Public Auction of Entertainment, Ephemera and Cigarette & Trade Cards
on Wednesday 8th March 2017

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1.      THEATRE, cabinet photo of The Late Mr D'Oyly Carte, by Alfred Ellis & Walery of London, mounted to card, VG 80-120
2.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, Miss Geraldine Ulmar in costume as Gianetta from The Gondoliers, by Barraud of Oxford St London, slight foxing, corner knocks, G 80-120
3.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, Courtice Pounds in costume from The Gondoliers, by Barraud of Oxford St London, pencil annotation to reverse, slight foxing, corner knocks, G 80-120
4.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, Decima Moore in costume as Casilda from The Gondoliers, by Barraud of Oxford St London, slight foxing, corner knocks, G 80-120
5.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photos, couples in costume, Rutland Barrington & Decima Moore, Rutland Barrington (Giuseppe) and Courtice Pounds (Marco) all in the Gondoliers, both by Barraud of Oxford St London), corners clipped (1), adhesion marks to front (1), slight staining, foxing and corner knocks, G, 2 100-150
6.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photo, The Mikado, scene from Act II, "The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring, Tra La", by Edward Smith of Cheapside London, slight corner knocks, VG 80-120
7.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photos, Miss Lindsay in Princess Ida (by Elliott & Fry of Baker St London), one unidentified (by Barraud of London), possibly same person,
corner knocks, G, 2 100-150
8.      THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, cabinet photos, W.H. Denny in The Gondoliers by Barraud of Oxford St, London (pencil annotation to reverse), Mr C Kenningham in The Yeomen of the Guard by Alfred Ellis of London (adhesion marks to bottom edge), slight staining and corner knocks, about G, 2 100-150
9.      THEATRE, postcards, couples and scenes, inc. The Merry Widow, The Explorer, The Marriages of Mayfair, Sir Walter Raleigh, The Prisoner of Zenda, Raffles, King Richard II, The Harlequin King etc; Lewis Waller & Mary Rorke, William Haviland, Lily Brayton, Beerbohm Tree & Oscar Asche, Madge Vincent & J Alexandre, Weedon Grossmith, Henry Kemble & Winifred Winter, Gerald Du Maurier & Laurence Irving, F. Tennant, Henry Ainley & J.T. McMillan, Lewis Waller & Winifred Emery, Dick Heldar & Bessie Broke, Eva Moore & Basil Gill, Fred Terry & Horace Hodges, W.H. Berry & Fred Kaye etc., slight duplication, some pu, VR, 60* 25-35
10.     THEATRE, postcards, mixed selection, inc. actors, actresses, couples, scenes etc., Lizzie Webster, The Only Way (30), Sydney Carton, Martin Harvey, Fred Everill, Bessie Elder, Herbert Sleath, Acton Bond, Constance Collier & Hilda Moore, Romeo & Juliet, King Richard II, The Royal Family, Lyn Harding & Beerbohm Tree, Madge Titheradge & Lewis Waller, A Butterfly on the Wheel, Lights Out, Ellaline Terriss & Seymour Hicks, Edna May & Charles Angelo, The Belle of Mayfair, The Merry Widow (16) etc., slight duplication, some pu, VR, 60* 25-35
11.     EPHEMERA, selection of cartes de visite, 1800s, male subjects, mainly unidentified, photographers inc. Lacy, Fradelle & Marshall, Moira & Haigh Watkins, Newbold, Redman (all of London), Hall of Brighton, Thrupp of Birmingham, Mudd of Manchester etc., some with annotation to reverse, generally G, 47* 30-50
12.     EPHEMERA, selection of cabinet photos, 1800s, female subjects, mainly unidentified, photographers inc. Palmer, Bassano, Fall, Griffiths, Downey (all of London, Tralles (USA), Lord of Cambridge, McPherson of Aberdeen etc., some with annotation to reverse, generally G, 27 25-35
13.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1880s-1920s, ballet and some opera, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, Alhambra, Russian, Indian and Military ballet, some laid down to card, signs of previous binding, creasing and some tears, FR to G, 24 30-50
14.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, London selection, 1880s, Royal Princess (13), Daly's (5), Theatre Royal Drury Lane (11), plays, pantomime, some with signs of previous binding, some tears and creases, FR to G, 29 30-50
15.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1880s, London selection, St. James's, Theatre Royal Haymarket, Royal Lyceum, Royal Court; Hamlet, Impulse, A Lesson In Love, As You Like It, Richard III, Liberty Hall etc., some with signs of previous binding, slight creasing and some tears to edges, FR to G, 29 30-50
16.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, Nationwide selection, 1880s, inc. Royal Olympic, New Olympic, Toole's, Lyceum, Charing Cross, Lyric, Prince of Wales, Theatre Royal Haymarket & Covent Garden, Alhambra, Royalty; Theatre Royal Birmingham, Royal Court Theatre Liverpool, Theatre Royal Eastbourne; military concerts, plays etc., some with signs of previous binding, tears and repairs, FR to G, 32 30-50
17.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1880s, London selection, Her Majesty's, Garrick, Theatre Royal Drury Lane; The Armada, The Derby Winner, Winter's Tale, Shakespeare, plays, pantomimes, some double bills, some with signs of previous binding, some tears, creasing, foxing and repairs, FR to G, 28 30-50
18.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, 1880s, London selection, plays and opera, Royal Court, Theatre Royal Haymarket, Royal Alhambra, Royal Opera House Covent Garden etc., some with signs of previous binding, some tape repairs, G, 30 30-50
19.     THEATRE, early posters, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, 1800s, mainly 8 x 13, duplication, some removed from binders, tears to edges and some creasing, P to G, 50* 60-80
20.     THEATRE, early posters, Theatre Royal Covent Garden, 1800s, mainly 8 x 13, duplication, some removed from binders, tears to edges and some creasing, P to G, 50* 60-80
21.     THEATRE, photographs, modern pulls from Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado, play scenes (7+28), designer sketching (1+3), mainly 9 x 7, duplication, EX, 39* 25-35
22.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, b/w photos (8.25 x 10), actresses, inc. Ann Drummond-Grant (Iolanthe), Helen Roberts (2, HMS Pinafore), Evelyn Gardiner (Patience), Marjorie Abbott (Trial by Jury), Margaret Mitchell (Patience) etc., annotation to most backs, G to VG, 8 30-50
23.     THEATRE, D'Oyly Carte, b/w photos (8.25 x 10), actors, inc. Sydney Granville (Pirates of Penzance), Donald Adams (Rudigore), Alan Styler (as Guiseppe) etc., some annotated to back, G to VG, 8 30-50
24.     PROGRAMMES, Folies Bergere etc., 1900 onwards, inc. Casino De Paris, Grand Bal du Moulin Rouge, Latin Quarter 1950 & 1951, Hippodrome, Revudeville at the Windmill, La Cage Aux Follies etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, good VR, 36* 30-50
25.     THEATRE, programmes, souvenir brochures, inc. King Arthur 1895, King Lear 1892, King Henry VIII 1892, Ravenswood (1890), 1924 D'Oyly Carte, The Darling of the Gods 1903, The Monk and the Woman 1912, Forbes-Robertson's Farewell 1913 etc., G to VG, 10 30-50
26.     THEATRE, programmes, large format souvenir brochures, inc. The Tempest 1903, Nero 1906, Henry V 1901; Night of the Hundred Stars 1959 & 1960; Royal Opera House Benevolent Fund (4), G to VG, 10 30-50
27.     THEATRE, programmes, Croydon selection, 1940s, inc. Empire (11) & Grand (68); Leslie Phillips, Arthur Lowe, Melissa Stribling, Joan Plowright etc., G to EX, 79* 25-35
28.     THEATRE, programmes, Northampton Repertory Theatre selection, 1930s-1950s, G to EX, 86* 25-35
29.     ENTERTAINMENT, programmes & brochures, inc. Beatles on Broadway, Get Back, The Art of the Beatles, John Lennon Summer of 1980 by Ono; concerts, Sinatra at The London Palladium, David Essex, George Benson, Peters & Lee (signed), Leo Sayer etc., mainly large format, G to EX, 14 30-40
30.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed theatre programme by Bing Crosby, Bing at the Palladium, October 1977, signed to front cover, VG 30-50
31.     THEATRE, programmes & handbills, Music Hall and Variety, 1930's-40's, inc. Lewisham Hippodrome, Croydon Empire, Theatre Royal Chatham, Swindon Playhouse, Birmingham Tower Ballroom; Tommy Trinder, Cyril Fletcher, Eva May Wong, Elsie & Doris Waters, Peter Brough etc., VG to EX, 50* 30-50
32.     THEATRE, souvenir brochures Charley's Aunt, Globe Theatre, 2nd Birthday (1895 calendar with ten character & one cast photos & autograph page); The Little Minister, Haymarket (15 plates by Phil May, one signed by Mark Kinghorne), FR to G, 2 25-35
33.     MUSIC, album page, 4.5 x 3.5, signed and inscribed by Gene Vincent (with Vince Hill to reverse), together with a programme for The Sunday Special at the Rainbow Theatre Blackpool where he appeared, a.c.m to page and slight stains to programme, about G 60-80
34.     MUSIC, sheet music for Georgy Girl signed by all four members of The Seekers, slight creasing to edges, G 30-40
35.     ENTERTAINMENT, concert tickets, 1992 onwards, inc. Elton John (4 + commemorative cover), Rihanna, The Monkees, Simply Red (2), Gary Barlow, Tina Turner, Andy Williams (with 8 x 10 colour photo); together with three promotional postcards signed by Gary Linekar, David Dickinson & Ainsley Harriott, EX, 16 30-40
36.     ENTERTAINMENT, The Lord of the Rings, official movie guide, signed by Sean Bean in silver felt tip pen to biographical page, EX 60-80
37.     THEATRE, programmes, Connaught Theatre Worthing selection, 1940s onwards, inc. Joan Sims, Alan Howard, Flora Robson, Dora Bryan, Alec McColian etc., G to VG, 100* 25-35
38.     THEATRE, programmes, D'Oyly Carte selection, 1920s-1960s, inc. Saville (4), Princes (34), Savoy (27), Sadlers Wells (12) & provincial (8), G to VG, 85* 25-35
39.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, Variety & Musicals, 1920s-1980s, inc. Frankie Howerd, Frances Day, Phyllis Dixey, Max Bygraves, George Robey, Tony Brent, Petula Clark, Harry Worth etc., G to VG, 85* 25-35
40.     THEATRE, programmes, regional selection, Variety & Summer Shows, 1950s-1980s, inc. Blackpool (17), Bournemouth (17), Torquay (5), Great Yarmouth (5) etc., G to VG, 54* 25-35
41.     THEATRE, programmes, Oxford (41) & Cambridge selection, 1910s onwards, G to VG, 71* 25-35
42.     THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1920s-1960s, Kings Theatre Hammersmith (167) & Wimbledon (23), inc. Jessie Matthews, Donald Wolfit, Ron Randall, Phyllis Calvert, Hermione Baddeley etc., G to VG, 190* 25-35
43.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide pantomime selection, 1950s onwards, inc. Scala, Barbican, Wimbledon; Liverpool, Poole, Southampton; Ronnie Corbett, Danny La Rue, Christopher Biggins, Margaret Lockwood etc., G to VG, 30* 25-35
44.     THEATRE, programmes, Scottish selection, 1912-1970s, Glasgow (51) & Glasgow (19), G to VG, 70* 25-35
45.     THEATRE, programmes, Provincial selection, inc. Sheffield, Bath, Weston Super Mare, Birmingham, Richmond, Westcliff-on-Sea, Aberdeen, Leicester, Swindon, Leeds, Nottingham, Southampton, Plymouth, a few foreign etc., plays, concerts, recitals, slight duplication, about G to VG, Qty. 25-35
46.     THEATRE, programmes, Bristol, 1920s onwards, inc. Hippodrome, Little Theatre, Stoll Hippodrome, Colston Hall, Theatre Royal; Carmen, Laburnum Grove, Madame Butterfly, The Little Minister, March Hares, A Butterfly on the Wheel, Adam and Eva, Bella Donna, The Good Die Young, Mr Wu, The Merchant of Venice etc., some amateur productions, slight duplication, about G to VG, Qty. 30-50
47.     THEATRE, programmes, London, 1920s onwards, Alhambra, Lyceum, Strand, Gaiety, Palladium, Palace, Whitehall, Hippodrome, Vaudeville, St. Martins, Duchess, Wyndham's, His Majesty's, Globe, Dominion, Royalty, Saville, Winter Garden, Savoy, Lyric, Queen's, Old Vic, Regal, Coliseum, Garrick, Shaftesbury, Stoll, Westminster, Comedy, Apollo, Piccadilly, Adelphi, Phoenix etc., ballet, plays, concerts, reudeville etc., together with Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1948-50 A Photographic Record with individual souvenirs for each year, slight duplication, G to VG, Qty. 30-50
48.     THEATRE PROGRAMMES, modern selection, mainly London, Palladium, Adelphi, Palace, Drury Lane, Wyndham, Royal Albert Hall etc., inc. musicals, ice shows, plays, some concerts, Proms, Opera etc., inc. Jersey Boys, Status Quo, Vanessa-Mae, Torvill & Dean, Royal Tournaments etc., EX, 70* 20-30
49.     THEATRE, programmes, Bognor Regis selection, 1950s onwards, inc. Pier, Roof Gardens, Esplanade etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 60* 30-50
50.     THEATRE, programmes, mainly West End, pre-WWII, inc. Royalty, Charles the Second, Lyceum, Winter Gardens, Empress (Brixton), South London Palace, Daly, Streatham Hill, London Pavilion etc., some in home-made albums (punch-holes), FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
51.     THEATRE, programmes, mixed selection, 1980s onwards, inc. panto (80), plays & musicals; Aldwych, Sadlers Wells, Comedy, Victoria Palace, Chichester, USA (39), RSC, NT etc., G to EX, Qty. (five boxes) 30-50
52.     THEATRE, programmes, London selection, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 30-40
53.     THEATRE, programmes, pantomime selection, mainly large format, inc. Joe Pasquale, Terry Scott, Craig Revel Harwood, Paul Zerdin, Ruthy Madoc, John Inman, Peggy Mount, Ross Kemp etc., G to EX, 108* 30-40
54.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, 360* 30-40
55.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, G to EX, 350* 30-40
56.     THEATRE, programmes, variety & seaside selection, inc. Bob Hope, Val Doonican, Ken Dodd, Paul Daniels, Norman Wisdom, Max Bygraves, Frankie Laine, Mike & Bernie Winters etc., G to EX, 160* 30-40
57.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, inc. many musicals, G to EX, 345* 30-40
58.     THEATRE, programmes, nationwide selection, inc. many early Brighton Theatre Royal, Chichester etc., G to EX, 325* 30-40
59.     CINEMA, selection, inc. US 1-sheet posters (14), Man in the Middle, Decline and Fall of a Birdwatcher, Three in a Spree, Duffy, I'm Always a Bride, A Nice Girl Like Me etc. (original folds); seven large scrapbooks laid down with newspaper & magazine photos, late 1030s-1940s, with small index notebook, FR to VG, 21+ 25-35
60.     THEATRE, programmes, ballet & opera selection, 1910s onwards, mainly Royal Opera House Covent Gardens & Saddlers Wells; Rambert etc., duplication, VG to EX, Qty. (seven boxes) 15-25
61.     THEATRE, programmes, ballet & opera selection,. inc. touring companies, Diaghilev and other Russian, Pavlova, German, Italian; London Festival Ballet, ENO, Carl Rosa, Handel, Western Theatre Ballet & other provincial etc., duplication, VG to EX, Qty. (four boxes) 15-25
62.     THEATRE, programmes, ballet & opera selection,. inc. Royal Ballet, Scottish Ballet, USA, Festival of Ballet; touring companies, Russian, Italian etc., duplication, VG to EX, Qty. (five boxes) 15-25
63.     THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1940s-1990s, inc. Aldwych, Mayfair, Hampstead, RSC, Duke of York, Haymarket, Her Majesty's, Lyric etc., slight duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
64.     THEATRE, programmes, 1940s-1980s, inc. USA & London; Adelphi, Drury Lane, Hippodrome, Victoria Palace etc., slight duplication, G to EX, Qty. (three boxes) 30-40
65.     THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1940s onwards, mixed theatres, plays & musicals, arranged chronologically (in 40 box files), G to EX, Qty. (four boxes) 30-50
66.     THEATRE, programmes, mainly London selection, duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 30-50
67.     THEATRE, programmes, mainly London selection, duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 30-50
68.     THEATRE, programmes, mainly London selection, duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 30-50
69.     THEATRE, programmes, mainly London selection, duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 30-50
70.     THEATRE, programmes, mainly London selection, duplication, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 30-50
71.     THEATRE, programmes, mainly London selection, 1950s onwards, inc. Aldwych, National, Theatre Royal Bristol, Belgrade Theatre, ENO at London Coliseum etc., a few books, maps etc., G to EX, Qty. (three boxes) 25-35
72.     ENTERTAINMENT, poster selection, inc. Posters of the Gaslight Theater from the Theatre Collection Library & Museum of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, set of 12 with duplication, inc. Theatre Royal Brighton Wyndhams; D'Oyly Carte, Sergeant Brue, The Shop Girl, The Orchid etc; railway poster, South for Winter Sunshine (corner torn, tape marks to corners, writing to top corner) etc., about G to EX, 26* 25-30
73.     THEATRE POSTERS, 1930's-40's, Musical Hall & Variety selection, inc. Tottenham - North London's Wonder Night 1936 (two sizes), Chatham, Crewe, Barnsley, Bognor Regis, Birmingham - Blackpool Week, Herne Bay Tower Gardens, minimal tears to edges, G to VG, 8 30-40
74.     POP MUSIC, printers poster proofs for colour matches, 25 x 27, images inc. Elvis Presley, John Lennon/David Bowie, David Bowie, slight marks and tears to edges not affecting images), G, 4 30-50
75.     THEATRE, posters, London West End selection, stars inc. Wendy Craig, Charlton Heston, Adam Faith, Nigel Hawthorne, Gene Wilder, Albert Finney, David Essex etc., theatres beginning with letters Q-S, 12 x 20, VG. 60* 30-40
76.     THEATRE, posters, London West End selection, stars inc. Elaine Strich, Lorna Luft, Leslie Phillips, Patricia Routledge, Judi Dench. Maria Friedman, Jeremy Irons, Jack Lemmon etc., theatres beginning with letter P, 12 x 20, VG. 60* 30-40
77.     THEATRE, posters, London West End selection, stars inc. Brian Rix, Richard Harris, Diana Rigg, Holly Hunter, Dave Allen, Dawn French, Partricia Routledge, Vanessa Redgrave, Daniel Massey, Ian Ogilvy etc., theatres beginning with letters S-W, 12 x 20, VG. 60* 30-40
78.     THEATRE, posters, London West End selection, stars inc. Patti Lupone, Billy Connolly, Jeremy Irons, Barry Humphries, Jane Horrocks, Dinah Sheridan, Michael Crawford, Joan Sims, Craig McLachlan etc., theatres beginning with letter D, 12 x 20, VG. 60* 30-40
79.     THEATRE, posters, London West End selection, stars inc. Patti Lupone, Helen Shapiro, Dave Allen, Alan Bates, Diana Rigg, Pat Kirkwood, Jenny Seagrove, Patrick Stewart, Peter O'Toole, Hayley Mills etc., theatres beginning with letter A, 12 x 20, VG. 60* 30-40
80.     THEATRE, posters, London West End selection, stars inc. Edward Fox, Susannah York, Darren Day, Minnie Driver, Paul Nicholas, Francesca Annis etc., theatres beginning with letter C, 12 x 20, VG. 60* 30-40
81.     CINEMA, posters (UK quad), Andy Warhol's Flesh for Frankenstein, Slapshot (Paul Newman), original folds, EX, 2 30-50
82.     CINEMA, posters (3-sheets), Dirk Bogarde selection, Mindbenders, Penny Princess (both GB); Doctor's Dilemma (US), folded, some tears to edges, FR to G, 3 30-50
83.     CINEMA, posters (GB 3-sheets), inc. Heavens Above! (Peter Sellers), Passage Home (Peter Finch), Twice Upon A Time (Elizabeth Allan) & Big Money (Ian Carmichael & Belinda Lee), folded, some tears to edges, FR to G, 4 40-60
84.     CINEMA, posters (GB 3-sheets), inc. Mix Me A Person (Anne Baxter & Adam Faith), Wild and the Willing (Ian McShane), Nothing But The Best (Alan Bates) & Jacqueline (John Gregson), folded, G to VG, 4 40-60
85.     CINEMA, posters (GB 3-sheets), inc. High Tide At Noon, The Iron Maiden (both Michael Craig); Johnny Nobody (Nigel Patrick), folded, small hole, G, 3 30-50
86.     RAILWAY, selection of early blue prints showing railway equipment, inc. D. Gooch's Tank-Locomotive, Passenger Locomotive, T.R. Compton's System, Kitson & Co Locomotive, Railway Carriages by Brown, Marshall & Co Birmingham, Adam's Composite Carriage, Passenger Locomotive by Robert Stephenson & Co. Newcastle upon Tyne etc., some foxing and tears to edges, about G, 50* 30-50
87.     PRINTS, selection of cartoon prints, 17 x 11, inc. The Man Will Not Steer His Own Vessel, France Receiving The Ordinances, Modern Tourists, Vox Populi: A Great Personage Incog. Etc., pub. By T McLean of London, tears to edges, some with punch holes to left edge and water staining, about G, 20* 20-30
88.     SCRAPS, mainly laid down to pages removed from album, mixed subjects and sizes (some full page), inc. fruit, birds, horses, floral, wild animals, people, trains, bridges, ships, dogs, children etc., tears to edges of pages, some a.m.r., foxing etc., G, 100* 30-50
89.     GAMES, late 1900s, three games in two frames, Game of Goose (type of paper game), French & Italian, framed (29.5 x 123 and smaller), some damage to frames, G, 2 50-70
90.     ENTERTAINMENT, Michael Caine, signed 8 x 10 b/w photo of him in action scene from Get Carter, overmounted, framed and glazed, 12.25 x 14.75 overall, EX 60-80
91.     ENTERTAINMENT, Russell Crowe, signed 10 x 8 colour photo of him in action scene from Gladiator, overmounted, framed and glazed, 14.75 x 12.25 overall, EX 60-80
92.     ENTERTAINMENT, Clint Eastwood, signed 10 x 8 b/w photo of him in scene from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, overmounted, framed and glazed, 14.75 x 12.25 overall, EX 120-150
93.     ENTERTAINMENT, Elton John, signed 10 x 8 colour photo showing him seated at piano, framed and glazed, 14.75 x 12.25 overall, EX 60-80
94.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, b/w, inc. Everly Brothers, 5.5 x 7, Cesar Romero (inscribed), 4.75 x 6.5, both overmounted, framed and glazed; together with an unsigned photo of Ringo Starr in scene from film (a.m.r.), G to VG, 3 20-30
95.     POP MUSIC, The Beatles Wedding Album, original box (heavily damaged), otherwise G 30-40
96.     POP MUSIC, The Beatles Motion Picture Watch Collection, complete in original presentation box, G 40-60
97.     THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1950s onwards, G to EX, Qty. (four boxes) 30-50
98.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed hardback editions of biographies, inc.. Brian Blessed, Michael Barrymore, John Mills, David Essex, Jackie Stewart etc., dj, EX, 10 25-35
99.     ENTERTAINMENT, signed hardback editions of biographies, inc.. Anna Neagle, Torvill & Dean, Chili Bouchier, Twiggy, Sandi Toksvig, Mary Hayley Bell, Mo Mowlam etc., dj, EX, 10 25-35
100.    THEATRE, programmes, Bristol selection, 1940s onwards, inc. Hippodrome (125), Theatre Royal (12), Little (12) & Princes (7), G to EX, 156* 25-35
101.    THEATRE, programmes, Bath selection, 1930s onwards, mainly Theatre Royal, inc. Evelyn Laye, Clive Dunn, Sylvia Sims, Anna Carteret, Joan Collins etc., G to EX, 130* 25-35
102.    THEATRE, programmes, Bournemouth selection, 1950s onwards, inc. Pavilion, Pier & Playhouse, G to EX, 100* 25-35
103.    ENTERTAINMENT, promotional p/cs, photo proofs, some signed (28), some printed, inc. Caroline Quentin, Bob Carolgees, Christopher Timothy, Frank Bruno, Neil Morrissey, Michael Elphick, Dale Winton, Jex Edwards; script for Loved By You Series II Episode Six The Spy Girl Who Loved Me; ATV wooden plaque etc., all related to programmes made at the Carlton UK TV Studios Nottingham, slight duplication, G to VG, small Qty. 25-35
104.    ENTERTAINMENT, synopsis packs for programmes made at the Carlton UK TV Studios Nottingham, inc. The Vice, Bad Blood, Bill Bryson's Notes from a Small Island, Blues and Twos, The Bill, Kavanagh QC, Peak practice, The Railway Children, Soldier Soldier, Fat, Animal Rescuers, Get Real, Wilderness etc; Programme Information booklets, Spring/Summer 98 & Winter 2000; Midlands Production Directory, Programme News (4), Nov 97 - Feb 98 etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 60* 30-50
105.    ENTERTAINMENT, selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts related to programmes made at the Carlton UK TV Studios Nottingham, inc. Supermarket Sweep, Catchphrase, Freddie Starr, Outside Edge, The Upper Hand, Boon, Blockbusters etc., mixed sizes and colours, signs of wear to a few items, some unused, about G to EX, 18 20-30
106.    THEATRE, signed programmes, inc. Elaine Page, Anthony Steel, Tom Conti, Barbara Cook, Ralph Richardson, Anthony Andrews, Peggy Ashcroft, David Suchet, Elisabeth Welch, Simon Cadell, Leslie Phillips, Hannah Gordon etc., G to EX, 42* 30-40
107.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1910s-1930s, theatres A-R, FR to VG, 300* 30-40
108.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1910s-1930s, theatres S-W, FR to VG, 300* 30-40
109.    THEATRE, programmes, long-running Musicals with different casts, inc. Les Miserables (24), Phantom of the Opera (26), Cats (21), Evita (12), Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (8), Aspects of Love (5), Song & Dance (6) & Chicago (21), G to EX, 123* 30-40
110.    THEATRE, programmes, regional selection, 1940s-1980s, inc. Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Eastbourne, Leeds; summer shows, variety; Jimmy Tarbuck, Mike Yarwood, Vince Hill, Cannon & Ball. Danny La Rue, Dick Emery, Ruby Murray, Joan Regan etc., G to EX, 100* 25-35
111.    THEATRE, programmes, Birmingham selection, 1920s-1980s onwards, inc. Alexandra (113), Empire (4), Hippodrome (5), Prince of Wales (7), Repertory (14) & Theatre Royal (24); Raymond Francis, Hazel Court, Diana Churchill, John Mills etc., G to VG, 150* 25-35
112.    THEATRE, programmes, London Palladium selection, 1940s onwards, programmes (46) & souvenirs (14), inc. Danny Kaye, Shirley Maclaine, Ethel Merman etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 75* 25-35
113.    THEATRE, programmes, regional selection, 1930s-1970s, inc. Ashcroft Croydon (48), Guildford Yvonne Arnaud (47), Leatherhead Thorndike (15) & Richmond (61); Patricia Pheonix, Richard Briers, Robert Morley, Glynis Johns, Donald Sinden, Maureen Swanson etc., G to VG, 170* 25-35
114.    THEATRE, programmes (55) & leaflets, London Old Vic selection, 1920s-1970s, inc. Laurence Olivier, Anthony Hopkins, Edith Evans, Peggy Ashcroft, Edward Woodward, Jeremy Brett etc., G to VG, 134* 25-35
115.    THEATRE, programmes, Stratford Shakespeare Memorial Theatre selection, 1920s-1970s, large format issues, inc. John Gielgud, Trevor Howard, Michael Redgrave, Charles Laughton, Peggy Ashcroft, Judi Dench etc., slight duplication, G to VG, 160* 25-35
116.    THEATRE, programmes, Sussex selection, 1940s onwards, Brighton Theatre Royal (159) & Chichester Festival Theatre (66), G to VG, 225* 25-35
117.    POP MUSIC, programmes for concerts & tours, inc. Diana Ross, Roberta Flack, The Drifters, Earth Wind & Fire, Three Degrees, Donna Summer, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, Englebert Humperdinck; also posters (4), Spice Girls etc., G to EX, 35* 30-50
118.    THEATRE, programmes, USA selection, mainly New York, 1950s onwards, G to VG, 240* 30-50
119.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, post-WWII, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
120.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, post-WWII, G to EX, Qty. (two boxes) 25-35
120A.   THEATRE, programmes, Royal Shakespeare Company, large format issues, 2010 onwards, at Stratford & Barbican, VG to EX, 90* 20-30
120B.   THEATRE, programmes & brochures, Sondheim selection, UK & USA performances, inc. Elaine Stritch, Frankie Howerd, Angela Lansbury, Jean Simmons, Patti Lupone, Judi Dench etc., G to EX, 120* 30-40
120C.   THEATRE PROGRAMMES, mainly London, also Birmingham, Nottingham, Coventry; pantomimes, musicals; inc. My Fair Lady, Hair, Charlie Girl, Oliver, Les Miserables, Fiddler on the Roof, Scrooge, Blood Brothers, Miss Saigon, Sunset Boulevard, The King and I (Yul Bryner), Phantom of the Opera, Me & My Girl, Annie, Cats, South Pacific, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Hello Dolly etc; cinema campaign books, Doctor Zhivago, The Taming of the Shrew, Ben-Hur, The Alamo, Oliver, Mary Poppins, Khartoum, Hello Dolly etc., good VR, Qty. (2 boxes) 25-35
120D.   THEATRE FLYERS, Birmingham, London etc., inc. Morecambe & Wise, Half A Sixpence (Tommy Steele), Hair (1970), Show Boat, Hello Dolly (Dora Bryan), Jack & The Beanstalk (Cilla Black), Camelot, Annie, Aladdin (Harry Worth), Wayne Sleep, Danny La Rue, My Fair Lady, Chorus Line, Chase Me Comrade (Brian Rix), The Good Companions (John Mills & Judi Dench) etc., good VR, Qty. 30-50
121.    SCRAPS, mixed selection, inc. oriental, caricatures, soldiers, flags, beauties, children (in costume, with flowers), ducks, goats, rabbits, fishermen, wild animals etc., mixed sizes, slight duplication, neatly cut, VG to EX, 178* 30-50
122.    MUSIC, 4.75 x 3.5 piece of a magazine photo of Dusty Springfield, signed by her (first name only), uneven trim, G 30-40
123.    ENTERTAINMENT, Carry On, programme for Severn Steam Fair & Old Time Festival, 1975, signed to back cover by Barbara Windsor, Bernard Bresslaw, Kenneth Connor and one other, G 30-40
124.    POP MUSIC, signed selection, magazine and promotional photos, 6 x 8 and smaller, inc. Freddie Garrity, Mike Berry, Marianne Faithfull (and one unsigned), Brian Poole and four members of his band, G to VG, 4 40-50
125.    POP MUSIC, The Rolling Stones guitar brooches, complete, each on original backing card, EX, 5 40-60
126.    FOOTBALL, signed album pages (4.75 x 3), inc.1948/9, Exeter City (10 signatures) & Reading (11); 1950-1, Aldershot (11, on two pages), Brighton (10), G, 5 9 30-50
127.    CRICKET, selection, inc. signed magazine photos, pieces of wicket-keepers etc., mainly laid down to white page, inc. Jim Parks, Reg Spooner, Paul Nixon, Wade Secombe (AUS), T.D. Paine (AUS), Steve Rixon (AUS), Andy Flower, Tony Blain (NZ), David Williams (WI) etc., together with three brochures, England Tour to Australia 1994/95, History of Tunbridge Wells C.C. Findon's Cricket Annual 1949, G to VG, 17* 25-35
128.    JOHN DENVER, signed and inscribed programme for John Denver The Man and His Music in concert, 1984, creasing to covers and edge knocks, G 30-50
129.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed mainly 8 x 10 photos, inc. Susannah York, Kenneth Graham, Dominic Holland, June Whitfield, Julia McKenzie, Kevn Sorbo, Josie Lawrence, Lynda Baron, Maureen Lipman, Joanna Lumley (white card), unsigned (4); together with a copy of The Dandy Dec 1997 (60th anniversary) etc., slight duplication (some with different poses), G to EX, 36* 25-30
130.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed 8 x 10 photos, inc. Anne Reid, Annette Crosbie, Michael Brandon, Francis Matthews, Prunella Scales, Stephanie Cole, Tony Britton, June Whitfield, Nanette Newman, Hannah Gordon, Nicholas Parsons etc., all overmounted, slight duplication, EX, 25 25-30
131.    THEATRE, programmes, regional selection, 1920s-1930s, inc. Bristol, Edinburgh, Golders Green etc., G to VG, 100* 25-35
132.    THEATRE, programmes, regional selection, 1920s-1930s, inc. Liverpool, Nottingham, Harrogate, Streatham Hill, Manchester etc., G to VG, 100* 25-35
133.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1890s-1910s, inc. St James, Wyndham & New Theatre, FR to VG, 63* 25-35
134.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1890s-1910s, inc. Apollo, His Majesty & Wyndham Theatre, FR to VG, 61* 25-35
135.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1890s-1910s, inc. Imperial, St James & His Majesty Theatre, FR to VG, 60* 25-35
136.    THEATRE, programmes, London selection, 1890s-1910s, inc. Her Majesty, Criterion & Imperial Theatre, FR to VG, 59* 25-35
137.    ENTERTAINMENT, Crossroads selection, filmed at the Carlton UK TV Studios Nottingham, inc. press pack, welcome brochures (6), final call sheet for programme filmed 25th March 2003, EX, 8 30-50
138.    THEATRE PROGRAMMES, nationwide selection, 1940s onwards, inc. London, Vaudeville, Aldwych, Kings, Q, Globe; Edinburgh Lyceum, Croydon Davis, Ipswich Hippodrome, ROH (45) etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 90* 30-50
139.    THEATRE, programmes, Nottingham Theatre Royal, complete runs, 1936, March 1937 to Sept 1937 & Feb 1938 to June 1938, VG to EX, 68* 30-50
140.    THEATRE, programmes, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 1951 (33), 1952 (31), 1953 (28) & 1954 (31), believed to be a complete run from January 1951 to December 1954, VG to EX, 123* 50-70
141.    THEATRE, programmes, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 1955 (28), 1956 (35), 1957 (28) & 1958 (24)), believed to include a complete run from March 1955 to December 1958, VG to EX, 115* 40-60
142.    THEATRE, programmes, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 1975, stars inc. Barbara Mullen, Spike Milligan, Peter Adamson, Brian Rix, Leslie Randall, Pat Phoenix, Irene Handl, Colin Baker, Adelaide Hall, Leslie Crowther etc., VG to EX, 23* 25-35
143.    THEATRE, programmes, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 1976, stars inc. Sid James, Dads Army Cast , Kendal Williams, Paula Wilcox, Richard Murdoch, Leslie Phillips, Tommy Steele, Mike & Bernie Winters etc., VG to EX, 17* 25-35
143A.   THEATRE, programmes, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 1978, stars inc. Danny La Rue, Arthur Askey, Bert Weedon, Jess Conrad, Liz Fraser, Bill Owen, Arthur Lowe, Anthony Quayle, Jimmy Tarbuck, Penelope Keith, VG to EX, 29* 25-35
144.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos (8 x 10 and smaller), inc. Charlton Heston, Dustin Hoffman, Charles Bronson, Guy Mitchell, Susan Sarandon, Tom Jones, Lena Horne, Angie Dickinson etc., G to VG, 22* 30-40
145.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed postcards, inc. June Whitfield, Cilla Black, Colin Baker, Tom Conti, Nigel Hawthorne, Jane Asher, Bill Pertwee, Tommy Steele, Michael Crawford, Tim Rice, Wendy Craig, Maureen Lipman etc., G to VG, 60* 40-50
146.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed photos (mixed sizes), inc. Dora Bryan, Mary Martin, Evelyn Laye, Jonathon Pryce, Chita Rivera, Dolores Grey, Pearl Bailey, Bob Hoskins, Patrick Barr, Gerry Brereton, Carl Brisson, Frances Day etc., G to VG, 42* 40-50
147.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed postcards, inc. Eamonn Andrews, Twiggy, Suzanne Vega, Harry Secombe, David Whitfield, Lionel Jeffries, Bernard Hepton, Richard Briers, Donald Sinden, Virginia McKenna, Mary Martin etc., G to VG, 60* 40-50
148.    MIXED SPORT, autograph albums (3), 5 x 4, containing 140* signatures, inc. Johan Cryuff, Steve Redgrave, Ian Botham, Gavin Hastings, Steve Waugh, Michael Vaughan, Ruud Gullit, Phil Mickelson, Curtis Strange, Graeme McDowell, Tony Currie, Zola, Shevchenko, Austin Healey, Peter Shilton, Will Greenwood, Allan Lamb, Thomas Bjorn, Willie Thorne, Jason Day, Fred Funk, Jim Furyk, Tom Lehman, Lee Sharpe, Ron Atkinson, Jamie Redknapp, Paul Lawrie etc., VG to EX, 3 40-60
149.    THUMB PRINTS, Thumb O Graphs Book, 6.5 x 3.5, autographs and thumb prints from early 1900s, worn cover with some damage to spine, o/w G 30-40
150.    CARD GAMES, selection, inc. small French Metamorphoses with box (VG); jumbo size souvenir playing cards, Nassau in the Bahamas with box (slight damage), no damage to cards, G to VG, 2 40-60
151.    POSTCARDS, entertainment, actors/actresses, inc. Gene Nelson, Anna Lee, Piper Laurie, Charles Ray, Guy Bates Post, Florence Rice, Helen Morgan, Thelma Murray, Karleen Day, Jimmy Aubury, Mary Fuller, Grace Darmond, Ben Wilson, Al Wilson, Ray Bolger, Jed Ray, Larry Parks, Book Jones, Aldo Ray, William Carter etc., mainly not pu, many with names written to backs, G to VG, 100* 30-50
152.    POSTCARDS, entertainment, actors/actresses, inc. Anthony Dexter, Douglas Fairbanks, Reginald Denny, Sid Field, Norman Foster, Gene Gerrard, David Wayne, Rosina Lawrence, Dorothy Lee, Phillips Smalley, Harry Langdon, Snowy Baker, Stuart Holmes, Patricia Roc, James Knight, Ben Turpin, Claire Bloom, Onslow Stevens etc., mainly not pu, many with names written to backs, G to VG, 100* 30-50
153.    POSTCARDS, entertainment, actors/actresses, inc. Joe Morrison, Elliott Dexter, Hugh Williams, Sidney Greenstreet, Walter Pidgeon, Lewis Dayton, Valerie Hobson, Judy Holliday, Lena Horne, Bing Crosby, Camilla Horn, Kathleen Hughes, Mary Howard, Gregory Scott, Charles Bickford, Monte Blue, Charles Bryant, Walter Byron etc., mainly not pu, many with names written to backs, G to VG, 100* 30-50
154.    POSTCARDS, entertainment, actors/actresses, inc. Coleen Gray, Joseph J. Dowling, Maurice Costello, Gloria Grahame, Angela Lansbury, Kathryn Grant, Frances Gifford, Gladys George, Greer Garson, Rosemary Lane, Deborah Kerr, Raymond Cannon, Sidney Blackner, Barbara Kelly, Lon Chaney, Glynis Johns, Jahn Mack Brown, Dollie Beale etc., mainly not pu, many with names written to backs, G to VG, 100* 30-50
155.    ENTERTAINMENT, two autograph albums, 1920s-1930s, inc. Gracie Fields, Elsie & Doris Waters, Irene Vanbrugh, Leslie Wallace, Rausby Williams, Ethel Revnell & Gracie West, Daisy Elliston, Jean Batten, David Kaye etc., one album with covers detached, some pages loose, FR to G, 2 30-50
156.    MONOGRAMS, two early albums, laid down with 100s of monograms & crests, many annotated, one album lacking covers, FR to G, 2 30-50
157.    LAPEL BADGES, Russian selection, mainly enamelled metal issues, most with cyrillic text, many appear to be patriotic, pinned to pages in album, G to EX, 160* 30-50
158.    CIGAR BOX LABELS, selection of larger labels, most well illustrated & embossed, inc. Queen Wilhema, Africora, La Vera, LA Rita, Marshal Foch, Spirit of St Louis (Lindbergh), Lady Diana, Morning Tap, Clipper etc., loose in ring-binder, G to VG, 72* 30-50
159.    ENTERTAINMENT, a two 78rpm set of records, Max Miller - The Cheeky Chappie, recorded at Holborn Empire, in original sleeve (tape repairs & tears), only FR 25-35
160.    SHIPPING, a metal Huntley & Palmer tin, 1908, showing SS Lusitania & Cunard crest and badge to lid, interior views to all four side panels, 9.5 x 4 x 3.5, some paint loss, about G 40-60
161.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. Googie Withers (white card), Tommy Quickly (b/w photo, slight tear), Jimmy Osmond (signed card laid down with photo showing him as a young boy), Felicity Kendall (h/s colour photo, 12 x 8), Adele Jurgens (lobby card), G to EX, 5 20-30
162.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. promotional photo 6 x 9 by Mary Hopkin, colour print of Liverpool Waterfront by Dr Bruce Clark signed by Gerry Marsden (first name only) and Allan Williams (Beatles manager), EX, 2 50-70
163.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, inc. George Formby (on magazine page with biographical details), Tommy Bruce (signed 5.25 x 5.5 photo laid down to card), programme signed by Dave Brubeck and his quartet, G to VG, 3 30-50
164.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, mainly 8 x 10 press photos, inc. Geoffrey Palmer, Jill Gascoine, Anna Massey, June Barry, Tony Bennett (page from programme), Frankie Laine (Sheet music for Swan Song), G to EX, 6 30-50
165.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed selection, 9 x 11.5 b/w photo by Tommy Cooper, programme for Danny La Rue at the Palace signed by him, EX, 2 25-35
166.    SPORT, European trade selection, inc. football (15), press photos (3), French match action (pub. by Paris-Soir), colour prints (12), Vittoria Egyptian Football Match Incidents; golf, tennis, Olympics; Josetti, Nestle, creamer tops, Gloria Olympics 1968 (30) & 1972 (48) etc., G to EX, Qty. 40-60
167.    MILITARY, post-WWII Military Hardware, pub. by WT-Lexikon, inc. Aircraft Recognition Cards, tanks, jeeps etc., large paper issues (120 x 200mm), German magazine issues (neat trim), G to EX, 180* 35-45
168.    MILITARY, post-WWII Military Hardware, pub. by Piomiertechnik, inc. USA, USSR, East & West Germany, England etc., German issues, 140 x 96mm, neat trim, G to EX, 90* 25-35
169.    MATCHBOX LABELS, beauties by FFA of Milan, inc. cream, doubles (21) & singles (7); orange singles (5), some duplicate images within mixed doubles, stamp hinge marks to backs (9), VG to EX, 33 25-35
170.    CHILDREN, Little Tots Records, No. 2 The Happy Day Book, complete with three records and six song cards (by Maud Trube) for six stories, some corner creases to cards, G 30-50
171.    ROYALTY, booklets, inc. 1947 Elizabeth & Phillip wedding, List of Wedding Gifts; 1937 (George VI) & 1953 (Elizabeth) Coronations; 1918 George V WWI disabled letter (stained), FR to VG, 4 25-35
172.    PLAYING CARDS, complete packs (72, not checked), inc. advertising, royalty, comedy etc., some early, FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
173.    KEY RINGS, selection, 1960s-1980s, inc. advertising (some miniature packets), Lux, Suchard, Donald, Hero, Du-Bro, Kem, Smarties, Benco, Nescafe, Golden Wonder; novelty, souvenir, patriotic etc., FR to VG, 300* 30-50
174.    PHONE CARDS, worldwide selection, inc. views, football, Disney; UK, Thailand, Israel etc., some unused, VG to EX, 218* 30-40
175.    PIN BADGES, selection, 1960s-1980s, inc. advertising, patriotic, novelty, souvenir etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
176.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, inc. Players, many Navy Cut, No. 10, Weights; Wills Gold Flake, Pattreiouex Senior Service; trade, Barratt, Reddish Maid, Fry etc., mainly 10s, most with sliders, duplication, some with writing to hulls, FR to VG, 69* 30-50
177.    POP MUSIC, sheet music for I'll Never Get Over You, signed by Johnny Kidd, Mick Green, Frank Farley and John Spence, in pencil, staining and creasing, about G 30-40
178.    ENTERTAINMENT, album page, 5.5 x 3.5, signed by Sam Cooke, lightly laid down to card with tape, G 100-120
179.    ENTERTAINMENT, lobby card from If A Man Answers, signed and inscribed by Bobby Darin, scuff to right hand top corner, G 40-50
180.    POP MUSIC, page removed from brochure signed by Elton John, EX 25-35
181.    MUSIC, advertising posters etc., inc. Wishbone Ash, Genesis, Duane Eddy, Jethro Tull, Michael Jackson (Earth Song, 2), Morrissey, Carole Decker (T'Pau), mixed sizes, folded (4), slight creasing, some staining, G to VG, 8 40-50
182.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed 8 x 10 b/w photo of James Stewart, h/s, scratch to image, overmounted, G 30-40
183.    POP MUSIC, programmes for The Rolling Stones European Tour 82, signed to front cover by Mick Jagger, VG 40-60
184.    POP MUSIC, signed album sleeve for Roy Orbison Sings, signed by him in blue ink, LP present, scuffing and staining to cover, about G 60-80
185.    GAMES, wooden solitaire board and 32 multicoloured handmade glass marbles, board well used but no damage, marbles show wear, G, 33 80-120
186.    DESIGN, selection of 1500* circular designs created by Reginald Luckham, 1880s, each one different, many on the back of letters or inside of envelopes relevant to the period, G to EX, 1500* 40-60
187.    GAMES, vintage selection, Magnetic Fish, Ring Toss board (missing one ring), Nine Men's Morris, Check-A-Peg, some pieces well used, wear to boxes, about G to VG, 4 40-60
188.    GAMES, vintage selection, Tops & Tails by Piafnik & Sons of Vienna, No. 289), Pit by Parker Brothers, Kan-U-Go by Porterprint Ltd., Impertinent Questions by M.P. Gibson & Sons, Mousie-Mousie by Spears, Tuggo, all apparently complete, wear to boxes and some playing pieces, about G to VG, 6 60-80
189.    GAMES, handmade wooden selection, inc animal shapesorter puzzle, 3 in 1 compendium including Noughts & Crosses, Backgammon & Draughts (one white piece missing), EX, 3 50-80
190.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, USA selection, complete soft-packs (many with original wrapping), 1940s onwards, inc. Salem, Savannah, Style, Strike, Sincerely Yours, Vantage, Sebring, Savvy etc., G to EX, 40* 40-60
191.    PERFUME, scented perfume sample cards, mainly 1980s, inc. Australia, Japan, China, USA, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey etc., duplication, VG to EX, 1000s 30-50
192.    TINS, collection of tea tins, mainly metal, inc. Harrods, Kwong Sang, Tji-Wangie box, Indian & Ceylon Tea Co., Websters, Brash, Van Nelle, Barton Almond Kisses etc., some live with contents, FR to EX, 35* 30-50
193.    ANNUALS, selection, 1911 to 1950s, inc. Skipper, Film Fun, Chatterbox, Sports Book, Picturegoer, Radio Fun, Collins Film Book, Hobbies Annual etc., most with dj (some tears), FR to VG, 19* 30-50
194.    POSTAGE STAMPS, selection, inc. small collection (loose in stock-book pages), mainly modern; two paperback reference books; empty stockbook and pages for ring-binders, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
195.    POSTCARDS, Nostalgia selection, inc. war, personalities, seaside, sport, transport, glamour, fashion, entertainment etc; together with a reproduction metal showcard for Black Cat cigarettes, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
196.    STAMPS, selection of albums, most containing stamps (7); first day covers, inc. Channel Tunnel, British River Fishes, Royal Mail, British Fairs, Christmas (16, duplication); some loose stamps, booklets (2), G, small Qty. 20-30
197.    ACCESSORIES, four home-made wooden cigarette card boxes, 21 x 12 x 3, each fitted with 12 rows for card sorting & storage, wooden lids, VG, 4 25-35
198.    ROYALTY, collection of unopened beer bottles, many from defunct breweries, mainly for 1981 Royal Wedding of Charles & Diana; inc. The Ram Brewery, Greengate, Tollemache & Cobbold, Bellhaven Brewery, Felinfoel, Wilsons, Okell & Son, Brains, Jenning Brothers, J. Arkell & Sons, Paine & Co., King & Barnes, Fullers, Charles Wells, Watneys, Guernsey Brewery, Higsons, North Country, Randalls of Guernsey, Godsons, Gibbs Mew, Hook Norton, Ringwood, George Gale, Hall Woodhouse, Bourne Valley, Hawthorne, Ushers; 1977 Jubilee, 200 Years of Bass Brewery, Litchborough Royal Brew (1993), Bruce's Brewery etc., slight duplication, G, 70* 250-300
199.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. Bonzo's Star Turns, 16 plates in colour; decorated retail boxes, Debenham & Freebody (peacock to cover), Zebra Shoe Polish (to inside cover); Players c/c cornermounted in album; 1907 Sir E A Waterlow by C. Collins, Baker (cover detached); The Art Annual & The Easter Art Annual, The Russian Tea Room menu 1902, prints etc., P to G, 23* 25-30
200.    PHILLUMINISM, selection, inc. bookmatches (1000), a few larger sizes; reference magazines (5), Midland Match News & Match Label News, G to EX, 1050* 30-50
201.    SELECTION, inc. complete, Wills Dogs 1st & 2nd, American Heritage Picture Cards (boxed set), Shell Man in Flight coin set; ephemera, Versaille view book, Japanese booklets (2), Tokaido, poem calendar; c/c magazines etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
202.    CINEMA, reproduction stills, 16 x 20, inc. Gable & Lombard, Orson Welles (Citizen Kane), Robert Donat (The Ghost Goes West), Alastair Sim (Green for Danger), Alan Ladd (The Blue Dahlia), Albert Finney (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning), Alec Guinness (Oliver Twist), Laurel & Hardy (Sons of the Desert), The Three Stooges etc., VG, Qty. 25-35
203.    CINEMA, booklets, Picturegoer Famous Film Supplements, inc. Camille, Sing as We Go, Maytime, David Copperfield, Saratoga, No More Ladies, Wife versus Secretary etc., very slight tears to edges, G to VG, 20 35-45
204.    PRINTS, full-page book & magazine illustrations, inc. The Holiday Picture Book (24), The Great War (13), Aerial Deeds of Daring etc., some csmall tears & stains to edges (not affecting most images) , about G to EX, 50* 30-50
205.    EPHEMERA, selection, inc. Hobbies magazine (19145), with pedestal brack template; scraps (2), Robinson Crusoe four panel by Tucks (re-attached with tape), Pet Crackers; Counties of England card game (part set of 28); Burmah Treasures of Britain (7 /12 prints) etc., FR to EX, 40* 30-50
206.    ADVERTISING, magazine inserts & supplements, inc. Northern Weekly Gazette, Local Heroes of the Fight (1900 Boer War); Cycling (1908), Waring & Gillow, Hennessey (2) etc., G to VG, 7 30-40
207.    ENTERTAINMENT, RP cards, pre-WWII BBC personalities (40, each with small biographical panel); film stars (53), Richard Webb, William Bendix, Anthony Perkins, Connie Marshall, Betty Hutton etc., 2.5 x 4 and slightly smaller, VG to EX, 93+ 30-50
208.    ENTERTAINMENT, promotional photos of classical artists, inc. Jose Serebrier, Willim Trafka, Benjamin Luxon, Gwyneth Jones, Kun Wook Paik, Bernard Stevens, Peter Stein, Jennifer Stinton, Roger Vignoles, Ruth Waterman, Sarah Walker, Emily White, Rex Lawson, Kim Brown, Susan Bullock, Catherine Bott, Carolann Lowe etc., mainly h/s, 8 x 10 & slightly smaller, most with names & agency annotation to backs, VG to EX, 94* 30-50
209.    ENTERTAINMENT, promotional photos of classical artists, inc. Tessa Uys, Sharon Kam, Nina Rotova, Anne Kaasa, Norma Fisher, Maria Garzon, Edwin Fischer, Susan Glaser, Ian Stuart, John Tooley, Helen Lawrence, Christopher Millard, Dennis Marks, Martyn Hill, Angela Hewitt etc., mainly h/s, 8 x 10 & slightly smaller, most with names & agency annotation to backs, VG to EX, 103* 30-50
210.    POSTCARDS, selection, inc. buildings, street scenes, seaside, churches, trains, bridges, views; many London & Isle of Wight, Canterbury, Cornwall, Wales, Bognor Regis, Oxford, Peak District etc., some pu, in modern album, good VR, 140* 30-50
211.    MATCHBOX LABELS, selection, mixed periods, inc. Hotels (700*); Tiger, Brymay, The Lion, Ship, Esco, Cheong Ming, Pilot, Lantern, Silvana, Double Horse, Vege, Sea Saw, The Chase, Cock, Raja, Apollo, Tulip, Camp, Kandamerugam, Joker, The Key, Three Dice, The Thre Girls, Elephant, Giraffe, Brymay Redheads, Sado & King, Bo-Peep, Yorkshire Rose, Nursery Rhymes, Boar, The Chinaman; birds, pubs, alcohol, ships, birds, floral, trains, cars, ships, crests etc., in modern album, G to VG, 1450* 25-35
212.    DOLLS, selection of paper cut-out dolls (22) & dresses (27) etc., inc. Saalfield Dear Dollies in op (missing one hat), Boston Sunday Globe Forbes Dolls (5), Selchow & Righter, Lion Coffee, Clark's Cotton, Shackman (1990s) etc., op (2), some damage or missing tabs, about G to EX, Qty 50-70
213.    TRADE, adverts, inc. soap, Brookes, Lux, Swan, Sunlight, Hudsons, Lifebuoy, Skinners Boots, Pyn-Ka Polish, Cadburys, Van Houten, Izal, Owbridge's, Frys, Vimbos, Carters Liver Pills, Poulton & Noel's, Lemro, Carters Bird Seed etc., novelty, calendars, mixed shapes and sizes, G to VG, 80* 30-50
214.    TRADE, adverts, inc. Royal Bar-Lock Typewriters, Mack's Starch, Lifebuoy, Killet's Weed Killer, 1895 Monkey Puzzle, Drapers Ink, Spratts Dog Cakes, Bovril, Pears, Ivy Soap, Martin Cigars, Mazawattee, Koke, Weldons etc., mixed sizes, G to VG, 55* 25-35
215.    TRADE, booklets, inc. Mellin's Our Soldiers Painting Book, Maypole Soap The Seven Ages of Woman, Blue Cross Teas, Dunn The Famous London Hatters, Colmans, Cunard Line Wine List etc., G to VG, 10 20-30
216.    TRADE, inc. early trade cards depicting children, 4 x 6 and smaller; George Payne Cocoa Book (scuffs to most pages); together with modern postcards (11), inc. Humber Bridge, Dounreay Fast Reactor, Ashford International Station, flight deck of Concorde, Service Station M6 etc., FR to generally G, 50* 20-30
217.    POSTCARDS, Social History, pre-WWI, inc. memoriam card for General Booth, Beating the Bounds Faversham, school concert party George St Hove, classroom at Riversdale School Southfield etc., some unidentified, about G to VG, 30* 30-50
218.    POSTCARDS, trams, inc. High St Southampton, Promenade Douglas, Bank of Ireland Dublin, The Broadway Stratford, Willis Street Wellington N.Z., Portsdown Hill Portsmouth, College Green Dublin, North Pier Blackpool, Midland Railway Station Leicester, decorated tram etc., pu (18), some edge knocks, good VR, 28 30-50
219.    POSTCARDS, motor vehicles, inc. van accident, army ambulances, motor cars (some with chauffeurs), decorated lorry, horse-drawn, street scenes, motor parade Hastings 1907; some foreign, inc. Canada, Paris; Gordon Bennett course (2) etc., pu (11), some edge knocks, good VR, 22 30-50
220.    POSTCARDS, foreign selection, inc. Russian featuring military leaders (4), German, comedy etc., G, 8 10-15
221.    POSTCARDS, aviation & shipping, inc. Les Freres Voisin, air crash (unidentified, 3); RMS Berengaria first class dining saloon, Russian Outrage St Andrews Dock Hull, City of Rochester steamer, TS Port Jackson etc., G, 10 20-30
222.    CINEMA, F.o.H. stills and lobby cards, mainly b/w, inc. Good Girls Beware, The War Lord, Eva, Operation Bikini, A View From the Bridge, Merrill's Marauders, 663 Squadron, Seven Women From Hell, The Long Duel, The Green Helmet, Bengal Brigade, The Purple Mask, El Alamein, The Prince and The Pauper, Black Gold, Iron Man, A propos d'hier soir (colour, 32)etc., some with pinholes, a.m.r., slight tears and edge knocks, about G to VG, 165* 50-70
223.    CINEMA, FoH and lobby cards, press photos, promotional p/cs etc; inc. Six Days Seven Nights, Dracula, Arizona Dream, The Three Centurions, Exodus, Opening Night, Orpheus & Eurydice (campaign book), Polyester by John Waters (odorama); music, jazz, sheet music, Lena Horne, The Four Tops, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles etc., together with Star Wars selection, signed t/c by Ewan McGregor; unsigned official extra-large postcards (4+3), all from Episode 1, with Todd Mueller CoA for signed card etc., mixed sizes, G to VG, Qty. 40-60
POP MUSIC, programmes, brochures, flyers, inc. Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, Roy Orbison, Gene Pitney, The Troggs, The Temptations, Pink Floyd, Everly Brothers, Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdinck, Diana Ross, Elaine Page, Barry Manilow, The Bachelors, Paul McCartney, The Shadows, Shirley Bassey, Lionel Ritchie, Tina Turner etc., G to VG, 32* 25-35
225.    ENTERTAINMENT, mainly photos, promotional cards, programme etc; inc. Bernie Winters, Petula Clark, Larry Grayson, Marlene Dietrich, Malcolm Boyden, Dora Bryan, Iain Duncan Smith, Danny La Rue, Elaine Page, Noele Gordon etc., G to VG, 15 20-30
226.    POP MUSIC, signed white card by Paul McCartney, 5.5 x 2.5, with Nempix portrait (Nempose No. 1), EX, 2 60-80
227.    POP MUSIC, Beatles postcards & other trade photos, inc. Brel, Topstar, Star Pics, Valex etc., 8 x 10 & smaller, about G to VG, 13 30-50
228.    MUSIC, signed letters, photos etc., inc. Bonnie Langford, Kim Wilde, Jack Jones, Suzi Quatro etc., 8 x 12 and smaller, FR to EX, 20 30-50
229.    CINEMA, signed photos etc., inc. Gina Lollabrigida, Claudia Schiffer, Sean Connery, Richard E. Grant, Sylvia Sims etc., 8 x 12 and smaller, G to EX, 27* 30-50
230.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed album pages, inc. Kate Adie, David Dickinson, Ray Gosling, Terry Wogan, Philip Madoc etc., laid down to larger cards with small attached photos, VG to EX, 50* 30-50
231.    ENTERTAINMENT, signed album pages, inc. Anthony Sher, Wilfred Pickles, Reginald Dixon, Patrick More, Melvyn Bragg, Tom Courtney, Sue McGregor etc., laid down to larger cards with small attached photos, VG to EX, 50* 30-50
232.    MINING, brass colliery tags, Welsh pits, inc. Graig Merthyr, St Johns, Lady Windsor, Blaenserchan, Caerau, Abernant, Gwmillery, Mardy, Celynen, Trelewis, Betws, Cresford, Tydraw etc., signs of wear, G to VG, 35* 60-80
233.    MINING, brass colliery tags, Yorkshire pits, inc. Manvers, Bradford, Goldthorpe, Bentley, GrimethorpeTHurcroft, Frickley, Highgate, Barnburgh, Silverwood, Brodsworth, Caphouse, Cadeby, Treeton, Rossington, Old Silkstone etc., signs of wear, G to VG, 40* 60-80
234.    MINING, brass colliery tags, pits inc. Nottinghamshire (16), Shirebrook, Rufford, Blidworth, Calverton (2), Cotgrave etc; Derbyshire (7), Bolsover (2), Markham (3),High Moor & Arkwright; Leicestershire (4), Rawdon, Measham, Snibston & Donisthorpe; Scotland (3), Comrie, Castlehlll & Seafield, signs of wear, G to VG, 37* 60-80
235.    MINING, reproduction photos, inc. Headstocks & other out-buildings, underground, railway; Alfreton, Askern, Beighton, Conisborough, Clay Cross, Clowne, Creswell, Hartington, Whitwell, Shipley etc., many 8 x 10 copies of postcard images, slight duplication, VG to EX, 80* 25-35
236.    EPHEMERA, booklets, circus programmes (3), Lord George Sanger's Circus, Bertram Mills Circus Olympia London Dec 1946-Feb 1947 & Dec 1949-Feb 1950; magazine, The Sawdust Ring Jan-Mar 1935; Franco-British Exhibition London 1908 (The Book of Ballymaclinton); Lenin Memorial Meeting, Scala Theatre, 25th Jan 1942; The Tower Pageant & Tattoo, 25th May to 8th June 1935 (programme and order of events) etc., G, 10 30-50
237.    MIXED, large, complete (14), inc. Players (7), Dandies, British Regalia, Treasures of Britain, Natural History 1st & 2nd (extra large); Wills (2), Famous British Sculpture; Scottish CWS Famous Pictures (Glasgow), Weetbix Snow Holidays, Cryselco Interesting Events, Benson Old Bristol etc., in ring-binder, VG to EX, 317 40-60
238.    WILLS, complete (14), inc. Garden Flowers, Roses, Cinema Stars 2nd, Dogs, Railway Equipment etc., slight duplication, in large modern album, G to EX, 675 30-50
239.    KELLOGGS, World Land Speed Record Holders, inc. sheets of shaped cards (complete but two loose), two charts; set of four Lledo models, Railton Mobil Special, Spirit of America - Sonic 1, Bluebird & Thrust 2, each in original box (damaged), VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
240.    MIXED, sets in albums, inc. complete (4), Oliver German Uniforms (corner-mounted), Cadbury Airlines of the World (coins in folder), UTC South African Sports & Games, Radio Review Radio Stars (both laid down); part sets, Gaycon Dixon of Dock Green, Panini F1 Motor Racing; three empty (two used) Blue Cap Flixies 1st (2) & 2nd, some tears to covers, FR to EX, 8 + 1 30-50
241.    SILKS, selection, inc. USA, Phillips, Muratti, Lea, Wix; animals, old masters, porcelain, flags, regiments, football, beauties etc., duplication, in ring-binder, FR to VG, Qty. 40-60
242.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Gallaher (196), The Great War, Plants; Ogdens (44), Players, Phillips, Millhoff, Wills (some overseas) etc., creasing and damaged to edges, P to VG, 397* 30-50
243.    RICH, complete subsets (7) & parts sets, inc. zoological, hunting, military, handymen, occupations, Tivoli etc., duplication, corner knocks & a.m.r., P to G, 425* 40-60
244.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Kings Laundry, Modern Motor Cycles (18), Radio & Television Stars (14); A&BC Gum Comic Book Foldees (12), Typhoo David Copperfield (22), ESSO Squelchers (9) etc., G to EX, 80* 40-60
245.    MITCHELL, mainly part sets, inc. complete (3), London Characters, Wonderful Century; Clan Tartans 1st (49) & 2nd (complete), Gallery of 1935 (49) etc., G to EX, 290* 30-50
246.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Wills Cricket Season (22), 1896 (1), 1901 (10 & 1908 (3); Phillips miniature Pinnace (4), Smith (5), Ogdens, Carreras, Players, Ardath etc., FR to EX, 210* 30-50
247.    OGDENS, part sets & odds, inc. Boys Scouts (mixed, 58), Derby Entrants (24), Fowls Pigeons & Dogs (42), Cricket 1926 (27), Football Club Colours (26), Captains of AFC (10) etc., G to VG, 225* 30-50
248.    WILLS, complete (9), inc. Allied Army Leaders, Units of the British Army, Engineering Wonders, Lucky Charms, Dogs etc., about G to EX, 450 25-35
249.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Churchmans Rugby Internationals (30); Mitchell Arms & Armour (8), Famous Scots (28); Couden Holiday Resorts (22); Carreras, Our Navy, Birds, Famous Airmen & Airwomen, History of Army Uniforms; Churchmans Boxing Personalities etc., G to EX, 425* 30-50
250.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Gallaher, Boy Scouts (6), Useful Hints (10), Cinema Stars (8), Interesting Views (36); Hudden Public Schools & Colleges (37), Murray Steamships (15); Phillips, Ardath, Mitchell, Drapkin, Hignett, Cavanders etc., G to EX, 370* 30-50
251.    PLAYERS, complete (13), inc. Arms & Armour, Film Stars 3rd, Ships Figureheads, AC&DS, Riders of the World, Military Head-Dress, Hints on Association Football, National Flags etc., about G to EX, 640 25-35
252.    MILITARY, complete (14), inc. Players (10), Regimental Colours & Cap Badges, Napoleon, Colonial & Indian Army Badges, AC&DS (1-150), Military Head-Dress; Mitchell Army Ribbons & Buttons, Carreras (Black Cat) etc., loose in period slide-in album, G to EX, 625 40-60
253.    SILKS, selection, inc. premium, Phillips Heraldic (23), ATC Rugs (4); medium, Phillips, Morris etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 40-60
254.    TRADE, European selection, complete & part subsets, inc. many Nestle (soaking damage), Homann, Jacques, greetings cards etc., FR to VG, Qty. 25-35
255.    CINEMA, part sets & odds, inc. many BAT (printed & plain backs), Cinema Artistes, Cinema Stars, Cinema Celebrities; Wills (Four Aces), Rothmans, Hill, Phillips etc., FR to EX, 850* 40-60
256.    TRADE, mainly football, inc. Pro-Set, Merlin, Daily Mirror, Topps Match Attax; Batman, Grandee, Pokemon etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
257.    MITCHELL, part sets & odds, inc. Money (20), Seals (11), Interesting Buildings (8), Statues & Monuments (37), River & Coastal Steamers (68), Humorous Drawings (76) etc., duplication, FR to VG, 500* 50-70
258.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Wills, Worlds Dreadnoughts, Famous Inventions, Naval Dress & Badges, Celebrated Ships, Signalling; Players, Drum Banners & Cap Badges; Carroll Birds etc., FR to VG, 650* 30-50
259.    CINEMA, Gallaher part sets, mainly later issues, duplication, FR to Ex, Qty. 30-50
260.    MIXED, post-WWII, mainly part sets & odds, Carreras Black Cat (1250), Birds, Motor Cars, Uniforms, Kings & Queens; ATC Mills, Medals, Weapons, Aviation, Wild West, Hobbies etc., slight duplication, G to MT, 1800* 30-50
261.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Mobil, Barratt, Typhoo, Lyons, Cadbury & other stickers (140), Radio Review premium (10), matchbox labels etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-40
262.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (6), Players, British Empire, Film Stars 1st; Lambert & Butler, Worlds Locomotives, Common Fallacies (20); Phillips Famous Crowns, Morris Marvels, Sarony Saronicks; Wills etc., duplication, FR to VG, 1300* 30-40
263.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Dexter Borough Arms (140), Anstie Scouts, Wills (large), Carreras Horses & Hounds; Players, Churchmans, Hill, Ogdens, etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
264.    MIXED, part sets & odds, mainly Wills & Players, a few large, duplication, good VR, 1000s 30-50
265.    TRADE, European complete & part sets, inc. Lefevre-Utile calendars (2), Verkade Cactii, Danmark Ships, Tobler stamps, Stollwerck, Swiss Trains (beermats), Cote d'Or etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
266.    TRADE, complete & part sets, inc. Leaf Do You Know (complete), Cartledge Epigrams, Teachers Scottish Clans (22); Barratt, Lyons, Primrose, Church & Dwight, Priory, reprint c/c etc., duplication, FR to VG, Qty. 30-40
267.    MIXED, selection, inc. c/c part sets, Players (300), British Empire (complete), Fishes, Regimental Uniforms, Badges & Flags (trimmed), Household Hints (overseas), Cricketers etc; Knotty Pine Film Stars (11); ephemera, Pinnace albums ( a few cards stuck in), scraps, bookmarks etc., good VR, Qty. 30-50
268.    MIXED, selection, inc. Wix silks, Flowers (7) & National Flags (complete + 46); Brooke Bond (26 sets), black backs (7); Tom Thumb etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
269.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Harden, Sunblest, Kane, Preston, Horniman, Edwards & Sons, Dandy, Walls, Mills, Lyons, Lamberts etc., G to EX, 2400* 30-50
270.    ARDATH, large, part sets, inc. Photocards, cricket, football, horse racing, cinema; From screen to Stage etc., a few A&BC Gum Footballers (doubles), G to EX, 300* 30-40
271.    SELECTION, inc. laid down German c/c & trade albums (7), complete & part sets; crests, miniatures, cinema, post-WWI; full-page magazine illustrations & adverts etc., FR to G, Qty. 25-35
272.    COLLECTORS CARDS, complete sets, inc. Topps (3), Happy Days, Grease, Rocky IV; Harry Potter, Iran-Contra, Kennedy Assassination, New York City, Charlie's Angels, X-Men, Phantom of the Opera, X-Files etc., some larger sizes, EX to MT, Qty. 30-50
273.    KELLOGGS, selection, inc. BarnaBee's Jigsaws, original boxes (3+7), Stumpers, op (8+ 24); four badge kits, each with two badges, stencil sheet & instructions, tape to jigsaw boxes, G to EX, 15 + 31 30-50
274.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. Upper Deck world Cup USA 94 (twelve sealed retail boxes); 1997 Futera Manchester United, set of 100 (plus 16 extras); 1992 Panini, both in ring-binders, VG to MT, Qty. 30-50
275.    SOCIETE HISTORIA, Belgian History, postcard-sized cards, text backs, slight duplication, VG to EX, 400* 30-50
276.    FOREIGN, c/c & trade issues, inc. Colombos Famous Oil Paintings (110), Timaru Victory Cards (complete + 35), Shell (85), BAT Guernsey Footballers (125), Simonets, Bucktrout, Ching, Fina etc., duplication, FR to MT, 660* 30-50
277.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. ABC Cinemas (240), Birds, Soldiers, Space, Buildings; Kane 1956 Cricketers (65), Reddings (225), Pascall, Fry, Thomson etc., some amr & creasing, FR to EX, 520* 30-50
278.    SPORT, part sets & odds, inc. Players (325), Derby & Grand National Winners (135), Cricketers 1934 (75); Gallaher, mixed footballers (85), British Champions (23); Mitchell (75), Old Sporting Prints (20), Scottish Football Snaps (12); Carreras Famous Cricketers, Turf (70) etc., duplication, FR to VG, 520* 30-50
279.    TRADE, European selection, natural history inc, horses, birds, dogs, animals, flora; Juncosa, Douwe Egbert, Tafelfreuden, Kolibri, Klaverblad etc., mixed sizes, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
280.    TRADE, European selection, inc. Tin-Tin, Suchard, Hartwig & Vogel, Gutermann, Remy, Bussinck, Cardon etc., mainly larger sizes, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
281.    TRADE, empty albums, wallcharts etc., inc. Weet-Bix, Brooke Bond, Castella, Panini, Tom Thumb, Daily Star, Merlin, Cadbury etc., slight duplication, VG to MT, 38* 25-35
282.    TRADE, sets laid down in albums, complete (20), The Sun, Sanitarium, Weet-Bix, Panini, shell, Sunday Times; part sets (11), Panini, Nabisco, Merlin etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 31* 25-35
283.    TRADE, selection of complete & part sets, inc. Dairylea, Thornycroft, Bell's bells, Pez, Tetley packets, Kelloggs Mega Mags, Embassy Snooker, Penguin transfers, Prescott-Pickup Texaco 2006 Football World Cup, Merlin, Topps, Aldie & baseball (UK) etc., VG to MT, Qty. 30-50
284.    FOOTBALL, modern selection, mainly Futera team sets (with duplication), late 1990s, inc. Celtic Chrome (8 sets), Manchester United (6) & Vortex Foil (9), Newcastle United, Aston Villa (3), Liverpool (11) etc; unsorted, Celtic Greatest (140), Manchester United 1997 (900), non-Futera (150), with vendor's listing, EX to MT, 4618* 40-60
285.    TRADE, stamps & other postal, complete & part sets, inc. de Roode, Guerin Boutron, Limola Gum, Bensdorp, Bonnet, South Wales Police etc., slight duplication, in ring binder, G to EX, 250* 30-50
286.    LIEBIG, selection, inc. part sets & odds, S.40 (3), S.158 (3); complete (46), mainly French backs, in ring-binder, some scuffing to backs of early cards, FR to EX, 328* 40-60
287.    GLAMOUR, Playboy Playmates, three complete sets of 120 (with extras), March (3 checklists, 6 preview, 3/6 chase cards), May (3 checklists, 6 preview, 6/6 & 3/6 chase cards) and June (3 checklists, 6 preview, 1 signed chase card, 2/6 chase cards etc.), in ringbinder, EX to MT, 406* 25-35
288.    TRADE, part sets, inc. Cartledge Epigrams, Cadbury Yowie Power, Daily Star Star Wars, Walkers Can You Resist & Tazos (both Star Wars), Hula Hoops comedy postcards (pairs), Tesco Nature Trail, Small Soldiers & other packet issues, in ring-binder, G to EX, Qty. 25-35
289.    TRADE, part sets, inc. A&BC 1958 Footballers, no Planet (37) & Planet clause trimmed (42); Jiffy Kama Sutra (64), Gil Elvgren Calendar Pinups 2 (37) etc., some footballers creased, FR to EX, 200* 30-50
290.    MIXED, complete (18), inc. Gallaher (7), Famous Jockeys, Butterflies & Moths, Dogs 1st & 2nd; Wills (10), Do You Know 1st-3rd, Ships Badges, Physical Culture, Railway Engines; Players (1), Butterflies etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 886 30-40
291.    WILLS, complete (16), inc. Railway Equipment, Roses, King George V, Arms of Companies etc., slight duplication, in two modern albums, FR to EX, 800 30-40
292.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Ogdens How to Swim (72), Garbaty National Arms (58), Eckstein Halpaus German Scenes (66); Wix Henry, Kane, Rossi, Miranda, Wills, Players etc., slight duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 545* 30-40
293.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Typhoo long (45), Garbaty Arms (90), Salem Japanese (108), Molassine, Lifeguard, Cavanders, Lyons, Millhoff, Petpro, Wills, Churchmans etc., slight duplication, in modern album, G to EX, 508* 30-40
294.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. German (394), Arms, German scenes; Players, Aviary & Cage Birds, Wills, Gallaher etc., duplication, in modern album, FR to EX, 680* 30-40
295.    FOOTBALL, stickers & cards, part sets, inc. Top Sellers 1973, Panini (1980, 1981, 1986 & 1990), Merlin 1990, Bergmann-Verlag 1990 etc., in modern album, slight duplication, G to EX, 440* 40-60
296.    BUTTERLIES, selection, inc. complete (5), Players (2), Butterflies & Moths; Wills, Gallaher & Phillips; part sets & odds, BAT, Wills large, Players transfers, Phillips etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 320* 30-50
297.    BIRDS, complete (9), inc. Players (5), Curious Beaks, Wild Birds, Birds & their Young (1st, 2nd & 50); Wills British Birds, Ogdens Foreign Birds, Carreras & Gallaher etc., in modern album, FR (1) to EX, 398 25-35
298.    BIRDS, part sets & odds, inc. Players, Game Birds & Wild Fowl (49), Poultry (46); Wills Ogdens, Phillips, Gallaher, Cavanders, Challis etc., in modern album, some creasing, FR to EX, 455* 30-50
299.    BEAUTIES, part sets & odds, inc. large US (11), Lorillard playing cards (5), Kimball, Gail & Ax; Allman (18), Hill Film Stars and Celebrity Dancers (19), Barratt Picture Hats (56, creased), Wills overseas etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 115* 30-50
300.    BRITISH AUTOMATIC, selection, inc. complete (6), British Aircraft, British Locomotives, Famous Trains of the World, Dogs 2nd, Fortunes, Fresh-Water Fishes; part sets & odds, British Birds, Dogs 1st, Famous Trains (p/b), Fortunes etc., in modern album, G to VG, 335* 40-60
301.    MIXED, part sets, inc. Pattreiouex British Empire Exhibition (48), Dexter Borough Arms (complete0, School Friend Famous Film Stars (6), ERB Sports & Games (26), Mitchell Clan Tartans 1st (49), ATC Fairy Tale Stamps (55), Roldan etc., in modern album, FR to EX, 255* 30-50
302.    PHILLIPS, National Flags, medium silks, duplication, fraying, FR to VG, 360* 30-50
303.    PHILLIPS, Heraldic Series, medium silks, duplication, in modern album, fraying, FR to VG, 310* 30-50
304.    PHILLIPS, Crests of the British Army, standard silks, duplication, in modern album, fraying, FR to VG, 300* 30-50
305.    A.T.C., Men of History, complete, large, mixed backs, duplicates (8), FR to G, 50 + 8 100-150
306.    A.T.C., Heroes of History, complete, large, mixed backs, FR to G, 50 100-150
307.    MURATTI, Crowned Heads, complete, medium, slight scuffing to purple edges, G to VG, 35 80-120
308.    SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS, Natives of the World, creased (2), scuffing to edges etc., P to FR, 24 30-50
309.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, part sets & odds, inc. Jockeys (3), Conundrums (10), Waverley (11), Russo-Japanese (6), Actresses etc., corner knocks, scuffs to edges etc., P to G, 40* 30-50
310.    SANDORIDES not TEOFANI, Cinema Stars, complete, extra-large, Big Gun, VG to EX, 25 60-80
311.    PLAYERS, Irish Place Names 1st, complete, VG, 25 40-60
312.    FRY, Nursery Rhymes, complete, VG, 50 90-110
313.    FRY, Tricks and Puzzles, complete, blue backs, G to VG, 50 70-80
314.    FLEETWAY, Star Footballers of 1963, complete, neat separation, with plastic wallet, VG to EX, 50+ 30-40
315.    CADET, Doctor Who and The Daleks, complete, EX to MT, 50 60-70
316.    WILLS, Famous Golfers, complete, large, G to EX, 25 200-250
317.    OGDENS, Poultry 1st, complete, no Ogdens to front, G to VG, 25 40-60
318.    SOCIETE JOB, British Lighthouses, complete, G to VG, 25 80-120
319.    HILL, Famous Footballers, complete, brown, G to EX, 50 60-80
320.    CHURCHMANS, Famous Cricket Colours, complete, VG, 25 40-60
321.    KIDDYS FAVOURITES, Popular Olympics, complete, inc. No. 51 Jesse Owens, some with staple holes, FR to VG, 51 40-60
322.    TUDOROSE, Tudor Britain, premium issue, mixed series, G to VG, 31 40-45
323.    ADKIN, Sporting Cups & Trophies, some scuffing to green edges, about G to VG, 13 60-80
324.    ADKIN, Soldiers of the Queen, 50 backs, G to VG, 24 30-50
325.    GALLAHER, Kute Kiddies, a few FR ow G to VG, 62 50-70
326.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Chelsea subjects, corner knocks & a.c.m., FR to G, 8 40-60
327.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Brighton & Hove Albion (5), Bristol City (2) & Bradford City subjects, corner knocks & some scuffing, FR to G, 8 40-60
328.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Plymouth (3), Preston (3) & Plymouth (1) subjects, corner knocks & a.c.m., FR to G, 7 30-50
329.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, Clapton (6), Fulham (1) & Reading (2) subjects, corner knocks & creased (2), FR to G, 9 40-60
330.    GALLAHER, Famous Footballers, missing Nos. 35 & 57, green, G to VG, 98 40-60
331.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, complete, no clause, G to VG, 50 100-150
332.    A.T.C., Boer War A (complete) & B (16/22), numbered, scuffing to edges, FR to G, 25 70-90
333.    A.T.C., Military Uniforms C, complete, green net backs, G to VG, 27 50-70
334.    B.A.T., Jockeys & Owners Colours (p/c inset), complete, with Joker, p/b (anon), G to VG, 53 60-80
335.    KINNEY, Novelties (rectangular), creased (1) & torn (1), P (2) ow G to VG, 29 80-120
336.    HUNTLEY & PALMER, Warships of Nations, premium issue, G to EX, 9 30-50
337.    SPORT, part sets & odds, inc. cricket, boxing, tennis; Phillips Sporting Series (6), Cohen Weenen, Wills, Hill Sports Series (4), Ogdens, anon (16) etc., FR to VG, 40* 30-50
338.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, inc. Franklyn Davey, Smiths (13), Churchmans, Copes Clips (7) etc., FR to VG, 35* 40-60
339.    HORSE RACING, part sets & odds, inc. Sandorides (33+1), Carreras large (9), Sniders & Abrahams, Wills, Boguslavsky, Lea etc., FR to EX, 80* 30-50
340.    A.T.C., Beauties (p/c inset), complete, typeset back, G to VG, 52 120-180
341.    DUKE, Stars of the Stage 4th (die cut), extra-large, G to generally VG, 7 50-70
342.    OGDENS, Tabs, General Interest (golfers), plain backs (no full stops), corner creasing (4) & scuffing to black edges, P to G, 13 30-50
343.    MIXED, part sets, inc. American Caramel (10) & Breisch-Willams (9) Flags; Churchmans Phil May Sketches (15), Morris War celebrities (12), ATC Boer War (8) etc., FR to G, 55* 40-60
344.    MIXED, better odds, inc. Hill Fragments from France (3), Taddy Actresses - collotype (trimmed), Faulkner Our Colonial Troops (5), Singleton & Cole (2), Roberts etc., P to G, 29* 30-50
345.    CRICKET, odds, inc. Pattreiouex Celebrities in Sport (5), Wills 1896, Hill, Morrow, Connell, Barratt, BAT etc., about G to VG, 15 30-50
346.    BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, football subjects, creased (5) & some scuffing to edges, FR to G, 8 30-50
347.    BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, cricketers, FR to G, 10* 40-60
348.    BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, cricketers, FR to G, 16* 40-60
349.    BARRATT, Cricketers Footballers & Football Teams, cricketers, FR to G, 16* 40-60
350.    FAULKNER, Football Terms 2nd, missing A Good Try, A Good Pass & Rushing the Goal-Keeper, FR to about G, 9 70-90
351.    TRADE, postcards, chocolate issues by Cadburys (8) & Fry (9); also Chivers fruit (9), G to VG, 26 40-60
352.    TRADE, postcards, tea issues by Horniman (14) & Lipton (8), G to VG, 22 30-40
353.    CAPERNS, Cage Birds, premium issues, p/c (13) and p/b backs, G to VG, 19 25-35
354.    TRADE, postcards & other premium issues, inc. Christian Novels (14), Dainty Novels (4), Shurey (27); attendance cards, London CC (12), South District Boys School etc., FR to VG, 96* 30-50
355.    MIXED, selection, inc. Players Beauties (21, overseas), Salmon & Gluckstein Magical (3), Copes VC (5), Taddy (2), Williams (2), Couden, Illingworth; Careless Moments (complete) etc., corner clipped (1), P (1) ow FR to EX, 79* 30-40
356.    LEA, Old English Pottery & Porcelain, p/c (none postally used), mixed retailers, G to VG, 18 80-120
357.    FOOTBALL, complete (3), Typhoo football packet issues (2), International Football Stars (with descriptive panels), Football Stars 1st (trimmed); Soccer Bubble Gum Soccer Teams 1st, G to VG, 96 30-50
358.    PHILLIPS, Cricketers (brown), VG to EX, 135* 200-300
359.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, Heroes of the Transvaal War, some trimmed, FR to G, 9 40-60
360.    HILL, Animal Series, Nos. 1, 2, 6, 8, 10, 17, 18 & 19, Crowfoot back, corner creases (Nos. 218 & 19), generally G, 8 40-60
361.    CHURCHMANS, Sports & Games in Many Lands, complete, small corner crease (No. 13), G to VG, 25 40-60
362.    WILLS, Famous Golfers, large, missing Nos.4, 15 & 23, G to VG, 22 120-160
363.    HIGNETT, Trick Billiards, complete, EX to MT, 50 150-200
364.    HORNER & CO., Wireless Cards, complete, extra-large, VG, 24 200-250
365.    OGDENS, Greyhound Racing 1st & 2nd, complete, G to VG, 50 30-50
366.    OGDENS, complete (3), Billiards by Tom Newman, Derby Entrants 1928 & 1929, G to VG, 150 30-50
367.    OGDENS, Boy Scouts, 1st (39), 2nd (complete) & 3rd (36), G to VG, 125 30-40
368.    OGDENS, Boy Scouts, complete (2), 5th & 1929, G to EX, 75 30-40
369.    OGDENS, selection, inc. complete (4), How to Swim, Picturesque People, Children of all Nations, British Birds (both cut-outs); part set, Whaling (24), Children of all Nations (49), FR to VG, 248* 30-40
370.    MIXED, large, complete (4), Players Old Sporting Prints, Ardath From Screen and Stage (both extra large); Hill Views of Interest 1st, Pattreiouex Flying, corner-mounted in home-made booklets, G to EX, 25 30-40
371.    MIXED, complete (7), BAT Aeroplanes of Today; Wills (3), Time & Money, English Period Costumes; Players (3), Regimental Standards etc., corner-mounted in home-made booklets, G to EX, 325 30-40
372.    MIXED, complete (4), Ardath Famous Scots, Teofani Modern Movie Stars and Cinema Celebrities (anon.); Carreras, Famous Airmen & Airwomen, History of Naval Uniforms, , corner-mounted in home-made booklets, G to EX, 173 30-40
373.    SPORT, complete (19), inc. cricket (6), County Print, Marks, Keech; football (8), Bassett, Daily Mirror, Esso, Cadet (3), Thomson etc., G to EX, 672* 30-50
374.    SPORT, complete (20), inc. cricket (6), Brindley, Kane, Players, Marks, Hobbypress, County Print; football (4), Wills, Players; golf reprint c/c (2); Comet, Kane, Golden Wonder etc., G to EX, 710* 30-50
375.    ACCESSORIES, empty softback albums, inc. Wills (3), Association Footballers, Safety First; Players (5), Film Stars 1st (2), Cricketers 1938, British Fresh-Water Fishes; Wix Henry (2) & National Flags; Carreras & Phillips, VG to EX, 17 30-40
376.    FOOTBALL, stickers, mainly FKS (mixed series), UK & European, G to EX, 600* 30-50
377.    FOREIGN, selection, inc. complete (2), Cley Geografico Universal (English subset), Constantin Fredericus Rex; part sets, London Caramel National Flags (69+23), Augustinus World History (71 + 19), Braun Opfindel (37+17), Avila & Borba (45), duplication, corner knocks, creases & a.m.r., FR to VG, 279 + 59* 30-50
378.    TOPOGRAPHICAL, foreign trade, inc. complete (2), GOC Austrian Towns (premium issues), Doral Celebrate America - Road Trip; part set, Hood Photos of the World (80), 6 x 4.25, 1930s American trade issue (some corner knocks & discolouration to backs), G to VG, 104* 30-50
379.    RAILWAY, European trade selection, inc. complete (5), Kleine Herba, Vege matchbox labels; SKF Lejer, Eckstein Halpaus, Albert Heijn, Nestle etc., duplication, G to EX, 210* 30-50
380.    HET KLAVERBLAD, Birds, mixed series & sizes, foreign trade issue, duplication, VG to EX, 170+ 25-35
381.    BERLINA MORGENPOST, premium panels, Natural History, inc. Unsere Vogelwelt (birds x 126), Unser Aquarium (fish & reptiles x 50) & Der Hund (dogs x 49, heavy a.m.r.), 130 x 190mm paper issue, slight duplication, FR to EX, 225* 40-60
382.    ARTIS, Le Cirque et les Etoiles (Circus and Stars), complete set of 60 large colour prints, inc. Buffalo Bill, artwork by Tristan Remy, Belgian trade issue, lightly laid down in album, EX 30-40
383.    MOTORING, four European sets in albums, inc. United Tobacco Agencies Automobiel, Jacques History of the Motor Car (2), Peters Auto-Album, some scuffing to covers, G to VG, 4 30-50
384.    NATURAL HISTORY, four European sets in albums, inc. laid down (2), Lammens & Zonen Honden (Dogs), Artis Paradijsvogels en Kolibries (birds); Diamant Dyreseries (Animal Series), two complete sets of 48 corner-mounted in company albums (damage to covers), Birds & Mammals, artwork by Sophus Paulsen, Danish trade issue, a.c.m., FR to EX, 4 30-50
385.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (14), Sea Fishes, Wild Birds, Colonial & Indian Army Badges, Gilbert & Sullivan, Football MAC & 1928, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Curious Beaks; Wills (6), Town Arms 2nd, Alpine Flowers, Roses etc., VG to EX, 950 40-60
386.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (10), Naval Dress, Butterflies, Counties, Wild Animals Heads, RAF Badges, AC&DS 2nd, Cycling; Wills (10), Speed, ARP, DYK 2nd, railway (2) etc., VG to EX, 1000 40-60
387.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (14), Dandies, Boy Scout & Girl Guide, Cricketers RIP, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges, Motor Cars 2nd, Napoleon; Wills (6), Lucky Charms, Ships Badges, Association Footballers etc., VG to EX, 900 40-60
388.    MIXED, complete (20), inc. Players (14), AC&DS 1st, Cricketers 1938, Gilbert & Sullivan 2nd, Motor Cars 1st, Footballers RIP, ACW, Dogs (full-length); Wills (6), Animalloys, Roses 2nd, Dogs, English Period Costumes etc., VG to EX, 948 40-60
389.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (12), Wills (3), Military Motors, Historic Events; Gallaher Racing Scenes & Sporting Personalities; Carreras Nose Game (large, instruction booklet), Millhoff Real Photos 1st-4th, Ogdens Foreign Birds; part set, Wills Old Inns 1st (36) etc., FR to EX, 492* 30-50
390.    TYPHOO, long, complete (5), inc. Whilst We Sleep, Tale of Two Cities, Animals Offence & Defence, work on the Farm & Swiss Family Robinson, G to VG, 125, G to VG, 25 30-50
391.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold, mixed series, inc. medium (63), slight duplication, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 185* 40-60
392.    CINEMA, complete (3), Lloyd Cinema Stars (25 & 27), Carreras Film Stars (medium), VG to EX, 106 30-40
393.    MIXED, royalty, complete (5), inc. Lambert & Butler Arms of Kings & Queens, Lea Coronation Souvenir, Carreras Regalia (large), Ardath & Wills, G to EX, 208 30-50
394.    MIXED, military, complete (7), inc. Wills Military Motors, Gerard Modern Armaments, BAT Modern Warfare, Phillips Soldiers of the King, Carreras & Churchmans; Evolution of the British Navy (missing No. 40), G to EX, 335 30-50
395.    LYONS, The Story of Indian Tea, complete, packet issue (neat trim, 47 x 122mm), G to VG, 15 30-50
396.    JACOBS, Irish Wildlife, missing No. 14, with tokens attached (210 x 45mm), EX, 31 40-60
397.    WALLACE & SCOTT, The Civil War 1861-1865, complete, bookmarks, inc. Lincoln, MT, 25 20-30
398.    SNAP, ATV Series No. 2, complete, EX, 48 30-35
399.    FOOTBALL, Football Greats, complete, with five gold-edges cards, by The Beautiful Game, MT, 55 30-40
400.    PHILLIPS, premium silks, inc. Old Masters, War Leaders etc., some fraying, FR to VG, Qty. 40-60
401.    MY WEEKLY, medium silks, inc. Language of Flowers (14), War Heroes (8), Battle Series (5) etc., duplication, some missing backing paper, some fraying or staining, FR to VG, 30* 30-50
402.    MY WEEKLY, medium silks, Our Soldier Boys (28) & Soldiers of the King (21), duplication, some missing backing paper, some fraying or staining, FR to VG, 49* 30-50
403.    WILLS, Australian medium silks, inc. Crests & Colours (62), Birds & Animals (6) etc., duplication, some missing backing paper, some fraying or staining, FR to VG, 70* 30-50
404.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold, mixed series, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 250* 40-60
405.    TYPHOO, long, complete (8), inc. Shakespeare, Trees, Famous Voyages, Swiss Family Robinson, Important Industries, Flowers 1st & 2nd etc., G to EX, 200 30-50
406.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (footballers),INC. Sunderland, Workington, Chesterfield, Bradford City etc., large, duplication, G to EX, 52* 30-50
407.    PNANIN, Footballers, 1972 (13), 1973 (26), 1974 (130) & 1975 (40), duplication, G to EX, 210* 30-50
408.    TRADE, early USA selection, boot & shoe issuers, some a.m.r., FR to VG, 50* 25-35
409.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. adverts, gold background, children, comedy, floral, views, insects, flags etc., some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* 30-50
410.    TRADE, early USA selection, inc. adverts, gold background, children, fruit, comedy, floral, animals, greetings etc., some a.m.r., FR to VG, 100* 30-50
411.    TRADE, military, complete (20), inc. Oliver (2), German Uniforms, German Orders & Decorations; Cadet, Sweetule, Booth, Morning Foods, Rington, Hitchman, Tonibell, Tommy Gunn etc., VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
412.    TRADE, transport, complete (20), inc. Kane, Halpin, Brooke Bond, Miranda, Sunecta, Glengettie, Lamberts, Barber etc., VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
413.    A.T.C., Mills, complete (18), inc. Army Badges, Dogs, Medals, Holiday Resorts, Aircraft, British Locomotives, The Wild West, Naval Battles, French (3) etc., c.v. 258, VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
414.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, inc. medium silks (34+20), op (mixed backs), small (38), lacking op, duplication, FR to VG, 92* 30-50
415.    CINEMA, part sets, inc. BAT Cinema Stars ()70), Phillips Stage, Cinema Beauties (40); Ardath, Who Is This? (40), Famous Film Stars (45), Film Stage & Radio (100) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 320* 30-50
416.    HILL, cinema part sets, inc. Famous Cinema Celebrities, C (80 Toucan) & D (21 Kadi); Scenes from Films (11) etc., slight duplication, G to EX, 155* 30-50
417.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Smith, War Incidents (18), Phil May Sketches (5); Illingworth Cavalry (12), Gallaher Tricks & Puzzles (green, 32), Hill Real Photos (18/42), ITC Aircraft Spotter Cards (13) etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 140* 30-50
418.    CINEMA, odds, inc. Hill, Bear, Fry, Job etc., FR to VG, 90* 30-40
419.    CADBURY, part sets, inc. Fairy Tales (24), Transport (45), Constellation (20), British Trees (16) etc., FR to VG, 125* 30-40
420.    MIXED, better part sets & odds, inc. Wills, Medals (19), Nelson (19), Wild Animals p/c (2) & green (6); Players Wild Animals (49), duplication, FR to VG, 95* 40-60
421.    GREGO, Gavilan Postage Stamps, medium, Argentinian issue, some creasing, P to G, 200* 30-50
422.    HIGNETT, part sets & odds, inc. Military Portraits (11), Historical London (62), Celebrated Old Inns (40), Arms & Armour (23), Greetings (23), Turnpikes (36), Interesting Buildings (68) etc., duplication, FR to VG, 350* 30-50
423.    MITCHELL, Scottish part sets & odds, inc. Clan Tartans 1st (180) & 2nd (120), Scotland's Story (59), Empire Exhibition (27), Famous Scots etc., duplication, FR to EX, 400* 40-60
424.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold & Tabs, mixed series, large (2), GG with based removed (150), slight duplication, P to VG, 300* 30-50
425.    BOGUSLAVSKY, part sets & odds, inc. Conan Doyle (14), Winners on the Turf (25), Sports Records 1st (27) & 2nd (32), Mythological Gods & Goddesses (22), etc., duplication, FR to VG, 30-50
426.    FOOTBALL, Famous Footballers, paper issue removed from magazines (approx. 38 x 48mm), some blue tinted, slight duplication, FR to VG, 100s 30-50
427.    CRICKET, odds, inc. Connell, Sniders & Abrahams, Morrow, Barratt, Wills, Allen, Smith etc., many creased, P to FR, 30* 30-50
428.    MIXED, complete (14+1), inc. Weetabix 3-D (3), Players (4), Aviary & Cage Birds, Cries 2nd, Cricketers 1934; Wills (3), Tom Thumb Britain's Railways (2), Black Cat etc., G to VG, 565* 25-35
429.    PLAYERS, complete (11), inc. Butterflies, History of Naval Dress, AC&DS, Military Head-Dress, Derby & Grand National Winners, Wild Birds, Aviary & Cage Birds, Regimental Standards & Cap Badges, Cricketers 1934 etc., G to VG, 550 30-50
430.    PLAYERS, adhesives, complete (14+2), inc. Aeroplanes (civil), National Flags, International Air Liners, Kings & Queens, Film Stars 3rd, Birds & their Young, Motor Cars 1st & 2nd, etc., some adhesion marks, FR to VG, 800 25-35
431.    WILLS, complete (13+1), inc. Our King & Queen, Animalloys, Garden Flowers (2), Dogs, Speed etc., some adhesion marks, FR to VG, 698 25-35
432.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Weekly Dispatch WWI issue, "to the men who are fighting for their country's honour", opened (with four cigarettes), cardboard issue, crushed, G 30-40
433.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Anglo-American Cig. Mfg. Co. Heavyweight Cigarettes, paper envelope (with five cigarettes), VG 30-50
434.    CIGARETTE PACKET, Ligett & Myers Smoking Boy, complete packet of tobacco (opened but undisturbed contents), VG 30-50
435.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, selection, inc. 20s (3), Wills Capstan & Sweet Afton (both unopened), G.Ltd R.N. (Royal Navy issue); 10s (3), Wills Bristol & Woodbine, Churchmans No.1; Players Weights (5s), all complete or near complete, G to EX, 7 30-50
436.    BUCHNER & CO., printed hardback edition, Defenders and Offenders, crude tape repair to spine, scuffing to boards, only FR 320-360
437.    TOPPS, 1976 Footballers, blue backs, duplication, G to VG, 242* 40-60
438.    TOPPS, 1977 Footballers, red backs, G to VG, 248* 40-60
439.    TOPPS, 1978 Footballers, orange backs, G to EX, 198* 40-60
440.    TOPPS, Footballers, inc. 1975 (110), 1979 (44); mixed Scottish (21), G to EX, 175* 30-50
441.    LIEBIG, complete (7), S.601-S607, mixed languages, 2005 c.v. 141, VG to EX, 42 30-50
442.    LIEBIG, complete (6), S.608, 612-614, 617 & 618 mixed languages, 2005 c.v. 160, VG to EX, 36 30-50
443.    LIEBIG, complete (8), S.619, 620, 622, 623, 624A & 625-627, mixed languages, 2005 c.v. 177, VG to EX, 48 30-50
444.    LIEBIG, complete (6), S.628-633, mixed languages, 2005 c.v. 150, VG to EX, 36 30-50
445.    LIEBIG, complete (8), S.634 & 636-642, mixed languages, 2005 c.v. 167, VG to EX, 48 30-50
446.    LIEBIG, complete (7), S.643-649, mixed languages, 2005 c.v. 170, VG to EX, 42 30-50
447.    LIEBIG, complete (9), S.650 & 652-659, mixed languages, 2005 c.v. 166, VG to EX, 54 30-50
448.    LIEBIG, complete (7), S.661, 662, 664-667 & 669, mixed languages, 2005 c.v. 164, VG to EX, 42 30-50
449.    LIEBIG, Alphabet (Female Costumes), complete, S.609, German, VG, 6 30-50
450.    LIEBIG, Paris Exhibition 1900, complete, S.624, Italian, VG, 6 25-35
451.    LIEBIG, Product at the Comedie Francaise, complete, S.663, French, VG, 6 80-120
452.    BROOKE BOND, Zena Skinner Cookery Cards, large, VG to EX, 10 35-45
453.    TRADE, large & premium selection, inc. Singer p/c-size (6), Allen & Hanbury Clocks (2) & bookmarks (2), Red Letter Midget postcards (26) etc., FR to VG, 47* 30-50
454.    TRADE, European selection, inc. children, types, caricatures, military etc., mainly p/b, G to VG, 36 25-35
455.    TRADE, European selection, inc. coins, military & national types, children, comedy, personalities etc., FR to VG, 108* 30-40
456.    MIXED, large, complete (4), Wills (3), Famous British Authors, Old Inns 2nd, Trees; Players Fresh-Water Fishes, EX, 145 30-40
457.    TADDY, Boer Leaders, complete, corner scuff (2), G to EX, 20 200-300
458.    SMITH, Famous Explorers, complete, mixed backs, G to VG, 50 80-120
459.    WILLS, Drum Horses, complete, United Service, VG to EX, 32 60-80
460.    HORSE RACING, complete (3), inc. Carreras Races - Historic & Modern, Gallaher Famous Jockeys (blue), Players Derby & Grand National Winners, VG to EX, 123 25-35
461.    PLAYERS, Racehorses, complete, Eire, 30-50
462.    TADDY, Famous Jockeys, complete, no frame, G to VG, 25 150-200
463.    CARRERAS, Footballers, complete, small titles, EX, 75 30-50
464.    OGDENS, Famous Footballers, complete, G to VG, 50 50-70
465.    OGDENS, Football Club Colours, complete, G to VG, 51 50-70
466.    GALLAHER, Footballers in Action, complete, G to VG, 50 30-50
467.    FOOTBALL, complete (7), inc. Phillips (2), Famous Footballers (anon), International Caps; Players (3), 1928 & 1928/9, Hints; Wills Association Footballers (with & without frame), VG to EX, 325 30-50
468.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, large S, G to EX, 25 60-80
469.    WILLS, Cricketers (1908), complete, small S, with variation for No. 5, G to VG, 51 60-80
470.    CRICKET, complete (6), Phillips Famous Cricketers; Players 1934 & 1938; Wills 1928 & 2nd, Brindley The Old School, VG to MT, 262 30-50
471.    MIXED, complete (8), dogs (5), Players (3), heads, full-length & unissued; Wills, Gallaher (block); birds (3), Players, Curious Beaks, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Aviary & Cage Birds, G to EX, 324 30-50
472.    BUTTERFLIES, complete (5), inc. Adkin Butterflies & Moths, Players, Butterflies (standard & transfers), Phillips British Butterflies, Gallaher Butterflies & Moths, VG to EX, 223 30-50
473.    SHIPPING, inc. Duncan Evolution of the Steamship (with two of three rare cards); Wills, complete (4), World's Dreadnoughts, Celebrated Ships, Merchant Ships, Speed (with four variations), scuff to Duncan back (1), G to EX, 228 30-50
474.    MIXED, complete (9), inc. Wills floral, Roses (3), Flowering Trees & Shrubs, Garden Flowers, Alpine Flowers etc., G to EX, 400 25-35
475.    PLAYERS, selection, inc. complete (15), Cricketers 1930 & 1934, Footballers RIP, Your Initials, Dandies, Struggle for Existence, Miniatures; part sets (2), Ships Figure-Heads (24), Countries Arms & Flags (49), G to EX, 419* 30-50
476.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Brown (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, EX 40-50
477.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Bush (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, VG 40-50
478.    TADDY, Prominent Footballers, Gabe (Cardiff rugby), Imperial back, no footnotes, VG 40-50
479.    ERINDALE, Australian Cricketers, Wall (South Australia), corner crease), G 30-40
480.    KRIEGSFELD, Phrases and Advertisements, Fresh and Sweet, corner crease, G 25-35
481.    GALBRAITH, Types of British Soldiers, Kings Royal Rifle Corps (Captain), VG 30-50
482.    EDMONDSON, Types of British Soldiers, Kings Royal Rifle Corps (Captain), VG 30-50
483.    CORNERS TEA, Types of British Soldiers, Kings Royal Rifle Corps (Captain), 37 X 51mm, VG 30-50
484.    MARKHAM, Views of Bridgwater, Fore Street, VG 50-70
485.    MARKHAM, Views of Bridgwater, Somerset Bridge, VG 50-70
486.    MARKHAM, Views of Bridgwater, Butterfly Coombe, VG 50-70
487.    ADVERT, postcard, Have You Any Cigarette Cards?, tobacconist shop, pub. by Valentines, serrated edges, VG 25-35
488.    ALLEN & GINTER, Girls & Children, CSGN ref. N58-2, Holbron Viaduct address back, VG 30-50
489.    ALLEN & GINTER, Girls & Children, CSGN ref. N58-3, Holbron Viaduct address back, VG 30-50
490.    ALLEN & GINTER, Girls & Children, CSGN ref. N58-5, Holbron Viaduct address back, VG 30-50
491.    ALLEN & GINTER, Girls & Children, CSGN ref. N58-7, Holbron Viaduct address back, VG 30-50
492.    TADDY, Famous Horses & Cattle, No. 35 Pailton Soaris, VG 50-70
493.    ALLEN & GINTER, Pirates of the Spanish Main, John Evans, corner knocks, G 40-60
494.    WILLS, Oval Miniatures (metal), Nell Gwyn, a.m.r., VG 30-40
495.    GOODWIN, advert card for Welcome Cigarettes, 75 x 1204mm, showing girl with broom, VG 30-40
496.    CHASE & SANBORN, printed booklet, North American Animals, 89 x 120mm, VG 30-50
497.    FOOTBALLERS, odds, British Chewing Sweets Footballers of the Principal Teams 1933/4, Bisby (Coventry City) & Todd (Port Vale); Klene (Val Gum) Footballers, No. 30 Soo (Stoke City), G to VG, 3 30-50
498.    WILLS, Boer War Medallion, Kitchener, Westward Ho!, G 35-40
499.    WILLS, Boer War Medallion, Buller, Westward Ho!, VG 35-40
500.    I.T.C., Coronation Folder (1902), VG 35-40
501.    OXO, Cattle Studies postcard, No. 6 Jersey, VG 20-30
502.    OXO, advert postcard, Golf is Not a Game for Men, By Jove!, pu 1914, G 25-35
503.    OXO, advert postcard, The First Blackpool Flying Week, OXO on top left corner (rare), pu 1910, G 25-35
504.    LEMCO, Coronation Postcard, The King Distributing Medals to the Grenadier Guards, slight corner knocks, G 20-30
505.    ADKIN, A Living Picture, cabinet size, Ada Reeve, p/b, 101 x 148mm, G 20-30
506.    ADKIN, A Living Picture, cabinet size, Arthur Roberts, p/b, 101 x 148mm, G 20-30
507.    TADDY Prominent Footballers, FA officials subjects, corner knocks, generally G, 5 30-50
508.    C.W.S., Parrot Series, Nos. 6 & 25, slight corner knocks, G, 2 30-40
509.    LIEBIG, jar-shaped opening advert card, The Nursery, English text, EX 40-60
510.    SHEPHERD, National Flags, The Union jack - Great Britain, premium (140 x 90mm), green advert back, EX 30-50
511.    JOHN WEST, plastic record, Stainless Stephen, in original printed sleeve, VG 50-60
512.    HODGE, Scottish Views, Lord of the Isles, poor trim (68 x 39mm), FR 35-40
513.    DISNEY, anon., Mickey Mouse characters, also inc, Minnie, Donald Duck & Horace Horsecollar, packet issue, trimmed to black borders (approx. 29 x 68mm), yellow backgrounds, creased (2), FR to G, 4 60-80
514.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold (golfers), John Graham, Douglas McEwen & Ben Sayers, p/b, slight scuffing to black edges, G, 3 40-60
515.    ACME CIG. CO., View of the Three Castles Building (Johannesburg), competition car, corner knocks & slight a.m.r., G 40-60
516.    MAYPOLE GROCERS, War Series, complete, G to VG, 25 40-60
517.    SHARP, Prize Dogs, mixed backs, some uneven trim, creased (1) & corner knocks, FR to G, 45 (Illustration page ) 50-70
518.    MOLASSINE, Dogs of All Countries, complete, G to VG, 12 40-60
519.    PASCALL, Dogs, complete, VG to EX, 18 40-60
520.    SWORD & CO., Dogs, G to VG, 10 40-60
521.    CANDY NOVELTY CO., Westerns, missing No. 26, green on green, rare, slight fading (except two corners each), VG, 32 (Illustration page ) 60-80
522.    SLADE AND BULLOCK, Modern Inventions, complete, G to VG, 25 100-150
523.    SWEETULE, Archie Andrews Jokes, complete, VG to EX, 25 80-100
524.    B.A.T., Butterflies (girls), complete, medium, anon (printed backs), corner knocks, FR to G, 50 30-50
525.    B.A.T., Beauties (p/c inset), complete, Tobacco Leaf back, G to VG, 52 30-50
526.    WILLS, Beauties (p/c inset), complete, Scissors (packet backs), about G to VG, 52 30-50
527.    WILD WEST, part sets, inc. BAT, Indian Chiefs (14), Types of North American Indians (16); Red Man Chewing Tob. American Indian Chiefs (No. 32), some a.m.r., P to VG, 33 25-35
528.    MILITARY, selection, inc. Wills Recruiting Posters (complete), Churchmans Raemaekers War Cartoons (53), Ogdens Infantry Training (36) etc., FR to VG, 105* 30-40
529.    OGDENS, Royal Mail, complete, G to VG, 50 60-80
530.    ALLEN, Kings & Queens (1953), missing Nos. 5, 20, 24, 39 & 45, mixed backs, corner knocks (1), G (1) to EX, 44 30-40
531.    FRY, Birds & Poultry, complete, G to VG, 50 40-60
532.    FRY, Screen Stars, complete, mark to back of No. 48, G (1) to EX, 48 40-60
533.    DINKIE, Gone With The Wind (5th Series), complete, uncut, EX to MT, 20 40-60
534.    COHEN WEENEN, Star Artistes, about G to VG, 17 20-30
535.    PHILLIPS, Novelty Series, complete, some damage to folds, G to VG, 20 60-80
536.    CINEMA, complete (5), Premier TC Eminent Stage & Screen Personalities, Nestle Stars of the Silver Screen (stamps), Woman's Own, Wills 2nd & anon., G to EX, 130 30-50
537.    CINEMA, complete (4), Hill Famous Film Stars (English & Arabic), Gallaher Stars of Screen & Stage (brown), Peter Jackson Shots from the Films (large), G to EX, 152 30-50
538.    CINEMA, inc. complete (2), BAT Beauties 3rd, Sandorides Cinema Stars (Big Gun, extra large); Juncosa, Spanish chocolate issue (19), G to EX, 94* 30-50
539.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. CWS Boy Scout Series (9); Cadbury (12), Arctic (2), Colonial (2), Shadows (4), Inventors (3); Typhoo Ancient & Annual Customs (complete), some creasing, FR to VG, 46 30-50
540.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (2), Scottish CWS, Famous Pictures, Dwellings of all Nations (both complete); Adkin Pretty Girls (8), Gallaher Royalty (18), some creasing, P to VG, 76* 30-50
541.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. E.R.B. (35), Life on Board (2), Flags (9), Abbeys (5), War Map (3); Copes (23), Noted Footballers (7), Sports & Pastimes (13); Cohen Weenen (11), Owners Jockeys Footballers Cricketers (7), Football Captains etc., some creasing & corner knocks, P to VG, 68* 40-60
542.    MIXED, odds, inc. Salmon & Gluckstein Heroes of the Transvaal War (7), Scott (a.m.r.); Kinnear Jockeys (Robinson), Faulkner Grenadier Guards (Private 1660), damage to most S&G, FR to VG, 9 30-50
543.    BROWN & WILLIAMSON, Modern Airplanes B, complete, G to EX, 50 30-50
544.    MY WEEKLY, Soldiers of the King, complete, medium silks, minimal fraying, G to VG, 14 30-40
545.    OGDENS, Guinea Gold - Boer War & Miscellaneous, un-listed subjects (for the xxx backs), creased (3) & scuffing to black edges, P (1) to G, 8 25-35
546.    TRADE, part sets & odds, many gum issues, inc. A. & B.C. odds, Batman, Mars Attack, Beatles; Topps Star Wars, Top Trumps sets etc., FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
547.    PLAYERS, extra large, part sets, inc. Gilbert & Sullivan, Characters from Dickens, Wooden Walls, Allied Cavalry, Cries, British Live Stock, Egyptian Sketches, Historic Ships, Dogs etc., duplication, FR to VG, 180* 40-60
548.    WILLS, large stock of part sets & odds, mainly later issues, duplication (some heavy), G to EX, 3500* 30-50
549.    PLAYERS, large stock of part sets & odds, mainly later issues, duplication (some heavy), G to EX, 3500* 30-50
550.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Franklyn Davey, CWS, Gallaher, Boguslavsky, Copes, Murray, Hill, Wix, Lambert & Butler, Sarony etc., duplication, G to EX, 1000* 50-70
551.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Ogdens, Phillips, Murray, Carreras, Gallaher, Ardath, Mitchell, Wix etc., duplication, G to EX, 1000* 50-70
552.    PHILLIPS, Real Stamp Cards, green, each with attached postage stamp, FR to VG, 650* 30-50
553.    ACCESSORIES, modern albums, standard size (15) & Nostalgia (1), some with liner pages (mixed formats), mixed colours, each with slipcase (a few not matching), VG to EX, 16 (two boxes) 30-50
554.    MIXED, selection of complete & part sets, inc. many Brooke Bond, Ken Cards, Players large, British Naval Craft (1+6), Horses (1+1), Wills Mining, Players Kings & Queens, Gallaher Racing Scenes, Corah Roses, Kensitas silk Flags (40) etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
555.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (5), C.W.S. African Types, Typhoo long (3); part sets & odds, Quality Bakers of USA Flags (14 stickers), Liebig, Phillips medium, Cavanders Peeps, Churchmans, Hustler, Barber, Ogdens Guinea Gold & Tabs, Kelloggs, Doncella, Brooke Bond (some complete) etc; 1d albums laid down with complete & part sets, Players (12), Wills (8) & Brooke Bond (11), FR to VG, Qty. 40-60
556.    SILKS, selection, mainly Phillips, inc. premium (5) & smaller, inc. Leaders, Heraldic, Clan Tartans, Flags, Regimental Arms; Wix Flags etc., some fraying, FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
557.    MIXED, part sets & odds, Wills & Players inc. Overseas Dominions & other foreign issues, floral, Arms, British Butterflies; Cricketers, Regimental Standards, Riders, Drum Banners, Tennis etc., a few large, P to VG, Qty. 30-50
558.    MIXED, complete (22), inc. Lambert & Butler Interesting Sidelights, Churchmans Inns of Court; Players (4), Fire-Fighting Appliances, Wonders of the World, Egyptian Kings & Queens; Wills (11), Railway Engines, Alpine Flowers, Animalloys; Doncella (4), FR to EX, Qty. 30-50
559.    PLAYERS, complete (14+5), inc. Cricketers 1930 & 1934, Dandies, Motor Cars 1st, Struggle for Existence (4), Animals of the Countryside (2), Dogs (scenic), Cries 2nd (2), Uniforms of the TA etc., some corner knocks, FR to EX, 750 30-40
560.    MIXED, complete (24 + 13), inc. Wills (10+4), Arms of Universities (large), Garden Hints (3), Household Hints (3), railway; Gallaher (3), Dogs, Butterflies & Moths, Army Badges, Brooke Bond (8+9); Grandee, Mills etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-40
561.    TRADE, mainly complete (28+9), inc. Lyons (5+5), Kelloggs (3+1), Brooke Bond (14+3), Horniman, Mobil, Texaco, Wall etc., VG to EX, Qty. 30-40
562.    MIXED, part sets many near complete), inc. ERB How to Tell Fortunes (49); Phillips International Caps (49), Cavanders Egypt (24); Churchmans (3), Boxing "Personalities (47), Association Footballers 1st (42) & 2nd (36); Carreras (6), Popular Footballers (44), Highwaymen (24); Players (4), Cricketers 1938 (48+45), Poultry (46); Wills (12), Merchant Ships (49), King's Art Treasure (39), Association Footballers (49) etc., some a.m.r., FR to VG, Qty. 30-50
563.    AVIATION, Aircraft Recognition Cards, issued by M.A.P. (Issue 1), mainly RAF & German, some multiple images per plane, 108 x 84mm, VG, 250* 50-80
564.    SILKS, selection, inc. Muratti, Regimental Crests, National Flags; Wix, complete (3), British Empire (both) and National Flags; Hill etc., FR to EX, 235* 40-60
565.    CRICKET, part sets & odds, inc. Ardath, Phillips Pinnace, Barratt, Thomson, Brindley, Morris, Churchmans, Hill, Master Vending, silks, Amalgamated Press, Wills, 1908 odds & 1901 reprint set etc., some large, G to EX, 330* 50-70
566.    ORIENTAL, parts ets & odds, inc. Hwa Ching beauties (10), San Shing views (10), Tuck Loong bathing girls (10), Tuck Shing comedy (20), Kiu Cheong play scenes (20); Hwa Dah, Fooh Shing, Chuh Hsih, Hung Mei, Nanyang, San Ming etc., in modern album, most with CSGB references, G to EX, 179* 80-120
567.    TRADE, complete (12), inc. Barratt, Wise Cracks, Soldiers; Reddings, Heraldry, Cathedrals; Teachers Scottish Clans (rectangular), Lyons All Systems Go, Sweetule Vintage Cars etc., in modern album, VG to EX, 350* 25-35
568.    MIXED, maritime, complete (15), inc. Players (6), Ships Figureheads, Naval Dress, Racing Yachts; Wills (5), Celebrate Ships, Merchant Ships, Flags of the Empire 1st & 2nd, Ships Badges; Murray, Gallaher etc., in modern album, G to EX, 553* 30-50
569.    PLAYERS, military, complete (10), inc. AC&DS 1st, Colonial & Indian Army Badges, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Regimental Standards, Regimental Uniforms 1st & 2nd (brown), War Decorations & Medals etc., in modern album, G to EX, 515 30-50
570.    TYPHOO, long, complete (11), inc. Horses, Shakespeare, Swiss Family Robinson, Wild Flowers, Trees; part set, British Birds etc., in modern album, G to EX, 298 30-50
571.    MIXED, aviation, complete (10), inc. Wills Aviation, Players adhesive (4), Pattreiouex, Churchmans medium (2), Lyons (2) etc., in modern album, G to EX, 444 30-50
572.    MIXED, complete (13), inc. railway (4), Gallaher, Hobbypress; Churchmans Ties 1st & 2nd, Phillips This Mechanised Age 1st & 2nd, Shell Great Britons; Players, Dandies, Cries 1st & 2nd etc., in modern album, G to EX, 503* 30-50
573.    MIXED, military, complete (14), inc. Players (3), Military Head-Dress, Military Uniforms; Wills Allied Army Leaders, UK Tob. Co. British Orders, Gallaher, Barratt, Rington, Ewbanks, Cadet etc., in modern album, G to EX, 525 30-50
574.    MIXED, selection, inc. complete (6), inc. Wills, Famous British Authors, Garden Flowers 1st & 2nd (all large), Players Miniatures, Wix British Empire Flags (both; part sets with duplication, Wix Flags (156), in modern album, G to EX, 460* 30-50
575.    MIXED, complete (13), inc. birds (5), Wills British Birds (corner knocks), Players Aviary & Cage Birds, Emerald Egg, Gallaher; Whiteheads Kings & Queens, Bridgewater Royalty, Phillips, Players Churchmans Pioneers (reprint) etc., in modern album, G to EX, 575* 30-50
576.    TYPHOO, long, inc. David Copperfield (29/30), Whilst We Sleep (21/25), Animal Offence & Defence (22/25), Work on the Farm (24/25), Swiss Family Robinson (two complete) etc., in modern album, G to VG, 165* 40-60
577.    THE SUN, Soccercards, complete, in modern album, VG to EX, 1000 30-50
578.    OGDENS, Tabs, mixed series, inc. jockeys (16), boxers (8), cricketers (9) etc., slight duplication, in modern album, some scuffing to black edges, FR to VG, 190* 40-60
579.    PANINI, Football 77, near complete, in modern album, VG to EX, 419* 80-120
580.    PANINI, Football 79, in modern album, VG to EX, 240* 30-50
581.    ADVERT, postcard, Have You Any Cigarette Cards?, man with baby, pub. by Valentines, serrated edges, VG 25-35
582.    HESS, Terms of Poker, Straight, scuff to backs of two corners, G 40-60
583.    ENTERTAINMENT, odds, Lawrence Wright, Henry Hearty (Britain's Greatest Chorus Singer), Binkie Stuart, VG to EX, 2 25-35
584.    COMO CONF., Adventures of Fireball XL5, No. 30, VG 25-35
585.    TADDY, Clowns, unicyclist with girl on his shoulders, PSA graded (5), in sealed plastic slab, EX 500-600
586.    WILLS, Cricket Terms, Caught at the Wicket & Slips, Vice-Regal backs, G, 2 30-50
587.    WILLS, Cricket Terms, Long Leg and Short Leg & Point, Capstan backs, G, 2 30-50
588.    WILLS, Cricket Terms, Run Out & Wide, Capstan backs, G, 2 30-50
589.    WILLS, Cricket Terms, Run Out & Pads, Capstan backs, G, 2 30-50
590.    RECORD CIG. CO., The Talkie Cigarette Card - The Children's Hour, No.2 Uncle Ajax, wax packet (damage to edges), ow VG 25-35
591.    STAR TOB. CO., Beauties (by Downey of London), G 25-35
592.    ORIENT TOB. CO., Playing Cards, king of hearts, Peace packet backs, VG 30-50
593.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Solace), No. Bache (Aston Villa), p/b, EX 25-35
594.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Solace), No. Hall (Aston Villa), p/b, EX 25-35
595.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Solace), No. Hampton (Aston Villa), p/b, EX 25-35
596.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Solace), No. Kyle (Aston Villa), p/b, EX 25-35
597.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Solace), No. Lyons (Aston Villa), p/b, EX 25-35
598.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Solace), No. Windmill (Aston Villa), p/b, EX 25-35
599.    WILKINSON, Popular Footballers, Nos. 14 Milburn (Newcastle) & 18 Mannion (Middlesbrough), latter creased, about G to VG, 2 25-35
600.    A. & B.C. GUM, Civil War News, original wax wrapper, rare, EX 35-45
601.    NATURAL HISTORY, two sets laid down in albums, No. 3 Bunder der Tierwelt (Animal World) & No. 5 Aus Deutschlands Vogelwelt (German Birds), German tobacco issues, some fading to cover of earlier album, G to VG, 2 25-35
602.    OLYMPICS, complete sets laid down in albums, Olympia 1932 & 1936 Vol. 1 (with map), FR to G, 2 25-35
603.    TRADE, complete Dutch sets laid down in albums, Ringers Ruimtevaart (Space Exploration); Van Nelle (2), Geheimen van de Zee (Secrets of the Sea) & Avonture met Atomen (Adventures with Atoms), tape repair to spine of first album, FR to VG, 3 30-40
604.    MIXED, complete sets laid down in albums, inc. Jacques, de Beukelaer Gulliver, UTC; Africa, Atlas of Europe, German views (2), Wild Animals, Art etc., mainly European trade issues, G to VG, 10 30-50
605.    MIXED, complete sets laid down in albums, inc. Cinema Cavalcade, SA Past & Present, Works of Art (2); Wild Animals, Fairy Tales, flags, social history, natural history etc., South African & German tobacco issues, G to VG, 10 30-50
606.    MIXED, European laid down albums, mainly part sets, inc. Tobler, Douwe Egbert, Nestle; Kaffee Hagg crests, Willem II cigar bands, Canada, Luxembourg, social history etc., FR to VG, 12 25-35
607.    MIXED, selection of complete & part sets, inc. Churchmans Sporting Trophies (24), de Villars Birds & Eggs (18), Sandorides Racehorses (27), Kelloggs, UTC, many Wills & Players etc., large (250), in five slip-in period albums and loose, FR to EX, Qty. 50-70
608.    CIGARETTE PACKETS, mainly with hulls, inc. Faulkner's Nose Gay (unopened 10s); mixed sizes, some with writing etc., good VR, Qty. 25-35
609.    MIXED, selection, mainly part sets, inc. Kelloggs, Horniman, Phillips, Westminster, Granose, Shell, Daily Express, A & B C, Topps and other footballers, Home & Away, Batman, Prescott PIckup etc., duplication, G to MT, Qty. 30-50
610.    MIXED, selection, inc. many Players sets; Grandee, Castella; Red Letter, Candy Novelty, Typhoo etc., FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
611.    MIXED, selection, inc. Topical Times printed booklets (8), gum wax wrappers, advert inserts & pages, Players, Lambert & Butler, Nestle, Guinness, Cadbury, Disney, Bassett etc., G to EX, Qty. 35-45
612.    CINEMA, miniature RP, mainly Bridgewater & de Beukelaer, duplication, G to EX, Qty. 30-50
613.    PLAYERS, adhesive, part sets & odds, duplication (some heavy), adhesion damage, P to EX, 3000* 30-40
614.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. part sets & odds, The Beautiful Game - Football Greats (54), Topps (triples), Merlin pogs, Panini (1978 onwards), PrestoSams Splatz, Topical Times; annuals, albums (some laid down) etc., G to EX, Qty. 30-50
615.    FOOTBALL, modern foreign part sets, inc. many Panini; German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Euro96 etc., duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
616.    FOOTBALL, modern Merlin part sets, inc. Euro96 & 2000, Premier Gold 1997 & 1999; Premier League, 1995-2001 etc., duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
617.    FOOTBALL, Upper Deck, Manchester United part sets, 2001 & 2002, duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
618.    FOOTBALL, modern part sets, inc. Topps Premier League, Futera Platinum (Greatest); Panini, Gold Collection, Scottish, Euro 2004 etc., duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
619.    FOOTBALL, Futera Platinum part sets, inc. Euro Stars, 1st Class, Strike Force, World Stars etc., duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, Qty. 30-50
620.    FOOTBALL, Panini Euro 2000 part sets, sorted & bagged by card number, duplication (some heavy), VG to EX, large Qty. 30-50
621.    ANGLO CONF., Space, complete, extra large, EX, 66 35-45
622.    A. & B.C. GUM, Civil War News, complete, with unused checklist, VG to EX, 88 200-250
623.    BATSCHARI, Aus Tonenden Filmen 4th (Talking Pictures), complete (Nos. 505-672), Dutch tobacco issue, generally VG, 168 50-60
624.    ARDATH, Photocards E (Midlands Football Teams), complete, EX, 110 70-90
625.    PLAYERS, Clocks - Old & New, complete, large, VG to EX, 20 25-30
626.    OGDENS, Prominent Cricketers of 1938, complete, EX, 50 30-40
627.    BOGUSLAVSKY, Winners on the Turf, complete, a few a.c.m., G to VG, 25 25-30
628.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, A History of Aviation, complete, brown, VG to EX, 25 25-30
629.    TYPHOO, Famous Football Clubs 1st, complete, neat trim, EX, 24 25-35
630.    MIXED, odds, inc. Compton Football (b/w), UTC Boxers, Irwin Shakespeare, ERB Flags, Sanders Poultry, Murray Dog, Allen Cricket etc., G to VG, 10 25-35
631.    MIXED, odds, inc. Ardath Big Game Hunting, Adkin Living Picture, Bucktrout Football, ERB Life on Board, Franklyn Davey, Copes, Clarke etc., G to VG, 10 25-35
632.    CUMMINGS, Famous Fighters, complete, inc. Joe Louis, EX to MT, 64 70-90
633.    GALLAHER, Sports Series, inc. football (5), boxing (9), rugby (2), swimming etc., duplication, G to VG, 65* 70-90
634.    WILLS, Japanese Series, mixed backs, G to VG, 6 60-70
635.    WILLS, Locomotives & Rolling Stock, no clause, G to VG, 19 30-50
636.    PHILLIPS, Real Photo Series (War Leaders), cut-outs, G to VG, 7 + 1 30-40
637.    SINGLETON & COLE, Maxims of Success, orange border, G to VG, 14 50-70
638.    TADDY, Admirals & Generals, UK issue, G to VG, 22 100-150
639.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Clips), creased (6), P to G, 11 30-50
640.    COPE, Noted Footballers (Solace), trimmed (1) & creased (4), P (1) to G, 10 30-50
641.    RUTTER, Comic Phrases, G to VG, 10 70-90
642.    SPRATT, Poultry Series, miniature, G to VG, 6 30-50
643.    SPRATT, British Birds, complete, unnumbered, miniature, G to VG, 29 40-60
644.    C.W.S., Co-Op Buildings, G to VG, 6 30-40
645.    ALMOND, Sports & Pastimes, G to VG, 12 30-50
646.    EVERSHED & SON, Sports & Pastimes, G to VG, 7 25-35
647.    GRAINGER, Dr. Mabuse, complete, G to VG, 12 30-40
648.    FOOTBALL, selection, inc. odds, Copes Noted Footballers (Jock Simpson), Baines Play Up Hollingwood (shield-shaped), Thomson metal Star Footballers (O'Dowd, Chelsea); inserts, set of 30 Manchester Evening News - Pink Final, Manchester United (15) & City (15) in five uncut sheets of six, G to EX, 8 30-40
649.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers, parts sets in op, medium (26) & small (36), a few lacking op, FR to VG, 65* 30-40
650.    WIX J., Henry 2nd-5th, complete, large, generally VG, 200 40-60
651.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Cope Boats (6) & British Warriors (3), Clarke Marine (7), Mitchell Seals (10), Hignett, Lea, ATC, Pattreiouex, Smith, Fry, Phillips, Churchmans etc., some creased, FR to VG, 117* 30-50
652.    WILLS, part sets & odds, inc. Ships (7), Cricketers 1908 (6), Conundrums (4), Coronation (19), Golfing (8) etc., slight duplication, FR to VG, 59* 30-50
653.    PANINI, football, Mexico 1970, some corner knocks, about G to VG, 29 40-60
654.    DINKUM, stickers & transfers, inc. The Flintstones (50, op), World Football (23, op) & Tattoos, op (3), EX, 219+ 30-40
655.    COPE, Happy Families, complete, EX to MT, 60 30-50
656.    NESTLE, Happy Families, complete, families inc. golf, boxer, cricket, football etc., red 'exchange' cachet to back (1), two with ink marks to backs, G to EX, 48 30-40
657.    WILLS, Happy Families, complete, extra large, VG to EX, 32 50-70
658.    SALMON & GLUCKSTEIN, The Great White City, complete, G to VG, 50 150-200
659.    COLLINS, Sports & Pastimes, complete, G to VG, 25 80-120
660.    SMITH, Holiday Resorts, complete, G to generally VG, 25 80-120
661.    FRY, Rule Britannia, missing Nos. 19, 20 & 22, G to VG, 22 35-45
662.    TADDY, V.C. Heroes (41-60), complete, G to VG, 20 80-100
663.    MIXED, Flags & Flags with Soldiers, Charlesworth & Austin (3), Hills (3), Biggs & p/b , FR (2) to G, 8 40-50
664.    NEWTON CHAMBERS, Izal Nursery Rhyme Pictures, Nos. 1-18 (17) & 19-36 (13), large, paper issue, some corner creases, about G to EX, 30 40-60
665.    HOLLOWAY, Sports & Pastimes of all Nations, premium, about G to VG, 30 100-150
666.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Fry, Rule Britannia (8) & Nelson (10); anon. USA views, (30, a.m.r.); Carreras British Aircraft (24, Turf, rough trim); Players, Cryselco, religious tracts etc., some creasing, FR to VG, 135* 30-50
667.    TYPHOO, Lorna Doone, complete, yellow edges, G to VG, 25 30-50
668.    CHURCHMANS, Famous Golfers, complete, inc. both Bobby Jones cards, generally EX, 50 900-1100
669.    WILLS, Transvaal Series, complete, white borders, non-descriptive (Capstan backs), some mauve tints, G to VG, 66 60-80
670.    FOOTBALL, part sets & odds, Murray H (4) & J (2); Churchmans colour (8), creased (1), FR to VG, 14 30-50
671.    WIX J., Kensitas Flowers selection, postcard (Eschscholzia), medium (10) and small (15), op (mixed backs), G to EX, 26 30-50
672.    GARTMANN, football, complete sub-sets (10), G to VG, 60 30-50
673.    DUKE, Stars of the Stage 4th (die-cut), some a.m.r., G, 16 60-80
674.    DUKE, odds, inc. Jokes (4), Shadows (2), Coins (2), Actors and Actresses (4), Postage Stamps (4) etc., FR to VG, 24 30-50
675.    MIXED, selection, inc. Wills Lighthouses (complete), Soldiers of the World (10); BAT Birds of the East, G to VG, 85 30-40
676.    SMITH, part sets & odds, inc. Medals (20), War Incidents (6), Shadowgraphs (5) & Famous Explorers (12), FR to VG, 43 30-40
677.    LAMBERT & BUTLER, part sets, The Thames (10), Japanese (20), Wireless telephony (21), FR to VG, 51 30-40
678.    MIXED, part sets & odds, Ogdens (32) & Hill, inc. Shakespeare (15), Soldiers p/c (2), Guinea Gold; Battleships (4), Statues etc., a few creased, FR to VG, 59 30-50
679.    MIXED, part sets & odds, inc. Fry (40), Birds (25), Birds & Eggs (6) etc; Job British Lighthouses (7), Pascall Boy Scouts (5), FR to VG, 52 30-50
680.    PHILLIPS, selection, inc. Wireless Set (complete), Soldiers (8), Novelties (4), British Beauties (6), First Aid (14) etc., G to VG, 69* 30-50
681.    COHEN WEENEN, part sets, inc. Celebrities, beauties, leaders, soldiers, actors & actresses etc., mixed backs, FR to VG, 64* 30-50
682.    U.T.C., Springbok Rugby & Cricket Team 1931, complete, large, some a.m.r., G to VG, 47 30-50
683.    NEWS CHRONICLE, Pocket Portraits (cricketers), complete, England v South Africa 1955, large, VG to EX, 12 30-50
684.    A. & B.C. GUM, Cricketers - 1961 Test Series, complete, 94 x 68mm, VG to EX, 48 60-80
685.    CARR, Cricketers, complete, premium issue, EX, 20 40-60
686.    TADDY, South African Football Team 1906-7, VG to EX, 5 60-80
687.    PHILLIPS, Who's Who In Australian Sport (1926), all cricket (some duplicated), double sided card, G to VG, 17 50-70
688.    U.T.C., South African Cricket Touring Team, complete, with printed autographs, crease to edge (1), about G to VG, 17 60-80
689.    STAMINA, An Ideal Cricket Eleven, complete, medium, with title card, envelope (creased) & blotter (96 x 203mm), VG to EX, 11+ 40-60
690.    SWEETACRE, Test Match Records (1-32), complete, some corner knocks, about G to VG, 32 40-60
691.    SWEETACRE, Prominent Cricketers (33-64), complete, some corner knocks, about G to VG, 32 40-60
692.    BARRATT, Famous Footballers A.12, complete, VG to EX, 50 80-120
693.    KINNEY, Die-Cut Novelties, inc. palette, camera, jewellery box, fan, vase, hot air balloon, travel trunk, lock, lamp, boot etc., scuffs to backs (5) & pin-holed (2), FR to G, 19 40-60
694.    MOORE & CALVI, Beauties (p/c inset), complete, large, name to fronts, VG to EX, 53 500-600
695.    A.T.C., Hamilton King Girls (Flag Girls), complete, Nos. 62-86, premium issue, G to VG, 25 200-300
696.    KIMBALL, Goddesses of the Greeks & Romans, complete, scuffs to backs (5) & creased (5), FR to VG, 30 250-350
697.    KINNEY, Types of Nationalities (folders), complete, creased (7), scuff to image (5), FR to G, 25 400-500
698.    OGDENS, Miniature Playing Cards (actresses), no numeral to fronts, some scuffing to edges, G to VG, 26 50-60
699.    WILLS, Kings & Queens, complete, short, grey, G to generally VG, 50 120-150
700.    WILLS, Soldiers of the World, complete, no Ltd. (49), corner crease (2), G to VG, 100 350-450
701.    COPE, Dickens' Gallery, complete, listed backs, G (2) to EX, 50 150-200
702.    ALLEN & GINTER, World's Dudes, scuffs to backs (3), FR to G, 46 700-900
703.    KINNEY, Surf Beauties, complete, small scuff to image (1) & some corner knocks, FR to VG, 49 350-450
704.    KINNEY, Famous Gems of the World, complete, scuffs to backs (9) & creased (3), FR to VG, 50 150-200
705.    NATIONAL CIG. & TOB. CO., National Types (Sailor Girls), complete, tear to back (1), G to VG, 25 450-550
706.    BRISTOL-MYERS, Speed 1st & 2nd, complete, EX to MT, 50 40-60
707.    MITCHAM, Mars Adventure, G to VG, 37 60-80
708.    CLEVEDON, Famous Football Clubs, complete, VG to EX, 50 (Illustration page ) 100-150
709.    REDDISH MAID, International Footballers of Today, complete, with Silver Flake packet, VG to EX, 25+ 80-120
710.    DAILY EXPRESS, Motor Show - 1956 Models, Nos. 26-30, blue backs, VG to EX, 15 40-60
711.    AVIATION, USA selection, inc. New England Conf. Real Airplane Pictures (complete), Brown & Williamson (6); gum issues, Blatz, War News, US War Planes etc., FR to EX, 30* 25-35
712.    USA, mainly gum issues, inc. National Chicle Co. Aviators, inc. Amelia Earhart (32, many with creases & corner rounding); Topps, Leaf, Hamilton; US Presidents, cars, TV Stars etc., P to G, 40* 30-50
713.    A. & B.C. GUM, The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., complete, wax wrapper, VG to EX, 25+ 30-50
714.    A. & B.C. GUM, Put On Stickers, complete, wax wrapper, VG to EX, 33+ 30-50
715.    A. & B.C. GUM, Battle Cards, complete, original unused checklist, VG to EX, 73 50-70
716.    A. & B.C. GUM, Railway Quiz, complete, 95 x 67mm, VG to EX, 72 70-90
717.    CHIX, Krazy Kreatures from Outer Space, complete, large, wax wrapper, VG to EX, 50+ 35-45
718.    MAPLE LEAF, Film and Pop Stars (1-100), complete, with dance steps to reverse, VG to EX, 100 30-50
719.    AURELIA, Die Frauen die der Schonheit Krone Tragen (Beauty Queen Contestants) 1st & 2nd, complete, German tobacco issue, VG to EX, 150 40-60
720.    CONFREIA, Film und Bohnenkunstler (Film & Stage Artistes) 1st & 2nd, complete, German tobacco issue, G to VG, 240 30-50
721.    BERGMANN, Die Bunte Welt des Films (The World of Films in Colour), complete, German tobacco issue, G to EX, 208 30-50
722.    WALDORF-ASTORIA, Die Reichswehr (German National Guard), complete, German tobacco issue, G to EX, 280 25-35
723.    PHILLIPS, medium, complete (12), inc. Our Puppies, Our Dogs, Famous Love Scenes,Characters Come to Life, Shots from the Films, Ships etc., G to EX, 416* 30-50
724.    PHILLIPS, postcards, inc. complete (5), Our Puppies, Our Glorious Empire, Garden Studies, Beauty Spots etc; Our Dogs (23/30), G to EX, 173 30-50
725.    FOOTBALL, complete (4), Phillips (2), International Caps, Famous Footballers (anon); Players (2), RIP & Hints, G to EX, 200 30-50
726.    FOOTBALL, complete (7), inc. Thomson (2), Bassett 1979/80, Soccer Bubble Gum 1st, Daily Mirror, Topical Times & Typhoo, G to EX, 295 30-50
727.    PATTREIOUEX, part sets, early RP views, duplication, FR to VG, 350* 30-40
728.    OGDENS, part sets, inc. Dogs, British Birds, Boy Scouts, Children, Foreign Birds etc., duplication, FR to VG, 380* 30-40
729.    GALLAHER, part sets, inc. Aeroplanes, British Birds, Butterflies & Moths, Champions 2nd, Dogs 2nd, cinema etc., duplication, FR to VG, 600* 30-40
730.    CAVANDERS, large, part sets, inc. River Valleys, Camera Studies, Colonial Series, Homeland Series, Peeps, Glorious Britain etc., duplication, FR to VG, 550* 30-40
731.    WILLS, part sets, inc. First Aid, Famous Inventions, Engineering Wonders, Flower Culture, Garden Flowers etc., duplication, FR to VG, 750* 30-40
732.    PLAYERS, part sets, inc. Country Seats, Dogs, Drum Banners & Cap Badges, Fire-Fighting Appliances, Footballers MAC, Game Birds & Wild Fowl, Military Uniforms, Motor Cars etc., duplication, FR to VG, 700* 30-40
733.    TRADE, inc. Calvert Dan Dare, complete set corner-mounted in album; Sharp Captain Scarlett (15 of 20, in three uncut sheets of five), G to EX, 28+ 30-50
734.    TRADE, selection, inc. National Dairy Council (rare set of 8), Lyons Maid Pop Stars (set of star shaped), Smiths A-Team booklets, Anglo album, Dandy Comic Library (2) etc., G to EX, small Qty. 30-50
735.    TRADE, part sets & odds, inc. Barratt, Modern British Aircraft (6), Speed Series (4); Premier Tob. Stage & Screen Personalities (19), Clevedon, Farrow, cinema weigh tickets, Dogs (magazine issue), OXO etc., FR to EX, 115* 30-40
736.    TRADE, selection, booklets & inserts, inc. Warne Mrs Polly, Mazawattee Summer Resorts (sea shell shaped), Brown & Polson recipes, Home & Colonial Zoo (painting book), Bovril (2), Sifta Sam notebook, Maypole Dairy etc., some tears, FR to VG, 16 30-40
737.    FOOTBALL, trade selection, inc. Shoot Top 20 (2), Soccer Stars, World Cup Heroes, Rothmans, Rostron photos with printed signatures (5), Chums, Kiddys Favourites, transfers etc., FR to EX, Qty. 40-60
738.    CINEMA, selection of inserts, cards etc., inc. Modern Weekly (set of 3 silks), Week End Novels, Women's Way, Picture Show, Cassells Marilyn Monroe (3), Picturegoer booklets etc., good VR, 48* 30-50