 30-50
1293.   LLOYD R., Famous Cricket Puzzle Series, complete, VG to EX, 25 (Illustration page 3) 40-60
1294.   SCOTTISH C.W.S., Dogs, Nos. 9-14, 18 & 20, G to VG, 8 (Illustration page 2) 30-40
1295.   SARONY, Around the Mediterranean, white edges (rare), missing Nos. 41, 46 & 50, standard size, corner damage to Nos. 29 & 37, FR (3) to VG, 47 30-50
1296.   TEOFANI, Sport & Pastimes, complete, p/b, creased to top edge (2), about G to VG, 25 60-70
1297.   PLAYERS, Irish Place Names 1st, complete, VG, 25 35-45
1298.   OGDENS, Poultry 1st, complete, no Ogdens to front, FR to VG, 25 35-45
1299.   FRY, Tricks and Puzzles, complete, blue backs, G to VG, 50 60-80
1300.   FRY, Nursery Rhymes, complete, VG, 50 80-120
1301.   ANGLO AMERICAN, Coaching Secrets (football), complete set of 72 (32 back to back), pages from booklet (not wax paper issue), EX, 40 60-80
1302.   BARRATT, Walt Disney Characters 1st, complete, medium, generally VG, 35 (Illustration page 3) 70-90
1303.   BARRATT, Walt Disney Characters 2nd, complete, G to EX, 50 60-80
1304.   COMO CONF., Noddys Adventures 2nd, missing Nos. 28, 31 & 37, large, VG to EX, 22 35-40
1305.   COPE, Boxing Lessons, complete, VG to EX, 25 50-60
1306.   GOODIES, Indian Tribes, complete, EX to MT, 25 50-60
1307.   KANE, Disc Stars, complete, 60 x 62mm, VG to EX, 50 50-60
1308.   NEWTON CHAMBERS, IZAL Nursery Rhymes A, complete, 74 x 119mm paper issue, VG to EX, 18 (Illustration page 4) 50-60
1309.   NEWTON CHAMBERS, IZAL Nursery Rhymes B, complete, 74 x 119mm paper issue, VG to EX, 18 50-60
1310.   SINCLAIR R., Billiards by Willie Smith 1st, complete, VG, 10 35-45
1311.   SINCLAIR R., The Smiler, Nos. 1, 4 Cricketer (scuff to front), 6 (9-11, small, slight edge knocks, FR to G, 6 (Illustration page 3) 40-60
1312.   C.W.S., Boy Scout Series, Nos. 9, 12 (2), 15, 19 & 21, corner knocks, FR to G, 5 + 1 30-50
1313.   PASCALL, Boy Scouts, mixed backs, about G to VG, 6 25-35
1314.   FAULKNER, part sets, South African War Series (9) & Our Gallant Grenadiers (8), FR to G, 17 30-50
1315.   BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, football subjects, creased (3), FR to G, 11 + 1 (Illustration page 2) 40-60
1316.   BARRATT, Football Action Caricatures, Blackburn (scuff to front), Bolton, Leicester, Millwall, Sheffield United & West Ham, corner knocks, FR to G, 6 (Illustration page 2) 40-60
1317.   CRICKET, odds, inc. Barratt Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams (4), South African Cricketers (2); Hoadley, Faulkner, Clevedon, Giant Licorice etc., creased (4), FR to G, 11 40-60
1318.   MILITARY, odds, inc. Adkin Soldiers of the Queen (3), Hill War Series (Nos. 20 & 23), Copes British Warriors (23 & 49), Lambert & Butler Admiral, European War Series (3, p/b), Ray & Co. (3) etc., FR to VG, 20 40-60
1319.   MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Bell Scottish Clans (6), Pascall Felix (heavy crease), Clarke, Hudden, Taddy, Salmon & Gluckstein, Cohen Weenen, Cope, CWS, Mackenzie, Drapkin etc., a few creased, some corner knocks, P (1) to VG, 28 30-50
1320.   KIMBALL, Dancing Women, slight scuffing and corner knocks, G, 6 30-50
1321.   U.S.A., odds, inc. Kinney Surf Beauties, Goodwin Dogs of the World, Allen & Ginter (2), World's Dudes, Arms of All Nations, Pirates; Mayo etc., edge and corner knocks, FR to G, 10 50-60
1322.   MIXED, South American types, inc. beauties, scenes, military etc., scuffing and knocks to corners and edges, G, 15 35-40
1323.   B.A.T., Pinhead Chinese Trades, corner crease (2), slight scuffing, G to VG, 46 (Illustration page 2) 30-50
1324.   BROOKE BOND, Canada, complete (6), Butterflies, Trees, North American Wildlife, Exploring the Ocean, Animals and Their Young, Indians, G to EX, 288* 30-50
1325.   A.T.C., Hamilton King Girls (Bathing Girls), complete, Nos. 25-36, premium issue, G to VG, 12 (Illustration page 6) 120-180
1326.   A.T.C., Bathing Girls (silks), complete, premium size, slight fraying to edges, G to VG, 6 (Illustration page 6) 60-80
1327.   KIMBALL, Household Pets, extra-large, pin-holed (1), creased (2) & a.m.r. (4), FR to VG, 17 (Illustration page 3) 250-350
1328.   BIRDS, part sets & odds, inc. hens (14+1), Neelmeijer, Verkade, Danmark, Belle Jardiniere; anon. European trade, Oeufs et Nids (8+8), creased (1), FR to EX, 22 + 9 30-40
1329.   BARRATT, Football Stars, trimmed (1) & others creased, P to FR, 9 30-50
1330.   BARRATT, Football Team Folders, Div I (2) & II (4), inc. Manchester City, Bolton, Lincoln etc., scuffing to edges, FR to G, 6 30-40
1331.   WILLS, Soldiers of the World, G to EX, 8 25-35
1332.   TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Christian Novels large letters (11), Singer dominoes (7), Oxo adverts (10), Cadbury products (10), FR to VG, 38 30-50
1333.   TRADE, odds, inc. West Riding Health Cards (5); Eat More Fish Caught by British Fishermen, Nos. 7 (2) & 13 (8); CWS domino, Thomson miniature (blocks of five), Dick Whittington booklet, Ben Greet theatre, James Dyson soap (2), Chivers badges (7), Kellogg tea-leave reading etc., G to EX, 25 + 8 30-50
1334.   TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Irwin Shakespeare (4), Hunt Cropp Dickens (2), Tower Tea proverbs (2), EMB Empire Shopping (8+8), Cadbury (5), Typhoo Dog (Dusty), Dr Mabuse (5+1), Cowans, Hustler, Hyde, Pascall etc., FR to VG, 40 + 9 30-50
1335.   MILITARY, part sets & odds, inc. Boys Friends Regiments (complete); Phillips Real Photo Series (War Leaders), cut-outs (7 + 1); Thomson & Porteous European War (4), Bewlay War Series - Portraits (2) etc., G to VG, 21 30-40
1336.   CLEVEDON, Sporting Memories, No. 5 Fangio (motor racing) & 15 Ibbotson (athletics), large, blue backs, EX, 2 20-30
1337.   OGDENS, Guinea Gold (jockeys), Reiff, K & M Cannon, p/b, G to VG, 3 30-40
1338.   BOXING, anon. European trade, No. 101 Jack Dempsey, EX 15-25
1339.   A. & B.C. GUM, Mars Attacks, Nos. 21 Prize Captive, Bubbles, EX 20-30
1340.   MIXED, odds, Kinnear A Gentleman in Khaki (trimmed), Martins Arf A Mo Kaiser!, FR to G, 2 30-40
1341.   TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 4 Grey, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG 60-65
1342.   TETLEY, War Portraits, No. 7 Grand Duke Nicholas, Silver Pelican Tobacco, VG 60-65
1343.   FOOTBALL, anon. art styles, Bolton Wanderers, with interval rules in box to lower edge, 41 x 64mm, p/b, G (Illustration page 2) 30-50
1344.   GOLF, odds, inc. Millhoff Famous Golfers, No. 20 Bobby Jones (creased); Marsuma, Nos. 2 Vardon & 31 Braid (corner knocks), FR to G, 3 30-50
1345.   HESS, Terms of Poker, Tens and Fives, scuff to backs of two corners, G (Illustration page 1) 40-50
1346.   DUKE, History of Poor Boys & Other Famous People, Levi P Morton, booklet, VG (Illustration page 1) 25-35
1347.   KRIEGSFELD, Phrases and Advertisements, A Treat, creased & a.m.r., about G (Illustration page 1) 25-35
1348.   FOOTBALL, anon., Barson (Villa), Stephenson (Huddersfield) & Wilson (Middlesbro), CSGB ref. ZJ5-47, slight corner knocks, G to VG, 3 40-60
1349.   FOOTBALL, anon., Howard-Baker (Chelsea), Steel (Hamilton Academicals) & Stephenson (Huddersfield), CSGB ref. ZJ5-48, slight corner knocks, G to VG, 3 30-50
1350.   THOMSON, Vanguard Photo Gallery (footballers), complete booklets (four images each), covers Nos. 2 Dinsdale (Notts County), 9 Urwin (Middlesbro) & 10 Brown (Everton), G, 3 30-50
1351.   THOMSON, Footballers & Racing Cars, Steele (Huddersfield Town), Troup (Everton) & Williams (Clapton Orient), 28mm dia. coins, VG, 3 30-50
1352.   BAKER, Tobacconists Shops, 423-424 Strand, Cigar back, VG (Illustration page 5) 40-60
1353.   BAKER, Actresses - three sizes (all small),creased (1), FR to VG, 4 + 1 25-35
1354.   SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, British Queens, No. 3 Queen of William I, VG 25-35
1355.   SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, British Queens, No. 4 Eleanor, VG 25-35
1356.   SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, British Queens, No. 5 Katherine Howard, VG 25-35
1357.   SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, British Queens, No. 7 Anne Boleyn, VG 25-35
1358.   SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, British Queens, No. 8 Lady Jane Grey, VG 25-35
1359.   SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, British Queens, No. 9 Mary II, VG 25-35
1360.   SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, British Queens, No. 10 Elizabeth, VG 25-35
1361.   SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, British Queens, No. 11 Victoria, VG 25-35
1362.   TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Casey (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, VG 40-50
1363.   TADDY, Prominent Footballers, David (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, EX 40-50
1364.   TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Powell (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, VG 40-50
1365.   TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Pugsley (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, VG 40-50
1366.   TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Smith (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, EX 40-50
1367.   TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Williams (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, VG 40-50
1368.   TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Winfield (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, scuff to back, G 40-50
1369.   BAINES, shield-shaped football card, Play Up Bradford (Baines for Ever), VG 20-30
1370.   BAINES, shield-shaped rugby card, Well Passed Hamsteel, VG 20-30
1371.   BAINES, shield-shaped rugby card, Bedford - A Try, VG 20-30
1372.   BAINES, shield-shaped rugby card, Halifax - Taking a Punt, with Wedgwood inset), VG 20-30
1373.   BAINES, shield-shaped football card, Blackburn Rovers, with Suttie inset, VG 25-35
1374.   BAINES, shield-shaped cricket card, Lancashire, with W. Hoddlestone inset, VG 25-35
1375.   TADDY, County Cricketers, Montgomery & Phillips (small pink stain), both Somersetshire, Imperial backs, G to VG, 2 25-35
1376.   SMITH, Champions of Sport, Jones (cricket), blue back, unnumbered, VG 60-80
1377.   OGDENS, Cricketers and Sportsmen, Wainwright (cricket), G 50-70
1378.   HILL, Famous Cricketers (1912), Nos. 1 Rhodes, blue back, minimal scuffing to brown edges, VG 25-35
1379.   PATTREIOUEX, golf booklet, A True Aid to Better Golf, issued with Senior Service, pocket issue, G 40-60
1380.   TADDY, Clowns, clown jumping through paper hoop, previously purchased at a Murray's auction, slight corner knocks, G (Illustration page 4) 350-400
1381.   E.R.B., Easter Manoeuvres of Our Volunteers, The Attacking Force, VG (Illustration page 4) 60-80
1382.   CYCLING, John Bull Tyres advert card, VG (Illustration page 4) 30-50
1383.   BARRATT, Famous Cricketers (folders), Verity/Nawab of Pataudi & Hobbs/Tate, VG, 2 40-60
1384.   BARRATT, Famous Cricketers (folders), Bradman/Bromley & Chipperfield/Barnett, all Australians, VG to EX, 2 40-60
1385.   WILLS, Cricketers (1896), Wainwright (Yorkshire), VG 40-50
1386.   ERINDALE, Australian Cricketers, Ellis, VG 30-50
1387.   TADDY, County Cricketers, Seymour & Woolley (both Kent), Grapnel backs, VG, 2 30-50
1388.   TADDY, County Cricketers, Douglas & Keigwin (both Essex), Grapnel backs, VG, 2 30-50
1389.   PLAYERS, transfers, complete (3) & part sets, inc. D. & G.N.W., A. & C. Birds, Your Initials, Wild Birds, Boy Scout & Girl Guide etc., duplication, usual curl, EX to MT, 500* 25-35
1390.   TRADE, part sets, inc. A&BC, Battle Cards (61), You'll Die Laughing (18), footballers (11); Somportex James Bond - Thunderball (42), Weetabix Western Story (30), Paterson Balloons (47); Chix etc., some creasing to better cards, P to EX, Qty. 60-80
1391.   BARRATT, Walt Disney Characters 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 50 60-80
1392.   OGDENS, Billiards by Tom Newman, complete, about G to VG, 50 30-40
1393.   OGDENS, Trick Billiards, complete, VG to EX, 50 25-35
1394.   PLAYERS, Cats, complete, large, VG to EX, 24 30-50
1395.   PLAYERS, large, inc. complete (3), Clocks - Old & New, Types of Horses, Treasures of Britain; part set, Portals of the Past (24, VG to EX, 94 30-40
1396.   WILLS, large, inc. complete (5), Old Inns 1st & 2nd, Old Pottery and Porcelain, Old Furniture, Old Silver; part set, Old Sundials (24), VG to EX, 184 40-60
1397.   CARRERAS, British Fish, Turf slides (uncut singles), missing Nos. 4, 10 & 40, duplication, VG to EX, 195* 40-60
1398.   TRADE, wax wrappers, inc. Donruss, Fleer, Topps; Alien, Batman, Dinosaurs Attack, Elvis, Fright Flicks, Ghost Busters, Star Trek, Superman, Star Wars etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 100* 40-60
1399.   FOOTBALL, Topps Match Attax part sets, inc. 2013/4 (71), 2015/6 (8) & 2016/7 (26), EX to MT, 105* 25-35
1400.   WILLS, Australian and English Cricketers (1903), complete, numbered, generally VG, 25 (Illustration page 4) 180-250
1401.   SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Great War Leaders & Warships, mauve fronts, VG to EX, 25 120-150
1402.   PATTREIOUEX, Sporting Events and Stars, complete, inc. Bobby Jones, Don Bradman and Joe Louis, large, VG to EX, 96 (Illustration page 4) 80-120
1403.   SPORT, odds, inc. football (13), Smith Football Club Records 1916/7 (6); Cohen Weenen Football Captains (3), Hill Celebrities in Sport (2); golf (3), Morris Golf Strokes (3) etc., G to EX, 19 40-60
1404.   CHURCHMANS, Footballers (colour), Nos. 5, 6 (creased), 13, 20, 28, 32, 34 & 35, FR (1) to EX, 8 30-50
1405.   WILLS, Football Series, pink, G to VG, 28 60-80
1406.   WILLS, Sports of All Nations, missing Nos. 14, 15, 33 & 35, G to VG, 46 150-200
1407.   THOMSON, Cricketers (self-standing), Nos. 5, 7, 10 & 11, Magnet, minimal damage to extremities, VG, 4 30-50
1408.   POTTER MOORE, Famous Cricketers (English), complete, medium, some corner knocks, about G to VG, 20 80-120
1409.   PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), G to VG, 30 40-60
1410.   DONALDSON, Sports Favourites (Cricketers), mainly neat trim, G to VG, 18 + 3 60-80
1411.   CEREAL FOODS, Leading Cricketers, complete, Australian trade issue, G to VG, 32 50-70
1412.   PLAYERS, Every Day Phrases by Tom Browne, complete, slight corner knocks, about G to VG, 25 (Illustration page 4) 60-80
1413.   PLAYERS, Useful Plants & Fruits, complete, G to VG, 50 30-40
1414.   PLAYERS, Gallery of Beauty, complete, most trimmed to sides, FR to G, 50 50-80
1415.   PHILLIPS, sports, package issues (uncut board), singles (31) & doubles (5), VG to EX, 36 40-60
1416.   PATTREIOUEX, part sets & odds, inc. Railway Posters (28), Footballers in Action (10), Footballers, early RP views etc., corner clipped (1), P (1) to VG, 97* 30-50
1417.   GALLAHER, Regimental Colours & Standards, complete, VG to EX, 50 80-120
1418.   HIGNETT, Interesting Buildings, complete, VG to EX, 50 70-90
1419.   WILLS, Vanity Fair 1st, complete, G to EX, 50 80-120
1420.   WILLS, Double Meaning, missing No. 12), no p/c inset, a few stained, FR to G, 49 70-90
1421.   WILLS, Houses of Parliament, complete, overseas (star & circle backs), G to VG, 32 25-35
1422.   FRY, Tricks & Puzzles, complete, blue backs, G to VG, 50 40-60
1423.   BELL, Colonial Series, complete, creased (1), FR (2) to VG, 25 600-800
1424.   A. & B.C. GUM, Car Stamps Albums, complete, nine complete with stamps (Nos. 7-9, 11, 13, 14, 19 & 20), otherwise with part subsets, G to VG, 21 80-120
1425.   THOMSON, Battles for the Flag, complete, premium issue, G to EX, 26 40-60
1426.   FAULKNER, Wild West, complete, proof issue (plain backs), EX to MT, 50 (Illustration page 4) 300-400
1427.   WILLS, Puppies, complete, large, extremely rare especially as a set, some light staining to a few backs, VG to EX, 40 (Illustration page 4) 1000-1200
1428.   LAMBERT & BUTLER, Motors, complete, generally EX, 25 350-400
1429.   ADKIN, Sporting Cups & Trophies, complete, some scuffing to green edges, G to VG, 30 (Illustration page 4) 150-200
1430.   BARRATT, Famous Cricketers (1938), medium, numbered, VG to EX, 9 + 1 (Illustration page 5) 70-90
1431.   WILLS, Cricketers 1901, missing Nos. 3, 7, 17 & 20, no vignette, G to VG, 21 (Illustration page 5) 80-120
1432.   TADDY, South African Cricket Team 1906-7, Sherwell, Sinclair, Smith, SD Snooke, Tancred, Vogler & White, VG, 7 (Illustration page 5) 100-150
1433.   PATTREIOUEX, Cricketers Series, Nos. between 48 & 60, Australians (1), G to VG, 10 30-40
1434.   AUSTRALIAN LICORICE, English Cricketers (1928/9), slight scuffing to brown edges, G to VG, 12 (Illustration page 5) 50-70
1435.   PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), FR to VG, 17 30-50
1436.   BARRATT, Cricket Team Folders (1933), Nos. 3, 6, 8 & 12, generally VG, 4 40-60
1437.   CRICKET, The Midjy Photo Outfit, cream (14/16) & white cards (complete), with frame and packet of sensitized paper, also with some photocopies, VG to EX, 32+ (Illustration page 5) 80-120
1438.   CRICKET, part sets & odds, mainly collugated subsets, inc. Wills Vanity Fair (8), Phillips silks & Famous Cricketers; Players, Sarony, Hignett, Churchmans, Thomson etc., G to EX, 73* 30-50
1439.   CRICKET, part sets & odds, mainly collugated subsets, inc. Hill (20), Daily Herald (17), Gallaher, Phillips, Players etc., G to EX, 80* 30-50
1440.   SPORT & ADVENTURE, Famous Footballers, complete set of 46, in fourteen strips of three & two pairs, medium, VG to EX, 16 60-80
1441.   MITCHELL, Scottish Footballers, complete, EX, 50 40-60
1442.   SMITH, Footballers (untitled), inc. Wall (Manchester United), blue backs, some scuffing to black edges, creased (4), FR to G, 10 (Illustration page 5) 30-50
1443.   OGDENS, Famous Dirt-Track Riders, complete, VG to EX, 25 30-50
1444.   GALLAHER, Famous Cricketers, duplication, G to VG, 47 + 17 40-60
1445.   CINEMA, selection, inc. Wills Famous Film Stars (28, Australian); Hill, Scenes from the Films (9), Who's Who in British Films (complete), G to VG, 87* 30-50
1446.   HILL, Famous Cinema Celebrities, C (21, small) & D (21, large), VG to EX, 42* 40-60
1447.   MILITARY, complete (2), United Kingdom T.C. Officers Full Dress, Phillips Soldiers of the King, VG to EX, 72 30-40
1448.   MILITARY, part sets, inc. Cohen Weenen VCs (19), Wills Naval Dress & Badges (48), ITC of Canada Naval Portraits (45), FR to G, 112* 40-60
1449.   RAY & CO., War Series, Nos. 61-63, 67, 72, 76, 77, 81, 85 & 86, FR to G, 10 30-50
1450.   BEAUTIES, part sets & odds, inc. Phillips B (5), B.A.T. Nautch Girls (13), Gallaher, Tit-Bits etc., some creasing, amr etc., G to VG, 60* 30-40
1451.   BEAUTIES, mainly odds, inc. many USA, ATC, Hall, Kinney. National, Kimball, Duke; Hignett, Copes, Phillips, Wills, Ogdens, Adkin, Muratti etc., FR to G, 47* 60-80
1452.   MIXED, part sets, inc. Mitchell Humorous Drawings (6), Anstie People of Africa (16), BAT Jockeys & Owners Colours (20, p/c), Wills Transvaal (9); Hill Crystal Palace, cream (39) & white (25) etc., FR to EX, 123* 30-50
1453.   COPE, Eminent British Regiments Officers' Uniforms, brown, Danish text, P to G, 20 30-40
1454.   CYCLING, European trade selection, inc. Ruchor poster stamps, cigar band subsets; matchbox labels etc., FR to EX, 275* 30-40
1455.   JACQUES, Autos of 1962, complete, Belgian chocolate issue, medium (144) & larger, VG to EX, 157 30-50
1456.   HUNTLEY & PALMER, odds, inc. Sports, Scenes, Hunting, Views of Italy etc., some trimmed to images, others with damage to edges, P to G, 27* 30-50
1457.   CRICKET, inc. odds, Barratt, Kiddys Favourites, Wills Sports (2), Radio fun; part set, Lloyd Cricket Puzzles (14) etc., G to EX, 22 40-60
1458.   BEAUTIES, part sets, inc. Ogdens, miniature playing cards (15), ITC of India Nautch Girls (10); also Wills Film Stars - Four Aces (9), G to VG, 34 30-50
1459.   WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, p/c silks, Aster - Sweet Sultan, Crocus - Snowdrop & Honeysuckle - Rambler Rose, op (slight splits), VG, 3 40-60
1460.   GOLF, large, odds, inc. Players (6), Sanella, The Flag Game, UTC, Chix, Alpenaneeuw, Muratti etc., VG to EX, 15 40-60
1461.   GOLF, odds, inc. Lea, Phillips, BAT, Sweetacre, Mitchell, Allen, Players Bonzo, Millhoff etc., VG to EX, 11 40-60
1462.   COTTON, Golf Strokes A22, 41, 42, 44 & 45, unused, VG, 5 25-35
1463.   PHILLIPS, Indian Series, Nos. 2, 10, 11-13, 17 & 19, 24, VG, 8 25-35
1464.   SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Traditions of the Army & Navy, Nos. 3, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14 & 18, G to VG, 8 25-35
1465.   BIRDS, inc. Reliance (2), Churchmans (2), Harvey Davy (Gallaher sticker to back), Wills Birds of Australasia (23), G to EX, 28 30-50
1466.   MIXED, odds, inc. Copes, Pigeons (2), Worlds Police (2); Clarke Royal Mail, ERB Abbeys & Castles (4), Edmondson British Ships (3), United Service Flag Girls (2), Pattreiouex, Phillips, Barratt, etc., G to EX, 25 30-50
1467.   POSTAGE STAMPS, European trade selection, inc. Aiguebelle, Carl Ronning, Beriot, Lombart, Biesolt & Locke, Suchard, Toye, Mertens, Palmin, Warne etc., G to EX, 95* 40-60
1468.   NATIONAL TYPES, European trade, complete & part subsets, inc. Cibils, Hoyer, Lavazza. Palmin, AXA, Petzold & Aulhorn etc., G to EX, 70* 30-50
1469.   LAVAZZA, complete & part subsets, inc. Italian history, fables, military etc., VG to EX, 130* 30-40
1470.   SHIPPING, European trade selection, inc. Gallicromo, Palmin, Luxor, Liebig, Erdal Kwak, Trebucien, Ibis etc., G to EX, 139* 30-50
1471.   TRADE, USA selection, inc. children, comedy, floral, views etc., G to EX, 95* 30-50
1472.   NATURAL HISTORY, European complete subsets (10), inc. Eucalol, Palmin, Book Tallies, Echte Wagner & Lavazza (5), G to EX, 66 30-50
1473.   A.T.C., Actresses with Flowers, Miss Cora Tanner (geranium), premium issue (203 x 280mm), Richmond Straight Cut No. 1, slight edge knocks, G 25-35
1474.   A.T.C., Actresses (T1), Hopper, Harned, Irving & Spong, premium issue, Turkish Trophies, VG, 4 30-50
1475.   A.T.C., Hamilton King Girls (Bathing Girls), Nos. 26-29, premium issue, slight corner knocks, G to VG, 4 30-50
1476.   A.T.C., Hamilton King Girls (Period Gowns), Nos. 53-56, premium issue, slight corner knocks, G to VG, 4 30-50
1477.   A.T.C., Hamilton King Girls (Flag Girls), Nos. 62-67, premium issue, corner knocks, G, 4 25-35
1478.   TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Fulham subjects, mixed backs, VG to EX, 13 80-120
1479.   COPE, Noted Footballers (Clips), inc. Newcastle (4), Middlesbrough (3) etc., mixed backs, FR to VG, 11 40-60
1480.   CHURCHMANS, Football Club Colours, FR to VG (1), 12 30-50
1481.   GALLAHER, Association Football Club Colours, G to VG, 30 35-45
1482.   CARRERAS, Footballers, complete, small titles, VG to EX, 75 40-60
1483.   TYPHOO, International Football Stars 1st, missing Wilson, premium issue, about G to VG, 23 30-50
1484.   TYPHOO, International Football Stars 2nd, complete, premium issue, G to VG, 24 30-50
1485.   A. & B.C. GUM, 1972 Footballers (1-219), complete, in ringbinder, a few FR, otherwise G to VG, 219 100-150
1486.   A. & B.C. GUM, 1968 Footballers, yellow, duplication, in ring-binder, G to VG, 70 + 85* 40-60
1487.   THE SUN, Soccercards, near complete, corner-mounted to pages in ring-binder, VG to EX, 998* 30-50
1488.   FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Soccer Star postcards, 1949/50 Sport teams, Daily Mirror 1988, Merlin 1994 Premier, A&BC (orange), Chix 2nd & 3rd, Daily Star, Thompson, 90 Minutes etc., G to MT, Qty. 50-100
1489.   TOPICAL TIMES, football selection, inc. miniature & large Panel Portraits, Stars of To-Day, some cut from magazines etc., FR to VG, Qty. 80-120
1490.   FOOTBALL, selection, inc. IPC My Favourite Soccer Stars (five booklets complete), Fleetway teams 1958/9 & 1959/60, Pluck Famous Football Teams, FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
1491.   FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Thomson, Famous Teams (complete), Cup-Tie Stars (both complete); Amalgamated Press booklets; Master Vending, Merlin, Pro-Set, Topps etc., FR to MT, Qty. 40-60
1492.   FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Subbuteo 92, Wagon Wheels, Top Trumps, BP, Leaf, Transimage etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
1493.   TOPPS, Footballers, part sets, inc. red/grey, blue/grey, orange, split triples etc., duplication, G to EX, Qty. 40-60
1494.   WILLS, Pond & aquarium, complete (2+82), 1st (79) & 2nd (5), EX to MT, 2100 25-35
1495.   TRADE, European selection, inc. Tobler, Boulangereau Bon Marche, Guerin-Boutron, Cibils etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
1496.   PLAYERS, large, part sets & odds, inc. Dogs, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Gilbert & Sullivan, Ships Figureheads etc., duplication, FR to VG, 180* 30-50
1497.   WILLS, large, part sets, inc. Rigs of Ships, Old Furniture, Punch Cartoons, Racehorses & Jockeys, Old London etc., duplication, FR to VG, 250* 30-50
1498.   WILLS, part sets & odds, inc. merchant Ships, Historic Events, Gems, Household Hints, Engineering Wonders, Famous Inventions etc., duplication (some heavy), FR to VG, 1700* 30-50
1499.   PLAYERS, part sets & odds, inc. Kings & Queens, Napoleon, National Flags, Products, Racing Caricatures, Polar Exploration, Fire-Fighting Appliances, Natural History etc., duplication, FR to VG, 1200* 30-50
1500.   CAVANDERS, part sets, inc. Peeps, Foreign Birds, Camera Studies, Beauty Spots, Ancient Chinese/Egypt etc., mixed sizes, FR to VG, 900* 30-50
1501.   GALLAHER, part sets, mainly later issues, duplication, FR to VG, 1000* 30-50
1502.   TRADE, mainly part sets, inc. Brooke Bond, Barratt, Badshah, Dutton, Lyons, Harden, Kelloggs, Jacobs etc., duplication, FR to EX, 1200* 30-50
1503.   PATTREIOUEX, large, early RP part sets, duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, 700* 30-50
1504.   PATTREIOUEX, large, later RP complete & part sets, duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, 2500* 30-50
1505.   WILLS, part sets, inc. The Coronation Series. Speed, Strange Craft, sectional, The Sea-Shore, Time & Money, floral etc., duplication, , FR to G, 1500* 30-50
1506.   CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection of 10s & 20s, inc. many Park Drive, Wills Woodbine etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
1507.   TRADE, selection, inc. cards & other inserts, booklets etc; Adventure, Modern Boy, Wizard, Ventolin, Bunty, Every Schoolgirl, Mother Seigel, Owbridge etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1508.   TRADE, selection, inc. cards & other inserts, booklets etc; Vanish, Amalgamated Autographs, Lux, Quaker yo-yo, Famous Feats, Punishments, Practical Photography, Barratt etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1509.   TRADE, selection, inc. cards & other inserts, booklets etc; Brookes, British Rail, Clarins, Woolworths, Vim, Dandy etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1510.   TRADE, selection, inc. cards & other inserts, booklets etc; Humbrol, Walkers, Dickson Orde cubes, Tobler, Nestle etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1511.   TRADE, selection, inc. cards & other inserts, booklets; Warne, Nestle, Kelloggs, Daddies, British Airways, Cadbury, Church & Dwight etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1512.   BROOKE BOND, odds. inc. standard and large size, duplication, VG to EX, 9000* 25-35
1513.   TRADE, complete and part sets, inc. Futera football fans selection, Liverpool, Newcastle; Tourist Information, part sets (7); Harry Potter; collectors coins etc., VG to EX, Qty. 25-30
1514.   WILLS, part sets and odds, inc. Air Raid Precautions, Speed, Ships Badges, Flags of the Empire, Wild Flowers, Garden Flowers; also Gallaher Champions, Players Nature Series, Cavanders, P to G, Qty. 25-35
1515.   TRADE, sweet cigarette packets, Thorneycroft (USA), inc. Superman, Scooby-Doo, Thunderbirds, Avengers, Tom & Jerry, Popeye, Marvel Heroes, Spiderman etc., mainly flattened; together with a few Bazooka Joe wrappers, some duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
1516.   MIXED, selection, inc. complete and empty albums, laid down and corner-mounted, inc., Brooke Bond, Players, Topps, Grandee, Pattreiouex Coastwise; Texaco Trophy 1984; Embassy World of Speed; Doncella, Napoleonic Uniforms, Golden Age of Sail; Bibby, How What & Why?, This Wonderful World; Sugar Puffs National Motor Museum etc. G to VG, 45* 40-60
1517.   MIXED, selection empty albums, laid down and corner-mounted, inc. Grandee, Tom Thumb, Doncella, Typhoo, Castella, Kraft etc., a few with corner knocks, G to EX, 55* 40-60
1518.   MIXED, selection, inc. empty, part and complete albums, laid down and corner-mounted, inc. Barratt, Age of the Dinosaurs, Play Cricket, Football; Golden Wonder, Grandee British Butterflies; Lyons Wings of Speed; Tom Thumb; Primrose Popeye etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 60* 40-60
1519.   THORNYCROFT, Spiderman sweet cigarette packets, print & design variations, small and large complete boxes (flattened) hulls in 4 modern albums, duplication, VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
1520.   HOUSE OF DORCHESTER, chocolate bar wrappers, inc. dinosaurs, wild animals, London, royalty, star signs, Christmas, advent calendars, cars, fairies, famous people, landmarks, buildings, flowers, letters, coronation street characters, flags, tartan, boats, Easter, Valentines's, Halloween etc., in 6 modern albums, duplication, generally EX, Qty. 30-50
1521.   TRADE, seven complete sets with duplication, inc. military regiments, David Hunter (39), Carreras Black Cat (18), anon. (40); 1995 Rugby World Cup - England (43), American Golfers (42), Lyons County Badges (45), Picture Cards that have made History (45 albums and 24 op with loose sets), EX to MT, Qty. 30-50
1522.   BROOKE BOND, selection of complete and part sets laid down (some lightly) or corner-mounted in albums, together with Players & Wills 1d albums (50*), empty (14), slight duplication, about G to VG,115* 30-50
1523.   PANINI, football, complete retail boxes, Euro 2008, EX, 13 30-50
1524.   PANINI, football, complete retail boxes, 2010 South Africa World Cup, EX, 12 30-50
1525.   PANINI, football, complete retail boxes, Scottish Premier League, EX, 12 25-35
1526.   PANINI, football, complete retail boxes, The World Cup Story, EX, 21 30-50
1527.   FOOTBALL, trade, part sets with duplication (some heavy), inc. Panini, France 98, Champions League, Scottish Premier League, Football 78, 80, 81, Fussball 94; Merlin 96, 98, 99, 2000, Euro 96, Premier Gold, Futera World Stars; Upper Deck etc., EX, Qty. 30-50
1528.   PANINI, football, part sets with duplication (some heavy), inc. Supersport, Legends, Football, 78, 79, 82, 83, 84, 87, 88 & 94; Euro 2004, Scottish Premier League, Italy 90, SUper Calci 95-96, Germany 2006, Fussball 94, Voetbal 93 etc., EX, Qty. 30-50
1529.   FOOTBALL, trade part sets with duplication (some heavy), inc. Upper Deck, Premier Gold 2000, Strike Force, Manchester United, Treble Triumph, Legends of Old Trafford, We Are United; Futera, Platinum, Fans Selection, Manchester United, World Cup Greats, European Soccer Stars 2001, The Double; Merlin FA Premier League 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 & 2006, Shooting Stars; Topps Match Attax etc., EX, Qty. 30-50
1530.   MONOPOLIO ITALIANI TABACCHI, Seria di Vedute di Englitera (English Views), from a set of 25, No. 10 Spagnolette Macedonia (red) backs, VG to EX, 22 280-320
1531.   MOORE & CALVI, Beauties (p/c inset), complete, large, name to fronts, VG to EX, 53 500-600
1532.   ACCESSORIES, modern cigarette card albums, all red, with slipcases (2), EX, 7 xxx sold in saleroom at 2 each
1533.   ACCESSORIES, modern cigarette cards, most full with sleeves (mixed format), VG, Qty. sold in auction room at 2 each